Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 9, 2023, #422


Dane Wigington

"Apocalyptic food price rises", a statement from the governor of the Bank of England. All over the world crops and fisheries are spiraling toward collapse, what happens when the food shelves in the local market are empty? Over a thousand fires are still raging in Canada, Greece has gone from total firestorm incineration to a year's worth of rain in a day. Geoengineering is further fueling an ever more destructive cycle of droughts followed by firestorms followed by deluges. "Rainwater everywhere on earth is unsafe to drink due to PFAS forever chemicals". Are the toxic heavy metal and polymer particles in our air connected to the recent official warnings about "fire brain" and "smoke brain"? Where did the "flesh eating" bacteria in our seas suddenly come from? How much longer can we survive on a completely contaminated planet? "We won't be the first civilization to collapse, but we may well be the last". The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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50 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 9, 2023, #422

  1. Lance says:

    As previously stated, am staying in the Sacramento Valley about 30 minutes N of Sacramento, CA. Toxin filled smoke from the fires in NW CA and along the SW OR coast stopped flowing into the valley yesterday. Approaching cold front wind is coming out of the SW which is blowing it toward the NE. Weather satellite images clearly show the smoke combined with industrial air pollution that still lingers in the long valley of CA. It is no wonder that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States! What's the human "solution"? Medical researchers are proposing using nano "robots" to search and destroy cancer cells before they take over and destroy a human's lungs! Wonder how much money they and their stakeholders will be making off of those who FEAR dying of lung cancer, or any other diseases afflicting all who're living in a world that has been totally polluted by past industrial revolutions "innovations" and those that are being created in the ongoing 4th industrial revolution? How evil is this world? Most don't have a clue!

  2. penny waters says:

    dear all you precious people

    i have been absolutely knocked out by your response to my experiences on this old planet

    methinks i shall carry your good wishes, astounding knowledge and such welcome help with me for some time now – has gone straight to heart – poor ol' ticker needed it – thank you for all the good wishes and help at this time of year

    thank you goeff – a fellow countryman and the same sun sign as my dad – miss him every day for his support and sense – know you feel the loss of loved ones too

    brent – wise and kindly gentleman – i turn my wifi off if not using this here magic box? is it still transmitting? i am dumb with electrics – man stuff i am sure?

    earth angel – we have connected by heart have we not – now i know your mum was virgo – bet she's not far away – bound by the stars we are

    annabel, keith, hugh and crystal – wow – global info – smart meter information – so appreciated – have been told – lead – have a lump in the garden – will smash it to shape to deflect the transmission rather than close it all down – if that makes sense?

    my poor old head don't need any more unwanted electrics – we are so dumb – us humans

    eden lost to insanity – so much info you have and 

    slow boiled frog hahahahaha know what you mean

    again, i thank you all from the bottom of my heart – tis now full of your love and friendship – making me well up – hope we all are powered by our closeness in understanding 

    tis you people that give me hope for all that's good in humans

    i thank you most humbly 

    your friend 


    and always thank you to dane, and family – what you have done sir, is truly remarkable

  3. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Will this nightmare ever end?

    The updated extended forecast shows that from Monday to the end of September will be in the mid to upper nineties, with ungodly humidity as well. For example, Tuesday through Saturday it will be 98 degrees and the humidity will be at 90%. Which means that the temperature humidity index "real feal temp" will be around 164 degrees for all five days! And since they are officially saying that it won't get over one-hundred degrees, there is no heat advisory. Yet when the heat dome was parked over Texas and the temperature got up to 116 at 28% humidity. There were Extreme Heat advisories, and the heat index was only 134 degrees.

    But of course, they always forecast the downside. So, I know that it will get up to between 102 and 105, and the humidity could even surpass 90%. Which means that the real feel temperature Will Be Literally OFF the CHART! Because the official THI chart ends at 181 degrees, at a temperature of 104 and humidity of 80%.

    So basically we will be pushing the 200-degree THI mark and no one on the planet will even know that we are getting ready to take humanity into uncharted territory. So, what does that mean actually when a specific location goes off the charts? Ultimate death, if you spend more than ten minutes outside?

    Seriously. What does that mean? Because we are getting ready to blow the doors off any Global Warming or Climate Change reality. All because Raytheon and their climate engineering thugs have chosen our Texas community, to be their guinea pigs in a test tube. And of course, now I know why they kept assaulting the rain clouds, to keep us from getting any beneficial "cooling" precipitation. That would tarnish their little "planet cooking experiment" and possibly skew their test result numbers.

    Why here any ways? Why not in the Sahara or Mojave deserts? Is it because they want to include as many clueless victims as possible, just like in their history of secretly and illegally experimenting on unsuspecting American populations in the past? Why not just drop a nuke on us and say it was a horrific accident? At least then, we won't be tortured and suffer such agonizing torment, from an amount of heat that no human has ever been exposed to in the history of our civilization. I can't even imagine what it is going to feel like when we surpass the wet bulb parameters for human survival, in the coming weeks. God help us and I pray that we can find some way to survive this looming Satanic Experiment.

    I have been commenting here and saying that I saw this coming. But I was wrong. I never expected the climate engineers to take this to the highest level possible and schedule a Venus Syndrome, human survivability real world lab test. Because that's the only way that I can describe what is about to take place here at ground zero, T-Minus 60 hours and counting from now.

  4. Lance says:

    Met a fellow at a gas station in Placerville, CA. a couple days ago. Was getting gas for our vehicle as he was and mentioned the high cost of gas to him, $5.05/gal. at this station. He just came back from a state in the central U.S. that I can't recall right now. Anyway, he said that regular gas there was a little less than $3.00/gal.! Have paid as much as $6.59/gal in CA! This is being done in order to subsidize the production and sale of EV's and to get people to install solar power generating technologies on and in their homes in CA. There are ads displayed all the time (even on activists websites, but not this one) stating that CA will pay you to go solar, yet in reality you ARE paying for it! All of this requires the purchase and use of electrical and electronic products engineered by those involved in the electrical and electronics industries who're %100 behind MAN's 4th industrial revolution. As in past industrial revolutions there are resources that are needed to produce all the electrical and electronic products. Many of the elemental materials used to produce these products are highly toxic and to biological life, especially humans at the top of the biological food chain. "Killing ourselves to live" sums it up.    

  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Well, I can finally say that I have witnessed strange lights in the sky the night before we were hit with a 3.6 magnitude earthquake this afternoon. Didn't really put it together until my house started shaking and then it hit me that the lights and the quake were connected. Plus they have been spraying aerosols like crazy and zapping them with so many microwaves that the clouds looked more like Lays potato chips with ridges. Thusly, overtaking the rain clouds and completely destroying our chances of getting measurable precipitation. We got one-tenth of an inch before they began their methodical assaults on the rain clouds. While our forecast said that we would most likely see anywhere from three to eight inches by tomorrow evening. And after all of the spraying and zapping, our chance of rain for Friday has gone down from 80% to just 10%. Coincidence? I'm sure it's not.

    At first I thought that the lights in the sky were simply from lightning way off in the distance. But there was no rain for 250 miles in any direction and it certainly wasn't meteors. These were colored flashes and sometimes even long duration lights that appeared to be happening in the stratosphere and above. At least 50,000 feet or higher. 

    I have nicknamed then HAARP Auroras and they still seem to be present, only much dimmer tonight. While we are also still getting numerous small aftershocks that vibrate more than shake, like the big one earlier today that cracked several of my windows and caused one of my carports to collapse. I have never experienced an earthquake in Texas before, and all of the "so called" experts are blaming this one on oil and gas fracking. Right, and it's going to snow here in October. What a laugh.

  6. Lance says:

    Lake Mead’s rise levels off after 5-month climb — 34% full as incredible water year nears end (

    Bought some time, didn't they! Could this be an example of using geoengineering capabilities for alleged "benevolent" reasons?

  7. Lance says:

    We're staying at an RV park off Interstate 80 at Yuba Gap in the Sierra Mtns in CA. Quiet here. Off the Interstate 4 or 5 miles so no road noise. Forest here does not look healthy. A lot of dead or dying trees among those still living. A little lake is just down the way a bit. Its stocked with trout once a month. No native fish anymore. Water is quite warm and likely quite polluted from all the toxic rain and snow that fell up here over the years. Probably causing many of the trees to die as Dane has explained. Very dry right now. 80F today too, which is above the forecast high. Sunlight is hot. Likely UV radiation is quite high too. Will be here for 5 more days. Forecast calling for thunderstorms up here by Saturday. Lightning strikes will start fires. Just hope everyone can get out of here if need be. Drove to Truckee, CA to get some food this afternoon. The store there was very well stocked. No shortage of food or other necessary products, yet. All this could "change" depending on various "events" that could occur, obviously. Watching, unlike most who're oblivious to the inquity and insanity ongoing.

  8. brent papon says:


    The co host at Jimmy Dore has been mentioning geoengineering for weeks.

    They actually did a segment yesterday.

    Over the last few months awareness in many who i speak to has increased greatly.

    Take care


  9. Lance says:

    Read through the new comments and the comment by Mr c. Its the same old song Mr c.! Wars are fought over what someone else has! Humans have fought and waged war against each other for thousands of years over control of RESOURCES! Who's been at the top of the pyramid when it comes to starting wars and warfighting for over 200 years, just as Joe said? When will this way of life end? Soon based on what has been detailed on this website! 

  10. Lance says:

    In response to Joe's comment that "War is a major polluter", its true that acts of war cause lots of pollution, but its the human industries that support the development, testing and production of weapons used to waged war that are major polluters. A prime example is the development and testing of atomic and nuclear weapons which released untold amounts of radioactive particles into the environment. Testing done after WW2 of these types of weapons went on for years. Some actual testing of nuclear weapons is still going on.

  11. Jonathan says:

    I got in touch with a local ham radio club. I was hoping they would be able to broadcast the weekly global alert news broadcasts or at least some of them would be willing to. Turns out, they're not supposed to use their ham licenses for broadcasting.

    I did hear back from one of the club members, who is going to stop by my office and pick up some educational materials and who agreed to hand them out to the club members. I sent her a link to the documentary and told her that I was hopeful that some of the members might feel led to at least make mention of the website and the documentary to their ham radio contacts.

  12. Lance says:

    Headline on MSN today!

    Air Force Secretary Says China Preparing for War With U.S.

    Actually, the war is already underway!

    • Mr c says:

      China has has a big hand in US farmland , pork/chicken plants ,and natural resources such as coal , in a war with China we simply cut all that off and keep ot in the USA , what would they do , start a war? , fact is they need food /resources more than we need them…

  13. Lance says:

    Could post a bunch of headlines that show, if they are accurate, that some big "trouble" is coming. One can attempt to "prepare" or "prep" to "survive" this "time of trouble", but these events, based on the info presented on this website, are going to be so severe there will be, relative to the current human population level, few survivors. My hope is not centered on humanities plans to save themselves and this earth. My hope is in the promises of the Creator of all that exists.  


  14. Lance says:

    Hurricane Lee threatens massive gas price surge as storm is set to hit oil refinery (

    Whether this is really going to cause damage to this refinery is yet to be seen. Those behind the global movement to reduce the use of fuels made from naturally occurring crude oil could be using this to cover a shutdown of this refinery. We'll see. Meanwhile, gas prices at the stations near where we're staying now, a couple miles off of I-80 in the Sierra Mountains in CA, are high already. Cisco Grove Chevron regular gas is $6.59/gal. Gas is at or over $5.00/gal at most stations in CA. Reason why? Electric vehicles don't pay state or federal GAS TAXES! The remedy to this manmade problem? Everyone who drives an electric vehicle will be charged per mile they drive on the roads! How will this be done? All electric vehicles are electronically tracked using "smart" technology. Works the same way your "smart" phone is tracked, or any electronic "smart" device for that matter. CA is now "letting" about 1.5 million drivers store their drivers license in their "smart" phones. It's just a "test" they say, but this will be phased in along with other "things" to track, trace, monitor, analyze and control everything humans say and do "anytime, anywhere". Remember who originally uttered these words in quotes? He said this in the printed on paper magazine named WIRED many years ago!

  15. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    If anyone out there has ever experienced being in a place where the temperature hovers around the upper eighties to the low nineties, and the humidity is generally from 88% to 98%. Then you know how oppressive and stifling it feels. The air is so heavy with latent moisture that you struggle to take in breaths and get enough oxygen into your lungs. All while your body sweats profusely and any exertion in physical activity makes your chest pound and your heart race.

    Welcome to the great "cool down" from a record setting heat wave that has lasted for several months in Texas. Or should I say, a transition from the oven to a sauna that's hot enough to steam vegetables for the dinner table. The "cooler weather" hoax is all about how meteorologists use a play of words in their forecast, to trick your mind into actually thinking that the heat wave has ended, and now you can enjoy the splendors of Autumn. 

    I watched a weather broadcast for Midland Texas and the weatherman made these comments: "So, temperatures are feeling pretty chilly out there." and "It's actually about as cold as it looks outside right now"… "Especially after the hot summer season that we've had." The temperature outside was 82 degrees and the humidity was at 98%. Which made it feel more like 95 degrees!

    Oh, but that feels cold and chilly compared to the hot summer heat wave. And that's exactly how the meteorologists hypnotize the people into believing that Fall weather has banished the heat dome from our Texas skies.

    He then goes on to talk about how the welcomed rain is such a relief from the drought. Yet all he can honestly say is that it is only in the form of a very light mist, or super fine drizzle. Which doesn't even register in a rain gage. But then again, that play of words… "welcomed rain is such a relief" makes everyone believe that the drought is now somehow going to magically disappear.

    That's all that we have seen here as well, so far. Just fine mist and light drizzle. Simply enough moisture to make the ground damp and keep our humidity hovering close to 100%. And the temperatures have still been in the upper eighties in the day and upper seventies at night. Making for sweltering hot conditions. While our rain chances are now between 80% and 100%. But yet, still no rain! 

    Rain was in the forecast for six days straight and now it has been updated to show that it's only for today and tomorrow. While the radar still displays nothing, nada, zip. And we were supposed to stay in the low to mid eighties for the next eight days. But that has changed to, with the nineties returning on Saturday and approaching 100 degrees again by Sunday. Then staying near the century mark for the remainder of the month.

    Exactly as I originally predicted. Sort of like Dane predicting all of these climate disasters that the so called experts somehow missed. Because there are no experts any more. Just shills and minions doing what they are told to do and say. Right along the same path of using chemical ice nucleation to produce artificial winter weather events, in order to hypnotize everyone into believing that the planet is far from any Venus Syndrome meltdown.

    Now, if we somehow get super lucky and find a way to halt climate engineering. Then all of these climate experts won't know what to do with themselves. They would have to be re-programmed to tell a whole different set of lies that cover for the overriding threat of greenhouse gas emissions reaching ever more deadly levels, continuing to push us down the road of mass extinction. That same path that all of us here are desperately trying to set up road blocks on, by waking those who have the ability to change our ill fated destiny. Before it is too late. Or to be honest. Have we already past that point of no return? And will it be up to us to restart what little survives of humanity? You decide, and keep listening to Dane for answers to these questions and more. Because he seems to be the only "true" expert who gets things right and doesn't need to lie, in order to get his message across to millions of people every single week.

  16. Joe says:

    —We have lived in a war economy my whole life .  In fact the U.S. has been at war  over 90% of the time.

    To put this in perspective:

    * Pick any year since 1776 and there is about a 91% chance that America was involved in some war during that calendar year.

    * No U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president.  Instead, all U.S. presidents can technically be considered “war presidents.”

    * The U.S. has never gone a decade without war.

    * The only time the U.S. went five years without war (1935-40) was during the isolationist period of the Great Depression.

    War is a major polluter.


    • Lance says:

      Have to agree with you and I'll add more. Organized warfare has existed since the establishment of the first ancient civilization in the land of "Shinar" many thousands of years ago. Babylon waged war and conquered many peoples . They were involved in laying siege to and destroying ancient Jerusalem in 587 or 586 B.C.. Since then ALL the nations have played the harlot with Babylon just as it is written in the Revelation To John.   

  17. Lance says:

    Environmental issues will be of little concern once the war with China kicks off. Talk of war with China is all over the news. Once the food supplies from China are cut-off to the US, and they supply a lot of food to the US…doesn't take a genius to figure out what will happen.  

  18. Lance says:

    Here's a few interesting headlines displayed this morning (9/11) on MSN. By the way, these "storms" happened on 9/9, two days ago!

    "Central California besieged by 6,000 lightning strikes during wild weekend storms"

    "30 PG&E transformers damaged during Central California lightning siege"

    Interesting choices of words used in these headlines, "besieged" and "siege". Just blame it on climate change, or mother nature, right?

  19. Larry DeMarco says:

    Wow Dane, if that don't do it, nothing will!

    No matter what the reason, most people seem to be just going with the flow. Someone else will handle our problems; I'm too busy. Guess they don't realize that they sometimes have to go against the flow, like now, in order to get where they should be as apposed  to where they're heading and definitely don't want to be as our collective canoe hurls towards the roaring falls with increasing speed.

  20. Mike UK says:

    Thank you Dane for yet another blistering {no pun intended) update. What you do week in week out without fail is so important for humanity. I just wish more people would truly wake up to what is happening to the planet that we all rely on for our existence. With regard to heat: here in the UK we have now recorded our seventh consecutive day of temperatures at or above 30C – as much as 91F. This is another record for September. What is to come, one wonders? Nothing to look forward to, for sure! Every week you refer to reports in the UK Guardian, which is certainly one of the better mainstream media outlets with regards to reporting on the dire state of the environment. But as you say, they never mention Geoengineering, which is surprising and disappointing because I have sent them links to your website several times – among other info of course. I guess as you say they are simply forbidden to mention it, as I presume the Arctic News Blog Spot is. Their latest report is about the frighteningly high methane levels being recorded globally. You mention the 'Mad Max' scenario we are all facing, well one of the ITV channels is showing the first film of the series this evening, so I will watch it just to remind myself of what's to come!

  21. Stan Sylvester says:

    Lake Titicaca is the world's highest navigable lake in the world at an altitude of 12,000 feet. It is also South America's largest lake. The lake is 3200 square miles bordering Peru and Bolivia.

    Due to an "unprecedented heat wave," this stunning part of nature is drying up. CNN reports that Lake Titicaca  is being assaulted by higher than normal solar radiation due to its high altitude. This is part of the reason it is estimated to be losing 120 million metric tons of water per year.

    Sixto Flores is the director for Peru's national and hydrology service. He reported that precipitation was 49% lower than normal from 8/22 to 3/23. 

    The deputy director for climatology, Grinia Avalos was able to give us the extended forecast – no change in warmer temperatures  until 2/24. 

    Conor Baker from some organization called the International Crisis Group cited the need for "sustained management strategies" to solve  the problem of water loss being caused by, you guessed it, climate change.

    So, there you have it. The experts identified the problem for us, gave us future forecast and a solution for the future. As usual, we will have to be the ones to mention the elephant in the sky above Lake Titicaca, geoengineering, aka weather warfare.



  22. penny waters says:

    and this made me even more depressed – the british government is to make it mandatory to have a "smart meter" does anyone know of a way of stopping the transmitter from emitting

    i can remember people wearing aluminium foil hats for something – way back in the past – sure it was about electrical stuff hahahaha

    anyone know anything about the effect of transmitter waves on me about 3foot from the place where i sleep

    help, please, you clever people out there

    • Annabel Australia says:

      Hi Penny,

      I'm in Australia and the Victorian government MANDATED smart meters around 7-8 years ago. However, a mandate is not legislation. The power company tried 3 times to install a meter at my house but l'd locked the meter box and put up a sign refusing the smart meter and threatening legal action if they tried to break the padlock. They tried to bully me saying it was a government law but when I asked the techs to show me the legislation, of course they could not. Up until l sold the house 3 years ago, l still had the old analogue meter. You will probably be charged for a meter reader to attend but tell the company you will provide them with a reading. Here we had the benefit of an organized group called 'Stop smart meters' which gave the above tips. Hope this helps and good luck.

    • Keith says:

      Take out their smart meter, & install your own. I did. 

    • Hugh Price says:

      The smart meters are basically high power cel phones. That constant radiation that will be conducted right through your brain…  But don't worry, cel phones are safe.  Except that they aren't if you read the manual/instructions that come with every single one of them.  Basically they say to not let the cel phone touch your body while using….Who knows what the network of smart meters would be able to achieve on less obvious tasks than reporting your power usage?  

    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      I have looked at products they sell online that are suppose to block EMF waves.  There are fabrics and a black paint, not my choice of color for a bedroom.  Could one paint over it with ivory or a pale lilac?  Puce, perhaps?

      I don't know if these products work and there are tricks to it.

      I love Annabel's great victory, and I pray the same for you.  Take care, utilities can get very nasty with you if you oppose one of their projects.  Many people are suffering radiation sickness from all this electro smog so you may have a health issue.  Yep, I think you do, sick as a dog you are.  Look up Devra Davis (I hope still on youtube) and see how dang sick we all are.  You have a problem with your calcium ion exchange and if they put that thing near you —you have a medical problem and they will make it worse.

      Happy Birthday dear girl, you are a peach, —Crystal


    • brent papon says:

      For starters

      you likely have wi fi

      I DO and it effects MY brain waves

      I know this sounds crazy

      But you DO KNOW someone who can help u w the smart meter stuff.

      JUst ask @

      Take care 



  23. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    You are so right Dane, about the way they report temperatures to the downside. They have been doing that for years now. The forecast here will call for a hight temperature of 112 and all of our thermometers say it reached 116. But they report that it only got as hot as 108. It happens almost daily.

    When I posted comments here saying that it got up to 120, they officially reported a high temperature on the weather website for our area, of only 113 and the worst part is that meteorologists are doing this all over the state, country and world.

    However, what really irks me is how they vagrantly lie about the temperature humidity index values. The Real Feel Temperatures. I guess they seriously don't want the masses to know just how dangerously hot this planet REALLY is getting.

    I watched a news program for the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the weatherman said that the high temperature on Friday the 8th had set a new record at 106, with a relative humidity value of 48%. Then he said that the high humidity actually made it feel as though it was more like 112 degrees. But if you look at the official NWS Heat Index chart… 106 at 48% equals 135, not 112.

    Same goes for our own forecast here. The Accu-weather readout says that much cooler weather is on the way and by Wednesday, it will definitely not feel as hot as it was, over the last several months. Really? Well let's look at the numbers. We hit 116 on Friday and the humidity actually dropped down to just 28% (Thank God). Heat index value 116 at 28% equals 134. The forecasted high on Wednesday is set at 92 degrees and a relative humidity of 98% (because rain is in the forecast). So 92 at 98% equals 140. 

    I'm sorry, but a real feel temperature of 140 degrees is definitely hotter than 134 degrees. Now it is supposed to drop down to only 88 degrees on Thursday and Friday, but the humidity is still going to remain at 98%. So, if we do those numbers… 88 at 98% equals 120. It is still going to feel very, very hot. Even with the passing of a cold front and the ambient temperatures in the upper eighties to low nineties.

    And by Tuesday of the following week (the 19th) the forecast says we will go right back up to 92 degrees and 89% humidity. Meaning that it will feel more like it's 130 degrees! Welcome to Texas, the state that experiences virtually year-round Summer weather. We laugh at wimpy cold fronts, but still suffer PTSD from the chemical ice nucleation Polar Vortex one February that we could never forget. Something I call "The Fire and Ice Matrix".

    I tried to go with just one post for once, without using the words Climate Engineering or Geoengineering. Oh Crap! I can't help it, it's just habit. Oh well, haven't broken that streak yet. I guess all of those 110 plus temperature days have fried my brain. Is that the same as fire on the brain or smoke on the brain?

    • penny waters says:


      the problem is – where is the place where they site their equipment and register the temperatures?

      i believe that in britain it was in the shade – yes in the shade hahahaha – 5ft from the ground

      i am very lucky – tis eye wateringly hot here in essex – but the garden shelters me with its trees and bushes – tis a joy but…..

      the huge trees are beginning to show lack of water and i am loth to water them, although now our water is recycled sewage water – yep nice – so i am getting all other peoples left over medical tablets that comes out in their wee and excrement to drink – ah what a joy

      and do other people even want to know? dear old prof gugenheim – was it 97% of people don't want to know? 

      does feel like that most of the time – numbskulls

      what a to-do, what can we do, i talk to people but many turn away but what is nice that although many people find it hard to beleive that the authorities are as stupid as they appear, they still listen, so it goes it, ready to come out when the sh.t hits the fan

      and they are still nice to me – most people are genuinely good people but got engaged in reproducing before anything else

      dear old jung wrote something like

      "the sadness of family is the unlived lives of the parents"

      i understand that with mine – mum and dad were astounding people who got involved with parenting before they had a real life of engagement

      love to all – especially the people involved in parenting – i have been lucky not to have any – have never wanted any cos i have always found being alive tiresome and painful – maybe this is the last time i have had to come back – you know, karma and all that


      p.s. maybe now with food dwindling in uk people will look to their gardens, for instance we have a green bin for garden "rubbish" yet we live in the countryside with most people with room for a compost heap – stupid!!!

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Penny, At least five feet above the ground and in the shade. As long as the thermometer is not below five feet and not too high up either. The shade can be anything that blocks 100% of the sunlight during daylight hours. That standard should be the same anywhere. But those who forecast the weather are instructed to fudge a little on the numbers, to the downside. And use the excuse that their equipment has been officially calibrated, thusly more accurate than any other. However, I have seen cases where over two dozen thermometers are only one degree, plus or minus, off from each other. But the official NWS and or NOAA instruments are consistently five to fifteen degrees different. Always minus and never plus. Which means that they have indeed been calibrated. To show lower temperatures, per their agenda to hypnotize the people. Because if you do it often enough, then you can't help but to believe the lies.

      Smart meters were made mandatory here about eighteen years ago, and if you do somehow find a way to block their transmissions. Your electricity will shut off and they can force you to pay a huge deposit, to get it restored. 

      The only way to protect yourself from the harmful meter transmissions, is to turn your house into a faraday cage. The way that I did that was by installing about fifty (16 inch high) lightning rods on the roof and connecting them to an aluminum cable (3/4 inch diameter). Creating a huge cage of wire that is connected to ground anchors at each corner of the roof layout. Those anchors are 5/8ths inch in diameter and go about fifteen feet into the ground. (you have to use an impact hammer to pound them into the foundation around your house.)

      So, not only am I protected against lightning strikes. But it also keeps any 3, 4, and 5G microwaves from harming me personally. It would also protect any solid state electronics from a nuclear weapon's EMP airburst. I have to keep a tiny current flowing through the faraday cage though, to protect against airburst EMPs. Simple and effective and anybody can do it. I plan to construct this same system, wherever I move to in the future. I am a retired electrician and HVAC service tech by trade. Pretty darn good mechanic too. All of which will be useful when we hit the Mad Max wall. I have also studied survivalist skills for most of my life. And have a ten year supply of emergency freeze dried food stored in a climate controlled storm cellar.

  24. Gary Morrow says:

    Thanks, Dane for repeating this week the amazing adventure of Ernest Shackleton. What great courage, perseverance and ingenuity he and his men must have had. A beautiful example of the heights to which the human spirit can soar. Thanks also Dane for your own personal story of how you made it back to shore using these same qualities. 

  25. penny waters says:

    a few years the world health authority, u.n., designated today, 10th september – my birthday – world suicide day – as more people commit suicide on this day than any other day of the year

    as someone who has been depressed about being alive as a human since as far back as i can remember, i was initially quite disturbed – but then, actually thought it was hilarious

    have had to develop a sense of humour to stay alive – has been a struggle but then who said life was supposed to be wonderful

    even the buddhists think that life is about suffering, so just get on with it!!

    so i wrote to these eminent people who rule the human world and complained 

    and now, today, is called 'world suicide prevention day'

    it still makes me laugh – what a bunch of numpties

    and i still don't like being here – hahahaha

    love to all the non-numpties

    and a happy birthday to me – i'm still here


    p.s. i am a virgo and we are the most depressed sun sign group – now that's still funny!!!

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Dear Penny, if it's any consolation, I have just looked up 'most depressed sun signs' on Duck which gives a real assortment of 'mosts' depending on the website! I note that a couple quote 'Capricorn' of which wintry period I am! However I love all the old seasons (as they once used to be) and as I was born during a blizzard I delight in the frost and snow – yet have no problems with heatwaves either… But sadness and sorrow at the state of this world? I was born with it, as was my beloved late wife of the opposite sun sign… Her loss, and the manner of her loss is unbearable – yet must be endured – though such opposite sun signs we had the same affinities and the same loves – especially the wilderness, the wild ones (especially birds) and trees – we could never understand why so many humans had such a hatred and fear of nature – for the wild ones and the trees gave us so much… 'Nature' is not 'cuddly' and can be terribly cruel, but essentially there is a profound beauty and love there – and Love is All! Dane, you, and so many others express this in your writings in these pages and in your lives…. And Love gives birth to outrage at what is being done and the courage to do what we can. We are in the midst of a war – and one that is being fought in many ways and levels… Penny, you are not alone – you have many, many friends – One day, we will all know this for certain…. All things must pass – but Love remains… And Love seeks Love… It cannot do otherwise…





    • brent papon says:

      Hilarious, as always…



    • Slow Boiled Frog says:

      Happy birthday Penny. I always appreciate your intelligent understanding of life.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Happy Birthday a day late Penny! My mum was a virgo too, born on Sept 14,1920. You virgo's aren't depressed, just very perceptive, extremely bright and precise. You cut through the crap & see things as they truly are; as evidenced from your well appreciated comments here. My ma was my best and trueist friend and I loved her dearly. Still do, though she's gone to her heavenly reward. (born 1920- returned home 2019- that's a quirk on numerology huh?!) You too are loved and appreciated and we're glad you're still here making a positive difference in this troubled old world. Wishing you safe harbor and much blessing in the coming year ahead, dear friend!  : )

  26. Jonathan says:

    I wanted to make a suggestion. I looked at the YouTube version of last week's global alert news broadcast, as well as looking of course on the website. Website. I did not recognize any names in the comment section on the YouTube link to the global alert news broadcast. Of course, I may have missed some. Anyway, I noticed that there are many, many people in the YouTube audience who based on their comments do not seem to necessarily have a Strong background in this subject matter. I noticed that several people were asking, "What can we do?"

    Now of course I will continue to post here. Whatever I have, something I think would be worth sharing with this audience. But it occurs to me that a lot of us may be preaching to the choir, and it could be that in some cases, some of the information that is so valuable, which we are sharing here among ourselves , might actually be in some cases directed to some of the commenters on some of the other platforms who may not have as yet looked through the website to educate themselves more on this subject matter.

    So this morning I went through many of the comments and responded to some of the questions that they had or commented on some of the other comments people were making.

    I hope this makes sense. I would hate for all the excellent information being shared in this group to not make it out to a wider audience of people and other platforms, especially when some of the things that I've seen here in the regular audience's comments are so very helpful and insightful.

    There are a lot of people out there in the general population who are accessing these globe alert broadcasts on other platforms, but who may not have had the opportunity as yet to go through the website, so we may be able to help some of them. Some of the questions I saw today on YouTube seemed to indicate a relative lack of experience with the subject matter. Some of the members of this audience are particularly well suited and well positioned to be able to offer helpful comments to viewers on other platforms who are still in the stage of acquiring information and asking questions.

    I think always the most important thing is to be looking for ways to be more effective in reaching more people with this message.

  27. V. Susan Fergusn says:

    EVs are spying machines.
    They collect an unimaginable amount of data on you, which governments can access easily.
    Analysts estimate that cars generate about 25 gigabytes of data every hour.

    Seeing how governments could integrate EVs into a larger high-tech control grid doesn’t take much imagination. The potential for busybodies—or worse—to abuse such a system is obvious.
    25 refrigerators… That’s how much the additional electricity consumption per household would be if the average US home adopted EVs…

    Reason #1: EVs Are Not Green
    The central premise for EVs is they help to save the planet from carbon because they use electricity instead of gas.
    It’s astounding so few think to ask, what generates the electricity that powers EVs?
    Hydrocarbons generate over 60% of the electricity in the US. That means there’s an excellent chance that oil, coal, or gas is behind the electricity charging an EV.
    It’s important to emphasize carbon is an essential element for life on this planet. It’s what humans exhale and what plants need to survive.
    After decades of propaganda, Malthusian hysterics have created a twisted perception in many people’s minds that carbon is a dangerous substance that must be reduced to save the planet.
    Let’s entertain this bogus premise momentarily and assume carbon is bad.
    Even by this logic, EVs do not really reduce carbon emissions; they just rearrange them.
    Further, extracting and processing the exotic materials needed to make EVs requires tremendous power in remote locations, which only hydrocarbons can provide.
    Additionally, EVs require an enormous amount of rare elements and metals—like lithium and cobalt—that companies mine in conditions that couldn’t remotely be considered friendly to the environment.
    Analysts estimate that each EV requires around one kilogram of rare earth elements. Extracting and processing these rare elements produces a massive amount of toxic waste. That’s why it mainly occurs in China, which doesn’t care much about environmental concerns.
    In short, the notion that EVs are green is laughable.
    It’s simply the thin patina of propaganda that governments need as a pretext to justify the astronomical taxpayer subsidies for EVs.

    Reason #2: EVs Can’t Compete Without Government Support
    For many years, governments have heavily subsidized EVs through rebates, sales tax exemptions, loans, grants, tax credits, and other means.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, US taxpayers will subsidize EVs by at least $393 billion in the coming years—more than the GDP of Hong Kong.
    To put that in perspective, if you earned $1 a second 24/7/365—about $31 million per year—it would take you over 12,677 YEARS to make $393 billion.
    And that’s not even considering the immense subsidies and government support that have occurred in the past.
    Furthermore, governments impose burdensome regulations and taxes on gasoline vehicles to make EVs seem relatively more attractive.
    Even with this enormous government support, EVs can barely compete with gasoline vehicles.
    According to J.D. Power, a consumer research firm, the average EV still costs at least 21% more than the average gasoline vehicle.
    Without government support, it’s not hard to see how the market for EVs would evaporate as they would become unaffordable for the vast majority of people.
    In other words, the EV market is a giant mirage artificially propped up by extensive government intervention.
    It begs the question, why are governments going all out to push an obviously uneconomic scam?
    While they are undoubtedly corrupt thieves and simply stupid, something more nefarious could also be at play.

    Reason #3: EVs Are About Controlling You
    EVs are spying machines.
    They collect an unimaginable amount of data on you, which governments can access easily.
    Analysts estimate that cars generate about 25 gigabytes of data every hour.
    Seeing how governments could integrate EVs into a larger high-tech control grid doesn’t take much imagination. The potential for busybodies—or worse—to abuse such a system is obvious.
    Consider this.
    The last thing any government wants is an incident like what happened with the Canadian truckers rebelling against vaccine mandates.
    Had the Canadian truckers’ vehicles been EVs, the government would have been able to stamp out the resistance much easier.
    Here’s the bottom line.
    The people really in charge do not want the average person to have genuine freedom of movement or access to independent power sources.
    They want to know everything, keep you dependent, and have the ability to control everything, just like how a farmer would with his cattle. They think of you in similar terms.
    That’s why gasoline vehicles have to go and why they are trying to herd us into EVs.


    • Jonathan says:

      Very insightful article, Susan. Thank you very much. The article doesn't mention The fact that a lot of the people doing the mining for that cobalt lithium are children working in dangerous conditions.

      I'm glad that it makes a loose connection between EV s  and 1984.



    • penny waters says:

      dear susan 

      do you really think that we are going to last that much longer so "they" can do what they like with us hahahaha – not a chance mate

      we can look at the skies and see the filth but we also need to look down and around and see the state of the earth and what we are doing to it 

      and no-one cares cos they are too stupid to know what is really going on – we can get the info from all around the world but we can do nothing positive with it except make a difference in our own tiny lives

      felt how puny i was many years ago when i first met a mountain in scotland!

      i see the boats coming here full of young men and greed – i see the south americans waiting at the borders of the usa – i see the state of india and the poor – and china and their population – fauci and china worked the old covid there well didn't "they"

      i see women still churning out babies like there is no tomorrow and there isn't a tomorrow – cos we are getting more and more stupid

      people who work with this here magic box – have a neighbour whose son works for google – gets loads a' money – thick as two short planks

      don't worry susan we aint here for long – shame that we have to take the other creatures with us too, but ay there's the rub

      my favourite shakespeare story is midsummer nights dream where puck says:-

      "what fools these mortals be"


  28. V. Susan Fergusn says:

    For 40 Years, Dupont and 3M Hid Studies Showing PFAS Chemicals Cause Serious Harm to Human Health
    According to the authors of the new study in the Annals of Global Health, Dupont and 3M used the same tactics the tobacco industry employed to delay public awareness of the toxicity of PFAS chemicals and delay regulation of their use.

    For 40 years, Dupont and 3M knew PFAS chemicals posed a danger to human health — but they hid the evidence from regulators, employees and the public so they could continue selling their toxic products.
    According to the authors of the new study in the Annals of Global Health, “the chemical industry used the tactics of the tobacco industry to delay public awareness of the toxicity of PFAS and, in turn, delayed regulations governing their use.”

    During the decades the two companies hid their own scientists’ research on the health risks of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances’ (PFAS), the so-called “forever chemicals” — which take hundreds of years to break down in the environment — became ubiquitous in the water, air, soil and human bodies.

    PFAS chemicals were introduced into a wide variety of consumer goods, such as nonstick cookware, food packaging and fabrics in the 1950s. They are harmful even in tiny concentrations and are associated with serious health conditions including cancers, thyroid disease, liver damage and harm to pregnant women and babies.

    The dangers of PFAS chemicals have been widely recognized among public health researchers and the general public over the past decade, but the study showed that 3M and Dupont, the largest producers of PFAS, actively suppressed evidence that the chemicals are hazardous since the 1960s.

    There are 12,000 PFAS chemical variations and at least 26 of them — many of which the EPA doesn’t even monitor — were recently identified in drinking water.
    Last week, PFAS manufacturers Dupont, Chemours and Corteva agreed to a $1.2 billion deal to settle liability claims brought by public water systems serving the U.S. populations, The Guardian reported.
    And Bloomberg News reported that 3M is considering paying $10 billion to settle a lawsuit so it can avoid facing allegations in court that it knowingly contaminated drinking water across the U.S.
    Court proceedings were set to begin this week in South Carolina but were put on hold to work out the deal in the test case — one of more than 4,000 against 3M and other chemical companies for water contamination.
    It will likely cost upwards of $400 billion to remove PFAS chemicals from the U.S. drinking water supply. And a recent report found the larger cost to society of PFAS, factoring in soil and water remediation, monitoring of pollution and healthcare costs associated with a number of PFAS-related health problems, totals about $17.5 trillion every year.

    As early as 1961, Dupont found that the chemicals used to create Teflon were known to increase the size of rat liver, even at low doses, and the report indicated that “contact with the skin should be strictly avoided.”
    During the 1970s, there were a series of revelations of PFAS toxicity at Dupont. For example, a Dupont-funded lab did a series of research studies finding that Teflon particles could be toxic when inhaled and could cause ulcers. Studies also showed that rats and dogs injected with low doses of the chemicals died.
    In the 1980s, Dupont found elevated liver enzymes in their workers, birth defects among babies of plant employees and miscarriages among pregnant women.
    They did not make this information public, although in a tacit admission of harm, they removed women of childbearing age from any potential exposure to C8, one of the PFAS chemicals.
    In later years, both 3M and Dupont conducted studies that linked PFAS chemicals to prostate, testicular, bladder and kidney cancers.
    But the companies did not publish these findings in scientific journals, or share them with the public, regulators or employees, who were particularly at risk.
    Instead, they insisted that key PFAS chemicals like C8 were “about as toxic as table salt.” They denied any health risks in internal company memos and publicly, and they funded studies finding no adverse effects on human health from PFAS chemicals.

    • Lance says:

       PFAS chemicals are just one type of manmade toxic pollution. There are so many more! Doesn't matter how many court cases are brought against industries of the past that have polluted the environment, or against those who continue to do so in the ongoing 4th industrial revolution. Why? Because the amount of manmade toxic pollutants in the environment is nearly beyond calculation! For example, when tires wear out where do you think all the toxic materials they're made out of go? Where do all the toxic materials used to make brake pads go as they wear out? How many tires and brake pads have worn out over just the last 10 years? How many are still wearing out and releasing toxic particulates into the environment everyday? How many humans on this planet take even one second of their time to consider this? Not many! 

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