Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 6, 2024, #439


Dane Wigington

The full fury of winter weather warfare is being released on major portions of the US and Russia. Was this the plan that was hatched at the recent COP 28 global climate conference? Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are wreaking havoc around the world on populations and the environment alike. Global conflict is being fomented as the total desperation of the matrix manipulators spirals completely out of control. How long till the links in the chain of our current paradigm shatter? Thank you for tuning in to this week's installment of Global Alert News, thank you for you help with sounding the alarm.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

What in the world are they spraying?
Surf City, North Carolina. Video credit: Jen Cook































































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49 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 6, 2024, #439

  1. Andrea says:

    I am curious why no spraying yesterday and today in middle Tennessee ahead of the heavily publicized oncoming dangerous wind and cold.  I watched planes yesterday and today at sunset with disappearing short trails behind then. Very unusual! The evening pattern in middle TN for past few years has been heavy trails actively being drawan at and OVER the setting sun and the rising (especially) full moon. I have been wondering if the light of the full moon is helping to "activate" the chemicals.  I am new to this site and I am so glad to find it.  I am a long time sky-watcher fretting over the humanity haters and their obvious trade, while praying for their repentance.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Irish everyone to look up Dane's recent interview with Mike Adams from this week. Some things are discussed there. Very bluntly the people need to understand.

    From a spiritual standpoint, for those who are in any degree of sleep, wake up and realize who you are. And from a practical standpoint, wake up and realize why you were here, and why you are here, at this particular time in human history.

  3. Chris says:

    Synthetic cloud infection syndrome, self assembling nano-tech and blood things.

    About two decades ago I bought a couple of microscopes to look at blood,skin,mucus etc just to see what I could find everywhere/anywhere. I had been taking air samples and I wanted to see if the material I was finding in the samples could be found in blood, mostly mine and elsewhere. The blood things were the most dramatic as in just 5 drops of blood I photographed 80+ things that you don't need to be an expert to know they shouldn't be there. I found dozens of tiny fiber looking things and photographed them and that work is still on the net, but clearly they shouldn't be in blood. In mucus over time some of these fibers would grow much larger too

    I had a friend that was a floubotomis and  I asked him to look at my blood things folder and he agreed. He was able to only identify about. 2or3 things the others he just said were fillamentus material. He was only looking for things he was trained to look for and the rest he showed no curiosity at all over the rest.

    I then took a drop of blood and mixed it with about 6 drops of distilled water and let dry with no cover plate. Top lighting with a strong white led light really highlighted the metallic particulates that separated out with the larger particles separating to the perimeter and the ultra fine particles were drawn to the center. The amount that separated out was alarming to say the least. Those photos are still on the net to this day. If I was to guess the percentage of metals that separated out maybe 3-5 percent.

    If your still sceptical of what we are breathing in everyday just get a microscope, 400x is plenty, 100x works too you just have to look harder. 

    After seeing the amount of metal that came out of my blood two decades ago I can only wonder what it looks like now. 

    Recently a scant few doctors have been publishing their blood work microscopy finding things similar to my work the and other objects that defy identification.

    Maybe this really is the matrix.


  4. Jonathan says:

    Last night, we had to go out and retrieve pieces of vinyl siding that went flying through the air off our house. We got soaked. I got back inside and blew the water drops off my glasses. A few minutes later. I had a moment to look at my glasses carefully. There was a haze all over the glasses. Were those wire droplets were. My point is that the water droplets are absolutely full of debris. This backs up what Dane has been saying. And by the way, there is a very unnatural feeling cold since yesterday. Way colder here in terms of how it feels, then it did when I grew up.

    Don't forget the additional needed Calories for your beloved wildlife and your areas.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Dane, good interview with Mike Adams.

  6. christian says:

    we love you , dane…

    anastasia in Nevada City

  7. jay dee says:

    I live on Long Island, NY. The temperature fluctuations and precipitation are, and have been,  just as Dane said was scheduled. Today, 1/9/24, it is raining, and the rains are "predicted"/"forecast" to be 2 inches over the next 14 hours. Winds are getting high and "forecast" to gust to 60+ overnight. Global Alert News: all the news that's fit to be spread. 

  8. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Just for the record. I not only have a library's worth of books. I have also been collecting Heirloom seeds since I was the age of five (59 years), and I keep them in a large climate controlled vault. If I had to guess, I would say that I have well over one-million seeds. I plant some every year to test them and make sure they will still grow.

    You would be lucky as hell to find any "authentic" Heirloom seeds any more, and when you do they are priced like gold. Only independent Heritage Farm Co-Op certified seeds qualify to have that label on the package, and if it does not have that quality assured stamp on them, you are being ripped off.

    I plan to use them at my new Badlands farm/ranch home and in our private gardens, when I move there in the Spring. They are using grow lights in "blacked-out" greenhouses that do not rely on the sun for their gardening needs. Completely eliminating the UV threat to any future smaller private harvests.

    Certified Organic, Non GMO fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, mushrooms and herbs. All of which cost a fortune in stores now. And most aren't even organic or Non GMO. Talk about a massive world-wide SCAM.

    BTW… I was told that the Doomsday Seed Vaults are most likely stocked with 99% GMO seeds in underground sealed crypts. Because they honestly believe those seeds will last longer than Heirloom. Makes sense, because I believe that whole idea is pure insanity anyways.

    How is anything going to grow in sterilized or irradiated soil? And if so, then would the crops still be fit for human consumption? Or even be a viable source of nutrition? Considering that all of the local fresh water, that isn't a mile deep underground, will also likely be heavily irrtadited, too acidic or too contaminated with forever chemicals and plastics.

    I guess they never thought of those scenarios when they built them.

    • Virginia says:

      Eden, you give a dismal but, I'm afraid, an accurate depiction as to our present 'conditions' of food availability and all the attendant negatives that go with it.  But, as Penny once said, and I agree, one must do with what one has, with some tweaks to insure quality and hope for the best.

      I'm not familiar with the 'grow light' thingee, but I am sticking with good old sunlight, and my well water is from a very deep source, so, I think, from a personal standpoint, good to go.  That barn soil that Watcher  suggested is not quite sterilized -whew, the opposite, but, from another viewpoint, well fertilized.  

      Well, it's an experiment I look forward to and thanks for the additional information.  South Dakota's climate, Eden, will you be needing a hot house?  It would seem so.  Good luck on that new venture.

  9. Virginia says:

    Weather warfare success story.  It has been announced that Japan has just allocated 37 million dollars to aid Ukraine.  Guess the recent earthquake in Japan had its intended effect.  

  10. Dawnski says:

    Every stinking winter storm shows the same funnel out of the gulf. I watch them move slowly across the land while the funnel stays put for the most part! Schools are canceled in NC Piedmont. Disturbing. Even so, Come Lord Jesus!!

  11. Gregory Lassich says:

    Thanks for this informative site. I share this with good friends by just sending them the link and plant a seed. Nothing said. They can take with it what they will.

  12. Stuart says:

    Last week Virginia mentioned "The Earthquake Issue".  Here are several recent examples –

    1/3/24 – M1.7 quake reported near Queens, NYC.  Was felt by many and some reported as "explosions".  Actually largest quake that area in 20 yrs.  SNOW arrived several days later after no snow all of 2023.

    1/5/24 –  M4.2 reported near Lytle Creek, SoCal .  Freeze and Frost warnings over entire area past 2 days with forecast call for entire week or more below norm temps.  Light snow local mtns.

    1/7/24 –  M2.5 reported in northern Wisconsin.  Wisconsin?  Yep.  Winter Weather Advisory starts Tue after much unusual warm weather that area.

    In highly scientific terms "Those ain't coincidences".  Engineered Winter and Induced Seismicity.  Good luck to everyone.

    • Gina Z says:

      Stuart-had to rely to you reporting the earthquake in Wisconsin. I live 140 miles slightly SW of the quake and I was born and lived in this state for 60 years and do not remember an earthquake. Happened pretty close to the airport by Crandon.  Has been cloudy, warm and no snow here, barely enough to cover up the leaves. Planes/jets and more can be heard but not seen for over at least 10 days, due to clouds. 
      Also came home late, around 11pm on Christmas night in the rain, dodging frogs on the road! Finding dead? mosquitoes laying on the recent coating? of snow?

      It's crazy this year in Wisconsin! Oh, and I live about 1/4 mile from the Chippewa river among ag fields and the geese (Canadian) fly to the river in the morning and back north to the ag fields for the evening, still, in January when the river is or should be froze over. Lots more going on, winter storm watch for us for Friday. Then from the warmest December on record here too, by this Saturday night we'll be more "normal?" with single digit highs and below 0 temps at night with-30 to -40 windchills by Sunday…. for all next week!

      Talk about weather whiplash!

      Love this site and everyone on it and especially Dane……..

      Thank you all and keep up the great work everyone does





  13. Virginia says:

    When will it end?  Death and destruction by means other than geoengineering, climate warfare:  If one is cognizant of the atrocities being rained down on innocent people day after day, night after night; on facilities that support life in all manner of means; with no compassion; with the promise of more to come in an area now bereft of all that humans need to live a basic life – and do nothing to immediately stop the carnage, then there is no hope for all of us and for the future of humanity.   We have now come face to face with this reality – some will agree, some will close their eyes in denial.  Whichever, in the meanwhile, for over ninety days, in a very tiny enclave on the eastern Mediterranean Sea, a people who are now facing death each minute, a people who have hurt no one, but who, themselves, for generations have lived such a life of horror know the truth.  The truth is written in their blood, the blood of their families, the blood of their babies, on thousands of pages. It is a harsh and unbelievable book that is now over 76 years old; a book with, sadly, more pages to be written because no one who has the authority to stop it do nothing. There is a name for this book – for those who have read it and for those now writing it, it can be called HELL.


  14. Joe says:

    NYC no snow now for almost 2 years.  Back in the day 60s, 70s and 80s it would snow in December and you would not see pavement unitl late march.  Now if it does snow it will all be gone in less than a week..

    How are the glaciers on MT Shasta?  I believe they are shrinking.

  15. Jonathan says:

    In Lakota tradition, the soul, when it leaves the body, ascends to the Milky Way (the Star Road) and travels South to a fork in the Star Road, where an "Old Grandmother" is sitting and who knows everything about you (so don't lie to her). She does a Life Review and asks what you did with your life. She is not interested in your material possessions. She is interested in what you did to make this world a better place while you were here… and she is specifically interested in the things you did to help and care for those in need, including people, animals, plants/trees and the Earth itself. 

    Whether one believes this literally or takes it figuratively, the idea is one of accountability and responsibility for what we did while were were here on Earth, and this principle ties in directly with the mission of

    Make sure you can face her, literally or figuratively, with a clear conscience.


  16. Wikoli says:

    Tucson clear and sunny and 65 degrees on Saturday January 6. Overcast and snowing at 42 degrees on Sunday January 7. Snowing at 42 degrees.  Hmmm.

  17. Joe says:

    DeCEMBER 22, 2023

    Albany, NY

    Governor Hochul Signs "Birds And Bees" Act, Nation-Leading Legislation to Protect New Yorkers and Wildlife From Harmful Pesticides


    Governor Kathy Hochul has signed into law Legislation S.1856-A/A.7640, known as the Birds and Bees Protection Act. This nation-leading legislation protects New Yorkers from potentially harmful toxins by prohibiting the use of certain neonicotinoid pesticide (neonics) treated corn, soybean, or wheat seeds and neonicotinoid pesticides for outdoor ornamental plants and turfs, creating important protections for New York’s pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

    “By signing the Birds and Bees Protection Act, New York is taking a significant stride in protecting our kids, environment and essential pollinators,” Governor Hochul said. “This law underscores our commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem while we prioritize sustainable farming and agricultural practices.”


    Now we need a bill to stop GEOENGINEERING and  CLIMATE ENGINEERING.

    Governor Hochul Signs "Birds And Bees" Act, Nation-Leading Legislation to Protect New Yorkers and Wildlife From Harmful Pesticides | Governor Kathy Hochul (

  18. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Extended Forecast,

    Sunday the 14th… High 68, Low 12 with wind chills below zero. Humidity going from 87% to just 3% in only twelve hours time.

    Monday… High 25, low 15.

    The Texas power grid will not handle that, especially if the bitter cold hangs around. Even if we don't have a massive statewide collapse, they will shut our electricity off in the day for twelve hours straight, each consecutive day. Since we are just a nothing little community situated 35 miles from the nearest town. We will be sacrificed to keep the heaters running at the big city Walmarts, strip malls and movie theaters.

    The chemical cool-down was originally scheduled to begin three days earlier on Thursday. But I guess the 5% still needed a little more time to stock up on firewood and caviar.

    If it turns into a mutant climate engineered ice storm then all of the state's generators, wind mills and solar panels will most definitely shut down completely. They don't winterize anything here, because, hey, it's Texas.

    Should it hit 10 to 15 degrees below zero (wind gusts could hit 30 to 45 mph), real-feel temperature as they are forecasting. Then that would mean that the real-feel temperatures in Texas are now whiplashing almost 220 degrees, between summer and winter. Water boils at 212 degrees.

    How is that NOT leading to human extinction? And how could that possibly be explained logically as just nature or climate change, and not geoengineering chemical winter weather extremes?

  19. Laura K says:

    Christmas has really come to be about consumerism in the United States. Some sources say that Christ's date of birth was probably in fall, the Bible doesnt specify a date. But December 25th is associated with an ancient festival called Saturnalia. It looks like even his name wasn't Jesus, but something more like Yeshua. I'm Christian, but haven't celebrated Christmas for several years.

    • Virginia says:

      Laura, I feel sad that you haven't celebrated Christmas for several years, as you state. But, I respect your right not to do so, even though you state you are a Christian, and I do not question it.  Christmas is the day of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, and December 25th is the Holy Day on which millions of Christians honor Him.  There are those of other religions that honor this day, as well. It is little known fact that even Muslims, followers of Islam, honor Jesus and His day, for It is a happy time and brings forth the best in people and their feelings toward each other.  At least, it should, although there are those who wish to oppose this beautiful and holy occasion. Each of us has the freedom to worship as he pleases, as least in this country, and I honor that right.  Jesus is Jesus – "Yeshua" is, I believe, how Jesus is referred by certain groups of Evangelical Christians. Whatever the designation, Christmas is the joyful celebration of Peace On Earth, and as I have said, we all, whether Christian, Muslim, or even Atheists and other religions live and pray for peace, just as He, Jesus, taught. Thank you, Laura, for you commentary.  Peace be unto you and I hope the day of December 25th, no matter what your spiritual tendencies are, was filled with joy and love.

  20. Virginia says:

    Dane's Global Alert News of January 6,2024 is largely featured on yet another popular website.  The word is getting out there and people are becoming alert enough and angry enough to act in positive ways.

    Check it out on

    Thanks, Dane, for your persistence and courage during all the years you have been pursuing your fight to enlighten the world of this hideous and destructive geoengineering onslaught.  Hope is a good thing when there are warriors who are not afraid or cowed into silence.

  21. RandylJ1 says:

    New Years 2024

    Blessings Everyone Here and Far and Thank You Dane for Always Keeping Your Post Going for Those of Us Who are Hoping to Make Even a Small Difference in Awareness of Climate Engineering!

    I was daydreaming ~ which occurs frequently for those of us who live off the fast grid and to whom retirement didn’t create wealth enough to have a ‘hidden space’ somewhere. ‘Senior Housing Apartments consist of about 30 years in age variations. I find myself midway between 60 and 80 which means I hear a lot of stories about why the climate is ‘so crazy’ which gives me an open door to chat about Geoengineering and maybe share one of the GEW flyers and cards. Many elderly people here have little or no internet background at the upper end of the age spectrum, while the younger ones are too busy with phone photos of grandkids or local social. But every week, there’s half a dozen of us who meet for a chair exercise hour and one of the neighbors is a retired guy who grew up on a ‘yep – scary- a tobacco farm! So one day, gently, I asked him how he felt about selling something that has created so much illness in people and he answered, “Well, it was their choice!”

    Now, we are hearing a lot about the presumed alien disclosure that’s supposedly been kept hidden for much of the past 2,000-Plus-years. So imagine you could interview a Being not from Earth who had the technology to make positive changes, including stopping anything that damages Earth. So you bring up Climate Engineering and are reminded that the Universe is based on Free Will and that an alien species isn’t allowed to instigate changes, although they can advise and encourage. So you mention how the Spraying of tons of toxins daily in the atmosphere is severely effecting the planet and no one seems to notice or care. The aliens might just say, “Well, it’s their choice.”

    Yes, it’s just a story ~ but my point is – I don’t see a revolution occurring to instantly change things; but Positive Change Can Occur One-Person-at-a-Time!  Like Dane says, “You never know who that one person might know, who could make a huge difference.”

    So, I keep sharing about Geoengineering and this website, as most people have a smart phone, and I encourage each one to share with just one other person and “keep the ball going.” One neighbor who is now 85 and has never had a Smart Phone, has become a regular “watcher”.  She points out the spraying and understands why it’s so dry even when clouds look like there should be rain or why the air is unnaturally cold at the ground level and the sun intensity has increased. She insists that ‘God will punish those who damage the Earth’!  I wouldn’t argue with her!

    It is true that “Our Thinking Creates our Realities.” Many people never seem to notice atmospheric/weather/or related changes and don’t get sick. Others like myself, are extremely sensitive. But point out things like the lack of insects and the increasingly dry vegetation in all seasons, and they begin to notice when you mention how this can affect the price of groceries and availability of food, especially for Seniors on small fixed incomes.

    So these are just a few thoughts as we begin a new year that is likely to involve major changes and one where we who have been following along with Dane for many years, can help others understand.

    I always enjoy reading the comments here and seeing Old and New Friends. I wish Everyone the prosperity of health, knowledge shared here, and continued awareness, as Dane Marches Onward with His Awesome Posts! 2024 Blessings Everyone!

    RandylJ1 in Ice Locker NC despite brief engineered rain Jan 6th.

  22. Piki says:

    Belgium is flooded everywhere. It has been raining for months non-stop. Now freezing temperatures are setting in. Where we would see cows, water and ice are taking over the landscapes.

    • penny waters says:

      oh piki

      devastating – so sorry to hear such dreadful news

      it is becoming the same here in uk

      we are so puny!

      hope your country is soon relieved 

  23. Stan Sylvester says:

    The practicality of EV's seems to need a little tweaking. On Christmas Day, a Tesla Model Y caught fire in Alabama when a driver allegedly under the influence crashed his car. 

    The good news was that the driver was not injured. The bad news was that it took an Alabama fire department a whopping 36,000 gallons of water to put the fire out. A gas powered vehicle fire would normally only take 300 to 1000 gallons.

    Lithium – ion batteries can result in "thermal runaway." This is a result of the temperature of the battery cells rising uncontrollably. The temperature can rise to 2500 degrees Celsius. After being put out, the fire can still reignite hours or days later.

    Driving safely and not crashing your vehicle is not the only answer to avoiding an EV fire. In August during Hurricane Idalia, two Tesla vehicles caught fire.  The Pinellas Park fire department issued a warning for any EV that has been  flooded with salt water. The fire department urged EV owners that  if your vehicle has been flooded to "relocate the vehicle from your garage without delay."

    In 10/22, there were 9 EV fires reported during Hurricane Ian. Who knew that salt caused erosion of components and lithium – ion batteries are a bad mix?

     Tesla says it is aware of the fire situation. However, in an effort to put this situation in proper perspective, Tesla reported that between 2012 to 2021 it took 210 million EV miles for one fire. On the other hand, there was a gas powered vehicle fire every 19 million miles. 

    So, the gas powered versus electric powered vehicle fire debate rages on. Meanwhile, some of us realize that either way, none of us will be traveling very far in the not too distant future should  the earth's remaining life support systems continue to be weakened by  the ongoing solar radiation management assault.



    • Virginia says:

      Hi, Stan,

      Guess this 95-  year- old will keep her trusty 1965 Chev 3/4 T PU and be glad she has it. Bought new in '65 and runs like a top.  Bed is a little worn for use, but my Chevy and I will smile if we ever pass a Tesla.

      Like your posts…thank you.

    • Stan Sylvester says:


      You're welcome and thanks for taking the time to respond. Congrats on the '65 Chevy!

      All the best,


  24. penny waters says:

    dear susan 

    i cannot worry so much, anymore, about the pollution

    about the vileness and cruelty of human on each other

    i can only make sure that the birds are fed

    i can no longer enjoy the company of small mammals where i live because the vile people across the road keep horses and i am constantly besieged by rats from their feast of horse shit 

    so my garden has poison in it constantly  – have to otherwise they get in the walls of my little hovel and run about at night

    haven't seen a stoat or weasel for some years now- how long will the rapters, recently allowed to live and spread now without being shot, how long will they last with our native mammals (their food)poisoned regularly

    tis madness being a conscious human

    thank you dane and family for all you do for us


    • Virginia says:

      Dearest Penny,

      First I must tell you what a dear you are for your unique style of 'speaking to us.'  It is not only entertaining, but so very much full of wise and important teachings – and we all need that.  I would so very much enjoy your company as I feel we are kindred spirits.  I do not imply that I have your intelligence, however, – far from it.  If I had a daughter, (for I believe you are the age of my late son) she would be like "Penny" way over there across the almighty waters, but still always in our hearts. 

      Needless to say, I so look forward to many more of your expressively written comments.  Good tidings to you, and may we all achieve what we so desperately seek – peace and respect for all, humans, animals, plants, even those scary old spiders hiding in the beams of our barn when I was a kid.  And, Penny, with wonderful examples of the human spirit of love and caring, such as you, we can, one day, say, "There we did it."  Thank you so much.  Stay well and maybe buy a little cat, for those pesky  rats, that is? Only as a deterrent, mind you. HaHaHa.

    • penny waters says:

      dear virginia 

      you are 95 – wow i thought you misunderstood my age – but no – wow am sorry to hear that your son has passed before you

      my aunty pam died before my nan and nan never really took it well 

      for children to die before parents seems the wrong way round

      and thank you for your kind words – i am just grateful that my mum and dad made me and gave me such positive stuff that through all the horrible things that have happened to me i still have the resourcefulness to still smile and love the sun on my face

      only dreadful things cut through the crap of the way most humans spend their lives

      out of adversity comes acceptance and love – and although i love being alive (now) i shall be grateful when i pass

      being alive as a human is a great burden i think and so am so grateful to dane for this website where i meet such astoundingly amazing people who see the light rather than the dark

      thanks again for your amazing words for me although 1 thing

      it made me laugh – get a cat?

      cats kill birds and native creatures

      cats, like rats and dogs are not particularly native and i am all for going native and getting rid of them all (yes there are native cats but they would be far and few between and in fact i believe that cats kill, is it, 36million birds a year

      if cats weren't fed by us there wouldn't be so many

      i was filled with joy when i came here and found english countryside with all the trimmings – rare birds, small mammals, shrews that eat the insects in my house at night, but unfortunately most people don't see it or understand it 

      i found it and now it is nearly gone – why, because most people don't see it , understand it, or even want to know that they can save it and increase it

      all of my neighbours – i shall be blunt – are vile – caught up with their own damn importance – their latest shit from china, the painted faces, the arrogant men in their big cars

      to be honest i don't care and welcome the fact that we don't have much longer cos i don't think that we deserve to stay

      prof gugenheim reports that only about 3% care about what is to happen and all the others just think about themselves

      maybe i would feel different if i had children but i have to say – i never wanted children cos i have never liked being here

      i was 2 when we had a tv – 1952 – and i saw war – in my front room – i saw what people do – how vile – i saw it early and couldn't understand 

      and i still can't – i cry when i see palestinians being destroyed

      i want to send netanyahu a postcard cos what he is in charge of just makes me cry

      aljazeera is the only tv channel that shows what is happening and america is helping the israelis to now targeting the reporters that are trying to give the story of the genocide to the world

      but it seems no-one wants to know

      sorry but at present being alive is too much to handle sometimes

    • virginia says:

      Dear Penny.

      Thank you, dear lady, for your sensitive words.  I can well understand the sadness of your Nan and the loss of Pam.  Very difficult to accept the loss of one's child.   Your words comfort. Thank you.

      You are right when you state 'being alive is a burden…" and especially in the present age.  How can it be otherwise when the Globalist, with malicious intent, blanket our skies with chemicals, fill our water and food with God knows what making them unfit for human consumption in a lot of areas and the use and threat of weather warfare and other means of destruction?  I often wonder what manner of men can do such evil  to the entire planet?  Calling them insane is not nearly meaningful enough – there must be a word to describe these beasts of death, but I can't think of one.

      Be of good cheer, Penny – you are doing so well and make many people feel all the better for the wisdom you share on this site.  Not to mention all the little animals you care for in your garden.  Right about the cat, unless you keep it in the house to greet the friendly rodents and not allow it outside.  The barn cats I feed are either too dumb or too lazy.  I've watched them just sit and watch the jays eating bread crumbs – don't even jump at them.  Maybe it's the altitude???

      Thank you, Penny.  Never change your wonderful personality.  Cheers.


  25. LorrTheo says:

    I am in eastern north carolina, and actively saw that spraying on 1-5-24, ALL DAY LONG.  At any given point in time, at least 5-8 aircraft (that I could see) moving at varying longitudes, latitudes, and altitudes.  Took many pictures.

    We had a flash of very cold surface air that night.  Then the front came through on 1-6-24, heavy heavy winds, lots of warm rain followed then by brief intense fog (cold air over the warm rain on the ground).

    Incidentally, it looks like they were seeding the atmosphere for everything to merge at the right moment and cause that "winter storm" in the north east, starting at about DC.

  26. Virginia says:

    Just heard your newscast and have come away with the realization that the 'organic' label on foodstuffs doesn't mean much anymore.  Man, is there nothing left for us, at all?  I've limited myself to buying organic only, whenever possible; however, inasmuch as the cost is becoming prohibitive – and organic is no longer organic – I need to make some adjustments.  Can't even grow my own veggies what with the plastics and other chemicals that permeate the soils.  So, now what? Also, the seeds one buys are all produced and owned by one big corporation and are all tainted.  The only ones safe would be the heritage seeds one may have on hand – like some your grandmother may have saved, if you are lucky enough.

    If anyone has an answer to all this mess, I'd be so grateful to read about it.  Thanks.

    Much good luck to all of you – stay safe.

    P.S. to Dane.  Thank you for cards. Now, I must do a "Jonathan" and decide how best to successfully distribute them.  (Thanks, Jonathan.)

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Virginia,

      Southern seed exchange in Virginia has an extensive selection of open pollinated heirloom non-GMO organic vegetable seeds. These vegetables can be raised year after year after year if you harvest the seeds correctly. True, unless you have the ability to raise food indoors, they're not going to be spared from the things being sprayed from above. But at least you will have a chance. And they are certainly better than the commercial vegetables that are sprayed with so many horrible chemicals. I was talking to one commercial farmer in my area a couple years ago. I was asking what sorts of herbicides he sprays on his crops. One of them was 2,4-D… Which was one of the active ingredients in Agent Orange.

    • penny waters says:


      don't know where you live in terms of green environment – in your garden maybe!


      eating on the wild side by nina etkin – read the book – will open your mind to the the history of our female interaction with plants for food and medicine, anthropologically

      stop pulling up "weeds" cos they were our old food and medicine and will grow with the energy at that time, when our bodies need that energy

      in england, in autumn, we get red and blue fruit from our native plants

      what do we need in the winter? plants for circulation to keep warm – what is good for circulation – red and blue fruit hahaha i love nature sometimes – when i understand it

      eat the red and blues and store them – dried, cordials, frozen etc and consume over autumn and winter – although always best fresh and in season – none of that fresh strawberries at xmas nonsense!!

      in spring we are presented by nature with all the plants – like nettles – that clear the blood and are high in vit and minerals that rejuvenate the body and mind

      cooking weeds by vivien weise – never done a recipe but they have lists of "weeds" versus hybridised plants and the vitamin and mineral content of both


      weed – highest in stinging nettle – calcium 630mg/100g of edible plant (and has exactly the other right constituents for bone growth!!!)

      compared with highest in curly kale of calcium 212mg/100g of edible plant!?


      weed – highest in fat hen – potassium 920mg/100g of edible part

      compared with highest spinach 633mg/100 of edible part!?


      identify your "weeds" or worts (original word) and then follow them throughout the year

      each year different plants will be in abundance – a reflection of the energy of that year!!

      50yrs ago i began my quest into plants – read some books by stephen buhner – like "the hidden teachings of plants" – bit wacky but the concentration on plants is a joy


      sorry mate, can't do anything about the rest of the state of the world but do not fret – we have been and always will be simple humans watching the madness – earthly and astronomically

      copied this some time ago – where from??

      "human reality is essentially chaotic and incomprehensible with all rational order deriving from the way in which the human mind focuses its attention on certain aspects of reality and organises the resulting perceptions"

      but i love this…… 

      st augustine (C6th) wrote – miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature

      so go out into your garden and see what is there now – do not delay

      if i was near some native americans i would visit and ask for their help – they have much knowledge within their broken cultures

      good luck with it all and let us know how you get on

      have to live with what we have my friend – pollution and all, but the plants of the field have a strength and goodness unsurpassed by anything we have fiddled about with

      much love to all

      p.s have some great stinging nettle sprouts just emerging from the autumn dieback – yippee

    • WATCHER says:

      Hi Virginia:  I have heard that the Mormon L.D.S. Church has the largest seed stock in the world especially heirloom varieties. The question is, how would these seeds be available? I am thinking that these seeds may be a reserve for a doomsday scenario that they have been preparing for for decades. Quite possibly this seed trove is reserved for the L.D.S. community exclusively. I have not researched this subject much,so I am not sure about all of the accuracy of my statement , So I will look into it further as You may also do. I have also read that Billy Boy G. has amassed a large collection of seed stock including heirloom. varieties.. So I venture to think, he will keep them safely from us for the use of the select chosen ones. That's just another assumption on my part..Good luck with Your search, Maybe we can find some soil under the old barns that have not been used for quite awhile and grow under glass greenhouses like the old days, instead of modern plastic ones.          I guess it's time to get out resourceful thinking caps on.



    • V. Susan Ferguson says:


      I suggest we continue to eat organic. It's the best of the worst. At least it's not sprayed – maybe. They have succeeded in poisoning every aspect of our lives. Food, water, air, etc. My hope is that they will have a big surprise waiting for them when all this is over. Kind regards, Susan

    • Virginia says:

      Honestly, those who comment on this site are the most caring and helpful people and I am sincerely grateful for the replies of Jonathan, Penny, Watcher and Susan and for the time and effort each spent in response to my request for some suggestions on food safety, etc

      Jonathan, you're right about the Southern Seed Exchange.  Wow, what a selection of heirloom seeds it has.  I ordered a catalog and intend to avail myself of their products.  So, thanks much and wish me luck in growing them.  I told the neighbor down the road about it and we are going into a 'partnership' in building a small green or hot house on my property.  Neither of us have used one, but it will be an answer to some of our concerns.  And, thank you, Watcher, for your suggestion to use glass instead of plastic as overhead covers.  We were thinking of plastic as easier in the construction, but, old glass windows are available and we will use them as per your suggestion. 

      Penny, I had to read your information a couple of times and take notes because there was so much to make searches on.  The Southern Seed Exchange that Jonathan lead me to has seeds for Stinging Nettle right on the front page, believe it or not.  They also have a large selection of herbs, etc. that will fit in nicely in the hot house.  I have a few books on wild plants that are edible and we have them here in Northern California at this high elevation. I intend to look into the books you mentioned. The trouble with that is the deer and other little squirts eat them up before I can get to them.  I used to love the wild lettuce and mints along the creek, but they have ceased growing long ago.  We have the manzanita bush berries which are red, as you suggest that for winter.  I have used them successfully. Thanks, Penny, and keep giving us all that info. And Susan, you gave me a laugh when you wrote we must be satisfied with the "best of the worst" and continue buying organic.  That applies to politics as well as organics.  And that's what I and others are stuck with.  At least before I can plant some veggies in the hot house.  So, thanks, Susan, as always. I think reading labels more carefully will also help us out as I have read where insects are now being used by Sara Lee, Tyson and even Coca Cola and others.  They are listed on the ingredients of their products, they state.

      Well, thanks to you four, I'm set to go.  When this weather warms a little, friend neighbor and I will begin our big construction and hope for the best.  But, my situation is not unique and anyone concerned with growing food in an area not suitable should be thinking about doing something similar.  So, it won't be fancy or something Better Homes and Gardens will want to feature in their magazines, but as long as it will put some zucchini (without deer interference), parsley, tomatoes, etc. on the table, I really don't care. That combined with wild vegetation I gather, I don't intend to worry much.   Soil is the only problem, but, I'll dig under some old barns around here, as you suggested, Watcher – and see what comes up.

      Thank you to all and I love you dearly for your kindness.  I wish you the very best in all your lives – for your families and dear ones.  We need to help each other if we are to survive, as you and others on this website do so well.

      With gratitude,



  27. Benjaminfranke says:

    Is there any way to filter out the plastics from our water?

    • Jonathan says:

      Dry element dot com, Berkey, Platypus, Sawyer, etc make high quality water filters that all work in different ways but do filter out quite a bit

    • Tom Keith says:

      Distilled is best. RO (reverse  osmosis) helps some. 

  28. RB says:

    The most fundamental duty of the United States Government is to protect our life, liberty, and property under the US Constitution.

    Our government is violating its own people whom they have sworn to protect. How can a govt. survive if it does not abide by its own constitution? The constitution never said a government can subject its people to any cruel and unusual experiments like Nuclear bomb tests and ongoing Stratospheric Aerosol Injection. When they use us as test subjects they are breaking all our rights as free citizens of a constitutional republic and democracy.

    This battle needs to go to higher courts and someone needs to answer to such reckless behavior once again. Human nature never changes. The only way for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

    When people say to you that our government would never do that to us, just remind them of the Nevada test site. They have and they will.

    There is nothing new under the sun. Corruption knows no bounds. 


    • penny waters says:

      haven't kings/queens, church and state always violated its people??

      i have always been very aware that i am a peasant, through my parents understandings and teachings

      if palestians can be slaughtered and everyone stand by and watch – you think "they" care about you and me mate!!

      i have said this before, remember you are at the bottom of the pyramid – here in england

      king charles is at the top of the u.k. pyramid, underneath are the land owning  aristocracy – followed by the upper classes, middle, academics etc and us 

      we are at the bottom of the pyramid

      but when at the bottom, if you look up, it is so easy to see all the a.seholes above you

      hahaha – i prefer to be so keen of sight – has been so all my life – am very lucky not to be taken in by the human need to be important

      love to all

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Phthalates: Are They Safe?

    You can’t see, smell, or taste them, but they’re in hundreds of consumer products you use every day. They’re also in the food you eat. Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates) are chemicals that make plastic soft and flexible.

    Phthalates are even in your body. Nearly all Americans have phthalate byproducts in their urine, says Ami Zota, associate professor of environmental and occupational health at George Washington University.

    But are phthalates bad for you? Here’s what we know about their links to health.

    What Foods Are High in Phthalates?
    Foods linked to higher phthalate levels include:
        •    Restaurant, cafeteria, and fast foods
        •    High-fat dairy
        •    Fatty meats and poultry
        •    Cooking oils

    How Do Phthalates Get Into My Body?
    You get them by:
        •    Eating or drinking things served or packaged in plastic that has phthalates
        •    Eating or drinking dairy and meat products from animals that have been exposed
        •    Using cosmetics, shampoo, skin moisturizers, and other personal care products
        •    Having contact with dust in rooms where the carpet, upholstery, wall coverings, or wood finishes have phthalates

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Environmental risks and toxicity of surfactants: overview of analysis, assessment, and remediation techniques

    This work comprehensively reviewed the toxicity and risks of various surfactants and their degraded products in the environmental matrices, various analytical procedures, and remediation methods for these surfactants.

    The findings revealed that the elevated concentration of surfactants and their degraded products disrupt microbial dynamics and their important biogeochemical processes, hinder plant-surviving processes and their ecological niche, and retard the human organic and systemic functionalities.

    The enormous adverse effects of surfactants on health and the environment necessitate the need to develop, select, and advance the various analytical and assessment techniques to achieve effective identification and quantification of several surfactants in different environmental matrices.

    Considering the presence of surfactants in trace concentration and environmental matrices, excellent analysis can only be achieved with appropriate extraction, purification, and preconcentration. Despite these pre-treatment procedures, the chromatographic technique is the preferred analytical technique considering its advancement and shortcomings of other techniques.

    In the literature, the choice or selection of remediation techniques for surfactants depends largely on eco-friendliness, cost-implications, energy requirements, regeneration potential, and generated sludge composition and volume.

    Hence, the applications of foam fractionation, electrochemical advanced oxidation processes, thermophilic aerobic membranes reactors, and advanced adsorbents are impressive in the clean-up of the surfactants in the environment. This article presents a compendium of knowledge on environmental toxicity and risks, analytical techniques, and remediation methods of surfactants as a guide for policymakers and researchers.

    • WATCHER says:

      Dear V.Susan: You are a treasure to this site and mankind, You have an unwavering, brilliant and questioning mind. May the future of mankind  be enhanced  by the likes of You, Dane, others here and elsewhere. They who are keen minded and devoted to the cause of a healthy planet and populace. My sincere prayers go out to all such devoted ones who cannot rest with wicked, deviant intentions and machinations about us. The healing process will take time but it is a urgent  prescription and  remedy for our times.                        PEACE and LOVE BE WITH US ALL who strive to this end.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      WATCHER – Thank you for your kind words.

      Dane is our North Star!

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