Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington, September 10, 2020, #1


Dane Wigington

How dire are conditions in our last remaining wilderness areas? What primary factors are fueling the record wildfires that are incinerating formerly thriving forests? What aren’t official agencies telling us?

Geoengineering Watch will produce a series of short videos to reveal the true state of the forests in Northern California. In this first installment of “Into The Wild”, I will show film footage evidence of the rapidly deteriorating forest environments. If the forests die, we will perish with them.

Forests are dying and burning all over the world, covert climate engineering operations are a core causal factor. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

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  1. mr. B says:

    Thank You Dane  for what You and others do to help in healing our precious planet.

    Do You know what our chances are in "the lottery" of life, to be who we are individually ? What are the odds of that ?                            Now we face something all together, the systematic destruction of our planet and it's inhabitants. Air, water plant life, animals, creatures and life forms are in jeopardy. Getting back to my original "lottery" point. You, we,ourselves, are also on that list.

    In The New England and surrounding states, in which I have lived, and traveled all my life. I have witnessed in the past 30-40 years, there has been a steady decline in tree growth, health and overall condition.True there are invading insects, acid rain, other culprits, bad logging and deforestation processes. Now we find hidden before our very eyes; the geo engineering, weather, climate control factor. Initially  done by testing, then practice and finally application. This is yet to be the greatest factor.  All of these have had there dire effects on our forests an plant life. Animal Species have dwindled or turned a shift to other species.Plant life has dwindled and does not thrive in summer withering until fall. Wild grapes and wild berries and fruit for 20 years, hardly or no longer bear fruit. Furthermore the thing I have noticed is the overall health of our forests seem to be poor. Once climb-able tree species, they now die root up or top sown. Dead broken dried out limbs 20' up. What we call  jack pines may differ from elsewhere, The young 5-15 feet white pine clusters soon turn rusty and  all die standing together . Once these growth cycled trees were thick piney healthy green until a mature pine forest developed.  Hardwood species are all dying one leader at the time; tops are windblown and heat damaged. From a mountaintop Spring to Summer, can be viewed many bare gray, brown, rusty growth; in whole sections. When I come into a healthy; as in memory forest, I am taken back and delighted. Sadly this is a rare and a very noticeable section of nature that somehow has been protected.

    I have, as many pondered the depths of selfishness, greed and all of it's wickedness. What I have discovered as many  have is "The truth is stranger than fiction.                                                                    How long ? how long ? do You think it can or will last ?                        I have all questions and no answers.

  2. Dennie says:

    It's not as if we weren't warned about what is happening with climate and weather right now– we very c-l-e-a-r-l-y were:

  3. Merry-Ken Piper says:

    Dane, I have never posted a comment before. However I have listened to you for countless years now with tears streaming.I am a spiritual being having a human experience. God bless your soul.

  4. penny waters says:

    oh mate!

    words can do no justice to the dreadful happenings in the world around you

    i spotted the little tag on the tree – it was yours – your haven amongst the madness – now………..

    it was my birthday on the tenth when you put your message out – 71 yrs on this wonderful, full of wonder, spinning lump of matter/energy

    felt keenly my friend, your message – the woods around you as you walked through them – hard to watch and listen to the only alive creature there

    no creatures but you

    wish i had words of comfort

    see it happening here – remembered how one year – and it has carried on – many years ago, when i noticed that the leaves on the ground in the winter weren't breaking down to become the food for so many creatures above and below ground

    did have a surprise the other day when it was so hot that they sprayed, but what happened was that some days before it had 'rained', and the ground in the heat, and the trees, gave up their water, the water made the beautiful clouds like it used to and the subsequent rain was like real rain – heaven

    the air smelt clean, the smell of the earth and the plants was overpowering – it made me realise that if only we could stop our stupidity the earth could, maybe, come back from the brink

    but it would take a massive change of consciousness that i am not sure that we, humans, are capable of

    i could not believe the report about the sars virus from jonathon – if i read it right – 800 people died worldwide

    i am sorry but 800 people don't seem much to me – death does not frighten me – just if there is pain in the going

    methinks that we are in the grip of people who think they are clever – i see so clearly now (age?) how clever people think they are and how much they think they can control nature – often times the film of johnson with his university frock bellowing how who controls the weather controls the world comes to mind (seen on your site)

    all the sanctimonious  claptrap about human death and dying while our giver of life – the stuff we stand on – the earth – is dying before our very eyes

    and they don't notice – while they panic and pontificate about anything that takes their tiny short attention span away from their indulgence

    no news from uk cos everyone believes the 'scientists'

    how many times have i said to people recently that scientists might know science but they don't know nature and then i explain that as a lot of maths and physics is based on measuring, we are in trouble cos we can't measure the area of a circle – cos in nature nothing is closed and that important circle is really a spiral – and we can't measure it unless it stays still and nothing in nature stays still – constantly changing – we can only follow

    and it seems that over time the following gives one a sense/instinct of nature – but we are always behind

    i used to devour the 'new scientist' – 50yrs of reading – and now it is full of arrogance – and politics – pictures – they do like their own pictures next to the articles – too many self obsessed people 

    how frustrating to say to people – we told you so – as we plunge into whatever is coming if nothing changes – but they will still be deaf and blind to the reality

    maybe here in uk, because we are an island it is still pretty green and the dying trees are hidden amongst the foliage of others – i see it because i have been living and breathing trees and the rest, most of my life (we camped when small – in the new forest, where mum and dad only paid if the ranger man on his bicycle found us within the forest – only place where one could pitch a tent anywhere – no campsites!!!)

    dear dane 

    thank you for your undying devotion to our world and for sharing it with me in such a way that i do not feel alone in my pain of living now

    i am sure there are many people who feel the same

    please, please keep going and keep you and your family safe

    i send you all my love for the wonderful thing that you have done by joining us all together in dismay and hope

  5. Michiel Kok says:

    Mr wigington. I could not help myself but shed a tear while watching you Mourn for what was not long ago an oasis of sheer beauty, I have been engaged in this battle eversince geoengineeringwatch got to my attention about 11 years ago, I salute you and will till my very last breath, Do anything in my power to raise the alarm , to teach the importance of what was to younger generations,. We stand behind you, For ever, You dane,. will never stand alone in this battle.! 

    Please never stop what you are doing, And As long as there is a single Tree,. a single bee A single piece of this allimportant and complex puzzle of life still left, We will keep fighting, 

    Much love and strength to all who are marching in the correct direction.  Greetings from the netherlands 

  6. John Kociara says:

    dane, as you probably know, 5g dosen't work well in wooded areas.

  7. Terry says:

    What a powerful video. For those who have eyes, let them see. 

    Here in the Ohio River Valley we are experiencing the opposite, in some ways. Trees are too green (too much chlorophyll, so much lack of sunlight due to the SAI madness, a lack of photosynthesis) that the trees often seem lifeless: droopy leaves, weighted down appearance. 

    Our woods do share some common themes with your forests: an eerie silence. Gone (likely forever) are my two favorite songbirds from this region: the Bob White and Whippoorwill, which I haven't heard a chirp from all year. We also have many perished trees, notably the ash trees, which is conveniently being blamed on a beetle from Asia, with no mention of climate engineering and aerosol aluminum from  mainstream media and academia. 

    Keep fighting the good fight, Dane and my family and I here will be informing folks in our neck of the woods. I still have hope for our species and pray for our surviving animal friends, but we humans can't rest on our laurels. Thank you Dane for leading the way and educating us all on this matter. I look forward to your weekly broadcasts and will continue waking up others. 

  8. Barb Eaton says:

    Thank you Dane for a visit to your land. Very devastating!!  We in New Hampshire are the same. We're in a severe drought this year. Every year we plant two tomato plants in the flower bed along the front of the house. Usually we get so many tomatoes I can make sauce and tomato pies for the freezer. This year one plant stayed about 3 foot tall and we got about 8 tomatoes from it. The other grew to about 6 foot full and plush – but not ONE tomato on it. Every single flower that bloomed just dried up and fell off, and it only bloomed at the very top, nowhere else. I thought there's no bees left, but there are bees on the other flowers. I even used a brush to pollinate them myself but nope, they still just dried up and fell off.  The front of the house is South facing and so gets full sun. I think the plants are just fried from the UVC rays they get all day long.  I had planted lilacs of every color out back 26 years ago along the property line.  About 5 years ago we had to cut down 5 of them that were just sticks with no leaves or flowers, just dead. The rest are looking poorly too now. The only thing that is growing beautifully are the weeds!! The golden rod, the twining vines that choke everything, the poison ivy. When we're gone it will take no time at all for the vines to just take over everything.  Luckily the 3 blueberry bushes are still producing, we got 11 quarts this July for the freezer.  Everything is crunchy when you walk on it, the lawns are a burnt brown mess.  It gets worse every year, I don't understand how people cannot SEE it or care about it. 

    • mr.B. says:

      Yes Barb My experience here in my NH home is the same.

      Many sick and dying plants, trees. My garden an utter failure despite my efforts I have had to stop watering it because my shallow well is very low and usually it is in great shape. I wonder if our new bird visitors of the past 20 years previously unknown in my early life the Turkey Vultures are trying to tell us something. Things are changing and not for the Better.

      Thank You Dane for Your undying Love for nature , our Planet and Your  diligence in sounding the alarm and sincerely trying to make a difference. We who witness these things and care, stand with You and support Your valiant efforts.

  9. Raymond says:

    This first installment of your "Into the Wild" video series is eerily reminiscent of exactly what the forests here in Texas look like too. Just 15 years ago they were thriving and inhabited by literally thousands of forms of wildlife.

    Now, the forests have gone freakishly silent and over 75% of the trees are dead or dying! Deer hunting is now on a lotto basis and only on certified leases, where they are allowed to fill feeders with corn. Attracting what few have been able to survive the climate engineering onslaught and total lack of natural habitat food sources. Because, as the tree canopies die off and expose the ground vegetation to the deadly levels of UV radiation. Everything crackles beneath your feet and even the insect and amphibian populations are down by over 98%.

    Where I live used to be a natural haven and sanctuary, for well over 500 species of birds and animals only ten years ago. Taking just a simple nature walk back then would be filled with sounds of thousands of birds alone. This year since February, I have taken over 50 such walks and made it a point to document all of the wildlife that I have encountered.

    Here are those numbers:

    Only 23 birds over the last 7.5 month period!

    Five lizards, three snakes, two frogs, one boar hog, two very skinny and starving coyotes hunting in broad daylight and…

    No deer, rabbits, raccoons (the few survivors are now living off of human garbage and sheltering in our barns), possums, skunks, armadillos, badgers, beavers, rats or mice (same as raccoons) and no large insects to speak of… other than ants, flies and mosquitos.

    I literally saw only ONE BEE, two dragonflies, three wasps, half a dozen June bugs and spiders, two fireflies!, two butterflies and one moth… but no lady bugs or caterpillars.

    Texas has always been known for it's road runners, armadillos and jack rabbits… and just here on my five acres of property alone, I would see hundreds of them each year. But in the last five years, I have only observed three road runners, two armadillos and NO jack rabbits!

    I truly miss the wildlife and listening to the songbirds at sunrise. Or the hundreds of fireflies and bounty of hummingbirds every summer. This place now reminds me of barren "nuclear war" wastelands that you see in the movies… and after losing 80% of my trees here on my land. Then seeing the leaves turn black over the last five summers, on the few surviving and struggling trees.

    I can't help but wonder, what the long term effects will be to humans, from the flora and fauna apocalypse created by climate engineering. Or the now dangerous levels of UV radiation, including UV-C for the first time ever, for us to be exposed to, in the history of our species. 

    Only a handful of us in my community are able to recognize these drastic changes and our hearts are absolutely broken… no shattered! Because we few are the only humans who weep for the survivors of this worldwide, wildlife holocaust and the unthinkable crimes against nature as a whole.

    Like you say and remind us every chance you get Dane. When nature is gone, the human race will soon follow. How hard is that for nine billion of us to understand and comprehend?

  10. Joseph says:

    Thank you Dane– I hope you and your family stay safe. What we are seeing now is climate collapse which you have warned about for many years.

  11. RandylJ says:

    Oh, My Heart Breaks Just Viewing and Feeling Your Anguish, Dane. Fellow Geoengineering Watch reader, Dr. O'Quinn alerted me that you had this new video. Even here in the false-humid Carolinas, the trees continue to produce dead, clinging leaves interspersed with still-green summer foliage. And I smell mold everywhere. I also found the mainstream news last week covering the Joshua Tree National Monument area burn. Joshua trees are almost Biblical in age and I lived among them in Apple Valley CA during my high school years. The burned Joshua Trees resemble a horror film now. In my 71 years of life, I could never have imagined all this! It goes way beyond insanity. Even worse are the many people I know who think there will be a quick happy solution to it all and most of them have never looked up! I'll keep sharing and saying prayers till I'm no longer able.


  12. Diane says:

    You people who are in positions of oversight and responsible for meting out justice or who have the power to do so, I can only say one thing to the lot of you. If you are not making any effort, no matter how small, to alert the proper authorities you are GUILTY by default no matter how hard you try to ignore this horrific and pressing matter! Where are you? Where are your voices? Where is your stand on this, you Generals, Commanders, Politicians, Lawyers, Attorneys, Scientists, etc? You have these titles, what are you doing for us? Speak up! Let's hear from you! Publicly, in our newspapers or other business journals you can find a forum to speak! ACT, if you have the power to act. Let it not be said that your future salaries, fine homes and new cars are more important than what is happening right now on Planet Earth! How do you expect to get through this? Just like the rest of us! Are you asleep or have you been hypnotized by this greedy, capitalistic system? You walk around in gray and blue suits, hair neatly combed; you drive really nice cars, you look like you're getting something done! But you're not! Not enough! We need help, your help! Because you have the voices, at least the BIG ones everyone listens to. Out of millions of lawyers out there, there seems to be only ONE that is making a difference in world affairs, and that is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is he the only brave and truthful "fighter for justice" person out there? Where are you? Are you cowards?

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Thank you for sharing this video with the world. Wow, knowing first hand what your forests looked like 20 years ago, it is gut wrenching to see what it looks like now. We both had high hopes of growing and caring for our trees. Yours on an industrial scale, mine on just 20 acres of what was once super healthy Ponderosa.

    "Shattered dreams"… Kind of puts a tear in the eye and a lump in ones throat. Love and strength to you my friend.

  14. Carol says:

    Yes the sheeple should be marching to the airforce bases where they conduct these operations out of, and protesting and not leaving the bases until these operations are shut down.  It seems they can do it in Portland Oregon, therefore it should be doable at the airforce bases as well, priorities are really scrambled in this day and era. 

  15. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Extremely sad — especially the silence. I was told years ago by someone that if you want to know how the environment is doing, listen to the birds. If the birds are silent we're in trouble. You've proven that. I remember a trip I took with a friend from her home in Longmont, CO to Grand Junction on I-70 and even then there were huge swaths of dead pine trees. I'm sure it's worse now. 

  16. Amy says:

    From Portugal!  This is much bigger than any of us know. Finding it sad or incredible or praying,  does not help.  It is an attack on the whole planet and its living fauna and flora,  including humans,  by something much more intelligent than we are and probably out of this world.  In fact all the other drama ( political etc)  pales in importance next to this problem,  which probably will mean our extinction?  It seems that Dane is the only known critic and fighter to recognize it to be as serious as it is? I don`t think that any human can resolve this or turn it back as no one knows who is doing it and why?  Antarctica??? Admiral Byrd??? 

  17. Brian Blommer says:

    Thank you so much, Dane, for your voice. I've been sharing your information for years now. My fiance and I have observed similar conditions in the woods of Northern Colorado. We are now in Nebraska, which does have more life, but still have been in some woods that are virtually silent. Like you, we will continue to try to sound the alarm.

  18. Mark Young says:

    While everyone is distracted with the Covid hoax (Is that it's purpose?), Dane shows us what we should be focused on:  the virus in the skies.   Thank you Dane.  Powerful.

    Geoengineering Madness

  19. izzy says:

    That’s pretty much how things look here in the Mendo Coastal Range also. Watching the forest dying over the years around our place has been heartbreaking and sad, along with the realization that living out in the woods is no longer a good idea. Just as disappointing are the blank looks I get from folks when I report these developments, with the collapse becoming more and more obvious as time progresses. The damage has been done, and what happens next won’t be good.

  20. Loran Conley says:

    Is there a list of things to test for in pond water? Trees are dying everywhere here too, SE Ohio, and I would like to test my pond water- or even rain water collected in a sterile container. Wish I knew where and what to test for. Thank you, Dane, for TRYING to wake more of us up!

  21. Dennie says:

    Seeing the severity of the destruction of this forest up close and understanding the extent of the forests covering the northwest and other areas, you can easily reckon how severe and widespread this destruction is.  I believe these videos should be sent to every single one of our elected officials, shown as part of the mandatory environmental education classes in schools and played at every environmental action and church group meeting on what should be called Stewards of The Earth strategy sessions about how to get the word out about this and how we need to get it stopped now.  This is worse than the "silent spring" that Rachel Carson predicted– much much worse– It is the Silent End of all life.  

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Heartbreaking! Thank you, Dane. Your relentless commitment remains our North Star.    – Susan

  23. Dennie says:

    This is really awful to behold.  Why the HELL can't we drag the Generals and the so-called "scientists" out of their goddamned aircraft and force them to march through the forests they are killing??  Round up Ken Caldera and David Keith, tie their wicked evil hands behind their backs, gag them and force them to watch the huge fires incinerating all life in front of their eyes.  Well, "It's cold somewhere so it must be okay…."

  24. Billy says:

    Dane I feel your pain watching the trees and forest dying. Thank you for sharing with the public as it is quite moving. 

    Here on the Central Oregon coast we just got our minds blown away by the extreme sudden catastrophic  events with the hot East winds  drying everything to dust  overnight and then the fires started everywhere it seemed. They say this extreme weather has never happened in recorded history coming off the Cascade Ranges.

    They sprayed the skies all Summer starting out over the ocean to the West so as to disguise their operations to the public. We only had maybe 10 days of clear skies all Summer. 

    I wonder if these events might be connected and you might be able to talk more on this. 

    Thank you for sharing


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Billy, thank you for the update from your part of the world. Yes, all is connected. I will do my best to cover as much ground as possible in the weekly GAN broadcat.


  25. Wanda Allen says:

    Thank you Dane for continuing to speak about this.

    As a landscaper/gardener for over 30 years  the past few years have gotten more and more difficult to grow things successfully. The sun now scorching the plants and causing wilt when they used to be able to handle full sun. Soil temps are just cooking the roots as people think the plants are thirsty adding more water. Shade cloths are needed where they once were not.

    My forests here in Maine are as dry and crunchy as yours and the trees falling over have little to no root system even on the larger trees. The crowns are smaller and constantly wilted on the Maples,ash and Birch.

    It's devastating to watch it all unfold and to have people think that this is not a problem.Every season I wonder when will be our last.

  26. Earth Angel says:

    Dane,  We are praying ceaselessly for you and all of the western half of North America to keep safe from the raging fires there. Glad to see you are ok, but how well can anything be in such dire and disturbing circumstances?!.. My heart breaks to see such destruction in a once thriving, moist and green forest. So hard to believe how rapidly your beautiful wilderness environment has come to be a bleak dying area because of the criminal, evil  climate engineering operations of the depraved freaks deploying them. I hear the angst in your voice, and brother, I hurt with you and all of God's Creation. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the courage and tenacity with which you continue your mission- clearly the most important in our lifetime. While on holiday this past weekend at a friend's daughter's wedding in Florida I passed out several geoengineering watch cards and information. I never miss an opportunity to awaken others who are open to receive it- which is much more frequent now, due to  the rapidly disintegrating environment- such that even the blind and the ignorant are beginning to see. Keep safe my friend and we must ALL keep the faith no matter how difficult. Be Blessed.

  27. Mary says:

    Very powerful, thank you Dane. The same heartbreaking conditions are here in our northern NM forest home. . Add to the mix the hundreds of now starving cattle that are permitted to "graze" in the national forest who have long since eaten every living thing they can reach, including young aspen trees, removing all the canopy that would have shaded the now exposed, parched earth, and it becomes at times almost unbearable to witness. When it gets too hard, I try to shift my focus to the new trees that are sprouting up where they are able; and the berries and others who hold on in the shady places where the cows can't reach; they're staying on course as best they can and we have to, as well. We all have some role to play, no matter how small it may seem in the face of such immensity; spreading seeds of awareness, just like those lonesome thimbleberries who survive in the safe shady places spread theirs. 

  28. Melanie Sloan says:

    I live in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. We have always enjoyed spending time in the Rio Grande National Forest, full of pines and firs. We now see mostly dead trees with only a very few living. And also very quiet.  I'm with you, Dane…. it's so sad I can hardly stand it.  It's like some really bad dream we can't wake up from.  And most folks we speak with either look at us like we're nuts or flat out get defensive,  of what… I'm not quite sure.    Strange times.  Difficult times, as well.

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