Greg Hunter From “USA Watchdog” Covers Geoengineering Programs


Greg Hunter has again covered the climate engineering issue with this new interview and article on the subject. Greg is a very respected and highly experienced news correspondent who has won many awards for his investigative reporting and journalism. His news site "USA Watchdog" has a huge following of people that appreciate Greg's tenacity for uncovering and exposing the truth on subjects and issues that mainstream media won't touch. Hunter's coverage of the climate engineering insanity is extremely helpful in the effort to bring this critical issue to light.
Dane Wigington


Geoengineering Doing Most Destruction To Planet – Dane Wigington

Source: USA Watchdog, article by Greg Hunter

Dane Wigington, lead researcher for the global climate engineering informational website, says lawsuits are being prepared to get to the truth about what many call chemtrails. Wigington says, “It’s not just me. In fact, we have six US attorneys and two Canadian attorneys, and they are involved in this battle of their own accord because they realize their reality is disintegrating by the day. The climate engineering issue is the most significant environmental factor on the planet at this time. The filings are different in nature, and this will develop with their strategy. This is being done in a manner that will hopefully be a template for other states besides California to follow that template and also file suit. The heavy metal contamination is not arguable. It is there, and it’s not coming from China. It matches the climate engineering patents exactly. We have agencies whose job it is to disclose such a public health hazard and they are not disclosing, and there is liability from that –period. In the case of Northern California, we have spikes of aluminum in the Sacramento River, which is the drinking water for California, that is not being publicly acknowledged.”

Those doing the geoengineering, or solar radiation management, to combat so-called global warming would say they are saving the planet. Just the opposite, and Wigington goes on to say, “Those in the military who are involved in the program are being told exactly that, and this is imperative to try to sustain the planet’s life support system. In fact, with available data from 65 years of climate engineering, we know this is making the situation far worse, not better. We now have some in academia with the courage to start speaking out. Many are afraid about speaking about his issue, but we now have peer reviewed studies that say climate engineering can’t work. The trapping of the heat that comes from putting these particulates in the atmosphere and the shredding of the ozone layer, which is now in tatters, are all results of climate engineering. We don’t have the climate science community stating directly that this is happening or acknowledging it, but they are all stating on the record that it can’t work.”

Think this is some sort of myth? Wigington rebuts by saying, “We have film footage of these tankers spraying at altitude: military tankers, KC-10s, KC-135s and C-17 Globe Masters with up close video turning on and off (spray). There is no argument at this point; we have film footage of it happening. What most people don’t realize is they bought into the condensation trail lie. We know that this military type engine in these tankers is nearly incapable of producing a condensation trail. . . . Don’t believe anything I am saying, just look at the footage we have, and some of it has been taken by Air Force personnel. Why would we think that our government is not engaged in this when we have our government and governments around the globe stating emphatically that something has to be done immediately?  Would we really think our government would ask our permission for something that they categorize as a national security issue? Top military brass have stated on the record the biggest threat of all is climate change. Do you think they would ask our permission?”

What is the damage being done to humans? Wigington says, “Everything you would connect to heavy metal exposure is going off the charts–autism, Alzheimer’s, ALS and all sorts of neurological disorders.”

Wigington also contends, “Anything we do to alter the natural systems is a form of engineering the planet. Engineering is perhaps too dignified, but it alters the biosphere. Putting a hundred million tons of carbon in the air is a big problem. Cutting down forests is a big problem. Paving the planet is another big problem, but when you look at climate engineering and how it has kept the planet from responding to the damage done, that is a bigger problem than all of them combined. The sea levels are rising 10 times faster than what we are being told. Miami is pumping out sea water every high tide. The streets are flooding underneath every high tide. . . . Even a foot or two of sea level rise is cataclysmic for any costal habitation. The total sea level rise is beyond what most people think that is possible. In official studies, if Greenland melts in its entirety, that is 21 to 24 feet of sea level rise. If Antarctica melts, that is a 197 to 200 feet of sea level rise. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it is happening at exponential speed, and it only takes one or two feet to cause cataclysmic damage all over the globe. It is happening right now.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington of 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Wigington also told he that his inside sources say that the powers doing this will do anything to stop the public from finding out about the climate engineering and heavy metal particles coating the planet. Wigington says those same sources tell him that they are afraid of a widespread awaking about what is being done to the public and are extremely fearful there would be an out cry to prosecute and jail the people or, as the source said, “Demand them to be hung or shot by firing squad.”

Wigington also provides what he calls “a few short ‘indisputable spraying’ videos.” Here are three for you to view. You can click (here), (here) and (here).

Wigington also offers evidence that what many see crisscrossing the skies are NOT condensation trails, but actual spraying of microscopic heavy metal particles. Check it out for yourself by (clicking here).

Also Wigington is putting on a major Northern California event that he says will expose global climate engineering on Friday, August 14th, 2015.  For more information click here.

Source: USA Watchdog, article by Greg Hunter

36 Responses to Greg Hunter From “USA Watchdog” Covers Geoengineering Programs

  1. Martin Burger says:

    Dane your courageous service to us all is fantastic. Putting the legal hounds out is brilliant and will be a huge step in resolving the ecocide.

  2. Francis Mangels, retired scientist says:

    For a summary of the reports from field research and pH tests and EPA lab reports, see "geoengineering what we know" on the websites.  many old copies of this are floating around, but the latest is August 2015 and has the most updated material.  3 pages. 80 observations and facts, NEVER been debunked by the military industrial complex (oh how they tried!).  If you can't find it, ask one of us and I'll directly email you a copy.

  3. Kirk Mannor says:

    8/14/15 they sprayed heavy today here in Ohio with no regard, it seems this madness will never end.

  4. michael says:

    great work dane , we're getting really close to fully exposing this issue , let's keep pushing….

  5. Patty says:

    Hi Dane. Please address the implications electromagnetic radiation has on the metal particulates being sprayed in the atmosphere? I live in an area where the Navy is planning to conduct EMR "war games" 16 hours a day, 280 days a year (Navy's own stats). With the already daily geoengineering going on, the added bonus of EMR must significantly increase the dangers from these metals. Will you please address this issue? Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Patty, there are many negative effects from the RF transmisions, I do address this in many presentations. I have attached a link that will hopefully be of use.

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    We absolutely need more journalists telling the truth.  Many, many thank yous to Greg Hunter.  Slightly off topic, but going toward proof of the military endangering us and the lame nature of too many journalists, this is what's being said about 18 whale deaths in the Gulf of Alaska during the time of Northern Edge "military training" there.  It covered 800 square miles of the Gulf.  It is known the whales died at the same time.

    Yet somehow it is a "mystery".

    • Ana says:

      Thanks for the link Bella Fantasia and thanks for all your efforts and  work exposing this Geoengineering issue. Seems like every living thing is dying and starving in front of our eyes and for the most various reasons but  "humanity" seems to  blind to see it. The only reason (for the "killings" )they don´t talk about is geoengineering  cause seems to be the forbidden or taboo issue! I saw your comments and other links in previous publications and Thanks for helping Dane in his mission that was probably destined to him since his  birth! Dane is a very special human-being and all  of you  too in this battle! I thank God for people like You in the world and many others helping Dane to expose this officially denied crime of a hidden and silent killer (Geoengineering in our world)! Everything is not lost yet!

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It's excellent for us to have Greg Hunter on our side with such an authentic article.  Dane's content added after the interview continues to make the case credibly (as always).

    Another passionate anti-geoengineering activist posted his personal video of iridescent metallic particulates seen by a flashlight.  Someone claiming to be a scientist wanted to know more, so I explained and posted links.  He did seem to investigate, but then came back to say he didn't see these particulates living in the Socal desert.

    I tried really hard, so it was deflating.  We need credible people on this case more than ever.

  8. Nnikki says:

    Hi Dane. Great video as always. You mentioned the date of the event in Redding, Ca., as being on Aug. 24th. Has it changed from the original posted date of Aug. 14th ? I'm hoping to go, & need to know which is the correct date. Thank you for all that you do & take care.

  9. Marc says:

    I sure as hell hope it's still on Aug. 14th. My plane ticket and hotel are bought and paid for!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Looking forward to meeting you on the 14th, my friend, again, so sorry about the incorrect statement on the date in the interview.

  10. Marc says:

    Dane, in this interview you incorrectly stated that the Redding event is scheduled for August 24th. I'm sure it was just a slip-up, of course. But it would be wise to put up a correction here on your site for all interested parties. The slip-up occurs at about 25:46 or so into the interview. And also, fantastic interview once again!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, you are correct, I misstated the date on the interview, the date is the 14th of August as the flyer says. So sorry about this mistake.

  11. Michel B says:

    "Pay us some money and we might let it rain."

    "Let us set up a Private Central Bank in your country and we might stop the droughts."

    "Geez, too bad about that devastating earthquake and floods. Let our military give you a helping hand."

    "Too bad about your drought-ruined and toxified farms. We'll buy them off you for real good deal."

    "Feeling sick? No probs, I have friends in the pharmaceutical industry with just the right treatment for you."

    "That's too bad about your failing monsoons and ruined agriculture. There was too many of you anyway."

    "You have what we want and we are going to get it."

    "We actually own you, body, labour output and all, so just think yourself lucky we let you exist."

    "We despise you and you are only as good as you are useful to us."

    "We hate freedom of anything anywhere."

    "If we have to destroy everything to control it, so be it."

    "We can't explain exactly why we do what we do except that we want to do it."

    • Larry F. says:

      Absolutely right on the MONEY Michael.. You figured it but how in the hell can something this big and that only 1/2 of one % of the population even has a clue of what is going on. I have always believed that only  a team of smart and aggressive attorneys would be able to blow the lid off this insanity . And it after reading the latest from Dane it actually looked like there may be hope unless they collapse the whole economic and planet first.  I'm with Dane… TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

    • Marc says:

      Awesome, Michel B!

    • Michel B: Exactly! There are twisted and sick people in the world. Too much inbreeding I guess…
      "Sometimes I feel like I'm on one of those Mexican busses going down a steep mountain pass with a drunk driver at the wheel. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!"
      – Paul Vonharnish –

  12. Ralph Ely says:

    I have little to add to what Dane and Greg Hunter have said, except to express my personal thoughts about the battle we are all in.

    "All things in Moderation" as the saying goes.  What we as inhabitants of this globe have done to the Air, Water and Earth/ground has never been "in moderation."  Long ago we pushed over the first domino.  It fell on the next domino which fell on the next.

    There is "no one" reason for where we are today in regards to the imbalance of Nature.  The dominos continue to fall.  We can't undo or sit the fallen ones upright.  But we can take away the inertia the GeoEngineering programs have created and slow down and soften the landing of the falling dominos long enough for Mother Nature to regain her Rightful Control as we, at the same time, do our part to help reverse the many issues we have created.

    Stopping GeoEngineering is the 1st Order of The Day.  If we do not get this Single Issue addressed and stopped, all else will not matter. There is little any of us can do if we are Dead!

    If there is anyone reading this that is not in the fight, get involved now. You are on the right site to do some quick research and get the ball rolling in your area.  Start from the Flaming Arrows on the left side of the page.  Send a message if you have questions or need help.  We need everyone NOW.  Tomorrow may not be in our future.

  13. AllyL says:

    Excellent interview Dane, all the best for your event in Northern California from the UK. 

  14. John Loeffler says:

    I was taking some pictures of a new, long chemtrail right over the top of my house a short time ago. I could not help but notice, again, that there were several bees within a foot or less of me. They seemed overly docile like the bees that I accidentally disturbed a few weeks ago. Those bees swarmed me, but I was barely stung once. I am sure that the greatly diminished population of bees (butterflies, etc.) and their strange, nonaggressive behavior while protecting their hives, is being caused by not just Roundup's glyphosate and other biotech poisons that my neighbors flood their lawns with every year. The billions of tons of nano-particles constantly but invisibly raining down on us from Stratospheric Aerosol Engineering, or Chemtrails Geoengineering, are giving off alarm signals from bees to trees. Every living thing is affected by climate engineering, yet people either ignore what's going on directly above them or they ridicule what they do not even understand (or what they are paid to paint as "conspiracy theories"). Mass die-offs are happening everywhere like the entire Pacific Ocean, and NOAA has no answer for this? People eat too much of the spoon-fed crap that corporate-government media is feeding them even though they know that our planet is in dire health. One of my local officials told me that my photos that I sent in were from Canadian forest fires. The pictures that I take are dated and time-stamped, and they were taken well before any fires broke out. Fires do not produce lines all over the sky and white, wispy clouds either. Silence = Guilt. There is no excuse for being too afraid to speak up. How else are we going to stop all of the criminal activity like the toxic spraying? Shame on humanity for what looks like the sixth and only mass species extinction caused by humans!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      John Leoffler, Hi.  A couple of things.  About bees, besides geoengineering, they are very much affected by radio frequency-RF, and ELF-very disorienting to them which, I gather, being soaked in aluminum adds to this receptivity. Much less the poisons used on them as they do their work, and now the poisons built into the plants themselves and the "soil" the plants are sold in: neonictinoids.  Many assaults on the poor things–and so far, the Dark Act is passing, the one against labling foods GMO.  And all this affects the other pollinators as well.  My daughter brought in a squash flower, a bunch of them from her garden.  Her youngest son says: mom, do blossoms have hearts that beat?  Confused, she looked and sure enough, one was pulsing.  She opened it up, a bee flew out and it was so pissed and disoriented it attacked everything seemingly stinging pillows and all.  For the longest time, I've had carpenter bees living in a hole they made in my bath window sill but they have not been back last year or this-until we saw one, flying back and forth in front of window, but not approaching, as if confused, as if it could not quite remember where to go-it seemed the oddest thing.  Because bees waste little time and usually know exactly what they are doing, so seeing one lost?, searching, really stood out, a number of feet from the window and these so mellow they usually would just fly up and in, maybe hesitating a bit so I could step back a few inches, so clearly confused and never did find her hole.

      As for the Pacific ocean, again, many assaults.  I saw a great video about a Pirate ship called Thunder, pirating fish, a particular fish with gigantic nets that pulled up tons and tons of other fish they just killed and threw back into the ocean.  The good guys eventually caught them after many and long chases.  But these dead off Alaska and all over our shores are being done in by our Navy who was given permission to "take" by NOAA!!!!  So much for NOAA.  Another useless appendage to our alleged protections.  Like the utterly useless EPA.  NOAA, by the word take, means kill, maim, use for target practice.  We had birds wash up in a weird goo never figured out.  Navy-using chemicals.  Now why the hell would NOAA allow this to happen?  Makes no sense, but I guess I'm not insane enough to understand!

  15. Edward Palys says:

    I would like to know where these jumbo jets originate from. I see so may almost every day….everywhere. Some I have traced on Flightradar24 and they have designated patterns. This spraying is going on globally and it just boggles my mind. It has accelerated really bad lately. Can this be traced to find out who and how it is funded?

  16. Truman says:

    Very nice article and good news that more and more people will become aware of this madness….for some reason in my area (Central California Sierra Foothills) there has been NO spraying for almost 2 weeks now. This is after being sprayed for all of this summer and before daily. No clue as to why it has stopped but very much welcome to see the natural blue skies again….thanks again Dane for all your work!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Truman, don’t just look for the horizon to horizon trails, that is only a part of the spraying operations. They are making an effort to be muh more covert with the sparying in some regions. The short bright trails are also spray , the silvery white skies are the red flag on this.

    • Marc says:

      A thousand OMG's!!! Thank you Larwence for the link to this brown-nosing, sniveling, wet-behind-the-ears buffoon who imagines himself to be a meteorologist. He isn't worth the paper he's printed on, nor, I might add, is he worth even the dignity of an email response. For that's just exactly what this laughable cartoon of a human being wants. But he isn't going to get it from me. Move on, everybody.

  17. Felix says:

    OKAY, what is the PLAN to STOP this craziness ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Felix, start at this link.

  18. Veronica Roach says:

    What about finding out where those planes fly from and try to get into the area to see what is going on – infiltrate if necessary ?? ( now I am going to be watched too !!)  We definitely need to prove that planes are taking off loaded up with aluminum somehow.  

    • Hello Veronica Roach: There are many points of departure for these flights, and many thousands of people involved in these black-ops. Here's an example:
      Geoengineering Cost Analysis – Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation – October 30, 2010 – Final Report Another way to track down criminals who participate, is to investigate shipping bills of lading. Here's an avenue that may provide prosecutable evidence: Excerpted from:
      Bill of lading – Wikipedia >["A bill of lading (sometimes abbreviated as B/L or BoL) is a document issued by a carrier which details a
      shipment of merchandise and gives title of that shipment to a specified party.[1] Bills of lading are one of three important documents used in international trade to help guarantee that exporters receive payment and importers receive merchandise. A straight bill of lading is used when payment has been made in advance of shipment and requires a carrier to deliver the merchandise to the appropriate party. An order bill of lading is used when shipping merchandise prior to payment, requiring a carrier to deliver the merchandise to the importer, and at the endorsement of the exporter the carrier may transfer title to the importer. Endorsed order bills of lading can be traded as a security or serve as collateral against debt obligations.[2] "]["A bill of lading is a standard-form document. It is transferable by endorsement (or by lawful transfer of possession) and is a receipt from shipping company regarding the number of packages with a particular weight and markings and a contract for the transportation of same to a port of destination mentioned therein.[4] In the case of Coventry v Gladstone, Lord Justice Blackburn defined a Bill of Lading as "A writing signed on behalf of the owner of ship in which goods are embarked, acknowledging the receipt of the Goods, and undertaking to deliver them at the end of the voyage, subject to such conditions as may be mentioned in the bill of lading." A bill of lading is a key document used in the transport of goods. As a document of title, it is also an important financial instrument. A bill of lading is a document generated by a shipping line or its agent, giving details of a shipment of merchandise. Alongside this principal purpose, the bill of lading also certifies that the goods have been shipped aboard a vessel (and in some cases certifies the condition of the goods at the point of loading), assigns title to the goods, and requires the carrier to release the merchandise to the holder of the title or a named party at the destination port."]

  19. Nicole says:

    I remember when the April Dane Wigington/Greg Hunter video came out on Greg Hunters YouTube Channel:

    It was very popular with thousands of geoengineering activists that populate Facebook (there are many anti geo engineering Facebook pages by state now). Chemtrails Global Skywatch with more than 35,000 global members sharing data and info on what is happening in their skies – that site just blew up when this video came out.

    And then there were many MANY members who said after they posted their positive feedback or thank you to Greg Hunter for hosting Dane on his show – their comments and thumbs up were mysteriously deleted. This is called "Ghost Banning" where you can see your comments while logged in to YouTube but once you log out you see that your remark is no longer there. Now, even YouTube is being manipulated (or forced) to delete and cover up the truth. But how can they cover up the molded, twisted, peeling dead trees that liter every state in the union? How can they cover up the missing animals and insects? How can they cover up the horrific sick symptoms thousands of us are experiencing? It's psychotically childish to sit on a computer deleting comments while life all around you is dying. The inhumanity of these people is beyond staggering. 

    Thank you again Dane, for all you do for so many. And thanks to Greg Hunter! 

  20. Mike C says:

    Question: Is carbon in the atmosphere the biggest problem or is it the aluminum, barium, strontium nano-particles that are the real problem? I've heard it said: more carbon, not less is needed in the atmosphere.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, in regard to your question, it is all the above. Carbon is nessesary, too much is a big problem. Water is essential for life, but if your head is 10 feet under, it is a problem. The situation is not simple, hope you will continue to investigate.

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