Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 7, 2023, #387


Dane Wigington

Extreme weather whiplash is now the norm, how much worse will it get? Mainstream media has been continuously sensationalizing the storms impacting the Western US, how much rain are they going to grant us? The climate engineers can alter the equation any time they want. What haven't Americans been told about Europe's recent record shattering weather? How deep is the deception in the entire weather reporting industry? How much are they hiding? Who are they serving? How long do we have if climate engineering isn't exposed and halted? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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41 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 7, 2023, #387

  1. joe Strauss says:


    After the observations I and my late fireman friend,Oakland, CA

    saw with the Geoengineering, 1995  and later..

    The HARRP  GENERATORS are really doing damage to the Earth.


    For those not familiar to Dane's magnificent reports to us,

    I listened to him @…Host of show

    Dec. 19, 2022,

    Brian Wilson was  to me the people in the 90's..Well, I say to all..

    Dane told all in that show in a ethical, true and facts with

    his noting as I did ,environmental organizations have no interest

    working with him or others. All self serving to them only.


    And Dane let us know a gag order is in effect on National weather Bureau and other  Are we a free country that does not report basic weather with truth for citizens, et al ?

    How do those in snow country of USA ,who find that fake snow

    around and believe Nature did  it ?

    For those who  ask, Why are those Geo engineering aircraft

    not spotted on Radar  ? Well ,the transponders are turned OFF.

    My American airlines pilot friend told me the Civil Aviation 

    pilots are to ignore those aircraft sighted.


    So, we have a weather manipulation doing HARM  to all

    My Kudo's to excellent knowledge given by Dane on the Brian Wilson Show:  CHICKEN LITTLE WAS RIGHT







  2. JR says:

    Super bombarded with SAG/SRM, as per Vonharnish I've been hearing a pulse for years now, HAARP I'm thinking, control plus, and then some. It turns on and shuts off, turns on and off all the time. Where are our leaders in on this? Can't play dumb forever the 99.9% do I'd say and will help the demise of this country. Our rain/snow is & has for years been decimated by such works. Over 18 years observing with a naked eye of atrocites. Peace…

  3. Jonathan says:

    At most of the colleges and universities the students are back on campus now. Between now and spring break is a good time to put your geo watch t-shirt on and take materials of whatever kind you have available or make photocopies of them and go to the campus student center or some other public place on campus and hand these things out. It is so important that we reach the younger generation. As you know, this generation that's currently in college has been heavily mind controlled and programmed. The one thing that tends to break through programming and mind control is truth. And thanks to our beloved "great chief" Dane and his tireless work, we have tremendous amounts of Truth to share with those in our respective circles of influence. Be encouraged! Look the storm in the eye, and never give up. The plants and animals and in fact many people, do not have a voice. We are that voice. We must stand  and be counted.

  4. Dennie says:

    The L.A. Times reports that most places in California are now out of "exceptional" drought status.  Here you go:

    The latest update from the U.S. Drought Monitor showed an extraordinary sight: Deep splotches of dark red and purple signifying the worst levels of drought have been erased from California’s map almost completely.

    On Thursday, 0% of the state was in exceptional drought, and only a tiny portion of far Northern California, 0.32%, was in extreme drought.

    It’s the first time that’s happened since April 4, 2020, when none of the state was classified in those categories, according to Richard Tinker, a meteorologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and one of the authors of the drought monitor.

    The development is the result of powerful atmospheric river storms that have dumped trillions of gallons of precipitation onto the state in recent weeks.

    Though the storms have created havoc, they have made a significant dent in drought conditions. Much of California has seen precipitation totals exceeding 4 inches, while several areas around the Sierra Nevada, Cascades and coastal ranges have recorded more than a foot in the storms.

    It’s a remarkable turnaround for a state that only weeks ago was mired in its third year of drought. Just one month ago, 7% of California was in exceptional drought and 36% in extreme drought, the monitor shows.

    (U.S. Drought Monitor maps of California showing former droughted areas, from Jan. 3 and again Jan.10 for comparison here)

    Tinker said change was significant — especially for how quickly it happened.

    “Typically, drought moves pretty slowly in California,” he said.

    Sorry, kids– it ain't over til the Fat Lady sings…

  5. Ron says:

    Here in Illinois has been a real weird winter with little or no snow. The skies are gray and dry. Temperature has been much warmer also but with large swings in temp in a day or two. This is not normal by any means. We need the snow cover for the ground water to replenish the upcoming crops this spring. I cannot remember such a dry winter. Very odd. 


    On Jan 11, I witnessed the largest Spraying Operation I have ever seen or at least noticed.Due to my increased awareness from Your Important website Dane I have read of these elsewhere in the country by description. What I witnessed early afternoon was a  criss-cross large long  widening array of contrails, becoming horsetail shaped clouds. Some were continual others interrupted and all long across the sky and horizon.Some of these I could see the aircraft offering the contrail. Others were long gone leaving only the ever widening trails into fragments of blue skies. Within 2 hours there was not a drop of blue and the skies were silver gray. O only wish I could have pointed this out to many folks but I was alone. Today we have a 1” coating of heavy dense snow. At 30 deg. F. It is hard to tell what is natural and what is not. By now I have only bad suspicions and a W.T.F. attitude. Keep up Your great work Dane and all concerned weather watchers here for you educating me. Birds of a feather we are. I am not a Scientist or any kind of expert on these matters.  I merely am a simple outdoorsman making observations. Here on this site is an array of qualified observers and dedicated individuals that I am indebted to for the valuable info I have gleaned on.



  7. Ziggy says:

    And yet ANOTHER Cyclone to hit "Especially" Northern California this time. As they say "When it rains, it pours." I guess the weather makers are seriously intent on drowning the people of California. Because in just a few short months it will be right back to extreme heat and drought. Misery loves company Dane, and both our worlds are seeing an onslaught of never ending climate engineering assaults. Flood plus bake equals disaster pure and simple. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but still experiencing the same Hellish Nightmares.

    California Floods About to Get Worse as Huge Cyclone Hurtles Towards Coast (

  8. Vic says:

    Another wave of heavy rains coming through California.

    Even Ellen DeGeneres posted a video next to a raging river in Montecito. Don't normally watch her but it was a good vid.

  9. ed says:

    Since the middle of December, the Honey Lake valley has been socked in by a dense fog, with uncharacteristic precip patterns along the way. On the 2 or 3 days where the fog partially clears, you can see chemtrails in the skies above.

    I have had a persistent headache, difficulty breathing, and allergy-like symptoms since this fog rolled in.

    • Saucy says:

      Similar unusual fog here in central Alberta, Canada.  We are known as sunny Alberta, but it has been cloudy for days with a heavy frost covering the trees like fur.  I've never seen anything like this.  Prior to this, my neighbour counted 17 chem trails in one day.  I suspect they are  spraying desiccants because the "frost" normally isn't this this and it disappears after a few hours of daylight.  This lasts all day and looks more like snow, it is so thick.  Many people are complaining about feeling depressed and low energy.

  10. Ziggy says:

    Science based facts. Not media bias opinionated disinformation.

    I keep reading these stories in the media saying that climate change is now responsible for all of the whiplash temperature swings, turning on and off rain taps, thousand year floods, thousand year droughts, lots of hurricanes some years and virtually no hurricanes in other years. Record setting deadly blizzards and oppressively long (also deadly) heat waves. And not to forget, the absurdity that it makes storms more and more powerful, with each passing year.

    But the science behind a warming planet like Earth, when looking at ice core samples, deep underground sedimentary samples and tree ring data. Tells a completely different story.

    It paints a picture that the very same greenhouse warming effect, led to more rain around the world and fewer significant droughts. Those samples and data also reveal that blizzards occurred less and less often, while heat waves were not generalized to any one given location. The heat began to spread uniformly from the equator to the poles and the droughts only came, when volcanic eruptions cooled the planet down in between the warming phases.

    And the greenhouse gases were at times, similar to the amount and pace of distribution into the atmosphere, as it has been since the industrial revolution of the human race.

    The only factor missing from the equation, in all of the samples and data, is the modern technological ability to perform geoengineering operations in the atmosphere (including vehicle, aircraft and rocket traffic)… (the real "X" factor) But when you then add the (hidden "Y" factor) to that equation… climate engineering. You end up with an entirely different picture.

    Dane paints a picture of northern California and makes his case for the real "X" factor and hidden "Y" factor. Same goes for the cooler and wetter east coast of America, and where I live in the deep south.

    Here is my picture:

    The rainy seasons are now the driest time of the year, while the dry seasons are the wettest. Extreme heatwaves can last for five months and summer like temperatures can run for ten months straight. We can easily go five to eleven months without a single drop of rain, and then suddenly it can rain a full year's worth of precipitation, in just thirty-six hours!

    The temperature can drop by over sixty (60) degrees in just twenty-two hours and shoot back up by over seventy (70) degrees in less than 30 hours. (Chemical Ice Nucleation event, followed directly by an Artificially Created High Pressure Dome)

    Yes, we are experiencing an extremely fast warming cycle, but this has happened before when early life forms that were thriving and covering the entire planet's land masses (including many in the oceans and seas), gave off methane at alarming rates. But those particular warming periods also saw rapidly growing volcanic eruption cycles. Which cooled the Earth and kept the Venus Syndrome feedback loop, from going exponentially out of control.

    So, basically. The media never mentions any of these facts and is only writing what they are told to print and publish, by the Fossil Fuel Empire Insane Asylum. The Geoengineering "X" factor and especially the Climate Engineering "Y" factor are both key to understanding why the world is experiencing such extreme weather anomalies.

    Thusly, X times Y equals Insanity. Or, seriously consider this fact based equation too. Geoengineering plus Climate Engineering equals EXTINCTION.

    Climate Change is only added to the equation by the Matrix. In order to hide the real factors behind our looming societal collapse.

    And that my friends, is Omnicidal Math 101.


    My Respect Goes out to to You Dane, readers, commenter’s  and  hello to Wanda my New England neighbor: noticing Your dying trees, that also makes me sad. As I have stated here before, as an avid outdoorsman a hunter-gatherer hiker I have witnessed trees dying at least for 30 years, when I truly started paying attention. Prior to that I was starting to notice ill health in some forested areas, and the lack of game birds: grouse, partridge, pheasant, snowshoe hares, turtles, and most of all frogs. Being of Acadian and Native American ancestry, my family roots were steeped in hunter gathering for sustenance. As a boy and younger man we supplemented our diets for our families with game, fish, frogs, snapping turtles, wild fruits, berries, and edible plants. Along with gardening, we truly ate healthy food with these bountiful harvests. We in our family lineage were brought up not to waste but share our bounty. Never did we did kill for pleasure, or trophy, never killing anything exceptional of the species large males or healthy females. These were the breeders necessary to keep the species in good health. The same was true in lumber and firewood harvesting. We always let the exceptional prime trees stand ,while culling the dying or weakened and encouraged new stump growth clusters for future firewood. On and on I can now only remember the past health of my environs that no longer exist. Frog loss as I stated most apparent. In the past we gathered about 10 bullfrogs yielding 20 legs for  protein. Usually within ½ hours time passing by many smaller and smarter ones walking less than 100 yards. Now You are lucky to find a single frog of any size within that distance. Needless to say I have not the heart to harvest a single frog in many years. Now! I feel shame for my own part in the demise of any one frog. Similarly the partridge once  so abundant, probably 100 or more to a square mile are no longer to be found. I could never kill another and feel an equal shame of my past harvests of them. I now Pray for them both. I quit hunting and by now I am almost done fishing. Wild trout are rare now replaced by anemic generic stocked varieties. Other un-stocked species have dwindled as the water has become murky, acidic and poisoned, with mercury other elements and toxins. Foraging for berries and plants are a thing of the past because of the lack of availability and the travel time involved to find healthy bearing areas. My garden is not so healthy and bountiful these days. So to the grocery store I go to pursue my weekly harvest of my chosen  so-called healthy food.

        No matter what You eat or what You drink depend on Clean Quality Air and Water. These two parents of nature are responsible for the rest of the species rely upon, and cannot do without. This diabolical atmospheric spraying practice along with decadent pollution and waste have taken it’s toll and is very evident on many levels. If one is not sleeping or distracted with consuming it all, they may eventually begin to notice. I have learned a lot by being reverent to the wise, by paying attention, being intuitive, alert and questioning. This is why my moniker is ENVIROWARRIOR.

     Thank You to "GREAT CHIEF"  Dane, and all my fellow concerned warriors, like-minded people here and otherwise trying to fight this most important battle. Thankfully I am humbled. I now realize that I am not alone in this battle in my observations and concerns for our planet. It used to be: what the planet had to OFFER US to survive. Now it must be; WHAT CAN WE OFFER to our dying planet to be of service, so it may go on and survive. The time is rapidly becoming into a fateful era of suffering . Can we few who are aware make a difference? I pray  to GOD we can. WE must at the least go on trying, loving and telling our stories of truth to others so that our numbers may increase and become an imminent factor in the equation to healing our Planet, Beloved EARTH.

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you for telling your story. I was very touched by reading this. I do not have a native American Indian background, although their cultural beliefs and values resonates strongly with me. Thank you for being one of the many voices being raised at this critical time in ou collective history.

  12. Dennie says:

    We're at last getting rain in the S.F. Bay Area but it's far from the "Rain-pocalypse" the toxic mainstream media would have you believe.  And the rain has been toxic indeed.  We've got people going to the ER with dizziness, shakiness, feeling like their pulse is fast, feeling like you're going to have a heart attack or a stroke.  We don't even get to hear what's being sprayed on us never mind we're forced to breathe it.  Staying inside isn't a total answer because the crap's so small you can't really keep it out of your house.  We know it's too small to be filtered out with hyper-HEPA air filtration, so I don't even try.  This has GOT to END.  HOW to get the MILITARY idiots to wake up and stop the mass omnicide/suicide? SOMETHING should be done.

    Meantime, some are pushing for us having to wear CCP face diapers "forever," as if that's The Answer To Public Health.. yeah, s-u-u-u-r-e it is… Unbelieveable.  Take a look at this:

    • Hello Dennie: Not to downplay the amount of toxic crap being released in your area, but symptoms of  dizziness, shakiness, rapid pulse, and sensing impending heart attack, can be directly attributed to microwave induced poisoning. These medical symptoms are being reported all over Europe and within the former United States.

      The use of 5G activated towers, HAARP "experimentation" and the electrical grid being utilized as a ground plane, are all documented features of weather control and geoengineering. 5G affects oxygen saturation in biological cells, and affects water molecules as well… 

      I can clearly hear pulsed microwave broadcasts prior to, and during weather manipulation events.

    • Ziggy says:

      Paul and Dennie,

      Microwaves, 5G and beyond, plus the power grids are indeed creating somewhat of a Havana Syndrome effect. My doctor is well aware of these electrical frequency disturbances to the human body and especially the brain, nervous system, lungs and heart. He actually has a large Faraday set up in his home to help his body recover at night.

      I came to him with extreme dizziness that sets in right after my ears begin to ring very loudly. I also get sudden migraines and lose my balance. No doubt that my coughing, sneezing, burning eyes and nose and throat, are all from the atmospheric toxins. But I and everyone else are also being poisoned daily by these climate engineering frequencies. More so than just your typical background microwaves and such.

      I sometimes wonder if a calamity that sends everyone around the planet into the dark ages again, wouldn't actually be a blessing in disguise. There would be no more planes spraying the skies and no more malicious use of technology to control the world. But it would not be a good thing after all… as every nuclear plant begins the non stop meltdown process and Mad Max thugs slaughter millions to create their own warlord empires. Everyone dies in the end. Just some quicker than others. Those silly Mutant Apocalypse Movies wouldn't be so laughable any more either.

      The only thing that benefits from such a scenario is the Earth itself. Cancerous humans would be no more and after two or three million years time, Earth would be a bountiful Garden of Eden again. Just as God promised… a whole new Earth. Only not for us to plunder any more.

  13. EJ says:

    I left some wash on the line before the last storm. When I went out to retrieve it I saw what I thought were water droplets stuck to the clothes. Then I looked closer and found it to be a clear gel like droplet.  Would that be part of what they sprayed?

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Yes one time I brought a new car home that was detailed and it had spots all over when I walked out the next morning and it had a sticky affect. After that I tested the rain and it's horrible what you find and what they are dripping down. I clean my patio and then it rains heavy metals down I have to clean up after. I'm major ocd and I know how clean my patio is. Heavy metals are everywhere after rains and modified snow storms lately. The air and rain is highly toxic in Az for a reason it's a big test site! 

  14. Randyl J says:

    Brief reporting from Central Bone Dry North Carolina ~ 

    Dane is batting home run balls for us to catch and go with the facts!

    Seeing more neighbors with portable oxygen tanks. Obviously their doctors need awareness! Most simply can’t grasp reality now. My front rose bush and others are parched despite my poor attempts to supplement very minimal toxic rain-drizzling. Probably won’t see an inch all winter here. Weather whiplash ongoing!

    Toxic faux meat factory coming to a state near yours. North Carolina seeking any and all revenue sources! Must keep the Fast Foods open. I guarantee there would (will) be a panic in this community without them. Young Slave labor force that can’t /won’t cook! Longest lines are Biscuitville AM and Dairy Q PM, even out into the roadway!

    Thank You Dane!! And many of you echo my thoughts! KOKO 

    Blessings ~ Randyl J

  15. jean says:

    has anyone experienced the foul smell in your clothes and on your skin after stepping outside during active spraying?  disgusting.  which of the ingredients cause it or is it all of them together?

    • Dennie says:

      Well, Dr. David Keith was talking about spraying us all with sulfur…isn't that what we smell whenever the Devil's around??

    • Jonathan says:

      Of course they are probably constantly changing the mixes of what they're spraying. I don't necessarily smell it on my clothes but at times I can smell a very foul chemical smell in the air. And the planes are going basically 24/7 over Eastern North Carolina.

  16. Wanda says:

    Every week a voice of truth coming through. Here in Maine the Winter has been totally engineered. Only 2 storms so far and they have created so much destruction. The forests are imploding.Trees snapped off at the base with no visible root system at all.Power outages are the norm as are icy roads with every storm.Temps rebound to unusual highs after each one.The cold dense layer of cold that you speak of is so obvious.Cuts right through you.Dogs lifting their paws when the nucleation is occuring.Bird feeders that are normally super busy during the storms are remaining quiet and untouched.The ice nucleation has to be harming them and in fact all wildlife. I personally have lost over 75 trees in this past year alone. Each one breaks my heart.As a gardener/landscaper I try to point all these things out. People see but it's as if they don't understand we are all connected to the Earth. Thanks Dane for all you do. I will keep trying as well.

    • Joanne Berner says:

      Same here in PA. The birds were so loud and plentiful a few years ago. I moved here because I'm next to a huge expanse of woodlands. The silence is breaking my heart. The trees are dying and falling over creating fuel for any fires to come. I haven't seen the sun in over 6 weeks. At sunrise, within an hour, the planes are dumping chemicals in front of its path. It's been eternal winter. My car gets coated with a tacky, sparkly residue that's not easily removed.  When questioned, Penn State Ext., says it's insect urine….  really?  It would take billions of little aphids to create a uniform covering on a vehicle from top to bottom.  They think we're stupid. I'm angry. 

  17. Stan Sylvester says:

    While much has been made of rising food costs, rent and the challenge of paying it is also a great economic indicator.

    According to Alignable, 37% of real estate offices were not able to pay rent in November 2022. Life is not as grand selling real estate as shows on TV can make the industry look.

    Despite the dire numbers,  many real estate offices continued to hire. In 2020 there were 1.49 million registered real estate agents. In 2021 there were 1.56 million. Hiring agents is the easy part, paying the office rent, no so much.

    Alignable also polled  6326 small business owners, 41% could not pay November  2022 rent. As Dane has taught us, the paradigm that we once knew is gone and not coming back in any time that matters. 

    • Ziggy says:

      I hear you Stan,

      People Are Struggling with Inflation: Woman Is Trying to Understand How She Spent $115 on Just a Few Necessities (

      Grocery store prices here have more than doubled for EVERYTHING and other items are even three to four times more than what they were, just this time last year! That is entirely insane, but of course Dane keeps saying that it will get much, much worse… as we get closer to societal implosion. At this rate however. We clearly won't make it to the end of 2024, before all hell breaks loose. The middle class majority won't even be able to pay their mortgage, put food on the table or even pay their property taxes. I bet you that fifty million Americans will become homeless by October, and fifty more will be in the worst financial straights of their life.

      My Uncle's electricity usage rates are now four times what they were, just four months ago and he has a three year contract that clearly says: "We guarantee the same kilowatt per hour rate, for the entire three years." What A Load Of CRAP! He called to say that he's switching service providers and they want to charge him $895 for breaking the contract agreement of three years. Yet they refuse to hold up their end of the "legal" contract deal he signed on for to begin with. So, now he is going all solar, wind and geothermal. He lives in Texas, so there is no surprise there. He says that grocery prices have gone up just as much there as well. Less food to feed eight billion, means that everyone will paying the price. Many with their lives in third world countries.

      I finally know why I saw Geese flying north here recently. The temps are back up into the mid to upper 80s and absolutely no rain is in the long term forecast. This is January and normally we would be in the 40s and 50s. So, I guess that by March it will be at or above 100 degrees and stay that way all the way through to November. Like I have said so many times before. We are on a path towards perpetual Summer, twelve months of the year. Only with an occasional chemical ice nucleation cool down that kills us even faster, with such toxic skies and poisoned rain or snow.

      God, I truly hate what this world has become. A literal Hell On Earth. Thank you so much, you climate engineering bastards. Over 30% of all the trees in the national forest which surrounds my property… completely died in 2022! Due to severe drought, extreme heat waves and now these chemical nucleated events. Not to mention the UV radiation that also takes a heavy toll on both flora and fauna. Extinction Possible has now become Extinction Eminent. And whether that becomes a Complete Sterilization Extinction Event, is all up to Us.

      Side note. Geese began flying south here in mid November. But just six weeks later, they're already flying back north again. They aren't confused. They know that winter is over with here, and possibly even all the way up to Canada. Global Warming is such a powerful force now, it decides for them, when to migrate any more. If they get caught in a chemical freeze event (crime against humanity and nature). Then they will become even that much closer to extinction… just like us.

  18. bunnies says:

    What if they actually did destroy the natural way the weather is made, and now they're trying to hide the damage they had done? Remember, they got 'rid' of R12 refrigerants because it 'tore' a hole in the ozone layer, but really, from the chemtrails they've been spraying since then.

    It probably won't be for long the atmosphere gets thinner and thinner, since some on this site have been saying the sun is more 'white' in appearance, and the chemtrails quickly dissolve from the thin atmosphere.

  19. Andy says:

    Heatwave across Europe.

    Czech Republic hitting 20°C. In January.

    950 local records broken across Germany.

    "Feels like Summer" throughout much of the continent.

    Much of the 'news' headlines lamenting the loss of Winter skiing opportunities – methinks there maybe a tad more to be concerned about…

  20. Joey says:

    clouds are being distorted to the point that is beyong rediculous. So many programmed bot people though, makes you feel alone in a dead world of zombies

    • Dat Emerson says:

      Your not alone. Don't allow that feeling to consume you. You feeling is valid. People are willfully ignorant bots. Some are just suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Save yourself and those like you. Don't waste your time on the braindead apathetic public. Joey, save yourself. The public will support the government in the end.

  21. Ziggy says:

    Has anyone out there ever wondered if "Just Maybe"… a small portion of the scientific community is and has been watching and listening to Dane's weekly global alert news broadcasts? And their conscience is finally eating away at the morality that they chose to ignore, in favor of receiving a steady paycheck. Which of course, will not mean anything if the world and all of society collapses, into a complete vacuum of climate engineering Omnicide.

    Maybe, just maybe. They are starting to covertly get behind the facts of our coming extinction, delivered with conviction and steadfast loyalty to the truth, in every single weekly "gut wrenching" episode of Dane's bad news broadcasts.

    But quite possibly, they aren't able to quote Dane and or praise him for holding the line, in fear of being silenced by the very matrix that is betraying their (Non Disclosure Agreement) servitude. Melting away at their very soul and causing them to truly hate themselves, for choosing the wrong side in our fight to save Mother Earth.

    Everything that is happening in our world today, is exactly what Dane said would become a distinct reality, in as many years at it would take for a baby to become a teenager. And my guess is that most of these scientists who are screaming for society to listen to their warnings… all have children that are questioning if they even have a future any more. Wondering if their parenting responsibilities had been sacrificed, for the very people who are dooming all children of Earth, to become cannon fodder of the natural resource stealing and commercializing elites. But especially their Geoengineering cohorts, who commit aggravated assaults in our skies, to keep everyone believing that fossil fuels and technology will guarantee human longevity.

    The Great Lie is beginning to fall apart and all of those who can finally help to expose the truth, are finding their way back to a sense of empathy and compassion for the sake of their own family's survival. But also realize that everyone's survival is at stake, and they are partly to blame, for placing us in that position to begin with.

    So, just maybe. We still stand a chance at saving what little of society we can, if everyone else in the science community stands with these few… and helps Dane to convince others in the political arena, the economic sector, the industrial sector, our brothers and sisters in the military and the entire eight billion strong human population… To Open Their Eyes and Minds, To Finally See the Elephant In the Sky. Force themselves to take a good hard look at just exactly what is ushering in the fastest extinction event, in the history of Earth's existence!

    • Ziggy says:

      I sincerely hope that everything I have posted here (especially these comments in particular), inspires others to take action and support Dane's efforts to stop the Insanity. Rather than being placed as a eulogy carved in stone, for an extinct race of humans.

      Hope is virtually all we have left now people and we haven't been reduced to biological dust, blowing in a world encompassing radioactive wind… just yet. So, if we stand strong and sway others with credible sources, verifiable facts and reliable research. They too might choose to step forward and raise awareness of the generations long Geoengineering disaster, that is falsely being blamed on Nature. Climate Change is designed to be used as a scapegoat term. Hiding the true nature of the beast that slowly devours every miraculous aspect, of the web of life.

      That beast exists and is not an urban myth or a conspiracy theory fable. It hides in plain sight, even as it vanishes from the vocabulary of the United Nations and the World Meteorological Society. It is none other than Climate Engineering. So, please. Let's all try and spread a little more hope, by exposing this beast to the rest of the world.

    • Slow Boiled Frog says:

      Thank you Ziggy. I appreciate all of your comments and insight. Thank you, Dane and all on the site for being warriors.

  22. A Friend says:

    I spent some time this afternoon with a local farmer whose family farms about 3,000 acres of land and Eastern North Carolina. They have a rather complicated system of pumps and wells and water storage ponds and so forth that they use for irrigation. He told me today how bad the drought is and said that some of his ponds are as much as 8 ft low.

    • Dennie says:

      So moving to an Eastern state if you're thinking of fleeing California is no guarantee that you'd be moving to a place where there's still water.  I think I was reading or hearing here that the Controllers are going after the Eastern states, droughting them.  I think this is about keeping us from growing food.  There doesn't seem to be a better reason that I can think of.

    • Shedding Light says:

      I have a house in Portugal, in recent years I noticed the intensity of the spraying over there as well. Portugal always had a good amount of rain and now they are experiencing droughts. I live in New Jersey closer to New York and the intensity of the spraying is such, that we barely have a nice day. In Rio de Janeiro has been raining all the time, and I know it is not normal for summer days:(  .

      The key here is to humble ourselves and pray, because  we need a divine intervention. If we think we can do it without God, we are mistaken. This is a good against evil. We talking a war against us the people, a war and not sure what else to do except pray!

  23. joe Strauss says:


    Well, my observations since 1995 indicate the Geoengineers

    are either robot control or have no moral compass.

    Skies over San Francisco, CA do indicate those

    wavygray (like a milkshake mix of grays) is not natural.

    You have been correct all along with your positive reporting

    of the Geo engineering effect and compounds in the  trails

    in the skies.   I commend you for letting those(who want truth)

    know of this.  


    I have this reference…Washington Post, Jan 3, 2023…

    "A truly brutal system:atomspheric river to slam California"

    Of note: Rain amount for Dec 22 was 11.60 inches over

    San Francisco. The average monthly for DEC, San Francisco

    is 4.76 inches.


    Not natural…Would Mother nature do this intentional to those

    living on the Earth ?


       My thanks for your continuing assist to us…Joe





    • Smith says:

      I have thought the same when I see and photograph planes dumping toxic spray into our skies overhead they could be drone planes. Even still, someone is in control of those flights. I also think people are purposely kept in the dark when working on secret projects such as these. They may not even know 100% what they are working on. However, all anyone has to do is look up to know we are being sprayed without our consent which is against the law. The secrecy must end and populations globally must wake up to defend our earth. We are part of the movement towards full disclosure. 

  24. Ziggy says:

    Just amazing to see how the engineered storms are getting more and more geometrically shaped. Pretty soon they will all be square and rectangle formations that are symmetrically perfect in mathematical ratios. How long before we see a square hurricane?

    Or, as Dane makes the case… " How deep is the deception in the entire weather reporting industry? How much are they hiding?"

    Have there already been numerous square shaped tropical storm systems, but the radar images were photo-shopped to hide the truth of climate modification technologies? The image Dane presents is actually a tropical system that originated off the coast of Hawaii.

    I see square, rectangle and diamond shaped clouds all the time in our skies. So many have 90 degree angles and that's definitely not the work of Mother Nature. We are all living in an artificial reality that is a pure and evil "nefarious" design of the matrix.

    • brent papon says:

      Sorry for being obtuse and NOT getting the joke.

      But I will NEVER forget 5 or so years ago where they made a high pressure ridge that encompassed ALL of N America.

      As a joke I went downtown Kent OH

      With a guitar.

      The thing creaked like a boat from the 1800's

      It was so strange

      I lasted @ 5 minutes

      But I did get a smile from some passers by

      Totally worth it.

      My point being I'd never seen or experienced anything like that.

      Square hurricanes Might BE on tap


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