Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 7, 2023, #426


Dane Wigington

"US weather warning: America to plunge into two week arctic freeze", this new headline is exactly what the climate engineers want in order to distract populations from what is actually unfolding around the world. Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are a primary component of climate engineering operations, weather and temperature whiplash is the result. In the Western US the exact opposite scenario is unfolding, "snow to record heat, wild weather swings to jolt west". Rutgers University scientists have now acknowledged that "blocking the sun may kill our crops", though this scenario has long since been reality. Is the crushing of crops just a consequence of climate engineering? Or an objective? The consistency with which agricultural regions are being targeted leaves little doubt as to the answer. Water temperatures in the Amazon River have hit 102 degrees while September 2023 is officially declared "the most anomalously hot month ever" by Scientific American. Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

Most commonly asked question about climate engineering:













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38 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 7, 2023, #426

  1. Geoff Hanham says:

    Watcher: I agree. There is a Power that hates Life and has a will to destruction. Being physically impotent, human beings are used as a tool. We are given an option; before we are born and again after birth… There always has been a war going on on this planet and it is a physical and psychic war – this has been long understood and is known at birth but quickly forgotten… We are where we are and even if there is no chance we, who do remember have to take a stand and do what little we can…

    To quote Dylan Thomas: "Do not go gently into that 'good' night – but rage, rage against the dying of the Light!"

    But yet, perhaps, it is a  greater Light that we follow that gives us Endurance and Love for which Dane is an exemplar… 

    As I write this, I am aware that people are dying – especially children – in the most horrible and agonising ways… Has there been a single year since humans picked up the first stone with murder in his heart when there has not been a war?

    And yet there are still those, though seemingly few, who "Seek the Light" Thank you 'Watcher' – thank and Bless you Dane – you have created a fellowship of the 'Kindred'…

    • WATCHER says:

      THANK YOU GEOFF  You are very astute in Your Observations We suffer not only at the hands of our fellow men, we battle with Powers and principalities  seen and unseen>Ephesians 6:12:For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.    In Our world and here on this site, for the most part are folks who are loving caring individuals. We strive only to survive with the gifts our creator gives us; such as Nature and Created Wonders constantly being discovered. It is akin to taking a walk and noticing a newly discovered tiny flower and enjoying it's beauty while being surrounded with familiar splendid beauty of Sky, Water and Earth. What we have here is a marvelous Cradle Orbit our earth inhabits. Quite possibly none other like it being distinctly it's own. Every myriad of form on it are interdependent and yet in a balance. Those who seek to destroy the evidence of this and re-create it in their own perverse fashion, are only to it's detriment. Quite possibly innocent of malevolent intent, we who consume and build upon it are also partly to blame. Yet we are not willful villains’ merely are falling prey to a greater scheme of harmful greed, lust, and demise of our Host Planet. This is all being directed from without as Ephesians 6:12 explains. Sad but true; we have a long long way to becoming good stewards. I truly see There is yet HOPE but the clock is ticking fast to our own destruction if we do not  thwart the efforts of malevolent forces within and without.

      Peace be with You Dane for what You do here and all of You my dear ones who care to think, act and pray on this dire need we have to save our planet and all of it's species.



    • Slow Boiled Frog says:

      Its on for everyone not asleep. Ty for posting.

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Many thanks for your link Sparrow: I will spread it as far and wide as I can. I've been waiting for several appalling 'false-flags' to be hoisted,  but I was not aware of this possible dry run…

      Geoff Hanham

  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Peer pressure.

    There's a huge difference between a group of girls suggesting to another, "I think you need to get your shag on by joining the pep or cheer squad." And, "I think you need to get your head straight and stop believing in all of those Geoengineering conspiracy theories."

    Or, "Come on. It will be fun to ride the bumper cars." And, "Come on. It will be fun to drag race down Brookdale Street."

    Peer pressure can be innocent and give a person a sense of belonging to a majority class. But it can also be deadly, by pressuring someone to do something that could be life threatening. Or, convince someone that what they believe is real, couldn't possibly be harming us and the planet or, heaven forbid… lead to our extinction.

    That's how someone from a modern technology addicted civilization can be swayed to side with the misinformed (deceived) majority. Social media platforms are like junk food to young adults and if they begin to believe that climate engineering is real, and could lead to the end of the human race. Their peers on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok or Reddit set them straight and convince them to think more like them. By saying that no one believes in that crap and if they want to lose all of their friends. Just keep on believing in the pure fiction of societal collapse and the end of the world, as we know it.

    Everything is fine and you need to just get on with your life. No worries mate. You're only seeing condensate trails, not chemicals and heavy metals that are used to control the weather. That stuff you're reading is pure nonsense and it will drag you down. Be happy and enjoy life because you're not getting any younger. Party like there's no tomorrow.

    Well, at least they finally got that right.

  3. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    We got lucky for the first time in nearly six months. The original high for today was set at 96 degrees in last night's forecast. Then updated this morning to a more comfortable 85, but so far it has only reached 76 degrees and there is a cool breeze from the north. I'm guessing that the tropical low pressure storm along the southern coast of Texas and Louisiana, inadvertently brought us some thick clouds and a cool northerly breeze. With its counter-clockwise rotation pushing the high pressure ridge into Mexico (at least for today). {But I'm sure it will be back for a couple more days of torture.}

    Because the ten day forecast shows only low sixties to mid seventies, from Sunday through Friday of next week, with overnight lows between 41 and 56 degrees! Just exactly as I have been saying for months. Straight from extreme summer-like heat to winter temps… virtually overnight! It has been that way for five straight years.

    Saturday's high is set at 95 degrees and Sunday at 62 degrees. From the oven to the fridge and no Autumn splendor in-between. We only have two seasons here. Hotter than Hell, and Not So Hot. With some 95 to 100 degree days sneaking in every month of the latter.

    Read an article today entitled: "The ten fastest warming states in America". But it still lists 48 states in all, because NOAA does not provide stats for Hawaii and Alaska.

    So, according to NOAA:

    Texas was near the bottom of the list, even though we set a record for the highest average hot temperature in the nation. While all of the upper northeastern states filled the top of the list (except for Maine). And they set the lowest hottest temperature records in the nation.

    How does any of that make any sense? Other than the fact that NOAA is blatantly lying and covering up for the climate engineering operations that keep those states as the most anomalously cool place on the planet. How can they possibly be warming faster than Texas, Louisiana, Arizona and Florida? No logic at all in their research facts. Just cunning deception, by skewing the numbers everywhere they can.

  4. penny waters says:

    eden lost to insanity

    re astronomy – new scientist have an article 7th october page 9 re a satellite that outshines the stars and many astronomers – world wide – are involved in commenting about it in as an obstruction to watching the great heavens

    maybe this is the time to ask them about the "filth" in the sky that you see from geoengineering that blocks your vision??

    siegfried eggi at the international astronomical union in france and others – aparna venkatesan???



    why is it so hard to see the mad and bad people, as people – as humans

    who said all humans are supposed to be wonderful

    nature is both beautiful and ugly in its function and form

    surely our task is to bring out the beautiful in us – in ourselves and….

    so by example….. maybe lead by example


  5. Christina Parousis says:

    A digital billboard of The Dimming went up last month in Peterborough, ON, Canada.

    The ten second digital ad campaign was launched on September 18th.  It's being displayed on a 15' x 7.5' outdoor billboard as well as in eight indoor locations across the city, including the Peterborough airport and City Hall.

  6. Larry DeMarco says:

    Well said Watcher. I couldn't agree more. One sigh of the end times is widespread information and knowledge. The problem is that the types you describe use this for evil purposes while the good people do the opposite. Since the evil ones don't play fair, the game has always been rigged in their favor. So as the information and knowledge continues to increase, the destruction to God's creation becomes ever greater due to the disadvantage of those who might otherwise keep things in check on a level playing field.

    Thanks Dane for continuing to lead us in this rigged competition. Despite the fact that we are so heavily outweighed in this battle of good vs evil, I feel privileged to serve with people like you who on the right side of creation despite the odds against us.

  7. Jason Barkley says:

    Phoenix Arizona did not have a monsoon this summer while the farmers almanac and game and fish predicted a wet one.

    Normally by July we get storms clouds forming from the south created by the moisture moving north out of the gulf of California. We had nothing this year! No moisture moving up from the south and no dust storms from southern winds.
    There was the hurricane, but that was channeled up through Blythe and Havasu region, and a freak short micro burst in northern Mesa but nothing significant all summer in central AZ.

    There has been some precipitation in Northern AZ  but hardly a drop in the Phoenix metro and southern region all summer!

    Makes me wonder if their keeping clear weather for the "migrants" to travel in without worrying about flash flooding or river rise?

  8. Chris says:

    I remain convinced 95 percent of the worlds ruling elite are not and hopefully not human

    If they are I'm ashamed to call myself one

  9. Joe says:


    Icy floodwaters kill at least 41 in India's Himalayan northeast after dam burst


    But the growing frequency and intensity of extreme weather, driven in part by climate change, puts many dams and the people living downstream from them at risk. Last month, dam breaches caused by Storm Daniel caused devastating damage to the city of Derna in Libya.

    A 2016 study found that more than one-fifth of the 177 dams built close to Himalayan glaciers could fail if glacial lakes burst, including the dam in Sikkim.

    “We knew that this was coming,” said Gyatso Lepcha, general secretary of Affected Citizens of Teesta, an environmental organization based in Sikkim. “The same can happen with other dams also,” he wrote in a statement that called for a safety review of all dams in the state.




    Icy floodwaters kill at least 41 in India's Himalayan northeast after dam burst (

  10. A Friend says:

    Good news. My representative in Congress, with whom I have had some communications over the last few years, just told me that he was not aware of the geongineering programs. We have a mutually respectful relationship, through a number of communications over the last few years, and thankfully This gave me an opportunity to share the link to the documentary with him tonight.

    I encourage each of you to respectfully approach all of your elected representatives. I know they have a lot on them and they're very busy, but perhaps some of them will take the time to listen to you and at least watch that documentary. I told my representative that he will never be able to unsee what he's about to see when he watches that documentary. And we need everybody we can in this fight.

    I told him also that without clean air, clean water and clean soil, the human race and all life on this planet and the planet itself are done for and probably 5 to 10 years. In which case every other concern has Dane says, will be _moot_.

    Be encouraged!

  11. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    My local forecast here in Texas:

    Today- 88… Tomorrow- 98… Tuesday- 95… Wednesday- 88… Thursday- 98… Friday- 78… Saturday- 68

    Then a gradual climb back up to 90 degrees on Tuesday the 17th, and we work our way back to the mid to upper nineties all over again.

    Talk about one freakish roller coaster ride and what is it with those numbers ending in "8"? Yesterday it was 68 degrees and it seems to be a steady pattern of the same old ten degree difference from one day to the next. Where else on the planet do you see ten up followed by ten down, day to day then rinse and repeat, over and over again? The only difference being a twenty degree difference from Thursday to Friday.

    I guess this engineered high pressure ridge is designed to persist, for as long as they desire. So much so that even when a really strong cold front makes its way through here, we only get "one day" of cooler air and then it's right back up to ninety and above.

    What happened to NOAA's El Nino prediction of us seeing cooler and wetter than normal conditions? So far it has been the exact opposite. You just gotta' love their never flinching mind games.

    I'm not sure if anyone remembers me saying in previous comments that the majority of the days each year, were in the 70s and low 80s. And now we rarely see them at all. Well, as you can see by our Fall forecast, I wasn't kidding.

    Our average daily temperature for 2023 now sits at 90.6 degrees! When it used to be 83.1 degrees, just five years ago. Blowing away the 1.5 degrees C that the experts claim to be our threshold. And if this is any indication of how much it has risen… worldwide. We are in seriously deep shite!

    • brent papon says:

      yeah, I am so tired of this 1.5 BS.

      Globally we are at 6 c and climbing.

      They are so desperate as to set fires to block the sun from melting whats left of the ice caps..

      And all I see is the dimming.

      I saw the sun once in the last ten years.

      The sky looks the same almost every day.

      Most I know and see @ are failing with mental and physical health.

      ME TOO

      Take care 



  12. Jackie Pollock says:

    "Three times the size of the lower 48 states" – that's the size of the ozone hole over Antarctica!!  If this keeps growing in size how can we not all be affected? We will be affected as will all the other life forms – but we are being affected right now too! – no waiting required. Only waiting for the absolute worst to happen is what remains now and the wait can't be too long any more.

    I think the reality of weird weather "patterns" is causing more and more people in the masses to at least begin to waken up. But there are so many catastrophes bombarding us that this climate engineering will literally knock people off their feet when they realize the magnitude of it all, with how it has been going on, and by whom, and then what is its final intent and purpose.  Everything (plants, animals, insects and the soil and waterways too) around us will be getting even more "sicker" by the day and we will too. It's not avoidable. As Dane says often, there's nowhere to hide anymore.

    Thank you Dane for your tireless work and reporting on this horrible multi-faceted travesty being played out against us all and the entire planet.

    -Jackie from Texas


  13. Jonathan says:

    As for the polymer fibers, I spend a lot of time outside and occasionally see them floating down like fragments of spider webs. They are extremely sticky but completely dry. You can see a picture of me holding clump of this up in the materials page.

    I small sample sent to a research laboratory New England years ago. The sample size was not large enough to allow a more extensive testing, but what they did find was nylon.

    They're probably many different variations on that theme being used on a regular basis.

    You can often find it in the grass out here.



  14. Stan Sylvester says:

    The Tokyo Electric Power Company, [TEPCO,] announced that the  second,[!] release of radioactive wastewater has begun on Thursday. It will continue for 17 days. The amount will be 7800 cubic meters, the same amount as the first batch.

    If you think this radioactive water dumping will end shortly, think again. The 7800 cubic meters is a fraction of the remaining 1.33 million cubic meters left. 10 tanks are emptied each time out the remaining 1000 tanks. They tell us it should take about 30 years to finish off the tanks.

    TEPCO has said the all of the radioactive elements have been drained from the wastewater  with the exception of something called tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen.

    TEPCO  said that seawater is diluted with the tritium after the filtration process. Tests revealed after the first radioactive water release that the tritium was barely registered at the dump site. It was also 6000 times below the "maximum permissable"  level.  Is anyone feeling a little better about this now? 


  15. Geoff Hanham says:

    On "Cobwebs"

    A digression, but it is a vald one perhaps:

    I have just been 'phoned by an old chum in Bristol (England). Gill and I  introduced him to  Geoengineering Watch many years ago – he now  promotes it as hard as he can… This chap is no fool, although like me he is in his middle seventies, he is still as sharp as a razor and once worked as a materials scientist for Rolls-Royce (Aero) Engines at Filton near Bristol. He was in a state of no little exasperation as he had just been in conversation with another mutual friend who he persuaded to watch Dane's most excellent works,. After a short natter he announced, "But didn't I tell you  M….. that it's also UFOs that are involved: in all this! Those cobwebs are "Angel Hair" – and we all know what this means!" (Do we?)… This chap worked for the same company in metallurgy and fatigue and research and  testing of  turbine blades… What can one say…

    Now I would be the last to deny the existence of "Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon". – but even so…

    Dane, one thing you could request folk to do, is on every email they receive, to send back the  address and tell them to use "duckduckgo" search if they encounter censorship…

    I even had my two favorite West-Country breweries and a Hi-Fi dealership respond favourably! I have even 'converted' a classic car dealer of my acquaintance, but that has made him even more depressed!

    I have found school teachers (State or private) the most unreceptive to the point of open hostility…

    Geoff Hanham





    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      I have to agree with your assessment of school teachers. They become quite agitated or even hostile when you bring up the subject of climate engineering. Not all of them of course. But certainly the majority. Now those who work for the government, or used to, are the most combative on this subject. Especially the ones connected to private defense contractors. They see you as threatening their livelihood by trying to expose geoengineering to the masses. Whether they believe (or even know that) it is real or not (could be above their pay grade). They are certain that if it is and has been happening, the government and military must be in charge of such operations.

      Teachers are brainwashed in college (nowadays) to meld young minds into believing that the biology of the planet and advancing technologies are intertwined so as to compliment each other's existence and or survival. Which couldn't be further from the truth and super-tech weapons of war are a prime example. Including weather warfare tech of course. Not to mention GMO technology that is trying to replace nature with genetically altered mutations. Just maybe, that is why climate engineering is focused on killing as much of nature as possible. In order to usher in a matrix gene pool genocide and evolve the Earth into a synthetic world of nightmarish mutations.   

      The entire universe is based on the laws and principals of nature itself. So, if the Earth becomes a technology based configuration of nothing more than synthetics. Then it will no longer have a place in the universe, much less the solar sytem. Humanity would become the Borg and no other intelligent life out there, would ever invite us into the fold.

      What if UAPs are probes sent here to observe the coming extinction event and document how our species chose the path to Omnicide, over that of enlightenment? In order to learn from our mistakes and avoid that same fate?

    • brent papon says:

      I found a ton of those webs a couple years back.

      I optimistically thought great spiders around.

      A couple hours later it dawned on me that something else was going down .

      Dane than explained it.

      As far as the teacher thing …

      If they can't control you.

      They don't want U.

      The smart people that did teach in US schools in the last twenty years  didn't last very long.

      Neolibralism and government interference completely destroyed public EVERYTHING including public education.

      When I was a kid my teachers were great.

      It seems not so much anymore.



    • Robert says:

      Saturday morning, October 6th, I was getting ready for a day trip with friends to the Owyhee River here in eastern Oregon. I was packing up the truck and I noticed fine long filaments of what looked like spider webs streaming from tree branches and the truck's antenna. Upon further examination, I said to my partner that these were not spider webs and that it was something that I had never seen before. Later that day, when I came home, I listened to Dane's weekly report and lo and behold here was my confirmation that these was not spider webs. 

      The world to me anymore is an abstract, dysfunctional farce filled with deceit. The only way I can cope with it is to seek out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Thanks Dane for all the bad news, I'm getting hardened off to what awaits us all. 

  16. penny waters says:

    it is so obvious that humans are quite mad (yes i include myself – methinks i am human?)

    bet i could go through the alphabet and use every letter to find a word that describes the vileness of human behaviour

    and the stupidity

    so sad

    • WATCHER says:

      Penny  Here's an old quote

      "Mankind is an oxymoron"

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi Penny,

      Over the past few days yet more example of the "wondesr of Humanity"… I am not easily moved to tears but… Meanwhile the whales and other cetaceans in their thousands are being destroyed and  driven insane by the installation and operation of wind farms – suffering indescribably horrible deaths from naval 'exercises' practicing to destroy all humanity and every other living creature…

      Meanwhile as I type this, our beloved old Parrot is staring at my wife's empty chair and quietly crying… Yes, like so many of the Wild Ones, parrot's can cry….  

      Geoff Hanham 

  17. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Ask yourself, who on Earth more than anyone else, would be most able to figure out that our skies are being overrun with climate engineering planes and their toxic trails? (Besides airline pilots and  their passengers). Think about that for awhile as I reveal what my biggest hobby in life is and how I became so interested in this rarely experienced past time, by the average person.

    When I was in the first grade my class took a field trip to the most interesting scientific research site closest to the Air Force base where  I lived with my parents. We arrived there just after sunset and became so engrossed with the instruments being used that if we were allowed, we would have easily voted to stay and play there all night long.

    That's right, it was an astronomical observatory and as a result of that trip I got my first telescope before the age of ten. And I have been an armature astronomer ever since. I now have over one dozen scopes and even dabble in astrophotography.

    Most astronomers hope to get there name on an asteroid, comet or exoplanet if they are the first to discover it in space. But just to see the rings of Saturn or the moons of Jupiter, up close and personal, is well worth the long hours of sitting under the stars at night.

    We also perform lengthy observations of the sun and various eclipses. Or, even study the moon in the daylight as the sun doesn't strike the surface head on and the shadows are more pronounced.

    I am here to tell you that nearly all astronomers know exactly what geoengineering is doing to the sky and our planet. But they refuse to go public with the truth for fear of not being allowed to name any discoveries, or get viewing time at the most prestigious observatories and the largest scopes in the field. Because you suddenly become a conspiracy theorist in the eyes of all who might study, research or publish your findings.

    The armchair researchers and publishers aren't staring at the sky for long hours like the astronomers and refuse to believe anything about climate engineering, and place you in the absurd realm of chemtrails, if you say that it is happening around the world.

    But the reason why they know it is happening, is because they see so many contrails form cirrus clouds now, when they rarely ever did prior to the 1980s. Plus they have noticed that there is just as many flights at night, as in the daytime… and they too form widespread clouds filling the entire sky. Why now and not then?

    All of which makes the telescope viewing very poor and hazy during the majority of the nights, and even worse in the day.

    Astronomers look up at the sky more than anyone on Earth, and you would think that if they could just get their act together, and come together in mass numbers to expose geoengineering at widely televised press conferences. The cat would be out of the bag, so to speak.

    But, even if that were possible. All of the major networks would refuse to air those conferences, for fear of losing their FCC licenses. And that is the kind of power that the money printers have over all of us.

    Fear of ridicule. Fear of losing your license. Fear of having your research and findings censored or deleted. Fear of never seeing another paycheck. Fear of being committed to an asylum. All of these reasons and more, are why geoengineering operations are basically considered a Black Project. Totally immune to oversight and any legal obstructions by congress or civil prosecution. And nearly all astronomers are fearful of these facts.

    Now this is what I fear. I fear that there has never been a Solar Radiation Management or Modification program at all, for the last seventy-five years. I fear that what we are seeing now, is exactly what geoengineering has ultimately intended to achieve for the money printers all along.

    I believe that SRM has always stood for Solar Radiation Magnification and these are my reasons for that assumption.

    They purposely create cirrus clouds that Magnify the sun's heat down on the surface of the planet. Those same clouds act like a thermal blanket at night, and trap the heat at the surface of the planet. Cirrus clouds are also known to destroy the ozone layer that protects us from the sun's radiation. When they spray in most cases, it gets hotter. And what they spray determines if you get rain or not and also determines how hot and how fast the forests burn. They can zap what they spray with microwaves and reflect that energy back to the ground. Causing devastating earthquakes. Possibly even Tsunamis. The list of their destructive abilities seems endless.

    But just exactly where, in all of that, is there any reference to using geoengineering (aka SRM) to cool the planet and reflect the sun's heat back into space?

    SRM is a magic trick and that term is used to make you look at one hand, while the other one does the dirty work for the geoengineering empowered elites.

    Earth would certainly still be quite hot, if left to greenhouse gases and other various forms of anthropogenic activities alone. But our planet is way hotter than it should be, and I believe that's all due to their SRM illusion of temporary salvation, being a smoke screen for shaking and baking, frying and flooding the human race into more manageable numbers. 

    Like orchestrated wars and plandemics aren't doing enough as it is! Now we can add mutual nuclear annihilation to their eugenics arsenal. That will certainly cool the planet off with an ensuing nuclear winter, but with no life left anywhere. Who will even know that we finally resolved the threat of global warming? 

    When those spider web-like filaments came down from the sky here five years ago, I searched for days and never found a single spider on them. Even when I captured them right before they hit the trees or the ground. Plus, I have seen the real ones about two years ago and they were very small with super thin strands. The one single spider per web filament was also quite tiny, but clearly visible to the naked eye. They were either on or inside-of about 90% of those web strands falling from the sky. 

    BTW- As an amateur astronomer I can tell that the ozone is getting super thin, because many years ago the sun was very yellow in the telescope viewfinder. And the moon was a pale yellow. But now they are both a brilliant white. That's why the sun burns the skin more now, as a white hot light burns more than a deep yellow light. Plus there was always golden sunrises and now they are red or dark orange. But those colors are probably due more to the aerosols and smoke. It's a miracle we can still breathe the air at all. 

    • Lance says:

      The deception is GREAT!

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Thanks for your reply and so much appreciated!

      I remember how beautiful the old long Somerset summer evenings were, with the bird song and wonderful soft colors across the sea and the Welsh hills and so mourn their loss…

      Why, I do not know, but a tiny Coal Tit turned up in my back yard a few days ago and flew to my hand whilst I was putting out some food for the few sparrows that are left…

      I had two wonderful teachers – one in music –  another in physics – and they, in their different ways, taught me to wonder at the marvel of life – to question everything and to follow 'The Spirit'… Both were 'eccentrics' and in love with their subjects and would move heaven and earth to help a pupil/student to grasp at the ineffable…

      Meanwhile war heaps upon war – suffering upon suffering – agony upon agony and the  lust for literal Zoecide increases beyond the comprehension of sanity… 

      That tiny bird sat calmly upon my hand, fed for a while, preened, looked me full in the eyes with such love – and then flew off… I have not seen him since…

      Geoff Hanham

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Clouds Full of Microplastics May Be Contaminating Everything We Eat and Drink

    Ten million tons of plastic bits end up in the ocean, released with the ocean spray, and find their way into the atmosphere," according to researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo. This implies that microplastics may have become an essential component of clouds, contaminating nearly everything we eat and drink via “plastic rainfall.”

    They’re in the world’s water, air, food and even in our blood — and now researchers in Japan have discovered microplastics in clouds, raising the specter of super-contaminating “plastic rainfall” and possibly affecting the Earth’s climate.

    Analyzing cloud water samples from high-altitude mountains in Japan including Mt. Fuji, researchers from Waseda University in Tokyo found nine different types of polymers and one type of rubber in the airborne microplastics (AMPs) they detected.

    “Research shows that large amounts of microplastics are ingested or inhaled by humans and animals alike and have been detected in multiple organs such as lung, heart, blood, placenta, and feces,” notes a summary of the study, which was originally published in the journal Environmental Chemistry Letters.
    “Ten million tons of these plastic bits end up in the ocean, released with the ocean spray, and find their way into the atmosphere,” the summary continues. “This implies that microplastics may have become an essential component of clouds, contaminating nearly everything we eat and drink via ‘plastic rainfall.'”

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Microplastics in humans: After blood, scientists find traces in the lungs

    Deep penetration into lungs
    Researchers discovered microplastics in all the regions of the lung. They identified 39 microplastics in 11 of the 13 lung tissue samples, with an average of 3 microplastics per sample.
    There were 12 types of microplastic found in samples.
    The 4 microplastics present in the most considerable quantities included:
        •    polypropylene (PP): found in carpets, clothing, automotive plastics
        •    polyethylene terephthalate (PET): present in clothing, beverage, and food containers
        •    resin: a constituent of protective coating and paints
        •    polyethylene (PE): a component of food wrappers, milk containers, toys, and detergent bottles
        •    A study in lung tissue obtained from participants after surgery found microplastics in all lung regions, including in the deeper sections.
        •    Researchers found 39 microplastics in 11 of the 13 lung tissue samples and 12 different types of microplastics.
        •    Additional research is needed to determine the human health effects of microplastics.

    Plastics are a common component in many items we use in everyday life. The United States alone generated approximately 36 million tons of plastic in 2018 but only recycled about 9%.

    Additionally, plastics take a long time to degrade in landfills—anywhere from 100 to 1000 yearsTrusted Source—raising environmental and health concerns. Plastics can deteriorate into minute particles between 1 micrometer and 5 millimeters, called microplastics/Trusted Source.

    They are present in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the items we touch, and the food we eat. Microplastics are everywhere, making human exposure inevitable. A new study, published in the Science of the Total Environment, adds to the latest evidence.
    Microplastics in human tissues
    Plastic particles smaller than 20 micrometersTrusted Source, which are too small to be seen by the naked eye, can cross the cell membrane and accumulate in tissues. Previous research detected microplastics in the human colon, feces, placental tissue, human blood, and most recently, the lungs.
    Dr. Fransien van Dijk, a researcher at the University of Groningen, explains in a 2019 Plastic Health Summit presentation, “Clothing textiles release micro and nanofibers to the environment. […] [In] the house where you live, approximately 20 kilograms of dust accumulates [per year], [of which] six kilograms [are] microplastic fibers, and because you spend most of the time indoors, this means that the exposure is pretty high.”

    Microplastic exposure has been shown to cause inflammation/Trusted Source, cell death, and DNA damage in laboratory animals and cell cultures. There is concern that toxicity to human cells from inhaled microplastic fibers may depend on the type of plastic, level of exposure, particle shape, size, absorbed pollutants, and leaching of additives present in plastics.

    A study conducted by researchers from the University of Hull and Hull York Medical School assessed the presence of microplastics in human lung tissue obtained following lung reduction surgery or lung cancer surgery.

    Lung reduction surgery removes damaged tissue in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to improve lung function.


  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Louisiana's struggle with influx of salt water prompts a request for Biden to declare an emergency

    BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A mass inflow of salt water from the Gulf of Mexico creeping up the drought-stricken Mississippi River is threatening drinking water supplies in Louisiana, prompting Gov. John Bel Edwards to ask President Joe Biden for federal help.

    Edwards sent a letter Monday evening saying the issue “is of such severity and magnitude" that state and local authorities can no longer manage it on their own. Federal assistance is “necessary to save lives and to protect property, public health and safety or to lessen or avert the threat of a disaster,” Edwards wrote.
    For the second year in a row, salt water from the Gulf of Mexico has moved further up the Mississippi to threaten drinking water in communities that rely on the river for fresh water, including New Orleans. Typically, the river's mighty flow keeps mass amounts of salt water from reaching too far inland, but hot and dry conditions across the country this summer triggered drought that slowed the Mississippi’s flow and lowered its water levels.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The PFAS ‘Dirty Dozen’ — Who Are They?
    A nonprofit representing the interests of the chemical industry identified that the vast majority of the world’s production of PFAS is limited to just 12 companies. Alliance for Natural Health International investigated these companies and despite their stated missions to save the planet or people, found them to be unethical and super polluters.
    Alliance for Natural Health International                  

    … ChemSec has helpfully identified that the vast majority of the world’s production of PFAS is limited to just 12 companies. Given the risks that these chemicals pose, we feel The Art of War principle commonly attributed to Sun Tzu, namely “know your enemy,” is highly fitting.

    We’ve investigated these companies and despite their often laudable, stated missions to save planet or people, they have often been found to be both unethical and super polluters.

    Not only that, their business models are recurrently and intractably linked with “green” and “digital” economies that we’re told repeatedly by governments, the Big Corporate sector, and supranational bodies like the United Nations, are our only options for a sustainable future.

    Interestingly, one of the biggest historic players in the PFAS manufacturing world, Dupont, makers of Teflon and other PFAS, doesn’t make it on ChemSec’s list of 12.

    This is despite it having been found to be a major polluter of South Carolina drinking water supplies, the story of DuPont’s negligence having been exposed in the film Dark Waters, starring Mark Ruffalo. The company has likely seen the writing on the wall and given its commitment to phasing out long-chain PFAS, the most persistent type of PFAS, going forward.

    • Watcher says:

      As strange as it may seem just as strange as Geoengineering Climate Engineering is unto it’s deniers is this I will state here.

      Among our ranks in our humanity are aberrations among ourselves that are truly sociopathic and malevolent; striving to destroy all humanity and yes our hosting Planet Earth. These entities are promised power, profit and Immortality by their diabolical leaders. Whether You believe in Devil / Lucifer/ Satan or not, they do. Total destruction is their goal. My own thoughts on this is: Nature, flora, fauna, and all natural species of form that have peen present before the dawn of man and not created by man are truly “Evidence” of a God, Creator,Supreme being, Etc. What these fallen miscreant beings offer is; total destruction of all that we would call “the Evidence”.


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