Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 17, 2022, #371


Dane Wigington

Seventy percent of Pakistan's primary food crops have been wiped out by unprecedented weather catastrophes. In countless countries crop production is being drastically reduced from the same factor, weather. Fisheries around the world are simultaneously collapsing. How long till food store shelves empty out? Even now the majority of populations in industrialized nations are only focused on politics, the stock market, sports and the price of gas. How much will any of that matter when there is nothing left to eat? The "green energy" lobbyists claim their technologies can save us, but that is just another deception designed to pacify populations till the moment of impact. What happens now? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Expo Idaho, Boise, Idaho, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

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48 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 17, 2022, #371

  1. Lance says:

    Staying in Walnut Grove, CA, at an RV park located off of the Sacramento River for awhile.  Quite here because no one is in any of the other RV spots.  Very few boats out fishing either.  Did not see one boat out fishing for salmon yesterday.  Up until two years ago lots of people would come here to camp and fish for salmon.  I used to come here to fish for salmon.  I've enjoyed fishing since I was old enough to go fishing.  September and October used to be the prime time of the year to fish for salmon on the Sacramento River.  Lots of people used to stay at this and other RV camps and parks along the Sacramento River and in the Delta to fish for salmon.  There are few doing so now, including me.  I noticed that there were fewer and fewer salmon coming up the river more than two years ago.  What's caused the decline and destruction of the salmon run here and in other rivers up and down the west coast of the US/Canada?  Is it over fishing?  NO!  Is it a lack of clean fresh water?  YES!  The water contains invisible toxic nanoparticle contaminants in large quantities from many sources that kills the tiny salmon hatchlings!  Where do these toxic nanoparticle contaminants come from?  If you don't know by now, after reading and viewing all the information available from this and other sources, you know nothing about the reality of what is really happening!  

  2. Earth Angel says:

    Right on schedule with the fall equinox- we get a roughly 20 degree nightime cool down to 50 degrees last night. Very strange winds yesterday and brief feelings of cooled air mixing with the hot temps. in the high-mid 80's here where I live. Meanwhile our pond level has dropped 5-6ft. despite pumping water from a small creek below it. We've received very little rain this summer, (though it has rained to varying degrees all around us including the flooding deluge in Summerville, Ga. a couple of weeks ago) however last year the pond level remained at full pool all year and we did no pumping at all. Our small above ground swimming pool has evaporated at a fast rate all summer long. We searched but cannot find a leak in it anywhere. I'm betting this cool spell timed perfectly with the arrival of fall does not last long before temps pop back up again. I notice the script reading weather parrots are having an increasingly hard time making this all seem NORMAL!

  3. Lance says:

    The National Science Foundation has always been involved and invested in all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  They believe they should not be constrained for any moral, spiritual, or philosophical reasons!  They believe they should have the scientific freedom to do whatever they want to do regardless of the "irreversible damage" caused by their "works".  Examples that could be given are many and obvious.  Creation and development of nano-particles, many that are toxic, are one example.     

  4. brent papon says:

    Im so sick of this 'lemming analogy.'

    They were forced off the cliff,

    just like the buffalo,

    and now the huma race.

    ALL by the hands of man.

    When we are gone the galaxy will sigh in relief.



  5. Randyl J says:

    Thank You Dane for the awesome Awareness Information which I shall definitely put to good use! Thank You Malia and Sea for special replies. Thanks to ALL for so much important information adding to Dane's. Wish  we could share photos. I grew up in the Western U.S. so it definitely helps to see what's occurring through everyone's eyes. It's almost 8:30 PM here in Central North Carolina and my AC keeps coming on at 79 F degrees!  We have outdoor clothes lines for our Senior apartments- nice savings on dryers, however, the sun is feeling hotter than the high dryer setting and towels are rougher even with softener and dry faster than in the dryer. Then my skins feels the 'burning' while hanging out clothes. Just crazy! To Lance – I was a full-time RV traveler for over a decade (2006-2020) and appreciate your updates as I know it's getting more difficult. I no longer have my RV and people here are finding it difficult to get reservations and find campgrounds where you can 'just show up'. It's going to get more difficult. Hello 'Earth Angel'! 
    Thank You again Dane for providing this 'Comments' Section'!

    Blessings Everyone! Randyl J

    • Lance says:

      We left South Lake Tahoe yesterday morning.  It was pouring down rain!  Drove down Hwy 50 to the Sacramento Valley.  Big thunderstorms made possible by the "unusual" storm off the central CA coast dropped lots of rain in the area.  Not much lightning though.  By afternoon the clouds began to dissipate as did the "unusual" storm.  Once the "cloud" cover was gone it began to heat up rapidly.  Was only supposed to be 75F but got up to near 85F on MY thermometer.  90% humidity this morning.  Supposed to be about 77F today, but it'll be hotter, especially in the direct sun light.  Regarding doing the RV thing we may not be able to do it for much longer due to the increasing costs of what is needed to do it.  After paying to stay at a small RV park for 5 days in a small travel trailer, paying for the cheapest fuel we could find for the V6 powered pickup, and food to last two weeks it cost over $500!  Prices for all these things have steadily gone up since we started doing this in April of 2022.  Based on the "events" that are happening, are going to happen, and at an accelerated rate it won't matter much longer.  In any "event" I'll stick to my faith in the promises of the Most High God, not the false promises of the "scientific community"!          

  6. SilentSister says:

    New term! 
    "Enhanced Weathering!"


  7. Ziggy says:

    Ever since you brought up the "Stilling" Dane, it has been absolutely Dead Calm here and not so much as even a breeze. Strange and extremely unpleasant, in regards to the climate shift here in September.

    Spring and Fall are usually the windiest times of the year. But it was also very calm in April and May. So, I'm guessing that without the normal wind patterns. It is going to cause the planet to warm up even faster.

    Which is very evident right now. It has not dropped below 80 degrees at night here, during this "rare" (I say Scheduled) September heat wave. Even though Accuweather says it has been in the low 70s. (I hate nothing more than when Meteorologists lie through their teeth.) No clouds or aerosol trails at night either. So, it makes no sense at all as to why it doesn't cool off after the sun goes down. (Unless it is the lack of a breeze or wind). Usually it drops into the 50s at night here in late September.

    But this heat wave feels completely different from any other that I have ever experienced. It's almost as though the atmosphere is being heated all the way down to the ground, both day and night. By some kind of super powerful microwave array, and we have about 20 of them surrounding this area… that are run by the federal government. Each array complex is guarded by the military and is even surrounded by an electric fence… with attack guard dogs too. Why so much security for what they tell us is simply public communication operations to boost the new 5G technologies. I believe it's more like a microwave system used to steer and intensify hurricanes. And many other weather related missions that they carry out for Raytheon.

    The air is super saturated with particulates and it is the heaviest concentration that I have seen in years. Even though they haven't sprayed in days. But if you hold a flashlight up next to your face, you can see the particulates floating around you. So, they must be spraying much higher up in altitude (for it to saturate this place for days on end) OR they are now spraying much more invisible trails of new stuff, behind the hundred or so commercial airline jets that pass over us 24/7.

    In any case. My teeth hurt constantly and I get bad migraines almost daily. Plus the ringing in my ears is now virtually non stop. But it always varies with intensity and  at times it gets so loud that it feels like my head is about to explode! I just wish that they would STOP and let mother nature cool us off, because with the looming Venus Syndrome. The word COOL will be wiped from our vocabulary in the very near future.

    • sea says:

      Hello Ziggy- perhaps you mentioned in one of your earlier posts , but where are you located? In what state would even be helpful. Living in N California many folks say it is just a California weather problem…and of course I disagree! And try to educate with a flyer  of Dane's.

      Also to address your comment re invisible trails- I have not seen one jet in over 2 months BUT the evidence is there with the white, milky skies and the break down of my physical health from being outside.I live on 100 acres all open sky and used to count the trails now it is just a white sky…and my face burns to confirm the activity.

  8. Ziggy says:

    Why are they LYING about the heat and humidity? Because fudging the numbers isn't fooling anyone who can read through the lines and see the truth!

    Accuweather says it is 93 degrees and 36% humidity. Really? Then why does my weather station and all of my neighbor's say it is 102 and 62% humidity right now? Feels like the middle of July outside.

    The average temps for this area were as follows… just five years ago: September- 88 and 63, October- 78 and 56, November- 63 and 44, December- 52 and 33.

    Last year they were:   95 and 78, 88 and 67, 81 and 60, 89 and 58! We had 12 days in the 90's and two that reached 100, in December of 2021. It was 99 degrees on Christmas day! And the humidity was off the charts for all four months.

    Now, they are saying that the extended outlook calls for Much Above Average Temperatures all the way to January 1st of 2023. Really? How much hotter can it be this year? What… a hundred and six on Christmas and 102 on New Year's Day?

    This is not Phoenix, AZ and we usually get about one foot of snow every winter. Last year was the first year ever that we didn't see one single snowflake. And it only dropped below freezing twice.

    Geoengineering and climate warfare has turned this place into a Living Hell. Almost exactly as they have done to Northern California. If this is the beginning of the Venus Syndrome. Then, I don't think we even have five years left to survive what's in store for us next. By this time next year the average temps will have nearly doubled and that can't possibly be good for any species of life on this planet.

  9. Lance says:

    Nanotechnology in warfare (

    That "legislation" should be monitored to "prevent irreversible damage" that could be caused by the "nanosciences" when the damage has already been caused and continues to accelerate is madness! 

  10. Lance says:

    To Anne in response to her question, will let you know where I found that quote as soon as possible, meantime you're absolutely right about the almighty dollar (Federal Reserve Note)!  

    "The Global Nano-sized Alumina Market is estimated to be US$ 3,005.7 Mn in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 4,475.0 Mn by 2032 at a CAGR of 4.1%." 

    You can find this info online.

  11. Geoff Hanham says:

    Hi M.

    What is the make of your UVC Radiometer and where can I buy one?

    I have been searching in the UK and have been unable to find such equipment.





    • Devasura Mosahuro says:

      Hi Geoff.

      Hangzhou Sensor Technology Co. Ltd. Chinese of course.

      RGM-UVC type.

      These are industrial radiometers for uvc lamps testing. They are good enough for immediate Sun-radiation tests. Around $150.


  12. Amy Ziegler says:

    Always find myself surprised by the lack of comments after broadcasts but grateful to Dane and those of us posting. How eternally blessed and fortunate are those of us here that have experienced the majesty of sublime living ecosystems for many only know the cages of greedy industry. as much as i too am enraged at what has been inflicted and continues unabated by criminal lunatics,  i look back on those experiences with nature and am even more in love with them which i didn't think possible. And as is said every week,  we can yet make a difference! Big Love to Dane and the team for another week of real reporting. (dare i ask for a Hermann update?)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Amy, my deepest thanks to you, and all other activists and individuals that are courageously standing with us in this all important battle. Thank you so much for checking in on Herman (the formerly paralyzed alligator lizard I found struggling in the forest, for those that did not hear the story). Herman is well fed, progressing with his miraculous recovery (back legs from totaly motionless to very coordinated function), and enjoying his new ceramic aquariom heater. Once completely recovered, Herman can be returned to his former forest home. Again, my deepest gratitude to everyone that is helping to carry the torch of this fight forward.


  13. Randyl J says:

    Global Stilling~ How can  people not notice?! No cloud movement. Little wind! Sun that leaves skin feeling burned after just a few minutes under it! 

    Most people live indoors day and night.  The real ‘weather’ -which no longer exists -only seems to be noticed by sensitive immune systems, like my own.  The toxicity being sprayed creates ongoing physical discomfort: Flu/respiratory symptoms, digestive and joint issues. Headaches and brain fog!Anyone else notice this? And your pets are also absorbing all the toxins on their daily walks.  If we won’t take up for ourselves, we surely must feel motivated to do so for our pets. I lost my Maltese this Spring. Yes, cardiovascular issues are common with the breed, but she had the best care, herbal products and veterinary help I could find. However, I began to notice increased coughing a year ago after walks. She was only age 9. How much of her fast health decline was due to the horrible toxins being sprayed on all of us? We here viewing this broadcast, are definitely asking these questions but the general population isn’t. We may not change the overall outcome but I’ve always wanted to know the Truth in life. I feel the urgency to at least inform others as much as possible! Thank You again Dane, for marching us forward weekly in truth and reality!

    Blessings ALL ~ KOKO  Randyl J

    • Malia says:

      Hello Randyl, 

      I have noticed the stilling since I lived in Japan in early 2010s maybe even earlier in college in Eugene OR on some summer nights. Times when everything felt oppressively and unnaturally still STAGNANT and as the years pass by more still and more oppressive even places that NEVER had this problem like at the lake in western Montana night falls and the air doesn't move for hours stays wicked radiantly hot and unnaturally still nothing like what I remember as a child. When wind events happen at my residence in Portland area Oregon, trees look strangely tossed around like in a washing machine with no meaningful direction to the wind. Storms and clouds don't seem to pass over or pass through they form in the air do their business until they peter out. Winter in Pacific Northwest and every season used to feel fresh but now even on our clearest looking days seems the air just smells like metal and cars. Don't know if it's my damaged nerves or if it's for real. Winter makes funky inversions and when I leave the house in the morning still smell metal, cars, diesel, and laundry detergent. Don't get me started on when the slushy snow is initiated my respiratory burns and makes me feel like I have a flu.

      all my adult life I've has immune issues and intermittent encephalopathies, inflammation and immune issues 10+ years of testing and worsening have found no answers from dozens of practitioners. More chemical sensitivities by the day and can no longer function and work. Only and grateful to at least have some involvement with my child on good days still have to base myself. Mold sensitivity. What used to be normal hayfever for me now results in extreme facial and maxillary pain and encephalopathy that takes weeks to even out and mend that medicines don't touch.

    • sea says:

      Randyl J- thank you for your posts. I am in my late 60's and am a nutritionist so I try to eat well, take supplements, vitamins and herbs but feel a tremendous problem with my digestive system and joints too. Lots of leg cramps and I take a lot of magnesium to offset them. Brain fog, memory loss, eye sight has changed dramatically in just the last year!

      I feel that we are so saturated with toxic chemicals our bodies cannot get rid of even a small percentage of  what we are holding on to from the constant assaults.

      Even eating food from my own garden (which has barely produced a thing this year) …I look at the damage the "micro waving"/Ice nuking does, burned pepper plants, tomato plants "sterile", basil so fibrous from the dehydration of the chems I have pulled all 12 out. Not one eggplant survived- 4 yrs ago my eggplants were overly abundant….on and on. And yes I have always said that our poor little pets and animals in general are close to the ground and taking in as much if not more than we are.

      I live in what once was a key county for cattle ranches, N Calif. – North of where Dane lives. Most of the ranchers have sold off their cattle and their sheep- cannot afford to buy hay anymore. Many of these ranches are generations old. Done!

      And the 100 yr old trees that lined the long driveways of some of these ranches- dead, not one leaf on any of these trees…of course everyone walks around with acceptance, "oh well" just a serious drought year- as they all say over and over- "We'll get through it".

      Dane without your commitment I dont know if I would keep on it- thank you for leading us !

    • brent papon says:

      Yes,  I feel like hell after 30 minutes mid day. The UV and the lack of 02 at ground is worsening by the day.

      Many of my neighbors have lost dogs in the last couple years.

      I think it's the chemicals that they are eating in the fake snow.



  14. KillingUsSoftly says:

    In addition to the 3 solid fat streams from overnight obvious spraying in the wee hours this morning drifting southward on my routine dog walk I was startled to watch my breath in the headlight band light I use, as if it was under 32 degrees, but it was 59 degrees!!! The experience was somewhat bizarre to say the least.

  15. Lance says:

    "Some pollutants have been helping cool Earth down. Aerosols are quite beneficial."  This is a statement made by someone affiliated with "Celestial Green Ventures" which is involved in marketing green energy solutions to combat climate change.  They even state that cleaner air is contributing to global warming!  More info on their lunacy can be found here: Why cleaner air is contributing to global warming (  The insanity continues! 

  16. Lance says:

    Anyone notice the huge fires going on in the forests of Russia?  They dwarf the fires going on in western half of the US!

  17. Ziggy says:

    My Simplified Analogy of Geoengineering.

    This is what I say to anyone who can't grasp the reality of geoengineering, and why we are trying so hard to stop it before it is too late for all of us.

    Thank of Earth as once being a Garden of Eden Greenhouse that kept a perfect balance for all of Nature and the entire web of life. With a ventilation system and glass panels that open up to make sure it doesn't get too hot or too humid. We enter the era of modern technology and excessive carbon and methane emissions have transformed our greenhouse into a locked car, with all of the windows rolled up and it's sitting in the hot sun.

    We are the children inside of that car and geoengineering has now turned the windows and windshields into bullet proof glass. The doors have also become armored and impossible to open by force.

    Most of the children ignore the looming threat and refuse to let it interfere with their play time. The rest of us are screaming for them to help us and use all of our might and push against the glass, to break the seals that hold it in place. But they ignore us and just keep on playing until everyone starts to collapse and die from heat stroke.

    And by the time they realize that the threat is real. It is too late.

    Very, very soon. millions will begin to die of heat stroke, malnutrition and dehydration (or even Mad Max Apocalyptic Murdering Rampages) And geoengineering will end up killing billions more, before the planet finally goes into complete meltdown.

    There is no one outside of the car with a powerful galactic weapon, who is going to break the glass and save us. And we as a united people of Earth still have the ability to save those who have the will to survive.

    Those of us who are able to see through the lies and expose the truth, will try our very best to wake the masses, all the way to the bitter end. Because in reality. What other choice do we have.

  18. Al T says:

    Sept 22, 2021 to Sept 21, 2020. Four seasons. Reporting from West Sonoma County. It is pouring here right now. And you know what that means? Winter was the driest season of the last four seasons here. Thats right. We got more rain Autumn 2021, Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 then we did in Winter 21/22.


    Make that make sense to me or concede that Dane is right. 

  19. Reed Simpson says:

    FAA FAR 137.37 Manner of dispensing. No persons may dispense, or cause to be dispensed, from any aircraft, any material or substance in a manner that creates a hazard to persons or property on the surface. (1965, amen 1968). 

    FAA FAR 137.39 Economic poison dispensing.

    (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may dispense or cause to be dispensed from an aircraft, any economic poison that is registered with the USDA under Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act – 

    (1) etc etc thru (3)

    (b) This section does not apply to any person dispensing economic poisons for experimental purposes under – etc etc.


    Fr 6686 May 1966

    This law could be made broader in a sane society, such as to include prohibition on aluminum, barium, and any biologics… and with no exemptions or permits. Plz read fine print in these "laws", laws of a king, they disgust. 


  20. dava golino says:

    175 million. !!!Another REAL Holocaust…In sum, for the entire present-day United States from 1492 to the present, the total number of Indigenous deaths includes the 12 million estimated by Thornton; the additional approximately 790,000 deaths that occurred in Hawaii, Alaska, in Puerto Rico; and about

    200,000 excess deaths since 1900. Thus, the Indigenous Holocaust in this country appears to have taken around 13 million lives. Signally, this horrific number of deaths was only a very small portion of the mind-numbing Holocaust throughout the Western Hemisphere.

    When Thornton’s estimated hemispheric population decline of 70 million is multiplied by 2.5, the total number of Indigenous deaths throughout the Western Hemisphere between 1492 and 1900 appears to be about 175 million. And the number of Indigenous people who have died in the hemisphere because of war, repression, racism, and harsh conditions of life since 1900 surely runs into the millions.

    By any reckoning, the Indigenous Holocaust in the Western Hemisphere was, as Stannard has pointed out, “the worst human holocaust the world had ever witnessed.” No words or numbers can adequately convey the scale of the horror and tragedy involved in the greatest sustained loss of human life in history. Still, it seems to this researcher that understanding the scope and dimensions of the Indigenous Holocaust is an important first step toward collective political action which addresses the needs, interests, and aspirations of Indigenous people today—and which ensures that such a holocaust will never happen again.

  21. Devasura Mosahuro says:

    Hi there!

    1. I've bought UVC radiometer (peak response: 254nm): every single sunny day since mid August – in Warsaw, Poland – on average 10 mikroW/cm2 (between 10am – 5pm; on mornings and evenings a bit better – starts from 3 on 8am) on every single second. +/- 2W/cm2. And the skies are constantly being sprayed into some hazy soup. What would happen without those sprays?

    2. On the beginning of July 2022 – when Western Europe was being fried – we had the coolest July days ever. 15°C in the middle of the day with constant cold wind blowing. Really strange.

    3. Forests in Poland are choked with young trees cut down by someone and left for rot. But there will be no rot.. During the summer even the moss died because of prolonged drought. Ready for fire? (September is a bit better. It is raining from time to time).

    4. One day (the last weekend of August) we had 35°C; the next day it was 20°C. Such anomalies happen more and more often.

    5. I can confirm almost everything Mr. Wigington says – in my country.



  22. Lance says:

    Something definitely not right about that storm system spinning and stationary off W coast of CA and the Santa Rosa/SF Bay Area/San Jose.  There is a lot of electrical energy in this system, about 700 J/kg around the center of circulation.  A wind advisory up along the CA coast and points inland.  Huge earthquake on Taiwan and major aftershocks still going on!  Is this some type of attack?       

    • Lance says:

      C.O.D. weather radar shows the storm system north of the SF Bay Area up just north of Bodega Bay.  Still supposed to move S by Wednesday.  No rain here at our location in South Lake Tahoe, just windy.  Was supposed to be raining this afternoon by 2pm but nothing so far.  Its actually sunny, but cool.  Electrical energy readings available on the website along with other info.  Usually accurate.

    • Al T says:

      Something is weird. While we haven't gotten a September rain since 2017, those rains were quick bursts, kind of like what would happen in Boulder CO around 4pm during the summer. I've been in the Bay Area for 25 years and have always had an outdoor job or occupation, and I dont recall this much sustained rain in September.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Interesting Taiwan is affected; and the timing of such an earthquake. Who's to blame I wonder?.. Knowing that such technologies exist I should say an attack must be considered. Very astute dot connecting Lance. Thank you for bringing this event to our attention. I hadn't heard of it yet. Not watching too much news on tv- it was 'The Beverly Hillbillies' marathon this weekend on Decades channel. I had to get some laughs. Love that show from the 60's- brings back some happy memories of carefree days! Keep safe friend.

  23. Lance says:

    West Coast storm to bring drought relief, an early taste of winter (

    Drought relief?  Are they serious?  500 inches of rain below normal in northern CA and this little storm is bringing drought relief?  What a bad joke!  By the way, the report does state that "unusually warm conditions" will develop once this little, but "potent", storm dissipates.  What moisture that does fall will evaporate as a result and due to the lack of healthy and living trees in many large forrested areas, especially those burned by all the fires.  By the way, these areas don't hold the water in the ground the way healthy forrested areas would which means what water does fall will just run-off much faster.  Doesn't much matter anymore because the water that does fall is polluted with countless toxic particulates.  Catch 22!

    • Dennie says:

      "Paltry," "piddling" and "pitiful" are more likely terms for this September storm that was supposed to drench northern California– not.  I got maybe 2 gallons of water caught from rooftop gutters, that's all, folks.  At least there was some run-off, for a mere 5 minutes, oh well.  The Grand Slam will probably be scheduled for later this year, if at all.  After all, "we" are sucking down all "their" water.  Will somebody please put a banana peel down on the ground when weird ol' Uncle Klaus wanders out of his limo at the next Davos Frolicks for Billionaires?

  24. Lance says:

    Looks like some fires by Yosemite are the source of the bad air over the Mono Lake area?  Don't know for sure, but I do know that if the solar "event" that took place in this report: Europe’s Sun probe just survived a potentially world-ruining solar storm ( were earth directed it would have been apocalyptic!

  25. Stan Sylvester says:

    As fresh water disappears, water wars continue. Phoenix has been selling from its aquifer at cut rate prices to Saudi Arabia. This is during a severe drought. 

    Fondomonte is the company getting the water at cut rate prices. They grow alfalfa, a water intensive plant. The alfalfa is shipped to Saudi Arabia for cattle feed. Saudi Arabia's water supplies are drained.

    Fondomonte also owns 15,000 acres in Blythe, CA. This is a desert region, but close to, wait for it, the Colorado River. Alfalfa is king in Blythe. Alfalfa is a perennial crop, so it can be grown year round. That's good for the Saudis, not so much for Californians that depend on the Colorado River.

    Water is the new precious commodity, now being bought up by producers of the last great commodity, oil.

    • Lance says:

      Lived in Blythe for almost 2 years many years ago.  Hated living there for various reasons, but mostly because it was too hot!  UV radiation is higher now than its ever been in this area too!  Water has always been a precious commodity as is the so-called last great commodity, oil.  The commodity that is replacing oil is DATA which is even being called the "new oil".  DATA is treated like a resource!  What humans know is considered a "resource" by the PTB!  They buy and sell this DATA all the time!  In fact, all of us are considered "resources" which is why there are human resource offices, departments, divisions etc., etc., etc.!           

    • Earth Angel says:

      What about the cattle farmers HERE in AMERICA whose herds are starving from the drought? Wouldn't it be better to sell OUR alfalfa crops to OUR FARMERS?!.. WTF!

  26. Lance says:

    "…the development of science and the birth of new technologies cannot be stopped or delayed for moral or spiritual-philosophical reasons." 

    A quote by a member of the so-called scientific community!  

    • Anne says:

      Hi Lance,

      Where did you read this quote? It is shocking, but not unexpected as the almighty dollar rules. I would like to read the whole article and refer to the quote when l debate with people.


    • Dennie says:

      And here above we see the Declaration of Our Future, from The Oracle of "Scientific" Truth, intoned in usual sanctimonious know-it-all tones, not unlike the mad declarations of raving, compulsive alcoholics, drunk on their own disembodied, heartless, soul-less "understanding" of their own twisted "needs," and "powers."  Translated:  "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." ~ Admiral David Farragut, U.S. Civil War

  27. Lance says:

    There's an unusual air quality "event" ongoing around the Mono Lake area according to the readings on MSN air quality map.  There are no fires going on in that area.  AQI of near 500 showing in Bridgeport and over to Hawthorne NV this morning.  Big military facilities in that area.  

  28. Lance says:

    Looks like the Mosquito Fire will be doused with some rain.  Same for Lake Tahoe and eastern Sierra mountains.  A lot more rain is to fall in the central CA valley and in the coastal mountains Sunday, Monday, and into Tuesday.  Up to .75 inches per 3 hours in some locations.  Low pressure system formed just off the coast of central CA just as the weather simulations showed!  Lots of lightning in this storm system.  May see some over land and around Lake Tahoe.  Will be here to see what happens barring any other "events". 

    • Lance says:

      Heavy rainfall predicted in the central CA valley was "spotty".  The "UNusual" storm continues to spin and draw water vapor up from the south.  Heavy rainfall predicted on the W side of the eastern Sierra's at higher elevations.  Lack of vegetation and trees along Hwy 50 east of Ice House Road in these areas to hold water due to the destructive Caldor Fire last year.  Flash flooding as well as mudslides and rockslides likely.  All runoff is toxic, period.  

  29. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Really looking forward to all the allies in  Geo E awareness shirts/ and/or bumper stickers, etc to SHARE with us all !  More than ever we need these convo starters on several urgent topics. Thanks to Gem Faire folks as always. Being a walking billboard cuts through censorship . Wear it ! The tide is turning, as when I used to get the middle finger salute for  stop geo- e  NOW, am getting honks and  happy thumbs up!  Amazing shift right now. Thanks Dane for the  many outreach supplies for mass use !   Congrats on Ep #371  and new radio stations too. ONWARD ! 

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