Undeniable Video Footage Of Wing Tip Aerosol Spraying


Dane Wigington

When people ask how we can prove our skies are being sprayed, tell them because we have film footage of the crime occurring. This is the bottom line and the end of any rational denial. The video below is only one of numerous many that show what is undeniably spraying from jet aircraft.


 Do we know with certainty that there are spray nozzles on the jets we see dumping toxic materials into our skies? Yes, the photo below clearly shows retrofit spraying nozzles mounted on the rear of the pylon directly in line with the engine exhaust to create the appearance that the spraying is a "condensation trail".


Below is another picture which clearly shows the nozzle location on the pylon.


The next video shows what is undeniably jet aircraft spraying of our skies. The dispersion from one of the military jets in the video is clearly being turned off, and then back on again. The official government narrative is that we are only seeing "condensation trails", this is a monumental lie.


Though there are numerous video segments of both commercial and military jet aircraft spraying our skies (with footage that is undeniably aerosol spraying), the 90 second film clip below shows heavy aerosol spraying from the wing tips of a 4 engine jet carrier. This proves there are more nozzles than just those mounted directly behind the engine exhaust. There are those that claim the spraying in this video is "just a fuel dump". First, how could such a conclusion be proven? The same "official agencies" that tell us we are only seeing condensation trails in our skies are the ones telling us that the type of spraying in this video is "just a fuel dump". Second, if this video does show a fuel dump, why in the world should we feel better about that? The dumping of aerosolized jet fuel into the atmosphere is likely much more toxic than the geoengineering aerosols (in either case, we can never know exactly what is being sprayed for with any certainty). What this video proves is that the jet aircraft trails we see in our sky's are not condensation trails, they are sprayed dispersions. Those that speculate on the composition of those dispersions have absolutely no way of knowing what the actual composition is. Any insinuation that we should not be concerned about a potential massive jet fuel dump is irrational. No matter what some claim as the "official explanation" for a potentially damning film capture, we should remember the official explanation for 911 and countless other lies we are fed. 

The bottom line is this, unimaginable amounts of toxic materials are being dumped into our skies every single day and all of it is raining down on us. In regard to geoengineering, the elephant in the room is becoming all but impossible to hide, awareness of the ongoing climate engineering insanity grows by the day.  DW 

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  1. Dennis Lee says:

    I live nearby Westover Air Reserve Base. Everyday, 7 days a week I observe planes spewing chemtrails over my house. They appear to fly quadrants and by the end of the day I've observed at least four series of planes. Several weeks ago I went to nearby Mt. Tom to catch the end of the Hawk migration. When I got there the skies were clear and blue. Then the planes flew over leaving chemtrails and the skies became 'chemtrail covered' and I couldn't see any thing. I don't know where the planes fly from but there is a lot of manpower and fuel being wasted by them. I have been posting your videos and my photos on my facebook page as well as links to your site.Keep up the good work! Keep looking up!   djl

  2. Nate Smitty says:

    What a CRIME against humanity! This has to stop immediately, I live on Vancouver island and we are bombarded daily. Please keep spreading the word, writing letters to your M.P's, papers and Government. Get water, hair or blood tested and that will be proof. 

    PLEASE people lets be the voice on this! Cheers

  3. James Bradley says:

    Finally a good quality video!
    Undeniable spraying from the wing tips, nowhere near the
    engines. If you look carefully you can almost see numbers or
    letters on the wings.
    Does anyone know if any higher resolution version can be
    uploaded so that the aircraft can be identified?
    Maybe this footage could be forwarded to the EPA hearing on
    pollution from aircraft scheduled for August?

  4. CHRISTOPHER says:

    Many have speculated as to the source of the chemicals sprayed up there. The analysts that I am leaning is that it is derived from the ash of coal power plants. The list of collected specimens is aligned with what is in coal. Also can provide the vast quantities. So the "politicians" who claim coal burning is "harming" earth; are putting it up higher than it could get on it's own, to "save" earth.

  5. Steven Rosner says:

    Dane & fellow Skywatchers,
    I just watched a short video and then something clicked;
    Suppose the ramped-up spray assault is a purposeful drought to spare us from the radioactive affects of Fukushima? It may sound simplistic to summarize Geoengineering like that considering the complex nature (or science) of it all. That said, it's in the nature of politics to not let a good disaster go to waste. Anyway, it is possible that some of the insane leaders of today actually may have had some good intentions?
    Just some outside-the-box thinking.
    Take care all!

    • penny says:

      Sorry, Steven, but there is no way that spraying could mitigate the radiation damage from Fukushima.  No way.  In fact, by adding to the toxic burden in individual bodies, it can only make things much, much worse.

      Your reaction to that video was the opposite of mine: all I saw were proofs that the government wanted not to protect the public, but to use those who were exposed as guinea pigs for studying the effects of the various types of radiation coming from the west. 

  6. JACTN says:

    Just woke up another woman at lunch today!  This video and report is powerful.  There was no doubt.  The videos made her cry she stated she was always aware but now she knows.  She will be watching videos and educating herself over the weekend.  Tell all you can guys our time window needs us to be urgent!!!!!! One freed mind at a time!

  7. mark says:

    I read that high silica bottled water such as found in FIJI water at 91 mg/liter, has been found to help detox the aluminum in our blood. Drink at least 1 liter per day for 12 weeks.  There is research that shows improvement in some Alzheimer's patients too.  My wife and I have started the routine and I'm planning a blood test for aluminum and Barium. It's an easy start.

  8. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Ted, such meetings are without question a part of the global collusion on the issue of climate engineering

  9. Marc says:

    Woke up this morning, made my coffee, then sat down to read some comments here. When I got to Roger Doughty's post, I will openly confess my eyes clouded with tears and my heart was consumed with emotion. When I read so many posts here expressing such sincerity, such profound love of Earth and life and all things good, AND……………………..such hopelessness, deep sadness and longing for all this inexplicable evil to stop, my heart can barely stand it. If I'm not exploding with rage at this incarnate EVIL, I'm probably somewhere between empathy, tears or some emotion I can't even find words to express, as I take in all the stress and love and wisdom of all my brothers and sisters who so post here.

       I am soooo looking forward to the Redding event, for I find few people of like mind where I live and it will be incredibly inspiring to hang out with some of my fellow awakened ones. 

  10. As can be seen on some of my photos they are spraying out of 5 nozzles with only 4 engines on board. How can that be? A miracle?


  11. Alexander High says:


    Thank you again for the evidence you give us and for all the great work you are doing. We are indebted to you sir. How can the deniers call us crazy when the evidence is there for all to see?

    There must be a great accountability for the evil being done to our planet and there must be justice for us all for the purposeful attack against humanity. There has to be a punishment for those madmen responsible for the destruction of nature and the deaths and sickness caused by their evil program. They can't be allowed to escape punishment.

    All the best of luck for August 14.


  12. Rev Ian UK North West says:

    Have written to local UK MP to ask why there is so much Geoengineering in the North West. I'll post the reply if and when I get one.

    • Alexander High says:

      Rev Ian UK
      I also live in the UK, Derby city and we get a heck of a lot of spraying over our location. Sending an email to my local MP for me was a big fail, got no response whatsoever. Maybe you might have more luck than I did and I wish you the best of luck but if you read some of the documents on this site you'll find that all three main parties are involved in this program and I doubt you'll get an answer. The power structures won't admit to it, the best bet is to tell as many people you know about Geoengineering  and tell them in turn to spread the word once they've been made aware. The more people who know the better the chance of getting this crime against humanity stopped with a good number of prayers thrown in to help.
      All the best 

  13. penny says:

    This video is excellent; it will sort the sleepers from the pretending-to-be-asleep.  I have a new slogan, by the way, inspired by Dane's frequent admonitions to "check your facts, check your moral compass":  Better to know you think more than others, than to think you know more than others.  Which can be shortened to "Better to know you think than to think you know."  Which has undoubtedly been said before, but with all this aluminum flooding my brain, I can't even remember what I said five minutes ago!

    The task of sifting useful facts out from the lies and fantasies is daunting (for me, anyway); there are sources which skillfully combine the two and create all sorts of cognitive dissonance.  It's always so disappointing to find that someone I had hoped would be trustworthy turns out to be intellectually dishonest or an outright liar, or just too cowardly to speak out about things they must know are happening… or to find facts tied into some personal agenda (be it an exclusionary religious perspective, an unsupportable claim like "aliens are doing it", a political view, or whatever) with which I am uncomfortable.  This is the only website I have found where that sinking feeling has never, ever been produced.  It's nice to find a trustworthy source!

    Here, for any Europeans who were feeling left out of the Jade Helm picture, is reassurance that you have not been forgotten: http://www.stripes.com/news/europe/nato-to-test-deployment-speed-with-largest-exercise-in-a-decade-1.358032    Africans and South Americans have basked in this kind of attentiveness for ages, so they ought not to complain.  And since the whole world is being sprayed, really we are all guests at the party.

  14. Mark from OZ says:

    Many thanks Dane et al for keeping up the pressure. Big rocks can be split with small tools when there's sufficient hammer taps.

    Taking another look-

    A powerful visual to complement the overhead tracks seen during the day can be found at night near bright lights that surround athletic fields. The local football fields here in Victoria are busy at night as the football teams hold practice.

    The sprays overhead are certainly disturbing but the evidence (visible due to the powerful illumination) is more disturbing as one can 'see' that which cannot be seen during the day.

    if you're careful to shield the glare from these powerful lights, the 'evidence' of what has been sprayed can be observed quite easily as eventually gravity pulls these compounds to Earth. This observable and threatening compound density, not far overhead, needs to be examined and recorded, too.

  15. Stacey Del Bucchia says:

    Thank you for all of this truthful information which is heartbreaking…I see chemtrail spraying day y night…I have insomnia and other symptoms due to the fallout…trusting god and detoxing daily brings peace! In the early most hours 4-5am the entire sky is covered…I miss our blue skies…if it breaks in the day ….suddenly here drift by these erie blankets of toxic soup….I am finding it harder to breathe and I do have an air purifier…please help us God from these evil leaders who are responsible..pleased bring the truth and protect the people…god bless….peace

  16. Melody Kolb says:

    I will be attending the conference on August 14th in Redding.  I'm very excited.  I live in southern Oregon and they spray constantly.  I believe our oversizedd international airport, of which there are no international flights, is just for random spraying in our area.  Saw one land a few months back and the man in charge didn't have it turned off.  He apparently forgot.  I can't begin to express how upset I was.

  17. Roger Doughty says:

    Had a wonderful holiday in beautiful Bulgaria, priding itself on it agriculture. The deep blue sky that reminded me of my childhood in England. UNTIL, the last day of our vacation and THERE WAS THE SPRAYING ripping up that clear sky. I stood and WEPT and I PRAYED to, and asked God….WHY?

  18. Anne says:

    I live in Western Australia, and notice that with regular monotony, when rain is forecast, our skies are doused with chemicals. Don't think it's by chance that we are receiving so little rain this year. Are we another California in the making? Shame so many people are either in denial or fail to understand the ramifications of this toxic intervention and so choose to do nothing. I for one keep telling the story and directing people to look up and raise their voices to alert everyone.


  19. Marc says:

    Is it not peculiar that the video is showing "wing-tip" nozzles emitting spray, when the vast majority of such jets have been retrofitted with nozzles mounted at or near the engine housing to specifically confuse a mystified public. How insidious is it that these bastards intentionally retrofit jets to fool us into thinking it is "legitimate" engine exhaust? This is immoral, unethical, criminal, and diabolical.

       So how do we explain the wing-tip nozzles?

  20. Anna says:

    Great photo. Can Herdon do a paper based on evidence gathered here, Europe, etc., as well as in India to push it to the next level of whether it's happening? I feel like we're on the level of getting evidence that rain exists, which we probably couldn't prove according to EPA standards.

    Herndon, please do a paper based in other places. Can someone make this happen? The India one was great.

  21. Jim Tobin says:

    What's up with the Aug. 14th meeting in Redding?

  22. Greg M says:

    Even with the naked eye, these jets can be seen emitting multiple thick plumes from different locations on the aircraft.  They appear to be flying several thousand feet below commercial traffic which makes it even easier to see that they are spraying.

    For several hours, dozens of them come through crisscrossing each other and off of commercial flight paths.  They don't show up in plane finder, not even as unregistered.  The trails over a few hours spread out to form banks of dirty white stratus clouds on what would have been a clear day.

    Anyone who says that this is normal air traffic is either paid disinfo or not very observant.

  23. Frederick says:

    And 'they' are spraying over Hong Kong big time for the past several months. How is it that they have all agreed on this, I wonder!? And are they immune from it? 

    • Petes Farm says:

      spraying has started over ND, I also saw a jet stop n start spraying as they must of switched tanks. Another time I came outside n saw a jet coming from the west, I went back inside to grab my camera n the jet had u-turned. Also watch for clouds leaving misty like vapor trails. Cech for thin webs hanging from plants, esp after or be4 freezes-may not want to handle these-morgellons. Ppl can never control Mother Nature, THEY r F'n up everything-$$$ SYSTEM, WATER, Drs kill, kops lie n kill to the alleged judges destroying everything


    • Petes Farm says:

      There r no more Sunny Days here in ND, always cloudy or hazy

  24. Thanks, Dane for your courage and your stamina in keeping this activity alive and making people aware of the dangers. I just read an article talking about how Sir Richard Branson had offered $25 Million to anyone who could come up with reliable weather geoengineering way back in the early 2000's. Why would a private investor want to have geoengineering technology? Isn't it bad enough that "governments" all over the world are trying the same? Like the severe drought in the rice growing region in Northern Korea? Hmmm…… 

  25. francis says:

    We are way past the point of proving that aircraft are spraying toxins.  Any person who at this late stage needs to be convinced that Geo Engineering activity is actually  going on; must be a Common Core  pupil, or a happy , insouciant , average American .  Please help this website by telling your friends, so this work can be carried on to alert other people who need to be awakened to the dangers we face.  frank reps

  26. Caroline says:

    I have no doubts we are being sprayed, as I have many photos of the trails in our skies. My question is, which agency is responsible for this activity, and how do we stop them? Is it the U.S. federal government? If yes, who is responsible for spraying in other parts of the world? Who is paying for the spray material? The taxpayers??

    • Pierre says:

      I was in spain in April 2015 ans I can assure you that they are spraying big time there, non-stop, more than in Canada. But they have been really busy since a couple of days here also.

  27. Cori Gunnells says:

    Very helpful footage. This would be a good one for people to bookmark/save and use when needed. 

  28. Howard Taylor says:

    We know it’s happening every day. All day. Look up not down at your cell phone. Use cell phone to take pictures. 

  29. Rocky Cotton says:

    I know for a fact … I have seen them with my own eyes. 

    On April 15th 2015 , a plane pass over my house , I was outside with other people and they saw it too. They thought it was odd too see the trails so low in the sky. It was maybe 1000 feet , could see the spray and jets with naked eye. I explained it to them , now they understand what I been saying all along. 

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