Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying


The geoengineers continue to ramp up their ongoing aerial bombardment of planet Earth. In order to wake up the sleeping masses to the war being waged against them in skies around the globe, visual proof is essential. Numerous forms of jet aerosol dispersions have been captured on film which inarguably reveal that elements are in fact being sprayed into the atmosphere. Footage of "on and off" dispersions from jet aircraft at cruising altitudes prove that what we are seeing is NOT CONDENSATION. ALL commercial flight carriers and ALL military tankers are equipped with a "high bypass turbofan jet engine". This type of jet engine is essentially a jet powered fan and is thus, by design, nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under the most rare and extreme of circumstances. Even then, only a short, very rapidly dissipating, trail could ever be produced from a "high bypass" jet engine due to its design characteristics. The 2 minute video below is exceptional and inarguable up-close film footage of an aerosol spraying assault. We must all make our voices heard in the most critical battle to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity.
Dane Wigington

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  1. River R says:

    Sure climate change. Sure overpopulation with their millions of polluting vehicles of one form or other. Sure. But do people put the emphasis about the spraying down on earth and the inhabitants when they talk of "climate change"? Never in my world. Ask people, when they are out putting up their "climate change signs" in their front yards if they ever take note of the spraying in the skies which leaves behind obvious hateful lines in various shapes including zig zags throughout these skies and then we have ugly cloud cover following a blue sky. Ask these people and they give you blank stares. They give you ignorant responses in the hopes the question won't be raised because in their empty headed and ignorant minds they truly do not have a clue. Nor do they want to kow the reality. They go about putting up these signs as if this is and will be their solution to the escalating problem. They feel safe hiding behind their signs. Them and their neighbors all of them dangerously ignorant.

  2. River R says:

    Why are these criminals doing this? Why? With all the reliable documented evidence how can they think it is for the "betterment of humankind"? And how can they continue toxifying this sacred earth and all of the life upon it? Thinking nothing is wrong with this picture. Do these criminally insane think this is a worthwhile and justified need? Which politicians can work for the people, who in higher places in government or other grassroots organizations can put an end to this killing of the planet earth? How is this allowed to go on? 

    • Rita says:

      The governments are paying them to do this. They get pilots that are single, have no kids, who don't have a lot of emotional ties. And they "make" really good money. In a world which does not value human life or their rights, that has been indoctrinated in the death cult they belong to, it doesn't take much to sear the conscience. 

    • JeffC says:

      Rita says that part of the challenge is that the people pushing this (geo-eng.) are in a death cult. Firstly, are we not all in a death cult on this planet, regardless of our individual levels of denial about this? 

      Second, what are the key differences about the death cultists that are most aggressive about geo-engineering from the "average" naive death cult person. 

  3. Darlene Case says:

    I was raised on a farm in Michigan.  I spent countless hours on the tractors.  I also spent hours relaxing in the yard because I loved it – the sky.  I can't do that any more.  That sky is gone!!  My husband still has the gall to deny that nothing is changed.  Worst thing – my 10 lb dog was killed at the end of January by a particularly heavy amount of spray.  He couldn't breath.  

    • Jim says:

      Have you shown this footage to him?  I just showed it to my dad who also denies the spraying of metals and only Go knows what else and you know what he said?  "I'm too old to start thinking about this. He had the proof yet he still wouldn't embrace the issue. This is a spiritual battle we ar in not only for our God-given green earth but also for the souls of all men. I am very sorry for the loss of your dog. 

    • Julie Rapley says:

      I have been watching the sky for the last few months, since I became aware of just how bad this is. 

      Last weekend at music festival in Surrey, England, I saw a grey mass falling, it was very dark and  a strange looking shape, but it was dissipating  fast. I did take a photo on my phone, but even during the time it took to get my phone out it was Dissolving.

      The next morning I went to my car, it was covered in dew. I wiped the windows with some clean paper towels, What I whipped off with the towels was black dust.   I had cleaned the windows the day before, so where had this black dust come from?  I should have taken photos of the dirty paper, after I had cleared the windows. 

      What also concerns me is the horses in the field nearby, as they would be breathing in whatever this was. The festival was held in the grounds of a polo club. 

    • Patti says:


      Who is doing this in AZ? I would like to contact them. I live in Tucson and the spraying has been terrible lately

  4. Mac Uvachik says:

    Im a research investigator out of Vancouver Canada. My soil samples are running in the 13,000 range for aluminum. Air samples gathered on my trip as far east as possible that took me a month to achieve are sent off to the labs and will have results in a week to share. I have personally documented 4.5 years of the Solar radiation management (SRM) and stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and let me tell you something. They are very real and now occurring daily. We are seriously in GRAVE DANGER here folks and this needs to be stopped yesterday. This has become my life and have personally spend 76,000 out of pocket expenses on my research. Im am proud what we are all doing here for the progression of humanity that we so very need to step up and preserve. Keep up the good work folks and never stop! Mine and yout family depends on us to put a stop to this. Thank you. 

    • Canadian Thinker says:

      How do we stop this?
      I hope you are sending your data somewhere. Sadly, our 'government(s)' in  BC & in Canada do not care. This is demonstrated by almost everything they do and even more by what they don't do.
      I'm on Vancouver Island and I'm seeing huge increases in activity . These are completely unrecognizable skies now.
      Until last year, I wouldn't have believed it.  
      In addition, we are seeing more and more satellites zipping about when hardly any stars can be seen. 5G towers are real – I've seen them with my own eyes.
      The United Nations on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has been made into law here in British Columbia (2019). Canada has an Act on the table federally (2nd reading alread completed) so UNDRIP will soon be law all across Canad.  In BC, title to Crown land is about to be transferred. Major changes are going to come with it. Up until then, we will continue to see our ancient forests  (Crown Land) ruthless logged and other resources exploited (Site C Dam and more) until the Crown contracts are extinguished. Mining and natural resources are disrupted…some such government agencies are said not to have returned calls/correspondence in over a year now…calls asking what is happening with permit applications and such.    There seems to be very few people willing to even look up into the sky and admit an obvious truth. We are told that global warming is our fault – we the little people, yet the biggest polluters are rich, powerful, mulitnationals. I do what I can, but my energy conservation efforts are a tiny spec compared to the military industrial complex's.
      I believe this is a spiritual battle – that God will prevail in the long run, but much death and ruin will come first. I know my days ar numbered, Strangely, that gives me courage to speak up. 

    • Catch2020 says:

      These activities have been documented and recorded in Arizona since the mid-90's by a group of citizens, local scientists and such.  I do agree that over the past 10 years its much more frequent and widespread. Its to the point that no one🐗can deny it but they just dont want to face that truth. The masses are beaten down, tired and weak from their oppression. Sense of any truth is all but lost as we literally sit and let them rain down absolute poision on us. What makes anyone think these people would not do the same with say a Vaccine? They have preformed expiriments on us and others unknowingly before and more than once. You can FACT CHECK THAT.  We are at WAR people and we dont even fΩcking know it. So what do we do about it? Or what will we have to do about it?

    • Catch2020 says:

      Canadian Thinker we think a like. We cant even protect our 1st amendment rights. We know what comes after one, two and when they come for that then maybe we will know what we have to do as true Patriots it is REQUIRED of us!

    • Tracker Team Leader 8 says:

      Canadian Thinker asked how this can be stopped? It will take a Visionary Governor to cut an Executive Order to investigate wheather it is Contrails or Chemtrails as we all know it is. This will take a National Guard unit that reports to the Command of the Governor to fly an approach along side an Aircraft that is Aerosol spraying on any given day and require them to land at the nearest Airport for inspections. Once on the ground with Patriotic team dispatched and on site to video and document, transfer copies to multiple friendlies for safe keeping, publicly declare with proof, and arrest all involved within territories of State control, release all citizen passengers. Then get warrants for arrests of all, prosecute for International Nuremburg war crimes agreement of 1947!!

  5. Winston says:

    I'm sorry. I just gotta chime in here.

    Be forewarned. Brace yourself. I write this with a quivering rage:

    Clackamas. OR.   

    The recent push here began the morning of Saturday, the 9th. I was up early that morning @ dawn. It was spectacularly clear, cool, fresh,  and one could "feel" the  vibrancy of the morning and the coming day. Birds, song/ravens/crows and doves were singing loudly, the cotton tails were out, the squirrels highly active and chatty, chasing each other around. Very rare these days. I had an immense amount of work to do on my property and was feeling great, taking in the mornings brilliant penetrating light as dawn progressed.    DO YOU REMEMBER HOW THAT FEELS?

    The missions here usually begin approx 0700 +/- 15 minutes. I was so hoping they would not deploy that day. That morning they delayed until 0805, when I witnessed that first goddam Son of a Bitch and his f..king crew begin his first North to South run directly over the summit of the Cascade Range,  east of me. The trail was backlit and freakishly bright.  The jetstream was slow that morning. They do this occasionally until 1000-1100 to obscure the morning sun and then don't return. Well,  not this time. I stopped counting that morning out of rage and disgust when I reached 100 flts. They kept at it hard. Successively layering up in altitude. The stainless, seamless cover was absolutely oppressive. The black linear shadow casts from the stacked layers were glaringly evident. The breeze stopped, all nature sounds stopped…..silence. All day. Like the silence immediately prior to a thunderstorm.  The sap in energy was oppressively palpable. The daily's have not stopped SINCE. Rained hard all week.  Cold.  The same shit last Saturday with rain resuming on Sunday. Cleared briefly after a thunderstorm then here come the flyboys right behind @ 1730.  Rained hard all this week. The pastures and lawn ( all organic BTW ) will not green up because of the muted & diminished light. No chlorophyll production.

    They started west of here before dawn today, it had cleared off over night and the stars were out @ 0330. The opaque haze aloft ( layed offshore) came in with the dawn, (perfect timing , you effin assholes)! How do I know this?  Because the sun had a corona by 0700!!! That's how. It is now 1049hrs. 73 trails at this moment in addition to the high canopy coming from offshore.  Those ' eff heads even had to lay a  360  and a big 'X". Very funny you dicks ( The last straw for my patience today).  At least the jet is moving faster today and that poison is moving East.

    I apologize for the colorful language. But when is enough, enough?!!  I cant be the only guy watching this play out like this since 2000. People are so indescribably undeniably stunningly dumb that they can't be bothered with knowledge of their own impending destruction. Turkeys and goats have more intuition. Perhaps they do indeed deserve all this.  But I sure as hell don't.

    Somebody wants us all dead……..Eff them!


    • Voice of Zod says:

      I hear ya man! When those bastards start spraying after a couple of days of reprieve it almost ruins being alive… you can't enjoy nature and knowing that it's 24/7 worldwide, there is nowhere to hide. 2 hours south of Sydney Australia in a beautiful coast town of Shellharbour has been under attack for over a decade. 

    • David L says:

      Same here in ashland ca

    • Cas says:

      You know what I don't understand is the same people that are responsible for the spraying are having to breathe the same air. Makes no sense.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Cas, in regard to your question about why the power structure would poison / contaminate their own air with climate engineering, it is imperative to remember and consider the agenda behind what is occurring in our skies is varied and complex. From climate intervention to mask the rapid warming of our planet, to weather warfare, to ionizing the atmosphere for over the horizon radar and communications purposes (and more), there are many objectives going on at once. Ultimately all is about power and control, there is no benevolence whatsoever in the climate engineering insanity. Again, about why “they” would do this to themselves, consider the behavior of a cancer. Does a cancer intend to kill it’s host? No, a cancer simply continues to expand and proliferate until the host eventually dies. This is the mentality we are dealing with, the power structure does not consider the consequences of their actions, they never have. They have detonated over 2000 nuclear bombs (contaminating the entire planet), they continue to construct faulty nuclear power plants (even though Fukushima alone has the potential to kill us all), there are many other examples. The attached link will provide more input, FYI

  6. Smallvoice Tim says:

    Of this last 200 yrs.  we have all been told lies in North America from our school systems broken down. Fake News. Lies and more lies. Science had proven long ago of fossil fuel affects by burning them yet the greed engines rise for more power and "Money"  Taxes are out of control – its illegal to be taxed like this yet we have no choice.  The truth is the truth – yet since we've been programed to accept lies – when a truth is told we can no longer believe its values less we perform our own due diligence observations and or test its values seeing results ourselves.   Dane has done all this by being a top level professional knowledge driven conduct for us and yet so many cannot believe him.  Every thing he says is true and honest – it is from his Heart and skill life long knowledge of a discipline mastered, people.  Yet the dumb and dumber in positions of governments and what Air Traffic controller – that is a monkey job – a computer now can do far more affective job that a simple grade 12 grade like presented in one Australian Talk show.  That makes him an expert watching a computer screen and radar – and reading old past reports – anyone can do that – yet evolution and technology advancements he still repeats old passage now that is really Dumb for a chap of his adage.   Would you trust a Gorilla in a cage for 20 yrs or a Gorilla out in its normal habitat for life.  I'd take the normal habitat gorilla with 70% chance you can share space with each other.  The caged would kill you in a second for capturing him and caging him – all zoos are shameful to any living creature-and yet we are all caged in by this treatment affect – Can anyone travel without papers – 30 yrs ago,  you use too – they created the issues as to why we have to have papers only good for 5 yrs use  – we have so many naturalist photographers now HD realistic pictures  and yet life in a cage gives joy to who!  Let them go every zoo around the world – put all animals fishes back where you got them.  Live with and for all sharing earth space together – you'd be really surprised to what a little patience and confidence can do to share.  They have G8 groups yet we here nothing of conflict with them – they're all buddies behind the scenes planning their evil ways  – this is show and dance they play on us.  LIES and more LIES.  Wake Up people,  stand up and be counted – voice your thoughts and make them work for their jobs.  Are we going to watch our world and eco systems pass only by reading commented response to issues in our face and breaths we are slowly losing to take.  We only use about 7% of the oxygen per breath of the 100% oxygen there – but now by these Chemical bombardments air breathing quality is down I'd guess here to be about 38-42% now.  So when it gets down to 20% are we going say enough then or wait till its 10%.  Choice is all ours yours and anyone with a small voice to be asked,  said,  spoken,  yelled out/at and or killed.  This is Technology off planet people HAARP was Telsa's design to provide free energy yet they again turn it into a weapon of mass destruction.  The Dark Forces have provided the dark ground forces with means to make this such, Plus polluted their minds in bid to a task they know nothing of.  Why they want this earth,  is for themselves.   Yes they are all real – Dang if anyone can believe your going to have too soon enough – but again on that – Too LATE So Sad State or condition.   "The Greater of Large Masses shall believe in a big lie oppose to a small one." Adolph Hitler.  So are you going to lay step aside while the lie grows into a death truth of this Sites Truths expressed in so many a numerous dialog in so many sectors and disciplines of life as we know it – and yet we do nothing.  ah yes –  For Evil to prosper and grow is for good men to do nothing.   Choice now is all in every conscious mind and hand – we MUST all need make that step 1 in sync to say enough is now enough STOP THIS NOW TRUMP.  For you have that power and stop playing games.   It is all our lively life as humans.

  7. JCLincoln says:

    Why is the U.S. Pentagon attacking the American People? 

    Why have the chief Generals of the U.S. military subscribed to the creation of a One World Government that would require the United States to surrender its sovereignty to a foreign government?

    • contracurent says:

      answer is simple : leaders of US are under control of dark forces

    • Jane Dough says:

      Just like "contracurent" stated below. The whole world is under attack by dark forces (PSYCHOPATHS) and most people are clueless. Doctors are prescribing mind altering/brain damaging prescriptions that make people WORSE not better. But most people don't care as long as they are getting a buzz. This is an AGENDA…

    • J. says:

      Facebook is preventing me from posting these videos.  It just disappears from my screen as soon as I try to post it.  Is there any way I can go aroung it?

    • Pris says:

      Good questions. Why are they turning on us? We haven't done any wrong.

    • Robert says:

      why is there a link to an encyclopedia britannica "contrail" entry under this video? does youtube feel the need that they have to clarify something that they believe is incorrect about this video?  seems like some sort of ridiculous form of censorship / attempted brainwashing 

    • HWCD Limited says:

      We are a conquered people. 


    • don says:

      Governments around the world are simply vestigial; they have long since been hijacked by private interests. Governments are now simply conduits that aid in the transfer of power and currency from the tax cattle to the money junkies

    • David Lewin says:

      It's the other way around,the US wants world domination"!!!

      Who is spraying in SE Europe we see many flights crisscrossing?

    • SAMANTHA says:

      Great questions which have no answers except that now is the time for the true Patriots to take action against the one percent by any means necessary an army must be organized and deployed Rampage is in order.

  8. Dale Berhow says:

    I live in NW Minnesota and there are a lot of chemtrails here. Watching I deduced most Canadian canada air flights spray while I haven't seen any from Delta or American flights. Most people here are in denial of this and think you are a kook if you try to show them. It is too obvious when several flights at the same altitude, same type of aircraft have some with chemtrails and some not. I know we the taxpayer are paying for it but the behind the scene culprit is never identified, it is global and whoever is in charge is insulated by several layers of stooges who would get the blame if there ever was an investigation. It must be stopped and the hidden head must be held accountable, only then will we be at peace.

    • Rodney Caupp says:

      My 2 years in Michigan were spent on a "High Bank" where I could look into the cockpit of the spray Planes. The Trout Populations in the Rifle River, below me near West Branch were in sharp decline (now required Stocking programs produce the fish). Salmon Runs are Minimal and the Trees all all species, Dying on the riparian valley below me.   All of the bows, in the river, were being Cut Off by Impulse Flooding. The sediment loads in the river are off the hook in breeding periods…, now due to the rivers complex "Length to Elevation Adjustment", required by its Physics.  Rifle River is wounded by these Poison Processes.

    • Kristen says:

      These programs are run under The Military Industrial Complex/NASA.

      I've spoken with civilian contractors.  It's Agenda 21 unraveling.  The president doesn't even know this stuff but is anti NWO.  Pay attention to Putin, he knows about HAARP, the illuminati's, ETC.  It's easier to be in denial.  

    • OneSmall Voice says:

      Living Central Ontario Canada, seasonal change is altered by at least 5 wks slide for normal season change. They spray a newer formula that disappears less of 5 miles on the 1st initial sorties – commercial planes flying with other planes unmarked seeing almost on parallel or opposing vector or preceding commercial planes same skie same time saw other day passing each other opposite one no trail other 4 lane spray,  as their 1st formula sets conditions – see the trails and check how long a clear sky will cloud over – then hear more sorties flying with some 5 mins apart and some lower altitude -once cloud coverage blanks the skies – this is where they now dump heavier formulas and more sorties within that timeframe of same day nite event.  The affect is smothering the needed sunlight for all growth. (Dane mentioned his off grid meters showing less energy – how true is that proof when the house lights dont work bc battery charge is no longer).  Many animals are exhibiting nervous conditions if not looking very healthy eating drinking waters and other foliage normal – now tainted.  Deer know when food is being tossed to them apples bread granola bars etc. Normal Budding of ground flora and fauna is no longer – Most All sap bearing trees are freeze drying inside out.  Many Pines Evergreens dying from the base up to the top. No longer are seen clusters of Pine Cones in winter nor on ground any longer. Cutting long wild grass is usually 4-6 time/season – last year I cut once. With little trim to only some other growth within same ground areas. Cut back some Sumack and the whole cluster died off last fall and only 1 cut back. Most all season changed and fallen leaves contain ink dyes of multi colors this is far unusual even after a winter of snow cover. Pick up the leaves and observe.  Water ways are infesting with higher plankton and alga-formations smothering underwater growth. Lack of fish and other slower creatures are reduced. Ant colonies seeing in May early June thriving all gone by 1st July DEAD.  Super extraordinary Whip Winds are breaking the pines half way with clusters of fallen tops in piles on deep forest floors. Whip up an electrical storm and ignite these ground clumps now blaming "Mother-Nature-Caused" causing extreme out of control fires. Parry Sound30 last yr – BC had over 500 out of control fires in 2018 – Alberta this year 2019 is starting off with 6 major fires out of control. Canada alone – California is under attack – its been the test ground for this devious-science-testing,  for the last 12-15 yrs I'd bet!.  Firefighters reporting the harshness of fighting these out of control fires for the content base their trying to suppress "Higher flame burn than normal" (easy to figure Sap trees are flammable).  Fall ground leaves even goldenrod look burned puke dark brown.  Ground fall is drying out like desiccated within shorter time than normal ground rot.   Once full flora and fauna is now no longer.  Deer and other game coming into towns because there is no natural foods for them in their normal habitat. Hand feeding by theWeathernetwork show as a nice thing oh look at that.  No!   reason they have to now be supported by hand outs and human foods.  Coyotes and wolves now searching wider regions for food to survive and some people react un-ruley to this affect.   Again watch a clear day look up people – timestamp now wait and calculate how long it takes to be fully overcast – then calc. how long rain and or large snowfall follow that timeline – I've seen 40mins clear light cloud to full overcast and 4hrs later massive rainfall like buckets.  Out East-coast regions of last 15 or so years suffering massive 6ft plus snow drop, (nice beer fridge outside the Back Door! and we laugh DOH!)  Buffalo regions having 5-6 ft. snow fall drops in one day – this is highly unusual.  Last unfortunate observation of seeing my small property forest of last 20 yrs deteriorating with all symptoms reporting. Much less bugs – very little budding pollination Raspberrys Strawberrys many are no longer found.  Many will recover with less nutritional value if not flower any longer.  Most foods are grown and imported from other countries now due its no longer able to grow locally or indoor farms.  I can see I am below a criss-cross HAARP computer-controlled wave emissions breaking the cloud patterns totally unreal to any normal air currents with small areas showing small rippled clouds and patterns where side by side with full cumulas large clouds again un-natural. Some Streams of lighter cloud whisps in wild direction unusual.   This one chap in Austrailia an air traffic controller – total Moron.  Tell him put a glass out on your yard and collect rain water and toss a penny into that water and wait or hey drink that water – okay no,  bad idea to suggest – its proven chemically induced "Thx Dane you have broken all records bringing truth yet these lesser minds without them properly doing their homework or let alone any observations of value" stupid and skeptical even when you tell them a truth. Very Sad they'll get the picture too late,  enough is enough eat humble pie then.  btw penny will  blacken.  New Cedar deck exposed to rain looks terrible – wood sections close under eves still looks fair normal fine wood grain.  List more – observe for your selves please is all it takes be aware – who is suffering greater asthma and respiratory issues.  Time to wake up People and say when is enough.  my own thought to this – we have 5yrs left if we don't make notice and bark yell loud now – we will surely be wearing new breathing hardware within 5yrs if we do not do anything to say Stop this now.  Stop trying to play god for simply power you have no way to control for the benefit of all living things on this beautiful globe we call home – Earth for it will not be if we ignore this.  If not the world will react and we shall be removed.   Time for a complete reboot push da-restart. humble up and make complete change.  We are simply losing this slave status to being drowned like mice now by our handlers. See Georgia Guide Stones message #1 be another point.  Say more  you observe and make notice.  THE END. 

    • OneSmall Voice says:

      Living Central Ontario Canada, seasonal change is altered by at least 5 wks slide for normal season change. They now spray a newer formula that disappears less of 5 miles on the 1st initial sorties – commercial planes flying produce ZERO trails with other planes unmarked seeing almost on parallel or opposing vector or preceding commercial planes same skie same time saw other day passing each other opposite one no trail other 4 lane spray,  as their 1st formula sets conditions – see the trails and check how long a clear sky will cloud over – then hear more sorties flying with some 5 mins apart and some lower altitude -once cloud coverage blanks the skies – this is where they now dump heavier formulas and more sorties within that timeframe of same day nite event.  The affect is smothering the needed sunlight for all growth. (Dane mentioned his off grid meters showing less energy – how true is that proof when the house lights dont work bc battery charge is no longer).  Many animals are exhibiting nervous conditions if not looking very healthy eating drinking waters and other foliage normal – now tainted.  Deer know when food is being tossed to them apples bread granola bars etc. Normal Budding of ground flora and fauna is no longer – Most All sap bearing trees are freeze drying inside out.  Many Pines Evergreens dying from the base up to the top. No longer are seen clusters of Pine Cones in winter nor on ground any longer. Cutting long wild grass is usually 4-6 time/season – last year I cut once. With little trim to only some other growth within same ground areas. Cut back some Sumack and the whole cluster died off last fall and only 1 cut back. Most all season changed and fallen leaves contain ink dyes of multi colors this is far unusual even after a winter of snow cover. Pick up the leaves and observe.  Water ways are infesting with higher plankton and alga-formations smothering underwater growth. Lack of fish and other slower creatures are reduced. Ant colonies seeing in May early June thriving all gone by 1st July DEAD.  Super extraordinary Whip Winds are breaking the pines half way with clusters of fallen tops in piles on deep forest floors. Whip up an electrical storm and ignite these ground clumps now blaming "Mother-Nature-Caused" causing extreme out of control fires. Parry Sound30 last yr – BC had over 500 out of control fires in 2018 – Alberta this year 2019 is starting off with 6 major fires out of control. Canada alone – California is under attack – its been the test ground for this devious-science-testing,  for the last 12-15 yrs I'd bet!.  Firefighters reporting the harshness of fighting these out of control fires for the content base their trying to suppress "Higher flame burn than normal" (easy to figure Sap trees are flammable).  Fall ground leaves even goldenrod look burned puke dark brown.  Ground fall is drying out like desiccated within shorter time than normal ground rot.   Once full flora and fauna is now no longer.  Deer and other game coming into towns because there is no natural foods for them in their normal habitat. Hand feeding by theWeathernetwork show as a nice thing oh look at that.  No!   reason they have to now be supported by hand outs and human foods.  Coyotes and wolves now searching wider regions for food to survive and some people react un-ruley to this affect.   Again watch a clear day look up people – timestamp now wait and calculate how long it takes to be fully overcast – then calc. how long rain and or large snowfall follow that timeline – I've seen 40mins clear light cloud to full overcast and 4hrs later massive rainfall like buckets.  Out East-coast regions of last 15 or so years suffering massive 6ft plus snow drop, (nice beer fridge outside the Back Door! and we laugh DOH!)  Buffalo regions having 5-6 ft. snow fall drops in one day – this is highly unusual.  Last unfortunate observation of seeing my small property forest of last 20 yrs deteriorating with all symptoms reporting. Much less bugs – very little budding pollination Raspberrys Strawberrys many are no longer found.  Many will recover with less nutritional value if not flower any longer.  Most foods are grown and imported from other countries now due its no longer able to grow locally or indoor farms.  I can see I am below a criss-cross HAARP computer-controlled wave emissions breaking the cloud patterns totally unreal to any normal air currents with small areas showing small rippled clouds and patterns where side by side with full cumulas large clouds again un-natural. Some Streams of lighter cloud whisps in wild direction unusual.   This one chap in Austrailia an air traffic controller – total Moron.  Tell him put a glass out on your yard and collect rain water and toss a penny into that water and wait or hey drink that water – okay no,  bad idea to suggest – its proven chemically induced "Thx Dane you have broken all records bringing truth yet these lesser minds without them properly doing their homework or let alone any observations of value" stupid and skeptical even when you tell them a truth. Very Sad they'll get the picture too late,  enough is enough eat humble pie then.  btw penny will  blacken.  New Cedar deck exposed to rain looks terrible – wood sections close under eves still looks fair normal fine wood grain.  List more – observe for your selves please is all it takes be aware – who is suffering greater asthma and respiratory issues.  Time to wake up People and say when is enough.  my own thought to this – we have 5yrs left if we don't make notice and bark yell loud now – we will surely be wearing new breathing hardware within 5yrs if we do not do anything to say Stop this now.  Stop trying to play god for simply power you have no way to control for the benefit of all living things on this beautiful globe we call home – Earth for it will not be if we ignore this.  If not the world will react and we shall be removed.   Time for a complete reboot push da-restart. humble up and make complete change.  We are simply losing this slave status to being drowned like mice now by our handlers. See Georgia Guide Stones message #1 be another point.  Say more  you observe and make notice.  THE END. 

  9. Guy Duhamel says:

    Good? afternoon,

    If we know that commercial airlines are "helping" spray our skies, could we identify these airline companies, and boycot them.  As know, an army of amateur astronomers have the tools to scan our skies at night to look for comets and incoming "Dwarf planets" (not to mention the N word).  Could we point these telecopes on the planes and identify them during the day, on their flight paths, and start accumulating info.  These telescopes are powerfull, and will reveal the culperts.  We could set up an information bank, to expose them.  

    Keep up the good work, we are waking up!

    • Kathy Hoffman says:

      I live in WV and the skies are becoming soooooooo filled with  high level (mostly silver airplane tankers )  ……people are just refusing to realize what  they see in the skies above us ………….check it out people !!!!


    • Nicholas Ernest says:

      It's quiet easy actually, just download the flight radar app on the App Store. I'm sure it's free. It has real time tracking of commercial jets.

      i track the culprits all the time. N

    • Clare says:

      Here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, they are plain white passenger type planes.

    • Thomas Sparks says:

      Shut em DOWN!

  10. Linda Lee says:

    Thank you, Dane,  for the incredible video…/posted it on my timeline though am not a regular user of FB, and will forward it to email friends.

    I thought it interesting when Gov of California appeared on stage at Democratic convention and said we need to be concerned about climate change and do whatever we can to protect and avert harmful practices.  This despite so many people writing to him about chemtrails/aerosol sprays/fracking etc etc, including big stars like Mark Ruffalo and others.   He consistently has said that chemtrails are harmless…and that fracking causes no harm either, though the townsfolk in the areas where fracking is heavily used are becoming consistently sick and even dying.  I also wrote a letter to him (no reply).

    He is astonishingly stubborn in denying any harm.  And yet has the gall to give a speech in front of millions as though he is incredibly concerned about the climate and the planet. Seems a common practice of those in positions of power.  So very sad.

    Maybe one day it will all come to a head, and change can happen.  One can only hope and keep trying.  Many blessings for all you (and your "geoengineeringwatch" family do Dane, and for never giving up.

    • Sondra Oppedisano says:

      It is now mid July 2020. The entire World is overwhelmed by Co-vid19, coronavirus. Change in our world starting now, would be the Best possible. Everything up side down and a new normal is the initiative people need to start Fresh! This is Now. Everything that is wrong, can be righted. Everything that is unfinished, can be finished(the right way). Society has Never had an opportunity like this in quite some time. We may not get another.  Many countries on lockdown for non-essential personnel. So for the many of us that are able and willing, start to Think.

      Think of all you can do, in your line of change for the better, the gears that make your slice of the world, more efficient. More fun. Less exhaustive. I consider myself an artist, though I have never tried to sell my work. So, I challenge all artists(of any sort), think what kind of a world do you want around you?

  11. Miss Fancy says:

    Please do not be discouraged but be encouraged because one by one more and more people are realizing the truth. Seek and ye shall find and I have been searching for many answers to many questions that have started an awakening of enlightenment within myself. I am no longer ashamed to admit I am slightly mentally challenged but that too gives me encouragement because my search today lead me here at more truth and a chance to connect and be heard to like minded people instead of feeling crazy in my thoughts. After reading many comments and seeing  a few videos I became sad-er and then angry because I know the truth and even in my challenges if I can find truth then so can others so spread the word if only one person listens it can spark the seeking of knowledge for them. I hope to spark interest if not a common ground in feeling you / we are not alone and start fighting the good fight and it is a fight for our very lives and souls silly as you may think that sounds DON'T give up. United we stand divided we fall and we must unite in love for one another to stand up against them ( the powers that be ). I moved from L.A. in 1976 to get away from the bad air and all the people  to live here in the Sacramento area and blissfully enjoyed many years of clear blue skies, little white puffy clouds, river rafting down the American River, fishing and so on but have noticed for a few years now the weather is changing and the air is getting dark and dirty all the time recalling this is why I left L.A. at first I dismissed it to the fact that it is now 40 years later and more people and more cars are causing poor air quality but realized it's more than that. I have been working outside more for the last year and have had more colds, sick and even had pneumonia. It became apparent to me in Dec.2015 something was not right and I should have been fighting off this nagging cold on my own but by Jan. 2016 realized it wasn't going away and actually getting worse and went to the doctor which I hate to do and I do not like taking pills. I told the doctor I had pneumonia after the 3rd trip to the doctor and 3 failed meds  I was right I had pneumonia. I never really got over what it is and it's June 4th 2016 and i'm still coughing up grose green thick crap and it's not allergies. I quit smoking 6 years ago and thought I would stop having bad colds and chest problems. I work next to a so called closed air force base but see plains all the time over where I work and as the day progresses the same thing happens a pattern and not clouds but a heavy haze that gets worse as the day go on. It's haze and its spraying of chemicals and it's getting worse. Now it feels like i'm getting a sore throat and the same thing coughing crap up and blowing my nose all day this is not normal by any standards and will start to wear a mask again. I thought I was being exposed to germs of other sick people because I have to work so close to people but it's more than that. Today I got up at 5am like I do every day to go to work but realized it's a day off and decided to go back to bed but looked outside to see if it was going to be a nice day it was slightly cloudy but I just went back to bed. I slept until 10am and when I looked outside to see if I could enjoy the day out it scarred and depressed me the sky was worse and heavy heavy hazed needless to say I decided to stay inside and googled (why is the sky over Sac. being sprayed more) that led me to where I am now. I am so angry I dont know what to do and I even think now they spray more on the weekends because they know more people go out. WTF?? Is there something I can take that is natural to detox my body and are they messing with radio waves because the buzzing in my ears have been getting worse and worse. What can I do to be part of a movement of change not just talking but doing not protesting but doing to stand up for all of us to have truth and a better quality of life,air and water not to mention this crap is landing on our food. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. There are more of us than the government people and law enforcement and military and we must stand together and fight back. We must love each other and come together. I had stopped posting comments some years ago out of fear of big brother but no more will I be quiet. They can come to my door for all I care I do not own a gun and am in no group of any kind except the human kind and am not going to take the chip even if they promise me better health. Help i'm not crazy just awoken to the truth now and am as mad as hell. Don't give up or give in be strong and do not fear them just fight the harm they are doing. Do they have a pill to keep them well cus they have to breath the same air dont they? So on Monday I will wake up at 5am like every day of the week and cough up a lung and go to work thinking how much the crap will be raining down on me and the rat race they have us trapped in and are they hiding another planet with all the spray to cover the view of the sky? I gotta start to wonder if some of the things I hear may have base in truth. Please Help me if you can find some relief and God help and us all. I dont want to sound crazy but need help and answers. I really think together we can one by one make a difference if only to let them know we know the reality of things and the winds of change are starting to blow and will keep getting stronger. Namaste

    • stuart ellis says:

      diatomaceous earth

    • David Zygowski says:

      Hi Uk here .We get the same crap here ,my partner suffers with the same problems .Thick green crap every yearI have a idea can we get lots of people to start wearing mask like they do in China .People might wake up and wonder what the hell is going on.I see a lot of chemtrails that crisscross but see more in the states .Is it to do with global power .who is in charge .Not many people know what's going on they need to look up.David

    • Jane Dough says:

      Miss Fancy …Why would you think that you are mentally challenged? You're probably an Intuitive Empath. Maybe INFJ personality type. Research these things. The best defense is to eat organic if possible and take vitamin, mineral supplements. If your immune system is strong, you can get better. Also research Andreas Moritz on The Liver Flush. He has YouTube videos as well. I think they killed him also. They seem to target holistic doctors because they CURE people. Check out website NaturalNews dotcom

    • Dave says:

      Something that ive found to be helpful in ridding the body of heavy metals is a volcanic ash referred to as zeolite, I do a lot of welding in my job and wanted a way to get the heavy metals out of my body from that and the stuff works really well for me, just be sure not to mix it with anything metal, use plastic if you must but I usually use a wooden spoon. Sincerely, Dave.

  12. Jenny says:

    Hello Dane, I have been following your work for years and I know what you disclose is real and the truth. But getting it across to others is a (and I am no way a quitter) lost cause. They do not believe it, worse they don't think it's possible. They think only God or nature can influence the weather. 

    I now have terminal cancer which I attribute to what I have been breathing,  if not a direct cause than a triggering and contributing element. But I think it is a direct cause. My aunt who lives in Vancouver has developed, overnight, some strange and unknown terminal skin cancer. Two of my close friends in their 60's have died of cancer. 

    Fukushima I am sure plays a huge part in all this but the spraying of our skies is just so blatantly obvious. Why won't people believe it? 

    Being the eternal optimist it is difficult for me to admit that the task you have undertaken is not quarantined a successful outcome.

    But keep up the good work, we should not give up hope. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jenny, hope you will make every effort to stay strong, no matter what the western medical prognosis may be. We all march with you in this battle, you are not alone, thank you for your courage Jenny,


    • Samantha says:

      Clearly we need to keep trying to educate the wider population about this earth poisoning! My partner and I have been concerned about chemtrails for a long time. In terms of cancer again this can be cured and I encourage anyone thinking they are terminal to please don't give up. Contact just on the outskirts of San Diego, CA – across the border in Mexico – as FDA will not sanction in USA because curing cancer would after all  reduce huge income for pharmaceutical companies and the big financial powerhouses behind the control of the western medical industry! Absolutely contact Chipsa – check out the Gerson Therapy and do not just accept the statement "terminal cancer" – I personally know 3 people who have been healed completely through Gerson and Chipsa and associated nutritional therapy when they were sent home to die!!  Also PLEASE watch the youtube and visit!!!!! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Good luck!!!

    • Clare says:

      So sorry Jenny, Fukushima, chemtrails, what more can our poor bodies handle? Why are so they spraying so so heavily this year? Are we all going to die very soon?


    • Mike Ubben says:

      Jenny, get to a doctor that will intravenously inject high doses of vitamin C . A doctor has cured terminal cancer  patients.  They also killed the doctor that started this.  Take plenty of vitamins and minerals also.  Iowa City Hospital, iowa  is working on this treatment along with chemo and radiation – of course .

    • Chad Haberman says:

      1959 walt Disney Chemtrail predictive weather modification.  Science-FACTUAL. ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE AND SPECIAL EXPERIMENTS ACCREDITED 

  13. RJ Bales says:

    Dear Dane,

    We are being hit very heavily in the North of England with aerosol spraying. Big time! When I try to do searches I come up with nothing for the period of time of May 4-6, which is when it first occurred.

    The skies are utterly WHITE (unnaturally so) everywhere. Not one square inch has been spared from these chemical assaults of our skies. I can even smell it. People are staying in their homes and not getting out into nature. (Keep in mind this is a nation of walkers, cyclists and nature appreciators). People just seem to know intuitively that something sinister is happening. 

    Additionally, it seems the US is being hit hard at this time, at least in certain areas. It is hard to say 'where', because there is a widespread internet search blackout on this topic. I did manage to get a recording of a woman who called NASA and recorded a conversation with a NASA scientist who admitted that they were spraying LITHIUM into the atmosphere for atmospheric testing. Lithieum, as you may or may not know is an anti-anxiety, anti-depressant medication for extreme cases of psychotic breaks and depression.

    Previous to this sky assault of May 4-7, we had clear blue skies (even deep blue) with white cummulus (healthy) clouds, lots of bees and butterflies. Then, when we were hit with the chemtrails unrelentingly for 3 days in a row, the pollinating insects stopped appearing. 

    Somethiing very sinister is afoot, but since the internet search engine has a "blackout" on this subject, it is hard to say what is going on or how far reaching it is. My guess is that it is global.

    If you wish to have the link of the conversation of the woman who called the NASA official to discuss this recent assault of our skies with LITHIUM, please contact me and I shall forward it to you. I hope you post it and research it.

    If you have any information about what is happening to our Northern England skies (and quite possibly globally-wide assault),  please email me with your data.

    I will be writing to our government officials shortly and would like reliable and irrefutable information to present to them.

    Kind regards,

    Renee Bales

    • Scott says:

      Hi Renee,

      I live in N E England too and see what you see, for the last week or so there is a milky white haze hanging in the air and no one thinks it is unnatural except me, everyone I tell just laughs at me.

      I wrote to my MP, Pat Glass,  a couple of years ago re chemtrails and got a very condescending letter back from the house of commons to say they were just contrails.

      It makes me very depressed every day when I look outside.

    • LInda Clements says:

      Hello Renee

      Same here – today In Brittany, France.  HIgh sky, extremely white and bright canopy, no sun, cold day.  A metallic taste I noticed a few days ago is only alleviated by regular drinks and cleaning teeth. I have known about this Geoengineering for some months but I have also read that these trails spread to 4,000 miles and persist for up to 20hrs.  WOuld you like photographs on a regular basis? I await your reply. Best regards.



    • Loran Conley says:

      I think the internet is not the only blackout. Last eve, i posted 2 pics of a very old dogwood tree on Face Book. The "reply" was on the demise of the bees being attributed mostly to neonics. I posted that neonics were probably NOT the only issue, and i told about my tree. One pic was under the canopy of a huge poplar tree and the leaves are as healthy as any leaves could be. The 2nd pic was the same tree, same time, 5 feet from the first pic, but reaching out to the open sky. Those leaves were all droopy, wrinkled, and ratty looking. Well, i got a couple of replies sometime in the night- but when looked this morning, the posts had been REMOVED! Nothing there. Not in my "your posts," not in the replies, nowhere. And BTW, the sun really IS burning more, faster. I am telling my friends with kids and pools to make them wear light long sleeved shirts. I was getting burned working in the garden 2 weeks ago- and I havent been burned in 50 years although have spent most of my life outside. Things are DEFINITELY changing!

    • David Phillips says:

      Renee Bales, 

      Very active aerosol spraying over South Wales, this morning, Thursday 15th Sept 2016.

      I have taken video and photographs over a few months. How sad am I ?

      Yesterday, there was very little aerosol spraying.

      Spraying seems to be heavier during weekdays, appearing to diminish on the weekends.

  14. Sergio Amata says:

    What is there to do to STOP this???

    • Alan K says:

      Use social media to share these vidoes to the public. You will be surprised how fast people are waking up.

  15. Lingo says:

    I'd like to share this video but everyone I know believes that it is just normal condensation. I have pretty much given up trying to convince or just plainly show people. In my neck, I'd have to say, it's a total lost cause.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lingo, certainly I understand your frustration, but perhaps you should not underestimate the seeds you have planted which will soon enough be forced to sprout. There will be no denying reality for much longer, wait and see. I hope you will continue to deliver the truth, that is our calling.

    • Kim Gillan says:

      I know how you feel. My chest has really been tight after so much spraying this week.  And people I know who's blood pressure is high and elderly people I know who have cancer and just start to feel a bit better are declining so fast that this is the END.  Mood swings and diabetics sugar readings off the chart. Thyroid blood tests it is impossible to get a correct blood panel done because you never know from week to week what is in your system and these things change a thyroid blood panel!!! But yet I am afraid to mention it to ANYONE because they think I am just out of my mind, or "we can't do anything about it anyway!"  It's like TABOO to talk about.  I don't have kids and I'm in my mid 50's but I can't believe that the people that do, don't seem to care!  I'm so disillusioned with people who just lay down and CHOOSE to play dumb about it all Fukashima, chemtrails, 911 etc….my heart hurts worse because everyone thinks I'm a nut than the chemtrails that are having a real effect.


    • Clare says:

      I know exactly what you mean. We went ot CALGARY to protest and only a small handful showed up. Meanwhile a "science " rally was going on, where they think that it is good to spray!!! How sick is this world?

      I feel like this is one long nightmare since I have realized what is going on in our skies. I am shunned by neighbours by trying to make people aware!

  16. Rachel Robson says:

    I remember so years ago when high bypass turbo fan engines were first mentioned and before the excellent demo video of how it works.  It works by not using water for combustion.  I looked it up elsewhere for better understanding.  I never thought I'd be learning about jet engines or even care.  But this was so very clear.  So very true and for so very long.  It seemed a slam dunk at the time, The end of the argument.  But apparently not!  Whenever I try to explain it to people, and show and tell, their eyes glaze over.  I get that-I mean it is one of the last things anyone wants to learn about.  But so basic, so informational and so easy!

    This video is great, if "flaming".  Everyone I've tried to show it to here wants to know where, when, who.  They want it dated, placed, and credit for the shoot of it.  The word photoshop comes up!  I could pull my hair out, but I am surrounded by people with degrees who easily dismiss things without provenance.  Help! 

    • Alexander Tierney says:

      Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2015, 12(8), 9375-9390; doi:10.3390/ijerph120809375 Arti

      a follow on from the message below,  the information (above)  ties this research to the peer reviewed journal where it was  originally published 

    • Mattyk says:

      When the student is ready the master  appears. Some minds cant let go at this time!

  17. Hello Susan Ferguson
    Thanks for all your excellent research and posts. Also many thanks to Marc, Andrew of Scotland, Dennie and many other informed reader/commentors on this site. I am no longer able to comment or mentally function due to Lyme disease and multiple chemical poisoning… Long story… Russ Tanner has pertinent information on his site, as well as many references here on Geoengineering Watch…
    Unfortunately; I must leave the chem-fry corporate suckers to die of their own accord… This was a nice planet before you folks allowed illegal presidents and a**holes in corporations to screw you into the ground…

    • Paul Vonharnish — Thank you for your kind words. Your report of multiple illnesses and suffering touches my heart, dear man. Some days I would be happy to 'check out' and leave the insanity. We know there are better realms. Surely with 300 billion galaxies, God can create more harmony in Space-Time. Trust your Heart to inevitably carry you Home. The 'still small voice within' never fails us. God Bless.   :o)

    • Dennie says:

      Paul, I've certainly missed your voice here and I pray you'll at least get some relief from your ails! 

      Other than what we're doing here I honestly don't know what anyone can do further to stop the current mess we've managed to get ourselves into on Earth.  Yes, it WAS a nice place before everyone decided to look the other way or bury heads up nice, dark cozy spaces while the military/industrial complex ran amok, crazy drunk on power and "control," while being more than completely out-of-control themselves.  We just have to keep trying.  I am NOT willing to roll over, make "nice," then play dead, as Mr. McPherson would have us all do…

      Mr. McPherson, where is YOUR fighting spirit–??  WHY are YOU NOT lifting so much as a finger to point in the direction of the perpetrators whom you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt have worked OVERTIME to poison our air with nano-particulate metals?  You KNOW those are in no way simply a byproduct of "industrial activity," as you so benignly mentioned in your internet radio interview describing the particulates being put into the sky– YOU KNOW THIS FULL WELL!!!!


    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      I do not understand why it is so difficult for the people who are in denial and the non-believers to notice, that Climate/Weather Engineering is occuring just above their heads, in the skies above. On several days during the week there are a few natural Low Level Cumulus clouds, although that is rare nowadays. Completely clear skies are also a rare occurrence. High Level Aerosol Clouds at 20,000-25,000 feet can be observed on a daily basis, here over Northeast Florida. The Jets can be seen, turning On & Off their spray injections, by filling in the blanks, over the blue skies making them metallic white. 

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Wow, first the Freedom Ranger and now Paul Vonharnish. Thank you Paul for all you have done for the common good. I will get these a**holes for what THEY have done to you, for what THEY have done to ALL of us. I am really pissed off now as we near the paradigm shift. THEY will be snuffed out soon. You can count on it, I am getting louder everyday. I am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity. I will Never Ever Give Up!!! 

    • JR says:

      Hey Mr. Vonharnish; I never commented on your prior, but tried to read. I to had a battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma, by God's Grace I'm still around from some years back. Lost a good 60 lbs. but gained it back with a year of Chemo, God is still good. In that year in U.S. around 50 cases, rare but predominately found in young children in Africa!? Tell me it's not man made with bad intentions with all kinds of illness off the chart. I understand Ft. Detrick is nothing but biological man made crap. Today in Southwest, N.M. the SAG/SRM cons were as they say, off the hook man. I pray for your health and your healing. The air smells like diesel, it stinks of death guy. Len Horowitz wrote a book by that name, "Death In The Air" some years back, sick people the perpetrators you know. Love YA….Hasta La Vista……. 

    • Jenny says:

      Dennie, all I know of Guy McPherson is the many things I've read in the comments here.  From what I've read, I have no desire to read his stuff, between the fact that he's dishonest about geoengineering and apparently wants to encourage people to do nothing about it and maybe even give up on life.  Since he seems to be actually aware of geoengineering yet still denies it, maybe he's being paid to do so.  If it is true as some say that some elites want population reduction, then having people follow Guy McPherson's advice would probably help them.  At any rate, they wouldn't be fighting against geoengineering.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Paul.  I have been missing you and asking about you for some time.  Here and there a few words from you, and, maybe I've missed some as I am very sick also.  I hope you did not acquire Lyme's from that trip to the forest to hug a tree back when.  Which was when you made me hip to the natural magnetic lines in/through? our earth, and ley lines.  I learned a lot.  I always learned a lot from you.  Whenever something legal comes up, I wonder, where is Paul?  Then, I worry.

      Recently, some other site, I came across a loop hole, spraying wise, that I remember from studies back when, in which there are exceptions for research, agriculture, defense and more!  Oh dear.

      I knew about your electro everything exposure and illness from but not what that means in terms of your reality.  Your body.  I'm not sure if you are saying you are too sick to participate, or if you are saying you are dying.  I certainly hope it is not the latter.  Sounds as if, along with a comment elsewhere about lymphoma.  If it helps, and I'm guessing not!, I've seen the other side.  You will like it there!  We Natives believe our dead are around us all the time and that we can call on them when we need help.  Expect some calls!

      I will miss you-and your anger, which came with much knowledge.  And a varied background as you once told me/us on this blog.  You are one complex man of many hats with an exceptional brain.  If I can be so bold as to say-let go of the anger you rightfully have, if only to reduce your body's tension to increase comfort.  Much love in your journey, Rachel

    • Earth Angel says:

      Have enjoyed your posts Paul. I will be praying for you. Don't ever give up- there is always hope for better days ahead. We will keep fighting on. Thank you for all your contributions in this battle. Take rest dear friend.

    • Canadian Thinker says:

      Lyme Disease – sorry to hear. There's a dark tale behind Lyme and other tick borne diseases. For anybody who cares to know more, read the book "Bitten" by Kris Newby and watch the Vimeo Documentary "Lyme Crymes". See also actionlyme dot org. I believe that Lymies were the preliminary guinea pigs to what is happening today.
      I hope you found a treatment that helps and pray you found healing with it.

  18. TnGeoWatch says:

    Dane. This afternoon a weird seen occurred in SE TN. Sun came out. It went from mid 70's to 81 in minutes on the truck thermometer. 

    Then massive winds hit. The entire street was gusting and then the sky got cloudy and very hazy. My coworker was spooked and honestly I was wondering what this was. After the wind passed and the sky hazed over the temps went back into the 70's???


    I've read a lot about Haarp. Was this a push of radio waves moving air??


    it did not feel right?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TnGeoWatch, there is no way for us to know if what you experienced was convective winds form the sudden heating, or other factors. What we can say with certainty is that the climate system as a whole is unraveling rapidly.

  19. Frank says:

    The spraying here in SE Tennessee for the past several days has been extreme. Yesterday there was a distinctive taste of metal in your my mouth and many other people as well. The local TV weather people say each day that the skies will be partly cloudy and the only reason for that is the constant spraying. How can these TV weather people live with there selves as all they do is lie, totally criminal. If it wasn't for the constant spraying our temps would far exceed the upper 80's. We have temps the past week in the upper 70's which is way above any kind of normalcy. The weather systems don't move anymore as the Geoengineering and earth's jetstreams are so out of whack. These criminals continue to heavily destroy whatever life we have remaining on our once pristine planet. So many people are awake to what is going on but many say the same thing what can I do. I always lead them to this site and hope for a change before it's too late. I worry that our time has come and there is no way to save our life support system. We need to stop this weather warfare insanity and pray. Thank you Dane and all others that keep fighting. 

    • Victoria bennett says:

      I also live in middle TN and the spraying here is incessant. I get so very angry watching them puke their vile poisons over my house. The meteorologists on our local stations are complete idiot or complete liars. I've emailed almost all of them imploring them to just tell the truth. Of course, they all respond with total BS. I nearly feel off my chair the other evening when one of them noted the "pretty, high cirrus clouds, and possibly some jet contrails"!!!!!!! I screamed at the television. Maybe I AM crazy

    • TnGeoWatch says:

      I was able to open three peoples eyes today due to this torrent of spraying. It's been terrible last 4 days. 


      Keep eps the faith guys!

    • John Browning says:

      Nashville, TN was covered yesterday!! I have only seen it that bad one other time a few months ago.

    • BaneB says:

      Victoria – by posting a station call letters allows others to text said miscreants with verbage and images.  I particularly enjoy providing educational material to these con artists.

    • nomad says:

      Wow, east Tennesseans. So that's where they're spraying! Here in west Tennessee its been clouds and almost constant rain for three days.

  20. Ryan says:

    World Meteorological Organization/Report of the Expert Team on Weather Modification Meeting, Phitsanulok Thailand,March 2015…….ends all debates in my book that this world works as a corporation !!!!!!!!

  21. Concerned in Cali says:

    Just read this morning in the Seal Beach Patch , which is like an online local newspaper that California will be using cloud seeding for the first time to increase rainfall in Los Angeles ? Wow they are opening admitting that they are manipulating the weather .. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Concerned, the localized weather modification programs that are now entering the media coverage are only “red herrings” designed to pacify the population into believing such programs are small and insignificant. Such coverage is intended to distract the population from the geoengineering attrocities that are decimating the biosphere.

    • Concerned in Cali says:

      Yes it's barely the truth . That this is the first time Los Angeles has tried cloud seeding in 15 years and they will be " trying " it again for the next big storm to get more rain but at least it is a tiny chink of truth breaking threw . Going to email the writer of the story to see if she knows or admits to  anything about geo engeeneering .

    • Dennie says:

      Don't any of the citizens in these cities contact their City Councils to ASK what is cloud seeding, how's it done and what's involved???  They seem to care more about what's in their organic chocolate bars or where their coffee came from, and totally unconcerned about the actual AIR they're breathing– Sheesh–!!  Numb and Number, Dumb and Dumber All The Time is how it looks to me, but hey, that's just my observation; we all know you can call it whatever you like. 

  22. Troy - Radiation from Chernobyl is getting worst! says:

    Well the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant had it's meltdown some 30 years ago and Ukrainians are still dealing with it today.
    News you won't get from controlled main stream media.

  23. Troy - Miami's oceanfront nuclear power plant is leaking! says:

    Well folks as Dane brought to our attention the leak in New York at the Indian Power Plant. Now we have a leak at the Turkey Point's Nuclear Power Plant (apparently the worst place for a power plant to be placed) just south of Miami, Florida. 
    News you won't find from the controlled mainstream media.

  24. Andreas says:

    Thank you, Dane.
    I translated your article into German and posted it on:

  25. Teri says:

    Our forecast yesterday was for 2.5 inches of rain. we got 1.0 inch. we were supposed to get another 3 inches today which has now changed to none. our rain was stolen and driven away or simply dispersed deliberately. this is in the south where we are getting spring and should have spring rains if they were not being stolen from us. thieves. murders with a costume and bits of wood pulp they call money willing to sell their soul to damage the environment. may they reap their just rewards soon. 

  26. Frank says:

    I see that the lies are pushed way beyond proportions with a article posted on the biggest weather blog WU. It was stated in the article that Los Angeles California clouds were seeded to increase rainfall for the first time in 14 years. Oh really 14 years, the insanity is mind boggling. The article states that the seeding doesn't create clouds but only increases moisture.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Frank, the regional weather modificatioin programs are used as a “red herring” distraction to help hide the geoengineering elephant in the room. Smoke and mirrors.

    • Marc says:

      Frank, thanks for the great link. Gee, do you think there might be more than a few dufuses out there who would ask the next most obvious question: "Well why the hell haven't they been "cloud-seeding" all over Ca. for the last 8 years for this drought?" Uh, hello? People just can't seem to connect dots. Or they absolutely don't care. Indeed, this story appears to be complete bullshit "planted" in the public's mind to disinform and confuse. Very clever, but they ain't foolin' us.

  27. Dennie says:

    Physicians are WAY behind the learning curve on this subject. Mine has never heard of Physicians for Social Responsibility– reminds me of a certain kind of ignorant person who's never heard of a really great performing artist, so of course, the artist CAN'T be any good–not if I have never heard of them!!

    • BaneB says:

      Reminds me of how bad news is treated. If it is not delivered by a PhD the subject matter is not to be taken seriously.  If the "expert" has not said so then one is considered a conspiracy theorist.  

    • JR says:

      Hey Folks; The usual here with SAG/SRM-aka(Chemtrails). The rain clouds were coming in from East and the Jackasses braying in the wind were busting them up big time as we all know by now. I gave a Dr. in Las Cruces, N.M. a copy of "Why In The World Are They Spraying", we'll see his reaction and keep you posted. The Whores of the system and "Lucifer" are hard at work and one day will wind up in Hell, I don't care what country they are from, Evil is Evil. There are no boundaries in HIM, no room for pretenders, HE will do the final judgement. Vengeance is the Lord's. Hold Fast from New Mexico….

  28. Kevin Love says:

    Beautiful day in SoCal for once and no chemtrails for almost a full 3 days (unless they spray above the storm canopy) but my hopes for a perfect blue sky day were dashed when some late afternoon trails came in off the pacific.  I feel like bottling up the fresh post-storm air so I can use it when we get those typical stifling warm and stagnant chemical daze.  

    I have a close friend from jet propulsion laboratory who was on board with the chemtrail facts until tonight when he was reverted from the truth by all his coworkers denying chemtrails.  But as horseman stated, we got ammo and I sent him the recent video posted for the JPL deniers.  I do believe that there is a portion of the population that can't except truth if it's too overwhelming and/or inconvenient.  One last thought: knowing what the Bible says: "for tomorrow is not promised to anyone" I live each day as if it is the last so I hug my 3 little boys more and give longer kisses to my dear wife.  Also, don't sweat the little things that bug ya because life IS too short.  Ultimately, God is in control so don't trust in man but in Him only. This is the central verse in the entire Word of God!  "it is better to put trust in the Lord than confidence in man".   Peace and blessings to all of you in this battle but it can only be won on your knees in solid prayer!!!

  29. Most have probably seen this, but for those who have not:
    Prospects For Physics-Based Modulation Of Global Change*
    Edward Teller and Lowell Wood – Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA; and Roderick Hyde – University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore CA.
    This paper was prepared for submittal to the 22nd International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies Erice (Sicily), Italy August 20-23, 1997
    It has been suggested that large-scale climate changes, mostly due to atmospheric injection of  "greenhouse gases" connected with fossil-fired energy production, should be forestalled by  internationally-agreed reductions in, e.g., electricity generation. The potential economic impacts of  such limitations are obviously large: ³$1011/year. We propose that for far smaller — <1% —  costs, the mean thermal effects of "greenhouse gases" may be obviated in any of several distinct  ways, some of them novel. These suggestions are all based on scatterers that prevent a small  fraction of solar radiation from reaching all or part of the Earth. We propose research directed to  quite near-term realization of one or more of these inexpensive approaches to cancel the effects of  the "greenhouse gas" injection.  …

    Employed near-optimally, tens of thousands of tons of high-conductivity metal – roughly 1% of the required mass of dielectric materials – are required to scatter 1% of the Earth's total insolation; the corresponding costs are $0.07-0.14 billion/year. In principle, the most effective of all possible scatterers are atoms or molecules that scatter light in resonance.  [full article here]:

  30. a simple horseman says:

    To ALL, Today here on the north Okanogan(north central washington), the other EM "testing area, I once again witnessed fighter jets laying out aerosols. I'm confident that what I saw was not "chaff" as in Susan Ferguson's recent posting(good job girl!). Secondly, I have noticed that fighter jets are more frequently laying out aerosol trails. The upscale of this occurrence is quite noticeable. EM "warfare in general scares the heck out of me. That it is happening directly above my head is often a mental overload situation. I have no doubt that what is coming out of the jet fighters is meant to fall in a specific location. They're to low and to specific to be anything else. And another observation here, "they" are "specifically" spraying one of the largest "Veteran" populations in the northwest. Things that make ya go, hmmmm. My fellow high country dwellers are a force to be reckoned with, believe me. And they are smart!! You'd never know it by looking at them though(lol)… Many are awake, most are carrying on as they have been trained to do. The challenge here is to open their views, the courage to stand up is already there. Another observation in where "they" are specifically spraying is this, where I live is big open range cattle country. What the cattle eat, so do the consumers of its flesh, just sayin.

    On another note.. I would like to share something inspired by "modern calamity". She suggest to circumvent to powers that be, we approach other organizations, she listed many, but I think she forgot one fundamental one, "churches". Religious folks(not being demeaning there) all know they are supposed to be stewards of the earth. That's a good foot in the door by the way. I have a customer right now that is 92 years old, she believes firmly in creationism(her choice), she is an old country, church going gal for sure. But she "sees" what is happening in our skies!! She has been taught about what is in that stuff above her head and she doesn't like it. If she really new the extent of the effects(which takes education), she'd really be raising hell, she's quite the fire cracker(though a slow one). Point is, if an elder can "wake up", we all can wake up, no matter our beliefs or convictions. Please remember this when earning the confidence of people you meet and speak with. I'm sure it will open more doors…….

    • Killer Dana says:

      "Another observation in where "they" are specifically spraying is this, where I live is big open range cattle country. What the cattle eat, so do the consumers of its flesh, just sayin  "
      A  big  thank  you for your  astute awareness.
      All of  our  Cow's  ,, Deer  ,, Fish and Humans   are being poisoned with the Lime Related  Bio Weapon …
      Yes  Folks  we  all been exposed to the Chaff  from the Sprays ,  10  +  years now .
      When  will this  Madness  End   ?

    • Teri says:

      Just ran into this article about what they are doing in your neck of the woods for anyone who doubts it.
      more secret testing and experimentation on the civilian population. why anyone would not see it and believe it is beyond me. how many evils do they have to commit before people start to believe?

    • Dennie says:

      The sadder fact is that religious folks have only really recently begun to think about facing the facts that we actually need to and MUST TAKE CARE of our planet– it's the only one we have, it IS "God's" creation, and that is a FACT, but who's noticed?!  Not nearly enough.  The first commandment should read "Thou shalt not poison the planet upon which thou dependeth for life itself– PERIOD (and there WILL be HELL to pay when thou breakest this rule)." 

      The feeling and the thinking about this that is still residual from the Bad Old Days, when Men were Men and women "knew their place" is that "We," meaning "men," have been assured from On High that "we" should have "dominion" over Earth– "Oh, GOODY!!!  That means I get to treat you ANY WAY I PLEASE!" is how it's gotten played out.  And since Mommy isn't here any more to make me clean up my room, I don't have to.  No consequences to have to face for that, either!

      Ever notice what passes as "environmental education" programs?  First, we find a spot on the map where there is relatively little civilization/building/urban or suburban feeling, then we pack the kids into hydrocarbon-burning machines, drive them away from their ACTUAL environment (that is wherever you find yourself right now), and take them for an overnight or week-long vacation in some fairly pristine place and call that "environmental education."  I'D TAKE THE KIDS TO A LAND FILL in order to see, REALLY SEE, what THEY are contributing to the demise of the planet that they so take for granted.

      Hey, kids, CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM– YOUR MOTHER DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANY MORE (because you killed her, remember–???)

  31. Dave says:

    Thanks James in Ont for the inspiring words. I've been kind of not waging the battle as I should as there has been a non stop assault in west Michigan, as others who live in the state can attest to. Gratitude to Dane, and others to get me back on track.        

  32. Animated simulation of Earth's magnetic field in interaction with (solar) interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). Awesome…beauty…our spaceship earth.'s_magnetosphere#/media/File:Animati3.gif

  33. Allan says:

    We are at WAR! Or, at least, it appears that way! This apparent war is both undeclared and unacknowledged, and is literally unbeknownst to half of the players on the field of battle. It has been on going for at least 60 or more years, AND is still being fought! It is a “hidden” war, and thus the first word in the title of this article “SILENT”.
    It is a battle for total control over the entire planet that we live on.
    This SILENT WAR involves only two sides — USELESS EATERS and THE NEW WORLD ORDER.
    For those who are unfamiliar with the term: USELESS EATER, that is the term that was given to the common man – the everyday, average guy and gal – by the Super Elite, most of whom support the New World Order Agenda! So this is THEIR TERM for the common man, not mine.
    Depending upon which side you are on, that will be the indicator of how much information you have about this battle. If you are on the side of the people – the “USELESS EATERS” – you will know nothing, or at least as close to nothing as possible about this war, or that it is even being waged, you will, in effect, BE OBLIVIOUS!
    Author: Bradley Loves
    If your waiting for someone to save us, it's not going to happen.
    It's S.O.S = Save Our Selves.

  34. James-in-Ont says:

    To James, who states in the thread below, that he has been told by 25 people in the airline industry that he 'is crazy'. 

    James, all of us exist in a world where our reality has been tampered with; a reality ABSOLUTELY detached from the facts in too many ways to mention here. Think of it as a cozy dream-state, a comfortable fantasy-like paradigm where the information you receive daily is filtered. Think of the age-old milkman's horse with blinders on. What he can't see, won't spook him.  Dane and others like him, are earnestly, patiently and sincerely devoted to removing the blinders in the interest of our collective survival. Its a task of overwhelming proportion but it must be done, if we, and the rest of the planet including the trees, the birds and bees are to survive this onslaught. You must understand and come to grips with the fact that the planet is under attack. Your path to awareness is the toughest journey you will ever undertake. Stay on the path because our survival depends on it.
    It's quite probable the airline folks you speak of never heard of WTC building #7 and also believe in the fairytale of two planes destroying the twin towers; and that LHO killed JFK. Research the origin of the term 'conspiracy theorist' and for what purpose it was invented. I'm passing you two links. The first is a remarkable essay,  The Psychology of Patriotic Denial by Tova Gabrielle and the second is a short edited youtube clip ( Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails ) taken from Dane's work elsewhere. Don't give up on waking up. You are not alone, and definitely not crazy.

    • Melanie says:

      A previous poster expressed, "we are the divergents". I didn't know what that meant, but last night I watched the movie "Insurgent", and after watching it, I 100 percent agree. It's a great movie depiction of the struggle we are in, and how important us "divergents" really are. Stay strong everyone, mother earth and all of her inhabitants are worth fighting for and are depending on us.  We are the peaceful warriors and stewards of this earth, and in my opinion, one of the most noble life forms.

  35. moderncalamity says:

    Interacting with our government agencies is useless.  We need to get the attention of the masses who are oblivious to the spraying and destruction it is causing… and we need to do it quickly  Contact all the unions and all the sports organizations; MLBPA, PGA, NFL, USTA, US Sailing, Little League, Airline Pilots Association.  Let them know that the players/employees they represent and their families/friends are being poisoned and that the government is doing nothing to acknowledge or stop it.  Suggest that they stop all sporting activities and piloting planes until the government stops spraying our skies.  It only takes one group to support our efforts to get the world's attention.  Will people pay attention when there are no sporting activities or planes flying?  I hope so.

  36. frank says:

    The Central Bankers / Oligarchs / Globalists want to own all the wealth and turn everywhere else into a dump so they can control it. Just look at their policies.
    Open borders are intentionally meant to flood sovereign nations with uncivilized, unreasonable, often violent dependents, to break these countries, add drought and poisons from GeoEngineering and you can see this is a full scale attack on sovereign nations by the Central Bankers / Oligarchs / Globalists.

    • Michel B says:

      This is spot on, Frank. As G E Griffin put it, Geoengineering serves the interests of Agenda 21, which is the pretence of concern over the environment in order to confiscate the rights of the people.

      As we can see, there is no concern over the environment at all. In fact, if control requires the destruction of the environment in order to control the people, then so be it. That is what we can see happening before us.

      They foment wars and create the refugee crisis then enforce mass emigration, very much to selected countries. Europe is the main target. Dilution of nationalities is one of the aims so that national loyalties are diluted. Internal national strife and division makes for a weaker nation, ripe for corruption and infiltration of its power centers.

      Radicalised Islam is an obvious enemy, but there is another greater hidden enemy, who thrive on setting people against each other. They have no national allegiance, but consider the world all theirs. If this was understood by enough people, then it could be acted upon.

  37. The Financial System Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism
    Paul Craig Roberts / March 8, 2016
    …this picture shows is that government, economists, and presstitutes are allied against citizens achieving any financial independence from personal saving. Policymakers have a crackpot economic policy and those with control over your life value their scheme more than they value your welfare.
    This is the fate of people in the so-called democracies. Any remaining control that they have over their lives is being taken away. Governments serve a few powerful interest groups whose agendas result in the destruction of the host economies. The offshoring of middle class jobs transfers income and wealth from the middle class to the executives and owners of the corporation, but it also kills the domestic consumer market for the offshored goods and services. As Michael Hudson writes, it kills the host. The financialization of the economy also kills the host and the owners of corporations as well. When corporate executives borrow from banks in order to boost share prices and their performance bonuses by buying back the publicly held stock of the corporations, future profits are converted into interest payments to banks. The future income streams of the corporations are financialized. If the future income streams fail, the companies can be foreclosed, like homeowners, and the banks become the owners of the corporations.
    … Throughout the Western world the financial system has become an exploiter of the people and a deadweight loss on economies. There are only two possible solutions. One is to break the large banks up into smaller and local entities such as existed prior to the concentration that deregulation fostered. The other is to nationalize them and operate them solely in the interest of the general welfare of the population.
    The banks are too powerful currently for either solution to occur. But the greed, fraud, and self-serving behavior of Western financial systems, aided and abetted by governments, could be leading to such a breakdown of economic life that the idea of a private financial system will become as abhorrent in the future as Nazism is today.

    • Diane Maupin says:

      Take a look at the website called worldcitizen.solution by Ken O'Keefe a former Iraq Marine now turned Defender against western military and political tyrants who are storm trooping into the Mid East and elsewhere to gain domination and control, thereby bringing about this so-called, "One World Government" that many of our recent presidents have alluded to! He has a solution to this banking nightmare, by cutting off the flow of our tax dollars. Everyone needs to be on board with this, so the impact of our collective actions can cut the snake 's (the world bankers) heads off swiftly and decisively! Good luck to all you good hearted citizens in the know…

    • Dennie says:

      The Bigger Picture that no one is much looking at is the underlying Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm, endless financial growth.  Well, that's not possible on a planet of finite resources.  Right now it's all falling apart, so now what?  George Soros said in an issue of the New York Review of Books that "the patient is on life support.." should we really try and save such a patient?  Salvage what's worthwhile and then you really need to let the rest go.  As the Indians say, it's time the White Man dreamed a new dream.  When I repeated that quote to an African American woman, she said something like "What's that going to be THIS time??

    • Marc says:

      Susan Ferguson, the key concept is this sentence from your post: "The offshoring of jobs transfers income and wealth from the middle class to  the executives and owners of the corporation, but it also kills the domestic consumer market for the offshored  goods and services." With the regular and unapologetic assistance of Mr. Tom Donahue, CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, corporations have been and still are "aided and even walked though, the process of how to offshore their operations so as to profit from what is essentially slave labor. I recently saw an ad in the Southwest Airlines on-board monthly magazine, detailing a certain "consultant company's" methods and protocols for offshoring one's operations. Ugh!!! Short term profit, the rest of the country be damned. Oh yeah, these geniuses who run these corporations deserve our utmost respect, do they not? Look how rich they are. I sure wish I was like them.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Hi Dennie and I agree but for the degree no one seems to be counting human resource as a resource.  While oh so many things are indeed finite and becoming moreso by the day, Humans, not so much!  And we do count.  The tech industry is one example.

      There is evidence that the economy is not as bad as some would say.  What deficits we have are in my opinion due to our bloated military.  That needs to end.  They are complaining of being out of funds.  Good!  They are asking for oh so much.  While taking seemingly no responsibility for the trillions they have "lost"!!?!  I believe they should not have a dime but for veteran care.  But, if they would do an accounting like any failing business would do if "missing" such incredible amounts of money, then and only then should they come begging.  After all, the military espouses a top down order system so obviously someone at the top needs to take responsibility and get to work on this.  Where else would we throw good money after bad?  Why should they get to slide?  Because they defend us?  No sign of that, rather the opposite, they seem to be attacking us.  We want an accounting of this massive missing money, don't we?  That is what is dragging us and our natural resources down and fast.  And the answer for that missing money is…..?

  38. FreeSpirit says:

    My neighbor was talking about the bizarre 75 degree weather last month (February in TN) and I said yes and I think it's because of the constant spraying of the planes (and there were plenty of streaks in the sky that day in particular).  She didn't reply and has not spoken to me since.  Willful ignorance of the truth!

    • Susan says:

      At a recent bonfire on the beach attended by 5 RN's, a 17 yr. old son of a nurse, and a dear friend who is environmentally verbal, a comment was made about the "lines in the sky". Two of us knowingly looked at each other, even though we'd never had a conversation about it, we know it's not normal, nor is it "just condensation from a jet." So, 3 out of 4 people who heard the comment are in the know. The fourth has her own issues which bringing her into the light might be detrimental to her. My point is, I think there are more people aware of what is going on than you think. Free Spirit, I think you gave your neighbor some food for thought. I'm very thankful to my environmental-loving friend for sending the link to this site.

  39. +Lester C. Muller says:

    WOW! Thank you for this video footage — I have taken the liberty of placing the link on my FB page as well as fwd-ing it to many who still believe the contrail con story.  Thank you again Dane  — and I sincerely hope that this video will be the last bit needed to tilt the scales in our direction.

  40. Jenny says:

    No one else seems to have mentioned this, but I'm hoping I wasn't the only one to notice the pink and green undertones in (portions of, at least) the material that was sprayed.  These are the same colors I see every day nowadays in clouds that are right near the sun.  It's only been in the last couple of years or so that I've noticed this.  The only colors I consistently see are that real fake-looking pink and green, colors that always appear to me like colors from cotton candy or some other kind of candy. 

    • mike says:

      Those colors are indications of the different metal particles being sprayed.  Different metals = different frequencies.

    • lucy says:

      to jenny, those pink and green colors are they iridescent? if yes then that would be the nano particle aluminum

  41. Renee says:

    I have been able to say nothing but expletives, for ten minutes!!! I don't shock easily but this is beyond, BEYOND, what anyone's with a brain can handle, without their head exploding. All of my in denial family, friends and associates, just got a mind blowing forward from me, being this email. Holy hell is the softest thing I am say. I have watched it three times and am going back for more. I have never in my life, seen something as sick and deadly. I believe we are getting worse than what pest control professionals would do to a infestation after of a bad hoard of 25 years, in a condemned building. We are rats, roaches and mosquitoes to these pieces of sh%t. I pray we all spread this video like a brush fire and let's make it go viral on YouTube. We are not going down without a fight. We were not born to be sprayed to death. We have a choice not to go the gas chambers peaceable. Let's give these bastards hell. I just wanna know what kind of sick SOB could fly these planes. They deserve no mercy. They have had none us any. I haven't been this pissed in years and it feels great to have something like this video on our side. Dane please keep kicking all the ass you can. Your Saturday radio shows, I live for them. I swear, if you were to narrate these weekly articles on YouTube, we might get the folks who don't like or have time to do much reading, but instead have time to listen, because it is so freaking riveting and real. You speaking style is so captivating. They could listen in the car, while fixing the car, while cooking, while mowing the yard with their ear buds in. This is a topic of war and a life or death fight. This video is going to wake up more sheeple than anything else I have seen thus far. And I say welcome to the party pal. Dane great freaking job. This is a game changer. I left out two choice words from my last sentence. I don't want to offend. But whoever could remain calm and composed after seeing this is medicated, sedated and incapacitated. I am so proud to be in this fight and feel greatly empowered by that footage. Thank you Dane so much. You make it all happen. Thank you for your leadership and your courage. Fight On!!!!! Your friend until the end. Renee 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Renee, it is all a team effort, you, me, and every other activist that is truly commited to this most critical battle. My most sincere gratitude to you and all others that are doing all they advance this most critical cause. Lets make every single day count.

    • Marc says:

      Renee, you are a kindred soul, I like your style! Yep, the jet in this shocking video sure ain't doin' no crop dusting, or are they???? Ever see pics or footage of workers in full "haz-mat" suits spraying crops with tanks and hand-held wands? Is this so-called SRM or SAG not unlike that? What f**king genius ever thought that this program would "work" (whatever that means) without poisoning the entire world for generations? Unimaginable stupidity and arrogance. 

    • Dennie says:

      W-e-e-e-ll, look at this way, from the New Perspective of Modern Farming: 

      WE have been the "crops," the cash cows of the Money-Master Overlords of Planet Earth; now that the chickens are coming home to roost, i.e., Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm ate through all the resources, now WE will also be the DUST.

  42. Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) says:

    Down Straya way in Melbourne its early evening (7:30 p)and the temp is 40 C (104F). Normally, the mean 'max' March temp is ~ 24 C ( 75C).
    The greasy high clouds from the spraying actually do block the sunlight during the day and if any unfiltered sun gets through, one's instinct is to get 'away' and find shade as it is so intense-like getting too close to an open fire.
    We are now in a period of escalating 'killer' heat. Some key points:
    The 2009 heatwave killed over 370 people
    Heatwaves have killed more people than fires, cyclones, floods
    Cardiac arrests triple during heatwaves
    Whole of society approach needed to make changes
    The current government ( liberal–sort of like the republicans) have sought to silence the CSIRO (A Gov't) climate scientists by cutting their funding and letting go the Oceanic and Atmospheric division of ~300 experts. They research many things but their backyard is Antarctica–the worlds biggest ice mass.
    Down under, like everywhere, most people can 'feel' something is wrong (the  primitive awareness section of our brain is still quite functional) and being truthful and honest and empathetic to how they will feel when they are made aware can go a long way in spreading the message and the need to make some noise and rattle a few cages.
    Most have never been given that opportunity ( by design it is not encouraged) but most will show real enthusiasm and jump at being part of a movement. Not too many can or want to carry a baton at the front of the march like Dane, but plenty will want to get in step if encouraged!
    "Calepa Ta Kala", Greek for 'Naught, without labor!

  43. Bill says:

    A WORD of Encouragement for all?   NEVER GIVE UP
    Obviously, considering the "Powers That Be" are trying to ignore us – a "No Shots Fired" Revolution is "In Order" & just in case you don't feel qualified – Keep in mind:
    A Revolution ALWAYS begins with ONE & the "Power of One" is an Unstoppable Force.
    Want PROOF? Do the math yourself.
    A Penny, doubled every day – in 30 days becomes a sum Greater than 1 MILLION Dollars.
    ONE person, who cares enough to "Alert" one other person per day, can have a similar "Doubling Effect" & trying to ignore that many "P-O'd" peace-loving revolutionaries is a Scary Thought for many who care to hide under Political Skirts.
    Keep The Faith & Stay The Course.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bill!  Great example!  I did do the math and I got $5, 364,709.12!!!!  Now, that IS inspiring!

  44. The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases
    The Global Deployment of US Military Personnel

    By Jules Dufour / Global Research, March 07, 2016
    The Worldwide control of humanity’s economic, social and political activities is under the helm of US corporate and military power. Underlying this process are various schemes of direct and indirect military intervention. These US sponsored strategies ultimately consist in a process of global subordination.
    Where is the Threat?
    The 2000 Global Report published in 1980 had outlined “the State of the World” by focusing on so-called  “level of threats” which might negatively influence or undermine US interests. Twenty years later, US strategists, in an attempt to justify their military interventions in different parts of the World, have conceptualized the greatest fraud in US history, namely “the Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT). The latter, using a fabricated pretext  constitutes a global war against all those who oppose US hegemony. A modern form of slavery, instrumented through militarization and the “free market” has unfolded.
    Major elements of the conquest and world domination strategy by the US refer to:
    1) the control of the world economy and its financial markets,
    2) the taking over of all natural resources (primary resources and nonrenewable sources of energy). The latter constitute the cornerstone of US power through the activities of its multinational corporations.
    Geopolitical Outreach: Network of Military Bases
    The US has established its control over 191 governments which are members of the United Nations. The conquest, occupation and/or otherwise supervision of these various regions of the World is supported by an integrated network of military bases and installations which covers the entire Planet (Continents, Oceans and Outer Space). All this pertains to the workings of  an extensive Empire, the exact dimensions of which are not always easy to ascertain.
    Known and documented from information in the public domaine including Annual Reports of the US Congress, we have a fairly good understanding of the structure of US military expenditure, the network of US military bases and  the shape of this US military-strategic configuration in different regions of the World.
    The objective of this article is to build a summary profile of the World network of military bases, which are under the jurisdiction and/or control  of the US. The spatial distribution of these military bases will be examined together with an analysis of the multibillion dollar annual cost of their activities.
    full article plus maps:


    Craig B. Hulet makes the illuminating point that the 'Global Corporate Regime' does not benefit the American people. This empire benefits the 1% – who don't even live in the USA. Obviously if the so called American Empire benefited the American people, our government & military would not be slow-death poisoning us from the sky paid for with our own tax payer dollars!

  45. Ryan says:

    Hello from North Dakota, yes there is life up here other than the Bakken  which has come to term in which has caused a mass exodus !  The acknowledgement of weather modification over this state is not know by the general public due to many different variables. I have been monitoring the skies for several years and have been waking a few people up but it's slow going, we are a hard headed bunch here. The spraying over eastern Montana and the Dakotas has been ramped up the last few years but people listen to the local news freaks and think everything is normal. Some people will never look up or do a little investigating, so one just has to rite them of as a lose and move on. We have had very mild winters for the past 5 years and longer ,some years are questionable but usually we have at least 2 or3 months of below zero temps in which we were hoping for global warming(careful what you wish for). Thanks for all the info that is laid out on this site.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Ryan, For what it's worth, a few years ago I googled weather modification companies in the US.  Got back 3.  One in Texas, two in North Dakota.  That should make a start on the willfully ignorant even if these will no doubt claim to "only be cloud seeding".

  46. Glyn Mulholland says:

    Each week I live 3 nights in Dorset UK and 4 nights near Heathrow London, we rarely see a pure blue sky anymore. They even make shapes in the sky, planes cross each other but I dont know another person who has noticed. People do not look up. So many people I know were ill in the last quarter of 2015. I have been watching the planes spraying for several years now and I am still to meet someone who knows this is happening, people I know are ready to send the men in white coats to have a chat with me because of what I believe.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Glyn, your are not alone, so many are now waking up. Those who have ridiculed you for having the courage to tell the truth will very soon have to face reality, wait and see. Lets press on, every day counts in this fight.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      "We cannot see anything until we are possessed with the idea of it, take it into our heads,-and then we can hardly see anything else."

                                                                -Henry David Thoreau

    • hazel thompson says:

      I am from Hampshire UK.  I am aware of the spraying that happens in our sky and I think you will find there are many other people across the Uk that know this too.  I  read and watch alternative news because the main stream news will not report important issues.  I watch the UK Column news online daily and it is a subject that gets exposure on the forums.  People that watch the Uk Column news live will always comment on the weather in their area in the chatbox section at the start of the news.  I am still trying to locate a local anti geoengineering  group to get involed in some way.   You are not insane.   

    • STEVE ADAMS says:

      Don't worry Glyn!
      I am from South London and I look up everyday with dismay!
      You are not mad because I too believe that they are conducting experiments. Whether or not they succeed with these experiments is a matter for future dissection of the facts. We will not be told now what they have done, only after the fact.
      I would love to do a time lapse of a day from where I am. I have a clear view of the sky and it would be very telling as to how a beautiful morning becomes a whiteout :/

    • Martina Ward says:

      I am a fellow UK resident awaiting the white coat brigade. I have discovered another term "Global dimming" that is being used to not stop what they are doing, as it is felt that to stop spraying will cause uncontrollable temperature rises. I say PHOOEY!! The temp change was likely a reaction to sudden clear skies and the trail planes not being able to spray in the days after 9.11, and it wasn't an actual temp rise; but a larger difference between day and night temps. Look up BBC horizon on you tube

    • Rob Wilkinson says:

      Hi Glyn. I live in Portsmouth, Hampshire – I see and document the trails and tell people about it. Most resist but more are switching on, too. Remember that you can tackle it from multiple angles – wildlife population crash, empty seas, Arctic heatwave, ESAS methane release. The facts will support you. 

  47. carol says:

    I have been so sick lately. ………seems when they spray, which is daily now, my symptoms get worse.  Doctors are worthless regarding this.  If they can't give you a prescription, they are baffled.  Unable to think despite years of "training".  We have to do something to make this poisoning stop before we all succumb………

    • tracie brantley says:

      Me too Carol! 

    • mike says:

      Have you wondered how the people responsible for the spraying are able to avoid the effects themselves, or more likely negate the effects?  Detox Therapies!  Several simple therapies will detox those metals from your body.  Two I am doing are:  infrared sauna therapy and coffee enema therapy.  Check it out: they work!

  48. Earth Angel says:

    The film footages are shocking and dismaying. Thank you Dane and your team for this most comprehensive website. So much valuable information for us to learn from and share.

  49. jeff says:

    Great video, and another spot on article Dane, thank you.
    I just watch a new man on the street youtube video by Mark Dice, called "Who was the capital of America named after"?
    This is a great example of the stupid we all face when waking the masses. I am going to try and wake as many as I can, and from the concerned comments so far, I am not alone.
    Thanks again Dane, and every sane person in this battle.

  50. a simple horseman says:

    Dane, Holy Smokes!, Thanks for the ammunition!! There is no doubt in my mind that "your team" has thoroughly documented this very significant video. Good job Team!! Where ever this video came from needs to be protected, "by us all!" Damn straight I'm going to make sure this video gets some views. It is obvious that in the video there is only "one" aircraft. I've been working on an "ex air farce" fighter jet mechanic that is in total denial. I work up at his place sometimes. What he and everyone else is getting cast down upon us is easy to see (I have personally collected everything Susan Ferguson has pictured here on this site and her web page), all one has to do is "look up" and "pay attention", and one can easily see what the MIC is doing over "our" heads on a daily basis. You'd think an ex jet fighter mechanic could understand the difference between a real con trail and "something that lasts ALL day!" Geesh!!!
    I am a simple horseman, guns do not have a play in my world, However!, ammunition, 'does'. Load you cannons with truth my friends and fire at will………..

  51. Howard Taylor says:

    Most people would rather swallow lies than truth,especially if the liar has authority and the disinformation is soothing like a fine liquer.

  52. RICK BARWICK says:

    THIS IS A CRIME  I have survived cancer with out chemo or radiation switching to  a more holistic  life style. My wife Gail Barwick  and I  have been following your work for sometime now;  and we have been trying to educate people to what is going on . It saddens and maddens me after having survived cancer and  began looking at big pharma ,FDA  and western medicine alike and the harm that our own trusted organization  are doing abusing  there power  all for the mighty dollor PLEASE I pray and say open your eyes  thank you for your work this has to stop !!!

  53. damon says:

    Hi,Today in redding,california first time we have seen blues sky in between the geo-storms! I've been working in my yard all day and have seen only 9 jets fly by today with not one chem-trail,it must be there day off.Has anyone else in No-Cal notice this? I have also noticed that all the leaves in my trees are trying to flower but all the dead leaves from last year are still there with mold and all kinds of other stuff! My trees are dying slowly because of all this crap there spaying on the entire planet.People check out your trees in your yard look up your can see if you look.Thanks Dane You are Hero to me, keep up the great work 

  54. wandakate says:

    Sometimes in North Carolina there are 10-12 of them up there all at once spraying and putting on their show for all below. I don't think too many people look up, mostly I see then looking straight ahead, to the ground, or to their cell phones in the hands so usually just down, but not much up for some reason. I'm not sick yet, but it's probably just a matter of time. I wouldn't want to be the ones in charge of this on judgment day Dane. GOD is going to come down hard on all of them.

    • Yar Swerc says:


      I don't know what part of NC you live, but in my neck of the woods (between the triad and Charlotte), only 10-12 chemtrails is a fraction of my count. In all fairness, I live in the country with a 360 degree panorama and spend most of my time outdoors. This all came home to me when I built, installed, and monitored a solar collector to heat water for a heat sink in my greenhouse. The most intense spraying occurred on the coldest (and otherwise clear) days of winter. The fact that this crap reduces solar gain is undeniable and I have the numbers to prove it.

      As far as awakening my neighbors, otherwise nice rural folks, it has become apparent that they are afflicted with rectum cranial syndrome and are preoccupied with performing colonoscopies on themselves.

  55. Mark T says:

    I have seen a similar pattern of "bursts" of cloud-producing streams over the San Joaquin valley. This is indeed the most compelling footage yet.

  56. Reonne says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Dane. I also live in No California and the chemtrails here seem exceptionally bad. Any idea why?  Is it because of the Sierras? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Reonne, yes, the aerosol operations are in full force in the Pacific Northwest, but the spraying is getting rapidly worse all over the globe. There are a multitude of factors fueling the increase from massive methane hydrate releases (which climate engineering is making worse, not better), to escalating global conflict, there are many dots to connect.

  57. Dawnski says:

    I put a sticky note on the cross at church yesterday with "Geo Engineering Watch". The Lord knows my hearts desire. Today Lake Norman was sprayed heavily all day long. . the ashtray taste in my throat. . .those men in leadership will answer to God one day. Acts 1:14 '01 Accord mobilized to display, defend and declare the truth.

  58. clark says:

    A year ago or so, for a number of years back, there would be breaks in the Geo-engineering. There would be a few weeks – or even months – with clear blue skies and no lingering chemtrails were about or stretching from horizon to horizon.
    That doesn’t happen anymore. It’s either a sky full of chemtrails everywhere, or it’s cloudy or whiteout. There’s no in-between.
    Just something else that’s a bit different lately.

    • It was that way here too not long ago. Where I live it's high desert country. It used to be during the summer we received very little moisture so I never saw the spraying during this time. But now they spray all the time and we never know what we will get. It's all messed up.

    • FreeSpirit says:

      I only noticed ONE frost here in Tennessee.  From October to March.  ONE FROST!   And one measly artificial feeling "snow storm" (of about a 1/4 inch).  No winter here at all to speak of and even the "cold" temps feel different, not that crisp, cold, fresh air of the past winter seasons of yesteryear.  My heart just breaks for all the plants and animals and sea life.  I pray every day for Jesus to take me out of this Cess Pool of evil and blind cud chewers who refuse to SEE WHATS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM AND RIGHT ABOVE THEM!  I am almost ashamed to be part of the "human race"

  59. George upton says:

    To all fellow Chem trail watchers.I have talked to people about this and most would just look at you like you’re nuts. I always look to the sky, night and day, when I can. Living up in central Vermont I see the jets laying the trails out around 9 to 10 am and by mid afternoon the sky is just a grey milk haze. Is it that the powers to be could just tell us why and for what purpose this is all for Geoengineering that's what me personally I think to just cut down on sunlight penetration. Nobody asked me or the fellow world citizens if they minded too much and that's what pisses me off.

  60. kathleen says:

    San Diego got sprayed something fierce over the last few days (I counted at least 20 trails on one day — I think it was Friday, 3/4 — in the course of less than four hours), and, tada, we had rain yesterday and today. Of course the rain was surely poisoned. I've written to our sorryassed mayor and my equally sorryassed Councilman more than once, and did I get a reply? Of course not. It's also not a surprise that not a one of the p/Residential candidates dare touch this subject.

    Furthermore, when upwards of millions of people swarm the streets in other countries, for whatever reason, we in the U.S. Inc. rarely hear of it, so it's no surprise when actual residents here in the states march or gather, it's also excluded from "the news," or downplayed, or lied about.

    Are all the planes being flown by drone-bots? Or have all the pilots been injected with mind-numbing drugs that make them unable to discern right from wrong?

    And even if every citizen "stormed" a city's capital, or local newsrooms, or whatever, wouldn't they merely be the straw that brings out massive execution of said citizens? "Hey, we can't have disobedience," or "We need martial law to protect the infrastructure," or some such POS lie.

    Some days I just feel so helpless to make a difference 🙁 On the good side, most every time I point to the sky and mention "they're spraying us again" to a stranger on the street, they nod and agree. But short of mentioning this site and given my below poverty level income, what can I do? Could orgonite help? I already pray like a mofo, but mostly for no quakes lol. I'm incorrigible.

  61. Roger Gibbons says:

    Send that video to all your government departments ….this is the silver bullet that will cause the eyes to open..
    Great job to all.
    Look up, it’s time …lets take it to the next level …and start marching on these government departments …
    They cant keep their eye's closed any more …..

  62. Edward Carberry says:

    OH Dane Please Please keep up the good work!

    They weren't spraying as much today, I was very surprised wonder if they ran out of the stuff? They don't do as much on the weekends unless there is cloud to hide what they are doing they are out over the Pacific spraying the storms  and using HAARP on them I watched one this morning in the Pacific , as well as over in England! hehehe The snow evaporated for the most part this year the one has no puddle to speak of. It is despicable that our P/C and Liberal  governments allow this! I watched Jim Marr in Ontario Population reduction 2015. Are they using Iron Oxide spraying? The other week I saw pink clouds that morning and the whole dark cloud bank was PINK I have never seen anything like that before, it was disgusting. 

  63. Rebecca says:

    I just shared this video in a chat room with 152 people in attendance and this is the response I got.  KILL URSELF MY MAN; Move on is right Dane!  You can't fix stoopid.  Some people have completely lost their ability to care.

    • James says:

      It's not that they've lost the ability to care it's the fact that they can't get their eyes off of their phones and TV to actually take a look around to 'see' what's really happening.   It's that simple. 
      I'm a good case of that point.   Once I stopped watching TV for good is when I woke up.   Literally.  Btw, the only reason for stopping TV watching was the commercials.   lol     Best thing that ever happened to me and knowing about 9/11 helped fuel my research once I had the time to do so.
      Thanks Dane for what you do.  First post here because I was compelled to do so.   🙂

  64. Juan Sequoia says:

    Dane, I appreciate everything that you do. Also the work that Susan Ferguson and others who also give out great information.
    Here in north west Baja California Mexico, the skies are also being srayed with toxins. The chem trails used to end at the international border. Now they spray us here like bugs too.
    I would like to know if the pilots that spray us here in Baja California originated in the USA, and are pilots of the American military?
    I have shared this site and 1 pacific redwood  with many Spanish speaking people here in north west Baja California and in San Diego CA. I told them to translate it into Spanish. The people south of the border also need this information to wake  people up and to help out as an international effort, like the Canadians do.
    Today we saw some scattered rain showers thet the weather manipulators let in and no chem trails.

  65. stephan says:

    great clip Dane – undeniable footage – I know most of you have seen this but it's worth watching again

  66. Rodster says:

    Dane, you should contact Dahr Jamail regarding his article on electromagnetic warfare and request he cover Geoengineering.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, I have communicated with Dahr. He indicated that he intended to get to the critical climate enigneering issue, but nothing yet unfortunately. 

    • Rory Johnstone says:

      Hi Dane
      I'm sorry to place my comment in this reply…but I have tried in vane to leave a comment..I am busy working on a way to reach a massive audience in Africa through a very popular Sunday night(prime time) tv show called Carte Blanche. As I write this I am busy working with one of their very well known and respected producers. I think this will be a great platform to wake a lot of people up and start to create a conversation..maybe even a '#'. The problem is that without an interview with you Dane..there is no chance that this story will air.
      I understand that your time is precious but I really think that this will work. Please would you let me know your thoughts on this.
      Thank you Dane and God bless

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rory, your message was brought to my attention, I will send you a personal message and will absolutley make myself available for any interview you can set up. Thank you so much for your efforts Rory.

    • Rory Johnstone says:

      Hi Dane

      Thank you so much..That is great news!!

      God Bless


  67. Michel B says:

    Most excellent, frightening and undeniable footage. If a car blew smoke anything like that plane is, we would have to conclude that its piston rings were gone and it's burning oil like there's no tomorrow. The car would be ordered off the road until fixed.

    Towards the end of the clip when the plane goes into full blown spraying and there is that gigantic sheet of effluent behind it, what more unquestionable viewing could you ask for? How could anyone say that is normal operation of a plane at altitude?! Together with the ON/OFF spraying, this is completely condemning evidence.

    This is eye witness testimony that cannot be explained away by any authority or technician without them resorting to transparent lies that they should be ashamed to try to utter.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, Baja was being sprayed l day yesterday for sure.  1pacificredwood did a terrific job showing the difference using satellite images between real clouds and the chemtrailed clouds.  It was easy to tell the difference.  It was not only Baja, but across into the Mexico mainland.  The grunge raft of chem-clouds was extensive.  Meanwhile, LA finally had a break from the bastards and that region looked really beautiful from the sat. view.  It won 't last!

    • BaneB says:

      The stop and start spraying prior to major blowout looks to me to be a marker.  It's as if these dashes are the lead up to, and from satellites these fix a position for study for one reason or another.  Otherwise I can't figure why the broken trail…unless the dispersal nozzles and equipment need a priming kind of action to function for the main dispersal.  Its weird.

  68. Sean Slavin says:

    Dane, as always,  thank you. 

    The more I learn the less I know. This issue is like an episode from the Twilight Zone, only weirder. 

  69. I have been researching 'CHAFF' for the Save the Olympic Peninsula group which is objecting to the Olympic Peninsula being turned into an electronic warfare zone for the Navy’s Growlers.
    WIKI: Chaff, originally called 'Window' by the British, and Düppel by the Second World War era German Luftwaffe (from the Berlin suburb where it was first developed), is a radar countermeasure in which aircraft or other targets spread a cloud of small, thin pieces of aluminium, metallized glass fibre or plastic, which either appears as a cluster of primary targets on radar screens or swamps the screen with multiple returns.
    Modern armed forces use chaff (in naval applications, for instance, using short-range SRBOC rockets) to distract radar-guided missiles from their targets. Most military aircraft and warships have chaff dispensing systems for self-defense. An intercontinental ballistic missile may release in its midcourse phase several independent warheads as well as penetration aids such as decoy balloons and chaff.

    CHAFF – RADAR COUNTER MEASURES: Chaff and flares are defensive mechanisms employed from military aircraft to avoid detection and/or attack by adversary air defense systems. Chaff consists of small fibers that reflect radar signals and, when dispensed in large quantities from aircraft, form a cloud that temporarily hides the aircraft from radar detection. The two major types of military chaff in use are aluminum foil and aluminum-coated glass fibers. The aluminum foil-type is no longer manufactured, although it may still be in use.  …A new superfine glass fiber chaff is being manufactured that is 0.7 mil (17.8 microns) in diameter.  … Currently, the services use pyrotechnic charges, rockets, mortars, air flows, or motors to disperse chaff. Chaff is ejected either mechanically or pyrotechnically. Mechanical ejection uses small foillaminated cardboard boxes (2.8 by 4.8 by 0.8 inches) that are tom open during ejection. Debris from the cardboard boxes consists of the opened box, two high impact polystyrene plastic support pieces (2.75 by 4.75 by 0.06 inches), and paper wrapping for each dipole cut. Cardboard specifications have been changed from virgin kraft paper to recycled kraft paper because it biodegrades more quickly. The sealing adhesive for these boxes is an aqueous type polyvinyl acetate.
    Pyrotechnic ejection uses hot gases generated by an explosive impulse cartridge. The gases push a small plastic piston down a chaff-filled tube 8 inches long with a 1 inch square cross-section. This ejects a small plastic end cap, followed by the chaff fibers. The tube remains in the aircraft. Debris that is ejected consists of two 1 inch square pieces of plastic l/8 inch thick (the piston and the end cap) and a felt spacer.

    Here is Brochure of CHAFF as a PDF. The only product that specifies aluminum is the ‘Bundle Chaff’ which is said to be “Aluminum coated glass filament in a continuous strand” with a 2-18 GHz frequency band coverage.  The photo on page seven is interesting showing what I assume are ’sprays’ of CHAFF.

    • In a related story…
      Weird Weather Radar 'Blob' Tied To 'Chaff' Used In Military Test
      …meteorologists in Huntsville, Ala., noticed a "blob" on their radar screen that looked like a strong thunderstorm, despite the fact the sun was shining and not a drop of rain could be found within a few hundred miles…. the blob was not nature-made, after all, and was likely so-called military chaff, or reflective particles used to test military radar.  "What we were able to see from the dual-pol radar data looked similar to military chaff cases previously, but the primary difference was that the winds weren't blowing the stuff away," Havin said. "The releases were happening primarily below 3,300 feet [1,000 meters] above the ground and the low-level winds that afternoon were almost nonexistent (less than 3 mph [4.8 km/h]), so the chaff was basically pluming outward over a good portion of the Huntsville metro area."  In fact, the chaff was visible on their radar for more than nine hours, and the news stories lingered even longer. "Officially, Redstone Arsenal disclosed that it was a military test using RR-188 military chaff," Havin said, referring to aircraft used to spread a cloud of aluminum-coated silica in the case of RR-188.

    • Lynn says:

      Susan, thanks for everything you are doing.  I'm up here in Whatcom County in the Mt.Baker foothills and I take pictures almost every day of the aircrap.  There are some people who just don't want to hear about anything; be it geoengineering, isis or who's going to be POTUS.  They just want to watch the next game. 

  70. Helene says:

    here on SW Vancouver Island, now that winter is over, we see a number of trees, holly and cedar bushes etc are either severely in trouble or dying.  We've lived on this one acre property for a little over 2 yrs now, and the changes over the last few months mimic the uptake in spraying.

  71. Carolyn says:

    I Thank you Dan, the big thing I have noticed as a gardener is weeds are growing as big as trees, killing California wild flowers and other plaints and trees. I spent two hours pulling weeds from my garden by the time I was finished my green bin was full off weeds. Whatever is coming down from the plans and the rain is making me sick, my dog sick and everyone I know is struggling for a healthy life, as well as the trees and plaints'.

  72. Kathleen says:

    This makes me so mad, but what can I do? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathleen, you can help us to sound the alarm, all of us are needed, there is no time to spare. Never underestimate the difference you could make in this critical battle Kathleen, it is all of us working together that matters. The attached link should give you more direction.

  73. Lori Bridgeford says:

    The DENIERS can now suspend their Eyes Wide Shut stance. There is as you say Dane, no point engaging with  the willful refusal to wake up and "get there" efforts. This  exceptional film footage  does it all. The 1999 Kubrick film spent a massive  amount of TIME in production and holds the Guinness world record for the longest film shoot at 400 days. This weaponized weather  vid parallels our  "sky shoot "of geo-engineering programs. Only this isn't a  Hollywood movie -it's the longest attack upon us all. Media in every city needs to be bombarded by this latest  proof, and to  those we know . All  of us have 2 min. to STOP and witness this complete abuse.  Grateful for those who captured this vital evidence  for the timid and stubbornly  resistant ones,  still fighting the truth of  harmful climate engineering. Can't be any clearer !

  74. Loran Conley says:

    Thank you SO much, Dane, for your unending efforts to prove to the total demise of our earth and everything on it. It is absolutely true. Even so, there is not one damn thing thing we can do about it short of hoping some "terrorists" get anti- aircraft rockets and start shooting down the planes…


  75. levi says:

    Best video evidence yet right there.The flight that had to land shortly after a bird flew through one of its engines today your can clearly see the plumes are not lined up with the engines but further out on the wing coming out of nozzles.The pilot said he had to release all the fuel and it was only a 1000 feet up so any notion it was a condensation trail can be put to bed did either of the planes that hit the twin towers have a condensation trail? Short answer is no.

  76. Chooch says:

    I have been awake to this mess for quite a while, and this footage VIOLENTLY turns my stomach…simply amazing. So profoundly ugly and dark. This is an exceptional tool in the fight.

  77. russ says:

    Dane——God bless you and the brave people who help you.This video says it all, I will share it with my friends. I have gotten a few to wake up and working on others. You are the best "morale booster" I know of and just want to thank you for all the work in the trenches you do. You are a real Hero

    • Dane Wigington says:

      We are all a team Russ, all of us. You, me and every other activist that is standing up and making their voice heard. All of us are spokes in the wheel, all of us needed to make it function effectively.

  78. Dana W says:

    My family all watched them spraying Oklahoma City Saturday. My daughter stated "Bernie will fix that, too." How should I respond to that?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dana, I would suggest simply responding with the truth, Bernie will not fix this, “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. It is up to us. Glad to march with yoiu in this battle Dana, never give up.

  79. Lindy says:

    Thanks Dane, everyone should send this clip to all their local newsrooms when they talk about the weather, especially all the meteorologists that are public on Facebook. There's no denying they are spraying us all with SOMETHING, I mean it could even be Agent Orange for all we know…but first we must ASK! Sending blessings….good job, and thank you.


  80. Gloria Hemauer says:

    We live in a small village North of Milwaukee in Wisconsin.  Apparently we are sprayed 24/7.  There are some mornings, upon looking out on our deck, that the entire wood is covered with flecks of silver.  Our birdbath has an oily sheen on it also.  There are days that we change the bird bath water twice a day due to this oily sheen.   I just wish people would look up and wise up before it is too late.

  81. Toby Dent says:

    This has been going on every day of the year over Vancouver BC Canada etc. It's hard to breathe and affecting human and plant life.

    Trees are dying. There is no sun. Heavy rain in winter and drought in summer. Why would they do that is the question I get when I point to the sky. People cannot believe this is going on. 

    How do we stop it?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      FYI Toby, the attached link can help with your final question.

  82. Virginia Doyle says:

    Spraying and denying it is a blatant in your face tough sh.. attitude.

  83. Paul says:

    Excellent video Dane. How do you bring this into the election debate. Post on ALL the Twitter and Facebook sites and ask for a response. ?  

    • a simple horseman says:

      ?Could it be as simple as saying, "we will not vote if this subject is not brought up?". The power structure needs our participation, OR, "they" will crumble,… not "us"…. "just sayin"………………

      "War is over, If you want it"

  84. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Wow!!! Sharing widely! 

  85. fred says:

    The Oligarchs / Central Bankers are given the power to create/print money and then lend it with interest by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Lending it means that it gets paid back to them with interest. Can anyone see this means they are printing money for themselves? The more they print and lend the more they get paid back, can anyone see the Oligarchs / Central Bankers have an interest in starting wars so they can lend money to both sides?

    Can anyone see that the Oligarchs / Central Bankers never want to lose this ability to create/print and lend to governments, and therefore, send the army to attack any government that doesn’t want to borrow money from them, such as where the Oligarchs / Central Bankers sent the army to attack Iraq, and Libya, and now Syria, and soon Iran?

    Can anyone see that the solution is for governments to create/print their own money and stop borrowing it from the Oligarchs / Central Bankers?!!!

    It's extremely, extremely baffling that people just can’t seem to grasp these facts!!!

    • jefe says:

      fred– Countries who try to break away from Rothschild control over their banks typically get bombed.  It's what we did to Libya.

    • Kat L. says:

      WE know but the masses are busy watching TV!  when this explodes (and it will, this and much much more) then everyone will be shock & pissed but in reality, they only have themselves to blame for not being responsible adults and prioritizing.

    • Mark T says:

      The mass drugging by both prescription and illicit measures is part of the plan. Does ANYBODY doubt anymore that they are just letting the drugs pour in? Eric Holder saw to it that the banksters who laundered billions for the cartels went unpunished. Now the Obamites are dancing with glee as whites in the northeast die from heroin.

      Stopping the cash flow into the cartels would really throw some sand in the gears as this cash is probably being used to prop up the banks.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Mankind being what it is there has to be a value placed on a commodity be it food or services. No money? Tough luck, take your place in the gutter..Mother Earth never asked for money, only love and respect. Money is false and it should be abolished.  Too bad greed, power, and hate have to take central stage.

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