Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 21, 2023, #389


Dane Wigington

Mexico has "banned" geoengineering, do they mean it? Mainstream media is still sensationalizing the "drought busting" California rain and snow, are we being lied to again? "Winter Storm Iggy" was manufactured from Gulf of Mexico moisture, are more winter weather creations being scheduled? Is chemically nucleated "snow" toxic? Are wild fish caught in the US a danger to consume? How long can we survive in a world that is now completely contaminated? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Patrick Hagan and Joseph Trevelline for their extensive efforts to sound the alarm on the climate engineering issue, including putting up this new Geoengineering Watch billboard in Missoula, Montana. The billboard location is on I-90 facing the westbound traffic just before entering the city of Missoula. 

Geoengineering Watch is deeply grateful to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering with his multi-year billboard efforts. The billboard is located on US highway 17, about 2 miles south from the Arcadia town center, Florida.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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28 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 21, 2023, #389

  1. Ziggy says:

    My cousin (big city meteorologist) shared with me a recorded doplar radar loop that had two bursts of gravity waves, spreading out in perfect circular formations in the sky, very close to where I live. He did so because I asked him if he knew anything about two massive booms and rolling thunder like sounds, I heard in the sky a few days back.

    His comments were as follows: "Ziggy, I'm not supposed to share any of this with the public. But you needed answers and I think I have an explanation for what you experienced. Those sonic shock waves that caused structural damage to buildings and broke windows, probably came from a ground based microwave transmitting station, similar to the Alaskan HAARP facility.

    It appears as though the Ionosphere was heated to a very high temperature, using various low band frequencies in a couple of very powerful short bursts.

    We received over 300 calls to our weather center in regards to those loud booms and rolling thunder. But we were told by our superiors to simply say that they were most likely sonic booms, from jets being tested at the nearby military base.

    I personally talked to the base commander and he denied that they had anything to do with that incident, or even had test planes in the area at that time. But of course, if it has to do with secret testing of such things as their new SR-72 hypersonic jet. Then we would never get answers.

    The radar loops that you viewed in my opinion, have no connection to aircraft. As they are echoing downward from the Ionosphere and in perfectly round gravity wave formations. So, when the military said they weren't testing any aircraft in the area… they were probably not lying. And I'm not allowed to ask about their microwave transmitting capabilities or what systems they use. I would be fired if I pursued that line of questioning. But of course, you and I both know how they are manipulating the weather with their frequency warfare technologies, and the NDA that I signed does not allow me to elaborate any further on that subject."

    Needless to say that when those booms came from a cloudless sky, and there were no storms anywhere close to that event, or even visible meteor debris trails. I dropped to the ground and covered my head, out of a sheer flee or fight response. Especially when a second one occurred less than a minute later. So, I am guessing that the upper atmosphere exploded and burst out into space, as they boiled it to the temperature of the sun (or at least to that of plasma).

    It's no wonder that we have almost no ozone protection any more. The climate engineers keep playing God with the weather and pushing the atmosphere to it's limits and beyond. All because their claim to fame now… Is that they are the ultra superpower "Masters of the Weather" Most people don't know this, but the original Air Force Doctrine was entitled "Masters of the Sky by 2025". And was later changed to weather and not sky. However, with their new Space Force Command becoming fully operational recently. They now have control beyond the sky even. And I don't think God is too happy with that!

    • Earth Angel says:

      I'm grateful that your cousin the meteorologist shared some of the truths he knows about the weather manipulation crimes being conducted above all of our heads with you Ziggy, despite the illegal and immoral NDA's they have all signed. Thank you for sharing this with us. I honestly don't know how these people can keep quiet on this knowing how incredibly destructive it all is to planet Earth and to every inhabitant alive here. Shame on them, all cowards going along to get along for a paycheck and the PROMISE of a pension; which they will unlikely ever see at the rate these criminal programs are killing off ALL life on our once magnificent planet. The quickly collapsing monetary sham we have all been living under for at least the past 110 years or so seems to be at break point as well. As Dane so often says, these people must band together and ALL come out in force with truth and evidence of these crimes- if we are to EVER have any chance of survival at all. I commend your cousin for his honesty to you. Now all these meteorologists must band together and COME CLEAN. How much will phunny money and empty promises of a grand retirement be worth when there is NOTHING left for ANY OF US to BREATHE, EAT or DRINK?!

    • penny waters says:

      thanks ziggy well met!!!

    • 1st amendment for a reason says:

      NDA=voluntary censorship of truth

      Stand for free speech instead, please never sign the NDA


      Thank you

  2. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Patrick and Joseph,

    I am the guy in front of the other billboard. I want to express my greatest gratitude to you Guys for successful organizing and erecting of that billboard. It looks great. Hopefully you will be able to gain some help on it, via donation campaign(s). I did. And thus be able to keep it up as long as possible.

    I was fortunate and privileged enough to be able to visit your area, on my grand tour of the west, in 2019. Coming back from Calgary, around Glacier National Park, camping near Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir, and then continuing south all the way to the Grand Canyon. Enjoying myself in the process, although absolutely noticing devastation and degradation of the forests in most of the areas, some more then the others. Very pretty country out there.

    Once again, thank you Guys. I also want to extend my thanks to all others frequenting this website and contributing to our cause, in any way they can. Keep it up.

    • Patrick H says:

      Hi Maciej,

      I am working with others to get donations for the board. Thank you for everything you are doing. Yes the land here is being decimated. It's up to us to save as much as possible. 

  3. Audrey Pafunda says:

    Upstate NY seems to always be cloudy.  Even on the days the sun shines, I look up to see planes crisscrossing the skies leaving so many chem trails. The sunshine is blocked — all you can see is white.  Disturbing to think this is allowed to happen.  Why  don't others notice this?

    • Harry says:

      You are not alone Audrey , I started to notice it last summer when I would go for walks . I have been paying attention ever since . Most commercial passenger planes fly at around 35000 foot and you cannot even hear them . These scumbags flying these private chemtrail aircraft are 10000 – 15000 foot and you can hear them pretty much 24 hours a day now

      Now when I walk every day i am listening for them all the time . Also I now observe that the sky this winter is gray more than white like a normal cloudy sky .On the few days the sun has been allowed to shine , it is covered by a white haze like last summer . Think about , how many sunny days have we even had sun this winter ?


  4. Ryan says:

    This is Ryan Michael Gray. I live in knoxville, Tennessee. Please, and thank you for everything you do Dane! We are under attack. Research isn't even needed anymore, because I see it with my own eyes. Paying attention is required though something as simple as looking up, also insects are rare now. My whole life insects were plentiful, now its obvious we are done. No one actually cares though, but they are about to.

  5. Wondering says:

    Dear Mr Wigington,

    I am wondering about the smell of methane releases.

    When it smells just like a garbage dump when very near to the ocean shoreline, when there is no dump anywhere nearby and it usually never smells like that, does this indicate a methane release is occurring somewhere nearby in the ocean?

    Thank you for all you do!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, “Wondering”, yes, what you smell may very well be related to seafloor methane releases. Hydrogen sulfide frequently releases with the methane, all if it is a very bad omen. FYI

  6. FAQ says:

    Q-How many climatologists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A- We don’t know yet, we just applied for a 500 million dollar grant to study it further.

    Q-How many climate scientists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A- It could take a team of at least 100 but it may take 50 if we have enough new toys technology. It might take 20 if the funding starts to run out.

    Q-How many weather reporters does it take to change a light bulb?
    A-It depends if we are on the warm or cold side of the storm, lets ask the computer.

    Q-How many environmental reporters does it take to change a light bulb?
    A-The light bulb will probably be changed by the end of this century.

    Q-How many climate activists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A-Only two if they use superglue.


  7. Grateful says:

    “Climate engineering IS weather warfare” TRUTH!

    “The public has a right to know” TRUTH!

    “We start by facing the single biggest hole in the bottom of the boat” TRUTH!

    “The key is to awakening others is to plant a seed without triggering their defenses… less is more… we are only responsible for our own actions”


  8. sea says:

    Great job on the signs, Patrick and Joseph in Montana! And Maciej in Florida! 

    I would like to know the method/process to getting a billboard sign put up? Who do you go to the city?county? (for approval)

    Any details if you can post them would be appreciated- thank you for your courage and efforts in educating the masses.

    • Joseph Trevelline says:

      Hello Sea

      Thanks for your comment. If your interested in putting a billboard up get ahold of Lamar, Adam's or whatever billboard/outdoor advertising company is in your area. Once you find a good location get ahold of Dane for the Print/Image file and he will get you set up. Good luck


    • Patrick H says:

      You can Google billboard companies in the area, look for names like Lamar, Adams, or any of the billboard companies in the area. Find a good location at a good price and you can email Dane to get the imagery. No government involvement needed. 

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Hello Sea,

      Yes, Patrick and Joseph are right. You need to find available billboard, and have person or company in charge to agree to the type of message you would like it to display. Most of them will, as long as you meet their financial requirements.

      Going thru the approval process you mentioned, would be perhaps the case, if you were going to erect the structure where it did not exist before. I would imagine there are regulations as to where, how far from the road, etc. billboard signs can be placed. I have not explored that avenue, since I don't own the land adjacent to any road busy enough, it would make it worth while.

      I hope that provides some clarity. Feel free to ask more questions, if I can be of any more help. Thank you for your interest in helping carry the torch.

  9. Matt says:

    What can we do? No One to report the smell/taste of Chems. Constant fighting what seems to be flu symptoms. After 20 yrs of witnessing this stuff I find  there are no groups or coalition fighting for some sort of oversight or regulation at least? Is there no "key people" in Media or Govt working on poisoning of the skies?  They are breathing this also. What can we do? I've called multiple agencies, Military bases, etc. They all lie or deny Can't believe they have Carte Blanche to poison us and we have No recourse  🙁

    • penny waters says:

      don't be glum matt – we are at strange times for humans

      each individual makes a difference if they carry the knowledge with them

      we do not seem to be able to make it perfect  but doing the very little each time we can, keeps the heart going

      we cannot know what will happen in the next minute so be kind to yourself – tis scary but who said it would be easy

      there's an old german economist called e e schumacher who reckoned that organizations get so big that they become impersonal for the humans that work in them because humans need personal relationships to function properly

      so nothing works!  

      you write about large organizations – govt, military, media

      governments are always the last to know what is common on the ground and think they know what's best for us – strange how they all make a fortune out of whatever?

      military do as they are told – but watch your back

      media are what is called the "chattering classes" – they mess with your mind and its always some one els's fault

      most people are asleep cos we live in a global world where no-one knows anyone unless they are family


      but for you – you must connect with something that keeps you going 

      its other flora and fauna that makes me feel good – simpler

      and how do we know who's working out there for the good of us all

      the best i can do is try to observe – do my best – and exchange with the people i meet, what is happening


      if i was in charge…………………




  10. Stan Sylvester says:

    The community Dane referred to not getting water anymore  is Rio Verde Foothills. It is about 28 miles from Scottsdale, their former water source . I looked up some articles on this situation.

    One resident commented on the amount of golf courses in the area that don't seem lack water. I did some research and found a site called "Experience Scottsdale." I was stunned to find out that there are about 200 golf courses in and around Scottsdale! It takes a lot of water to properly experience Scottsdale!

    Another resident commented on neighboring Fountain Hills. It is aptly named that because it has one of the world's largest fountains at 500 feet.One can understand the resident being perplexed at no water with  fountain world right around the corner.

    Water has always been delivered to Rio Verde. Most folks have 5000 gallon tanks. Now, trying to find further away water outlets like Phoenix, many water delivery bills have gone from about $220/month to about $660/month. 

    On a statewide view, residents of Arizona are being told that water will be available. However, cuts are necessary to fight the historic drought. They have been told that any necessary cuts will be made in, wait for it, agriculture. At least the swimming pools can still be filled.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Stupid humans. So what if they have no food to eat- as long as they can play golf. The watering of 200 golf courses needs to be the first thing to go. Think of the crops and livestock that could be watered with that. One can lead a horse to water (if you have it) but you can't make him drink. You can lead a human to knowledge but you can't make him THINK!

    • Joe says:

      You can lead a human to knowledge but you can't make him THINK!

      I am quoting Earth Angel

      How true that is in society w so many issues .  Many of us in here have tried and continue to try to get the word out about Geoengineering but most are asleep  on that one issue including so many other issues etc.

  11. Vic says:

    The Tucson area finally got a couple of beautiful clear days Friday and Saturday the 20th and 21st after over a month of non stop spraying and weather fronts. Thank God.

    You can tell the air quality isn't the greatest though, even with no wind.

     I really wonder about the UV levels as well. 

  12. penny waters says:

    have been isolated without computer but reading through the last 2 submissions from dane and others i was shocked to read that we no longer have a met office in the uk but rely on america aaaaahhhhh!!!

    the global village is alive and well and continuing to cause increasing confusion as everything gets more mixed and chaotic

    so many people don't know how to talk to each other or how to use their minds in a positive and properly self-educated fashion

    a bbc favourite chris packham has pushed through legislation stopping raptors being destroyed and shot – a favourite for large land owners who think they can make the environment do what they want

    so now we have the poor ol' songbirds being taken down by so many bird eating birds

    how can we think of putting back the top predators when there is so little for them to eat – the smaller birds are so few on the ground – no habitat – no-one cares

    i only have birds in the garden because there are many trees and bushes to hide in and i feed them constantly – have you seen the mating dance of robins – facing each other on a branch, beaks facing the sky singing a special song with these 2 birds dancing in time, backwards and forwards up and down the branch, with their feet in time with each other – left foot back with opposite bird right foot forward

    i could not believe that these creatures were sharing such a private and special moment with me – and make no mistake – as i am sure you are all aware (otherwise you wouldn't be on this site amongst all these wonderful people) that creatures are fully aware of us and as i have put them in front of me rather than me being the important creature (me – oafish, clumsy, ugly, awkward, human idiot – try not to let them see that) they give me a look-see into their world

    and they want to put wolves and bears back into britain – who is thinking that? 

    the environmentalists – that's who!!! – the young, stupid and academic

    and do they really see what's going on – i used to know young people who thought they knew about the environment – i cannot talk to them any more – how come the young are so arrogant and ignorant?

    actually tis not the young tis the people who are so sure of themselves – and they come in all shapes and sizes and ages

    although it is painful being this aware i would not have it any other way because i am in my world where everything is sacred – and that fills me with love

    just wish i could be more saint like and just smile and shake my head when i see and feel the stupidity that is humanity at its worst

    take care at we watch the real crazies destroy in the last gasps

    love to all that is good and sacred


    • L says:

      This last year, the ducks in the area (Norfolk, UK), didn't seem to have any ducklings survive. What few there were appeared to be picked off by seagulls and magpies. Then the drought meant no water in their local pond. Nobody seemed to notice the horrendous dearth of ducklings in an area that allegedly cares about its wildlife. I have no words to express my disgust at the stupidity and obliviousness of people to these signs from Nature and the horrific looking skies above us.

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi Penny Waters,

      A lovely comment…

      My late wife and I built a wild bird sanctuary that took ten years to establish and it became a wonder an a blessing… Then the RSPB arrived, trespassing on a neighbour's land releasing several pairs of falcons – and then the sparrow hawks (cruellest of raptors) arrived… After two years only a female blackbird and a male robin were left…

      When they were butchered by sparrw hawks we left…

      Yet when we moved so far away to a barren pice of land, They came, the trrostles, blackbirds, dunnocks, robins and sparrows… When I wild one you have never encountered before comes unafraid… Dane and you would understand such an underserved blessing…

      And yes, we were blessed by the Love dance of the robins and the swallows…

      Love is all…

      Geoff Hanham




      Geoff Hanham





  13. Milton Farrow says:

    Why has not Obrador of Mexico made this information public?

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