Veteran Health Department Official Speaks Out On Climate Engineering Dangers, Again


Only a few State and Federal agency officials have shown any courage whatsoever in regard to speaking truth to power, especially on the subject of climate engineering. One shining exception is environmental health specialist Gary Attalla. I have had the honor of communicating with Gary for several years. During this time he has tried diligently and consistently to force the critical geoengineering issue to light with his peers and within his agency, the New Jersey Department of Health. In spite of constant resistance from other agency officials and politicians, Gary has pressed on in his battle to raise awareness. The letter below is Gary's latest update report on what the ongoing geoengineering contamination is doing to our health. My most sincere gratitude to him for his ongoing efforts, if there were more in the "system" with Gary's courage, we would not be in such a dark place today.
Dane Wigington

Veteran Health Department Official Speaks Out On Climate Engineering, Again

By Gary Attalla, contributing writer for

Hi everyone listening. I am Gary Attalla; A Registered Environmental Health Specialist with the NJ Department of Health for 37 years. This is an update to a letter of mine Dane posted in 2013 (New Jersey Health Dept Official Pens Personal Letter To Health Commissioner About Geoengineering) when I first became involved, which was a very nascent letter at that time. My training is: Rutgers University, New Jersey, Bachelor of Science in Zoology (the study of animal life) which included Botany (the study of plant life). Also, I have all the undergraduate credentials for medical School. Then I became an Environmental Health Specialist thru Rutgers.  Basically this includes a broad range of Environmental training, including water, air, sewage, food microbiology, microbiology and other germane environmental issues. Also, through the years i have continual credit training to maintain my License, which is required. New jersey has a  strident standard for my field.

I am married and have 3 grown daughters; Two in Jersey and one in Texas. So why all of the boring credential waving. It's sole purpose is to get your attention, period. You are going to listen to someone that has knowledge, especially a broad one, for the issue at hand. I know Dane well. We speak, we correspond. Geo-engineering came to me in an instant; that quickly literally. Nobody presented it to me. I presented it to myself. Dane though, actually came to me thru my brother, whom I presented Geo-engineering to, and he got it immediately. He then found Dane, and made initial contact with a lengthy, scheduled phone conversation. He, Mark, owns a computer company, and has actually been out to visit Dane two years ago for 4 days on a fact finding mission (April 2013).

OK, so the fact that anyone is reading this tells me that we do understand what is going on. I and my brother have been intensely studying this issue now for 2 and 1/2 years. The more i dig the deeper it goes. As a biologist i want to tell you a few things that are going on that you may not realize, though i think that you really do. If say you have an allergy to milk; You don't need a gallon to have a reaction, a small amount will do. If you have a peanut allergy, only a piece of a peanut will cause a reaction. And so on, so forth. All allergic reactions are in the form of inflammation, which is the body's form of rejection. Now, some people have no allergy to the above, thus well tolerated and no reaction. So here is the salient point; NOBODY can tolerate aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury, silver iodide and the scores of other chemicals in the Geo engineering programs, no exceptions. And there is no such thing as building up a tolerance to them. Besides inflammation generating, they are endocrine gland disruptors; for example replacing thyroxine (T4) in the thyroid with, say barium. There is a thyroid epidemic in this country today, though not much publicized. And on another level Geoengineering is slowly, insidiously micro dehydrating us. Our internal oxygen is being slowly replaced with heavy metals and all the other chemicals. No amount of water you drink will off set this, because heavy metal toxicity is cumulative; that is, once entering the body. they slowly build up by attaching to various receptors, neurons etc… and very difficult to eliminate, especially naturally. Though it is very important to hydrate with plenty of filtered water. Diet drinks actually act as diuretics.  Also, our bodies are being completely immersed in an unnatural ionized atmosphere. Ionization is either positive or negative; That is, molecules have an extra electron or are deficient in an electron. What this means is that they will pull electrons from our body tissue or deposit on our tissue thru the  heavy metals that are sub micron sized, as they strip our tissue of electrons. Radiation ionizes as it pass thru the body, and damages DNA in the mitochondria of our cells. So this "charged" atmosphere  is somewhat acting like radiation. And when we add radiation from  cell phones, TV's. cell towers, microwave ovens, computers and on and on, we are digging a deeper hole. One of my studies in undergraduate was Radiation Biology (the affects of radiation on life systems, which 40 years ago was a real eye opener). The laws of physics have not changed. Now the ill affects of vitamin D blockage can not be stated loudly enough. That in and by itself is a very serious health concern, and can be a full topic on it's own. This is another quiet deficiency on a massive scale.

It took many years, but now the atmosphere is being slowly terraformed to this unnatural ionized state. The term means to transform earth's atmosphere. So what is up in the air is also down here, though you can not see it down here, as you can the trails up in the sky. Basically what is happening is that thru the sheer amount of spraying, this new atmosphere now has equalized virtually throughout the globe. This is truly incredulous. It works like this; When you turn on your air conditioner at home, after so much time the entire house cools off (cool air equalized throughout the house). When you shut it off, the laws of thermodynamics will take over and the house will heat up again (same with your heating system, though in reverse). So to keep it cool you have to leave on the air conditioner. The AC is FORCING the air to change. Same with Geo- engineering. The ONLY way to transform the  atmosphere is to continually, non stop spray, which is that which is currently happening. If not, then the nano particles will just settle to the ground. It has to be maintained 24/7/365. This is just the first onion skin layer off. The size of the global delivery system is staggering.

I wanted to limit this expose to basic health concerns at this time, which are very real. We also have HAARP which is implicitly essential to Geo-engineering, methane/arctic methane release, hydrogen sulfide release, plankton depletion, blood/brain barrier absorption, jet stream manipulation,  fake money supply funding, UV B and C exposure, ozone depletion and much more. I am very intrigued by the California scheduled drought, which seems to me to eventually have the owners of the world and Big Ag to control the food supply after buying up worthless land for pennies, then turning on the faucet, so then they will own the food, the water and the air, maybe!. Speaking strictly for myself, this is the only road my mind is leading down, and i am like a dog with a bone on these issues.  We all  do know what is going on. In the Northeast where i live, the Sun is completely blocked, except for insignificant exposure here and there, and there are no stars, ever, No more stars in the Northeast, as if this is a minor side bar. Most of the clouds are classic HAARP formations; perfectly symmetrical lines. I have a very tuned eye for this. I can spot the faintest HAARP clouds and have many photos that are truly wild.

So here we are; way, way, way past evidence gathering.  Geo-engineering connects many things that "seem" to be unrelated, starting with the banks and media. It is difficult to end in spectacular fashion, so I implore each of you to just do what you can, which is not at all a trite metaphor…

I'm in high appreciation to Dane for posting this.

For those that wish to examine Gary's first letter which outlined his ongoing efforts, click this link. New Jersey Health Dept Official Pens Personal Letter To Health Commissioner About Geoengineering

39 Responses to Veteran Health Department Official Speaks Out On Climate Engineering Dangers, Again

  1. Maria MItchell says:

    We certainly need more heroes speaking out about this. Thank you!

  2. Cynthia says:

    So very grateful to my fellow New Jerseyans Gary and Naturally Smart! I'm in the southern part of the state, having left the big island of Hawaii (where they do not spray keeping the air clear for the telescopes), angered again to be deluged.  Dane was a recent guest via Skype at a renewed metaphysical group that is very tapped in, meeting at our local library for which there was a rather impressive turnout I was most happy to see.  I posed the question to him if he felt this agenda was originating off planet as opposed to on; Gary, yeah we know this is way, way above the heads of the local municipalities.  As another of Dane's huge fans and VERY, VERY knowing voice of criticality Catherine Austin Fitts reminds us often we don't know who Mr.Global is, (her current interview  America 2020; The UFO Economy).  Yet Rhode Island is trying to take a political stand and thank so much for providing that link Naturally Smart as it gives useful credence at a new level, especially for the non-believers.

    So my next actions are predicated by my mother's health complications. Already in a dementia state she has now succumbed to a rather new and growing malady called Membranous Nephropahy, basically an autoimmune type of disease in which the kidneys are attacking themselves; makes sense that they'd be organs that are also taxed from the metal toxicity.  So having already piqued the interest of her Nephrologist (a very caring Hispanic mother/daughter who is touched by my attentiveness towards my mom), I will now embark on alerting, armed with much of the info. from this site, the renal pathology director at Columbia Univ. Pathologists who is also supposedly a very caring MD.  You guys have done the political, I'll give this medical route a shot.  I write mean (highly articulated, factually correct) letters, will send copies to Dane of course and keep this posted thread informed.

    Continued Light to all.

  3. Felix Mosso says:

    Good info, but we NEED  dozens more ATTORNEYS  to help the 6 + 2

    in Canada that ware working FREE GRATIS.  If they don't HELP us, we

    will all be dead and the attorneys will have no clients !

  4. Hello,

    I have read all the replies on this and must agree with all of what has been said. I am currently battling stage 4 b-cell Lymphoma for almost a year now. I am only 50 years old but have worked outside most of my life and started observing chem trails several years ago over the high mountains of Colorado. They had stopped spraying for most of last winter and then fired it up again about April 10th and have been going heavily every since. We went from a 70%  snow pack to over 200% within a month and it has been raining almost everyday they spray. So after I was diagnosed with cancer I started researching the type I have and the fact that it is increasing at alarming rates for the last 10 years. A lot of research indicates that it is related to the rise and takeover of GMO foods and the related heavy dosing of Roundup.

    I am married to Naturopathic doctor so we started testing my body for everything. After doing a hair analysis test 4 heavy metals showed up in high doses. Aluminum and Mercury are off the charts along with cadmium and lead. After finding out this news I started researching how this could have happened to me. I have eaten clean organic food for over 20 years, I drink well water, do not use aluminum based toothpaste, deodorant, baking soda, cooking pots, or anything else for over 15 years. I had my well water and garden soil tested and aluminum was not present. I live in the mountains close to wilderness and there are no industries close to me. So after a year of research I have come to the conclusion that the geoengineering which has been going over me at least for the last couple of years is how I am getting this aluminum, mercury ect in my body. The hair analysis test does not look for barium and strontium as they where not considered a big risk. Has anyone else on this forum heard of a connection to this evil experiment and cancer? I have contacted the CO state health department and they say they have no control over it and referred me to the FAA safety officer who has never contacted me back. I feel hopeless as most people I talk to about it are all clueless and do not really want to talk or hear about it. How can we make this stop now?

  5. Bobbi Timnerlake says:

    As a devastated S. Carolina farmer, have been onto to this weather war since 2005. Am fearing since they have gone unchecked for so long, that they have only perfected their technology as the major floods are indicating. I've tried discussing it with friends and family but they still are in denial despite their failing health. Have protested at Occupy Wall St. in NYC being the only holding the geoengineering sign as I posted pics on social media and still, nothing! Am loosing faith in people as a whole due to this assault on humanity as they just assume role over and play dead till they actually do die. Sorry but feel we are all loosing this war collectively until more 'key' people come forward. Sincerely, thank you for your efforts and willingness, to put your life in jeopardy as you are not alone praying more join us in the unpleasant reality.

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    Naturally Smart:  How the heck did Rhode Island get this bill passed? I mean literally, step by step how??!!  Why no huge fan fare?  This is huge, a precedent?  I am stunned.

    Gary, So brave of you to lend your voice and credentials to this!  I have known many cancer survivors as well as ones who ultimately did not survive, but one thing stands out with them all, and that is a new sense of bravery, fearlessness, and an eagle eye on what matters in life.  Does me good to hear from you.  Always looking for aware people with credentials as if you guys are endangered species!  As for you- dog with a bone-some dogs have more than one bone-perhaps smart dogs with a back-up plan!  I think there are at least a few or more reasons for California's drought, and to be sure, big Ag is one as California, along with Oregon? and maybe Washington, but mainly Cal, has so many organic farms, artisanal farms of all sorts, and while Monsanto has most of the country in a vice grip, we have die hards here who are not about to turn over to Monsanto.  But there is more.  Like how very populated California has become and all the immigrants here.  It just may also serve to slow the migrants who by now know there is far less work available in California, far less affordable housing, and no water.  That should slow the flow.   Plus, we are a huge "blue" state filled with private fortunes.   The Rebloodicans are jealous.  And Rand Paul, along with many others wants land reserves, parks, national treasures, public lands which we have in abundance compared to many other states, and no doubt many would like to have a go at those to exploit for oil or whatever.  And, we tend to be politically active.  So, a few more bones for you to hunt!  A gift box for an active dog!

    PatSF-what labs?!  I tried and tried to find a lab before with no success.  It really did rain here in Berkeley.  I was disoriented enough by the ridiculously resilient fog bank looking like a wall, but real? rain!  And, it actually smelled good.  It really did.  The plants loved it.  My newish pretty yellow yard umbrella however is covered in purplish, bluish blobs.  Just weird and ugly.

    Today, like yesterday, lots of blue sky but for the Wall.  I have peas in July!  Still having asparagus, have beautiful figs, strawberries, tons of gorgeous flowers and herbs and such.  Chickens doing well.  Third round of chickadees on my green roof nest box on front porch!  However, my beloved plum is either dead or faking it.  One tree in back yard is looking dead, and one apple is 3/4's bare naked, 1/4th leafed out with some blossoms.  Neighbors to the south have one very dead tree, and the Italian Stone pine is not looking well.  But, tons of lemons near by.  The walnuts have not leafed out but they, like my plum, have been struggling for years and decades? with some disease.  So, hard to tell.  But at least one other tree to north is totally dead.  So, it is a mix.  At first glance, things look good.  Looking closer, one notices this and that.  All the plants seemed to love the rain and the humidity that went with it.

    Paul Vonhamish–gotta love your endless anger and creative responses!  I'm with you on this one.  Military overthrow government–I wish, I wish, I wish!  Restore Bill of Rights and constitution into the trash where it belongs!  Yes yes yes!  Soetoro?  Uh?

    Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj–For more than 6 years now, feels like my nose is on backwards.  So stuffy and so much phlegm, which was never normal for me before.  Getting really really sick and tired of it.  No cough, oddly.  Many others complain of this too.  If that is any comfort.  I have not found a fix for this yet.  Makes it so that I do not sleep well.  I feel exhausted all the time, almost.  Way way too much.  You?

    Marc, my literary academic friend, ex friend, sounds a lot like yours right down to the New York Times, but my friend was mean.  You ask is it a curse to remain asleep-unaware, or to ride the Evil winds of this shit.  I wonder the same.  My "sister"-I am adopted-used to say that I was smart, but unhappy.  Said she was not smart, but was happy.  Seemed profound at the time.  I do wonder about this.  Some of my family and friends are so very tender.  So very innocent and already burdened.  Hate to wake people up to something they can do nothing about.  Which that has been mentioned here-complaining and do nothing, but for trying to wake up people who are gonna shoot the messenger.  On the other hand, one of the beauties of this site, besides wealth of info-way too much so for most I know-hence my wanting a geo-engineering lite version!-but here we do more than complain.  We testify to what is happening where we live and some of us are all over the world.  We share tips.  Health issues and sometimes treatments for.  And more information covering more territory.  So, it is not exactly like doing nothing, nothing to do about it-we do what we can.  And it helps.

    I had a personal blow yesterday-I hesitate to say I see a shrink and not just any shrink, besides degrees out the wazoo, and running a hospital, he is brilliant-knows just about everything.  So far he's tolerated my comments, even implying he knows what I'm talking about, but fairly flipped yesterday.  I've seen this guy for decades and one reason why is that he is not a "yes man", not easily swayed.  I have a horrible background-takes the cake really, took like 9 years for him to get it which was agonizing, but the guy actually wrote away to places in the nic of time and got enough paper proof to finally believe me.  Which is just to say, he does not roll over easily, but does make him worth his weight in gold.  I know little about him really-enough, just enough.  I know he has 3 grown sons and no doubt by now grandchildren.  So, when I said, what will you tell your sons and grandchildren?  That Grandpa did nothing, zip zero nada to help save the Earth from omnicide?!  He'd been saying that of course I'd fall for all of this give my severely abusive background.  Uh, no!  Like, have you met me?!  Have I ever?  If anything, my background which by the way includes more than abuse, like, real experience in the field of environment, if anything, made me  confront abuse head on.  Made me question everything and seek out the right way.  He blew.  Not for the first time.  And I'll let him simmer for now.  I think that point about daddy the genius letting this slip by was too close to home.  An academic par excellance, he, of course. knows everything……

    I too am concerned about Jade Helm though no one else seems to be.  Could the massive flooding in Texas and Arizona have to do with creating challenging terrain for their practices?  I am very concerned how people will take this and how it will really play out.  Four days away.  Yikes.  No one seems aware.  No one seems to care!

    That's all!  For now!  R

  7. Greg M says:

    Thank you Gary and Dane for all that you do to bring this issue to light.

    It's horrible this week in northeast Ohio. Constant spraying, whited out sky.  Everyone I know is sick from it.  My 4 year old son has a dry cough and crust around his eyes. I've had a sore throat for a week and have been hacking up white phlegm.

    My mother died last year from complications resulting from her hospitalization for pneumonia and respiratory failure.  I can't prove it, but I know that these aerosols played a role in her death.

    Every direction I look now I see a wilted, dead or dying tree.

    I hope that I live long enough to see those who are responsible for this genocide pay for their crimes, but more importantly we need to MAKE THEM STOP!

    • JR says:

      Hey Greg; I know what you mean about the crust built up in eye and gooey crap inside eye. I like to ride HD and when contacts on eye and goggles for protection especially this crap happens. I even wear my bandana with particulate mask I sewed on it and still it happens?! I got to go now. We got much rain here in Southwest, New Mexico last night, much lightning and thunder to let these suckers know who rules, mean thunder. Well these suckers are up there destroying the clouds with much SAG this Sat. morning. Chances are they will never learn who rules in end. Later….. 

  8. Wyatt says:

    My god, reading this letter woke me up even further.  I will definitely be sharing this one.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Anyone heard of any Jade helm connection with geoengineering? What are the connections? Also, many, many planes over my area, yet no lasting chemtrails, anyone know if they are using invisible chemical solutions now? Notice how the skies are no longer blue?

  10. Erm…

    Pentagon admits 24 US labs, 2 foreign states received live anthrax shipments — RT USA

    Boy those guys at the Pentagon are sure clever, eh?  Latent anthrax spores can live in soils for decades, yet still kill you within days.

    Don't tell anyone,

  11. Hello Glenda Hutchens Gammel:

    Most of these persons met with an "untimely" death because they were working in biotechnology science. Nearly every modern disease is a direct result of biowarfare weapons being released against civilian populations. As you can see, the "sudden death" problem is not limited to the US. Ain't war a great little chess game? War Bonds and slave labor. A dead checkmate for our planet. Thanks for your post.

  12. Hi Dane and all. The dissemination of information is essential. We are fighting for our existence and we are involved in a war which cannot be lost. If we succumb death is the only outcome. This may seem a bit extreme but everything points to a total planetary meltdown. I implore everyone to get off their behinds and do something which has consequence and meaning.

    I have 'Geoengineering Watch' fliers displayed in all my local shops. I am constantly on the phone to both local and national organisations, who if they don't know, should know, about the geoengineering programs… I send email and write letters, mostly to no avail, but I keep on going. 

    I have set up a Vimeo feed which has time lapse clips taken from my home, and which are updated on a daily basis.

    See the video's at:

    Has only been up and running for just over two weeks but the response has been excellent. The evidence is there for all to see. I have views fom over fifteen countries and the traffic is increasing every day. It takes time and effort but surely the survival of all life on this azure blue, jewel that we call earth has to be worth worth it.


    A final massive thank you to Dane for a remarkable interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann show.

    If we all unite and maintain the pressure we WILL win the war.



  13. Dennie Mehocich says:

    July 9, 2015: 
    What looked like heavy fog off the coast here in Marin County, CA for the past two or three days, rolled in heavier overnight, looking thicker and blacker, and kind of unmoving.  The air has been nothing by POWDERY and it's been nearly unbreatheable last night and today– gritty, powdery, drying.  It began to rain around 2:00 this afternoon, then stopped, then started up again just before 8:00 p.m., going on and off again. 

    My students and their parents, as well as others, remark, "What weird weather..?"  PERFECT opportunity to do more education.  I always tell them to visit and they will learn a lot about what's going on with the weather.  So far, no one's made a peep of protest, just more curiosity.

    • Victoria says:

      Here in south Orange County California, we had the exact same thing last night: rain for about 7-10 minutes then completely off and back to the drought.  I have been seeing others mention this on/off brief rain and it seems really really creepy to me- as if they want to make sure whatever they've sprayed comes down more quickly….

  14. SD says:

    The Geoengineers made it snow at Tioga Pass today.  Enough said.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yeah, and these little kiddies with Ph.D.s are soooo stooopid and clueless, they don't understand that the planet needs to have the right weather at the RIGHT TIME.  Sheesh– Idiots!!!

  15. PatSF says:

    There is a geoengineered summer storm hitting California. Record rain amounts especially near Lassen Volcanic Park in Northern California! Please stay out of the ChemRain it is toxic! Now is the time to take samples and Lab test people! The more tests and data the better keep up the fight!

  16. BaneB says:

    Gary, I was talking with a fellow in his 30's who was doing some mowing for me.  I brought up the subject of Geoengineering and pointed out the bizarre clouds hanging over our heads.  He was actually attuned to the strangeness and had some knowledge of the issues involved.  The subject of health, and oxygen, etc. came up.  He state that many of his friends suffer from nose bleeds.  The area here is Mendicino County.  My dogs constantly yawn, too.  I often feel like the air is depleted of oxygen.  Yes, I am 70 and can expect to have a few issues but I am outdoors all the time in my farm working, and doing healthy physical labor.  Looking at the spraying, the weird clouds that are morphing ever stranger, and the obvious radio waves zapping the fake clouds, it is no surprise to me that we are all being slowing poisoned and cooked.  Thanks for your inspiring article.  

  17. penny says:

    Thanks to Gary for a great article, to Dane and friends for providing the site and support needed to get the word out, and to all who are man or woman enough to face reality squarely and to help to inform the public about geoengineering. 

    The question comes up often, and just to give my 2-cents' worth, I don't believe that there is any comfort in denial.  To be in denial means to live within the fog of anxiety pumped out by the mass media, to believe in the fear-mongering about terror and the boneheaded advertisements claiming you are not good-looking enough, not "cool" enough, etc.  Life is far better when one ignores the BS and focuses on what matters.  THIS is what matters! 

  18. Mark from OZ says:

    Many thanks Dane and Gary– a most powerful essay!

    They were spraying over TAS last weekend like so many here, it's difficult to create 'awareness', even to those that live close to the land like a guy I was speaking to down by Huonville a 5th gen logger. I've found the best way is to just be honest about my observations at what's above and quickly get to the 'point' that global air and sea temps are 'getting away' and that governments are responding with a typical 'government' way in dealing with a real threat.

    A little dry Aussie humor helps too:There's a right way, a wrong way and a 'government way, which helps reduce the usual concern / worry that this discussion evokes. Most folks have an intuitive sense that 'something is up' and that it's likely caused by burning fossil fuels, but the denier bots and propaganda campaigns have converted thinking of many people and we need to appreciate that. The Ozzie PM ( Tony Abbott) has claimed "coal is good for humanity" and many under the influence of a Murdoch media controlled country just 'go with the flow' on these matters as it IS complicated and difficult to comprehend.

    The outrageous and destructive spraying campaign is so beyond sinister and scary Hollywood movie screenplay stuff that its designers have correctly calculated a 'low believe-ability' rate. But, people also know when another person is being 'fair-dinkum' ( in earnest and truthful) and this carries alot of weight in any position or debate.

    The folks who 30+ years ago prevented the damning of the Franklin River in TAZ or stopped the dumping of asbestos into Lake Superior in Minnesota or forced industrial pollution changes after Ohio's Cuyahoga river caught fire or protesting military suppliers from building cluster bombs all faced an uphill fight which required getting to that level of critical support which can then kick open doors and cause legislators to twist the barrels of their pens to advance and pass a new rule book.

    With our social media connections and ability to exponentially 'reach out', we have more power than those years back who could just protest in the rain with placards or civil disobedience.It's fair to say that those doing this currently have the upper hand and that's why they are doing it. But currently doesn't mean 'always' and if enough noise is heard from like minded people, the day approaches when the will of the people will prevail over the connected and currently coordinated 'few' who have dreamed this operation up for their own selfish purposes.

  19. Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj says:

    I spoke with a Visiting Nurse today and told her that I have a chronic cough and stuffed sinuses each morning. She told me other folks are complaining about the same issue.

    I also have noticed no stars here in Massachusetts. I haven;t seen a sky of stars for several years. Once in awhile one star.

  20. Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj says:

    I wish more scientists would write to Pres. Obama and tell him that science is pointing into the direction of planet meltdown if they don't stop geoengineering.

  21. JR says:

    Good writeup and comments here. We continually are getting big beautiful rain clouds here in Southwest part of States, New Mexico. Yes these are real clouds, but the punks get up there and demolish them with SAG spraying. With a trained eye of now 13 years observing how these punks operate it's not difficult to see. What is difficult is trying to explain to the knuckleheads with human bodies attached to them. Simpler put I'll try to fill them in and what's been happening for a long time with SAG, and tell them I'm not the nut job here. They still give me as you other folks here that blank look or walk away afraid of the truth. They can't or refuse to accept the truth and some walk in their own darkness with their own dirty deeds. Some will lust for money, sex, drugs, excessive alcohol, a power ego trip, etc. They don't want to be bothererd with what they see as petty stuff??? I don't care how educated or Christian people think they are, what is being done to all of us is not permissible or excusable. All of the actors in this horror playing in Satan's den are criminals and murderers, no exceptions. They are the terrrorists here in our own back yard. You people know what I'm saying …

    • Marc says:

      Bull's eye, JR, right smack dab in the center of the bull's eye, my friend. Thank you for the comment. Yeah!

  22. Marc says:

    Just had a conversation with a friend, a tenured professor of Library Science, a true academic in every sense of the word, very smart fellow. We grew up together since we were in third grade. I laid it all out for him regarding the planetary meltdown now underway and threw in a few spices for the pot, so to speak. You know, the ones about climate feedback loops and out of control methane outgassing, and so forth. Oddly, he remains largely unaware of the magnitude of what's happening. He hadn't even a clue about the boreal forests on fire in Siberia. But he WAS aware of the heat waves across Europe and the pacific northwest, though not the true severity of them. Though he was not dismissive of my rants (sounding alarms), I could tell he lives his life only within a relatively narrow bandwidth of information, the New York Times notwithstanding. (his favorite newspaper) 

    From posts here, it becomes apparent that the hazy, filthy looking skies, heavy cloud cover and/or rain are occurring on a massive global scale. Undoubtedly, forest fires are a large contributing factor, but equal to this if not greater is the repulsive shit thousands of hell-jets are unleashing across the world. How convenient, too, isn't it, that the artificially created rain and clouds across such vast regions are providing perfect concealment of what must without a doubt be nano spraying on a scale we can barely comprehend. 

    Horror movie, Truman Show, living nightmare, end times, apocalypse now, genocide, omnicide, judgement day, WTF??!! There really is no going back, is there? Is it more of a curse to remain asleep to this or………….. to be fully awake and aware that an invincible EVIL rides the winds of the world? 

  23. John Knox says:

    Alright Gary!! Love the enthusiasm…the 'dog with a bone' approach….linked with your impeccable credentials.
    My approach when I get the opportunity to talk about the trails, stripes, plumes, dripping clouds and many of the other anomalies that are on full display is this: I understand that the person I'm talking to is being assaulted on multiple fronts by chemical and energetic agents all meant to diminish his/her will to understand and to act. So,I try to peak their curiosity [and  possibly their sense of righteous outrage] with simple questions. If I'm successful, they'll want to know more.
    Unless I can get them to WANT to know, then I'm only feeding them a series of facts in a conversation [without the aid of the hours of studies, videos, conversations and compelling graphics that convinced me] hoping to overcome the pull of apathy.
    Even though arousing curiosity and outrage are my key points in any conversation now on geoengineering, I'm more and more aware that we're way, way, way past evidence gathering…..those of us who know that there's a massive problem, along with a connected sub-set of problems.
    Taking action is the next step for each of us,along with still raising awareness and supporting each other in online forums.
    Quite honestly, I wish someone would show me what to do or give me a campaign to participate in. I'm embarrassed to type this but I still get stuck in 'what to do?' I march in the events, I speak at the Los Angeles SkyWatch meetings, yet I still know we all have to step up our activities.
    Well….even typing this does bring a few ideas to mind, but I'm guessing that many of us are facing this now: take the next action step or know that you've stopped at the level of complaining [no matter how eloquently or how righteously] and that you'll never do anything more than beautifully state the problem.
    Hating to think I'm stopping at the level of complaining  is driving me to find the actions I can take so I can look at myself in the mirror….or to face kids in the future who will ask: what did you do in 2015…when there was still time?
    Thanks for this article….it's fantastic and makes me want to do more.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, as for what to do, check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the upper left side of the page. Thanks for your help with sounding the alarm.

  24. Naturally Smart says:

    Hi Gary:  I too am in NJ and have been watching the skies every day ever since that first day over 1 year and 1/2 ago when I was driving to work and saw massive white streaks/lines in the sky being dispersed by aircraft.  These lines were in the shape of "X's and grid lines which quickly spread out and expanded, they got wider and thicker and never dissipated but remained until the entire sky was eventually whited out.  I called the NJ DEP office and reported this, whereby I had received a case number from them.  I followed up from there and was told that the case number was closed.  When I had looked into this further I had found out that the NJ DEP had closed the case.  When I had asked why, they said it was out of their jurisdiction and to contact the FAA.  So I did.  I was told to call the FAA Teterboro Airport and speak to someone there.  That contact person sent me back to the NJ DEP and the EPA (which I had contacted both).  The next day, I had sent letters to NJ Governor Chris Christie and had explained what I had seen in the skies.  Gov. Christie told me to contact all of the Congressional Leaders, especially since he felt it was a federal, not state matter.  I contacted NJ Senator Menendez, who had responded back dismissing and denying the undeniable aerosol injection, a.k.a. Climate Engineering / Weather Modification programs.  I have also sent every single NJ Congressional, NJ Senator, NJ Legislative, NJ Assemblymen, and the head of the NJ DEP / EPA a letter with pictures, attachments, credible data asking them to investigate this matter, we had asked several times since then for full public disclosure into these toxic aerosol pollution programs,  a full EPA investigation and a cease and desist immediately.  The letters were sent certified, return receipt.  There was a follow up email, phone calls and letters but to no avail.  These Congressional Leaders are all in denial and they know these covert programs are in full force and there is more than enough credible evidence and people are waking up.  It is a shame that we all have had to become sick, and our health is continuing to be compromised due to these Gov./Military covert GeoEngineering a.k.a. Solar Radiation Management programs!  So what can we do?  How can we get a bill just like the Rhode Island bill passed against these covert GeoEngineering programs?                                              

    Please let us know what we can do as we are all willing and able to assist but need to form a group and get the ball rolling.  Thank you.  Please reach out to Dane as he will know how to get in touch w/us.  Thank you for everything and for raising the bar and in raising critical massive public awareness!!!  

    • Gary says:

      Naturally Smart, thanks for your kind words.  You have already done way more than most people. It is actually more difficult for me being in the system, for job constraint reasons. So I have taken it to the very edge within the system. Then I work with Dane outside the system as a private citizen. All of the above people that you have contacted really only serve a purpose of awareness. What most people don't realize is that the level of this/these programs (I believe that it is one world program and not multiple National programs).  There is not enough space here for me to articulate why) is way above what our minds can fathom. The drought in California is way above the Governor's head, way above. The NJDEP is powerless to stop this, because it is way above their heads too. But if we don't do anything were screwed anyway.   We are aware of what is going on and we want the Agencies to be aware. Our nature is to fight the injustice. These local agencies don't have a clue about Geoengineering, and I know. I have had high level meetings with the Dept of Health and they don't even know what I am talking about. I am frustrated like you. I am 64 years old and a cancer survivor, and have 3 daughters, and still work full time. I am in contact with Dane fairly regularly and my brother has actually worked on Dane's computers, as he owns a computer Tech company. I think the best thing to do is Dane's flaming arrow approach; give out pamphlets and let everyone know. Of course if you can start a group great. They have the military, global banking system and media to control the message. Do you have trillions of dollars in the bank. People in low level power are leery of this. I am just pointing out the realities. If life is anything it is ironic and frustrating. I'll make a deal with you; If you don't stop fighting I wont!

  25. Debra Ward says:

    Thank you, Mr. Attalla, for speaking out, AGAIN. They refuse to listen to the dangers this has caused, is causing, to our planet, and peoples health. My mother died, literally, from not being able to breathe when she had to go out of her house for anything. I would go to pick her up to take her where she needed to go, and she LITERALLY could not take a breath once she had made it in to my car. She would open the window to try and get air, but I would have to keep reminding her that the "air" was what did it to her. Well, thanks to the chemical geoengineering, she is no longer with us. The doctors told my dad her "quality of life" was poor because she had eventually needed to walk with the small oxygen tank, except when mostly in the house. The doctors had fooled my dad into thinking she was slowly fading because her lungs got so weak, and had him sign a paper to let them end her life. At the place they took her to, they over-dosed her on morphine within 2 days, and that morning before she died, she told my dad she wanted to come home. She was wide awake and alert…NO OXYGEN needed. I am so hateful and angry because I went to see her again that night with my oldest son, and she was talking and giggling with all of us that were there. One half hour after I left, my niece texted me that she had died 5 MINUTES after they shot a huge dose of morphine in her throat. This was total and governmental HOMICIDE. They ARE trying to kill off the people. I have no doubts in my mind, and my brothers and sister are mad at my step-dad because he was fooled by the healthcare system. So this is the biggest reason I am fighting so hard to stop this from happening. I know many who have died from illnesses they should not have had. So MANY are having trouble breathing or heart attacks at a young age. I, myself, had a heart attack at 49, and was in VERY GOOD health until then. Family members, friends, EVERYONE is getting cancer and dying YOUNG within 4-6 weeks. Please, I beg you…STOP them. Cancer does NOT run in my family.

    • penny says:

      Dear Debra, my heart goes out to you.   Your mother was lucky to have had her last day be spent laughing with you, but it is an undeniable crime that her life was taken from her (not just by the nursing home, but by those who caused her health problems in the first place).  Such tragic stories should be reason enough for anyone and everyone to carry on fighting, regardless of the odds of success.

      I have had only bad news from my mother (she lives in Michigan and I live in Norway) lately. She, too, has been doing very poorly because of what obviously must be toxic overload (but what she attributes to whatever the doctor told her).  And because of bureaucratic idiocies, it may be impossible for me to get home to see her (can't help wondering if these problems would have cropped up had I been a good little, geoengineering-ignorant citizen).   Mom has always been pretty tough, and I am hoping she will recover.  But it seems that the System works against us in every way possible.  There are some truly twisted bastards out there, and far too many Adolf Eichmann types doing their bidding.

    • Rebecca A. Lee,MD says:

      I am unable to work due to disability from bronchial asthma. The exacerbation correlated with the increased chemtrail spraying which I first noted in 2012.
      I would suggest looking into malpractice. Depending on which state you live in it may be possible to recover damages for morphine, a respiratory depressant being given to a patient with respiratory problems.. Since your father signed there may be a problem. I would still check it out.

  26. nikki says:

    Thank you very much for your important message Gary.  We need to have more biology/limnology/entomology/ecology/etc professionals write in.  It's difficult for people to argue with professionals who have irrefutible proof.

  27. Hazel Lucks says:

    Thank you for your hard work and efforts to bring this crazy corruption to light. In S.W Scotland we rarely see blue sky, when we do they are out spraying, it’s a mess.

    • AllyL says:

      I agree entirely Hazel, dark clouds have been floating back and forth now for a couple of days but it has stayed largely dry. The heavy rain and/or winds always seem to return when there are no individual clouds visible in the sky. Instead, a dirty light grey haze stretches from horizon to horizon and can remain for anything from minutes to days during which time it rains off and on the entire time. The weather only improves when the muck dissipates and the clouds become visible again. Getting annoyed. 

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