Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 16, 2023, #423


Dane Wigington

"Eight catastrophic floods in 11 days: What's behind intense rainfall around the world?" While so many regions are being hammered with devastating deluge, elsewhere record droughts and firestorms are raging. The incredibly long lasting Hurricane Lee managed to churn up the superheating Atlantic Ocean while facilitating a temporary cooldown for the Northeastern US. Through it all the core component of climate intervention operations continues to be systematically denied. A new extensive study has ominously stated that Earth is "well outside safe operating space for humanity". What exactly does that mean for all of us? Americans are already being officially warned of the coming scheduled "weird" weather for fall and winter, what might the weather makers be planning next? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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67 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 16, 2023, #423

  1. Lance says:

    Here in the long valley of CA, just north of Sacramento, the air quality is not good, as usual. All the smoke and the toxic materials in the air that flowed into the valley from the fires in NW CA and along the OR coast are still lingering here this morning. All this is mixed in with the ongoing industrial pollution from numerous sources. By the way, did any of you know that the number one cause of cancer related deaths in the U.S. is from lung cancer? Oh, gee, I wonder why! Couldn't be because we're breathing in toxic stuff in the air, now, could it? Oh, but we must keep the economic industrial machinery going, right? Yeah, right up to the bitter end!

  2. Lance says:

    Bill Gates gets real about climate change: Planting trees is ‘complete nonsense’ but the end of the oil and gas era is finally in sight (

    This "man" is the world's greatest "humanitarian". Go look up the definition of this word in a printed-on-paper dictionary. Might shock you to know the true definition (not the false one in online dictionaries)!

  3. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I stopped by my neighbor's house and had a lengthy discussion with him after picking up AC units at the hardware store in town this morning. Because I was informed that he collects data from an advanced weather station and reports the current conditions to the National Weather Service on a daily basis.

    I found him to be very likable, friendly and courteous as I began to ask him questions, while we walked around to where he keeps his weather station. He told me that he used to be an engineer for a major construction firm, but spends his time these days tinkering with creating and inventing gadgets that are useful for everything from gardening to household chores.

    Don't call his instrument array a weather station. It is known as a Master Meteorologist's Data Collection Center and he is very proud of it too. The large brass plate on the front of the walnut wood case says, "Designed By Raytheon Industries" and includes a patent number. But he has made many modifications to it since he acquired it back in 2015.

    I asked him how the entire system of reporting current weather conditions works, and this was his answer:   "There are literally thousands of automated stations across the country that report these conditions, and they only rely on humans to service them occasionally, or reset them after lightning storms. They are climate controlled shed-like structures and if they break down, it could damage the instruments unless they are repaired as quickly as possible. But there are also thousands of people like him that volunteer to monitor weather instruments and report climate conditions to the NWS. That's how places like say Glendale CA and Gardenia CA can be several degrees different in temperature, as they each have monitoring stations or volunteers to perform those tasks."

    I then asked him if he knew anything about Raytheon's involvement with any weather modification programs. And this was his answer:

    "I am not at liberty to go into any details. But I know that they hold several patents for such technologies and will be at the forefront should the government decide to try solar radiation management, in order to block some of the sun's heat from reaching the surface of the planet. Mitigating global warming basically."

    My next question was:   "So, you don't think that they are currently using geoengineering to do that already?"

    His answer:   "If they are, it would be news to me. But I can't entirely rule out that possibility. As we are required to transmit our GPS coordinates (along with climate data) on the 235 MHz frequency to any military aircraft that fly in the airspace above. So, they can use our current weather conditions for augmenting their flight paths if necessary. And if they were spraying sulfur dioxide or any other reflective elements into the atmosphere, they would need that information for complete coverage of the sky."

    My question:   "Why are your temperature readings always several degrees lower than what everyone's thermometers are indicating at their homes?"

    His answer:   "There is an automated digital app that Raytheon uses on these data collection centers, which lowers the reading according to the ambient solar radiation being emitted from the ground, or off of nearby reflective surfaces. Basically nullifying the effect of heat from say black asphalt roads or driveways that are too close to the thermometers, and thusly altering the true temperature. Meteorologists use the same app when reporting weather conditions and also apply it to their forecasts."

    My question: "Did you know that military tanker aircraft have aerosol spraying nozzles on their wings that sprays particulates into the engine trails to make them appear as long lasting condensate trails, that eventually form cirrus clouds… and these planes have their transponders turned off as well?

    His answer: "I did not, and if this is true. Then what you are describing is definitely a form of solar radiation modification. But of course I would only believe this claim if I could see it for myself."

    My question:   "Did you attend the showing of the documentary "The Dimming" that I presented at the church for the entire community to be informed of these operations?"

    His answer:   "No, I heard about that presentation. But unfortunately I was in Oklahoma at the time visiting my family."

    So, I used my laptop and showed him the documentary. After which he became very quiet and got up to walk around the room a bit.

    I asked him what his thoughts were and he said this:  "Wow! I really don't know what to say. Do you believe everything in this documentary?   I said "Yes."

    He then said:   "Micheal Moore produces documentaries like this all the time and most of his facts, figures and evidence has been proven wrong. Anyone can make a film like this and produce statistics and data that are easily falsified. Without independent or government verification available to the viewers, this means nothing. How can you expect people to believe the premise of current geoengineering taking place, without anything to back it up in the media or even other climate activist organizations stepping onto this same bandwagon? I prefer to reserve my judgment of its authenticity, until I see more evidence for this case, by more credible sources like the EPA, NOAA and the United Nations. There is no possible way to hide something as huge as this, right out in plain sight of the public and all other nations on the planet. You'll have to do better than this to convince me. Again, I can't totally rule out the possibility of these claims. But where exactly is the smoking gun?"

    And so my education of this individual begins. I was slightly outraged at first, when I was told of his involvement in altering climate data. But I decided to give him the benefit of doubt and hear his side of the story first.

    So many of his answers appeared to be rehearsed, or purposely acting dumb to the facts. While intelligently demonstrating his methods of reporting the weather.

    A background check into his financial history shows that he pays no federal or county property taxes, and he reports a six figure income each year. Plus he paid twice as much for his property as I did, and I pay $15,000 a year in taxes. He is much younger than me and his employment history shows that he actually sub-contracted construction of assembly plants for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, from 2002 through 2014. I don't think that he was being completely truthful with me. But I still gave him my full respect and didn't badger him about the information I was able to retrieve, from a full background and history search. One thing is for sure though. The living space inside of his house was like a winter wonderland, compared to my sweat lodge. I observed two giant ten-ton commercial AC systems on the roof of his home. Almost as though he knows that Texas is destined to become a super-hot barren wasteland.

    • Lance says:

      Very interesting! Am curious as to how you obtained full background and history on this individual. Does it take a security clearance to do this or can anyone do this using this "system"? 

    • Lizzyh7 says:

      Good for you for making the attempt.  The fact that he will neither confirm nor deny outright is the mantra of the intelligence community and anyone with any clearance at all will know that.  And that bit about it not being in the "news" to me just confirms he probably does have a pretty good idea SRM already exists, but as we can see, his paycheck depends on his continuing denial.   Spouting the idea that this isn't public knowledge and without that one cannot prove the assertion is part of the classic tactics of compartmentalization, not to mention gaslighting, which is also a huge part of spook world.

      If he does truly possess the clearance level to be fully in the know, and that big paycheck sorta seems like he very well may be, he is more than likely expert at the delusion that this is all for our own good, naively believing all the lies he's been told for his entire life.  

  4. Lance says:

    Nicola Tesla was very concerned about utilizing the power in the "air". He was concerned that messing with it could affect the electromagnetic shield that protects the earth from the trillions of watts of power that radiates from the sun. Tapping into the power in the "air", using it to cause earthquakes or volcanoes to erupt, to manipulate and control the world's weather, which he said was possible, he believed could disrupt the balance of power needed to keep the earth's solar shield from being overwhelmed by the immense power radiating from the sun. On the website a group of scientists observing the sun are very concerned about the activity on it, even saying that something is wrong with our sun! Man's messing around with "forces" they have no business messing with has really bad consequences!

  5. Lance says:

    Am staying in the Sacramento Valley north of Sacramento, CA. The air quality here is not good, very bad in fact. AQI readings are a joke! Its worse than the authorities say it is! Smoke from the fires burning in NW CA and in SW OR near the coast not far from the border of CA, fanned by the wind coming from the north by the unusual cut-off low pressure system over OR/ID, which has since dissipated, has been made to drift S all the way down to the very end of the long valley of CA. The toxic particulates released in aerosol operations earlier this week over southern OR and northern CA covered the forested areas where these fires are burning! All kinds of toxic materials are in that smoke! This is plainly adding to the already very bad air quality caused by all the other industrial activities that continue to pollute the already totally polluted environment. It's so bad I can't see the foothills, let alone the mountains! There is no way to undo what has been done to this earth by human industrial activities. The collapse of earth's natural environmental system is accelerating. There's no where to run, no where to hide, not even underground! It is for this reason that I do not put my "faith" in the "works" of those who've caused this mess in the first place! Their way of thinking leads to desolation and destruction, period!   

  6. Sonia says:

    Hello Dane,

    I am not an expert in meteorology but, in the last few years that I have been observing the weather on Zoom Earth and NOAA, I have not often seen a hurricane that behaved like that of Lee. Lee has had a particularly slow progression on its trajectory. It was formed in the Atlantic Ocean around September 5, then he was stayed almost a week in the same area. So I’m wondering what kind of environmental consequences this may have had, knowing that the seabed has being stirred, while strong winds swirled and heavy rains poured over the same area for several days.

    You are one of the few people to report the particular slowness of Hurricane Lee’s displacement. Your comments joint my observations.

    Thank you Dane for all the updates and your explanations.

    Have a nice continuation!


  7. Lance says:

    COD: Satellite and Radar

    Tell me this is "normal"!

  8. Lance says:

    Large comma-shaped low pressure system over most of OR and Idaho spinning counter clockwise bring cold air down from the north into northern CA. It's drifting slowly to the west. Unusual to say the least. Thunderstorms over the Sierra Mts east of Sacramento. Reports of heavy hail falling in the Lake Tahoe area yesterday evening. Weather is not normal. Weather prognosticators claim the first "bomb cyclone" is headed for the west coast. Here we go!

  9. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    The humidity was hanging around 25% over the last three days and they didn't spray a single aerosol trail until early this morning. The military tanker jets keep making the same huge "X" pattern in the sky, over and over again, right over our community. Now the humidity is at 98% and our high temp is supposed to reach 106. When doing the temperature/humidity index chart numbers, it puts us in brand new territory, off the charts and past the last number of 181 degrees.

    A cold front is supposed to push through on Tuesday now and bring us down to 95 degrees. But the humidity will stay above 90% and climb closer to 100% for the rest of this month, and through the first ten days of October. While the temps instantly climb back over one-hundred for that same period. Meaning that for the next twenty days or so, it is going to feel like it is over 180 degrees outside.

    Right now at just 11:00 am it is already 96 degrees and a muggy 98% humidity. Which means that it feels like it is 164 degrees, and trust me… it is way beyond BRUTAL outside!

    My largest window unit AC is pulling one gallon of water from the air, every forty-five minutes or so. Simply trying to maintain an inside temperature of 82 degrees. Later this afternoon I will be extremely lucky to keep it around 86 degrees inside and hopefully it won't break down today, or in the next twenty days. I only have one back-up unit left and I plan to go first thing in the morning, to pick up two more, just in case.

    I have already spent over $10,000 in electric bills, repairing AC units and purchasing new AC units, since the first day of April. No one in this community can afford those kinds of expenses, and many have taken out loans, just to survive this summer from Hell.

    At least 60% of the folks here plan to move before Spring, and the rest are farmers and ranchers that will never be able to sell out. So, they are stuck here hoping that the rains and cooler weather will eventually come. But I wouldn't bet the farm on that. My heart truly aches for these fine people, who do not deserve this from the climate engineering weather warfare department. If I could afford to bring them with me to a cooler state, I most certainly would. In a Texas heartbeat.


  10. Stuart says:

    Yet Another Geoengineer

    Many remember Paul MacCready for his exploits with Human Powered Flight.  But it turns out he was also working in Weather Modification for many years.  He founded Meteorology Research Inc in 1951 and was a pioneer in aircraft based weather research and had interest in Cloud Seeding.  I'm sure mostly DoD related contracts.

    Edward Teller

    Lowell Wood

    Ken Caldeira

    Bernard Eastlund – all physicists, mathematicians, Geoengineers

    BTW – heavy cloud seeding/  marine layer cloud enhancement here in SoCal. 

  11. Lance says:

    RED FLAG FIRE WEATHER WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 11 PM THIS EVENING TO 5 PM PDT THURSDAY FOR GUSTY WINDS AND LOW HUMIDITY FOR LOCATIONS IN THE CENTRAL VALLEY OF CA FROM JUST NORTH OF SHASTA RESERVOIR TO JUST NORTH OF MODESTO. Another UNUSUAL "cut-off" low coming down from the north thru WA and OR heading south into CA with wind gusts out of the north up to 35mph! Remember the aerosol ops that took place a few days ago over OR and northern CA? Fires burning in NW CA right now sending smoke all the way down into the central valley making air quality worse than it usually is! Heads up in northern CA!

    • Lance says:

      So far the wind out of the north in the northern CA area near Redding is steady at about 10mph. Slightly higher gusts. A complex of multiple fires burning in the NW part of CA in forested areas. Two forest fires in OR, one near the SW coast named the Anvil Fire is over 13,000 acres and the Morgan Fire in south central OR over 1300 acres are being fanned by the winds out of the N. So far not much wind in foothills or valley areas S of Yuba City. Could change and will be watching. 

    • Dennie says:

      The smoke's been bad down here in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past week. I had to close the windows and run the IQAir purifier all night long two nights ago. The S.F. Chronicle ran a story yesterday or the day before announcing an "atmospheric river" coming through northern California, Oregon and Washington starting Sunday night, with rain expected to be heaviest in Seattle. Meanwhile, Canada's been undergoing extreme heat "warfare" with very widespread forest fires, blamed, unbelievably, on the "burning of fossil fuels," while the mainstream media Marxist mouthpiece of the ruling billionaires points the finger at the oil companies, never mind the billionaires of yore ran those companies and profited wildly from the burning of those fossil fuels, and now that the oil's running out, well, they're "bad" and we have to rely on something other than the petrodollar, hence carbon credits.  It's all bullshit.

  12. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Our average high temperature for this time of the year is 88 degrees, and the average low is 63 degrees. Yesterday it was 104 and the low last night was 80. The forecast calls for 106 today and 108 on Friday. A brief cool down on Monday and Tuesday of 92 and 93 respectively and then right back up over one-hundred degrees into the month of October.

    The National Weather Service isn't mentioning any heat dome, or even a heat wave. Well then, what the hell do you call this? At least the humidity hasn't been around 96 to 98%, like they said it would be. But none the less, we are averaging between fifteen to twenty degrees above normal and it looks like it will remain this way, through October and into early November.

    I saw a headline yesterday that said "Texas and Florida are not the Hottest States". Seriously?! Then why are places like Las Vegas and Phoenix in the DESERT southwest, cooler than we are right now?

    Looks more to me like they are using chemical ice nucleation to give them rain and cooler temps, while they secretly build another heat dome here. So, I guess that doesn't qualify for judging who is the hottest. Because the world is supposed to believe it's all simply an out of control Mother Nature, who is doing this to Texas.

    Hands down, we are the hottest and make no mistake about that. The disinformation Matrix Media is merely doing their job at brainwashing the masses, as usual. Could that be, because Texas has the most people moving here annually? And they don't want to scare them into thinking they all just moved to the hottest place in America?

    I'm not sticking around to join the mass EXODUS, when everyone's air conditioning isn't enough to keep them comfortable any more, and they are forced to find a cooler state to live in… just a few short years from now. Because that is the REALITY of what's to come and I will be living much farther north by then.

    Every single year, for the last five years now, it hasn't been getting just a little bit hotter. It has been getting so much hotter that everyone over fifty, who has lived here for most of their lives is whispering to each other and themselves: "Could this be a sign of the end, of the human race?" What else could it be? I certainly feel like my entire livelihood is in serious trouble, if I remain here for too much longer. But, of course, moving to a cooler state is no salvation either. This climate engineered Venus Syndrome heat will catch up to me wherever I go, eventually.

  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I have been keeping temperature records here for the last five years and these are the results so far: (I will just use the month of August for this chart) These numbers represent what the high temperature made it up to, or exceeded that number for more than 20 days of each August, of each successive year.

    2023 – 112 degrees (We hit 120 five of those days, 122 on three days, and 123 on three days.)

    2022 – 106 degrees (We made it up to between 114 and 116 degrees on several of those days.)

    2021 – 98 degrees (Record high was 112)

    2020 – 96 degrees (Record high 110)

    2019 – 94 degrees (record high – 106)

    Yes, we had a heat dome here in August of this year. But that also happened in 2022 and 2021. And in 2017 and 2016.

    So, if we continue at this rate and we are still here in 2028. The average high temperature in August could be over 120 degrees! For more than 20 days of that month. With highs approaching the 130 degree mark on any given day, or days of those twenty in question.

    That's pretty scary, because they keep projecting climate change scenarios all the way to the year 2050. And if this chart is any indication of what it's going to be like by then. Texas could easily be a blistering wasteland that hits over 180 degrees, through spring, summer and fall. And both polar regions will probably be totally ice free and becoming tropical in nature.

    All in our children's lifetime, if they even live that long.


    • Therese says:

      I attended this MIT event:

      Wednesday, September 13, 2023 12:30-2:00 PM (EDT)

      Connecting with Americans on Climate Change

      I was kicked off by Professor Katharine Hayhoe  for asking the speakers to talk about Geoengineering, HAARP, & Chem trails.

  14. Lance says:

    Aerosol operations ongoing as a front moves down from the NW Pacific Ocean. Covering northwestern CA and most of Oregon. Very dense and close together. Clearly visible on the Nighttime Microphysics Images on C.O.D. website at this time. They're flowing from W to E.

  15. Robin says:

    Three illustrations of a Gnostic gospel phrase:  If you know yourselves, then you will be known.  

    1. re- pleasure.  I rescued an isolated single stem flower (purple verbena) from our  ugly fence construction site (labor of love)  How did it get there!?.  I found a pot and soil to transplant it with a couple of strawberries plants for a corner piece of my garden.  I placed a metal framed obelisk on top.  Low and behold a few days out, a creature I'd never seen, came to the flower.  Its vibrating wings glowed in an iridescent colorful sheen.  Its long proboscis contacting the florets.  It was a moth that looked like a miniature hummingbird.  Timeless moments!

    2. re- pain.  Just before work, I smelled death.  Searching my overgrown dogwood shrubs, I finally found a large dead female opossum with three living joeys (baby opossums).  I shoveled the carcass & gently gloved the babies into a container.  My daughter took this to the humane society, where after care, the babies will be released.  I scrambled to work a little late.  Timeless moments in which you don't think, you just do what you need to do.

    3.  Last but not least, re global emergency:  In my yard at edge of hwy 61/Arcade street. I post a sign saying 'Pls take one'.   I leave on the lawn, small boxes/containers of golf balls and garden plants- each unit  (6-12 in quantity) with a free ticket inside an envelope. The unsealed envelope when opened has an instruction encouraging to consider a best step forward.  The ticket inside is Dane's web card witha  thin post-it note to search/tab 'engineering wildfires'.  People driving by always come through to take what I put out on the curbside lawn.  A timeless activity.

    May acts of timelessness spread like wild spiritual fire however small or large.  As Dane says "Never give up!"  Its a gift to be on this team.

    • penny waters says:

      believe it is called the hummingbird moth – hahahaha – have seen one too – me and dad saw it one night – joy to behold – once seen never forgotten


  16. Joseph says:

    What to watch for at Climate Week NYC, U.N. meeting (

    World leaders, business titans, scientists, activists and others are meeting in New York City this week to discuss combatting climate change.

    Why it matters: The conclave is taking place against a backdrop that's raising the global warming stakes. Climate change-linked extreme weather continues to make headlines worldwide, raising alarms across the scientific and policymaking communities.




  17. Lance says:

    Given the advanced computing technologies that exist, including quantum computing technology based on quantum physics, the ability to control the weather and "rule the world" is a reality. Its not just controlling the weather though! Its controlling humanity!  

  18. Jonathan says:


    I just looked up NC State University Department of Meteorology. I found probably 75 or 80 graduate students whose email addresses are posted online on the University website. So I sent them each a link to the documentary.

    It took about 15 minutes. This is so easy to do.

    Let me please encourage everybody to pick at least one university and do the same. Not just here in America. Around the world.

    Remember that these young graduate students are the leaders of tomorrow in the science field, and they are heavily, heavily programmed. We need to reach them at this early formative stage of their careers. Please send this message far and wide.

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Nice work Johnathan. Thanks for all you do in spreading awareness of this vital issue. Your efforts are appreciated. 

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Other universities that offer degrees in meteorology include 

      University of California, Los Angeles 


      University of California, Davis

      University of Illinois 

      University of Wisconsin, Madison 

      Texas A@M

      University of California, Berkeley 

      University of Oklahoma 

      University of Michigan 

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

      Saint Louis University 


      San Jose State 

      University of Utah 

      Iowa State 

      Colorado State 


      University of Colorado, Boulder 

      University of Maryland 

      Ohio State 

      University of Arizona 

      Pennsylvania State 

    • Rolf says:

      I find, this is a brillant Idea to copy. Thanks for this stimulation. I will follow it up in my German hometown. 



  19. Jonathan says:

    Here's a thought. Look up as many meteorology departments as you can at universities around the country or even around the world for that matter. Send not only the professors, but if you can find the email addresses also send their graduate students a link to the Deming. The professors are probably completely programmed by now. Some of the graduate students may be more up in minded. You may each of you be the one to plant a seat of truth in their minds 


    I'm going to start with NC State University.

  20. Jonathan says:

    Years ago I planted two Kieffer pear trees, because I like to make pear preserves.

    They usually start to put their blossoms out in late February, and we almost always have an Arctic blast of extremely viciously cold, windy weather to come in to Eastern North Carolina towards the end of March. March. This year, I had thousands of tiny pairs about the size of pencil eraser between my two trees. The two trees, by the way are approximately 20 ft tall. They were burned to a crisp.

    In the last few weeks I have found maybe three or four pears that lived. They were mostly small and brown and dead. The other day I went out there and saw several yellow jackets and wasps desperately trying to find food on one of these few remaining dead dried up pears. Needless to say it broke my heart. So I went inside and got an apple and cut it in two and put pieces of apple up in the forks of the trunks, and they have been eating happily ever since. I put some new Apple out there a few days ago. This is an example of something very simple that we can do to help care for the wild animals In this case, insects. All here for a reason, and they all have a place, just like we do.

    Last night my wife and I went to a music concert. I made sure to wear my Geo watch shirt. When we got back, I looked at the comments online for this global alert news broadcast both on the website here and on YouTube. There are so many people commenting on YouTube. It was over 300 last night. I went through as many of them as I could and responded to as many as I could until my eyes were starting to cross about 1:30 in the morning. So many of them were asking, what can we do? What can we do?

    Others are throwing their hands up and saying that it's all in God's hands. I tried to correct the latter group by reminding them of what is in the Bible in Psalm 8, verses 4-8. " What is man, that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and has crowned him with Glory and honour. ***** Thou madeest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou has to put all things under his feet: All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field; the fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the sea."

    It was sad to see so many people commenting as if they are helpless and as if they have just thrown their hands up and said that oh well, God's in control.

    I made the point to people last night on the YouTube platform comment section that based on what I just shared, this is not true. We were apparently from a biblical standpoint, given dominion over the works of the Creator's hands.

    So I encouraged people to keep that in mind and to let that information motivate them to find creative ways to share educational materials and links from this website with as many people as possible. I told them again and again that we're trying to reach a critical threshold of awareness, at which point the tide should start to turn.

    There are many people who have apparently only looked at the global alert news broadcasts on other platforms, but not on the web page. I'm glad that there is so many receiving these messages that Dane puts out every week on other platforms. The more platforms the better. But there is a large somewhat untapped opportunity in those other platforms if you folks in this audience have some time, to share some of your insightful and helpful comments with them and branch out somewhat from just focusing on this platform.

    So I'm just asking people to consider branching out a little bit more with your excellent comments.

  21. Marilyn Avila says:

    So, our governor of CA,  Gavin Newsom, is suing 5 oil companies on behalf of we the people, for deceiving the public for decades about fossil fuels contributing to the climate crisis.  Hey Gov,  how about you knowing about climate engineering for decades and not doing anything about it?  Maybe the oil companies (who are not innocent of course) would like to use that as part of their defense?  We truly live in an insane asylum.   Blessings to all who are awake, and many thanks to Dane for his courage and onward battle. 

  22. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    No doubt. Not gray clouds in a white sky!

    Most (younger) people do not understand that our sky was once blue. Because oxygen atoms reflect blue light when sunlight interacts with them. But when you pump the sky full of chemicals, those oxygen atoms are diffused and suddenly we see only the colorless illumination of pollutants. 

    Scientists say they are baffled as to why the oceans, seas and lakes are suddenly turning from blue to a murky green. Same principal applies, but it's also from there being so many "dead zones", where oxygen is virtually non existent now.

    The "so called" experts know this, but choose to scratch their heads and act clueless. In order to hide the truth, which would alarm the masses to a major threat (and expose their ignorance and deception).

    • penny waters says:

      oxygen reflects blue light when sunlight interacts with them – is it because it heats them up, they get all electroned up and they emit their electron which gives the blue colour – don't all elements have their own electrons shape and colours

      and when you say "experts" know this, – are you sure? – cos i have been talking to "experts" about my health (i know, different subject but..) and i find that if you talk to them about the one aspect of their job they can handle it but…. if you then try to get them to move outside their small bubble and attach the rest of life to it – it seems impossible

      is it the peter principle – do a job well and get promotion – and repeat until….. you don't do a job well – do you get put back to the job you did well – no – you stay in the job you're not very good at hahahaha

      i'm not convinced that peoples are as bright as we think we are – hahahaha

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      The rays from the sun are scattered into all the colors of the light spectrum by gases, as if they were passing through a prism. But one of the atmospheric gases in particular, oxygen allows more of the shortest wave lengths to appear than the others. Those colors are blue and violet, but our eyes are more sensitive to blue and thusly the violet spectrum (especially the ultra violet) are virtually invisible to us.

      Now, when you add sprayed chemicals to those atmospheric gasses. Sunlight is now blocked from passing through the oxygen and other gas atoms, and we see those rays for what they mostly are, which is the non-color of white.

      Remove all of the sprayed particles and the sky returns back to the blue that it has been for millions of years. And yes, I am certain that the "Experts" (Atmospheric and Climate Scientists) know everything that I just explained. But to admit that the sky is mostly white now, for the reasons that I just explained. Would mean exposing geoengineering for what it is and has been, for over seventy-five years.

      The other reason (as Dane explains frequently) for the waters turning from blue to green, is the continued acidification from absorbing carbon and becoming more saturated with carbonic acid. Which kills all of the aquatic life that produces oxygen and in turn, we see massive dead zones appearing and spreading like a cancer.

      I have learned much from researching through everything on this website, listening to Dane, absorbing even more from the internet, and talking with my friend, the Professor. Plus, I travel to the big city and check out books related to this subject matter, each and every month. I am trying very hard to be as educated about geoengineering, as I possibly can. Because I so want to get it right when folks from my community ask me questions, as I bring up conversations involving climate engineering.

      Knowledge is a powerful tool and a useful weapon against the fact checkers, who still do not follow the facts. But rather, follow an agenda that involves keeping geoengineering as a conspiracy theory in most of the people's minds. So, if the people are told the truth by using facts from peer reviewed science publications and given the resources to verify these facts for themselves. Then the (government paid) fact checkers and debunkers will soon become obsolete and exposed for the fraudulent behavior they embrace. The truth will eventually come out as we spread common sense awareness to others, who become empowered by the facts. We truly can make a difference and I am proof of that in this little part of Texas, made up mostly of farmers and ranchers. Before I began to educate them as to the "real" facts and prove my case with documented scientific evidence that they can research for themselves. The overwhelming majority of them never even knew of, or thought about geoengineering as a reality, or anything other than a conspiracy theory. But now, that's virtually all we talk about when we gather to make plans to deal with its effects on our lives. They look up now and understand what they are witnessing. If we could just get millions of others to experience that same enlightenment. Then they will convince others to look up and become awakened as well. When the world finally wakes up and realizes that our time is short, we become a force to be reckoned with because humanity then goes into survival mode, and geoengineering becomes our common enemy. Not whispers in the dark and a wild unbelievable conspiracy. Something that is real, stoppable and banished from being used to control our lives Any More. If it were being used to "truly" save the planet and the human race, then that would be a completely different story altogether. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

       I have seen bizarre videos of the skies turning red, green and violet. Of which the scientists have no explanation, other than an illusion of sunlight refraction. But I believe it is from pumping the sky full of various chemicals that change the sun's color spectrum and then those colors of light that are visible to us, end up illuminating the clouds and turning the whole sky into that one vibrant color.

      Just like the different colors of meteor trails behind them are from burning those same gaseous (sprayed aerosol) chemicals. Many of the meteors are now very colorful, but in the past it was an extremely rare sight to behold. Climate change and global warming does not do that, but aerosol chemicals pumped into the stratosphere can and will have that effect.

  23. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Working feverishly to get everything ready for the "Sauna from Hell" scheduled to begin tomorrow. High temperatures will range from 92 to 96 degrees and humidity levels will be between 92% and 98%, all the way through Sunday. Heat Index Values will range from 147 to 167 degrees. Making the next seven days the hottest (real feel temperature) it will ever be here, since records have been kept.

    And those numbers are according to the National Weather Service forecast. Which we all know will likely be to the downside. We could actually experience temperatures over one-hundred degrees and a THI value at the very top end of the chart.

    Meaning that air conditioners and vehicles could break down at the hottest point in the day. Or even (God Forbid), our local quadrant of the power grid collapsing for hours at a time. Our primary focus is on the livestock and everyone is pitching in to erect temporary pole barns, to give them enough shade. We put up two of them today at the biggest ranch here and re-piped a wind mill to give them steady well water to drink. (No shade trees as the leaves burned off back in July, and also during our recent wildfire. We even covered the well water pipes in reflective material to keep them from boiling and bursting).

    Early tomorrow morning we are delivering gas generators to keep the AC's and fridges running, just in case. Volunteer fire crews are on high alert as well. Because there could be natural (off property) peat beds that we may have overlooked, and they could ignite when the heat index temperatures go over 160.

    I informed community members at the church this morning around 7:00 am and instead of holding services, we organized all of the activities I mentioned. I am trying to be proactive since everyone was clueless originally, as to what is about to happen. They knew it was going to be exceptionally hot, but didn't figure in the deadly combination of super high humidity to that equation.

    When I showed them the THI chart and where we will probably end up on there. Disbelief was their first reaction, and then panic set in after I played the second half of this week's global alert news for them. Thank you so much Dane, for this weeks installment of the bad news broadcast. Without it, I'm not sure if I could have convinced them of the danger we will be exposed to, in the coming days.

    More than anything else, we all just want this extreme heat and humidity to go away. But since we are helpless to stop these vagrant climate modifications. We have settled for just trying to find ways to cope and make the best of the resources we have available to us at this time, and praying for cooler weather, but not at the expense of a chemical ice nucleation quick-fix. That always comes with even more dire consequences and is probably why we are in this situation to begin with, after they performed just such an operation over north Texas and Oklahoma about a week ago. Our Freak-Fest, non Heat Dome meltdown climate is likely a side effect of that weather manipulation technology. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      God Bless You Eden. You are really stepping up to the plate taking proactive action to protect the livestock and survive through the 'engineered hell'. Thank you for stepping up as a leader and educating your community. Praying for all of you. Prayers for the wildlife's survival too.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Earth Angel,

      I forgot to mention that we set out corn feeders for the deer and erected a lean to next to each one, made from a PVC pipe frame and a canvas top, to give them shade from the sun. But still allows them to see predators coming. We also hung a lot of bird feeders under the trees that provided the most shade. Set up fifty-gallon water troughs in those same locations and take turns replenishing them every morning (with a 4×4 truck and a large sealed tank in the bed that is filled from our community well). We add more corn to the feeders every other day and have been doing so now, for at least six months. There is also a series of smaller feeders and water buckets set half in the ground for raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, possums, armadillos, and minks. With ultra-sonic, very high pitch solar battery operated coyote deterrence units that sound off every ten minutes. All designed by my friend the professor and we all share in maintaining them.

      Our wildlife protection group (me included) organized all of this way before the heat dome created such a rift in our lives. We are all nature lovers and there are no game hunters here. Our compassion for all life on Earth is what drives us to take a proactive approach to the rapidly dwindling numbers of wild animals, birds and other species. In order to help them survive the same assaults by the climate engineering collective that hold us as prisoners, of this never ending brutal summer nightmare.

      I still care for all of the animals and birds who took up shelter in my barn and distribute food and water about one hour before sunrise each day. The recent newcomers include two blue herrings, an owl and a family of rabbits. I feel like Doctor Doolittle and a a misfit zoo of sorts. But I love them all and will protect them as long as possible from the elements that have turned hostile, but not at the fault of Nature. Plus I truly believe that their instincts are tuned to mine and there is a harmony between us that words fail to describe.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Eden, You are my hero!!!  Among the many hero's who visit here- and of course, Great Dane our mentor! Love you all…

  24. Lance says:

    American media is sure trying their best to link any "theories" concerning recent events to active disinformation campaigns being conducted by Russia and/or China. Here's one example.

    China Uses Hawaii Fires in 'Disinformation Wars' (

  25. Earth Angel says:

    Another one of your BEST broadcasts this week Dane. You covered so much diverse information and connected it so well. I'm agast to learn of 'blast fishing'. When did it become all right to use explosives to 'harvest fish'?! I suppose the US Navy set a prescident by allowing testing of explosives in their underwater 'war game' practices and allowing the 'takes' of millions of innocent sea creatures in the process. I remember Rosalind Peterson also protesting this criminal disgusting practice stated on the Navy's own website over a decade ago. I had no idea it had now become a commercial fishing practice.  Thank you once again for your hard work and diligent research bringing us TRUTHS we need to know- even if they are unpalatable. Lets hope the unpleasant truth spurs more and more people to take positive action. And thank you for always reminding us that 'there is solace in doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do'.. and to never give up or give in.

    • Marilyn says:

      I try to keep up with all the information but it's all coming so fast it is impossible to do anymore.  I did know about the Navy and all their sonar testing etc. and how it was harming sea life, but somehow, I had never heard of "blast fishing" either.  Thanks to Dane's report I now know about it.

  26. Larry DeMarco says:

    While dabbling a little in Facebook lately I wrote a post that discussed two congressional farces of late. The first concerned the fake five year "study" enacted by congress to litgitimize and further distract the public from the geoengineering reality. The second concerned the absurdity  of the congressional letter campaign to censor Robert Kennedy's testtimony in a congressional hearing on censorship itself. I was pleased that my post was published, despite the inclusion of a warning that the fact checkers deemed it to be false information. I'm sure the word geoengineering in the post triggered the warning. I tried to offset the falsity of this warning by including my own warning about the bought and paid for fake factcheckers who themselves needed to be factchecked. Maybe Kennedy's war on censorship is holding some water. As Dane often says, it's a team effort. 

    • Tea For One says:

      I was told recently that "they" has bought the superdelegates in order to keep Kennedy out of the race.

      Maybe He will just go third party. He's the only one out there right now who seems to be at least partly accepting of Dane's message. And you may know that his campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich, while he was a member of Congress, tried to introduce legislation to stop geoengineering. This was years ago. He was effectively run out of Congress and the bill never made it out of committee and his brother then died under mysterious circumstances.

  27. Mike UK says:

    Dane, thanks for yet another detailed update regarding the dire state of the planet. We really are in deep doo-doo, aren't we?

    Here's a report from the BBC regarding the disappearing Antarctic sea ice. Even the mainstream media, it seems, are waking up – to some extent! So keep doing what you do…and we know you will.


  28. Lance says:

    Heads up!

    CME IS COMING: A huge magnetic filament erupted on Sept. 17th, involving almost an entire hemisphere of the sun: movie. The blast hurled a CME directly toward Earth: According to a NASA model, the CME should hit Earth's magnetic field late on Sept. 19th. The impact could spark G2-class geomagnetic storms with auroras in northern-tier US states from New York to Washington State.

  29. Lance says:

    Upper level water vapor loop on GOES West satellite show an upper level low spinning counter-clockwise off the CA coast that is funneling moisture into CA from the SW. More engineered thunderstorms in the Sierra mountain ranges. Troposphere images showing many aerosol "trails" being released at this altitude over the south central area of CA. You can easily see this on the NOAA GOES Image Viewer, if you care to. Sky over the area we're staying near Yuba Gap, CA, is a light blue color, not the deep blue it should be at this altitude which is 5,700 ft. or so. No one notices. They're just carrying on like they always do as if everything is going to continue as it always has. Thus, they will do so until the end comes, which it will, just as Dane has detailed. Of course, these views, nor those expressing such views, are acceptable to the blind and deaf, so don't be surprised at the way they act. I'm not. 

  30. Marilyn says:

    About the disappearance of the ozone and the sun feeling hotter than the reported temperature.  I have noticed that for a long time, and it's getting worse fast, just as Dane says.  Locally, here in Nebraska, I've seen the thermometer say the temperature is in the upper 70's, but when I get out in the sunshine, even through the white haze, it feels like it's in the 90's.  I used to be able to be outside and work when temperatures were in the 70's and 80's.  Now, it has to be in the 60's before I can spend any length of time in the sunshine. 

    Thank you Dane for these reports.  I listen to you every week and try to spread the information when I'm given a chance.


  31. Lance says:

    Hey all. Just watch the scheduled "programming" on TV and online! According to them everything is going to be okay now that artificial intelligence is governing! That's right! AI governance is here! It will save you and save the earth! What? You won't worship and serve it? Good!

  32. Lance says:

    Yesterday, 9/17/2023, was out with some relatives of ours fishing in the lake not far from where we're staying in our small RV near Yuba Gap in CA. Time was around 10am. All of us noticed how hot the sun felt. Fished till noon. Two planted rainbow trout caught. No native fish in this lake. As the afternoon wore on thunderheads started to form. Weather website images showed a strange "cut-off" low spinning counter clockwise off the coast of CA drawing moisture up from the SW. As the thunderheads continued to develop it got hotter for a short period of time. Soon the clouds developed enough to cover the sun so we went back out to fish some more. Right before the rain came it was very still and hot even as the clouds formed overhead. Then it began to rain, lightly at first, but then big huge drops of rain began to fall. It became a downpour and we experienced a "rapid cool down"! The engineered storm didn't last long as it eventually moved north. Not much lightning though. One big crack of thunder over our area and that was it. Rained enough to lessen fire danger, but not enough. More of the same is "scheduled" for today over the eastern Sierra mountain range. 

  33. Stan Sylvester says:

    Uh oh, more problems with water supplies. The U.S. has pumped so much groundwater from the Southwest that huge cracks in the ground are starting to develop. These cracks, also known as fissures, have been seen in Utah, Arizona and California.

    Groundwater supplies about half of all drinking water and 40% off all irrigation for crops. In Arizona alone there are about 169 miles of fissures. Nationwide, a study showed 4 out of 10 aquifers are at all time lows.

    Rising global temperatures blamed on climate change have been named as an added reason for the water shortage. Enter the government. For example, the Biden administration is offering $$$ to stop farming to Colorado farmers. $125 million was allocated to farmers like Troy Waters to stop farming.

    troy noted that in 2022 farmers there were asked to cut water consumption by a third in a preservation project. Troy said what he was offered to shut down was a low ball offer. Some choice, a third less water or a low ball offer.

    Meanwhile, there didn't appear to be anyone around to suggest that stopping the spraying of skies with toxic nano particles would help solve the evaporating groundwater and the corresponding fissures.


  34. youknowwho says:


    Regrettably, it's going to take a full-blown, epic crisis for people to awaken. My observations from interaction imply that they simply do NOT want to hear the message, either through normalcy bias, or they simply don't want to be associated with a "conspiracy theory". The truth is in plain sight, but it's being mischaracterized and sold as salvation. This simply will not end well and for those who think violence only happens in big cities…it may show up at your doorstep one day. Semper vigilans.

    "That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees."
    Marcus Aurelius

    That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees. Share this Quote Marcus Aurelius

  35. Therese says:

    We only have 1 earth, we need to STOP this.  I attended the MIT Climate Change online event Sept. 13. I asked the speakers are you going to talk about Geoengineering, Chem Trails, & HAARP.  The MIT professor responded: this is dangerous & misleading conspiracy theory, do not share this misinformation.  Then she removed me from attending the event.

    • Hideaway says:

      That would have been a really good opportunity to have shown up before one of the lectures when few people are in the auditorium and have placed Geo watch materials on the tables or desks or whatever was there. Before I got kicked out of our state CME meetings for not taking certain procedures, so I have to do them online now, thankfully, I brought a bunch of geoengineering materials to one of my state continuing medical education seminars and went in before one of the meetings one day early in the morning and laid them out everywhere in the auditorium where people were going to be for the morning's lectures.

    • Hideaway says:

      That said, I thank you for publicly speaking out. In fact, it is probably a good thing that they kicked you out of the meeting. That drew more attention to you and what you said. :+)

  36. Chris says:

    A throw away society will soon meet the same fate


  37. Gary Morrow says:

    At the beginning of the broadcast Dane quoted from The Atlantic magazine. The Atlantic stated that America could be in for a rough Fall. Did The Atlantic unwittingly make a telling pun? Fall in the sense of Autumn or fall in the sense of collapse? 

    • Jonathan says:

      Good point Gary. Sometimes people deliberately make these plays on words. I think it amuses them on some level. Some people would suggest that the powers that be tend to telegraph ahead of time what they're going to do to free them from the consequences of karma that they supposedly believe in from what many people have said. A third option is that the subconscious mind, which never lies, may in many cases "out" a person by exposing what they truly believe. That's a pretty deep rabbit hole to explore. But it's also quite true. This is what reverse speech analysis is based upon. Freud would also say that is possible.

  38. Jonathan says:

    Thank you Dane for the excellent information as always. You have a great number of people who are completely supportive of what you were doing and are marching with you in this team. Effort. Many of them do not necessarily leave messages in the comment section.

    Yes, food and water are going to be severely restricted soon.

    When governments can commit crimes against all life on this planet and blatantly ignore international conventions, such as the Geneva Convention and others, clearly, the psychopaths have, for the time being, taken control, and there is no more rule of law. I hope this fact sinks in with everyone who listens to your message from today. And I hope this encourages them to step up their efforts to inform others. So much of this can be done from home using the internet. You have made it possible for people to have many other ways of sharing information as well. I use your cards and educational materials all the time with people from every walk of life.

    The horrific tragedy that is ongoing in the oceans of the world at the hands of reckless people, there are few words that really do this justice. Let us hope that there is a universal justice, and that the eyes of truth are watching.

    Those of you who can, please do everything that you can to help the precious wild birds and other wild animals, " All creatures great and small," in whatever sphere of influence you operate. Many of them are having a desperately hard time finding food and water.

    My blessings to all of you.

    Many of you are going to have to be stronger than you ever dreamed of.

    Some encouragement from the Greek philosopher, Epictetus, who suffered both ridicule and great indignities during his life…


    "Difficulties are things that show what men are. For the future, remember that God, like a gymnastic trainer, has pitted you against a rough antagonist. For what end? That you may be an Olympic conqueror. No man in my opinion has a more profitable difficulty on his hands than you have, provided you will but use it as an athletic champion uses his antagonist."

    The test conspired to have each of you here, and to have you each here, NOW. You are here for a reason. As Dane says, we are not helpless, and they are not gods. Let the difficult times we are facing and are going to face even more in the future, be used to bring out your goodness, your faith, and your strength of character as we work together in this team effort to inform others.

    • Jonathan says:

      I have a dumb phone, not a smartphone, apparently. I meant to say above, that the Universe has conspired to have each of you here and have each of you here, right now. You were here for a reason, and that reason is not for the pursuit of personal pleasure and profit.

      I'm talking about something far more ineffable. Your good deeds, your character, your kindness, your love— those things you will take with you, and they will be part of your legacy as you move forward to the next stage after this temporal experience.

      Remember who you really are. I'm diving deep.. remember who you truly are. You are spiritual beings of light and love, not this crude matter in which we now find ourselves.

      Perhaps this will give some of you pause to think and to consider your higher calling and how to integrate that into the work that Dane has led and continues to lead. As he always says, this is a team effort.

      I hope that the following will be encouraging:


      Whence We Came

      Like the ethereal Glory of a dream upon awakening.

      A cloud slipping through the fingers like sand.

      A butterfly skipping just out of reach.

      Impressions of something beautiful, ineffable, haunting each step.

      Distant echoes call out from across time and space, yet near as one's heartbeat.

      Intimations of an earlier splendor; cool breezes forever blowing through green meadows.

      Where time stands still, beyond the sunset's glow, held in ceaseless peace.

      Shining memories reach out to grasp the present.

      All within the hand of a child, the silver thread unbroken. Is it simply imagination?

      Saluting friends, unseen, joyous in laughter.

      Bound in mirth untainted by imposed boundaries.

      Bubbling springs of Innocence, forever shielded.

      Daily stepping away from the expected into the dream.

      Is it simply a dream?

      Our original state of Being.

      Carefree in elevated thoughts.

      Childlike yet ageless.

      Venturing forth for lessons in growth.

      Returning to God, who is our home, from eternal to eternal.

      The balance, the goal.

      To remain connected and not let go.

      To remember whence we came.

      Beyond the Stars, beyond Time.

      Our true nature, our true existence, of which even the brightest moments of this temporal experience are, but a shadow.

      Our true Being, ever safe in loving hands.

      A haven at journey's end.

      To remember that source, always a choice.

      Knowing and peace in back of all Life's experiences.

      Patches of sunlight in the shade.

      Sparkles in the water.

      A centered space carried daily.

      Take care, lest the thread be broken amid the cares of Life.

      Join not the ranks of those who, having forgotten their sublime origin, cloak the divine with the transient.



      And remember, we are looking for the reestablishment of purity of air, of water, of food, and a restoration of the energy balance of this planet, including a repair of the badly damaged seas and sky/ozone layer. Would that we once again see commonplace everywhere beautiful white clouds in a blue sky.


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