Geoengineering And The Dying Of The Trees


Dane Wigington

If the trees die, we die. Whole ecosystems are collapsing all over the globe and our rapidly dying trees are the most visible harbinger of what is unfolding. Few seem to notice the die-off until it is pointed out to them, but once recognized, what can be seen is alarming. On a geological time scale the human race has decimated planet Earth in the blink of an eye. Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to our planet, climate engineering stands out above all the rest combined. The list of environmentally devastating factors directly relating to the ongoing geoengineering programs is very long. Trees are succumbing to this onslaught and the human race will follow if our species does not completely alter its current trajectory. Global geoengineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, destroying the ozone layer (which is exposing all life on Earth to extreme UV radiation), and contaminating the entire surface of the planet with highly toxic bioavailable heavy metals and chemicals. Massive levels of radio frequency transmissions directly related to climate engineering are yet another layer of destruction which is radically affecting the trees, us, and the biosphere as a whole. It is imperative to wake the masses to our common plight. All those who are already awake are needed to assist with the ongoing critically important campaign to awaken others. Arm yourself with critical data and pass it on, make every day count in this battle. The attached 10 minute video shows first hand how rapidly our forests are dying, if the trees die, we die.


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  1. Brendan Carberry says:

    I am astounded to have finally found a video and someone else who noticed!

    Living here in Colorado there is startling effects of a persistent drought, but it's the trees dying that are beyond alarming. Just last year I had to cut down a 90 year old Siberian Elm in my backyard, and it followed the exact process of death pathology you outlined in the video. Yet, this tree had fairly considerable epichormic growth at the base. It isn't confined to any specific species, the hearty Ponderosa pines are dying, spruce, fir, elm, birch, even a beautiful willow tree near me is starting to die.

    It is omnicide, just like you said. I'm right there with you, I'd do anything to stop this crime against the world.

    – Brendan

  2. robert says:

    is this site still operational and valid?

    • Dawn B says:


      I have 3 Pine trees I planted myself from little sprouts. The largest is about 15 years old, the others are 10 and 6 yr. They have all done well until suddenly I notice they are turning orange. The needles from the center of each branch are dead and falling off. I see no evidence of worms/insects/damage.  I live in Ramona CA. We have very heavy spraying here frequently .

  3. Linda Amick says:

    I live in Athens, Georgia on 1 1/2 acres.  The hardwood trees in my yard are dying.  Recently my 42 year old silver maple died for no reason.  It was huge and hanging over the house.  I had to have a tree service remove it.  It took 6 weeks for me to get it scheduled due to the workload here of removing dead trees.  I asked the workers who have done this for years why this is happening.  They know the number of hardwood tree deaths are alarming but do not know why.  Additionally it is fall now and EVERY single tree, large or small is covered with fungus.  The leaves are dappled with black and brown spots.  I am old and remember collecting fallen leaves in fall that were bright colors and purely the same color, such as yellow or orange.  No more.  It makes me so sad that this is happening.  I would rather die from a natural, Mother Nature event than one man made.

    • Tad says:

      I lived in northern Georgia for 35-years, and I also experienced what Linda is describing. Time after time I would see otherwise healthy forest plants covered with black spots and fungus. Was certain that it was airborne related, but never contemplated the root systems being compromised. Ironically, I actually worked at UGA on a research project measuring respirable particulate material as a byproduct of forest fires. We relied on controlled burns to collect data. We were also using chromatography to measure the particulates… have had no success in tracking down said research data.

  4. Downtown Jodie Brown says:

    Hello all fellow Awakees!

        I live just outside Denver Co. I kayak and mtn bike everywhere and can tell you that here in most areas of Colorado 20% of all the trees (whether out in the woods or in my neighborhood) are dead,the rest are in various stages of death. 3 years ago I had 12 fruit trees that supplied our family year round! I had so much fruit I had to knock on doors to give it all away (4 yrs ago). Now all my fruit trees are not producing ANYTHING not 1 piece of fruit. The leaves are all black,curled up as if a fire was on top of them.

        I have had lung issues since February, and the Drs cannot figure it out. So I am coughing all the time,dizzy and feel like i have the flu most of the time. I hear many others that sound and look just like me. I take lots of vitamins each day,which seem to help. I think at some point we only have 8 years before ozone depletion .We all think it  is not going to happen here, but it looks like it will so be prepared. We all better store food,have a source of water you can purify and find off the grid ways to live ..long enough to be a thorn in the elites sides.

        I know our government is trying to starve off or kill 90% of us with disease, ill health and famine. Its not so far away either. I have already bought a "bug out" off the gris place to get out of the city when the rest of the masses figure out what is actually happening. Guaranteed they will be as pissed as the rest of us and lash out . So have your escape plan ready from where ever you are. Don't put it off to watch a TV show. Educate yourself on a new ways to live elsewhere. We all can do it  because WE HAVE TO.

        I am just an artist trying to hand out 1000 flyers each year at all my festivals and art shows here in Colorado. I am shocked how people don't care,evidence they are being affected by the chemicals,fluoride in the water and junk in our food. Their brains are gone, literally!

       Please we all need to awaken anyone who will listen and PRAY that God will take all these evil people out while we can still salvage something of this great planet.

  5. Chris says:

    I'm an avid hiker.  I've been for over 15 years.  I see the death throughout the eastern forests.  It tears me apart.  Sometimes I just want to blow my head off because I can't stand to see what it happening.  I don't know what can be done to stop the destruction.

    • rhiannon says:

      Hi Chris, how do you get through everyday? I'm starting to loose hope. Nothing in my life is the same because of all that I've found out about the trees.

    • WE says:

      Until we eradicate the man-made chemical causes of massive tree die-off, we place ourselves in grave peril. Illicit pharmaceutical production processes have no right to be in these sacred places, no matter how much money is generated by them. To place profit over survival is asinine.

  6. Dr Todd says:

    In Maryland, my 4 acres of trees are totally decimated. Mostly Oaks with the green slime, and Pines have the "fresh from the oven" toasted look. Our whole town actually. BUT- driving to other areas, and out of state, clearly they are using different "mixtures" in different locations. Some areas, the trees look "OK".  However, many  more visible killer cell towers in Connecticut, immediate ringing ears, and a totally distinct spray regimen from back home. Pretty neat  science experiment!  Seems like it's the making of some twisted old f%ck$   that hate life, and are set on ruining it for everyone else. Rockefeller comes to mind. Rothschild anyone? How about a little Soros to go with that?



  7. Patty Cloonan says:

    I have been noticing that the pines are dying at an alarming rate here in Massachusetts (actually all over NE) and the oaks are looking very sickly as well. I have been seeing a lot of chemtrail activity here and was thinking that this may be the reason…that is how I found your site. This just confirms it for me. Geoengineering and Round-Up herbicide is slowing killing us! When will people wake up? I was listening to a woman who has done a lot of research on geoengineering and she believes that we are a big military experiment, they are looking into controlling the weather as a "tool" to control other nations. If that is the case then I believe they will just consider us acceptable collateral damage! What kind of world are we leaving for our children?


  8. C Horne says:

    I visit your site on a regular basis and have witnessed the same problems in the US over here in Spain where I live.  I recently visited the US with the family and traveled throughout California and noticed many dying and dead pines.  I have made many people aware of the geoengineering but most just don't want to know and ignore!  

    I will continue doing my best to make people aware and would like to thank you for your hard work to date.

    • Leslie says:

      Hi my distant neighbor in Spain,                              December 9,2016

      Looking out over the landscape here in Pennsylvania I see one of the most devastating death of Ash, Pine, Plum trees, bush, and the list goes on, that I have ever witnessed in my 62 years.  

      And it get's worse.  The wooded areas will become like match sticks this summer.  We've experienced wildfires never seen before in California, (I know drought) this year.  Tennessee last week had massive fire.  And because media cannot be trusted to give truth.

      When I point out the logic of what jets are doing above our heads.  There is a simple pathetic look that says to me, "my lord, these people are under a spell.  They really do not see the danger in the sky.  There is a sense of happiness in people when the weather here is out of control warm or icy unnaturally cold for our region.comes upon us.  We have become obedient and it is not permitted to ask questions. 

      The answer I hear, "it's carbon emissions that are the culprit" Yes, no, maybe…oddly enough geoengeneering is never a possibility.  I've talked to Penn Extension and I'm told, yes you are very observant , it is depressing. I was told it was a boring worm come into our country during foreign trade.  My question:  If it was known that a boring insect was introduced here in the US why hasn't there been an onslaught of public information made available to protect the trees while they were alive?  I don't know what to do. This is why I am here with you tonight.  I thank you for visiting us and I hope at your next visit we will be triumphant in putting this hurt behind us.  I won't give up, I can't give up and neither can you. Good night friend.

      Respectfully, Leslie 

  9. Dee Stew says:

    The UN's Sustainable Development Platform Plan for the USA advises the State Govt's to take control of the forests and any lands where there are ponds, wetlands, drain basins, shale basins, creeks, etc.  This plan was kicked off in full force 1/01/2016, by State and Local Govt.  The Bilderberg Group controls the UN/Nato and they are controlling the redistribution of population, and all in an effort to get richer and be in control of the world.  Most of them have a stake in crude oil and uranium,,, like in Alberta Canada where devastating fires that they could NOT put out, leaving 100,000 homeless.  May 27th, 2016, Burlington College, Burlington,VT., which sits on beautiful Lake Champlain, near the Montreal border, closed its doors after 47 yrs.  Bernie Sanders wife was the President from 2004-2011, then resigned. Early 2012, the township of Burlington unanimously voted against 100/0 – of fracking Sand tars for crude oil.  Two weeks ago the college closes with NO FORWARNING 2 days after graduation. Where the shareholders forced to sell this beautiful college downstream for crude oil?  The entire town of Burlington – where Bernie is from, was kept alive by the college.  I already posted what is happening with my own property and my mom's,total of 6 acres in Colonie, NY – that borders the Pine Bush Reserve and is 1/4 mile from the RR tracks where Albany, NY runs crude oil and there is shale basins all under this region of NY known as the Capital District.  They are destroying the planet and everything on it to make a profit.  I read that the Clinton's own some of the land in Alberta, and already cut a deal with someone pertaining to the Uranium.  Yet, when you try to show people pictures of what is going on and share your videos which clearly indicate you know your stuff,,, people just make excuses,,, it was mild winter, it was a cold winter, too much rain, not enough rain, the tree's are old, they have rare blight.  My tree's have been standing for 80yrs. My grandfather brought the seedlings over from the Black Forest in Germany.  The land has been in the family for 5 generations, and ALL of us took very good care of the tree's.  We cut them down as necessary, replanted new one's each year,,, and the new one's are drying with the old ones that were as strong as oxen. I always keep a nursery,,, I cover all the one's 20' and shorter with burlap each fall,,,, takes me weeks.  Each tree was perfect when I unwrapped them the beginning of April, and now they are all dead.  All the babies in the nursery for fried to crisp when I unwrapped them in April.  First time ever,,,, they were in a very protected area where I've always planted the babies,,, I never lost one ever.   I'm sharing this info so people understand there is a huge AGENDA behind all of this, and it's impacting everyone world wide and it seems like they saved the USA for last.  How do we get the sleeping majority to open their eyes and come out of their state of denial.  They tell me I'm a radical, only a small handful openly admit this is very REAL.  Most believe is this were really happening it would be all over the MEDIA, meanwhile, the Media in the USA is part of Bilderberg Group controlling the UN/NATO, who is controlling everyone else.  

    • Jenn. P says:

      Its so sad people refuse to wake up. Its disrupts their lives to have to think about anything but FB and snapchat. Its to uncomfortable for people to think that anything but what the media tells them could be true. They are unconscious. I am horrified about the mass dying of trees here in florida in the past few years ive noticed the beautiful giant oaks are disintegrating before my eyes. Pines tress are all dried up and brittle. Mass palm trees are uprooting. All the trees are dry with green mold all over them. When I try to talk to people about it their response is "o I haven't noticed it"… one day they will be forced to wake up when its to late. Its so sad.I think, wow. We are really dealing with some type of evil. its the only thing that makes sense. I pray God intervenes to stop this madness. 

    • Kelly says:


      Sounds like your from Vermont. Me too, we just went for a ride over the mountain to Newport through Jay, and we could not believe the dead and dying trees with fungus from green and yellow on mostly maples and pines to black fungus on birch. Take a ride soon and look closely through the woods the mountain is indeed dying.

  10. Anna Busser Erik says:

    White Pine Die Off getting noticeable in the Lake George NY region. For a few weeks I have been noticing parts of white pines close to roads beginning to die off. Now I was gone three days and when I came back three small pines that had been perfectly fine when I left have lost their needles except for the new growth. It is dry and salt can play a role but this is strange and quick. We are in a fairly healthy region of the state in the Adirondack State Park and also free from most direct chemical spraying, however…..?????

    • Rune Ravenwolf says:

      I live in southern Maine, and my wife and I were just talking about the same thing yesterday. All of the needles on the Pine trees on our road have suddenly just turned orange. Very quickly too, as you noted. These trees were beautiful and healthy just a few short weeks ago. To call it concerning would be an understatement.

    • Dee Stew says:

      I am in Albany, NY.  My property butts up against the Pine Bush Reserve.  I have wetlands on 1 acre of 3 acres.  All of my pines,,, and I have several species are dying at a fast rate, since April 2016.  I've pulled pictures of the tree's from the last 3 yrs and I NOW see where some of the deterioration began last year,,,, I have fungus, black mold, mites, floret patches of light green mold/fungus.  My 100' pines look like they have huge MUMPs.  Where we had trimmed the bottoms of the tree's over the years,, is oozing orange/yellow/white stuff.  Baby pine cones are falling off, the pine is drying and dropping off, and the bark is totally getting destroyed.  I've been spraying them the oozing spots with bleach and water but the tree's are in horrible shape.  The chemtrail planes and drone's fly NON-STOP,,, and spew out white and dark gray poison.  I have 2 pines where the pine has turned ORANGE.  I have several where the trunks have split at the top and there are limbs that turn up like elephant husks,,, totally deformed.  I know there are plans to make the Pine Bush from 3500 acres to 25,000 acres by the STATE of NY, and Gov Cuomo was given $32 Billion the first week in April to buy up land for the Pine Bush and Adirondack regions.  I also sit very near to RR tracks that run the crude oil tanks from downtown Albany.  My tree's are turning into big match sticks.  Someone has been in my woods,,, there is a rear entrance so I wouldn't know when someone is on there, but they have tagged my tree's with orange and pink ribbons, put pink flags on my land,,, and 1 huge ridge – (I always thought it was ridge) but have since found out it was DUNE – that dates back to the Albany Glacier Lake from 10,000-25,000 yrs ago,,, they have dug up my ridge and turned into a dune.  I have called 3 of the top lawyers in this region and all 3 told me they can't help me because it's the Gov's office that oversee's the Pine Bush Reserve Commission.  They have rezoned my property that for decades has been zoned and MultiFamily and is now 2 Family with Restrictions and they NEVER told me.  A friend nearby who also borders the Pine Bush,, just was advised that her beautiful home has been reassessed and her taxes have dropped because her property value has dropped.  Pine Bush Reserve signs are creeping up my street, and I found documents on the web that pertain to the Lishakill Rd/Kings Road Project Plan.  My 3 acres and my Mom's adjoining 3 acres are on Morris Rd, right in between Lishakill Rd and Kings Rd, Colonie, NY.    I also was in Glens Falls, NY, which is up in the Adirondacks,,,, and the tree's are just as  bad,,,, I saw several planes flying and spewing out the white trails and then gray crap.  I have taken several pictures of both locations…. Yet, if you go on the other side of town,,, Latham, NY,,, where it's very UPSCALE, and Sienna College is located,,, things look rather normal…. It's my side of town,,, that looks like a petrified forest!!!  I cry every time I go outside.  I'm not seeing all my deer, and rabbits, and I have a very small bird population, which my property has been an animal habitat and sanctuary.  For the first time in my 50 yrs of living on this property, I saw a 2 week old baby deer dead on the side of the road yesterday. This is absolutely horrible.  I've called the Town, I've called lawyers,,, I've gone to local media, who is useless,,, and everyone is backing away from this.  Any suggestions??? 

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Anna,

      We are exploring options for relocating to the Northern region of the Adirondacks.

      Our main condition is for a "healthier" environment. 

      Do you still find the area a good option compared to other areas of the USA?

      Thanks so much, I appreciate your help!


  11. Rebecca L says:

    I am in upstate NY, where we are getting sprayed frequently by geo-engineering. We have a light silver-gray fungus covering many, many trees. The light fungus starts out in coin-shaped circles and spreads. It can turn light sage green or pale mint green, once and a while. It is very flat and at first looks like bleach spots on the bark. Later a black-green webbing spreads out across the trunks once the tree has been compromised. The bark starts to rot. Not being a tree expert, I am not sure if this is the same fungus in different stages. I have seen it on Beeches, Maples, Black Birch, Conifers — many trees that are usually very hardy here. It happens on well-drained slopes, which is strange for a fungus. I really became alarmed because of the Beech groves — they used to be some of the strongest trees in the forests.  I have also noticed there are less leaves this spring at the tops of the trees as compared to the bottom.

    • RGD says:

      Cranston Rhode Island here,  in recent years all species of trees especially leafy have seen yellow streaks and random dead spots now for the first time this year in the middle of July the tops of trees the highest peaks have gone to bright yellow from bright green just days ago.  this has nothing to do with the weather we've got plenty of rain and it doesn't matter how old a tree is.

      Pines Elms Oaks Maples doesn't matter just the tops the tippity top bright yellow while the rest of the tree is still strong and green.

  12. izzy says:

    Coming a little late to the party, but I just want to report that the same thing is being witnessed in the coastal range down in Mendocino County. I take it personally because it’s happening all around my place out in the hills, with enormous swaths of sick and dying vegetation having developed in the most obvious way during the past few years. No doubt it’s polluting our local watersheds too. And in addition to all the overhead spraying, the largest local timberland owner – Mendocino Redwood Company – has been and still is currently engaged in a wholesale tan oak eradication program which has produced tens of thousands of acres of standing dead timber. There’s a pretty serious brougha going on here, as even the local fire chiefs are raising a hue and cry about the huge fire danger all this dead wood poses. But the corporados still insist it’s all for the good. Try we must, but things really don’t bode well. The human project has jumped the rails.

  13. kirk mannor says:

    The  sick pips need to stop this shit. people have to be more vocal, get mad about this, this is our children being sprayed like roaches. Why won't someone do something about this? People cuss admit, they are killing us slowly, get mad.I'm sure they read the post here.

    • Beau says:

      You're 100% right.
      Unfortunately,I encounter the I don't care,I don't want to know mindset expressed in the clip I linked from to this story far,far to often.
      Glad,actually beholding to Geo watch & others that someone's at least trying 
      God bless us all.

  14. Nick says:

    I have been aware of chemtrails for a few years now, I live in Michigan. I recently drove to Maryland, and encountered HEAVY spraying through Ohio and Pennslyvania, much heavier than I have seen in Michigan. Especially heavy near Cleveland, and Pittsburg.

    As I entered Maryland, closer to Washington DC, no more chemtrails. That was interesting, as I had expected to see less spraying where the rich politicians lived, and as I entered that area, my thoughts were confirmed.

  15. Dog aka db says:

    My awear ness from trips all over CO and parts of WY have proved to me there is more to it than just the beetles!  They? have a new beetle to blame it on?! It is doing a good job of devastating the forests that I have seen this past month! Not just pines, cedars, spruces, also aspen, cottonwoods, scrub oak, fruit trees, vinyards, and birds! Lota livestock burning? Go see the trees before they are gone! We will follow soon! Wish i could look at what was once awe inspiring and not see devastation! Most people I talk to think I am nuts! I do not care! I am doing this for the trees! Thank you Dane for the path you have taken!

    • joy says:

      Thanks for describing what I see here in No More "Home, Home on the Range" Colorado.  It's real, and I know it is really happening, but I can't believe what I see –  and sense.  "…where the deer and antelope [no longer] play…and the skies are not cloudy all day".  I am watching my "home", and all life in the Rocky Mountains and high desert plains, die before my eyes.  This isn't the time to give up.

    • LS says:

      Same here in the Sierra Nevada. The forests are in all the different stages of death and dying and are suffering from things never seen before. The fungi are out of control and can be seen growing on everything.  Some pines are bleeding out their sap. It looks like glass on the forest floor. Our greenhouse garden would not ripen. It is stunning to watch this crime unfold. Thanks to all for spearding the word and responding properly for those who do survive this. I am becoming convinced that earth needs to shake humans off like fleas. Damaged goods control the planet. 

  16. Charlotte says:

    When I left the house at 10am this morning, my neighbor's magnolia tree had all it's leaves. When I returned two hours later, they were ALL on the ground. We were sprayed with something horrible through the night and into this morning which caked the sky in a thick chemical stew which left me with very shallow breathing and dizziness. 

    • Simonh says:

      Dane…you are doing an excellent job…no doubt about…I admire your scientific precision and persistence …Thank you enormously

  17. Terri says:

    went for a walk in the woods to see the spring flowers. there were not very many this year. Trees dead by the thousands. the few left alive are putting on seeds and pods everywhere and their leaves look pale green and sickly. so many dead trees. broken. split open. looks like a tinderbox waiting for a spark. 

    ancient oaks, black walnuts, hickory,pine trees, cedars. dead or dying. 

    the thing that is most startling of all is the wildlife. or lack thereof. no deer flushed. no quail. very few birds. nothing rustling in the underbrush. this area normally sees lots of activity in the springtime. 

    lastly. we ran across 2 snakes. one garden variety snake in the middle of the trail but not sunning itself on a cool day. in fact it was staying out of the sun. it was in the darkest part of the trail. it was very lethargic as it would be without sun to warm it. we nudged it to move out of the trail and it barely moved. didn't slither quickly back to the underbrush as one would expect. it acted sick. not just cold. but very sick. normally a snake will sample the air with their tongue. this one didn't. it just seemed dead. laying on a cold and damp trail. there were patches of sunlight close by but it wasn't moving towards the warmth. it was staying in the cold as if it was overheated on a 60 degree day. 

     the 2nd snake we ran across was a bit more deadly. a large copperhead and we didn't see it until we were inches from its head. it could have easily bitten us and probably should have struck at us but it didn't. it too seemed sick. it was in the middle of a cold water spring. half on top of a rock and half in the spring. that water is in the 50's. it should not have been seeking out cold water. it didn't fall there or get stuck as the spring was only a foot or less wide. we could not step over it without stepping over the snake. we went around it but it was very odd. it wasn't interest in us yet it was very much alive. cold. yes..but again. no sampling of the air. very little movement. if i had to take a guess i would say it was feverish if that is possible in a snake. it wanted the cool water running over it. i have seen snakes in that spring in the full summer at 80 degrees but not in the springtime and not on a cool day with winter just weeks past.

    not that i like snakes because i do not. it was just the behavior that was weird. a neighbor reported being chased by a deer. a deer that was growling at the person. turkey screaming for no reason. not gobbling. not making their usual noises. just screaming was the best descriptor. 

     along with the dying trees. the animals, insects. reptiles are dying as well. how long we have left ? i suspect it won't be long. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      This is heartbreaking to hear, and very scary. Animals and reptiles not acting as they normally should. Shame on the bas*#r&s doing this evil.

  18. Grinling Gibbons says:

    Dear Dane, if there is anyway i can help with this terrible worldwide chemical spray together with  H A A R P as we the animals trees plants insects especially The Bees Which Are Dying By The Millions Plus & As we all know that No Bees No Planet,& Here In Bretagne they have an American Company that has got permission to explore the whole of Bretagne In France to look for Oil & Gas By Fracking, this is a beautiful part of France & if Fracking goes ahead the Four Depts would be under a terrible amount of Decimation & Water Poisoning As Per American States are now up against, i cannot help financially but are good at writing hard hitting story lines & of course my name is a famous name thanks to my Ancestor & i would be prepared to use it to help with any material needed for display purposes. Warm Regards Grinling Gibbons

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Grinling, thanks for your willingness to face this most dire issue. Yes, all can help in this fight and all are needed. Put a pen to paper and post your perspectives on Face Book and elswhere. Make your voice heard. Use the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link found on the upper left of the home page. We must make every day count in this battle.

  19. By controlling the atmosphere they control the Population. Control the bee's you control the food, thus control the Population. This is a Multi-prong attack too Control. It is like Chess, or global War the stake is just as high. They are just going beyond even global, thermo nuclear war.

  20. Death says:

    The Government is limiting our numbers to control us with ease, and this is their way.

  21. Jack says:


    I showed this video to several coworkers.  They where all attempting to debunk and disregard.  I did not give up.  I proved to them with out a shadow of a doubt that it is real.

    In Southeast Tennessee right now tree's are in rapid health decline.  I've notice in the past two weeks specifically numerous trees with no leaves period we've not had a frost in 2 weeks and a freeze in a 3.  They are just dead and no one is talking about it.   

    What is even more alarming was went to a local park to prove the tree's where dead or dieing.  It did not take long see the present damage and worse to realize the type of tree's.  Oaks, Hickory, and Walnuts.  These three tree's are critical to local wide life.  Basically, @ Red Clay State Park in Tennessee there are dozens of dead tree standing where last year they where leafy and vibrant.  ONE YEAR PEOPLE!!!

    I asked the attendant what is killing the tree's in the park and she said, "I don't know did not notice them."  She just sat and continued looking at the computer not caring one bit what's going on.

    In general in our area, tree's are weak, or flashing dead.  It is in Middle TN around Nashville and in north Georgia as well.  

    To wrap up the coworkers into believers I showed them holly leaves and boxwoods that look burnt.  

    Needless to say no jedi mind trick needed here.  They are going home and rethinking their life.

    Keep up the good work.  One aware person at a time over here in Tennessee Dane.  Working to wake em up.


    • Justice says:

      After this actual administration took over all this issues staring to unfold with the geoengeering of Nassa on tthe use lasser blue beans to make it worse now is a machine on CERN ….either one some how is on mind control goverment and crearing all this now days issues hypnosis u all witnissing aroind and reading on news

    • Terri says:

      went for a walk on a nature trail this weekend. 2 out of 5 trees dead. it is obvious. the trunks are split the bark is peeling off it in huge chunks. Oaks, maples, black walnuts. Hickory. pecan trees. all flash killed. in our own grove we have 3 dead sugar maples that are over a 100 years old. flash killed. Trees dying all over the place. 

      the few maples that are left have tiny leaves emerging that are yellowish green and weak. droopy. they are not getting full growth. all over the place trees are coming to spring life sickly looking. the only consolation i have is those who are spraying us are killing themselves and their families as well. as we die. so do they

      . perhaps they will finally finish the human race. wipe it off the planet as it deserves. maybe then the planet can recover. a fitting end for a species that consumes all natural resources and what it doesn't consume it destroys. 

      it is like a nightmare from which one cannot awake. 



    • vilano says:

      August, E TN. I have to confirm the 2 out of 5 comment. And the observation about full sun near the edges of creeks is verified as well. .

      If the soil becoming alkaline is part of the issue and heavy metal accumulation is killing the trees, can we resist this by using garden sprayers to Urigate the soil. The ammonia should bind with the metals making them less toxic.

      Please advise.

  22. Sean says:

    Dane can you please comment on the study that came out saying the earth is getting Greener? I've been watching the vegetation decline here in Vancouver since 2009 and it seems people all over Canada and the states are reporting the same thing. Yet there is a study that says we've actually had a net increase in vegetation over the last 10 years due to forest replanting in china, regrowth of abandoned farms in the USSR and grassland areas getting more rainfall/co2 and thus growing. Is it all BS? I know there is a lot of disinformation put out these days. Is it just fancy reporting/trickery being used to make us believe plants aren't dying off?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, though some of the formerly frozen latitudes are thawing and greening, the overall die-off of biomass around the globe far exceeds any expansion. There is an endless amount of disinformatioin from countless special interest groups. The planet is dying, that is the bottom line. We must alter our course completely if we are to have any chance of salvaging life on Earth.

  23. In addition to geoengineering and dying trees there is something else going on in my region:

    Everywhere the authorities are present to cut old valuable trees without any obvious reason. Just the latest report from Duisburg, Germany.

    This morning they are planning the cut the whole alley. I'd not mention this if it was "just" one place. In Bonn they are doing the same for a couple of months and also in other regions around. That means it is not an isolated action but a concerted one.

    They are cutting all green with the loudest machines available.

    All leaves are blown away with machines so there is no place to hide for smaller animals any longer.

    It happens so often now all over the country that there must be a master plan behind this!

    Killing trees from the air, killing trees on the ground.

    Who is going to stop these sick people?


    • Anna Busser Erik says:

      Around New Year 2015/16 I was in the Bavarian Forest near the Czech border. Vast numbers of trees are dying (supposedly because of beetles) but being left because it is a "forever wild" untouchable area. On the other side in Czechoslovakia vast amounts of tree are being cut and transported over the border and have been for several years. The local Bavarian farmers wonder what is going on.


  24. Chris Amend says:

    Hello Dane.  A quick but very heartfelt thank you to you and your family for your sacrifice of time and money.  Your leadership is not taken for granted and many of us are working the problem with you.

    In 3 years I have 4000 digital photos, have personally spoken to over 225 people, distributed over 250 info packets, spent $5k on fliers, DVDs, ink cartridges,newspaper ads photo copies, drove to Cheyenne to personally talk to WYOMING legislators while in- session, gave 6 reps and 2 senators the booklet entitled GEOENGINEERING AND IT'S IMPACT OVER WYOMING", lost friends, made friends, been lied to by the weather dis-service among other agencies and some of the media and now, tomorrow  I will be meeting with my arborist to take him around town to show him all the burnt orange pine shrubs that have been FRIED by UBV and what could be a defolient.   This problem is sick. 

    Dane I need you to please send me the pdf of the billboard so I can get it put up on the electronic 6'x10' billboard we have here in town.  Can you please send it to me on my e-mail?

    To every one else, thanks for working this problem……DO NOT LET UP we must succeed in getting this issue EXPOSED and RESOLVED.  Remember that there is a global awareness campaign on April 25th.  Do something in your community.

    From the once gorgeous state of Wyoming where skies are silver-white and trees are brown (ever brown trees).

    Sincerely,  Chris Amend

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chris, I will reply to you by email as you requested, but I want to thank you publically for all you have done in this fight for the common good. I am very grateful to all those that are doing whatever they can to raise awareness.

    • Neil Suntych says:

      Chris, I live in Wheatland.  It's not just trees, as I'm sure you know all to well.  Rapidly getting worse.  Just this Spring we lost one evergreen shrub and all our ivies that had been here for years.  I love to plant flowers around the house.  They just sit there no matter how much I baby them, especially the last couple years.  One variety in particular, our Salvia have gone great guns every year.  Refused to grow last year.  Beyond chance.  I've been photographing the chemtrails for years.  How could I help?  No fear of retaliation or shame at all. 

  25. Terri says:

    Our oaks are dying. Our sugar maple trees are splitting. they look just like those pictures of the oaks with no bark on them. The black walnuts, pecans, and other nut trees are dying off. They seem to be hit the hardest. The food producers are going first.


    The most disgusting thing about this is these trees have been here for hundreds of years. They are older then the rulers of this planet and this country but are being wiped in a single decade or even half a century if you want to look at when the experiments first started.

    Life forms that have seen so much. lived peacefully only to be wiped out by the lust for greed and power. Some of these trees are 500 years old or more. Flash killed. that is a loss that is not something that can be repaired.

    A loss and wanton destruction of something that takes hundreds of years to grow. all those years lost..wiped out..taken by those who claim their lifetime gives them the right to own the world. somehow, because the elite and those who serve them were born the planet and life forms that are hundreds of years old must die. 

    Even if the spraying stops. That destruction cannot be repaired. Tree's can be replanted..yes…but we will never see their peak. never seen how HUGE they grow. That amazing miracle is taken from us. Done by a handful of people who claim the right to rule. 

    • Jean says:

      4 years later I’m reading your comment . I know your pain – I have 30 Douglass firs that are half dead from the bottom up! The gov isn’t hiding chemtrails anymore . This year , Harvard University came forward to say they are doing experiments to block the sun!!!?? To reverse phony climate change . Google all the gov weathers geoengineering patents and you’ll see the gov is manipulating climate and blaming us. That’s where the Green new Deal comes in . But the announcement of the aresol spraying came around the same time as the 5 G rollouts by telecom companies . This is radiation like we have never seen . God help us this is genocide for power and revelation and Daniel coming to life. Setting up beast system with IOT, 5G and being fed to global brain.

  26. Nancy Allen says:

    In 2003 we were traveling in Alaska in the Copper River basin. We observed many square miles of completely dead forest on one side of the river. Locals blamed bark beetles, but, as a biologist, I had never seen such complete death and destruction due to insect attack. Now I am wondering if this is a correct explanation? Any comments?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nancy, the beetles are only a symptom of the underlying problem in this case, hope you will continue your investigation. The bioavailable heavy metals in the rain are wreaking havoc with ecosystems, also the off the chart UV radiation levels.

  27. Dog aka db says:

    Long time believer in flying spagetti monsters!!  Recient road trip from CO to TN confirmed what I have been seeing in CO. Spring time, no bugs! Southern route saw many distressed and dying trees! Massive cones on many trees! Ice storm in TN and KY snapped and toppled many trees! Man made clouds or milky man sky's! This has been happening for a very long time in the open! If everyone pretends that everything is hunky dori then Mabey it will go away?  I don't think so! Thanks for the wake up call Mr. Wiggington.

  28. jake says:

    total agreement with you, but the problem, no one realizes is, that 1998, was the point, where earth went over the cliff. all modern civilization needed to stop at that point, if we were to stop the earth holochaust. we are all on a train to non-existence on this plane, all life exterminated. the best we can do is try and enjoy our families and friends in our short time left. at the military that does not exist level, countries and borders don't exist, everyone is working together

    • Justice says:

      Those from TN to NJ and all over usa this is not anything relate to climate change at all but only to weather change clntrol by the gov and those behind it for several reasons imcluding political one of the many
      Usa gov is scrwing all usa while destroying human and animal life .the sun lights are vital to the growth of trees plants a minimu of 6 to 7 hrs daily keep roots strong and more thrn likely it contains mineral vitamist to help them even further just like it provides us humans with natural vitamin D ,by opaquing the sun lights destroys a lot of things and pdoffit evils indiciduals destroy the americans farmers industry and destroy the american agriocultural industry for a foreign one a form of what the one consider a form or. ..redistribution ……but i see it a form of destryng usa and it have to stop such evil unethicals practices asp..yes like one mention in a post dexeeade the values of the land etc then others buy it and when they scrw it all ….rain sun light once again and they own it all ……

  29. Heartbreaking tree demise echoed up & down the East Coast in GA / NC / WVa / PA / VT.  Certainly in CA.  GMO apple orchards in VA, next to non-GMO orchards = stark contrast .  – a former science teacher, here

    Coverups include desperate plays in the playbook but this will not stand. Stay sharp.  Every single helpful act, large or small, makes a difference.  Every one of them.

  30. Jeff says:

    For me seeing the many responses on this incredible sight,are a glimmer of light for me. People need to remember that like Dane say's,if we keep spreading the information,and awareness of the criminal actions being set against us all,we embolden the hope that people will awaken in mass.

    As the late Martin Luther said (not sure if its exact)"If I was to die tomorrow,I would still plant a tree today".

    How ever it pans out,we need to show our children how to stand up.

  31. Mary says:

    Thank you for your research. These are crimes against all Life and the $$$$ hungry people don't care except for their own measly evil desires . Shame on the ruling elite. Their Day will come!

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      yes their day WILL come;  but we must fight them as long as we can!!!!

    • Ray Ceniceros says:

      The trees and bushes here in Henderson (Las Vegas),NV are dying. Many trees are drying-up. I lost roses bushes that I had for years and also a plum tree.

  32. Christina Parousis says:

    For those who have suggested a protest or demonstration, just a reminder that on April 25th is the Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering. See here for an event near you: Julie Phelps, we are having an assembly and march in Toronto, Kew Gardens Park at 2pm, here is the event page:

    The Windsor Skywatch group is joining us as well and media will be there too. I encourage you to join the Ontario GeoEngineering Action Group . Recently we had a meeting with the Premier of Ontario regarding geoengineering and will be following up about this in the group in due time. Please join us in creating awareness and taking action. Thank you, Christina

  33. James Burke Boyd says:

    Thank you Dane,
    Thank you for putting the dents in this crazy scheme.  What or who in this world would want to exterminate our beautiful planet.  I just wish there would be some honesty someday, and prosecution.

    • judy lauer says:

      To be honest I do not care if you publish  my email address.  If the people who have the power to destroy all creatures and plants get joy out of doing this to our once beautiful planet- how do we fight this psychosis?  Nobody can control them.  By the time people in general realize what is happening- readers- fill it in.

      Judy Lauer

  34. Julie Phelps says:

    Chem trails are real I moved to Canada from the UK and looked at the clouds. I said to my Canadian husband what is wrong with your clouds? I said they look odd. Then I observed a circular whole around Detroit and Windsor I was very upset to see this. I said "this is not normal". I then noticed chem. trials and have now correlated them with illness and the way trees are dying off. I am a former Royal Air Force Engineer and what I see are not vapour trails they are chemicals being sprayed. So no excuse to say they are just water vapour, no they are not!!!! From what I have read the Chem trails are just toxic, they may have been started with good intentions but are doing more halm than good. They need to look to safer methods and planting more trees, Canada is a big country yet it is so toxic it is beyond words how sickening the polices have been here. It has been owned and followed in the methods of American which is basically echo terrorism, and terrorism against countless  South American Countries, Canada and anywhere its Corporate machine can strip and kill. How many people have died by polluted waterways? How many people have developed cancer directly from toxic chemical through spraying crops and GMO's where toxic DNA is spliced directly into plant thus we eat the toxin directly? This is an act of terrorism by the government and the corporate agencies against innocent people within America and else where. Time to stop this and time a for all to join together in huge protests before all is dead. 

  35. John Mustart South Africa. says:

    Thanks Dane. I just do not understand how this is allowed to continue. I know you and those who support you are working hard at educating people about what is going on but there must be something more aggressive one can do. Maybe serious marches to government administration centers. Or march on the white House.  Your situation is looking desperate. I find this site so scary and it is almost impossible to get people interested in South Africa. I have activated Facebook and have your site on it. Take care and all the best.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, yes, peaceful public demonstrations are needed, but before that can happen we need to reach a critical mass of awareness. Marches can not happen without the numbers needed to make them effective. Once we reach critical mass in regard to awareness, the rest of the wheels will start to turn, wait and see.

  36. Stephen Mallen says:

    Very good Dane we are in trouble that's for sure.


  37. Harlyn Rohr says:

    Dave please use YOUR voice to get the support of the alternate media and together expose the hypocrisy of the sold out corporate academics . Make it a major Alternate Media Event , the planet is literally dying before our eyes !    Thank you , Harlyn

  38. Marc says:

    I guess I should draw attention to the very real (if not certain) prospect that the U.S. is not the only superpower engaging in this kind of warfare. With this in mind, the planetary weather picture gets complicated indeed. We all know other countries employ geoengineering, but to what extent do there exist actual tactical wars between governments utilizing droughts, floods, blizzards etc? In otherwords, the whole global geoengineering assault may not be strictly a one-way street, with the U.S. agenda dominating all others. Obviously there are "airspace" issues, too. There is Russia and China to consider in this equation. Like the covert cyber-attacks underway 24/7 against and between all major powers, might not geoengineering tactics fall into a similar category? I don't know.

  39. Marc says:

    The derailing and suppression of critical thinking regarding geoengineering is a 24/7 overt/covert operation with tentacles reaching into religious fundamentalism, glorification of stupidity, pop-cultural distraction and our natural inborn yearning for security, comfortable status-quo and plenitude. We find a whole paradigm of human experience living inside a bubble of surface consciousness without ever penetrating more deeply into connecting the dots which spell our doom. And the vast majority, I suspect, don't give a rat's ass about it even if the full impact of the truth were to become obvious. Add in another thing: we all must spend a considerable amount of our daily energy and awareness just trying to survive day to day in the face of unprecedented "environmental" chaos including urban congestion, air pollution (aerosol contamination, too) work-place demands, relationship demands, you know…whatever is most up front and center in our immediate awareness. Not to mention occasionally just wanting to have a good time without the worries and fears of daily life.

      And is not our fight a first and second world fight? I mean, it seems to me that fighting to expose geoengineering by people of the so-called third world is far down the list of priorities if not altogether non-existent. Look at the multitudes here in the first world countries who can't even seem to figure out WTF is going on. 

      I have no doubt whatsoever that there exists a relatively small cadre of psychopathic masterminds behind all of this geoengineering  crap who go to the "office" everyday to orchestrate tactical strategies in real-time scenarios involving weather systems, politics, international tensions, world markets and so forth. Even if we could cut off the head of this snake, I fear another 3 would grow back in it's place. And fast, too. In the face of such impossible odds, I remain in awe of the work and unparalleled commitment of Mr. Dane Wigington in maintaining this website and toiling every day to further expose these horrific crimes against all that lives. Support this work with whatever you can afford, folks. We desparately need leaders like Mr. Wigington leading the charge against these toxic experiments.

  40. Thanks Dane for the informative video. Six years ago, I sent photos to NOAA and received a reply denying the existence of chemtrails. More recently, I sent chemtrail photos to the chief meteorologist at the local TV station. Although he has answered questions in the past, this inquiry wasn't even acknowledged. Censorship or liability issues?

    Now I've written to both our Congressman and Senator about weather modification. One has acknowledged there is a problem and the other wrote back saying that neither he nor any members of his staff have seen chemtrails.  After watching your video this morning, some of the fungus growths you have shown are identical to the fungus growth seen this week on branches on our normally healthy Japanese tulip tree. Co-incidence? Thanks again for your efforts.

    • Larry says:

      No use contacting NOAA as it appeared they are in on it and part of the cover up. It's too bad because we could really use their help. The problem is the DOD got permission in 1998 to spray anything on the public for any reason they say and are keeping the info in typical military compartments to where all avenues of help and media coverage are virtually blocked with misinformation and possibly threats to media station owners of breach to national security. It's all bull crap but we unknowingly gave consent in 1998 by public ally not opposing the request for funding and permission and the dumb ass se at never read any of the 400plus pages of documents in " public law105-85 section 1075!   Check for your selves please . We need a team of attorneys fast or else it is over for us and the planet! Contact the Institute for Justice . Org. They will help if enough people call and send mail at no cost only donations if we can. They are possibly our only hope if we can somehow get them on board. Time is running out…

  41. Kathy Lambert says:

    Have any states in the United States banned geoengineering or chemtrail spraying in their air space? Tnx. KL

    • Earth Angel says:

      Kathy, There is currently a ground breaking bill in Rhode Island up for passasge- HB 5480. See and the article there. Please make a comment in support of passage of this bill, especially if you are from the great state of Rhode Island!

  42. andrew says:

    My 46th email to my contacts, titled "Earwig O…Again"

    1.  What did the earwig say as it fell off the global warming cliff?  "Earwig O, Earwig O, 'Ere we go……….."  Earwigs are probably one of the species that will survive – they survived the last mass extinction 65 million years ago. I wonder what can we learn from them.

    a.  Very informative video on chemtrail compounds, Morgellans and other geoengineering subjects, plus stealth bombers leaving massive 'condensation' trails…Oh really? 

    b.  Have you been watching the air temperature anomalies over the Arctic/North Pole recently?  Always @ 15-20ºC above average – with full cloud cover: click on Northern Hemisphere,and Air Temp Anomaly and press play.  The anomalous cold area in the sea south of Greenland is caused by the massive amount of fresh water ice melt from Greenland.  "Search Weather" is also a good function.

    c.  Massive visible and varied atmospheric spraying over eastern Scotland in the last few days.  No doubt for a variety of reasons. Judging by the red faces, I suspect we have a huge ozone hole above us and thus UV levels have been exceptionally high.  Bright white clouds next to dirty brown/grey coal dust coloured ones, plus cold downbursts from endothermic spraying.  A very toxic mix, and our complicit and deceitful BBC weather presenters use phrases like "Fair weather clouds", "Wispy clouds", "Mist", "Fog" and "Poor air quality" when referring to the sprayed toxic white haze we have to breath.

    d.  Geoengineering is the greatest assault against life on earth ever launched by the human race. Our oceans are dying, yet no serious alarm bells are being sounded.  Could this inaction by corrupted global governments be intentional? Could there actually be those among us so evil that they perpetrate and perpetuate this scenario?  Watch the 3 short videos in this link:

    e.  The Fabious and Kerry deadline announcements of "500 days until climate chaos" approaches ..eta end Sept 2015.  I still  think that we have less than 4 years before serious life changing global events. Maybe we should follow the money of those in the know and buy properties in New Zealand and Tasmania – we might then have an extra 4 years to try and sort our act out.

    f.  Some interesting history and prophetic sayings:  Mayan Calendar ended 2012, that may have been the start of the end and/or more likely, the point of no return. Even if the actual end is not until 2051, they were still amazingly accurate;  The Hopi Prophecy has "cobwebs in the sky" as one of signs for the end of civilisation…chemtrail pilots have a club called "The Spiders Club" (or similar);    In the bible, the book of Isaiah is one of the most important prophetic books and the Easter reading from chapter 25 talks about the cosmic intervention by God after the earth is ravaged by apocalyptic events. There are some survivors who recognise what has happened and sing to God's glory. Elsewhere it talks about not wanting a repeat of the 'fire and thunder in the sky'….methane burns at 15% concentration, if we have a mega methane burp which is ignited, it will indeed be "fire and thunder in the sky";  Some say that the Atlanteans destroyed their world when they started to manipulate the weather;  The ancient alchemists of The Land of Khem (Egypt), would be horrified by the toxicity in the distilled water/morning dew that gathers on the leaves of the Alchemilla plant (Lady's Mantle), which they used for their experiments – note the word derivations;  We have just had the 3rd of 4 Blood Moons (total lunar eclipse by earth).  The rare sequence of 4 is often seen as a bad omen.  4th Blood Moon on Sept 28th 2015.

    g.  I recently went to a talk where the speaker appeared proud of his involvement in the Auschwitz style drug experiments in remote African villages (his company transports blood samples from remote village to 'research' centres in US, Germany, France, UK etc.  As I wrote in my email of 26 Aug 2014: 'A US biological warfare team and a 'research team' from Tulane University  (a selective private research university founded in 1834 in New Orleans),  was 'researching' in Sierra Leone when the Ebola outbreak occurred. It has been stated that they were actively experimenting on the local population.  Sierra Leon identified them as the perpetrators of the outbreak and kicked them out of the country'. 

    h.  Starting 20th April, US to officially 'start' training Ukraine's nazi Azov Battalion (as if thy needed training in ethnic cleansing and terror tactics; as if up to 5,000 US DoD contracted Xe mercenaries are not already active in Ukraine, plus up to 10,000 in each of Iraq and Afghanistan).  Current Ukraine is in its 4th conscription of 16-60 yr olds, with a military mobilisation target of 100,000 troops.

    Tymoshenko: "We’ve got to arm up and go kill these damn kitsaps [Russians].” 

    Question: “What do we do with eight million Russians who are left on the territory of Ukraine?” 

    Tymoshenko: "We[‘ve] got to shoot them.”


    2.  Prepare:  Remember your EDC, GB and BOB are to help you get from A to B as quickly and safely as possible. Your EDC and GB should be fully packed at all times.  Your BOB should be 80% packed with the remaining 'in use' items listed, ready to be ticked off when packed.  Time to pack 3 mins.  By definition, in an emergency or catastrophe, you will be lucky to have 15 mins to react – this is also the likely warning time we will have of a nuclear or conventional attack.  BOB packing and water purification suggestions in future emails – this rant is long enough already.

    Any truth in the recent shooting down of 4 US military aircraft over Russia and the arrest of US Navy Commander Capt Heather Cole for refusing to transmit presidential orders to launch a nuclear strike on Russia?  and  What is Operation 'Jade Helm 15'  (July 15 – Sept 15 in US)

    Also research CERN and Sept 25. 


    3.Further reading..take your pick:

    The final countdown


    • Mary Willits says:

      Wow, you are an incredible, informed, well appreciated person. I will keep my eyes open for other posts from you. Thank you so much! Keep it coming please!

  43. Diana Moss says:

    I have been reading articles on main stream media (sorry about that but sometimes it is necessary to find out what people are thinking) and there is no mention of what is discussed here.   Not a peep!  When global warming is mentions the responses are incredible.  I just counted 10 intelligent responses to 100 crazy responses and the 100  insist that 1. there is no global warming and 2. if they do admit it it is not the result of CO2 but is nothing more than God's plan.  Good Grief!  No wonder it is difficult to get people to look up with this narrow minded (can't see beyond the end of their noses) and simpleton ideology.  Way too many people get their news from right winged Nuts who are indoctrinated with propaganda from the fossil fuel industry and the big bucks of the Military Industrial Complex.  I am beginning to wonder if indoctrination isn't being fed to us in the food we eat, or the water  we drink.  But, on the other hand perhaps it is the lack of  education in teaching individuals how to think for themselves, to ask intelligent questions and demand intelligent and truthful answers.  We all have Dane to thank for being the patient and understanding teacher for bringing us the truth to all of our questions.

  44. Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj says:


  45. Ralph Ely says:

    I have fished, hunted and hiked during my 72 years in some of the same areas Dane Wigington shows in this video.  What he is showing and saying is real.  Academia will not talk about it. They do not want to loose their research funding (which has nothing to do with Geo Engineering) supplied by Monsanto (out of the goodness of their corporate hart) and the other bio-companies as hush money.

    Government agencies, fearful of Civil and Criminal prosecution brought on by Geo Engineering, has issued a "gag order" in defense.

    Private contractors refer inquiries back to the government with: "No comment" or "That's classified" or "It's a matter of National Security."….on and on.

    At this point The Military Industrial Complex is accountable to no one.  However that "protective wall of silence" is starting to crack. If we keep hitting it day in day out with the "truth" it will crumble. We all need to Be Informed, Talk about it to everyone and Take Action where ever the opportunity presents it's self.  God Bless You All.   

    • Larry says:

      Wow Ralph you hit the point I have been saying all along.  The military started the worst of the problem with haarp and the destruction of the ozone ,And the cover up continues military style. The chemtrails are the corporate way of cooling the planet.

  46. Jay says:

    Search YouTube …California drought watch: the nonexistent 2015 snowpack

    Pay attention to the sky also! 

  47. Jay says:

    So many trees dying in Massachusetts ,New Hampshire area. There is a green fungus on many trees and seems to spread to the Pines and kills them quickly. There's also a black fungus or mold wreaking havoc on trees and shrubs. The cloud cover is almost constant with very little rain, almost seems like they just keep the roads wet. When it dries you get some light rain. When the sun does come out it is frying all trees exposed to south southwest here also .l

    • awake says:




      I have lived in Wyoming and now live in Georgia. Just last week I had a friend tell me that there were 90 MPH winds in Wyoming. I know that in that region evergreen trees are getting wiped out. Here in North Ga, pines,hemlocks,and oaks are all dying.You wrote "There is a green fungus on many trees and seems to spread to the Pines and kills them quickly. There's also a black fungus or mold wreaking havoc on trees and shrubs" Same here in the Blue Ridge mtn area of Ga/NC. During the summer 2016, I want people to know that there were many of our regional forests on fire. I have to travel in that area and I observed many Federal  license plated,BLACK, Suburbans and dodge charger government vehicles in these areas  as well as personnel in uniforms with no discernable means of identification. That is to say I could not tell if they were DHS,ATF,EPA etc….. But they were in  southern North Carolina and North east Georgia mountain towns.and it is my opinion they were looking for somebody.

  48. Lydia says:

    I don't even want to even think how this scenario will playout  when fire season starts. All those dead trees will be a nightmare then.

  49. carol freiberg says:

    Soon people will realize this horrific event but,of course,it will be too late. Too many pacified and sleeping soundly.

  50. Michel B says:

    It's hard to find the right words for this. It initially puts me in a mess of emotions. But, I keep telling others. More are listening. Like Dane said, 'geoengineering' is becoming a dirty word. This means people are waking up. The word 'chemtrails' is now a disinfo term and used to discredit people sounding the alarm. Can the word 'geoengineering' become likewise a loaded word, connoting weird conspiracy theory? It's hard to see how it can become a term of distraction. It is a pretty straight forward term referring to a general area of science, though a f*****d up science at best.

    When I explain all of this to others, I make sure to cover the use of all the terms, explaining which ones are colloquial or layman's terms and which ones are proper scientific terms, so that they don't get bogged down in the petty arguments about what is true and so on. I currently explain the increase of albedo to people so that they are aware of that term also. I talk about SRM and SAG, nano particles, the various metals used, the fact that they are very toxic to all life forms and every part of the biosphere, the destruction of the ozone layer, UVA and UVB and how the sun feels hotter than it should.

    So, if we talk about all of the terms and all of the aspects straight away to new ears, then I think we can take away the effectiveness of those terms becoming a discrediting tool. Even if the powers-that-be just stop using certain terms and substituting them with others, the people I talk to will already have an armory of terms to help them wade through the 'disinfo substitution' of older terms.

    I talk to all people, older or younger and alert them to the decades long programs of weather control/manipulation. I describe the cloud patterns that are now commonly seen and explain how they are not normal at all. I remind older people of how the skies used to look, how blue they once were, and I see confusion at first and then a slowly dawning comprehension, sometimes with disbelief, which is normal and then I refer them to this site for solid info, links and further information. Likewise I explain to younger people that they may never have seen a fully normal sky and they can look for pictures of how the skies used to look.

    We are handing out the 'red pill' to people now. Some will want to take it while others will try to hand it back. Others yet will keep it in their hand for a while and take it later when they are ready. But more people are taking it.

    • SuperLuminal Man says:

      BRAVO, Michel B; Bravo!

      Well Done.

      Our Modus Operandi have strong similarities …

    • Oracle says:

      I believe geoengineering is a much more effective term, seeing as the mass-media used it it their recent plug of David Keith saying that the “ptheory” and “proposals” of geoengineering ‘could potentially have negative consequences.’ Even NPR did a seqment. “Climate engineering” could be inter-changeable, since it rings with “climate change,” but either way, AWARENESS is key. Best of luck to all!

  51. Gary Pennington says:

    Thank you, Dane, for another informative video, disheartening as it is. I have seen similar die-offs of trees in other, once pristine areas of California. In Lee Vining Canyon, east of Yosemite, the Jeffrey Pines are dying at an alarming rate. I've camped along the creek there for the past 15 years, and it is getting hard to witness what is happening to that area. Last August, a friend and I were there for several days, and on a Thursday morning, awoke to a barrage of jets spraying east to west, at the rate of one every 2-3 minutes. The photos I took are hard to believe. Here in West Sonoma County, we have very few Tan Oaks left, they seem to die overnight. Sudden Oak Death Syndrome is the name they give to it, but the cause is apparent. We've received over 30" of rain in my location this year, and yet the native Redwoods and Douglas Fir seem stressed and in decline. I still have difficulty understanding those who don't believe what they see with their own eyes, but I continue to spread the word, and am forever grateful for your continued mission. Stay well.

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