Geoengineering And The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie


Dane Wigington

We are being lied to on every level and to an unimaginable degree. The supposedly recovering Southern hemisphere ozone layer has hit a new record size, but "don't worry", the power structure controlled World Meteorological Organization says there is no reason for alarm. Really? Why shouldn't we be alarmed? And there is of course the "unprecedented" northern hemisphere ozone hole that the power structure controlled mainstream media won't even mention. Global geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer. Previous mainstream media tales of ozone hole recovery are lies designed to pacify the public for as long as possible. 


The northern hemisphere ozone hole (unknown to most) is also expanding.

It seems appropriate to wonder what will it take for the gravity of the aerosol spraying to be realized by a larger percentage of the population. What it will take to compel more people to make halting climate engineering their priority issue? What it will take to prompt more to take action in order to bring this most dire issue out into the light? Off the chart UV radiation levels are increasingly evident in the environment, scorched tree trunks are one glaring red flag. How can we say for certain that the UV levels are too high? Because metering proves this fact beyond any doubt. The 3 minute video below is a UV metering demonstration.

Extreme UV radiation is frying the bark off of many tree species in countless locations.


This example of UV radiation scorching is from Redding, California

Each and every day the global assault on our planet, and all that lives and breaths, continues. The decimation being caused by the "SAG" (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and "SRM" (solar radiation management) is far too immense to ever be quantified. Though no mainstream media source dares to mention SAG and SRM as primary causal factors regarding ozone layer damage, the mountain of data on the undisputed ozone layer destroying effects of SAG and SRM paint an all too clear conclusion. Extreme UV radiation levels are a major contributing factor in regard to overall forest decline. The short video below covers some of the UV damage from the front lines.

Particulate clouds (formed from the aircraft spraying) cause ozone destruction, period.  Government agencies and mainstream media would have us believe that the ozone decimation is primarily caused by by limited sources of CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons) from the ground level, this is also a lie. Though CFC's are certainly harmful to the ozone layer, they have been banned for decades. Why is the ozone destruction continuing to accelerate? The clearly visible spraying occurring in our skies and around the globe (by jet aircraft), is the primary source of ozone layer loss.  Science sources admit atmospheric particulates from geoengineering would cause ozone loss and drought (though they don't acknowledge the ongoing climate engineering reality). Internationally recognized geoengineer, David Keith, stated on the record his "proposal" of achieving an annual goal of 20,000, 000 tons of aluminum to be sprayed by jet aircraft (actual amounts are in all likelihood higher). 


Wilmington, NC. Photo credit: Marla Stair Wood

Again, all scientific study on the atmospheric effect of aerosol clouds makes clear that they have an ozone destroying effect. The higher the albedo (reflectivity) of the aerosols that are being sprayed, the more damage it does (aluminum has 400% higher albedo than sulphur dioxide).  The ozone layer is not recovering and cannot recover so long as the ongoing climate engineering continues to take its toll on this critical layer of our atmosphere.


The official mantra of ozone layer recovery is a lie. The massive ozone holes actually have a cooling effect in some regions like Antarctica. Is it possible the geoengineers may view the ozone holes (resulting from their atmospheric spraying programs) as beneficial for their objectives? Without the ozone layer, there would be no terrestrial life on Earth. The sun feels increasingly hot on your skin because it is. Even the backs of whales are being sunburned.  UV readings are skyrocketing around the globe and the damage is mounting at blinding speed. Many have begun to notice the intense UV radiation as the protective layers of the atmosphere continue to be shredded by the spraying. Why aren't we being told? The Canadian government has long since been refusing to let their scientists communicate with media. In the US, "gag orders" have been placed on all NWS and NOAA personnel. Nearly all current information is controlled. Finding the truth is an ever more difficult endeavor. A rapidly growing mountain of scientific data makes the lethal consequences of the atmospheric spraying all too clear. Its destructive and toxic fallout is ever more evident around the globe. Climate engineering/weather warfare (which is also biological warfare) is our greatest and most immediate threat short of nuclear disaster. 


All who are aware of this most dire issue need to do everything in their power to bring it to light for the masses before our biosphere is damaged beyond any meaningful recovery. It is imperative for those who have been "sitting the fence" on the critical climate engineering issue to realize its gravity and help in the effort to expose this greatest of all untold crimes in human history. Investigate and familiarize yourself with at least the basic facts in regard to SAG, SRM, ozone destruction, and the complete biosphere contamination from these programs. If all of us pulled together, who can say what good we may yet accomplish even at this late hour. Our "collective futures" are in the balance, we must make every day count.

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  1. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Hello from the future: It is February 23, 2018, and nothing has changed for the better…

    The link to the GUARDS web site (below) was forwarded to me by Mr. Arthur Firstenberg of the Cellphone Task Force in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I will include a short excerpt from his post: >

    Dear Friends,

    “The Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety filed a lawsuit against the City of Santa Fe in federal court on January 11. The Alliance includes doctors, health care practitioners, psychotherapists, artists, teachers, a Health Department official, a city planner, a world class athlete and others who have lost jobs and homes to cell towers, or who have patients who have lost jobs and homes to cell towers. We are asking the court to declare Santa Fe's 5G ordinance unconstitutional, and to rule that neither the State of New Mexico nor the U.S. government may prohibit a city from protecting its citizens. As far as I know, this is the only litigation of its kind in the United States at the present time.” [End quote.]

    The issues facing all of humanity are much greater than just his opening statement. I’m sorry, but there is not adequate space to include his complete text. Planned launches of thousands of space based satellites will induce massive reductions in ozone layer stability. The continuance of life on planet Earth is at stake. Please review: GUARDS – Global Union against Radiation Deployment from Space


    For more information, contact:

    Arthur Firstenberg

    P.O. Box 6216

    Santa Fe, NM 87502

    (505) 471-0129

  2. JR says:

    Good morning from SW New Mexico. The Chemtrailers this morn. are flying big time from east spewing their trash SAG-SRM over rain clouds. What big amount of rain or snow clouds left were being steered along with the winds pushed eastward of El Paso, Texas. The airplane pilots go out of their way as they change their flight patterns as they wish. If the evil doers spraying SAG-SRM globally ask for the Lord's blessing in their walk on this earth surely are touched in the head and confused. We were given 4 seasons, no more & no less. The winds here in the Southern part of state accompany the SRM-SRG sprayings, not normal. Have a Good Day….

  3. Beano McReano says:

    It says it shall become like "Noah's days".  I always thought that meant depleting of oxygen to kill everyone like in Noah's days.

    Could this be what is happening so that "no flesh will surive?"

  4. Suzy says:

    Another "cloudy" day here in SE Oklahoma after starting out a beautiful sky this morning. 2008 was my awakening to chemtrails and the evil being perpetrated upon the world. I have followed this website and tried to get the information out to all my family and friends. Besides my husband, I have 1 family member who is a believer. The rest of them look at me as if I have lost it, or become decidedly mute as I try to discuss this with them. In other words, "don't bother me with it."  As they discuss aches, pains and anomalies to their bodies and well-being, they still will not believe anything is happening!!! Now, here is my question to the readers: how are those evil ones protecting themselves? If we are breathing this, is it not affecting them in similar ways? Or do they take medications, etc, that will help chelate  the body? I see many meds, herbals, etc, that websites promote for various "maladies." Are these people, the ones giving orders, and the pilots, being protected from the hellish effects the rest of us are experiencing?  

    • dblack says:

      Hi Suzy – Melbourne Australia now has 2 seasons instead of 4 !!

      There is only Freeze or Fry now … Spring is gone from our skies!!!

      Never thought it would happen in my lifetime – how can people be so stupid. 

    • Wes from Nebraska says:

      I'm sorry, but all you people who think we have beautiful blue sky's and then they spray and then it gets clouded over. We DON'T ever have blue skies. There is always a snowstorm of particulates raining down on us 24/7/365. It's so strange even the people who are "awake", aren't! Folks, our air is filled with a constant bombardment of particulates. I've been looking for the last few months. I go out at 4:30am and then again at night after it gets dark. It's all the same, a snow storm of particulates. It actually dropped me to my knees weeping seeing this for my very own eyes on the second week.  Yes it appears like it might be clear. Yes it appears like you can see so many stars, but it's not clear! It's NOT the skies we grew up with. I've even seen these particulates during a light to medium steady rain. You could see them through the rain drops. These f*&^%ckers have destroyed our once beautiful earth. F%*&/CK these evil Mother F*%@ckers! It's over! How can it not be?

      Remember when times were good?

      Love you guys and gals!

  5. Melody Meachum says:

    Good work Rebecca P & thank you for taking the initiative to start an anti-geoengineering petition drive – I signed!!

    You might consider starting this up on if petition drive doesn't work. I've read complaints that after reaching a certain level of signatures, the petition "crashes" for "unknown" reasons!

  6. Signed Rebecca's petition. When I attempted top share on facebook, it gave a 404 message i.e. page not found

  7. Paul Craig Roberts gets that we are entering a totalitarian state, democracy is disappearing. He perceives and understands every level of the lies and propaganda – except geo-engineering. Nevertheless, we can learn from his astute discriminating razor intelligence. We know that the USA/UK, Russia (Woodpecker) and China (snow catastrophes) have the geo-engineering HAARP electronic warfare technologies that allow them to dominate the weather globally and therefore the economies and food supply of every country. As the video “Why are They Spraying?” clearly points out, Monsanto is creating seeds that grow in an aluminum saturated soil. No country will be allowed to escape the global reach of their tyrannical corporatocracy, the Corporate State. From the lens of global domination, the sovereign nation state is dead. All that remains is which of the three heartless bullies have the final control, so war is the logical next step. It seems that a preemptive nuclear strike is probable.

    Video: click on Propaganda is leading to War (11/5/2015)
    excerpt quotes from the vid with Paul Craig Roberts:
    The Wolfowitz Doctrine is to prevent the rise of any country that could serve as a constrain on Washington’s hegemony.
    If Southern Europe tried to join the Russian Eurasian Economic, Washington would not allow it and that would be “a direct threat to the empire which would lead to a preemptive nuclear attack.”
    “The entire western agenda is based on LIES and therefore is vulnerable and therefore people must not be able to expose the lies and if they do expose the lies the whole agenda comes down, if anybody believes them – and we’ve got to shut it up – and that Cameron and Homeland Security are doing…protecting a system that based on nothing but lies and false flag attacks.”
    Preemptive arrests and preemptive nuclear strikes: Redefined the use of nuclear weapons from a deterrent to preemptive first strike, justified to initiate in a preemptive way.
    The Orwellian totalitarian state is the future.
    Nuclear war could be a price too high for the European states…the Americans are pushing for nuclear war because they will not give up their demand that they are the people who exercise world hegemony over others…the Neo-Conservative agenda…

    • Las Vegan says:

      Thank you, Dane.  Thank you, Susan.

      Mr. Roberts is terribly insightful, Susan.  I perused his website for a while.  Why does he discount weather geoengineering?
      His "Quote of the Century" allows a glimpse into the mindset which pervades the entire government today and, I believe, allows weather warfare:
      "Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos Provides The Most Accurate Description Of European Politicians
      'Today’s European politicians . . . are "test-tube politicians," who haven’t emerged from a process of significant political battles with worthy political opponents, but have instead risen to power through the manipulations conjured by the strong players of the financial capital system, with the objective to control the political elite of the European continent. They are more employees than they are politicians. Moreover, their programme is not for public disclosure.  Should they discuss in public what they really want to achieve, or rather what the bankers who appointed them want to achieve, even the stones will cry out in Europe in protest against them!…'
      Athens, 3 July 2015"
      A propos cilantro as an anecdote to chemical weather spraying, please note that Dr. Klinghardt in his "Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol" very specifically advises taking chlorella 1/2 hour prior to ingesting cilantro.  He uses his own tincture, but many people use their own or chomp cilantro:
      "Dosage and application of BioPure cilantro tincture: give 10 drops in hot water at bedtime (during the vagus-dominant sleep phase many detox functions are most active) or 30 minutes after taking chlorella. Cilantro causes the gallbladder to dump bile – containing the excreted neurotoxins – into the small intestine. The bile-release occurs naturally as we are eating and is much enhanced by cilantro. If no chlorella is taken, most neurotoxins are reabsorbed on the way down the small intestine by the abundant nerve endings of the enteric nervous system. Gradually increase dose to 10 drops 3 times/day for full benefit. During the initial phase of the detox cilantro should be given 5 days on, 2 days off." 
      Dane always speaks about the cowardly scientists who go along with weather geoengineering.  I came across a great quote; I'm afraid that I have no attributor:
      "The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly.  One must  be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane." 
      Maybe they've breathed too much of their own heavy metal cocktail.

    • Hi Las Vegan — I did not mean to imply that Paul Craig Roberts "discounts" geoengineering. I don't know what he thinks about it because I have never heard him speak about it, so I assume he doesn't know. He is a political insider trying to wake people up. About PCR:

      "Dr. Roberts has held academic appointments at Virginia Tech, Tulane University, University of New Mexico, Stanford University where he was Senior Research Fellow in the Hoover Institution, George Mason University where he had a joint appointment as professor of economics and professor of business administration, and Georgetown University where he held the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy in the Center for Strategic and International Studies. … President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and he was confirmed in office by the U.S. Senate."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, Dr. Roberts has actually addressed the climate engineering issue to some extent, more details are in the attached link. Lets hope he addresses this critical issue to a greater degree.

    • Thank you, Dane! Paul Craig Roberts does have all the layers after all. An amazing intellect age 76  —- and he refers to you, so he has read this website. Here:

      Now we come to chemtrails, branded another “conspiracy theory.” …However, the US government’s efforts to geo-engineer weather as a military weapon and as a preventative of global warming appear to be real. The DARPA and HAARP programs are well known and are discussed publicly by scientists. See, for example, Search Chemtrails, and you will find much information that is kept from you. See, for example, and

      Some describe chemtrails as a plot by the New World Order, the Rothchilds, the Bilderbergers, or the Masons, to wipe out the “useless eaters.” Given the amount of evil that exists in the world, these conspiracy theories might not be as farfetched as they sound. However, I do not know that. What does seem to be possibly true is that the scientific experiments to modify and control weather are having adverse real world consequences. The claim that aluminum is being sprayed into the atmosphere and when it comes to earth is destroying the ability of soil to be productive might not be imaginary. Those concerned about chemtrails say that weather control experiments have deprived the western United States of rainfall, while sending the rain to the east where there have been hurricane level deluges and floods.

  8. Marj Darling says:

    At NASA Technical Reports Server, you can find reports that explain how geoengineering–spraying chemicals in the atmosphere–has cooled Antarctica and increased ice mass. Then, in other reports, like 'The Impact of Geoengineering Aerosols on Stratospheric Temperature and Ozone'–… —

    you can read how it is destroying the ozone layer […BECAUSE THE A$$HOLES ARE SPRAYING AEROSOLS!!]
    "Therefore, geoengineering by means of sulfate aerosols is predicted to accelerate the hydroxyl catalyzed ozone destruction cycles and cause a significant depletion of the ozone layer even though future halogen concentrations will he significantly reduced."

    • Glenn says:

      Ozone is manufactured from the interaction of UV light with oxygen when it enters our atmosphere. If you block it, this process comes to a halt. Doesn't take a genius to figure out this is a serious issue.

  9. BaneB says:

    Dane, what is your assessment of the amount of damage done to the protective ozone layer by rockets and the spent propellants?  I have read in various articles that the amount of ozone damage by these burned fuels is major.  The former Space Shuttle was a major ozone destroyer.  Given that our very physical survival now depends on computer/satellite technology, it is doubtful this need for these destructive devices will diminish anytime soon.

  10. JJ says:

    Cilantro attacks metal poisoning and I also take Hemp Oil each day.

  11. JR says:

    Hello to all from Southwest, New Mexico-USA. The SAG spraying has begun intense again in the last few days decimating our rain clouds. For over 13 years nows my eyes have been opened to the arsenal in the sky with SAG-SRM. We recently had a lot of hail damage no doubt from these lowlife bastards over our rain clouds from 2-3 weeks back. They love causing havoc and confusion and no doubt sons of the Evil one, all of them included. About an hour ago a jet which appeared to be a commercial one flying west had a black line streamed in front of it a good distance. Perhaps it's being pulled as I've heard with a magnetic pulse, or better yet what's causing that black beam in front of aircraft? At times these jets just hover as if almost not moving. Is it causing black holes in the heavens as rockets do when their shot off into outer space? In times past we would hear the holes (void) would heal themselves and recover itself. As Dane says, we are lied to over and over by those who are right now in power as those in the past. I pray people in general would wake up and open up eyes to the evil on us and our kids with SAG-SRM. So who is the Enemy here people? The author of confusion would have you (us) look elsewhere as many are convinced. This is an immediate danger to our health right in our own backyard!

  12. Irene Parousis says:

    Thanks Dane, this is such synchronicity. I made a point about the dying trees and strong UV rays on a popular alternative website, who posts your articles, but also posts the "global warming hoax" meme.  I certainly hope he read this article, as he did post it today, because I also asked him to make up his mind about which side of the "fence" he is sitting on. 

  13. Roy Svensson says:

    The UV meter can be a very good educational tool. Are there other reliable brands not so costly?  

  14. Marc says:

    There's a most heartwrenching scene towards the end of the movie "The Green Mile", where death row inmate John Koffee explains why he is ready to die by the electric chair. I can only sketch out what he said but basically he confesses he just can't take it anymore, he cannot withstand the enormity of the evil in the world, he's worn down by it all and the evil feels to him like shards of glass stabbing into his mind. He's ready to bail out. I have personally shed tears more than once at the power of this scene and the power of the metaphorical impact of the movie's conclusion. 

       I can so identify with John Koffee. Seems everywhere we turn we are buried under tsunamis of lies and deceit, cover-ups and evil intent. What makes it all even worse is knowing that incomprehensibly vast amounts of human time and energy are consciously devoted to sustaining and perpetuating the lies and the falsehoods, all, by design, intended to confuse, stupify and derange the public at large. Basically and in no uncertain terms, TO F**K OVER THE VAST MAJORITY OF HUMANITY BY A SELECT MINORITY. The success of these campaigns is nowhere more in evidence than in and among so-called environmental groups and even in some groups whose platforms include anti-geoengineering. While many such groups will go to gargantuan lengths to march on the streets to demand action on global warming/climate change, we stand in awe of the near total omission of geoengineering from the activism so earnestly expressed by these, I'm sure, well intentioned folks. How is this even possible? And given the slow but steady accumulation of public awareness regarding the atrocities in our skies, how is it possible we have yet to reach enough critical mass to stage mass protests worldwide?  I am keeping faith that we will get to that point. Seems there's no way it CAN'T happen at some point. As Dane has said many times, if the public were to truly awaken to the magnitude of these crimes, there would be a tsunami of rage on the streets, and in the infinite concentric circles of social media. 

       I suspect it's a wee bit of a taboo subject amongst many, but I wonder often just to what extent we are being sprayed and irradiated routinely with mind and/or mood altering technology to effect some mass control over not only our health, but also over our thinking processes, our cognitive function, and our ability to react to what would otherwise be perceived as threats, were we not so "dumbed down". Sounds like science fiction, doesn't it? I'm convinced it's not. And of course, there are famously documented cases of military "experimentation" over unsuspecting human populations, utilizing all manner of insidious substances. At this point I think we would be grossly naive to think that "biological" experimentation with the goal of controlling or affecting us in some way is not part and parcel of this vast spraying and electromagnetic campaign. We all fear (I know I do) that at any time of their choosing, these monsters from the bowels of hell could lay us all down dead in a New York minute. In fact, it could and should be argued that the aerosols already known to be in play constitute "biological experimentation", and, in the subsequent health effects millions are experiencing, we already have a situation involving manipulation of the masses of humanity by a covert Entity of unspeakable abomination.

    • Marc says:

      Just now came to my attention, the NASA announcement that the US west can likely expect continuing "megadrought" conditions for 20-30-or even 40 years. Oh, really? Watch the 2 minute 43 second video circulating now. Again, more blatant lies and disinformation straight from the horse's mouth. Watch the video of the NASA scientist "explaining" the findings of this latest study. Absurd beyond comprehension how this fancy, ultra high-tech study completely omits the glaring fact that massive, incomprehensibly huge aerosolization of our atmosphere is in full deployment. NASA is blaming this megadrought scenario on climate change/greenhouse gases/global warming, etc, all the while never bothering to mention how aerosolization and countless trillions of particulates are one of the primary reasons rain cannot materialize. And how in hell do they come up with the 20/40 year models anyway? It's all bullshit.

  15. TOMBOLA says:

    Saw a plane at 6.45pm this evening flying in a north – south direction dispersing a long aerosol trail into the evening sky above Perth. A few recently awakened friends (after six months of trying) called to bring this to my attention (fantastic) however i was already watching it.
    Still I find it difficult to wake people up even though the sky paints the unnatural picture.
    Some of the clouds today resembled a flower opening straight at you.
    How can people deny it happens when it is so clear in front of your eyes.
    What to do?

    • Bev says:

      I notice that this posting is November last year, anybody who cares to notice will see our skies here in perth always has its chemtrails,who can be ignorant,it is so obvious, what can you do,nothing, our governments are full like lies and cannot be trusted, do we think we are immune and this only happens in america,haarp in exmouth is well into controlling our weather,look at perth, heading for a desert just like califonia, look at our beautiful great barrier reef, dying,when will australia wake up to the fact that climate change is not caused by pollution of factories, the only pollution being what is put in our skies, i have questioned the great barrier reef and even suggested this to our MPs, funny that the great barrier reef is dying at a time when the government in queensland want to go into coal mining and what happens to be in the waybut the beautiful reef itself,as i say, the government cannot be trusted at any point,this world that we live in is dying, and as much on australia as anywhete else, look at perth? ,at anytime you can look into our skies and see the clouds add are in unnatural trails, rarely do we have clear blue skies anymore, i say this to anyone who will listen but people think you are a ninny,losing it, i say to my daughter,keep your car windows closed on the way to work,they have been spraying again,some mornings the plane traffic overhead is really bad  and you know what is happening, this is a very sad world we live in and these people have much to answer for. We need to wake up.

  16. cinny says:

    Hi Dane and everyone, just found this, please share!  Hope it will help our cause
    Past RADAR pulse animated GIF images — HAARP rings from 

  17. Angelo says:


    are the elite simply covering their butts – possibly did they damage the ozone with atmospheric nuclear testing?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Angelo, those in power have done damage to the planet and atmospohere from countess directions, climate engineering is the epitome of such destruction. Yes, those in power are trying to hide the damage done for as long as possible while doing even more damage in the process.

  18. cinny says:

    yesterday I got up at 5 AM to a heavy frost here in south NJ,  and temperature of 25 degrees, had to put the heat on.  At dawn, they started spraying huge plumes directed at the sun, the temps climbed to about 60 degrees around 11 AM, then the whited out skies turned grey and the temperature plummetted (must have icenucleated above)

    This morning I woke up at 4 AM in a sweat, to find it is 71 degrees outside with a light rain, no wonder I was sweating!!  God knows what they will do at dawn to get the temps to drop again.

    I am witnessing what Dane has been saying about the temperature manipulation in the North East.  I tried to purchase some Cilantro, there was all these fresh herbs, but no Cilantro.  Also noticed the store is no longer stocking organic raw honey, only "pure" "pasteurized".  I am shopping in the import aisle more and more, where most of the products will state No GMO, or shopping online.

    • vilano says:

      there are other effective alternatives besides cilantro including some edible wild greens that you probably have in your yard. I suggest researching it because if I named them, TPTB would add them to the list of things to poision..wish I was kidding. 

  19. Sara Militello says:

    I googled in geo engineering watch, tampa, florida and nothing having to do with the official came up. Is there a branch here in Tampa, Florida yet? I would join it and do what I can to contribute to its objectives.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sara, we don’t have any other local “branches” of our site, but I hope you can utilize the data we supply in your location. Thank for helping us to sound the alarm.

  20. Mala Na Colove says:

    I first noticed the severity of this in January last year when I saw a Catalpa tree with all of it's leaves still attached just dead and hanging there. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but it soon made sense after watching Dane describe the exact phenomenon out West. Trees and bushes are dying all around us here as well. It's very heartbreaking.

  21. Kathleen Feeney says:

    The neighborhood where I grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh has no trees left..they all died.   When I was kid .. HUGE maple Trees arched to meet and shade nany blocks of every street.  In winter, the branches, loaded with snow, reflected the moonlight in a dreamy way!   The street was cobbled stone .. belgium block … now they covered the begium block with asphalt…. and the trees are gone .. it is Owellian to go back now and know what this looked like 5

    0 years ago

  22. Nigel says:

    Dane, living at high altitude,  over 7500 I would think the UV would be much higher as well? It may not even be safe to be outside for more than a few minutes, and probably an increased risk of cancer..

  23. Elaine Woodriff says:

    Saw briefly, a video ad/billboard, as I drove south on 101 through Rohnert Park, CA, that said "Stop Spraying Us". Was pleasantly surprised to see that someone or someones paid to have this posted, where thousands of cars drive by and can see it.

    • Laura Hefner says:

      Hi Dane ,  Thankyou dear man , Thankyou .  I am wondering if you have any information regarding the very gassy , very colorful explosion this past Saturday night of the pacific coast , Redondo beach area & if not would you please look into ?  The mainstream idiot box news – people ? – claim it was a submarine that is located not far off the south bay coast had launched a missile & that it had exploded prematurely . It is so ridiculously far fetched ,  this 'submarine ' has not been mentioned previously + I know quite a few astute natives to this area & they know of such submarine etc.  If you have the time etc would you please check out this 'explosion' ?  Either way , Thankyou so for All that You do Dane !!

    • Nnikki says:

      Hi Laura. This may have been the missle that was launched from the US Kentucky. It was the Trident 11, which is capable of being armed with a nuclear warhead. This was a test probably meant to intimidate China, or so the general opinion goes. There are several videos of it on utube, also you can Google it for more info. Hope this helps & is the same incident that you are referring to.N.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Elaine:  Is that billboard still out there?  I'll be going back and forth from Marin to Ukiah early in December– which U.S. 101 exit was that off of?  Gravenstein Hwy? Was it on the big electronic billboard over on the east side, that has changing ads, near the golf course?

  24. Barbara says:

    The trees in my yard are dying, specific trees die right next to ones that live. They got the same amount of water. In one year, my cherry tree looks exactly like the picture you showed of the splitting trunk. Both my Red Bud trees died and they are planted some ways from each other. My Wisteria died at the same time. My home is made of galvanized steel. A few years ago, it was covered in tens of thousands of tiny eyelash like metal like flakes that clung to it. I've since painted it over and tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out. Last year when you reported about algae on window sills during cold weather, My home had that problem. It washed off easily, but it shouldn't have been there in the first place.

  25. Is CERN a piece of the electrification of the sky geo-engineering puzzle?

    CERN’S Tesla Tower & Earth’s Shields: Nov 9, 2015
    CERN denies the fact they are having an effect on the earth's shields. They say it is because their magnets are contained underground and within the LHC. The Tesla Tower above the Giant Coils is obvious.

    Has HAARP been replaced by new ‘portable’ technologies?
    Lockheed Martin says it will have a small fusion reactor prototype in five years …project lead of the Lockheed effort, said in an interview that the company has come up with a compact design, called a high beta fusion reactor, based on principles of so-called “magnetic mirror confinement.” This approach tries to contain plasma by reflecting particles from high-density magnetic fields to low-density ones.
    Lockheed said the test reactor is only two meters long by one meter wide, far smaller than existing research reactors. “In a smaller reactor you can iterate generations quicker, incorporate new knowledge, develop faster, and make riskier design choices. That is a much more powerful development paradigm and much less capital intensive” …If successful, the program could produce a reactor that might fit in a tractor-trailer and produce 100 megawatts of power…

    TOKAMAK: A tokamak (Russian: токамак) is a device using a magnetic field to confine a plasma in the shape of a torus. Achieving a stable plasma equilibrium requires magnetic field lines that move around the torus in a helical shape. Such a helical field can be generated by adding a toroidal field (traveling around the torus in circles) and a poloidal field (traveling in circles orthogonal to the toroidal field). In a tokamak, the toroidal field is produced by electromagnets that surround the torus, and the poloidal field is the result of a toroidal electric current that flows inside the plasma. This current is induced inside the plasma with a second set of electromagnets. WIKI

  26. Colton says:

    Hello Dane,
    Thank-you so much for exhausting every effort, from every different angle, to try and bring the Geoengineering issue to light. I've been watching and reading every single article and video you've posted. I may not comment on all of them, but I have seen them.
    The transcript you recently released regarding the Informer on Homestead was a very frightening read. To think it was dated in 2004, and he said the human race has a 90% chance of facing extinction in 20 years, really puts time into perspective. I believe the climate engineers lie when they tell the people on the inside that they must spray in order to give the human race a chance. I believe it's doing more damage by spraying the skies than it would be if we simply let Nature take care of herself. Nature has a tendency to find equilibrium with herself and regulate herself accordingly. I don't know how human beings found the arrogance to believe they can regulate the globe when most of us can't even regulate our own backyards.
    I'm located in a small province called Nova Scotia, located in Canada. Our skies contain a lot of moisture, I believe we actually collect the moisture that Western U.S.A is currently lacking, because the moisture is pushed over to where we are. We had a record-breaking Winter last year.. and even now in November I'm seeing some ridiculous, ridiculous weather patterns. Yesterday it was blazing sunlight, felt like a regular summer day.. then it began snowing sideways.. even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I keep asking people how much proof will they need before they acknowledge that the weather we're experiencing is far from ordinary. The only logical conclusion one can draw at that point is that someone is controlling the weather. I expect we are in for another record-breaking winter this year, as well.
    Again, thank-you, Dane, for all that you've been doing and all that you continue to do. If there is one gift you've blessed me with it's the gift of knowing to make every day count for something. If you're given the knowledge that your time is limited, that your years may be numbered.. then you use that knowledge as an incentive to make every day count. To be closer with your family and friends. We will be right alongside you, Dane, on your fight to bring the truth to light. I share your posts every day with as many people as I can, and I talk to people face-to-face and get them to ask questions. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope everything goes well for you. I look forward to your next Global Alert News video. I find it funny when you read the mainstream media headlines… you really do a great job showing just how phony and ridiculous they really are.

    • patrice lopatin says:

      I could not have said it any better!   I hope there are many more Coltons out here now than there had been. This movement needs more informed ambassadors to effectively educate the uninformed public!

  27. Alida says:

    Yes, likewise, I had the bark burned off my Royal Red Maple a few years ago. And yes, I have noticed for a while the intensity of the sun's rays on your skin. 

  28. Terri says:

    Tomorrow in Northern AZ near Sedona we are looking at a 20 degree difference between us in Sedona and Flagstaff (a 45 minute drive!!!)….20 degrees between us and down in the Phx area also…… is this possible?

    Oh, I think I need a good cry under the Chemtrails outside today.  The planes & huge white lines spent the morning blanketing the clear blue skies of dawn, before this glorious weather event we are to expect…but will it show up or just disappear like record breaking Hurricane Patricia?  Stay tuned ):

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Hello fellow geoengineer fighters,

      I just started a PETITION on the web sight. If you can sign it maybe we can get the public AWAKE, I know most of us with Dane's most UNSELFISH LOVE has been at the helm of SAVING US and THE PLANET, so lets all find everyone we know and love to help as much as we can. I have made this my number 1 priority with the exception of our CREATOR. The clock is ticking and we only have 30 days to get 100,000 SIGNATURES. I put this on my FACEBOOK PAGE so maybe you can do the same. This should help our desperation to STOP THIS INSANITY. i AM SO SAD and ANGRY ABOUT WHAT IS IN LIES IN OUR SKIES, THIS IS UNFATHOMABLE the DEGREE OF EXTREMES they are SPRAYING HERE IN EASTERN WASHINGTON STATE.

      Thank you All,


    • ildiko says:

      Here in NE.Ohio almost daily we see those so called clouds, other word the sprayings. Beautiful blue sky, no cloud, then boom the planes are coming. Here too  many times we had 10-15  degree differences even from ONE HOUR TP THE OTHER!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nigel says:

      I'm in Northern NM, but when I travel I notice that AZ gets hammered all the time! So sad to see spraying, and beyond frustrating to have so much good information fall on the deaf and dumb ears of those running the show. 

  29. Felix says:

    Dane,  do you know WHAT THREAT has been given to the Media in

    general, not to report ?   I can't believe that there are so many afraid and not one or two at the least that could TELL what is going on.  Besides you are finding out and reporting on these atrocities, why not others?   Everyone is in the same boat.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Felix, it is important to consider all factors that apply to this equation. It is imperative to understand the consequences (for speaking out) that are faced by all those who have signed “non-disclosure” agreements with the government, or who recieve their paychecks and pensions from government controlled sources which include mainstream media. Neither of these factors applies to me, or some others. Check the attached link for clarification from the horses mouth, former CIA officer Kevin Shipp.

  30. Steve in Toronto says:

    With our recent Canadian election I am cautiously optimistic that our new leader Justin Trudeau will un-muzzle our scientists (it seems that he is), as this was part of his platform on getting elected.



  31. Thank you, Dane. Great article as always. Of course they are lying, they are lying about everything. Interesting to me that in the Southern hemisphere the ozone hole over Antarctica has hit a new record size. New Zealand has miles & miles of beautiful beaches with both white sand & black sand – and most with no people on them! Kiwis go to the beach for Christmas, because in what I call “upside-down-land” December is in their summer. While in NZ, I was past the vanity tanning phase, but found it difficult to avoid the sun. One day a friend caught me standing in the sun to talk; I was wearing a sort of low cut tee-shirt and burned in 10 minutes. I have had three cancerous growths removed since I returned to the states this year. Everywhere you go in NZ on summer days you see people lying on beaches … burning. Many look like raw hamburger – that’s no exaggeration. I was shocked. The NZ government is trying to warn them, but… New Zealand and Australia have the highest rates of melanoma in the world. Melanoma is the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in New Zealand. Keep in mind that there are only 4.5 million people in NZ.

    NZ Skin Cancer Statistics: Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand. New skin cancers total about 67,000 per year, compared to a total of 16 000 for all other types of cancer. Our skin cancer rates are the highest in the world. In fact, the incidence of melanoma in New Zealand and Australia is around four times higher than in Canada, the US and the UK.
    It is difficult to know exactly how many people in New Zealand develop basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas, as doctors aren’t required to report these figures. However, 45 000 cases per year are confirmed by laboratory tests, and it is thought that there may be up to 25 000 more cases that are treated immediately, but are not sent off to be confirmed by a laboratory. Research suggests that two in three New Zealanders will develop a non-melanoma skin cancer during their lifetime.
    Melanoma cases are reported. In 2011, there were 2204 cases of melanoma in New Zealand. Malignant melanomas more frequently result in death (359 deaths in 2011). Just like other cancers, melanoma is more common in older people, but it is not just an ‘old person’s disease’ – in fact, it is one of the  most common types of cancer for 25–44 year olds (15 male and 11 female deaths in 2011).  Melanoma is the third most commonly registered cancer in young women and the fourth in young men aged 0-24 years.


  32. Bob says:

    We can clearly see the burns here in West PA.  In the summer you could actually see the part of the tree not shaded by a building or other trees burned or no leaves and the rest of the tree looks totally normal. Strange sight!  We also noticed in the summer temperature differences in small areas; almost like pockets of cool air amid surrounding hot air.  Imagination or possible?

  33. Patrik Granc says:

    You are a hero Dane, thank you for your work!

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