Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 15, 2023, #414


Dane Wigington

Record deluge, record heat and record drought catastrophes are causing chaos and devastation from the US to China, Brazil, Australia and everywhere in between. We are still officially told that global climate engineering operations are only a dangerous proposal though those that take the time to look up are finally beginning to ask questions. From farms to fisheries global food production is plummeting and reserves are running dry. How much longer till store shelves empty out? What happens then? How many actually want to know? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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13 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 15, 2023, #414

  1. Lance says:

    Biogeochemistry – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    It is well understood by many scientists that natural biogeochemical cycles have been severely disrupted by anthropogenic activities, in other words, human industrial activities. What makes anyone think that a 4th human industrial revolution will result in anything other than more of the same?  

  2. Lance says:

    Disturbing sight washes up on West Coast beaches: ‘The flood gates opened and it just gets worse every day’ (

    The msm (msn) is blaming the die-off of marine life on "algae". Couldn't be caused by all the accumulated tons of all kinds of toxic elements and radioactive particulates that have polluted the world's environment, now, could it?

  3. Jonathan says:

    If you read the Lament of Hermes, an ancient document out of Egypt, in which Hermes was instructing Asclepius, you will no doubt find parallels between what was recorded and what Dane is talking about now.

  4. penny waters says:

    does anyone know what is happening to the colours that i see?

    i know that the suns rays are coming through towards the uv range and so we are more vulnerable but why am i seeing blue?

    see it at the side of roads, on the edges of things, flowers are blue but when i get nearer they are red?

    tis very strange – get blue tinges to edges of anything – don't know when it will happen but tis somewhat unnerving

    any ideas you clever people out there and is anyone else getting colour changes 

    is it blue energy glowing out of air, or out of stuff? 

    am at a loss to even explain it properly cos its not everywhere and seems different at different times and manifests differently

    oh dear crazy old woman from essex asking for knowledge from others

  5. penny waters says:

    morning folks

    just been reading about the space junk we (us humans) have put in orbit – use it for a while and once it don't work no more – just junk it

    i knew space was full of our rubbish (don't change where-ever we go!!)

    china sent up a some sort of vessel, just to blow it up and count the pieces – counted thousands and thousands – but also so many unknown pieces too small to count!! yes tis true?!!

    now that is what made me burst out laughing – that manic women who hides in the essex countryside

    knew about the space junk – thousands

    big bit floated onto an australian beach recently

    can't find adequate words to describe how i feel or what i think – goes too deep to get a grip on it

    and the deep that some people think they can travel in without dying – and he made his son go with him although the son didn't want to go

    am just wiped by the stupidity of some humans – but there seems to be more of them than the other

    nature is a cruel master

  6. Stan Sylvester says:

     In early July, Upside Foods received permission to distribute its lab grown meat from the USDA. In 11/22, the FDA gave its approval in case you were nervous about the USDA approval.

    CEO Dr. Uma Valeti praised the decisions as a way to help with a "more sustainable future."  Before even selling anything, the market value is estimated to be $1 billion.

    The major players involved are Abu Dhabi Growth Fund, Sir Richard Branson, SoftBank Group Corporation and yes, Bill Gates.

    The marketing is already starting. Michelin 3 star chef Dominique Crenn will be featuring the cultivated chicken at her San Francisco restaurant "Bar Crenn." 

    While  record flooding and record drought are decimating crops around the world, the masses are being sold  the sustainability of lab grown meat. 




    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Stan, yes, you are correct on all counts and there is even more to the story, lab grown “meat” is even worse for the enviroment.

  7. penny waters says:

    always feel the same at this time of year

    so much to do and so little time – the ants and the cricket! clever ol' aesop

    people agitated and blind to the decreasing environment

    neighbour commented at the amount of butterflies – i mentioned i had left all the stinging nettles (food for many species) up this year for that effect, hopefully

    so, nettles 6ft, everything overgrown cos no rain to knock it down – essex trad dry – how much drier can we get?

    fire in a field west of chelmsford – a12 -(south last year)

    what happens when we run out of firefighters (and the water)? all the public services have been cut to the bone – feels like chaos – while the greedy get wealthier

    other people feel like morons – don't mean to be rude – when do they grow up? life seems to be for so many obsessed with the animal level – what they look like, smell like, competition, vanity etc turning themselves into clones

    how could one not be interested in who they are, where they come from, what is their purpose, what is this amazing world we live in and how can we care and support

    wonderful and dreadful

    i heard recently that the biggest worldwide illegal trade is not drugs or weapons but………….children

    i wish women had control of their fertility again (?), native plant medicine contains so many plants that are advised not to be used with pregnant women – the old women/midwives had their ways of helping women out but with the loss of environment and plants, mass movement of people, men hunt and women gather, and although plants smell and taste give an idea of use – bio-geography can be fatal! and the plants are gone

    those wandering young men world wide should be out under the sun planting trees – why are the people in charge always the last to know, do they ever?

    tis the clever, powerful and rich who run human society and what a mess they make

    mind you, on the small scale we all do our part in the…………..

    wonderful and dreadful

  8. Jeanette S says:

    All, Dane, I wish you all had had the opportunity to go to THe Green Festival in SF or any of the others. SF was the central one. I was looking for info on the fest. or workshops or lectures anything I could find. I found a book "The Green Festival Reader…" released in 2008. In the first chapter, they talk about geoengineering a study was saying that how volcanoes particles cool down the earth, a couple of people agreed. Ken Caldeira at Carnegie sent op ed to NYT? and in support. The co author said that the volcano the study was done on actually caused the slowdown/stoppage of rain overland. Are we there yet? They knew in 2008… Ck it out on Amzn kndl edtn.

  9. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Florida's Rising Water Temperatures Raise Concerns for Health of Coral Reefs -Scientists
    By Reuters
    July 15, 2023, /By Maria Alejandra Cardona
    MIAMI/KEY WEST, Florida (Reuters) –

    Rising temperatures in Florida's waters due to climate change have sparked an extreme stressor for coral reefs causing bleaching, which has scientists concerned.

    "In the last year, it's been really depressing because we've seen a lot of changes, and we've been monitoring sites from Miami for five years now, and we're starting to see changes in those sites," said Michael Studivan, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Coral Health and Monitoring Program.

    Just within the last week, as the U.S. South struggles under a heat wave, NOAA has reported Florida water temperatures in the mid-90s Fahrenheit (35 C). Normal water temperatures for this time of year should be between 73-88 degrees Fahrenheit, according to NOAA.

    The extreme heat has triggered coral bleaching, where stressed corals expel their colorful algae symbionts, leaving them pale and vulnerable.

    In response to the crisis, NOAA and Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium are pooling resources and say they have come up with new techniques to propagate and transplant healthy corals. They are cultivating coral fragments in nurseries, ensuring their strength and viability before reintroducing them into the ocean.

    Coral reefs create homes for millions of species of marine life, support healthy ocean food webs and protect coastlines, experts say. Florida's coral reefs are also a tourist attraction and help support the local economy.


    • Gary Morrow says:

      When I was growing up in South Florida, I remember going to John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo and viewing the beautiful coral reef there from a glass bottom boat. It saddens me to think that Florida's coral reefs will likely go the way of the Great Barrier Reef. Rising water temperatures pose another threat to Florida. Stronger hurricanes. The current ocean temperatures will probably go even higher because water heats more slowly than air so water temperatures don't peak until late August or early September near the heart of hurricane season. South Florida already has the highest risk of severe hurricanes of anywhere in the U.S. A worst case scenario would be a Category 4 or 5 hurricane striking the heavily populated coast between Miami and Palm Beach. 

  10. V. Susan Ferguson says:


    ‘Piggy Sooy’? Deregulation Leads to Gold Rush of Gene-spliced Frankenfoods – Children''s Health Defense

    More than 100 companies are rushing to bring their cultured meat, gene-spliced and other ultra-processed foods to market. But their impacts on human and environmental health remain largely unknown.
    Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Story at a glance:
        •    One of the latest GMO (genetically modified organism) Frankenfoods is “Piggy Sooy,” a soybean genetically engineered to contain pig protein. One or more undisclosed pig genes are spliced into conventional soya to create a soybean with 26.6% animal protein.
        •    Moolec, the U.K.-based company that developed “Piggy Sooy,” is also working on developing a pea plant that produces beef protein. The company claims these transgenic hybrids will provide similar taste, texture and nutritional value as meat, without the high cost of cultured or lab-grown meat alternatives.
        •    On June 21, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) authorized the sale of cell-cultivated chicken from Good Meat and Upside Foods. Both plan on rolling out their synthetic chicken to “high-end” restaurants across the U.S. first, while they scale up production.
        •    Researchers have discovered that CRISPR-Cas gene editing wreaks havoc in the plant genome, causing several hundred unintended genetic changes to occur simultaneously “in a catastrophic event” that ripples across large parts of the genome.
        •    Because these changes are impossible to predict, gene-edited plants cannot be assumed safe without extensive testing.
    As expected, more and ever-wilder transgenic foods are being produced. Among the latest is “Piggy Sooy,” a soybean genetically engineered to contain pig protein.

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