Hurricane Manipulation: Weather Makers Exposed


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering operations are the crown jewel of the military industrial complex. A quiet weapon for silent warfare. A weapon with which entire populations can be brought to their knees without ever even knowing they are under siege. Is hiding the climate intervention programs from the public a top priority of the power structure? You decide. If global populations were to discover that their governments were waging covert weather warfare, a shockwave would ripple around the world. The paradigm would shift. The 3 minute video below provides evidence of hurricane manipulation.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

16 Responses to Hurricane Manipulation: Weather Makers Exposed

  1. Kerry Wise says:

    Hello , I have a flight tracker App , I made a Visual with an aircraft that was Spraying and aerial dispersement, my App told me it was a commercial airline , could this be true ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kerry, thank you for standing with us in this battle. The short answer to your question is yes, FYI

  2. Luis says:

    Problem is, it's not 'governments' who engineer these criminal operations, but its being done privately by private companies funded by the globalists; governments might be informed about them or not.

    The thing is, and this is regarding everything else, governments re ot the ultimate authority in nations, governments are only paid puppets who obey a script given to them by certain characters well above their heads.

    • Tanya Duckworth says:

      The politicians are there to change the laws for the corporate elite to soldier on with their relentless greed and dark agendas.. They are also desperate to find high paid positions so they can exit politics in comfort

  3. Gary Morrow says:

    The very first hurricane to be seeded by Project Cirrus turned out to be a disaster. The date was October 13, 1947. A hurricane that had struck the Miami area from the southwest was moving northeast apparently safely out to sea. The hurricane was then seeded with dry ice 350 miles east of Jacksonville. The storm then made an abrupt turn to west and struck the coast near Savannah causing considerable damage and a public outcry. 

    Jay Barnes, Florida Hurricanes.

  4. Nicholas D. says:

    I was going to ask you about hurricane Ida! And all hurricanes in general. Why did they heavily seed the atmosphere a day before its remnants reached New Jersey? Is it to use the R.F. & M.T.? Or is it to make it rain more or a combination of both. They are trying to play God with the weather no matter what the cost. The earth will most definitely have the final word in this weather warfare insanity.

    • Lolo Smith says:

      From what I understand, they slow down the storm so that it will do more damage with surge (lots of flooding)

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane. Good work. Amazing evidence.

    Here is a big collection of photos from the Daily Mail showing the damage:

  6. Karen Scribner says:

    So who appointed the military to act like God?

    • bubbaorwell says:

      Thomas Jefferson wrote that the twp largest threats to freedom and autonomy was a central banking system, first and a standing army second… kinda prophetic… or a good student of history

  7. Donna Volatile says:

    I think that people would wake up a lot quicker to this critical issue if they realized that these energies are not only severely impacting the weather, indeed, our planet (and its survival) but that these deadly energies being used/directed have a direct link to many human health issues as well. We are hitting critical mass.

  8. Raymond says:

    What do you suppose the fate and track of such a massive storm system would have been like, if say all the electricity in the northern hemisphere had gone out abruptly. Just days before Ida made landfall? Back-up generators disabled as well!

    Without electricity to power the hundreds of microwave dishes and towers that lit up the entire eastern half of the US. The forces of mother nature alone, would have written a completely different ending to the book.


    "The Real Life Frankenstein Monsters of Climate and Their Ability to Create and Control Deadly Storms Like Ida and Katrina."

    • BBB says:

      Hurricane Lane in 2018 was destroyed just as it was about to slam into Honolulu and those big US military bases.  Not only was microwave used to destroying the monster, but after stopping this, they steered it away to the southwest.  There are satellite loops documenting this feat. 

  9. pasdenom says:

    Thanks for this short video.  As Ida was developing and reaching the LA coast, I knew that it was being geoengineered.  This confirms and explains how.  I will continue to tell people even though I most often get a roll of the eyes in response.

    Katrina was the same.  The earthquake (this year) and subsequent hurricane in Haiti was the same: wasn't it enough that they killed the country's leader?

    • Anita Biers says:

      It's hard to explain to people what's going on because they think you are 'insane'. One morning, as I drove to work, the sky was so riddled with chemtrails that I had to pull over and take pictures.  And yet when you tell people they either didn't notice or think they are harmless airplanes.  It's difficult to wake people up who are still in a deep sleep.


  10. Carol Jones says:

    Dane, That video is amazing.  I could vaguely see it on my iPhone, but it's crystal clear on my desktop with the video in full screen. The eye is moving N, past Kenner and the RF/MF transmissions push the W side of the storm into and past they eye, which almost disappears. And then the transmissions keep pushing it. I hope everyone gets to see this on a bigger screen. 


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