Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 4, 2023, #395


Dane Wigington

The manufactured snowpocalypse is wreaking havoc on countless communities and crop producing regions, welcome to winter weather warfare. Many of the locations that are now buried under snow saw temperatures of 80 degrees or more in the days just prior to the commencement of the climate engineering winter weather warfare operations. Matrix media propagandists are pushing the narrative that winter weather whiplash is now normal, natural and something we should expect. How toxic is this chemically frozen material? What are it's characteristics compared to naturally nucleated snow? How will it affect runoff waters, soils, crops and forest health? And all of this taking place against the background of global ecological collapse. What's next? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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28 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 4, 2023, #395

  1. christian genest says:

    I'm listening to what you discovered about the spraying that is happening since many many moons so far.I  just spoke with a Federal bureau person that have never heard about it. Told her to watch the Dimming.and also I talk about all the cies. that are participant to that poisoning.  She wanted to see that list .She was asking me why in the world would the governement do or allow such a thing ? She would probably talk to our dictator Justin Trudeau about it and see what will be his answers. Anyway..  Christian Genest

  2. Lance says:

    Been reading statements being made about how CA needs to "build more dams" to resolve the issues with water. No mention of how all water has been polluted by uncountable tons of various toxic chemical and elemental pollutants, and continues to be polluted in ways most don't understand.   

  3. Lance says:

    If the weather forecast for March 12 thru 15 is correct there will be some major flooding in the Sacramento valley. There are already news reports telling of some of the reservoirs that are filling up rapidly that will not be able to release water fast enough to keep up with the inflows. Folsom Reservoir is one and Oroville Reservoir is another. In 2018 a warm "storm" came in and dropped rain on the small snow pack in the mountain watershed that feeds into the Oroville Reservoir causing the water level to rise very quickly. The spillway was opened and water was being released, but the spillway made of concrete broke up. Water continued to be released down the spillway which caused major erosion where it broke up. The gates were closed to stop this, but the water kept rising and over topped the north end of the dam. Then this area began to erode too much and the authorities ordered an evacuation. Over 200,000 people evacuated downstream locations over a period of 48 hours. After this the spillway and the north end of the dam was rebuilt, but this cost many millions of $. Same situation could be forthcoming but the amount of snow in the Sierra's this year far exceeds that which was up there in 2018. If the rainfall models are correct for the 12 thru the 15th there could easily be the same type of situation only much worse. Will be staying in Nicolas at an RV park on the 13th near the Feather River which is not far from where the water now flowing out of the Oroville dam down the rebuilt spillway is located. Needless to say, we'll be watching what's going on and if it starts to look like there is going to be a problem we'll not be staying there long. Today, its near 60F in Rio Vista, CA, which is located along the Sacramento River in the Sacramento Delta. Had a quite heavy downpour about an hour ago, but its not raining now. River is quite high, but well within its manmade levee system which is being monitored by Federal, State, and local agencies. Will update if anything happens.   

  4. brent papon says:

    If u can't breath the air

    drink da water

    An the food has NO nutrients…

  5. Lance says:

    The Euphrates River is a major international waterway that divides Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. The Euphrates River has nearly dried up according to many reports! Some reports blame Turkey for holding the water back using their dams, but other reports say that due to the drought conditions in eastern Turkey the amount of water flowing down the from the headwaters is far less than its ever been. Making way for the kings of the east?

  6. Lance says:

    Just read a news report about the drought in Turkey and Iran that is causing the great river Euphrates to dry up! This was foretold would happen thousands of years ago! Is this an act of nature, an act of men, or an Act of God? You decide!

  7. Lance says:

    No comments yet? Anyway, just looked at the Tropical Tidbits " GFS Model" of the engineered weather incoming starting on March 9th and lasting through the 11th. INCHES of RAIN is to start falling on all that snow up there on the 10th as the snow level will be above 8,000 feet! Have experienced and seen what happens when a lot of rain falls on a snow pack in the mountains. Lived in Oregon in 1964 when a "Pineapple Express" dropped INCHES of RAIN on the snow pack in the Cascades causing the South Umpqua River 2 miles from our home to go over its banks and flood us out. Other rivers flooded which destroyed a lot of homes, bridges, roads in Oregon back then. Was this caused by "geoengineering"? Don't know, but If the "models" are correct there is a very high probability that there will be major flooding in much of CA, especially in valley locations, when this "atmospheric river" hits. We'll be staying along the Sacramento River in Rio Vista, but if the river starts to rise we won't be there long, that is, if we can get out of the area.   

  8. Dan says:

    Have been a GE supporter for at least a couple of years.  We reside in south central Colorado just inside the front range and sadly we have seen the steady increase in tree die off.  But to the current topic, other than the possible ionospheric heater to create a high pressure dome over this region, can anyone explain why with all the moisture deluge in the west and seemingly everywhere else, we in south central CO have only seen one inch of moisture during the last SIX MONTHS?

    • Amanda says:

      I also live in Colorado and noticed it was supposed to be cold all week, no precipitation forecasted earlier in the week. Just now checked the weather forecast as it's snowing, and there's a red flag warning issued for tomorrow with mid-50s forecasted. The forecast shows no wind and full sun for tomorrow, yet somehow there's a red flag warning for fires for Denver/Boulder, Douglas and Elbert counties. I'll be watching for fires tomorrow since all of this seems incredibly sketchy.

  9. CLARK says:


    I have WITNESSED MASSIVE CHEMICAL ATTACKS over SUN CITY,TEXAS that turns the BLUE SKY to TOXIC CHEMICAL HAZE that I no longer go outside any more except for weekly food shopping .IT HAS GONE WAY WORSE in 2023  and the local meteorlogist CHIKAGE WINLER described the CHEMICAL HAZE as a SOUPY SKY.  and MILKY .   MY EYES and THROAT BURN if I step outside even for a few minutes.  THE terrifying FACT is I see many AIRPLANES FLYING ARCS over MY HOME every time I LOOK UP.



  10. Lance says:

    Going to be staying in the central CA valley the next 2 weeks. Have been looking at the long range weather forecast. Major storm systems to start moving in to CA on the 9th bringing a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Snow level is going to rise to 8,000 ft. If the rain that is forecast to come starting on the 9th is as heavy as the "models" show there will be major flooding. The "models" are quite imposing to look at!

  11. Nyira says:

    Dane, Thank you for all of your hard work.  I know how discouraging it is to read the blatant lies that are published daily across the globe.  I've been following your work since 2015 always hoping that things would change for the better.  I cannot even consider the "globalists" human beings at this point.  They say they want to reduce human population to "save the planet" yet they are destroying all life on it, destroying the foundation of our very existence (our food supply), destroying all life on Earth.  While I do feel great sadness for all of human suffering, I'm especially sensitive to the suffering of wildlife.  There is a live Eagle camera in Big Bear Valley that I have been checking daily for several weeks.  Seeing the pair of Eagles take turns sitting on the eggs, turning them so gently, and repairing their nest.  Once the heavy snow started the were buried one at a time, completely covered with snow while still on the eggs. It has been determined now that their eggs will not hatch.  It could be for any reason but I think it is due to climate engineering.  This is just one of countless species being affected by geoengineering in addition to all of the other things going on.  The engineered food supply collapse, engineered chemical releases, culling millions of healthy chickens because of Avian Influenza when this virus supposedly hasn't even been isolated, etc. all because of their ridiculous agenda.  Another issue wrecking havoc on wild species is rodenticide.  This multi-billion dollar industry is killing all rodent-consuming species because a rodent does not die immediately after consuming anticoagulant rat poison, but wanders around making it an easy meal for predators.  There is nothing more heart-wrenching than watching a majestic Bald Eagle dying from rat poison.  A female Eagle died from rodenticide last week in Massachusetts.  She and her mate were so popular that there are several children's books written about them.  One thing to note is that the symptoms of AI in birds are pretty much the same as rodenticide poisoning.  I think back and remember you discussing the thousands of Alpacas that died from the chemical ice nucleation several years ago, the whales dying from the sonar testing, the snakes…  These are the things that stick with me, things that I simply cannot fathom.  I don't know what to do…  only a handful of people understand what is really going on.  I'm just doing my part trying to be an "Earth-Keeper" and trying to teach others how incredible this planet and all life on it actually is.  If they truly wanted to save Earth, then they would shut down all of the chemical manufacturing facilities, halt climate engineering, stop killing everything, and really make an effort to do what is right, but instead they just care about money, power, and control.  I will never be able to understand what those in power are thinking…  they are soulless and most certainly do not deserve the title of being "human".  Thank you for listening and please keep up the fight.

    • Jay says:

      Nyria–I hear you. I feel

      beyond terrible about everything you said, and beyond. I, too, try to help, minimize harm, etc. I am

      not optimistic, but I am not giving up.

    • cheryl brown says:

      i feel the same way. im at a loss. totally and completely. i dont have many friends, virtually no family, i dont do social media, we know anyone in power is corrupt…so seriously, what do we do. so so sad to hear ABout the eagles, its the entire earth is dying. i personally wish humans would die so the earthlings can just exist. humans are so corruptable, so power hungry etc, i dont have hope for ppl as a whole. not just those in power but your everyday joe doesnt give a shit about anything but making money for them and their. family. 

  12. Ziggy says:

    One last thing I would like to point out if you please Dane, before I move to my new home and begin writing my book.

    Here in the south (from southern California to South Carolina) everybody (and I truly mean everyone) is going to a pitch black roof. Whether it is a new home or existing one that has the roof replaced. Deep, dark, black shingles! I don't know what the new roof color trends are in the mid to upper west, north, central plains states, or the mid to upper east coast. But BLACK roofs are now the number one choice of contractors and homeowners alike, in this heat wave capital of America. 

    And it just makes me go Bonkers! Because they haven't got a clue as to just how much they are contributing to the extremely rapid heating of the planet. Not to mention the fact that their central Air Conditioning systems are now running 24/7 to keep it cool inside.

    Using that much more fossil fuel to generate the additional electricity. Blowing that much more super heated air into the surroundings, from the condensing unit coils.

    And of course, most importantly… Absorbing 100% of the sun's thermal heat. Compared to the green vegetation covered lot, before it was developed for the construction of the house. Where the heat absorption was way, way lower and there were actually plants that gave off life giving oxygen! Before people's vanity and abuse of nature, turned it into a Global Warming magnet for extinction inviting heat.

    I try to tell them that they are the problem and not the solution to our looming extinction. But they usually just tell me to just go "F" myself and save a frog or something. You can't even reason with them, or explain how black roofs are causing a massive increase in heat combustion fires, in the attics of these homes in question. Or, how their electric bills will now be over $1,000 in summer, where they were just $350 before. When they had a light gray roof.

    People refuse to look up at the elephant in the sky, and they are so wrapped up in social trends. That just because Bob has a new black roof down the street. They decide that they have to have one as well, because it looks so COOL. Strange choice of words I know. But that's exactly what they tell me, all the time. "It looks cool." 

    They will find out soon enough though, that it isn't cool to die of heat stroke. Or try to survive in 150 degree summer days! While I am saving the frogs, they are writing their own eulogy.   

    • Earth Angel says:

      I'm glad you pointed this out Ziggy. When I built my house 20 yrs. ago I chose a very light tan which has now faded out to a cream/ white color. I specifically chose the light color to REFLECT the sun's rays and indeed my electric bills are small in comparison to what I hear many other's are paying. I also chose to put in a good many windows and sliding glass doors which let in much natural light thus saving me more on electricity. I have noticed some people around here (the southeast) building these stupid looking black houses- one in particular is completely black- black metal roof, outdoor siding or wood black, everything black. I wondered what kind of people want to live in a totally BLACK house?! CRAZY.

    • Annabel Australia says:

      Reading this l had to laugh, Ziggy, because a similar thing happened here in Victoria, Australia, a half dozen years ago.

      A work colleague in his early 20s purchased a black car, the colour being new on the market and so at a higher cost than standard silver, white, red, etc. He also remarked that it was 'cool'.

      I told him it might not be a good idea considering our summers regularly hit 40 degrees celsius. And l always remembered what l was taught in primary school that 'black absorbs and white reflects'.

      Well, the first summer came and went and my colleague decided to sell his black car because 'it gets too hot'. Interestingly, there are very, very few black cars on the road now when, back then, every second car was black. Most are now white or silver.

  13. Robin says:

    On Saturday, I gazed over rolling hills of wide open farmland, with the glaring farcical sight of  massive sprinklers idled, transmitter towers hither and thither, along with tech this and that strewn about, disrupting the countryside view. I drove this mail route during a rare sunny afternoon (some toxic haze but not so dreary dim as of late) in my truck en-route to Lake City, MN.  Lake City is located along the scenic bluff country surrounding Lake Pepin- largest Lake of upper Mississippi River.

    On the way to Lake City, I see snowmobile paths (looks fun, but noisy) all over the wide open snow covered land.  I pass by two small villages with their churches, bars (packed during rush hr) gas stations/shops/small businesses, USA flags etc.  It all looks too cozy, given the gathering storm soon to come.  However, whomever I encounter along the way, they are bound to be more open minded in general than those I've encountered in non-profit or political group meetings.  

    I have noted in this episode, Dane's article list.  Will take photos of these searched headlines from computer screen & print them to share with others to demonstrate the scale of cover-up & to expose the reality of this global tyranny against the biosphere- mother earth.


  14. Lance says:

    Question: What is "biomimicry"?  Its about studying and imitating nature’s biological and chemical processes to "engineer" systems, structures, and strategies for sustainability.

  15. Lance says:

    Residents of California city warned not to eat food grown in gardens after toxic dust release (

    Foods grown in soil that contains certain metals may pose health concerns

  16. Lance says:

    NOAA researchers found that the loss of tree canopy is leading to snow melting at much greater rates than average and wiping out snowpacks – a crucial ingredient to the region's water supply – sooner than usual.

  17. Jackie Pollock says:

    "Standing against the gathering storm no matter what."

    Dreadful data and dismal future outlooks have to be what motivates people to finally acknowledge what is going on with the plans being carried out by The Powers That Be. If there is any chance of us getting through this self-destruction!

    Thank you Dane for your relentless work!

    Jackie from Texas

  18. Lori Bridgeford says:

     Thanks for covering the ongoing strange "snow"  . Here is brief footage of Crestline, CA entire roof collapse after 100 inches of snow .Takes out the main food store in that area  Hard to know what is in each snowfall, what chemicals, toxins, etc. . Roof Of California Market Completely Collapses Under Weight Of Snow – Videos from The Weather Channel

  19. Lance says:

    For the first time, United Nations members have reached a unified agreement to protect biodiversity in the high seas, which encompass half the planet’s surface.


  20. Jonathan says:

    About 2 mi from my house. I recently discovered a new Beaver dam. They have created quite a large habitat for themselves and many other animals. I stopped by periodically and put out food for them to help supplement their diet. At this point, I do not feel bad feeding wild animals. Animals. They're natural. Sources of food have been diminished, and even this beaver lake is full of trash. So we must do everything we can for the little ones.

    On that note, how is your alligator lizard Dane?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jonathan, thank you for your report, and thank you for asking about “Herman”, our rescued (formerly paralized) alligator lizard. Herman is doing very well, moving his back legs again, happy, well fed and probably healthy enough to release back into the wild this spring. 

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