Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 25, 2023, #398


Dane Wigington

Record snow in the West, tornadoes in the South, while New York is on track for its most snowless winter in history. Climate chaos is accelerating exponentially, the manipulation of extreme atmospheric temperature and weather contrasts in the same geographic region creates extreme atmospheric instability. Climate engineering operations are completely disrupting global weather patterns and cycles. Record warmth to winter and back again, often over the duration of only a few days, welcome to the world of manufactured weather whiplash, AKA, weather warfare. The latest installment Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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44 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 25, 2023, #398

  1. Lance says:

    The engineered cool weather in the western US is soon to go away. There will be a brief period of cooler weather this weekend with another "river" of water coming in that will impact the northern half of CA Monday and Tuesday, but after this the warm-up begins. The forecast for valley and foothill locations calls for high/low temps in the 50s/30s to rise to the 60s/40s starting on Wed 4/5 and rapidly rising to 70s/50s on Thurs and Friday. Then on Sunday high is forecast to be 80F with lows in the upper 50's. Monday 4/10 high 83/low50s! Here it comes!  

  2. Lance says:

    Nighttime Microphysics Images on C.O.D. showing LOTS of aerosol trails out over the Pacific off the CA/OR coast. LOTS of aerosol trails flowing over northern CA from W to E all the way down to Sacramento. Sky has basically been turned a milky white.  

  3. Randyl J says:

    End of another Weather Warfare week in central North Carolina. I find myself excited only as I await Your next broadcast, Dane!!!

    My 84-year-old neighbor Gets It! I've been sharing Geoengineering Watch materials to the Asheboro library through her. She's become a 'Sky Watcher'. We've had 3 days without the usual spray trails and just like several others have reported, the sun's heat increases rapidly. But everyone agrees the early AM surface cold isn't normal. But then, my neighbor pipes up with a 'jet sighting' and begins to tell others what she's learned. "Good old Word-of-Mouth" among older citizens! And I definitely agree that the Spraying Menaces Target specific areas! Also, as so many are reporting, asthma, odd nasal discharge, unusually heavy allergies, coughing episodes following outdoor activities ~ especially for Seniors and anyone with respiratory heredity conditions… is getting worse all the time! Thank You All ~ Brave Warriors with Dane and New Faces writing in weekly! Yeah! KOKO


  4. Aspiring Poet says:

    “The key to awakening others is to plant a seed without triggering their defenses… less is more… we are only responsible for our own actions”

    Dane Wigington 1/22/23

  5. Sending you all the best says:

    I want you to know that every single day I keep moving forward because I know there are such good people out there like you all.

    Sending all the best and you are all in my prayers.


  6. Lance says:

    Well, the so-called "bomb cyclone" that came into CA is now weakening and moving to the SE. Was not as windy as the previous one. A lot of rainfall in the central CA valley and foothills though. A lot of snow piled on top of what is now the most snowfall ever recorded since records started being kept. A lot of aerosol release activity occurred prior to this "storm" coming into CA. Was outside most of Tuesday and watched many aircraft coming from the east flying at high altitude doing their thing. Aircraft were clearly visible on the microphysics images flying on the south and west side of this "storm" prior to it starting to drop rain and snow late Tuesday and most of Wednesday. No significant thunderstorms even though it was forecast. By the way, in case you don't know, there is an effort underway by the "scientific community" to suspend the deployment of artificial intelligence chatbots (agents) for at least 6 months due to fears of what "it" will do. Another group of researchers are calling for these efforts to be STOPPED altogether because "it" is a threat to the continued existence of human beings! Far as I'm concerned, based on the accelerating degradation and destruction of the natural world, human beings will not be around much longer anyway!

  7. Longtime Listener, Long Lost Friend says:

    Hello to everybody and I miss you all, so sorry I haven’t been able to be in touch at all recently.

    In the Midwest USA right now I have been in continual shock to see how thick the air is with the fallout, it looks dense in the distance just like wildfire smoke. They said about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year.

    It has also been continually shocking on how difficult my life has been in every way. Maybe I really should start writing that comedy script?

    I want you to know that every single day I keep moving forward because I know there are such good people out there like you all.

    Sending all the best and you are all in my prayers.

  8. Larry DeMarco says:

    As sadly depicted by Isabel Wilkerson in "Cast," "The ash rose from the crematorium into the air, carried by karma and. breeze, settled onto the front steps and geranium beds of the townspeople living outside the gates of death at at Sachsenhausen, north of Berlin. The ash coated the swing sets and paddling pools in the backyards of the townspeople.

    She went on to say that "The dissident theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one of the ones who suffered and perished behind the electrified walls of a Nazzi concentration camp, tortured and kept in solitary confinement."

    Bonhoefrer was known to have said to passively condoning bystanders that "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

    Today what is falling is even more horrific because it coating the earth with poisons that are contributing to a universal Holocaust that will spare no one.

    Many of us claim to be God fearing people. But it seems that we are just waiting around for the next life or the Second Comming. If we truly believe in God and his wonderful gifts to us, let's really show or thanks for God's creation by not condoning the world's atrocities while we wait.

  9. Linda Reid says:

    I live near offutt Air Force base, they spray us once a week. They began at 5 pm yesterday and this afternoon they were at it again. I've even seen planes flying (not in distress) with black smoke trails. 
    Of all the things they are doing, this spraying is the most disturbing and seriously incenses me. Especially after seeing the 2006 UN vid, where the government admits the dangers to humans, trees, plant life, photosynthesis , and degradation of food supply. Yet 17 years later they are still at it.

    Im new to your site; who owns these planes and who supplies the chemicals?

    it amazes me how many people either never look up to the sky or foolishly assume these deadly trails are a normal part of air traffic.

  10. Pedro Moreno says:

    I live in Madrid (Spain) and this month has been the worse since last year with a 500% increment of spraying days compared  with the same month last year. In fact all the days of this March we have been diabolically sprayed during all day from 06:30 am till 21:00 non stop by a continuous swarm of small planes until the full visible sky vas covered with a white and translucid veil like a shroud on a dead corpse.

    • Lenny says:

      Same goes in France, I live in Lyon and I haven't seen a clear sky the whole month of february/march,this is by far a lot more than what I usually observe,coincidentally my respiratory problems are getting worse than ever before

    • Un says:

      I just heard Spain had the first wildfire of the season, this early!

      We have the shroud here as well, well said.

  11. Lee Jeffrey Eyerman says:

     Some facts  of Geo engineering.A friend of mine just dyed at 61 of an anerusym which caused a brain bleed.My wife has had nose bleeds and has needed two  hospital carterlizing procedures in last year.It was like metal shavings was in her nose.And another result is by dimming the sun,O3 and hydrogen peroxide are being denied by our ozone and our children are not getting the necessary vitamin D from the sun.Not to mention I have to take allergy pills all the time and coat my inside nostrils with saline solution.Our health is at stake.The recent tornados in Mississippi were criminal.What is that 8 straight weeks of never before seen weather Coast to coast.

    • JR says:

      Hello from the Southwestern-NM. I started getting nose bleeds when I clean out for the snot that seems to run more than before?! I don't get nose bleeds, but our skies are constantly being bombarded in SAG/SRM/SAI heavy in the spraying.An act I see as no less than Tyranny. The enemy is from within in our own backyards. What patriots they must think are, bigger than God himself. They are exposing themselves now but they don't care with all their lies as it's for our own they'll say. There's not dummies here, Amen. In the end I hope we can say we fought a good battle, everyone hang in there.

    • Uno says:

      "Our health is at stake."

      This is so true. Without our health we have nothing, as I've had to learn many times over to fully comprehend.

      I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope your wife is doing better.

  12. JR says:

    Again hello from Southwest, NM-USA. Today 3-27-23 El Paso, Texas & Juarez Mexico across from this border town are being saturated by these no good life life of human beings, it's so obvious to the trained eye. Las Cruces, NM is being worked on as well with white lines appearing in sky which is 50 miles up Interstate 10. The word tells us to sound the alarm, we are in a battle right here in the USA. We don't have to go fighting for freedom somewhere else where our own freedom has and is being deteriorated and at risk for loss. Plenty of people some with a belief and religion are being blinded led by the blind. Other people don't believe in much but serving themselves lusting for blood and perceived power. Others for a freebee and handout with never investing anything into the system we had all believed in. Every dog has his day, you wash a pig and he goes right back to the wallow. A dog goes back to his vomit as well, the likes of the creatures we're dealing with. Peace to the Warriors here…

  13. Lance says:

    Power back on about 9:45am. Circuit breakers on power poll about 150 ft from our RV site were triggered (by?) this morning. There have been a lot of high altitude aircraft putting out aerosol trails today since this morning and they haven't stopped. Wind aloft is pushing them to the SE. Visible on sat images. Have seen 4 Coast Guard aircraft, two helicopters and two fixed wing, flying toward the NW. Likely due to the "storm" coming in late tonight. Heads up in N CA Dane! 

  14. Robert says:

    Dane, your weekly radio broadcast and the coming collapse of societal norms is coming at warp speed now. Me thinks that the cat is out of the bag and it will be harder and harder for our handlers to cover their tracks with all that is unfolding. A recent article in the local paper here the Baker City Herald ran an article recently titled," Report list toxins found in area rivers". The new state report (Oregon DEQ) goes on to list several river and streams compiling 111 water samples from 29 sites, 21 sediment samples and seven tissue samples from smallmouth bass and crayfish. Although test detected contaminants such as arsenic, mercury, pesticides and DDT, "None of the chemicals were found at levels that would pose an immediate threat to public health", according to DEQ, (wink,wink). Of the water samples collected there contained 15 metals, ( Aluminum, mercury, organic arsenic, iron, selenium and thallium……. The full report can be found at ( Thanks to all here for your courage in exposing these crimes, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Salute!

  15. Jaime Love says:

    They block our sun so we and our planet can't get it anymore. It makes everything deficient. They modify storms to depopulate which is what they did this winter! Look ya the accident rates form the synthetic snow we plowed over and over. New synthetic snow is what it is. I had someone plowing a roof off who doesn't fully believe in this and they said this is not snow. Ding ding! People are slowly seeing that things are not normal due to geoengineering. But they are destroying us purposely. Causing tornadoes! Using military grade emf, smart enters, haarp, wind mills and more. It's wrong, all wrong! They are literally killing us as we speak! There are no breaks anymore with the spraying it's daily. It's hard to get sun for long periods as they push in the clouds. They push wind real good in AZ  at the same time on the windy days they polite the air with the dog factory that is recalled for cancer ingredients. On cloudy windy days they turn this up and it goes in to the skies and you can sleep in all through town and mountains. Purim's should be shut down. It should be illegal to put cancer ingredients in the air and people just think it's dog food. No they work with our gov! It's simple! Lots part take in this weather warfare! It's a war against us! We need to work on more billboards on highways in every state. Maybe we're turn offs are for gas stations! We can try to get them funded through donations! These stand out best! So people traveling can see from different states. They have also ruined our food. This year will be a shortage due to them modifying the weather purposely. It's disgusting and I'm done with it. This is poison on us and it's wrong! Time for it to be exposed like the deep state! Enough is enough! Dane you Dane for all you do I have been by your side helping to speak truth everywhere I go! One guy thought I was crazy, which makes me laugh but last time I had seen him he was questioning everything about it! He's awake now and now can't stop thinking about it lol. It's funny cuz I'm like where have you been. It's nothing new! But anyways all we can do is plant the seeds and let them grow! It works! Just be educational about it! This is something I will fight for till the day I die! The ones who never believe me are slowly coming around after the man made weather this winter! They have sown feeling something is not right! God is working through many right now to show them truth! Praying for us all and I will continue to fight this fight for my child and all of our futures. God will shine through us as we speak! Let's continue to wake up many and educate them on the truth! We did it with breast implants when no one beloved us and we can do it with this! All it takes is good education and many will share with others which will get around and many will come together to stand and fight like we did! Take care and hang in there! We have a good fight to fight! Let's do this warriors! We're stronger than them when we come together! I've seen this myself with being millions of woman together on being sick with breast implants and we fought FDA and woke the public up! Truth is here! Let's do this! Sending my love! 

  16. Lance says:

    Power outage has occurred in our area. Power pole visible outside has a transformer and circuit breaker on it. Heard it pop open with a bang and then the electricity went off. Could be due to the geomagnetic storm going on. Could be damage to the system further up the lines. Could be a cyber attack. Could be cards being played. Power companies monitor the power system so they know where power outages are. Watching to see if they come out and reset the circuit breaker. Will update later, if possible.     

  17. Lance says:

    According to weather "models" a Cat 1 tropical storm is to come very close to the coasts of Oregon/CA  Predicted barrometric pressure is 978. Cat 1 is 980. Arrival of the cyclone is forecast for late Monday night  3/27 or early Tues after midnight. Rain on Tues, but thunderstorms forecast for Wed. Its supposed to weaken and move south along the west coast and dissapate.

  18. Gwendolyn says:

    The Pacific Northwest, specially Oregon, already has 150+ days without sun, but they're doing what they did last spring, on steroids. They've forecasted below average temperatures into late May. Just a night ago we had a snow forecast again. What's weird is that they are forecasting snow on days when it's 50 degree. Tonight it's supposed to be 31 degrees but no snow. Does this make any sense? My ex-coworker who I am friends with said that she has to take in all her plants and some fruit trees inside because of how unpredictable the weather is. When I take walks, the trees look like they're dying and full of fungus and mold. People have horrible respiratory issues that last for months. Now they're saying the crops in California are in trouble, and Oregon, which is secondary to California for agriculture, may not be far behind since they're deluging us with constant rain, snow, and cold temperatures. We get maybe one warm sunny day every two to three weeks! I keep track of the forecast and this is how it's been since March when they started saying we'd be getting lots of snow again. Tomato shortages already going to happen. And yes, February actually seemed warmer than March. 

  19. Lance says:

    Frost and freeze warnings up for the central valley's of CA for tomorrow morning. Temps here where we're staying south of Yuba City are to get down to 30F for an hour or so before the sunrise. Wind out of the NW has kept it quite cool today, near 60, whereas last year the temps were in the 80's here. Sat out of the wind in the direct sunlight and after about 5 minutes had to move to the shade because it got too hot. Another "storm" is set to strike on Wed and Thursday too. Situation on the world stage is rapidly deteriorating physically, morally, economically, and spiritually. Not good. 

  20. penny waters says:

    are we in a dance?

    anyone see the news about the energy mass that came off the sun (24/25 ) so slowly…. and was supposed to be mild, but as it came off slowly it kept coming…..  the stream kept coming ….. and when it hit earth it became a strip around the planet  above the equator and created the big lumpy cloud cover that drenched us in parts of the uk in fierce, cold, rain matter that flung itself at you – very frightening

    was driving when i faced it!!

    are we all in a dance in space and is it poking us back?

  21. Lance says:

    At this point there is no way that this world is going to return to its natural state. It won't matter if all the industrial activities of mankind were ceased right now, its far too late, just as Dane has proven. The air, the water, the soil is contaminated with many different types of toxic elements that do not biodegrade. The natural world is dying and in many places its already dead. You can pretend its not happening, you can deny its happening, you can attempt to escape what's happening, but nothing is going to keep the end of the natural world from happening. Sorry.

    • virginia says:

      Give it a few thousand years, Lance.  It will be as good as new.

    • Gwen says:

      I read today that California's crops are being destroyed by the flooding. I live in the PNW and Oregon is secondary to California for agriculture, and of course, ever since March, they forecasted "lower than average temps through May" again. We've had hardly any sun, just rain, snow, freezing rain, and more rain. In addition to this, myself and others are suffering from horrible respiratory ailments. Asthma is getting worse for many. I study the forecasts carefully every day, even every hour at times, and it's weird how on days when it's 31 degrees there isn't snow, but then they forecast snow when it's going to be 50 degrees.

  22. Stan Sylvester says:

    "An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes." Sun Tzu

    "The Art Of War" is the masterpiece written centuries ago by Sun Tzu. How good of a book would it have been had he not had the mindset displayed by the above quote?

    Sun Tzu had no problem in his day with his version of the " bad news broadcast." His understanding of an evil mindset to the degree he mentioned was necessary for him to dictate the terms necessary to win on the battlefield.

    Today many cannot wrap their heads around why anyone would spray harmful particulates in our skies. They do not believe that  they would burn their nation to ground to just rule over the ashes.The fact of the matter is, they'll do whatever it takes, as long as they're the last man standing. Kudos to Dane to following in the steps of the great Sun Tzu. 

    • Uno says:

      "An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes." Sun Tzu

      Thank you for sharing this quote

      "Kudos to Dane to following in the steps of the great Sun Tzu. "


  23. therese says:

    23 dead whales along the shores in North East USA, due to the ocean wind turbines.  Green Energy is not the answer.

  24. brent papon says:

    "Synergistic Toxicity."

    That's my next record.

    Thanks Bro

    PS I love "the predator parasite class."

    It's a good one

    Take care


  25. Lance says:

    In the Sacramento valley the air pollution today was quite bad as we drove from Nickolaus, CA, to Sacramento, then to Elk Grove and then back to Nickolaus. Sad.

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Deadly fungal disease spreading in U.S. at ‘concerning’ rate: CDC
        •    Updated: Mar. 21, 2023

    A deadly fungal disease is spreading through the U.S. at an alarming rate, a new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

    The CDC says infections from a drug-resistant fungus, a type of yeast known as Candida auris or C. auris, have been found in 29 states, with at least 2,377 confirmed cases in 2022. That’s a sharp increase from 1,474 cases in 2021 and just 757 in 2020.
    New York state has seen the fourth-highest number of C. auris infections with 326 through Dec. 31, 2022, according to the CDC. Only California, Florida and Nevada have seen more.

    The increases “are really concerning to us,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Meghan Lyman, told NBC. “We’ve seen increases not just in areas of ongoing transmission, but also in new areas.”

    C. auris can cause severe illness in older people and those with weakened immune systems, according to the CDC. About one-third of people who become sick with the fungus die, though many had other serious illnesses.

    The CDC says it’s especially concerned about C. auris because it is resistant to multiple traditional antifungal medications, is difficult to identify with standard lab methods, and has caused outbreaks in healthcare settings. The Mississippi Department of Health said it’s seen ongoing transmission at two long-term care facilities and at least 12 infections since November, along with four “potentially associated deaths.”

    Dr. Waleed Javaid, an epidemiologist and an infectious disease expert and director of infection prevention and control at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York, told NBC that the new report is “worrisome.” It’s unlikely to become a problem for young or healthy people who do not have invasive medical devices, such as catheters or breathing and feeding tubes, he said.

    “…We don’t want people who watched ‘The Last of Us’ to think we’re all going to die,” Javaid told NBC, referring to the HBO series about a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombie-like creatures due to a mass fungal infection. “This is an infection that occurs in extremely ill individuals who are usually sick with a lot of other issues.”

    C. auris was identified in 2009 in Asia, but scientists now say it appeared at least a decade earlier. The fungus has been confirmed in at least 30 different countries.


    • J. Watson says:

      Weather engineering 100% happening for multiple decades.

      What a mess.  Most meteorologists should be fired for sheer stupidity.

      #popeye #denial 

    • Earth Angel says:

      It would not surprise me in the least to find out they are spraying the fungal virus along with the rest of the crap in the aerial operations overhead. Aching today with news of loss of life and destruction due to violent tornado outbreaks over central and southern states of America- with more scheduled to come in the next couple of days from the sound of the script readers at the weather channel. When does weather terrorism end?!  How to stop these demons?.. Ending the ability of ANYONE or any ENTITY to print endless money from thin air ASAP would be a good start. And getting a grip on ALL military overlords immediately, if not sooner, would be another beneficial step  imho.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — a great broadcast! The nanoparticle insights are amazing! Thank you.

  28. elizabeth ann toulson-clarke says:



  29. elizabeth ann toulson-clarke says:

    Thank you my friend. I've been trying to share your stuff since c.10 years ago….but no-one believed me. I sent off for your leaflets but wasn't allowed to distribute them in my town,in uk.Now everyone is so 'woke', I will try again. thank you forever.

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