Engineering Winter, The Increasing Desperation Of The Weather-Makers


Dane Wigington

The climate engineers are increasingly desperate to mask the true extent of planetary meltdown by creating short term extreme chemical cool-downs. In recent winters the geoengineers kept most of their focus on the Eastern US. Boston was the target for headlines in the winter of 2014-2015. The engineered winter in the East was accompanied by engineered drought in the West. The 8 minute video below, "Engineered Winter, Engineered Drought" outlines this scenario.

In the next map the sporadic spotting of frozen precipitation is telling. Rain in northern Montana and snow in south central Arizona. Chemical ice nucleating materials sprayed over storm precipitation can and do turn what should have fallen as rain, into snow. The Chinese government has openly disclosed this practice. The nucleation process creates a cold dense layer of air which sinks, builds up on the ground, and eventually lowers the mercury. This is a temporary effect, but it produces the desired headlines and deception in regard to the overall picture.


The Nov. 4, 2015, map below shows extensive radio frequency/microwave transmission impacts which are clearly visible in the moisture flows feeding the engineered western winter event.


On the evening of November 4th, 2015, corporate media (like the Weather Channel) were trumpeting the big winter storm in the West. Does the next map below reflect true winter snow storm temperatures? There is only one temperature reading on the entire map that is even at the freezing mark, and that is not where the snow is falling. The majority of the map shows record or near record highs for a 6 pm temperature reading for November 4th. More record highs are expected in the East during the coming week and perhaps off and on during the rest of November. Welcome to geoengineered weather whiplash.


The Taos New Mexico report below shows possible snow showers for Thursday November 5th at a temperature of 41 degrees. Why would it snow at 41 degrees?


Let's go North to Montana where snow showers can apparently occur at 43 degrees after rain at 41 degrees.


This is the latest NOAA extended "forecast" (scheduled weather) map. It is important to remember that private defense contractor (and geoengineering entity) Raytheon, does all the weather modeling for NOAA (whose personnel are all under a federal "gag order" along with all NWS employees). This is yet another ridiculously unprecedented scenario showing conditions that are unbelievably out of balance. Record high temperatures in the East are expected to continue in some regions until mid November.


What did it look like for most of the last three winters? The exact opposite of what is occurring at this time. The East was put under the big chill while the West was fried. The geoengineers can only cover so much area with their jet stream manipulated chemical cool-downs. The size of those areas is shrinking as the planet continues to warm.


The map below is especially astounding and documents a very tragic event that occurred on October 4th, 2013. 


Take a good look at the temperatures on the map above, they are as a whole, very high. The small cool section is a huge departure from the rest of the country, but still there are no below freezing temperatures shown. Yet, this map documented a snowstorm in South Dakota that killed up to 100,000 cows, how is that possible when temperatures were almost 90 degrees in regions surrounding the event? I captured the temperature map above before it was taken offline, the map reflects another example of engineered winter.

The next map shows the "departure from normal high temperatures" for a 2 year period from 2013 to 2015. The constantly engineered cooling Eastern North America is evident. It has been the most anomalously below normal zone in the entire world since 2013 (2012 was the warmest year ever recorded in the US). What happened? The geoengineering assault was ramped up to new highs. Temporary toxic cooling at the cost of a worsened overall warming.


Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to the planet and the climate system, climate engineering must be considered the top of the list. The ongoing winter weather warfare is not natural in any way. The extreme climate forcing being pushed on planet Earth by the climate engineers is tearing the climate system apart and wreaking havoc on the biosphere as a whole. Few have any idea how extensively the weather and climate is being modified. Even many who are already aware of geoengineering are unfortunately not yet acknowledging the cool-downs for what they are, completely engineered. Accepting the engineered cool-downs as natural is exactly what the power structure and the geoengineers want, why would we do their bidding? If we are to effectively fight against the climate engineering insanity, it is imperative to understand and recognize all the parts to the puzzle. The engineered deception of the US population is a major goal for the geoengineers, we must all learn to see through it. Make your voice heard in the critical battle to stop the ongoing omnicide being inflicted on our planet by climate engineering.

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  1. Kirk Mannor says:

    11/25/2015 if you’re in northeast Ohio right now 9:30 am, look up, they’re spraying now, these people need to be in jail, all of them. today is a good day for filming .

  2. Sick of it says:

    I am from Massachusetts,  and for the last 10 years I knew something weird was going on with our weather.  I am 51 years old and never have I remembered the strangeness in our weather and our skies.  I was waken up about 3 years ago when someone left one of Dane's pamphlets on my truck, when it was parked in a Super Market parking lot.  Thank you to that person!  I think!
    Anyway, the first thing I noticed was the huge increase of static electricity, I was constantly being shocked and it was extremely uncomfortable.  It was so bad that every time I worked out and put the Dumbbells back on the rack, I literally knocked out the radio.  Obviously this was due to the extremely dry air mixed with all the metals.
    Then I noticed the cold, when the cold air comes in every 4-5 days, it's bone chilling cold to the point that it hurts.  It's not normal cold! The weather genius will say eg; It's going to be 40, but it's going to feel like 35.?? Why does a temperature all of a sudden not feel like the temperature?  Excluding wind chills.
    Then I notice the snow, the snow that doesn't act like real snow.  Come March when the snow starts to melt, it doesn't melt normal anymore, this started 2 Springs ago.  It doesn't seep into the ground anymore.  It puddles everywhere you shoveled a path.  Areas that never flooded in 20 years, started to flood.??  This is crazy!
    I also notice the hazy like type of days, really it is not hazy.  It is SRM,  and on those days, the sun is unbearable.  I can't stand it and I'm sick of it.  I pray that these people pay for what they do!  It's near impossible to go outside and enjoy what I use too.  
    When I first told my husband about it he didn't believe me, but now he is a believer and now he talks it up to people when ever he gets the opportunity.  He is a Civil Engineer and has many opputunities to put the word out.  I have turned family members around.  We are doing what we can to get the word out.
    Every time I see the devistating weather on the news, wether it be droughts, floods, mass die offs, I get sick to my stomach.
    Thanks for listening 
    Thanks to Dane and all his efforts
    Thanks to everyone who does even the most minute thing to get the word out

    • Ken Hall says:

      I retired a few years ago from the US, and am now here in Bosnia. I looked up to watch 7 jets working the chemical trailing drops for about 5 hours over the mid afternoon skies west of Tuzla…Usually, one or two come at the end of the month for two days. An hour later, the entire sky was milky white. I've been following Dane's work and am glad he and others like him are out there. All of us in the cafe today were looking up at the sky. It was like War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise after the EMP's began going off…we were all speechless. But, are we powerless?

  3. Stive Rosen says:

    Dane thank you. New to your site i believe what. you present. Im sort of shocked that there is some global warming as i dont like charlitin Igor sidekick of "w". Am not left nor right
    Am a truthist. could you commemt on recent strange dust storms in mideast oct-nov that stayed over tiny israel longer than elsrwate mrxt door it seemed engineerrd but by whom and why? Thanks.  I pray you believe messiahs return is soon or no flesh would be saved.we must try but messiah will do the rest on his return.   Stive

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Stive, though no weather can be considered “natural” at this point, there is of course no way for us to know who is pulling the levers behind the curtain. All are needed to stay at their posts and continue sounding the alarm. 

  4. Nedda says:

    While believe that all of this is true, I also believe that Mother Earth is struggling to shake off this "torture."  Nature wants to reestablish balance.  One way we can help is by sending our love without conditions to the planet.  If everyone who believes that geoengineering is happening will also spend just a few minutes each day sending love to the earth and to the elements, we might begin to see something miraculous happen.  I've done this with terrible storms and have seen them become gentle around my home.  Human consciousness is very powerful.  So don't feel powerless.  Do what you can do to help.

  5. bija says:

    Neil Young is blasting Monsanto with his brilliant music with a message. As one of his band mates says: "it's too late in the game to be subtle". Geoengineering needs a Neil Young or someone of his ilk to blast the airwaves with our message. The Troubadours who gave voice to the music of the 70's are still one of the best weapons against political and corporate criminals. Let's tackle this from all angles and make saving our planet the biggest festival of all time!!

  6. Nicole says:

    Cable TV will certainly go down as the greatest waste of energy humans ever used against themselves. Drop kick your TV. It feels so damn good.

  7. Joe says:

    Dear Dane ,over here in Connecticut, spraying is constant,ad nauseum,day and night,all to bring about a single episode of rain,lasting maybe through the dawn hours,then very dry .

    The fall nights,I noticed as of late,are producing very dry air,dry enough to make me choke.

    Today its cold out and cloudy,but very humid,so much that I'm sweating.

    I know much damage has been done,and the attitude of people is they don't want to open thier minds to hear me,My own doctors,a psychologist and psychiatrist won't allow me to so much as mention it during therapy,as they classify it as "unproductive worry" meaning if I can't do anything personally to stop it,than don't bring it up.People from friends tometeorologists refuse to admit that geoengineering or chemical spraying exists..and to me its disheartening that an ignorant populous doesn't care about the clean air we breathe.What will be the quality of the air our children will breathe? Thiers?

    I listened how you spoke at length about these chemicals eventually doing something to the methane below the earth's surface,I pray we can rally together and initiate such an awareness that higher ups would see the light and initiate some sort of change or oversight.No doubt these scientists cared only for financial gain and not for the consequences of everything air,water,us being poisoned with heavy metal toxicity.I'll always greatly support your work Dane,but what if "they " don't plan to ever stop?Seems to be worse every day,and in my circle no one wants to hear it,or even look up.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, though the power structure and the geoengineers they control don’t plan to stop, that does not mean that they can’t be stopped. It is up to us. If all pull together in the effort to reach critical mass of awarness on this issue, a paradigm shift will follow. Our challenges would still be far from over, but we would at least be taking a giant leap in the right direction.

  8. chris says:

    Since chemtrails are inevitably related to bio-chemicals (of not known nature to anyone, but some..), to metals which suppose to cool the air, but do many other things in the same time (like accumulating in our brains and causing exponentially increasing rates of Alzheimers' and other disorders), to cloud patterns which are becoming more and more complicated and defined (the scariest part for me as scientist…), the overall changing 'strategies' in temperature distributions must be on very specific purpose, related to all these things. If anyone can listen to lectures from Cliff Carnicom or Mrs. Smallstorm, should maybe start taking them seriously.. It seems to be particularly important, since the sprayings are related to 'exchange of information' with friends, family (like a trial of influencing our memory and trying to erase it momentarily in order to stop that exchange!!!). That's my observations, in addition to the black fungus covering the tree leaves here in California, to dying off trees, which were trying to bloom whole summer and ended up with few apples only in the lowest portions… These manipulations, like the genetic engineering and all the GMO food we are fed, are genocides on  a scale exceeding by far the crimes in the Nazi camps during WWII …

    • Judy says:

      I here you, chris, I really feel that way. It is very hard to temper my reactions to all of this, as though thrust at the edge of the rail line, watching the beginning of the cattle cars lining out to load the population to oblivion. I am trying to tell anyone who can hear, dropping the information seeds in as digestible bites as I can with out screaming like a stark crazy lunatic to warn those around me.

  9. JACTN says:

    Today has been the creepiest day of weather.  Midnight the temps where 70 degree's.  The low was 68.  Light mist/drizzle for the past 6 days with occasional rain but nothing dramatic.  Today the temps where pushing 75/76 then the sun came out around 1pm.  It is now 82-85 degrees.  Sun is beating down and it is very hot to the skin.  I've lived a very productive life and have been weather aware for years.  Today's way above normal low temperature and in fact all week is  tell tale sign of methane.  Then when the clouds break up you just get a rapid burst of intense heat which then settles in after the next round of clouds come in.  Start preparing the fan is being hit right now its just a matter of when the breaking happens in my opinion. Location Southeast TN.  Also, on a side note.  They are underreporting the highs and lows all week.  76 right now is a total joke a good 6 degree's and more like 9 low.  Today's low 64 hah 4-5 below real temp.  Is it fear that is keeping the blinders on our weather man and ladies?  Sky's are all wavy the clouds look very weird, sun is white not yellow, and its hardly rained today but everything is closing all over the state due to the threat of epic rains?  Someone not want us out of our areas?

  10. Dane's ’10 Key Points’ in an article that Dylan Charles and I co-wrote for Waking Times, has gotten almost 1000 Likes and very nice comments. No trolls as yet.

    Electrifying the Sky: 10 Things You Should Know About Geoengineering

    Dane Wigington, founder of, is a courageous man who has taken on an all out herculean effort to make people aware that geoengineering is real, and that is affecting our weather, our environment, and our health. His website has become the leading independent online database of information on atmospheric aerosol spraying, weather modification projects, air, soils and water samples, and other scientific data documenting this taboo crime against humanity.
    Dane’s research has caught the eye of the mainstream media, who doesn’t seem to grasp the significance of this issue. As an introduction to his work and some of the key ideas behind the movement against weather modification, here are 10 key points of his research:

  11. felix mosso says:

    Has anyone emailed a copy off this website to our Calif legislators and
    especially the GOVERNOR ?    

  12. penny says:

    As the delusional maniacs of geo-engineering go full bore with their attempts to manipulate the climate, nature spits (methane) at them.

  13. muse minus time says:

    Thank you Dane for compiling such a great website!  There was an article written in The Washington Post regarding NOAA claiming confidentiality to a Texas Congressman in regards to climate change studies.  As a participant in the comments section of the article (750+ comments), I was able to use this sites links to demonstrate NOAA being shackled by confidentiality agreements, patents on climate change, weather manipulation, basically to present the facts that you have in your library. In the blogging, there were a few people who actually commented positively on the links! It is about bringing light to weather manipulation where one can.

  14. cinny says:

    Hi Dane and all……check out RT website, 'Cloud tsunami' in Sydney, has photos and video of "their" insanity

    Getting ice nucleated "clouds" again today, desperate to keep the temperatures here south NJ, from exploding. We are averaging from 75 degrees to 80, depending on the breaks in between.  Could you imagine what the temps would soar to if the skies where clear?  Today's "cloud" coverage is the lowest I have seen yet. these lower clouds are pink and grey, it is 12 noon here, no sunrise or sunset to cause this coloration.  Breaks in these "clouds" reveal the chemtrails that are being sprayed above them.  The winds patterns are shifting constantly, 1 minute out of the south, then out of the north, then from the west.  I'm in utter disgust, of what are supposed to be our fellow brothers and sisters of mankind, who helped develop this, and continue to deploy it!  Get the "F" out of the way, and let our earth heal!  You have no right to impose your screwed up, psychopathic masters will on the rest of us.

    Thanks Dane for this website and comment section, so we can record our observations from all other areas.  While others focus on pictures and videos of various nations warring, bombing, etc..I focus on the background skies in them and it is obvious, it is happening everywhere.  While even the alternate news, distract us with leaks/lies..Putin is a good guy he's trying to help Syria, the constant back and forth on the geopolitical scenes, Like Dane says, the fact remains, it is all political theatre when you drill it all down, it always comes down to some form of "blood sacrifice".  The Big picture, is that all of these so called "leaders" are all participating in this silent weaponry against humankind and ALL CREATION.  In direct defiance of the Creator, the rest is just "theatre", nothing but distraction from what is truly going on.  Instead of trying to reconnect with the Creator, these minions, went to the Destroyer, with it's promise of wealth and power, being "paid" for their loyalty in fiat worthless paper money, all of which "intrinsic" value can and will be taken down in a wink of an "EYE".  The deception is SO BIG.  Instead of just living by the golden rule, "they" made laws/statutes/codes beneath it.  They took the true "spirit" of the intent, to help each other, because you never know when you yourself may fall upon hard times.  It is a cooperation among mankind, a knowing of kindness and respect for each individual, regardless.  Individual is sovereignty…that is why they incorporated us into there Company store, methodically/purposefully/deceptively, they knew if left to our own individual consciousness being, we would never have gone down this path.  We must inner STAND and refuse to be part of this.  WE MUST MAKE IT CLEAR, WE NEVER CONSENTED, WILL NEVER CONSENT

  15. muse minus time says:

    Right now is an excellent opportunity to comment on a Washington Post article regarding NOAA citing confidentiality in a Congressional request for climate information.

    • Marc says:

      Thanks for the link, muse minus time. The subpoena issued by Texas congressman Lamar Smith to NOAA demanding emails and other forms of documentation pertaining to an alleged "adjustment" of temperature data, was issued on October 13th. I haven't been able yet to determine exactly when the gag orders were put in place on the NOAA by the Obama administration but it was quite recently. Uh…..hello??? There's a connection here. In fact, it appears obvious that these two scenarios are intertwined. In Lamar Smith's efforts to obtain data, which is his right as a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, it is not a stretch of the imagination to see that at least part of the explanation for the gag order on NOAA is to thwart congressman Smith's probe. Regardless of Smith's public persona and "climate change denier" label, to witness the NOAA fighting to withhold the subpoenaed data reeks of secrecy and something to hide. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that whatever data might be furnished to Mr. Smith would be properly interpreted and valid conclusions drawn. Just another circus act, it would seem, which functionally has the effect of keeping the American people polarized and confused, while meanwhile gigatons of methane are erupting into the atmosphere and circling the planet, and thousands of brainwashed jet pilots follow orders they would never follow if they knew the truth about geoengineering.

  16. carol freiberg says:

    Last year we were sprayed with something that froze everything instantly. The wild berry bushes that usually stay somewhat green all winter were frozen and turned brown after about a week. The remaining "winter" was totally out of the ordinary looking like it does right now, overcast grey,no sun for weeks at a time ,no snow ,warmer than usual temps, wild mushrooms and strange fungus growing everywhere. None of this is normal or natural. Can hear the spray planes above the grey/whited out skies. Totally insane! I think more are aware that this isn't normal Idaho weather but there is a good football game this weekend and who has time to worry about the manipulated weather. Very disturbing.

  17. Debbie says:

    We have a beautiful oak tree in the back yard, this summer the branches and green leaves were falling.  There were not as many leaves as normal, and we could see black shriveled up clumps mixed in with the green.  The fall golden color was dull, mixed with brown spots.  Just a few years ago it was a brilliant deep golden color.  We live in a park, many trees look as though the bark exploded off.  I can't figure out why people don't question why their bark blew off.  They just clean it up!  Amazing!

    • otterwalks says:

      They call it rapid oak die off here. There are at least eleven types of oaks. The leaves fell after sprouting this year, that is on the branches that are not fried. They grew a second round of leaves, many of which were deformed. There have been 17 trees cut down, with 30 to go just to keep them from coming down on the homestead. They are the living dead. They can be drilled to see how much of the interior exists. Most are loosing bark and being so weakened have termites, carpenter ants, and a moth which if it hits an area, will clean the trees of leaves and cover the ground with a layer of their waste.Third year with no acorns and the squirrels have taken to begging, one throws itself at the sliding door to get some attention. I'm a softy and have been giving them peanuts. 

      Adding to this well done article, go to the NEXLAB site for College of DuPage single site Radar. There you will see the active, ongoing RF Operation that is aiding in the continuation of these weather patterns in a major way. This Link shows the Hydrometeor Classification and at anytime, you will find this visual. It is a blockade, directional diversion function, atmospheric moisture negator, and its usage goes to even more specific weather modification operations. On the left is a menu, you can look at the top -Base -format and see the same area present with a black empty zone. Link:  This is NEXRAD KSOX -Santa Anna Mts, CA -Southern CA…

    • Kat Lopez says:

      We are having the same issues and we are protecting all of our trees and shrubs with compost (and adding quartz crystals and copper underneath for added protection:-) as well as to our veggie gardens.

  18. Joe says:

    Dear Dane.

    Here in Connecticut, over the summer,I've noticed,and seem to be the only one here in my area who cares about geoengineering, that the skies have been sprayed day and night for like 30 straight days ,just to bring one single morning of sprinkles.I wish I knew exactly who or what should be stopped so that we may enjoy our God-Given right to simply breathe clean air.

    Also seems every month or so they completely stop spraying, resulting in very blue skies,but air so very dry it makes me choke at night,something I've never before experienced.I'm scared these chemicals have some effect on my health and breathing ,but no doctor,psychologist or psychiatrist I know will even let me discuss them,classifying my ever growing concerns as "unproductive worry" meaning if I can't do anything to stop it,then im not allowed to even talk about it.

    For the most part,most of the populous is totally ignorant or in denial that geoengineering does in fact exist,even despite the horrible views we see in the skies every or nearly every day.I have thousands of compelling pics I took myself over the Connecticut skies,other than my wife,who its also obvois to,everyone else thinks I'm nuts..I always tell people,if I knew exactly who was behind this,I'd go to any length to stop it,but after listening to and watching your great work online,I feel like I'm no longer alone,but its still going to take much more than I think any of us could do,to bring about any sort of change or mass awakening.Whoever's behind this tragedy wants us to be ignorant ,in the dark ,or dead..thank you Dane for your level of dedication to this matter,being informed,for me will have to do,since I have no reference point to initiate any change,in this area,anyway.

    • Tess says:

      i follow yu but on that map w the dead cows, yes that many died, 4 ft drifts and wind created a monster storm. Our skies on Co are filled daily w this junk. We will never know what the Lord sends down naturally any longer, EVIL people running our world and we are going to vote more in.

  19. Joe says:

    Dear Dane.No doubt things are crazy over here in Connecticut. I observed the skies get sprayed day and night for 30 straight days,just to create one single rain event followed by this terrible dry air.
    Whoever is behind

  20. cinny says:

    here in NJ, we were ice nucleated all day yesterday, as soon as the batch of "clouds" passed over, the temperature climbed, then another batch of "clouds" came in and the temps dropped.  It yo-yo'd all day.  Massive HAARP waves in the "clouds".  Got up at 5 AM today and it is so warm and humid, I had to open the windows, but there is an odd smell.  The skies are solid pale grey.  Severe pressure and ringing in my ears indicatingELF's/RF's  way up high, making me sick and dizzy yet another day

    • Kat Lopez says:

      I live in NJ too, I saw the same. I hear the sounds. I have upgraded my food intake (fruits, veggies, nuts, water) & started meditating- doing yoga plus we have EMF protections- copper & crystals everywhere. Research this. Create a barrier from those waves. Keep your immune systems strong. Research.  Drink lots of water, LOTS! use real PHYTO -vitamins, only eat real foods, juice your veggies & fruits too (Vitamix). Do what you can but do something. This is not going to last long but in the kindwhile, lets arm ourselves.

  21. Ludek Lukasek says:

    Hi Dane, like others I find what is going on sickening, especially when you see that those who should be protecting us and the environment are generally turning their back. One thing that still eludes me is the fact that those responsible for this inhumane activity are also breathing the same air and living in the same world as we are. What kind of protection do they have from the poison that they are killing the rest of the world with?  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ludek, we are not dealing with sanity. Fukushima may kill us all also, but there are 60 more nuclear facilities on the drawing board. 

  22. David says:

    Since, Sunday November 1. Florida has experienced higher than normal High and Low temperatures. Nearly every city/town in the state, has either tied or set a new record, so far this week. I live in Northeast Florida Atlantic Beach/Jacksonville, the average High Temperature for the first week in Nov should be 76, average Low Temperature should be 61. Here is what was observed. Nov 1 High 87 Low 72,  Nov 2 H 87 L 73, Nov 3 H 89 L 72, Nov 4 H 83 L 74, Nov 5 H 84 L 75. The daily mean temperature, the average between the High and Low Temperature of the normal average High 76 and normal average Low 61 is 68.5 degrees. In the first 5 days of November the average High was 86, average Low 73, which creates a daily mean temperature of 79.6 degrees, this average is 11.1 degrees above average (departure from normal). Southern Florida has even been slightly warmer, with high temperatures into the 90's. The Climate Engineers have constantly manipulated upper level wind patterns, causing a Meridional Flow. Meridional is when the upper level wind pattern (Jet Stream) flows across lines of latitude in a curved pattern, forming Ridges and Troughs (Peaks and Valley's)causing extremities in High and Low Temperatures and atmospheric blocking, it also causes Low Pressure systems to move from West to East faster. A Zonal Flow pattern, is when the upper level wind flow (Jet Stream) is moving parallel to lines of latitude. I rarely ever see this type of pattern on upper level wind charts anymore. If a Zonal flow occured the blocking of Pacific Ocean moisture heading for the Western U.S. would cease and the necessary moisture would be allowed into to California, to help with the needed precipitation. A Meridional Flow pattern has been the case during the past 3 Winters for the Eastern half of the U.S. and now the exact opposite is occurring, as Dane has mentioned.

  23. wilson says:

    Ever since the atom was weaponized (1939)– everything else has become weaponized: food; water, air, weather, money  the Bureaucracy; Media; ..the Hi-Tech Gulag….The Sovietization of our nation.

    • MacGeo says:

      Interesting point, wilson. What you omitted on your list was the Human species itself. The human psyche seems to have become weaponized to create an artificial environment out of a natural environment. Nature's natural beauty wasn't enough for them. They had to deconstruct Nature in order to feel as if they could re-create it on their own terms and feed their egos, just as they did with the Einstein's theory and the atom bomb.


  24. David says:

    ……dry ice is exactly what it feels like too. The cold bites right through your clothing. I can feel the "Chemical cool" on my face at times. Thanks for all of your hard work, Dane.

  25. Marc says:

    It is inexpressibly anguishing to realize day after day after day that these worthless meatsocks are able to blow their poisons over blessed Mother Earth and, at least for now, there is little she can effectively do to stop it. If you've ever watched a live earthworm being attacked by an army of ants maybe you'll get an idea how Mother feels. 

      I found a video on YouTube entitled, (I think) "Overview", and it focused on the experiences of astronauts returning from space and how the experience of being up there (or out there)  changed them in unexpected ways, on sometimes profound personal levels. There is also a well known audio/video clip of Carl Sagan voicing his miraculous soliloquy about our first distant views of earth from space probes and moonshots. Indeed, if we pause to access even just one or two of these now famous photos and really meditate upon them, we come to understand something so incredible about our place in this universe and a little something about what it all might mean. As I have meditated upon these images of a tiny blue dot in an endless blackness, I am consumed with emotion at the tragedies Mother herself has birthed out of herself. How, in the immensity of time and space, can it have come to pass that Mother has given birth to the psychopath, the rapist, the serial killer, or the geoengineer?? Are these beings, who would bond together to consciously and willfully poison Mother's body, actually some kind of a cancer which Mother has contracted? Perhaps in the immensity of time Mother takes comfort knowing she will ultimately survive them all, be they geoengineer or paid poisoner. Mother is self-healing, but in her own timeline. We do not have the long-seeing eyes that Mother, in her infinite patience, has. We are all restless and filled with despair and anger and heartbreak. But though our eyes are presently blinded by sprayed poisons and conscience-free governments, we have not forgotten to find love and communion where we can. The Cartel cannot last. Inwardly this makes me happy and fills me with joy, though I may never live to see it with my OWN eyes. Mother WILL heal herself, but it will take time, an immense amount of time. Somehow, I can't explain, I feel she's ok with that.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      The White Knight's Prayer: “expect to pass this way but once; therefore any good deed that I can do, or any act of kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer nor neglect it, for I may not pass this way again.”
      (Similar words also attributed to Quakers William Penn 1644-1718 and Stephen Grellet 1733-1855). 

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Nice, very nice! It seems obvious to me that lack of humility and appreciation of Nature is at the root of humanity*s problems.If the arrogant sapien sapiens continue to believe that Earth is here for their exclusive use, re:abuse, then who can complain when Nature takes the blows and fights back? Humanism is not all that it is cracked up to be.

    • David says:

      I occasionally watch C-Span or    Every morning on C-Span the Washington Journal, a call-in program with government officials, political leaders and journalists airs from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM Eastern Time, daily. These programs cover anything and everything from taxes, education, heathcare, immigration, crime, social security,  military etc etc. This program takes live calls from people who want to ask questions, give advice and voice their feelings and opinions on the topics/subjects being discussed. There is also a time usually, around 9:15 AM, 9:30AM where they have an Open Phones Session. Anyone can call in during this time, to discuss any topic/subject they would like to address. We all should call in from all over the country, to discuss GeoEngineering. We will be on live TV, to get the word out.

  26. Catherine J Frompovich says:

    In suburban Philadelphia, PA this autumn, the trees are not as colorful as in former years!  I live in a treed area and this year the leaves have not turned their spectacular colors, they just dropped off from many of the trees.  How very strange!  The other day I was driving on Rte. 78 west toward Harrisburg and saw the strangest site: Mountains with trees that seemed to have black leaves rather than colorful autumn leaves.  What's going on, as I've seen those trees and mountains over 25 autumns and never encountered that.  The sky was clear with no fake clouds, so it couldn't be cloud shading. Has anyone seen similar autumnal leaf anomalies elsewhere?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Catherine, the trees in Northern California look very very bad. All species, even in landscaped locations. The whole array of climate engineering impacts and toxins is taking it’s toll everywhere.

    • Olivia says:

      I have documented tree decline all over Colorado, as well.  Trees dying from the top first.  Bark baked totally off the trees and shrubs dying.  If we ever get a fire going up the I-70 corridor, it's going to be very, very bad.

    • Ludek Lukasek says:

      Hello Catherine. I have noticed a very different coloration of the leaves in Austria as well. Many leaves have just turned brown and then fell off, without the usual, beautiful color change that one is used to in a normal autumn. Perhaps the dryness has played a role but considering that we are being sprayed virtually on a daily basis, I am sure that the poisoning of our environment is playing a major role.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Catherine, the colors are flat here in the Shawnee, also. Half the leaves were already on the ground before *fall* came. And, just as Olivia observed, dead branches are poking up above the canopy everywhere. I have not seen the burnt bark mentioned, but ornamentals, particularly Boxwoods,have more dead branches than healthy, and, as Dane has mentioned, trees in the islands in parking lots are on their last legs. Despite these and all the other signs of distress, america parties on.

    • SPARK says:


    • penny says:

      Hi Spark,  those black spots are showing up all over, apparently.  I have seen them on trees in Norway and in Scotland.  They seem to appear en masse right after a rain, as if the clouds were dumping something highly toxic on us all.  At least, that happened last year in Norway.  Several trees were mostly dead by the end of the summer, as a result. 

      Anyone who believes that this insanity could be a way of mitigating runaway global warming should ask themselves how we are going to reduce CO2 if we are killing off all the trees.  I say "we" because I don't think there is time left to divide "us" and "them" – everyone who has a computer (like me) has a hand in perpetuating this planetary omnicide.  If we don't take stock of our personal contributions, we can't ever begin healing.

      When my computer dies I am going to try getting by with using the ones at the library, and eventually without any at all.  Sacrifices must be made.  IF the ecosystem lasts as long as my 8-year old computer does, that is. 

  27. Sue says:

    Likely most of you know about this, but I watch it daily and it is absolutely bizarre where the weather is coming from and going to.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Its a complete mess isn't it?.. You don't even have to be a meteorologist to see it. Cloud masses going in every direction at once.. A fractured mess. The ba$ta#&'s have broken our atmosphere.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, a complete mess….here on the west coast, too.  The intellicast visible cloud sat. shows the eastward flow from over the pacific.  And yet in the middle of the ocean is one roundish group of cohesive clouds going south, not east, and at a speed that defies belief.  It is not a tropical mass.  It meets up with some fingerling things and that is where the loop stops.  Am going to check the updated loop Later this morning to see the rest of the story.  These "renegades" seem to be steered for some purpose.  I have observed this recently over northern Arkansas area.  The system is moving northeast, but one fish shaped clouds bolts off of the southern portion with incredible speed and crossing cloudless skies to smack into another fish shaped one not part of the originating system.  The two commingle and then the original clouds morphs into a larger unit and with unbelievable speed goes back up north and joins the system from whence it came.  I was astonished.  

  28. Rosalie says:

    What if everyone on here blitzed mailboxes in their communities all around the world with Dane's posters?  Would this not be an effective plan to enlighten en masse?

    • Ludek Lukasek says:

      Why not, every activity aiding the information of the masses can be of benefit, especially when the govt. bodies and the media are doing everything possible to totally ignore what is going on above our heads. Many people see what is happening but many ignore or do not want to get involved.

    • penny says:

      Yes, except that I think it is illegal to put something into a mailbox – a federal offense.  You could check on that.  But I have always been told to put fliers inside the screen door, or in the most weather-proof spot available, rather than in the mailbox.  A newspaper box, on the other hand, is fine.

  29. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, is it possible for the reverse to happen?  My yard thermometer says 65 degrees, yet I'm "freezing" and wearing long johns!  It has been quite nippy here since our rain, which seemed alot, but recorded as less than an inch.  Yet things still look wet.

    I noticed on the news last night that the huge Christmas tree for our state capitol was cut in/near Redding, or so they said, said from Redding. Do they always get their tree from Redding or is this a "dis" to you?  Either way, it bites, eh?  At least it pisses me off.

    I have friends in the midwest.  They say the weather this year has been great.  A neighbor who doesn't want to hear about all this, goes back to Illinois often owing to a sick parent.  She sends me photos and reports on the plants.  Says all look healthy and beautiful.  And from the pictures they do.  That also pisses me off, both because we have so suffered without water, and because of the disinformation it creates.

  30. Heidi says:

    I talked to my brother in Minneapolis and he said it has been very pleasant and warm the last few days, almost to the point of being bizarre.  He said it's been in the mid 60's or so. Now, to those of us in the south, we wouldn't think twice, but to be in the mid 60's in Minneapolis, this time of year, and to last more than a day, that is unusual to the point of being bizarre.

  31. I found these videos by chance because they were on the front page of YouTube. I’ve not heard of Christopher Greene of AMTV before, but apparently he is amazingly popular. He has his own YouTube channel. Can we hope that dissent against the corporate oligarchy/plutocracy (who don't even live in the USA!) is spreading & growing. The first one suggests how WW3 may break out, as Dane fears – with the consequence that dissent along with free speech will vanish. Critical thinking is encouraged and necessary to rise above the endless webs of propaganda we are inundated with – like the toxic webs of death in our skies.

    How Syria Leads to World War
    Oct. 8, 2015
    190,600+ views

    The Real Reason Putin is Fighting ISIS
    Sept.28, 2015
    Over 1 million views

    • BaneB says:

      I do not believe we have to worry about government interference against our Constitutionally guaranteed rights/freedoms in the event of WW3.  There won't be any government.  For all the prepping and underground bunkers that exclude you and me, the entire ability to function anywhere for food or fuel or community or cohesive authority will simply be non existent.  Not to be ghoulish about this, there will be no cities left and no people in the ruins.  There will be pockets of survivors in sparse numbers in remote regions.  Everything we know will be no more.  And yes, this rise of GOG is a potent, a sign of the times.  It heralds the wind of change.  Babylon has blundered.  The Middle East, cradle to civilization, seems hellbent on becoming its grave.  When corruption of empire reaches the critical mass, which it has, then the termite infested supports begin to crumble.  There always is some force or another eager to take propitious advantage.  That is where the gears wrench forward and time is up.  There is nothing I can do to change this course. Sociopaths are in the majority.  Until such a time, life continues to demand that the rest of us seek to be good stewards of this earth.  In our endeavor we do this by demanding the sociopaths stop geoengineering the atmosphere and cease ruining our sky.  This is our calling.  It is noble.

    • BaneB — I'm afraid you are right on this: "I do not believe we have to worry about government interference against our Constitutionally guaranteed rights/freedoms in the event of WW3.  There won't be any government." They will be in their undergrounds while we are left with our broken immune systems to defend our families from insane Mad Max gangs. But you know, I was in NYC for both blackouts and 9/11. Amazingly New Yorkers rose to the moment all three times. Perhaps this is because they tend to be TypeA's – but they directed traffic, protected shops, and everyone smiled & spoke to each other after 9/11 (something that NEVER happens in NYC!). So perhaps we can hope this will bring out the best in the majority. Time to shine! When I think about it, I don't know any bad people. The people I have met in my life are normally hard working men & woman who love God and their families. Maybe this will bring out the courage of purity in humankind that will cleanse the earth of the decadence and greed we have fallen into. Noble, as you say.

  32. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….That is freakfracking unbelievable….and all the more frightening all at the same time…..totally confirmed – it is indeed dumbing down…as well as killing off the elderly…which equates to shorter life span for the youth…..but all are suffering the disease known as Geoengineering…                     ..Thanks Cori..

    • Marc says:

      Your link is truly mind shredding. Imagine if somehow we could assemble 800,000 people to protest geoengineering!! But 800,000 turning out for the KC Royals rally? It's not that Kansans are stupid, (or is it?) it's just that it's human nature to like a big-ass party and celebration. The unfortunate reality, which is completely lost on 799, 901 of those 800,000, is that celebrations such as these are soon to go extinct, along with baseball itself.

  33. Melody Meachum says:

    @Rachel…aww thanks!

    @Horsegirl…wouldn't doubt that cat behavior changes due to heavy metal toxicity. However, I do remember way back to my Jr High years (early 70's) of a friend severely bitten by her cat. Her hand was a mess and she remained on antibiotics for quite some time. Cat Scratch Fever is nasty stuff!

  34. Robo Sapien says:

    The temperature dropped so fast in the Front Range last night, I knew they were Ice nucleating. I feel like I am suffocating when they do it, I feel like I cant get enough air. Does anyone know what chemicals they use for the temperature draw down? I have the most severe reactions when they try to draw down the temps. I hate these bastards with all of my heart.

    • Robo Sapien — This doesn’t answer your question directly, but may shed some light considering what it would take to make snow ‘burn’!

      Burning Snow from Artificial Chemical Nucleation? /Feb.2014
      …videos showing what people are calling "burning snow". The supposition is that this is from artificial nucleation through a chemical or nano metal process related to chemtrails. Some of the unusual or unexpected attributes include:
          •    a "burning" appearance (soot accumulates on the snow)
          •    a glazed appearance
          •    not "melting", little or no dripping (goes directly to evaporation)
          •    a bad smell
      The first video I watched showed a guy with two snowballs over a wood stove top. One snowball came from ice he chipped out of his freezer (he shows himself chipping off the ice and forming the snowball). The other snowball comes from outside on the ground. The ice from the freezer begins melting almost immediately, within 2 seconds of being held over the stove. The snowball from outside produces the first drip after nearly eight minutes of being held the same distance from the stove top.

      I am not a chemist, but what comes to my mind is ‘dry ice’ which burns the skin terribly. Maybe this is some modified form that has been polarized to make it more electrically conductive than normal dry ice.
      WIKI: The process of altering cloud precipitation can be done with the use of dry ice. It was widely used in experiments in the US in the 1950s and early 60s before it was replaced by silver iodide. Dry ice has the advantage of being relatively cheap and completely non-toxic. Its main drawback is the need to be delivered directly into the supercooled region of clouds being seeded.

      In laboratories, a slurry of dry ice in an organic solvent is a useful freezing mixture for cold chemical reactions and for condensing solvents in rotary evaporators. Dry ice/acetone forms a cold bath of –78 °C, which can be used for instance to prevent thermal runaway in a Swern oxidation.

      Dry ice is easily manufactured. First, gases with a high concentration of carbon dioxide are produced. Such gases can be a byproduct of another process, such as producing ammonia from nitrogen and natural gas, or large-scale fermentation. Second, the carbon dioxide-rich gas is pressurized and refrigerated until it liquifies. Next, the pressure is reduced. When this occurs some liquid carbon dioxide vaporizes, causing a rapid lowering of temperature of the remaining liquid. As a result, the extreme cold causes the liquid to solidify into a snow-like consistency. Finally, the snow-like solid carbon dioxide is compressed into either small pellets or larger blocks of dry ice.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, yes, the chemically nucleated frozen precipitation is reacting in the same manner as dry ice. The materials being used are causing an endothermic reaction and thus much of the frozen precipitation/snow sublimates. The chemical “flashburn” effect you describe is exactly accurate. Damage from this effect is showing up on foliage. The attaced link gives a bit more data on this subject.

    • Tamara says:

      Hi Robo,

      I live in Mendocino county, Ca. Today I saw them spraying like crazy. What promised to be a sunny day turned out with thick purple and teal tinged clouds that socked in the cold. My husband and I said to each other, it feels like it's gonna snow!

      The forecast said it was raining yet no precipitation here. Just icy frosty cold at (stated) 40's. 

      I read these posts and it all made sense, or nonsense to me. I have been watching these skies for 11 years now with eyes open and I have never seen this maneuver yet. Super scary. I have to wonder what new poisons are falling on us?

    • Melanie says:

      To Tamara,

      You say you have witnessed the poisoning of our skies for over ten years. You have the experience and knowledge to educate others,please rise up and don't sit silent. I woke up in November 2014, and since then, I have been emailing, and talking to anyone I know about this issue! Please stay strong, we need to wake people up!!! 

  35. horsegirl says:

    We are getting cold blasts in extreme southeast AZ although with pretty clear skies.

    From the invasion of the brain snatchers department, part two:

    Like the human manifestations of neurological problems due to the filth in our atmosphere, animals are having trouble too.

    Has anyone else heard of this recent uptick in cat bites?  I don't mean ordinary bites – I was bitten 20 years ago, a quick nip that drew blood but was instantly over and healed right up.  I'm talking about – in particular – elderly cats, lifelong docile friends, just up an biting their owners to the bone.  Not so much a bite as a pit bull style jaw lockdown, won't-let-go joint crusher.  Or what are the odds of this – out of the two persons who have planned visits with us (one now realized), both have had a very elderly cat (15 and 20 years respectively) nearly cause loss of a digit or limb with a deep bite, refusing to let go?  Both these friends then heard tell of other cat bites, one even fatal.  One friend had to go in for intravenous antibiotics for two outpatient ordeals leaving a catheter in the wounded finger overnight, the other now on horse pill iszed antibiotics after a feverish, exceedingly painful swelling that probably would have been fatal had he not gone to the hospital.  Both relate excruciating pain, more debilitating than anything else in their lives.  Evidently such bites take about three months to heal, the victim enduring extreme swelling and pain for many days.

    These are not feral cats.  Because of these two incidents we've since become connoisseurs of cat bite stories.  It seems the cats involved were all quite elderly, which makes me wonder about cumulative exposure to neurotoxic ambient filth.   Just like the Alzheimers which results in long-term exposure to aluminum.

    I never heard of deadly cat bites before in my life.  Cats bit sometimes but it was a quick nip. When both our friends went to the hospital they heard reports of a recent rash of such cat bites.  By long time old feline friends.  Something recent, evidently.  Two more enecdotes:  a lady had her very aged cat curled up in her lap, purring away, was petting it – nothing out of the ordinary – when it abruptly seized her hadn in its teeth and locked its jaws down.  The other was again a very elderly cat who inhabited the ocunter at a country hardware store, and had done so for many years.  Friendly to all.  One day a lady came in, petted it, and Zap, same thing.  The pitbull lockdown bite in all cases.  So I called our veterinarian in SE Arizona and they had never heard of a case of a locked-jaw cat bite.

    FWIW three of the five cases I know of occurred in the Merlin, OR vicinity, pretty close to where Dane lives in Shasta county including the fatal bite.  The other two were in the northwest Rockies in areas with heavy sprayed-over aluminized skies (which we rarely see).  We do however have HAARP problems, which scramble our circuitry and no doubt affect all living creatures.

    Anyone else hear of these deadly cat bites?

    • Marc says:

      Hi, Horsegirl. Marc here. While I'm thinking of it, I may take you folks up on your offer to have people visit y'all down in southern Az. I'm very familiar with southeastern Az. and would love to visit when I'm out there next, which will be maybe March or April of next year.
      But regarding cats, I've owned cats my whole life and known many others who have also but never in my life have I heard of this bite phenomenon. As a side note, are you hip to the "half-cat" scenario? Go to and search "half-cat" and I guarantee you will experience profound perplexity and perturbation.

    • Nataljia says:

      Dear Horsegirl,  Regarding the cat bites… I never believed in chemtrails until a few yrs ago I started researching and boy now I do. I read the news  & developments on this from sites all over the world. Anyway, in my search for truth, I came across all kinds of things we are being lied to about from 9-11, false flags, harp, mind control experiments etc. Just like there are patents and government documents proving all this chemtrail crap..& if you've spent hours on this site and others researching you'll know they use "frequencies" thru harp etc. to get the desired effects. Well, there are patents and plenty of gov documents on mind control out there if you diligently look along with videos from scientists and researchers proving that they can generate certain frequencies that will make a person be calm, another one makes them angry, another violent and so on. This research originally started with animals. They have successfully used it on humans.  The frequencies coming off of Wi-Fi & cell phones matches some of the ones that cause the brain to react calm, angry violent and so on. There is a theory that a lot of these towers in town, cities along the highways and also harp will be used for mind control by generating specific frequencies on the populations to cause them to react a certain way.  You know how animals sense things before us humans do…? (such as an earthquake or tsunami's) Well, possibly a frequency is causing the cat to feel violent, or I suspect the cat may be possibly be obviously feeling the frequency before we humans do. Check out US patent #6488617  Do research this subject thoroughly as I did, it is real and they have things in place to do exactly this as shocking as it may seem.  Get a frequency tester, Do you have a smart meter? WiFI? Do you live near one of those towers? Do you see harp signatures in the skies the days your cats act like that?  Continue to be observant, test your surroundings, watch for similar changes in other animals and people.  You may have stumbled onto a natural early warning signal that may help people have time to protect themselves if this "theory" may possibly be true.  That patent and all the other evidence makes me believe it is. 

    • horsegirl says:

      Yesterday I made it my passion to research this phenomenon of elderly cats biting like bulldogs.  i called more veterinarians, and neither had heard of it.  The senior person with whom I spoke said that a locked-down bite was not cat behavior, period.  That the only way this would occur is with some kind of neurological damage like brain cancer, rabies, etc.  So it left me wondering if our cell phones do not affect cats.  BTW it was not our cats who bit anyone, but those of others.  Ours are very young.  And Natalija, I am going to be very careful as to any exposure I can control.

      @ Marc – come on down, you or others.  Please!  We are just two people dealing with 90 very fertile acres.  It has excellent potential.  BTW I keep meaning to contact you about a music video concept.  Imagine a montage of sprayed skies, contrasts of older photos of places with current ones.  I have some lyrics ready, and the melody is comprised of phrases from Chopin's mazurkas (as played by William Kappell, in keeping with Polish tradition of Chopin instead of current travesties).  I play some pieces fingerstyle on guitar.  Like someone remarked, a piece could be assembled using players in various locations and mixed even elsewhere.  I think you're really going to like the lyrics.

    • bob says:

      Horsegirl, it sounds like the cats were having seizures (it can be caused not only by aluminum but several other conditions which may or may not be serious,  and a vet should know better…) – cats having seizures may look awake but often lock their jaws or bite and are not aware, as they more often have complex partial seizures which alter consciousness.

  36. henry says:

    Hi Dane,
    I’ve been reading here for a while now and its pretty bizar as reported many times. I live europe but here it doesnt seem as screwed up as in the us jet, although its been to hot al year. Nearly 20C in november in holland now. Also starting to see the impact on birds and plants more, increasing mutations in flowers, foilage and tree mortality.
    Today i noticed what seems to be a haarp ring on the rain radar, comming in from somewhere near London. (in the radar archive image below) Any thoughts on this?
    thank you

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Very interesting.  There is a HAARP further west, don't know of one there.  Could be a HAARP 'down burst' , or an 'up' emission  from one of the beefed up NEXRAD.

  37. JF says:

    Here in SoCal its cool and sunny after the storm earlier this week with light/moderate rain. It was a very clear blue sky this morning but the planes were already spraying early this morning. Its starting to become more overcast. They didn't spray earlier this week.

    It was so nice to see a blue sky this week

  38. Stevo_777 says:

    It's apparent someone is manipulating the weather. Frost covers my car even if the temp is 38F. The US weather maps show a definite line. One half freezes while the other half bakes! When will this madness stop?

    • propheticwatcher says:

      A few nights ago 11/03/15 the low at the house was about 40F  Around midnight frost was already on the car.  How does that happen?  I didn't notice any spraying that day…Carlisle. South Central Pennsylvania…and we didn't get any snow in October either as we did 2 and 3 years ago.  I am wondering what trick they have planned this winter season up coming?  Wish they'd at least tell us to brace for 10ft blizzards.  SMH. 

    • Jerry says:

      When Selfish Men realize that energy ,  money and Power are not as important as the ecology .

  39. Melody Meachum says:

    Dane – great report. This is something that can easily be understood when weather discussions come up!
    Amazing that the masses still don't question how hard science now defies itself due to engineered weather. Freezing used to mean just that.
    Is 42° now the new 32°?? Just asking!

  40. Ann says:

    Great work. Montana reports are dead on accurate and it's bizarre. Nucleared flakes are big and very shimmery. PS you can light them on fire! I have Picts to prove it!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oooh Ann, I'd like to see those pictures!  A few years ago, my Native nephew was living/working in Hutchinson, Kansas in the winter and brought indoors a big glob of the stuff.  He then took a torch to it.  Said it turned orange but would not melt.  That is, it took a very very long time to melt.  Think they change the chemicals up?  I imagine they do, you know, by way of trying to perfect the science!!!!  The science of fakery.

  41. Sean S says:

    Nice job Dane. Impressive work as always.

  42. Joe Sullivan says:

    Hi Dane
    very good article and Thank you.
    what is the chemical they use to Chemically
    nucleate the clouds with in order to make is cool rapidly and snow?
    Thank you 
    Joe Sullivan 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, if you investigate the hyperlinks contained within the article, you will find some answers. There are biological and chemical agents, some we have identified in testing, but there is certainly much we cannot know. Some of the links contained in the article also contain short lab demonstrations of chemical and biological nucleation.

  43. donna says:

    I'm just North of ABQ,NM @6,300' and woke up to a dusting of small snow balls covering the ground the temp was 39. We have not yet had an AM freeze. 4 hrs later another dusting of balls at 40 degrees. The talking weather heads on all the TV stations are enough to make one sick to their stomach, hope they are held accountable for their deception at some point.

    Please Chuck Norris kick this movement of awareness into overdrive!

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