Geoengineering, Record Low Arctic Ice And Catastrophic Drought, What’s The Connection?


Dane Wigington

The climate engineers continue to orchestrate global weather patterns with catastrophic consequences. The US West has consistently been baked and dried into oblivion in order for the weather makers to create the headlines they want on the East coast, and also to hide news they don't want known in the Arctic. The NOAA map below shows what has become a typical (though historically unprecedented) pattern. The West experiences record heat, the East gets record cold.


The record breaking heat in the West continues to intensify as the weather makers try to hide the imploding Arctic ice pack from public view. Those who have been lead to believe Arctic ice is expanding have been deceived. False headlines filled with false data by powerful interests with self serving agendas have been accepted as fact by many who don't want to believe global climate and environmental conditions are as bad as they are. Media is not mentioning that January 2014 through January 2015 were the warmest 12 months ever on planet Earth. The rapid warming is triggering "feedback" loops like methane release which is of grave concern. So what is the current state of Arctic ice?

As of March 5th, 2015 Arctic Sea ice is at ALL TIME record low levels


The graph above shows the normal increase of Arctic ice "extent" (surface area) during winter months. The now descending 2014/2015 blue line reflects the Arctic ice declining into record low territory at a time of  year when it should still be expanding. What is the long term trend for Arctic ice volume? The graph below should be revealing. This image is assembled from the most scientifically accepted source of data on Arctic ice. The overall picture in regard to the state of the Arctic sea ice could not be more clear.


The climate engineers have been pushing cold air south from the Arctic over and over (polar vortex) with constant jet stream manipulation. 


This is accomplished from constant aerosol spraying and the use of the global network of ionosphere heater facilities comparable to the HAARP installation shown below.


The "ridiculously resilient ridge" of high pressure over the US West (which meteorologists cannot explain) is a part of the jet stream manipulation mentioned. What happens when the climate engineers rob cold air from the northern regions to create the headlines they desire in the Eastern US? The arctic then heats up. While engineered winter storms pile up record snow in Boston, Alaska doesn't have enough snow for the annual Iditerod sled race for the second year in a row and the Sierra snow pack is at record shattering lows. The "departure from normal high temperature" map below clearly shows the most anomalously cold zone in the entire world for the period from January 2014 through January 2015, the eastern half of the US lower 48. The Arctic and most of the rest of planet Earth is at far above normal high temperatures.


What will the climate engineers do now that they have created enough of their desired "winter" headlines in the Eastern US? They will lock the colder air to the north in their attempt to slow the accelerating ice melt, this will bring a rapid heating back to most of the lower 48 states as the NOAA map below clearly shows.


Note the NOAA maps "prediction" for a switch from the previous far above normal temperatures in Alaska (shown in the GISS global temperature map in this article) to below normal temperatures is a reflection of the "weather whack a mole" being carried on by the geoengineers. To accomplish this the US lower 48 will heat rapidly. Some of the spraying during the building of high pressure zones actually increases the UV radiation readings on the ground. Is a "lens effect" a goal of the climate engineers under certain circumstances? Are the climate engineers intentionally creating heat in some regions at some times in order to increase the strength of the high pressure zones which is used for jet stream manipulation. This appears not only possible, but likely. Though the geoengineers can create large scale temporary cool-downs, it comes at the cost of a worsened overall warming (overall global high temperatures continue to smash records). In addition, climate engineering continues to contaminate the entire planet and every breath we take.  


The Bottom Line

The power structure and the climate engineers control our weather. To a large degree they decide how much rain will fall, and on whom. They can (and are) engineering snow storms. They decide how toxic that rain or snow will be, how toxic our air will be. They decide if our crops will succeed of fail. They decide who freezes and who fries. We are all living under a constant toxic heavy metal and chemical all out assault (which amounts to biological warfare) in addition to the ongoing weather warfare.  We must all educate ourselves as much as possible, we must all share credible data with those around us and ask them to do the same. When we reach critical mass of awareness on this issue, the foundation of the power structure will crumble as populations around the globe realize they have all been willfully poisoned. Exposing and stopping climate engineering MUST be our top priority. DW


19 Responses to Geoengineering, Record Low Arctic Ice And Catastrophic Drought, What’s The Connection?

  1. Dylan says:

    Here's a possible explanation for the "ridiculously resilient ridge".

    In the west

    Warm air masses move North rotating clockwise as the air cools and sinks as it moves over the increasingly colder surface. This is a high pressure system as the pressure at the surface increases.

    Particulate trails laid down in the upper atmosphere lock in water vapour and the cloud droplets condense around the particles leading to vast clouds of artificial cirrus. These clouds have a net warming effect. This causes air to warm and rise counter to the natural sinking of the air due to the surface temperature. The result is a high pressure system that encroaches further north as it takes longer for the air to cool and sink owing to the weather modification. The jet stream as a result is weakened (clockwise rotation slowed down) and we have a “ridiculously resilient ridge” – the artificial warming battling with the natural cooling.

    The particles are of the right size and number to prevent the water droplets in the clouds from building up to the point of precipitation. The result is a drought over this region.

    In the East

    Cold air masses move South rotating anti-clockwise as the air warms and rises as it moves over the increasingly warmer surface. This is a low pressure system as the pressure at the surface decreases.

    Ice nucleating technology – the cooling particulate trails which operate lower down, have a net-cooling effect. The causes air to cool and sink counter to the natural rising of the air due to the surface temperature. The result is a low-pressure system that encroaches further south as it takes longer for the air to warm and rise owing to the weather modification. The jet stream as a result is weakened (anti-clockwise rotation slowed down) we have the polar (schmolar) vortex which is nothing of the sort, just a ruse to trick the sheep into believing global warming isn’t real.

  2. Rory Johnstone says:

    Hi Dane

    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts in not only helping more people become aware..but leading the charge against those willing to poison our earth and all who inhabit it.

    The spraying here in Cape town is so bad today that people are concerned that more fires have started. We have a white sky. I am making more people aware and losing friends in the process. 

    Thank you for equipping me with the proof and data.

    God Bless

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thank you for your efforts and courage in this fight Rory. This that deny the climate engineering issue won’t be able to stay in that bubble for long, wait and see. Just keep sowing seeds of awareness, they will be forced to sprout soon.

    • Matt says:

      Insane level of Chem Bombs I guess you call "care bombs" Or caring bombs… Loving bombs…? Being exploded in the tacoma area yesterday and today. It shakes the ground and rattles the windows. It feels like godzilla walking around. Sunday was a total blue sky and it took them 24 hours of low flying attacks for a small amount of rain to fall. Theres another boom.

  3. Katherine Gale says:

    New weather phenomenon? I grew up in the midwest. I moved with a college friend to the West Coast and lived there for 15 years. I recently returned to the mid-west (to be closer to family) because of my acceptance of the climate issues etc. I have been shocked by the decrease in wild life, condition of the trees and strange weather (and skies).

    Growing up in the mid-west, I do not recall experiencing the ‘heat burst’ phenomenon. I’ve found a few sources on the net discussing this. When conditions exist that create an overnight increase in temps by 30 degrees. It seems so odd. Where I live, almost all of the snow is gone practically overnight. I can see wildlife reacting to this heating trend as the typical behavior we see in spring. This has been a very strange winter (in which the trees retained their leaves). Bitterly cold at times but with very little snow (we live in the center band “normal” area of the country on the NOAA map of the States). There were a few days when I was able to see the jets openly spraying.

    Heat Burst

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Katherine, mainstream media (which includes major weather forecasting sources) is tasked with the job of explaining away the completely engineered and unnatural as being natural. There is NO truly natural weather at this point.

  4. Marc says:

    This geoengineering agenda is doing much more than rip to shreds our precious life support system. It is so radically altering every system within this once marvelous biosphere that I am reminded of a terrifying technology in one of the Star Wars movies: the DEATH STAR, which was ultimately deployed, murdering an entire planet full of life and civilization. Is this not unlike what these heartless vermin are doing to THIS planet? The vastness of these "geoengineering" programs must surely convince all of us (who are awake)  that a very, very dark and sinister mind is behind it all and cannot possibly be legitimately concerned with so-called global warming.

      I happened upon an interview conducted by Linda Moulton-Howe with Ken Caldeira back in 2006 in her website archives. In retrospect  it was a laughable conversation about his thoughts regarding how global warming will influence life on the planet. Of particular note were his statements regarding the possible need to resort to geoengineering with aerosols (SRM). AS IF THIS WAS ONLY AN EMERGENCY PROTOCOL TO SAVE THE PLANET SHOULD IT BE DEEMED NECESSARY! Well, it was already well under way in '06 and of course Mr. "lying sack of shit" Caldeira was well aware of it's deployment. But we still hear the same bullshit today, almost 10 years later!!! Mr Caldeira is has been exposed on this website for the bought-off  fraud that he is. I cannot wrap my mind around the despicableness of phonies like Ken Caldeira and David Keith. How is it possible for these people to look themselves in the mirror and not vomit? Do they have children of their own? Do they have wives and other loved ones? Do they actually truly and for real think that spraying the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD WITH DEADLY NANOPARTICLES OF ALUMINUM AND OTHER POISONS WILL SOLVE WHATEVER PROBLEM THEY THINK WARRANTS SUCH MADNESS?????!!! I resign myself to never being able to understand such minds so utterly and completely devoid of conscience and heart and connection to GAIA. 

  5. Melody Meachum says:

    Dear Chemtrail Pilots: Is your paycheck worth compromising even your family's health, especially your children's health? Think about it!

    As we have called out numerous levels of crime against humanity/species and the earth in our posts, what about boycotting airports with a sign something like the above? Just a thought!

  6. andrew says:

    My 42nd email to my contact list, titled Suicidal Lemmings.


    We are like suicidal lemmings leaping to our deaths over a global warming cliff due to our own greed and ineptitude.


    1.  An Arctic free of sea ice by Aug 2015?  


    2.  2014 the hottest year on record (1880- 2014)


    3.  Many people do not notice global warming, due to the variability (natural and artificial) of short-term local weather conditions. 


    Within a few years, huge methane releases in the Arctic will spread around the globe, covering Earth in a heat-trapping blanket and moving our biosphere beyond its biological boiling point.

    What makes things worse is that all this methane will initially be concentrated in the Arctic, causing huge Arctic amplification of the greenhouse effect in summer, when the sun doesn't set. 

    The methane will heat up the sea, causing further lack of of oxygen in the water. Algae will bloom, making this worse.  Jellyfish will thrive. 

    The resultant rapid rise in temperature is likely to make the areas where most people now live uninhabitable.  Humans, mammals and plants will have little time to migrate to cooler areas. The currently inhabited part of the planet would become largely uninhabitable.  Habitable areas may be restricted to the edges of the world where there's little sunshine.  Areas can become uninhabitable due to sea level rises, heat stress, recurring wildfires, floods, droughts, storms, erosion, desertification, crop losses and shortages of fresh water (loss of sea ice does not affect sea levels, loss of ice on land does).

    Humans cannot survive prolonged exposure to temperatures exceeding 35°C.,%20the%20Gakkel%20Ridge%20and%20human%20survival.pdf

    4.  Certain fossil fuel companies have invested heavily in exploiting the vast store of oil and gas in the Arctic. These companies, and the governments who support them, are preparing for a bonanza when the sea ice disappears in summer: it will be so much easier and safer to extract the fossil fuel when the sea ice and freezing conditions have gone during summer months.

    Furthermore, the disappearance of the sea ice will open up the Northwest Passage and the Northern Sea Route (formerly known as the Northeast Passage) to trade through summer months. So China and nations bordering the Atlantic (including the UK) are expecting to benefit enormously. Russia is investing heavily in ports and infrastructure to support the anticipated heavy traffic.

    Little is said about the adverse effects of having an Arctic free of sea ice during summer months.  Nothing has been said by the IPCC.  March 6th 2015


    5. The Geoengineering cartel is huge, for example:

    Energy companies keen on Arctic and Antarctic exploitation for profit.

    US military keen to have easier access to northern Russia.  

    The "renewables" industry, who have little regard for the ailments and destruction they cause.  

    Monsanto oil, chemical and pharmaceutical cartel. There have been no official statements on increases of UV or aluminium in our soil, water and food, so why is Monsanto producing UV, aluminium and drought/stress resistant seeds?

    Military / war industries.  Several weather warfare implications and huge 'benefits' in radar and weapon capabilities, including hypersonic weapons.

    Politicians and their research assistants, many of whom must know what is going on.

    Weather companies and presenters, who deceive us with their information.

    Financial institutions (weather derivative trading).

    Governmental and intergovernmental organisations.

    NATO and UN's desire for world domination (The US has about 1,000 military bases in 70% of the world's countries and

    Most climate scientists (who say that geoengineering is only a proposal).

    Media and news reporters who continue the deceit.  Why are investigative journalists being branded as terrorists?


    Nearly everyone is joining and capitalising on the deception bandwagon – soon, the problem will not be about heat loss from homes, it will be about keeping cool. 


    Sounds difficult to believe, but remember that the 1945 Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal stated that the IG Farben Group was primarily responsible for WW2, and before the war comprised of around 900 companies worldwide, with over 2,000 agreements with other companies.  That was nearly 100 years ago.  

    In 1967, Monsanto (founded in 1901),  bought IG Farben:



    Recently, Monsanto bought the worlds largest mercenary army, Blackwater (aka Academi, aka Xe).

    Blackwater is probably the US military's largest contractor, and also now trains the Ukraine Army:


    6.  Nemtsov update:


    Why has Nemtsov's girlfriend returned to Kiev and signed a nondisclosure agreement?


  7. Laurie Jo says:

    I live in northern Wisconsin.  For the past 2 years, I am seeing trails DAILY.  I work outside, so I am always aware of temperature etc… Last summer it was soooo cold, we could not go kayaking or river tubing all season. For the past 2 years we have been drenched in rain to the point of soggy clay which is rare here. We are suppose to have 4 seasons which are all about equal, but now we have winter and spring, that's it!
     I've been here all my life, a looong time.  Three years ago, the rivers were clear, and full of vegitation and fishes of all sizes. After a year of heavy spraying, the rivers are brown, the aquatic plants are dying or dead,  and I did not see the fry as usual. The trees here, mostly hardwood such as Oak, are dying quickly.  The bark is falling off, and the Balsam needles are dry and crumply.  The winters are a couple months longer than normal, the temps are 30 degrees colder than normal, and for all outdoor wild life and farm animals, the past two winters have taken a toll.

    Folks around here think they are doing the Whitetail Deer a favor, feeding them GMO corn and Alfalfa, but this winter, I have not seen a single deer in my yard. Between the cold, and people feeding GMO's, I'll be surprised if the deer population is even 50% of what it was just 2 years ago.

    Last winter our Governor declared a state of emergency, though this winter was worse.

  8. Amy says:

    Dane,  Thank you for keeping us continually updated on the situation. It started out blue and sunny here in Oregon-(1 hr east of Portland). The planes have been at it non stop. As of about 11:30 am, they have successfully blocked out all our blue sky. It is so disappointing.  My husband and I keep telling people to look up and watch the sky and do their own research.  I look forward to listening to your weekly radio program each week.  Thank you again for all you do.

  9. victor says:

    Those  peoples should be accused in Court of  causing greats damages to Nature,animals and exposing Peoples to death and sickness,Also  the  killing of  millions of  fishes and birds.and spraying poisons and carbon  powder to modifies the climate. 

  10. Sylvia Sires says:

    Dane, I live in Hawthorne, L.A. County, California, I've heard several times that we have record heat but I don't see this. For the last 4 years I'm wearing light weight turtle neck sweaters for most of these summers. These last 4 summers don't start until late July because of constant overcast skies during May and June. I've worked outdoors for 38 years and I was born in Long Beach in 1951. Because I work outdoors weather temperatures is the first thing I watch in the mornings so I'll know what I should wear. It used to rain like cat's and dogs, many years ago and for weeks at a time. When summer does start I've been lucky to have one or two weeks of summer in the months of August and September. My business counts on summer sales as it is peak time to make really good money and it hasn't happened in 4 years. The sun is constantly covered with chemtrails so I feel cold it seems all the time. Yes!! we use to have real rain, not an hour or so only like we have now or if we're lucky a half a day of rain.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sylvia, though I can not speak to the peak high temperatures in your area, but the overall temperatures are far above normal. Especially nightime low temperatures which are rising twice as fast as daytime highs globally. We must all look at the bigger picture. For the record, California has shattered all former heat records, check the following link.

  11. John Mustart South Africa. says:

    Thanks for this info Dane. Drastic action is needed to stop this. We all need to stick our heads out non violently even at the risk of losing them. People in South Africa are very difficult to enlighten. I am a Christian and it is a battle to inform people about the dangers of Political Islam. Also if I bring up 911 and tell what I know they think I am nuts. There is no time left to wait for people to wake up I am afraid. Yet we have to do all we can until the end.

    • Sandy Dreamwanderon says:

      When all the trees and bushes and animals die…people will finally wake up to something going on and those people will think that we weren't as crazy as they thought. Point of no return may have already been reached.  ☼

    • Julie D. says:

      I cannot belive that people aren't catching on.  I'm in South Florida (Pompano) & it is already 87 degrees F. in March. 

      I don't know if there are groups here to help, but it "SEEMS" like they haven't sprayed us in a week.  And, my thought, are they changing their techniques or are they afraid that the tourist money may decrease, but it is insanely hot (about 10 deg. F. over our average March temps.  Thanks. Julie D. Pompano Beach, FL

  12. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, thank you for explaining and 'showing' one more time… how this scenario is played out. It's going to be a long… hard… hot … summer. The devastation it'll cause will again be record breaking and irreparable. That's the best word I can think of – 

    An irreparable injury is, in equity, "the type of harm which no monetary compensation can cure or put conditions back the way they were."

  13. Rachel Robson says:

    It is quite chilly here in Berkeley.  And foggy.  They say we may get a tad of rain tomorrow, but doubtful.  We were supposed to get a tad of rain last week and there were big puffies with grey bottoms all day, then finally one of them seemed as if it might rain on us, but then came the plane, the only one I saw that day and from far south making a very long chemtrail, very long at an angle and aimed right for that cloud which it went into and no rain.  Damn.

    I've been so focused on the Arctic that Vice's program on Antarctica really shocked me.  It is literally falling apart-huge masses breaking off, supposedly a major game changer in terms of much much greater sea level rise, and the waters there are warm.  Jeez.

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