GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update, September 13th, 2014

The engineered snow storms are being pushed to ever greater extremes. The unprecedented fluctuations in weather and temperatures should be a huge red flag as to the degree to which the climate engineers are forcing Earth’s life support systems. Half the US is baking, the other half continues to get completely engineered cool-downs. How long can this continue before the biosphere is damaged beyond any chance of recovery?


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  1. Thank you Kathleen, I sent a reply earlier, but I’m not sure that you will be notified. You are most kind and I know Russ and Dane appreciate your giving this information regarding the Saturday reports on geoengineering, with the weblink you have posted. Sincerely, Abigail (I have made note of this!) 🙂

  2. Blessings kathleen gabel! Thank you for this information regarding the weather reports given by Dane and Russ on the I’m sorry to be late in replying to you. You are most kind. ~~ I have made note of this information. I post on Russ’ website, Orbis Vitae (HerbAllure), frequently!

    However I’m mostly on his Bible Forum. Thank you once again. < Abigail // I will listen to the post you made above.

  3. Joan Goode says:

    You should take and post pictures of the planes and the chemical film on the plants

  4. Christina says:

    Hi James, there is a global march taking place on the 27th against geoengineering, here is more info for the march in Toronto, ON.
    London and Windsor are also hosting marches you can find therir event pages in the link below.

    Thank you,

  5. Tree are life! says:

    The first storm off the pacific to hit San Francisco in months, sure enough it coincided with them spraying. I’m sure nothing much will be left by the time it gets here.

  6. Terri says:

    We worked outside all day yesterday and noticed the planes start to spray continuously and i swear they were 1 minute apart or less. one plane would go by dropping their load of chemicals and another would be on its tail. some were flying side by side in pairs. we counted 60 planes in a little over an hours time.or the same plane doing a loop over our area 10 times or more.

    this continued all day. they sprayed endlessly. i have learned to hate that sound. the sound of jet engines. we are not in a flight zone. this number of flights is not called for. plus each and every one of them dropping their poison on us.

    They must have flown 1000 or more sorties on top of us. their toxins built up a huge layer of fake Monsanto clouds and the planes kept adding to it. you could hear them above the clouds.

    our trees are coated in a white film. chemical residue. we also could watch the chemicals fall to the earth. they look like chemical plumes or chemical clouds drifting across the sky scattering their toxins far and wide. our trees seem to get hit in chemical bombs. one tree will be singled out and killed with a direct hit of the stuff. it starts to die almost immediately. like it got hit with a concentration of the stuff.

    no sky today as they sprayed us all night as well. Southern Missouri.

    we do tell everyone we know plus those we don’t know to look up. they won’t see it though. we post flyers everywhere we go. most stores have a bulletin board one can pin them to. we take them with us. frequently find they have been torn down. we do it again.

    i am convinced these planes will not stop flying and dropping their chemical bombs on us until there is no life left on the planet. the pilots and their handlers have declared war on all living things. they won’t end their war until nothing lives.

  7. kathleen gabel says:

    Abigail, Russ Tanner and Dane Wigington have a radio show every Saturday atd 3 pm which you can livestream from Russ’s channel, UCY.TV It is always excellent!! You might love to tune in!

  8. James C.Y. says:

    Hello from southern ontario(Kitchener) on monday sept.15.At 6am horizon and higher overnight spraying was obvious and ongoing.By noon hour the sun had been clouded as in chemtrailed out.The air always has an off odour and nasally annoying when the spraying is visible.The pollinators and the birds are definitely affected by this psychopathic manipulation as evidenced by their sporadic appearances and seemingly dwindling numbers.Mildew and mould are also making their annoying appearance on various garden foliage.Does anyone besides naturists,farmers,home gardeners,and plain inquisitave life observers not see the collapse that is being forced on us.Destroy the ecosystem our health and keep the SUN from our eyes to stall or stunt our spiritual growth and they the (gangster/banksters) think they are unstoppable.Reject that paradigm with your own paradigm of sticking to the positive teachings that work for you,and join the “Collective Consciousness” for strength in harmony of aim and the value of cooperative diversity.The ladder of ascension looks rather empty and for many of us a fuzzy dream for now.Forget the sheeple,they seem to be comfortable in their ignorance and stupid distractions.Find the kindred spirits wherever they may be and bring that collective power of positive thinking to an initiative however small to make a difference.A beach is many grains of sand and GOOD DEEDS are the same.Together we will make a noticeable difference.May our Gods be with us,failure is not an option.Thanks again Dane,we are watching,listening,and learning.

  9. Hello, I am so sorry to read about your brother. My most sincere condolences to you and your family. If you will look to the right of this page, (I see), ‘Other Important News Links’, you might try looking through this list for how to find out who is spraying over Western Massachusetts. I don’t really know. It’s worth a try. Blessings to you! <

  10. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Mike B I can second that about the songbirds and temps here. It’s overcast today and suppose to rain. Nothing yet except a few sprinkles, we don’t need it anyway it’s so wet. I was outdoors and the jets are flying low, it’s already overcast so why do they keep spraying? Not enough aresole up there yet or are they loading up the crap with more poison to rain on us? Winter is coming and the last few years I just don’t understand their need to spray us when it’s zero and below and already overcast. They want us to think it’s about cooling the planet, common sense would tell you when it’s below zero we don’t need to cool down more! Spraying at night never made sense to me either if it’s the sun they want to block. I’m so sick of all of this crap, these people are idiots. I hardly ever see wildlife anymore, it’s not just bird numbers down, it’s everything. We’re next I fear. There is only one agenda here if you ask me, and we all know the word. Dane, why isn’t Governor Brown screaming for an operation popeye like they did in Viet Nam? Aren’t people in Ca wondering why they can’t do that there when this drought is so terrible? Maybe not everyone there knows about geoengineering being the cause, but most people have heard of operation popeye.

  11. JR says:

    To MD444; Hello everyone, by now you and everyone of us know there is nothing but denial on chemtrailing, that it’s not happening. The enemy is destroying families and splitting up relationships, the conquer and divide method. In my area people have fallen also suddenly from heart attacks! It is very unfortunate people won’t accept the truth and still living in denial of it. I tried posting yesterday morning but got error script? Our rain clouds are being demolished by these lowlifes, all of them included in operations are nothing but, this is no research! From Southwest N.M. good day….

  12. Steve says:

    Fay Knox, I am glad to see that some Canadians are tuning into the SAG issue now, God bless you, and spread the word. Print some flyers, post them up, hand them out!
    I first noticed the trails over Toronto back in 1998. Unreal this crap has been going on so long. I remember handing out flyers to the lunchtime crowds in TO around 2000.
    Nobody seemed to give a damn. It would take a Klingon mothership to make some folks bother to look up!
    We better start doing it soon, though.
    One other issue, which I hope Dane will address, is the interaction between SAG particles and radioactive particles released at Fukushima, and still riding the jetstream around and around. I have a rad meter, and have noticed that on heavy SAG days, the rad levels also tend to spike. This has happened several times, too often to be coincidence, I think. How about that, Dane? Or any others who’ve grokked this double-trouble?

  13. Hanna says:

    Dane, Do you have any information regarding how the monsoons in India are affected?

  14. Greg McCann says:

    Royal Society presentations on Geo-engineering can be heard at:

  15. Thank you, Dane! You are a real godsend. I have posted this link on Orbis Vitae, Russ Tanner’s webpage. He is very much into the helping others with the Chemtrails situation. Please don’t stop. You truly are a BIG HELP to all of us. May God Bless America. <

  16. Jay says:

    Hello there ,there is a global march against geo engineering and September 27 Google for locations I know North Conway and Concord New Hampshire scheduled for 2 o’clock Jersey Connecticut California have some

  17. md444444444 says:

    My brother, aged 56, died last night of a heart attack after two days of massive chemical spraying, day and night. I can’t locate a legal notice saying they intend to spray. How do I find out who is doing the actual spraying over Western Massachusetts?

  18. Muad'dib says:

    We are getting bombed with unabated lithium- my throat is so sore from the spraying, they are getting ready for WW3 or to bomb Syria, prepare. Please put away food. The lithium is to make us docile and they have been doing it so heavily before they make their attacks which will come in the next week by the 21st of this month and that might very well be the beginning of WW3 that is if Russia has a military. Russia might be a paper bear, we are going to find that out soon. If they dont protect Syria you can bank on us taking out Iran, but then Iran will kneel before US hegemony if Russia does not help Syria. Uncle Sam will come out ruler of the Earth if this goes off unobstructed. Prepare nonetheless.

  19. IM TIRED… I Sorrow… But I CAN NOT QUIT. Dane~ Pls. Post Again Tomorrow… & RESTORE THE FIGHT IN THIS WORN OUT DOG… For The Benefit of Others……. @selinasorrels

  20. Marc says:

    Sometimes when I find myself inside of a bad dream, I am able to pull back and pull out of the dream, make myself wake up and thereby dissolve the threat in the process. In the current “bad dream” we are all dreaming together, there appears to be no such option. I really truly feel like I’m in a bad dream bordering on a nightmare, and the geoengineering apocalypse, I have finally realized, is INESCAPABLE!!!!
    There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t feel a dead zone in the center of my being from the conscious awareness of our beautiful planet’s impending doom as a result of not only geoengineering but every other misguided, psychopathic and sociopathic machination blindly perpetrated upon us and our biosphere. I am suffocating in dread and foreboding about our collective future and that of my children, God bless them.
    I thank that same God for this website and for Dane’s leadership in this impossible effort.

  21. MikeB says:

    Just as a side note, most of the migrating song birds have disappeared from this part of Illinois.

  22. MikeB says:

    38 degrees last night (09/13/14) 50 miles southwest of Chicago. NWS predicting colder tonight.

  23. Gloria says:

    When I think I am going to drop dead from continuing my research I think of Dane, and I make myself finish! Thank you Dane

  24. Fay Knox says:

    Freezing here in Lancaster Ontario Canada. Pouring rain, completely dark gray from horizon to horizon. But then for the last two days they were chem trailing over Ottawa which is only an hour and 15 minutes from here north west.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Once again, well done. In Facebook I have decided to test a new approach; instead of just “sharing” I will take more time to share your messages (and others) directly onto my friends’ walls and in private message. Maybe making it more personalized will help get around the filters in FB as well as grab each persons attention better.

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