Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 30, 2023, #425


Dane Wigington

"Clouds now contain plastic, risking contamination of ‘everything we eat and drink’, airborne plastic particles found in cloud water"( Geoengineering Watch has been sounding the alarm about polymer fiber nanoparticles in our precipitation for years. What took the so called science community so long to catch up? New York's manipulated heavy dose of rain was the core component of the temporary east coast cool-down which is scheduled to be followed by a warm-up and then another cool-down. The West Coast has also been the recipient of a manipulated moisture cool-down, though temperatures are scheduled to rapidly rebound. The Gulf Stream current is slowing down and seaborne flesh eating bacteria are ramping up while the human race faces an "unprecedented global toxic emergency". Above it all and completely connected to it all are the ongoing and accelerating climate engineering operations. Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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66 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 30, 2023, #425

  1. Lance says:

    Warm weekend on tap for West | Watch (

    Warm is understating how hot its been between 10am and 4pm here along the west coast where we're now situated along Monterey Bay. Yesterday at about 11:30am the thermometer in our truck said it was 94F! Heat from the sun was so intense had to cover up a small electric oven we keep outside. It was so hot I couldn't touch the metal parts of it! Even being out in the sun's heat for a short time was very uncomfortable. Air quality here has not been good either, too much air pollution from motor vehicles. High temp records shattered! Today, Saturday, is supposed to be the end of the hot weather, but we shall see. 

    • Lance says:

      Cooler today, only 80F! Cool wind is blowing from the WSW. Doesn't mean the sun's radiation is any less intense though. Even cooler tomorrow.

  2. Lance says:

    Stage 1 of GRAP kicks in as Delhi AQI plummets to 212 from 177 in a day (

    GRAP:  Graded Response Action Plan. India officials can now bar unregistered construction sites, take strict action against visibly polluting vehicles, step up PUC checks, etc.

  3. Lance says:

    Gene-edited trees are more sustainable and boost fibre production (

    Megaton-scale direct air capture (DAC) projects announced in U.S. (

  4. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    After being put on hold for over thirty minutes, twice! I finally got to speak to someone at the National Weather Service, who is in charge of collecting data from the people and machines that report current weather conditions and rainfall totals, for specific regions.

    She told me that my neighbor does not collect and report rain totals. But rather an automated machine two counties over is what they go by and they got hammered yesterday with over four inches of rain. So, even though everyone here in this community (this county) only collected less than a quarter of an inch in our rain gages. We are still officially documented as getting over four inches.

    Why he (my neighbor) doesn't report rainfall totals is a huge mystery, because I clearly saw a rain gage in his back yard, along with his UV sensor probes, hygrometer and barometer.

    The NWS offered me the opportunity to become a weather observer and take over my neighbor's role, as a trained current weather conditions meteorologist. Because he gave notice recently that he intends to retire by the end of the year. (I guess our little visit and his viewing of "The Dimming", really affected him, to the point that he feels threatened by the farmers and ranchers now)

    Plus, I really don't think that even if they officially document everything that I report to them, as far as the current conditions and rainfall amounts… nothing is going to change. They will still bake us into oblivion and drought us into a dust bowl. Not to mention that they are likely to chemically ice nucleate us into having ice storm nightmares, with this strong El Niño upon us now. Fried, frozen and parched doesn't sound like the kind of life I want anymore. The last five years have been the toughest struggle of my entire life, and I ain't getting no younger. So, I turned their offer down and basically chose not to become a paid minion of Raytheon.  They say: "If you can't beat 'em, join them." Not in a million years in this case. I am not a deserter.

  5. Jonathan says:

    I made contact with a local HAM radio club, and the club President came by my office today to pick up fliers and documentary scannable business cards. She told me she will share them at the club meeting on Tuesday, and I told her that anyone who is interested may contact me for more information.

    There are many opportunities we each have to share information with others. Be encouraged…

  6. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    After observing military planes spray, microwave and ultimately melt away all of the rain clouds for this area yesterday, and for most of last night. The entire system had moved further to the NE as viewed on radar, but we had a freak storm just pop up out of nowhere around midnight and the lightning was unlike anything I have ever seen before. With large powerful strikes taking out electrical transformers at both ends of my neighborhood. Sending us into total darkness as the power went out and it remains so even now, for this entire community. I am using my solar charged battery backup generator which gives me about 36 hours of run time.

    The winds whipped up to 75 mph with gusts approaching 90 mph. And only after the wind and lightning calmed down, did it finally begin to rain ever so lightly.

    It rained for about six whole minutes in total and I ended up with less than a quarter inch in the rain gage. But my neighbor who reports current weather conditions to the NWS has posted a total of 4.19 inches!

    So, not only did we get robbed of the storm's heavy downpour (like it did in so many places around Texas), but we also have wind damage to homes, barns, fences and windmills. Not to mention the two transformers that were struck by lightning, causing them to explode into huge fireballs… that could have easily ignited a massive brush fire, if we didn't get the little rain that we did.

    I know that folks are going to let me know how outraged they are, when the power returns and they discover that my neighbor reported four more inches of rain, than what we actually received.

    So, I plan to file an official dispute with the NWS later today and report that everyone here observed different weather, than what my neighbor gathered from his weather station. I hope to make the case that he must be literally pouring water from his kitchen faucet into the rain gage, in oder to skew the numbers. However, I don't expect anything to be done about it, as I am sure that they put him up to such devious tricks to begin with. But at least I will go on record by filing a dispute and make it known that we are on to them.

    As the people of this community deserve answers for such devious intent on their part. Especially since his deceptive actions keeps us out of the extreme drought catagory, and negates any government aid claims from this area's agricultural district. A lot of folks are going to lose their farms and the rest of us do not want to see Government supported GMO farmers take them over.

    And just maybe, that's what all of this extreme climate engineering warfare coming down on us here has been all about, from the very beginning. To achieve the goal of decimating Non GMO farmers and replace them with non-nutritional mutant harvests, by Matrix Minions who claim to be legit farmers.

  7. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I haven't seen them spray this much filth into the sky for at least twelve months. But they are only doing this above the rain producing clouds and nowhere else. It is so incredibly obvious that they are attacking the entire rain dynamics of this system moving in here.

    The forecast changes by the hour, as they continue to spray non-stop.

    Last night the chances went back up to 80% (from 20%) and it was supposed to begin raining around 2:00 am. with an accumulation of between 4 to 6 inches! (flash flood warning in effect again)Then, at about 12:15 am they began their intense spraying missions. Well, by 2:00 am there was not even a mist or sprinkle and the forecast changed to 65%, with rain starting around 6:00 am and only 3 to 4 inches possible.

    No rain at 6:00 am as they continued to spray feverishly, and it has been very hot all day now (98 degrees at 92% humidity)

    The forecast pushed the rain off until 6:00 pm tonight and it is now 5:30 pm. No rain clouds, just a sky full of thin, wispy aerosol clouds that have a patchwork of microwave transmission in them. The cloud waves or ridges appear in different directions, within each box of the patchwork pattern in the sky. Definitely not pressure waves or gravity waves making those patterns. As meteorologists always claim, those waves and ridges are the result of both, or at least one of those effects. Because any idiot could tell you that if that were the case, the waves and or ridges would all be in the same direction, throughout the entire cloud bank. Not in a perfectly symmetrical patchwork of square boxes, with lines going in different directions to each other, like some kind of a patchwork designed quilt. Obvious beyond any doubt that those "Mutant" clouds are man made and not created by nature.

    There are thunderheads off in the distance along the horizon, but as they try to move towards us from the NW, these cannibalistic mutant clouds fill in the void. As the planes above attack them and vaporize them into infinity. Exact same process being used now that I have seen for years, when the climate engineers are intent on keeping any rain from developing and reaching the ground, in a specified target location.

    The forecast update says the rain will start by 10:00 pm now and the chance of precipitation is at 40%, with a possible accumulation of only one to two inches.

    Mark my words, I have been here a thousand times now. We will only see a very light mist as the entire system begins to fall apart. But many other areas of Texas will likely get from 4 to 6 inches of rain and experience flash flooding. We will cool off dramatically this weekend, just as they will, but our relief from the heat will be very short lived and only last from Saturday morning through Sunday evening. While the rest of the state will be much cooler, for at least seven to ten days.

    Yet none of this makes any sense. Why here and why focus all of their efforts on boiling away our rain, but not anywhere else in Texas? There could only be one logical explanation for this… "we are their lab rats". If they can ultimately gain the technological ability to stop the rain indefinitely, in such a small area of land. While producing flash floods all around the central target zone itself. Then just imagine our community as an enemy base and I think you might get the picture that I am painting here. It's a dry canvas no doubt. But a picture is worth a thousand words, and it's all about weaponizing weather.

    Especially if the U.S. military has air dominance in the combat theater zone I am making the case for here. There would be no way to stop them from doing what they are doing to us, or an enemy base, or a civilian detention camp in a post apocalyptic America. What better way to get the masses to obey your every word. And if they don't. Just nuke em' with low yield warheads, as the heavy rain and flooding around the "previously baked and parched" bomb sight, would certainly keep most of the radioactive contamination safely contained The military calls this a surgical strike.

    I just want to live somewhere that still has rain and cool air. But I will never relocate to the mid to upper east coast, and become part of the largest sheeple herd on the planet. (Present company people who leave comments here, from that area… excluded of course. You are awake and by all accounts, those around you are not.)

  8. Lance says:

    Just some "smoke" from forest fires in Canada down in Florida. No big deal except for the fact that there are all kinds of toxic micro and nano particulates in it that get carried by the smoke. Oh, and never mind the toxic aerosol "stuff" that mixes in with it from previous and ongoing geoengineering operations. Oh, and there's no such thing as nanoparticles in the first place. Its just a "conspiracy theory", so no worries. Everything's gonna be fine. By the way, a big "test" gonna happen tomorrow. Stay frosty.

  9. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Let me tell you folks a little story about our government.

    My neighbor down the street who reports current weather conditions to the NWS, has officially recorded our rainfall to date at over eighteen inches. But all of the other rain gages in this community have only captured less than two inches.

    I tried to speak with him about this anomaly but he won't even open his door to me, answer my text messages or phone calls now. He doesn't come to our Sunday church gatherings any more either. Remaining reclusive and stand-offish to all of us.

    The reason I wanted to speak with him is because the farmers here are being denied any government relief subsidies. Because they say that our drought is not severe enough to effect their harvests. But if they had the "real" rain total numbers then they would have to accept their claims.

    So, when you take just this one example right here and apply that to the entire United States. That means that the official drought monitor for the country is probably only documenting about 20% of the total areas effected by the lack of rain. And it is not documenting the true severity of the drought either. Reason being that those people and automated stations around the country which records current weather conditions, for the official NWS documentation of drought conditions in the U.S. Are being being paid to lie about the official numbers, or automatically programmed to record more rain than what actually falls to the ground. (except of course, in massive floods)

    Now you have to ask yourself, just exactly why would those people and machines do that. And this is the only logical answer I can come up with:

    Our government has no qualms about sending billions to support wars that help to reduce the worlds populations, destroy tons of crops and the harvests they produce, expend old and out dated weapons and machinery, and gain support for adding even more U.S. operated military bases around the world. But refuses to spend a few billion on helping those who literally make up America's proverbial "Bread Basket". While skewing the numbers any way that they can, to guarantee that farmers and ranchers are forced to sell out at pennies on the dollar. In order for GMO farmers to move in and grow Monsanto's drought resistant crops. They also take over ranches for their GMO industry and slowly force Americans to eat fake meat, as the livestock populations eventually become extinct.

    GMO farmers receive government subsidies automatically and they are forced to follow Monsanto's operating procedures to the letter, or they lose the farm to new and upcoming GMO farmers. They are also used to cull populations by growing food with much less nutrition, and spray Glyphosate on their crops at regular intervals. Or, again. They lose the farm for breaking Monsanto's contract with them. They are also forced to grow crops that are genetically mutated not to germinate. So, they must buy new Monsanto seeds every growing season… Or lose the farm.

    It is believed that Monsanto lobbyists are in the pockets of 80% in the house and senate. They also receive billions each year from the government to advance GMO technology and wave all lab testing, for determining the long term health effects on humans. Over one-hundred other countries focus on lab tests and that's why GMOs are banned on their store shelves.

    Needless to say that the farmers and ranchers have threatened to march on my neighbor with the proverbial pitchforks and torches. But have ultimately allowed cooler heads to help raise funds and help them in their crucial time of need. We plan to donate 50% from our estate sales to the farmers and their families.

    But, what if every Organic/Non GMO farmer and rancher in America knew these facts? Would there be a million tractor convoy march on Washington? They certainly can't rely on help from the music industry's Farm Aid concerts. Because even though the musicians and singers volunteer their performances, they only get about 5% of the donations. Because just like the government, it's a business that profits from the hardships of others. The world is filled with those who take advantage of catastrophes and use them to turn profits. Mostly by using the Government's own tactics as their blueprint.

    BTW- GMO farmers and ranchers pay Climate Corps insurance premiums and receive funds on the claims they file, if they lose any crops to fires, floods or drought. That same insurance is not offered to Organic and non GMO farmers and ranchers. Because they help Raytheon to focus their fires, floods and droughts on them in particular. Raytheon, Climate Corps and Monsanto all have lucrative contracts within the defense industry that grow in value every successive year. I would call that successful but dirty Racketeering by any measure.

    • Joe says:

      Great Read–

      Every country should be built on farming —

      In U.S. it was that way decades ago. 

  10. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: "What Have They Done To The Rain" is a gentle protest song about the nuclear fallout.  Sung here by Joan Baez. Surely appropriate as we now have so much more in the clouds and rain. Tragic.

    "What Have They Done To The Rain"

    Just a little rain falling all around
    The grass lifts its head to the heavenly sound
    Just a little rain, just a little rain
    What have they done to the rain

    Just a little boy standing in the rain
    The gentle rain that falls for years
    And the grass is gone, the boy disappears
    And rain keeps falling like helpless tears
    And what have they done to the rain

    Just a little breeze out of the sky
    The leaves nod their head as the breeze blows by
    Just a little breeze with some smoke in its eye
    What have they done to the rain

    Just a little boy standing in the rain
    The gentle rain that falls for years
    And the grass is gone, the boy disappears
    And rain keeps falling like helpless tears
    And what have they done to the rain
    What have they done to the rain

  11. Lance says:

    Asthma is caused by toxic air! A lot of other illnesses are caused by toxic air! Man's scientific industrial revolutions are the source of the toxic materials in the air, in the water, and in the earth! By the way, when I went outside this morning just before the sun appeared on the eastern horizon as the earth rotated, looked south toward the city of Sacramento. A brown haze was clearly visible in the air! But hey, just watch the "news", be "positive" and everything is going to be okay, right? Yeah, right. 

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Almost 25,000,000 people have asthma:

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      I recently began suffering bouts of asthma and they are slowly happening more and more often, especially within minutes of stepping outside on those days when the sky is pumped chalk full of aerosols. Which has been 24/7 lately, because a strong cold front is coming through on Saturday and originally the temperature range was between 69 and 41 according to the forecast. But since they stepped up the spraying it is now 84 and 62. Rain chances were 100% with flash flood warnings and now it is only 45% with just 0.50 inches of rain expected.

      Simply blows me away that I can easily see the corelation between the spraying and the forecast numbers changing. But the vast majority never even bothers to investigate why those numbers change so drastically… all the time! How can you not be curious?

      I have educated the people here in this community and they are so much more aware of their surroundings, the anomalous climate changes that defy reason, and the planes spraying aerosols that they always took for granted… were just leaving unusually long lasting contrails. Until I showed them how most were forming into cirrus clouds and others were eating away massive thunderheads, from the top down.

      But most importantly. Now they understand why they and their children are suffering from asthma symptoms. Since I have never smoked or worked in a toxic dust (or chemical) filled space, and neither have they. We live way out in the country and our families before us moved here because it was a more healthy environment. But I don't think there is a single location on this planet that can be considered healthy for humans or wildlife any more.

      They should be calling what everyone is suffering from "Toxic Earth Syndrome".

  12. Lance says:

    Regarding air "quality", there's no way I trust the weather script readers or what the online AI generated weather reports are saying about it. Ever since this last Saturday when a weather front came through I've been congested, with nose running and sinus drainage into my throat. Wife has been complaining about me clearing my throat all the time, but now she's having the same issues! The pollen count is supposedly "high" and the air quality is supposedly "good", but its obvious that its not! When we stayed at an RV park up in the eastern Sierras neither one of us were having the congestion problems we're having down here in the long valley of CA. Air pollution and aerosol activities are likely causing this problem! 

  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I read a report today that says NASA and NOAA are intentionally changing the color of Earth's oceans in photos taken from space. It's what they call "Color Correcting" and it is automatically being done to all of their images. Including space missions to the moon, Mars and other parts of the solar system… not to mention nearly all satellite images too.

    They claim that the photographic sensors are unable to pick up on true shades of blue. So they adjust for this anomaly and use AI software to make them blue again.

    That's really funny. Because I recently went through all of the Apollo Mission photo archives and there was about fifty really good pictures of Earth. They show the deepest blues I have ever seen and very, very few aerosol trails sprayed by planes (the early days of climate engineering). The clouds are all puffy and white too.

    Unlike the images you see today. But you really have to view the Chinese, French and Indian space missions and satellite images to "see the whole picture". Their image archives show the oceans are green, with only a hint of blue… and the clouds are gray with so many aerosol trails that the entire atmosphere has turned a grayish-white opaque. Like a massive smoke screen covering the entire planet.

    They have no "blue sensory" issues with their cameras either. What they capture in those images are exactly what the naked eye sees. Compare Apollo photos to current space mission photos, and you are looking at two completely different planets! The Apollo pictures were taken with super high quality Hassleblad "H" Series cameras. So, when NASA says they aren't high resolution. Thar's a lie. If there were thousands of airplane sprayed aerosol trails (even condensate trails), those cameras would have certainly picked them up, and they just aren't there. Other than the normal amount of sparsely separated condensate trails, which you would expect for that period and time.

    Earth does not look like Earth any more, and anyone with any common sense can even see that for themselves, just from standing on the surface of the planet and "Looking Up Into the Sky!" Or, looking at the sky and ocean from the top of a mountain or plateau. 

    Most modern day "technology addicted" humans and climate terrorists turn everything around them into a smelly heavy metals filled refuse landfill, a smog filled and chemically polluted sky, and plastic filled sewer basins covered in swamp gas. Because that's exactly what the Earth looks like today, compared to what it looked like fifty or sixty years ago.

    It literally makes you sick to your stomach to realize that your fellow humans allow this to happen, and pretend that nothing has even changed in all these years.

  14. Lance says:

    On the subject of nanoparticles there is so much information available on how elemental and synthetic nanoparticles can and do damage cells and genes in living things how can any scientist knowingly support and be involved in the science of nanotechnology? Nanomaterials have been scientifically proven to cross the "Blood Brain Barrier" and get into human brains and other organs! They have been used in many consumer and health-care products. They are in the air, the water, and in soils all over the world and even underground! These scientists are madmen!

  15. david says:

    Orlando, Florida:  I was actually surprised today at how smoggy it looked today.  It looked like smoke from a forest fire which has happened many times in the past in Florida but there is no smell of smoke.  It was fairly windy and not humid.  Only in the low 80's.  Given the wind it could have been dust but the problem with that is it had rained all day yesterday and there were still large puddles on the ground in areas of bare dirt.  It's not like there's  a dry spell and no deserts here to create dust storms.  I have never seen such a cloud of particulate smog with such a dense smokey look and it not be smoke.  No visible jet trails in the sky from Geoengineering but what else could it be?  Evaporation from the day before?  It was the density of it that surprised me and it looked gray and dirty.  Not normal for Orlando.  

    • David says:

      Update: A little while after posting this I saw an alert I never see at the bottom right corner of my computer monitor where temp, humidity etc. is posted. It was a "poor air quality" alert it looked like an orange air filter with squiggly lines indicating air passing through.  This haze persists today. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      We have had that same "orange colored" poor air quality alert for over five months straight now (every single day, and we live over 100 miles from any big city). But for fifty-six of those days it was "red" and that means unhealthy. And for eighteen of those days it was "dark purple", which means "dangerous" and the warning recommends that you avoid any outdoor activity or at least limit it to no more than forty-five minutes, in a single 24 hour period.

      The red and purple warnings are becoming more numerous with each passing year. The air is so foul and toxic here that my eyes burn severely and constantly. Throat, nose and lungs hurt too, along with extreme allergies that makes me sneeze at least a thousand times a day. I go through over one-hundred large boxes of Kleenex a month and often resort to using paper towels when they run out. Absolutely Beyond Miserable! 

  16. Lance says:

    Aerosol ops been going on all day ahead of the front causing wind to flow down from the north over CA. Sky has been filled with high altitude "stuff" that looks like clouds off and on flowing from the N to the S. There is a difference in temperature when these "clouds" block the sunlight as opposed to not blocking it. Sun is getting lower in the west now (4:25pm PST) and a batch of "clouds" has formed from earlier spraying ops to the north. It is moving into place to at least partially block the sunlight. Really obvious what is being done now.  

  17. Sonia says:

    Hello Dane and everyone!

    When a product or item is dangerous to health or harmful to the environment, we can always boycott it by not buying it anymore. But when it comes to geoengineering, personally, I feel helpless enough to act on a daily basis in the face of such technology.

    Despite the fact that I see more and more people becoming aware of the situation when they look up at the sky or when they observe other phenomena, supposedly natural, improbable, it is important to continue to broadcast and to share information for individuals who are not yet aware. However, how can we, together, at our level, to stop this massacre caused by the effects of geoengineering on all life forms of planet Earth? How can we intervene to divert the misdeeds of this malicious technology?

    Thank you, Dane, for the following up on the weekly information. Have a nice day!

  18. Robin says:

    Here is a favorite passage from the book 'Ishmael' by Daniel Quinn (1992).  The book's topic? 'Extinction' (to understand what's behind it & what to do).  The main character sums up the direction humanity is headed, unless humans themselves awaken to their own demise.  The following quotes are segments of a more lengthy conclusion.

    "Only one thing can save us.  We have to increase our mastery of the world. . . to go on conquering it until our rule is absolute . . . We'll control the weather . . . All life processes will be where they belong—where the gods meant them to be—in our hands.  And we'll manipulate them the way a programmer manipulates a computer. . . And that may be the ultimate destiny of man:  to conquer and rule the entire universe.  That's how wonderful man is."  As Dane repeats- "how is that going so far?"

    Beware of the four idols!  Money, power, pleasure, and fame.  Seek and follow the path to divine purpose (St Thomas Aquinas).  Enough said,  Time to pound the pavement sounding the alarm, salvage what we can etc., free of too much screen or script.  

    Ha! I just defeated another round of COVID (4 days).  Ready to roll!  Stay well, stay strong all!  


  19. Lance says:

    Cold air from the north is flowing south into CA from a low pressure system out in the northern Pacific Ocean. Aerosol trails clearly visible in weather satellite images ahead of the front as it approaches. Also, "Pandora" fog trails can be seen that have been released from ships out in the Pacific Ocean off the U.S. west coast. Hot temps are supposed to come back to the west coast later this week though as a high pressure heat dome moves eastward. Heads up for what may be coming as warfighting continues to intensify. Major attacks inside Russia in many places. Russia is responding by attacking targets in Ukraine, including any "outside western" forces located there. Russia's military forces are going to conduct a major nuclear "exercise" this Tuesday, in response the U.S. test of the nationwide emergency alert system around 2:30 pm PST/11:30am EST on Wednesday. Doesn't look good.

  20. WATCHER says:



    Yesterday, Oct. 1st here in NH. it seems I witnessed something that I may have not noticed before. Under the noonday sun, the sky was all blue, not deep blue but powder blue. Above the fields and into the woodlands and valleys in lower elevations. there was a smoke like fog somewhat translucent light amber in hue. Maybe like steam or cloud raising up aprox. 20 to 50 feet high by my visual perception. The duration was unknown to me because I went back inside. Three hours later when I went outside again, it was gone and the sky was the same color and the C.Jets were back at spraying again here and there, business as usual these days. Fortunately we have not been hit by the devastating effects that some of You are witnessing. My heart goes out to You "dear ones" who witness and experience the demise of Your environs. Yet our trees are so damaged it's rare to enter a healthy forest. Also the smells are weird and unfamiliar in my 73 years. Scents from childhood and into my life's experience; I do remember. My mind gets jogged back into the past if I smell them again. So when I state strange and many strange scents; I am suspicious. “What goes up, must come down” they are results of the visual unnatural contrails and cloud formations; I / We are witnessing. I am still pointing these things out to people, who I think may be open or questioning. Some at least are positively responsive or at least considering this information. I do also mention this is not “conspiracy theory” and is available for critical research with much evidence available. One by one, two by two we do march and gather troops in this effort. Thank You Dane for what You do by bringing to light, what some of us have been witnessing for years, without really knowing the history and details . The puzzle pieces are fitting together and beginning to be the big picture we will see more of in our futures. God only knows what will become of us. There is evermore a need to be aware, vigilant and prayerful as the days on.

  21. Lance says:

    Something I noticed recently is how those who make up the so-called "Cabal" are constantly blamed by every "activist" for the situation facing the world today. Got news for ya! Those most responsible for the situation the world is now in are those who make up the "scientific community" who now call themselves the "21st Century Planck Club"!

  22. Lance says:

    The iniquity that flows in the "sea" of "waves" in the "air" is astounding!

  23. Mike says:

    Dane, with reference to my earlier email here is the response I received from Alan Evans at the Guardian:


    Alan Evans<>




    Hi Mike,


    I haven't read it before, but I'll take a look. It's unlikely we'd direct readers to his site unless we were following up some news broken there though. We may interview him in a story about geoengineering or something though, which may work as a reference of sorts. Thanks for the recommendation though!



    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you Mike for what you are doing. I do the same sort of thing frequently. Sometimes I get a response, and sometimes I do not. Over the weekend, I emailed about 60 graduate students at North Carolina State University in our Meteorology Department. This includes Earth science, Marine science, and atmospheric science specialties. The week before, I emailed probably a hundred of those graduate students. I sent them links to The Dimming, the Global Alert News and so forth. So far, not one of them has responded.

      Another update on the North Carolina State Legislature…  Approximately I think it was 3 or 4 years ago. Maybe 4 or 5 years ago, I mailed professional cover letters, flyers and booklets to every single member of the state legislature. To this day, I have received exactly zero replies.

      So, I focus my attention on those who will listen.

      Everybody be encouraged, and do not let it upset you. If people do not reply. Just shake the dust off your sandals and move on to someone who will listen. I also strongly encourage people to look at the global alert news broadcasts that Dane makes available on other platforms, and look at the comments section. There are hundreds and hundreds of people who comment, often asking sincere questions, on the other platforms, who do not comment on this website. Website. There is a large opportunity here for those of us who have been in this geowatch community for a while to look up the broadcast on other platforms and review the comments that people are putting on there. Dane cannot answer all their questions. There's just not enough time in the day. But we can help him by scrolling through those comments like I do on YouTube and doing our best to respond. Intelligently and compassionately to people's concerns and questions on the other platforms. In other words, I am suggesting that those of us who have been a part of this community for a while and perhaps are somewhat more knowledgeable about these programs, branch out and reach out to other people who perhaps are not as familiar with these programs, on other platforms. We may be able to help educate them and help give them suggestions and guidance as to how to be more effective within their respective spheres of influence.

  24. Mike UK says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thanks for your latest update…which it's plain to see become ever truer and urgent each week. The walls of the asylum really are closing in – or should that be collapsing – probably both.

    Here in the UK we've just experienced out hottest ever September. We were also affected for a few days by wildfire smoke from Canada, as noted by BBC weather reports! It simply took the form of another cloud layer high up in the atmosphere making things appear particularly overcast. But of course what goes up must come down…into our lungs! October has also got off to an unseasonably warm start with temperatures as high as 24C/75F.

    I thought you might like to know that I have emailed the Guardian newspaper's deputy environment editor with the request that he refer their readers to your site. I've told him that you often quote the reports that they carry so it might have some effect. We'll have to wait and see.

    Thanks for all you and your team do.

  25. Lance says:

    Rain started early on Saturday morning, just after midnight Friday, here in the long valley of CA. I drive a black light truck. I went out early Saturday morning and wiped off the rain water. Truck was basically clean, though not as I like it. Went to bed Saturday night about 8:30. Got up around 5am, made coffee, then breakfast, read some news, then went outside and rode my non-electric bike about 3 miles. When I got back to where we're staying I walked over to the truck and on the hood was "dust", and not just a little, I mean a lot of "dust", a thin grayish white layer of "dust". Leaves from the tree over the hood were stuck to it. Got my little hose and sprayed the "dust" off, but there was still a fine layer remaining. Used a towel to wipe it off, but it didn't wipe off easily. Where did this "dust" come from? Low clouds that came in from the NW. There was a fine coating of this grayish white "dust" on the tree leaves too. This "dust" isn't nature's dust!    

  26. penny waters says:

    dear Geoff

    tis sad that i never met you and your good lady cos i am pretty sure our love of country comes from the same place – our hearts and our heads –  a love of this island home

    imperialist? soppy people

    may i quote from sydney smith a man with heart, ability to write, and eventually a dean of st pauls 1771-1832

    "the love of country has been ridiculed by some modern enthusiasts, as too narrow a field for the benevolence of an enlightened mind; they are for comprehending the whole human race in our affections, and deem any partiality shown to a particular country in which we happen to be born, as a narrow, and unphilosophical preference:…….. …..our sphere of thoughts has hardly any limits, our sphere of action hardly any extent; we may speculate on worlds, we must act in families, in districts, and in kingdoms; and if we contract a distaste for the good we can do, because it is not equal to the good we can conceive, we only sacrifice deeds to words, and rule our lives by maxims of the most idle, and ostentatious sentiment."

    does it seem to be that the people who call others abusive names are so very ignorant of the words that they use?

    your sharing of the meetings with creatures is so powerful and i have to admit of being envious of you and your Gills ability to be safe humans for creatures to meet and engage with

    i think that other creatures can feel the scared penny under this outward bravado and tend to keep me at arms length (how long is a shrews arm hahahaha) – am still enchanted that they allow me to be so close as to see how they live their life

    your love for your Gill is writ large – you are very blessed to have had such a closeness with her, and she with you, and as i have said before – she cannot be far away – how could she leave a big space between you and her?

    and the fact that she wasn't a painted lady makes me love her even more

    your kindness is welcome and the way you write shows a man who has felt a great love – not just for Gill, but for all life – good man – reminds me of my dad – a capricorn too, who loved my mum to bits and when she developed alzheimers it broke his heart

    Gill was born in cancer – a person full of love – and the world recognized that, from the tiniest creature to the man

    somerset – a favourite place for my family to summer camp, was called somerset because in the winter the whole area would fill up with water and so the hunter/gatherer people would only be able to travel there in the summer, the original name would be "summer set"

    the major city is called wells and there is a cathedral, i am sure you know – but when they built the church there the priests shut off the water that wells out of the ground – you can see it oozing out of the ground through a hole in a wall but the locals couldn't get to it any more

    don't you just love big institutions – naaaah

    one of my mums favourites was 

    "there is healing in a garden, when one longs for peace and pardon,    once past the gate, no need to wait, for god is in the garden" 

    paradise is the arab word for garden

    albert einstein wrote

    "the significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them"

    methinks we have a long way to go but……

    tis the "tinies" that keep me full of joy at being alive – just going about their business

    and all the wonderful people who are attached to your website dane, who feel the vexations of living amongst numpties who surely have absolutely no idea that there is such joy in the small and vulnerable creatures that share this precious planet with us

    i am so lucky to know that joy, and the irony that comes with it – the pain of seeing it so destroyed – the agony and the ecstasy

    may the great power help us all in this, our time of need, to cope 






    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      I truly love how the philosopher in you is so intertwined with the creative aspect of your imagination and the unique sense of beauty that you see in nature. The descriptions and visionary jewels that you share with us about the lands you call home, make us feel as though we are right there with you. Even though most of us in America don't have a clue, as to just exactly what the differences are between being British and being English. Other than the latter being the fourth nation of the United Kingdom. Which I presume is just an Old World reference to heritage above all else.

      I have never been to the UK but I have always felt that I lived and died there in a past life. Because I feel so connected to that way of life and when I used to talk in my sleep, as I was having lucid dreams. Family members told me that I clearly spoke with an accent and the same dialect, as from that part of the world.

      I truly admire you and envy you, for having such a vibrant sense of wonder and amazement, as you comment on the things in life that interest you. Or even, those things that bewilder you. It's as if you still view the world, through the eyes of an inquisitive child, who has never lost their innocents and purity of the heart.

      You are truly one-of-a-kind and it is so refreshing to have you with us on this mission to release this world, from the death grip of the climate engineering mental cases, who clearly have no moral compass.

    • penny waters says:

      there are 4 main tribes on the island of britain – the middle of the island is pretty flat so easy to conquer (although we know us – the english) whereas, the welsh and scots have mountains where they can hide from invaders and the irish has water in between (and mountains) them and the mainland

      the "british" were originally from france – william the conquerer (or william the bastard – depending upon ones sense of pretention) 

      the law in this country was, until quite recently, written in french and so any anglosaxon/scots/welsh person was at a loss in a court of law and it is still the same – all the officials are from public schools – and don't be fooled just cos some people have a different race they have still been to public school

      most of the upper classes come from the french and they keep their upper place by sending their children to public schools – where they all get to know each other and live in the same social circles

      many of the men (and now some of the women) join "clubs" up in town – london, go to the same schools for the services and become all the officers

      tis tribal – and if you look closely at any country in the world it is so

      and i believe it also is represented  in blood groups – the japanese know about this cos some blood groups are more pacifist than others – they will ask you your blood group if you go for a job with them

      i am an A group so i am a cooperater

      and if you think about the "british empire" was all about money – it was a business – go about the world, take people over – enslave them and take their goods!!!

      where you have a class system already in place – like india – the "british" jsut topped them all – like the romans – go over the top

      what did the invaders do to the buffalo in america – nearly destroyed them and yet the native people used them for everything!!

      thank you for your lovely response to my writings – i am very lucky to have been given the ability not to become embittered at being alive but think much of what goes on in my head comes from others (although sometimes tis very dark inside me – and i try to keep it inside of me!!)

      i am lucky because i got a thump on the back of my head when i was very young that stopped me being physical like most people but i liked reading and so….

      i have read all my life – even the bible i like to dip into and was lucky to have a methodist church up the road when i was young – tis how one lives ones life, not showing off, but being kind and considerate 

      i have read people like thoreau, steven buhner, carlos castaneda, and so many wonderful people who love the aesthetic – if that's the right word – that take me out of the here and now and into a world of dreaming and into the beauty

      and i am 74 and if i haven't realised by now, tis better to look towards the light, then i would have wasted my life 

      it is how i find this website – dear dane and his knowledge and his keen eye and so many other good people who feel life so keenly and are shocked by the dark in life and in people

      you are very kind but it is you all that bring this out in me – if i spoke like this most numpty people would go – "who is that nutter" hahaha

      it makes me happy to be involved in something so important with so many good people knowing we are going down a dark alley – you are the light in my darkness

      thank you again and you too have a wonderful way of putting words together with meaning

      dear friends


  27. Sonia says:

    Hello Dane and everyone!

    When a product or item is dangerous to health or harmful to the environment, we can always boycott it by not buying it anymore. But when it comes to geoengineering, personally, I feel helpless enough to act on a daily basis in the face of such technology.

    Despite the fact that I see more and more people becoming aware of the situation when they look up at the sky or when they observe other phenomena, supposedly natural, improbable, it is important to continue to broadcast and to share information for individuals who are not yet aware. However, how can we, together, at our level, to stop this massacre caused by the effects of geoengineering on all life forms of planet Earth? How can we intervene to divert the misdeeds of this malicious technology?

    Thank you, Dane, for the following up on the weekly information. Have a nice day!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sonia, thank you for standing with us in this all important battle. In regard to your question of what we can do to turn the tide, the attached link will provide direction.

    • Sonia says:

      Thank you, Dane, to the information link you have transmitted me. Now, I am going to find my rightful place in this context, in order to direct my energies where my action will be most effective. Good continuation!

  28. Neva says:

    Dane, I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing. I have not smelled good air where I live in at least a year, if not more. I know the difference. I know the difference between real clouds and chemtrails. I've seen evidence of so much that you document. Thank you for documenting what is happening. I hope we can reverse this before it is too late for all life.

  29. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I know, I know. It's like I have become a monotonous broken record, by reporting on this apparently permanent heat dome, over and over again.

    But this is Our Reality and I will let you decide if it even comes anywhere close to what yours may be.

    The combination of extreme heat, the sun's "off the charts" radiation energy levels, no significant rain for going on six months, and humidity levels that peak at 98 to 99% for sometimes weeks at a time, have created these issues for all of us living in this community…

    This engineered climate alone has turned our homes into finance draining Money Pits, as everything falls apart, breaks down and stops working constantly.

    Roofing shingles have had the tar and gravel melt away and pool up in the ground level gutter drain outlets. Leaving what's left of the shingles to become cooked to a brittle crust that cracks into little pieces, and tumble down into the gutters. After which they fill up and then the excess tumbles to the ground, where they continue to bake even further.

    Attics are so hot that the rafters, joyces and all other wooden boards are bleeding out sap, warping and causing the roofing plywood to buckle and come apart at the seams. Ceilings are collapsing from those same effects and inside walls are also warping, buckling, and cracking the sheetrock.

    Foundations are cracking and causing similar damage, including the breaking of main and secondary sewer lines, cracking windows, buckling cabinets and floors, and exterior brick walls are cracking as our houses shift constantly.

    Electrical wiring is becoming brittle and breaking and coming apart everywhere. Causing lights and outlets to stop working, and frying circuit breakers almost daily.

    Air conditioning systems need repairing or replacing on a fever pitch and we rely on each other to do that now. Since we have no HVAC businesses here and can only get towns around us to do the service, repair and installations. But they are so swamped that it takes days before they get here, and their service charge rates to drive this far out, ranges from $175 to over $300.

    Water lines are bursting inside and out. In the attics and in the ground. Water wells are drying up and our community well is slowly losing pressure, as we had to replace the pump and electrical starting components twice now. Looks to be going dry and could do so at any time now. We are relying more heavily on very old windmill driven wells now, and they also break on a regular basis.

    We have no cable service as everything here is wireless. But the equipment on the cell towers and water towers are being cooked so much that they have to repair and replace everything at least once a month. And our monthly statements reflect those service charges, as they have tripled in just five months. Plus, it is so hot that they only climb the towers at night to do the repairs any more and they are beginning to run out of replacement parts. Leaving us with outages that can last for days at a time. Forcing us to travel into townes and use internet cafes. Especially if we run an internet business.

    For over five months now our power grid has been so stressed that we have rolling forty-five minute blackouts daily, just to keep it from collapsing and creating emergency conditions. Everyone's electric bills are over one-thousand dollars a month and are now approaching the fifteen-hundred dollar range, because of all the transformer and utility pole line repairs or replacements that they only do at night now too.

    Our outdoor activities have to be done at night, or between 6:30 and 9:30 am just to avoid getting heat stroke. 

    Garages and sheds are nearly as hot as it is outside (even at night) and we avoid them, while only retrieving vehicles or things we need during the same three hour morning window.

    Everyone is going stir crazy and we take advantage of our early Sunday morning gatherings at the church, where we avoid bitching, moaning and crying about our hardships. Rather focusing on strengthening our spiritual resolve and trying to find what is positive in our lives.

    Like only having to mow our yards one time this year so far. Using the sun's heat to give us hot water, instead of raising our electric bill on water heaters. Cooking with solar ovens as much as possible to avoid adding more heat inside the house (and adding to our electric bills even more). Keeping food warm by wrapping in foil and placing in direct sunlight, to accommodate for busy schedules. No snakes, scorpions, grasshoppers, crickets or spiders this year, and we are guessing because the heat and drought have killed them off. (Maybe even the deadly UV radiation had something to do with that.) 

    So, as you can see. Life here differs drastically from most other places in America. But the worst aspect of this heat dome lifestyle (sorry, climate engineering prison) is that we can't fix up our homes and place them on the market, for so many of the reasons I have just explained. Mainly because they are now money pits and no one in their right mind would want to purchase a home and live here. Which means that is is virtually impossible to sell out and move away. Unless you have a substantial life savings or a steady six figure income, and are fine with leaving an abandoned home behind.

    Otherwise, we are planning to haul everything we own into the nearby towns, if and when it ever cools off, and hold estate sales to rid us of our earthly possessions. Giving us the opportunity to use those funds to buy new properties further north. Then have some homes moved from here to there, or help each other to build new ones.

    Creating a Commune of sorts and relying on each other for our very survival. Just as we have been forced to do here, by those who are attempting to control our lives, through the aggression of geoengineering and the weather warfare crimes they have mastered, over the last seventy-five years.

    We never truly experienced what the word survival really meant until now. Because we have dealt with tornadoes, softball size hail, lightning strikes, brush fires, earthquakes, flooding, a Chemical Ice Nucleated blizzard, droughts and heatwaves before this. But what they are doing here now, could easily be compared to being ravaged by a war. A war of heat and drought that never appears to have an end, to it's unimaginable suffering. We have lost two older people to heat stroke in this community, over the last few months and we are focused on protecting the elderly at all costs now. But the only way to do that, is to turn this place into a ghost town and find salvation in a cooler state, if at all possible.

    This will be the last time that I use the term "heat dome" in my comments. As I feel that each time I bring it up, the climate controllers gain even more power and control over us. By forcing us to obsess over their monumental climate engineering achievement. The Pacific Northwest was their first testing ground and they have used us to perfect this precise climate altering technology. We will be praying for those who get hit by this weather weapon in the future. Hopefully, and if God allows, they won't choose to attack the very place that we move to next. At least, not for several years, but the whole of this planet will eventually become one solid H*** D*** (I'm sure), if we don't stop geoengineering dead in its tracks.

    This was our Eden, but is lost to us now. The only option left is an exodus to find salvation. And create a new Eden! We are considering anywhere that is close to the Canadian border, and even Alaska is not off the table.

  30. Lance says:

    Unseasonably cool to above average temps ahead this week | Watch (

    Rapid cool down followed by rapid heating? Just as Dane says! Oh, but he's just a conspiracy theory nut case, right? Yeah, right.

  31. Mario says:

    A few Earthquakes hit California on Saturday during this.  One was in Mono county, and two were right near the nexrad transmitters in Ferndale and Petrolia, in the upper northwest corner of the state.  There was rain in Northern California Saturday.  Remember that an earthquake hit Ojai during its last "tropical storm / rain event".  There's a nexrad transmitter in Ojai.  Maybe its all coincidence.  Right?

  32. Lance says:

    In the movie Solent Green an old man played be Edward G. Robinson who was a friend of Robert Thorn, the character Heston played, was informed that he was dying. So Thorn took him to the place where people went to be euthanized. The medical assistants put him in a room on a comfortable bed and showed him pictures of the natural world THE WAY IT USED TO BE on a huge screen! As the psychedelic life ending drug began to take affect he finally (blissfully?) died. Its ironic that the matrix media is constantly showing the natural world THE WAY IT USED TO BE! Yet, in reality, the natural world is dying along with its inhabitants because of overpopulation and pollution just as this science fiction movie portrayed. Many American's, in the "scientific community" in particular, believe they can mitigate what has been done to bring this about through the development and use of advanced sciences and technologies. They even believe they can escape the eventual end by transforming this world. They even believe they can transform themselves, to become "gods" (and they have stated so!), which is what those in the "scientific community" involved in the transhumanist movement IN AMERICA are trying to do! This is the TRUTH! 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      Thank you so much for bringing this scene to everyone's attention. Sol Roth's death (Robinson's character) was like watching all of Earth's wonderful nature die at the same time. In my opinion, it is one of the most gripping and emotional scenes of any movie I have ever seen. Because in the back of my mind, I knew somehow that it was portraying our very own future. I was only thirteen when it came out, but my parents were already climate activists who joined in with the early revolution to fight and stop Big Oil (what it was called back then). They weren't hippies or counter culture, just pro nature. And they groomed me for this fight we are in now, very early in my life.

      I started learning about the effects of pollution, fossil fuel emissions, deforestation and urban development's scourge on nature, when I was just four years of age. So, this movie and another one that I will mention later, had a profound effect on the way I chose to live my life.

      Here is the lead-up to and a summary of this scene: 

      Charlton Heston's character, Detective Thorn refused to take his dear friend Sol Roth (Edward G Robinson's character) to the Death Facility various times throughout the movie. As he tried to convince him that it just wasn't his time to die. But as Sol felt his life was finally beginning to slip away, he found a way to get there on his own. 

      When Thorn arrived he was furious that they allowed Sol to enter the chamber and forced them to open the viewing portal. But when he saw the amazing video of nature (How it was before it disappeared) on Earth) that was playing for his friend, he was awestruck and spellbound. Then Thorn reached out to Sol and this was their final conversation over loud speakers (above the sound of the video's music).

      "Sol, can you hear me?"… "Thorn?" … "Yes." … "Thank you for coming."… "Oh dear God." … "I've lived too long."…"No." … "I love you Thorn." …"I love you Sol." … There is a short pause as their emotions catch up to them, and the nature video reaches it's climax. Then it ends with Sol saying:   "Can you see it?" … "Yes." …"Isn't it beautiful?" …"Oh yes." …"I told you" (referring to the fact that Sol was old enough to remember what Earth was like before all of nature died.)   Thorn: "How could I know? How could I… How could I ever imagined?" (All while Heston was weeping real tears in this final scene.)  

      The movie ends before you see Sol die and the credits roll to the music of the nature video. But the real reason why Heston was literally crying in this scene, is because they were very dear friends in life. And just before shooting this segment of the movie, Robinson pulled Heston aside and quietly told him that he was dying in real life. So for Heston, it was like watching his friedn die for real and unfortunately he did pass away just a few short weeks after filming this scene, and they dedicated this movie in his memory.

      Now, the other movie I mentioned was released just one year earlier in 1972 and it was called "Silent Running". Where a caretaker of Earth's last known forests in space, is ordered to blow up all three bio-domes of the very last fauna ever, and return to Earth with his colleagues. But he chooses to flee deeper into space and sacrifices his own life, in order to make sure that the forests survive their journey to another world somewhere. Someplace in time and space, where they "hopefully" don't come in contact with another warring and conquering species, who sees nature as an obsticle and not a miracle of life itself.

      The tagline for the premiere of this movie was:   {The day the last flower died on Earth this incredible mission began.}

      Both of these movies pretty much sums up exactly why we are fighting to keep their prophetic themes from happening in real life.

      I prayed so hard, for so long, that it would never come to this. And yet here we are.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Now, if my memory serves me correctly. I believe that detective Thorn was hiding Sol to keep him from being taken by the other police investigators. Because there was a limit to the age at which you were allowed to live. And there was only so much soylent green ration bars to go around. But of course, only a select few knew that everyone's age-expired loved ones were actually being processed into food bars, and the planet was so grossly overpopulated that without any natural food sources. Humanity was destined to become cannibalistic, if they couldn't make enough soylent green. Which of course, they had secretly become cannibalistic and found a way to do so without resorting to massive mob violence, slaughtering and butchering at random to gather human flesh. By sacrificing the older people to keep the rest alive, and that is really what the over riding sub-plot is about. Not that soylent green is people.

      Which of course, also explains why Sol Said "I've lived too long." to Thorn. And who's to say that some third world country isn't going to adopt a similar sytem of depopulation while addressing the hunger and starvation issues, just like in this movie?

      Or, maybe it is a real life eugenics scenario already happening on some planet in the universe, where they are dealing with collapsing economies, never ending wars, scorching heat and radiation from their sun leading to dwindling crops, mass livestock die-offs, and are running out of fish and poultry as well. Not enough vegetation to harvest in the wild either and they are losing all of their trees to fires or drought and heat.

      So they secretly resort to geoengineering the planet to cull populations, create genetically modified food substitutes and use 3-D printers to make fake meat and fish in a lab.

      But it is all blowing up in their face and the planet is dying anyway. Pushing all remaining life forms into a mass extinction event. 

      In a final act of desperation, governments around that planet hold secret ballots and vote to begin a new hope and salvation program, which they have called… Soylent Green. Kind of makes you think, doesn't it? On a world filled with insanity, I don't think that you could possibly rule anything out. Especially when those in power begin to panic.

      Aren't we at that point now? Governments getting paranoid because it is getting harder and harder to hide the truth any more. So, before you eat that next protein bar. Be sure to look at the ingredients first.

  33. Stan Sylvester says:

    "The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous." 

    George Orwell

    Indeed, the longer the war, the more we can clean out that old inventory. At the start of the Ukraine war, stock prices rose for weapons manufacturers. Raytheon 8%, General Dynamics 12%, Huntington Ingalls 14%,, Lockheed Martin 18%, Northrop Grumman 22%.

    There are 2.1 million employees in the defense industries. War helps keeps them employed. Their average salary is around $104,000. The Department of Defense has civilian employees. There are about 700,000 of them with salaries around $70 billion.

    According to the Government Accountability Office there are over 500,000 contractor employees. Not everyone suffers due to war. 

    "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

    George Orwell

    • Lance says:

      A former Marine General named Smedley Butler said, "War is a racket." It's a big "business"! Physical wars, humans fighting and killing each other, are at the basic level fought over what someone else has, namely any of the "resources" someone else has control of that are necessary to keep man's economic industrial military enterprises going. When the "resources" become scarce, for whatever reason, the fighting and killing will increase, which is what is already going on in many areas of the world today. Peace? There is no peace!   

    • Joe says:

      U.S. is always at war.   Martin Luther King In 1967 Speech Beyond Vietnam

      Many folks have heard that the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. made the comment that the U.S. government [was/is] "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today". This was in context to a speech delivered on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York City – exactly one year before his untimely death.

      All we here is we have a dream-.

      Things are alot worse today than back then.- 

  34. Lance says:

    The lies being put out via the matrix media and the scientific community are nothing new. 

  35. penny waters says:

    it is very strange but everywhere i look or listen i hear people talking about how these crazy people are worried about the environment

    and they laugh and say how weather is always changeable

    and that they know who to blame for all the ills in the human world, and they woffle on and on about nothing in particular, that comes from their vacuous heads, filled with gloop

    just looked up woffle and gloop on this here magic box 

    both words are defined as "british" although like much stuff defined as british those words are actually english – but then us english don't exist do we? (you know, the fourth nation in the united kingdom)

    but woffle is also used in north america but has a slightly different meaning

    words eh! multiculturism is a word much bandied about

    how can we live comfortably in a human world where all the different tribes have a different attitude and behaviour but we supposed to assume we are all the same

    but on a lighter note – had an interaction with a tiny shrew – well, actually i frightened it – not on purpose but…….i was washing up in the sink

    walked away, walked back to finish the glasses on the draining board (always washed first) and the shrew ran amongst the glasses, away from me, and fell into the middle sink and tried to scrabble out the other side – there was i panicking trying to find something to hang in the sink for it to climb on – and with a great effort it scrambled out and fell into the sink full of washing up and bubbles – and then it went into swimming mode – could have swum for england – through the bubbles, up and over the plates and cups, swimming all the way, scrambled out t'other side and ran off into the general melee that is my kitchen surfaces

    once it was safe i collapsed in laughter – creatures – hahahaha – am so lucky to meet these tiny beings except…….

    when i can't sleep, like tonight – and as i lie and toss and turn a spider will often run across my face or hair – now that gives me a reaction and i squash 'em – can't help it – too late for thought

    we are dry in essex – no significant rain for a very long time now – trees are dying, top down, and no-one sees

    and people are so ugly, tarted up even to go shopping, women with sink plunger lips, bums and tits and the men – well where are they?, don't carry themselves like men anymore – they used to be proud but now??


    • jay dee says:

      Penny — I'm in the U.S. but I could tell what you meant by "woffle" and "gloop" without even looking them up on this "device". The words sound like what they mean.                                                                                       Everyone — If you get notified of Dane's reports via email, please be sure to visit the website directly, as well (and encourage others to do so). This will help to spread the word and bypass censorship.

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Penny, thank you for such a pertinent posting and wonderful description of the tiny shrew! We never had a  shrew indoors, but the odd chestnut wood mouse or two who my late wife befriended – they became very tame and would take morsels from Gill's fingers… There was a small family of bank voles in the old drystone wall, they became used to us and would take  cobs from our fingers sometimes when we sat under the ancient beautiful coppiced hazel tree… So many wild ones cave come unbidden over the years and blessed our lives… But now I am a stranger in my old land where my people lived for thousands of years and being happily male have grown a long beard as I did when we were first married so long ago… With my beard I mourn my love, and defy those who tell me I am aggressive and that I am an 'imperialist' (hardly, as I am of 'English'  Celtic stock to my West-Country fingertips and my Love was of Irish, Scots and Welsh ancestors – and the most 'English' (in the very best sense) lady I have ever known – yet with all the virtues of her peoples… We both loved our Somerset and it nearly broke our hearts leaving that beautiful 'Land of the shining waters'…

      And now the trees die, the land is desecrated, the very air tastes of chemicals and the once wondrous sun is a white and blinding glare and the poisoned swallows of once such inexpressible beauty, joy and love fall from the clamoring sky…

      Never once in her life did Gill use any makeup – her eyes and hair were of a natural beauty that reflected her soul… She dressed simply… And in her seventies would still have  'men' still pause when she passed by…

      What is a greater wonder and blessing than to find such love- and when a tiny coat tit – never encountered before – flew to her hand as she was once sitting in  undefiled sunlight under a living tree…

      Dear Penny… There are still yet for a while some Men – Dane is a blessed and true exemplar – and in your words sings a Woman…

      Geoff Hanham

    • Jonathan says:

      I enjoy your observations about Nature, Penny.

      And Jay Dee, but as I'll remember that we can go to Dane's website here and click on the globe alert news and then click on the YouTube icon to open up the same broadcast on YouTube or even on other platforms I think. And there we can look through the comments by many more people. Many of them, it appears to me, have not been to the website and do not know some of the things that are on the website. Website. I like to go on the YouTube version of the broadcasts and look through the comments. I usually find comments to which I feel like I can offer helpful suggestions and thoughtful replies. Most of those revolve around ways that the public at large can become more effective with sharing the information that's in those broadcasts.

  36. Carol Jones says:

     I'm so glad some scientific  publications are finally admitting to the chemical trails. From the American Geophysical Union, "Long term chemical feedbacks alter the impacts of solar geoengineering." Of course, then they lie and claim it reduces mortality, implying it's good for us. They are spraying things that are poisonous. Some are listed by Dane. But they are free to claim whatever they want because it can't be proven one way or the other.
    If you want to hear this short report and comments again, it starts at 26:00.

  37. website reader says:

    There is a severe internet censorship going on. This article is limited to just 2 finds from the Google search engine, Duck Duck GO has 0 zero finds. I am trying to find the original article, but the search engines are deliberately hiding this. Can anyone please provide the URL link? THANK YOU!

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Tiny plastic particles are 'part of the air we breathe' say scientists and can damage lungs, poison kidneys and even interfere with our hormones

        •    Experts warn shop-bought food is contaminate with dangerous plastic particles
        •    Daily Mail investigation discovered that microplastics 'part of the air we breathe'
        •    Study found airborne particles on every sample of fish from eight supermarkets
    … the leading scientist who oversaw our investigation said microplastics had become 'part of the air we breathe'.

    MPs said the findings – from the first UK study into airborne plastic food contamination – were shocking. Experts warn that ingesting the particles can damage lungs, poison kidneys and interfere with hormones.
    The microplastics can even travel across a mother's placenta.

    … an expert in environmental health at Kings College London, gave evidence to MPs on airborne microplastics last year.
    He told them: 'If you can breathe them in, they could potentially deliver chemicals to lower parts of our lungs, maybe even across into our circulation in the same way we worry about vehicle emissions.'
    Our laboratory study found airborne particles on every sample of fish from the eight major supermarkets.
    It means food from any open counter, including delis, bakeries and market stalls, is vulnerable to contamination.

  39. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    How much microplastic are we inhaling? Scientists still aren’t sure

    Any plastic product you interact with, be it a trash can or coffee maker, or lamp, is jettisoning little bits of itself as it ages.

    Take a look around. If you’re on a bus or train, you’re likely sitting on a plastic seat surrounded by people in synthetic clothing, all of it shedding particles as they move. If you’re on the couch or in bed, you’re sunk into the embrace of microfibers. The carpet underneath you is probably plastic, as is the coating of a hardwood floor. Curtains, blinds, TVs, coasters, picture frames, cables, cups — all of it’s either wholly plastic or coated in plastic.

    Whereas the takeover of packaging was a conspicuous revolution for plastic bags and bottles, the material’s infiltration of every other aspect of our lives has been a quiet coup. While scientists have been untangling the complex dynamics of microplastics in the atmosphere, others have turned their attention to how the omnipresent plastic products around us are bastardizing our indoor air.

    In 2015, researchers sampled the living rooms of two apartments near Paris, each home to two adults and a child, as well as a university office where three people worked. They only sampled air when people were present in the rooms, both at a height of about 4 feet, to gather what the subjects were breathing and a half inch off the ground to determine the deposition rate of dust. The researchers also took samples from vacuum cleaner bags the occupants had used in the two apartments.

    Up to a thousand fibers are deposited per square foot each day.
    In the apartments, they counted about half a fiber floating in a cubic foot of air; in the office, it was a little under two. Based on the number of particles they caught near the floor, the researchers calculated that up to a thousand fibers are deposited per square foot each day, which matched the number of fibers they found in the vacuum bags.

    … By Soltani’s estimate, we inhale 13,000 microfibers a year. Other scientists’ estimations have quadrupled that figure. Another rather quirky experiment used a mannequin connected to mechanical lungs to calculate that an adult male might inhale up to 272 particles a day, or 100,000 in a year.

    … children likely inhale fewer microplastics than adults because they’re smaller. But from a behavioral standpoint, they may be inhaling more: Kids are up to the aforementioned shenanigans, and toddlers spend a lot of time crawling on the floor, where microfibers accumulate — thousands of particles per square foot each day.

    Toddlers also gnaw on plastic toys and may ingest particles that way too. Crawling children, plus adults and pets shuffling around, will stir up particles, resuspending them for everyone in the room to breathe.
    Unless you work in a factory making synthetic textiles, the most polluted place you frequent may be the room you’re sitting in right now.

    And the usual caveat applies here: Even with micro-Raman spectroscopy, researchers can only quantify particles down to a certain size, so the smallest are escaping detection. Actual plastic particle counts in indoor air and dust are likely much higher — consider the millions of nano plastics falling on your head if you’re standing outside in the Alps. Given how difficult and expensive it is to test for nano plastics, though, that remains an assumption. “But it’s a very reasonable one,” says Dris.

    Full report

  40. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    8 Types of Plastic Discovered in People Who Had Heart Surgery
    Researchers detected eight types of microplastics in the pericardia (the membrane enclosing the heart) and in fat in the heart, atrial appendages and other heart tissues of 15 people who had heart surgery.
    Childrens Health Defense               

    Story at a glance:
        •    Microplastics were detected in the heart tissues of 15 people undergoing heart surgery.
        •    Eight different types of plastic were found in the pericardia — the membrane enclosing the heart — fat in the heart, atrial appendages and other heart tissues.
        •    Most tissue samples contained tens to thousands of microplastic pieces, which may have been “unexpectedly introduced” during the surgeries.
        •    Tiny, nanosized plastics may also pass through the blood-brain barrier into the brain.
        •    It’s believed that most plastic particles enter the human bloodstream after being ingested or inhaled via food, water, air and other sources.

    Tiny pieces of plastic may be hiding out in an alarming place — the human heart.
    Microplastics are known to contaminate food and water, the environment and also parts of the human body with direct exposure to the external environment, such as the lungs.
    However, scientists have now revealed that the contaminants are showing up in “completely enclosed human organs.”

  41. Chris says:


    Synthetic cloud infection syndrome has been going on for at least about two decades.

    That's what I called it back then.


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