Engineering A World Of Climate Extremes


Dane Wigington

If the map below does not look terribly out of balance to you, it should. The all out effort to engineer constant cool-downs in the eastern US could not be more obvious and is still being carried out in order to manufacture the media headlines necessary to continue the confusion and division of the US population in regard to the true state of the global climate. The latest GISS map below shows "departure from normal temperatures" for the month of February 2015.


Where is the ONLY anomalously cold place in the whole world (yet again)? As has been the case for a very long time already, it's the eastern half of the US lower 48 states. Now the climate engineers have reached their goal of creating the all time snow record for Boston and that is what mainstream media is spending most of their time talking about. The same overall pattern continues for the US, the West bakes, the East freezes. In between engineered cool-downs in many regions there is a constant extreme weather whiplash occurring. Temperatures swing radically from the engineered record cold events, to record warm, and then back to record cold as the next engineered cool-down is orchestrated.


The "bake and freeze" scenario shown above has been maintained by the climate engineers as the consistent pattern for the US. Is this going to continue to be the "scheduled weather"? The extended forecast map below confirms the completely unnatural and unprecedented "bake and freeze" pattern will be maintained through the end of the month and likely beyond.
The overall planetary meltdown is accelerating by the day as the geoengineers ramp up their assault on the biosphere. Countless thawing methane deposits are releasing all over the globe (especially in the Arctic) and the methane is migrating to our atmosphere. The climate engineers appear to be utilizing all resources available to them in their increasingly desperate and incredibly destructive attempt to hide the unfolding methane catastrophe from public view for as long as possible. Reports of worsening spraying are coming in from all over the globe. The concentrated efforts of the climate engineers over the eastern US is so profound that all normal weather aspects are being altered. The atmospheric aerosols alter convection and wind currents, this has greatly diminished tornado development so far this year. Though this may sound like a good thing to some, the overall decimation from the climate engineering insanity is horrific beyond quantification. Again, the constant engineered cool-downs of the heavily populated eastern US is not just weather warfare, but psychological operations to cause confusion and division as to the true state of the global climate and the rapidly accelerating planetary methane meltdown. The US departure from normal high temperature map below shows record warm temperatures as of March 16th (another weather "whiplash" event), but there was very little mainstream media coverage of the record heat (with some temperatures 34 degrees or more above normal). All coverage was focused on the Boston snow record. 
map4 has done multiple posts in recent months outlining what was unfolding in the US, and why, with conclusions based on all available data. Some of those posts are linked at the bottom of this article. Taking the time to review these posts will further understanding of the climate engineering scenario being carried out in the continental US. The bottom line is this, the planet is warming at a radical pace and climate engineering is making it far worse, not better. The short term geoengineered cool-downs come at the cost of a far worsened overall warming and the entire biosphere is being contaminated in the process. If you want to know what you can do to help (and we need all the help we can get in this battle), this "activist suggestions link" is a good place to start.

50 Responses to Engineering A World Of Climate Extremes

  1. Dylan says:

    "Often this appllication of the spraying contributes to the heating (and thus the strength of the high pressure). During this type of spraying, the UV radiation readings are actually going up, not down (we measure them ourselves)."

    Then the logical conclusion, being that the spraying is worldwide, is that the overall intention is NOT to cool the temperature. As they are successful in doing so over the Eastern US, why don't they have the same success everywhere else? Is it not because the intention is to heat the planet whilst using the anomalous cooling over the Eastern US to dupe the masses?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dylan, the situation is much more complicated than what you described, but some area seem to be intentionally heated for specific purposes.

  2. Marc says:

    I like "Jayne's" comments regarding courses of action that our movement might consider. Indeed, the myriad subterranean avenues of protest and dissent and consciousness-raising that many of us are involved with seems, at the end of the day, woefully inadequate. More highly visible "public" protests of many kinds could potentially be staged. See my comment on this article on the "orders of magnitude" dilemma we now face. If we expect to gain REAL TRACTION in this awareness game, I am afraid we must seriously consider taking greater risks and find more creative ways to blow open the whole goddamn game. It's time!!!

    • KathY says:

      I hear you there.  Many people God bless their souls are just soo

      asleep, and just want to think about "the positive" not the negative,

      while we are burning and freezing or drowning?  I don't know,  I think

      we are gonners.  Too much going on to concentrate on one thing that is happening in the world.  I think it is going to take one of the biggest

      miracles we can muster up to help all of our situations.

  3. Milla says:

    So now that it's snowing like crazy out east, an obvious question arises: is the snow safe? I don't want to touch it, given what I've seen of Cliff Caricom's work so far. Scary!

  4. Paul Vonharnish says: March 19, 2015 at 8:43 am

    "Hey people: Stop looking at the sky and taking pictures, already."


    I don't agree: We have to document their crimes! We have to present evidence of what's going on and what they did so far. That might help waking some people up.


  5. I can confirm that heaviest spraying took place in many parts of Germany for the last couple of days. I got fotos and reports.

    Being coincidence or not they spayed so densly before the solar eclipse event that the air was poisoned in an extremely manner. In our region the visibility was at times just about 300 meters. Misty, dark, dirty air. It is still smelling like burning car tires.

    Now, 3 hours after the eclipse, the sun tries to penetrate the poisonous sky….with little success so far but the air seems to get a little bit better although still misty.

    I got similar reports from all over, even the eastern part of Germany. Many people report being seriously sick.

    • Ute says:

      Dear Karl,

      we don´t have only fog here (Ruhrgebiet), we do not have only everywhere in Germany fog (I phoned with my mother who was on holiday and has driven through Germany today), we have it worldwide since three days! I have searched with google in German, English, French, Italian and Russian language and it is everywhere the same. Germany, France, Britain, Ireland, Wales, Italia, Russia, China, even some parts of USA and Canada, everywhere is fog since a three days. And it does not go away. We have to see this as an attack! This is my opinion.

  6. Jayne says:

    NYC was nailed today from morning to evening. First time I've noticed it as an all-day affair. Truly horrifying. We now have snow scheduled for tomorrow. Everyone was looking at their iPads and didn't see the chembows. How brilliant of them. The devices insure no one will look up (or even straight ahead).

    • Penn Hudson says:

      Same thing here in Philadelphia, from sunrise to sunset, I would estimate at least 50-60 different trails and rather than consistently NE to SW, there were a number of N to S as well. I get the feeling the cat's going to be out of the bag soon.

  7. Marc says:

    I am reflecting on the "orders of magnitude" concept again. In this fight to further expose the geoengineering criminals and their activities, our fractured, generally self-centered consciousness is part of the problem. The only large conglomerations of like-minded consciousness seem to be stadium events, music concerts, TV shows and the like. But the quality of consciousness at such events is largely passive and scatterbrained. And therefore useless as far as I am concerned. It has been clearly demonstrated that thousands of meditators meditating simultaneously can alter the quantum field enough to cause actual, real, positive effects such as reduction in many forms of violence. What if we "awakened ones"  were to all simultaneously meditate upon the thought of eradicating geoengineering? Is this worth trying? Can we alter the quantum field within which these bastards operate? 

      I guess I'm also pondering here just how can we turbo-charge the spread of awareness of geoengineering and it's dangers. The time remaining to increase this awareness needs to expand "ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE" beyond where we're at. Can this be done? Does this not seem futile at best and stupid at worst? The upcoming CalJam event in LA has the potential to stir up some shit. But it seems woefully inadequate relative to the magnitude of the threat. I know things are moving in our favor on some small level, and while there may be big  things happening behind the scenes right now, we ordinary people on the streets are feeling pissed-off, unfocused and full of despair. The problem just seems too big for any hope of real traction against these assholes

      But as Dane often says, we can't know who will tip the scales in our favor in the awareness game, so therefore we should all keep doing what we can. It occurs to me that the "orders of magnitude" problem may solve itself in the coming months as the whole geoengineering experiment goes awry and the truth behind the curtain on this shit exposes itself  "in public".


    • Jayne says:

      We need concrete plans, an organizing website with an active listserv and social media presence, a good media campaign and to organize film screenings and presentations coast to coast. But, then we need a plan beyond raising awareness for sure — creative consciousness raising events, psychic activism (group/coordinated visualizations), political art projects, etc. Culture jamming. Where's Ollie Stone's son — let's get a commercial/PSA going around the Internet.

      Strategically, the best idea I have had so far is to have a campaign to get Obama to issue an executive order to stop the spraying. This at least puts pressure on him and raises awareness, though I know he has relatively little power with relation to the military. I am not an Obamabot in any way — way beyond that — but these are strategies for raising awareness. Legal fights seem useless and demoralizing. Sit-ins in congressional offices coast to coast is another possible strategy. A giant march featuring everyone wearing black and carrying coffins like the Palestinians do: "Chemtrails are death trails."

      I am working on brainstorming solutions because I am solutions oriented, but I am just getting up to speed on the issue. These are some ideas. But we've also got to think about bioremediation and focus on what we can do to FIX it, not just stop it.

      The website for organizing is needed right away. I am working on one around my life… but if anyone has skills in this area — I can do wordpress but am not a coder, we need them. This will be forthcoming…

      Best wishes to all…

    • KathY says:

      I enjoyed your comments:  about problem seems too big for traction, but

      the other comment about all getting together and meditate or drum or

      something all together, like they did in Jericho marched around the building shouting and the walls came tumbling down.  Any suggestions as to how we can all coordinate such a plan with enough people for momentum and effect?

  8. Frank says:

    The rain we get here in the south is heavily concentrated with sulfur. It smells the day before it rains and several days after. There is no purpose to introduce sulfur in our environment other than to harm us all. 

     What is known about what happens when the environment is loaded with sulphur dioxide is bad enough, since the compound is the main component of acid rain, which according to the EPA “Causes acidification of lakes and streams and contributes to the damage of trees.  In addition, acid rain accelerates the decay of building materials and paints, including irreplaceable buildings, statues, and sculptures that are part of our nation’s cultural heritage. 


    The health effects of bombarding the skies with sulfur dioxide alone are enough to raise serious questions about the criminals who are doing this.

    The following health effects are linked with exposure to sulfur.

    – Neurological effects and behavioral changes
    – Disturbance of blood circulation
    – Heart damage
    – Effects on eyes and eyesight
    – Reproductive failure
    – Damage to immune systems
    – Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
    – Damage to liver and kidney functions
    – Hearing defects
    – Disturbance of the hormonal metabolism
    – Dermatological effects
    – Suffocation and lung embolism

    The subject of acid rain was that just a hoax started to make money, introduced by sulfur in our environment.

    We all are being poisoned by these criminal parasites daily and our time is short. We need to change now while we still have our senses. Thank you Dane and others for fighting this battle as you are the true hero's. 


  9. Hey people: Stop looking at the sky and taking pictures, already. Ok? Why bother? This kind of activity is about as functional as smoking a cigarette whilst hungry, rather than eating some good food. You might lose some weight, but Hello? You're gonna die if you keep it up…


    People have been similarly mesmerized by the horrendous "Morgellon" fibers displayed on web sites devoted to exposing morgellon disease. Morgellon's disease is a disease associated with lyme bacteria and the spraying of chemtrail biologicals. Morgellon disease is ancient history already, but it ain't dead yet.


    Looking at the picture is only time consuming, and it's totally not functional. Pointing at a problem and spiting out sound-bites is how the media screws with your brains. Where's the solution??? If you're a younger person, you were "trained" to do this in your government controlled schools. It's was only another way to cripple your minds. All talk = no solutions. Talking accomplishes absolutely nothing toward physically stopping these flights from taking place…


    Readers need to focus on acquiring names and addresses of those who are perpetuating the geoengineering process. Barry Soetoro – 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is a good place to start… Names and addresses need to be openly published on as many world-wide web sites as possible. These criminal bastards need to become terrified of the citizen public and the justified outrage of the informed. We need full and wide-spread disclosure of their HOME addresses. These bastards need to be put on notice that they will be judged PERSONALLY, not as a corporate prick or public entity.


    We're still not done yet: People must demand a FULL PERMANENT STOP to ALL military, aerospace, and civilian aircraft flights. No exceptions. Time to grow up folks. Aircraft and military personnel are NOT a needed resource. Your planet IS dying.. What are you gonna do about it? Talk? Take pictures? Continue flying around in jumbo jets and bombing people? Come on, get real…

    • Ute says:

      Dear Paul,

      do you now understand what happened during the second world war ? (Aside from the fact that we never ever had extermination camps but slave camps! It has been not right, but the monsters were the others! History has been written by the winners – and they have much money and most of our media!)

      May Odin save us all!

  10. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane & all…well now that 99% of the manufactured ice crusted snow "shrank" away, my yard looks awful. Curiously, there are patches of white stuff all over the grass. Some of it looks like web filaments and other patches look like the fuzzy stuff that ground spiders leave while other patches clearly look like a thin film of plastic material.

    Now I know none of that is possible with what we just got out from under. I will assume this crap is the residue of chemical snow that settled to the bottom as the snow shrank away.

    I do want to say to all of you out there… you are the informed and the awake and already understand that history repeats itself. You will do yourself a great favor by doing your own independent research of history…please don't rely on Wiki or MSM type sources. This information amounts to nothing but lies or misinfo. You must understand who is at the root source of current world misery and how this power grew into a WORLD power.

    Who and what happened in the Armenian holocaust?  Who was the driving force behind the Bolshevik Revolution (Russian Holocaust). Who comprised the majority of the Cheka that slaughtered and imprisoned millions of Russians over several decades? What are the real causes of WWII? How is Freemasonry able to link the global agenda. There is a common platform that unifies all of the lodges world-wide! Why does Bibi Netanyahu have carte blanche authority to dictate policy here in America and march into Congress any ole time he feels like it to thunderous rounds of applause!

    As always, we all need to keep active on the front against geoengineering!



    • Hey Melody Meachum:

      You ask good questions. Here are some names and hints that readers should familiarize themselves with:

      A list of the individuals who own the world. Notice any familiar names?

      Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants


      How about this name? Rothschild. Bolshevik Revolution? Leon Trotsky wrote: "The historic function of fascism is to smash the working class, Heh, heh… Nice guy. > But who financed him? Any other of the below names ring any bells? 

      The house of Rothschild the Money's prophets

      Pardon the quality of the narrator's voice, and pay close attention to names such as Lord Randolph Churchill, Arthur Chamberlain, Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, the De Beers mining operations at Kimberly South Africa, bank de Rothschild Freres interests in Russian oil fields in 1886. The list of influence is quite impressive…


      Rockefellers? Trilateral-commission? Zbigniew Brzezinski?

  11. headude says:

    I live in Central Oregon, high desert, near Bend. There is spraying here virtually every day and 20 miles north in the Redmond/Madras area as well. It is so easy to see the difference between chemtrails and contrails here, as both are evident. I have written editorial articles to the major paper here (Bend Bulletin) on a variety of topics (politics, gun control, vaccinations, geo-engineering). They have published the conservative political things, but not the medical or weather articles. Hmmm.

  12. The Mayhem says:

    I have seen tons of spraying all over the Central California skies. It seems like the ongoing drought nightmare could linger into 2016, at this rate. Lord save California from total dryness. 

    – Mayhem

  13. Tom says:

    I live a liitle southwest of Chicago and they spray all over here day and night. It’s obviously easier to see in the daytime but when it’s a half to full moon you can see it at night too.

  14. Diana Moss says:

    Here in SW Virginia we have been having the opposite spraying, most days are clear and have been for a couple of weeks, but there is obvious spraying at night which begins to settle on the horizon as the sun rises.  Our rainy days consist of not much more that a heavy mist and the weather report for most weeks simply say that most days will be 'partly cloudy.'  Yesterday it was 74 degrees and today it was in the 50s.  This temperature disparity has to be causing havoc with fruit trees and other annual crops.

  15. The sad truth is TPTB , the trillionaire world bankers , believe we are all disposable and they want the planet to themselves. They want total control . They can spray anything they want while disposing of industrial waste. Sedatives , genetic material , vaccines to make us to weak to fight.

    What's in your wallet  ? A tyranny killer . Stop paying for the destruction of you and your family . Stop paying taxes to this evil fed gov . Quit your job if you have to. Grow a organic victory garden. Trade and barter with like minds. join a non GMO organic Co-Op .

    These creeps follow the Babylonian Talmud  which says they can do whatever they want to us . 

    Rape, murder ,,theft ,deception, is all good in their book  as long as the Goyim pay the price. Go read about it.

    • Katherine L. says:

      I know, we know. The power is in our wallets. I grow my veggies, joined a food coop, try to never shop corporate and other things that one can do to take back your power.  But know this; it's always darkest before the dawn and there will be a massive awakening, worldwide and this shit is going to stop.  I kind of hope the grids go down so all of humanity across the globe can snap out of the illusion  they're living in. With no electricity, we will be forced to look within our selves and around at what's going on with this world/world leaders/madd scientists.

  16. Howard Taylor says:

    Thanks again Dane.I telling more people and they are sharing their pictures.Pictures don't lie.We need the Air traffic controllers help 

    them  to speak out.The military air controllers won't talk.The civilian controllers can talk.Get to their wives children to get their dads to admit what is happening. Also pilots there union can protect them.Unions can protect civilians. 

  17. Rachel Robson says:

    Hi Dane et al.  Dane, I read the OSS science you directed me to in order to understand the references to CO2 lag time and I Still don't get it!  I did have a horrible headache, slightly less horrible now, but rather constant, still I try.  I did learn stuff like about nitrous oxide and rockets and the damage to the ozone, and lots about "natural" aerosols, such as dust and by product dust from mining and refining and manufacturing things.  I thought of that of course some time ago as I researched aluminum.

    But along the way, I hit this and that as I am wont to do and so came across some stuff of interest.  For instance, Charlotte Iserbyt.  She has done an excellent job of explaining how our educational system was hijacked to produce workers and eliminate critical thinking, independent thinking, and so I do wonder if this, in fact, has something to do with how very difficult it is to make other people aware.  I also believe that this is so complicated-the more one gets into it, so technical, that it is just too much for most people.  I was pleased to see the petition, wish it had been written a bit differently, but given the due date and low number of signers, it probably won't make it.  But it will be noticed.

    Which I mention as one thing I hit lead me to two Swedish guys and their paper made into a short book in 2014 titled: The Last Chance to Save the Planet?  An Analysis of the Geoengineering Advocacy Disclosures in the Public Debate.  By Jones Anshelm and Andrers Hansson.  In it they discuss the extreme dangers of SRM and other tricks and they seem to be against it, but are looking at the debate, what the public has to say, how people will perceive this and react.  They refer to some, such as the IPCC, and write as if large scale operations have been going on as seen as a necessity before full scale!  They were looking for, in part,objections to evaluate and to challenge democratic approval and conflict, as well as this effort eliciting such.  They said full scale depends upon necessity as people will not give up carbon, much less 100% and we did not prepare fast enough.  They emphasize that full scale is for dire, dire circumstance which they imply is the situation now.

    Somewhere else I found JFK giving permission for experimentation in the skies, way back then.  Apparently, the writing has been on the wall a long,long time.  Things indeed look hopeless.  And so I think of the article you printed: Straight From the Heart, and how to cherish every day and who you love.  I've learned to smile for no reason just for the endorphins and it does help.  Last week, on Thursday, we had the most magical day in the yard.  Every branch of our very tall redwood was packed full of birds of all sorts and sizes.  All were after the water in front garden and birdbath.  So very many!  Cedar Waxwings which I'd not seen before.  Warblers and Vireos and Robins and so many others it was amazing and a first for here.  I realize these birds are leaving where they once were happy, and were obviously very thirsty.  Calamity brought them here, but what a joy!  I am trying to embrace each day as a gift and that helps.  And I hope that helps others in despair as extreme depression immobilizes people.  Cheers! despite all.  And thanks to all for the company-good company!  No one is alone in this.  R

  18. Mike says:

    Unable to print any of the articles.  The FCC has went into control mode already……………..

  19. vic934 says:

    I guess we have to declare war to these Djinns (demons)before  they kill all of us,The Army is not doing nothing,but we can if we act together,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Vic, we need to continue exposing the truth so that our brothers and sisters in the military finally see it. We MUST have them on our side. There is of course many very corrupt people in our military services, but there are also many honorable people that have not yet awakened to what they are a part of. Keep sounding the alarm.

    • KathY says:

      Well I don't know.   It is a good thought, but they have start wars missles

      and a lot of arsenals in outer space to kill us all from above also.  My question is. What are they going to gain from it when the world is completely destroyed?  And I am going to go so far as to say I wish

      they would just bomb the whole world and get it over with instead of having to hear and see all the destruction and suffering people are going through what a shame to our beautiful planet.  It will look like mars void and destroyed.  It is the fear and the waiting and the not

      knowing that is heartbreaking and stressful.  Guess they like that.  But I agree with one of the comments.  We need to take the $$$$$$ out of

      their hands.  But that would mean a lot of sacrifice on our parts, how to live and survive without a paycheck (which goes to the welfare government)  Soon though, not many will have a job the way things are going and they will be getting less and less money, but they have already stolen so much now and own so much that it probably won't even matter to them.  I wish we could just open the curtain, like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz and put a bomb up their asses and light it!  I cannot believe that we are living in such a weird world with all of our

      knowledge and creativity, it does not seem real.  Nothing has changed it is just getting worse.  I remember being a little girl crying to my mom that I did not want to die.  That is when we were always being threatened with the Cold War and always told to run into the shelters that we were suppose to have built in our back yards to save ourselves from Russia's bombs.  It never changes, LET US DEAR GOD, SPIRIT be the change Quickly somehow.????!!

  20. David says:

    Dane/All, Since CA's overall economy is so critical to the entire USA and because the drought has basically been continuous for 4 years do you think the geoengineers will allow a normal jet stream next winter at least enough times to let 4-5 giant pineapple express storms to hit the State?  Those would still be warm storms so little snow in the Sierras but based on the 1-2 pineapple express storms that made it to CA this winter did "dump" enough rain to fill some key reservoirs then 4-5 could buy CA another couple of years of drought and the designed persistent high pressure ridge again.  In turn it would work for the overall agenda to keep people confused because then some decent amounts of rain would fall in CA helping to keep people wondering if the drought is over, or if the drought will return in 2017 etc… as well as confuse the people in the east coast who won't get the continuous polar vortex when/if the jet stream is allowed to flow into CA and OR from the central Pacific…OR do you think they will continue to keep the high pressure causing a truly catastrophic drought because their focus on the Arctic and the East Coast is of more importance than even temporarily allowing more than 1 or 2 pineapple express storms to replenish CA enough to prevent total collapse.  In the meantime because of the confusion noted, as well as fear of a return to drought the water conservation and higher water rates would still be enacted/enforced to line the pockets of those who can make a profit off other's misery and shortages.  It just seems like they will allow some minimum but decent rain to hit CA because if they don't then by 2016 or 2017 their water situation will be in breakdown collapse mode.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, none of us can know for certain what the power structure will do, or not. What is certain is that there is no benevolence in any of their actions. Their goal is power and control at the expense of any and all.

  21. TreeHuggerMN says:

    Yesterday I saw a very bright trail going way up in the sky and then it stopped.  I thought perhaps that the airplane had gone behind another cloud (trail) but there was none there.  I watched and watched as I drove my car (I had no camera with me) and was thinking where did the airplane go?  Then I saw a bright flash of light right at the end of the trail, and then saw the trail start up again.  The only thing I could think of was that it must have been a drone.  Any thoughts?

    • Katherine L. says:

      interesting. A drone, possibly. There have been reports of them falling or acting up in the air.   A ufo? possibly any other unknown stunts that they're up to? possibly. The ufo thing is sketchy though because it could be humans flying those things too. Then there was footage of a ufo flying INTO the trail itself, I dont know what that was about. I"m just observing too and using discernment all the while.

    • Hawkeye says:

      TreeHugger – I have noticed what you describe too. I saw a news article recently on Drudge Report talking about how cloaking of aircraft is being experimented with and that is what came to my mind when I saw what you saw. LOL.. sounds ridiculous but how is it these sightings are with no visible plane and yes visible trails are being sprayed??

      The reply you received by Katherine suggesting possible ufo's must NOT be considered because there is NO such thing as a space craft from any place other then Earth.

      In insane times as we are in now it is vital people consult their Bible's for clarity from all the forms of mind control/brainwashing they are receiving in order to know what is logical and real truth. ANY ufo sightings are definitely from Earth with humans behind the wheel guaranteed. Know this reality and move forward. There is NO life beyond Earth period.

      A rational thought to explain this no plane seen thing, might be, are they just up so high now we can't see the plane anymore? That is possible. I do not think drones fly as high as passenger planes do, and in fact news is they are banned from that air space altitude, and I didn't think a drone could fly that high anyway?? I saw one go down my street one day recently and I was shocked. First time I've seen one and it was low flying at only maybe 50 or 100 ft. A small toy like drone with toy like propellers flying it. Who it belonged to or why it was flying down my street I have not found out and probably never will.

      People buy these things because they think it is cool, not cool to support the evil forces that are ruining our world. Hawkeye

  22. Wanda Allen says:

    Hi Wyatt,

    Yes the spraying continues in different areas ,different types of spraying. Since we here in the North East are getting all the manufactured cold it would make sense that we would something a little different. There is a massive amount of higher spraying going on.


    • Dylan says:

      Here's a question. The only anomalously cold region of the globe is the eastern half of the US states, yet particulate spraying is occurring all over the globe – why is  that? They are a continual feature over here in the UK and I have seen them over Europe also. Yet temperatures in these regions have increased overall as shown on the GISS map.

      We don't often get clear nights over here, the artificial cloud cover persists, trapping heat. It would seem the spraying in these regions has a different purpose.

      What about the spraying over the western US? How does it differ from that in the anomalous eastern states? Is it higher up?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dylan, jet stream manipulation is the largest factor in regard to your question on the eastern US, but there are other factors. Much of the spraying over the western US for example actually appears to be for the purpose of strengthening the high pressure zone which helps to maneuver the jet stream. Often this appllication of the spraying contributes to the heating (and thus the strength of the high pressure). During this type of spraying, the UV radiation readings are actually going up, not down (we measure them ourselves). The moisture is also robbed from the western US and migrated east by excessive aerosol spraying (too many condensation nuclei for the cloud droplets to combine and fall as rain). The climate engineering insanity involves many methods and applications for various outcomes. There is no possible way to know all aspects of what is going on in our skies, or all the agendas being carried out, but the fact that the climate is being completely engineered is a certainty at this point.

  23. Irene Parousis says:

      And how about those friends and family who think I'm too pessimistic and "passionate" about the environment and they are worried about my well being, in the meantime they don't hear anything when I tell them about how my health is affected by the geoengineering.  It's insanity beyond insanity and if it wasn't for the chemtrails I would've never known how f…..d all the people in my life are.  Even if the geoengineering was to stop how do you go back  to living with all the morons around you.   Sorry, it's been a rough day.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Stand strong Irene, all of us that are truly commited to this battle go through exactly the same experiences. “To thine own self be true”, never give up.

  24. I refer people to Eric Dubay's Site, to further see how duped we been. The firmament is very real and there is no curvature they just added a T to plane and made you think its a ball. Look at the flag displayed on the united nations,  that's the real earth.

    • Twolf1 says:

      Dude-  thanks for the link to Erick's website.  Real thought provoking stuff!!!  Whoever else reads this, its  worth it to take a look at just how much deeper the deception goes!!! 

  25. Lydia says:

    One of the things I don't understand is how those pushing the spraying believe it will help climate problems. They have been spraying for 50 years, at least, and it has not helped. So why would it help now? Obviously they need to look at a better scientific method to address the concerns of heat, methane etc. What they have been doing has not made things better but worse. Even though trees are dying, plant more and more. Some heat tolerate ones will make it.


  26. Wyatt Berry says:


    These maps no longer change anymore.  This disparity between East and West temperatures is undoubtedly manmade.  I visited the GISS website and viewed the annual Jan-Dec temperature maps for previous years.  2014 and Jan/Feb 2015 are very anomalous.  You have stated before that 2012 was the hottest year in the continental United States, and the maps clearly indicate that.  But did you know that the 2011 departure maps display a mirror image of what is happening now? e.g. the Western USA at or below average and the Eastern USA much warmer.  Though the actual disparity between the two regions is not nearly as intense as it is today – dark blue vs dark red on the map.  Our planet and the biosphere is becoming unstable.  Where is the consistency in the climate?  Why aren't more 'experts' speaking out about this radical change in weather patterns?  The data is available for everyone.  I bet the 2012 heatwave is likely one of the primary reasons the spraying has intensified in recent years, and there appears to be no end in sight.


    Also, has anyone else noticed that the aerosolized clouds are frequently not present between Sunset and Sunrise?  At least here in Maine the pilots appear to operate like clockwork; as soon as the sun descends below the horizon the clouds stop forming and I can see stars all night long.  The skies remain completely clear shortly after sunrise until they are enveloped in a featureless haze, generally the heaviest between 10 a.m. and 5 or 6 p.m.  Is this to allow for heat to dissipate into space during the night?  Also, I can verify many others' accounts that the spray planes fly directly towards the sun while it sets.  I witness the most intense spraying in my region during the evening.  So intense that newly deposited aerosols create enormous rainbow colored refraction patterns that fill the entire SW sky.  How can people think that this is normal, let alone refuse to even observe that something strange is occurring?  Sometimes the rainbow reflecting aerosols create a giant sundog with the arcs very clearly visible from all over town.  Older folks who I talk with recall having NEVER seen these phenomena so frequently in the past.  'Iridescent Clouds' used to be a rarity – now they are being seen everywhere SAG programs operate.


    If there is a giant chembow above your town, POINT IT OUT TO PEOPLE, it is REALLY good evidence of the spraying and it will wake most rational people up.  Especially when they are witnessed EVERY day.  I have seen them in Massachusetts as well as in Maine.  Almost always on the horizon during sunset when the angles are optimal.  Iridescent clouds can occur naturally.  But aerosolized metal clouds cannot.


    How many individuals need to be awakened to effectively disclose and roll back these programs?  Five percent of the population?  Ten, Twenty?  If one out of two Americans absolutely knew that this was happening, would our representatives even acknowledge it?  I get stonewalled by my reps – I made sure to debunk their textbook disinformation responses before they could even answer my letter.  As a result they did not contact me at all – even the office intern who told me that "he'd look into it."  The small group of individuals who are controlling this experiment are not going to stop.  They will justify it when it can no longer be kept secret.  How can so few people oversee the destruction of so many?  The entire medical community must have some idea that substances are being sprayed into the air.  So many people are coming down with chronic respiratory issues and signs of early onset dementia.  Most people whom I encounter in public seem very slow and lethargic.  Many people can no longer perform simple tasks, like basic addition and subtraction or even articulate themselves in a way that they don't appear to be full of poison.  I can feel the body burden.  I am more confident than ever about what my senses are telling me and I am no longer afraid to confront others.  The impetus to fight for a viable planet outweighs my fear of criticism from preprogrammed zombies or social ostracization. If this does not stop I want no part in this planet. 


    If our government overtly poisons all of us, I will not pay taxes, pay my debts or fulfill any obligations to my tyrannical puppet government.  I would rather starve in a hole underground than to participate in this seemingly irreparable system of brainwashed, mindless drones.  We really have reached a hive mentality, where people no longer communicate as nature intended, but rather "swipe" or "like" via a desensitized interface propagated by negative and unhealthy wave lengths.


    Divide and conquer has always been the chief tactic of Empire, and technology has given our overlords unprecedented power over all of us.  No wonder SAG has accelerated drastically in the past several years while everyone looks down at their "smart" phone.


    2015 must see the spraying stopped.  We are out of time.  We must act now because the program shows no signs of decelerating.

    Good luck everyone

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wyatt, thank you for your comment and insight. Just wanted to mention one thing, the very visible daytime spraying is absolutely still occuring in countless locations as the constant flow of photagraphs show. Though there does seem to be an effort to spray more covertly when possible, at other times it is as blatant as ever.

    • Cori Gunnells says:

      Hello Wyatt, I appreciated your comment and descriptions. Like Dane also mentioned, there is ample spraying during the day over a large portions of the country (and globe), but your observations about the sunset aerosol pattern is something I also see on a regular basis – flying directly toward the setting sun. There is a FB group page called "Look at the Sky" that you might want to consider joining. People post photos of their sky from across the country on a daily basis. The iridescent effect is clearly not 'natural', nor was it common in the past. I think this summer will push the envelope to such a degree that more will begin to question what is going on. We will continue to work on increasing awareness, and hopefully capture more of the mainstream language when the tail spins faster than the media can handle via their lies. 



    • JRD says:

      Yes – Indeed!

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