Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 26, 2022, #381


Dane Wigington

"Freak snowstorm" hits parts of Texas in spite of above freezing temperatures. Some of the chemically nucleated frozen material fell as far south as the Texas / Mexico border while most of the US was exceptionally warm for this time of the year. The moisture for the Texas "winter storm" originated from the record warm Gulf of Mexico and the record warm Gulf of California. Days earlier a highly sensationalized engineered winter event was carried out near the shores of the record warm Great Lakes. Geoengineering operations encompass much more than just lines in the sky. How blatant and devastating must climate engineering become before more take notice? How badly damaged must the environment be before more realize we can't survive without functional habitat? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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40 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 26, 2022, #381

  1. Lance says:

    High winds forecast over the eastern Sierra Mt. range won't be as high as forecast.  Will be in the 50 to 60 mph range w slightly higher gusts, not the 100+ predicted.  Freezing rain is forecast fall prior to it turning to snow in the central Sierra Mts though.  Happened the first week of last December.  This caused a lot of damage to all types of trees, all weakened or dead caused by pollution and the drought, which caused damage to power lines causing power outages.  Could be a dark winter for many, eh?  

  2. Lance says:

    All day and still going on right now there have been aerosol releases by aircraft over southern CA and Arizona.  Sky was completely filled with stuff and the air pollution has been bad here Casa Grande all day long.  Eyes have been burning, nose is plugged up, and having a little trouble breathing because of all this.  Its no wonder people are coming down with upper respiratory illnesses!  By the way, I don't mention the "trails" in the sky here because no one wants to hear about it!  Its like everyone's minds are entrained!

  3. Malia says:

    I have had some healing from my illness of toxicity but was horrified to see my entire family behaving intoxicated around the first rains around Halloween in PDX are. My daughter had fevers, vertigo, ear ringing, personality changes, seizures, ear infection, then the worst respiratory illness I had ever seen her have many nights wheezing and gurgling. She has pulled through. What turned the needle for my encephalopathy was reiki but my body is still very heavy metal toxic. I read the comment on YouTube that cool days have the quality of being in a freezer. My scent and chemical sensitivity is improving but last year on spray days or cool down days I would get a chemical burn feeling in my lungs similar to smelling a refrigerator, freezer, or air from air conditioning unit. Being awake is a heavy burden but as reiki treatment brought me out of my encephalopathy I praise God I'm still in the fight and I can be here for my little girl. She is doing ok now but both of us need to be on as pristine a diet as can be managed in todays world. Love blessings and light to all.  My parents pulled out of their toxicity they are lucky to have big body fat stores which I'm sure helps mop up toxicity away from organs. I don't have any fat stores.

    • Robert says:

      A couple weeks back after a heavy spray day (Eastern Oregon) my tongue felt as if it had been scalded. Later that week my upper pallete started shedding dead skin. Never happened before so they must be adding something new to their toxic mix. Good to hear your daughter and you are doing better. Stay strong, we need more like you in this fight.

  4. Lance says:

    Watching the satellite weather images of the two storm systems approaching the west coast of the US, one from the NE the other from the SE.  As these two storms get closer together the wind will increase as they squeeze the air mass in between them.  I can see the high winds in the form of waves in the cloud layer at higher altitude over S CA and AZ in the storm system approaching from the SE.  Winds over the Sierra Mts. on the east side of CA are forecast to be over 100mph coming out of the SE.  Was living in South Lake Tahoe last winter when a similar storm setup hit the Sierra's of central CA.  Same situation developing it appears.

  5. Lance says:

    Well, temps N and S of San Francisco are at or below freezing, but not in San Francisco.  Santa Rosa to get down to 28F as is San Jose.  Not raining in any of these areas and it didn't rain as much as was forecast.  Entire cloud formation moved SE which will keep Arizona.  Might rain a little Saturday, but highly likely it won't be much.

  6. Lance says:

    Nighttime Microphysics images showing particulate trails above the moisture coming in over central CA from the SE.  Aerosol weather modification did not stop in the skies all around Casa Grande, AZ, today.  By the way, went into a fueling/convenience store here today.  There was no "cashier" to take "cash" because they don't take "cash" anymore.  Cards or e-payments only.  Place the stuff you want to buy on a scanner, insert/tap a chipped card, or hold your smart phone up to the code reader, and bing, bang, boom, 5 seconds later its paid for, electronically of course.  What happens when the power goes out?       

  7. Lance says:

     8:05am AZ time, there are many aircraft that have sprayed aerosols that are visible all around Casa Grande.  There are 3 circular trails visible to the S (military?), 4 straight line trails visible to the E, 2 more visible to the W, and two aircraft releasing aerosols overhead right now.  All of this "stuff" is drifting to the ESE.  Aircraft at high altitude are visible letting out long trails of "stuff".  Three trails were released over the Phoenix area.  Some aircraft have short contrails behind them, others have no vapor trails behind them.  They are not involved in what's going on.  

  8. Lance says:

    A quick note here.  Freeze warnings north and south of San Francisco tonight and tomorrow night.  Supposed to be precipitation at some point.  Could be interesting.

    • Lance says:

      Looking at the visible satellite images on C.O.D. website at the weather coming into CA.  The upper level warm atmospheric moisture is flowing from the SE.  The lower level cold air is flowing in from the NW.  Rain falling down though cold air usually freezes and causes ice to buildup at ground level.  Waiting to see what happens!

  9. Lance says:

    Social media is saturated with official and unofficial statements claiming that certain "other" nations leaders and military forces are using "weather as a weapon", but ,oh no, not their leaders or their military forces who, based on documented facts and observable events, already "Own" the weather.  The hypocrisy is over the edge!  

  10. Lance says:

    College of DuPage weather website showing cold air over N CA.  Temps in the lower elevations at or below freezing this morning.  Santa Rosa, which is just N of San Francisco, showing 30F right now and forecast to get down to 28F!  Sacramento is down to 32F!  Temps being displayed on Microsoft Weather map showing it warming up during the day but going down below freezing in many areas with "rain" tonight.  Doesn't normally rain at or below freezing as far as I know, but what do I know?  More likely to be freezing "rain" or even snow.      

    • BBB says:

      I live in Northern California.  The forecast for precipitation has been very positive up until this morning.  From 100% rain expected at 1 pm today to 30% at 4 pm..  The forecast has changed so many times over the past four days that it's a wonder anyone would rely on it.  I need accurate weather forecasts.  But that is a capricious hope.  We need rain in this area.  The jets have been spraying the leading edge of the low pressure system.  For three days.  I observed a band of an approaching cohesive front dissolved into a gauzy milky mess in less than one hour after the Pentagon air assault.  This was yesterday morning.  It was obvious the weather control freaks were either going to destroy this system or reduce the amount of precipitation.  So far it's delayed.  With all the high tech digital state of the art equipment  used by the National Weather Service for their predictions, they are not even as good at forecasting than the earlier use of butcher paper and grease pens. Weather forecasters are educated to natural processes in school. Surely these entertainers know an entity is interfering with the natural order.  Is there anything the Creature won't weaponize?  

  11. Joe says:

    Currently, 3.6 billion people face inadequate access to water at least a month per year and this is expected to increase to more than 5 billion by 2050. Between 2001 and 2018, UN-Water reported that 74% of all natural disasters were water-related. The recent UN climate change conference,  COP27,  urged governments to further integrate water into adaptation efforts, the first-time water has been referenced in a COP outcome document in recognition of its critical importance.


    State of Global Water Resources report informs on rivers, land water storage and glaciers | World Meteorological Organization (

    • Earth Angel says:

      No worries. As Dane so often states, if we continue on our current trajectory there won't be anything or anyone left able to report on it by 2050.

  12. Lance says:

    Am staying at a large RV park in Tucson, AZ.  Completely clear this morning.  Already warming up.  Major military air activity here.  Based on available info it appears that fighting and war is getting worse between the nations as they fight over the remaining resources on the planet.  The modern weapons in 21st century war, made possible by man's ongoing 4th industrial revolution, which are too numerous to go into here, are far more deadly, insidious, and iconoclastic than 20th century weapons created by mankind during the 3rd industrial revolution.  If you're putting your faith in humanity you've made a big mistake!  

    • Vic says:


      Now you are in my neighborhood.  Just got back from a quick road trip to Vegas. 11/28 driving over a lot of spraying over Phoenix and spraying and  an inversion layer over Vegas with poor air quality. Big AWS conference  at the Mandalay convention center with a huge police presence for security. Private jets landing while we were at Whole Foods on the Strip under the airport  landing approach. Saw what looked like the xfinity corporate  jet land. Clear weather on the way home on the 29th. Lots of street people and foreigners on the strip.

  13. Dennie says:

    Hello from northern California.  We're getting word from On High that the San Francisco Bay Area is due for freezing temperatures and rain.  Another toxic geoengineered cool-down, and the Uber-Red-Pilled are going on about "another ice age.." well, I stopped that cold in it's tracks when I told them to research ocean temperatures for the last ten years… Thank you, Dane!!

    • Lance says:

      Heavy aerosol spraying happened a few hours ago off the coast of CA just NE of San Francisco clearly visible on the visible weather images on COD and NOAA satellite images.  Saved the images!  This is blatant in your face weather manipulation!  

  14. sea says:

    Anyone paying close attention to the volcano in Hawaii that has erupted and the seismic activity that lead up to it…as in the programmed eruption.

    It has been almost 40 yrs since this volcano has erupted. Most of the details have been hidden by the USGS- ANY surprise there?

  15. Lance says:

    Time is 10:44 in Tuscon, AZ, where we're staying.  Dust RGB images on COD and NOAA satellite images showing heavy particulate levels in the Troposphere over southern CA and Arizona flowing from the W to the E slowly drifting SE.  Once again there are these strange "clouds" with flat tops with wispy tails falling below them around the area.  Also some strange "gray dust" clouds visible along with a few aerosol trails.  Just relaying what I'm seeing which isn't natural!          

  16. Larry says:

    The skys around Charleston SC h⁷ave been more filthy than ever. Evidence that geoengineering activity is increasing is blatantly evident. When you look into the sky you find such a mess that the contrail hoax becomes a .mute point, yet the argument continues.

    I'm certain that most people, with any reasoning ability left, are getting a whiff of what's "rotten in the state of Denmark," but remain unwilling investigate or face it, let alone clean it up.

    Unfortunately, Refusing to face the truth does not make it less truthful, but makes its outcome more inevitable.

    Thanks Dane and all of us that are working to make the outcome of the sad truth less inevitable.


  17. Lance says:

    Met a man recently who owned 1400 acres of land near Colusa, CA, some years ago.  He said that at one time the land he owned had lots of wildlife thriving on it, especially ducks, geese, quail, and pheasants.  They numbered in the thousands.  He said the main reason there were so many of them was due to all the different types of bugs that thrived on the land, and in the soil, which the baby birds fed on.  He started to notice the numbers of birds began to decrease in the late 1990's into the year 2000 which became worse thereafter.  He said that this began to happen shortly after "government" spraying operations began in the mid 1990's.  As the number of insects dissappeared so to did the number of birds!  He sold his property some years back because he couldn't afford to take care of it due to the escalating costs of attempting to keep it alive.  The small biological ecosystem he used to manage was slowly destroyed!  As everyone here knows, the destruction of biological ecosystems has spread to nearly every place on earth.  Why?  The environment, the air, the land, the water and even underground is polluted with untold tons of toxic elements that genetically alter and kill biological life!  What's the "scientific" solution?  There is none, and those telling you there is are deceived or deceivers!      

  18. Randyl J says:

    Blessings Dane and All Aware Awesome Souls Who Find Their Way Here ~ a Slim Corridor of Light and Truth in a dark tunnel!

    I recently skirted the huge Charlotte NC metro area on the I-485 Loop heading around the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. I can remember a busy skyway with planes taking off constantly. Now, there's barely a handful flying in or leaving. So, why aren't people even curious that dozens of planes at one time can be seen crisscrossing the sky over the small countryside area I live in, which isn't even on a major flight route? People Wake Up!

    Thank Everyone here for adding information to Dane's weekly reports with the most important 'bad news' on Earth! I learn much from all of you, along with the multitude of information on the website here. 

    A comment on the 'Thanksgiving week' Cold-Flu scenario. Exactly the same as many have reported. Winter freeze-down with the chemical ice nucleation prior, then less spraying to allow a few days to warm up and then heavy toxic spraying. And suddenly everyone had sneezing, respiratory issues, fevers, cold flu. I live in a 'Senior community' and saw an ambulance in several times. Both my neighbor and I had a few days of flu and I'm still recovering. This is truly insane. I have no doubt that different areas are being targeted for specific malevolent reasons. This community has a large aging population.

    Thank You Always Dane! KOKO Everyone!!!

  19. chemtrail slayer says:

    You are correct. Dallas TX area here. I noticed this time however The Synagogue Of Stan were also spraying the X patterns at night rather than daytime in the Dallas Sky. I often wonder if doing this 'freezes' the jets stream a certain way as to control the flow of the weather and pushes low pressure wherever The Synagogue Of Stan wants it around its target.

  20. Larry says:

    Dane, I don't know how you do it, but so glad you do. The fight certainly gets discouraging at times. However, your weekly broadcasts really do the trick in getting me back on my feet and moving forward, even as our situation becomes more dire. Your past three programs have been especially outstanding. I don't know how anyone in there right mind could have listened to any of these and then gone back to business as usual. I'm sure I'm joined by many in my prayers for you and your work and hope that our united spirituality helps bring you some of the strength you display and that which you bestow on others. God bless you.


  21. Jonathan says:

    As for our collective Quest to inform and awaken others:

    "…for the days pass, and never return… take the Adventure, heed the call, now before the irrevocable moment passes! 'Tis but a banging of the door behind you, a blithesome step forward, and you are out of the old life and into the new! Then some day, some day long hence [my note- in eternity?], jog home here if you will, when the cup has been drained and the play has been played, and sit down… with a store of goodly memories for company."

    – Kenneth Grahame


    "What we do now echoes in eternity."

    – Generally attributed to Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus



  22. Ziggy says:

    One question. (actually several more in the follow up, but who's counting?)

    Could, may, might the skies look any different than they do now, if the government makes an announcement tomorrow, saying that congress has given approval for geoengineering operations to begin across the country?

    And when they don't change at all (the skies), other than a slight increase in sprayed aerosol trails over all. Will anyone in the sheeple population even notice or realize that the skies still look exactly the same, as they have now for over 50 years?! (Total white-out skies now for at least 25 years.) And is it possible that they will finally take notice of the skies, only to say to themselves: "Wow, that sure is a lot of plane trails up there!"

    Something that we have so desperately tried to get them to see all along. But were somehow programmed not to see the elephant that has been staring them in the face, all of this time… that we have been pointing at ourselves, and no one has been able to see for themselves.

    Because that same government that will make the announcement, has in the past… assured them that nothing strange is happening in the sky. But now (after the official inauguration of geoengineering), it is OK to look up… At Our Glorious Attempt to Save Humanity from a Warming Planet!

    Mark my words. The government will publish and announce statements to this effect: "What you observed in the sky for so many years, was merely jet plane condensate trails made up of water vapor. But now we have added aerosols to those trails that will dim the sun, and rest assured that we will do everything in our power to keep the planet from getting too hot. Your government and the military have come to the rescue in order to make sure, that you can "now" have true peace of mind, knowing that you can go about your daily lives and not have to worry about climate change or global warming ever again."

    "Oh, and by the way. They are not chemtrails, because they don't exist. There are no chemicals in the aerosols we are spraying. Only sulfur and very tiny amounts of inert ingredients. Nothing at all that will harm the populations below." 

    Because, as we all know. Once the cat is finally out of the bag. They will naturally have to protect themselves from any legal ramifications, and the millions of people who might challenge the fact, that we now live under toxic skies.

    Just one more realm of the conspiracy theorist propaganda machine that will be added to the matrix. Once the world is (finally) made aware of the very same geoengineering operations that Dane has been trying to expose, for God only knows how long. (footnote) I believe that this will be their way, of beating him and all of us to the punch.

    Dane, I feel your anger and frustration brother. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than knowing that the government is trying to pull the rug out from everyone. By claiming that geoengineering will save the day. When, as we all know. That for over 75 years now, it has brought us to these crossroad to begin with, and it will only be exposed… to keep the ongoing climate assaults of our skies, as the most existential threat to humanity, until the very bitter end. 

    God Bless and an awesome broadcast. Very focused this week on the geoengineering mind games that we will all have to deal with, as the corporate media machine softens the public, to such an insane band aid for global warming.

  23. Jackie Pollock says:

    Dane, I think you aptly indicated using the term "normalizing" when talking about the increased reports from many controllers that climate geoengineering is now necessary to save our planet. This just may be a tactic to use on the worldwide public that action is needed now and geoengineering is what we can use to cool our rapidly heating Earth.

    The powers are fooling us, deceiving us, with their explanations in these numerous reports that their ramped-up sky-born operations now will be viewed by the public as drastic but necessary action by our "benevolent government" to save us all!!

    We are being fooled in many ways.

    Thank you Dane for another Bad News Report!

    Jackie from Texas


  24. dava golino says:

    climate engineering & culling the population is the Bolshevik mentality plan. this has been their plan since 1830 when they took control of printed media and telegraph communication. WAR and inverted healthcare has always been used and they are increasing because they are so well hidden…who are you not allowed to mention since the second world war?

  25. Stan Sylvester says:

    I read an article recently on the California drought. In it, Don Bramford, a farmer since 1980 says it's never been this bad. He didn't plant any of his 1800 acres. He said at this time in the fall you would see many fields glisten with riceready for harvest . Now many fields are dirt.

    Last year California lost about $1.7 billion in agriculture business. California irrigated farmland shrank by 752,000 acres, or about 10%.

    A much cheerier outlook was given by Daniel Sumner, professor of agricultural economics at UC Davis. He said that some crop cutbacks have happened but that "California agriculture is incredibly resilient." It should be noted that Daniel's income is not affected by the $1.7 billion loss from last year like the farmers and their employees.

    Psalm 12:8

    "The wicked walk on every side, when vileness is  exalted among the sons of men.".

    One doesn't have to look very far to see who today's wicked men that are exalted are and what they stand for. In contrast, what a honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with Dane and each of you as we refuse to let them carry on without resistance. We are the resistance.

  26. Lance says:

    Regarding toxic airborne nanoparticulates, a person I know who lives in the Sierra Mountains east of Sacramento, CA, came down with an upper respiratory illness a couple days ago.  This person also revealed that others living in the area have also come down with the same illness.  Major aerosol operations were conducted beginning 11/20/22 over central and southern CA which lasted for about 3 days.  Is it a coincidence that this person and others are now suffering from this upper respiratory illness?  I think not.    

    • brent papon says:


      NE Ohio 40 F 3 AM.

      The air Q is terrible.

      Lance you got it spot on.

      I have noticed it in myself and others.

      Respiratory stress and lack of O2 displaced by methane…

      Then as Dane would say "its like a layer of glass."

      trapping in the pollution as well.

      Good Luck breathing

      Peace and LOVE


  27. A. Smith says:

    For over a week the skies in south Florida have been a mess with obvious spraying operations unlike what I have seen before. With what I have learned over the years listening to your reports I figured they were actively stealing our moisture and using HAARP to create big weather elsewhere. 

    Yesterday, when I pointed out the obvious lines in the sky to friends, I was asked what the spraying is for. I explained they were probably creating a snow storm in NY being that it's holiday season. Now, after listening to your latest report you confirmed for me that is exactly why the skies have been pounded for over a week with criss cross patterns of haze and filth.  And because of the latest weather modification here we have been living under a dome of intense heat at a time there should be a lovely November breeze. 

    I am buying geoengineering t-shirts today as Christmas gifts and to wear to strike up conversations at the grocery store and anywhere else I can educate people about the criminal activity we are up against. Still, outside of educating other citizens about what is happening in our skies how do we effectively stop these programs at the highest levels while there is still time? 

    Thank you so much Dane for all you do to help humanity in this battle! 

  28. brent papon says:

    "There's not much bad it doesn't do."


  29. JW says:

    Where exactly did this snow fall in Texas?  I live in Houston. And I believe it was a little less than a week ago that it was a cold, for here, mid-40's and raining but I could swear I noted a few frozen precipitation particles. Forgot all about it, thinking I was crazy, but this article jogged my mind (pardon me, I've not listened to the audio.. in bed with my wife and don't want to wake her)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, JW, thank you for standing with us in this battle. About your question, check the attached link.

  30. Gina DiMaggio says:

    Dane, the spraying of out skies seems rabidly enhanced each and every day. I am feeling the intense aggravation at the denials and apathy that exists among the population of so many intelligent beings/souls! Maybe trans humanism is at the core of this denial!! 
    I have notice while walking my dogs after dark these days, the snow like strange ash falling from the sky. It breaks my heart and boils my blood but also, this toxic canopy, as if not bad enough for its lung seizing and brain numbing, biological life annihilation effects raining down in especially after a deluge of spray but also seems to magnify other pollution as tho it is unable to disperse from lack of air flow or pressure ?? Maybe it just my lungs gasping for O2 😵‍💫! 
    What happened to that rain prediction for the coming week? Several days of massive spraying operations and massive dry toxic air for your holiday pleasure! 
    I have noticed in areas of California where I would rarely, 2 to 3!years ago see jet spraying to a  full out assault now. In my opinion, the infrastructure that has been replaced in many of the burned areas where healthy old growth trees continue to be assaulted conveniently pave a clear path for the expansion of the climate assault.  It's sickening to watch the destruction unfolding as such a pace.

    thank you again for your unyielding dedication to our benevolent sponsor, Mother Earth and all her creatures .

    • Earth Angel says:

      I have noticed the past week or two my body feels oxygen starved. It feels like I have to take extra deep breaths to get enough O2. I have never had breathing problems of any kind or COPD. I've also contracted a mean sore throat in the past day or so. The tree loss and root problems have been happening here at my farm for a long time, about the last 15 or 20 year time frame Dane speaks of. The rich dark topsoils are no more and trees have been falling over, often still with leaves on them revealing very poor root systems, weak and degenerated. 10 years ago an organic farmer friend brought this to my attention while visiting to help me spray beneficial microbes over the land & trees which were visibly suffering then. He pointed out that one of the trees was still alive when it collapsed because of the leaves on it, many of them still green. We are in a very bad place now because of psychopaths attempting to manipulate Earth's natural systems. Thank you Dane for your tireless efforts to educate and enlighten the world. During this time of Thanksgiving, I know all of us are grateful for YOU and your efforts to help Mother Earth and her wonderful & diverse life forms.

  31. Gene Adaway says:

    Articles relating to geoengineering proposals have at their core; a form of soft disclosure for anyone just starting to notice them, they can label them as research.  The goal being; if they haven't noticed them by now, to convince them they've begun recently.

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