Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 13, 2023, #405


Dane Wigington

While large regions of Canada and Siberia bake and burn, flash flooding, extreme hail and tornadoes are hammering Texas, the southern border and much of the Central US. Along the US West Coast, weather and temperature whiplash has taken a toll with up to fifty degree temperature swings in a day. Colliding hot and cold air masses continue to fuel climate chaos, global geoengineering operations are inseparable from these scenarios. As many more awaken to the manipulated weather mayhem, matrix media is ramping up the official denial of the same. How will the story end? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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21 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 13, 2023, #405

  1. Robert says:

    I was just excluded and asked to leave a family function, so please excuse this rant. I simply said that the we are a waring nation and probably the greatest scourge this world has ever known. "Well what are you doing to make it better and you can leave anytime" was one response, this sent me over the edge. I have been voicing my opinion for years and few listens. I always ask if they are alright with murdering untold numbers of indigenous people, using nuclear weapons against innocent civilians, wars for profit , etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, from this time forward I will pull no punches.  I have nothing but total contempt for this country and it's self righteous sickness that we are Number #1, I will leave when everyone else does, and that reckoning is coming soon.

  2. brent papon says:

    Partly sunny, mostly sunny,partly cloudy, mostly cloudy…


    And the crue de gras


    I feel like they think I'm 'mostly' a fool.


    And your comment on the clinically blind

    I AM

    And can still C this stuff

    Not to mention feel it in my lungs

    My poor eyesight gives me a hearing range above normal

    I CAN Here Peoples' respiratory stress.

    Mine as well

    And yes I had to do the hear joke

  3. Earth Angel says:

    We're shivering with early April like temps. in North Georgia in mid May, interspersed with a few above average hot days in the mix. Garden results so far are mixed, with cool weather crops doing better, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, turnips faring well. Squash, corn, peppers and beans seem a slow start with the cool and damp conditions sent here by the weather meddlers. Had to replant green beans, lima beans & okra twice so far- the seeds just didn't come up. Looked like they molded or mildewed in the soil. Out of about 40 blue lake bush bean seeds (four rows) only 4 plants sprouted. (seed is older but has been freezer kept). Okra, two rows, (newly bought seed this spring) only 2 or 3 plants sprouted. Some of what has come up looks possibly burnt already by harmful uvb/c rays? or chemically burnt from aerosol dispersions?.. Our lima's & corn fared a bit better but we have still had to go back and replace seed in spaces where nothing has come up. Tomatoes, peppers & squash plants are growing. We WILL persevere and keep working for some fresh home grown vegetables for friends & family this season despite the ever increasing difficulties in doing so in our increasingly toxic environment. I DO know that 25 or so years ago when I first began planting a summer garden here you could put seeds and seedlings out, water them well for two or three weeks then basically leave them alone and get bumper crops of healthy vegetables all summer long into early fall. Now with the warming climate we can still sometimes keep the plants going into Oct. & even Nov. but with much more effort than ever before.

  4. brent papon says:

    GREEN GO, aka gringo, refers to Latin Americans wanting our military TO GO.

    Or so I was told.


  5. JR says:

    Our rain clouds are being bombarded as we with SAG/SRM/SAI. No rain will happen with these evil works, or other people in country are being inundated with to much rain.

  6. Chickadee says:

    Seems like we've had a lot of rain the last few months. And we've had a couple big rain storms that flooded areas and washed out part of the auto road up to Mt Washington. The rivers were at the top of their banks just a week ago.  So doesn't it seem strange that I just got a notice from our water department saying the reserves are low and so they are limiting water use.  No watering of lawns, etc. except Mon, Wed, Fri if your address is an even number or Tue, Thur, Sat if your address is an odd number. And NO watering on Sunday AT ALL. Here in NH we are just coming into planting season so the timing of water restrictions seems very suspect to me especially after all the 'rain' we've gotten.  The only exception is you can use a hose to water flowers and veggies.  We only have room to plant 2 tomato plants next to the front door so we're okay.  I would fill a bucket in the house and take it outside if I had to and hope the 'water police' weren't driving by.  We always had great success with those 2 plants but the last 2 years not so much. One plant would fruit but the other wouldn't.  Can't plant just yet but by June 1 we will.  I wonder how the 2 tomato plants will do this year?  I have 3 blueberry bushes near my porch and we usually get 12 quarts or more. Last year we got 6 quarts. Today there were the large bumblebees all over the blueberry flowers so we know we still have some bees around.  I'm thinking we'd better start stocking up on Fiji Water to go along with our Patriot food supplies. I'm 70 years old and have never heard of them restricting water in May!!!!   And besides that the skies are filled with so much stuff, oh it's wildfire smoke from Canada they say.  Couldn't be from all those planes spewing day and night I guess.  I hope everyone that grows some of their own food and the farmers have a better growing season than it sounds like we're about to have.  We'll be relying on our local non-gmo farmers market this summer. 

  7. Wikoli says:


    Gotta agree with you on this one. The early season heat in the western US and Canada and the early season wildfires in western Canada is definitely not normal. Engineered drought, crop failures and food shortages. Stock up.

    Aloha, Wikoli

  8. Jonathan says:

    My friend in India just told me something additional. He said that they are saying in Western India that they are expecting the temperatures to go up to 49° Celsius. That's 120.2° Fahrenheit.

  9. A Friend says:

    Question for all~

    In the past week, I have seen many cloud patterns that have had a strange, rippled effect much like the pictures in Dane's Geoengineering booklets of the use of HAARP, etc. The appearance suggested microwave transmissions, in my opinion.

    And then strangely, in the last several days, I have been feeling different, not myself. Almost depressed, sad, irritable- for no real apparent reason.

    I wonder if my body/mind are reacting to the microwave transmissions on some electromagnetic level. 

    Have others had any similar experiences?

    Thank you

  10. JR says:

    Hello to All from the Southwestern part of N.M. Same old BS as Hawkeye says & I'm thinking a lot of you here, the lies just keep on piling up. We had awesome beautiful clouds yesterday only to be annihilated by all the spraying above, not contrails as we all know. I had to put a check on my mouth with bad words wanting to come out, not good. Very unfortunate we have no real leadership in this country. Everyone else is the terrorist, it's said in spanish the Devil doesn't see its own tail. If he does he pretends he didn't see it. The spraying is from what we can see worldwide. What countries have been involved in this evil and oppression over the people they are supposed to govern with good authority? The Shadow Government lurking in the dark will one day who really governs, not earthly though …It's written they will be in Hell in torment for their deeds. Peace…

    • Hawkeye says:

      Thanks JR, the same old BS as usual, yes! Every single day is just more BS through spewing lies and removing peace from the earth. It certainly weighs heavy on the head when you are like us, wide awake! 

      I wanted to share something with you all. I finally just moved out of the hurricane Ian damaged house I was in and in to a new place this past week. As I packed up my belongings I came across my high school year books. I haven't looked at them for probably 20 years, but for some reason I had a curious feeling to flip through the pages again as I unpacked. What I saw for the first time was the lines in the sky in the full page opening photo of my senior year book! Wow! That was 1980 in NJ, a sunset sky photo full of spray "CONtrails". First time I noticed it and it was just more confirmation of how long this BS has been going on! It was also kind of ironically eery due to the circumstances that caused my move and opportunity to review the past high school days, moving because of weather warfare on my area via geoengineering operations, it has caused me and thousands of others like me to be very displaced housing wise. 

      Note:The word the BS tells us that is nothing but vapor trails from jet engines, "contrails", is so telling. It's why I capitalized the first three letters….CON-trails….because it's a CON! 




  11. Jonathan says:

    I'm not sure how many people have noticed this in their areas, and it may seem like a paradox. We have had some recent very heavy rainstorms in the past month that brought a significant amount of rain to our area in Eastern North Carolina. As well as lots of hail. The storms, as is so often the case now with so much of the weather, were violent. And I must admit, after the storms passed, for about a day to two days, the air was noticeably cleaner feeling and smelling. However, There was of course heavy spraying in the weeks preceding these different storms. Here's my point.. it seems like the more it rains, the drier it becomes subsequently.

    Remember that Dane talks about the additive particles as being desiccants. This is my experience as well. I have always spent much time outside and am very much in tune with what happens in nature. Within 24 to 36 hours after these storms pass by, the ground becomes drier than ever. Literally, the grass will become crunchy under your feet, because it's so dry. In fact, there are more weeds than grass now, because so much of the grass can't live in these conditions.

    And one might be tempted to think that the rain storms are a good thing, and of course we need the rain, but from my observations in this part of the state, much of that rain appears to leave local creeks and swaps full of algae and not clear, clean water, which the animals need so desperately.

    The bird bath that I keep full of water for the birds, I have to fill up two to three times a day lately, because the air is so dry. I have noticed this more in the last several years.

    On , I had to go to the supermarket yesterday. I left one of the two-sided flyers in my shopping cart when I was done and left a card for "The Dimming" at the check out register for the next person behind me in line, hopefully to see. This is one example of a way that people can leave materials for others without necessarily having to feel like they need to engage them in conversation to do this.



  12. Mary Hollowell says:

    if you want to work at the Foreign Malign Influence Center

  13. Stan Sylvester says:

    Santi Caudevilla is a maize and sorghum farmer in Catalonia, Spain. He said that if the weather doesn't change, nothing will be harvested.

    March was the 2nd driest in history receiving 36% of normal rainfall. April heat records were smashed with July – like temperatures reaching 101 degrees.

    Last year in Spain, 756,000 acres  were subject to wildfires. Catalonia's water source, the Sau Reservoir is at 7% capacity. The majority of wheat and barley that is rain fed is gone. 50% off irrigated crops are gone. Overall in Spain, 8.6 million acres, about the size of Maryland have been destroyed.

    For the 3rd consecutive year, beekeepers have not had a honey crop.The village of Castellur, 30 miles north of Barcelona is now having trucks bringing in water.

    Authorities lead the way in guiding residents on how to help. The well thought through advice is shorter showers, less water used to wash dishes, and just in case you couldn't figure it out, no filling your swimming pool.

    As Dane has said, as bad as they say it is, it's much much worse.



  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dead Zone in the Gulf 2021
    Larger-than-average Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ measured

    The numbers are in. The 2021 Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone, or Dead Zone, an area of low oxygen that can kill fish and marine life near the bottom of the sea, measures six thousand three hundred and thirty four square miles.

    This year's dead zone is larger than the average measured over the past five years.

    This year's measurement is equivalent to more than four million acres of habitat potentially unavailable to fish and bottom species.

    This “dead zone” begins innocently enough. Farmers use fertilizers and manure to increase the output of their crops so that we can have more food on our tables and more food to sell to the rest of the world.

    But it is this excess agricultural nutrient pollution combined with urban runoff and wastewater that brings excessive amounts of nutrients into waterways that feed the Mississippi River.

    The Mississippi River is like a drainage system for your street, but it connects 31 U.S. states and even parts of Canada.These nutrients are ultimately funneled into the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes traveling more than a 1,000 miles downstream to start a chain of events in the Gulf that turns deadly.

    The nutrients fuel large algal blooms that then sink, decompose, and deplete the water of oxygen.

    This is hypoxia, when oxygen in the water is so low it can no longer sustain marine life in bottom or near bottom waters—literally, a dead zone. And it happens every summer.

    When the water reaches this hypoxic state, fish and shrimp leave the area and anything that can't escape like crabs, worms, and clams die. If the amount of pollution entering the Gulf isn't reduced, the dead zone will continue to wreak havoc on the ecosystem and threaten some of the most productive fisheries in the world.

    • Hawkeye says:

      That dead zone is not just from Mississippi River discharges. The should be your red flag to this propaganda BS. Yes, the Gulf waters are poison and yes there is a huge dead zone, but that began in 2010 when the deep water horizon oil spill occurred. The main cause is from that oil pouring out of that exploded pipe line and then the forever chemicals the government used to sink that topical oil to the sea bottom, from April to September 2010. They did not clean it up, they sunk it to the bottom of that ocean. Dead zone was the result. 

      NOAA lies! They are the geoengineerers let's not forget. This run off story is cover up to the real causes of the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Of course geoengineering poison is also falling in the seas daily adding to all else killing our planets biosphere. 

      Also add the weather warfare to this dead zone birthing. I'm in SWFL, I went through hurricane Ian in September (this past summer, 2022). We are still not recovered from that event. There has been extreme red tide, bad algae, septic system contaminates, etc etc that all went in to the Gulf from that on purpose storm and still today the water is ruined. Regulated clam beds were shut down and still are today. News reports of tested red fish revealed high levels of RX drugs in every red fish tested. It's waste water contaminates! Septics and everyone's medicine cabinet that blew in to the Gulf that day. Cars, boats, whole restaurants, houses, and all their contents like oil, gasoline, cooking oils, bathrooms, everything inside a building is now littering the Gulf up and down the west coast. 

      Mississippi River run off?! Lol….good one Susan! 

      Don't go in the gulf! People are clueless to what I just wrote. They think because fish are still swimming around and there to be caught while out fishing that all is normal, but it's not! Yes there are some fish still swimming around, but they are poison fish. Stupid is as stupid does! 

      I've had enough! Now what?!

      Thank you Dane for your incredible tenacity to get the truth out! You are truly a warrior for God!

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Hi Hawkeye — Of course I knew about the oil spill. And I noticed that this report failed to mention that disaster.  Still I found the report of interest… six thousand three hundred and thirty four square miles of dead zone. Nothing will stop the extraction of oil from the Gulf. There are currently 2674 active Gulf oil rigs and platforms.

    • Lauren says:

      I was working on a masters degree in biology 20 years ago, and did a report on the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone. At that time, there were 200 reported dead zones around the world. Now, I believe, there are over 500. Nancy Rabalais, with LSU, was doing research on it back then and is still studying the Dead Zone. Not sure how long she has been working on this issue, but it's over 20 years and it has steadily grown much larger over that time period.

      There's no doubt that the Deep Water Horizon incident has exacerbated the problem greatly, but just to be clear, it started long before.

      Yes, NOAA is not trustworthy. Now moreso than ever.


  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Forever chemicals’ detected in groundwater from 13 DoD sites in Gulf of Mexico

    High levels of toxic chemicals, known as “forever chemicals,” have been found in groundwater from at least 13 Department of Defense sites in the Gulf of Mexico.

    According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances — known as PFAS — found in the groundwater adversely affect Gulf fish and residents who subsequently consume any contaminated seafood.

    The 13 defense department sites that have had serious levels of PFAS contaminations detected are Silverhill Navy Outlying Field, Correy Station, Eglin Air Force Base (AFB), Hurlburt Field AFB, MacDill AFB, Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, NAS Pensacola-Bronson Field, NAS Pensacola-Saufley Field, Tyndall AFB, Gulfport Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport Regional Airport, Keesler AFB, and NAS Corpus Christi.

    Reports cited by EWG show that the levels of PFAS contamination detected from these sites are hundreds of times higher than groundwater safety standards in states such as California and Vermont.

    … Studies conducted on laboratory animals cited by the EPA have found that PFAS such as perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) can cause reproductive and developmental issues, tumors, negative effects on the immune system and liver and kidney diseases.

    PFAS have been manufactured and used in a variety of industries around the globe. Everyday sources of PFAS include kitchenware and pizza boxes, and on DOD sites they are commonly found in firefighting foams.

    … “Even at very low doses of PFAS in drinking water, our service members and their families are at risk of the suppression of their immune system and an elevated risk of cancer, increased cholesterol, and reproductive and developmental harms, among other serious health issues,” Hayes said in his analysis.

    Although PFAS contamination in the Gulf is not solely the fault of defense department sites — contamination is suspected from hundreds of industrial sites throughout the region — recent DOD records show that levels of PFAS in groundwater from these 13 sites are reaching maximum detections ranging from 718 parts per trillion (ppt) to 877,000 ppt.

    For context, states such as Michigan have set drinking water standards and groundwater cleanup criteria at 8 ppt for PFOA and 16 ppt for PFOS.

    DOD assessments additionally show that PFAS may be present in the groundwater at several other Gulf sites. Results from detection tests have not been released for NAS Key West, Joint Reserve Base New Orleans, Panama City Naval Surface Warfare Center Division and NAS Pensacola-Ellyson Field.

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