Soaring Global Temperatures And Covert Climate Engineering

A runaway greenhouse event may already be underway. The power structure is doing what it does best, making the situation far worse by continuing to ramp up the climate engineering that has been a major contributing factor to the climate unraveling in the first place. Geoengineering is being used (and has been used for over 65 years) as a weapon of mass destruction to covertly control populations and countries. Climate engineering is also being used to mask some of the catastrophic damage already done to the climate while worsening the problem at the same time. The planet is not just warming, it is free falling into total meltdown. Engineered cool-downs continue to confuse some, especially in the eastern US, but there will be no hiding the severity of what is unfolding for much longer. One can understand the climate confusion of those that are not yet aware of the climate engineering insanity, but it is indeed perplexing to see those who claim to know climate engineering is a reality (and who claim to be fighting against it) but who are never the less repeating a narrative that is exactly what the geoengineers would want. Those that truly wish to help in the fight to expose and halt geoengineering must make every effort to stand on credible and verifiable facts, not ideology and preconception. The planet is warming at an astounding rate equal to the thermal energy of 4 nuclear bombs per second, the biosphere's life support systems are unraveling by the day. If we have any chance of turning the tide, climate engineering must be halted. If this can be accomplished, we can then face the rest of the challenges posed by the decimation industrialized civilization has caused to the planet. Make your voice heard. The article below is the latest update from the front lines.
Dane Wigington

Today Temperatures In Parts Of The UK And Europe Set To Be The Highest Ever Recorded As The Whole Planet Bakes

Source: The Big Wobble
Thunderstorms and lighting hit Britain overnight but the heatwave is set to continue today with temperatures reaching 29C.
Parts of the UK, Holland Belgium and parts of France and Spain brace themselves today for what could be the hottest day of a record breaking week.
The thermometer is expected to be hovering around 39 degrees Celsius,  above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Records are once again set to tumble.The record in Holland 38.6 °C (102 °F) Warnsveld 23 August 1944 is set to tumble today as is the Belgium record of  38.8 °C (102 °F) Uccle 27 June 1947.
France and Spain have already broken their respective records this week.


Heat records are dropping just about everywhere on the planet this week.

Unprecedented July heat has scorched parts of four continents over the past week, with temperature records broken in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Pakistan's June and July heat wave has already claimed over 1000 lives, whilst record breaking temperatures have sparked huge wildfires that have ravaged homes in Washington State.

Further south, parts of Colombia have sizzled in temperatures of up to 42C. Meanwhile, in Europe, temperatures have reached record highs in Spain France and the UK.

At Wimbledon tennis championship in London the highest temperature in it's entire history was recorded with a staggering 40.2 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

Highest July temperatures for Spain too with Madrid almost hitting 40 degree Celsius and Toledo hitting 40.1.

In Washington State, Idaho, Montana and even British Columbia temperatures crept above 110 degrees Fahrenheit all beating their July heat records.

The downside is the heat causing massive bush fires along the western coast.

The hot temperatures are being felt by migrant workers across the border in Mexico.

This has emergency officials issuing a heat warning.

The heatwave is already affecting people who have to work outside.

Health officials are hoping their warnings will help people avoid heat strokes or other heat-related illness.

People working out in the sun should be drinking water every half hour, using sunscreen to protect their skin, wearing light colored clothing, and be sure to get plenty of rest, as temperatures there climb int the 40's.

A Colombian town Urmita broke Columbia's record for June with a staggering 42 degrees Celsius, beating it's previous record of 41.6.

Argentina and Venezuela have also recorded their highest June temperatures.

A new record was set in Turkmenistan with an baking 47.2 degrees Celsius.

These record temperatures come as more than 2000 people died in India last month when temperatures reached 50 degrees Celsius.

These extreme are in contrast with last month with many countries in Europe and the UK experiencing their coldest June on record with some parts of the UK actually experiencing frost in the evenings.

Source: The Big Wobble

12 Responses to Soaring Global Temperatures And Covert Climate Engineering

  1. Nigel says:

    Heavy spraying here in northern New Mexico again, (july 18) seems like it's been ongoing for weeks now with no break. Yesterday while laying by a pool feeling the intensely burning sun I could see the trails, now often done as a series of "dashes"  that almost instantly transform into ribbed patterns after the jet has traveled a few miles away, probably because it was microwaved by HARRP energy, while the just sprayed thunderstorms seemed to evaporate into a dirty haze. Very depressing to watch my own government relentlessly destroy the environment, squander resources and feel so helpless to stop it. Ive posted pics and info on FB but since they control what's in the "feed" it gets very little traction.  I'm hoping your event in August will get media attention it deserves. 

  2. Marc says:

    You know, I really do understand why so many are hog-tied with inertia regarding geoengineering. Even people who know what's being done to us all are frozen. Case in point, I went to upgrade my phone today at a cell store and was waited on by a young man around 30 who walked me through the whole experience. While data was being transferred, we got to talking about a range of issues, including how insane the world has become, gov't. surveillance, 9/11, weather extremes and geoengineering. He confessed he was burnt out on all the dark shit and couldn't digest any more of it and now spends his time on much lighter fare, whatever amuses him. He knew all about "chemtrails" and a little bit about a variety of "conspiracy theories", but he said he had moved on from all that. He did share with me a profound and sad sense of hopelessness for his future and for his general peer group. Why? Because it seemed he innately understood the extent of the damage done to the planet and to the human organism, be it through electromagnetic bombardment, government corruption, geoengineering, pollution, etc. etc. We agreed it is a completely insane world we live in. But somewhere inside this fine young man I could see he had given up on humanity. From his perspective, considering he might otherwise have had a good 50-70 years ahead of him, he had written off hope for his future and by extension, for THE future. I encouraged him to hang in there and bid him adieu.

      How many more are just like him? When I gaze at the sky day after day, month after month and see only haze and filth and the telltale signatures of the geoengineers left behind for the impotent masses, and see assaults coming at us from every possible source, I wonder even myself if there could be  some kind of future that will be inhabitable. I am scared. I'm really starting to get more than a little scared, as I see the planet frying everywhere which is exactly what we would expect from ozone destruction, nano saturation, massive methane release and ocean currents totally FUBAR-ed. Is this the beginning of the end of us? I wonder what it will feel like to starve to death. 

  3. marc says:

    My daughter, who lives in London, told me last week that it was 96 F in London. I told her it’s part and parcel of the geoengineer’s rampaging around the world. She won’t listen to me on this topic anymore. Too bad. She might just learn something critically important.

  4. It's amazing, just as I was about to question if others are 'seeing' any good in this heat blast, THEN I see posted, "….earwigs will probably survive the coming extinction." For the last 20 years, (YES, 20 YEARS!) , every June we must spread the Diazion concoction across our back yard to keep those ugly earwigs from coming into our home. We are built on a flat slab, no basement. This past June there were NO EARWIGS! To this I am so grateful! But when I think of all the other HARM, Geoengineering is causing, I wonder who has worse!?  So, as Zig Ziglar has said, "You find what your looking for." To those who are suffering, my heart truly goes out to you. Thank you, Dane, and all who contribute to this forum. The program to manipulate the weather is truly harming planet earth. Some might have a cooler day in summer, others have it much hotter! God forgive America. Press on, dear ones, 'It ain't over, till it's over."  🙂 


  5. Helen Smith says:

    Here in Central Texas the sky is also "opaque" and the "soft sun" shines daily.  I too do not notice the active spraying during the day but at night the moon is "fuzzy".  What makes me so sad though is, there are hardly any of the large butterflies on my  Zinnia's this year and none of the common "Frittillies" either.  At least the hummingbirds are still here.  They are as thick around my feeder as the new fleet of FEMA/DHS vehicles are on the roads.

  6. Kim says:

    Here in southeast Michigan we have finally warmed up to 80 degrees during the day. No heat wave here. Last week was downright cold for late June/early July…we barely hit 70 degrees the entire week and the mornings were in the fifties. The funny thing is, I used to see the planes all the time spraying chemtrails, but now the sky is either completely grey or whited out with the sun trying to come through. There is no blue sky, no clear sky to see the planes spraying.  The weather report is almost always wrong, they say rain and there is no rain, they say sunny and it is completely clouded over. They say temps in the 70's and it feels like upper 80's. The mosquitos are terrible. My eyes burn terribly bad when I go outside.  

    I have no doubt they are ramping up the spraying. I see the rest of the world roasting, and these cooldowns have to be so toxic, how much more of it can people take?  We are "cooled down" all year long now with our last two winters being really bad.

    • Stephen S says:

      Here in Chicago it is the as SE Michigan. I can't remember last time I saw a clear blue sky.

    • Barb says:

      The current condition in Michigan is from the fires in Canada.

    • Zack says:

      The sky in Illinois has been white for over 2 months no exaggeration, i find it hard to believe it's just overcast every single day. They for sure seem to be covering their tracks better. The clouds most of the time are now more blue then the sky. Like that guy said that was on the Ellen show from the Geoengineering whistleblower video "the sky wont be blue like it use to" they were not lying. I feel like maybe they are using different chemical cocktail as the main spray instead of aluminum, idk though it seems they ar now resembling clouds much better. god help us

  7. Irene Parousis says:

    We had cold temperatures up until two days ago when they, obviously, stopped spraying for the Climate March and today it was very hot and intense sun, temperature went up abruptly.  On a good note there was a huge turn out for the March and Greece said NO, yay!

  8. horsegirl says:

    Greetings to all the commenters here.  We lurk a lot as we lack internet at home and can't chime in on time.  While understanding the necessity of heeding Dane's call to use correct terminology re geoengineering, among  cognoscenti of this omnicide: we keep wishing for a more damning term for "geoengineering" and especially for the fiends called "geoengineers." My Dad was an engineer, a railroad engineer back in times when they had to comprehend every schematic pertaining to locomotives. Engineer is a term denoting respect, dignity, knowledge and competence. These losers called "geoengineers" are sheer fiends, hired guns, and probably got their rubber-stamped degrees from Nazi-escapee holdouts in the name of academia. Well, some good news. We've come up with an epithet that should eviscerate with every mention. With respect to Dane''s wishes that terminology be correct – geoengineering, not chemtrails – savor this: how about "GeoScatology?" Because that's just what they do. Crap all over Heaven. Likewise, we can refer to him as "David Keith, Geoscatologist." Hope it goes viral. So sick of their detestable trashing of the Heavens.

    Wishing you all the best, and blessings and safety for Dane and family.

  9. Andrew from scotland says:

    1.  How could 100,000 sq km of Arctic sea ice melt daily (June 29 – July 2)?
    Quite easily when there are continual heat waves (37ºC on July 2nd) and the definition of sea ice is just 15% ice and 85% open water, plus the fact that most of the sea ice is considerably less than 2.5 meters thick.  This 15% criteria reminds me of the scam that is our wind energy, when most turbines are only about 15% efficient – which rapidly decreases after a few years.    
    Is this year's sea ice reduction worse that in 2012?  Yes, even with the anomalous geoengineered slow down in the first half of June, and the continuing intensive atmospheric spraying of the Arctic (and Antarctic), there is too much warming built into the system for us to make anything but temporary – and much publicised – cool downs.  
    Worth noting that at this rate it will take 100 days to have an Arctic free of sea ice –  which takes us to end Sept 2015.   "Here we go, 'ere we go, earwig O".
    2.  Why do they think they can geoengineer their way out of the problem that they geoengineered us into?
    Climate engineering is one form of anthropogenic activity that is the epitome of human insanity
    It is time to try another approach.
    Do your own research, read/listen to some of the links, and wake up to the "conspiracy of complacency" and "global inertia" that within 11 years will take us to extinction.  If you have a pension plan, maybe it is time to re-think your priorities – afterall, "there's nae pockets in a shroud"
    3.  In Arabic there is a lovely saying "Bukra fil mishmish".  The literal translation is 'Tomorrow to the apricots", but it means something like a sarcastic  'I'll believe it when I see it' or 'pigs might fly'.
    Rather like our governments lack of attempt to engage the public in confronting the dire reality that is Global Warming and Climate Chaos.
    There again, apricots (and earwigs) will probably survive the coming extinction far better than us humans.

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