Governor Newsom, Geoengineering And Unprecedented Wildfires


Dane Wigington

Newly elected California governor Gavin Newsom has had to declare state of emergency due to the latest unprecedented firestorms. Will Newsom disclose the climate engineering factor that is fueling the firestorms? For the record, Governor Gavin Newsom was fully briefed on climate engineering facts nearly 5 years ago, and has done nothing (explanation further down in this article). 

California is yet again ablaze, even in November. "Official sources" have tried to convince the masses that the record raging wildfires are because we are not cutting down enough trees, but is this the truth? The short answer is a resounding no. In fact, such a narrative flies in the face of countless verifiable facts. All available data makes clear that the single greatest causal factor relating to the epic wildfires all over the globe are illegal and ongoing geoengineering operations

The "Camp Fire" has exploded with blinding speed and has already become the most destructive wildfire in California history. How bad do conditions have to become before populations are willing to wake up to the global climate engineering insanity?

Below is film footage from the Woolsey Fire which is also raging in California.

Will governor Gavin Newsom (after gloating over his victory) ever acknowledge the climate engineering assault that is wreaking havoc on the drought stricken and scorched state of California? Don’t count on it. Has Governor Newsom ever been fully informed of the climate engineering issue? As already stated, the answer is yes, and I can say this with absolute firsthand knowledge.

On February 7th, 2014, I attended a private meeting at the State Capitol with then Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (and his top aid) to present irrefutable data on the critical climate engineering issue (the meeting consisted of only the three of us in Gavin's office). The meeting was facilitated through mutual contact between Gavin Newsom and myself. Gavin and his staff member did not dispute any of the data presented in the meeting. At one point during the meeting / data presentation, Gavin sat back in his leather chair, took a very deep breath, and stated “I didn’t need this” (an absolute acknowledgment of the geoengineering operations). Unfortunately, then Lieutenant Governor Newsom (now governor Newsom) quickly turned his back on the geoengineering issue. Were Gavin's career aspirations the superseding priority? Is there really any question about this?

Below is a short communication exchange between myself and Gavin that took place in January of 2016 ( a full 2 years after the climate engineering briefing in Gavin's office). The communication reveals exactly what one would expect from an individual whose political aspirations are the bottom line.

On Jan 20, 2016, Dane Wigington wrote:

Hello, Gavin, what will the public feel when they finally wake to the ongoing climate engineering nightmare and they find out that you have been aware of it all along? Since I personally presented the science on this critical issue to you and your top aid in your office some 2 years ago (February 7th 2014), you have disclosed nothing about the ongoing geoengineering atrocities in our skies. The population is waking up, and I can only imagine that they will not be pleased with all those that have helped to hide the climate engineering crimes and instead were focused on mailing out letters like the one your group sent on the message below. 


Dane Wigington

Governor Newsom’s response to my message is below:

On Jan 20, 2016, at 10:58 AM, Gavin Newsom wrote:

Won't apologize for focusing on gun 

violence , appreciate your passionate 

point of view and respectfully took

the time to meet with you and researched 

your concerns , while we 

may not share the same conclusion , I wish you the best and will 

happily remove your email address from 

our database as to no longer burden 

you with issues that clearly are not 

resonant with you 

Sent from my iPhone

My reply to Governor Newsom:

With all due respect, Gavin, mathematically speaking, the amount of human mortality already caused by the highly toxic aerosol heavy metals being sprayed is so vast it could never be quantified. This is not even to mention the endless list of wider threats that are all connected to the ongoing geoengineering insanity. Though I am, of course, all for ending gun violence, the amount of human mortality being caused by this subject (gun violence) is dwarfed beyond belief by the massive climate engineering assault on the planet and the human race. Our legal team will soon file suit on this critical issue which so many state agencies are doing their best to hide from public view. The public has a right to know what is going on above their heads and we have the data to prove it. 

Though California governor Gavin Newsom has absolutely known about the ongoing illegal climate engineering operations for nearly 5 years (at minimum), he has continued to play his part in the ongoing criminal climate engineering cover-up. All the while the once "Golden State" has continued to dry out and incinerate as a direct result of the climate engineering assault.

What are the agendas of the weather makers? What were the composition and conclusions of the information passed on to Governor Newsom in the 2014 meeting at the State Capitol? Below is an outline, but with current data.

Though we cannot know all the objectives of the geoengineers, available data makes clear that heating and drying some regions in order to engineer large scale temporary cool-downs in other regions is a core part of the equation. The NOAA "departure from normal high temperature" map below reveals nothing less than the scheduled weather for the US for the period from November 12th through the 16th, 2018.

Private defense contractor and geoengineering climate modification patent holder Raytheon does all the weather modeling for the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This amounts to dictating the "forecasts" (scheduled weather) to the nation's weather "forecasting" personnel.

How are the engineered Eastern US cool-downs achieved? The "ridiculously resilient ridge" (RRR) heat dome of ionosphere heater created high pressure (over the US West) effectively blocks any inflow of storms and moisture into the western US. Any and all moisture flowing east from the Pacific is pushed around the clockwise rotating RRR. The NOAA "departure from normal precipitation" map below reflects the US "scheduled" weather for November. Notice the extremely anomalous below normal rain bullseye over Northern California, this dry zone is a direct result of the factors just described.

The ionosphere heater created "ridiculously resilient ridge" high pressure heat dome causes Pacific moisture to completely bypass the US West.

Patented processes of chemical ice nucleation for weather modification are utilized to create a layer of cold dense air that eventually sinks to the surface and thus facilitates the desired engineered cool-down event further east in the US. The patented chemical ice nucleation process is at the core of the rapidly increasing ice storm and engineered weather whiplash scenarios.

The chemical ice nucleation process can and often does turn what should be a liquid precipitation event into a frozen precipitation event. This amounts to engineering winter in some regions at the expense of drying and heating other regions. has consistently covered the "engineered winter" geoengineering scenarios , a part of this scenario involves incinerating the US West under the high artificially created high pressure heat dome. 

Again, are Governor Gavin Newsom's political and power aspirations his top priority in this equation? Why would we think otherwise? Our so called government (including federal) is bought and paid for from the top down. If we are to have any chance whatsoever of exposing and halting the climate engineering programs of global omnicide, it will be from grass roots level campaigns of raising and reaching a critical mass of awareness. Sharing credible data from a credible source, is key. Make your voice heard, we must make every day count.

For many years has been trying to sound the alarm about the climate engineering assault on California (and the world). Below is the presentation "Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California".

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

57 Responses to Governor Newsom, Geoengineering And Unprecedented Wildfires

  1. L says:

    Nov 15 2019 Hello Dane, thank you for what you do! I emailed Gavin Newsome a couple of days ago and I am curious as to the response. I gave him the one two and told him he, his wife and children are breathing this ugly air too. I went on and on. It is soooo frustrating what they are doing to us. I don't know how you keep going on this. Do you have faith in the Lord? That's the only way I keep my head together. Thanks again

  2. Lauren Ayers says:

    Thanks to Dane and so many that he has helped reach the public (like Kristen Megan and Francis Mangels), we have a broad base of for stopping the spraying.

    Yes, Governor Newsom is irresponsible in ignoring this issue. But even the tiny few politicians who tried to do something about it –Kucinich, and someone elected to state office in New England, for instance, both presented Stop Spraying legislation– but it never got out of committee.

    The ONLY thing 99.9% of politicians care about is getting re-elected. That means that for a few months every election cycle they listen to voters and if there is a big enough groundswell, they will say to the lobbyists filling their campaign chests with dollars, "This time I must vote with my constituents, you know how that happens now and then." 

    Civil Rights activists down South discovered that new media called television and it helped a lot that they practiced peaceful non-violence so when the rest of the nation saw the brazen racism of police dogs and fire hoses knocking people down, there was an irrevocable shift. Before them, suffragists went on hunger strikes in jail and were force fed.

    Cesar Chavez started the grape boycott, another brilliant strategy. AIDS activists made a huge quilt and lots of celebrities spoke out. MeToo was a simple hashtag and it looks like some aspects of chauvinist piggy-ness will never be tolerated again. 

    None of these causes asked for the entire package, and none got all that they wanted. Knowing that, we need to find one thing that will help knock down the next domino, and get all the parts of the problem the attention necessary.

    What turned me around was the test results. Maybe focusing on getting more testing done by impartial bodies like county public health offices, which would prevent anyone from accusing the tests of being rigged (like I hear occasionally about the water tests our local group has had done). Maybe we should demand that the state legislature have a pilot project of testing surface waters in a selection of counties, a cross section of rural, suburban, and urban communities. It wouldn’t cost must if it was a few tests of rain water and lakes every month for, say, a year.

    It's unfair that we, the masses, must do all the work. But when we do, our elected reps will listen, and will take action. That is the American way.

    It’s the People who are the real power. Yes, “Sweeping the stairs from the top down” sounds smart, but it doesn’t happen that way in real life. Asking a governor to do the right thing is like asking a toddler to stop eating with her hands—not gonna happen.

  3. kyle rich says:

      Gavin is a Getty He and Willy Brown(CRIMANAL)as well as Gerry Brown have been having sunday lunch for decades at the getty ranch ! While having lunch and conspiring to defraud Ca. and it's people of course he'll do nothing. We all need to show up at any public appearance and ? his motive over and over not letting him avoid a honest answer. 

  4. Alex Teller says:

    It all really is a bit too much, it gets so old trying to get people to see what's happening all around them and having them all think you're crazy…I'm my case, there really isn't anyone of my family and most of my friends who don't think I may be in need of meds, regardless of the mountains of evidence used to support my position…We live in a time when a lie told by a talking head with a degree from some J school is taken at face value, regardless of their lack of evidence based research and the simple fact that I'm not a journalist, but rather a therapist that my  evidence and fact based narrative is rejected..I think it's just too much for some people to accept, but regardless of their reasoning, if they don't wake up soon we're all up shit creek…It's extremely depressing

  5. Kathy says:

    Don't know if people will follow up but shared this post on fb in a discussion of the fires. they were saying the same thing you pointed out above, poor forest management. 

  6. Prak says:

    Lets send prayers to these areas, we all matter in this universe! Im inspired to spread the truth and incorporate it in my music, now i know what to do. We really must stand together, we need to wake up and care enough. It starts with caring for your self, your earth, we all matter.  Thanks for inspiring me…

  7. Sandy Patrus says:

    Hi Kathy, my sister lives in Portland and she is a non believer.  She thinks I am a total nutcase.  I told her to check out the Gem Faire booth at the convention center this weekend to learn the truth.  She said she would, and maybe coming from someone other than me it might sink in.  Who knows if she will actually show up….and if she does be prepared for a fight….she will deny, deny, deny.

  8. Sandy Patrus says:

    Dane, you have to be so very frustrated with these useless people in office and thank you for fighting like you do to the very end.  I think at this point it will take an army of us marching in the streets to wake the people up.  Then what?  Then they send in their militarized police to silence us.  The ones at the very top controlling it all can't possibly have a soul, because if they did they could not do this to their own people.  How are they getting away with this?

  9. James Russell says:

    Thank you for the information that you have shared with the public, you have done an incredible job against all odds. May you and yours be protected as you do this work, and glad you and yours are safe.

  10. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, this message if not a happy one it's just the truth America's military industrial complex is at war with America in the first casualty is California with a lot of other states to follow, the problem is nothing can stop it they have too much money in fact they have all the money and all the money nothing we do we'll stopand not I've been at this for 10 years and any slow down what so ever. In fact it's been speeding up the end is near. again this is just the truth can hurt. The truth is we've lost so nothing Dane or I or anyone else can do to stop this out of control military industrial complex. The End . I've given up after 10 years nothing has slowed it down.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joe, certainly I understand your angst. Yes, it is true that this battle has been unimaginably long and arduous, and yes, the horizon is indeed dark. This being said, “it’s not over till it’s over”, as the song goes.(
      We may yet accomplish astounding good, even at this late hour, if we stand together. Standing against the storm is a choice that belongs to each of us, it is a matter of will, and our will can never be taken form us, ever. I hope you will decide to continue marching with us in this battle, Joe, all of us are essential in this critical effort.

  11. Phil says:

    Dane how can these people be so foolish as to believe that poor forest management was to blame. Our forest in Ca are dead. They would have to remove all the forest. We have been here in So Cal in drought or lack of rain since the turn of this century. Last season we got 4.8 inches when 15 is the norm. Nothing to do with trees not being cut down.

  12. Gavin Newsom isn't alone.  He should spell his name: New Sum…  

    Opinion | Trump’s Corruption: The Definitive List – The New York Times 

    The common love of corruption is how America will go down – just like all the other democratic "republics" in history…

  13. Joseph Nolan says:

    Predictive programming, look at the movies. Look at the Walking Dead, that's what I see coming, but far worse than any Doom and Gloom series or its scriptwriters can dream up! I do see no one but Dane talking about this so long with credible facts and scientific believability. Thank God for Dane. Collectively were distracted by many ways, our children are so dumbed down its a miracle they even know how to spell cat! My humble opinion is were finished. Period. The very topic, alone opens anyone to dare say anything and you're labeled a nut case, that is the best weapon they have and it works beautifully. To Dane a rare example of human compassion and intellect, Who knows I pray I'm ever so wrong and see the day we rise awake, from our collective coma before every form of life is lost forever. We owe this to our children most of all the very young, who are not yet wasted in the brainwash schools. What a shame, you go out in public no one says nothing, your Doctor says nothing, air traffic control says nothing the two thousand pound elephant in the room no one sees 's nothing, what a mind rush. Were living in Alice in Wonderland, every week I listen to Dane a man of sanity, helps just to hear an honest voice in a quiet world of insanity and cowards! God Bless you, Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joseph, thank you so much for your support in this most critical effort to sound the alarm. Truly, it is a team effort, our combined energies and dedication that can yet matter at this late hour. 

    • Merilee Kenning says:

      Joseph Nolan, Well said, God Bless you Dane,  There is hope.  My Mother and Father both in their 80's see the skies and now my Aunt does too after many discussions about it.  We sit on the back sun porch and watch the unmarked silver planes take almost the same route every day until the sky turns from beautiful Blue to murky and streaked with poisons.  It makes me sick!   Do you still have your Billboards up anywhere?  I have not visited this page in a while because it does make me crazy what the globalists are doing to the population. Will be following the suit and praying for a major good out come. 

  14. Linda Thacker says:

    Dane, may the Lord God Almighty protect you and your family from these crazy geo-engineering maniacs.  I appreciate you tireless dedication in bringing the truth to the masses about what is really going on in the world.  I live in Texas and almost all of September and October it rained here, which is very abnormal, I am so tired of this weather manipulation.  May God give you strength to expose these evil doers and bless you and your family in an eternal way.

    • BECKY looney says:


      Thank you for using your voice against this evil, God is on the throne and we will pray that these evildoers will be stopped and held accountable for all the destruction and lives that were lost. This is insanity at its deepest core and I pray their evil devices and schemes would be shattered and sent back to hell. These malicious ruthless attacks are used by deviants who don’t care about lives just killing the innocent and our planet.


       Stay strong Dane, you have our prayers

  15. Edem Elesh says:

    In regards to another wonderful post and the subject of California burning once again, I feel this quote is most poignant: "If you want to hold on to territory, decimate it". Niccolo Machiavelli.

  16. M. Allison says:

    If Gavin Newsome has political asperations he should expose this travesty. This information not only needs to be exposed to the public but more importantly needs to be realized by the public.

  17. Dennie says:

    The Theme of The Day seems to be "REALITY…."  I'm having a LOT of trouble getting people to LOOK AWAY and LOOK UP from their idiotic weapons of mass distraction.  When they do, there's either total disbelief, an inability to grasp large concepts, and worst of all a pervasive intractable "Disneyland Princess" mentality that says "If I WANT x-y-z to be reality, then it IS!!!"

  18. Frank says:

    Newsom responds to the most important voices that come his way. They are obviously the voices of entrenched wealth that has one motive – to preserve the status quo that serves them.

    If the masses are too stupid to notice and the environmental groups are too crooked to care, your only real hope would be to get to the children of the power elite, the ones who could see a reason to influence their powerful parents, but in this carefully orchestrated age of random distraction and short attention span, they are probably having too much fun to care. So we wait for a miracle as the situation deteriorates into one that will necessitate the open use of geoengineering, ironically.

    This world is like a farm and we are the animals, the sheep, in the field. All we get is herding and slaughter. Gotta change the farmers.

  19. Ron Marr says:

    These selected politicians have no human interest at all as,BBane, point out….And another false flag in S. Cal. town with no crime rate…where the first thing a victim calls for is 'Gun Control'. Even in tragedy, we must watch what we ask for…They, are not on our side and only seek our destruction and yet we say to them…with all due respect…when they have none for humanity or life itself. Their many angles of destruction surround us…as we continue to pretend to have other matters at hand.

  20. Joseph L says:

    Followup I was just banned from commondreams for posting this link

  21. Joseph L says:

    Dane i see someone just censored my link from commondreams.– they haven't banned me yet -,this is disgusting. i see someone wrote in take me off because this is conspiracy theory– meanwhile the world burns — i am so angry right  now– I can't imagine the garbage you put up w for so many years.  Thank you for everything you do and all the other people that come in here that give a damn.

    • Lorine Shannon says:

      It's things such as this why they are trying to take away our free speech. We are in our last days. God has had enough.

  22. Joseph L says:
    Dane i posted this link into comment section of commondreams. Stay safe in calif- these are manmade disasters.  i hope to wake more people up — and I continue to hand out flyers too as much as i can.

  23. izzy says:

    Apparently, even the threat of a coming lawsuit wasn’t enough to get Newsom in gear almost three years ago. But that sort of public disclosure is still a good idea. Any notion as to when it might actually happen?

  24. I just watched the Gavin Newsom video.  Another bullshit artist – who at 1:15 in the video says: "California is making a statement to America."

    Ya:  Watch California burn whilst people play lotteries and remain completely clueless about the most obvious environmental sabotage in human history.  The Earth is being killed… period.  So let's crank up those new 5G networks and stare blankly into our little binky phones.  I'm sure the future is bright and cheery in on that tiny little smokescreen… and

    • BlueSue says:

      "stare blankly into our little binky phones.  I'm sure the future is bright and cheery in on that tiny little smokescreen…" — love the way you call it so straight Paul! (tragedy that it is).

  25. Alan Brown says:

    I have recently written to the Scottish Governemnt, namely the Air Quality Policy Department and received an absolutely absurd response to my email. Andrew Taylor, QPA Manager had this to say:

    "I believe that there is consensus amongst atmospheric scientists that contrails can persist for hours and that it is normal for them to spread out in sheets that will resemble cirrus clouds.  Depending on the amount and distribution of air traffic at any given point in time, this can develop into almost complete coverage of the sky when viewed from a particular location.."

    It baffles me how disingenuous these people are, and how these blatant lies pass for truth. I live in northern Scotland, and I'm fed up seeing our beautiful clear blue skies turned into nanoparticulate mush.

    My next step will be to contact our Minister for Climate Change.

  26. Theo Radic says:

    I have family in Paradise CA and am awaiting a reply to my email from Sweden inquiring if they are safe. Thank you for the alert response and detailed information. Why does the governor's cover-up for geoengineering? Is it only for personal glory or is he complicit in the crime? 

    • NS says:

      Theo, wishing you the best, Praying and hoping your family is safe. I have four generations of cousins in Chico. And dear old family friends, also four generations of them. My Aunt and cousins lived in Paradise and Magalia for most of the past 50 years.

  27. Brad Call says:

    Just got back from Yucatan traveling from one end to the other.  The skies were wonderfully blue with beautiful cumulus.  But then, here and there, in some widely separated areas were the unmistakable, ominous streaks of particulate spraying.  It is going on there also but not so aggressively as here in California at least for the time I was there. 

    I have never seen such ferocious fires as we have seen this year in California.  But what could one expect when the trees are coated with such an explosive accelerant as nano aluminum?


  28. Dennie says:

    The fires are so hot they're sterilizing the soil.  "Scorched earth" policy of environmentalism on the part of the Corporate-Military-Industrial crime cabal.  

    • Dale K says:

      Begs the question as to whether this fire was set deliberately at this nuclear waste site in SoCal.

      Woolsey Fire Burns Nuclear Meltdown Site that State Toxics Agency Failed to Clean Up
      Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles
      Nov 9, 2018


      For Immediate Release: November 9, 2018

      Contact: Denise Duffield, 310-339-9676 or, Melissa Bumstead 818-298-3182 or,

      Last night, the Woolsey fire burned the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), a former nuclear and rocket engine testing site. Footage from local television showed flames surrounding rocket test stands, and the fire’s progress through to Oak Park indicates that much of the toxic site burned.

      A statement released by the California Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) said that its staff, “do not believe the fire has caused any releases of hazardous materials that would pose a risk to people exposed to the smoke.” The statement failed to assuage community concerns given DTSC’s longtime pattern of misinformation about SSFL’s contamination and its repeated broken promises to clean it up.

      “We can’t trust anything that DTSC says,” said West Hills resident Melissa Bumstead, whose young daughter has twice survived leukemia that she blames on SSFL and who has mapped 50 other cases of rare pediatric cancers near the site. Bumstead organized a group called “Parents vs. SSFL” and launched a petition demanding full cleanup of SSFL that has been signed by over 410,000 people. “DTSC repeatedly minimizes risk from SSFL and has broken every promise it ever made about the SSFL cleanup. Communities throughout the state have also been failed by DTSC. The public has no confidence in this troubled agency,” said Bumstead.

      Nuclear reactor accidents, including a famous partial meltdown, tens of thousands of rocket engine tests, and sloppy environmental practices have left SSFL polluted with widespread radioactive and chemical contamination. Government-funded studies indicate increased cancers for offsite populations associated with proximity to the site, and that contamination migrates offsite over EPA levels of concern. In 2010, DTSC signed agreements with the Department of Energy and NASA that committed them to clean up all detectable contamination in their operational areas by 2017. DTSC also in 2010 committed to require Boeing, which owns most of the site, to cleanup to comparable standards. But the cleanup has not yet begun, and DTSC is currently considering proposals that will leave much, if not all, of SSFL’s contamination on site permanently.

      Dr. Robert Dodge, President of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles, shares the community’s concerns. “We know what substances are on the site and how hazardous they are. We’re talking about incredibly dangerous radionuclides and toxic chemicals such a trichloroethylene, perchlorate, dioxins and heavy metals. These toxic materials are in SSFL’s soil and vegetation, and when it burns and becomes airborne in smoke and ash, there is real possibility of heightened exposure for area residents.”

      Dodge said protective measures recommended during any fire, such as staying indoors and wearing protective face masks, are even more important given the risks associated with SSFL’s contamination. Community members are organizing a campaign on social media to demand that DTSC release a public statement revealing the potential risks of exposure to SSFL contamination related to the fire.

      But for residents such as Bumstead, worries will remain until SSFL is fully cleaned up. “When I look at that fire, all I see is other parents’ future heartache,” said Bumstead, “And what I feel is anger that if the DTSC had kept its word, we wouldn’t have these concerns, because the site would be cleaned up by now.”

    • NS says:

      Hmmn, after the Fukushima accident, incinerators owned & operated by Tepco (which owns the Fukushina Daiichi plant) burned all kinds of nuclear waste from the accident.

      Christopher Busby, Ph.D., has stated on record he thinks the "modus operandum" was to spread radiation all over Japan. Then it would be far less likely to fix financial liability on Tepco. Think long latency periods between acute expsosures to radiation, or ingestion/inhalation of radioactive particles, and the onset of diseases like cancer.

      Dr. Busby said that about the incineration of debris and spreading liability (or diluting it), around the time Tepco informed landowners in Fukushina prefecture they "owned" the radioactive contaminants that had landed on their properties.

      What twisted logic.

      Maybe the MIC and Rocketdyne operators (or whomever has financial interest in the site, liability) wants to "scrub" the site and increase the "ambient" level of radioactive particles across a wider area.

      Makes it harder to prove liability and causation for disease if you spread the contamination around, doesn't it? After a LOT of the other stunts this cartel has pulled, it would not be the least bit surprising.

      Looks like a classic play from the nuclear-military cartel to me.

      Looks like a duck, walks like a duck. Oh, don't even get me STARTED on these nuke-tard monsters! The nuclear weapons and energy cartel has a really grim and dark history. Astonishingly corrupt and evil.

      Thanks Dane for speaking out about the damage being done by nuclear contamination, too.

      It's a much more serious issue than most people realize. The fact few people know much about it is a testimony to the success of the "Atoms for Peace" program and control of the media, PR work done by the nuclear cartel and MIC.

      As the old saying goes, "follow the money." There's a big money trail to follow out there. If this sounds overplayed, look up information on the "Hanford Green Runs." That should be enough to convince almost anyone the nuke cartel is diabolically crazy.

      It's really healthy for people to talk about this – and not pretend it is not happening. As painful as reality is to face, it must be done. IMHO we, the "conspiracy theorists" are usually the sane people. And the fearless ones.

  29. Dennie says:

    I just wrote to my Berkeley music studio partner who texted me back that her daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren were evacuated from the Chico area and they have lost their house to the fire.  

  30. Kathy says:

    Target CA- no time to waste in this battle. Todays heavy news spurred us on in the frontlines of the Gem Faire booth in Puyallup today. In addition to the 750 people we personally spoke with last weekend in Eugene, another well over 300 today. We were asked a few times, does geo have anything to do with CA fires? It was a very receptive group of people. I cannot even imagine these booths being unattended. Steve and James work hard to to make the Gem Faire booths happen tip top. May I please put out a call to pull up the GEM FAIRE schedule ( just google it or whatever) and attend one in your area. It is so worth it to help them. I will write in greater detail tomorrow but people are awake and awakening. With great pleasure, we look forward to tomorrow and Sunday. Then on to Portland, anyone in Portland want to join us? CA- our prayers are with you as well as our actions! 

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    A nightmare… NASA Worldview: California fires / Nov.9, 2018. Note the miles of aerosol spraying. For what purpose?

  32. Catie Gustitus says:

    Thank You Dane for responding to me on Youtube and Pointing me here. I have shared and will Continue to Share with as many Social Media Broadcasting Patriot Groups and Radio Shows as I can.  We have many Patriot Warriors out there fighting the Criminal Political Machines.. I will Update You.  We fought very Similar Suspicious Circumstances here in the Smoky Mountains of TN.  NONE of us are Safe. The Spraying is Relentless…. God Bless You .. Press On Brother..Sharing Everywhere… ~Catie

  33. BaneB says:

    With all due respect to Governor Newsom, he is not very bright.  He is from a San Francisco political family (Pelosi). He was groomed for office.  He is photogenic, affable, married well, and has higher aspirations than California governor.  The golden boy, from the golden state, declaring the golden glow from Paradise a disaster.  All the while he knows……

  34. Lori Aitken says:

    Thank you Dane for your updates. I live in California (Lake County) and have been trying to sound the alarm to people I know since attending your event in Redding. I have put in an order for more brochures from you as they say it all. Sooooo many people just don't look up.

    Watching these recent fires on TV is such a devastating, sad situation. We keep wondering how long our home will be standing in Lake County since we've had 5 major fires in the past 3 years. Can't help but wonder if "they" are giving Lake County a little breather while burning up the Butte County (Chico and Paradise) area. I'm sure we will be back on "their" radar soon as the aerial spraying was going on today even though we barely had any blue sky through all the smoke. I will use these fires as yet another example of geoengineering and what it is doing (it's hard to believe that the general population thinks residential housing and cars just go up in flames when they aren't even surrounded by brush and dry trees). Thanks again Dane…..we are with you and bringing others in to awareness.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I was telling people today about the lines in the sky and how it is nano-aluminum and that it causes dry lightening and how the dust is so fine and so much of it that it is an incindiary dust meaning highly flammable due to the small size of the particles.

    • Dennie says:

      For anyone who does not understand the difference between micro-sized particulates and nanoparticulates, especially the toxic metal kind, here you go:

  35. E. Grogan says:

    Dane, THANK YOU for this article. I live in Calif and will be speading this wide and far. This transcends political parties and alot of people know about the chemtrails at this point. If Newsom chooses to ignore this issue, hmmm, can we say RECALL? 

  36. Alouette de Mer says:

    I sent a 25-question quiz to the 3 major candidates running for the House from my district here in Colorado Springs.  Included was a direct question about whether or not they support this activity in the stratosphere, and I used the exact technical and scientific terms we're told to use by Dane in order to be credible.  Not one of the three even responded.  Governor Newsom is certainly cut from the same cloth as any politician.  He twisted the meaning of Dane's comment about the severity of gun violence being paled by the massive climate engineering, that in order to make it appear Dane is some off-the-wall person who opposes gun violence.  Politicians are masters of deceit and diversion, and they rarely if ever answer a direct question.  Very manipulative lot those politicians.  They know the truth but they won't admit it, and they won't do anything about it, and it's clear these politicians are nihilists who don't care if they live or die.  They don't want the truth, they don't want the light.  Instead, all of them rise up and say as in one voice, "Give us Barabbas!"  They collectively choose the darkness over the light, they choose the lie over the truth.  It's the lesson of history.  But as Dane always mentions, this paradigm is unsustainable and it never has been.  You can only do bad things in the darkness.  It's the strangest thing I've ever seen.  They seem to actually want to die.  And they want you and me and everything else on Earth to die with them.  It's time for me to order the materials, the credible evidence, and spread it around here in Colorado Springs.  This is city is the Military-Industrial Complex on steroids.  This would be a great place for Dane to speak, and I'm very curious about what the reaction would be like here.  I worked in mainstream media and the recording industry, and I'd love to promote that.  NORAD is under the mountain I see from my back porch.  And Colorado has the highest measure of radioactive activity in the country.  No place is safe from these crazy people and their war machine. They have turned Rocky Flats between Boulder and Golden into an open space area for hiking and jogging.  They made plutonium triggers for nuclear bombs there.  If you're interested in your state here are the readings updated in real time.  This is ancillary to the current massive problem, although you may want to keep this site for reference.

    • Jeanette S says:

      colorado springs would be a good place to speak dane as colorado springs is home to NORAD and also the air force academy (like westpoint). also NORAD, exchanges, has members visit from Canada's end of NORAD. North american air defense command, the army is also in town on the west side. fort carson.

    • Lana Lorenzen says:

      I don't understand how anyone can be under the miscomprehension that these human beings want to die. I cannot believe that they haven't planned for their survival since 1947. After all, they had the foresight in 1943 to plan for continuous, covert wars that would never be won in order to create billions in profits, so they must have known the eventual outcome. From everything I've read over the last 25 years, there are vast underground "cities" that will house these individuals whether it be against coronal mass ejections (which have occurred in the past), galactic super-waves, environmental collapse, nuclear war, or heck, invasion from outer space. It's the rest of us who will be left holding the bag, gazing at the skies, and thinking, "What the hell?!"

  37. Paul Artale says:

    I Timothy 6.10a: "For the love of money is the root of all evil:"

  38. sharon s. says:

    Someone said if you think Jerry Brown was a destructive governor, Newsom is your 16 yr old kid with your car keys in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. Gird yourselves,California, all hell broke loose the moment he won. And he doesn't give a damn. Thanks so much for trying to get thru to his numb skull, Dane. You tried. 

    • Dennie says:

      Political musings on a Saturday night, or I Mustn't Have Enough To Do Right Now:  At least Jerry Brown was an actual career politician who believed in something bigger than himself. While Brown really missed the mark in regard to his wavering stance on climate change and Big Oil, he had no problem standing up to Trump and calling a spade a spade.  NO leader ever makes every single person happy and there are always the damnedest complaints even about very good leaders.  I've seen this dynamic play out in my parish with our rector of the past ten years.  Just take a good look what kind of crap Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus himself had to take.  Not saying that Brown's perfect but Brown was a huuuge improvement over Zbig's pick, Ahnold Schwarzenegger.  The PTB managed to get Pete Wilson thrown out (recalled) just so the Repugnican Potty could install their Governator in "power," then look what he did when he got control of the reigns… not too much, thankfully.  Reality is, Schwarzenegger came with certain Continental sensibilities that didn't quite make it in California and might actually have been a fairly progressive leader, if he could have managed to get his ego and personal life out of the way.  Talking head, yes; politician, NO.  Yes, I do think it's clear that Newsom's been groomed for the job:  Photogenic, nice-looking wife, money, what else?  Doesn't appear to have much in the way of brains, however.  A former restaurateur and close friend of the San Francisco Elites' silver-spoon trust-funder crowd, he does remind me of a 16-yr-old kid with the keys to the car in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.  Our other choice I wouldn't have been so sure about.  After reading Cox's political agenda it reminded me a lot of Trump's plan to "make America great again," except for allowing skilled immigrant labor into the state.  These guys all want it to be 1954 again– not gonna happen.  We've gone much much too far into resource depletion, carbon burning and green house gas emissions and the massive environmental destruction this is causing.  I wonder if Newsom has ever heard the word "methane…."  

  39. Tyson Bryan says:

    Calculated regional "drought & burn events"?  Burning down whole communities might be an effective way to help wake more people up to the geoengineering reality.             I flew in from Hawaii to attend your Redding Awareness Event of Oct 20th.  Thank you for your fine presentation and for providing an opportunity to meet all others attending the conference. The day following (21st), I drove Hwy 299 out to Whiskeytown to see how the recent fire (Carr Fire) had impacted  120 acres of land I own overlooking Whiskeytown Lake. The aftermath of this latest fire is quite different than any past fire. Burned to an absolute crisp and to the point that mass erosion seems likely this winter over the entire Whiskeytown / Clear Creek drainage area. Years of ass busting work clearing brush to plant trees – up in smoke. Not sure exactly how to proceed from this point to save the land. Do nothing and let it become badlands? Stop flying? What?

    • Jeanette S says:

      I have coined a phrase called "seeding". It is a lot like setting out plugs, you space them out and let them fill in themselves. "seeding" can be anything living or not, set out in a grid, polka dot pattern with the hopes that action will occur and will fill in the spaces in between. this is either broadcasting or putting patches of organic matter innoculated with a bag of say OMRI certified soil mix. assuming there is nothing but cinder stones for soil to work with and all your land is that way. If you are there to tend it, dig a hole in that cinder and put fresh purchased soil in the hole and water regularly. I would get four tarps and put them in a square and 2-3 ft apart and get mulch from another area that has been clear cut and spread it out. No water would go un-solar distilled, none would go down the drain and used to water the mulch for seeds and live stems. I would do the same in the amazon to cleared areas. I would go around town and collect things like, leaves, brush green, plastic cups from puddles with the silt and hopefully some kind of organisms, what is bane to someone else can be beau ti full to you to get your land living again. what about composting your food scraps and poss. humanure, road kill on the far out acres. If land near yours has not been burned maybe try to draw life from that by putting the above theries into practice. I have taken home live bugs already. check out the local free cycle for soil, compost and other supplies.

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