Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 4, 2017


Dane Wigington

What is president Trump's part in the play? Was his election truly an unexpected blow to the power structure? Or was Trump's victory simply another chapter of the ongoing shadow government script? The military industrial complex is making preparations for WWlll as the human race accelerates toward total societal collapse. The ongoing biosphere implosion is crossing new boundaries on many fronts with research teams in Antarctica being evacuated. New mainstream media headlines admit that the HAARP ionosphere heater installation is heating Alaskan skies. The toxic geoengineered chemical ice nucleation cool-downs continue, though thousands of all time high global heat records have already been set this year. What circles of our society bear the greatest burden for the unfolding insanity? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The reluctance of the masses to face reality truly defies reason, but very soon, there will be no more room for denial. It is essential for us all to continue sowing the seeds of awareness. The sooner populations are fully awakened to our common plight, the more we may yet have to salvage.

This week's outreach booth is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


152 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 4, 2017

  1. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Thank you Michele…your link to petition worked for me.  And I am also sad to see that Trump has not taken one action to stop climate engineering…had more hope that he might change things a bit, but no luck.  I remember before the election there was a youtube video by someone called "enlighten" who said "do not vote because both candidates are corrupt."  Looks like she may have been right.

    So that leaves it up the people to keep sounding the alarm and work for change.  The Spring Equinox planets are all about change….the spiritual warrior taking action and causing radical change.  Hope we can stay inspired and do what is needed.  May the Higher Light be with us.

  2. Chad says:

    85th Annual Western Snow Conference in Boise, Idaho on April 17th through April 20th. See Agenda, Sponsors, and Documentation. PDF attachments

    • Chad says:

      Another scheme from the banksters to make money on a worldly scale. New world order stuff that will fail. GOD=LOVE. TAKE BACK THE POWER. TOGETHER WE STAND. WE OUTNUMBER THEM MILLIONS TO ONE. THEY HAVE NO POWER UNLESS  YOU PEOPLE CONTINUE TO GIVE IT AWAY TO THEM. TIME TO TAKE BACK THIS WORLD!!!

  3. Paul Barbara says:

    Dane, I asked this question before, but I don't remember on which link I asked it, so I don't know if you answered.

    With rain and snow samples, can laboratories tell if the heavy metals present are nano-particles? That would help our argument, because nano-particles don't occur in nature.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, we have tested for aluminum particulates in precipitation samples down to .1 microns. The particles in the sample were smaller still. We are working on additional testing, but the bottom line is this, the massive amounts of aluminum in countless rain samples is absolutely not normal in any way. Rain samples from Northern California have contained as much as 3450 ppb of aluminum, that is 3450 times more than local hydrogeologist considered “normal” (less than 1 ppb). Those who want to stay in denial on this critical issue will continue to do so for as long as they can, no matter how much proof they are presented with. All of this being said, yes, we continue to work toward more testing, but in the meantime, we have more than enough proof to present to any that actually care about the truth. Lets all keep sounding the alarm.

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    Whoa, Anonymous, Your comment of: I don't like sitting here in this chair of mine.  But it's better than being 6 feet under.  Uh, not to pry, but are you referring to a wheelchair?

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    I am very disappointed in Donald Trump for spending even more money on the Military & Weapons, when the number one concern, should be the biosphere & planet Earth. I have watched him twice in press conferences, stating on the record, that Climate Change is a Hoax! For Trump to make that statement is just beyond insane! Donald Trump needs to visit this website! I certainly hope our new Commander -In -Chief becomes convinced very soon!

  6. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I was thinking you are absolutely correct, we heading for WWIII without a doubt. But when di it all start? Well it really started after the cold war ended. Now looking back I wish we still had that cold war! Why, because that means we would NOT be heading down this road, and the DEPARTMENT OF THE DEFENSE wouldn't have had the opportunity in 1992 the have the "Defense Planning Guidance" or "The New American Century Doctrine" or if you prefer the WOLFOWITZ Doctrine, which ignored Article 51 of the United Nation that prevented any super power of a preemptive war by any super power, The WOLFOWITZ Doctrine which said "Absent of some Catastrophic and Catalyzing Event, Like a New Pearl Harbor"..Which the very next year we had 9/11/2001 with all the players in place Chaney, Rumsfeld, Abrams, Perle, Amitage, and the Bush Crime Family in place, and I know I'm missing some others, BUT 911 started these endless wars and crushed International Law regarding war(s) with provocation, Article 51 was more then that, it prevented chemical and biologics from being used on populations foreign nor Domestic populations, which is exactly what is happening right now.  We lost so much with 9/11/2001 that was planned by our own government elite shadow or deep state. Everyone is aware of the truth now, but they're doing even more, by taking over the message by taking over news propaganda: they are so embolden that they even call that, isn't that what Nazi Germany Nuremberg Trails were all about, and found guilty of doing !! What's different. We have invaded other countries without provocation. Yes it all started when America had that document written by Wolfowitz in 1992.. I think we are losing track of who is the real blame for where we are at right now in 2017!  Fear is the tyranny that is the same thing they did to the population of Germany and the German people's Lies and more lies.. Where does it end. WWIII and then it's too late, because all the once good people are all bought and paid for, it's a shame. History keeps repeating itself, going back to ancient Rome, and their fall. You can't sustain the invation and occupation of over 40 countries, when you war with innocent populations they fight back. These inbred elites don't care what happens to the good people of earth. I am so disgusted with our leadership, and the Moral Compass of this country.! Sorry to start at the beginning but some younger people that I speak to, said they were 1 years old when 9/11 happened and were not familiar with what really happened, which astonished me!  They never heard of these documents, we can't let the younger generation forget how the Geo-Engineering, SRM, and HAARP started. It all started when Russia became a non-threat, and these neocons took their plans nto action. It just has never stopped and it keep morphing into more and more destruction. The Department of Defense, what a joke, there was so many lies, they should have change the name to The Department of Offense, and we have offended everyone on this planet, including our own population. That's my rant for the day, the truth!!

  7. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia: the ads on TV for immunisation are ramping up. It has become an issue with a certain nationalist politician making remarks that it should not be enforced.

    The weather forecasting is for dry, dry, dry. Not until next Monday is there some chance (prescription) of some rain. Of course it most likely will not eventuate.

    Breaking News!: I caught a segment of a disinformation show on free to air TV explaining away things like weather control. Anomalies in the sky such as HAARP holes were being explained as the result of natural and inadvertent man made events. They actually mentioned HAARP. They are really ramping up their efforts to disinform as many as possible. We must be making headway! People are waking up and they are getting desperate and now the liars must just put it all on the line and lie about it blatantly and hope for the best. We must triple our efforts at spreading the word.

    • BaneB says:

      Michel B:  Thanks for the Aussie update.  Given what is being exposed at, and here and elsewhere, your continent is a major microwave weather warfare laboratory.  It is not a surprise Australia is experiencing record heat and drought.  The land down under is a microwave oven busily cooking the population.

    • Kimberley says:

      Hi Michel… I'm up in Cairns. We've had almost non-stop spraying of our skies over the past four and a half years. No wet season and no signs of any cyclones. The ocean is so warm and the coral is being bleached by chemicals being emitted from these high altitude aircraft. I have photos and videos which look exactly similar to the ones on Dane's articles. The Ulysses butterflies aren't surviving after hatching and the Cairns birdwing butterfly aren't even hatching. My soil has turned to dust in my garden despite adding copious amounts of compost, minerals and mulch. I used to grow all my own vegetables but they just wither and die now. This is Cairns!!! My little town is being killed off and nobody cares. I've emailed scientists, journos, broadcasters, the airport, councillors and the major with 2 responses. They just handball me on to someone else. The apathy in this country is astonishing! 

  8. Norma Wunder says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thank you for Geoengineering news.  It is so informative and frightening!  Have you any news about South Africa?  I live on the east coast where it is really hot and humid in summer and warm and sunny in winter.  As I send this to you the sweat is pouring off me and last year it was declared that it was the hottest summer we have ever experienced and this summer is even worse.  It is so bad that one feels constantly nauseous and desperate.  Thank you Dane.

    • BaneB says:

      Norma Wunder:  Hang in there.  Your observations in your region of South Africa are important for those of us who are interested in what is occurring elsewhere on our planet.  Including the visuals of what is occurring in your atmosphere via the aerosol jet spray trails, you might investigate the phased array microwave facilities (NEXRAD, etc.).  These microwave "cookers" are part and partial of the weather warfare apparati.  Good luck.

  9. Mario says:

    PASSED THE SENATE – DEC, 2016: Metropolitan Weather Hazard Protection Act

    They are expanding the Nexrad system.  This law mandated that they find the coverage gaps in the system and address those gaps.  More transmitters?  That's my first guess.

    More interesting reading can be found in the bibliography section of the Nexrad wikipedia page:  


    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Not surprising.  There will be no end to the esoteric creations of the microwave mad men.  Wireless everything.  More, more, more.  There are a few areas in the eastern Idaho, north and south into a few bordering states, very unpopulated rural lands, where the wicked reach of these NERAD "cookers" is neutered.  160 facilities more than blanket the rest of the glorious Homeland.  Another op is the GBOSS towers.  These are recently introduced sinister cell tower lookalikes designed to "Master the Human Domain."  One can believe these will proliferate like rabbits. Thanks for your great reporting.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  I did some research.  It seems the NEXRAD facilities are being upgraded from Doppler to PARS (phased array radar).  The Navy among other sinister entities are pushing the change.  PAR operates differently from NEXRAD.  

  10. Ken W says:

    Scientist find a carbon lake underground . Check out the link i provided

  11. Mario says:

    KMQT – Marquette, MI . . . this transmitter has been a heavy hitter all winter.  Lately I have noticed that there is always a beam coming from this transmitter that is sent south-east, all the way over Lake Michigan.  The transmitter is actually just west of Marquette on HWY 41.  Ironically, just across the street from the transmitter is the building for the Marquette County Health Dept.  You can see this beam on the Nexrad National Mosiac Conus Map (just look at Lake Michigan):

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Yikes!  The microwaving of the health department is certainly interesting.  That is one place in need of a health survey.  And it should be relocated pronto.  Indeed, given the sinister nature of these weather spooks, maybe it already is a source for study, as in EXPERIMENT.  Thanks for your most interesting/intriguing updates and exposes.

    • Chad says:

      Please research 85th Annual Winter Snow Conference in Boise, Idaho on April 17th through 20th and see the PDF and Agenda. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, etc. Weather mod programs for 85 years. Mel Kunkel, Idaho Power and many others involved. The Governor of Idaho also. Must see. There you go Dane and others, you can crash this party.

  12. Jack says:

    Hi Dane, I live in the Victorville, ca area and the other day an aircraft took off from the old George AFB and had what looked like large nozzles on the end of each wing. Do you have any knowledge if this is a geoengineering facility. I have sent a picture and hope you have time to review it. Your an amazing man and I appreciate everything you do. Jack

  13. Joseph L says:


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Climate ""engineering"" is already a depopulation program.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  14. Martha says:

    Yet another stunning report that an aware, discerning, sane person who glances away from the screen in front of their face long enough to observe the negative effects on the natural environment around them can't argue with. Speaking of the natural environment, here's a link to "Sounds of Extinction." http://www.karmatube.orgvideos.php?id=7348  This is sad but stunning proof of everything Dane has said. There's a space to leave a comment. Mine's the only one that mentions geoengineering so far. Maybe if others join me in the comment section we can wake some people up.


  15. horsegirl says:

    Dane, hi- I'm going to paste in the crux of what I sent to you in an email regarding apparent interference when I attempted to access this website: 


    While I was on the phone with Verizon the "problem" disappeared.  Both times this has happened, I took the opportunity to visit with Verizon personnel about the disgrace of our skies and planetary health.  I've got a way to present that seems to work pretty well.  I tell them I'm trying to access a website accused of being fake news by politicians.  Then I ask them to write down "owning the weather by 2025" and insert a bit of humor as to whether the Air Force also publishes fake news about "weather as a force multiplier.  I give them a brief synopsis of geoengineering technologies described in OTW, mentioning that although the scenarios given by the Air Force are hypothetical, the technologies are real and can be seen online.  By the time we get there (I've actually gotten this little mini-presentation down to an art, have done it dozens of times every time I have any kind of trouble with internet connection), the technicians are saying something like "I've been wondering about that" or "I read that…"  Once they have written down the OTW2025 info, I tell them about the library of information on where they can read the patents and all other information described in OTW.  I test their sincerity by asking them what drew their attention to the issue.  People, I find, are really hungry for information.  Even concerned.  Only one flamed me.  I've been told I would make a great teacher, I guess because I'm able to put myself in the position of the listener who lacks information.  I get very little sass with this method.


    • Hey horsegirl, I love what you are doing with the Verizon personnel. I do the same thing with anyone I deal with on the phone. Sales people, Credit card processors, Website creators, people selling business services, advertisers, etc. Of course I never buy their services. I does not matter who they are, they always get MY sales pitch. I start with asking them to write down this website: and ask them to please check it out and pass it on to ALL of their contacts. After feeding them as much info as I can on Climate Engineering/ Geoengineering, dead trees,dead oceans planetary omnicide I ask them to repeat back to me the website. Amazingly 9 out of 10 of them are able to do it. Many of them already have it up on the computer in front of them before I am done speaking. I will never stop doing this, I love doing it and I know that it works. It gives a good feeling for the rest of the day knowing that I have found ANOTHER way do do my part.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!    We are ALL teachers!

    • BaneB says:

      horsegirl:  Just a little history on Verizon which is of little relevancy to office staff:  founded by CIA/OSS spooks.  Was and probably still is an Israeli owned corporation.  It is most compliant in passing along one's phone storage to other spooks.  It is no friend of the RIGHT TO PRIVACY.  Israeli owned companies are in charge of much of this nation's phone billings.  This is a major security breach, and should there be any wonder why Globalists want the globe?

    • susan says:

      Wonderful way to make others aware be they of the demographic breakdown of those who have been educated, that is.There's a lot of non thinkers out there, a whole bunch of them. So for them,I find this works,

      "Dude DUUUDE check it! I saw this big ass fu-king X in the sky man! In the fu-king sky dude was like this fu-king X no sh-t! Like a X like like you know  like like when um you um you know like, check a box but you know put a big X there Fu-k! Check it out there's one now no waay! Dude do you think it's aliens?

      At which point they acknowledge that something is going on in the sky and the frightened excitement that has been generated will keep their interest. And as such they're more likely to tell others.

      "I get very little sass" sass? That spoke volumes and made me laugh, Thanks

  16. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Why is it that our bodies require…90 essential nutrients, which are… 60 Trace Minerals –  16 Vitamins –  12 Ammino Acids –  & 2 Fatty Acids  & yet you cannot find this combination on the shelf in most establishments, if any. (I would Love to hear of a product that has)  Try to find a bottle of 10 Trace Minerals, yet alone 60!  It is wonderful how much better a Body & Mind feels when it has Minerals. Our Bodies require Minerals the most, yet few consume them. For those who want to find some online for a reasonable cost, go to I buy mine from the U.S. because they sell them in blue bottles. In Canada, they are sold in white plastic bottles, which I do not trust. With how Crappy everyone feels…I Hope this Helps. I also take Carnivora, which builds up your immune system, which has helped many with Cancer.  And once again… for your Pets.  We need to keep our minds as Clear as Possible with all that is raining down on us daily, even when you cannot see it.  And lest we forget D3 High doses!   It is said that the daily dose of vitamins on the shelf is just enough to keep you from getting Scurvy.  Believe a Nature Path over a Medication Doc to doses. They do not want you Healthy!    Blessings to All !

    • MAP says:

      Thanks for your mention of minerals and their importance to our health. I have been taking these supplements along with vitamins C, D and E for many years.

      I am sure that many on this site already know about the "other spraying" that has been going on ground-level in addition to SAI/SRM in the skies. I am referring to the use of pesticides over the past 70 years or so which have decimated our soils and lowered mineral content. Mineral supplements are vitally important indeed!

      By the way. I take 2 types of Calcium, Magnesium Malate, 2 types of Potassium, Chelated Zinc with small amount of Copper, Selenium etcetera. And high dose of Vitamin D3.

    • Thanks for the webs

    • renate says:

      Hello Gail, this could help.

      Dr. Fred Bell talks about health and wellness.

      The Depopulation Agenda program started at the time of the Vietnam war. It started in the food chain. That milk you drink, they added fake V-A and V-D which actually destroys the body’s natural V-A & V-D. (heart disease, anyone!!) That’s why they don’t want us to eat/drink natural anything. 

      Notice the diagram, all living things on this planet, plants, oceans, animals are being killed off. This lecture was in the early 2000’s. The book “The Depopulation Agenda” can be had/ordered from the evil government. Not a secret.

  17. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    It is amusing in the Simpson's Movie how they have lines of clouds in the Sky. Then they are kept in a Dome. We ofcourse are kept in a Dome of Toxic Chemicals!  And we know that Real Clouds are White, Round & Fluffy.   Not Hot Pink, Coal Black, or Glowing White Plagues floating through the Deep Blue Sky. And they do not form in lines, streaks, smears, waves, S's, Z's or X's   Hollywood has sure been a Great asett to the Power Structure by making sure "Their Clouds"  were shown in every movie & to let people see these "Odd Clouds" in different States or Countries. They had to start programming us as soon as T.V"s were introduced.  It was a "Selling Feature" of sorts. ( To SRM Programs being Natural)  They are Dirty Dogs.        Happy to Not be a FOOL!

    • MS P says:

      Many years ago. In my youth,  I once heard this saying►

      Television rots the mind & cars rots the body.

      Look how far we all have come, as a result.

  18. Dennie says:

    I've been over at the Documents page, reading to refresh and review.  The +700 U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation report on Federal activities in weather modification from 1978 states that the federal government had already been involved in a number of aspects of weather modification for thirty years.  It states that "Resolutions dealing with the use of weather modification technology as a weapon by U.S. military forces and promotion of a U.N. treaty prohibiting such activities" had been introduced in both houses of Congress and one had been passed by the Senate.  It further characterized weather modification activity by the federal government and Pennsylvania State University in Pennsylvania, never mind the laws against it, to be "A meteorological Watergate."  Multiply that one state's activity by the number of institutions of higher learning in the various states in the various nations with various branches of the military on Earth, as well as the commercial applications, all involved in the programs and you start to get a sense of where we are with this today, nearly forty years later.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Good on you!  Is there any wonder given about 40 years since that admission,  our forests and flora are dying, our weather gone bonkers and our physical health being subsumed by all manner of microwave "cookery" devices.  And who do we say allowed this??  CONGRESS!!  Small wonder the environmental lawyer and my Congressional Rep is mum, and sending out to constituents a blatant lie on paper than the aerosol jet trails are just the old regular classic "CONtrails.  He never will show up in my area.  Too much poverty.  But he might give you an opportunity there in Marin at a 'town hall' love fest to put him to the test.  Maybe he is actually ignorant of that document, to cut him some rationale.

  19. Mario says:

    Trump rally turns into people beating the crap out of each other in Berkeley.  Remember, division is the narrative.  Just like this ridiculous travel ban.  Trump is simply continuing the false Jihadi Boogey Man narrative that has been deeply entrenched since 9/11.  He's not interested in who knocked down those buildings as he famously stated on the campaign trail. 

    At the same time they were creating tornadoes and killing people on the east coast using massive pulsed energy from places like Hunstville, Alabama — John McCain and Linsey Graham were on CNN in a town hall, selling the Jihadi Boogey Man narrative in an attempt to convince the American people that we need more boots on the ground in places like Afghanistan.  Their reasoning is completely based on nothing but fear mongering.  Graham kept looking wide-eyed at the audience telling them, "We are dealing with nutjobs, here."  Jeez, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black, senator Graham?  American troops are still in Afghanistan 16 years after invasion because they are protecting the poppy fields.  America is a drug dealer, and the biggest on the planet.  Every time you see a kid sticking a needle in his arm or see a grieving mother who just lost her child to a drug overdose, picture one thing — American troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan.  That is why they are there.  John McCain is a stooge and a serpent, as are all of the crony, war mongering, lying, morally bankrupt paid actors that double as politicians in this country.  Trump is another in a long list of puppets.  He's full of sh*t.  And he's good at it.  I've never seen someone better at being totally full of crap.

    Last night's precipitation in California was treated differently.  The RF signatures from the Nexrad towers they have been using was changed.  They created a split in the precipitation in an area from Sacramento northward.  There was precipitation east and west of this rectangular fence.  Up north in Washington I watched them use a very large pin-wheel maneuver from the Pendleton, OR Nexrad that seemed to be interacting with storms in Seattle and Spokane.  Radar is being censored during big maneuvers.  Cause radar is fake news.  Love you all.  Be well.  And thanks, Dane.

    • Contrarian says:

      Mario:  Lindsay sp) Graham is a nutcase and displays the wild behavior of someone being blackmailed.  Otherwise, I cannot fathom how someone as bright as he is can be so stupid.  I do not know what is McCains excuse except his bloated sense of self importance.  Both these crazies are major peddlers for war with Russia.  That desire on their part should trigger incarceration in an asylum.

      I notice the rain is less around Oroville while other locals north and south have much higher accumulations.  You describe what seems to be a weather control effort to save the dam.  Wonder how much that favor is costing Sacramento?:-))


    • Mario says:

      Contrarian: The patterns of the weather controllers in California has been less predictable in the last few weeks.  Maybe they realize they went too big, maybe there is some other motive.  It's hard to get a handle on it.   All I know is that appear to be going "all in".  It may have something to do new advancements in the technology of Nexrad.  As far as the dam…I mean…the damage speaks for itself.  Are they trying to save it by diverting weather?  Hard to tell, but doubtful. There is a lot of money, statewide, to be made off this destroyed dam.  Need new toys, break the old ones.  Melt season will be important.  

  20. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Yesterday, 4 March we had here in southern Europe a warm "cloudy" day with temperatures of 20º C, and the day before we had "snow".. the very wet "half rain, half snow" that comes with the chemical spraying, in a day with temperatures over 10º C and under 400 m of altitude. Since last Thursday 23 and until Sunday 26 we had days with temperatures surpassing 25º C, despite max temperatures forecasted in radio for those days were of 19 and 20º C. After 26 the MFs started spraying enormous quantities of aerosols and temperatures have decrease 12 or 13º C in two days, and now we have Winter again..

    About vaxxines, I want to share something with you All:

    Here in my country, ""veterinarians"", in some regions of the country ( when clients come to the clinics with their pets ) make the preparation of the "vaccines" in a separated room and what they give to the Pets is not what the owners are expecting, but a cocktail of virus like the leishmaniasis virus and canine parvovirus, sometimes mixed with several kinds of the piroplasmosis virus ( tick fever ). The thing works this way; when the ""veterinarian"" talks with the client asking questions, a ""nurse"" stays staring in a very impolite way to the owner of the Pet, trying to distract the person ( making psychological coercion ). And when the client begins to feel uncomfortable with the strange situation, the ""doctor"" tells to the ""nurse"" to prepare the vaxxination and she goes to the room in the next door. The clients stay relieved when the nurse leave the room. Distraction is created. And the false vaccination is delivered to the Pets ( that we Love ).

    This is 100 % TRUE.

    And why the owners of the Pets don't make the connection between the shots and the diseases, when the dogs and cats get very sick?

    Because the incubation period for the leishmaniasis virus is at least of 3 months. And vaccinated dogs when injected with massive amounts of the canine parvovirus and piroplasmosis virus, start to get sick 6 to 10 months after the vaxxination, with cancer. The dogs never stay well again, until they die sometimes years latter in great suffering with their stomach, liver and / or spleen and intestines destroyed by disease.

    Everything is game for keeping business flowing.

    I know about this since 2003 and I know who are the ""doctors"" involved in this criminal scam since 2012. I've tried since then to talk about the Problem with two police officers that I know, but without results. And I've been warned to not make any official report without strong evidence for proving the situation, because inclusively police officers have problems with denounces they make without solid proves, and some of them end paying on court big money for the criminal guys in defamation processes.

    And why I'm sharing this with you All?, not only because the hateful CRIME that these MFs are committing against our Pets, but also because this may BE the way used for the propagation of the zika virus.

    We know that in the latest outbreak of the virus, more or less 4000 Babies were born with microcephaly, in Brazil. "they" say because of the virus.. But we know also that only 10% of the Mothers of these Babies were infected with the zika virus. And we also know that now, for the first time in History, pregnant Women are vaccinated while being pregnant..

    I'm sure that a Time for Justice will come.

    Good Luck to Us All.

  21. Angela Coney says:


    Thank you for taking action and informing the public about 

    dangers of geoengineering. I too am surprised and amazed by the 

    public's refusal to believe what is happening before 

    their eyes. Thank you for your good and brave work. 


    • Ron Marr says:

      I grew up not far from Santa Cruz. Would go down to the pier and look under neath, there were always sea lions resting there. A very sad article, indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  22. marc says:

    Remember the scene in the Star Wars movie where Princess Leia is forced by Darth Vader and his Nazi-esque Governor Tarkin to witness the complete destruction of her home planet, Alderaan, by the Death Star? 

      The analogies to our present situation cannot be overestimated. 

    • MAP says:

      The Free Mason/Banker's Cabal loves to use Predictive Programming. They own Hollywood etcetera and it is used much for those purposes.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, first, the Ministry of Propaganda must prepare the Peons for Their Future, with their PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS, masquerading (barely) as "entertainment."  Notice how often you hear brainless moviegoers excitedly remarking "Wouldn't it be COOL if (fill in the blank here with your favorite scene of death and destruction, engineered on movie sets with stunt men, extras, etc.) really happened??"  For this great favor of preparing the stooopid American population, George Lucas (and others of his ilk) is a Favorite Son and should be receiving the equivalent of knighthood, soon to come when Uhmerukuh is finally once again a completely feudal society.  Won't matter when that's achieved– the peons are too busy watching movies to notice.

      Have a Nice Day!

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Yes, I often have that sense of being tortured, made to watch the murder of a planet's inhabitants.  Star Wars is  a universal war.  It's not fiction nor scifi.  It's our destiny to observe and overcome.  Movies are a form of a dream state.  Not unlike, in this case, an actual nightmare.  All of the ingredients for an analysis of our universal dilemma rather than for entertainment purposes.  Still, said in a million different ways, our fascination never tires.

    • MS P says:

      Power of suggestion.

      In movies, TV,  classrooms,or on the media news, We all are being duped. If we fall for it. 

  23. horsegirl says:

    Dane, this presentation is indeed an excellent one.  You ever outdo yourself.  We had previously wondered why you go Cotton Mather towards the perpetrators in first person, but upon thinking it through, surely they number among your most devout if surreptitious readers.  Or how else are they going to keep a bead on current levels of public knowledge of their crimes?  We have to wonder on a personal level.  Because whether by prayer, schedule or a species of timing best characterized by a shrug of the shoulders and a roll of the eyes, our sky changed within 24 hours of posting our plight on the previous forum post.  In a single day we both stopped the horrible coughing as the Nano-wall above the border – evidently an example of anomalous spot-spraying applicable to a surveillance project bracketed by otherwise deep blue sky further in from the international border in both directions -yielded to another sky manipulation.  We see a lot of spot treatments that are frequently visible in otherwise "blue" skies, such as the line demarcating I-90 visible 50 miles away.  Even the planes spray rigorously heeding the path of that interstate.  We notice constant accumulations over populated areas in the otherwise almost uninhabited areas of this vast desert land, but the recent activity above the international border since the Appointee swore he would rebuild the border wall proved fantastically toxic.  A friend still isisted we had a virus until I asked her how she thought it possible that 1) we manifested the chem cough at the same hour, 2) the chem cough disappeared when we took a day trip out of here, and 3) it left us at the same moment.  Do the craven traitors weigh our comments into decisions?  Whatever the case, you make great artillery out of the truth.  About these swatches of filth above us that are not clouds, but weapons – whatever their specific use. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dear Horsegirl,

      Having read with interest assertions that there is a toxic cloud at the border sounds like there's a "force multiplier" at work, trying to kill people before they get here.  At least, it might have that effect on border agents, but overall, this sucks.  It's a terrible thing to be driven out of your home, no matter who you are or where you're from.

      Please take care of yourself.  Wish I had a good suggestion for you.


  24. Ron Marr says:

    At birth/berth we are slapped on the bottom, vaccinated, registered in a trust, through the state; placed in commerce as a vessel for future use. We are than cultivated/grown through education, religion, status, race and gender, too forget, who we are. We are harvested like a field of weeds. Our trust is subrogated, when we sign the SS-5 form and receive an SS account number, so you can work, to the Queen, government and state. A weed, is never seen for its beauty and rendered expendable; like you and me. Where they fail, the memory is not in the brain. It belongs to us; like love, faith and gravity (They would like you to think gravity is a phenomenon out there somewhere.) Gravity is what holds us together, as one, if we are not trapped in the illusion of separation; in a fake reality, of the mind. Someone said, If we change-up the power of Love with the Love of power, we may find peace.  We must keep the faith and remember who we are.  We are consciousness, gifted with imagination and immortality. Together we form the human spirit, the most powerful force on earth.  'il Momento di Passare all'

    • MS P says:

      Great words & concept.
      Reminds me of my youth. As (my rebellious self in my youth) had once listened,  & sang along, to the words of the  
      "Logical Song."
      Realizing the crap that this was. The harm being done to me, at a very young age.  Being  all about education, &  all that  what was being so called  "groomed for life"
      I sure did question authority.  Warned my parents too. I was a idiot, not to. The song in mention.►
      When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
      a miracle, oh, it was beautiful, magical
      And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily,
      joyfully, playfully watching me
      But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible,
      logical, responsible, practical
      And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
      clinical, intellectual, cynical

      There are times when all the world's asleep,
      The questions run too deep
       for such a simple man
      Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
      I know it sounds absurd
      but please tell me who I am?

      Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical,
      liberal, fanatical, criminal
      Won't you sign up your name,
      We'd like to feel you're acceptable, respectable,
      presentable, a vegetable!

      At night, when all the world's asleep,
      The questions run so deep
      for such a simple man
      Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
      I know it sounds absurd,
      But please tell me who I am

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Powerful Words, Ron Marr.

  25. RICHARD FOOTE says:

    Is there any reports of spraying in Russia? Any photos of Chemtrails, SAG, over Moscow? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Richard, the short answer is yes, Russia is a part of the climate engineering global assault.

    • Jim says:

      It's obvious upon looking at weather cams during certain days they do spray there too. 

  26. Joseph L says:

    Wow so many dots to connect.  You would think the most precious thing on earth would be clean air, food and water.   It all sounds good but our food is polluted w gmos our air is polluted from multiple sources-Climate engineering being a big factor, our water is polluted w chlorine and fluoride , fracking etc.  WE have not been good stewards of this planet.    Everyone should be using a good shower filter besides a water purifier or filter.


         Thank you for everyone in here for getting the word out  about geoengineering .  Go to top of page where it says resources . You can print out great  flyers to hand out to people. 



  27. matt sarlo says:

    Here in northern Colorado i have observed some airplanes spraying at way less altitude than 30000 feet or above. This completely contradicts the stated purpose of solar radiation management as they are not in the stratosphere. But they are almost in range of conventional weapons. It is an existential threat to our children.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Here, Here Matt. Many are flying Way to Low! Only one purpose there!

    • Mario says:

      I've often wondered if we should amend Stratospheric Aerosol Injection to the more appropriate term: Stratospheric and Tropospheric Aerosol Injection.

  28. MS P says:

     Three days ago we had a almost normal nice day. No action that I could see. 

    Then the past 2 days, in Ventura county. Lots of spraying. Started out with wide  cloud lines, till complete white out, (I went into sneeze attack mode);  then went into ice nuke mode last night. So we now have dark clouds  (& that drying up from the inside feeling. Which will soon be followed, with the lungs under water feeling. )

    People are saying they are suffering from allergies. Going to the DR & getting shots. Lots of  allergy/ cold medicine is also being bought up. People just look very sick. More so than I have ever seen before. lots of suffering.

    I'm still sticking to drinking Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. in my water; for relief. I refuse to take any meds.

    • MAP says:

      We were "ice-nuked" a few days ago. By the looks of the clouds today, we have been "micro-waved" again. Not good.

    • JF says:

      There was very heavy spraying here in Socal yesterday. Turned to white out sky by the early afternoon. I Just can't believe that people cant see it.

      It seems like the spraying dried out that storm they were expecting to day(Sunday)

    • MS P says:

      Ice nuke, from last night. Brought a  short lived major rain downpour today (3-5) I drove up the CA coast to Santa Barbara. (101 FRWY), In a down pour. Once I got up to S.B. It cleared up to a windy day. There were times, that the winds were very strong. Not as bad as palm trees kissing the ground, just bending over. From the winds.

      What was really extra sick was the ocean. Black, I mean more black than I have ever seen. Even the white foam from the waves were black. (Refugio beach  spil, not cleaned up! ) 

      In all of my life.  Major oil slick madness. All was very dead too. No kelp had  washed up on shore, from the storm. Just oil slick mess. Black, & ugly sands. Kelp must have died a while back?

      I seldom see any kelp wash up on shore anymore. Not like before. Our kelp forests, seem to be  dying; just  like the corral reefs. No birds or life out  there either. Just tourists. Happy to go to the beach & play in the oily black water & sand.

       All was well with the tourists, who refuse to even care.  It's Vacation time. They look beyond the black oil slick, to see what appears to be blue ocean, in mind set. All is good. Vacation time!

  29. Laughing Crow says:

    Hello Dane!

    I thought tornado season typically begins in April!

    Writing you from the land of the frozen daffodils.

    Peace brother.

  30. theo says:

    About Mr Trump doing nothing against Geoengineering:

    Did we ever think of this giant dark parasite sucking our life force and decimating us humans and Gaia in all possible monstrous ways? IMO,

    Trump had to start with the most outrageous facts, from bottom up. I AM sure, once he puts the fundament for Truth, will act in all directions. ALL is urgent to UNDO on our planet, but I guess he had to start somewhere.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Theo, about Mr. Trump, unfortunately, all his actions since taking over the Whitehouse have further fortified the coverup of climate engineering. Though I am no fan of the EPA and other official environmental agencies, completely gutting those agencies will only ensure the current lack of climate engineering disclosure (as well as covering up countless other environmental crimes of the military industrial fossil fuel complex).

    • MAP says:

      The Trump "selection" must have looked appealing to the Power Structure in a few ways. More money for military equals more Geoengineering "projects".

  31. Dylan says:

    Ionospheric heaters simulate the effect of the solar wind by beaming radio frequency energy to excite electrons in the plasma which can generate artificial northern lights.

    Although Eastlund claimed the technology could be used to increase ozone or nitrogen in the atmosphere, the evidence suggests that by simulating the effects of the solar wind, it would enhance nitrogen oxide concentration, leading to ozone depletion.

    Like the solar wind, this technology damages the ozone. Perhaps that is the point. There is a long history of detonating nuclear devices, releasing chemicals and particles and since the 70’s, beaming electromagnetic energy into the upper atmosphere. All with result of damaging the ozone layer.

  32. Nick says:

    Dane please if you find the time to respond this question comes in dire need. Are the poles not flipping magnetically? We've had about 4-5 non chemtrail "clear sunny" days in michigan since Novemer. However the sun is so intense we're seeing UV over 7+ going reported as a 2-3 on te weather channel! Corruption! We're not crazy, Im getting sunburnt in the middle of winter within 20-30 mins my skin is baking hot and my tan visibly increases. This has never been like this before honest to god as someone who's paid attention the to the ongoing geo-engineering for a few years now. I know michigan is in a lower ozone protected zone according to your chart, but this sun has a middle of summer hotness to it, must be why all the flowers started to bloom!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nick, though magnetic pole drift is occuring, and may be accelerating, no “flip” has occured. About the UV intensity, it is extremely dire and getting worse rapidly.

    • Frances says:

      In Australia over winter 2016 (June July Aug), I found there was a real sting, a bite, to the sun's rays, unlike anything I'd experienced before.

    • MS P says:

      Hi Nick the UV index where I am at can get up to 12. I used willyweather for tracking it. Being a NOAA source. I can only think, the numbers are much higher than what they say they are. Just like the temps, are lower than what they really are. You can enter your state/town to track it here….


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MS P, yes, you are correct, the NOAA UV numbers have no basis in reality. The true UV exposure is far higher than any official disclosures.

    • BaneB says:

      Frances:  If you have not done so, check out:

      Lots of Aussie complicity.

    • MS P says:

      Thank you Dane, for your reply. It's very obvious, that we are all being lied to by NOAA.

  33. Bella_Fantasia says:

    You've been a powerful, durable beacon of white light today, Dane.  Thank you.  I'm needing to draw on that good energy to buoy my depressed spirit. Please know I'm still very much engaged, but there have been barriers placed in my intentional path that need navigating.  We see there will be little rest for the weary. Still the way we live matters so much more than the way we die.  For me it's the bottom line.

    In spite of the massive snow operations in Alaska this year, my spirit is deeply moved by the small but intrepid sled dogs who run for the absolute pure joy of it.  Don't tell them they're not flying : )  Their beauty made me cry today, for all the beauty.

    People at this forum understand very well, but it's never easy and not expected to be easy.  Still some days are harder. . . . .

    Love and courage need to be verbs going forward.  Call them sled dogs.

  34. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Andrew:  Your posts are a balm for the soul in these chaotic times.  Many thanks to you, Dane, and so many others for holding steadfast and in the moment with commitment to the truth and to love.  It really means everything.

    When I read about the 20 million immigrants due into Europe in next 10 years, my heart faltered, but I honestly do not think we have 10 years… esp after what has happened to France after the African immigrants took over the streets. Pure devastation shown in the videos.

    Hold steady, keep our hearts calm, and trust in the Higher Power as we ask for guidance to go forward.  Many blessings.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      TY Linda,

      "On on"

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Linda.

      I do not share your point of view.

      If 20.000.000 immigrants need to come into Europe ( the land of the pirates ), they are WELCOME.

      The population of EU is 500.000.000 of persons, 20.000.000 is only 4 % of our population.

      Of course helping 20.000.000 forever could have a big economic impact even with good will and good political coordination, between all the 28 "states" ( that technically in true are now federative regions – NOT STATES ANYMORE – of a mega federal super country called: EU. People will only awake when we start to lose our national constitutions for being replaced for an European constitution.. the Constitution of one Country is the only guarantee that citizens got that the state can NOT perpetrate acts of tyranny against the People ).

      But for HELPING All these people in a transitory strategy and in a temporary effort of 3 to 6 years, this inclusively can be an economic gain. Social, Cultural, Historical and Human gain would be for sure.

      But of course the builders of this MEGA Disaster are the ones ( the MFs that are spraying our Atmosphere ) that try very hard to demonize the victims of their acts. Is the narcissistic madness of the socio-psychopaths doing what they normally do,  business as usual.

      Maybe some do not know, but in Europe we have ( one example ) in ALL countries a lot ( hundreds ) of sports pavilions with capacity for 300 to 500 PERSONS, that are locked  ( by keys ), and are NOT used for anything. These spaces have bathrooms, showers and sometimes little restaurants inside. And I will NOT talk about the properties of the church.. the empty buildings, etc..

      This is all about the compulsive, sadistic and pathological narcissism of the neo-fascists, which I try to talk about sometimes.

      God help the CLIMATE REFUGEES!!!

  35. Laura says:

    I had no luck being able to hear this radio show in the daytime (central coastal calif) today…tried again tonight with success.  Just information that might be …or might not be…important.  Similar situation last week also.   Always fine before last week.


  36. Bud Muller says:

    something strange is happening, almost any time I look up I see jet's spraying a short burst, not unlike a con trail, how clever these monsters are, I really believe they are using another recipe, one that has very little reflective properties, I'm guessing it's something other than coal ash. I'm also guessing it's not good.  this is especially disturbing to me, as is the circus in the country of DC.

         Dane thanks for all you do, and all others who care, and are aware. God help us, it has become obvious he is the only one who can.                   sincerely Bud

    • Rhonda says:

      Bud, you are absolutely correct! Although we must continue to sound the alarm and support Mr. Wigington, "God help us, it has become obvious he is the only one who can," is on point. Praying daily that God will reclaim his skies and let his planet restore itself to health. Peace.


  37. Ty Hawaii says:

    Since when has any sitting President been more than a piece of P.R. fluff for the NY Banking Mafia ? 1932 ?  1860 ?  The new administration may as well be called the Goldman Sachs administration.                                                                                     Goldman Sachs is the largest private investment bank in existance. Globally, they are the 'tough bank on the block', and the corporate leader of the Banking Mafia. We know that the NY banking, financial & propaganda complex is in charge of policy at the NY Fed and the greater Federal Reserve System.                                          The current Treasury Secratary is GS, as are several other cabinet positions. Who's in charge could hardly be more blatantly – in your face obvious.                                                                The Federal Reserve has, for a long time been run without any bookkeeping accounability to congress or anyone else whatsoever, beyond the elite club members that run the the thing.                                        The Fed is the primary global bank of issue: meaning they issue (i.e. create) the dollar credit we all use and depend on for self support.                                           The annual tab for the international geoengineering program(s) must run in excess of $1 trillion. A non-trivial amount, but still just another budget item to the bank, whose books are secret.  This entire program may simply be counted as military expenditure.                                                  Miliitary expenditure is understood to be critical to the health of the economy. The DOD announced recently that it cannot accout for $ 7 trillion or so of its funding. This figure represents quite a skim coming off the top for those connected to the MIC. 

    • Dennie says:

      Uhmerkunz have ZERO idea that Lincoln went to Russia for help in fighting the Civil War, and Alexander II sent six Russian warships to San Francisco Harbor:  The U.S. Civil War was very nearly WWI!  It seems especially egregious that those currently in "power" in the U.S. would treat such an important ally so badly.  There were reasons for Russia to ally with the U.S. At the time they were having trouble in Poland, and it looked like the English were going to step in to both the European trouble as well as the American trouble (England was manufacturing subs for the Confederacy).  Clearly, this was the beginning of the emergence of the two modern "superpowers-to-be" and at the time they were working together quite cooperatively.  Incidentally, Alexander II freed 23 million serfs in Russia, just one year before Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation.  Lincoln was assassinated after the war came to a close.  In 1881 Alexander II, a liberal reform ruler, was also assassinated.

    • Paul Barbara says:

      And that's without the 'Black Money' the CIA gets for drug and arms running and banking fraud (in which the 'Ruling Families' also indulge.

      Quite a handsome 'piggy bank'!

  38. renate summers, BC Canada says:

    If Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, WHY is it a side effect listed on the Package Insert with the FDA????

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Oh My!    Are You Kidding Me?   Now that's Insane!      We are Truly dealing with Monsters!     They deny it's link….then expose it in Plain Sight, for all to See.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      We need to step up against the bullies because believe it or not vaxxed is being attacked by both the anti-cure autistic community and the science community and all these people are attacking and spamming vaxxed this is our children's hope being spammed and attacked I know it's very harsh to say this but at this point the autism community for the most part is behaving in a manner that is comparable to cancer for example they don't want a cure they don't want others to want or be able to have a cure and they are constantly pushing there anti-cure pro-autism and disability narrative down our throats I am literally just the messenger here this is really happening right before our eyes if we just choose to see we have the so called Neurodiversity movement going after vaxxed and we have the ASAN promoting the Neurodiversity movement and making it as like everyone is represented by there organization when that's not the case my point in this writing is to inform you on what's going on peace. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @renate summers, BC Canada

      Having never seen the labels myself, maybe it's only listed in Canada??? 

  39. Hawkeye says:

    Dane, what mainstream media has admitted to haarp heating Alaska skies? That info link would be helpful to send to the deniers inbox!



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Hawkeye, there are multiple sources that covered the HAARP story, here is one, FYI

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Dane.  That Scientific American article is so full of it.  On video we've heard how controlling the ionosphere was mission accomplished, and that's why they were done with the Gakona HAARP.  Now they admit, at least, the sky is their "plasma lab".  Video here:

      There are many facilities that coordinate with each other in Alaska lately.  The main one, I believe, is Poker Flats (not shown on on any map or list).  I bet they're doing lots of triangulating.  Sounds like they're messing with the electrojet.

      Now there are more:

      They've made it very cold over most of Alaska except for the panhandle and the Aleutians.  Lots and lots of snow has been dumped this year.  But there's no telling where the cold or snow came from.  Fronts don't move in, except lows from the south/southwest.  One weather shill talked about the cold "squeezing down" from the north.  Our once remarkable skies are so dense and murky, while blindingly bright, with a black undertone only noticeable if you glance up with sunglasses without tilting your head back.  Am I seeing coal ash or black carbon?  Suffered the most alarming and intense allergic symptoms for about 10 days in February, and nucleation causes very intense leg pains, which I never have ordinarily.


  40. C.J. says:

    Can't you see it? Conquer and divide. You tell your loved ones. They don't believe it. Argue. Now you see it.It's not Funny. Even when they know it. Terrible. they will Argue anyway's.

    • Rhonda says:

      We had family over for dinner last night. This issue was brought up. Three family members laughed, tried to argue their point, got up and left. I felt so sorry for them that the propaganda has worked on them. What is right before their eyes, doesn't phase them. So sad.


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I wonder if you responded with… I have found this Great site that talks on all aspects of Geo Engineering from Experts in many Fields including NASA, Generals, Scientists, Researchers, Physicians, Weather Experts, Climatologists & Environmentalists, etc.  & they too are as Worried as I am about these ongoing programs & there affects.       I have researched hundreds of documents & have watched for countless hours myself  of the jets flying over our area spraying that  I, & millions of others have seen around the World. And if you are talking to a Liker of the FBI…mention Ted L. Gundersen, Who called the practice "Death Dumps"!   What time have you put into this dire topic that has convinced you that it is not happening?  This I Hope, will make them think of their own Ignorance & lack of real evidence by simply saying   ..   I don't believe it ! "           It will not Suffice !   Denial is no longer an option.

    • MS P says:

      Then there is people who mention H A A R P 5 years ago. But now say. "We do not talk about it"  Conversations on such, are off the table. 

  41. Greg says:

    I was working outside yesterday under a very nice dark blue sky, and I saw an airplane fly high overhead that was not spewing a long line of white behind it.. What a site.

    • MS P says:

      I am seeing it too. I think that is the very bad  mix, that dries my insides out. Perhaps part of the ice nuke action? It seems to be close, in proximity.

      They do this along with the while lines in the sky. Flying at a higher elevation. It spews out of the plane more than what the commercial air busses put out. It's a noticeable difference. Also  very reflective, in the sun.

      It's not normal air traffic. The jets going to Los Angeles  (LAX) fly east of me. This is above me. I know the flight patterns.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      I only see the really high planes with the short trails, when they are trying to cool us down here in AZ. I get a nasal drip as a result. When I lived in WA state, east side, I had that nasal drip all winter. I didn't know then, about climate engineering, and ice nucleation. Makes since to me now, I don't have any allergies, and always wondered where that drip came from.

  42. renate summers, BC Canada says:

    If President Trump Is Really In Charge, Why Are The Chemtrails Worse Than Ever?

    • Gretchen says:

      Trump is not one of us and has no control over the criminal cabal and their evil machinations; however,  I'm sure he is aware what happens to presidents who try. Our "government" pretends to have authority over us; in reality, they act on behalf of the "shadow government" (the psychopaths that control everything.) The District of Columbia is a foreign city state, and the oath of office our so-called "representatives" take in this foreign city state is not to serve Americans or the Republic. They are all traitors, and contacting them to act on our behalf is wasted energy; it is far more effective to let them know we know about the fraud and their collusion in it. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Because Trudeau's in charge in Canada !   That's Why !    Why is he so Hell bent on the Carbon Tax?    Money, Money, Money !    He is Canada's Pusher Man !!!

  43. Seeing Clearly says:

    Thank you for this show , thank you for being part of the cure and not the disease so many people in our society choose to be part of the disease and then call us the disease they call us the burden to society they call us crazy radical conspiracy theorists extremist they call us the disease when in reality there being part of the disease its total inversion of reality it's everywhere many people turn to the disability community and convince themselves they are a community of honor but as I researched into that community and really analyzed and studied what there all about with the exception of a few individuals they are part of the same cancer we are fighting against I mean Transablism, anti-cure ideologies, Neurodiversity which doesn't really embrace Neurodiversity it just stigmatizes , disability pride and lots of other backwards thinking and activities go on in that very respected disability community which also is a community of betrayal to the common good just like the spiritual institutions just like the environmental institutions and all the rest they chose to be part of the cancer not the cure for example "disability is a beautiful thing " and as they fuel the tumor they are screaming progress progress and then when we start fighting the cancer they start crying out saying our progress is being undone. 

  44. Grace says:

    My friend in Louisiana said they had yellow spots on car and they were coughing up yellow mucus today 

    • MAP says:

      While living in Texas during past few years, I noticed many times the geo-engineered "droppings" or splatters on cars

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I have a sample I took in Alberta last year in the refridgerator. I thought it might be sulphur. It showed up on anything glass, but not wood.

  45. Bryce says:

    Extremely heavy spray in Inland Southern California as I type this! 

    Day in, day out of continuous aerosol pollution with no end in sight.  I continue to write my representatives, text tips to local news organizations, and try to educate the oblivious about the obvious going on above our heads to no avail. I feel so depressed and so hopeless, as well as outraged that this continues to go on. I think I need to print out some of those flyers and start plastering them everywhere I go! I'm not sure what else to do.

     I have a couple general questions: 

    Does anybody have any new or additional information about these planes?! – Are they, or are they not drones? Are there actual live pilots in these planes polluting our skies? – Where do these planes take off from?! Who loads the chemicals into these planes? – I have been trying to use to try and track these planes in real time when I see them up in the sky. – does anybody have any suggestions pertaining to this? I'm assuming they have registration right? Do they file a flight plan? I am assuming they're visible to radar, right? 

    A big Thank You to Dane too; he continues to be inspiring to me especially when I feel like it's too late to do anything. 


    • MS P says:

      Military installations. Ever see the runway @ Vandenburg? Look it up on google earth.  It's massive.

      I think this is also going on beyond planet earth. From satellites. No proof, just some hear-say. From people who work @ vandenburg.AFB in CA. Ranting about the destructive  Tesla' technology in space. They were getting rather wasted after a hard day at work.  Drinking very hard. Talking a bit too much. I over heard the conversation.

      PT Magu, is where one plane  had crashed. It made the TV news. Dane has it here too. This jet had no #'s & a Omega symbol on the side. After that the red fuselage plane, with the white wings, had appeared.

      With Trump being so into the MFG of  military planes. One can only do the math. Add it up. Then look up. New planes in the sky.


      Every military installation is also a not fly zone. Many are not known of.  Like the one in the Tehachapi Mountains. For many years, it has been called "Area 52" due to the strange stuff that flies from there. Now there are these white out events. So we can no longer see what is really flying up there. 

      One can buy pilot maps. Look for "No fly zones" . The White House is a no fly zone, & so is Disneyland in CA.


    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      I have used and to my surprise the actual planes spraying do display, but that is were the information ends. Many of the best places to view the spraying is an airport since they provide a wide open view of the sky. I have seen the planes parked at the airports, completely with whited out markings on the side. 

      So of course the airports and the FAA know what is going on in our skies. When will we as a population stop providing our consent? Our tax dollars? Our children?

      Thank you again Dane for a very strong message. 


  46. barney says:

    Go get many telescopic cameras and put them in many locations around the US and broadcast the footage of the spraying planes live everyday. The footage must clearly show the spray coming out of the spray nozzles. Too many people believe the lie that the spray is merely “jet exhaust”.

    • Debra Evans says:

      Just crazy, isn't it'?!  I'm completely dumbfounded at how, even after we tell someone, especially 'loved one's' about it, they won't hear of it.  I am stunned and at a loss. 

    • wendy says:

      You know it's sad. Until the oceans rise from the Artic melt and the air and water gets to the point where you can no longer drink or breath without coughing the world will keep their blinders on. Sad but true

    • MS P says:

      There are many wildlife cams out there. They are a great place to see the weather. Such as-

      explore dot org.

      I just love to watch the birdy!

      Yes indeed. They really do think that this is all normal. NOT SO!

      We in CA have these very high car exhaust/smog  regulations. Yet the jets, who run also run on octane-gas or jet fuel, are exempt?

      YA Right!

      My latest wake up call to the people who refuse to SEE.

      How can it be? Is my way of talking. Asking about it. As if I have just noticed this.  Like a turnip that just fell off a truck, in conversation. Than asking about it. Some people say it is from planes. Then I say something about someone  had said something about geoengineering. ("Do you know what that is? I still need to google it") 


      On a side note. In my younger years I could see the air traffic going to airports. Never was there this junk coming out of  the butt end  of jets. I have flown about a good bit too. This is not normal. 

      The price of plane gas is about a quarter more per gallon, than it is for cars.  Flying/renting planes with a pilot. I learned a bit about aviation. 

      This is educational at best. Look up aviation maps, that pilots use. Also learn more about flying. It's fun to learn to fly.

      Or like the rock band FOO Fighters. learning to fly video. Mocks commercial aviation & drugs  big time. As a joke.

      Music on the hard rock side

  47. Carol says:

    Hello Dane..  our skies everyday now !, surely we should be dropping like flies all this  chemical stuff they spraying  ???? But what can we do it's really getting to me  !! I give leaflets out tell people but it's like pulling teeth ..  It's the people at the top  we want  but they do not want to know it's them we want  on board ?? It was awful the skies R people blind Gezzzzzz fed up scary …..  Love what you Dane … 

    • Debra Evans says:

      I'm in Sebring Florida right now.. It's Horrendous.  Killing off the elderly. I gotta get out of here!  Then I say to myself, NH?  It's all the same, but, it is worse here. 

    • goober says:

      Where do you get leaflets – I can't get any from here for some reason.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Goober, you can use the attached link for free informational flyer downloads that you can then print locally, hope that helps. FYI

  48. Chad says:

    Wthe TRUTH  will set you FREE!!!!

  49. Andrew from scotland says:

    Another good talk, Dane, Thank you.

    Re HAARP: during the last two weeks, we have had many sudden 40 – 45 mph gusts of wind – classic HAARP, so a target area is about 500 miles from Scotland. 

  50. izzy says:

    Considering his ongoing clueless performance, truncated vocabulary, repeated demonstration of hapless ignorance, and penchant for self-aggrandizement along with petty bickering, it seems safe to say that Prez T gives new meaning to the term ‘useful idiot’. Whatever monstrous plot it is that drives American policy and the NWO juggernaut, it has now kicked into high gear and is rapidly accelerating. Popular public outrage, bubbling through as it often has lately, appears to have little practical affect on our collective trajectory so far. And a large fraction of the general population is in a permanent state of somnambulance. Not good. A betting person might cock an eye and note this is the perfect set-up for disaster. Like Wiley E. Coyote, we’re now somewhere between the edge of the cliff and the rocks far below, with a shredded rag for a parachute.

    • Tom Keith says:

      Great rant ! You should put this in your local paper. I do this every 30 days for our local papers here in Davenport IA and Moline IL. Not only helps me, but I hear from people on the streets who offer encouragement. Just a thought.

      Cheers, TK

  51. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Dane, a THOUSAND THANK YOU's for your sincere, unwavering, leadership and factual information. I am 100% beside you, as so many of our brothers and sisters are. After losing my wife to Cancer and the medical mafia 13 months ago, I took her activism and added it to mine to turbo charge my activist. I have been researching causes and natural cures for cancer over the last year which has overlapped into many other subjects relating to causes. I have been educating myself up, grouping up, standing up and showing up. I came across your YouTube presentation last Summer and many others regarding Geoengineering. You have an excellent understanding about what has been and continues to go on in our broken world. You are a great teacher and mentor. I have always been a seeker of truth and liberally spread truth through my thoughts, words, prayers and actions. I have written my Governor, Secretary of Health, Department of Health, Senetors and Congressman just to encounter ignorance at every turn. That does not deter me from spreading the word. I recently down loaded some fliers and have been distributing them. I am going to put a decal on my 1986 Toyota window next. Sincere Thanks to you for all you say and do. May God/Godess bless all of our endeavors to make the difference in saving ourselves, Nature and our one and only planet. For the GREATER GOOD!

    True Regards

    Christopher RN

  52. C.J. says:

    I totally agree with you Patti. Well said. I don't just think think this is affecting people. I know it is. Gassing us. Giant Gas Chamber. Dumbing the Herd Down. What an absolute shame.

  53. Deborah says:

    Demanding President Trump STOP THE SPRAYING OF OUR SKIES, would be a good start!     No more spraying will be the Litmus Test for stopping the Globalist from destroying Earth.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deborah, about Trump, he and his staff have known about the ongoign aerosol spraying for well over a year at minimum. I know this for certain as I have ongoing communications with a retired USAF General who held a meeting with Trump’s top campaign people (and Carson’s) specifically to cover the climate engineering issue. So far, every move president Trump has made since occupying the White House is completely anti-environmental and thus in the exact opposite direction of exposing and halting climate engineering. Mr. Trump has so far shown only unconditional support for the military industrial complex, there are no signs that he in any way intends to even address the climate engineering issue, let alone stop it.

  54. Patti Minter says:

    I am really stunned by the way most people are unaware that anything is different about the skies.  It makes me think that people are too busy on their cell phones, traveling to and from work in the dark, or are spending too much time in front of the TV to look up.  And when I ask them to look up at the trails they have a blank stare and say that I am a conspiracy theorist.  Also everyone thinks that the trails are condensation from the planes and that if they criss- cross or make other patterns it is due to increased jet traffic.  I think that the chemtrails are getting to the people already and causing reduced brain function. 

    I thank  you, Dane, for making such a wonderful website that will help wake people up and inform people of what is going on.  I have found only a few sites that measure up to the job.  There are a lot of sites out there though that are trying to push the "conspiracy theory" story.  I really don't understand their cause other than to promote stupidity and evil.

    Please visit    and sign my petition to stop chemtrails in the USA.


    Patti Minter

    Sealy Texas

    • sean slavin says:

      Fyi your petition won't load. 

    • Michele says:

      Hi Patti,

      The link is not working for me. 

    • Michele says:

      I found your link posted on another article and was able to sign the petition. The links look identical, so I'm not sure why this one doesn't work. 

    • Bryce says:

      Would love to sign your petition, but link doesn't work. Any other way to find it? 

    • Robert West says:

      Hi Patti,

      I sign your petition the other day and it showed 84 signatures and today my wife can't get it to open. Yes, I did see it on another site but don't remember where.

    • stephan says:

       Hi Patti – The link won't open for me either.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey Patti:  I saw your petition a few weeks back, signed it and passed the link on to more folks in the S.F. Bay Area.  About people not getting it:  While I'm sure it's not helping, chem trails didn't cause their denseness and willful stupidity– they were that way to start with.

    • Michele says:

      Here is the link that worked for me:

      There is another ongoing petition that's closer to meeting its quota. Unfortunately, it's on

    • Gretchen says:

      Patti, I see your post for this petition over and over in the comments section. The White House in located in the foreign city state District of Columbia. Those who pretend to represent us, don't,  the oath they take in this foreign city state is not to serve us, and asking them to act on our behalf is wasted energy. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  is a corporation, and consists of DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and several other archepelagos and uninhabited islands. We have been lied to our whole lives about pretty much everything, and our "government" has committed fraud and identity theft against the entire American population. Fraud vitiates everything it touches.

    • Robert West says:

      Pattie's first posted link on March 2, 2017…Maybe it will work:

  55. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 155th email, titled 'Vive ut Vivas'.

    Methane is not just in the Arctic – massive amounts stored in Pacific Ocean: 

    2.  Last week, the BBC Distraction (and disinformation) Main News spent hours covering the farce that is the Oscars…one has to wonder what happened in the world that they do not want us to know. 

    Having had the 750,000 civilians trapped in both Aleppo and Mosul, in Africa we now have 20 million people at risk of starvation in the next 6 months and 20 million immigrants due into Europe from Africa within 10 years – (they would have been more accurate if they had said within 3 years, and what about the millions that will come from the south/middle east and east – India, Asia etc).

    Morning frost crystals continue to be @ minus 12ºC whilst surrounding ground @ zero and overnight minimum air temp minus 3ºC.  A weather station near here continues to record overnight solar radiation up to 13 watts/sq m –  even on the night of the new moon! 

    3.  Notes to Self (week 9 of 104):  Despite and because of 'their' best efforts, spring has sprung: our Pieris (Forest Flame) are in flower; the birds are courting; snowdrops, daffodils, crocus, primula and others are in flower (some primula have flowered all winter); witchazel are still in flower; and most importantly, the gorse continues to bloom – so love is still in tune

    The joy of living and loving abounds around us, Vive ut vivas (Live that you may live)…we ain't got much longer to prove ourselves worthy of this life.

    "The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer Gods heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth."  Anon. Also from poem by Dorothy Frances Grurney.

  56. Duane "lee" Edgecomb says:

    I am a Navy Veteran and Federal Aircraft Inspector,, In 74 I was in Spain and worked on a project Aircraft that had the spray nozels and tanks in the Aircraft. It was a P-3 Orion. Not until recent years did I realize what they were doing, the equipment inside dictated it could spray chemicals, with nozzles on the wings.
    Most Pilots have little clue as Mechanics….Hard to believe-I have argued with Embry Riddle Staff in Florida and Pilots alike…..ssadlee


    • Debra Evans says:

      Thank you, Duane, for serving our country. It gives me and all of us hope, knowing that people like you are working with Dane. Thank you and God Bless You. 

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