Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 16, 2022, #362


Dane Wigington

The United Nations website posted an essay that discussed "The Benefits of World Hunger", is the truth about the UN finally becoming overt? A US patent outlines a way to cool our planet by detonating nuclear bombs, has sanity completely left the equation? In countless parts of the world lakes and reservoirs are drying up and rivers are running dry. In other regions the entire landscape is being inundated with relentless rains and full time flooding. Crop production is being crushed from weather mayhem, food supply chains are breaking down. Covert climate intervention operations are inseparable from all of it, yet the official denial of the ongoing weather warfare continues to be maintained. Can populations be fully awakened in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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46 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 16, 2022, #362

  1. Envirowarrior says:

    Well ! Great subject-matter WATER.

    I have had this conversation with many incredulous people.

    Fact: water is an ever diminishing resource !

    Our planet from scientific and Biblical records was covered with over with 80% +/_ water. Over the centuries the water has receded a vast amount. You don't have to be a Scientist to observe this fact. Water is an ever Diminishing resource; both fresh and saltwater.

    People assume what goes up must come down. Well!  to some degree that is true but not all evaporated water returns to earth.

    Where it Goes is not for me to explain. I am just a mere observer.

      The underground aquifer spring system when dived in show signs of degradation and deterioration year after year, in volume, PH. and rising bacteria count.

       People complaining of rising cost of fossil fuel, should take note. We can survive without almost all of it, If we would be rendered primitive in our lifestyles.

    Water is another matter; it could become more precious than gold. We cannot in fact live without it pure or un-potable. It quite simply as the air we breathe sustains life here on earth.

    F- the lawns, Golf courses, negligent manufacturing, wasteful agribusiness and more wasteful water usage they are unsustainable into the future of our survival.

    Gasoline $5-$8 a gallon Diesel and home heating fuel more $

    How about clean/pure or potable drinking water at over$100.00 a gallon?

    You think I'm kidding. Well! that leaves out about 80% of the population who could afford it. The remaining 20% would still find it a luxury to take a bath.

    Think about it folks the future of our clean air and water is at  hand.

    And I have not even brought up air or water pollution yet.

    You are all smart enough to figure that one out.

    Thank You Dane and all those who care about our planet for at least trying to make a difference. Sound the alarm over and over until it hurts and do it all over again.





    • penny waters says:

      2 things

      1 – who says we are permanent – nothing is – no how – nowhere

      water is hydrogen and oxygen

      only at a point in the atmosphere can hydrogen and oxygen disassociate where the oxygen can form into ozone and hydrogen flies off the planet to join the great clouds of hydrogen that floats about in space……..but now…..the ozone is gone

      we have depleted the world and now the atmosphere and the sun is too hot 

      we come, we go


  2. Mary Hollowell says:

    National Academy of Sciences' president Marcia McNutt calls for more transparency in academic publication

  3. Lance says:

    Just read an article about these "vertical farms" that have been built in some places.  They grow everything indoors!  One of the facilites uses a special liquid nanoclay or NLC to get water to stick to sand particles so they can grow crops in sand.  The NLC is composed of clay nanoparticles.  Its a known fact that nanoparticles do not act like larger particles.  They get into places they shouldn't be in, like into individual cells in a body or brain, and are toxic due to their extremely small size.  Research into the toxicity of nanoparticles has shown this to be a "problem"!      

  4. Vic says:

    Hi Dane,

    More intelligence from Tucson.  2 AM Saturday morning and we're getting weird dry lightning. Seems like they  are spraying something  at night. Is this possibly the cause, like what you were mentioning?

      Otherwise very little normal monsoon rain. Very strange abnormal weather.

    Thanks, Vic

    • Thelma red says:

      Phx AZ here, alot more rain than usually,  lots of lightning and clouds, here 50yrs never seen so many clouds.


  5. Coo says:

    HELP, the scares me to no end.  I live in Phoenix area. I don't trust the water officials claiming all this underwater storage. I see the state of the lakes.  And the draught, it's really bad.  I have family in Nebraska where the Ogallals Aquifer is located. There's lots of water there.  If you were me, would you move? 

  6. Lance says:

    Geoengineering is one of the sciences man hopes will provide solutions to the ongoing problems that are discussed on this website.  Genetic engineering is another one of the sciences that man hopes will provide solutions to the problems of aging, disease, and specifically death.  The Lord God has a plan to resolve all these problems.  Its not man's plan!

  7. Knownforalongtime says:

    This is truly sad. I moved to south Florida a year ago and began to save monarch caterpillars, they thrived and I released over 50. The past few months though I have only seen one!  Something is terribly wrong. My plants are all showing signs of stress, almost impossible to keep alive. More Trees turning brown.  I even try to use shade to protect. But i just read the monarch butterflies are endangered now.  Everyone needs to plant milkweed they say, but mine are dying.  Is the sun UV doing this or the effects of geoengineering all these years?  If it's affecting plants, What is it doing to us?  Where is the brave? 

  8. Lance says:

    Scientists are now saying that trees in CA are dying and may not be coming back.  I'm no scientist, but I've seen this coming for quite a few years now.  Lack of rainfall caused by a warming climate is the main reason.  A myriad of toxic micro and nano particulates, natural, synthetic, and radioactive in the rainfall are a major contributing factor.  Destruction of the natural world and the environment is another contributing factor.  All this started a long time ago with the man's 1st industrial revolution, then the 2nd industrial revolution, then the 3rd industrial revolution, and now the 4th industrial revolution which has been going on since the IT age began.  Many believe that they can reverse and even escape the destructive effects of the past and present industrial revolutions.  If you're putting your faith in their plans you're misled and mistaken.            

  9. Ann S says:

    Dane I do understand we are being lied to about almost everything but I did stumble across this article regarding water storage Arizona has. Will this help the situation or is this just more nonsense being fed to us to not cause panic?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Ann, unfortunately the Yale report is based on yet more smoke, mirrors and deception. 

  10. Laurie says:

    UK breaks its record for highest temperature as Europe sizzles in heat wave

     Jul. 19, 2022

    The United Kingdom crushed its record for highest temperature ever recorded Tuesday as a scorching heat wave broiled much of mainland Europe, leading to hundreds of heat-related deaths and fierce wildfires.

     Images of flames racing toward a French beach and Britons sweltering – even at the seaside – have driven home concerns about climate change.

    The Meteorological Office, U.K.'s weather office, announced a temperature of 40.2 Celsius (104.4 Fahrenheit) was provisionally recorded Tuesday in London. A temperature of 39.1 C (102.4 F) was provisionally recorded earlier in the day in the English village of Charlwood in Surrey.

    Those temperatures were just the beginning of a record-setting day across the U.K.: "At least 29 observation sites across England have provisionally broken the previous all- time maximum UK record of 38.7 degrees C this afternoon," the Met Office said in a tweet Tuesday afternoon. 

    "Well, I wasn't expecting to see this in my career, but the U.K. has just exceeded 40 degrees Celsius," Met Office Chief Scientist Stephen Belcher said in a Twitter video.

    The previous record high temperature recorded in the U.K. was 38.7 C (101.7 F) in 2019, according to the Met Office.

    Tuesday's highs will be "unprecedented," said Met Office forecaster Rachel Ayers, adding temperatures would rise to as high as 104 or 105.8 F in parts of England in the afternoon.

    PREVIOUS REPORTS: Hundreds dead as extreme heat wave broils Europe; UK could break record

    UK issues first Red warning

    The Met Office issued the U.K.'s first-ever Red warning for exceptional heat this week. At this warning level, illness may occur even among the "fit and healthy," not just high-risk groups.

    The warning covers Monday and Tuesday for parts of central, northern, eastern and southeastern England, the office said.

    A lesser Amber Extreme heat warning is also in place for much of England, Wales and southern Scotland through Tuesday. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may also see broken temperature records, the Met Office said.

    Temperatures are expected to decrease to levels more typical for this time of year by the middle of next week, according to the Met Office.

    Britain's Supreme Court closes

    As the U.K. sweltered during the heat wave, Britain's Supreme Court shuttered and hearings moved online because of an air conditioning problem. The British Museum also planned to close early.

    In a country known for rain and mild temperatures, many public buildings don't have air conditioning. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said Britain’s transportation infrastructure "just wasn’t built to withstand this type of temperature – and it will be many years before we can replace infrastructure with the kind of infrastructure that could."

    Heat wave leads to deaths elsewhere in Europe

    Meanwhile, the hot, dry weather has also been scorching large swaths of Europe since last week. Wildfires have been reported from Portugal to the Balkans. At least 748 heat-related deaths have been reported in Spain and neighboring Portugal, where temperatures reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit earlier this month.

    Is climate change to blame?

    U.K. scientists say extreme weather events, including heat waves, are increasing in frequency, duration and intensity as a result of climate change.

    Nikos Christidis, climate attribution scientist at the Met Office, said recent studies showed the likelihood of extremely hot days in the U.K. has been increasing and will continue to increase with the most extreme temperatures hitting southeast England. The chances of seeing 104-degree days in the U.K. could be as much as 10 times more likely in the current climate compared to a natural climate unaffected by human influence, he said in a Met Office statement.

    Belcher, the Met Office's chief scientist, said climate change has made temperatures like this possible.

    "For me, it's a real reminder that the climate has changed and will continue to change," he said in a video on Twitter.

    Ben Clarke, a researcher in extreme weather attribution at the University of Oxford, said in a statement that "the most extreme heat wave events have become far more likely and intense due to climate change – the heat on Monday and Tuesday was extremely rare before significant human emissions of greenhouse gases, and I would estimate, based on past attribution studies, that it has been made hundreds to thousands of times more likely – probably at least ten times as likely in just the past 20 years."

    Contributing: The Associated Press


  11. Gary Morrow says:

    The U.K. has just recorded temperatures of 40C (104F) for the first time and in multiple locations establishing a new all time high temperature record for the country. 

  12. Jonathan says:

    Short video about plankton I found, which may be useful to the readers here.

    It is more complicated than this, but ONE of the reasons plankton are dying is that they live in the upper, near-surface levels of the ocean, which means their tiny bodies are susceptible to the ever-increasing UV levels.

    See how fragile the inter-connectedness of all Life is?

  13. Lance says:

    Based on info I've found, the composition of the atmosphere is being altered, or can be altered through the introduction of liquid or solid aerosol nano-particles.  They destroy ozone molecules, for example, in order to make more copies of themselves.  This allows more dangerous radiation from the sun to get through.  In the replication process they heat up the atmosphere they are in.  Both contribute to warming or heating the atmosphere in any area where this is happening.   

  14. Lance says:

    And, oh, by the way, lets just throw in the use of microwave weapons on drones, aircraft, and satellites as a way to cause individuals, groups, or whole populations to suffer from heat related problems, such as heatstroke, or from other physiological problems.  There is a war going on you know!

  15. Lance says:

    Have noticed and noted along with others that the suns rays feel hotter than they used to.  Normal heat waves are dangerous enough, but due to the increase in UVC radiation getting through heat waves are now far more dangerous.  Was sitting out in the sun in 70 F the other day in far northwestern Washington State.  The suns rays heated up my pants, shirt, and exposed skin so much so that I couldn't sit out in the direct sunlight for more than ten minutes.  The inside of our RV got warmer than normal so we had to turn on the air conditioner too.  Am listening to some people who claim that people shouldn't be dropping dead from the heat even when the temps are in the 80's or 90's, but the dangerous radiation that is in the energy coming from the sun that is now getting through to ground level can certainly heat a human's body up much faster than normal thereby causing a person to suffer heatstroke.  My feeling is that those who wanted to control the world's cloud layer didn't want to just use it as a weapon, but as a way to attempt to cool the earth because they knew it was going to get warmer in the future, and it is!         

    • brent papon says:

      Absolutely. On everything you stated. I used to love my bake porch. I havent sat out there for years. Its just too damn hot. I cant take it any more. Its biblical in that in the past couple years I envy the dead. 

      Thankfully I'm pretty close.

      Honestly I dont have the stomach for whats to come.  

      the heat here in Akron ohio has been brutal

      It's LATENT HEAT

      and its fuckin brutal.

      I get on my bike to go to the store

      After 20 min i am catatonic

      For the record I love you all un conditionally

      peace and love

  16. Joseph says:


    Collective Action or Collective Suicide': UN Chief Pleads for Real Climate Response

    That stark warning comes from United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, who said Monday: "We have a choice. Collective action or collective suicide."

    "This has to be the decade of decisive climate action."

    "It is in our hands," he told diplomats from 40 countries gathered in Berlin for a three-day conference called the Petersberg Climate Dialogue. The meeting, hosted annually for the past 13 years by the German government, marks one of the last chances to work out an international agenda for mitigation, adaptation, and compensation before the U.N.'s COP27 climate summit kicks off in Egypt this November.


    "Half of humanity is in the danger zone from floods, droughts, extreme storms, and wildfires," Guterres pointed out. "No nation is immune."

    The U.N. chief's latest warning comes as large swaths of the planet are being pummeled by heatwaves and wildfires, with no immediate respite in sight—at around 1.2ºC of warming.


    'Collective Action or Collective Suicide': UN Chief Pleads for Real Climate Response (

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks Dane for great reporting. 

      I was just booted out of commondreams blog– they say for spamming. I am quite angry about this because I posted other stuff on their too.

      U.S. and UK military are the biggest polluters on the planet.


       Everytime I was seeing an article on the environment I was posting your movie The Dimming on the blog. 

      The work you do is so important for the whole planet but alternative media and environmental groups are so scared to report the truth .. i don't know if the word scared is good or like you say all they care about is protecting their 501(c) 3  and pension and paycheck etc

      I started on their website on june 1 

      My name was Bluesky77

    • Paul Barlow says:

      Those people are merely paid to give the science the green light to proceed, and not good science.


      Never assume these people are on your side because they aren't. They are the reasons for our problems not the fix. How many thousands of years will it take for people to get this?

  17. Julie Large says:

    I listened on y/tube and if it isn't obvious now to people then it never will be.  Some of the spring patio pot flowers did rubbish although the replaced ones are doing better.  Some who have been given knowledge and resources of this just switch off whilst others rely on God.  You can also rely on God but still let some others know. I don't plan to give out anymore resources at this time as they've only been given to those who could cope with this. People who I know have the site and the information. Strange fires have happened besides wildfires.  Grenfell tower which killed over 70 people blamed on cladding.  Notre Dame was a strange one.  Thanks Dane.  God bless. 

  18. Ziggy says:

    Arthur C. Clarke was a futurist, inventor and science writer. Not just a famous science fiction novelist.

    I copied down the transcript of an interview he did some forty years or so ago and he said that by 2025, the human race will be in the midst of an extinction event. Brought on by the manipulation of weather systems around the world. He said that because of our tampering with the natural climate cycles of Earth, there will be catastrophic droughts, floods, heatwaves and severe weather events that will become other-worldly in proportion. He also mentioned the fact that our tampering with the atmosphere will cause the ozone layer to vanish. Ending in the blanketing of deadly UV radiation on the planet's surface, which will cause humanity to become sterile and no longer populate or survive terminal cancers. He said that there would also be deadly Cosmic, Gamma and X-ray radiation as well, by the year 2030.

    I actually did my high school term theme on Arthur C. Clarke's predictions of a future, where the military industrial complex and the world banker elites are allowed to rape this planet of it's resources. Engineer pandemics to control populations and glorify the fossil fuel industry, while also making billions on the production of weapons of mass destruction… from the wars they manipulate into existence.

    My teacher gave me an "A" and agreed with the warnings from Arthur C. Clarke. Then asked me to read it to the class for extra credit.

    Needless to say I became the laughing stock of the entire student body and not one single classmate believed that his predictions would come true. But I get no satisfaction is saying "I told you so."

    Because, it wasn't just my fellow students who were in denial. The entire world is asleep at the wheel and now we are beyond the point of no return. I tip my hat to Mr. Clarke. I just wish that others would have taken him more seriously.

  19. Dina Facchini says:

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the earth and mankind.

    I started my environmental career in 1993 and lived in CA the last 11-years and I see all this happening right in front of me.  It's scary, but science and data do not lie: the federal government are the LIARS.  It's so overwhelming.  And, it saddens me how the government is manipulating the public via the USEPA.

    Thank you for exposing the truth Dane.

    peace out brother,


  20. Mike says:

    Dane, regarding the high pressure heat dome you spoke of: Yes, it covers most of Western Europe with unprecedented high temperatures being experienced, not to mention the rampant out of control wildfires. Here in the UK the first ever red warning for high temperatures has been issued for most of the country. In the south and east the thermometer is expect to hit 40C/104F today and maybe as high as 43C/109F tomorrow. The previous record for this country, set three years ago, was 38.7C/101F. Heaven only knows what the future holds – nothing good I think.

  21. Josephine Thompson says:

    Having been recently awakened to the state of affairs, i.e. the patriot movement and the agenda to free the children and restore order to this country, I became alarmed by Greg Hunter's interview with Dane Wiginton, which I watched today!  Of all the events occurring worldwide, I am terrified that the damage may be irreversible.  I raise bees and I am an organic gardener and I live next to the Pisgah National Forest in  western North Carolina.  We had a recent very large and noticeable Chem trail event just last week.  I am very in tune to any changes and my pear trees just started dropping pears for no reason.  Bean plants just dying, flowers struggling to bloom.  Last year, an ancient Holly tree lost all of its berries and the black walnuts on very large trees never materialized.  I leave a lot of the wild vegetation for the birds and bees.  The honey flow is down substantially from previous years. Summer deluges with intermittent high heat in the mountains.   I can't even imagine what will happen when forty million people will have no water.  So with all this new information I will start sharing this.  It is up to the patriots to help restore law and order and yes, be good stewards of the planet otherwise, there will no place for us to have a thousand years of peace!  Thank you for all that you do! 

  22. Fox I. Henhouse says:

    The name of the international group connected to geo-experiments is called the International institute of applied science.  They are based in Vienna and are connected to about 10 countries.  They connect to NATO and pretend to be improving the environment,  they also connect to University science programs and the dept of engineers.  Probably funded through the Homeland security dept.  because they pretend to fight terrorism too.  They have a facebook page.  Someone should apply for a job there to give us the inside scoop.


    • Tammy says:

      That's a good idea. I do wonder why more insiders aren't talking. After all, they will be destroyed too.

  23. Mary Webster says:

    DANE WIGINGTON:  you ARE getting the word out more and more – I am seeing you on more internet broadcasts lately – THANK GOD.  There ARE more people seeing and telling the truth along with you.  EVERYONE stay with it to inform the normies – AND keep writing the phony weather casters on main stream TV that we know they are not telling the truth – they are NOT dummies – even forth graders can be educated about REAL science.  DANE is NOT alone.  

  24. Arch Stanton says:

    The benefits of hunger is an old concept that has been revived by the same people that originally devised it.

    Of all those who helped devise and perfect the slave labor system of the Gulag, special mention must be made of Naftaly Aronovich Frenkel. Frenkel, a murderous supremacist born in Turkey in 1883, had been a prosperous merchant there, but after the Bolshevik revolution, he moved to the Soviet Union. Based in Odessa as an agent of the State Political Administration, Frenkel was responsible for the acquisition and confiscation of gold from the wealthier classes. The unscrupulous, psychopathic Frenkel was unable to resist this temptation, however, and in 1927 was arrested, on orders of the Moscow central office, for skimming off too much gold for himself.

    Convicted of economic crimes, he was sent to the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp (or SLON, as it was designated by the Soviet bureaucracy), a bleak Arctic penal colony. Frenkel’s special talent for improving inmate work efficiency was quickly noticed by the camp officials there, and it was not long before he was ordered to explain his ideas and methods to Stalin personally. His main proposal was to link a prisoner’s food ration, especially hot food, to his production, essentially substituting hunger for the knout [whip] as the main work incentive.

    Frenkel had also observed that a prisoner’s most productive work is usually done in the first three months of his captivity, after which he or she was in so debilitated a state that the output of the inmate population could be kept high only by removing (killing off) the exhausted prisoners and replacing them with fresh inmates.

    Another method of stimulating enthusiasm for work among prisoners — and at the same time culling the camp population by killing off the weak — was quite simple. When the prisoners were called out on a work detail, they fell into line.

    The last man in to line up would be shot as a laggard (“dokhodyaga”), one weakened enough to be useless for work.

    These policies would ensure a constant inflow of new prisoners, providing fresh labor while weeding out opposition to Stalin and his party.

    So pleased was Stalin with Frenkel’s ideas on the efficient exploitation of inmate labor that he made him construction chief of the White Sea Canal project, and later of the BAM railroad project. In 1937 Stalin appointed Frenkel head of the newly founded Main Administration of Railroad Construction Camps (GULZhDS). In that capacity, Frenkel was called upon to provide railroad transport facilities to the Red Army in the 1939-40 “Winter War” against Finland, and for the duration of Soviet participation in the Second World War. He was eventually awarded the Order of Lenin three times, named a Hero of Socialist Labor, and promoted to the rank of general in the NKVD.

    As was the practice in the Soviet civilian sector in general, the importance and joys of work were proclaimed and extolled by countless slogans posted in the camps: “Work is a matter of honor, fame, courage, and heroism”; “Shock work is the fastest way to freedom”; or, more ominously, “No work, no food.”

    The basic daily food ration (the “payka”) ranged from 400 to 800 grams of bread, which accounted for more than half the prisoner’s daily calories (1200-1300). This amount varied, depending on whether the prisoner was a shock worker or a Stakhanovite, an invalid, in isolation, etc. The most productive workers received a food bonus of fish, potatoes, porridge, or vegetables to supplement his bread.

    Frenkel’s story is oddly reminiscent of the Story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. In that story Joseph is imprisoned for criminal rape, but using hocus-pocus dream interpretation, he finagles his way out of prison to become Pharaohs' top administrator. In that role, Joseph buys up all the grain on the cheap during the "seven fat years". Later he offers to sell it back to the Egyptian grain producers during the "lean years", but at a price they cannot afford. Faced with starvation the Egyptians submit to being enslaved so they can eat. Joseph then moves the Egyptian slaves into concentration camps called "cities" by Torah authors. So you see, it's simply happening again – and again – and again.

    • penny waters says:

      no flies on you arch stanton

      the victors always write the story

      it was always the other blokes/tribes/groups fault

      i was just doing my job/i was told to do it

      believe nothing of what you read/hear and only half of what you see

      don't ya just love being a human when we know all

      keep smiling folks

    • Stan Sylvester says:


      Your comparison of Frenkel to the Joseph of Genesis is grossly misstated. You mentioned that Joseph was imprisoned for criminal rape. You failed to mention that the alleged victim lied.  This is recorded in Genesis 39: 11- 20.

      Joseph did not use hocus pocus, for Genesis 39:2 and 39:21 says "the Lord was with Joseph." God doesn't hang around people that use hocus pocus.

      Joseph did not buy up all the grain on the cheap. He had those in charge to save a fifth of the grain on the lean years, [Genesis 41:34] . When the famine came, he sold the grain to the Egyptians who were more than able to purchase it, [ Genesis 41: 56,57] . He was a good businessman making money for his boss. Your claim that they couldn't afford it is not true.

      Spiritual truths are as important as physical truths. It's the truth that sets us free, [John 8:32.] We need both if we are to overcome the evil that dominates the world we live in.


  25. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Dane, your interview with Greg Hunter on USA was very informative and succinct and appreciated. It was also impeccably professional.

    I would encourage all of your listeners to regularly send links to various items from your website to their local forecasters and those within their sphere of influence.

    In addition, some people may not have thought about this yet, but as the Earth's environment and world economies break down, there are going to be reductions of populations and financial problems that are going to lead to many animals and many people being orphaned and abandoned, and the animal shelters and even Foster Care Systems are going to be congested with precious Souls needing a home. Those of you who are able please consider adopting or fostering. 2 days ago I was taking a ride out in the country with my German Shepherd. We were driving slowly with no particular place to go and as we drove through a secluded area of fields I saw a dog pop her head up from the grass. She had been lying in a ditch by the road. For a brief moment as we drove by her I made eye contact with her and she looked directly through my soul. There was a look of absolute misery in her eyes such as I have rarely seen in any animals' eyes. We turned around and went back and I got a container of water and set it out for her. She appeared to have been abandoned as people often do out in the country. Absolutely starving and dehydrated. She was absolutely skin and bones. She looks to be a mixed breed dog possibly pitbull and boxer but I'm not completely sure. After giving her some water she started to wag her tail and then she sniffed my hand and then she realized that I was there to rescue her and then she was giving me kisses and all but jumping in my arms. I had my wife bring a couple cans of food and some paper plates and I fed her and then picked her up and took her home, and she now has a safe secure environment food and water and _love_ and she is smiling and grinning from ear-to-ear. 

    In our efforts to care for others, whether people plants or animals, as well as for this planet with which we have been blessed so incredibly, let all that we do be motivated by love.

    • Paul Davis says:

      Jonathan–you are truly meant for these times!  We have all been sent to this world at this time on a Mission.   A Mission of  Earth Guardianship…so true..      As the Earth is giving signals to humanity, only the wise ones will listen..   Another great message has been sent to humanity from the Creator, newmessage. org  .   Dane's work certainly follows this as does your work.    Please spreading the Alerts of this great work of alerting all to the great devestation wrought by planetary climate intervention.   

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Fertilizer Policies Could Lead to a Second Dust Bowl: Former USDA Soil Scientist

    Policies that restrict the use of chemical fertilizers would likely lead to crop failures and could cause a dust bowl like that seen during the Great Depression. This has become a growing concern as countries including Canada and New Zealand look to adopt such policies.

    According to Kelly Walker, a former USDA soil scientist, soil needs a transition process that can take years if farmers move from chemical to organic fertilizers. If this process is done too quickly, however, the soil isn’t able to adjust, and crops will lack key nutrients for their growth.
    We speak with Walker about this issue, as well as other risks faced with the extreme environmental policies targeting the world’s farms.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    German Energy Giant Warns Of Insolvency "Within Days", Starts Draining Gas From Storage | ZeroHedge

    German energy giant and distressed nat gas utility Uniper, which is among the companies most exposed to Russian natural gas, has started using gas it was storing for the winter after Russia cut deliveries to Europe, increasing pressure on Berlin as the German energy giant needs to be rescued “in a few days.”
    The country’s top buyer of Russian gas started withdrawing fuel from storage sites to supply its customers, the company said in a statement to Bloomberg on Friday. The drawdowns, which began on Monday, will also help the company to save some cash as it has been forced to pay up for gas in the spot market. Meanwhile, flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline remain shut for maintenance.


    “It is clear that Uniper cannot wait weeks, but needs help in a few days,” said Seegatz, adding that insolvency can happen “within days.”
    “We cannot wait for weeks to do something,” Seegatz told Bloomberg in a phone interview. “That would have a huge impact on the company and also on the employees. The government said it wants to avoid this situation, but the fact is that we cannot lose time.”
    In other words, Germany is facing a total industrial collapse; meanwhile, the media continues to repeat the increasingly more laughable propaganda that Putin is losing the war.
    Uniper CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach last Friday warned Uniper was not able to fill up storage anymore. He also said the company could be forced to raise prices for consumers and eventually reduce supply.
    As we noted recently, European energy companies usually store gas in the summer and use the fuel during winter, when demand for heating surges. Tapping gas in storage sites in the middle of the summer increases the risk that Germany won’t have enough supplies when it needs it the most.
    It also makes it harder for the government to reach its target of filling storage sites by 90% by November. Germany has already triggered two stages of its gas emergency plan, and could enact the last step if there’s a clear deterioration in the supply picture.

    Such a move could force industries to ration gas, and lead to an immediate recession in both Germany and Europe, as well as pushing the euro deep below parity as the ECB would be unable to hike rates in such a dire economic situation.

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    "We Are Not Slaves": Farmers In Italy, Spain, & Poland Join Dutch Protests

    by Tyler Durden
    Saturday, Jul 16, 2022

    Farmers in Italy, Spain and Poland have joined Dutch farmers in protest of 'green' government regulations that will decimate the industry by forcing them to reduce their use of nitrogen fertilizer compounds.
    "We are not slaves, we are farmers," said Italian farmers, who drove tractors through the streets of Milan and blocked city traffic.
    The country’s agricultural minister Steafano Patuanelli told parliament earlier this week that Italy faces a further 40 per cent loss of water resources in the coming decades.
    Farmers say they have lost around €3 billion as a result of the emergency and are being hit hard by rising fuel prices with costs rocketing as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

    In Spain, farmers in Badajoz, Granada and Albacete paraded their tractors down the street in solidarity with the foreign farmers, as well as national protests at home over a lack of food and gasoline, according to EuroWeekly News.

    And in Poland, farmers came to Warsaw last weekend to protest against inflation and other government actions.
    The protests have led to empty supermarket shelves in the Netherlands, as tractors and other agricultural machinery have blocked warehouses, preventing their shipment – a move which Prime Minister Mark Rutte has mobilized state police against in an attempted crackdown.

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    'Post-apocalyptic' wildfire scenes in Europe: Thousands of tourists are evacuated as flames approach in Malaga, Portugal sees July record of 47C (117F), and Italy's rivers dry up
        •    In Gironde, France, 1,000 firefighters continue to battle two fires which broke out on Thursday
        •    The flames have devastated 7,300 hectares, fanned by scorching heat, tinder-box conditions and strong wind
        •    Portugal, Spain and Croatia are all suffering from huge blazes amid the suffocating Europe-wide heatwave

    • Natalie Riehl says:

      Susan – As always, thank you for your links every week here at Geoengineering Watch! The photos of fires in Europe in this article show that the globalist cabal will stop at nothing to destroy the planet with the "weather modification" agenda.

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane on USA Watchdog!

    40 Million in US West Without Water in 2023 – Dane Wigington
    By Greg Hunter On July 16, 2022

    Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says the extreme drought conditions in the U.S. are caused by man-made weather modification called geoengineering.  It’s not some naturally occurring event, but an “engineered drought catastrophe.”  Wigington says after decades of climate engineering, things are getting so bad that millions in the Southwestern United States will be without water sometime in 2023.  Wigington explains, “The mainstream media and official sources are doing their best to sweep it under the rug.  We are talking about 40 million people that will be impacted by the drying out of the Colorado River basin and tributaries.”

    Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas are the few of the cities that are already struggling with severe water conservation restrictions.  Wigington says, “Drought caused by man-made weather modification is not coming, it’s here now and will only get worse from here on out. . . . There is no speculation, no hypothesis or conjecture in any of this.  Climate engineering is the primary cause for the protracted drought, and not just in the U.S. but in many other parts of the world.  It also causes a deluge scenario, and all of it is crushing crops.  We can speculate to the motives and agendas behind those who run these operations, but the fact that climate engineering is the primary causal factor for the western drought is inarguable.”

    When will this all take place?  Wigington’s data says, “When Lake Mead reaches the ‘dead-pool’ status, and we are not there yet, the estimations are the dead-pool might be early next year.  Prior to that, right now, we are talking about extreme water rationing.  That means the crops are being cut off now.  It’s not coming, it’s happening now.

    Water for irrigation is long since gone, and there will be no electrical power generation. . . . The evaporation levels are far higher than what has been disclosed.  That means lake levels will drop far faster than even the worst-case official predictions right now.  This is a runaway train of total cataclysm, and those in power are preventing anyone from even discussing this issue down to the point that there is an illegal federal gag order on the nation’s weathermen at the National Weather Service and NOAA.”

    Video here:

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Another great interview. Thanks for providing the link.

    • virginia says:

      This situation re Lake Mead is probably the scariest of all scenarios presently being played out.   It is beyond incredible to think that millions of people, animals, vegetation, etc., will be without water in just  few months or years.  How can one put their mind around this?  This means the destruction of all life as we now know it in our South/Western part of USA.

      Is there no hope that this coming Fall and Winter will bring enough rain to stall off this catastrophe?  Or will the SOBs running this evil show continue on their present course of engineering?

      What, if anything, can be done to ameliorate this situation?  If nothing, it will be one of the worst nightmares rising to reality.  God have mercy on us, for there doesn't seem to be an answer from our 'government' – whether State or Federal or even locally.

      Dane, your prognostications of the past few years were all so true.  Thank you, again, for your dogged persistence in your efforts to  educate the people of this country of what is and what will be.   Their repudiation of truth has brought us to our present and seemingly fatal situation.  The guilt is ours.

      Bless you and yours always as well as all  people on this Earth.

    • Joseph says:

      My link is blocking the live portion of your broadcast. w Greg Hunter  –that is microsoft edge–nothing surprises me anymore when things get censored because the powers that be need to hide the truth.–Anyway, i will listen to your live show now.

    • Joseph Hirsch says:

      I was just able to get the interview w another search engine— great reporting.

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