Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 8, 2022, #335


Dane Wigington

Wild winter weather whiplash scenarios are now the norm. Seeding cloud moisture with biological and chemical ice nucleating elements is a patented technology that has existed for decades. This method of engineering winter weather has been kept completely covert. Governments around the world would rather their populations remain unaware of such processes and operations for obvious reasons. While the masses are completely caught up in the ever changing CV-19 scenario, what other cards are power structures playing out in our skies? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

What could be more frustrating than trying to wake family and friends up who still believe skies like this are completely normal?
Weybridge, United Kingdom. Photo credit: J. Peisch
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This week's outreach booth is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

43 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 8, 2022, #335

  1. Longtime radio show listener says:

    This week's program has a great break-down of "mass formation" (which also can be translated as "crowd formation").

    Listen to this episode if you have any interest in the subject!!!

    Thank you Mr. Wigington for the excellent information here.

  2. Barbara A. Baxley-Conti says:

    Hey Everyone,

       Post Script:

      Maybe  we could TAKE AWAY the keys to ALL the Planes First !! 


  3. Barbara A. Baxley-Conti says:

    Saturday 1/15/22 

         I have not been here for a long time…still need to finish listening to Dane's info for this 1/8/22.  I have been coming to Dane's   ' Courageous Brilliance ' here for over ten or twelve years.  And, have I truly become EDUCATED !!  also further educated by you my fellow concerned HUMANS !!  THANK YOU ALL !!   On this week's V. Susan Ferguson' info regarding the EXTENSIVELY RIDICULOUS Satilites existence !! I suspected, yet am still AMAZED at the amount of said companies and their satilites…HELL, 'OUR Satilites'=certainly lots of their FUNDING must have come out of 'Other Peoples Monies'…AND, I have seen with my naked eye in the Southern  Eastern sky above my town on Delaware River Central New Jersey/Pennsylvania Border physically active Lighting Aparatus actually 'dancing'  with a moving section of it's other half…within the SKY's area just two Sunday evenings ago !!  It is not visible often and it can be close to where it had been prior , or slightly further South in it's positioning…that varies also.  One other person I used to speak with about said lights and movements kept telling me, "Cannot be a Satelite if it is that visible to your naked eyesight. They are too far out in another layer of the whole atmosphere."  Well as I used to tell her,  I TOTALLY trust my own experiences…AND Brain Workings…SO onward, anyway.

         I understand fully the GREED, POWER + CONTROL Issues…the INSANITY, SELFISHNESS and their EVIL,EVIL,EVIL actions… …BUT  this ALL HAS been increasing in their  CRUELTIES to OUR Planet and the Galaxies, the Animals, and HUMANITY = ALL of US.  The extremities in temperatures changing of depths and heights !!!  Isn't there SOMETHING MORE we can do… MUST do ???  I know Dane and his wonderful Wife …and a LOT of you are trying your BEST also to spread the info …educate people…I have a background in all things Medical, Psychological, Sociological. ETC…And yet, these things being done NOW supposedly 'By the FEW against WE the MANY' …are SOOO CRUEL   

         I Have read some of your comments…will go back and finish with more readings.  I give this web site info to EVERYONE I come in contact with, even a TECH support from the Asian group two nights ago… for my constantly going out of service ISProvider when I am able.  I PRAY Very Often…for EVERYTHING and Everyone of US.  May you all stay WELL and SAFE…and THANK YOU !!!  

    Sincerely…Respectfully…and with LOVE…AND May GOD whatever you perceive Him to be Bless YOU and Yours' with EVERYTHING GOOD,


  4. Lance says:

    Overcast coming up from the S and flowing to the east over central CA and headed over Lake Tahoe is filled with aerosols!  Easily visible on the Nighttime Microphysics loop on COD website!  Take a look before the spread out more!

    • Jeannette Ragsdale says:

      The continued aerosol weather modification spraying in Reno NV and the Eastern side of the Sierras has been ongoing for months now, nearly every day, continually producing this cloud cover. I also go out in the night time to view the sky and you can see the trails being dumped event at night. I am trying to talk to folks and turn them onto the Geoengineering website, but so many have fallen into "Mass Formation Psychosis. But a few are at least wondering. And others believe, but can't handle, so their cognitive dissonance leads them to be a part of the Mass Formation Psychosis.

  5. Lance says:

    At this point am realizing they aren't going to stop spraying particulates into the atmosphere!  Aerosol ops out in the Pacific are easily spotted on the Nighttime Microphysics Imagery on the College Of DuPage website.  Can see some on Northwest Regional video right now in the lower left corner of the video if you hurry up and take a look.    

  6. Robin Christensen says:

    I took another look at the 'Mike Wallace – Aldous Huxley – interview on YouTube- 28 minutes (1958).  It ties in so well with Dane's clarity of presentation on 'group think', mass formation psychosis & Dr. Mattias Desmet's evidence of this phenomenon.

    A great two way dialogue of questions masterfully answered by Mr. Huxley & expertly framed by Mr Wallace leading the questioning.

    Take a look at this video.  How accurate, so long ago!  Found it on the Children's Health Defense website of RFK Jr.

    Meanwhile, individual freedom & decentralization- emphasized by Huxley can be taken to heart.  Just keep putting out the photo/fact info (The Dimming- included) with as much brief personal, local contact as one can.  Otherwise, leave some copies behind in key locations.  It's not that difficult!

  7. Lance says:

        Its going to get a lot warmer in the near future even if the carbon emissions are reduced, along with the human populations, which is precisely what is going on as mankind's 4th Industrial Revolution continues to exponentially accelerate.         

  8. Dennie says:

    Yup:  From Global Times, re:  Kazakhstan unrest

    Agent provocateurs crusin' for a Western-style bruisin' and takeover of that mineral-rich (uranium and oil) Central Asian nation:   

    While the world was still enjoying New Year celebrations, no one expected to see tens of thousands of organized gangsters plunge Kazakhstan, the wealthiest Central Asian country, into nationwide unrest overnight. Indeed, the escalation of hostilities showed traces of a premeditated, organized anti-government movement. It would be impossible for workers of a local factory in grievance of the rising LNG price to professionally mobilize and even pay thousands of people to protest, let alone destroy crucial facilities with arms, burn down government buildings, shoot police with rifles, and occupy the Almaty Airport and control airplanes. A Kazakhstan news program showed that a Kyrgyz protester confessed to having taken $200 and a plane ticket to travel to Kazakhstan to protest.

    Then how was the public anger over economic plight turned into a political movement and how did a peaceful demonstration escalate into violence and riots? It is unusual that the tension did not cool down even when the Kazakh government had agreed to halt the LNG price hike and released people detained at the Aktau rally. It turned out that the demonstrators reached out for a yard after having taken an inch: They asked for a direct dialogue with the president and shouted political slogans like "Nazarbayev leave the country."

    For anyone who follows international affairs, there is a sense of déjà vu: Scenes of violence in Kazakhstan easily reminded people of the "color revolutions" in regional countries. Just eight years ago in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of rioters devastated central Kiev with violence and bloodshed. US and European countries, while inciting the rebels with propaganda and promises, threatened the Yanukovych government with sanctions until a pro-Western regime was inaugurated. In Kyrgyzstan, upheaval has become an unwelcome visitor ever since the Western-supported Tulip Revolution. 

    In Kazakhstan, professional inciters were hired to maneuver public sentiments and turn originally peaceful protesters into terrorists, who would then be provided with food, supplies and funds to confront the police and occupy key infrastructure. Mukhtar Ablyazov, the dissident leader in exile, rode the tide to invite the Western countries to enter the fray, while social media posts encouraged people to "fight back, create resistance groups and organize attacks." 

    Since the very beginning, there has been much suspicion and speculation about foreign forces getting involved, or even manipulating behind the scenes. The presence and influence of Western countries and foreign nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Kazakhstan might give some clues. 

    For a long time, the looming shadow of the US has been cast in every corner of Kazakhstan. It is by no means a coincidence that the US seemed to have predicted the situation unfolding and escalating. Half a month before the riots broke out, the US Embassy in Kazakhstan warned that demonstrations in Nur-Sultan and Almaty could escalate into violence. A batch of NGOs sponsored by the US, smelling a storm, swiftly retreated from the country.  

    The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) estimates there are 38,000 active NGOs in Kazakhstan while the majority of them  ̶  some say around 20,000  ̶  are funded by US and European countries by way of grants and donations, including the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and Freedom House.

    • FocusAbove says:

      There's no doubt that the Global Elite have their money splashed all across this protest. It's in almost every country in some form or another.

  9. Earth Angel says:

    Looks like the deep southeast is scheduled next in the cross hairs for a chemically ice nucleiated winter weather warfare dump event this weekend. I figured it was coming. They just HAVE to make it appear to be cold. Never mind we have jonquils sprouted since December, Iris sprouts that NEVER went away, wild violets all year long and now dandelion flowering here this winter. Even a yellow flowering weed which I have NEVER seen bloom here my whole life except from about late May through late summer/ early fall is- NOW BLOOMING in the pastures. Wow.. From the radar projections shown today it is sooo obvious they will be  pulling huge amounts of (record warm) moisture straight out of the gulf of Mexico and right over Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina while planning to dump ice and snow all over us from THAT same moisture. Imagine that! Starting as a RAIN event on Sat. (temps. projected for that day at 51F high / 31F low).. TURNING OVER to snow and then ice.. or will it be ICE and then SNOW?..they aren't quite sure yet. Sunday (the worst day) temps. predicted at 35F high/ 27F low- dumping lots of NASTY fake sh*t all over us- scheduled to taper off Mon. with high of 41F/ 27F low; Tues. 48F high/ 32F low; Wed. 57F high/ 39F low. Tomorrow, Fri. (the day before it is all to begin) temps. 56F high/ 37F low- as was similar today, (Thurs.) highs were in the 50's here in N.Georgia. Please pray that we do not experience many downed trees (already struggling) from the artificial icing/ snow event that may result in crippling power outages for many people in this region. Please pray this sh*t doesn't materialize as they are predicting. This all just makes me cringe. I hate it for the animals. I hate it for the people. I hate it for us all. Thank you for your prayers.

  10. Lance says:

    Just read a weather report in which it is claimed that in parts of Argentina ground temperatures reached 129 F.  Air temps were in the 106 F range.  Its being said this heat wave is exhibiting "extraordinary characteristics".


    • Maria says:

      Y estamos padeciendo un calor extraordinario,con focos de incendio en muchos puntos del país,y sequía.

  11. Lance says:

    Regarding weather here in the Lake Tahoe area, this morning as of right now its 40 F.  Was forecast to be in the low 20's, but what happened?  Warm air and clouds from the subtropics are flowing north into the area is what happened.  Unusual.  This type of weather usually happens in late summer into early fall, not this time of year.  52 F forecast to be the high today which is unusual as well.   

  12. David Wallace says:

    When the fridged air from the polar regions is being robbed and used in the process of generating certain weather conditions, warmer air will rush in to fill the void. Is it any wonder why the arctic ice caps are melting?  This is a Catch 22, this is a lose lose situation, have we already passes the point of no return? 

  13. Joseph says:

    The world's oceans saw record warming in 2021 as climate change continues apace

      ALONG    W        Geoengineering and Climate Engineering 


    Thanks to the relentless pace at which humans are adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, ocean temperatures in 2021 were “the hottest ever recorded by humans,” according to a report published Tuesday in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences

    Since 1958, the researchers found, the world’s oceans have warmed at a steady pace. But that rate sharply accelerated in the late 1980s, warming eight times as fast as in the decades prior.


    The world's oceans saw record warming in 2021 as climate change continues apace (

  14. lorenzo says:

    First substantial snow in the NYC area, I got my cross country skis out to get some exercise.  It stayed in the mid 20s, never above freezing, but I couldn't get my skis untracked from the snow that caked up on my skis. How is this possible, it never got above freezing?  Alas, the chemically nucleated ice that clung to my skis.  We don't get powder snow here in NYS anymore.  You can actually make a snowball while the snow is coming down. Ridiculous! 

    • Crystal Dollhausen says:

      Very interesting!  I was wondering if the ski people were experiencing problems because of the endothermic activity of chemically ice nucleated snow.  It can make a sticky snow, and I have encountered dangerous snow that is very cold and impossible to knock it off of my wool clothing,  and what are the effects to nature?  I have seen deer with this crappy fake snow stuck to their sides.  It can't be good for plants.

  15. It is all connected says:

    Excellent reporting, Mr Wiggington.  Thank You!!!!  You are correct in pointing out that ultimately this is a war against nature.  The good news is that they can never win that war, since it is ultimately a war against the self.  Which is why we must find ways to bring people together, despite our many differences, and help each individual person to heal within, starting with ourselves, and then spread the healing and truth to everyone we come in contact with everyday.  If you are a survivor of abuse, talk about it to others and help them to understand how deception is the primary tool of abusers.

    This is a direct quote from  WAC 246-100-040 in Washington State.

    "At his or her sole discretion, a local health officer may issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine"

    Hmmmmm…… Who exactly is the "local health officer"?  How many exist and what is the oversight?  Oh wait, there is NO oversight:!!! "sole discretion"  WHAT?!?!?

    The WA state board of health is having a virtual meeting on Wed Jan 12, 2022 and only offered one day for people to register to comment.  Why?  Now they claim the people are misunderstanding the rules, yet here it is in black and white, there is no misunderstanding these words.

    I encourage everyone to read the entire 4 page document and research the Isolation and Quarantine centers they have been running.  If they get away with this in one state, every single power-hungry "local health officer" in every other state will follow suit.  Look at what is happening with school boards everywhere.

    What will happen to those who talk about geoengineering if unknown "officials" suddenly have the absolute power to detain citizens with no proof of crime or illness? 


    • Robert says:

      Now we know where all those 40 cal hollow points are going. 7HPPP, (seven hollow points per person). They must assume they're poor shooters.

  16. Lance says:

    Regarding an earlier post in which it was mentioned that they noticed what appeared to be "ash" on the snow that fell in their area, I've noticed "ash" on the snow outside our home in South Lake Tahoe after the last little wind/snow storm that came through on the 7th of Jan.  There was also a smattering of BB size ice pellets lying on the steps outside the front door Monday morning the 10th.  Been living here over ten years and its only been in the last 2 or 3 years that I started noticing these uniform size ice pellets.  Not normal or natural.   

    • Lisa Ostendorf says:

      I was up in Dane's neck of the woods over New Year's. On Dec. 31st, it was "snowing" in Dunnsmuir and Shasta City, but it was actually those little ice pellets that you are mentioning. It was so weird. I've never experienced that before in winter weather, but now, thanks to Dane, I know exactly what's happening. 

      The next day it was warmer, so the spraying commenced. It was heartbreaking to see a huge chemtrail floating over the fantastically gorgeous, "snow"-covered Mt. Shasta. It is definitely warfare against the planet, and it's people, and I'm so thankful to Dane that he is educating whoever will read and listen to the obvious evidence. May we all be able to do something to help our dire situation.

  17. Julian Kunnie says:

    Thank you, Dane, and educated friends, for providing such information. I've been documenting the horrific scarring of the sky from these poisonous chem trails through video and photographs in Tucson's skies for my next book. Interestingly, while Tucson received some serious rain a couple of weeks ago, the immediate growth of weeds and plants that one sees after continued rain, even overnight rain, was not evident in the recent rains. Strange….The trees and the plants are clearly unhappy and have not experienced any significant growth. The "animals," birds, lizards, etc. who know much more than we do thanks to their not speaking our two-legged language, and are not excited at such false chemical-infested rain….they know better! It's crazy that people are so unconscious here and just go about their normal business…..I've even taken photographs of chem trails close to the moon recently! The sky is eerily dark at night, even with the half moon shining…..And extremely cold these mornings where it seems like all hands and feet become frozen, unlike previous winters….I haven't heard a single person noticing! Busy on their cellphones I presume….Let's persist in the educational transformation work….thank you for all your diligent and committed decolonizing and Protecting the Earth Mother and Life work, Dane, and friends…

  18. Lance says:

    WEATHER ALERT – There is an atmospheric river being directed into the Pacific Northwest that is going to dump untold inches of rain on the Seattle area and most of the state of WA starting Tuesday, 1/11/2022.  It's a warm river of moisture coming from just N of the Hawaiian islands that's going to rain on top of all the snow that fell in the mountains during the last major storm.  Northern Oregon could get significant rainfall as well.  

  19. Stuart says:

    Another spectacular Enhanced Sunrise here in southern CA this morning.  Eastern sky ablaze with PINK and ORANGE colors, Direct Evidence of submicron Reflective Aerosols.

    Geoengineering Squadron frantic trying to control Solar Radiation levels.

    Stumbled across story about JASON Group the other day.  JASON members, mostly Theoretical Physicists, have been consulting and advising various Fed govt agencies, mostly DoD,  for decades about issues such as Global Warming, Climate Change. The REAL Geoengineers.

    • Lance says:

      I noticed on the COD Nighttime Microphysics images just a bit ago there are a bunch of aerosol trails that can be seen in the band of clouds moving slowly to the E, but flowing NNE over central and southern CA.  Dark lines of particulate aerosol trails are only visible in the cloud formation, not on either side of it.  Blue sky now visible to the W of the Lake Tahoe area.  Not a trail to be found either!  

    • alan wilson says:

      Lance, your observations are right on.  I'd like to add that there is a 25 mph Santa Ana wind blowing from the northeast and it is dry as a bone.  The "clouds" you refer to are indeed heading directly into the wind.  Take it from an old SoCal native, there is no such thing as a cloudy Santa Ana in the natural world.  Witnessing this phenomenon yet again, I feel like a cat having its tail stroked against the grain.  More than a little edgy.  

  20. Susan L. says:

    Thanks again for another sobering, bleak, depressing but NECESSARY summary of the global insanity we call "civilization" and the Native American author, Jack Forbes, called "cannibalism," or "wetiko."  As bad as it is, I look forward to your reports every week and thank you for your efforts.

    Here in northeast Washington state we had a two week-long series of "snow" events resulting in two feet of dry powdery stuff on the ground. Great for skiers! Not so great for the plants and trees and animals and people that depend on the moisture in this snow (we know what's in it besides water). Before each "event" I could clearly hear the planes flying overhead, ahead of the snow event. What falls is not the snow I remember when I was a kid 50 years ago. Big flakes falling for hours. No, this is more like frozen fog…you can't find a snowflake anywhere. But it piles up, nonetheless. And on the final day, it warmed up to 38 degrees and frozen rain fell on top of the powder, leaving a shiny crust half an inch thick. But on that same day, something else fell out of the sky which looked like ash…tiny particles…which could be blown off my truck with my breath. Very odd and suspicious.

    Today dawned with a blue sky for once! Got my skis on and broke trail around the neighborhood, enjoying the beauty and assessing the forest. I looked up, and there it was, a plane laying a thick layer of white aerosol in its wake from one horizon to the next in that sweet blue sky. When I got to the crest of the hill and looked south, I could see one stripe after another for at least 50 miles. By the time I completed my outing, the north sky was also covered and the entire sky was turning white.

    I pass along your website to anyone I hear talking about "climate change" or weather events. Every little bit helps.

  21. Lance says:

    MSN weather claiming that the Pacific Northwest received 25 inches of rain in one day!  Mountain passes going east were impassable due to the huge amount of snow that fell which caused avalanches in Washington and northern Oregon.  The city of Seattle, according to a resident living there, is cut-off due to the flooding and/or snow blocking the major interstates and highways.  Seattle Times reporting major river, coastal, and urban flooding.  Normal weather, NOT!   

  22. Stan Sylvester says:

    If the drought fueled fires don't get the trees, the politicians will. Mayor Bill DiBlasio ended his NYC term December 31rst. Sociopaths usually don't go away quietly. They like to leave reminders of their reign of terror that last long after they exit. 

    Before leaving DiBlasio got the got East Side Coast Resiliency Project at $20 billion underway. This involved cutting down about 1000 trees. They were in what once was the John V. Lindsey East River Park. There were 70 species including 419 Oaks, 284 London Planes, 89 Honey Locusts and 81 Cherry.

    This was in part to build a wall to keep rising sea levels at bay due to,  climate change, of course. After getting the $$$ for a project like this, you need someone you can count on to oversee this madness.

    No problem, enter Jainey Bavishi, Director of the Mayor's Office of Climate Resiliency. Her salary of about $189,000 was, according to one source, 187% higher than other Office of the Mayor salaries.  Who knew there was big money is in the fight against climate change!

    Regardless of the protests from residents, which included a nickname for DiBlasio,  "Tree Kill Bill", don't expect Jainey to back off. She is now considered for a position with the Biden administration for the position of Assistant Secretary of Oceans and Atmosphere.

    Jeremiah 7:8

    "Behold, you are trusting in deceptive words to no avail."

    People's blind trust to  elected officials cost them wasted tax dollars and now trees. As people involved in the climate change fraud continue to clutch on to their paychecks, government promotions and pensions. we have Dane Wigington as the truth warrior to continue to lead us in the fight against the real enemies, the climate manipulators.

  23. Paul Davis says:

    Surfactants: Evidence/Proof there of………   Recent Snow Storm/MA..

    While trying to snow-plow my driveway, the truck driver had great difficulty trying to gain traction, Wheels spinning while trying to push the snow…. New tires, yes…  ..    surfactants…reducing traction, most likely.

    Examples such as this….are good talking points to demonstrate to people the reality of this spraying program.

    TWITTER:….   I keep searching on Twitter for people posting pictures of the jet spraying in the skies. I respond back to them with retweets to this  website and to the Dimming….many are very thankful of the information…..Spread the word via Social Media…-Paul



  24. Gary Morrow says:

    Last week RandylJ reported on an engineered AM blizzard that moved through North Carolina on January 3. All we got from that same storm system was windy conditions and sharply colder temperatures here in South Carolina. Although wind gusts never exceeded 45 mph, two trees were uprooted in my neighborhood and the streets were littered with twigs and small branches. 45 mph wind gusts are not nearly enough to uproot a healthy tree, and when I examined the toppled trees I found that their root systems were completely withered. Many of the trees around here appear to be in terrible shape and I strongly suspect that this is the result of geoengineering.

  25. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- really, trully appreciate your efforts, leading this effort.

    East Coast Field Report:

    VA: my sister was without power for 5 days following the 2 snowstorms.The first one, heavy, wet snow took down many trees, snapping them like twigs, 2nd one followed soon after…many roads blocked.

    MA: last week: Mon/Tuesday..clear, temps in 30s 40s; whiteish. Heavy jet  spraying. Wed-rain. Thursday- temps dropped. Friday: Snowstorm, 9-12 inches snow…very biting cold, like dry-ice coldness….today, blue skies, beautiful site; not seen blue skies in many days!!!  Felt great, downside was the very bright piercing sun….  Is the loss of the ozone or other layers the cause of the really piercing sun on blue-sky days??…    much appreciate your efforts and work-Paul

  26. Pierre says:

    We used to have temperature inversion 1-2 per year. Now I see this happening weekly. Temperature inversion is temp going up at nighttime.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Quote from a humorous cartoon:…


    “A patient cured is a customer lost.”

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Operating, Approved and Proposed

    While the attention of a terrified world has been riveted on a virus, and while concern about radiation has been focused on 5G on the ground, the assault on the heavens has reached astronomical proportions. During the past two years, the number of satellites circling the earth has increased from 2,000 to 4,800, and a flood of new projects has brought the number of operating, approved, and proposed satellites to at least 441,449. And that number only includes low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites that will reside in the ionosphere.
    The satellite projects include the ones listed below. The companies are based in the United States unless otherwise indicated.
    17,270 satellites already approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission:
        •    Amazon (Kuiper) – 3,236 satellites
        •    Astro Digital – 30 satellites
        •    Black Sky Global – 36 satellites
        •    Boeing – 147 satellites
        •    Capella Space Corp. – 7 satellites
        •    Globalstar (operating since 2000) – 48 satellites
        •    Hawkeye 360 – 80 satellites
        •    ICEYE – 6 satellites (FINLAND)
        •    Iridium (operating since 1998) – 66 satellites
        •    Kepler Communications – 140 satellites (CANADA)
        •    Loft Orbital – 11 satellites
        •    OneWeb – 720 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    Planet Labs (operating) – 200 satellites
        •    R2 Space, LLC – 8 satellites
        •    Spire Global – 175 satellites
        •    SpaceX – 11,943 satellites
        •    Swarm – 150 satellites
        •    Telesat – 117 satellites (CANADA)
        •    Theia Holdings – 120 satellites
        •    Umbra Lab – 6 satellites
        •    Viasat – 24 satellites
    Applications for 65,912 satellites pending before the FCC:
        •    Amazon (Kuiper) – 4,538 additional satellites
        •    AST & Science – 243 satellites
        •    Astra Space – 13,620 satellites
        •    Boeing – 5,789 additional satellites
        •    Black Sky Global – 14 additional satellites
        •    Fleet Space Technologies – 40 satellites (AUSTRALIA)
        •    Hughes Network Systems – 1,440 satellites
        •    Inmarsat – 198 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    Kepler Communications – two additional constellations of 360 satellites and 212 satellites (CANADA)
        •    Lynk Global – 10 satellites (HONG KONG)
        •    Maxar Technologies – 12 satellites
        •    New Spectrum – 30 satellites (CANADA)
        •    OneWeb – 6,368 additional satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    Orbital Sidekick – 6 satellites
        •    SN Space Systems – 1,190 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    SpaceX – 30,000 additional satellites
        •    Telesat – 1,554 additional satellites (CANADA)
        •    Terra Bella – 24 satellites (15 already operating)
        •    Viasat – 264 additional satellites

    Constellations totaling 14,872 satellites announced by governments:
        •    Guowang – 12,992 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Roscosmos – 264 satellites named Marathon (RUSSIA)
        •    Roscosmos – 640 satellites named Sfera (RUSSIA)
        •    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – 20 satellites (U.S. MILITARY)
        •    Space Development Agency – 500 satellites (U.S. MILITARY)
        •    UN:IO – 400 satellites (EUROPEAN COMMISSION)
        •    Yaogan – 76 satellites (already operating) (CHINESE MILITARY)
    Other LEO constellations planned by U.S. and foreign companies, totaling more than 16,055 satellites:
        •    4pi Lab – 16 satellites (CANADA)
        •    ADA Space – 192 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Aerospacelab – two constellations (unknown number of satellites) (BELGIUM)
        •    Aistech – 20 satellites (SPAIN)
        •    Albedo Space – 24 satellites
        •    Alpha Insights – unknown number (CANADA)
        •    Analytical Space – 36 satellites (under contract with U.S. SPACE FORCE)
        •    Apogee Networks – 18 satellites (NEW ZEALAND)
        •    Astrocast – 100 satellites (SWITZERLAND)
        •    Astrome – 198 satellites (INDIA)
        •    Aurora Insight – 12 satellites
        •    Avant Space – 30 satellites (RUSSIA) equipped with lasers to serve as a billboard in space to display advertisements
        •    Axelspace – 50 satellites (JAPAN)
        •    BeetleSat – 80 satellites (ISRAEL)
        •    Canon – 100 satellites (JAPAN)
        •    Capella Space Corp. – 29 additional satellites
        •    Carbon Mapper – 20 satellites
        •    Care Weather – 50 satellites
        •    Chang Guang – 138 satellites (CHINA)
        •    China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation – 80 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Climavision – 50 satellites
        •    Commsat – 72 satellites (8 already operating) (CHINA)
        •    ConstellR – 30 satellites (GERMANY)
        •    Curvalux – 240 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    Earth Observant – 30 satellites
        •    EarthDaily Analytics – 6 satellites (CANADA)
        •    Earth-i – 15 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    EchoStar – 30 satellites (CANADA)
        •    Elecnor Deimos – unknown number (SPAIN)
        •    EOSAgriSat – 12 satellites
        •    Eutelsat – 25 satellites (FRANCE)
        •    ExactEarth (operating) – 68 satellites (CANADA)
        •    Fleet Space – 60 additional satellites (AUSTRALIA)
        •    Future Navigation – 120 satellites (CHINA)
        •    GalaxEye – 15 satellites (INDIA)
        •    Galaxy Space – 1,000 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Geely – unknown number (CHINA)
        •    GeoOptics – 50 satellites
        •    GHG Sat – 10 satellites (CANADA)
        •    GP Advanced Projects – 9 satellites (ITALY)
        •    Guodian Gauke – 38 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Hanwha Systems – 2,000 satellites (SOUTH KOREA)
        •    HEAD Aerospace – 48 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Hera Systems – 50 satellites
        •    Horizon Technologies – 13 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    Hydrosat – 16 satellites
        •    Hypersat – 6 satellites
        •    ICEYE – has already launched 14 satellites and plans 18, for 12 more satellites than have been approved by the FCC (FINLAND)
        •    Innova Space – 100 satellites (ARGENTINA)
        •    iQPS – 36 satellites (JAPAN)
        •    Kinéis – 25 satellites (FRANCE)
        •    KLEO – 300 satellites – (GERMANY)
        •    Kleos Space – 80 satellites (LUXEMBOURG)
        •    Lacuna Space – 240 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    Launchspace – 124 satellites
        •    LunaSonde – unknown number (UNITED KINGDOM)
        •    Lynk Global – 4,990 additional satellites (HONG KONG)
        •    LyteLoop – 6 satellites
        •    MDA – unknown number
        •    Mission Space – unknown number (LATVIA)
        •    Modularity Space – 150 satellites
        •    Muon Space – unknown number
        •    Myriota – 50 satellites (AUSTRALIA)
        •    NanoAvionics – 72 satellites (LITHUANIA)
        •    Ningxia – 10 satellites (CHINA)
        •    NorthStar – 52 satellites (CANADA)
        •    OHB Italia – 20 satellites (ITALY)
        •    Omnispace – 200 satellites
        •    OQ Technology – 60 satellites (LUXEMBOURG)
        •    Orbital Micro Systems – 40 satellites
        •    OroraTech – 100 satellites (GERMANY)
        •    PION Labs – unknown number (BRAZIL)
        •    PIXXEL – 36 satellites (INDIA)
        •    PlanetIQ – 20 satellites
        •    PredaSAR – 48 satellites
        •    Prométhée – unknown number (FRANCE)
        •    QEYNet – unknown number (CANADA)
        •    QianSheng – 20 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Reaktor Space Lab – 36 satellites (FINLAND)
        •    Rocket Lab – “Mega-constellation” of unknown number (NEW ZEALAND)
        •    Rogue Space Systems – 40 satellites
        •    Rovial – unknown number (FRANCE)
        •    Saab – 100 satellites (SWEDEN)
        •    SaraniaSat – unknown number
        •    Sateliot – 100 satellites (SPAIN)
        •    Satellogic – 90 satellites (ARGENTINA)
        •    SatRevolution – 1500 satellites (POLAND)
        •    Scanworld – 10 satellites (BELGIUM)
        •    Scepter and ExxonMobil – 24 satellites
        •    SCOUT – unknown number
        •    Shanghai Lizheng – 90 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Skykraft – 210 satellites (AUSTRALIA)
        •    Space JLTZ – 200 satellites (MEXICO)
        •    Space Union – 32 satellites (LITHUANIA)
        •    SpaceBelt – 12 satellites
        •    SpaceFab – unknown number
        •    Spacety – 56 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Stara Space – 120 satellites
        •    Startical – 200 satellites (SPAIN)
        •    Sternula – 50 satellites (DENMARK)
        •    Synspective – 30 satellites (JAPAN)
        •    Telnet – 30 satellites (TUNISIA)
        • – 36 satellites
        •    Totum Labs – 24 satellites
        •    Trion Space – 288 satellites (LIECHTENSTEIN)
        •    Trustpoint – unknown number
        •    Umbra Lab – 18 additional satellites
        •    UnseenLabs – 50 satelites (FRANCE)
        •    Vyoma Space – unknown number (GERMANY)
        •    WiseSat Space – unknown number (SWITZERLAND)
        •    Xona – 300 satellites
        •    ZeroG Lab – 378 satellites (CHINA)
        •    Zhuhai Orbita – 34 satellites (CHINA)

    Rwanda, which wants to catapult Africa into world leadership in space, filed an application with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on September 21, 2021 for 327,320 satellites. Its proposal includes 937 orbital planes, distributed in 27 orbital shells (layers of satellites at different altitudes), with 360 satellites in each plane.
        •    Rwanda Space Agency – 327,320 satellites (RWANDA)

    TOTAL: 441,449 SATELLITES OPERATING, APPROVED AND PROPOSED (+18 constellations whose numbers are not yet known)
    Most of the above list of satellites would orbit at altitudes between about 325 km (200 miles) and 1,100 km (680 miles), except that some of Rwanda’s proposed orbits go as low as 280 km (174 miles). The above list does not include applications for satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO), or for LEO constellations of fewer than 5 satellites, or constellations in medium earth orbit (MEO) such as:
        •    Intelsat (at 8600 km) – 216 satellites (LUXEMBOURG)
        •    Mangata Networks (at 6,400 km and 12,000 km) – 791 satellites
        •    O3b (at 8,062 km) – 112 satellites (LUXEMBOURG)

    Scientists have already begun to publish papers analyzing the effect all these satellites will have, not only on astronomy, but on the appearance of the night sky and the visibility of the stars to everyone on earth. An article published online on March 29, 2021 in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society by scientists in Slovakia, Spain and the United States is titled “The proliferation of space objects is a rapidly increasing source of artificial night sky brightness.” The scattering of sunlight from all of the objects in space, wrote the authors, is causing a “new skyglow” during the beginning and end of each night that has already brightened the natural night sky by about 10 percent. The authors are concerned that “the additional contribution of the new satellite mega-constellations” would ruin the night sky to a much greater extent.


    • EricDM2021 says:

      Wow…That is a TONNE of sattelites. Thanks for the info. Copy & pasted to G@b.

    • EJ Canary says:

      I wonder if one checked the institutional investors in all of those sat companies how many you would find owned by the big 3, Vanguard, Blackhawk(sp) and State Street?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Complete LUNACY.. This MUST NOT be allowed to happen! It certainly will be the final blow to EXTINGUISH what is left of Life on Earth. This MUST BE HALTED IMMEDIATELY- what kind of NUTS are regulating the FCC- to even consider such an absurd overkill?! Unbelievable!  : o

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Thanks Susan.    I had No idea of this volume, as I'm sure most people don't.    Just another way we are ruining Earth.  Not that anyone seems to care, but I will post on Facebook the ridiculous volume of low earth satellites filling up the skies.  

    • penny waters says:

      hahahahaha susan you crack me up hahahaha

      is that all mad or what – hahahahaha – aching sides – hahahaha

      i quieten – question – what about the little bits of copper that were thrown into the sky to help conductivity – hahahaha

      are humans mad or what?

      or is it just me – hahahahaha

      love to all in this new year – and what are we looking forward to?? hahahaha – sorry so crazy – have to laugh otherwise i'd cry!!

    • Dennie says:

      A few days ago on our local we heard rumors that The Zuck wants to move out of The City (San Francisco) and into one of our tonier neighborhoods over The Bridge (that is, north of the Golden Gate)– There goes the neighborhood…  The sentiment was clearly against him and his filthy rich ilk moving into a billionaires' ghetto.  I would HATE to be the real estate agent showing him a property– how could anything possibly satisfy this little king-boy?  We don't have anything nearly big enough in this galaxy that could possibly house his gigantic false ego.  Then we read we've got Elon Musk and his buddies littering our sky and ruining our lives with their filthy electronic crap.  "There goes the atmosphere…"

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