Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 26, 2021, #307


Dane Wigington

Historically unprecedented record shattering heat is scheduled to yet again bake regions of western North America for an alarmingly long duration. Many portions of the superheated zones are already neck deep in catastrophic drought conditions that available science states is the worst in at least 1200 years. California’s crops are being systematically annihilated and summer is just getting started. How long till market shelves empty out? Through it all the core factor of climate engineering operations is being categorically denied by all official agencies and the mainstream media sources they control. The tragic condominium complex scenario in Florida has provided the controllers with a mass distraction event which completely diverts public attention from the ongoing weather warfare and the rapidly unraveling CV-19 official narratives. The walls are closing in by the day, where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Weather warfare is being ramped up. The shocking map below is the most recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration "departure from normal high temperature" forecast (the scheduled temperatures). The desperation of the power structure (and the climate engineers they control) is becoming rapidly more apparent. Western North America is yet again going to be baked and burned under historically unprecedented heat and drought while other regions of the US are kept wet and cool. For the last 9 years in a row, the eastern half of the US has been the most anomalously less warm region (as compared to historical averages) in the entire world. This is not a random act of Nature, it is the result of geoengineering operations.

On the larger departure from normal high temperature map below the extreme contrasts of heat and cooler temperatures are easily discernable. The global climate engineering cabal is completely out of control, the consequences of their actions is already beyond calculation.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

61 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 26, 2021, #307

  1. Gunny HiWay says:

    We are scorched here in Spokane, Washington.

    Spokane has always been hot in the summer and snow from Thanksgiving to Easter.

    The last few years, very little snow and very hot summers.

    12:41AM and it is still 80'.

    Not normal and I am watering my garden and grass 3X a day and misting at sunset.

    Spraying water on the trees and shrubs to help hydrate the bugs and birds.

    Have a huge 4 gallon pot of water in the middle of the yard, the birds are around it all day long.

    Last night, a mated pair of beautiful ravens that live nearby were playing in the sprinkler.

    Born and raised in Washington state, never seen anything like this in my 62 years on earth.

    Be well,


  2. sea says:

    Has anyone paid attention to the heat wave in BC Canada? 121 degrees!!!!????

  3. sea says:

    Well all ~Siskiyou County, far north in Calif near the Oregon border is on fire~ 110 'recorded' temps, felt like 120 when you walked outside for the last week all in the last week of June.The aerosol spraying and 'dome' held the heat and smoke in just as they had hoped. The so called Governor showed with his white teeth smile and wave and hand shake attempting to put in good deeds as his ship is sinking fast, hoping to capture attention as he droughts us out and laughs all the way to the bank with George Soros and gang. 

    Stay alert everyone this is it- there will not be anymore chances to watch the theater, get rid of the food supply, burn the ranchers and farmers out and take away their water- done deal, so if you think Dane is the 'Bad News Radio Hour' , take heed to his messages he has been on this for many years .

    The song the The Boxer from Simon and Garfunkel,

    "All lies and jests , Still the man hears what he wants to hear, And disregards the Rest"

  4. BBB says:

    Got to start mowing next week. the grasses have turned white.  The sun is white.   I do it in sections.  Otherwise it's daunting.  It has to be done for safety.  That is a loaded term.  In a quick flight I have a key to a ranchers gate.  There are huge meadows overgrazed by cattle.  Nothing there to burn.  Except me.  That is a last choice. I hope enough warning is received to drive out.  July 1, 2021.  Trees are holding their own, still green.  What will this place look like in another ten days?  100 degree temps out that far.

     How to stay cool?  Without fail every evening I open up a window downstairs, and a skylight is cranked open up in the loft. Cooler air cascades in abd up and out taking warmer air with it.  By morning the house (cabin) is around 65 gave or take.  When sunlight touches the tall tree tops, the window(s) is closed, skylight shut, and all curtains pulled tight.  The insulation is R-19 with R-35 for the roof.

    The time is 4:17 in the afternoon.  I have poured a stiff one.  Gin and tonic.  And am sitting on the shaded back work porch.  The temperature is 90F.  100 out in the sun.  Inside the temperature is around 80F.

    Having never purchased a refrigerator for this unwired abode, nor wanting to purchase propane (heat and expense), I use a large efficient Orca Whale ice chest.  Therein is my ice supply brought up from a local market.  The blocks and cubes last about 10 days.  When I was a kid in a large Southern town in the 1950s there was an old guy with a big flatbed truck painted orange and green.  He would drop down out of the cab with a set of huge ice tongs.  With a quick effort he grabbed a gigantic block of dripping ice, carried it indoors to a large horizontal ice chest.  Therein he feverishly chipped away several of these block, until the chest was full of small chunks.  For most people their refrigeration came via this service from a central ice house.  My local grocer is my "ice house."

    The privilege, to have had 30 years enmeshed in a remnant of what once was, to place a tiny footprint, to return some natural flora and fauna, enjoying the fruits, this is not taken for granted.  Yes, the large trees and flora would fool the eye. The old logging roads are hidden beneath forest detritus.  Back in these woods are a few 20 foot long cut pieces of giant fir trees.  Diameter is a guess because for about 100 years these have been shedding and shrinking.  I am going to guess five to six feet. These were too big and heavy to get off the mountain.  They are a clue to what was before the advent of the Industrial Age and the rapacious profit motive.

    Well, time to pour another one.  Is there anything more refreshing than a gin and tonic with a whole squeezed lime on yet another hot day in Northern California, July 1, 2021.

  5. BBB says:

    Verwee interesting:  To date five days of 100 or near 100f.  This area is suppose to be a temperate rain forest.  The next ten day weather script is as follows:  Highs 97 97 97 100 98 97 97 98 97 98F.  Lows 60 61 61 62 61 62 61 62 61 60F. Notice barely a fluctuation. It's just one single temperature for all intents and purpose.  This is clearly artificially induced. In years past the figures would never hold such long term consistency.  More like:  100 95 87 80 83 82 86 90 81 79F.  I can think of two temples to the religion of scientism in need of bulldozing.  All global P3 abd P4 bio-labs , the only purpose for these Frankenstein facilities is to create dangerous hybrid pathogens.  And bulldoze out of existence (recycle) all global ionospheric heaters.  These torturers of the magnetosphere are causing global warming, subverting jet streams, creating drought, and most likely responsible for this ongoing no end in sight extreme heat in the Pacific Northwest and through out much of the western US.  

  6. Mary Beth Wilson says:

    May God have mercy on us and our whole planet….

    • Chris Harris says:

      Mary all I have to say it's, it's Unbelievable Fantastic Magically Incredible, how they have people hypnotized by there strategic confusion. I have no words or answers stop them. Confusion makes people sleep and most people are, those arisols have mind wipering numbing agent's in there.

  7. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL,  Today was day 3 of the temps inside of my cabin reaching 102 to 105 degrees. The hottest temps prior were 92 to 95. I'm sure there will be more days like these to come. Last night the night did not cool off very much and today was hot from the start. I lost 5 baby Swallows in my boot bird house today. It was mainly due to dehydration, but 115 in the shade was also a factor. Bugs just don't have the moisture content they once had. Nothing does! I miss the late afternoon thunder showers and the early morning dew. I get so frustrated when I look at the charts showing anomolies from normal temps. And this is only the beginning of summer. I will remember this summer as the summer of heat and soon enough, the summer of fire. I don't wish for that, but the writing is on the wall. There is "one" good in all this heat, I don't have to heat the shower water(grin).

    Thanks for listening…………..

  8. Raymond says:

    I am very concerned for you, your family and friends this Summer and Fall Dane. I actually had a nightmare last night that your family had to evacuate to safety, as a massive fire was sweeping across your private nature preserve. It was so vivid that I could still smell the burnt embers, when I awoke suddenly from the shock of watching firenadoes engulf everything in their path! 

    I was overwhelmed by your sudden panic at seeing the fire race over a nearby mountain, your sense of urgency in getting your loved ones to safety and the pain that was breaking your heart. Because you felt totally helpless in being able to protect the animals and their babies left behind in the forest.

    It is your passion for trying to save as much of nature, as humanly possible that connects you with all of us here in these discussions about those who are hell bent, on disrupting the natural order of things within the entire web of life. You want to expose the methodical murderers of nature and we are trying to get them convicted, by testifying to the world as your key witnesses and distributing their wanted posters around the world.

    We stand by your side as sworn in "virtual" deputies who are organizing a posse', to track down, capture and extradite the men who would be kings… in their own minds. The most vile and disgusting criminals who use geoengineering as weapons of mass destruction, and their henchmen who use the media as a weapon of mass distraction.

    They need to be held accountable for both human and animal deaths that are a direct result, of their technological wizardry that created the apocalyptic heat dome hovering over the northwestern region of America. And answer for the fires that they spawn, intended to scorch the fertile farmlands, forests and homes of victims they will never remember or even grieve for, in their quest to conquer all things that are good.

    They could easily be called monsters, demons, insane murderers and destroyers of worlds. But they are mere, mortal infantiles, who were born without a soul and purpose or meaning in life. They prey on others just to feel alive and are determined to snuff all life out of existence. Simply because they can't take away our sheer will and love of life. So they choose to turn everything into nothing and that's where they came from… the eternal and abysmal, dark void of the universe. They are the human incarnate of a Black Hole!


    • Earth Angel says:

      Your words of wisdom and summation of the situation are perfect Raymond. Based on Dane's deep research into climate engineering crimes and the most recent comments by everyone here it appears we haven't much time left at all. Praying for everyone's safety and all creatures great and small to withstand what is unfolding right now. Heavenly Father in Jesus name have mercy on us all.

    • Anon says:

      Ditto for me too Raymond  re Dane

      Been reading your  mind same time slot  but tried to wish away the reality of the unthinkable.

      Dane is such a gift to humanity with such will, determination,  devotion and service to Mother Earth.  Bringing the harsh reality into the broad daylight for all to acknowledge and start caring enough to do something about it. Persistence, patience, determination.

      I tried to alert someone once and got cut to pieces, so to speak. Huh, wonder if that person has grasped it yet?

      I know the reality of facing inescapable fires, being bypassed, witnessing the carnage of the aftermath for others and the precious landscape, animals etc. Heart breaking and incredible sadness lingered for so long..

      So we wont mention the elephant in the room, msm, living rooms, delivered in seemingly endless fear mongering………the seemingly 'educated' are sprouting advice non-stop.

      Now becoming faceless covered up, restricted, etc etc, endless BS, been going on for so long – now really ramped up.

      ha ha some very well educated, highly connected  personality getting all 'hypnotic' urging all to get saved – sigh – invading our living rooms – no wonder I am wondering what world day/nightmare has descended into this reality. AND the  body language is so easy to read.  "Listen to me, I have knowledge,power, do as you are advised'  bla bla bla

      Gave up religion when I left home – but its all coming back – old memories – 'you reap what you sew'  good to know in this day and age..comforting actually.

      Life is short – eternity is forever – the body goes – the soul stays  is what I feel inside…..

      But being very pissed off is what so many are feeling now, as the world as we knew it,  is falling to bits, and we wonder where our rudder has gone, maybe always just been inside us.

      Regular reading of Dane's news has become precious and others comments too – I am hoping to enjoy the connections with folk of  similar mindset for as long as possible.

      Peace to you and all on this site


  9. Michelle Desgagne says:

    Indeed Dane!! Thank you dear Man for your continued courage!

    Tyranny from the inside out and always with the full support of the sleeping masses (read The Politics of Obedience,The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de La Boetie, 1552-53) 

    I'm sitting here in BC, Canada in the Redzone experiencing 45c/113f. It's beyond stifling and oppressive it's INHUMANE, AntiFlora and Antibeast! The Antithesis of life. 

    Michelle D

  10. RandylJ says:

    Thank You Always Dane and Everyone!!! Well, The Controllers are spraying same as elsewhere over Central North Carolina. The weirdest scene which I captured on my phone camera was Huge, Fully-Formed Double Rainbows (but  no rain was falling in the area.)!  And Yahoo Weather on my phone is also reporting lower temps, even when it feels hotter.  Even Pittsburgh PA was hotter than here!

    Neighbors, most of whom have had 'both jabs' and are all over 60 years in age, are all fearful of 'Delta' now and whatever is supposed to come next and many still shop and drive wearing a mask and don't want anyone unvaccinated (like You can tell), near them!!! I'm 72 and there's no way I'm lining up for the manipulative DNA ''Tracking Dust"! 
    The Insane Asylum, as Dane aptly applies it, now seems to have walls from Coast-to-Coast, border to border and beyond!

  11. Raymond says:

    N… Never                  N… Nothing              N… Nefarious

    A… Acknowledge       A… About                 A… Activity

    S… Sinister                 S…Space                 S… Suspicious 

    A… Assholes               A…Anymore             A… Acute Compulsive Liars


    N… No-Good

    O… Omnipotent

    A… All-Out


    Please pardon my french.

    • Anon- Bell says:

      Hi Raymond,

      Thanks ……we all need as much humor as possible.

      I have noticed that some people actually do not have a sense of humor.  cannot understand this.  OR maybe it comes out in a different less enjoyable sense of lightening our load of life's challenges. Maybe scrambled by less than happy lives etc.

      Anyway, my attempt to be un exposed and feeling protected from weird vibes, free to express my views gathered over  many years and varied experiences, seems to have been a waste of my time, some amusement  (possibly) fodder for the less grounded

      We all play our part for this short life experience I reckon. Why waste time lost in silly  pursuits. Recall the joy of giggling till we were breathless as kids, such innocent fun.

      So thanks for your contribution to post a bit of lightness amid the crap, locally, globally.

      Maybe its the devils idea that we dont  reincarnate – no idea, cant recall myself. But then again, why would one remember, if life is supposed to be a schoolroom where we learn , remembering would be such a hard call.  one would take the doorway out asap.

      The oldest of some cultures live their lives by this 'reality'.

      Best wishes for peace

      Been very health challenged myself and can relate



  12. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in Central Italy It is very hot. Today, 104F in the shade under the pergola.  Even the lemon tree is failing, leaves scorched.  We have noticed the birds of prey coming closer, they are now circling above towns and villages (Buzzards and Red Kites), obviously searching for food.  Everywhere the grass is bleached. The foxes and wild boar are scavenging next to the house.  Wild fires are starting, saw the Canadair plane was flying back and forth to the lake, collecting water to put out fires on the coast. The local people say "it is just too hot for June" but won't hear about the explanation! They see the leaves on the Olive trees go yellow and drop off and say it's a disease and we should spray it with chemical! NO. It is the INTENSE UV light that is turning nearly all plants yellow. At night, there is no point in opening windows as the air is warmer outside than in.  There was a terrible tornado in the Czech Republic that caused devastating damage like I have never seen.  Twisted steel girders where buildings used to be and cars upturned, some fatalities in Czech Republic and Austria. We DO NOT get tornados in that part of Europe normally. There was even one reported in Dagenham, near London about a week ago.  God help us all! 

    • BBB says:

      Black Cat Italy:  This year to date I have seen one buzzard.  In past years there would be eight to ten circling above this area.  They just amaze me the way they glide, rarely flapping any wings to stay aloft.  They are nature's sanitation service.  The one bird that seems to be imperturbable is the Raven.  There are two here.  Always a couple.  Always been a pair here.  Last year they had two offspring.  This year one.  So sorry to learn about tornadoes in Europe, and the horrific damage and deaths.   For some kind of ignorance I thought these destructive devices were a US phenomenon.  My bad.  I am concerned about the weather payback here whenever this induced heat dome is finally (if ever it seems) moved out of here.  Should an excessive low slam into this excessive high, we are in for some trouble.  I also wonder what is being reported in Italy about the awful 'collapse' here in Miami. The surveillance video played in full without editing reveals something more than is the official narrative provided by our disengenuous mainstream media.

    • Dr Pete says:

      Hi we too are in Central Italy (Amandola). We get loads of spraying here, wondered if you had noticed?  If you type MM62 into flight radar you can find the flights.. They don't show up over us as icons but you can track them with this trick. Not sure what we can do about it though, other than get the word out!


  13. Laurie says:

    N = NOT

    O = ONE


    A = ANSWER

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Fun true humor from the BabylonBee!  🙂

    Study Finds Most Americans Support Making Wall Around Capitol Permanent To Keep Politicians In
    January 19th, 2021 –

    In spite of the precautions, many Americans are worried that still may not be enough to keep the politicians confined safely inside or prevent them from interfering in everyone's lives.

    "I would feel much better knowing that all the politicians are safely locked away in the Capitol building where they can't bother anyone," said local citizen Bart McNally, "but is the fence really enough? Sure, it may be hard to climb over it, but what's gonna stop one of them from slithering underneath it like a little lizard?"

    Many citizens across the country are proposing greater safety measures to ensure none of the slimy swamp creatures are able to escape. Suggestions include drone patrols, electrified razor wire, and 50-foot solid concrete walls with giant steel doors that lock from the outside.

    "We can't be too careful," said McNally. "If even one of them manages to escape, the destruction could be catastrophic"

  15. Raymond says:

    Let me explain how the Controllers are getting dangerously desperate to conceal climate engineering operations and how they are able to carry out the miraculous "Texas Summer Cooldown"…HOAX!

    Yesterday the forecast high was 86, but NOAA officially recorded it at 91. Even though everyone's home and private business thermometers ranged from 101 to 105.

    Well, all of the neighborhood blogs were abuzz with comments about how their thermometers must be broken, because they were reading 10 to 15 degrees hotter than what the weather channel, the NWS and NOAA was reporting. So they were heading to Home Depot and Lowes to buy new ones.

    I bought one yesterday and right there on the package it says: "This thermometer has been certified by the NWS and NOAA". When I set it out in the shade right beside my 2010 FEMA Official Weather Spotter thermometer… it climbed to 91 degrees, while mine read 103.

    When I went to the bank this morning and asked the bank manager if she could explain why the marquee sign outside said 90 degrees yesterday, while everyone's home and small business thermometers read over 100 degrees?

    She said: "Sir, I don't know. But all banks now use the internet for their sign displays and get the temperature directly from NWS and NOAA weather monitoring stations."

    Evidently the controllers are so concerned about people discovering the truth behind climate engineering operations that they are now CONTROLLING exactly how temperatures are monitored, in regions where cool downs are being reported… and now all of those NWS and NOAA thermometers (digital weather stations too) will also show that it's actually 10 to 15 degrees cooler in winter as well.

    That way, when they schedule chemical ice nucleation flights and create artificial snow or frost, while the surface temperatures are actually above 45 degrees. No problem. Because their mutant home thermometers and bank temperature sign readout displays, will convince everyone that it's really below freezing outside.

    One final note:   My thermometer read 103 degrees yesterday and my Hygrometer read 81% relative humidity. Which means it actually felt like it was 170 degrees and it was definitely the hottest F*cking Day that I have ever experienced in my entire life!

    I placed a 16 ounce bottle of water that I froze solid in my commercial freezer, directly in the sun and on a patch of grass (not concrete). It only took a little over 7 minutes to thaw out completely and in 12 minutes, 14 seconds… it created so much steam pressure that it EXPLODED!

    Just imagine what that would do to someone's unprotected and fully exposed head. There were over two dozen people in this town alone, who were treated for possible heat stroke yesterday. But hey, it was only 91 degrees and 58% humidity… according to NOAA and the NWS.

    It's only going to get worse and more insane, with each passing day that we are deceived and lied to about climate engineering operations. We had a 90% chance of rain this morning and the forecast says it will only reach 85 degrees today, with a 70% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.

    Didn't get a drop of rain and it is already 94 degrees at 10:45 AM, with nothing on the radar. But the sky is completely saturated with jet trails that are like nothing I have ever seen to date. They are a metallic silver in color and spread out to possibly 20 times their normal width, in only a matter of seconds. Then become a haze, rather than form fake cirrus clouds and my allergies are so severe that my nose will not stop bleeding. Plus I have the worst headache that I have experienced in years!

    I am dying here and I mean that literally folks! Not sure how much longer I can survive these Venus like conditions, with extreme atmospheric pressure that should be associated with a heat dome like in the Northwest. But the weather map shows a strong low pressure system just 300 miles to my north. This climate engineering nightmare is cooking me like a frog in a microwave oven.

    But that must be a lie. Because NOAA says we are experiencing tropical induced rains and temperatures well below seasonal averages. I must be hallucinating and becoming a hypochondriac. That's what it is.

    • jonathan oquinn says:

      Thanks man for that excellent information. Could you please explain how ot calculate the heat index temperature? Thank you, Jonathan

    • Dennie says:

      Hahahahahaaaahhh!! GAWD, how PATHETIC is thaaaat??!!!  Kinda like, make laws that make it harder for people to vote, as they might just vote ME outta office (like, "Gee I wonder why anyone would wanna do such a thing??")  In other words, to spell it out:

      "Hello– This is a friendly note from your friendly Controllers– We are now totally lying about the actual temperature because we don't want to scare the crap out of any of you stoopid little wage-earners, just like we are now making more enlightened voting laws that in reality are our attempt at throwing you brainless peons all the way back to the Dark Ages once and for all…"  

      In other words: 


    • Deb says:

      I am in central northwest Idaho. My thermometer has been reading 117F by 2pm every day for the last 4 or 5 days and indoor temp right now at 7pm is 93F. We do not have and have not needed air conditioning for it has not reached over 90F for more than 2 days in the summer in THE MOUNTAINS. The weather channels are only reporting 91F the F…ing liars.

      I was getting concerned so I was looking up online where we could go for the day to get some relief….maybe further north! HA…everywhere north is reporting 110F or more!

      Something needs to be done with these reptiles! 

    • Dennie says:

      @Deb:  If only we could, but the nefarious insidious web is so ingrained in the human program, I don't think we can do it.  We have a serious avoidance issue in not looking at ourselves as causing our own problems and have a larger pathological avoidance programming that means we are not "allowed" to blow the whistle and call you out on your shit.  This programming is deep and starts in early childhood. Bullies are usually rewarded, schools and parents don't do enough to stop it.  We not-so-secretly applaud these domineering hyper-masculine "heroes.." take a look at what the masses are entertaining themselves with in the movie theaters and on computer games with friends… we have a totally sick society run by toxic masculinity, benefiting toxic masculinity by raping, pilaging and plundering– it won't miss it's water when it scorches the earth to death and all the wells run dry.  I would love to know what it'll take to stop the insanity but to be successful in terms of seeing lasting change it can really only start first with changing our understanding, value and use of consciousness….

  16. Barb E says:

    Here in New Hampshire we are being treated to a heat dome as well. Today it's 92 and it feels much more than that.  Can't walk the dog on the hot sidewalks or in direct sunlight. Tomorrow is more of the same but more humidity and Tuesday is going to be 97-100.  The skies are a total EMF horror of white/gray crap to the East and North and South.  However the West is clear!  That's where the sun is heading to set.  If this REALLY is Solar Radiation Management as they say wouldn't you think it would be concentrated to the West where the sun actually is in the sky?  Yeah one would think so.      I have all the birds at my feeders/birdbath mentioned in the article.  So far haven't seen any with any eye problems and hope I don't.  At our camp in Maine we have one Gray Catbird out of six that has an anomaly I've never seen before.  Both of it's legs look like they are in a plaster cast but are misshapen. It is able to fly and eat but has a hard time standing on the side of the feeder tray. It's been there all summer and I have no idea what that is on it's legs.  No other bird has it so I assume it's not being passed on.  Could the spray be causing all of these things in the birds?  How about the poison they spray for the ticks and mosquitos?  It makes me very sad.  I live to keep my birdies fed with a place for them to hide, nest, drink, bathe and have a snack. They are a delight to watch and bring much joy.  I would rather watch the birds than interact with some idiot that's pouncing around in a mask even still, and asking "did you get the vaccine".  We just say "we're good" and keep going.  NO we are not getting the experimental jab, no way.  More and more people we know that did get it are getting sick.  My brother in law at 82 got heart problems with beats of 140+ per minute three weeks after his 2nd jab. He's on like 9 different meds now to control that and inflammation. The doctors had no idea what even caused it – came out of the blue.  Yeah out of the blue tipped syringe they stuck in him twice.

  17. angeli dilucca says:

    Dry us out in scorching heat. Many will die.

    Kill the animals, amphibians and insects.  Scorch crops and gardens.

    Start wild fires.

    Kill more people and animals. Destroy more property and farmland.

    Cause a food shortage.

    Stave people to death.

    Thirst them to death. (All animals/wildlife as well).

    Kill, steal and destroy.

    We know who is in charge here and who his agents are.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah– the Unholy Trinity: 

      Bill Gates, Ken Caldera…oh, and David Keith, who continually do cry: 

      "Devil?  Devil– We don't need no stinkin' devil!!"

  18. Raymond says:

    Just to be clear. The cooler temps and rain that NOAA, the NWS and area forecasters keep saying will be coming to Texas. IS JUST A FAIRY TELL SO FAR!

    Today was only supposed to be 86 degrees and an 80% chance of rain. Well at 1:30 PM right now it is 98 degrees and no rain at all on the radar loop. Plus the humidity is at 82%… so it actually feels like it is 141 degrees! But the heat generally peaks between 4:00 and 7:00 PM and we haven't officially reached our high temperatures yet.

    Like I said, MIND GAMES just to make the world think it isn't frying everywhere in the US and if people believe it is 30 degrees cooler in Dallas, than it is in Canada right now. Then they would be saying to themselves:   "Wow! The world must not be going through any kind of Global Warming or ridiculous Climate Change, as those idiot activists keep rambling about. Because, if the Pacific Northwest is setting all time record highs. Then the state of Texas, which is famous for it's triple digit heat Summers, should be around 150 to 160 degrees right now! If the entire planet really is going into total meltdown? But it is nice and cool there, so that totally debunks the whole Global Warming conspiracy theory crap!"

    Everyone simply doesn't know that it really does feel like 150 to 160 degrees here in Texas and NOAA is merely using this state's (scripted forecast fairy tale) as a distraction, from the whole persistent Heat Dome magic Act that is Frying and Drying all of you poor souls in Canada, Washington state, Oregon, Utah and California. Not to mention the Southwest and it's non existent Monsoon relief that continues to be turned off, by the Climate Engineering Criminal Cabal.

    Last week there was a 90% chance of rain and overnight lows should have reached the upper 50s. But we didn't see a drop of rain and it never got that cool at night. However, the humidity actually rose to 97% and you had to slice the air into tiny little chunks, just to breathe it into your lungs!

    This part of Texas is feeling more and more like Venus, with each passing NOAA Fairy Tale.

  19. Herb says:

    The area where I live has been experiencing dead birds in bunches…around my neighborhood. I live in a suburban area (Arizona).not far from open rural land. Neighbors have reported seeing bunches of dead birds under trees…no doubt the birds were trying to get relief from searing heat.

    For eons, Gambel Quail have been living all over central and southern AZ. Every year in the spring, they mated and had usually 3-to-6 chicks per nest. By early summer, the chicks were out with their parents foraging for food. The chicks are the cutest thing! People looked forward to this annual event.

    There are NO quail chicks this year. The quail in this area did not reproduce this year. This is unprecedented…I've been in AZ since the 1970s. Also, no bats this year. The bat migration into our city/suburb has always been a big deal. People gathered to view the nesting bats at dusk. Bats would congregate at hummingbird feeders at night. But I have seen no bats this year.
    The state Fish and Wildlife dept has to haul quantities of water into rural areas, foothills, mountains so that the larger mammals can survive. 

    Monsoon!! AZ never had any monsoon to speak of last summer. Summer monsoon has historically been our primary source of precipitation. Our winter rainy season was a dud. This means that this drought is unspeakably bad.

    When tv weather forecasters predict rain for AZ, We only get virga or else just enough droplets of rain so that the airport can claim a "trace" of rain. 

  20. Kelly Green says:

    Gate's and Mythrvold's Intellectual Ventures where Calderia now works connects to Epstien, as do Gates and Mythrvold themselves. Epstien was on theboard of the  Alzheimer's Institute. Mythrvold's son works on Crispr mRNA products. These are not good people.  

  21. Stan Sylvester says:

    As  July 4th nears here's some real history as to the reason for the American Revolutionary War:

    "The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on the tea and other matters had it not been the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament, which has caused in the Colonies hatred of England and the Revolutionary War."

    Benjamin Franklin 

    The Revolutionary War like all wars was a banker war. The Colonies were printing their own currency, the Colonial Script, interest free. The bankers in England didn't like that. In 1764 King George, on behalf of the bankers, installed the Currency Act. This bill made it illegal for the Colonists to print their own currency. The Colonies would have to borrow printed English Currency with interest. 

    Today the privately owned Federal Reserve continues to indebt us with its interest bearing loans. President Kennedy was the last President to challenge the bankers monopoly on currency. On 6/4/63 he installed E.O. 1110. It allowed the Silver Certificates to be issued interest free. Once again, the bankers didn't like that. About 6 months later he was assassinated. Nothing to see here folks, move along.  

    The bankers covered their tracks by altering the history books.   Only you and I can  expose the false history that has been written. From there we can expose the current fraud they plan to hide with their version of history.

  22. Jonathan says:

    At this point in human history, I'm not worried about the wildlife becoming depend on humans. Remember the old saying, don't feed the Bears cuz they'll get used to eating human food and will stop looking for their own food? In this case, don't worry about that. We've made a mess of our planet, and we can go inside and turn the air conditioner in many cases while they cannot. 

    I strongly encourage everyone who can to put out bowls or dishes of water for the Wildlife. Perhaps shallow dishes for the birds and larger dishes for the four-footed animals. Some will come out in the daytime and you won't see because they'll only come out at night. They all have their own schedule. I've been doing this for years and years. Now more than ever they depend upon us to help supplement the water and the food that they cannot find through no fault of their own. I also encourage putting out food for the animals if you were able and willing. I have a number of animals including many different kinds of birds, raccoons opossums foxes and even wolves whom I feed every single day.

    And no way am I replacing a natural diets. Those who know what to look for can tell this from their droppings. I am simply supplementing their natural diet. We have to take care of them. What we do now will echo in eternity. So do what's right and don't do what is wrong. In every case. This is a higher order of law and anything that the United States Congress could ever pass, and they are mostly criminals anyway.

    Those of us who are sensitive to life, continue to reach out not only with educational materials to other people but also with food and water for the precious animals and in the near future, other human beings, who will not be able to get these things. Stock up on non-perishable food that is high in protein and high in nutrition as well as bottled water. Also vitamins such as multivitamins Etc. Remember, say what you think and be who you are, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

    • BBB says:

      Jonathan:  Great post.  My thoughts, exactly.  About a dozen foxes showed up here after the huge fires last year in Northern California.  Clearly refugees, they needed help.  Almost a year later most are still around.  I've cut back on feeding amounts and skip a day or two just to encourage them to seek out their natural hunting instincts.  But, the weather is so screwed up, and this drought, that I don't see how I can get them to go "cold turkey."  Not this year.  

  23. penny waters says:

    weatherwise beginning to actually see what's happening here as the blundering goes on

    i see their panic plan!!

    because there is danger from the sun damaging ray's with no atmosphere, 'they' think to cover the skies with the filth trails

    increasing warmth, the earths evaporating water is held under the filth – which builds up into fluffy old fashioned clouds – ultimately to rain

    but we are not holding the water close to the earth to go through the 'old' natural water cycle – too few trees and surrounds – after the filth flies off the planet along with much water etc – the rain just peters out – and then i look for damage

    cos so much filth drops to earth too – can see it on the surface and kills plants, and creatures too small for most people to notice and which they usually brush off, if seen

    there is growth but it is often distorted or perverted

    just like humans too – distortion and perversion seems to be the order of the day in human society

    tis hard to keep the good growth going in myself, with such despair when i view humans

    tis the other creatures that give me emotional warmth and intellectual light

    and some humans too – few and far they light my life

    thank you few and far

  24. Paul Marshall says:

    N efarious

    A cts of

    S atans 

    A llegiance 

    JUST SAYING! Thanks for all your doing Dean, but I think we should be praying for The Hand Of God to take out these evil doers "AMEN.🙏"

  25. Raymoond says:

    Have the vaccinated now become a threat to the unvaccinated?

    That is the most profound question you have raised since the entire plandemic became a humanitarian nightmare of biblical proportions Dane.

    And it is possibly the most significant revelation of the controller's agenda that nearly everyone has overlooked. Because we are all being told that when every last person finally agrees to board the experimental procedure train, we will then have achieved herd immunity and the virus will just simply go away!

    The vaccinated are determined to drag us onto their train, all while the conductor controllers have neglected to warn the passengers that the bridge to a virus free utopia, has collapsed into the chasm below. Yet they still plan to push the locomotive engines to full throttle, once we have all boarded the infamous "Variant Express"! 

    The only herd immunity that we will achieve, is the immunity from having free choice and control of our own destiny.  If we take the shot and become a passenger on a journey to the town of "Adverse Effects". The last stop before we reach the bridgeless chasm, known as "Gates Gorge".

    Certainly is strange to discover that the Delta variant only emerged after the Rolling Thunder drive was declared a preliminary success. Then it became the only variant to spawn it's own, even more deadly and infectious variant of a variant! And if that wasn't enough? There's now an added threat from a black mold virus and an age old lung virus, that are mysteriously running amuck in places where the numbers of the vaccinated are at the lowest.

    But more strange even yet, is the fact that the new Delta variant of it's own variant, the black mold anomaly and decades old (deadlier than the Herpes) lung virus… are all posing a serious threat to the unvaccinated.

    Yet in some regions of the world that same trifecta threat is actually infecting as many as 50% of those who have been vaccinated. Or maybe they were originally given vaccine shots with the trifecta bugs in them and they are actually the source, of the threat to the unvaccinated? 

    After all, there is a reason why the vaccines are classified as experimental… and we are all likely the guinea pigs of that experiment. Known as Case Study A- "Controller desperation to depopulate Earth, using climate engineering pathogenic dispersal technologies."

    All aboard and welcome to the Variant Express people. 

    • BBB says:

      Raymond:  I read there is concern about airline pilots who have taken the jab.  Seems there is a problem with blood clots in the vaxxed.  These pilots are sitting for hours on end in a pressurized tube.  Thus airline pilots are more susceptible to these deadly blood clots.  Naturally, I would like to know if my plane's pilot has been vaxxed.  Before takeoff. 

    • Anon says:

      Yes Raymond,

      Got it in one. The roughest ride of our lives.

      Re this subject of variants    I have accumulated so much knowledge – dont know where to start.

      Death stalks us from day one of life, now it is right in our faces. The body language of some so called experts, actually repulsive…all ego and control oozes out. Ranting all to get the jab asap.. Variant here to wipe all out.  Quick get saved – oh really.   And its your choice – Really?

      I feel I am lost in time – very disorienting.  I wish I could get stoned on anything for just a breather. 

      dont like alcohol or the  hangovers. Dont want to hallucinate .   Once upon a time I drank lots of ormus water – supposed to be energy giving – just felt stoned and could not do a thing………..had to give it up……maybe I should just drink lots and go to bed for most of my remaining life.

      Was told ormus does that if your mitochondria dont work properly.

      I really appreciate your in-depth telling of life as it is. Courage till the last for so many of us on here. Sad that you are stuck in the mud of that horrible place full of the walking dead it seems.


    • Raymond says:


      Point well taken… and I would want to know if the pilot had been vaccinated too. But I don't fly anymore, because of the extreme levels of solar and cosmic radiation those planes are now exposed to… considering how thin our atmosphere is becoming and how little ozone is left to protect us.

      Remember too. The passenger area of the fuselage is pressurized as well and the air that everyone breathes, comes from outside the plane! Where all of the climate engineering trail poisons are very heavily saturated.

      There is no jet lag sickness. It's actually chemical air sickness!

  26. Zebra001 says:

    I too mailed geoengineering materials to every one of my state representatives and state senators.  I believe it was last summer. I never heard one reply from any individual in the my State Legislature. I have had the same lack of response when contacting members of Congress. I believe it this really needs to be a Grassroots effort. So I would encourage everyone to share information even various links to certain things from this website they may be of interest to certain people, with everyone you can. Your city officials city council, mayor, fire and police departments and so forth.

    FDA and CDC finally had to come out admit there is a link between heart inflammation and certain procedures. The demand for such procedures peaked around the middle of March and then began to dramatically decrease. The demand for these procedures has now fallen off the cliff.

    Be encouraged….

  27. Leroy says:

    It's every day in Alaska. I hate watching the hazing of our skies. 

    • Chemtrail -Airlines --book your flight with us and will get a part of destr says:

      But the most people have no interest to take a look/watch their sky.These mask-sheeples have only a look for their phones.

      I am here in Germany and on Sunday they have started to spraying in the early morning hours, the whole day, until after noon, the full load what goes out on a regular passenger aircraft.

      An milky white chemtrail-film has covered the sky after hours and has so the sun-light- intensity dimming down.It feels like such as someone has killed the weather-no winds,no noises from nature ,but an rising heat over the daytime with no adäquate cooling down in the night-really strange..

      It seems to me like an intentionally produced greenhouse effect.Natural clouds who develop in this heat merge later with the chemtrails and lost their natural shape and transform in these ugly white soup, lost their volumes and ability to raining down, only less raindrops.

      I get so angry,when I risk a look in our sky.

      Ps.the regular airlines are the sprayer here, not any special aircraft with additional tanks/container!!!!!These regular airlines are guilty as well!!!

  28. BBB says:

    I am sitting here inside my house.  It's beyond hot outside.  106F.  And humid.  Almost suffocating.  Central Mendocino County is being dried out.  The National Weather Service has an "excessive heat warning" posted on my phone.  Never had that occur before today.  It's clear to me this fire season is going to be catastrophic.  I contemplated selling earlier this year due to the risk.  Thirty years is difficult to just toss away. Money was never the objective.  But, I am staying.  Possibly be wiped out.  

    Perhaps relative to this artificial heat dome, the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska last week ordered aircraft pilots to stay away from that ionospheric heater.  From June 21 through the 25th.  The scientism high priest meddlers were going to yet again turn on the zapper and torture the magnetosphere.  About three weeks ago here in my area but surely over much of Northern California, was some of the weirdest geoengineered jet indiced clouds ever.  The entire sky was striated with cirrus constructs that had me run for my camera.  No need to rush because the freak show lasted for an hour or so. I wonder if that display of artificiality has something to do with drying us out.  A harbinger of this destructive heat.

    • BBB says:

      BBB Addendum:  That was yesterday.  This is today…. 10:30 am at 90F. The sunshine is so bright I was forced to go inside.  The sun is the brightest ever.  I tried to glance at it but could not.  It's pure white.  Where has all the yellow gone.  Where?  Gone with the loss of atmospheric ozone, a result of burned rocket fuel among other modern effluents.  Looking at the ten day forecast:  At least 100F for a straight 10 days.  Unprecedented for my Northern California region.  There is a heat advisory issued for the Cochella Valley, California.  

  29. Carol says:

    Hi everyone, sitting outside and watching them spray.  We had rain and thunderstorms on Mon & Tues, Wed was a cold and damp day, the morning was 48 degrees with pink and orange skies. On

    Thursday – heavy spraying in the am, Friday – heavy spraying over a beautiful blue skies which started around 11:40 am, and Saturday started around 6:30 pm.

    This is weird, Friday evening around 7:08 pm.  The sun was going down (west ) and it was super bright and super white, not much heat thou, then again this morning (Saturday ) as the sun was just at the tree line, super bright and super white. Never saw nothing like it.  We start our heat wave tomorrow.  My Dad had noticed that our one tree all the leaves are dropping,  with small branches, the leaves have a slight whitish color, driving down the road same thing.

    I am still mentioning about geoengineering  to people, they see it but don't care.  I was wondering if Dane had those wristbands  with geoengineering written on them, would love to hand them out.


    Thank you Dane for you hard work and dedication.

  30. Gary Morrow says:

    The current heat wave in the Pacific Northwest is absolutely unprecedented. Portland is forecast to have an all time record high of 115 on Monday which would shatter the the old record of 107. Seattle  is forecast to have an all time record high of  107. A high percentage of homes in Seattle don't have air conditioning. Lytton British Columbia is forecast to have an all time record high of 116 on Tuesday, which would be a new all time record high for Canada. Meanwhile Dallas is forecast to have a high of only 86 on Tuesday. You know something is terribly wrong when it is 30 degrees warmer in Canada than it is in Dallas.

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Mysterious disease is killing hundreds of birds in DC area
    NY Post
    Birds of the mid-Atlantic are disappearing at an alarming rate, says the U.S. Geological Survey, which is urging residents to refrain from feeding the animals until more is known about a mysterious disease that causes eye swelling, neurological damage and, ultimately, death.
    In a recent joint statement by the USGS on behalf of a number of state agencies throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and DC, they warned that birds that congregate in feeders and baths are likely to transmit the illness, which has not yet been identified by wildlife experts. They ask residents to disinfect and remove such ornaments from their homes until the “mortality event” has ended and more is known about how the disease can be treated or prevented.
    They’re also asking residents to contact their state or district wildlife conservation agency if they spot or come in contact with sick dead birds in the area, especially if they exhibit signs of eye inflammation and discharge, imbalance or seizures. While the illness does not appear to be transmissible to humans or other animal species, extreme hygienic precautions should be taken if handling one of these birds becomes necessary.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Have they rolled out 5G in this area already, do you know? Sounds like the symptoms could be caused from serious microwave damage to the birds delicate and sensitive physiology. (and by the way what life form here DOESN'T contain a delicate and sensitive physiology?) Of course the numerous other toxic experiments going on besides the 5G rollout- especially the heavy deployments of highly toxic elements with pathogens being sprayed in the atmospheric air column everywhere couldn't have anything to do with it, could they?! My first instinct is it is related to one or both of these criminally insane experiments currently being carried out against our beautiful planet Earth and ALL of its inhabitants. I try not to be a vindictive person but I really hope there is an especially nasty place in hell for the ba*t@rds who are doing this to burn in agony and misery for eternity. They really deserve it.

  32. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Researchers achieve remote control of hormone release
    Using magnetic nanoparticles, scientists stimulate the adrenal gland in rodents to control release of hormones linked to stress.

    Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
    Publication Date:
    April 10, 2020

    Abnormal levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are linked to a variety of mental health disorders, including depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MIT researchers have now devised a way to remotely control the release of these hormones from the adrenal gland, using magnetic nanoparticles.
    This approach could help scientists to learn more about how hormone release influences mental health, and could eventually offer a new way to treat hormone-linked disorders, the researchers say.
    “We’re looking how can we study and eventually treat stress disorders by modulating peripheral organ function, rather than doing something highly invasive in the central nervous system,” says Polina Anikeeva, an MIT professor of materials science and engineering and of brain and cognitive sciences.
    To achieve control over hormone release, Dekel Rosenfeld, an MIT-Technion postdoc in Anikeeva’s group, has developed specialized magnetic nanoparticles that can be injected into the adrenal gland. When exposed to a weak magnetic field, the particles heat up slightly, activating heat-responsive channels that trigger hormone release. This technique can be used to stimulate an organ deep in the body with minimal invasiveness.

    • Herb says:

      If science ever becomes able to do this in humans, that will be truly frightening. I have suffered from adrenal issues for over a decade. I have educated myself, extensively, about how the adrenals work in synch with other glands and systems in the human body. I know how deadly it can be to have adrenal malfunction. Nobody needs to have nano-particles inside their body. And what if the nano-particles go haywire?


  33. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    CDC Finds ‘Likely’ Link Between Heart Inflammation and Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines
    During today’s meeting, members of a CDC advisory committee acknowledged 1,200 cases of heart inflammation in 16- to 24-year-olds, and said mRNA COVID vaccines should carry a warning statement — but physicians and other public commenters accused the CDC of exaggerating the risk to young people of COVID, and minimizing the risk of the vaccines.

  34. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Over 30,000 US Veterans of Post-9/11 Wars Have Killed Themselves Since 2001
    June 21, 2021

    New research released Monday shows the post-9/11 wars launched by the U.S. military since 2001 have resulted in over 30,000 suicides by active duty American solders and veterans—over four times the number killed in combat operations.
    According to Brown University's Costs of War Project—established in 2010 to account for the loss of lives and taxpayer dollars spent on U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—an estimated 30,177 veterans and service members have killed themselves over the last nearly two decades, compared with 7,057 members of the military who have been killed in combat.

  35. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The US Army is researching ‘telepathic’ brain signal communication tech for soldiers | ZDNet
    The US Army Research Office is funding new research into how brain signals could be analyzed and decoded to create a silent communication channel for military personnel.
    As reported by C4isrnet, the research program — backed by the research office — has been led by University of Southern California researchers, alongside colleagues in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Duke University, and several UK universities, among others.
    In total, the US Army is providing $6.25 million in funding over five years for the moonshot research, in which algorithms and advanced mathematics are providing the foundation for separating brain signals that "influence action or behavior from signals that do not," according to the publication.  
    By separating these types of brain signals and dismissing signals deemed irrelevant, this could be the first step towards successfully decoding action-based signals and intentions, interpreting them in a way that humans can understand using brain-interface systems.
    Hamid Krim, an Army Research Office program manager, told C4isrnet that devices based on this technology may be able to provide feedback on the ground to teams so they can take "corrective action"; stress and fatigue signals could let leaders know when soldiers need a rest, and also provide a channel for silent communication via a central computer while boots are on the ground.
    Tests with monkeys have been performed, so far, to learn how to separate action-based signals from other information. However, a brain-interface system suitable for military purposes is likely "decades away," Krim says.

  36. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Biden Set To Miss Vaccine Goal As "Delta" Strain Spreads Across Southern US | ZeroHedge
    So far, the US has given at least one jab to more than 53% of the population. But all the states with mounting transmission trail the national average, sometimes substantially. Mississippi has given a single jab to just 35%. Young people are less likely to be vaccinated than older groups.
    In Arkansas, Missouri, MIssissippi and Utah, hospitalizations are surging while testing for COVID has dropped off significantly, with the 7-day average nationwide plummeting 55% in the past three months. This makes case counts a less reliable indicator, forcing officials to rely more on hospitalizations.
    Some are worried that public health officials are getting too complacent, citing the seasonal nature of the virus. However, as last summer's surge across the Sun Belt showed, there's still a risk that the virus could come roaring back if a mutant strain gains enough of a foothold in a population that it can continue to mutate.

    "Delta is driving surges around the world, and I suspect it’s going to be the same here," said William Lee, the vice president of science at Helix. Delta is growing more than twice as fast as gamma in under-vaccinated communities.
    But Delta isn't the only threat: the gamma variant, which appears better at evading vaccines, was found to be more prevalent in counties with higher inoculation rates. The Helix research, which hasn’t yet been subject to peer review, is to be published in an upcoming pre-print online.

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