Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 14, 2023, #427


Dane Wigington

Biosphere collapse and global conflict are inseparable. As Geoengineering Watch has stated on the record for many years, once the gravity and immediacy of unfolding global ecological implosion became all but impossible to hide the controllers would play ever larger cards and indeed they are. Bioaccumulative microplastics and heavy metals are now in our air, water, and food. Environmental studies on the ubiquitous contamination of the planet and the collapse of it's life support systems are pouring in from countless science sources, the current paradigm can no longer be maintained. All the while the spraying of our skies with climate engineering elements rages on and is accelerating, is there any place left to hide? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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54 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 14, 2023, #427

  1. Tom says:

    How does Dane survive?  

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi Tom.

      By Love, for love gives courage and endurance and demands the truth with open eyes and can hear the cries and lament of tragedy…

      Geoff Hanham

  2. Geoff Hanham says:

    Dane & folks:  a video via the BBC of 'Storm Babet' lifting trees and their roots frm the base rock en mass: I have never witnessed or seen this before…

    'Aunty Beeb' usually keep quiet about this sort of thing… Meanwhile the damage right across the UK is being grossly under-reported…

    I knew something was coming, as three days before the storm was announced, the herring gulls fled miles inland across the Scottish Bordsr – as did the Blackbirds… Berwick-upon-Tweed directly faces the North Sea and methinks will soon be an island… But then my home area of Somerset was at one point a marsh land with many islands including "Glastonbury of the Heart… 

  3. brent papon says:

    CNN today 10/21

    'It's rained every weekend for two months. What's causing it and when it might end.'

    That's the headline.

    The story is a joke.

    I am convinced that they want to keep us separated and are scheduling the weather accordingly.

    Holidays and weekends have been weather attacked for years now.

    They don't want us talking.

    Many of the local bars here in Akron have closed.

    No more PUBLIC HOUSE.

    Covid and Geoengineering = Social control.

  4. Lance says:

    Scientists are sounding the alarm about a dangerous problem that will soon affect 2 billion people — here’s what to know (

    Forgive me for commenting so early, but got up early because I went to bed early. Checked the "news" as per usual this morning and the situation on this earth is rapidly deteriorating. The "news" puts their spin on what is going on because as Dane has said they can't hide it any longer. Temp this morning is 77F here. Might be a record high low temperature for this time of year here in Palm Desert, but its early. Will be here until the 30th of Oct. and then will head down to Yuma, AZ, depending on what happens between now and then. Am nearly 70 so my time on this corrupt and polluted planet is short. Am not interested in extending my life using their manmade scientific solutions either. My faith is not in their works!  

  5. Lance says:

    Extreme Heat And Its Dangers Are Rising In 2023 – The Hottest Summer On Record (

    Set a record high temp in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. 105F! 15 degrees above normal for this time of year.

  6. Lance says:

    Looks like Palm Desert is going to break the all-time record for high temps this time of year. Temps in the area are running 15 degrees ABOVE normal! 104F (in the shade!) according to the weather service here right now, but it feels hotter. Supposed to get to 105F. Thermometer in my pickup read 110F with the windows part way down. Am staying in an RV park in a small RV trailer. Air conditioner is struggling to keep it below 80F inside. Waiting for the cool down to normal temps by Monday, but have my doubts that it will happen as predicted. Activities of war have a lot to do with this!

  7. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Just as Lance is reporting from the Palm Desert. We too are set to break record highs at 101 tomorrow, 103 Sunday and 104 degrees on Monday. But we are not a desert. Or, at least we weren't before this Summer from Hell hit us, and is still lingering around in Texas.

    The remnants of Hurricane Norma is (was) supposed to flow directly over this area and originally there were serious flash flood warnings for all of next week. With five days having a 100% chance or rain and up to six inches of precipitation.

    Now, the updated forecast shows only a 20% to 40% chance and 0.50 inches (1/2 inch) of rain in total. With mostly cloudy conditions that keeps us in the upper eighties. When the original forecast called for upper sixties to low seventies.

    It has only cooled down here for three days, twice since the middle of September. Other than that, we have been mostly in the upper nineties and close to or, over one-hundred degrees since Summer officially ended.

    We are currently at 98 degrees with a slight breeze from the north. But if this cool front hadn't come through on Thursday, we would likely be around 106 degrees. And Saturday through Monday would probably be around 112 to 116 degrees!

    Our average high for this time of the year is 58 degrees. If this is not an indication of exactly how screwed we are, from this day forward. Then I truly don't know what is. But all of this is getting really old and everyone in this community is so sick of being under the magnifying glass of climate engineering. More importantly though. We are seriously fed up with NOAA continuously releasing El Nino updates, showing that Texas will see lots of rain and cooler temperatures. Because those lies are becoming huge thorn in our ass.

  8. Lance says:

    How one perceives the "news" is dependent upon one's way of thinking. Those who's way of thinking is limited by their basic "animal" instincts have a limited perspective. Those who create the "news" are governed by this limited way of thinking. Those who understand this, yet take advantage of this to capitalize on this, are not "good" in any sense of the word!

  9. Lance says:

    Hottest day so far here in Palm Desert, CA. 103F and right now its 92F. Forecast to be 104 tomorrow then cooling down to 99 on Saturday. Big whoop dee doo! Slight cool down next week into the 80s, so they say. The strong Kp index 5 solar storm is supposedly going on right now, but the website is only showing the Kp index at 1. Don't know what sources to trust when it comes to this kind of info, just like I don't trust the info put out by the "news". Too many fake news reports created by artificial intelligence bots. 

  10. Lance says:

    High-latitude wilderness will become a target for agriculture (

    "They predict a significant shift in farming regions due to global warming." CAUSED BY???? 

  11. brent papon says:


    We R in draught.

    Mowed thew lawn 2X this year.

    Same last year.

    I love corn . I usually buy it year round.

    From Florida to Ohio.

    It was ALL terrible this year.

    ALL GMO"D.


    And I have never been afraid of animals.

    I give them respect and they Don't fear Me.

    But humans scare ME TOO>


    Thanks to Dane and all you cats.

    Peace and love

    • Lance says:

      Big hurricane coming into Mexico? Hmmm? Geoengineered? Nah. Go back to watching sports or playing a war game on Xbox!

  12. Lance says:

    Magnetic storm to hit Earth – Red-level storm (


    "According to data from NOAA satellite systems, TESIS, and international meteorological laboratories worldwide, a magnetic storm with a K-index of 5 will affect Earth on Thursday, October 19. This storm is classified as a red-level storm. This storm will be prolonged and extend for two days, on October 19 and 20. The magnetosphere is expected to return to a calm state on Saturday, October 21."

    The website is NOT reporting this!

  13. Lance says:

    4.2 earthquake today 5km SW of Isleton, CA, at 9:29am. This is in the "The Delta" area not far from Rio Vista where we stayed in our RV several times. Road through Rio Vista is a main trucking route that goes by the AF base in Fairfield. There's a big bridge that crosses the Sacramento River there that raises up to let large ships through. This is an unusual place for an earthquake! San Francisco area sent out a "Shake Alert" because of this. Is this "heat dome" related?

  14. Robert says:

    Update Eastern Oregon (Baker City) :Tuesday October 17th was the most highly visible encounter I've ever had with the "Spirit Spiders." If I caught the light right, I could look towards the sun indirectly and all I could see above was a sea of silvery webs, spun by those evil "Spirit Spiders".

    I was working in the yard that day when it started to come down and I wondered if I should grab a mask?  I said (insert appropriate explicative here) 'Ain't gonna let no  Spirit Spider ruin my day." so I went outside, worked in the garden and had a very enjoyable day.


     I've been following you for years now and it amazes me that you never stray from course or purpose, thank you for being a beacon of truth in the sea of lies we are floating in, and thanks to all the others looking to right the ship, we are the ones we've been waiting for.

  15. Lance says:

    Everything's going to be okay! Man's sciences and technologies made possible by the 4th industrial revolution are going to save humanity and the world! Just put your trust and faith in artificial intelligence and its agents! Work with them and they'll show you the way! If you believe this you're deceived! 

  16. Lance says:

    Got to 100F here today in Palm Desert, CA. Too hot to be out in direct sunlight for more than a 5 minutes or so. Most people here are older so they wear clothing to protect their eyes and skin from the sunlight such as sun glasses, long sleeves, hats, and even long pants. This does not protect people from the toxic pollutants in the air, the water, and the sandy soil which blows around in winds here. The RV park we're staying in is right next to Interstate 10. The number of vehicles of all kinds on this highway day or night is astounding. There are also trains carrying cargo that are next to the interstate. The number of trains going by day or night is quite large also. Usually 5 engines spewing a lot of diesel exhaust pulling these long trains. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 engines in the middle of these long trains too. The amount of resources these trains and the trucks on the interstate carry to support the way of life everyone is dependent on, and takes for granted, is mind boggling! Not going to be pleasant when the supply chains start to break as the situation in the world continues to deteriorate.  

    • Lance says:

      High pressure "heat dome" parked over the western US. High temps are forecast to set all time highs the next three days of October in the desert SW. Today, here in Palm Desert, there are no trails of elements used to attempt to keep the temps down somewhat. Would have been hotter yesterday had they not been conducting aerosol operations early in the morning over this area. 70F this morning here. Warm start will make it hotter in the afternoon hours. Not humid here, very dry air. High temp here is predicted to be 102 today, 103 the next day, and 104 the next day. Saturday its supposed to cool "slightly" and then progressively get cooler and windy. We'll see as I'm here until the end of October, or for as long as I'm alive, which may not be much longer given the iniquity going on in this wicked world. 

  17. Joe says:

    Buffy Sainte-Marie | Universal Soldier | CBC Music Festival

    Great song that I grew up with.   There is alot of truth in this song.

    Buffy Sainte-Marie | Universal Soldier | CBC Music Festival – YouTube

  18. Lance says:

    Am now staying at an RV park in Palm Desert, CA. Temps here were supposed to be in the mid 90's. Not happening. HIgh temp yesterday here was 102F. Supposed to be the same today and slightly hotter the rest of the week. Overhead right now there are numerous climate engineering elements that have been released by aircraft this morning. Is this an attempt to keep it from getting too hot? Looks that way. The scheduled weather forecast is calling for it to cool down into the mid to upper 80's by Sunday. High winds also predicted. Will be here until the end of October so we shall see what happens. By the way, there is a water supply "problem" here in this area which is near Palm Springs. Just one of the many myriad complex "problems" created by human industrial activity. The 4th industrial revolution isn't going to solve these "problems". Its going to cause exponentially more!  

  19. Lance says:

    What El Niño Will Mean for Lake Mead's Water Levels (

    How many "problems" have been created as a result of the building of the dam that created this reservoir of water during man's 3rd industrial revolution?  

  20. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    State Fair of Texas opened recently and it has "always been known for being cold (low to mid 50s) and soaked by light rain nearly every day, with a few heavy downpours to boot." Those were the weather conditions all the way back to 1886, when it first came to Texas.

    Over the last five years it has been in the high 80s and low 90s with no rain at all, and this year it has been in the upper 90s with (of course) no rain… and none in the forecast. It cooled down for the last few days, but is expected to see the 80s and 90s again. Possibly to the end of its run.

    Here though, we are climbing back up to the century mark and it will probably be over ninety degrees on Thanksgiving day. It was 90+ degrees three of the last five years. Before that it only reached 90 degrees twice since records have been kept.

    So, yes. The Earth is definitely getting very, very hot at an extremely fast pace. But those living in the upper east coast continuously get polar jet stream cold fronts, and it will be a winter wonderland for their holidays. As their climate caretakers see to that.

    At the expense of states like Texas. And so many other places around the world, who take the brunt of the heat… so they don't have to.

    Just how long they can keep that up though, is the important question. When they finally start baking from temperatures at ninety degrees and higher, on a regular basis like us. What is it going to be like here? And all those other places that are forced to endure climate engineered heat domes. How dreadfully hot is it going to get there?

    Will the world then realize that climate engineering has been creating selective utopias, at their expense? When half the planet is already into a Venus Syndrome meltdown?

    When it hits ninety to a hundred degrees on Christmas day, in Upstate New York. This planet will be totally screwed and you can stick a fork in it, because it will be done and burnt. Or will be, within a few short months to a year at most. 

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Eden….I live in the upper east coast, a lifetime.   We are hotter here, but not as hot as other areas.  But snow is gone from here…..and has been for a long time… in NJ.  Maybe farther north there is some, but not here.

  21. Lance says:

    Stayed in Bakersfield, CA, Sat. and Sunday. The air pollution at this end of the long valley of CA is terrible. A brown toxic haze hangs in the air all the time. Most of it's caused by millions of motor vehicles of one type or another driving the roads, highways, and interstates. The entire industrial economic system that exists today is the source of all the pollution on this planet. Yet, the vast majority live in la-la land, acting as if their way of life is going to continue just as it always has. What arrogant beings humans are!

  22. Chris says:

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

    J Hendrix

    One can only hope


    • Lance says:

      Humans will never know peace (rest) because the human way of thinking causes all of humanities problems. Hendrix was an example, not an exception.

  23. Joe says:

    Climate and Militarism Intersections-  written in 2020

    U.S. Militarism brings violence to communities across the United States and around the world, while degrading our environment and contributing directly to climate change. Climate change and militarism intersect in a variety of alarming ways. The Pentagon is a Major Polluter Warfare is an extremely carbon-intensive aspect of the United States’ militarized economy. With extensive infrastructure and operations both domestically and abroad, the largest industrial military in the history of the world is also among the biggest polluters: • The US Military is the single largest institutional consumer of oil. One of the military’s jets, the B-52 Stratofortress, consumes about as much fuel in an hour as the average car driver uses in seven years. • While only a portion of the United State’s total emissions, the Pentagon’s annual greenhouse gas emissions are greater than the greenhouse gas emissions of entire industrialized countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, and Portugal. The United States has a Well-Known History of Fighting War for Oil.

    The fossil fuel industry also relies on militarized state violence to uphold its operations around the globe. Those who fight to protect their lands from extractive industries are often met with state and paramilitary violence:

    Oil is the leading cause of war; an estimated one-quarter to one-half of all interstate wars since 1973 have been linked to oil. By far the greatest militarization has been in the Middle East, where more than half of the world’s oil reserves are located. The U.S. military spends an estimated $81 billion a year to protect the world’s oil supplies–and that’s even before accounting for the Iraq war.

    Those who fight to protect their lands from extractive industries and the infrastructure are often branded as “eco-terrorists” and met with militarized violence. More than three people were murdered on average each week in 2018—and even more criminalized—for defending their land and the environment


    This article is from 2020 — things are worse of course now.

    general_talking_points_-_climate_&_militarism.pdf (

    National Priorities Project

  24. Lance says:

    Report: Water crisis threatens $58 trillion in food security, sustainability (

    This simplistic news article does not address the complexity of the rapidly accelerating and deteriorating situation. As per usual the solution to the situation can be found through the development of sciences and technologies. Arrogance always precedes a fall. 

    • Lance says:

      This is incorrect and I am correcting myself. As per usual THEIR solution to the situation THEY believe can be found through the development of THEIR sciences and technologies. Arrogance (pride) always precedes a fall.

  25. Mary Nix Hollowell says:

    Sonic Sea covers the whale beachings

  26. Stan Sylvester says:

    The L.A. Times recently reported on the nightmare travails of the Chinook salmon. This is the time of year that they travel downstream to the Pacific Ocean from creeks along the Sacramento  River. According to officials, they now face a "cohort collapse."

    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are now  pitching to help. Their solution is to  catch them by net. The Chinook are  then transported by truck in water tanks to the friendly confines of the UC Davis fish lab. This will allow the Chinook to "breed in captivity." 

    The reasons the Chinook are in trouble are many. Dams such as the one in Central Valley have harmed areas that used to be spawning habitats. Drought and climate change have been blamed as well as water being diverted to California farms.

    If that wasn't enough, sediment from breeches are an ongoing threat to the Chinook. Pacific Gas and Electric recently had a breech in the Butte Canal.The canal carries water to the De Sabla Powerhouse. It resulted in a "rust colored sediment spill" flowing into Butte Creek where the Chinook travel. No fish, no people.

    The Chinook have no voice. It's up to you and I to stand with Dane to fight  for them by alerting the populace to the unfolding climate collapse. 

    • Lance says:

      Oregon is having the same problem! The Chinook salmon runs are all but gone! Same for steelhead! The DAMS are a PART of the problem! Drought and the changing climate are too, but toxic POLLUTION from many sources is the MAIN problem and its much worse than we're allowed to know!

  27. Lance says:

    Regarding the deteriorating ecological situation, quite soon it won't matter which "side" you're on. 

  28. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Have watched the 2:13 vid of National Emergency Threat: Shasta Dam leer jet dry run mode and it made me reconsider a sky pic I tool on Oct 2 @ 1 pm ish .  Was on rumble. I took a  pic  of very severe sharp turn  in northern CA (Redding)  of jet very high , and thought how odd, as flights do not head south and suddenly turn west.  Not normal route at all. It fits if a jet was going over Shasta Dam . My ask is for everyone to take pics/vid of everything unusual, odd, bizarre. I have several images.   LOOK UP !

    • Lance says:

      Those involved in the aerosol spraying ops aren't going to stop. Even if they did its not going to keep the situation from getting worse than it already is, which is far worse than most understand, let alone care about. Soon, there will be no denying what's happening and no where to hide, not even in caves in the rocks!

  29. jay dee says:

    Thanks again, Dane. I send your Global Alert News (now the  End of the  World As We Know It?) weekly reports to some people I know, but, sadly, I  do not think they are viewed. I still leave the business cards in places where people will at least notice them and perhaps look at them. Some, at least, will follow up. Spraying is incessant over Long Island, New York. I hope more and more people will add themselves to your mailing list AND go directly to the (both) to help overcome the algorithm's censorship and misdirection. (I call it the Al Gore Rhythm) Not to mention Google moving you (a while back) from the first item under "geoengineering" to page (?). Is  Google just plain evil?

    • Joe says:

      Good to see some one else from Long Island N.Y. getting the word out about this website.  

      About the war in the middle east and all wars– listen to 25 minute mark on this broadcast.  Everyone should listen to the whole broadcast.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes I truly believe it is. The nut jobs on their payroll like Ray Kurzweil whose dream it is to meld man with machine prove it.. and sadly for the rest of us, the kooks working there are moving steadily towards that goal of insanity.

  30. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Sparrow brought to our attention the German Lear jets capable of injecting something into the atmosphere, including what looks like weapons of some type. Well, those exact same planes have been making routine flights here as well, and the reason I know this is that I compared the images from the video to all of the pictures that others here and myself took, over the last three months. I use a very powerful 2,000 MM telephoto lens and the markings on the planes here, match exactly to those in the Shasta Lake video.

    Not only that. I also have images of military tanker jets being refueled by KC-46A planes, and "chemically refilled" by KC-10 Extender planes, before and after they spray aerosols back and forth across the sky. Giving them the ability to fly in the same area of the sky, all day or night. Adding layer upon layer of climate engineering produced clouds that are then zapped by microwaves. Turning them into a more alien looking overcast of rainbow spectrum colored clouds that form ridges and waves, over and over again. 

    They are sprayed at extremely high altitude and just hang there for, sometimes up to 20 hours at a time. I have even seen where photographers win awards in competitions with images of these clouds. Labeled as Noctilucent clouds and they are anything but. Because nature did not create them.

    Real noctilucent clouds used to be so rare and were only seen closer to the polar regions. But now, these fake ones are appearing all over the world and on a regular basis.

    All of this is becoming so surreal. I don't understand what these German Lear jets have to do with geoengineering operations. Why refuel planes as they spray the skies now? Why create so many artificial noctilucent clouds? What is the bigger picture to these new aeronautical climate modification procedures?

    What is their goal and just exactly what are they trying to achieve? Absolute and complete control of the various jet streams now? Total control of all weather cycles and patterns from the Troposphere to the Mesosphere? Mastering the weather "worldwide" by 2025 in order to bolster their assertions of this feat, all those years ago?

    The long range forecast said that we would remain cool here all the way through to November 1st. Now it shows that we go right back up over 90 degrees again, starting on the 21st of this month. And by the end of the month, we are pushing the one-hundred degree mark all over again.

    I personally believe that we have gone past the tipping point and will likely see one-hundred degree days now, every single month of the year! In this new climate engineered Lone Star Thermal Ultraviolet RAD Zone. There is still not a single drop of rain in our forecast and we are on pace to see only two inches, for the entire year. If we don't get any in the next wo months. It is so dry that the trees are turning to cork and the dirt is breaking down and crystallizing into sand.

    If we don't get some "real" lasting relief any time soon. This land will be unlivable by humans or wildlife in only 18 months or less. 80% of the water wells are now dry here! Soon, the only water left will be the single community well and the pumps keep burning out on it constantly. Which means that they are sucking air most of the time.

    Things are looking pretty grim for us and the government refuses to help any of us. Not even the Farmers and Ranchers (as I mentioned before). Which is pretty much insane, because there are so may others in Texas that are still getting Covid Relief checks and they aren't even struggling to survive like us. They are "Entitled" and we are simply the "Forgotten Ones".

    Their time will be coming soon though. When it gets so hot that their AC systems become completely useless. Which is exactly what billions will be faced with in the very near future. Extreme Wet Bulb deaths will outnumber climate diaster and pandemic deaths and most scientists are even beginning to agree with that scenario now.

    • penny waters says:

      no-one knows what is happening because we have been messing about with this earth for much longer than any of us here, can know, with our limited lifetimes

      if we are seeing the end then we are in an unenviable place or…..the realest place that any human can ever be at, at any time, during the short life of the human species

      with endless destruction of all species, and the earth it all stands on, we are witnessing the death throes, the climax of this place in the universe

      and so, it has gone before, and will do again after – this is nothing new

      this is the only way to see it – i have watched all my life and wanted it to be ……heaven……..and it seemed like hell………..

      and now i just watch – although this last week has been unbearable to see humans brought to such horror….

      and i can do nothing substantial to really help

      but i do so hope that i am wrong



  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Most Recent National Asthma Data | CDC



  32. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Offshore Wind Is An Economic And Environmental Catastrophe | ZeroHedge
    California project would be one of the most egregious cases of environmental destruction in human history

    Authored by Edward Ring via American Greatness,

    When it comes to “renewables” wreaking havoc on the environment, wind turbines have stiff competition. For example, over 500,000 square miles of biofuel plantations have already replaced farms and forests to replace a mere 4 percent of transportation fuel.

    To source raw materials to build “sustainable” batteries, mining operations are scaling up, with no end in sight, in nations with appalling labor conditions and nonexistent environmental regulations.

    But the worst offender is the wind industry.

    America’s wind power industry somehow manages to attract almost no negative coverage in the press, or litigation from environmentalists, despite causing some of the most obvious and tragic environmental catastrophes so far this century. Last August I wrote about the ongoing slaughter of whales off America’s northeast coast thanks to construction of offshore wind turbines:

    “When you detonate massive explosives, repeatedly drive steel piles into the ocean floor with a hydraulic hammer, and blast high decibel sonar mapping signals underwater, you’re going to harm animals that rely on sound to orient themselves in the ocean.

    To say it is mere coincidence that hundreds of these creatures have washed ashore, dead, all of a sudden, during precisely the same months when the blasting and pounding began, is brazen deception.”

    Nonetheless, when the story can’t be buried, deception is the strategy. Not one major environmental organization, government watchdog agency, or media outlet has called for a slowdown in industrial offshore wind projects. Instead, they repeatedly claim these allegations are misinformation. And from that paragon of truth,, we get this: “No Evidence Offshore Wind Development Killing Whales.”

    Let’s set aside the obvious negative impact on whale populations of tens of thousands of marine surveying and construction sorties into offshore areas where shipping traffic has never before been concentrated, or the impact of noise and explosions on not one site, such as would be the case with a lone oil rig, but on thousands of sites, each one being prepared for an offshore wind turbine. The destruction wrought by wind turbines extends well beyond what it’s doing to whales.

    A report just released by a New England fishermen association summarizes research they completed on offshore wind projects. Their findings are stunning. Just the geographic extent of these proposed offshore wind projects is unprecedented. According to the report, “Federal regulators at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) have designated almost 10 million acres for wind farm surveys and development.”

    That is over 15,000 square miles.
    Not included in that allocation are the corridors where high voltage lines will have to cross the ocean floor to transfer electricity from the turbines to land-based power grids. The report found that “electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emanating from subsea cables appear to produce birth deformities in juvenile lobster.” That’s just the beginning.
    The report also found that wind farms “increase sea surface temperatures and alter upper-ocean hydrodynamics in ways scientists do not yet understand,” and “whip up sea sediment and generate highly turbid wakes that are 30-150 meters wide and several kilometers in length, having a major impact on primary production by phytoplankton which are the base of marine food chains.” And there’s more.
    Wind turbines “generate operational noise in a low frequency range (less than 700 Hz) with most energy concentrated between 2 and 200 Hz. This frequency range overlaps with that used by fish for communication, mating, spawning, and spatial movement,” and “high voltage direct current undersea cables produce magnetic fields that negatively affect the drifting trajectory of haddock larvae by interfering with their magnetic orientation abilities.” Haddock are “a significant portion of U.S. commercial fish landings and are an important component of the marine food chain.”

    full report

    • Lance says:

      Regarding biofuels, drove from Monterey Bay to Bakersfield yesterday. Drove 101 south then drove east toward Bakersfield. As we got closer to Bakersfield noticed there are huge groves of trees that were planted many years ago along the hwy. There are many square miles of these trees. Not sure what type of trees, looked like fruit or nut trees. They are not being watered anymore so they're withering and dying. Then we drove by some huge piles of wood chips scattered in a big field. I wondered where they came from until I noticed a big wood chipping machine out in one of the groves of trees. They're cutting down the trees and making the piles of wood chips. They're using the trees to make biofuels and wood pellets for pellet stoves! 

  33. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Microplastics Linked to Poor Gut Health, Celiac Disease, Obesity and More • Children's Health Defense

    Studies show microplastics may alter the permeability of the intestine and change how we digest food. They also appear to shift the gut microbiome to an unhealthy state.

    … show microplastics can alter the permeability of the intestine and change how we digest food.

    They also appear to shift the gut microbiome to an unhealthy state. This ecosystem of trillions of bacteria and other microbes helps us digest food and fend off infection and plays a major role in body processes from weight loss and immune function to heart and brain health.

    “It’s important to highlight that microplastics are already in our bodies,” Mathilde Body-Malapel, an environmental health researcher at the University of Lille, in France, told Environmental Health News (EHN). “For most people, microplastic is a problem for the ocean, it’s an ecological problem. But now we know it’s a problem for human health.”
    The team measured bacteria in the birds’ stomachs and cloacas and flushed out their digestive tracts to count and weigh the microplastics inside.
    The birds with more individual pieces of plastic had a higher diversity of bacteria, while those with a greater weight of plastic had lower diversity.
    Greater diversity isn’t always beneficial, Fackelmann said. “Maybe you have more microbes, but the excess are all pathogens, in which case, that wouldn’t be good.”

    This finding “lends some credence to the idea of plastics as a vector” for bacteria, she added. Bits of seafaring plastic are thought to accumulate bacteria, which then make a home in a bird’s stomach and intestines.

    As the researchers discovered, these bacteria weren’t a representative sample of what’s normally found in seawater. Instead, there was a preponderance of plastic-eating microbes, along with antibiotic-resistant and disease-causing bacteria.

    While the team didn’t assess the seabirds’ health, the microbial shift suggests this petrochemical diet is doing the birds no favors.

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