Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 22, 2023, #415


Dane Wigington

"Four Times More Toxic": How Wildfire Smoke Ages Over Time, that's the headline from a new European Commission report. So what changes occur with smoke over time? It becomes far more toxic due to oxidation and atmospheric chemical reactions. Will "official sources" ever address the ongoing geoengineering atmospheric particulate spraying that is taking place directly over the top of smoke canopies as a part of this equation? Not likely. Almost a thousand fires are now burning in Canada, climate engineering operations are inseparable from the incinerations that are occurring all over the world. "Climate collapse could happen fast" and the current "extinction event will be worse than first predicted", two not so pleasant admissions just issued by matrix media. Not because they care about the truth, but because they can no longer hide it. Is there still time to alter our current course before impact at full velocity? We will very soon know the answer to that question. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

Mostly sunny or partly cloudy? How do you like mainstream media’s “new" type of clouds?
Phoenix, Arizona. Photo credit: Joe Cornwall​
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22 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 22, 2023, #415

  1. Lance says:

    Jul 28, 2023

    Genetically engineered trees stoke climate hope — and environmental fears

    "…genetic engineering could create numerous unexpected effects, including mutations and alterations…"

    “Rot-resistant trees disrupt the natural cycle in ways that are not understood at all…"

    "…new genes are introduced into the DNA with all of the associated damage to the genome … and all of the unpredictable impacts that it will cause…"

    “Playing God is risky, but humans have actually been doing it for thousands of years,”



  2. Lance says:

    "A new solar-powered high-altitude drone has successfully navigated a stratospheric test, opening the door to a new set of possibilities for unmanned vehicles, not least in modern warfare."

    Modern warfare? You mean like what was described in the 1996 report titled: 

    "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025"

  3. Lance says:

    According to an Accuweather forecast the high pressure (heat dome) located over the four-corners area is to begin to move slowly to the east which will increase the flow of monsoon moisture coming up from Mexico which will bring thunderstorms into the SW region. Increasing chance of thunderstorms in the mountains of CA, NV, and OR next week. Smoke from two big fires in OR is over the area where I'm staying not far from Roseburg. Both fires are under investigation as to their cause. Trust the authorities to tell you the truth? Don't.  

  4. Lance says:

    Orwif Bedrock Fire Information | InciWeb (

    How many DEAD trees do you see in this picture? There are millions of DEAD trees in these forested areas in Oregon! Is this being caused by "beetles" or something else? How about a disruption in the hydrological cycle caused by excessive logging? How about tons of toxic industrial micro and nano particulates in the air, the water, and the soil? How about high UVC radiation levels at higher altitudes? How about a geoengineered drought? How about a combination of all of the above?

  5. Lance says:

    "The essential ingredient of the weather-modification system is the set of intervention techniques used to modify the weather. The number of specific intervention methodologies is limited only by the imagination, but with few exceptions they involve infusing either energy or chemicals into the meteorological process in the right way, at the right place and time. The intervention could be designed to modify the weather in a number of ways, such as influencing clouds and precipitation, storm intensity, climate, space, or fog." (The source of this information is on this website!)

  6. A Friend says:

    I realized this weekend that this link contains pictures found in the booklets: 



    This is a very easy way for folks to share information with others… perhaps  starting with city council members, law enforcement, teachers and professsors, your medical doctor, friends, family, and so forth.

  7. Crystal Dollhausen says:

    From NPR news:

    At the start of 2023, the US Forest Service went up in an airplane to survey the Oregon forests and reported that they discovered millions of acres of dead and dying trees.

    I took this as an announcement that our Oregon forests are all prepared for burning to fulfill climate engineering objectives.

    Under the heading, ENGINEERING WILDFIRES, you can click on the pdf and see the 1970 document.  It is not very long and you can skim through and get the idea.  Be sure, however, to go to the end, in Appendix B and scroll through the tables.



  8. patrick m mcgowan says:

    I watch in horror as the puppets in government/news media play the same B S . Blessings to all who are trying to make a diff erance.  Mr dane you are a hero,perhaps you don't wish to hear that but?  But been following you for years ,your continued reporting on the state of the planet is stellar .  Only wonder how long we have before some rouge country drops the bomb   / or oceans dye.  Haze is what the weather makers have for us next couple days in bend oregon  ahhhhhh.   Thank you Dane 

  9. Geoff Hanham says:

    Dane, I really do apologise for being pedantic, in view of the appalling nature of what we all , and every living creature are facing, but the name 'Charon' i (I have even heard Sharon used) is pronounced "Kairon" in the ancient Greek, which psychopomp must  currently  be rather busy in  transporting  Souls across the river Styx (his mother!) in his boat on behalf of Hades, to the underworld… This was not a Christian Hell, but a rather dim and dismal place with no colour or music- a grey land of sighs and regrets and no return… It was the old custom (still observed by many Hellenes today), to place a coin on the deceased tongue in payment to "The ferryman"… The way things are going, the Styx will either soon be a dried up and seared river bed, or deep under the "Okean"… As to "Hades," what becomes of all the souls in a planet that has succumbed to Geocide…?

    It is evening, and I am watching the few remaining innocent sparrows feeding their young in our tiny back yard  on this cold, wet, Northumberland evening – whilst uncountable birds are burnt alive in the 'engineered' firestorms across our sacred living and tortured Planet… How, how, will we give account for this Dane? 

    Geoff Hanham




    • Jonathan says:

      Dear Geoff,

      If I may, I shall offer a few thoughts regarding your questions; the second, first. As you well know, not all of us are responsible for this madness. In fact, many of us here do all that we can not to be unwitting participants. That is to say, I do not think we​ shall necessarily have to give an account for this madness, which we oppose with all our being.

      As to the potential for a soon-to-be mass crossing of the proverbial Styx, I have often wondered about this as well. It seems to me that so many may soon have to cross the threshold… in numbers not seen in a long, long time, and in so many cases, within a short time frame. Also,  many of those dear souls, at that time, may not have had the gift of years and of time to mature and to more fully develop their God-given potential, missing out on so much of the purpose of Life here in this Earthly experience.

      This is a very sad thing to me… think about it- all of the young people who will have hardly even begun to fully live life…. people who simply will have not had enough time to figure things out and come to terms with many of the questions that face all of us. 'Tis a sad thing to envision them missing out on so much they ought to have the leisure to be able to enjoy.

      And being a Nature lover myself, it rends my heart to think of the suffering and death of the precious wildlife and plants- absolutely innocent in every respect- each possessing the same Divine Spark of the Creator as do you and I, and having the same Source.

      I took two of my dogs out for a drive in the country this weekend. So many, many areas of previously beautiful forests are being "logged" by timber companies as land "owners" sell them for a profit. I am not criticizing the financial circumstances that may have contributed to this, yet I am incensed to see the wholesale slaughter of vast swaths of forests in my area. NEXUS Magazine has had articles on the communication between trees; they do communicate with each other. As Dane correctly points out, they are sentient beings. And their presence makes for the homes of so many other animals, who are getting squeezed into smaller and smaller spaces.

      This is why I go to such lengths to feed the local birds and wildlife here. They need our help.

      THANK YOU, Geoff, and many others here, for being sensitive to Life.

  10. Wikoli says:

    Now that we're full into monsoon season here in southern Arizona, they're spraying in earnest to suppress the normal atmospheric convection.

  11. Stan Sylvester says:

    Wind turbines are one way technology is striving to save us from climate collapse  To say the least,  each turbine is a massive undertaking. The average turbine requires 900 tons of steel. It requires 2500 tons of concrete.  It has 45 tons of plastic.

    There are currently about 65,000 turbines in the U.S. Each one contains about 8000 parts. Looking for a new career? The second greatest  job increase sector in the U.S. is wind turbine technician. 

    Blades need to be replaced about every 10 years. The cost is about $200,000. Blade graveyards will be necessary  like the one in Casper, Wyoming. It is located at the bend of the North Platte River.The blades are cut into three pieces and are respectfully given a proper burial. 

    Things don't always go as planned in the renewable energy sector. Last year, Swedish energy giant Vattenfall won a U.K. government contract to build turbines off the coast of Norfolk. Since then, costs have risen by 40%. Business is business, so the company has simply stopped its operations since it is no longer profitable. Looks like the passion to save the planet with renewable energy ends with profitability.

  12. Lance says:

    How hot is it? It's so hot in the northern CA valley and the SW that Fire Temperature satellite images on NOAA are showing them glowing red just like the wildfires do! You can see these images here:

  13. Lance says:

    Listened to your latest bad news report this evening while sitting outside our small trailer we've been living in for over a year now. We're parked at the fairgrounds in Roseburg, OR, which is basically where I grew up and lived in until my mid 30's. It was supported by the timber industry and still is for the most part. Sorry to say that I was involved in this human industry that destroyed a lot of the natural forested areas near here. I was not aware of the impact these human activities were having on the environment until long after I moved from here. Have educated myself and have learned about how deforestation has disrupted the biogeochemical cycles that are so important to maintaining the natural world. But I don't think there is any way that the damage that has been done is going to be undone. In fact, the damage to the natural environment continues unabated! As I listened to your broadcast smoke from the Flat Fire located near Agness, OR, in the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest is drifting high overhead coming from the SW. The fire is over 15,000 acres now and is continuing to spread. Another forest fire has been reported today that started near Fall Creek not far from Klamath Falls. Both fires were "human caused" according to reports. State is talking about shutting down access to forest lands because humans camping out in the forests have supposedly been responsible for causing most forest fires , so they say. Some believe that some of these forest fires were set intentionally in order to continue logging operations that support the forest industries that rely on the trees in to produce wood building products. Yesterday, a long train came through on the tracks located across the river from the fairgrounds. On it were railcar load after railcar load of wood forest products used in construction of homes and other buildings. North of Roseburg is a large rail yard and a forest products mill that makes wood products. In that large rail yard sat many railcars loaded with wood products made at that mill. The damage that human industrial actions have caused in the past continues because people only care about continuing to live the way they always have. But, as you've detailed in your latest bad news report, this way of life is going to end!

    • Geoffrey Hanham says:

      Hi Lance and thanks so much for your heartfelt  post.

      Back at the turn of the Millenium, Gill and I were telling anyone who would listen (few did) that the 21st Century was "Going to be a very bad idea,"  that "Playtime was over" and that folk should wake up to reality….

      I so, so wish my late wife and I had been wrong… 

      Thank you Dane for being such a beacon of light and "Sounding a warning such as a multitude of  blaring trumpets" and my thanks to every one who posts on Dane's site. A pity, no, a tragedy that so many have not listened. It is as if a very long time ago, they chose to shut their ears and look away… And even worse, be willingly complicit…

      Geoff Hanham

    • Lance says:

      By the way, many national forest areas east of Roseburg were incinerated a few years ago. Scott Mountain used to be covered with coniferous trees, but the fires that burned through this area destroyed all of these trees. Logging operations were initiated after these fires to remove all these dead trees. The mountain is bare now. Drove up the North Umpqua Hwy to visit friends camping at Lemola Lake a few days ago. The devastation caused by those fires is overwhelming! For miles and miles and miles along the North Umpqua River the forests have been destroyed. A few patches of trees are still surviving, but very few. Looking up one of the canyons where a stream flows into the river its nothing but a wasteland as far as one can see. Due to the devastation many square miles of forested areas are no longer open to the public. Logging operations, however, and not coincidentally, continue. The damage to the biogeochemical environment is catastrophic to say the least! Despite all this people here just keep thinking all is going to continue on as it always has, but some of us know this simply is not reality or the truth. 

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    North America wildfire smoke as bad as ‘secondhand smoke in bars’

    As air quality in North America suffers again due to Canadian wildfire smoke, discussion is taking place about how dangerous this smoke actually is.

    Particulate matter has become part of everyday conversation in the US this Summer but those conversations have tended to focus on the amount of the pollution, rather than focussing on what it actually is.

    Appearing on CBS News Philadelphia Jose Laurent from the Rutgers School of Public Health warned that the wildfire smoke potentially more dangerous than car emissions.

    Health reporter Stephanie Stahl asked him: ‘If trees are burning in these wildfires how is that more toxic than emissions from cars?’ To which Jose replied: ‘That initial smoke reacts with the air, reacts with the sun, leading to a change in the chemical composition.’

    During the worst air pollution episodes of the Summer, the Nanoscience and Advanced Materials Center at the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute and the Rutgers School of Public Health completed a measurement campaign to characterise the physicochemical and toxicological properties of wildfire air pollution.

    A peak was reached on June 7, when the average concentration of PM2.5 between 3 pm and 7pm was 330 mg/m3, which the team compared to secondhand smoke in bars before the smoking bans, and way above the 35 mg/m3 24-hour limit of National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

    The samples collected during this campaign are still under analysis to better understand their physical and chemical composition to help the researchers better understanding of the impacts of wildfires on human health and climate change.

    Jose Laurent’s comment about the smoke reacting with the sun is supported by research conducted by the University of Georgia last year.

    The team from Georgia, led by Associate Professor Rawad Saleh, knew that as smoke rises into the atmosphere, its chemical make-up is altered by exposure to the sun but set out to discover how much.
    Anthony Wexler, a professor and the director of the Air Quality Research Center at the University of California, Davis said of the research (in which he was not involved): ‘That smoke is hanging out there for days and days and days, and it’s getting chemically cooked. And there are interesting questions there about how that’s changing the toxicity of this stuff.’

    Salah’s team burned and tested three woods typical of those that might be involved in a Southeastern USA wildfire: oak foliage, pine needles, and hickory twigs. They burned the wood inside an environmental chamber calibrated to mimic the light intensity, temperature, and humidity of a summer day at noon. To age the smoke, the researchers turned on UV lamps, allowing the smoke to bake in the ‘Sun’ for two hours.

    Lung cells were exposed to PMs from fresh and ‘aged’ smoke and it was found that the fresh smoke disrupted the way cells store and use energy but the aged smoke led to higher levels of cell death. The research is limited because of its simplicity – it strictly looks at wood smoke when wildfires burn everything in their path – but it establishes that while both fresh and aged smoke are toxic, they are toxic in different ways.


  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    795,000 Americans a year die or are permanently disabled after being misdiagnosed

    Claire Thornton, USA TODAY
     July 19, 2023

    Top medical researchers are sounding the alarm that an estimated 795,000 American patients continue to die or become permanently disabled each year because they are being diagnosed with the wrong conditions.

    For years, the public hasn't known much about the full scope of medical misdiagnoses that happen in the U.S., according to a new report released by the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence. Until now, estimates of annual incorrect diagnoses have varied widely, the report says.

    Now, researchers say an estimated 371,000 patients die and 424,000 are permanently disabled each year because they are incorrectly diagnosed across a range of medical care settings – not just in the family doctor's office.

    The estimate "matches data produced from multiple prior studies that focused on diagnostic errors in ambulatory clinics and emergency departments and during inpatient care," the report says.

    The enormous numbers of misdiagnoses are a public health emergency, the report's lead author said. “Diagnostic errors are, by a wide margin, the most under-resourced public health crisis we face," said Dr. David Newman-Toker, director of the Johns Hopkins diagnostic excellence center.

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