Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 21, 2017


Dane Wigington

Resource wars continue to be waged all over the planet. Which countries military do we find at the front line of the conflicts in nearly every case? The USA. With a military machine that is as large as the next 10 largest militaries combined, the USA is also leading the charge on the global climate engineering / weather warfare assault. Extreme weather whiplash scenarios are worsening at blinding speed. Radical swings in temperatures and conditions have now become the norm as the geoengineers continue to completely derail what is yet left of Earth’s climate and life support systems. Is Ireland going to bear the brunt of yet another unprecedented extratropical cyclone? The CIA continues with its efforts to take down any leader in any country that is reluctant to subordinate it’s own interests to the US empire’s dictates. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Public apathy and planetary onmicide are moving forward in lockstep. Will it take the emptying out of market shelves before first world populations are forced to wake? The rapid acceleration of “natural” disasters is finally causing even the most ardent deniers of reality to take pause. It is up to all of us to share credible data from a credible source so that we can fast forward the awakening process of those who have not yet opened their eyes. Don’t sit the bench, get on the field and join the battle for the greater good

The next outreach booth will be at the Lane County Events Center, Eugene, Oregon, November 3rd to the 5th. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire. Unfortunately, the Santa Rosa GEM FAIRE event, that was scheduled for this weekend, was cancelled due to the firestorm catastrophe in Santa Rosa.

Our thanks to the activists that have distributed informational flyers at theaters where the film “Geostorm” was released. 


A Geostorm movie patron holds a flyer at the AMC-14 theatres in Redding, California where anti-geoengineering activist Lori Bridgeford passed out materials.


Anti-geoengineering activist Randy Roudebush passing out informational flyers at the AMC-30 theater complex in Deer Valley, Arizona.

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  1. Mary Hollowell says:

    When will the military industrial complex/medical intelligence complex quit their theater?

  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The EPA has a draft to DUMP Fracking Waste Water into the Gulf Of Mexico, how could they possibly even consider that move! I live in Florida and the Gulf Of Mexico is a vital Natural Resource to the State of Florida, as well as to the U.S.. The EPA should be renamed as the Environmental Pollutant Agency or the Environmental Pathogen Agency! This news is extremely alarming to me, however I'm not surprised nowadays. Texas will deny Flood Relief, if those in need of the relief Boycott Isreal. What does a National Disaster have to do with a foreign country. The U.S. Government just grows more sinister by the day.

  3. Black Cat Italy says:

    Thanks to Dane for informing us of what otherwise wouldn't be in the news.  

    As regards the Bubonic Plague in Madagascar – possibly biowarfare – introduced to the area.  What does Madagascar have to offer?

    Here in Italy the grape harvest complete but this year NO bees and only a couple of wasps around the grapes as we collected them.

    The temperatures continue to be high 82F and above.  The leaves spring bulbs have already come through and stand about 6 inches tall but as yet no flowers (probably arrive at Christmas).

    They have ramped up the spraying today but no one notices the bizarre on and off trails across the sky at crazy angles and crossings.


  4. John Davis says:

    Hi Dane,

    Firstly thank you so much for assisting my awakening and most importantly of all providing the tools and knowledge needed in the fight. You're an inspiration!! I'm trying different tactics, Posting various stages of geoengineering to my FB account, and some groups. Also when i'm outside I make a point of obviously looking up and taking pictures on days the geoengineering is happening and people do look up, which i hope could be at least the beginning of a dim awareness that things aren't normal, and i have engaged with a couple of people in this way given them the basics that i know and always point them in the direction of, i'm focused on clear simple messages… I've just got 100 of the 2 sided business card resources you've provided and i plan to go into the town and hand them out, ideally on a heavy Geoengineering day. So i hope that may plant more seeds of curiosity within people. 

    We will win the fight, we have to win the fight, i'm trying hard to awaken more people in the UK and i won;t ever give up.

    Thank you so much for your courage and tools you provide us all.




    • John Davis AKA Stone Cold And Sandra says:

      Hi Dane and all the beautiful fellow awakened,

      Just an update from Swindon, UK. It's been a very low level of geoengineering today after the heavy assault on Wednesday. I have the feeling that tomorrow we may see them back in strength, it sounds perverse to say but i hope so as it will illustrate the reality that much more clearly when we are talking to people in town and they look up, if it's anything like the horror we had Wednesday then they will notice it could be the final push for them to see 🙂 

      We are armed with tickets and T Shirts we printed with a normal sky and a geoengineered one my fiancée and i, i can sense a lot of my friends sitting on the fence seeing my posts but no one wants to be the first to break ranks. I have some ideas though to help get the message across that we are all, every living thing in mortal danger.

      Dane you're a legend thank you for the you've tools provided, your strength of purpose, all the undeniable facts, for helping us feel truly awake, and now i'm awake and can fully see the horror that they are inflicting on our beautiful planet……… As many people as possible must be woken! It's a very very sobering, scary yet librating thought to actually realize this literally is our very existence we are fighting for. i hope i feel we are living in a true moment of history where exposing geoengineering is just the start 🙂

      Will let you all know how it goes tomorrow,

      John (Stonecold for the fight we WILL win!) and Sandra

  5. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The UN says plague cases in Madagascar almost doubled in five days.  There are two types of plague, bubonic and pneumonic, which is highly infectious, spread by coughing, sneezing and spitting and can kill in 24 hours.  Pneumonic plague is almost always fatal without treatment.  Madagascar has more cases of plague than anywhere else, but bubonic plague is usually found in the highlands where humans get flea bites from infected rats.  Curiously, these cases, mostly pneumonic, are concentrated in the largest cities.  Unfortunately, all that's needed are masks and antibiotics, but Madagascar has been severely impoverished due to its incomparable natural wealth.  Such a world we live in. . . . . .

    • helot says:

      Bella_Fantasia, when you say that, ‘Unfortunately, all that’s needed are masks and antibiotic’ I wonder if that last part is wrong.

      I’ve read about the destructive side effects of certain antibiotics, do you suppose it’s possible the whole lot of them are bad for mankind and what’s really needed is a built up immune system created by healthy nutrition free from pesticides and the like, with a bit of Sunshine and exercise, one not possible living on a western diet in front of a Game machine or in a factory/office cubical?
      Que: Jon Rappoport.

      Polio was on it’s way out, before the polio vaccine, etc. It’s the terrain, not the germ.

      Just thinking out loud. I’m sure that few will listen. My Own nephew lives entirely on fast food. Entirely.
      Nothing I say makes a difference in his life. We brought a salad mix from our garden to the family get together table, he refused, said he didn’t like salad.

      Yeesh, what human being doesn’t like salad? i should have asked him if he’s even heard of the word, ‘arugula’ before to know that he doesn’t like it. But I wasn’t at the top of my game, I was too blown away by his refusal.

      I wonder if a great many people have been brainwashed to self-destruct, and call it, ‘being cool’?

  6. Robert Terrance Mullane says:

    "All is vanity." Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

  7. Mary Hollowell says:

    Regarding euphemisms, see defense industry panelists using a lot of them.  Scroll down the page for "Industry Panel."  This is revealing of crimes.

    Watch the man in the middle [12:00 – 15:00 min] & [23:00 – 25:30 min].  Ever seen anyone like him? Other panelists leaning away or grimacing speaks volumes.


    • Mary Hollowell says:

      "And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up."                                     – Daniel 8:15

    • John Davis says:

      Hi Dane,

      Firstly thank you for assisting in my awakening and most importantly giving the tools and information to spread the word.

      I am spreading the word in various ways (on and offline) In fact i will be distributing 100 of the double sided business cards i printed from here to people in town, so hopefully help awaken them.

      The fight to awaken people is happening here in the UK for sure! I always present basic facts and always always reference this site 🙂

      Kind Regards


  8. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: This was new to me…
    The United States has a single deep geological repository for nuclear waste. Since 1999, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), 655 metres down in a massive salt formation near Carlsbad, New Mexico, has received 12,000-odd shipments of what it calls transuranic waste. This is clothing, tools and other detritus from the nuclear-weapons programme that are contaminated by elements heavier than uranium. It’s more hazardous than low-level waste, which can be buried closer to the surface, but not as dangerous as high-level waste, for which a disposal site has yet to be found.
    WIPP was closed for three years after radiation escaped from a ruptured drum in 2014. It was given the all-clear to reopen only in January; an enquiry determined that the drum had been packed improperly before shipment from the Los Alamos National Labora­tory in northern New Mexico. Concerns remain about safety, as well as the long-term risk of human intrusion into a facility that will remain dangerous for thousands of years after its eventual closure.  But by and large, WIPP has functioned as designed, and it could do even more to help the US Department of Energy (DOE) address the fallout from the country’s nuclear-weapons programme.
    Much high-level waste — produced during the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel into plutonium — is highly radioactive and dangerous. But the evidence suggests that some of the waste that is labelled ‘high level’ technically qualifies as transuranic. This material is still barred from direct disposal at WIPP, purely because of how it was produced. But labels can be changed. If wastes that meet the transuranic criteria could be shipped to WIPP, it would save considerable time and effort as the DOE continues to struggle with the country’s radioactive legacy.  Full report here:

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      2.2B gallons of groundwater treated at Hanford plants this year
      Annette Cary Tri-City Herald / Oct 21, 2017
      Hanford workers cleaned 145,000 pounds of contaminants from the groundwater beneath the nuclear reservation during the past 12 months, the Department of Energy said Thursday. The contaminants came from 2.2 billion gallons of groundwater — an amount that would fill enough water trucks lined bumper-to-bumper to stretch from Los Angeles to New York. The contaminated groundwater was pumped out of the ground and treated at six Hanford plants, with cleaned water reinjected into the ground. The plants include five along the Columbia River that remove hexavalent chromium. The chemical can cause cancer in humans and is particularly poisonous to young salmon, even in small amounts that meet drinking water standards. The sixth treatment plant, which is in central Hanford, is larger and more sophisticated. It can remove multiple contaminants from groundwater, including radioactive carbon tetrachloride and uranium. An expansion of the plant allowed it to remove uranium from contaminated water throughout fiscal 2017. Because there is a smaller mass of uranium in the groundwater than other contaminants, such as nitrates, contractor CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Co., treated more water than in fiscal 2016, but removed less contamination by weight.
      In fiscal 2016, Hanford plants treated 2.1 billion gallons of water to remove 180,000 pounds of contaminants. Historically, an estimated 450 billion gallons of liquids were discharged to the soil, contaminating more than 100 square miles of groundwater. The water moves underground toward the Columbia River. In recent years, Hanford officials have said that about 60 square miles of groundwater remain contaminated, but an updated figure for fiscal 2017 was not available Thursday.

    • Rodster says:

      And as bad as all of that sounds, there's the suggestion that TEPCO is considering, dumping all of the Fukushima nuclear waste into the ocean.

    • Audrey says:

      Yes, it's sooo safe.  I believe the WIPP site is where an employee was found dead amongst the waste. 

    • Tom says:

       Please check this out,Canada plans to bury nuclear waste beside lake Huron.

  9. Dale K says:

    "Bombogenesis!!!" or just another in-your-face weather modification event?

    Great Lakes Storm Undergoes Bombogenesis, Downs Trees and Powerlines in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
    Mary Greeley News
    Oct 24, 2017

    A Great Lakes storm underwent bombogenesis early Tuesday and produced damaging winds that whipped up impressively high waves in Lake Superior.

    The low-pressure system intensified from a weak area of low pressure over the Ohio Valley Monday morning to an intense low centered near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, early Tuesday morning.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, what kind of a made up word is bombogenesis?!!  Ha, they're really having to stretch to come up with crazy new terms to describe their weather terrorism trying to make it seem natural… it's not working very well to those of us with common sense, is it?.. Bombogenesis?!  ..hardly believable.

  10. Dennie says:

    This morning the managing editor of the Press Democrat was interviewed on KQED and the talk is of rebuilding.  Back in 1964 there was a large wildfire that started in the same area of northern Napa County and burned into Sonoma County, following the same path and burning the same area that just burned down.  At the time right after that fire there were meetings in which citizens wanted to make sure to leave those areas untouched by development, but that got ignored, and so it burned again, only this time there was a whole lot more to burn.  WaPo did a story on these fires in Santa Rosa, about a week ago:  

    Here's a story about the 1964 fire, started when a deer hunter tossed a cigarette butt somewhere on Mt. St. Helena, that ran in the Press Democrat in 2013:  "History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends." — Mark Twain

  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I don't think Claudia would mind me passing this on, nor would Dane.

    Claudia, you are one for the history books. A true Warrior. Your quest for truth and getting the word out is more than note worthy. You did a great job of interviewing Jerry.

    Folks, listen to this person, Jerry Day. He 'is' genuine. 43 minutes of learning the "grass roots".

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Well it's been two days now since the Barter Faire and the Farmers market. I am drained. I 'did' work this last two days. One more market booth to go and that is it for a little while. I honestly won't know what to do with Thursday afternoons now.

    I was over at the faire today, taking down our booth. I let the booth with all the banners stay and speak 2 more days. All the flyers were gone and my bar stools and chairs were still there. Good folks there. Reflecting back, I was able to speak with soooo many folks this weekend. I was so tired the other night I forgot to write about them. Conversing with a retired pilot that still flies his own plane was awesome. He came up to the booth and said, "contrails, bullshit!, they're aerosols". Interesting that he did not use the "c" term. Understandable though when he told me he follows this site. An older gal with a "vaxxed" t-shirt came to the booth. I was floored to see that t-shirt. We had a good visit. I handed out flyers at a hospitality camp fire. It was tended by four folks from the Colville tribe. Had a great conversation with them too. I might be speaking at one of their upcoming meetings. I spoke that I need them on board and they need me on board with them. They had a good camp fire, very welcoming. I spoke with hundreds of folks, but the most important of all were the young folks that were absorbing everything I put to them. I can tell when I am being patronized. Not once this weekend though. I was visited by a semi famous activist musician. He was so happy to see the geoengineeringwatch booth. He came off as a very clear headed deep thinker that knows how to lay it down. He asked if I would travel to Eugene OR for an interview in a documentary. Think I might let Dane field that one. He's much closer than I am to Eugene. Lastly here, I had a very nice fellow stop by that would not take any info. I thought this kind of strange. He was speaking of the weather assault so well. Turns out he was given a dvd from someone that received one from the market booth and assured me he would not let it gather dust. I sent that nice man off with 4 other dvd's and a hand full of info.

    In my last contribution I wrote that all I want is for people to pick up the baton and run, run like hell is on your heels, cuz it is! I don't know if there is any way to actually "feel good" with all that is coming down the pike. Tell ya this much though. It sure feels good to do something for the greater good on a consistent basis. I am seriously not good with game over. I will stand to my last breath. I will stand for the greater good and all that have the will to learn and survive. We are all one, we are all connected in an awesome way.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

  13. SD says:

    Article in today's LA Times covers research report in Nature Communications which correlates atmospheric aerosols from volcanic eruptions to DROUGHT and CIVIL UNREST in ancient Egypt.

    Coauthor Manning stated ". . . large volcanic eruptions cause droughts, particularly in monsoon areas."

  14. Nina says:

    Have just noticed we are back on "maximum fire-alert" here in Portugal . Bet this wind has alot to do with it.

    • Dale K says:

      NOTE: This free service is available to fire victims located outside of California, such as Australia, Spain, and Portugal.

      Reporting all health damages found in terms of BioAcoustic Frequency Equivalents™, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health (a 501C(3) non profit organization) is providing an online tool that assesses the nature of the injuries that may have been sustained from being exposed to airborne toxins released by fires. The BioAcoustic Institute invites you to join its Community Center and offer vocal samples for evaluation. The BioAcoustic Report will potentially identify issues for individuals who may be in stress. 

      Breathing Blessings Campaign – Acute Inhalation Injury
      Sound Health Portal

    • Dale K says:

      Global wine production crashes to 50-year low. 

      A new report issued from OIV indicates lower production levels were blamed on ‘extreme weather’ in Italy, France, and Spain – top 3 producers in the world. Meanwhile, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Austria, the U.S. and countries in South America have seen a rise in production compared with 2016.

      BBC indicates wildfires in California occurred after the harvest and will have minimal impact besides a 1% drop in production.

  15. Nina says:

    This wind that suddenly arises and goes from zero to almost gale-force in just afew minutes is not natural at all!  It is as if someone just "switches" it on! Is this Nexrad/Doppler radar or something else doing this? There are EMF towers everywhere.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Sitting watching a football game on TV on Sunday October 15.4:00 in the afternoon out of nowhere 70mph wind that takes down 2 trees and nearly wipes out my garage.Local weather that day was cloudy,light winds 5-10 mph.Called TV station,nothing on radar,that thought I was nuts.Frequencies will soon us all,it's got to stop.Last 3 weeks,can't sleep from1am to4am.What the hell is going on to make you not able to sleep.Also,at night my stomach hurts?Anyone else fighting this ailment?

  16. Dennie says:

    Hi Folks:  Here's another petition demanding the stopping of the silencing of EPA scientists:

  17. John Davis says:

    Hi Dane and all the awakened,

    Well here's my new attempt to raise awareness a petition addressed to the UK PM No less, please can everyone take just 2 secs to support, i kept it short and sweet just please acknowledge and desist Geoengineering activities. Let's see what numbers i can get….

    Next step flyers, and test kit.


  18. michael says:

    Home, home on the range,

    Where the smartmeters and geoengineers play,

    Where seldom is heard,

    That *^%#~ (blankety-blank) "c" word… (chemtrails, that is )

    And the skies are not aerosol sprayed

    p.s. i know this is no laughing matter but i thought we could use some comic relief


    • Blue Sue says:

      Humor IS good medicine. Thanks.  Much needed here where our local news in Alaska reports declining bird populations and a record number of oil drilling tracts now open for bid in ecologically sensitive areas home to the Gwitchen native people.  Today, with artificially manufactured temperatures we have rain falling and 5o F. where I live. So NOT normal. 

  19. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was the last day of Barter Faire. Though activity over there will continue for at least a week. I watch it all from my front porch. I'd guess that this years attendance was around 8,000 people. I was on horse patrol the year they had over 10,000 people. I had a friend with me today. My dear friend Sylvia. She's getting on in age, but she sure was happy to go out with a thick hand full of flyers and pass them on to folks leaving to go home. (Give'em something to think about as they gaze at the sky on their journey). The array of folks I got to speak with this weekend was over the top. Build it and they will come, right? Young, old, asleep, awake. They all showed up! I did not get one rebuttal all weekend. Not one skeptic. I got to pass on credible information to minds that are seeking answers. Tonight, I am on over drive, haven't eaten since lunch. I got to speak with over 400 people this weekend. I was johnny apple seed on steroids. I thoroughly enjoy asking the right questions that will invoke the most curiosity and research. I'm getting pretty good at answering the question, "what can I do about it". I make sure I inflate those people and send them off with a confidence they didn't have before. It's an honest question, it deserves an honest answer, "an applicable answer". So any way, moving on here. The day was wearing long this afternoon and it was cooling off(engineered). So I packed up the info boxes and posted myself at the exit gate of the faire. I'm positive I set a record in number of flyers hand out in "x" amount of time. People had to drive by me and when they saw what they were coming upon, they willingly rolled down their windows. All those people now given something to think about as they gaze at the sky on their way home. Many will travel hundreds of miles and take days. I'm getting tired now. Dinners calling. But let me leave you all with this. Ya great, I got to hand out a mountain of info this weekend. Let me tell ya folks, it would have never happened if it weren't for the grace of those that "can". "Eva", You're the best! If you were here, you'd be proud.

    Maybe I'll write more another day. Now, my head is spinning. So much has happened this weekend. After it is all said and done, I will look back at how many people that I came across that will never see things the same again. I hope they will address it as I have, "head on".

    My dear friends that I have met and haven't met yet. I am very careful what I wish for, ask for. I never ask for much if I ever ask anything at all. I did wish for a way to educate folks about what is affecting them directly. And what to do about it. I never asked someone to do something I wouldn't do myself. This last six months of very active "activism" has taught me much. I've shared as much as I can without coming off as rambling or tooting my own horn. I just want folks to pick up the baton and run, run like hell is on your heals! Cuz it is!

    Enough for now, love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Great! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • simone says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, dear Simple-Horseman 🙂

      We are at war with brain-damaged "rulers" who play with Nature trying to "correct" its MIGHTY LAWS,   and they get  punished for their super-stupidity.  Unfortunately, they pay dearly for those hellish games along with the rest of us,  and all life on Earth!!  Be  strong, awake and very active in catching, arresting and ultimately PUNISHING the monsters for the most colossal man-made terror on earth!!

    • Kathy says:

      Simple Horseman, Your awesome, cant wait to work with you in Puyallup. Very active "activism" and run like hell is on your heels ( I might add, always with flyers in your hands people!). LOVE it….. 🙂

    • Ashleigh says:

      You are absolutely wonderful! A true hero! I admire you very much!! 

    • Crazyhorse says:

      great story horseman! Congratulations on your journey! I am just beginning to study geoengineering as I have a Haarp plant up the block that I didn’t know about, we have high cancer rates on Long Island and suicide rates as well…keep up the good work!


  20. Epsilon says:

    Whales are killing themselves because of advanced technology in navy sonar. This creates an extremely noisy ocean of a magnitude much greater than before. Marine mammals can communicate over thousands of miles of ocean. They have no defense over extreme sound frequencies nature never intended them to hear.      

    • simone says:

      Many thanks for your super thoughtful comment. HUMANS MUST LEARN ABOUT THEMSELVES BEFORE TRYING TO MANIPULATE LIFE ON THIS PLANET. MUST LEARN THE LAWS OF MIGHTY NATURE!!  Unlike humans, all  creatures and the rest of life forms on earth have developed superior to us sensory perceptions, animals can sense their ever changing environment on very deep levels impossible even for our gadgets to indicate. Our ultimately crude Technology cannot make us more intelligent but only indicates how badly crippled and underdeveloped  our human minds, bodies and sense-perceptions are!! We shall learn how to intelligently evolve OUR OWN MINDS WITHIN the ever-changing environments, never pretend that puny, ultimately deaf and blind humans are allowed to ruin everything that Nature has been creating from the beginning of time!!  

  21. Frank says:

    I'll admit that I've been laying low lately as I am very disgusted with the overall situation – then I read or maybe just awoke to something big – Dane has always said that WWIII is the power structure's final answer to the problem. I always thought, why would they bother if it's all going to end with or without it?

    But then I thought, wait a minute. We have all heard that after a nuclear war there is a massive amount of particulates in the air that  cool the Earth drastically. It's called a Nuclear Winter.

    Now hold on a minute! That means the power elite could kill two birds with one nuclear war –  the industrial overpopulation and global warming – and that is very scary new thought. Before this I thought their reason for WWIII was just to cover their tracks, but they might be planning to score a two-fer and actually survive this thing.

    But then I thought – no worry – that plan won't work because all the nuclear plants will meltdown after WWIII and poison the Earth –  whew! I thought we were really in trouble.

  22. Zoë Bêth says:

    Hello Dane, I live and love the state of lowa, I have been watching Trump closely lately, he has not been doing a great job as president of the United States of America, I have family from many countries, my ancestors are mostly from the Netherlands, they recently told me during a phone chat that they are laughing at our country right now quite often, every time they read the newspaper they find the reputation of America to be embarrassing. I am not siding with any country or political party, however, for a country that prides itself like the USA it is literally laughable to see it all come down no offense. The reason I am saying this is to wake people up about America and how the world sees us as a country, look at what we have become, our country has been taken over by people who do not want good to happen. The vaccine, the poison water, the satanic celebrities and politicians calling for a NWO, please wake up to the geoengineering elephant in the room that is being carried out without our consent in order to further the evil agendas by force that are taking place.

  23. Jeanette S says:

    Last night, I watched gardening videos from a young man in Britain, this past July they had rain, lack of light and wind so bad it knocked of fruit and flowers off in their gardens. Bad severe lightening, he showed some and said he had not seen one like this before. There was a hurricane prior to this one was that July? This is just not right. Such a sweet young man, not even aware of the geoengineering, still happy and keeping his chin up and smiling. Of course he did just build himself a nice "garden shed" with windows on the roof and one side, wall on the other for thermal mass.

    • Dale K says:

      Tropical Depression 27 looks like it will strike the coast of Japan as a Cat 1 typhoon in about 5-6 days, just like Super Typhoon Lan did this weekend. Very strange that the only active tropical storms right now are both in the Far East, with Japan being the target. Will Fukushima take a hit? 

      NRL Tropical Cyclone Page

    • Dale K says:

      Note the comment about Typhoon Lan, "It was the first typhoon over Japan to be classified as “very large” in scale, meaning the radius of wind gusts was 800 kilometers or more, with a minimum wind speed of 54 kph."

      Typhoon No. 21 gives Japan a pounding, but losing strength
      October 23, 2017

      Powerful Typhoon No. 21 left at least two people dead as it roared along western and eastern Japan early Oct. 23, triggering floods, landslides, mass evacuations and transportation chaos.

      According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the typhoon made landfall in Shizuoka Prefecture around 3 a.m. and headed north, pounding the Kanto region with heavy winds and rain.

      It was the first typhoon over Japan to be classified as “very large” in scale, meaning the radius of wind gusts was 800 kilometers or more, with a minimum wind speed of 54 kph. The estimates of typhoon size started in 1991. Typhoons usually downsize to "large" or normal by the time they make landfall in Japan.

      As of 10 a.m., the typhoon was southeast of the Oshika peninsula in Miyagi Prefecture and moving northeast at 75 kph.

  24. Blue Sue says:

    Dear Gary,

    "Until and unless we understand our power to create and destroy by our interaction with the spiritual we cannot and will not change the trajectory of things today."  Your wise words relate perfectly with my reading of R. Steiner this morning: " In order to fructify the developed intellect, a stream of spirituality from higher regions of world existence now seeks entry into the earthly life of mankind. Whether this will happen depends upon man opening his heart and soul to what seeks entry, through many doors, as it were, into the earthly world from the spiritual.  It will be necessary for man not only to become conscious once more of the spiritual in all nature, but to perceive it."  Also, concerning the role the "elements" (elemental beings) of nature coming under the guidance of the technologically supremely powerful dark spirit (Ahriman) who opposes human evolution, Steiner states that there's a possibility where ahrimanic (hyper-technological/earth element) powers in union with elemental (spiritual) beings would DIVERT the earth from its intended course of evolution. He further provides that in our present civilization and "times of declining intellect" nothing is achieved by looking at things merely from an external point of view.  Humanity must seek and achieve knowledge and perception of  higher worlds if we are to save ourselves and own precious earth.  Blessings to all in this all important shared battle for the greater good.


    • Blue Sue says:

      My comments and the quotes above relate to Rudolf Steiner's lecture "The Elemental World and the Future of Mankind.

    • Jintampa says:

      Awesome comment. Thanks

    • Dennie says:

      Blue Sue: Rudolph Steiner was a synthesizer of a number of traditions, including Christianity, Zoroastrianism (a root of Christianity), Hinduism and spiritism that was popular at the time.  When I taught strings in a Waldorf school all the teachers just studied his writings from lectures, etc.  Many spiritual traditions have been warning humans, especially the white Western ones, that they were in danger of destroying the Earth.  God, or "spirit beings," or other supernatural forces, are always trying to get in according to many of these traditions. I wonder when everyone's going to "get it" that the Light is within, that's where we need to place it, and we have only to look at it and nurture it within themselves, and follow their hearts toward it.  We will always have conflict as long as we firmly believe that we have a dualistic oppositional spiritual world (oppositional forces fighting each other) rather than the Eastern (Taoist) concept of complimentary forces working together.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Well said and I so agree!  In fact, on my front door on the inside I've put a small saying by Lao Tzu:  "Without ever going out the door one can know the entire world."  Too true and my reality for the most part these days.  That light within is precious, worth nourishing! And dualism never fixes anything, just creates more dualism.  Creates opposition unending. 

  25. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, regarding the absurdity of Obama receiving the Nobel "peace" prize, consider the irony that the word peace would be connected with the man who patented dynamite. 

    (BING) Alfred Nobel patented the nitroglycerine-based explosive dynamite in 1867. In the following year, he received an honorary award from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for "important inventions for the practical use of mankind". He was extremely proud of that prize.

    Wikipedia: Known for inventing dynamite, Nobel also owned Bofors, which he had redirected from its previous role as primarily an iron and steel producer to a major manufacturer of cannon and other armaments.

    "Important inventions for the practical use of mankind" — practical ???!!! — how about INSANE!!!

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Blue Sue –

      Dynamite has had major important uses: To blast through rocks in order to make way for roads and tunnels, and for mining.

  26. Jeanette S says:

    Dane I think I mentioned this before…Marin has issues with high numbers of breast cancer, just them. I haven't heard this recently but they never did find out why. Perhaps, it is "affluenza" but another thing is you mention the Navy and playing war and now with nuclear waste. I had thought that when I heard of this plight in Marin. I was on the beach, on Stinson Beach and Muir Woods beach. There were blocks of concrete like 7x7x7 foot blocks with a rebar loop on top. Several of them. What were they an anchor for? Something that big and can park off of Marin…who do we think that was and what were they doing?

    • Dennie says:

      Jeanette: I am a resident and native of Marin County, CA, USA.  There was an uptick in the breast cancer rate here a while ago, of which very much was made, and a lot of freaked out people as a result… we had people going door to door asking everyone what we thought caused it (how scientific is that–?? UGH!).  We also have a lot of "affluenza" in Marin:  Wealthier people including women who drink more alcohol and they also make more visits to the physicians, who prescribe them hormones to stave off old age, then they get breast cancer, like my mom, who died from doctor-caused breast cancer caused by those goddamned hormones that are supposed to keep you young, "n-i-i-i-i-i-c-e" all the time and in line with the rest of "polite" (brainless-heartless-soul-less consumer) society… UGH!!!  

      The breast cancer rates here now, as far as I know, are not higher than usual, though I need to look at the county Dept. of Health website to tell.  

      The broken seawall stuff you saw on Muir and Stinson beaches has been there for decades and is categorically not stuff that washed down from the Pacific Northwest where the Navy has been playing war with live ammo.  

  27. Dana MacCuish says:

    Sorting through a box of old shirts and reclaiming some new work clothes I came across a white sweatshirt I purchased in Yellowknife NWT in the nineties…  who hangs onto clothes longer than someone who grew up with little?   The shirt has Desert Storm in bold lettering with two fighter jets flying underneath.  One plane has Canada Dry 1 written beside it and the other has Canada Dry 2.  I completely forgot I had bought it so long ago.  In 1991,  recently graduated out of a garbage can education system,  i was of the belief Canada was a good country to live in.  I did pay money to wear a shirt to support our troops weather modification activities over Iraq.  I am kind of glad I hung onto it.  A personal smoking gun.  It is back in its box.  Maybe it survived only to tell its story.

  28. Joseph L says:

    You are on the Prn network.  I listen to Gary almost everyday for over 20 years for good health and everything else he covers.  When he does environmental stuff he rarely mentions geoengineering. I wish he would have you on his show more often and mention geoengineering and this website when talking about the envrionment . This would help spread the word and help the cause.    I have mentioned this to you before and I hope you have a way of contacting him to get on his show again.

  29. barbzi says:

    Eisenhower's farewell address, January 17, 1961……   "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."


  30. Forearmed says:

    The United States has now become the Elephant in the room that no one is supposed to acknowledge.  For the last 67 years America has methodically raped every country which had resources, (read energy) which we could exploit either through economics or outright aggressive military action.

    This is the only reason Americans are able to live so far above their means, that they have lost sight of the fact we have become the greatest terrorist nation on the face of the planet.

    In other words we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that just because we believe ourselves to be exceptional we can take what we want for any and all who are not capable of fighting back against our Hegemony.  This complacency about our true nature has convinced our government that they can do the same to it citizens with impunity.  The value of a nation is based upon its labor potential which is the foundation of any country.  The king cannot be king without peasants to rule over.  The peasants are its labor force who produce the food it militaries must move by.  In other words the phrase;  "An army moves on its belly" it a truism that most forget.  Labor is what moves any nation and when labor is no longer available for exploitation that nation will eventually die from its stupidity in not recognizing that its foundation is always based on its labor potential.

  31. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 188th email, titled 'We plough the fields and scatter…'

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated that there might not be a 'Blue Ocean Event' (less than 1,000 km3) this year.

    Arctic sea ice volume on 8th Oct was 5th lowest @ 5,558 km3. On 20th was 3rd lowest @5,727 km3 – just 169 km3 increase in 12 days. In previous years during the same time period, volume increased by @ 700+ km3.

    Sea ice extent has increased, so presumably the surface ice formation has been compensated for by melt below – it is getting thinner and thinner and will melt fast next year. 

    Annual average volume has currently been more than 1,000 km³ lower than the previous record low for 90 consecutive days.

    Upwellings of warm water are causing increased melting in the Antarctic. 

    2. Joe Neubarth wrote on 18th Oct: "In 1977 – 1978, money was collected by the Rich from the Rich to fund the carving and the erection of the Georgia Guidestones that called for a cap of 500 million people on the planet. In the brochure that was circulated at that time there was a call for maintaining Nature preserves in what is now Southern Asia, Africa and Latin America. Humans would be able to tour, but not live in those areas. The understanding was that the people already living in those regions would have to be eliminated. The process chosen was to allow Global Heating to run rampant to remove the "common people" while the rich took to sheltering underground to avoid the Starvation Food Riots.

    That program is now being run. As the Rich see it, only the Rich Intelligent People (RIPs) will survive and Nature will eliminate the lower IQ inferior people. That will qualify as the Greatest Eugenics program in the history of the world. They talk about it freely at their parties."

    If you or your family and friends have not yet realised the seriousness of our situation, please put an hour aside and listen to this week's Global News Alert: 

    As the people in Yemen and other countries 'liberated' by US/NATO say: "Your 9/11 is our 24/7"

    I often hear "Very few wasps this year". No surprises there! 75 – 82% insects gone from protected environmental sites in Germany: 

    By weight, there is probably more life living in the soil than on it. This and soil erosion has encouraged some local farmers to stop deep ploughing by huge tractors and blades, and just shallow plough in the spring before seeding. Wish the local estate would adopt that – it would save road and verge damage, extensive mud run off (dust/earth in the summer) onto the roads, and blocked/damaged field and road cundies/drains.  

    3. Notes to Self (week 41 of 104).  I still wonder how the UK would be attacked if we had something the US wanted, or if we stopped our servile support.

    Don't go to the gym, get out there and practice survival! 


    • Dennie says:

      Andrew:  The RICH who actually believe they will be able to outlive runaway heating on Earth are DELUSIONAL– They WILL suffer and die, too.  They will not be able to buy their way out of global heating.

      Okay, here's what many of us out on the Left Coast of the U.S. want from England/UK:

      1. English tea, the way the English fix it (Irish tea is even better…)

      2. Crumpets, and marmalade, the way the English make it (not California style with loads of sweet oranges!)

      3. REAL Scottish shortbread!

      4. Nice wool blankets, tartans, tweed clothes

      5. Genuine hand-knitted sweaters from Ireland

      6. Great rock 'n' roll/blues (and other skilled) musicians

      7. Guinness stout, and whiskey!!!

      I doubt very much that the U.S. would attack England just because they stop their servile support.  

    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      Dennis…..I beg to differ. I think those in power would easily kill their own let a!one an ally if needed. I am shocked u think differently.

    • Audrey says:

      The UK is not "servile" to the US.  THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION (military branch) reports to THE CROWN INCORPORATED (legal/financial branch), and the both of them report to THE VATICAN INCORPORATED.  There's no need for any of these entities to "attack" each other.

    • penny waters says:

      dear dennie

      just a small note – the united kingdom is made up of four nations – england, ireland (northern), scotland and wales

      many people constantly confuse the 'british' with the english – england is an area and anyone born on that land of england is english

      british is really the association – the british and subsequently – the british empire.

      many people – including a gentleman who runs the english national party confuse those words too – he was born in india during the time of the 'british empire' and so, to me, is either 'british' – a nonsensical word signifying an oppressive trade group run by the 'overlords' (they have existed throughout history – in all parts of the world – successive oppressors and empires) – or the 'gentleman' is indian – born on the subcontinent of india.

      many, many people in the 'united kingdom' (a norman invention) – born in england, define themselves as english, cos that is the country they were born into, and identify with and behave like – as slaves from 1066 onwards – through the successive enclosures acts and being thrown off the land  – as the normans settled into ruling and oppressing all other cultural groups present.

      to be truly english is to be a working person – not involved in private schools, private healthcare and mens clubs – where all the boys still hang out

      and as each middle and upper class group from the old empire decide they want to live in england, they too join the elite in their private lives of indulgence at the expense of ordinary working folk – just like the church – living off ordinary folks sweat of their brow

      and the old aristocracy – they don't live here anymore – they move around the world, according to the season and party 

      don't ya just love 'em

      how silly they are!!

  32. Dennie says:

    We're coming up on November 22nd again.  Here's William Pepper, lawyer for the family of Martin Luther King Jr., James Earl Ray (a patsy, proven in 1999) and Sirhan Sirhan (a C.I.A. mind-controlled patsy), speaking about the assassinations of MLK, RFK and JFK:  Check out his books, titled Orders to Kill, and An Act of State.  For more about JFK and his influences, check out Mary's Mosaic by Peter Janney

  33. barbzi says:

    I just sent Sheriff Joe Arpaio "America's Toughest Sheriff" this video He was AZ Maricopa county Sheriff for 24yrs. I plead with him to help America with the criminals in our skies. Plus I sent much more of Danes material for his viewing.

  34. Dale K says:

    It's fine to have a valid reason for protesting, but until geoengineering activities become the focal point of discussion, such weather catastrophes will not be stopped on a global scale.

    Thousands protest in Portugal against govt's failure to tackle deadly wildfires
    RT | Oct 22, 2017

    Thousands of people descended on downtown Lisbon on Saturday to vent their anger at the government’s lackluster response to devastating forest blazes ahead of a no-confidence vote. Raging in Portugal since June, the fires have claimed 108 lives so far.

    Several thousand people filled Comercio Square in central Lisbon at around 4pm Saturday. The demonstrators brandished national banners and displayed signs reading, “Enough incompetence,” “Enough Fires,” “Shame,” “Criminals” and “We demand responsibilities and demand protection.”

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Dale K, thanks for the link. After looking at the crowd, the criminals days are numbered, tic, tic, tic, and they know we're coming for them.

  35. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Dane, Thank You for the Powerful Global Alert News.   I would assume that other Countries picking up this broadcast are Thankful to hear that American's are also very displeased with the way the American Military is handeling things around the World. "Their actions", have created the animosity from those around the World towards the American People.  Sadly, some are brought up to Hate all, for the actions of a few.   This alone has created a lot of World Tension.      I think the Military feeds off of this!  It Justify's their action's. How else can a Soldier carry out the bombing of Innocent Civilians? Or to create weather events that leave ten's of thousands, or more, without Homes? Some lose everything, Their Loved ones, & their Homes they've spent a Lifetime building & paying for.  Many now, are starving due to flooding or droughting out communities, & vast areas, due to these Toxic Spray Programs that they are leveling on Innocent People around the World.   These actions are not Brave, These actions are Cowardly!  You, Dane. Speaking Out, & Standing Up, & Exposing their Dirty Deeds, Is,  Bravery.  And  "More American". then they would ever know how to be!        You, give American's, A Good Name!

    • Frances says:

      Gail, Remember Canada, Australia, UK, EU are 'friends and allies' of the US and would not dare say no to any request/order from the oval office.  There are US installations and bases in all countries mentioned.

  36. lorenzo says:

    Kudos to Dane for speaking out often on the evil toxins in vaccinations Here is an ironic twist on the lighter side  One of my cable channels has a retro TV series from the 1950's. A Lassie show from 1958 is described I will quote  "Timmy hides in a cave to keep from being vaccinated"  I kid you not. Nearly 60 years ago.  Timmy you are my new hero!.  Unfortunately Lassie rats him out.  Bad Girl.

  37. Eva Coover says:

    More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas:

    One example of the mass insect die-off in Colorado is the now non-existent miller moth.  It was virtually a rite of passage marking spring to summer when thousands of these dusty, spastic, fluttering moths would show up out of nowhere, literally in our faces and bombarding every crack and crevice in our homes.  The invasion would last four to six weeks and be done.  Not anymore.  This year, we may have seen six.

    No one seems to care except to be relieved of the nuisance and annoyance.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Same story here in Alaska, except mosquitos missing instead of moths (not that we see many moths either).  Pitiful decimation of insect life everywhere. 

    • Marie says:

      About 3-4 yrs ago i saw a lot of moths too in my porch hall where the light is, but not since then. I saw a very few this summer, but not like yrs ago. I am in NY state. No June bugs either, cept i saw this past June and then nothing. Used to be a lot flying over our heads.

    • penny waters says:


      insects breath through their skin – does the geoengineering block it up

      is that why they are dying out?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Penny, in regard to the impact of the climate engineering heavy metal contamination on the insects, there are many factors, the issue is complex.

  38. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    What happened to making a scale model to see the effects of these Nuclear blasts in the Oceans? Play with the model all they want.   Hell, build a Big one.  Blow up some plastic Duckies & some Frogmen.  But, leave the freaking Oceans alone!  For what end result are they hoping for?  What gain is it if it's a threat to millions of Sea Creatures, large & small? I do not get the logic, if there is one. Are they cheering when they beach a pod of Whales?   This is so Sinister.  So Deliberate!   A Child would say that blowing things up in the Oceans would harm the life within.    But hey, this logic seems to escape these men & women that are involved. I wonder how many are high ranking ? But I guess obama fired all the Generals that had an ounce of Decency left in them.  They already expected to Kill Millions of Sea Life, Didn't they?   Boys & Girls just wanna have "Fun"!!!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Sorry Dane/Everyone, Sonar Blasts, Nuclear waste & Depleted Uranium, for testing!

  39. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: We can have no way of knowing to what degree geoengineering — the ongoing daily spraying of literally tons of toxic metal nanoparticles combined with who-knows-what — has contributed to the deadly build-up of pollution now increasingly inundating our atmosphere, not just over North America, but also Africa, India, China. These particulates are said to be capable of causing permanent DNA mutations. To see the intense accumulations of Atmospheric Aerosol Particulates around our planet, use this link to go to the Earth Null School:,34.79,640

    Or find
    Click on the word earth
    then on Mode: Particulates PM 10

    WIKI: Atmospheric Aerosol Particles: Particulates are the deadliest form of air pollution due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and blood streams unfiltered, causing permanent DNA mutations, heart attacks, and premature death. The effects in humans and animals include asthma, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease… Particulate matter can clog stomatal openings of plants and interfere with photosynthesis functions. … The smallest particles, less than 100 nanometers (nanoparticles), may be even more damaging to the cardiovascular system. Nanoparticles can pass through cell membranes and migrate into other organs, including the brain.  … The effects of inhaling particulate matter that have been widely studied in humans and animals include asthma, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, premature delivery, birth defects, low birth weight, and premature death.  … Increased levels of fine particles in the air as a result of anthropogenic particulate air pollution “is consistently and independently related to the most serious effects, including lung cancer and other cardiopulmonary mortality.”



    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great Job Susan.    Thank You for the link.     I've mentioned before, but will again, for anyone new …. Dr. Russel Blaylock.    A Neurosurgeon.  Please watch his video, What Chemtrails are doing to your Brain.    We of course don't like the C term, but his information is Powerful!  I was happy to see how many have viewed this video now.   People are waking up.

    • Marie says:

      I have read about the DNA change, but i read that it's done on PURPOSE. Wear a N95 mask when out in the yard. I do now. even in the daytime. A little uncomfortable, but after seeing the particulates with a flashlight at nite made me put the mask on.

  40. Dennie says:

    Global pollution kills 9 million a year and threatens the continuing survival of human societies.  

    The best news we could hope to hear comes at 11'51":  

    "Industrialized, militarized society is done.  It's in it's death throes now.  Those who don't believe it will, soon.  And if we have any chance of long-term survival the human race must completely change direction."  

  41. Maria Peccorini says:

    Thank you so very much for your presentation  of what I've seen w/ my own eyes for years. I just wish to request if you ever have time, might you present some explanation for the masses of the "why's" for the No. Calif. fires. Maybe it's possible to get a few sheeple to begin understanding that the agenda is already working on obliterating/destroying 1 of the most fertile sections of California agriculture.

    I grew up in Santa Rosa, I live in Wa. now but my old HS was destroyed (looks like it was bombed) & MANY of my friends, relatives landmarks have been removed.

    Whose ever agenda this was, it is truly diabolical 

  42. Kyle Clausius says:

    Dane will you be at the event in puyallup wa?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kyle, sorry that I will not be able to attend the Washington event. This being said, I will continue to spend every single day engaged in this battle, count on that.

  43. Jeanette S says:

    Dane do you have your radio show material written down anywhere?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jeanette, so sorry that my schedule in this battle is such that I don’t have any spare time to make a transcript of what I cover in the broadcast. 

    • L says:

      Jeanette, my suggestion would be to listen to the recording yourself and take notes. This is something I do for a group who have the newsfeed from ths site.

    • JORGE ORTIZ says:

      Dane , NEWS TIP








      in the courts of every state being worked out between epa and every state ,discusses the terrible haze and contents of the HAZE which they are causing WITH CHEMTRAILS!


  44. Rodster says:

    As Dane has mentioned countless times regarding the threat to Earth’s life support systems and the web of life, comes this:

    ‘Ecological Armageddon’: Plummeting insect populations could ravage life on Earth

  45. Jeanette S says:

    I have noticed less bugs too, along with bees and butterflies. But there seems to be an ok number of spiders. All kinds, ones I have not seen before. Do they fair better with the aluminum etc.? A beautiful black velvet one with white markings on the rear. Tarantula like but jet black and the size of a quarter, stubbly and fat. the small ones that attack my anise swallowtail catapillars (tarantula like but the size of a pencil-woman's pinky finger are seemingly not as furry but still the same number and taupe/charcoal color it seems. The ones that used to come in the house they look like a lentil on stilts-not so many of those but the normal spider spiders-one or two of all different kinds. Lots of webs in the house. A spider had a skipper butterfly in its mouth a couple of weeks ago. I had never seen that before, though I am sure that happens? The animals were the same size…

  46. Jeanette S says:

    This week the European Union has put a ban on glyphosate to be gone out of fields by 2020, an Irish newspaper reported. fyi

  47. Dennie says:

    The silence is deafening! Yes, we're hearing NOTHING in the main stream media about the rash of one-two punch terrible hurricanes:  Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate and now, all the way up in IRELAND, Ophelia– TERRIBLE devastation; then we had the state-sponsored massive "weapons of mass mayhem" terrorism event at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, killing dozens and injuring hundreds, about which we aren't hearing so much as a peep right now because, yes, the "official" narrative couldn't possibly hold together (duh), then hard on the heels of that, the "anomalous wind" event creating the massive conflagrations in Northern California which burned down whole cities for a good ten days– again, we're hearing NOTHING in the news– WTF???

    • Laura Sutton says:

      Dennie…True, true, and more true.  I've noticed the same things….the unnatural rapidity with which the even worst events disappear from the printed and TV news.   It's a perfect  diabolical formula to keep people constantly distracted by a new and more compelling tragedy every few days….Perfect only if people allow themselves to fall for it.  And if you don't fall for it, the time must be taken to register (via any form of communication) your objection to gigantic stories being irresponsibly dropped like a hot potato.  

  48. Jeanette S says:

    Dane, you said in last weeks radio show that the commercial pilots do not know of the chemicals on their planes. I can't see how that is true. I would think that pilots drive the same models of planes all the time, that it is part of their job and making the plane fly properly to know how many passengers and how much baggage (weight, rollcall inthe event of an emergency) and I would think that this gives the planes a predictable weight. If you add these tanks…I would say at least 500 lbs, or 2 tons? You would notice a change I think and if it is in the bottom of the plane. Who throws the switch to on? Other pilots do not tell them if their plane is smoking? They are never asked to change course? to suite the needs? How/when/who do the tanks get put on? Bet it is those who do all the dirty work. That's who it is at our local airline mechanic school.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jeanette, sorry if my statements on commercial pilots and personnel were not clear, what I have stated is that commercial personnel do not appear to be directly involved in the geoengineering assault (though their aircraft are certainly being used). Pilots must know, and if they don’t, they are unqualified for the position they hold. I am communicating of the record with commercial pilots who absolutely know, but they need a much larger level of public awareness before they can come out of the shadows. Thats where our efforts come in, lets all make every single day count in the battle to sound the alarm.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Jeanette S, Last Monday, I took several pictures of a very bold United Airlines, flight UA253 Houston to Honolulu @ 33,975 feet which flew right over my house turning the spray on and off many times, and with far more trails than what could have come out of "2 engines!" If the aerosols were to continue during the flight, by the time this plane arrived in Honolulu, it would weigh significantly less, so I feel this pilot would have to know when they touched down, that they have "lost some luggage".

  49. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met,

    Yesterday was a banner day at the Barter Faire. 55 to 60 degrees and partly cloudy with sun. I had conversations with well over 200 people yesterday. What a hungry for info group of folks over there. Thousands of people that are not afraid to think outside the box. The booth is across from the "solar stage"(good tunes). A place for musicians to play completely powered by a solar system. Right down from the booth is a food vendors row. Right next to the booth is the only organic stew at the whole faire. It's pretty good, vegan or beef stew. I had many folks come by that were so happy to get more info of what they think they already know. It is good to add to their education. At the farmers market his week I got rained on with that pissy rain that comes after you hear the tankers flying over. I've been fighting off getting a "flu" ever since. Today when I woke up, it was starting to snow, "at 36 degrees". In 3 years here, I've worked outside while it was snowing twice. Twice I caught a cold. At noon it had warmed up to 38 and was drizzling. Hasn't let up all day. So today, instead of going out and being a warrior, I stayed home and stayed warm and away from the precip that came down today. I will return to the Barter Faire in the morning. The booth is there still, all set up with a stack of flyers under a paper weight and a free info hand written sign above it. Tomorrow I will talk much about chemically created cool downs. Today is a class 1 example. I hope all those campers across the valley from me do not catch a "flu". It's been a wet miserable day here today. I worry greatly for what is contained in that moisture. Last night when I came home, I got out the flash light and found an abnormally high content of particles floating in the air. The stars were out and today we have "this". I will write more summary after tomorrows event. Yesterday was off the hook in waking folks up.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Blue Sue says:

      Way to go with your local wake-up process!  You are so right about the "flu" that coincides with the "weather" from our sky.  Many thanks for your steadfast determined efforts.  May you stay well wise one. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue and ALL, the "Barter Faire" is patronized by people from as far as 2 states away. It's way, way more than a local event. For many, it is a destination. 3 days of "community" with like minds.

  50. Pamela says:

    I certainly agree that the USA is in the midst of endless wars and creating suffering, devastation, and environmental degradation world-wide.  Concerning Amy Goodman she has much good information to give out, but I believe she has to work within certain "confines"–the "news" is being carefully monitored.

  51. Ashleigh says:

    You bring tears to my eyes Dane, you are my idol and I love you dearly. So many thank yous for your courage and strength which you pass on to me every time I listen to you. So much love and thank yous to you Dane you truly are the most beautiful being.  

  52. Joseph L says:

    Thank you for doing such a great presentation.

    Watch this less than 4 minute song it explains alot  and is very worth watching

  53. Peter says:

    Hi Dane,

    You may be aware of this new publication just launched in Australia. Our governments both federal and state are doing their utmost to discredit and ban it. Just goes to prove they dont want the public to know the dangers yet go out of their way to be dictatorial about manditory vaccinations.

    Keep up your great work in enlightening the masses.


    Melbourne Australia

  54. Eileen says:

    Thanks for letting me know that you people will be at the Gem Fair in Lane County.

  55. Billy Webb says:

    Thanx for all u do ! Myself a victim of modern medicine procedure, unemployed and searching for work and am interested in environmental work/volunteering. I have done licensure work in underground storage tank removal with The Texas Water Commission and soil erosion control and Highway right of way planting. If you have affiliates in central Texas area that need folks like me please respond with contact info.

    for your consideration, Billy

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Billy, thank you for your offer to help in this critical battle. Though we do not have any associates in Texas, I would be most grateful for your help with sounding the alarm in your region, we need all the help we can get.

  56. Ava says:

    In response to the comment around the 53 minute mark…Most "spiritual institutions" are in complete denial of anything negative taking place in the earth because they've got their "get out of the tribulation free" card…the "rapture".  To acknowledge what you are trying to get them to see would tear down their stronghold of religious idolatry.  If the things that you are saying are as bad as you are saying they are, then the seals must be open, which means they might be facing a rough go of things instead of the "I'll fly away" sparing of even the most pathetic believer.  You're not asking them to see reality, you are essentially asking them to reassess their entire belief system….which is a good thing and more should be doing it anyway.  

  57. Richard Doiron says:

    Thank you, Dane, for your continued crusade of enlightening the masses. We continue to hear about, read about, more disasters – so much that's dying around us – and scientists claiming to be stymied; media, health agencies, political leaders continue to ignore or deny, no matter the proofs. This situation is the most dire ever; those of us who care continue to voice our opinions, offering the most credible of information; people continue to ignore, even those closest to us, those whom we'd strive to save from the worst of scenarios; disheartening beyond words. You and a others of your ilk continue to be our beacons of hope; thank you again; God be with you and yours now and in the future.

  58. Geir says:

    I just want to say that you are one brave individual, Dane.

  59. Lori Bridgeford says:

    The photo of woman in pic from Opening of Geo-Storm film had noticed my Geo-E Watch shirt, then approached me. Her recent trip to Paris was a nightmare from sky being crushed with spraying/ aerosols. It  totally RUINED her very spendy trip. When asked if she was here for the  Geo-Storm film, she said "No." .  Not sure can handle it right now. Maxxed out.  Management was fast on me with my obvious camera (not i-phone/ smart phone)  and  my  glossy hand-outs, so don't take for granted one can dispense without some challenge by profiteers in days ahead. All to squash the truth /reality from being exposed. Theaters want  the sales >  your (GMO )  popcorn & a  toxic coke.  Consider parking close to ticket sales and put all you can on your parked vehicle  while movie plays! Your windshield , talk to people leaving the film for comments. Local Cinnemark  (Redding , CA)  told me this time of year real low for many films, as  before the holidays push.  Just go for it !  No matter !

  60. Janet F McCormack, M.Ed. says:

    I was disturbed that a recent broadcast of DEMOCRACY NOW from the wildfires devastated area, Marin Couty, CA., did not mention GEOENGINEERING as an influence for that disaster in CA. How do we get media personnel to talk about this without sounding like conspiracy theorist   radicals?? 

    • Dennie says:

      You probably can't. I'm appalled that people STILL think of Amy Goodman as a "heroine" in the ongoing INTERNAL SPIRITUAL conflict and DARKNESS of the "people" in charge of the power spigot on planet Earth– NOT– Goodman's simply another hired guna paid Talking Head (and not even a good one at that– notice the nasal tones and flat affect of the delivery– UGH!!– how boring it is having to listen to her attempt to intone the "news.." !!!), working for a paycheck and a pension– wouldn't and won't do one damned thing to rock the boat if her actual life depended on it.

    • Dale K says:

      Posted almost a week ago regarding what Berkeley firefighters thought they were dealing with regards to the Tubbs fire:

      Watch as Berkeley firefighters arrived in Santa Rosa, stunned by scope of Tubbs Fire
      By Alix Martichoux, SFGATE 
      Sunday, October 15, 2017

      The video then shows the firefighters arriving at a housing sub-division, which had been so thoroughly burned the team thought they were looking at an open field.
      "I had no idea, guys. This is over 100 homes," says one firefighter. "This is like a freaking bomb went off."


    • Jeanette S says:

      Amy Goodman is an echo chamber for what the lefts widely think and are adamant about already. Safety first is what I generally think too. But that is with most people even those at the top of the movements as you can only do so much without the back up. And when you still have zombies going to Wally mart for their gmo corndog; you're hard pressed to stick your neck out too far.

    • Dennie says:

      The Northern California wildfires were burning at at rate of one acre per minute.  You'd barely have the time to escape with your life when trying to outrun something as hot as these were, moving that fast.  You won't have the time to get stuff out of your house.  Better to pack a "go" back with all your important papers and copies of policies in it, and keep it by the door or in your vehicle, and keep your vehicle fueled.  Today I video inventoried my house and my property.  You can do this with a cell phone, then copy the files to a small external storage drive, put that in a ziploc bag, seal and place in a strong box, and take the strong box for deposit in the bank vault (safe deposit box).  Make copies and store in the cloud, using something like Carbonite.  Homes high up in oak-studded hills and out in the woods like we have in California are at a greater risk for devastating fires.  The people who had inventoried their property were getting claims filed a lot faster than people who hadn't.

  61. jake says:

    Cool, I’ll be in Puyallup, WA

    • The collective ego in this country in particular and the world is very strong.  People are only concerned with their own self-interest and benefit. This translates into denial of anything that gets in the way of this self-interest, even if it means ultimate peril.   This is nothing new except that being the spiritually primitive beings we are with more exploitative, intrusive and destructive technologies we have become that much more dangerous to ourselves and the all living things.  We are simply too devoid of our souls to use technology in a manner which benefits all humankind and each time we try to fix problems with technology egos get in the way and it makes things worse. In addition, we dissociate and alienate ourselves from the whole (biosphere) which we are part and which sustains us, thus literally killing, “the hand that feeds us.”  We have not yet evolved into the true spiritual beings we are and are now faced with the greatest challenge we have ever faced on our spiritual path.  The fact is that our corporeal world is the world of results and the spiritual world is the world of causes.  Until and unless we understand our power to create and destroy by our interaction with the spiritual we cannot and will not change the trajectory of things today.

      However, that does not mean we do not try.  To my knowledge there are two localities which have passed anti-geoengineering legislation banning the spraying of aerosols in their skies:  The State of Rhode Island and Nevada City, California.  While one can be skeptical of how these laws might be enforced, the fact that they exist sets a precedent and path for organizing.  If people can persuade more localities to pass similar legislation the news media and others will have to take notice.  The model has been established by these two localities.  We can use their help in formulating action strategies for other states, counties and cities.  I am interested in organizing such an endeavor and need people who can help.  Anyone interested in working to build a critical mass of support for more anti-geoengineering legislation please contact me.

      All of us are powerful, all of us are that of Love.  We need to harness that power and counteract the collective ego of fear, hate and greed.

      Dane has provided us with all the resources and tools we need to take action.  What he and we lack is the critical mass of people necessary to provide enough power and force for change.  No one is going to save us, but us. Now is a time to be fearless.  Now is a time to act.  Please contact me.

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