Physician Addresses Climate Engineering Dangers At Community Workshop


On June 24th, 2015, Dr. Steven Amato conducted an educational event to raise public awareness on the critical issue of global climate engineering and mainstream media's total lack of coverage on this dire issue. Dr. Amato has already authored an earlier article for, our gratitude goes out to him for his continuing efforts to sound the alarm on the human health and environmental dangers posed by global geoengineering programs, Steven is a valuable ally in this battle. 
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Geoengineering Workshop Strikes A Nerve

By Dr. Steven Amato, D.C., contributing writer for

A review of the specific effects of the two primary heavy metals, barium and aluminum was addressed. Besides being chemical desiccants that absorb atmospheric moisture, these two elemental metals are toxic to heart muscle and nerve tissue respectively, forming the backbone of the geoengineering chemical formula. Federal agencies cited as being involved include NASA, USAF, EPA DOE, NOAA, US Navy and others. A further literature search on barium and heart muscle disclosed exposure in the form of inhalation having the potential to give rise to a condition known as arrested ventricular systole – heart spasm. Barium was mentioned as a chemical agent that could wear down an enemy’s will to fight. Against this backdrop, chemical and biological weapons place individuals such as diabetics, the overweight and obese, and those experiencing immune suppression – anyone for that matter, as being at-risk for potential serious health consequences. If one is experiencing palpitations, shortness of breath or other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, lightheadedness or even fainting… they may be suffering the effects of “background noise” from the prolonged and daily exposure to these dangerous chemicals. Using an analogy of a thorn imbedded in the sole of your foot; if it’s not removed promptly, it will burrow deeply into the tissues, substantially increasing your risks for more serious and long-term problems. 


The time has come to exercise common sense and become proactive by taking precautionary steps to check for heavy metal poisoning. It starts by seeing your medical doctor or health care provider. Appropriate blood tests that can rule out “recent exposure” to barium and aluminum (heavy metal screening) should be discussed with your provider. Blood is target specific for recent exposure, and would necessarily be a good idea to test in close proximity to heavy atmospheric aerosol spraying activity over your region. Perform your online search using the keywords geo-engineering, solar radiation-management, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, and weather modification; then refine using the keywords barium, aluminum, lead, arsenic and heavy metal toxicity or heavy metal poisoning. You can also perform a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) search. The following site discusses barium in-depth. 

I was shocked when I learned my blood had 130 times the allowable exposure (reference range is zero) for barium, as well as high levels of toxic lead poisoning. I felt awful for weeks, experiencing constant stomach cramps, shortness of breath, palpitations, unexplained joint pains and fatigue. I also felt extremely dehydrated and my skin seemed to be aging literally overnight. My thirst was worse at night as jets could be heard overhead late and into the early morning hours during March of this year. I became aware that barium and aluminum were desiccant’s – chemicals capable of absorbing hundreds of times their weight in moisture. This made sense, since California is in the grips of a geo-engineered drought of epic proportions. 
The number of people suffering heavy metal poisoning seems poised to rise significantly in the coming months and years unless this operation ceases and desists. Respiratory complaints have already risen to 3rd place from 8th on the list of conditions requiring medical care – this, within the last five years. Substantial numbers will face grave risks for increased chronic debilitating disease; in certain instances increased risks of mortality for millions of un-informed potential victims exists. Based on the literature, it would seem increasingly important to discuss with your doctor any potential side effects of prescription medications that can stimulate or sedate heart function. In light of the detrimental heavy metal side effects mentioned, an ounce of prevention could save your life.
The information in this article is educational in nature and based on open source – online literature searches. This material should not be construed as diagnostic or therapeutic. No cure, whether palliative or otherwise is intended.  Only your licensed health care practitioner can provide the appropriate diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic treatment required.

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  1. Amy says:

    Dr. Amato ~ Has California and/or Texas begun the process of seceding as well as fighting against this attack on their residents?? I'm in Oregon and though I haven't experienced any ill effects… I know for sure that autism has increased despite parents avoiding toxic vaccines…

    Thank you for all your efforts!


  2. Cynthia says:

    "As for the labs offering these tests, you're correct – they are few in number. Those who do preform heavy metals often don't have barium as a specific scheduled assay. My sample had to be sent 500 miles away. That alone made me suspect, especially considering the fact the two largest and most recognizable labs did not test barium, but they did test aluminum."  

    So can you help us out Dr. Amato, where is/are the barium testing lab(s) and are the two known labs who do not test that you referred to, Quest and Lab Corp? Thanks.

    • S. Amato says:

      The two labs that do not test are the ones you mentioned, They are the Ford and GM of lab testing, so they're mainstream and may have been given their marching orders. There is one in Los Angeles, CA. Send me an email before they get their orders as well.

  3. Tamara says:

    When Dr. Amato said the medical system is broken it really struck a chord. As a 25 year RN most of my career in Emergency medicine, I recently quit because I no longer believe in the Big Pharm pill pushing system. People are sick because of bad food and increasing annihilation of chemicals that decrease our ability to absorb nutrients.

    I live in "progressive" Northern Cal and no doctors here even know how to order heavy metal tests. All of them burdened with the increasing bureaucracy required by insurance companies for reimbursements leaves them with their heads in the sand.

    Obesity is caused from people literally starving on a cellular level. Their brains are signaling hunger and they eat but the right foods are not available. Very few people in medicine are addressing this.

    I am grateful for this site and learning how to detox myself and family from these heavy metals. I grow an organic garden that is sprayed with chemtrails almost daily. 

    As for people like Jonathan L, my heart goes out to you. Try some of these heavy metal cleanse ideas mentioned on this site. Ask your doc to do a Vit D level, you are probably very low and replenishing that will give you the strength to fight.

  4. Larry says:

    Thanks for having the courage to speak out. Last November (2014), I wrote a blog about my experiences observing climate engineering in my region in Adelaide, Australia. It is really no different to anywhere else in the world where this is happening. What I read about you guys in the US etc, seems just the same as what is happening here.
    I wrote this blog article, because I saw so many health issues, including hearing of deaths in the family of people I knew, that I just started to question. I had noticed the little planes in the sky for a couple of years, and began to discover sites looking at geoengineering. I am a school teacher, so I see health issues on a daily basis. The big one last October was kids with mega-migranes, stomach cramps or days off from vomiting, and the lethargy and moodiness. I noticed the planes ramping up their schedule double to triple, more than usual. Began asking just about everyone I came across at lunch or recess about anything they noticed about the health of themselves, or people they knew, just about everyone had something to report, sometimes including deaths in the family (often very sudden and unexpected). Then it stopped for about 48 hours (scheduled equipment switch? After this, the planes often had the non-persistent trails, whereas, prior to this it was almost always persistent).
    The clouds seemed free for a brief moment on that following Saturday… Then I wrote this article. I include it here below, although sometimes I open public access to the blog… I am hesitant to keep it public all of the time, but it is searchable by Googling "when clouds were free", and looking for the Worpress link.
    Blog Post: When I Imagine Roman Chariots in November.

    “Rarely a day goes by, where I don’t miss seeing the kind of clouds that effortlessly transport me to an ancient world of gods and chariots, and billowing clouds.
    If there is any place on earth south of the equator, where inventing bickering, ancient gods or imagining epic battles painted in the skies comes naturally, I think it must be here.
    Perhaps it has something to do with equal distances from the equator, and other matching climatic conditions – our ‘mediterranean’ shores sit East of the gulf which ultimately laps its way into the great Southern Ocean of Antarctica, and I imagine the undaunting hills of Adelaide could easily have graced the lifestyle of the wine-loving early inhabitants of the Tiber.
    Here, but rarely now. At least since the strange effects of regional climate engineering began some time ago in the last two to seven years, at least here. We are behind the times, as usual in this city.
    Rare, because what I am most acutely aware of these days is that the clouds no longer freely express themselves the way they were meant to.
    The clouds seem dark, tinged with irony as though they were cousins of the cameos who appear in opening scenes of the Simpsons. And they never seem to rain when they do get dark and gloomy, as though they were more of an expression of sickness than of a premonition of natural rainfall.
    Then there are the streaks in the sky, but they speak for themselves. All they end up leaving is a gaseous blanket mess which doesn’t seem to know which way to blow, so they just end up hanging in the heavens suspended by strings, as it were. They don’t roll, they don’t billow. They just hang like sick clouds with no silver lining.
    I miss those days when clouds were free.
    They do come, once in a while. These shots were taken a day and a half after the planes stopped criss-crossing the sky for a period of around 48 hours. Brief, I know, but it was enough to create something beautiful. I miss them. I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle last Saturday.
    They were natural and billowing. Perfect!
    But an annual appearance just doesn’t cut it. So, it is November again, and I’ll just have to wait until next year, I suppose. I picture a day when all things will be restored, upgraded and disinfected with the latest specs. The ones who are causing this mess can find their eternal habitation where they deserve to find it. In the meantime, let’s all appreciate the blessings we do have when they come. It won’t be long. Trust me. No one will let decay and corruption last that long. No one.
    And when it does end, justice will be served. The greedy, ridiculously wealthy merchants of this world will get their just rewards. The little people will be heard, and those who remain hopeful, those who remain faithful will see the light of a new day dawning.
    We’ve all heard of the term ‘critical mass’. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, it is still a critical mass. The drum is beating. You can feel it coming. We can’t keep up and we can’t force a cessation… or can we?
    It won’t be long now. Trust me.
    Seek the truth and the source of all things good while there is yet time.”
    (Please feel free to repost or quote elsewhere, and just attribute it to Larry, Adelaide, Australia – originally posted Nov 9, 2014.)

  5. Nigel says:

     I think this is all part of the United Nations agenda 21 .  If you look at this Iran deal it essentially weakens Congress, limits their powers and does the powers of the people of this country to have a real say in world affairs.  The states are losing a lot of power to because of their association with the United States. This is a global problem and that's why the United Nations is behind it.  If a state were smart they would secede  from the union and then they could have Control over their skies and everything else for that matter, plus no longer subject to the criminal banking system. There is so much corruption in the United States government it's almost impossible to get anything done it's run by the pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto and the likes of those types who want to push their poison food on the masses. 

    • S. Amato says:

      I have thought about the idea of California seceding from the union. Truth be told, there are only two states with strong enough economy's to successfully and viably secede, California and Texas. Is it any wonder then, that these two states are the one's  bearing the brunt of the criminal ecological devastation being caused by the crimes in the sky?

      Californian's and Texans have a shared responsibility; to expose and terminate this egregious violation against all things natural.

  6. Hello Dr. Amato: I've read all your replies below, and must commend you for each and every reply. Bravo!

    These are hard times indeed. It is difficult to define the enemy when the enemy is the system we are immersed in…

    The corporate beast must be slain once and for all. People must understand that it was the creation of the corporate entity that defines where it all started. Get rid of the corporate beast, or die as a result of gross stupidity and massive cowardice…

  7. JR says:

    Hello all from Southwest, N.M. Last week I posted and Marc I believe said his grandchild had eye crust buildup. Well, I stated I had same crap a few days now in making and no, I don't have allergies and ever had them. No time to start now. I saw a friend earlier today and he said all his household had this same crap buildup in eyes with his young grandkids too?! We have been bombarded with SAG along with our rain clouds being demolished!!! All these suckers will get their reward in Hell no doubt one day. I wish I had better post. On brighter side I burned some dvds on the Why Spraying to hand out soon…Call your Wash., D.C. reps. on this issue, they have a toll free number 1-866-220-0044 and tie up their lines call after call, day after day against Geoengineering our Weather, SAG, Climate Manipulation, Weather Modification, etc. I don't know if they have a Bill now on Congress, or Senate Floor? They used to have different #'s in past years, and change #'s after a few years on floor, then change them when not voted on. Real smart suckers aren't they?!

    • Dr. Amato says:

      It's not a coincidence. The body is reacting to the ichemcal aerosols. The eyes and nasal passages are the most vulnerable due to their sensitive epithelial, mucous membrane tissues; this is followed by the skin and lungs.  When heavy spraying took on new meaning last June 2014, I could not fathom why I was waking at night with my right eye dripping tears unrelentingly, and both eyes burning. I also was experiencing blood in my mucous. You need to do somthing about it now, or else your body will shift to its back up system's and the symptom complex will likewise shift locations, as ithe poisons gain deeper entry into the body's cellular structures.. This is how toxins cause people to develop chronic, intractable degenerative conditions like Multiple Chemcal Sensitivity disorder, Alzheimer's,  Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Gulf War Syndrome.

  8. Jan says:

    I don't think one should ask their health care provider (physician) to perform "heavy metal tests thru blood lab work".  I think the doctors type this into your permanent file …. who knows where this info winds up.  

    I recently asked my physician to perform these tests – and the blood was drawn right in the office and sent to the lab.  I was called a wk later and told the tests were not "standard" and therefore, not authorized and could not be done.  

    I then asked my physician if there was an independent lab where I could go and "pay for the tests".  Answer:  not that I know of.  There was a lab that used to be in L.V. called "Any Lab Test"….but it was closed down after a few months?  By Who??  

    In closing – there needs to be more information out there on where a person might   start  – other than their health provider – that was my only objection to the recent article….hope you can provide a follow up.  Also, chelation is illegal in most States and the doctors who perform chelation – have been  "run out of town".  Chelation is great in cleansing the blood – but  it does not last if the problem that is causing the toxicity is still on going.  FYI

    • Dr. Amato says:


      I certainly can understand your concerns. Welcome to the increasingly oppressive, totalitarian policies destroying our liberties and freedoms. While it is true these are not considered standard medical tests, we are likewise no longer living in what was once America. If one wants to find the cause behind their inexplicable symptoms, and a heavy metals test is the standard, you're left with little choice. My small town community clinic is not so wrapped up in red tape and bureaucratic power struggles. I discussed the situation with my MD. I explained that I'd tried everything to overcome these symptoms, and that I'd rthoroughly esearched the background data on the phenomenon called geo-engineering. I was measured, succinct and to the point. He wasn't adversarial or condescending, instead he immediately began writing up an order for the tests I'd requested. I was impressed with his aplomb, especially when contrasted with my previous physician who was nothing but adversarial and counterproductive on other benign issues of mere consequence.  Switching doctors is always advisable if you're getting nowhere with an intractably disabled individual who fails to relate. It helps to enquire around which doctors are patient-cooperative and who are the problem doctors.

      As for the labs offering these tests, you're correct – they are few in number. Those who do preform heavy metals often don't have barium as a specific scheduled assay. My sample had to be sent 500 miles away. That alone made me suspect, especially considering the fact the two largest and most recognizable labs did not test barium, but they did test aluminum.

      Finally, the chelation. Once again, you're spot on. Chelation is a controversial topic amongst medical providers. Yet, CDC classifies chelating as the preferred modality for eliminating heavy metals from the blood. The procedure is not without risk, and the sessions are expensive. That said, there was available an over-the-counter chelating formula called DMPS which I tried to obtain in the states last year. Not to my surprise, I learned the FDA had JUST banned its sale in the US – coincidentally and exactly timed to the ramped up spraying that began early last year. I had used this formula many times in the past with patient's, so I was thoroughly disappointed and upset it had been turned into a prescription drug and banned over the counter.
      If it's a case of connecting the dots, all dots lead to the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

      Dr. Amato

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Dr. Amato, Thank you so much!  Where the heck did the lead in you come from?!?  I live in an old house: 1909.  Tons of lead all over.  So I do get checked for lead as does my kid and her kids.  Not the chickens though, but they are extremely healthy, productive, and we eat their eggs.  So, if we have no lead, and I've not heard it mentioned before in geoengineering, where do you think yours came from?

    Thank you so much for speaking out about doctors with god complexes.  Some are downright sadistic.  And true, they hate informed patients.  Sometimes I trick them into thinking they have figured it out, when I actually led them to it.  Too true that many are leaving the field due to mega bureaucracy.

    Thank you for your comments, shared experiences, and links- not to mention joining this fight.  And, I too literally got older looking overnight, it was shocking.  I have always needed more water, it seems, than other people.  I drink a lot of water.  More and more people are commenting on thirst.

    Someone close to me is pregnant.  Any special advice?  This person loves fish.  Oy.  R 

    • Dr. Amato says:


      I am not sure where the lead came from. I have seen it mentioned as a constituent in the chem formula. My lead level was nowhere near as high as my barium – but barium in my opinion is much more dangerous since it affects the heart. I have personally been touched by the loss of two individuals in their 40's to massive heart attacks. That is shocking considering we thought we were living in a nearly risk-free and safe environment. I personally believe that the combination of geo- engineering aerosols and increasingly high and severe levels of electromagnetic pollution are to blame. Combined, they create a sort of "background noise" that adversely affects the neuromuscular micro-currents driving electrical potentials in tissues. I tested this theory in the late 90's and early 2000's using a field strength instrument and found significant levels radiating form all types of devices including computers, cell phones and routers.

      Of course there are ways to protect the body from all these detrimental technologies. That is the nature of the research I am presently pursuing.

      Dr. Amato

  10. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi all..I believe another angle we can start taking during weather conversations is about HOW OFF the daily weather reports have gotten. So often the actual weather ends up the inverse of the prior day's prediction. Calling for rain 2 days in a row, but you end up instead with sort of sunny, hazy skies, etc.

    I have noted before that my spouse is aware of all of this, but DOES NOT like discussing weather warfare. He's even upset about my "end geoengineering" bumper sticker!!  Sooo…now he's even taken notice of and commenting on the erratic patterns of calling the weather.

    There is little to no reliability left in meteorology forecasts! Geesh, we all know how ACCURATE weather forecasting was for DECADES right up until a few years ago, that is until they really ramped up the aerosol programming.

    People around the world have daily topics centering on the weather and their health. We all share this in common!!  I think that is an effective time to simply ask why there is no reliability in the weather forecast any longer when decades we had less SOPHISTICATION AND NEARLY 100% ACCURACY. Let the thought hang and say I have the answer, go to GEOENGINEERING WATCH!

    Keep on keeping on everyone! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa, Melody, you are not being facetious are you?  How old are you?  In my long time memory the weather forecasts were never anywhere near to 100% accuracy.  And I come from tornado alley.  Been in Berkeley, CA for decades.  One always wished the forecasts could be more accurate, they sometimes were, sometimes not-or, a matter of degrees of accuracy.  I was assuming that one aspect of geoengineering was to improve on forecasts-given Monsanto and farming.  I get the feeling they are toying with us.  Saying this, when that.  Everyone I know is talking about how very off the forecasts are now-lately.  Used to be, one took it with a grain of salt and experience in one's area.  These days-all bets off.  Rain in Berkeley in July?!  Peas in July?  I almost feel sorry for the lying son of a bitch meteorologist who looks embarrassed to boot.  In '72 I clearly recall in Kansas when the blossoms all froze on the trees in April.  My father was dying and so badly wanted to see one more spring and this happened, bumming him out to no end.  And no warning either.  It was always hit and miss.  But they were honest mistakes.  Not this incessant game playing.  All are talking about how weird the weather and the forecasts now.  I think some have gotten used to them calling the shots.  They even seem to like it, as if in charge.  I remember when people considered the weather person to be a joke, and so often, a pretty young woman.  Gee, we have different memories!

  11. David says:

    This is no longer debatable, this is fact. I live in Minnesota and we just had the weirdest thunderstorm 2 nights ago. It destroyed a lot of boats and property.  What was that about the storm is that there was no thunder at all, just sheets of rain and lightning. 

     The next morning I felt like that they had been cleared and everything in the atmosphere had been cleared.  I feel like I can breathe again, and had a great day. But this morning THEY are back at it spraying again right overhead and above my house.  These call "contrails" dissipate and form small puffy clouds.  I feel like it's no longer safe to go outside.

     And there's no air filter that I can clean the air in my house so I'm stuck breathing it, we all are. 

     A month ago after a day of heavy spraying  that evening I had a seizure, my very first. I haven't had one since but to say that it was scary is to say the least. This morning front page in our paper is a story about the terrible air quality killing people and blaming it on businesses and gas powered lawn mowers. Please.  They are poisoning us all from the from the top down. This is something that must stop.

    • Hey David: Get used to the seizures. After about a decade of them, you'll hardly notice the pain… Falling down is allot of fun too… Impress your family by dropping dead from a heart attack… A friend of mine did this not long ago…

      Do yourself a huge favor, and read about electromagnetic poisoning from cellular phone systems and other "digital" broadcasts. Geoengineering is all about making the atmosphere more conductive for military objectives and "communications" industries. You, and every other living being on the planet, are now part of a radio circuit. The atmosphere is now just one glowing big radio tube. Great progress, eh?

      I'm from MN too. It was a nice place to live about 50 years ago…

  12. penny says:

    Dr. Amato, you are a brave man (and, I suspect, a lonely physician).  I cannot understand why people like Dr. Mercola, just to name one prominent example, are not addressing geoengineering.  Well, I can… Obviously this issue is the most threatening to the power structure, hence the issue that is being portrayed as the Looniest Conspiracy Theory of all Loony Conspiracy Theories.  (And now I must rant about the moronic masses: don't they get that a theory is something that has never yet been proven to be wrong?  The theory of gravity, the theory of electromagnetism, the theory that JFK was killed by a cabal of government insiders (upheld in court, by the way – search for E. Howard Hunt, libel case).  If it's a theory, better pay attention!)

    Here is another rant, of sorts, which ties in to the health theme of this article.  People are constantly asking, "Why would they spray if it hurts them, too?"  Is there really any need to ask that question?  While they may have means of chelating which allow them to suffer less than the rest of us, they absolutely would do the same stupid things regardless.  None of us, I submit, need look farther than our immediate family to find examples of people engaging in behavior which is destructive in the long run, for the sake of some short-term gain or pleasure.  As I write this, I am contemplating buying potato chips.  For example.

    Time and time again, studies (and common sense) have shown that too many people, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac (not for me, I'd much rather be left alone with a good book and a bag of vinegar potato chips, the book-reading comes after doing whatever I can to spread information about geoengineering). It – power, that is – causes an endorphin rush for them, and they literally are addicted to pursuing that high.  Do they care that they will die sooner?  Not a bit – though it seems that many people now truly believe that they can exist forever in a meaningful form as a computer download… speaking of morons.  (If only they would put their money where their vain hope is, download themselves, and let us all at the "delete" button.  They don't even have to tell us where to find it; we'll happily do the investigative work ourselves.  But I digress…) 

    The point to remember is that they "do it to themselves" all the time, be it with drugs, alcohol, nuclear testing, nuclear power plants, HAARP-generated tidal waves aimed directly at nuclear power plants, etcetera.  We have done it to ourselves for generations, even centuries, by burning coal and other fossil fuels, driving gas-hogs, eating junk foods, taking pills, ceding our power to bureaucrats, etcetera.  Anyone who has debt (excluding those who incurred it because they would starve otherwise) has willfully put him- or herself at risk of imprisonment, for a pleasure that can be confiscated at any moment by the IRS or a bank.

    In other words, "they" are only being typically human.  The question "Why would they do that to themselves?" should probably be answered with a knowing, ironic laugh.  Which would, of course, be lost on most people, which makes me want to rant more about the moronic masses.  Think I'll go buy a bag of carrots, find a good book, and be different from "them" for a while.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Penny, You hit the nail on the head exactly.  But I would add stupid along with power.  Worse, willfully stupid.  And yes, one needs to look no further than one's own family.  People claim that just being near power is an aphrodisiac.  I too have never lusted for power, but I've been in the position of watching various people up close and personal become powerful.  Leads to a lot of hanger ons, and suck ups, yes men.  And I could not agree more about this phobia now of the word theory and the need to put conspiracy with it.  People seem to think they are being intelligent when they do this. Ridiculous! These are all mental and physical constructs that keep people in ignorance, in their own little bubble of yes men.  Where they feel safe?  Do they?  Really? 

    • Dr. Amato says:

      PENNY'S FROM HEAVEN. What words of wisdom

  13. Marc says:

    I spent this past weekend at an outdoor festival in the foothills of the Rockies north of Denver. Several hundred people camping, some RV's etc. I spent most of my time outside with tremendous views of the sky in all directions. Early every morning would bring mostly blazing blue skies, until around 8 or so when jets would begin laying out bright white trails going in all directions, some trails being laid literally right over the festival, with the usual hang time and spreading, often with weird ball-shaped puffs at regular intervals along one side of the trail. I'm sure many of you have seen this. Some trails would, over time, spread out into just a very thin sheet of cloud about the size of a few sheets of 8-11 in. paper held at arm's length. These patches would hang up there for hours but not dissipate. But THEN a most bizarre thing would happen: the patches would develop into what I call "curly-maple clouds". If you've ever seen the back of a nice violin the maple wood will often exhibit strong "parallel" stripes or "curl", which is a highly desired feature of this species for musical instrument and furniture making. These Colorado patches exhibited far and away the most absurdly curly parallel stripes I have ever seen anywhere, anytime. I'm talking STUPIDLY UNNATURAL!!! (can you say HAARP?)  And yet, while all of this bullshit was unfolding over the camp, nary one person seemed to even notice. I pointed the out the jets and the HAARP crap to several friends but got mostly blank looks, even after sharing some of what I know about all this murderous activity. One friend listened intently to my shpiel but I sensed his suspicion, given that he apparently knew nothing about any of this. He is a scientist working for the Smithsonian mostly on international projects involving bird species and other endangered animals. Unbelievable that fine young men of his caliber haven't yet connected the dots in all this. But somehow, I understand. 

      The UV back down in Denver upon my return to the airport was unlike anything I think I've ever experienced. I mean to tell you, buddy, it was cooking my (once handsome) face off. Totally unreal intensity, and I am NO stranger to higher UV at altitude, having lived in mountains and hiked above timberline many, many times. I just could not fathom how on this earth the sun could feel like this and everything green not recoil and die in short order. And indeed, is this not precisely what we are seeing in many regions?

      Folks, I am getting more and more frightened with the passing months, as I see things becoming increasingly shredded. It was supposedly 107 degrees in St. Louis yesterday while I was out of town. Was that the "advertised temp"? I can't confirm that but what I CAN tell you is what I just read off of the Weather Underground site. Are you ready for this? Today's high 101, current temp 89.1…..with a posted "feels like" of 106 degrees. Hello?!! WTF? I swear to God this was just posting on their site. Should I assume that the posted high for today was likely 5-8 degrees hotter, given what we all know to be totally manipulated data in this regard? Yes, my friends, these asswipes from hell are ACTUALLY SKEWING THE NUMBERS TO SUIT THEIR LYING, FILTHY, DISGUSTING AND MURDEROUS AGENDA. Of this I have NO doubt. Do they take us all to be slobbering morons, incapable of seeing through their f**ked up game? (unfortunately this is actually true, but not for us awakened ones).

  14. Rachel Robson says:

    Awe Zack, Makes me happy to hear you helping others in this!  So sweet.  Touching.  Wish my grandson, your age, would get involved. He is a sweet guy too, but just not interested in getting involved.  GRRR

    ​I go to a clinic called Over 60s and usually have but one doc there and she was the best doc I ever had.  Now gone and me in limbo as most other docs have bailed, but they will be hiring more.  I've not yet asked for a chemicals test-I always feel that because I am poor, I'm lucky to get the help that I do, and I'm always aware of the cost to taxpayers and so feel guilty.  But, now I want to know.  Like Jonathan Letoumeau above said, I am soooo tired and I too often go back to bed after I wake up.  Exhausted all the day long.  And mega weird nerve problems.  On the other hand I have such autoimmune conditions that a doc would suspect that first.  It is said that Lupus fatigue is like no other.  Main one though is my Mixed Connective Tissue Disease-the rest like a constellation that goes with.  But lately, this fatigue just takes the cake and is beyond what is normal for me.  And Jonathan L., I am not obese, I am too thin.  Trouble keeping weight on.  I have always seemed to require more water than other people-which also goes with my condition.  So it is a bit hard to tell.  At least my heart seems to be okay-Jonathan L.-you should see your doc about that-and do what you can to loose some of that weight.  Best way to loose is to off GMOs if possible, and hydrogenated oils, all the usual suspects as they literally create fat and park it on your body.  Sometimes I cannot think straight at all or even remember simple things.  Drives me nuts. I did not used to be like that and I am the memory bank for my family-God help them.  I seem to have no strength at all.  Very frustrating.  I know I'm older, still this is not normal for me.  I would like to be tested but not at all sure they would do it  I just took a nap, yet feel as if I could go to sleep.  Very aggravating.  I have so much to do, but getting nothing done.  You guys do inspire me to get up the nerve to ask for testing.  but then what?

    I confess I've not tried the baking soda yet though that makes perfect sense to me.  Changes ph.  I will try that and see what happens.  I could never afford chelation.  And how often does one do that?  That is a big deal, no?  Thanks to Lupus, I can't be outside much.  But windows are open.  We've had some warm days lately which is nice as previously we had such cold summers so many years.

    Had a conversation with a very smart friend today who has degrees and is married to a nurse and just a bit younger than I am.  He Still believes that our climate is normal, and that we, Earth, is headed for a cold period-something with the sun.  I finally got up the nerve to tell him about my involvement in anti-geoenineering.  He does not agree, but he did not put me down or get angry or dismissive.  He follows certain scientists and so I asked who and he said he'd write a list for me for the next time I see him.  Then, at least I can see where he is getting his info, the better to make my case!

  15. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dr. Steven Amato, D.C., thank you very much for taking the time to research, write and share the information you found with us. Barium… my blood test results are also high also (160 mcg/L). Chelation (properly administerd by a professional who knows what they are doing) is a must,  and I've been fortunate enough to be referred to one by my M.D. That said, it's very costly and not covered by insurance (in my case). 

    I'm very concerned about the thousands/millions who are in the same situation. Considering the toxic load falling from our skies, it must be a universal problem. We are in a race for survival. 

    • Dr. Amato says:

      Hi Cori,

      Sadly the term "fortunate enough" is all too common. Medical doctors exist to serve their patients, not the opposite. Educated patients are often a doctor's worst nightmare. Some MD's have god problems, seeking to control their pro-active patient's in a type of power struggle. This sometimes happens to those who take their health seriously by researching their health issues prior to the encounter. To those who feel awkward talking to their MD about THEIR needs, not their doctor's – pretend you're talking with your four year old child, and DON'T talk down to them – be firm and pointed. You don't want to push them into a corner or bully them.

      It's mainly MD's who exhibit this affliction;  yet the behavior has to change. I know, I've been on the front lines for nearly 40 years. They can be very indignant, practicing in a vice between insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, narcotics enforcement agencies and lawyers. There's really No good reason to go into medicine any more, unless you love data entry and resord keeping.

      It is important they understand if they fail to order a blood test you request, based on known and accepted standards from online searches…  and their error of omission leads to a misdiagnosis, they could be guilty of malpractice and possible reckless endangerment if that misdiagnosis results in delayed treatment leading to death. If you explain this to them by rehearsing these lines over and over – and deliver your declaration with force and dispassionate conviction, you will see a change in their behavior. Bring a notepad, while having them recite their reasoning for not ordering the test or test's you've requested. You can follow up by calling the office supervisor or patient advocacy representative. Document, document, document. You might also record the conversation with your cell phone in clear view of the recalcitrant practitioner. Once you establish a precedent, you will have blazed a trail for others to follow, who'll be needing the same diagnostic tests, so they can prevent getting a heart attack from toxic barium loads on their cardiac tissues.

      In summary, doctors need to be educated to the existence of the geo-engineering chemicals being sprayed across the North American continent. Laws requiring labs who do business in a particular state, must make blood barium tests available without question. Get active, get serious and get tested!

  16. andy wright says:

    We need a global movement to put an end to Geoengineering. Who is able to help begin this?

  17. If mainstream western medical doctors were worth a damn, they'd be all over the EPA and congress to put an end to these military and industrial assaults on humanity. Screw you guys. As a group, you are all pathetic cowards and liars.

    Where are you jerks when it comes to the insurance mafia's jacking people around for more cash? Where were you jerks when congress was allowed to pass Obama-Care? Obama is obviously a war criminal, so let's follow his lead on medical care. Are you kidding?

    Health care is health extortion. If you can't pay the freight – suffer and die…

    Medical doctors are THE cause of most modern disease, because they don't give a damn about anything but their careers and collecting cash. The third largest cause of death in the United States is failed medical processes and procedures. Way to go…

    • Dr. Amato says:


      The entire story behind the corruption of medicine goes back to Rockefeller. At the turn of the century he hired an educator named Abraham Flexner who published a document entitled "The Flexner Report".  In it he described the need for standardization among the medical schools in the US. Rockefeller being the opportunist, seized on this document, hiring Flexner to travel across North America on a carrot and stick mission. His goal was to force US medical schools and universities into disavowing herbal and botanical remedies, while turning away form all other natural treatments and therapies. These schools and universities were essentially bribed by Rockefeller endowment money into replacing time-honored natural strategies and procedures with patent-protected prescription medicines, synthetic pharmaceuticals based on the petroleum molecule. This ruse involved using the "scientific method" to marginalize and discredit effective natural treatments, politicize the delivery of health care, and monetize healing through the funding and construction of thousands of hospitals where people could go to die, as the increased mortality rate in hospitals is a known fact . Any school or university that strongly adhered to the truth behind nature would be denied money or their presidents fired. Many schools closed. MD's went from healers, to unwitting drug pushers. It did create a new drug industrial complex known today as Big-Pharma. It also created a new profession – pharmacists.

      One can plainly see this as an elaborate scheme or fraud created with Rockefeller's money to bilk Americans. It is a scheme involving a substantial cross section of corporate entities –  chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, legal, hospital, university, government and insurance –  "regulated" and "license"  – essentially controlled by the very foundations and endowments that birthed them. With that much top heavy power to throw around, it's amazing the chiropractic profession continues to exist – an excellent example of pitting truth against power. Nonetheless, their scheme has been to confine chiropractic care to lower back pain using scope of practice laws, even though abundant and compelling evidence exists chiropractic users get sick less often and are healthier than others in the general population.

      The fraud is un-raveling however. Alternative healthcare is a growing industry. More people take vitamins and dietary supplements than ever before. Drug companies are worried, that's why corporate government entities are introducing forced vaccinations, and we are seeing "particulate contrails" to make people sick and promote terminally degenerative conditions associated with slow but progressive mortality metrics. Where there is money to be made, the complex of corporate interests with their hands in the pie cannot get those dirty hands in fast enough.

    • Hello Dr. Amato: Glad I hit a nerve. The Rockefeller Institute definitely hijacked modern medicine, and the end results are staggering.

      However, this Rockefeller Institute ploy did not morally exempt the AMA (as a class) from filing legal actions against the likes of the FDA, USDA, and the (totally corrupt) Environmental Protection Agency.

      How is it that mercury can be classified as one of the most toxic environmental elements on the periodic table, yet the American Dental Association (ADA) thinks mercury is just fine when installed in people's mouths? Who the hell is zoomin' who?

      You stated: "Where there is money to be made, the complex of corporate interests with their hands in the pie cannot get those dirty hands in fast enough."

      Yes. And your point is??? Does this mean that "doctors" as one of the most highly paid and well educated classes of society, are somehow exempted from their moral obligations? Hum…

    • Dr. Amato says:

      My point is the priorities are political and economic, rather than ethical and altruistic. The excessive technical direction medicine has taken marginalizes the soul and spirit, as well as the psyche. Biomedical engineering is a multi billion dollar industry. Who has the money to pay for the procedures these technologies deliver? They've exponentially driven up the cost of health care. The system's broke.

  18. Yesterday, no matter how many bottles of water I drank, I still felt mouth-dryed and dehydrated. Also, my heart had so many unusual palpitations during the day. Now don't get me wrong, I have been with this condition for at least a year but, yesterday was unbearable. Also, I was so tired, I fell asleep on the couch and that, barely 2 hours after I woke up in the morning. I was fast asleep at around 10 pm too. I went to see my doctor 3 times already this year for blood tests on heavy metals, he claims not knowing how and where to have me take those tests. I think it's utter bullshit! Be careful of the doctor you talk to. Anyways, if this continues like that, I'll probably be dead before Christmas…As stated in this article, it's harsh on obese people.

    • Zack says:

      You better not die before Christmas, we need you, we will see brighter days together, maybe not soon, but we will, stay strong you're loved.

    • penny says:

      Ditto what Zack said!  You may have heard all this before, but it really does help to gradually switch over to mostly fruits and vegetables – and to eliminate all wheat (preferably all grains) from your diet.  That is nature's way of cleansing the body, and it's a lot cheaper than chelation therapy (though it requires more personal effort).  I was experiencing the same problems you describe, perhaps to a lesser extent, til I completely changed eating habits.  Doing much better now!

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