Engineering 50°F Degree Snowstorms


Dane Wigington

Why is it snowing at 50°F? If a day begins at 50°F with sunshine, should it then start snowing at the same temperature? If it does snow at such ridiculously high temperatures, why would the temperature suddenly drop 30 degrees? If you think there is anything natural about our weather, think again. Welcome to "winterstorm Cara".


In Reno, Nevada, we have another very bizarre (and totally unnatural) scenario. What could cause the weather to go from rain at 45 degrees to snow at 49 degrees?


If you have any knowledge of meteorology, you will recognize the jet stream pattern below as being completely astounding. Clearly, the climate engineers can push and pull the jet stream in almost any configuration they choose (with the use of the ionosphere heaters and RF transmissions) in order to accomplish the engineered cool-downs they desire and thus create the "winter weather" headlines they need to keep the populations climate confusion going strong. What happened to jet streams that went from west to east in the Northern Hemisphere?


The climate engineers will continue to "engineer winter" as long as they can. As long as the still sleeping populations are willing to look the other way while their planet's life support systems are torn apart day in and day out by a completely out of control military industrial complex. Take a good look at the "winter storm" impact area in the map below, then compare this map with the other temperature maps further down the page.


Does it really look like the US West should be getting so much snow? Even when the temperatures in many of the areas receiving it are considerably above average?


How can a "winter storm" unfold with high temperatures in the ranges shown below?


The Weather Channel map for Thursday, November 26th (below) is also of interest in numerous ways. Let's start with the extreme contrast in temperatures which are in very close proximity. The geoengineers and their mainstream media puppets just got done creating the following headline in "Chicago Records Snowiest November Storm In Over 100 Years"  Does anyone find it astounding that Chicago is now forecast to have rain at 55 degrees on Thanksgiving day? A full week further into the colder months than their "record snowstorm"? Also note the large area of "ice storm" that separates the warm rain regions and the "winter storm Cara" zone. The "ice storms" are caused due to the chemical ice nucleating materials being sprayed over the warmer rain storms in front of the advancing "winter storm". When the temperatures are too warm for the chemical nucleating materials to freeze the precipitation as it descends through the atmosphere, it then reaches the surface before setting up and forming ice. 


Chemical ice nucleation creates a cold dense layer of air that sits on the surface and lowers temperatures. This in turn creates the headlines the climate engineers are desperate for in order for them to continue to fuel the confusion and division on the true state of the global climate (being made far worse overall by the ongoing climate engineering insanity). Power structure owned corporations like "The Weather Channel" will do their best to cover the tracks of the climate engineering criminals. We must all take notice of the details, not just the headlines. The power structure is desperately trying to hide the gravity of what is unfolding on our planet. If they really wanted people to know just how bad the overall picture is, wouldn't the corporate media have mentioned the fact that Arctic ice is at all time record low levels for this time of year? Not a word from the corporate controlled media about this dire breaking news story. Don't toe the line for the power structure and the climate engineers, learn to recognize the completely engineered winter. 

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  1. It’s awesome for me to have a web site, which is helpful in support of my knowledge. thanks admin

  2. Michael Rubin says:

    I live part time in New Mexico and this is where I was introduced to geoengineering. I paid the $9 to have my letters sent to Washington. I also live part time in NYC and have many friends. But they all don't want to believe this is happening. I am starting to feel like I'm surrounded by zombies. I can't talk about the subject with my wife. It sucks. The world is turning grey. And people seem like fools. Every time someone says to me "this is weird weather" I just calmly reply, "no it's not, it's perfectly normal if you know what's going on".

    • Andrea says:

      I agree with you, Michael, how naive people are, including my young adult children. There is so much access to research, however, my children are only interested in social media and think I am crazy. Life, now a days, is all about being self-absorbed, having status, and money. I believe God will intervene in this century by bringing on the tribulation so people will wake up. Stay healthy and keep your eyes on the sky, for HE is coming soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The ringing in people's ears could be from the Haarp System. In early December I see that people were talking about Lightning. This is totally abnormal. Now today the Fog is a thick mess early this morning in Central Ontario. That should create a few accidents on the highways. This is WW3 we are already in. When you see over a million refugees morning their way here because the military and Air Force are bombing the Crap out of them, you know that the Agenda 21 is in full force. New World Order.

  4. orange blossom says:

    Diane Friday-
    YES!  I have a lot of those symptoms too, in extreme NW Florida.  We are near 3 large military installations and they fly over constantly.  We've been here 2 years and rarely ever see a clear, non sprayed day.  My whole family started getting respiratory infections in August and they have been pretty constant ever since, and we're not the only ones, it seems like people are constantly sick with respiratory issues in this area. 
    For me personally, I rarely ever (got) sick, and when I did it wasn't like this.  Now I get a sore throat, and then the cold moves from my throat into my head.  What the hell is that?  I've NEVER had anything like that, but this is now how this illness is.  My throat always feels like it has a lump in it, but doctors say there's nothing there.  I always feel brain fogged and stupid now, and it seems like people are always walking around in a trance wherever you look.  I don't know what we can do, if anything.  But I know it's not normal.
    Oh!  I went to visit family over the holiday and saw tons of chemtrails up in WV and the VA Shenandoah Valley.  I spoke about it with my elderly aunt, she looked at me and said "I have noticed this for YEARS and have wondered what they are spraying in the sky, because that's not clouds".  I've asked my grandmother, she's told me the sky isn't right and the weather isn't right any more either.  When she was little, she said, it would get cold in winter and stay cold.  Now it warms up off and on, the trees are dying, and it's not the same at all.  She truly thinks it's the end times and she is not senile at all, she can remember EVERYTHING that happened for over 90 years.  I'm afraid she may be right. 

  5. Miss Nickel says:

    In December 2014, Lansing, MI had an 'ice storm' that knocked power out (no heat) for over two weeks for some families.  What was bazaar was the so-called ice that covered tree branches and bushes.  IT WOULDN'T MELT!  I broke off pieces and held it in my hand and it wouldn't melt!  When the sun came out a couple days later, not even the sun, penetrated this 'ice'.    It was a crisis for the city.  Pets froze to death because most hotels wouldn't take them, IF you could find a vacant hotel.  Many operated on generator power.  The 'ice' didn't melt for a few days and hampered the clean up (downed wires, tree branches everywhere).  Nothing was in place to help. The power company said it was a grid problem.  I knew there was more to it than a grid problem.

  6. Jenny says:

    Diane Friday, I don't have all of those physical symptoms, but I have ringing in the ears, VERY frequent migraines, peeling lips, and very bad foot cramps on occasion.  NB: I never had a foot cramp in my life until this past year or so (only leg cramps).  Taking calcium/magnesium/zinc tablets seems to keep muscle cramps of any kind to the minimum.

  7. Gibber says:

    Why is it snowing at 50 degrees F. Nucleated Snow of course. 
    Look at those Big Black Clouds going overhead a feel how cold it gets.
    Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate Nucleation. Right over the heads of the unsuspecting.
    Watch when they have the Canada Grey Cup. Either it will be a fluke to get good weather that day or the Sky will be so saturated with Chemicals.
    One or the other. It all depends on the Weather Makers decisions that they decide to make that day.
    Personally I don't like shoveling snow, but the weather makers will most likely make lots of it to keep all the Skier's nice and happy.
    You can bet that the Ski Hill owners along with Golf Course owners have have a Big Interest in this weather Manipulation.
    Big Money

    • Chad says:

      Yep, and they've been controlling it all along! They've just upped the ante and the mixture is a lot stronger, and deadlier! All the trees off hwy 299 in the Redwood creek bottom of Chezm Rd all the trees leafs have been dying and falling, some hanging brown and fried. I taped and lots of pics and see and hear the jet aerosol spraying spread into bullshit chemically nucleated shit we all breathe in. People say why would they do it to themselves? They have the anecdotes and chileation pills and process to remove the heavy metals and so forth. It's a whole bunch of stuff. It's all withering away! I've been watching it the green moss and molds , fungus, and lichens with dessicants equals rot the tree and die as the ts and sun faced bark and tips are fried to crisp! People don't want to see it because they are scared and it FRUSTRATES the crap out of me! Going to be an Ugly Ending in all ways Imaginable I'm afraid to say! Looks like my Discernment anyhow! God bless you all in Jesus Christ name, Amen.


  8. As all of you know ‘The Economist’ magazine is the globalist bible edict. In a special edition entitled ‘The World in 2016’ our future is revealed by the arrogant elite who believe they are entitled to rule the world. Reading between the lines, I found myself amused at their Orwellian pretensions and so decided to share some of their predictions with you. The cover shows a roster of their preferred world leaders: Angela Merkel gets center stage, with Hilary Clinton on Merkel’s right (which can only mean the Zionist poster gal Hilary will be the next US Prez). Yellen is on Merkel’s left (so biz as usual at the Fed). On Yellen’s left is India’s PM Modi, and on Modi’s left is a rather subdued Putin. To place India in the pecking order before Putin is telling in itself, and the editor-in-chief calls Putin’s military action in Syria his “adventurism” – which considering the amount of support Putin received in the west for bombing ISIS, looks like the humiliating disdainful patronizing from an elder to a naughty child. Russia again gets trounced as we are told that like Brazil, Russia’s government is both incompetent and corrupt, with a dose of military malevolence thrown in. Putin is obviously in the elite dog-house.
    China’s activity in the South China Sea is reduced to mere muscle-flexing. According the the high-and-mighty Economist, Europe faces a year of gradual unraveling as thousands more refugees stream in (no mention of human suffering). The tide of immigrants is to be seen as an economic boon! These diverse peoples can be quickly assimilated into the work force (i.e. take the already scarce low paying jobs) – all the more so in an aging society (ill from chemtrails). Merkel is applauded for being the only leader brave enough to see the economic boon factor.
    In ridiculous prose, we are told that the rich world’s economies are losing oomph (a fashion term?); and that the era of rapid catch-up growth across poor countries is over. Losing oomph? Catch-up growth? Could they be anymore condescending? America’s political struggle to find honest leadership is described as annoying populism (we the people) – and Trump is little more than one strand of populism of the xenophobic right-wing sort. They have a new phrase for totalitarian global regime, they call it ‘Liberal Internationalism’! They call on all politicians who value open Internationalism (which will grant rights to corporations & their share holders) to expose the false logic underpinning xenophobia (meaning fear of losing national sovereignty, the Bill of Rights, individual freedoms). We can expect more QE quantitative easing, more printing of worthless money in 2016. So there you have our future from the psychopathic Big Brother globalist elite.

  9. Ray says:

    Hello Dane,

    It's Thanksgiving day, and today I give Thanks to all who are making a contribution to save Mother Earth in this seemingly unwinable Geoengineering Nightmare.  Especially to you Dane.  Thank you.

    Question, given that the Ozone layer is pretty much trashed, but knowing how ozone is formed, (by sunlight cosmic radiation hitting Oxygen) why can't Oxygen be put in the upper atmosphere?

    This is said without knowing just how the magnetosphere is doing, especially with all the high power RF 'HAARP' sites, we have probably damaged everying we've touched.

    And a very sad note on this Thanksgiving, is trying to figure out the "WHY?" behind all this Geoengineering – is it truly population control?, or  Mad Scientists? Or?  What?  What Sinister Mind could ever come up with a cure called Geoengineering – that kills off all life on planet Earth?

    Dane, pardon another question or two, the metalic elements used in the aerosols – if spraying stopped today, how long would it take for the hydrological cycle to return to normal?  Is there a way to 'help' the elemental oxidation process without causing more damage?

    Knowing that there has been terrific damage done, what could we possibly do to "undo" the damage done to our biosphere?  Leave it alone?

    Maybe the damage is too great.  I hope not.  In my heart I am hoping that the Geoengineering projects were initiated to HELP mankind, not kill him off.  It is very much like the Watch Lookout on the Titanic who could see, but not stop the impending doom.

    I know I may seem naive, and that GREED of money and power are probably the real reasons behind Geoengineering – I STILL WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!  Everytime I look up I wonder, "what could I do to make that disappear?'

    There is an answer – somewhere.

    Be well Dane, and Thank you again, thanks to all of you,


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ray, yes, there are many factors to what is unfolding and what we collectively face. Your questions are answered in various presentations posted in the center of the home page, hope you will keep investigating, we must NEVER GIVE UP, as you stated. Going silently into the night is not an option, and who can say what we may yet accomplish for the common good.

  10. Nicole says:

    I'm sorry to hear about the health effects that geoengineering is having on you Diana. Yes its happening to most of us posting here. In my family we've got migraines, bloody noses, heart palpitations, nausea and dizziness, yes we have the very dry lips and mouth and thirsty all the time. Leg and body cramps. It's awful and very clear where it's coming from. 

    There isn't a day that goes by when they aren't spraying here, and the thought always comes to mind that these planes have been made poison ready, and this concoction they are dumping on the world can become even more lethal any time they decide. Although they have to do is make a quick call to Monsanto. I'm sad for those who can't wake up to help us. I'm sorry to say but they are not just cowards, their minds have been melted by chemical, and they can no longer reason.

    Hold tight to your loved ones.

  11. Donna says:

    Hello Diane Friday, check to see if you had a Smart Meter installed. When we got solar, we got new meters, and within a few days we got very sick with a lot of the symptoms you mentioned. Radio frequency sickness is an environmentally induced illness, and 3-15% of the population is affected. Our utility replaced the radio frequency transmitting devices with meters that do not transmit and require a meter reader. After hardwiring all WiFi devices in the house, most ill feelings are gone, but now that we're sensitized, we can feel HAARP and know that they are spraying without even going outside. Corruption is everywhere. Thank you Dane, for all you are doing.

    • Marie says:

      PG&E put a SMART meter put on our house years back. I started to have a ringing in my ears and had never considered the cause to be the smart meter until someone had mentioned that they can cause such. I was informed that I could have it removed but there would be an extra monthly fee for having a real, live person come and read the meter like days past. Decided it would worth the money and try to see if the ringing stopped. IT DID!!!! It took a little time, but I no longer have ringing in my ears! 

  12. Larwence says:


    Thank you Dane again to you and your family for all you do for us!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this. Keep up the fight! I sure am.

    Warmest regards, Larwence

  13. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Since the President (and former presidents), heads of state of other nations are complicit in all of this; are they not guilty of High Treason?  How is it possible to charge them with such when they can hide behind the skirt of the power structure? Isn't that what we are ultimately facing?  Short of the ouster of said structure, media, courts, and government will remain puppets.  That is why it is up to us, the people to FORCE the attention. 

  14. Kathy says:

    I just want to say Thank you to Dane and all who post here. I depend on this site daily to keep up on the knowledge and encouragement to Keep up the fight. I love the statement "its not an option to abandon our post." If its any encouragement to you….I instantly woke up to all this nearly 4 years ago when brought to my attention by a then 12 yr old very intelligent boy. It took me a few months at that time to find Danes site in desperation to gain info on the unfolding atrocity I learned. I just recently got the courage to post here….but I want to say. As dark as it seems ahead.and as hard as it is to wake people up, In the 4 yr period of time…I have woke several up ( many also quickly burro in the sand)…and they have been waking others up in their circle etc etc. It may seem slow and near impossible but as Dane says when we finally crack that Dam….too late or not we have fought the good fight. I am thankful for my faith in Gods everlasting promise that HE IS LORD OF ALL and  in the end it will be HIS VICTORY and evil will have lost. Do not abandon post. Thank-you Dane and ALL.

  15. Jactn says:

    Underreported low temperatures this morning. Suns out 50's at 8am. Not 42.6. Overnight low around 46 around 7am. 

    Southeast TN temps consistently under reported. Highs today likely to get to mid 70's. Depends on how much fake cover they spray. No vacation today for the pilots!

  16. Sally says:

    Check out this article: Tesla style weather control since the early 1990's by Dick Eastman. 

  17. KeB says:

    I have read all the comments posted here. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day and although, it has been clearly commercialized and over materialized, I give thanks to the running water I still have to do my dishes, all the friends and family that surround me ( although it is less and less each day as I speak the truth), thanks to what stars I actually saw tonight. I don't see a bright future but I will not go into the darkness without a thank you for today and a strong fight in front of me! Bless everyone who is aware and fighting this GOOD fight!

  18. Mawis Stover says:

    Dane one other question puzzles me. If the geoengineering stopped today, would then the true state of our climate not reveal itself in the form of exclusively positive/above average temperature anomalies across the entire planet as opposed to the current state of geoengineered imposed climate polarities consisting of both above and below normal temperature anomalies (see: weather maps showing the freeze/fry east/west US temperature anomaly polarities)? In other words, would the planet be hot all over instead of just in certain regions.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mawis, the short answer to your question is yes, you are correct. See the attached link for more details.

  19. Marc says:

    Since it is, after all, Thanksgiving, I want to personally extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dane Wigington and all of his impeccable work in maintaining this superfine website. and for remaining a beacon of truth and personal integrity without which I'm quite sure we would all suffer a deep wound to our hearts and minds. And furthermore, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to personally extend my deepest heartfelt gratitude to all my posting friends here for the many incredible insights and links that so many of us benefit from. I only wish it were somehow possible to erase the gulf of space that separates us all from one another, for I would love to meet every single one of you. But alas, we are together in spirit, unified behind the most important cause that has ever faced humankind……the survival of our Biosphere and it's ability to nurture life. Make no mistake about it. WE are the fortunate ones. WE are the ones who have seen and have understood the gravity of our predicament, and  have seen through the veil of tyranny. While others remain locked in closets of ignorance and denial, we all count ourselves among the army of awakened ones whose sacred duty is to do what little each and every one of us can do to pass the torch of awareness to the next fellow soul down the line. Though things are looking grim, I can only conclude by saying: 'It has been an honor serving with you".

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, thank you so much for your support, but truly, it is each and every one of us working together that matters. All of us together facing this immense challenge, that is what can yet tip the scale in the right direction even at this late hour. 

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Bless you Marc!  Your comments always resonate, this one brought tears to my eyes.

  20. wightalien says:

    I'm sorry for beginning my post with "whats the upset." I was being terse and smart alecky. It IS a (BIG) upset. If I might add, we LIVE high upon a natural "plateau"… eight miles as the crow flies from the frontrange of the mountains. The "residue" falls straight down on us….in a very short matter of time after the spraying, dust settles every place. It has caused respiratory distress…and more. LISTEN..can't write an essay, but we also have one with health issues.. oxy 24/7, with ventilator and nebulizer assists. In direct parallel with atomo spraying here…we have ALL had concerning problems. No one medically or otherwise acknowledges this.. never will – not as long as huge monies are poured into spraying Americans that produce increased monies and other results that these  "GHOSTJETS" (no one in gov can see them) produce. TY again

    • Nicole says:

      No one in government can see the ghost-jets because they're all cowards and pathological liars. If they truly wanted to bridge the gap between themselves and those they think are tin foil hat wearing paranoids, they might start by getting the boot of truth out of their money stuffed back sides.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hi wightalien:

      I COMPLETELY understand why you'd say what you'd say about "what's the upset," because that's what I see in most people's mind-set about what is occurring right now– they are sooooo asleep they don't even know there's something wrong and they just get irritated when they're jostled a bit awake from that numb stage they are in on the way to their total demise. 

      I don't know what will happen next.  We have less than 10 years, judging from the trajectory we're on, by Dane and others' reckoning.  Some have said that "the human race will survive," but with such a sharp increase in dementia, autism and other degenerative diseases, caused by all of the "chemical tech" fixes and downright nasty crap that's gone and continues to go on here, the definition of "human" will likely describe something that's pretty degraded, if you were to ask me.

      Please wave in the direction of Fort Lupton for me today– that's where my cousins live.  Fracking wells have gone in over there over the years.  It's just (rightfully) freaking everyone out over there.  VERY upsetting.  I'm sickened to see this happen on our Earth, and to the beautiful state of Colorado, my mother's home state.

  21. wightalien says:

    What's the upset? I'v been watching all of this, surrounded by denials and non interests. It is snowing RIGHT NOW…just began..two days after HEAVY, crisscrossing jet trails spreading, joining with more trails – THIRTY minutes; clouds. Stringy, artificial looking, but clouds. Always run jet when we have a E wind. Our multi billion dollar ski industry is hurting for snow right now. E wind pushes the flitzy clouds W to the mountain foothills where one can watch them accumulate moisture and grow into full blown cumulus. People here realize that we are NOT in the flight paths of commercial jets – never have been. Seldom see a jetliner sized jet except in the far, far distance and WHEN AERIAL engineering needs to bring in revenue when the fear of same overwhelms our State Moguls. TY

  22. Philoveritas says:

    Today was especially bad for spraying in my region(Southern Ontario, Canada). For the last several months they have been spraying the eastern sky in the early morning hours before dawn. Each morning as I take my child to day-care the sun rises and illuminates the trails. This morning however we counted 10 jets actively spraying. This continued throughout the day. Some of the trails weren't persisting so they just kept trying. The air is cool here yet the sun feels so intense. Their desperation has me very much concerned…The ozone layer in the north must be completely trashed, the elites all talk about climate change as the biggest issue facing the world and I suspect that it is quite a bit worse then the global warming crap Al Gore was talking about(rising sea levels maybe ruining some nice beach homes). No ozone means no life above ground it has happened before in the history of the earth(the pre-cambrian period). Only sea-based life survived.Oh and it took 1.2 billion years for the initial ozone layer to form I don't think we've got that much time…

    • Mike looking up says:

      Philovert, southern Ontario would to me be somewhere outside the Winsor area, myself the Detroit area. I believe we may be getting many of the same flights. Yesterday the 25th was by far and away the worse I ever seen it.  It truly looked like one of Dane’s wake up videos.  If you feel comfortable, I would like to share info together. I'm personally not shy in sharing my Facebook page where I post videos and pictures of spray days hoping to open up awarness.  I wish I could post here what I seen yesterday so horiffic. It was like never before something near to 40 or 50 runs East to West mainly.

  23. Jactn says:

    Three straight nights with heavy early evening spraying. 
    Today highs hit 70. I has 72 in my mercury thermometer.
    sun came out for about two hours. Sun was very hot. 
    Underreported temperatures. Pretty much continuous spraying throughout day and observable at night with the very bright moon. 
    I had thought that this could not get much worse but it has. When this dam breaks it's going to get intense. The temps are all over the map without the spraying and SRM temps are just skyrocketing. 
    Dane. Keep up the work. I'm daily spreading the awareness. We all must pray for peace and strength. We must not give into fear. Standing strong will allow us to save this creation for future generations. 
    Suggestions. When people say sun is hot. Point out what UV is. 
    When people say the weather is weird. Point out climate engineering. 
    When a 100-1000 year event occurs point out geoengineering. 
    If you got someone aware. Get them up to speed on methane. It's a core belief changer. 

  24. Mawis Stover says:

    Dane, while on an intuitive level I agree with the premise that the Weather Disruptors are becoming "increasingly desperate", I am unclear as to what specifics have led you to this conclusion. Also thanks for never leaving your post, sir. I often compare your character to that of Ghandi , MLK JR, and other monumental activists of modern history. The common good is worth our sacrifice, this is one thing among many you have taught me. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mawis, the desperation of those in power can be seen on countless fronts. There is the monumental effort to prop up the industrialized/militarized paradigm (which has been doomed from the start) with endless sums of central bank fiat funds.. There is also the ever more massive effort to fuel the climate confusion with the geoengineering juggernaut of destruction. The blatant spawning fueling, and orchestrating of the “terrorism” events to assist in their societal lockdown should alarm any that are even half awake. Those in power know full well that they cannot hide the gravity of what is unfolding for much longer (biosphere and societal collapse).

  25. Rick says:

    It will be interesting to see if any SAG, SRM, spraying goes on over Paris during the climate conference. Some one should be ready to film the sky and post it on line.  

  26. Dane has said that we need the military to wake up to the insanity of geoengineering.
    Andrew J. Bacevich in “Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country” says that the USA lost it’s way when we gave up the draft thereby leaving the military to the corporations, who turned our armed forces into their mercenaries that protect corporate investment & resource plunder – and not the American people.  War became normalized and removed from most of the population.
    I vividly remember asking a successful friend of mine why he did not go into politics. He said (20 years ago) that no intelligent men go into politics anymore, the smart ones make money. So there you have it. The so-called ‘intelligent’ are wrapped up in the money game and our youth are submerged in algo-technology, too self-absorbed to think of defending their own country. The military industrial complex has a free ride and all the money they can spend. They must be jumping for joy at the prospect of war where they can play with their new electromagnetic toys. Sick.
    This link provides predictions of the coming war from Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Gerald Celente, Martin Armstrong, Larry Edelson, a Goldman Sachs analyst, Jim Rogers, Kyle Bass, and others.
    Why We’re Sliding Towards World War
    By Washington's Blog /Global Research, November 25, 2015
    [excerpt] …Never-ending wars are also destroying our democratic republic. The Founding Fathers warned against standing armies, saying that they destroy freedom. (Update). Perversely, our government treats anti-war sentiment as terrorism. The Founding Fathers – and the father of free market capitalism – also warned against financing wars with debt. But according to Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, the U.S. debt for the Iraq war could be as high as $5 trillion dollars (or $6 trillion dollars according to a study by Brown University.) Indeed, top economists say that war is destroying our economy. But war is great for the bankers and the defense contractors. And – as discussed above – governments are desperate for war.
    So it’s up to us – the people – to stop wider war.

    • Mike looking up says:

      The worse spray day ever here in Detroit. What a day to pick as its the biggest travel day BUT its truly out of control today, crazy insane sprayday. I've posted many times here maybe 25 or more times. Today is horrific. I'm posting to Facebook videos and pictures from when I left to work at 8 am till 4. Its like one of the videos you have as a eye opener Dane. God help us, what's the truth Dane, is it really over for man kind in 10 or 20 years. Please be honest, I need the truth, please.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, mathematically speaking, on the current trajectory we do not have 20 years, or 10 years, the horizon is much closer. So what can we do? We MUST awaken the sleeping masses and completely alter our course. The collapse of industrialized civilization is inevitable, but we may yet be able to preserve the planets ability to support life to some degree. One step at a time Mike, the most important leap we can take in the right direction is to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. Lets focus everything on that goal. Once accomplished, we can face other challenges.

  27. JAson says:


    • Bob says:

      Double ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

      Also, does anyone notice the radar of hurricane Sandra has no green, yellow, red on radar; even in the feeder bands.  Is this unusual?

    • Bob says:

      In the words of Roseanne Rosanna Danna: NEVERMIND.

      I was looking at my local radar. 

      But the ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! remains.

  28. robert hideg says:

    when and how do we fight back?   when one sees those skies unfold feels like a weird sci fi movie where most around you are plugged into the matrix and fail to see whats in front of their eyes as they are busy chasing the $. … obviously the "official" channels are gunked.   the movie "what on earth are they spraying" was made… yet still no public backlash…. how do we get empowered dane?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, the road to “critical mass” of awareness has been long and arduous, and can at times seem futile. But once we put the final “crack in the dam” so to speak, the awakening will come rapidly. There is a much larger undercurrent of awareness than most realize, we must all keep our compass heading and make every day count by waking others effectively (by sharing credible data). Once critical mass is reached, a shock wave around the globe will follow.

    • robert hideg — We can never give up. The stakes are too high. Our planet, the only home we know is at risk. Think of December 1776, Washington crossing the icy Delaware River. His troops had few supplies, many were injured, all were exhausted, many had no shoes or even shirts, some froze the death on the march to battle, but they kept going in the face of a blizzard of wind, sleet and heavy snows — and through such adamantine courage and determination, these brave patriots got the turning-point victory in the American Revolutionary War.'s_crossing_of_the_Delaware_River
      As Dane says, the road to “critical mass” is long and arduous. We wage a peaceful war to raise awareness, to stop the insanity before these mad Dr. Strangelove corporatocracy engineers destroy the Ionosphere and Earth’s magnetosphere, our only protection from space radiation, cosmic and gamma rays. “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

  29. Nick says:


    I live in So. Cal. and recently I've noticed jets at altitude with the same NW -SE course and speed as jets that leave lingering trails.I'm positive these jets are part of the SRM program.However, the trails behind these jets disappear just like regular contrails.Sometimes, I see them flying on days when the Chemtrail (forgive the terminology) planes are up and sometimes not. My guess is they must be spraying something besides the the regular mix. Any data on this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nick, in almost all cases the short bright trails are just another form of spraying dispersion. See the attached link.

    • bija says:

      I see this too, and more often as of late.  What worries me is, since this is clearly not SRM, then WHAT IS THIS and WHY??!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bija, SRM is only one of the many layers to the insanity in our skies. There are many answers to your question, hope you will continue your investigation.

    • bija says:

      Yes, Dane!!! My investigations have continue to take me deep into the rabbit hole and have revealed many dark and evil agendas hatched by the so called elites. I guess it's still a shock to the system to have no choice but to conclude that this is pure and unadulterated genocide! No way to sugar-coat it after all is said and done!

  30. Mike says:

    Time to take to the streets just like the Black Lives Matter group, but we will be "All Lives Matter, Stop Poisoning Us With Aerial Spraying."

  31. Donna G says:

    YEP, I live here in Reno and watched it LIVE do exactly what you said. It was 50 and beautiful yesterday in the morning as I woke up and went about my day, then the wind came before the storm and it started to snow, then the temperature dropped significantly. This morning, it is cold outside. But, the day before this weather happened, they sprayed the sky heavily. I showed my friend who I recently woke up and he finally saw the pattern of how storms move here in Reno. They geoengineer heavy a few days before, then a wicked storm comes in. This has been the weather pattern here for many years now. I watch the skies everyday and witness them poisoning me without my consent and powerless to do anything about the atrosity they commit against my body and my health. I feel  the effects of it when they spray, especially when I am outside enjoying the outdoors. This is so evil that it goes beyond just changing the weather. The plan is much darker and sinister as Lucifer and his legion of followers are ultimately behind this to change GOD'S creation, the DNA of all living things.

    • BaneB says:

      There is a Nexrad facility located in Reno.  Keep your eye on the visible sat. images and the strange pulses.  Nevada has three, Reno, Elko, and way south near Vegas at Searchlight.  I have seen pulses come out of searchlight.  These nexrad facilities can pulse at 748,000 watts each.  The max radius is 250 miles full circle from center, and they can do vertical and horizontal. Their pulses can overlap one another.

  32. BaneB says:

    Looking at the image of the deeply looped jet stream over the Pacific Northwest region, I cannot help but wonder if the two opposing flows of our atmospheric river could actually touch or collide?  What would be the result?  Havoc?  Perhaps the weather warriors are seeking to create a Christmas bow for the holidays.  The ridiculously resilent high pressure ridge remains in place over the Pacific.  Lots of moisture way out there.  Yet, very little of this moisture was pulled in by the spidery low that crawled down the west coast, now centered somewhere around San Francisco.  What it did was bring very cold temperatures, and a dusting of snow at higher elevations.  At my Mendocino location there was about three inches of snow.  Maybe 1/2 inch of rain in the valley.  That's it!  Yet an ocean of atmospheric moisture out in the Pacific is being pumped up over central Alaska and into Canada.  California is being denied rain and the manmade engineering of this weather war upon us is obvious.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Searchlight Nevada?!.. the home of scumbag Harry Reid. Geez what a coincidence- I'm sure he knows nothing about it all. Wonder where he's disappeared to after his unfortunate 'accident' while working out in his bathroom- the one where it lookrd like he got his face bashed in with a baseball bat and a few ribs broken.. haven't heard a peep out of him since.

  33. C.Bighorse says:

    I am not much on posting, but I do feel the need to share a bit of what I have experienced. I quit my job in 2012 @ 41 to travel the Pacific Northwest, due to a feeling that I needed to go see what I wanted to see before it was too late. On my way from Oklahoma, I learned of the spraying from planes in Moab from a nice lady that spent a couple hours informing my naive mind. I had a spectacular time in the northwest, but found it strange for a rainforest to have a burn ban, due to drought. I ended up in Arizona and watched the spraying become an unbearable sight and the people acknowledge but say what are we to do. 8 months ago I returned to Colorado, where I had previously lived for 18 years. I had never seen it snow into June as it did, never saw colorado get so much rain in the summer, the fall temp was unusually high until a couple of weeks ago, and the needles of the pines were turning brown with the aspens. No one seemed to notice! I went over a mountain pass to find the trees on the west side all dying. Plus one evening after watching them spray, I took the dogs out for their nightly duty in 50 degree weather and noticed my flash light showed something like snow falling. I followed this snow down to a blade of grass and noticed it didn't look like snow at all, I took it in the house to find it sticky and colored more like spray foam from a can. I put it in a cup and in the morning it had dried to the cup and shrunk to almost unnoticeable existence. I find people just can not comprehend all this, it is so sad that the football game is more important. I am very grateful I did my traveling when I did. I told one of my friends in Oklahoma when I left, I was going cause a bad storm was coming not a storm as we know it, I now see that storm on the horizon, it is us.

    • BaneB says:

      Very profound.  Thanks for sharing your trip, and the experience you so very nicely described in detail.  Yes, the 'storm' is rapidly approaching. We all need to prepare psychologically.  

    • Mike looking up says:

      Thank you C.B, I and we hope you post more often.

  34. Roger Gibbons says:

    Just one more thing about the major media ….they are all owned by the Rothchilds ……here and in Europe.
    Just google the name and find out what they own……its about two thirds of the worlds wealth.

  35. Roger Gibbons says:

    Thank you Dane ….am from southern Ontario Canada and I would like to tell you that here the spraying is going on almost every day. I sent an email to enviroment Canada and ask them why they allow spraying they replied they don't and then said only in Alberta to control the hail.
    Wow …one minute they dont and then they do. I ask what they were spraying in Alberta and they replied silver oxides.

    I pass all your email postings to all I know.
    Keep up the great work…..

  36. Sumner Berg says:

    I live in Australia, Victoria but was born and bred in Toledo, Oregon. I went to OSU and from there to Africa in the Peace Corps. When I got back to the USA I couldn't stand the capitalistic lifestyle and worked a year and headed down under. I got here in 1970 and things were good. Way behind the states but over the years we went form a population of 6 million to 28 million on the driest continent in the world. We are the same as as the USA a hopeless materialistic/capitalistic society bent on destroying the very environment that sustains us – shear stupidity!
    I want to applauded you Dane for all the time and effort that you have gone into trying to make positive change.
    I honestly don't think there is any hope for humanity. Evolutionary wise we have just arrived and look at wht we have done to the biosphere that sustains us? We are a stupid species and will join the fossil record in a pissy little expanse of time compared to say the  the dinosaurs.
    I am 72 years old with a Biological education so I understand what is going on and I find it hard to fathom. I don't see any future for humanity and wonder why Dane spends so much of his time trying to change things that even if done will spell disaster to humanity.
    I admire you immensely Dane and keep up doing what you feel needs to be done. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sumner, no matter how dark the horizon, going silently into the night is not an option. None can know what may yet unfold if we do not abandon our posts and the fight for the greater good. 

  37. talawanda78 says:

    Well, since I live in Michigan I will say they absolutely 'dumped' cloud cover on us, forced winds from the northwest, and at the SAME TIME, also coming in from the SW; It was 'nuts' where I live…and temp drops near immediate to the 30's…then the low was 9 degrees, then 7….and suddenly, out of nowhere, within an hour and a half, back up 17 degrees.  Snow, like crazy, freezing on the roads almost immediately…damn near rear ended a car in front of me, and I've got AWD but ABS breaks.  Even with the roads filled with salt…?? no one could stop. The breaks were grinding against the pads, no matter how light or heavy to the touch, without stopping power. Couldn't take the curves at all…and I wasn't the only one. Peeps were ALL over the road…no control. So many people 'off the road' and freeway embankments; just crazy. I makes me wonder why their matrix still exists.

  38. Dawn says:

    Just went out to enjoy the nearly full moon, only to be met with nighttime spraying overhead!!  I have a job that places me outside most days. I, too, curse the planes overhead on heavily sprayed days. Trees are visibly dying here. If trees, can we be far behind??

    • David says:

      Dawn, I live in Colorado, and I witnessed the same thing – I watched chemtrails being sprayed tonight as I drove from Fort Collins to Denver.  Made me so disgusted to see the beautiful night sky marred with these ugly trails streaking across it.  There has been very heavy spraying out here this week.  I've been taking photos of jets in the process of spraying and also of the toxic sky as a result and posting them on FB.  No one seems to care or get what is going on…  But yes, this was what I was greeted with tonight, too.

  39. Matt says:

    Just want to say thank you Dane for all your hard work. 

    This is why all the news channels keep pushing out "El Nino" and what it will do in your area this winter. It's so sad how people buy in to their crap and just follow the heard. I can't wrap my head around how people don't realize what's going in the skies. All they have to do is look up and think to themselves that the grid patterns that spread into overcast can't possibly be ok, or natural. Just shows how caught up they are in false reality.

    • Denise says:


      That's the problem:  they never look up.  They are too interested  in following celebrities and buying the latest gadgets.

  40. Nnikki says:

    You're right on as always, Dane. Here in So. Oregon, just north of Medford, It was 18 degrees last night with light Rain & no ice! The surrounding mountains had light dusting of snow which moved lower into the foothills throughout the day. The temperature in the valley area never got above 36 degrees, got only a sprinkle of rain, with large, broken clouds all day. By 5 pm it was 30 degrees with the clouds clearing out & no ice despite wet streets & some standing water. Oh, & yesterday it was 53-55 with clouds moving in. Everywhere, people remarking about how lucky we are to have snow so early & in time for thanksgiving. No one wants to listen to reason. Too busy making plans to line up for Black Friday so they can support big business @ Walmart, Costco, etc. This is truly a one-way Rollercoaster to oblivion. Thanx to you, Dane, for providing all of us here with continual truth amidst this insanity. 

  41. Deb says:

    Dane, a huge thank you for such great work! I try at every chance to get others to see what is happening to our beautiful planet. It falls on deaf ears for the most part. I keep at it though. I live in NC south of Raleigh and when I was heading home from work last night, the weather report seemed ordinary until the forecaster said that there will be contrails visible occasionally from some jets. That gave me chills as I have never heard a comment like that before during weather report. I'm guessing there have been a lot of inquiries about all the planes in the sky with long trails behind them. Always spraying going on here now.

  42. Deb says:

    Dane, a huge thank you for such great work! I try at every chance. Get to get others to see what is happening to our beautiful planet. It falls on deaf ears for the most part. I keep at it though. I live in NC south of Raliegh and when I was heading home from work last night, the weather report seemed ordinary until the forecaster said that there will be contrails visible occasionally from some jets. That gave me chills as I have never heard a comment like that before during weather report. I'm guessing there have been a lot of inquiries about all the planes in the sky with long trails behind them. Always spraying going on here now.

  43. lauren says:

    I've been in the Chicago area for over 50 years. It's really strange to have wind coming from the south at the end of November.  TV forecast says near 50F degress on Thurs and Fri. with almost constant rain.   5 days after a record breaking snowstorm???  big WTF!

  44. lauren says:

    Did anyone else see the flowing river of ice in the Arabian desert over the last few weeks?  Here's one link, there are others.  

    • talawanda78 says:

      Absolutely ludicrous, Lauren. I've never seen ice in the hot desert. Whatever foolish people there want to believe…but if it was me there, I'd be pitching a real %itch, that's for sure.

      How do we get those planes out of the air?? But then, they're controlled by satellite…and we have no control.

  45. Danny says:

    CNN just reported on "mile long spider webs" made by "millions of spiders" but then showed one spider… Looks rather like chemwebs to me. Welcome to 1984:

    • Jenny says:

      I just watched the video…they did show many, many spiders on top of the webs..  Looked like long sheets of web, and the narrator said they stretched on for half a mile.  Gross.  Like the lady in the video said, I've never seen anything like it.

  46. Neil says:

    Greetings Dane,

    Here is the update from the Chicago area today.  Location: Matteson, IL (approx. 30 miles due south of downtown Chicago.  Forecast was "Mostly clear".  I think we can all now translate this as "normally this would be a clear sunny day, but we are doing some SRM today, so 'Mostly Clear" skies."  OK, so what I have been seeing lately are two planes working in tandem.  There will be one lead plane, and one plane that follows behind to one side or the other, sometimes pretty close behind and from what I can tell their elevations seem to be about the same as well.  I never saw this before I started paying attention.    This really gives new meaning to what you are saying about these folks 'doubling down' on their programs.  Also, I am noticing that they are concentrating their efforts by following the sun as you might expect.  I haven't always noticed this before where sometimes the whole sky was blotted out, but perhaps they are having to ration their time or resources now or they are trying to hide their activities a little bit more.  So you might have one half of the sky that is blue, and in the direction of the sun, you get the haze.  But, today, I guess they must of had extra time because then they started doing "X's" over my house.  That's all for now, Thank you for your service, Dane,

    Neil Parry

    Matteson, IL

    • moderncalamity says:

      Try using polarized sunglasses to see the latest spraying. techniques.  You can see a white uniform haze. 

    • Neil says:

      Addendum to my post yesterday: 
      I was mentioning that I have been noticing more partial-sky spraying as it was with yesterday, but today, ironically, almost as if someone was listening, the whole sky was hammered until we were covered in a blanket of haze.  Another  "X" pattern over my house was laid down as if to make an exclamation point.  I wonder about the souls who are piloting these aircraft. 
      I also forgot to mention Dane that the frequency patterning of the 'cloud' covering is quite apparent usually right after the pilots get a good haze going.  So pretty much everything you have pointed out on your sight I have witnessed for myself personally.  The next step for me would be to have a soil test done. 

  47. SD says:

    A high level of Situational Awareness is key to understanding what's going on.  Dane has it nailed, as do many others on this site.



    Projection or the ability to Extrapolate.

    These so-called "inside sliders" have been increasing in frequency lately. The Geoengineers use HAARP technology to generate Upper Level Low Pressure in Canada and carefully guide it down over OR and CA. Prevailing winds then help sweep it over the eastward.

    As for me, I go to the USGS quake map and look for seismic activity in places like MT, WY, NV and ID to PREDICT where the low pressure will move.  I don't understand the exact mechanism involved in quake generation, but the correlation is real.

  48. a simple horseman says:

    Dane, As always you are right on the crux of what is happening not only above our heads, but before our very eyes. I live on the "North Okanogan" the other other area specified for the navy's magnetic warfare "testing". I watched your friend Willem's video with awe. I have seen every single photograph here above my own head, no exception. I see you are fully aware of the current weather fronts unfolding in such odd places, under some very strange circumstances. Here too!, last evening at about 4pm, the sky was very heavy and grey, then came the jets. We can't see them, but out here it's easy to hear them(I live off grid). As you know oh so well, first came the freezing rain aspects and fortunately were short lived. Then came the snow you can't make a snow ball out of, "at 75% humidity"(clue there). We received a total of 2 and a half inches(while the sun was down). Four times this year we have had snow traces "at night". That's when you have to go outside and discern for ones self what is "reality". Even a fan of dime store novels could put this mystery together well before the ending of the book. I guess folks don't read much anymore(?). A note about the snow, it wasn't quite glistening white, more a light shade of grey, hmph? Now today… OMG!! The wind has been relentless, the clouds like I have never seen before in this country. The "forecast" said 40% chance of snow. Oh believe me, it was cold enough, only I watched it all be "trucked" over our heads headed east for the latest folly in the weather channel weapon of mass distraction. Food for thought here, "they couldn't get a water system built to truck water 'east', so they figured out how to float it over your heads. Read the "Cadillac Dessert". Old book but in touch with what was coming. The military is out of control and those involved do not know it. To that I reply, "ignorance 'was' bliss". Time for you to wake up too. Drizzle drazzle, drazzle drone, time for this one to come home… And how about alive this time!! "War is over if you want it". I'm tired of being in bondage and lied too. I'm tired of having fierce winds so the east part of the USA(corporation) can have the daylights toxified out of them. It has to stop "everywhere". Let the earth heal, live and promote that healing. Which doesn't involve a trip to walmart, right? Your money is your only true vote. Please, think about it. Good night.

    "a simple horseman"

    • a simple horseman — hello! I'm on the Olympic Peninsula. Thank you for making me aware that your part of our evergreen sacred land is under threat also. Here is the online link for everyone to know:
      Pacific Northwest Operating Area [PACNORWEST OPAREA]
      NAS Whidbey Island is assigned responsibility to manage offshore and inland operating areas dedicated for military use, through coordination, scheduling and control, if applicable, of surface and air platforms operating to/from these areas. This manual contains a comprehensive listing of all PACNORWEST operating areas and Special Use Airspace. All military training, to the maximum extent possible, should normally be conducted within the established OPAREAS.
      The Whidbey Island Complex is located in the states of Washington and Oregon and their adjacent off-shore coastal waters. Radar and telemetry support may be available for some or all of the ranges/areas listed refer to the instruction cited for a complete description of the support available. The Northwest Range System underwater tracking ranges are located in this area.
      The complex is composed of the areas and ranges listed below:
      Restricted Area 5701/5706 (R-5701/R-5706) Boardman MOA/ATCAA
      Washington Coastal Warning Area (W-237)
      Okanogan A/B/C MOA/ATCAA
      Roosevelt MOA/ATCAA
      Olympic MOA/ATCAA
      Darrington Operating Area
      Warning Area 570 (W-570)
      Warning Area 93 (W-93)
      Pacific Northwest Ocean Surface/Subsurface Operating Area

  49. As Dane says, they appear to be increasingly desperate: “The power structure is desperately trying to hide the gravity of what is unfolding on our planet.” Today I read the report from Arctic News that an: “Immense thrust of fast moving sea ice is pushing through at the full width of the Fram Strait between Norway and Greenland. This amounts to huge transport of latent coldness out of the Arctic Ocean to North Atlantic, while the constantly forming new sea ice (as temperatures are below 0°C) is generating heat to keep the surface air temperatures higher across the Arctic Ocean. Thus, heat is constantly being added to the Arctic Ocean while heat is taken away from the North Atlantic Ocean. “

    And then, when I couldn’t get the now crazy Jet Stream online, it occurred to me that something had become irrevocable. So this report seemed to fit the idea of "hiding the gravity":
    Russia Suspends Military Cooperation With Turkey, Will Use Warships To "Destroy Any Threats To Russian Planes"  /Nov. 24, 2015
    Despite demands from France's Hollande, America's Obama, and NATO's Stoltenberg that this situation not esclate, it appears Putin is not taking the shooting down of a fighter jet lying down. The seemingly cagey confirmation by NATO and Obama of Turkey's claims that Russia invaded its airspace has been rebuked by Russia which claims the Hmeimim airbase radar shows the attacking Turkish plane violating Syrian airspace. In response, Russia is moving a Cruiser 'Moskva' off the coast to strengthen air-defenses – just as French and US carriers are on their way.

    The incident explained by Paul Craig Roberts:
    Turkey’s unprovoked shoot-down of a Russian military aircraft over Syria raises interesting questions. It seems unlikely that the Turkish government would commit an act of war against a much more powerful neighbor unless Washington had cleared the attack. Turkey’s government is not very competent, but even the incompetent know better than to put themselves into a position of facing Russia alone. … Each step along the way the Russian government has held strong cards that it did not play, trusting instead to diplomacy. Diplomacy has now proven to be a dead-end. If Russia does not join the real game and begin to play its strong cards, Russia will be defeated.


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      I agree with PC Roberts, except that I do not think Russia will initiate anything, rather it will take a few more provocations by US/NATO before they retaliate in kind….the stage is being set to ensure we can claim to be the "Good Guys" – as happened prior to WW1 and WW2 (Hitler did not want war, but was mercilessly provoked and his diplomacy ignored). 

    • BaneB says:

      The peoples of the earth are in a very serious predicament.  Nothing less than nuclear war is a very real probability.  We are witness to an incredible foreign policy blunder that is founded upon the 9-11 lie.  And that tangled web has entrapped the nations.  That IS the giant sucking sound.  Dane has said next to a nuclear war happening, the geoengineered weather is the most important issue facing us today.  He is absolutely correct!  However, it looks like the probability of a nuclear conflict is now in first place for my concern.  Interestingly, as a plebeian piece of cannon fodder there is really no ability to stop either from occurring.  The computerized machines are under the direction of sociopaths and psychopaths.  Still, as Dane has stated, we must continue actively trying to halt the ever increasing madness of their "great game" because to do otherwise is to acknowledge abject evil as lord and master.  We cannot go there and acquiesce.  Why?  FOR LIFE!  

  50. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, As you know, you are spot on about the jet stream.  Any real meteorologist would have to know this is absurd.  I fell in love with the jet stream long ago when I learned some history about it.  "We" first learned of it in WW2 while bombing Japan, discovering that each precision bomb was off by the same exact amount which was the heads up in discovering the jet stream existed.  The Japanese already knew, and used it to send bombs to mainland USA in baskets!  All exploded, or not, in remote pastures.  But for one, which blew up in Marin killing some few on a school outing.  Most of my life when looking at weather reports that included the jet stream, it always pretty much stayed in the same place, hanging like a loose necklace across the upper part of the US, from west to east and over the Atlantic where it then, in Europe, peters out.  It moved around some but more like loose wiggling.  Nothing remotely like this.

    Everyone seems to be getting prepared for a big El Nino in Berkeley here, but I'm not so sure.  Am sure that it is cold, really cold for here.  And windy.  Weather people made it look like you'd get some rain today or tonight, Dane.  Had my hopes up for you.  What little we've gotten so far is not so much.  I mean all helps, but….Gee, I remember warm Berkeley rains one could enjoy walking around in.  Water wars here are kicking into high gear.  Some outside interests want to undo our Delta, the manmade islands and farming on them.  Various plans.  The big tunnels they want to put in so that LA can have their swimming pools, much less golf courses, the opponents say it will cause ocean water to enter the Delta, thereby wrecking it from salt-not to mention depleted uranium.  As usual, no one is thinking this through.  My daughter saw a seal way high up in the Delta.  That never happens I'm told.

    Meantime in downtown Berkeley they are digging a huge huge hole for a building and had it blocked off then opened a small bit and I crutched over to see, alarming two big burly guys.  I told them I just Had to see it and expected them to hit oil or water by now.  I was joking about oil.  They said no oil, but they did hit water finally.  I asked how much.  He said barely a trickle and that at 22 feet.  Said they were told they would reach water at 19 feet.  This freezing-it feels like-cold rains, all three add up to about one inch of rain.  So…..

    • james says:

      Agreed Rachel R. – i am just across town from you. I would be willing to bet we will get some type of serious rains around mid-december b/c word came down last month to the lead meteorologist in Bay Area here (the oldest one around – also a surfer), he said we should expect it, but til mid-dec. is when we will really start to see these conditions persist

  51. beretta says:

    Your right Rodster, Guy has half the story as do a lot of other people. He is right that carbon emissions has caused global warming but does not accept the fact that the spraying has put it in overdrive. Like Dane said chicago had a 100 record snowfall and is going to be 50 degrees on thanksgiving. Last year it was boston, I guess this year its going to be chicago. Worse part is I dont if there will be a next year.

  52. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The Bering Straight satellite photo wouldn't post as a link, so I'll try a few other things.  It's interesting with the satellite photos how you can pick an area and then see a loop of photos.
    Here's the main link for Alaska, if you want to explore the Arctic in our northern hemisphere.

  53. Bella_Fantasia says:

    They may have gagged the weather people, but I'm beginning to learn how to use national weather service satellite information.  It tells the geoengineering story we've been telling.  I'm very novice, but I'll share as I'm learning.
    Here is an infrared satellite photo showing both the frequency activity above the Bering Straight.  The white smear on the bottom might be the west to east Haarp wind, but I'm guessing.  The land peninsulas are Siberia on the left and Alaska on the right.  On visual mode, no clouds can be observed right now.  I think they blew Cara out of here and moved it east to Nevada between yesterday and today.

  54. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Dane, thank you.  This weather report is Right On Time and compelling beyond belief, IMO.  I'll spread it around today.

    In southcentral Alaska we've had two weeks of below normal cold (0-20 F) and several days of snow (normally snow would fall around 30F.)  I've seen that this weather came up the west coast to Canada and swirled west into Alaska.
    And suddenly today the snow is nearly all melted because it's 45F and the HAARP wind is blowing.  High winds in this part of Alaska have never been normal, at least not for the last 30 years.  Looking at the satellite photos, the weather is still swirling in from Canada.  If this picture posts, I'll add another which shows the tremendous frequency bombardment in the Arctic Sea above the Bering Straight.

    • Bella_Fantasia – Please explain the term "the HAARP wind" as I have never heard this before. I know what HAARP is having read Begich's book and others, but it feels like your 'use' is something experiential? Something that happens frequently in Alaska? Unusual high winds in Alaska that are generated by ionospheric heating? Thank you for the NOAA image. I was watching this swirling as I am on the Olympic Peninsula WA. They had predicted snow here, but it never happened except in the high mountain elevations. The sky was strangely clear, normal healthy, and they never sprayed all day. I keep hoping they will give up.
      I couldn’t get the Jet Stream for a time today. GOES-13 (GOES-East) Sounder instrument is experiencing an anomaly. GOES-13 Sounder IR data is not available. All products from GOES-13 (GOES-East) Sounder IR data have been halted and distribution has been stopped. Engineers are investigating the problem.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Bella & Susan, In March 2 or3 years ago, we also had some bizarre windstorm which seemed to come from every direction at once. Crazy strong winds blowing from east and south, north and west. Trees swaying all over the place. If I remember correctly it was strangely warm temps then too. I felt sure it was from the climate manipulation done with haarp. Another really weird thing has been winds or rain blowing up from the south or southeast over the state of Georgia where I live. Our weather almost always has come over from the southwest in warmer months and northwest from Canada and Alaska during the winters, following along the once normal jetstream which always flowed from west to east along the northern tier of North America and southern Canada. I had never observed rain that would drift straight north from the south of us but have seen this in the past year or two. I don't know how our meteorologists can get up there and try to explain this as normal weather patterns. How can they look themselves in the mirror everyday, then face the public?..or their own families and children? I would be ashamed to try and pull off such a lie and deception. Its amazing what some people will do for a paycheck and a promotion.. just look at the politicians- they take the cake!

    • Hello Earth Angel — Thank you for the descriptions of the weird winds in GA. Makes one wonder about all the ancient civilizations that built extensive tunnels & undergrounds.

  55. Rhonda says:

    I live in Holland, Michigan right off Lake Michigan, last week Monday and Tuesday, the temperatures were in the upper 50's low 60's, two days later we got hit with massive geoengineering and HAARP activity.  The temperature took a dramatic drop and we have below average temperatures with snow.  11-24-15, we are now in the 40's again with massive engineering.  We are going to be in the 50s on Thanksgiving.  I believe this cold spell was completely manufactured.  I believe that if the weather manipulation were to stop, we would not have these cold temperatures, they are clearly covering something up.

    • ️Nance says:

      Hi Rhonda, I am in Holland as well. It's encouraging to know there is someone else in the neighborhood "looking up".I keep my brochures with me, pass them out whenever someone mentions the weather.

      Keep spreading the word. Thanks Dane for all your work.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Dane, Rhonda, I'm from the Detroit area and the Nov 21st snow storm report from here. We got 3 or 4 inches, what was strange was the feel of the snow, a little bit crunchy, icy, hard. For the fun of it I put a Bic lighter under the snow, It took some time, very slow to melt. In fact it took about 15 seconds for 1 drop of melt.  Dane or anyone with knowledge, what am I missing, can someone give me a explaination. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, you will find many videos online that confirm your findings. A chemically nucleated material behaves very differently than natural snow.The attached link will give you a bit more to go on.

    • Rhonda says:

      Nance, Mike,

      I sometimes feel so alone about the geoengineering awareness, I have a few people in the area, I've woken up, but most people just go blindly about their business without caring and dismiss it as conspiracy theories!

  56. Amy says:

    Thank you Dane for the great article. I live here in Reno Nevada and you're absolutely right it started snowing like a mad dog about an hour ago and was over as soon as it started. The snowflakes were about as big as down feathers but now all is melted and the sky is clearing up. That sort of thing happens a lot around here. I'm curious, Dane, did you get any snow at all where you live?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thanks for the update from Reno, Amy. No snow here, most of the moisture was migrated over the top of us courtesy of the climate engineers. They are increasingly desperate.

  57. Debra says:

    the rain/snow mix is supposed to hit us on Thanksgiving day, and the temp is supposed to be in the 50's. They started with just a rain forecast but aid on the weather this morning that it may be mixed with snow. They have started saying "this is what we are saying now, but that might change so we will just leave it open"… Guess they don't want the ones that know to embarrass them again. Many are speaking up and letting them know what we all think of their propaganda weather paid for by our govt.

    • dan grabarkewitz says:

      my indigo rose tomatoes and arkansas traveler going crazy with fruit .

      hand pollenate of cource between the nuke clouds dropping temps on command and the seering hot sun they dont know what to do all plants seem to be conning please excuse my grammer 

  58. Dena Holman says:

    I assume this is being done via chemtrails or SAG.  So I take it the government is doing this.  I have seen chemtrails in photos over Paris,  too.  Therefore, it has to involve other governments or entities.

  59. Rodster says:

    It's amazing how the climate change crowd who are always throwing out the denier meme are themselves deniers when it comes to Geoengineering. There quick comeback is usually we've known about cloud seeding for years, so what?

    You try and explain to them that those in power are willfully breaking the law my destabilizing the weather and using it as weather weapons and they call you a cook, a conspiracy theorist. I got into a debate recently over at by one of Guy McPherson's disciple's and was labelled an "F-in retard". This individual refuses to accept that the skies have been deliberately sprayed around the world for decades. But his response is par for the course as that's typical of a Guy McPherson response if you disagree or question his beliefs.

    And yet they want the deniers to hold hands with them in their religion of climate change by force. You have to shake your head sometimes at how people can be swayed to one side of the equation.

    • Diane Friday says:

      I wanted to express my gratitude to you Dane, and everyone who posts comments on this site. It is truly getting worse, and more blatant, on a daily basis, yet it's still almost impossible to get anyone to believe us. To look up, for god's sake. Here in southeastern PA, it's felt like a sci-fi war zone for years now, to the point where you think it can't possibly get any worse, and then it does. It's so blatant. So obvious. I have a very pessimistic notion that even if every adult man and woman on the planet were to suddenly wake up to what's happening and demand that it be stopped, they would simply go to Plan B. I won't even discuss what I think Plan B would entail. Let's just say I think when this grand plan of global genocide was conceived and then carried out, I don't think they've left anything to chance. They've crossed all their Ts and dotted all their Is, and if there are such things as archaeologists 1,000 years from now, there'll be no evidence that anything of this magnitude ever happened. But, that's just my theory, and I certainly could be wrong. 

      Anyway…in the here and now, I wanted to ask if anyone is suffering with the kinds of bizarre physical problems we've been experiencing, and which are getting worse in direct proportion to the ever increasing chemical, metal, and electromagnetic/microwave assaults. For instance: incessant ringing/humming/buzzing/hish in the ears, usually very loud but volume and pitch can change at any time; burning tongue, lips, hard palate, throat, esophagus, and stomach; burning and watering eyes; loss of appetite; flu-like symptoms on a regular basis; increased sinus pressure and related headaches; constant dry mouth, thirst – not alleviated by drinking water – dry skin, and dry hair; a sudden need for salt, especially if outdoors; muscle twitching and muscle weakness; sudden and marked mood swings; depression and anxiety out of nowhere, OR inexplicable bursts of energy and feeling hyper; difficulty falling or staying asleep. I could go on, but that's enough for now. It seems the symptoms are different every day, I'm guessing depending upon the particular "cocktail" being sprayed and the intensity of HAARP activity. Today, I've got the burning tongue and lips, no appetite whatsoever, and it's been one of the worst episodes of flu-like symptoms  I've had in a while. Also, I can usually predict when I'm going to get hit with "chemtrail flu". I'll get a small cold sore or mouth ulcer, and within 24-36 hours, this. I really can't take much more of it, to be honest. I wouldn't hesitate to go into combat with an enemy I can see or touch, where the enemy is just another human. But this? How? 

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