PBS Covers Climate Engineering, How Much Longer Can It Be Hidden?


Dane Wigington

PBS is a disinformation mouthpiece for the establishment, nothing more than paid propaganda. Those that believe there is any objectivity in the reporting of this bought and paid for agency of the power structure are sadly mistaken. Like "journalists" at so many other mainstream media sources, the PBS crew is not allowed to tell the truth (if they want their paychecks) and they lack the courage to speak the truth out of their own convictions. In the 8 minute video below, PBS does their best to push climate engineering as a potentially viable option. Of course, they do not mention that global geoengineering has been going on for over 6 decades with catastrophic results. Is anyone surprised to know that PBS taken the side of defense contractor Lockheed Martin (a company that is directly involved with the climate engineering cabal) over the public?

Geoengineer David Keith  (whom I have had the displeasure of meeting face to face at an international geoengineering conference) is no more than a public relations prop for those in power. He has no regard whatsoever for the truth and in recent years seems to make it up as he goes along. At the conference I attended with Keith, he was pushing for the dumping of 10 to 20 million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere annually. Keith no longer publicly mentions that aluminum is the material of choice for aerosol geoengineering, though he made this point clear in the past as the 4 minute video below clearly shows.

David Keith then went on to make clear that there had been virtually no scientific studies done in regard to the contamination to the entire planet that would obviously be caused by his proposal of filling the atmosphere with aluminum nanoparticles.

Now PBS and Keith have joined forces in a campaign of disinformation designed to continue obscuring the fact that geoengineering has been going on for decades with catastrophic results. PBS and David Keith also seem to be working toward softening the public up to the concept of climate engineering so that they might accept the climate modification insanity once it can no longer be hidden in plain sight. Current science study makes clear that geoengineering can't work, so why are PBS and Keith engaged in the helping to hide the climate engineering crimes? Again, because that is what they are paid to do which makes them accessories to these crimes. People at PBS have public emails, find them and send messages of outrage to them in regard to their completely dishonest reporting. Do the same with Keith, his public email is easy to locate online. Make your voice heard. DW

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  1. Megha says:

    “Do you really see those two pgraaraphs as an engagement of the Galiana and Green proposal?”It’s a letter to the editor in a newspaper. Presumably the authors have developed their positions more fully elsewhere, e.g., www2.lse.ac.uk/publicEvents/ppt/20091201%20Lord %20Stern2.pdf”Set aside the cursory nature of the critique, it is factually way off base. So I don’t see it as an engagement of G&G, more like a strawman (to be kind).”How is it factually off-base? Is it wrong to say the “R&D” approach is risky? Why? Could you point me to some written documents that explain why this is not risky and/or there is reasonably likelihood of it suceeding? “”You ask, ‘Can anyone point me to proof it will work or even a reasonably explanation of how it’s likely to work that isn’t complete speculation?’ The only “proof” that a policy can work or not is gained from actual implementation and evaluation.”OK, so we don’t know it will work – but we assume it will? How about a reasonable fact-based explanation of how it’s likely to actually work.”On this count we have almost 20 years of effort trying to implement the FCCC (and its KP/CDM etc.) and the dismal track record suggests to many people that it is time to try something else.” That doesn’t explain how the G&G or Lomborg proposal will be effective – it’s a shift to saying some other proposal won’t work. Further, isn’t the question first a scientific one – what’s the problem and what’s needed to stop it? Then maybe we ask, is that solution politically feasible. It doesn’t do much good to go forward with what’s politically feasible if it won’t actually solve the problem.

  2. Alexander High says:

    Hello all

    Sent an email to Dr Keith but I honestly don't expect a reply from him. That wasn't my objective anyhow, I just wanted him to know that his plans won't succeed as more and more people are becoming aware of what they are doing to our earth. Once the world knows the reality of their evil program there will be no place they can hide and  they will face justice for all the criminal harm they have and are causing. That is an inevitable consequence. 

    Keep spreading the news, people will listen and that's what we want.

    About Alex Jones, I used to listen to him and think he was on our side, he's been batting for the other team a while now and I won't believe anything that man utters again. I firmly believe he's been for them all along, but that's just my opinion.

    Dane, again a big thank you for all the information you get out to us. You are working hard and we do appreciate everything you are doing.

    God Bless you all.


    • Mark Sirocca says:

      Yes, you are correct. Infowars is owned by Time Warner Cable, the same as CNN. for proof: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T_hQsAJdeU). Alex Jones is controlled opposition. Some of what he reports is true, some isn't, but he is def. not on our side. The sad truth is that no major media exists (news that reports on a daily basis) anywhere that I have ever found that is not part of the larger conspiracy. Not all of their employees are involved, many do not understand what is going on, some do. There are bits and pieces of truth all over the internet, but it takes a lot of time and effort to find them which many people do not have. Even still, the internet has provided us with an opportunity to find that truth which no other generations have had although much of it is buried under mountains of disinfo. When you search online for a topic on yahoo or whatever try skipping to page 20 or 30 of the search results and start there, I have had success with this in the past. 99 pct. of people never go past that point, you will usually be surprised at the good information you can find, you just have to sift through it.


  3. Rachel Robson says:

    I agree that some may years ago, PBS took a turn for the worse.  I do tend to like some NOVA programing and KRCB in the Bay Area which recently showed a very interesting Native program regarding Shasta Water and the Atall in Siberia-a shaman there helping a medicine woman here.  There have been many good programs on these alternative channels on Native issues.  But the rest-pass.

    I recently saw Vice's final program for this season.  Doomsday clock for nuclear war set at two minutes to midnight now??!!  Because of Russia!  Cripes, how many clocks are ticking?

    Dane, I spent a lot of this weekend getting up to speed about Fukashima.  It would seem that that by itself would be enough to kill everything in the Pacific.  Do you know how much of that radiation blankets the coast here?  How bad is it?  How can a poor person without devices know the UV we are getting, and radiation to boot?  I guess lack of info, plus friends in Japan not freaking out, made me more relaxed about this than I should have been.  How bad is it?  Could this indeed have anything to do with the ridiculously resilient ridge of fog?  As if protecting us?  Is California a "sacrifice" state because of Fukashima?  Is this why the Navy got permission from NOAA to trash wildlife along our shores?  Are all fish in the Pacific too radioactive to eat?  Besides all the other things contaminating them?  My family needs to know and this they might listen to.  Like, is the most of this radiation concentrated on west coast-or equal all over?  Jade Helm seems to encircle California-would they be preparing to cut us off due to radiation and possible worsening Fukashima disaster?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, there is no benevolance in the climate engineering programs. The disruption of the hydrological cycle over the Pacific has in many ways helped the radiation to migrate further overall. In addition, rain that approaches California from the east is also suppressed,  the drought over California is absolutly intentional, the spraying programs are malevolant, they are only about power and control.

  4. Steven Chamberlain says:

    This article by Martin Armstrong was published on Infowars.com today. What the hell is wrong with Alex Jones? Why is he allowing such lies to be spewed on his site?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, yes, you are completely correct, Infowars has truly lost their way. All credibility is waning from this source when they put out information that is so far from reality that it is beyond belief. Unfortunately what Infowars is doing is exactly what the power structure and the climate engineers would want then to do, to say the planet is cooling while in reality it is literally burning to the ground. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/toeing-the-line-for-big-oil-and-the-geoengineers/

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Check this ridiculous "Cloud Glossary-Easy Guide to Read the Sky", provided by the criminals at Accuweather.com.


    • penny says:

      I haven't followed Jones for years, so can't say if he has changed, but what I have seen of his site convinces me that his main function is to sow cognitive dissonance.  He will rant about ending racial, religious, and other divisions, but his underlings will rant about "black thug  [sic] threatens white guy" or "How to spot a feminist: she's fat, ugly, loud-mouthed…" and probably as much fear-mongering about ISIS as one finds elsewhere (though I don't have a tv, so can't confirm that).

      If Jones once covered climate engineering, as James Corbett once did (actually just HAARP), that doesn't mean they are beacons of truth and allies in the struggle.  These guys can just as easily take down a cause by covering it once, then switching right away to something "sexy" (Corbett can't stay away from pedophilia stories, e.g.) or something about the economy.  Try to point out funding sources of global warming deniers on Corbett's site, and you will immediately be attacked, even called a troll – by the great JC himself (or if you like, by James and the Corb-ettes).

      The problem with the "truther" community is that it is now being used to define the orthodoxy:  for people like Corbett, being a truther means wasting hours investigating the Illuminati, not doing anything useful to help the planet.

    • Alex Jones is a disinformation agent put in the public view, funded by the elites to get our attention on point A so that the elite can do their stuff on point B. Jones is an elite puppet, a corporate whore, no less! Infowars is intended to distract the masses so they don't go search for answers elsewhere. NEVER go on the infowars site, NEVER trust Jones.

  5. Kathleen Robbins says:

    Dane you are absolutely correct. We should voice our outrage to the proper legislators, showing how the Industrial/military complex is perpetuating lies, using the media and disinformation to continue the naysayers' complicity. When Washington is nothing but lobbyists and rich contributors running the regime, and when secrecy and private contractors do what they can to continue the poisoning, we need to find a public broadcasting channel willing to speak the truth and show the extent of the climate control in clear and convincing proof, we may have found a way to counter this culture. Fight fire with fire. We need to find that sponsor. History channel loves to show the truth with experts speaking from evidence discovered. Let's try them! 

    • Gman says:

      so sorry, but history channel and every other mainstream publication will not convey the real truths the public are not allowed to hear. Nothing on cable or backed by the few corporate companies will let the real truth out.

  6. joy says:

    Try watching a PBS show that has a clear sky in the background.  Even their old pre-digital programs have been edited to have chemtrails in the background.  Funny how their dinosaur programs and Ancient Egypt had chemtrails!  They will be gasping for the last breath with the rest of the planet…

  7. D. Dickey says:

    Call me an optimist, but just hearing the word Geoengineering on mainstream media means that people will hear a new word that they haven't heard before, and maybe they might Google it, it will lead them to Geoengineeringwatch.org, and then maybe more people might start to look up.  The word Geoengineering appeared on the front page of the Contra Costa Times here in Northern California.  Just give people that single word, and hopefully they wil do some self-educating.

  8. Damon Duval says:

    remember when Ken Tomlinson and some other wench were trying to shut down PBS around 2001 – perhaps a time when it was a sort of reputable news agency with Bill Moyers part of their team – alot has changed since 9/11/2001 and not alot for the better,
    Thanks to Dane all that make this site work. I'm sure Mother Earth feels the presence.

  9. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 63rd email to my contact list, titled '12th May 2011'

    1.  The chart in this article states 'Clathrate Gun began to erupt in earnest May 12th 2011, and is building strength at exponential pace'.  http://brooklynculturejammers.com/2015/06/13/10-03-2015-does-earth-have-an-expiration-date/

    The Clathrate Gun was named because the resulting methane releases could/would 'cause abrupt runaway warming on a timescale less than a human lifetime'.

    What have our governments done since 2011 to alert, warn or prepare the general public of this fast approaching disaster?  Nothing.  Except follow the whims and profit objectives of the major energy companies and force on us  ever increasing energy prices which result in no effective action being taken to protect the very people who have voted them into office.  So much for democracy.

    In the last year, the timescale for probable near-term human extinction has dropped from 2100 to 2065 to 2035 and now, according to the afore mentioned chart, 2023.  Just 8 years away, and still our governments deny the reality of what is happening to our environment and their involvement in the atmospheric spraying that is harming all life on earth…except maybe jellyfish which thrive on dead and rotting matter.

    2.  Several people have asked me to do another consolidated email on basic preparedness, which I hope to do next week.  Others have said "If we are all doomed, why bother?" Three quick answers: a) prior to atmospherically sprayed aluminium and fluoride poisoning, all life forms had a strong survival instinct; b) you will feel pretty stupid when electricity, fuel and water become unavailable or polluted and you did nothing to prepare your family; c) some people will survive, so give your family a chance. 

    3.  Much of the northern hemisphere is burning https://robertscribbler.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/alaskas-2015-epic-burning-is-one-month-ahead-of-previous-worst-year-canada-conflagration-continues-eastern-siberia-wildfires-light-off/

    The much denied but intensively carried out geoengineering methods are killing our biosphere – both quick and slow kill; https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/did-geoengineering-just-kill-almost-200000-alpacas-in-peru/

    If you find it too difficult to read the article, scroll down the page and listen to some of the radio broadcasts listed in the left column.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Andrew, this is to ask that in your preparedness list, you include one for the likes of me, that is to say, someone who cannot "bug out", who will have to go down with the ship, so to speak.  I am 68, sick and crippled with a car that barely works, and poor to boot!  I do have 3 ways to make fire.  I do stash water and have chickens and some food growing all the time, but not much.  I take medications for my conditions and I do wonder about that.  I know I need a water purifier of some sort.  And, we've gotten my immediate neighborhood semi-organized in general terms of support.  However, they are all in denial, but supportive!  I am a default "doctor" to many, and have a stash of medical supplies.  But not so much food given that my skinny little self eats so much!  I refuse to have a weapon other than my metal baseball bat!  Uh?  Advice please!  R

    • penny says:

      Rachel, thank you for having the guts to make that request.  If we are to do any better with our "next time around", we need to start by admitting that we need to help one another, not just look out for #1 (not that I in any way think that Andrew would advocate the latter!)

  10. penny says:

    Love Poem from a Geoengineer

    How do I plague thee? Let me count the ways.
    I plague thee with thy loss of hair, thy loss of health, thy loss of sleep,
    The high-pitched ringing in your ears whilst you are counting sheep,
    The sense that all your memories are fading in a haze.

    I plague thee with the lack of breath as you would climb the hill,
    And all the muscle mass you've lost, the strength you can't maintain;
    But more so with the weakness of that mass you call a brain
    Which ossified inside your head: you're now a mental nil.

    Why do I plague thee? Need I, then, explain?
    To rid the planet of your ilk, that mine might reign supreme,
    And for the profits that I've made, beyond my wildest dream,
    But more so for the weakening of that mass you call a brain;

    For, having dumbed you down like this, I'm firmly in control;
    Like any devil, my wish, dear, is to own your very soul.

    (With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

    • Nicole says:

      Penny – I sat here with my face in my hands sobbing for a good fifteen minutes after reading that and didn't know if I could get on here and even thank you – but … thank you. I think that's what hurts the most…the incredible cold hearted monsters in charge of this omnicide…who don't possess enough heart to tell us all why this has to be and what in the hell is really going on here. I've got a list of about 15 reasons but none of them came from the lips of our so called government. It's awful …. the raw inhumanity of it is so incredibly horrific to me. Hold tight to your loved ones. 

    • Hello Penny: Excellent! Love it!!! Very fun and wonderfully sick…

    • penny says:

      Nicole, I am so sorry!  That was definitely not the reaction I had meant to provoke (if any – mostly I wanted to vent my own outrage).  That said, you are very welcome, and I hope the cry did you some good.  Those cathartic cries come for me when I am seeing photos of dying dolphins, dead birds, the burnt leaves everywhere; the heartlessness is more a source of outrage.  But I grew up surrounded by that sort of person…

      Paul, many thanks, but now that i see this twisted poem as a reader, from a distance, I think the mot juste is worrisomely sick.  :/

  11. Jon Abrahamson says:

    I'm sure what ever PBS puts out will be pure Bull! They did a story on how great GMO's are the day before I-522, and didn't do didley about the dangers of it. They're just another bought and paid for HOE!

  12. Mark says:

    I want a government with the balls to admit what they have/are doing to this planet in the name of GEOENGINEERING.

    Or maybe somebody in the MSM with a conscience??

  13. Diana Moss says:

    My high school government/civics teacher taught us to remember this, even if we didn't remember anything else, 'Do not believe anything you hear or anything you read and do not believe anything you see until you have had your eyes tested and above all Question Everything until you have researched and found a plausible answer,' based on Common Sense.  It was a great lesson in learning to think, something that has been forgotten in this age of sound bites.  When any opinion one might have is only a reflection of what is being fed to you it then becomes an invalid opinion, especially when it parrots anything from the far right which is only in business to think for you.

    It is really sad that PBS and NPR have been taken over by the Earth Assassinators, the Pretenders of Good like Bill Gates. 

    Today I received a notice that my subscription ot Allrecipes was automatically being renewed and I replied that I would not renew my subscription since they are using full page ads from Monsanto which indicates to me that the magazine, by taking money from Monsanto, has stopped promoting the health and well-being of their readers. The propaganda is everywhere, especially on television.  The Monsanto ads promoting healthy food, the Drug ads promoting everything imaginable for good health and yet at the same time there are ads telling people that there are compensations for people who have suffered damages from certain drugs.  Until the revolving door is closed between government and corporations nothing will change as corporations are writing the laws and our congress is willingly passing them, I am sure with adequate rewards.

    What a great opportunity that was completely missed by a network that at one time was still more or less more reliable for honest news than most.  It is nice that it is still about the only place for interesting cultural events but even these events will not have much value as the earth as we have know it is disintegrating.



    • Tony DuPont says:

      Wow you are intelligent, Please continue to share…

      Thank you, and Dane for making this wonderfully powerful opportunity to help. 

       Lets use our Love Wisdom to manifests our future that we all are proud off.


  14. JR says:

    It's too bad all of the liars don't come clean. As long as they get their wish we will all pay with our tax dollars at hand on everything as I'm pretty sure we already pay. As Dane says it's nothing but propaganda, eat it and shut up folks is what they are saying. Here in Southwest, New Mexico over and over our rain clouds decimated to nothing and hotter than ever. The head of the Cabal and its workers need to be cut off forever. One day it will happen folks, until then we will go through trials and tribulation. The fight is ongoing down here as in the Heavenly Realms, and really already won. We don't lose Hope. Lord Hear Our Prayers and Have Mercy on His and Bless Them….

    • Alexander High says:

      Amen to that sir.
      We'll win in the end, I'm certain of it.
      God Bless you.

    • Gman says:

      To come clean requires true real spiritual awakening and likely communal and social condemnation by and from the status quo. Few are capable of enduring such emotional assault willingly.

  15. Nina Widlund says:

    PBS sold out long ago – if you have been a critical thinker. 

    Any large, national form of media has most likely been corrupted.   You have to do the research and think for yourself.  Even those with the best of intentions flip.  All formulation of ideas has to be flowing and constantly vigilant. 

    BTW, this evening here in Chico, there has been one heck of a long, and very wide mass overhead, for the last hour.  The rest of the sky blue.

  16. Nicole and Family says:

    There are so many things you can say about this PBS foul-up. One of the many things: Yeah, it's hot alright. Fukushima hot. Let's talk about four fully melted down nuclear reactors leaching more than 300 tons of radioactive isotopes into the biosphere every single day since 2011 with no end in sight. Look up the temperature index right after the first releases of radiation, you know way back in those days when it had already spread all over the northern hemisphere but the fools we call gov. never bothered to even test for it never mind tell us about it. There is a reason why there is ZERO talk about the worlds greatest manmade disaster. You-hoo, the pacific is DEAD.
    Now add jet fuel emissions and sprayed toxic compounds globally day in and day out which has been going on for well over a decade. Geoengineered solutions to make the corporations richer without even bothering to consider LIFE. The only way this equation adds up to cooler weather is when you dump ice nucleated geoengineered genocide in the sky nonstop like we have here in Vermont. We haven't seen the sun for more than thirty minutes in the past year and everything is loaded with mold. Great job guys, you managed to cool us off and all we had to give was our agriculture business and almost every last one of our trees.
    The world is so damn clueless that it's very possible PBS employees haven't bothered to tilt their heads back three inches when they are outside to see the spraying is in full force. Either way, PBS is truly the Public Bullshit System.
    Fukushima must watch: 

    • Marc says:

      PBS, Public Bullshit System…….LOL FOR DAYS!!!!! Thank you Nicole and family! But my lol quickly comes to a grinding halt when I return to my senses and realize that basically, folks, we're done. It's getting razor thin close to GAME OVER for all of us. How much longer can food production possibly continue underneath the milky weirdness laden with poison that passes for skies these days all across our once fine and grand continent?

  17. Tim says:

    Who would pay to see Mayweather box David Keith for a few rounds?

    • Nicole and Fam says:

      Tim you bring DKeith here and Mayweather ain't got nothin' on me!

      Marc I'm glad I could give you a chuckle even if for a moment which I admit is a rare occurrence in our household these days.

      Cognitive Dissonance, Selfishness and Fear these words which add up to nothing but emotions are demolishing whatever chances we may have left to save ourselves and this planet. My heart is just broken because I am taking so much of my time to inform people around me that just sit there drooling on themselves with a blank stare – they can't even digest the information and I am talking in slow motion. And we've all been talking, for years. But these issues are really nothing more than a pure luxury and those we call sheeple will be hysterically and frantically protesting when there is nothing left for them to survive on including oxygen. And you're right, by then it will be too late. May God have mercy on us, the ones who cared.

  18. Marc says:

    It is now crystal clear that PBS has been inducted into the web of deceit. And while many of us are labeled "conspiracy theorists", the REAL CONSPIRACY COULD NOT BE MORE OBVIOUS. I literally had to force myself to watch this PBS clip, knowing full well I would end up yelling unprintable things at my laptop. And how about that lying psycho sack David Keith? This guy takes his place among the most diabolical figures of modern history. And yet again we find yet another video piece hiding quite well the fact that geoengineering has been in full deployment for decades, and also that such aerosols are DEADLY toxic to life. How interesting isn't it that so many such programs ALL FAIL TO MAKE THE VIEWER AWARE THAT GEOENGINEERING HAS BEEN IN PLAY FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Really? I mean, really?  PBS can go straight to hell. I'm soooooo glad I yanked my donations many years ago. 

    • Bija says:

      I have come to the same conclusion about PBS and also NPR. Their brand of journalism and reporting is on par with MSM and even more disappointing for having sunk so low! 

      While in my car today, I heard a Jade Helm 15 piece where the interviewer and reporter mocked the governor and people of Texas for spinning conspiracies theories about JH15, and in conclusion commended the military for having the restraint not to ridicule the stupid people of Texas. I guess we're just supposed to sit back and trust the benevolent intentions of our government and military top brass. How do these people call themselves journalists when they never think beyond what they are told and NEVER ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS??? Seems HELL is going to be a very crowded place occupied by a lot of really ignorant people. Finally a place they can't seem to do much to ruin!

  19. Keith Whittington says:

    At 3:50, five seconds before the word GEOENGINEERING flashed onto the screen with a warm and friendly sun above, was a shot of three stacks with an aerosol streak angling to the right. Hello!

    Propaganda Broadcast System was hollowed out long ago. The list of sponsors tells the tale.

    Keith is a turd. Notice his sly mention of how cheap it is to "control the thermostat". It sounded like a backhanded threat;

    Pay or Fry.

    • Bija says:

      And let's all bow to the Bill and Melinda Hates Foundation and line up for your vaccines! 

    • michael says:

      Wow like, the elite of this world must truly think all of humanity is completely 100% functionally brain dead , to have that corporate media station discuss geoengineering as if it doesn't existed yet , then showing a cartoon image and then real life footage of jets spraying to show what it look like , and to expect anyone who sees that not to realize that that is what they are currently seeing in their skies on a regular basis , thus proving to them based off of the corporate media's own admission that climate engineering is currently going on and has been for a very long time however far back they can first remember seeing trails like that….
      I gotta find those emails and start degrading these ppl involved…..

  20. Cori Gunnells says:

    Yes, PBS is another widely broadcast media source pumping out propaganda. The tactic of describing/showing a few truths (CO2 levels, warming, sea rise, economics…) intermixed with complete disinformation makes it 'appear' to the viewer they are getting the real story with accurate details… Interviewing David Keith, and showing him in his lab with instruments, sets the stage to show he's the soft spoken, highly educated and intelligent expert – to be believed. Also the purposeful display of planes spraying aerosol trails, further indoctrinates the public to disregard what they see and what 'we' report, as being real/current deployment. Someone 'thinking' would question that. The viewer is lead along the pathway, completely disregarding their common sense – a passive target that's been had. 

    I know many people (myself included) who was raised to think that PBS was the hallmark of credible journalism. It's a hard pill for many to swallow, finding out their trusted source is as bad as the rest. You have to dig elsewhere… Praise all those who often go to great risk to tell the truth, and support them. 

  21. Ralph Ely says:

    For years PBS (TV & Radio) has been funded by Federal Government grants, with Major Funding by Corporate America grants and *Front Foundation grants such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Koch Brothers… the list of the Power Elite grows ever longer at PBS as they use the airways to promote the sale and consumption of their "snake oil' to the American People.
    *Front Foundations: Special interests like Monsanto, Dow, other big Chem and big Pharma give to Gates and the likes of Koch.  That way they do not have to face public scrutiny and can operate covertly.
    PBS is Corporate Owned.  This statement is from their website:
    About CPB
    "The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), a private, nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967, is the steward of the federal government's investment in public broadcasting. It helps support the operations of more than 1,400 locally-owned and -operated public television and radio stations nationwide, and is the largest single source of funding for research, technology, and program development for public radio, television and related online services."
    PBS + Congress + Corporate America = Content Control
    One quick look at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's site and you begin to understand how big this Monstrous Octopus, with it's many tentacles reaching out to every segment of society, really is. PBS/Corp site >>http://www.cpb.org/
    If you are looking for Facts and Truth in the News as well as Feature Stories without an agenda, then PBS is Not The Place To Be.  Remember everything they do  <Funding for CPB helps to support more than 21,000 American jobs>  is "pay-back" for a "pay-check."

    • Hello Ralph Ely: I truly enjoy your posts. Right on top of it every time.

      PBS has been a mouth-piece and slime producer for a strictly corporate agenda for over 25 years. I don't watch ANY television, and haven't for over 18 years. I do miss the Nature series and so forth, but it was always obvious to me that I was being jazzed.

      They are all hacks and pieces of pig shit as far as I'm concerned. Not one straight or honest television broadcast is left on the planet. It's all entertainment for a demoralized, diminished, and toxic audience.

    • Ono says:


      All True.  PBS is Political BS.  Nobody gives away grants for free.  There are strings attached with hooks on the end, sadly; snared in the jaws of bright, low income, college students in many cases.  About the only credible news source is the Christian Science Monitor.  They do publish reports from AP but will only confirm a story  with references. 


      Here is an entertaining video with very profound lyrics.


  22. Rachel Robson says:

    I love PBS.  Here, in the Bay Area we get many PBS stations and so many of their programs are right up my alley.  But for at least a couple or more years now, at the end of the program, I've been rather shocked to see that it was brought to us by the Koch Brothers!  So!  Guess that explains this.  And now they have a trusted-once-info site to do their bidding.  So many countries are anti-GMOs that I guess Monsanto feels we are their only hope-counting on dumb Americans as apparently the rest of the world is more on top of things than we are!  And, given what they've done to the west coast, perhaps they feel we are ready to cry Uncle.  Whoa, as I just wrote that, the meaning of that reference just dawned on me!  I always did wonder about that ever since I was a kid with no uncles.  Seems it means: I give up Uncle, as if giving up to a relative-cry Uncle and all will be well.  Pain over.  From tickling to GMOs!  Since the EPA is a revolving door for lobbyists, and a huge one is the Koch brothers, and now they are paying for PBS, guess we will see a lot more of this.  Once upon a time, one could find all kinds of good stuff on PBS.  Remember when TPTB tried to off PBS.  Guess they will keep it IF they can use it to their advantage.

    All this gets very tiresome.  No one believes, no one sees.  All week long we've been told it would rain here, first earlier in the week-owing to El Nino, then later in week, then today, Saturday.  We have wind but no rain.  Out and about yesterday and in a very bad mood given geoengineering and the EPA, I decided to do some stuff to cheer self up.  I got a movie in hopes of running into my friend who owns the store since I gave him the print out I made of Maunder Minimum.  Nope.  But I rented Interstellar based on a reference.  While alot of it was hokum, much was interesting in so far as showing the decline of Earth and population, dust, starvation.

    I figure that since Monsanto has such an evil reputation and history, it must be fun for them to pretend to be good guys, like a face lift?  They are now gonna save the world.  Ha!  Be the end of it.  Guess PBS couldn't raise enough money, or?  So wish they hadn't gone the Koch brothers' route.  Used to be one felt PBS was giving or exploring the truth.  Sad, just sad.

    So bad mood continues.  Comcast is making computer difficult.  What I'd hoped for today is not working out, but did buy a couple of plants to replace a thing in house yesterday.  When I finally get to this site, more bad news. But while out yesterday, saw one heck of a lot of spraying.  Guess they really did not want us to catch any rain.  The spraying was so blatant.  So over the top.  It truly is amazing that no one freaks out.  My difficulties today with computer make me feel singled out, stalked even.  And the bad mood worsens.  If only this news here had been a real expose of geoengineering, but NO, of course not.

    Also wanted to mention this desiccant aspect of spraying is so over the top and so obvious. Like Dr. Amato, easy to see on my face, but the plants outside-if I water one in a pot, the next day the soil is rock hard and pulling away from the sides.  And my head hurts, and these spinning wheels of entropy are working my last nerve.  But, I will not cry Uncle! 

  23. Irene Parousis says:

    Unfortunately Keith is in the 99% club of denying the truth.  Everyone I know and come in contact with is in denial.  

    PS, I sent this to Keith two days ago, thought I'd try reverse psychology, still awaiting a response..

    Hi David,

    I’m from Toronto, Canada and I’ve noticed how unusually cool it’s been here for this time of the year.  So, my question to you is do you think the ongoing Geoengineering programs of mitigating global warming are effective?  Because I think they are.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      My crystal ball just got back from the shop and tells me that you won't hear a word back from this psychotic, psychopathic liar, David Keith. And if you do, it will be a snotty, defensive reaction. 

      Just like serial killers, deep down, they KNOW what they're doing is actually the deepest, darkest of evils. 

  24. Adam K says:

    So, in the PBS video, they show what all the shills and disinfo agents will call "contrails" with the demonstration of what "geoengineering" will look like, yet anytime someone from the truth community calls them what they are we are labeled kooks? They specifically show planes spraying "contrails" while demonstrating what geoengineering would look like with the planes spraying aerosols to mitigate global warming. This just goes to show that they are exactly what we all know they are. Liars. That PBS video is very important to show people who do not believe they are actually sprayed particulate trails for geoengineering. There is no debate about what is shown in that video, and the sheeple that believe the mainstream media won't be able to make up an excuse for this one…Peace.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Wait until this P(rogressives") B(ullsh*t) Stations' disinfo video on geoengineering hits YouTube– that's where we'll get 'em!!!

    • michael says:

      I know right! I just thought/said the same thing to another comment on this thread that i'll share with you too….
      "wow like, the elite of this world must truly think all of humanity is completely 100% functionally brain dead, to have that corporate media station discuss geoengineering as if it doesn't existed yet, then showing a cartoon image and then real life footage of jets spraying to show what it look like, and to expect anyone who sees that not to realize that that is what they are currently seeing in their skies on a regular basis , thus proving to them based off of the corporate media's own admission that climate engineering is currently going on and has been for a very long time however far back they can first remember seeing trails like that….
      I gotta find those emails and start degrading these ppl involved….."
      mmmm there's no way to multi reply on these comments is there? would make things easier…..

  25. SAMcClellan says:

    Out here in Portland, OPB was exposing the many atrocities of the Food Industry, including running the documentary "Food, Inc", etc…and then, all of a sudden, I see the morning farm/ag show, sponsored by Monsanto.  Monsanto had run a campaign, ad blitz, with blatant propaganda, slanted toward Monsanto's agenda…"Feeding the World" etc; this after the 3rd world countries had run the chemical companies out, after they'd devastated the farming communities~ much as the dust bowl of the depression had wiped out the farming communities…using government "advise" to till the grasslands, which were lush and beautiful and moist, with diverse, healthy microcosms of algae, etc..similar to what happens in the forest floors, where the plants have become self-sustaining, over time.  
    Dr. Vandana Shiva won against the mega-corps, but companies like Forbes, put out propaganda, against her~as a wealthy opportunist, at the expense of the poor, who she was advocating for. (Her movie: Dirt, was also aired on PBS/OPB, before the Monsanto blitz against labeling GMO's)  I haven't heard much from her corner, since those events took place.  I was thinking she'd gotten ill and perhaps passed away..but I don't see that on her online bio..will need to ck further.  Anyway, she's the lst I'd known to win against the mega-politi-corps, before or since.  It was evident, even to lay-persons, that "seeding the clouds with aluminum", to deflect the light, would not be a healthy thing, for the water, anywhere.  And, of course it's not.  Using nature's methods is obviously the way to go…to imitate, or to go along with natural processes…but, I guess it doesn't make those monsters in Washington, enough money, to warrant their interest in it, as chemicals to…by causing problems and using devastating "solutions" such as Roundup's toxic and then, ineffective, inbred poisoning of seeds, to offset bugs and fungus…leading to more of the same, but stronger measures, which commonsense should tell anyone, effects people, plants and animals, at a genetic level, in addition to healthy problems, happening immediately & more often.  It's a terrible thing our own govm't is doing and allowing to happen to its constituents.  And why isn't it being shouted from rooftops…they own the media, lock, stock and barrel, apparently..even the "public broadcasting networks", now.  Disgusting.  It's genocide in not-so-slow, motion.  Thanks for the site, here…how long will they allow it, is the question, du jour.  

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