The global weather warfare/biological warfare assault that is being waged against populations and the entire web of life is now becoming all but impossible to hide or deny. The power structure controlled mainstream media weapon of criminal propaganda has recently launched an all out disinformation campaign to try and fortify the official denial of the geoengineering atrocities that are clearly occurring in our skies. Chuck Norris has drafted yet another hard hitting statement of facts in his unyielding effort to expose the ongoing global climate engineering assault and the government's increasingly desperate attempt to hide it. Our deepest and most sincere gratitude to you, Mr. Norris.
Dane Wigington



Exclusive: Chuck Norris Warns Of 'Grave' Risks Of Climate Intervention

Source: WND, article by Chuck Norris

Last week, I addressed how CIA Director John Brennan gave a historic speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, confessing something few thought they would ever hear: the federal government’s explicit and intentional climate intervention via operations like stratospheric aerosol spraying or injections, or SAI.

What I didn’t explain is that SAI is a ginormous federal geo-engineering cover-up that is now being exposed, and yet not a single mainstream media outlet has reported on it. Let me explain.

In April, the U.S. Senate directed the Department of Energy (DOE) “to review the findings of the National Academy of Sciences (or NAS) report,” “Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth,” and “to study the potential impacts of albedo modification (or solar radiation management), a potential method of geoengineering,” which included “smaller scale field trials.”

Science magazine explained: “Albedo modification would work by lacing the atmosphere with tiny particles or aerosols that would reflect sunlight and mimic natural processes. For example, in 1991 the volcano Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines spewed 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, which spans altitudes from 10 to 50 kilometers. There, the sulfur dioxide produced aerosols that reflected enough sunlight to reduce global temperature by an estimated 0.3°C for 3 years. Albedo modification might also work by using aerosols to seed cloud formation in a lower atmospheric layer called the troposphere.”

The U.S. Senate pushed the DOE to pursue albedo modification action a couple months before CIA Director Brennan gave his blessing to stratospheric spraying as a government operation that “potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.”

What’s crazy about all that government endorsement is that the February 2015 NAS report, on which the feds base their entire toxic rain operation, “warned explicitly that albedo modification shouldn’t be deployed now because the risks and benefits were far too uncertain.”

What are those risks? Here are just three grave consequences that we know about:

Drought: The team under Chien Wang, a co-author of the NAS study and a senior research scientist at MIT’s Center for Global Change Science and the Department of Earth, concluded that albedo modification would lead “to dangerous changes in global weather: Precipitation would also decline worldwide, and some parts of the world would be worse off. Europe, the Horn of Africa, and Pakistan may receive less rainfall than they have historically.”

Loss of blue sky: According to a report by the New Scientist, Ben Kravitz of the Carnegie Institution for Science explained, “Releasing sulphate aerosols high in the atmosphere should in theory reduce global temperatures by reflecting a small percentage of the incoming sunlight away from the Earth. However, the extra particles would also scatter more of the remaining light into the atmosphere. This would reduce by 20 percent the amount of sunlight that takes a direct route to the ground, and it would increase levels of softer, diffuse scattered light,” making the sky appear hazier.

Hazards to human health and other earth life: The gravest of all consequences of atmospheric aerosol spraying is that, simply put, what’s sprayed above us settles down upon us and in us, as well as other life on earth. 78

Photo credit: Penny Oliphant

The U.S. government’s own National Center for Biotechnology Information, or NCBI, released a report in January 2016, the goal of which was “Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols.” The NCBI concluded: “Our analysis suggests that adverse public health impacts may reasonably be expected from SRM via deployment of stratospheric aerosols. Little is known about the toxicity of some likely candidate aerosols, and there is no consensus regarding acceptable levels for public exposure to these materials. There is also little infrastructure in place to evaluate potential public health impacts in the event that stratospheric aerosols are deployed for solar radiation management.”

No wonder the co-author of the study on “Climate Intervention,” Dr. James Fleming called geo-engineering like SAI: “untested and untestable, and dangerous beyond belief.”

Another colleague and co-author, Dr. Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, the Louis Block professor in geophysical sciences at the University of Chicago, and Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustafn, chairman in environmental science at Stockholm’s University, took it one step further. He warned, “The nearly two years’ worth of reading and animated discussions that went into this study have convinced me more than ever that the idea of ‘fixing’ the climate by hacking the Earth’s reflection of sunlight is wildly, utterly, howlingly barking mad” (that is why Dr. Pierrehumbert prefers to call albedo modification by the name “albedo hacking”).

Dr. Pierrehumber added: “The report describes albedo modification frankly as involving large and partly unknown risks. It states outright that albedo modification ‘should not be deployed.'”

So, why are the U.S. Senate and CIA director disregarding the dire and passionate warnings of scientists like Dr. Pierrehumbert and Dr. Fleming by demanding that the Department of Energy proceed with trials on geo-engineering? In the words of Dr. Pierrehumber, are they “wildly, utterly, howlingly barking mad”? Answer: Yes!

Is it a mere coincidence that the very government agencies that are spraying our stratosphere with toxic chemicals were the actual sponsors of the NAS report? The NAS itself confessed: “The study was sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, U.S. intelligence community, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and U.S. Department of Energy” (italics mine).

Isn’t that like your right hand quoting your left hand so that your right hand can grab what it’s already holding? Is the NAS report another government push and ploy to collaborate and cite “scientific proof” to justify its clandestine climate agenda? Why else would the CIA and U.S. Senate be proceeding in climate aerosol spraying when the very scientists preparing the study warned, “Stop! Don’t do it! It’s crazy and dangerous!”

The most colossal and tragic of all government cover-ups is the fact that the feds have been waging climate warfare for more than 30 years, lacing our clouds and stratosphere with dangerous nano-particles, including environmental sulfates, black carbon, metallic aluminum and aluminum oxide aerosols. The truth is, for decades, the feds have been covertly and overtly running sky criminal operations behind (above!) our backs, leaving humans and the rest of the planet life as lab rats of their toxic cocktail fallout. 79

Photo credit: Austin Clark reported that a 1978 750-page congressional report was recently discovered with a mountain of information going back decades that “confirms the ongoing extensive involvement of our government in climate modification/weather warfare. This document also confirms the involvement of foreign governments around the globe, even governments that would otherwise have been considered ‘hostile to US interests.'”

Why hasn’t a single mainstream media outlet reported on the CIA and DOE’s march forward with SAI when the scientific community has explicitly and repeatedly warned against it?

Why are geo-engineering researchers being stonewalled by government and media?

And why in hell are watchdogs on both the left and right dodging the feds’ intentional and hazardous climate intervention, when they seek to uncover government cover-ups and conspiracies with the most scant of evidence?

Dane Wigington, the lead researcher for and a fierce fighter for government geoengineering transparency, was absolutely right when he wrote: “How big does the climate engineering elephant in the room need to be before it can no longer be hidden in plain site? How much more historical proof do we need of the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare before the denial of the masses crumbles? When will populations around the globe bring to justice all those responsible for the ongoing and rapidly worsening worldwide weather warfare assault?”

Is it a mere coincidence that, in October 2015, the feds put a universal “gag order” on agency employees in “The National Weather Service,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” and the “U.S. Dept. of Commerce”?

Is it a mere coincidence that the Obama administration has spent more taxpayer monies for legal prosecutions of government whistleblowers than all other U.S. presidents combined, resulting in 31 times the jail sentences?

It’s time to blow the lid off the government’s climate cover-up!

That is why my wife, Gena, and I encourage citizens everywhere to do their own research on geo-engineering and then write their government representatives to demand action.  We also encourage the support of the Legal Alliance of lawyers now amassed as a united front to fight the geo-engineering government cover-up in court.

To read or learn more immediately, I highly recommend the work and website of Dane Wigington. is loaded with great research on the many facets of climate intervention.

Source: WND, article by Chuck Norris


  1. Barry B. says:

    Its so very sad when a society has been conditioned to ignore the science and scholars, yet they will listen when a celebrity speaks.

    Many Kudos to Chuck Norris for stepping up and using his celebrity status to help awaken the masses. Loan Wolf McQuade is still kicking ass, fearless and noble as ever! 

    Perhaps if more celebs get involved it will travel like a wild fire?

    Keep doing your thing Dane, your a living hero!

    You've got balls of steel!

  2. Carlos says:

    Thank you Dane Wigington and Chuck Norris for your courageous efforts, I read every single comment and feel very happy that more people are waking up to the truth, they are using chemical and biological warfare on us. we don't have much time left. millions of people are dying daily as a result but the medical community will keep saying it's all due to "natural cause" we are dealing with insane psychopaths. I am so glad that we can come to this website and vent our frustrations, cause there is not much more we can do while they have the military and police keeping us hostage. the entire planet has become a concentration camp.

  3. Gail Goett says:

    Thank You Chuck Norris & Gena, For having the Moral Fiber to speak out about this most dire topic we all have to speak up & out, about. It is clear that we need more Heroes like you in the World to achieve our goal of transparency in the media. Thank You for getting the ball rolling. Another Great Man of many on this site. Where are all the Actors & Actresses that too know about SRM? You are where you are due to the public that have supported you all the years that you've been in the public eye & the reason you are all Millionaire's. Have they not earned some kind of appreciation? This would be a feather in your cap if only you would speak up & tell your Fans. Why does the Military  have a Building in  hollywood ? Producers get a reduction of cost, if they meet the Military's terms in using trails in their pictures, more sex & profanity. Got to keep it under their control! What goes out to the Public in all facets. Is their a Movie that any of you have seen without trails in the sky behind the Actors? They have been working on this for years, decades. Shame on all that have taken the bate! And now Cartoons!!! Also, Calendars, Commercials, Advertisements, & Government photo's of Buildings etc.. The Vatican always shows several trails. They are all Dirty Dogs! We are up against the World & I Know we are gaining ground, Thanks to all of you Great People. Thank You my Friends, I'd Love to give you all a HUG. We Will Win This Battle.  XOXO

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Another excellent article from Chuck Norris. I'm very glad he is on top of this, by investigating every angle. Hopefully other's will follow his lead!

  5. BaneB says:

    Dane:  Thanks for that additional information!  And I will throw myself into the mix and say these high temperatures are causing me to shed, avoid the outside UV, cease to respirate, and  to dim out:-) Being off the grid in a fairly pure form, I don't have solar, and there is no air conditioning.  When winter arrives I am ready for the change.

  6. BaneB says:

    Edward:  Because you both operate solar panels, it should be easy to determine the power output relative to what it should be as specified by the specs.  If your area is being sprayed the sunlight is dimmed.  If this goes on day upon day the output will be off maybe as much as 30%, etc.  I would say that is a very negative situation.  Green plants and trees are natural solar panels AND they take in carbon and give us the Oxygen we require to live.  How does a 30% dimming of the vital natural sunlight interfere with photosynthesis?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, about PV (solar panel) output, there are many factors, the massive UV radiation is also a major issue. The hotter the panels get, the less power them make. This factor can be almost as large as the blotted out skies. The same is true with photosynthesis, it stops at reduces with heat and stops completely at 104 degrees F.

  7. Melanie Moran says:

    Hello everyone,

    Just came across this article about forced vaccinations. Feel free to leave a comment.




    • Jesse says:

      Thank you so much for posting that article! The people who have had to live our lives next to 'Moloch' at the Bohemian Grove must really understand the world they live in better.  

  8. JR says:

    Hello folks, much SAG/SRM spraying in Southwest Region of New Mexico. They go after rain clouds like the Devils they are and destroy them. Elohim is bigger they will find out one day. The spraying today 8-17-16 over El Paso, Texas this morning is intense and bent. Bunch of bastards are totally the lowest form of life that ever existed since the beginning of time no doubt….

  9. CJ says:

    There is not a doubt in my mind what so ever that Geoengineering is risky and it is either killing, making people sick or causing severe weather conditions. This is quite apparent by the amount of Data that has been collected and reported. Look at the Flooding that is going on pretty much on a regular basis. Also the forest fires that seem to be on going. The patented SRM project states the ingredients used in the aerosol injection. Aluminum soaked up by the roots of the trees make them weak and dying. When a fire starts it becomes super hot and gets out of control which consumes everything in its path. When the aerosol is inhaled into the lungs has adverse affects on the body. With the Temperatures rising in Drought areas that have been chosen to infect with the program, it cannot be denied that this is more than Risky. It is deliberate. It kills and devastates. The sky that was once Blue and relatively clean, is now laden with deadly toxins. When it does rain,  it makes me wonder what is in the rain. I can only imagine that it can't be good. The Agenda is well on the way to fulfill the NWO. How long will it take before that is accomplished though?

  10. David says:

    Baton Rouge Louisiana was on purpose because of the rioting milwukee's next would bet….

  11. stephan says:

    Hello all – Just had to say i live in an older apartment facing south – my window wells used to have lots of spiders but the sun is too hot for them now – not one to be seen – also the squirrels,rabbits and all birds know when to lay low from the UV rays in the afternoon – Many thanks to GeoWatch and all involved here.

  12. SD says:

    Engineered Cool Down going on across Southern California today. Was sitting in front yard last night enjoying balmy evening at 10:00 PM.

    M2.9 EQ reported nearby @ 1200 midnight. (Yorba Linda) Unusual location/shallow depth.

    Leaving for work @ 5:00 AM, air was COOL almost cold feeling. Big change overnight with lower barometric pressure noted.

    High temp in Yorba Linda 102F yesterday.  Forecast 86F this weekend.



  13. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, 17 August. On one of those puerile morning TV shows it is mentioned that in the south east of Australia, the last several days have seen warm trends 3 to 8 deg C above normal! They also mentioned how NASA has stated there is a 99% chance that 2016 will be the warmest year yet.

    I have recently talked to educated people, such as medical doctors, who were under the impression that we are in a global cooling phase. This is proof that if you tell someone something they want to hear, regardless of how false it is, they will believe it without investigation, merely because it is more comfortable.

    The geoengineering that I observe over Brisbane seems to be less obvious, but it is still being carried out. Maybe night time sorties are the answer to that. Certainly the silvery haze still surrounds the sun very obviously in the morning and late afternoon/evening and the sun is silver instead of being yellow as it should be. Any natural clouds are always in a state of desiccation, all their edges fraying away.

    I wrote a letter to one aspiring politician, as she seemed so earnest in her brochure, and told her of the situation. I haven't heard back and don't expect to. But I did tell her she is now responsible since she has been informed. This I truly believe. Once we know, you cannot unknow. If everyone knows, there is more likely to be effective action.

    • matt sarlo says:

      Hey Michel, I appreciate everyone from you, Dane Chuck Norris and all of us that care. I live in Colorado and have been canvassing for anti fracking and other specific liberal goals. I have found an audience of people doing these things who have different levels of awareness but they have all listened to me and are a great audience who seem to really care. I am trying to do what we all need to do and build public awareness and help make a difference.  I am your age Dane have some bad orthopaedic issues but talking to my fellow canvassers and others who will listen makes moving around painless in my mind. My wife and I are raising three grandchildren in our fifties and I at least want to try to give them a chance. Thank you to all who care about this.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Michel B down under,  I too have run into the doctors and uber educated who claim we are in a cool down and a big one at that.  So, I mentioned a recent article by Jim Hansen, Dr. Hansen-of NASA-I believe.  This was awhile ago.  Dr. Hansen does not discuss geoengineering, but he does discus the planet warming, urgently and in detail.  This always gets their attention as I find most of these people are aware of him and respect him.  I would too if not for geoengineering.  So what this does for me is to open the door.  If I have something to hand out from Dr. Hansen or something recently printed to refer to, I do.  Later, I find these people are more willing to hear what I have to say.  I know these baby steps are excruciatingly slow going, but bit by bit I win trust which then leads to info on geoengineering.  If you can bear to move that slowly!  With one neighbor it took a number of trees dropping dead right by her followed by me giving her front page Sunday news stories of the sheer numbers of dead trees that just one month prior she and Sierra Club said were just fine.  Of course, now she is depressed.  Few people Want to believe this, and this is A Lot.  They've invested their lives and money to a lie, a huge pile of lies.  It is very discombobulating!  Perhaps we, or some of us, never fully bought in at all or even partially.  Perhaps that is why it is easier for us and so dumb-founding for others?  Is it surprising that at least for me, a number of such people are either immigrants themselves or children of immigrants?

  14. Dan G. says:


    I get a response when I mention Mr Norris's concerns on the current global state of affairs really makes me feel like small potatoes . Two years I been yammering at my brother about all these atrocities around us every week we end up at odds . This weekend was strange I mentioned the Norris article he's like what!??????? . You see his son is Marine Reserve and black belt and Chuck Norris is what my nephew and his peers aspired to be .

  15. Edward says:

    Hi there Anonymous,

    I know exactly what you're saying and right now, I am about to blow a fuse!  Earlier today I got into a conversation with an Aero- engineer and as we both had solar panels, I approached the subject of geoenginnering and it's devasting effects on earths life systems.  He made me feel like a little school boy and said he wouldn't engage in conspiracy theories with people who had pointy heads!!  Despite all of the sound and irrefutable evidence I supplied, he just laughed it all off!!  I find this kind of attitude of willful ignorance so frustrating, because it's people like him that should know better and that should be fighting with us but are instead, helping to discredit conceal the horrific crimes of this criminal cabal and all it's complicit governments.  What hope have we when so-called 'educated people' refuse to even engage in a grown up intelligent conversation about what is really going on! 

    Trying to cool down now!

  16. Who May Geoengineer: Self-defense, Civil Disobedience, and Revolution (Part Two) – Patrick Taylor Smith /August 15, 2016 /  dcgeoconsortium: "geoengineering likely will kill people"
    … by ‘dangerous/risky geoengineering strategies,’ I am merely referring to those strategies that bring with them a substantial risk of negative climate change impacts. … the basic normative idea that one cannot violate people’s rights in order to generate better social consequences and is then exploring whether risky geoengineering is consistent with or violates individual rights. In other words, “business as usual will be worse” is not good enough, on this view, to justify actions to intentionally violate people’s basic rights.  … Yet, we cannot go around hurting other people and claim we are justified simply because it might be the case that those costs will redound to their benefit. … civil disobedience requires a willingness to accept punishment even if that punishment is unjustified. …
    Yet, we cannot go around hurting other people and claim we are justified simply because it might be the case that those costs will redound to their benefit.  … the negative side effects of risky geoengineering will likely fall on the most vulnerable and least responsible individuals. … the rights potentially affected by risky geoengineering are uncontroversial and important: rights to adequate drinking water, food, health, and even life. To put it more simply, civil disobedience does not look all that attractive when it kills people and geoengineering will likely do that.  … Any attempt to justify geoengineering will need to grapple seriously with the fact that it will violate the vital and core interests of many people.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  "….that it will violate the vital and core interests of many people."  You have tapped into why I am outraged by the ongoing weather control and weather terrorist warfare program being carried out for decades, and kept out of public consciousness deliberately, not to improve the general health and welfare, but to maintain a carbon based stock-portfolio until the very last ounce is extracted.  Rather than lead the world out of this sump the rulers prefer to make a cheap fix to keep their profitable death dealing paradigm.  Once the carbon dangers were realized by the general public over 30 plus years ago, it was assumed our governance system would begin in earnest to create (invent) energy alternatives.  Solar power, green technologies, while part of a slow fix, has been more of a sop rather than an honest replacement for oil.  More efficient combustion engines have cut emissions and particulates only to see an exponentially exploding global population and ever more polluting automobiles.  Of course, as is well documented, the most polluting entities on Planet Earth are the militaries and their carbon giggling toys.  I have been a Pollyanna and thought our institutions and leaders would solve the problem.  I belatedly understood the system is endemically corrupt and incapable of saving itself.  The profit motive, the lust for power and ego, the lack of genuine collective effort over personality and materialism to thwart the looming collapse, I had accepted as the suicidal Achilles heel of the matrix.  And so I had settled into a personal comfort zone of a kind of fateful acceptance, I think partly due to the selfish notion that at 72 my time is about up so why get exorcized.  Which brings me back to about three years ago sitting outside watching the approach of a rain making low pressure system.  We certainly needed the rain.   We all know the story;  jets show up, they spray, the weather front dissipates into a white haze, and we get no rain.    That one moment of truth came upon me and I realized the system has stepped over a line and a wave of indignation swept over my irresponsibie smug comfort.  That our very beautiful blue sky and essential atmosphere is being treated as just another source for experimentation, warfare force enhancement (drought, flood) a toxic dumping ground, and microwave manipulation of the weather systems ought to be of a vital and core (life-threatening) interest to one and all.  It is for me just as it is for those who post here their vital concerns, laments, and exhortations.  Becoming conscious is the greatest endeavor.  Evolving from a one cell life form to a sentient being is all about being aware.  It is life's purpose to reach for the light.




    • BaneB —  "It is life's purpose to reach for the light."  Well said. I so enjoy the intelligent consciousness in your comments. The author of this article, Patrick Taylor Smith is in Singapore. Here is his email:

    • a simple horseman says:

      Bane B, How does one truly say thank you to the words you so often write? I can't tell you how much they play into my own words that I give to all that will listen. Well written my friend I haven't met yet.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, I would never have thought of you as a Pollyanna, or smug in irresponsible comfort, or even as over 72 years of age!  You always seem so sharp, so aware, and as with this post, so eloquent.  Obviously, many here value your comments, perhaps more than you know.  Myself, I never trusted our governance.  Never saw a reason to.  It sounds good to say that life's purpose is to reach for the light, but many living creatures never see the light and don't want to and I'm not talking people!   There is more at stake than us humans.  These scientists know more about destruction and space and what is in space than they know of our deep oceans.  We humans tend to think we count the most.  How selfish of us.  However, we do have the voice and some the will to speak out for the creatures who cannot.  For all that cannot and perhaps that is our true purpose? 

  17. Dennie says:

    Most of us here are awake- I suggest you follow some of Dane's Flaming Arrows ideas.  Better, could you find out if there'd be an actual way we could all contact Director John Brennan and applaud his decision to come out with the truth of what's going on?  .

  18. CJ says:

    Interesting Video: Google this below >>>


    "Concerned Citizens"


    It is a short video, but you might learn a little more then you know right now. Also when you Donate to them Beware that you may as well be adding fuel to the Fire. Also when you donate your Blood these Monsters have your DNA. That could precipitate into many things. Figure it out Fast as time is not on each and everyone's side. Have a Fantastic Day. Look Up instead of looking Down.

  19. Karl Schreiber says:

    What the fascists did to our sky within a couple of hours today:

    Warning: Do not travel to Germany any longer.


    • Dennie says:


      In case you have not noticed, this sh!t's EVERYWHERE. 

      Now what's so effing Special about Germany, huh?  Same treatment we're getting here in the formerly-sunny state of California.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Karl, I'm with Dennie here. I see on a regular basis all of the photos you submitted, and then some. As it stands now in time, it is "we" that are backed into a corner. Skip the flufF, it's real and it is "us". Once again I bring up a point in "parallels in nature". Every seen a wild what ever get backed in to a corner? Even the meekest become 10 feet tall and full of fury. "Emulate the masters". We won't have an earth fit for life if we don't.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, I beg to differ.  What's so special about Germany?  How about our huge military base there?  By contrast, photos from my friend visiting in Switzerland show a sky so blue I cannot remember!  Just stunning!  Perhaps what is so special Is us, as in USA.  Who let the dogs out?  We did!

      @a simple horseman, yes, of course I've seen all sorts of wild whatever backed into a corner.  Not all grow huge in defensive fury.  Some bolt and run.  Some hide if possible.  Some play dead.  I do not want to emulate the "masters".  There must be a better way, and Dane is doing just that.

  20. Seemorerocks: Tuesday, 16 August 2016
    5 years jail for whistleblowers in new powers given the spies…
    And now the Government are coming for whistleblowers. The National Government will imprison whistleblowers – if your enemy is people telling the truth, then you have deep deep deep problems. New law targets people who leak classified information.
    New Zealand Herald, 16 August, 2016
    People who leak Government information will be targeted with a new offence that carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail. … Under the legislation, intelligence agencies would have direct access to other Government database information including birth, death, marriage, name change, citizenship, immigration and Customs information.

    • Dennie says:

      WOW, the Rattlesnakes are all backed into a corner– so let's all shake in our boots and NOT TALK.  Meanwhile Stateside, we've got to find a way to get Dr. William Thompson subpoena'd by Congress.

  21. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 126th email to my contact list, titled 'The Last Summer Olympics?'.

    1.  Is this the last summer Olympics?  Quite a thought, and hopefully one that will wake people up. 

    If held, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be very different, and probably held indoors to give the athletes a chance of surviving the heat: 

    2.  The UK authorities continue to follow other countries and do everything they can to deny and suppress the truth about the dire climate situation.  Cutting climate change staff and burying our heads in the mud and sand is no solution: 

    Maybe our elected authorities have given us up without a fight, and pathetically accept that "…it is all over but the political and economic collapse, the riots and disease, and the dying. The Four Apocalyptic Horsemen have grown to an entire posse" as Jim Probe writes.  

    In fact, they never put up a fight, and in Scotland are only concerned with 'fannying around' with various expensive, destructive, harmful and extremely inefficient energy scams (such as wind) to line their own pockets.

    3.  On a positive note, the Heather is in flower, covering our hills in purple and filling the air with its scent.  The purple contrasts beautifully with the yellow flowers of the Tormentils and Alpine Potentilla, Lady's Bedstaw and Ragwort.  I realise the Ragwort is much maligned due to its accumulative toxicity, but horses and cattle (particularly native breeds) are fairly sensible and eat around the plant – which is a vital food source for the Cinnabar Moth.  The delicate but hardy flowers of the Harebell or Scottish Bluebell are still nodding their heads in the breeze.  


    • Dennie says:

      Scots Wha Hae! 

      California's burning!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Aye, Dennie, we're not far behind you.

      Apologies to Rabbie:

      "'Now's the day, an now's the hour:

      See the front o battle lour,

      See approach the New World power –

      Chains and Slaverie."


    • BaneB says:

      Andrew:  Very nice.  Your beautiful description has me longing for the natural world of my youth (1950's) when innocence fresh was all about observation where the scent of a natural world's honesty was not fully appreciated but enjoyed to its fullest.  In Virginia honeysuckle vines drew me close to pull out the pestle laden with a small drop of crystal clear honey.  Wild roses grew upon their own heaped up mass of green laden with sweet smelling scents.  Delicious.  And wild grapes grew upward high reaching for the tree tops where the sunlight was most brilliant.  If you have the inclination read about Virginia and the early settlers descriptions of a natural world peopled by naturals whose culture was unappreciated, alien, and in the way of the profit motive.  It was a remnant that I observed as a boy.  And that world is even more of a tattered discard because by the time I was twenty years old it was paved over by suburbia.  Now the Creature comes for the sky, and the clouds, and the rain…….

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Last May I rode Amtrak from LA to Oakland. I deliberately took a seat on the east side to observe conditions away from the ocean side towards the west.  Their was no green grass.  Just brown dried velvet.  The low shrubs and bushes, for miles everywhere, were mostly dead or half dead.  This tenterbox of a looming catastrophe was obvious and shocking to me.  Under the worse scenario, strong winds and a flame, much of the area from LA to south of San Jose could be a sea of flames.    I also observed intense obvious aerosol spraying of large storm cells over that region and could see this going on for a good hour from the large window.  Indeed, there was a spotter jet working in concert with the  sprayers.  These weather terrorists have every intention to destroy California.  Of that, I have no doubt.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Awe Andrew,  So thankful for the beauty you mention, even with ragwort!  And the heather I never experienced!

  22. MS P says:

    Thank You to Dane, & Chuck. 

  23. MS P says:

    President B O says whaaaaat?????? 19 seconds worth watching►

    • BaneB says:

      Believe me, we are cooking here in Northern California.  No clouds, no overt aerosol spraying here in my county, and triple digit Fahrenheit temps for weeks with no relief in sight.

  24. Terri Perry says:

    Well, surprise, surprise! No spraying for weeks here in Italy. Because Italians are on holiday for the month of August. Could it be that one of the "powers that be" are also holidaying on a yacht off Italy? Or is it that they don't want people lying on the beach looking up and seeing all the spraying from the planes?  Either way, we have noticed that for the last two years during the Italian traditional August holiday there has been NO spraying and we have the perfect dark blue skies that we used to have! But, trees are dying on a weekly basis and the night is silent when we used to have birds and owls.  If they can stop spraying for the holiday then they can stop spraying the rest of the year!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Terry, spraying has still continued at some level in almost all locations, but in many cases it can be much more covert depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelyhood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails that appear to dissapate are especially prevelant  with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white, especially looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity. Changing seasons and geoengineer objectives will again reveal the more blatant sparying patterns.

  25. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Mr. Norris for a most well written and well received article!  It means a lot to have someone such as yourself throwing your weight behind this and so eloquently too.  I wonder about the people you know, and in Hollywood who are aware.  Are there others who feel as you do but perhaps lack your writing skills and courage?

    And thank you Dane for the last broadcast which I hope to find time to listen to again, as in each you have much to say.  I'm not sure, but I thought you referred to babies getting their first shot of HPV vaccinations on the first day of birth?  I must have heard that wrong as that is not listed in Kaiser's plan.  I was shocked when this came up recently involving my 12 year old grandson entering 7th grade.  Because of his extreme ADHD, the school while liking him could not handle him and routed him to a special school about 20 miles away.  They insisted they never send a child home for acting out and yet sent him home everyday such that daughter and husband decided some years ago now to home school him.  That is going well and though he is more and more able to control himself it is not enough to re-enter school again.  But, they insist on vaccinations as he does have to come in about once a month for overviews of his progress and work.  My flip self remarked to daughter that if ever a kid needed vaccinations it is him because of where all he goes, what all he gets into and gets into him, the huge variety of peoples he hangs out with, the sheer amount of dirt on him at any given time, what all he is willing to put in his mouth, etc.  But, I did not mean for that to be taken so literally and to my horror he got the first of two shots for HPV.  I am incensed.  This is like saying 7th graders have sex.  God knows he would try.  But this particular vaccination, besides all the problems with it itself, has no business being a school requirement.  It clearly sends kids the wrong message that they are protected.  I flipped and so we will try to make an issue of it and refuse the second one, drawing the line in the sand there as all else is lost now.  I would say the why of it, but I have done before and it was taken down.  I do wonder if I heard you correctly on this one?

  26. Steven says:

    Natural soil doesn't hold water or leach right anymore. Is anybody else having this problem? Also, Blackberry vines/plants, which I used to think we're the most resilient plants in the Universe are yellowing out and drying to a crispy death. Acorns are now completely developed and dropping here in western Trinity County Ca. I sure hope the old timers are right about this meaning an early heavy winter with good hunting. Even though there are hardly any deer left up here to even look at. No fish, no deer = we're screwed when the S.H.T.F. Time to move North to Alaska where there's still water and game to support our wonderful families that we cherish and have no problem dying for. Do You "WATCHERS" realize the sacred ground of 'love' that you are treading on? Justice will be served hopefully in Life and Knowingly in death. We may burn on Earth but you will burn in Hell forever and eternal you vile parasitic worms. Truth in The Trinity.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Steven, YES!, we here on the North Okanogan(north central WA and southern central BC) are experiencing these same soil symptoms. I can't believe we have come to a point where even blackberry vines(the most vicious plant on the earth) would suffer and burn out. My ponderosa are doing the same as your acorn trees. Only there isn't going to be any cold winter ahead and the deer here are few and they look like crap. I wouldn't eat one knowing what they eat. Not their fault. All those toxins came from tanker aircraft and settled on the deer's food supply. Which brings me to a relevant question, "is there any such thing as organic food?" these days? Or is it like our elections, a choice between the lessor of two evils? There is NO place to "bug out" to. None!!!!! SO!! What then?!! How about promoting the growth of a good earth friendly life right where you already are at? The grass is never greener on the other side, Not Ever! As times change, those "in touch with the planet" will be very popular and needed. (May they uphold truth). Lord please allow us that chance before our mother pulls the plug on this outfit.

  27. virginia says:

    Open Question: Has anyone in Shasta County, California (or anywhere else) seen the leaves of their garden trees or shrubs blacken and dry up within one or two days?  I live in the eastern part of the county and have three shrubs and one pear tree whose leaves turned black and shriveled up within one or two days.  I attribute it to the high UV radiation that can be felt just by sun exposure for a few minutes, but I may be in error.  The plants were all in full sun exposure during the hottest times of the day, all healthy and thriving.

    • BaneB says:

      Virginia.  Knock on wood!  So far most of my garden flora, and the more unnatural trees and shrubs I have planted every year for twenty five years are holding up and mostly weathering the beastial heat.  The heat is just awful though and the stress on them is showing.  It's the natural trees and shrubs that are really stressed out.  The forests here in Mendocino County are littered with spires dead and dying, firs and pines.  With every passing year more pigment is being removed from the landscape's painting. Should my ridge catch on fire I will have to flee because it's a powder keg.  

    • Jenny says:

      Virginia, I do not try to grow anything anymore, since I found out years ago that I do not have a green thumb (although my husband has several  plants, including mint and basil, growing on the windowsill).  There are others, however, in my condo complex who grow flowers outdoors.  Your comment reminded me of a neighbor who showed me a plant a year or two ago and said she wondered if someone who worked here had sprayed it with something because all of a sudden some of the leaves had black marks and holes in them.  I had no idea but since then, I've wondered if something is added in the geoengineering mix only sometimes that does this.  

      BaneB, you are so right about the pigment being removed from nature's painting.  I know I complain on this site about how the grass and plants and trees here in New England were always so green in the summer, but now the grass in brownish in some places.  Yesterday I drove across at least a third of the state, and though it was a beautiful day (discounting the faux clouds and haze above), all the greenery was just not as deep a green as it used to be in the summer.  I did also see dying trees, but being the driver couldn't always look closely.

      Re the risk of fire, my husband had the TV on last night and I overheard something about firefighters saying some fire they were dealing with was the worst they had ever seen.  I think it was in California.  All I could think about was all the desiccants being sprayed all over everything.  I wonder if the firefighters fighting these wildfires are aware of geoengineering?

  28. Ron Marr says:

    We have the cell towers now identified as WMDs. The FCC knows the towers are putting out more radiation than safe and causing brain cancer and tumors. At full voltage a tower could burn up 25 square mile radius of human beings. A silent death. GMOs are allowed in our food without our knowledge; thanks to our government. Another of our watchdogs the CDC has allowed our children to be subjected to autism through their nefarious MMR vaccines. The Zionist are now training American police forces to shot American people like they do the Palistinians and ask questions later. We are the enemy. Not the phony terrorist. Now we are looking down the barrel of WW3, while breathing the toxic heavy metals of geo-engineering and the EPA turn their backs to us. Don't be alarmed. Fear, chaos, destruction and death is their plan. Put down the cell phone. They control technology and illusion. If you understand this you are conscious. Consciousness is all we are. When we are all conscious we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. We are genius, gifted with imagination and immortality. Only the pretenders are doing business as usual.  Chuck Norris is truly a tough guy.

    • matt sarlo says:

      Define Zionist. Is this a catchall term like liberal, facicist, communists, and so on. If you mean the IMF and other bankers I get it but do you really think a specific distraction of name calling of any kind really contributes to the cause of stopping this ecocide?

    • a simple horseman says:

      Ron Marr, Thanks for the comment you offered up. I see with my own eyes what you write about. Scares the bajeebers outa me as to what our police 'force' is becoming!

      matt sarlo, "name calling"? I call a spade a spade, "and it's black!" There are many, many layers to our deception and enslavement. Seems to be only one bottom line as to who is the "culprit", "in a catch all term". Take another couple steps back. The view gets even broader and unveils even more layers of deception, enslavement.

    • BaneB says:

      Matt:  Not being an English major or even close, I wonder if any 'ist" should all not be, or all be capitalized.  My approach is to simply use the term "they."  This seems to keep it all nice and generic.  But, many times, 'true to form,' someone invariably says to me "who is 'they."  There is an entire smorgasbord of the "theys."  And 'they' seem all to be birds of a feather.  For years now my impression of the 'ism' is that it is a hissing sound.  It matters not the lofty ideals and concepts of purpose.  'They' hiss like snakes.  Humanists, transhumanists, pacifists, moralists,  atheists, religionists, environmentalists, fascists, liberalism, zionists, militarists, all one big happy family of "theys."

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Matt. Zionism is a movement and from what I have read it does entail a following of rich and powerful people. It has a creed of superiority and seeks power to grow itself. It is not a "distraction of name", whatever you might mean by that phrase. Apparently Zionism crosses over with Liberalism and Communism and has been synonymous with those political ideologies at certain historical times and places, and possibly completely today.

      This is not name calling. This is identification of groups who already call themselves by those names. If they are as they do, what is wrong with the rest of us pointing that out? By identifying all the particular 'Reserve' banks, IMF, BIS, CIA, FBI, DHS, USDF, NAS, EPA, etc, etc, we can evaluate their roles in all of this nefarious activity.

      Zionism may very well describe the war hawks of Israel, whom we know conduct terrorist activity and crimes against Palestine. We know of their illegal expansionist policy to achieve a "greater Israel". We know they are armed with up to 400 nuclear weapons and that they wish to take down Iran under the guise of nuclear threat from Iran, which is much like the fictitious WMDs of Iraq. Israel has too much influence over US politics and uses US military might in proxy wars, wars that do not benefit the US at all. But US soldiers die in them and the US public wears the cost and debt of those wars.

    • BaneB says:

      Michael B:  Well stated.  Deception is its own ecocide.  Any misrepresentation of the obvious can lead only to the further entangled entrapment we witness today with the demise of civilization's failure to keep its promise.  Transferring terrorism from one region into the United States was a dreadfully clever ploy but not a perfect crime.  It leaks like a sieve and is so hugely imbued with inexplicables that even the lies are screaming out for justice.  A wondrous piece of performance art that ground up over 3,000 people.  Lucky Larry knows.  They all know.  And We The People have their Luciferian infinite war.

  29. Adam Coleman says:



    CAN'T           CLOSE           THE DOORS        CAUSE HIS #@&%!$* TRUNK IS HOLDING THEM OPEN!


    IF we make it that far and Broom Rider/HillarEVIL gets her hooves BACK in the Oral Office or treason….IT ALL GOES BAD! Stick your collective heads between your (or preferably someone else's HA!) legs and….

  30. Kay says:

    Right on Chuck…  I heard your voice as I read that…   I was told once; "Maybe you're paranoid." and I answered; "People who can't even see the massive sky cover from chemtrails is the paranoid with their head in the sand,"  Finally a year later she came back and let me know that she understood……….

  31. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Our many, many thanks to Chuck Norris and Dane, of course, for being so intelligently outspoken and courageous.

    Remember when we first saw the pictures of Earth from space?  Earth was a blue marble.  Well, look at it now from the space station!  It looks like someone smeared it badly with marshmellow fluff.  So beyond painful to see.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Just found LIVE streaming from the Space Station:


    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes it looks bad Bella. Hardly any blue areas to be seen and you can see streaks that look like they could have been generated from the jet sprays. The thing is, how can we trust anything coming from NASA? I am always suspect of it, especially with all the digital stuff that can be created.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ Earth Angel. . . . .Hello!

      It seems NASA works both sides of the street, so to speak.  They seem to get the analysis of the planet heating up right. 

      On the video and live stream, only watching a couple of hours on and off, I couldn't see the land and just a little water–mostly goopy thick cloud cover with trails and frequency visible.  It looked like we had already turned into Venus!

  32. Roger Doughty says:

    It defies belief that phrases such as "Hidden in plain sight" are relegated to the "conspiracy theorist nuts" when this poison in our skies apparently goes "un-noticed" by all the young couples seen cooing proudly at their new babies seemingly UNAWARE of the DEATH wafting above their wooly heads!

  33. Watching the sky says:

    Thank you for the great article. This is important no matter who we are voting for. Nothing like this should ever be done to the American people. Period. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Nothing like this should be done to ANY people (or plants or animals-life in general) regardless of where they live, American or otherwise!

  34. Pam says:

    Shhh. Less they dump more and worse on us.

  35. Dennie says:

    How anyone calling themself a reporter for KPFK, or even a former reporter, can flat out deny that the U.S. Government has involvement in spraying the sky with this crap or any other kind of crap is beyond The Beyond.  With publicly viewable U.S. Senate reports, NAS research funded by CIA and the director of CIA now talking about the programs right upfront, as well as NASA satellite pictures SHOWING streaks in the sky, YOU HAVE TO BE CERTIFIABLY INSANE to call these operations conspiracy "theory" when all of these conspiracy FACTS are hiding in plain sight.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Too true Dennie!  Hey, remember when HARRP was considered conspiracy theory?  Ha!  Which is not to say that Every conspiracy theory is true, rather that some are undeniable!  That so many refuse to question what is in plain sight speaks to fear I think.  Pull this thread and all comes tumbling down.

      By the way, Lodi's current water report insists the water is now fine.  That they are using multiple filtration systems and that if you have problems with your water it is down to your own pipes.  That makes me suspicious as it sounds too much like Flint in that if you have lead pipes, the stuff they are using to "purify" the water will strip them of the lead.  I dunno, but that I don't trust Anything anymore!  Actually, I never did.  

  36. Barbara says:

    THANK YOU Chuck Norris!  Fiiiiiinally, somebody (You!) has written something that made my mom today accept that geoengineering is a reality being conducted.  I've been trying to make my family aware of it for ove 12 years and they've said the usual things.  NOW they believe!



  37. Barbara says:


  38. Anna says:

    Thank you Chuck Norris and Dane Wingington, two powerhouses who are trailblazing the Last Great Battle for Life on Planet Earth. We need your brave leadership to forge the way for us…and we are all eagerly following behind you! The masses are now waking up… thanks to your courageous efforts!

  39. ron hall says:

    TERRIFIC CHUCK !! So glad you are standing shoulder to shoulder with DANE-A NO-BACK DOWN WARRIOR!

    Well Let's jump into some more dark, wicked actions that took place and are still seemingly escalating:

             "To create the wind shear for dozens of simultaneous tornadoes or super-cells, NEXRAD(Next Generation Weather Radar) pulsed rotation frequencies need an artificial precipitation thick with metal particulates and chaff.  Once NEXRAD rotating frequency pulses strike the nanoparticulates and H20(water), a collision between HAARP-heated  artificial  precipitation(hot) and a frequency-activated ice nucleation(cold) can be stirred into funnels.(Grapefruit-sized hail fell on Moore, Okl.). Then just steer it and feed it with more particulates.

    Finally, plasma balls or orbs are often seen in the midst of tornadoes.  These orbs are not UFOS;  they are plasma space weapons directed by frequencies.  In the case of tornadoes, they serve as guides for storm development, like an "eye of God".  Plasma laser directed weapons(DEWS)–all can be magnified by frequency to affect weather for war or wealth, take out asteroids or meteors, even dissociate molecules.

    'White Fire' in Santa Barbara County's Los Padres National Forest during 2013 Memorial Day weekend while a M4.6 quake shook off the coast.  Flooding in Norway and San Antonio,Texas. Termites swarm in New Orleans.  Fireballs over Cypress and Ireland. Mt. Etna spewing and baffling Italian scientists. A tornado near a Russian nuclear plant.  High over our heads, mirrors shimmer on low-and high orbit satellites and chimera streak like augurs through the heavens as we begin our descent into even less visible schemes riding the HAARP-chemtrails pump-and -dump into planet Earth. Not only are we breathing in heavy metals and polymers, but our blood has been drafted to play Petri dish for a nanotech hybrid "experiment" we have taken to calling Morgellons." 

    • BaneB says:

      Ron Hall:  Thanks for the imagery of the NEXRAD-aerosol particulate combo from hell.  There are quite a few piggybackers hitching their Luciferian science projects onto the elephant in the sky above and creating murder, mayhem, and incredible property destruction here on the ground below.  These psychopaths literally are ripping to shreds the WEB of life as surely do moths upon a woolen blanket.  Soon all that will be left is a warp of no life-sustaining ability.  

    • MS P says:

      Singer -songwriter- artist Joni Mitchell suffers from Morgellons. Interesting article. links geoengineering to this.►

  40. Esteban says:

    Thank you Dane and Chuck for having the courage to bring this issue to light, We need more courageous individuals like you to help reach critical mass awareness, I feel time is running out every day I look up and see the ongoing assault in our skies.

  41. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and Chuck, (I'm old enough to call you Chuck but not as old as you). Friends I haven't met yet, I first Discovered "Chuck Norris" in a 1978 Film called Good guys wear black. In it the evil Senator put out a hit on The Black Tigers. Only the Black Tigers made it of the ambush and made it "home" They had John T Booker, (Chuck), of coarse they made it home. The evil Senator told Booker that the Tigers needed to be taken out "expediently". "Booker, John T" found a way to get rid of the Senator, "Expediently". Disguised as his limo driver, drove him through a guard rail and into the bay in his own limo. Interesting that such a scene is playing out today in reality. Though I feel like driving these buffoons that inflict their geoengineering on all life on earth, into a bay. That would not be right. My thoughts are to make them "suffer OR join us". The latter is my choice.

    Folks, Chuck is one of the most knowledgeable and in tune "famous" people I know of. I've been listening to Chuck Norris the informed for 8 years now. Truth is energy. Chuck and so many here are empowered by this fact. I find it comforting that those that tell the actual truth without a soap box all sound the same……

    "Parallels in Harmonics"…..

    • skywatcher says:

      kudos to Mr. Norris for not being ashamed to speak out on these crimes against humanity.  i believe the earth would heal itself if given the chance.  Many thanks to Dane & your undying support in this battle.

  42. Joseph L. says:

    Great work Dane, Chuck , and the legal team and everyone else that comes  to this site and spreads the info about climate engineering etc.

  43. Cat Brown says:

    Thanks Chuck, for speaking out. This problem is beyond partisan politics. It's bigger than Democrats and Republicans, and even international politics.

  44. Diana Moss says:

    There is nothing more demeaning than having your government deny something you know to be true.  For elected officials who are afraid to look up, who refuse to question what they see and know to be true is a travesty.  They are completely useless and are a part of an alternative universe which no longer functions in the best interests of anyone but themselves.  And, we have to pay them to pretend.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The fault does not lie in the government, but the cabal that controls the governments. Geoengineering is only one part of the destruction that lies ahead.

    • Dan G. says:


    • a simple horseman says:

      Diana Moss, Kudos to you for your comment and perspective. Your statement and its aspect are a complete bafflement to me. But I must always remember, once the curtain was laid over my own eyes. I like to link this scenario from the well known Einstein, with what we face today in real reality. "We will not solve our problems with the same technology that got us into trouble in the first place". Not an exact quote I admit. However, it does not take away from the factions and equations at hand in these times. "Politics", geesh, what a bought and payed for line of misinformation. The dog and pony show for "president" is a laugh. Does anyone really think any of these two can hold down "the world"? Or that anyone would let either of them come and play in their sand box? World leaders are particular about who they make agreements with "in the public eye". Our biosphere is literally imploding, collapsing. Just as Dane and many others are telling us. And soon the implosion will over take the masses by no fault of their own(compassionately speaking). We have all been mislead. What we do now knowing such fact is a personal endeavor. However, we must keep in the forefront of our minds what great and insightful minds have had to offer us that were left behind after their passing. To some it mattered. They left a huge amount for us to thrive and live peacefully. Matters not the century or millennium, it all comes out the same.

      "Glue", "a bond", "a link"…. "trust among mankind". It "is" possible. It is the only way we will keep this gift we have been given. I love our planet with all I am, "everyday", "all day long", "regardless!!". What ultimately drives your inner self is what you project, no matter how much one would try to hide the underlying current. Being the gullible happy go lucky spirit that I am, it took me many decades to figure this out. Tonight I give it freely, To All….

      "a" simple horseman

  45. Roger Gibbons says:

    The Zika virus was made in a lab by the Rockefeller and patent in 1947 ….its a manmade virus carried by made made mosquito ….just google zika virus Rockefeller……its all their to read and pass it around …it could be sprayed from jets.

    • Edward Palys says:

      They don't need to spray Zika from jets. All they have to do is modify ALL mosquitoes to carry the virus for distribution. Having said that, Zika is a very poor excuse from the CDC, another liar organization spewing the NWO agenda. How can anybody believe that all of a sudden Zika is responsible for defected children when it has never done serious damage to people for over 70 years? It's another coverup just like contrails vs chemtrails.

    • But the zika virus is not the cause of baby's deformities. Zika is cover for Monsanto ' s products.

  46. Michael says:

    It's nice to see someone with a lot of influence raising awareness. 

  47. Seemorerocks / Monday, 15 August 2016
    Storms in the Arctic
    CONDITIONS IN THE ARCTIC: Winds are approximately 50 km/hr
    Barometric pressure shows a large low pressure center over the Arctic, which in the northern hemisphere spins counter-clockwise. Climate Reanalyzer. Another large low-pressure center southeast of Greenland is drawing warm air and warm rain into Iceland and southeastern Greenland.   [maps here]:

  48. The Clinton Body Count:

    Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead / Zero Hedge Aug. 5, 2016
    Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previously, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances. While Vince Foster remains the most infamous, the body count is starting to build ominously…
    1) Shawn Lucas, Sanders supporter who served papers to DNC on the Fraud Case (DOD August 2, 2016). 2) Victor Thorn, Clinton author (and Holocaust denier, probably the least credible on this list) shot himself in an apparent suicide. Conspiracy theorists at Mystery Writers of America said some guys will do anything to sell books. (DOD August, 2016). 3) Seth Conrad Rich, Democratic staffer, aged 27, apparently on his way to speak to the FBI about a case possibly involving the Clintons. The D.C. murder was not a robbery. (DOD July 8, 2016). 4) John Ashe, UN official who allegedly crushed his own throat while lifting weights, because he watched too many James Bond films and wanted to try the move where the bad guy tries to…oh, never mind. “He was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and the Democrat Party.” (DOD June 22, 2016). 5) Mike Flynn, the Big Government Editor for Breitbart News. Mike Flynn’s final article was published the day he died, “Clinton Cash: Bill, Hillary Created Their Own Chinese Foundation in 2014.” (DOD June 23, 2016).

    • Why the CIA is for Hillary Clinton
      By Patrick Martin / Global Research, August 06, 2016
      …in Friday’s New York Times, former top CIA official Michael Morell publicly endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. … Morell branded … Donald Trump, as a pawn of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Morell retired from the CIA in 2013 … deputy director, running the agency day-to-day. … Morell was a top official throughout the period of CIA kidnappings (renditions) of victims who were then held in secret prisons and tortured. He helped lead the CIA when it was carrying out drone missile assassinations and other forms of covert state terrorism. Throughout his tenure in Langley, Virginia, the CIA was engaged in war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and many other countries. … That such an individual comes out publicly in support of Hillary Clinton says a great deal about the nature of the Democratic presidential campaign and the type of administration Clinton will head in the event that she wins the November election. … The logic of the Democrats’ anti-Trump campaign is to channel mass opposition to Trump behind preparations for war with Russia, a nuclear-armed power. … Clinton will claim a mandate for war policies … This demonstrates that the differences between Clinton and Trump are purely tactical: how best to subordinate the working class to the war drive of American imperialism.

    • Dennie says:

      Andrew Breitbart, the founder of Breitbart News, was "whacked," too:  Watch this video showing the Church Committee hearings testimony in Congress as to a "heart attack gun" that fires a frozen dart carrying a poison that causes the target to have a fatal heart attack: and

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I cannot believe that Hillary, of all people, will start a war with Russia.  I think it is posturing.  After all, Hillary's campaign benefited from her seemingly secret sale of part of Oregon to Putin to mine for uranium.  One fifth of ours.  Supposedly, "we've" been buying Putin's old uranium for our warheads.  I had to laugh when Dane, in broadcast mentioned the US sales of arms to other nations.  I could not help but think, sarcastically: How else to justify "our" military's need for more weaponry if we've sold our old stuff, to gain the financing for the newest, fanciest weapons all the while knowing just what "we" will be up against.  And, if we didn't sell these weapons, how else could we make war on all the people we want to if they have no weapons with which to fight back, you know, to make it look good?!  But Russia?  No.  And that is such an old saw, only old farts would think it would play.  I would not be surprised though if Russia was in on this sick game.  Because it is a game-of distraction.  And, a ploy, as you voiced against Trump as in: "Who would you trust with their finger on nuclear weapons?"  I think the whole election is a sham, and Trump only to rally Bernie people so that it looks like Hillary sweeps the elections.  It is clear to me, and apparently to Trump people, that we no longer have a democracy.  We have a police state.  One party.  United behind continuing war like propaganda to further their experiments in the skies, their sheer investment in that and weaponry, and their iron will to dominate this Earth or what is left of Her.  The CIA Must have Hillary win.  Only she will do their bidding.

  49. Judy says:

    Thanks Chuck Norris for looking out for us!!

  50. Connie O says:

    Oh, I cannot tell you how tickled I am that more and more wakeful people are shining the light on THE TRUTH!
    Thank you Dane and Chuck…you are each extraordinary!

  51. maciej kocialkowski says:

    Mr. Norris,  
    I want to extend my deepest and most sincere gratitude for your outspoken and courageous efforts to expose climate engineering/ weather warfare insanity. It is my hope that example you gave will lead the way for many other celebrities to get vocal in this ever more desperate battle. We need them all.
    Thank you again. With deepest respect,
    Maciej Kocialkowski.

  52. Greg Kovacevich says:

    It is so obvious what is happening in our skies to truth seekers. I totally support the work of and have always been a big Chuck fan. mentions the aerosal spraying all the time. So thank God that the right minded powers that be are getting the obvious earth destruction info. out to the masses. Can we get dear Ted Nugent on board as well? 

  53. Timmy says:

    Sonoma, California is scorched, dry, crunchy, and brown. No chemtrails in the 5 days we've been here but extremely harsh uv rays obliterating everything in sight. Still hazy on the horizon, sad for the wildlife.

  54. Sharon McBride says:

    Sadly, I have reported climate engineering many times with photos of chemical spraying in the pristine area of national parks where I live, and not one of our local government from the Utah Governor on down, and none of our congressional members responded. 

    I understand the grave circumstances of your paper, and wholly support your efforts in addition to Dane Wigington and his unrelenting fight to expose the criminal acts of our government. 

    Without collective action, nothing is going to change. 

    Fear without Action means nothing. 

    • Robert says:

      Yes Sharon, I can also testify to that.  I wrote literally hundreds of letters to the UK government  …nothing!  They are also bought and paid for, they know very well what is going on but, are not willing to disclose the truth for fear they might lose their  positions of power or their (pay cheque and pension) 'blood money!'  We too have been sold out by traitors, psychopaths and agents of evil.   They may well enjoy the fruits of their ill-gotten gains now, but they will most certainly have eternity to pay for the true cost of their crimes.

  55. Being a black belt also, I understand Chuck Norris' view. We have the most historic law suit ever to hit our gov with their pants down. As the head lawyer said, "If I was them, I would run, but they have no where to hide. They are going to fry, hopefully faster than our environment and our inhabitants. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Brian Schuler, Hi and gee thank you!  Did the lead lawyer say that?!!  So very inspiring!  Wonderful to hear!  Like some mega vitamin I really needed.  Thank you for mentioning that gem!

  56. carol says:

    Thank you Dearly Mr. Norris. This information WILL be shared with everyone I know, and more hopefully. Thank you for instantly charging my activist battery pack for another round of fighting this evil insanity.

  57. Jesse James says:

    Great article! Thank you Chuck and Mr and Mrs Wigington for your continued, seemingly tireless efforts in this fight. The Vaxxed event was amazing! Thanks so much for organizing it. What a treat it was…Dr Tenpenny and Kevin Shipp were icing on the cake. Love you all

  58. By coincidence, before seeing this, I had just spent the best part of an hour warning of this abomination in my local evening paper as I always do if there is a chance and the article is weather related. They often do not publish and receive much ridicule when they do. Thank you Dane, and everyone else, for all you do to try and wake humanity up to this criminal, suicidal, activity.


  59. Manny Anthou says:

    Now, it seems as though they are trying to use the Zika Virus to justify increased spraying protocols. 

    There is evidence that the Zika Virus is relatively harmless, but the area in Brazil suffering from birth defects has undergone heavy spraying and the release of genetically modified mosquitos since 2014,  which appears to be the cause of microcephaly in newborns, NOT the Zika Virus itself which has been around for many years.    

    • Edward Palys says:

      Also, pregnant women during that time were urged to take the Tdap vaccine AGAINST the potential Zika virus. Of some 4,000 cases reported less than 10% women showed Zika infection while almost 100% had the vaccine administered. Figure that one out.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Manny Anthou, Yes, I've heard this too.  That we've known of Zika for a very long time and not the problem it theoretically causes.  It is not hard to imagine genetically modified mosquitoes.  I mean all know about Lyme's.

      And Edward Palys, Seriously, a Tdap?!  What the hell sense does that make, not that it would matter to the uninformed but alarmed.  But as I've recently learned, the needles leave DNA evidence, which seems to be a major reason for pushing them.  In one case, to make a data base of potential terrorists.  Which only leaves the question of why Brazil?

  60. Don HerstineGet the says:

    Get the government out of the weather business .They screwed up everything else and now the weather.  Give us some of the rain they are getting back east like Texas ,NC,ALA and every place else that has got too much rain.   GIVE SOME HERE IN SI CALIFORNIA

    • Edward Palys says:

      I'm wondering about the latest revelation from an audit of the Pentagon, over 6 trillion bucks are unaccounted for. The last time such a report came out was the day before 9/11 announced as 2,3 trillion dollars.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello again Edward, why do I remember them "losing" 7 trillion?  The Navy?  Unaccounted for.  I think we all know why.  Which is 'that which cannot be admitted', spoken, ixnay.  I mean what is the price tag on destroying the whole Earth?!!  I mean just think of the effort, the 'man' hours.  To set the government in place, to kill off opposition, to fund our enormously bloated military, then to employ it in its myriad of ways–this is not a cheap date!

  61. Kudos to Chuck Norris!
    The more people that stand up, the easier for others to do so also!

  62. Jill M. Clarkson says:

    What a HONOR it is to have both Dane Wingington, and Chuck Norris SPEAKING for us!  Namaste my friends!

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