Geoengineering, Climate Collapse, Dead Leaves, And Defoliants


Dane Wigington

Visible signs of biosphere collapse can be seen everywhere, but how many seem to notice? What would our world be like without trees? We would never know, because without trees, we would not be here. In recent years ever larger numbers of deciduous trees can be found fully foliated with stone dead leaves, even in the middle of winter. Why?

The term DECIDUOUS means that trees that are categorized as deciduous lose their leaves, usually in the autumn. This is a natural process. The term deciduous means "the dropping of a part that is no longer needed" and the "falling away (of a part) after its purpose is finished". Why are leaves now shriveling up and dying on various species of DECIDUOUS trees (and remaining on the tree) after specific rains in the fall season? Even without the present cold temperatures? Why are leaves (which normally fall off trees) hanging on with many species of deciduous trees all winter long? There is no historical precedent for such a completely unnatural and alarming phenomenon now occurring with many deciduous trees.

This phenomenon is taking place both in urban and wilderness settings alike. While some are claiming that trees fully foliated with dead leaves is normal or natural, such a claim does not hold up to objective investigation of the leaf abscission process. Abscission means that a plant will cut away, various parts of its organism. A tree will abscise a part of itself either to discard a member that is no longer necessary, such as a leaf during autumn, or a flower following fertilization, or for the purposes of reproduction. Most deciduous plants / trees drop their leaves by abscission before winter, whereas evergreen plants / trees continuously abscise their leaves. If a leaf is damaged, a plant may also abscise it to conserve water or photosynthetic efficiency, depending on the "costs" to the plant as a whole. 

Again, living trees that are covered in dead hanging leaves are a recently recognized phenomenon. Are the dead leaf foliated trees any more "normal" than the "official" false narratives about "condensation trails"?  We know that farmers / orchard growers have been using defoliants for decades in order to force their trees into dormancy. Certainly governments could do this on almost any scale with the massive climate engineering operations.  

Why aren’t official agencies doing any investigation or testing? Are the climate engineers utilizing defoliants during fall rains as a part of their ongoing geoengineering operations? Is this a method to force many deciduous trees into dormancy, when the average temperatures are now often far too warm in many locations to create natural dormancy and subsequent leaf drop? Are the climate engineers trying to create the illusion of a season change that is no longer naturally occurring in many regions  due to rapidly rising temperatures? Again we know that chemicals for forcing dormancy in trees have been used by some farmers for decades

Climate engineering fueled extreme weather whiplash is becoming rapidly worse all over the globe. Nature's former balance has been completely derailed. How far will the geoengineers go to mask the severity of biosphere collapse from the public till the last possible moment? The 11 minute video below documents the completely unnatural (and historically unprecedented) scenario of dead leaves hanging on numerous deciduous tree specimens (liquid amber and sycamore) for the entire winter season. 

The phenomenon of many deciduous trees being fully foliated with dead leaves thru the entire winter is not localized, but global.


This February, 2018, photo of a deciduous tree (fully foliated with stone dead leaves) was taken in Detroit, Michigan. Photo credit: Dr. Denise Darnell​

We are all a part of a grand and lethal climate engineering experiment which has been forced on us without our knowledge or consent. The masses must be awakened to what is occurring, a critical mass of awareness in the population must be achieved, that is the only way forward. Make your voice heard in this most critical fight to expose the ongoing geoengineering insanity. Sharing credible data from a credible source is the most effective and efficient way to wake others up to what is unfolding, we must all do our part while it can still make a difference.

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78 Responses to Geoengineering, Climate Collapse, Dead Leaves, And Defoliants

  1. andrew williams says:

    time we remove silly individuals mucking with our god given resources. seems greed has got the best of these guys …

  2. Rebecca says:

    We are experiencing a record tree die-off in NY state. All types of trees have been impacted. Our DEC is operating in denial that there is air pollution created by geoengineering. They are not honestly address the questions surrounding this.

    It is possible geoengineering could be causing much of this devastation to our forests. First of all, there is a fungus which is attacking trees of many species, not only Beech. This proliferation could be due to a lack of direct sunlight.

    Also, the DEC will not address the constant white smog we are getting in very rural areas. Although they measure microscopic particulate pollution — they are not providing the public with access to information about the source of this pollution.

    The DEC have no explanation for the "dirty rain" we get. It coats your windows and car with dust made from some silver and gray materials.

  3. ROBERT HORNEY says:

    those that spray must sacrifice in order to tell all. Pilots please set the record straight for humanities sake.

  4. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The trees and plants are experiencing harsh treatment from the elements contained in Climate Engineering. I work in the Agricultural/Horticultural field, noticing these defoliants, that are affecting the tress etc., especially after the passage of Hurricane Irma in Florida September 2017. The intense UV Radiation that is causing foliage to Sunburn, even on Desert/Drought tolerant Agaves, Cacti, Succulents and Yuccas, indicates that UVB Radiation is reaching the Earth's surface. The heavy metals contained in Solar Radiation Management, are contaminating the soil, disrupting the PH, & the Freeze/Fry Weather Whiplash is also killing certain species.

  5. Mary Hollowell says:

    Thanks for posting.  I see this in Atlanta.  Trees with stone dead leaves are sometimes next to trees with new blossoms.

    "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine, and all the hills will melt."  – Amos 9:13

  6. Black Cat Italy says:

    Reply to Rachel Robson and Beatriz: 

    I saw the blue snow in San Francisco and also St. Petersburg, Russia.  I tried to get the link for the San Francisco article but it seems to have disappeared! (no surprise there)  Heres the link for blue snow in St.Petersburg. The Russians are concerned about possible toxicity.

  7. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    "Stories". When is the last time you heard one that you learned something from that made an actual connection in your true heart and your own alignment with nature? Or human behavior? For me it hasn't been that long. Those that post here and tell their own story are the ones I remember the most. The art of teaching a good and well meaning story is fading fast. That is a sad thing. We as "evolved humans" have relied on stories for teaching purposes for as long as history has existed. I did 24 farmers markets, 3 parades and 1 Barter Faire, oh and one Gem Faire. Even went to Redding. All in just one years time. I've told my story as best I could without being boastful. Hey, it's been quite an adventure, "you should try it!" I'd love to read 'your' story. I hope you'll take the time to tell it short, sweet and to the point. For what it's worth here. I find myself referencing many of you folks here that have told their story while I am tending my/our booth or in every day engagements. Thank you all for the empowerment. Don't kid yourself, that's just what a good story "is", "a mile in another persons shoes".

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

  8. Well… Here goes: > For those occupied in fields of horticultural and molecular biology: Excerpted from: Pseudomonas syringae – Wikipedia 

    Ice-nucleating properties

    P. syringae—more than any mineral or other organism—is responsible for the surface frost damage in plants[15] exposed to the environment. For plants without antifreeze proteins, frost damage usually occurs between -4 and -12°C as the water in plant tissue can remain in a supercooled liquid state. P. syringae can cause water to freeze at temperatures as high as −1.8°C (28.8°F),[16] but strains causing ice nucleation at lower temperatures (down to −8 °C) are more common.[17] The freezing causes injuries in the epithelia and makes the nutrients in the underlying plant tissues available to the bacteria.[citation needed]

    P. syringae has ina (ice nucleation-active) genes that make INA proteins which translocate to the outer bacterial membrane on the surface of the bacteria, where the proteins act as nuclei for ice formation.[17] Artificial strains of P. syringae known as ice-minus bacteria have been created to reduce frost damage. 

    P. syringae has been found in the center of hailstones, suggesting the bacterium may play a role in Earth's hydrological cycle.[6]” [End quote]

    Please observe entire page. >


    Sorry. Molecular biology gets a bit thick most days… I've done a bit of research these last five years, and there are many horizontal gene transfers occurring between plant and animal Biosystems. Postmodern pathogenic phenomena are the direct result of genetic research and ghoulish meddling with established natural processes… 

    Excepted from: Type three secretion system – Wikipedia 


    "The term Type III secretion system was coined in 1993. [1] This secretion system is distinguished from at least five other secretion systems found in Gram-negative bacteria. Many animal and plant associated bacteria possess similar T3SSs. These T3SSs are similar as a result of divergent evolution and phylogenetic analysis supports a model in which gram-negative bacteria can transfer the T3SS gene cassette horizontally to other species. The most researched T3SSs are from species of Shigella (causes bacillary dysentery), Salmonella (typhoid fever), Escherichia coli (Gut flora, some strains cause food poisoning), Vibrio (gastroenteritis and diarrhea), Burkholderia (glanders), Yersinia (plague), Chlamydia (sexually transmitted disease), Pseudomonas (infects humans, animals and plants) and the plant pathogens Erwinia, Ralstonia and Xanthomonas, and the plant symbiont Rhizobium." [End quote

    For brave hearted souls > please review entire text:


    Anyone here recognize the term Agrobacterium tumefaciens? Erm… > 


    Genetic transformation of A. thaliana is routine, utilizing Agrobacterium tumefaciens to transfer DNA into the plant genome. The current protocol, termed "floral dip", involves simply dipping flowers into a solution containing Agrobacterium carrying a plasmid of interest and a detergent.[35][36] This method avoids the need for tissue culture or plant regeneration.” [End quote] 

    See complete text: Arabidopsis thaliana – Wikipedia

    Correct taxonomy: 

    › "Achromobacter radiobacter" (Beijerinck and van Delden 1902) Bergey et al. 1934
    › "Alcaligenes radiobacter" (Beijerinck and van Delden 1902) Conn 1939
    › "Bacillus radiobacter" Beijerinck and van Delden 1902
    › "Bacterium radiobacter" (Beijerinck and van Delden 1902) Lohnis 1905
    › "Bacterium tumefaciens" Smith and Townsend 1907

    › "Phytomonas tumefaciens" (Smith and Townsend 1907) Bergey et al. 1923
    › "Polymonas tumefaciens" (Smith and Townsend 1907) Lieske 1928
    › "Pseudomonas radiobacter" (Beijerinck and van Delden 1902) Krasil'nikov 1949
    › "Pseudomonas tumefaciens" (Smith and Townsend 1907) Duggar 1909
    › "Rhizobium radiobacter" (Beijerinck and van Delden 1902) Pribram 1933
    › ATCC 23308
    › Achromobacter radiobacter
    › Agrobacterium genomosp. 4
    › Agrobacterium genomovar 4
    › Agrobacterium radiobacter (Beijerinck & van Delden 1902) Conn 1942 (Approved Lists) emend. Sawada et al. 1993
    › Agrobacterium sp. ISSDS-827
    › Agrobacterium tumefacien
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Smith and Townsend 1907) Conn 1942 (Approved Lists 1980)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (TI PLASMID PTI15955)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (TI PLASMID PTIA6NC)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (TI PLASMID PTIACH5)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (TI PLASMID PTIBO542)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (TI PLASMID PTIC58)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (TI PLASMID PTIT37)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (TI PLASMID PTITM-4)
    › Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Ti plasmid pTib6s3)
    › Alcaligenes radiobacter
    › Bacillus radiobacter
    › Bacterium radiobacter
    › Bacterium tumefaciens
    › CFBP 2413
    › HAMBI 1811
    › ICMP 5856
    › LMG 187
    › NCPPB 2437
    › Phytomonas tumefaciens
    › Polymonas tumefaciens
    › Pseudomonas radiobacter
    › Pseudomonas tumefaciens
    › Rhizobium radiobacter (Beijerinck and van Delden 1902) Young et al. 2001
    › Rhizobium sp. ISSDS-758

    There are numerous patent holders of these life forms, and they need your immediate attention…

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul, thank you for the excellent post.

      I would guess, without big risk of failing, that many of the patent holders of the DNA of these bacteria are the big players ( monsanto and similar ) of the transgenic industry and probably even the US army or companies working providing services for the army. Including services of climate manipulation.

    • Comrade Pedro: Yes. It is my belief that any robust legal process must include immediate criminal arrest of those holding patent rights on dangerous technologies. All assets – (including laboratory equipment) – should be seized, and life imprisonment should follow. Here's a bit of history. >

      Excerpted from: Aldrich’s early history – Wikipedia

      "Aldrich’s Rare Chemical Library (RCL) grew out of the collecting and salvaging of valuable research samples of retiring or deceased academic researchers and from other sources. Large-scale contributions of samples to the library have come from such noteworthy chemists as Henry Gilman, George Wittig, Robert Woodward, and Louis and Mary Fieser. RCL has led to the discovery and commercialization by others of some valuable chemical commodities, e.g., Roundup (Monsanto Co.), based on lead compounds obtained from the RCL." [End quote]

      "A significant opportunity in the 1970s came when Professor H. C. Brown of Purdue University asked Aldrich to further develop and commercialize the hydroboration technology and organoborane chemistry that he had developed and patented. This led to the establishment of Aldrich-Boranes, Inc., a wholly owned Aldrich subsidiary created to manufacture hydroboration reagents and products. Some of the first compounds manufactured by Aldrich-Boranes were borane-THF, 9-BBN, and borane-methyl sulfide.[4]" [End qoute]

      Please read (and download) complete text:

    • Pedro says:

      My dear friend, "Merck" company is not the pharma company that manufactures vaxxines, or we are talking about another merck?

      If yes, the marriage of monsanto with bayer is not the first one of the kind. Terrible.

    • Pedro says:

      The quantity of dangerous chemicals which are produced (and thrown into Nature) only for the creation of business niches for making some psychopaths to be very rich, it's overwhelming.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Pedro: Sorry I got to your question a few days late. Merck split into two company profiles a while back. > E. Merck oHG, and Merck KGaA . There are various themes as to why this occurred… You may find this page somewhat interesting.

      Excerpted from: Merck Group – Wikipedia

      The Merck Group, branded and commonly known as Merck, is a German multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company headquartered in Darmstadt, with around 50,000 employees in around 70 countries. Merck was founded in 1668 and is the world's oldest operating chemical and pharmaceutical company, as well as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.[7][8]

      Merck operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. It has major research and development centres in Darmstadt, Boston, Tokyo and Beijing. Merck pioneered the commercial manufacture of morphine in the 19th century and for a time held a virtual monopoly on cocaine.

      Merck was privately owned until going public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1995, and is listed on the DAX index of Germany's top companies. The Merck family still controls a majority 70.3% of the company's shares. The Merck Group includes around 250 companies in 180 countries; the current main parent company of the group, since 1995, is named Merck KGaA, and is itself mainly owned by the former main parent company, E. Merck oHG, which now operates as a holding company.” [End quote]

      Complete text:

    • ruth a phares says:

      Paul,your a gold mine buddy,Thank You

  9. Tim says:

    I live down here in southern Cali, in Riverside, and like you Dane, I watch trees  all the time, and I have been asking myself this same question this whole winter!  I have a Sycamore, a Cottonwood, and a California Plum on my property.   ALL OF THEM are supposed to LOOSE  ALL OF THEIR LEAVES  usually bu about mid December down here, but JUST LIKE YOU SAID AND SHOWED IN YOUR VIDEO, mine still have a good number of dead leaves just hanging on them, even thru some pretty good winds they stayed on!!!  My Cottonwood not only has dead leaves still hanging on……..  It has some new green growth now on the very top!!!   This is C R A Z Y!!!   DAMN  ALL  THOSE  GEO-ENGINEERING  BASTARDS  TO  HELL!!!

    • Melissa says:

      I have a Rocky Mountain ash tree in my backyard in Billings Montana. During the summer months it creates red berries. Usually these fall off in the fall and winter. Well guess what they are still attatched albeit dead. I do not recall in my 12 years of residency at my home them clinging on. Very strange indeed. 

      I really fear humanity is doomed:( 

  10. Sezer Behlul says:

    Yes the phenomenon with deciduous trees not defoliating are truly a global phenomenon. In Melbourne Australia low lying featureless skies are the norm 8 months of the year. Trees with hanging dead or alive leaves, in some cases vines still growing rather than going into dormancy.


  11. Matt Sarlo says:

    Some people I talk to are aware of the srm programs. More and more are becoming aware but the ingrained apathy in our society is very hard to overcome. The selfishness of so many is stupfying. Again and again I hear people say that as long as they live before the end of this once beautiful planet that they do not care. To elevate oneself to such a status blows my mind. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      I completely agree Matt. The apathy just blows me away too. Some say, "There's nothing I can do about it anyway. I don't want to hear about it". I tell them " I'm sorry for you". Others say, "Oh well, I've already lived out most of my life anyway. I'll be gone long before that happens".. I tell them don't be so sure. I had one friend tell me "I just can't listen to that, it makes me too depressed. Please don't talk about it around me anymore, o.k.?".. What, Do they think its not depressing for the rest of us dealing with it every day?.. I guess we who gather here at Geoengineering Watch are just wired differently.. We caretakers of the Earth.

  12. Rosalie says:

    I suspect the defoliants combined with frequencies are making people go mental worldwide.

    Fungus on the brain is a dangerous thing.

    I only have to look in my own yard and neighbourhood to see this horrible situation unfold. I tried uploading pictures of the massive fungus on the trees, and pictures similar to what Dane showed, but wasn't successful.


    • Hello Rosalie: As you may know, many modern diseases are a direct result of autoimmune disorders, and many autoimmune disorders are "gut" or biome related. Our food and water supplies, along with breathable air and home environments; are polluted beyond belief. There are now numerous studies correlating radio frequency fields with higher levels of mold production and increased bacterial virulence. Thank you for your comments. Good to see you here.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Speaking of the frequencies Rosalie, yesterday while driving in a car between Hill City and Jasper, Ga. I saw the strangest pattern in the sky I've seen yet in the past 6 years that I've been looking. It was a cross hatch of the waves in the clouds (that look like the surf in the sands when it recedes) some waving east to west and others waving north to south superimposed over each other like a checkerboard composed of squiggly lines; if you can picture that. Sort of like a hologram but only 2 dimensional. I wish I had a camera with me to capture that image, but I didn't. I guess it was frequencies from two opposing directions converging in the sky right over us. So bizarre!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Rosalie, there's definitely a fungus amungus.  Brain fungus indeed!  And like Paul posits many of our maladies are gut related.  Perhaps you too suffer from excessive yeast overgrowth, and I know for me, it's a matter of eliminating sugar and simple carbohydrates. Easier said than done.  

      And speaking of radio frequencies, this evening's aerosol streaked skies were visibly (HAARP) microwaved with tightly undulating waves. Of course, I had to pull out the old camera and take a few pics.  I wonder if anyone but me even noticed. 

  13. izzy says:

    “how far will the geoengineers go to mask the severity of biosphere collapse from the public till the last possible moment?”


    Inasmuch as it is now obvious that so-called geoengineering is actually wrecking the biosphere further rather than helping things, the question that naturally follows is something like “So what are they actually trying to accomplish?”, which, considering how anti-life the whole program is, in turn leads one to wonder “Who are they, really?”

  14. Kathy says:

    I had the unfortunate visit for work in BELLEVUE,WA 1 week ago right next to a sky scraper Microsoft building and the like…EVERY single tree(many) on those surrounding buildings had dead crinkled brown leaves on them February 2018. Not just a few but FULL!

    Another very opposite region in S.E Washington at a popular place to hike called Catherine Creek, I took pictures of MASSIVE trees fallen over either by root or broke in half. We stood in one spot and was able to take pics of approx 30 surrounding us. We visit here often and NOT one was down last "spring" but had symptoms. This went on for miles around..It is surreal what can be seen if only one looks.

    On another most likely related note FYI, more patented evidence of what we know.
    The electric field was arranged to provide “a direct electrical driving of the brain”.

    • Pedro says:


      I have seen now the video, and I confirm that everything that is said and shown in the video is also happening in my region of Iberian Peninsula. We have a wide variety of deciduous trees showing the top with almost all the normal full quantity of leaves, that trees have in Summer. Leaves that are hanging and waiting for next Spring for start falling. I could guess that at long term, this chemical attack will kill all Trees. One of the most shocking example is the Oak Trees. Where we can find some dozens ( or several dozens ) of these Trees together, the scenario is very disturbing indeed. In my region and in all Iberian Peninsula, we have a alien specie of Tree from the family of the acacias that this year is also flowering in this Winter ( as already happened previously last year and in other years, because of the warm weather out of the Season ). In the same way, as I referred about the fruit Trees in the other post below.

      Thank you for your Work.

  15. Black Cat Italy says:

    Hi All,

    Here in Central Southern Italy it was minus 3C last night. Snow still remains as if waiting for more. However, here is an interesting and perhaps scary thing.  When you go outside YOU CANNOT SEE YOUR BREATH! This is crazy, everyone knows that normally in cold weather you see the vapour when you breathe through your mouth. Not so here, in this manmade cool down. Everyone should check that.  Perhaps it is because they use barium in the spray mix which dries out everything – including us!

    Also my husband had to work outside all day yesterday fitting a door to the verandah. He came in saying he felt weird and had a strange ache below his ribs and his heart rate was racing.  I also noted the last four days of this cool down my heart rate is more than 10 points above its normal rate.  Looking back to similar weather last year it happened then when we had this weather.

    Now we see there is blue snow in San Francisco and the media is giving stupid explanations like it is a natural phenomenon again.  When will people see through this? The UK has been hit heavily by snow and very cold temperatures.

    We have deciduous trees here too that are fully foliated and brown but as usual no one notices.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa, Black Cat, Blue snow in San Francisco?!!  How could I not hear of this?  Uh?!  When?!!

    • beatriz says:

      hi Black Cat and Rachel, i dont know about SF, but in New Jersey my sister scraped blue snow/ice from her windshield after the last snow storm last month. The blue was deeper than the hazy powder blue we have in our skies when we are lucky!

    • Dennie says:

      There was a hyped article on about the likelihood of snow at sea level over the weekend but it didn't happen.  It was very cold today but the temperature listed for San Francisco, CA U.S.A. right now is 52 Fahrenheit.    

  16. High Awarness says:

    Hello Dane,

    I recently discovered that Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana has ramped up their department regarding climate change and the effects it will have on lifestyles, health, crop production and weather extremes within the state of Indiana. They recognize temperatures are rising going forward and changes will have to be addressed. Likewise the University of Indiana near Indianapolis is also spearheading research on this topic.  I believe all the major USA Universities with ongoing climate research should be a primary focus to get your information out and in front of them going forward asap. We need to create a dialog with these folks. Many of these people sitting on staff write new research papers, testify at both the state and Federal levels where climate policy change is debated and created going forward. A lot of grant money flows into these centers and supports ongoing research programs. Perhaps this common thread is another avenue to spearhead and spread the geoengineering word at higher levels since the focus of study on climate change is already ongoing. We have 50 states with major Universities. I live in Pennsylvania and could take this state. What about others on this board? This would be easy to do with internet searches as most of these research people have contact information to send information. I have already made contact with the University of Indiana people and they responded back in kind receipt so they are aware of your web site. Here is some links regarding Purdue University Climate Change Research Center.


    • Roy says:

      Last spring, the environmental conference at the Univ of Buffalo was interesting.  I spoke with Micheal Mann & environmental teacher Dave Kowalski about SRM. I also raised the topic with head of geology and Buffalo's Weather Medic, Jack Kanak heading up the local AMS chapter.

      Separately, all these smart people gave me the same look of being perplexed all in programmed denial, me thinks.

    • Dennie says:

      The University of California, Davis and Merced campuses, did research projecting models of climate change into the future.  Our major orchard crops will not be able to produce in the very near future.  California, once the number one fruit and vegetable producer of the United States, is, as "They," the MILITARY-"SCIENTIFIC" A$$HOLES "predicted," soon to be a treeless near-desert with mainly shrubs and grasses for it's landscape plants.  THAT IS "THEIR" PLAN for this state and NO ONE notices, NO ONE CARES, and NONE are speaking up.  Time to line up every last one of the generals and admirals in the U.S. military and ask them if their mothers know what they do for a living!!!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Dane, your text in this page in exceptional. Yesterday I saw ( believe in it or not ) a big cherry Tree covered with flowers ( in Winter ), we are having also, in my region, other Trees flowering; like the Trees that produces apricots, or other peach trees. In other years we had cold weather out of the season ( in the beginning of Spring ) that killed flowers and consequently the fruit production was severely affected. This year ( and not for the first time ) we had warm "weather" before the right time ( in Winter, during many weeks ) that led to early flowering of many Trees, now the cold and winter climate is back ( in the right time, but with abnormal cold throughout all Europe – coming in the end of Winter ) but all the flowers will drop to the floor, ( if this weather will last a few more days, in the case of my region ), before pollination, or before the span of time needed to complete fertilization even if some flowers are already pollinated. And the result will be the same; the Fruit production wil be severely affected. The agenda is multiple; is to create confusion, is to create the false idea that we still have normal Seasons during the year, and is to destroy Food production capacity in specific regions, through the manipulation of the climate ( as we know very well ).

      For Insects, of course, this climate drastic changes are terrible.

      The weather is being used, as we know, as a war weapon; so we are talking about   war CRIMES   against Humanity.

  17. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    "Blue region" checking in here. North central WA. According to weather dot com. Who gets its info from Raytheon. I am in for some seriously chemically nucleated snow this next few days. I drove slow on the way home this evening. My oh my…. "My" ponderosa's are still on the decline despite the fact they should be comfortably dormant this time of year. Our snow is sucking the life out of them, even this time of year. I would venture to add in a UV factor there also. My region will be receiving between 10 and 20 inches of snow this next few days. Stay tuned there. I'll believe it when I see it. 20 inches of snow in 2 or 3 days would cripple many people up here. I see an avenue to pass law against those of us that did come through without a whimper. "More taxes"…

    Another half way sunny day today and still no moisture in the snow pack. I spoke with a neighbor today about our snow now and what is coming. I mentioned how it used to warm up during the day and in the early mornings one could walk over the snow surface without crunching though(I loved those mornings). Fat chance of that here these days. My snow is dusty dry. "This is not good" and seriously not normal. Said snow storm is supposed to start tomorrow afternoon. "I'll keep ya posted". Tell you this much though, this years "spring melt" will be one for the record books. Last year was the worst and this year promises to surpass it. "Mathematically".

    At this point in time and place, "I have a serious dislike for weather as a weapon". I'm shocked when I look back at my past weather and learn how much of it was engineered.

    'a' simple horseman

    • Blue Sue says:

      We have the same "dust dry" snow here in Alaska.  I worry about my Australian Shepherd who is acting strangely unwell this morning.  Yesterday during our afternoon walk he ate a considerable amount of the crusty snow covering the unplowed streets. Besides sand and salt and whatever other chemicals are used to keep the roads "safe" for driving, the snow cover is surely even more toxic.  The mountain ash trees in my back yard still have the dead brown leaves that never turned bright red as they should have and never dropped. Many of our birch trees similarly held on to their ugly blacked pitted brown leaves until wicked winds finally blasted them free.  Many of the old tall white and black spruce trees in my yard are looking stressed. Their needles are drying out and falling and they are heavily coning at the tops.  Throughout the heavily wooded neighborhood the spruce are flashing gold- all dead! Scores of birch and poplar trees are falling at the root or collapsing/snapping over mid-truck revealing a dry hollowed core.  They are clearly not able to uptake sufficient moisture and additionally fungus is covering the bark on most all of the deciduous trees in these parts. I fear that the berries the birds love to eat on my mountain ash and Mayday trees are poisoning the them being so heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals fallout from above.  It is unspeakably tragic but we must speak out and do what we can to help others see.  This morning its 5 below  — brrr.  But at least I can behold a bright full moon.  Thanks again for the banner.  It will be seen by many soon. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, sure is a strange winter ain't it? We can't even let our dogs eat the snow. I heard reports just like yours regarding you dog feeling a little off center. Being that I know a few things about dogs, here's a few tips for keeping your 4 legged friends hydrated and thus will not eat as much or possibly not any snow. Most folks feed a source of dry kibble, be it expensive or not. The number one key hydration point should be chow time. I soak my dogs food for at least an hour before he gets it. You'd be amazed how much water your dogs food will soak up. Why start their day behind the curve of being hydrated? My dog always gets what I boil out of my cast iron pan after making b-fast. For those folks that do not have a dog glued to their ass 24/7 like I do(grin), before you take your dog for a walk, hang out by the water dish when you arrive home and before you go "outside". My dogs water dish is 3 feet from where I get dressed to go outside. My little buddy always take a few good slurps while I get my gear on. The Mustangs used to eat snow 3 or more years ago. Now days they want nothing to do with it. I'm forever tipping over a water tank that was coated in snow and refilling it, 1 truck load at a time. Hope that helps.

      The weather "guesser" said it would start snowing at 4 PM. At 4:25 it did just that. Just like so many times this year, a flurry of wet snow flakes that put a film on everything, then the snow backs off and the temps start to drop. Funny how we get "most" of our snow fall at night these days. I noted that it was the growler jets flying over the canopy of crap in the sky before it started snowing. It's happened several times before. I look at my trees that took a full coating of what ever was in the snow film that was laid out and know that they have received so many assaults before, what are those specialized carriers dispersing above us?

      Blue Sue, I'm glad your new banner arrived safely. I have high hopes of tales in awakening your fellow community members.

  18. td says:

    THE GREAT LAKES -THEY ARE FILLING WITH WATER… 20% of the Earth's Surface Fresh Water Resides Here- (Nestle is harvesting billions of gallons of water from the watershed) They are Spraying almost Constantly – Aloha

    • Tom says:

      please type in,CANADA to bury nuclear waste near lake HURON.what would happen if it leaks,in 20,30,50,years if we are still here.

    • Hello Tom:  I remember reading about this nuclear disposal project back in 2015, and have been to some of the communities mentioned. I've sailed on the Great Lakes, and have great respect for Lake Huron. This is the latest news that Google would allow on its search engines:

      Excerpted from: Nuke waste decision long way off | News |  >>> Published January 7, 2017 <<<         The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is searching for a suitable underground storage site for 50,000 tonnes of spent nuclear fuel bundles – enough to fill six hockey rinks up to the boards. The proposed facility, which would go into service by 2040 at the earliest, is expected to create between 400 and 600 permanent jobs.” [End quote]    The idea, is of course, completely insane.

    • Tom says:

      thank you Paul Vonharnish,I'm not too computer savvy,but I'm learning that the world is full of corruption,and for what?  MONEY.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Melting at the North Pole
    There is open water north of #Greenland where the thickest sea ice of the #Arctic used to be. It is not refreezing quickly because air temperatures are above zero confirmed by @dmidk's weather station #KapMorrisJesup. Wacky weather continues with scary strength and persistence.
    Feb 25, 2018
    Along with the unusual warmth over the Arctic, scientists are monitoring the retreat of sea ice in the Bering Sea. The ice coverage in the region is now at levels previously seen only in May or June, Mr Labe posted on Twitter, citing data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre. While climate change itself is only likely to have exacerbated regional weather variability, the long-term shrinkage of sea ice has a reinforcing effect on global warming in a region already warming faster than anywhere else on the planet, Dr King said.

  20. Joseph L says:

    Beautiful video. I like the way you end it we need everyone on board for this critical battle for the greater good.

  21. Wayne Scott says:

    Here in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles the Valley Oaks have retained about half their leaves, and new green chlorophyll is present in them. I called the botanical gardens at Cal State University, Northridge and spoke with a staff horticulturist. She had noticed the same phenomenon, but didn't think it was that important. I told her that I watched those trees everyday for 20 years and this has not happened before. She had never heard of chemtrails. So I clued her in and maybe she is reading this site today.

    We need to contact the life sciences departments at all the universities. These people are ignorant academics and will be very influential once they know. Their testimony is listened to in legislatures and government agencies. 

  22. marc says:

    No, I haven't done goo-gobs of research into anything lately. Have nothing new whatsoever to report. However, I do have a new strategy with willful ignoramuses who attempt to refute the obvious fact of SRM in full global deployment. And that is to (very nicely) tell them: "With all due respect, go eff yourself, but before you do, please visit"  Then move on and go about your business. 

  23. christine says:

    Not only the leaves not leaving trees should be of a high concern. Pacifica, CA, an orange, lemon, and some other fruit trees do not have a single flower on them. They used to, all these years before, around that time. So far 3 pine trees collapsed with broken stems, showing on some of their branches a black fungus…? Certain types of greens 'just' do not want to grow..

  24. Dear Dane and concerned readers: I had downloaded a copy of this page January 29, 2013, as I had become interested in peculiar events occurring within the Superior National Forest. Tree foliage rot was occurring within deciduous stands of aspen, soft maple, and other types of forest scrub. Quote from Wikipedia page cited: "The controversy drove many biotech companies away from use of genetically engineering microorganisms in agriculture.[8] "
    Authors note: What "biotech companies" were driven away from the use of genetically engineered microorganisms in agriculture, and who were the remaining companies?????

    Also See: Bacterial ice-nucleation proteins

    Please review: Adverse Influence of Radio Frequency Background on Trembling Aspen Seedlings: Preliminary Observations
    Katie Haggerty
    P.O. Box 553, Lyons, CO 80540, USA
    Received 21 June 2009; Revised 31 October 2009;
    Accepted 17 February 2010
    "Numerous incidents of aspen decline have been recorded in North America over the past half century, and incidents of very rapid mortality of aspen clones have been observed in Colorado since 2004. The radio frequency (RF) environment of the earth has undergone major changes in the past two centuries due to the development and use of electricity in power and communications applications, and the anthropogenic RF background continues to increase in intensity and complexity. This study suggests that the RF background may have strong adverse effects on growth rate and fall anthocyanin production in aspen, and may be an underlying factor in aspen decline.”
    4. Conclusions
    “The results of this preliminary experiment indicate that the RF background may be adversely affecting leaf and shoot growth and inhibiting fall production of anthocyanins associated with leaf senescence in trembling aspen seedlings. These effects suggest that exposure to the RF background may be an underlying factor in the recent rapid decline of aspen populations. Further studies are underway to test this hypothesis in a more rigorous way.”
    Complete text available here: >

    • Take notice: Anthocyanin – Wikipedia

      The importance of recognizing oxidative damage effects caused by electromagnetic induction is key. Also note high UV (ultraviolet) potentials affect Anthocyanins in many plant species.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Paul, yes, radio frequencies are also killing trees, but the phenomenon that is occurring with deciduous trees that is addressed in this post is a seperate issue. I have addressed the RF / microwave tree damage in the past, FYI

    • This article was first posted in 1987. Factual disconnects and resultant lapses in regulatory discussion have now resulted in multiple environmental catastrophes of the first order. Here's a short excerpt from the article cited:

      "Optimism is also the message conveyed by IBA technical affairs director Alan Goldhammer. He believes "the regulatory hurdles that are up there right now are going to be relatively brief." The Frostban and ice-minus releases were good signs, he says, but the really significant milestone will come when the first microbe carrying a foreign gene is allowed outdoors.

      Frostban and ice-minus were both created by deleting natural genes, not adding new ones. Lindow and others discovered in the 1970s that certain strains of Pseudomonas living on plant leaves promote frost damage by producing proteins that serve as nuclei around which ice crystals form. Using genetic engineering techniques, they removed the gene that directed production of that ice-nucleating protein. The hope is that ice-minus bacteria, sprayed onto young plants, will crowd out the ice-nucleating strains and give their hosts a few extra degrees of frost tolerance. Despite the struggle over their release, frost-retarding bacteria are almost universally considered harmless.

      (Ironically, while the manmade strains have been enduring strict scrutiny, AGS has been marketing the natural ice-nucleating bacteria to ski resorts under the trade name Snomax to increase the effectiveness of their snow-making machinery.)" [End Quote]

      The usual suspects are alluded to in several places. >

      Testing the Future | Alicia Patterson Foundation

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, do you know of that area with quaking aspens in which all are the same tree, same family but more than that, the same tree, a unique thing, a stand alone thing of wonder and so expansive, so magical.  I recently read that that huge clone family aspen wonder is dying and they don't know why.  People are upset and trying to figure it out in large part because it is so unique.  Last I knew, I saw it once, it was far from anywhere, remote.  By the way, thanks for this, as I had no idea of Frostban, nor ice-minus.  I don't even wanna guess what other horrors I don't know, I am reaching my limit!  "Man" just cannot quick dicking around with nature.  I reckon it is because of mono-cropping, pricing, economics.  If they spent more time understanding Nature instead of pricing Her they could accept losses, which are natural.  But no, trees must work or they must go to make room for work, it seems.

    • Sometimes I just can't help myself. So I thought I'd see if I could find Alan Goldhammer after all these years. >


      Dr. Alan R. Goldhammer, PhD served as Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America (PhRMA). Dr. Goldhammer was responsible for maintaining a liaison with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at PhRMA. While at PhRMA, Dr. Goldhammer served as the lead spokesperson on drug safety, clinical trial transparency, pharmaceutical development and other technical/regulatory issues. He also directed a task force … that brought to conclusion the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership which gained PhRMA Board approval in 2008. Previously, he served as Executive Director for Technical Affairs at Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) where he coordinated regulatory and scientific policy across, served as the lead BIO negotiator responsible for joint industry-FDA agreements on the Prescription Drug User Fee Act and as co-principal lobbyist for BIO responsible for securing passage of the Food and Drug Modernization Act of 1997. He serves as Member of Advisory Board at DrugLogic, Inc. His Prior positions include Senior Staff Fellow at the NIH and lecturer in Biochemistry at Indiana University. He is an expert in drug regulatory affairs and policy. Dr. Goldhammer holds a BA in Chemistry from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a PhD in Biological Chemistry from Indiana University. 

      Alan R. Goldhammer Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography – Bloomberg,%20Inc

      Seems he’s done pretty well for himself…

  25. renate Mission BC says:


    Most of my cedars had snapped off from the fake ice weather. The link below shows the Chernobyl trees. Notice the dark reddish color in the outside rings. My cedars have the same color but in the inside core and the light color on the outside. My neighbor's cedar tree broke off at the base and fall on my roof. In other words broke off at the root ground.

    Nut, plum, cherry trees, are dead. I have leaves from years ago under some brushes and they are not decaying. Just like Chernobyl.

    P.S. Don't believe the article from National Geographic, "30 years after Chernobyl, nature is thriving" National Geographic is part of the disinformation cabal.

    Take Care all.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello renate,  National Geo used to be great.  No longer is.  I heard that it was bought out by Rupert Murdoch?  Anyone know if that is true?  National Geo had a fantastic issue called: This Good Earth, in 2008.  So good.  Really worth the read, informative, surprising, and inspiring. I miss that quality, but then I am missing so much of Nature Herself. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, National Geographic sold out to Rupert Murdoch.

  26. Milt Farrow says:

    We here in Centra;l Florida had a one week hiatus in the Bombing of our atmosphere , It most probably was because their is a severe shortage of "console pilots" to fly these missions-The Training is at Hollomon SFB New Mexico. We were bombed Monday  I have dispacthed notices to both my Florida senators  Rubio and Nelson, and forewarned them that thier "silence " will be viewed as acceptance of the planned ongoing genocide , and that "I was just following orders will not make it right  there are senators not returning to office this election season I am in need of some people to join with me in the Brevard area of Florida    

  27. Ron Lech says:

    Cleveland  Ohio same thing going on but no one cares to look up and see with there God given eyes the dying trees and leaves burnt to a crisp and green fungus on all the trees and molds !  Also grass has turned into moss no more grass , soon these trees are going to start falling and boy there  a lot of them in the country outside the city of Cleveland . I think the people are to scared to face truth maybe it is like having cancer and you hate hearing the news .


    • Hello Ron Lech: Yes. The cedar groves in Superior National Forest are draped in nonindigenous lichen, and the forest floor is adrift in moss and fungus. I have no income to pay test facilities, but know full well the damage is escalating each passing season. 150 year old cedars are breaking off at the soil line. Many adolescent cedars are  pulling their entire root systems and falling over…

      I couldn't take it anymore, and left the North shore two years ago…

  28. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Reading about the dying trees is so very upsetting/sad/disgusting…there really is nothing like a tree.  And Karry's message about Monsanto Roundup and GMO seed is all too true and has gone on for so long.  And so many have circulated info and warnings for so long.  I just cannot believe that our earth will end in this way….On Sunday David Jeremiah spoke of the coming Rapture….it sounded almost upon us!  And I and many others have heard for years about the blossoming new earth where we will be…I know it may seem hopeless but we cannot give up.  Dane never has….and millions are now aware…and constantly focusing.  We must believe in last-minute reprieve…God Bless the Trees (a constant prayer) and our Earth and all of us who love them.  I believe in a coming renewal….cannot do otherwise.  May our Love be great enough to overcome and banish the evil.  May we stay stronger than thought possible.  May our sharing and our constant telepathy bring a change quickly….Please help us Higher Power & Angels of Light.


  29. Clare Goldsberry says:

    It's certainly happening in Phoenix, AZ as well. During the last year I've seen pine trees that are 20-30 feet high and have been full and beautiful in my neighborhood for the last 23 years I've lived here. Today, many have turned completely brown almost overnight. I've never seen anything like it. I lost 2 pine trees — they began loosing their bark and the branches curled under the trees were dead within a few weeks. This has been amazing to me. I've never seen trees die this fast! We've got to stop this madness!

  30. david Fortier says:

    How can there be that many people that want to kill the planet and civilization they are also killing themselves .spraying all the time in Rhode island . as I talk to people about srm and geoengineering most people are clueless and then don't want to believe me. I can see the destruction of the planet right in front of me.I can see were most people don't even care about the trash that they throw on the roads ,it's disgusting I try to clean about 3 miles of  our road every year and it comes right back.I cry like the Indian in the commercials of years ago,but I won't stop talking about our demise.I don't know what to do.


  31. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Call to action  !  ANY TOWN , USA and beyond.   Thanks for this exposure many do miss. Get your camera out, send examples to media, City Council, Bd of Supv, etc with a full CC list.  Send out on social media. Saw  several blocks of this  unreleased leaves near local Enterprise Park (Redding, CA) Fully loaded trees -dead and clinging leaves  onto trees.  I sent pics out as so obvious.  Wouldn't  city gardeners  notice?  Hardly any leaves to  BLOW around ?  (Grr) Say something – or  were silenced/ ignored like the rest.   Creepy  how many. Start compiling a photo book for all upcoming Earth Day events in April !  Get people to deny these tree visuals – we know some still insist water vapor trails above. Go for this imagery from the fall-out.  Ask the professional nurseries and suppliers as well- educate those folks as well.  Where are the tree huggers ?  The environmentalists?  I will be watching what these impaired  trees do next in my city,  as scheduled spring is next (fake) season. A necessary report and as  Dane continues to warn-; As the trees go, so do we all. 


  32. concerned ... says:

    Its difficult to get 'ornery folk to cotton on to the chemtrails in the sky, so difficult to 'reach them' … they immediately have reasons to refute what their eyes and brains should be alerting them toward. And yet they've read and digested next to nothing on the subject but immediately mock anything new to them. 


    Here in the UK we had Thursday thro Saturday ie commencing 22nd Feb 2018 of intense chemtrail activity and suprise suprise snow as 'forecasted'. These bloody tails ruin what would be a blue clear sky. I noice these things as my work hours are flexible and look for clear winter days to be out in the landscape.

    Trump himself in my opinion knows full well climate change is well and truly happening, thats why he wants the wall so as to keep out mass migration from the south, has handed huge amounts of tax back to the already filthy rich, has disowned the ordinary people and is ramping up the military. He says one thing but believes another. 

    • Julie says:

      Trump is a globalist; he is part of the plan………… many Christians are fooled………………. There is no evacuation until after the tribulation. Will we be able to stand thru what is soon coming?

    • Hello concerned: About those filthy rich: >

      Some want power

      Some want control

      Some want freedom

      Some want to want more 

      I Want You (She’s So Heavy) on Vimeo

      Abby Road – Final track (1969)

  33. Wendell Belfield says:

    Excellent video!

  34. Matt Sarlo says:

    Same here in Loveland Colorado. Trees with dead leafs on them all over

  35. Robin Christensen says:

    Thank You for this expose.  I have shared it on Facebook & will continue to voice to others.  Vivid front line evidence of the unnatural breakdown of the web of life has & must continue to awaken us in this country & break us out of the myopia of personal desires toward serving the greater good.  Bless you for what you are doing Dane.  I know that others will follow your example.  As you say.  The race is on!!


  36. Pamela says:

    thank you! I have been wondering about the trees!!!i am not from California so I wasn’t sure if it was the geo engineering or if it was normal, silly me I asked a couple of people and they were clueless! I should have known, most people are clueless!!  I live here in Northern California now and the skies have been bleak and gray and I don’t walk like I should because I don’t want to suck in any more chemicals! 

    Thank you Dane! 

    Pamela in Walnut Creek, ca

  37. Karry says:

       I’m am so discussed here in Southern California with all this manipulation and the  destruction of the climate killing of our trees. I have lost my cedar tree that has been my homes front yard focal point for 40 years. Also my plum tree that produced buckets of fruit for Twenty years. And my 50 year old rubber tree will not stop dropping leaves. I’m not the only one that has had trees die either.  I know that Monsanto is behind spraying defoliants AKA Roundup with the sole mission of OWNING ALL FOOD. The kill with chems and manipulate the rain fall to CREATE DROUGHT. The goal is to put the growers into bankruptcy and kill ALL private fruit trees so that ther is only seeds from Monsanto’s GMO seed bank. It’s Hopeless but I still try to hang on that this will get exposed  before ITS OVER!!!! 

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