Nanoparticulate Rain, Interview With A Scientist


Dane Wigington

Nanoparticulate rain, are climate engineering operations the source? What aren't we being told? A highly credentialed scientist provides extensive analysis, this is a must watch report.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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12 Responses to Nanoparticulate Rain, Interview With A Scientist

  1. Timber says:

    blinded by lazyness: Lemmings follow the Pyd Piper by words of Lies.  Many accept lies as okay.  Doesn't noticeably affect the "me" I care not.  interesting mind set, severe accident awaiting to happen.  Over years of self view, Birds are gone many many magiratory fowl gone,  All Pine Series of Tree's  FLASHED-DEAD.  Own property Trees in of 16 acre dying breaking apart like pencil, "Melting at ground life lines or knuckle branching points of some large Branch. Dissolving wood. How does a 10" healthy tree break like being smashed 3 ft above ground.  Residue as mention on Cedar decking, hard scrubbing reveals the sludge.  Tree branches laden with winter snow turning black. Winds shaking pine needles off their pod. Full Trees De-Barked and rest around seem normal.  how can one say Wake Up PPL.  Till the truck drives over your head it will be a notice.  The Effects if thinking will not bother me won't affect me by any means.  "Trust the Knowledge all Posted with extreme hard work to try and help all see the value in Truth BY THIS WEBSITE. The Dimming Although didn't mention reproduction affects. It too as in all eco-system parts are all affected and being nuttered. Wild Berries are not as they use to flourish on a morning pick. Any time of day. I feed Deer with Corn- They come in running and savage their intake over hungry. They have no supporting food.  So so Sad.  So won't affect the me of thought.  Oh It will at a more promise time of thinking your invisible.  No One Is or Are Safe under these Environment Acid Washings – Daily bombing sorties here in mid Ontario Canada. Daily soup of OverCast and Rain Like a Lake Falls out of the Sky. Reaps and Rapes the Ground Soils. Dropping the all Trees Lifes Lines at Bark to Tree Base to Ground levels. Roots of many exposed.  Say no more.  Wake Up Please be a thought – drop the TV, stupid phone from grasp, and use your GOD Given Sense try and look outside the box and Over top your Psychological Implants the "media" has placed in your consciousness.  See what is happening to your world and think how are,  to how long you "Might Continue" to live under these terrible life sucking conditions.  We're pretty much at that Expired Atmosphere able to support life. (yes its almost that critical a level)  yet – oh it doesn't bother me its just jet vapor trail.  Odd then how come some commercial planes etc have Zero Trail.  Challenge to the mind on that.. Answer by your own self awareness.  Just look up for some moments. Wait for the Real Clear Skies and observe the Trails then.  They run acid drops daily and your not paying attention.  Checker boarding wait within 4-6 hrs for the next Weather Trauma!  In your Face.  Its been there already long time. Yet the Trees for the Forest are no longer the Forest for the Trees.

  2. Scott Davis says:

    Wow , looking at the SSEC Geostationary Satellite Imagery website now,,

    Well now looky here, they are having a problem with the images being posted are 'cropped'. Hmmm, northern California coast and north is cropped out of the pictures, oh my goodness,,, I wonder why. 

    Oh, it's just a glitch in the system. Nothing to see here folks, just move on. Here is a post from the SSEC website, 

    "NOTICE (2021-11-01):

    Fixed issue with animations getting cropped and not using all available space."

    I'm soooo sure, yeah right

  3. Vicki P. says:

    As always Dane, you are tireless in your attempts to wake up the world! Thank you for all you’ve done! I’ve been following you for years and do my best to pass on your findings. Ten minutes ago I just got a nasty bit of spray from a Southwest Airlines plane coming into the Austin, Texas airport as I was sitting on my back deck. As the plane flew by at low altitude it sprayed something in short bursts from nozzles projecting from the wings that I could plainly see. This was a first for me. Needless to say I’m not a happy camper! People, please look up and take notice! 

  4. Jackie Pollock says:

    Important report/interview, Dane, thank you.

    Everyone needs to hear this information and the facts behind it. Unfortunately, most people still don't want to hear about it or they deny it and choose not to listen and walk away. Even though time is critical now.

  5. penny waters says:

    i have just simply thought that governments don't know what they are doing – tis always after the event!

    i have called it 'filth' before and that is what i think it is – us humans like to just throw our rubbish behind us cos then we can't see it

    like a baby – out of site/sight out of mind!

    they'll take any old rubbish and if they grind and can it – out it goes

    they have a very different idea of life – so odd to me 

    our skies are very tall – the clouds go a long way up – higher than i have ever seen them before – but surely if it could stabilize, it would have by now??

    what do i know?

    maybe 'it' (water) has to become really dense before it can materialize into ozone? who knows – we need the plants to protect us but we keep placing more and more strain on the planet with our endless reproduction and destruction

    i do find most people hard to talk to because the contact doesn't seem to come off the ground floor?

    i feel the only real way to contact other people is by using my brain, expressing how i feel – about the contact – how things are – what are they into – and me – exchange 

    but is there really nothing with so many people, strange is it not!

    that's why i don't understand at present – i have buried my mum

    are people so frightened of life they need to invest in something bigger than them to make them selves feel safe

    what did i say – like babies – make your own life – learn what it is to be alive as you

    you know what i mean dane – that chuckle from you when engaging with the frogs – it was from a life well lived and loved

    and if they come to get you – i think i would go with pride – for living as me

    love to you all

  6. Ziggy says:

    New Plan Suggests Re-Freezing Earth's Poles by Spraying Chemicals With Huge Military Jets (

    Right, let's just add hundreds of tons of more particulates into the atmosphere and call it a (new) geoengineering experiment. Oh, and by the way. We've already sprayed millions of tons already. But, that is just an experiment too. Official geoengineering projects don't really exist.

  7. Ziggy says:

    Starting a few years back, the rain here would leave behind a chalky grayish white residue on my solar panels that could only be removed with alcohol. Now it is more of a thick film that cannot be fully removed, even by using a potent paint remover!

    Nanoparticulates, evidently. I have plexi-glass sheets covering them at this point and time and replace these sheets every month. Because they become so cloudy that it blocks almost 80% of solar uptake.

  8. Jackie Pollock says:

    Thank you Dane for getting "Joe" to further strengthen the backup information on the damaging geoengineering results  going on. Even "Joe" has to admit unfortunately that most of his colleagues deny his findings and don't want to hear about any of it. I think we are turning into robots following orders but until it's over the work to convince people of this destruction of the Earth has to go on.

  9. Pete says:

    Yet more compelling proof, but what more proof do people need really other than watching them in action… so blatant! But confirming what they do put up there is very important! If more would only come forward like him!

    I can relate with the so called highly educated academics of this world and in my experience and struggles over years now trying to get people to take notice, I have encountered brick walls of absolute ignorance mostly!

    At first, I really thought I could get my company interested. I carefully approached certain people and even had my manager check a email I done to your debate with Doug McMartin (what a childish man he is, his replies were ridiculous) only so she could learn, but I ended up having a mental health assessment; trying to force me to shut up about it!

    Another guy high up I get on well with and respect him as a person at my company and is the one I wanted to get onboard above anyone else, I gave him so much information and pestered him for some time! He would come back with proposals for Geoengineering from likes of David Keith, to which I had to explain to him the deception there and I knew all about that already! Eventually he conceded by saying he thinks it is happening in the US but not here in the UK. I said I suggest you look at the sky… but they just won’t… and if do secretly certainly won’t admit they’re concerned!

    Always looking to bring the topic up over the years and looking for angles in with someone who might care! Sometimes might think getting somewhere and they’ll say “well there’s nothing we can do” and you know from that point they will do nothing! And even the one guy I work with who was onboard for a while, lost all interest and went back to preaching official narrative lies!

    I have learned that in general the more educated they are the more clueless they are about the reality of this world and how things can be corrupted, often with an ego to match!

    I remember your interview with the EPA guy. What an example that is of what they’ll do to people for questioning the lies and trying to do the right thing!

    We have been so let down by so many who just refuse to face reality… its mind boggling really the enormity of the job done in this very sick system!

    The fact that it happens often in such ‘plane’ sight and if pay attention will see things like near on collisions leaving huge X’s in the sky etc, that hardly anyone knows and when told they just don't care, says it all…

    At least some of us do what we can, but damn do we need these cowardly academics and others to step up… I hope between us all we have planted enough seeds to finally sprout, but it’s not looking good…

    • penny waters says:

      'academics', i have found are like every other tribe – most are unaware they are part of a system where the organisation runs the people

      people wiggle against it sometimes but everyone else seems to keep them under control – bit like stacking of molecules – not a lot of wiggle room

      so, pete, hmm….. uk

      look around at present and explain the real sense in most actions of people here in the uk – nonsense system

      don't know how old you are but get used to the fact that there are none so blind as those that don't want to see

      also people in this country who are doing alright seem selfish because our communities in cities became bombed and broken – luck plays more a part of society than people who actually deserve what they've got

      what a strange life we live

  10. Jeff Baker says:

    Thank you Dane for this interview/report. I noticed the snow being more slippery 15+ years ago in the Chicago area when I had a snow removal business. Hopefully more people are waking up to this Horror Show!

    • Robin says:

      Such bold actions from 'anonymous Joe' make it possible to connect the dots of the climate engineering reality.  I recently met a law enforcement officer on duty at the Minnesota State Fair.  He said he was a former state highway patrol.  I complemented him for the work highway patrols do to rescue people from severe weather highway accidents.

      I asked him if he knew about climate engineering.   After a brief explanation, I mentioned that a scientist- 'Joe' had sampled snow & brought it to a lab.  Lab results revealed that anionized surfactants (soap effect) were in the samples, thus adding to the slipperiness of the wet icy snow.  I noted a video I had seen of a highway patrol blown clear across a slippery (soapy) freeway.  He somehow kept his balance!

      The officer eagerly received and thanked me for 'The Dimming' web card that I offered to him.


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