Maintaining The Engineered Cool-Down Of The US

The degree of climate "forcing" being carried out by the global climate engineering cabal is absolutely astounding. Even with all the unbelievable anomalies that cannot be explained by conventional meteorology, the entire climate science community tries to anyway. They remain locked in denial and will not admit to the climate engineering insanity. There are unfortunately many in the anti-geoengineering community who are locked in denial as well. They also refuse to acknowledge the effects of the climate engineering which they say they are attempting to expose. Many of these "activists" claim there is virtually no effect on the climate system from human activity. Even if we ignored all the overall damage done to the planet by anthropogenic causes (cutting down forests, paving huge areas, poisoning the oceans, and putting 100,000,000 tones of Co2 into the atmosphere every single day), isn't climate engineering human activity? Is it rational to claim to fight against an issue and then patently deny its effects at the very same time? Denying the effects of climate engineering helps to hide climate engineering, why are some in the activist community saying exactly what the power structure would want them to say?
The HAM map below shows "departure from normal high temperatures", do the extremes on this map look "normal" to you?


These are the extremes of climate engineering. The Rothschilds owned "Weather Channel" isn't talking about the record high temperatures all over the center of the country (or the rest of the world), they are only trumpeting the constantly engineered cool temperatures in the eastern US. Again, why are some "anti-geoengineering activists" following the Rothschilds narrative which helps to hide geoengineering and the truth in general? The massive fluctuations in temperatures will continue to worsen as the planet warms. The geoengineers will continue to try and hide this fact (making the overall warming worse in the process). 

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  1. Chad says:

    U gotta remember people are stupid and also this proven technology has also been used in military govt. for mind control! They have most people literally subdued via brainwashing techniques! We are the chosen ones led to speak the Truth and live it out until the End! I say God bless us all!

  2. Mysteriousbarges says:

    I am very depressed by all this and feel it’s time we need to get answers even if it starts rocking the US Government’s boat.

    Since our government is too blinded by bribes then it’s up to the people to stop waiting for permission as it ain’t gonna happen bro that way.

    The US Militia will wait till they all die from lung cancer from the toxin rainfall then there won’t be anybody left to care and by that point humanity will have to restart again.

  3. Bonnie Vachter says:

    I have numerous flight patterns of various different airlines…some whom are Russian and Japanese companies that haul radioactive material, that i believe are involved, they fly for hours over the Oregon Coast Range Forests! Around and around and around, back and forth and back and forth again. Why would a company with a special permit to carry Radioactive material be flying over our forests?
    There is a New HAARP like Facility under construction and has been for at least a year and half on the Oregon Coast in Wheeler overlooking the Nehalem Bay and the Pacific Ocean! Equipped with seven towers 165 ft tall, but you can only see one! They aren’t registered but they belong to a Renewabel(not spelled wrong) Generation. Who seems to be a front company of some sort! They had a stock pile of steel I-beams hidden in the woods, I’m sure this facility is being built underground also! No One seems interested in any of this information though. I KNOW that it has a lot to do with the Manipulation of the Jet stream, basically its the Hub ! Thank you for all the great info and hard work all of you do!

  4. matt says:


  5. syoung says:

    “lyd” summed it up perfectly! From the description, it sounds as if we are next door neighbors.

    “chris”-I too, have 60 yrs. of living, some common sense, and am losing my mind over how so many people cannot see anything is wrong!

    “poppy robbins”-the only media attempting to get this info out there is the alternative media-incredibly brave people like the ones who operate this site-only to be discredited by the ‘media’ as conspiracy nuts! I have found numerous videos on youtube that seem to show the original patents for aerial spraying were filed by government beginning as far back as the late 50’s-60’s

    As for me, all I can say is ‘even so, come quickly Lord Jesus’

  6. syoung says:

    You have summed things up perfectly. From the description, it would seem that we must be next door neighbors.

    As for me, all I can say is ‘even so, come quickly Lord Jesus’

  7. Nick says:

    This needs to be stopped. Too bad the US “government” won’t listen or care.

  8. lyd says:

    I saw an article on RT that Gaza was severely hit with a week long downpour of rain..sewage backup..wonder why..Weather of mass destruction, since they cannot just continue bomb without it getting reported….Do not see the article there any longer
    Also, this morning that had an article that France was hit with a flash flood, coincidently after reporting that France would recognize the Palestinian State if further peace talks stalled. This is revenge, blackmail and genocide rolled into one. Welcome to the NWO..They massively chemtrail, chembomb in my area every single days turning the skies solid white, or blue/gray flat clouds and use HAARP to reform these solid skies, whenever the skies even attempt to break up and clear. Guess it is not a coincidence that there are at least 3 large military bases to the west and southwest of where I live. If not obvious chemtrails, then the fake clouds always, like clock work come out the southwest first, then the west and make their way east, even when there are winds out of the north or east…totally defiant of the winds…just like out in the west pacific ocean…they are doing massive chemtrailing/chemclouds/chembombs on the east coast of north America, to influence the weather in Europe and countries in eastern continents, and at the same time keeping record low temperatures along the east coast of “America” by totally obliterating any warmth from the sun. Now that the cost of a barrel is at a all time low, be prepared to see even more record breaking temperatures…keeping our home heating costs up to make up for their losses in the cost of a barrel of oil and making tons on the commodities exchanges..Yes , we have been the pawns in this grand chess game and continue to be..raping and pillaging, as they have done for centuries, if not eons

  9. poppy robbins says:

    HAARP needs to be prevented from functioning , surely there is a way ? is there anyone who can film air craft having these chemicals being loaded and where this is done , hidden camras , pictures of pilots who are flying these aircraft , who organizes and executes these activities , at this level , is it all military bases ? there must be some media willing to show the public the every day routines that make this nightmare happen , shock them in to waking up ! ????????????

    • Chad says:

      In response to poppy robins. Travis Air Force Base in Central Valley,Ca for west coast side for sure one place! Down by Vacaville, Ca

  10. Chris says:

    So many conficting views. I rely on my 60 years experience of life and commom sense. The sun bites, flora and fauna are dying and everyome is getting sick. For whatever reason they give, instinct tells me that putting more strain on this planet via poison or tampering with the atmosphere is NOT SMART…Thanks Dane

  11. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    HAARP spoiled our thanksgiving to gather family by causing hazardous travel in Massachusetts.

  12. sean cairney says:

    anyone who denies geoengineering is affecting the climate needs to go find the other half a brain they have missing…. how can someone say it doesn,t affect the climate??….. isn,t that what geoengineering is all about?

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