Toxic Spraying And Radio Frequency Bombardment, A Lethal Mix


Dane Wigington

The dangers we face from global climate engineering are not only from the atmospheric saturation of highly toxic aerosols, but also from the constant bombardment of extremely powerful radio frequency signals that are also permeating our atmosphere from the clouds to the ground all over the planet. Note the massive radio frequency signature (from ionosphere heaters like HAARP) in the aerosolized cloud cover over the bottom 1/3rd of the image below. This image was taken on May 12th and clearly shows Baja, northern Mexico, central Mexico, parts of TX, were all being subjected to powerful radio frequency transmissions (the ribbing of the aerosol laced cloud formations makes this fact undeniable). In addition to manipulating the atmosphere and the jet stream, the RF transmissions are used to further scatter the toxic particulates that have been sprayed in order to form the most expansive cloud cover possible. Welcome to solar radiation management (SRM). The RF signals are highly detrimental to our health and all life forms.
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Moving on to May 13th, 2015, the satellite image below taken over the Pacific Northwest shows vast areas of wispy aerosol canopy. On a satellite image heavily aerosolized cloud cover looks very similar to smoke from a forest fire. This is due to the fact that both forms of cloud cover are the result of massive particulate saturation in the atmosphere.
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In the image below (also May 13th, 2015), heavy aerosol spraying is most visible over Northern California where the dispersion lines still remain on the image. Much of the "overcast" in the overall image is also aerosol in composition, but the visible dispersions are not detectable as they have already spread out. It is important to remember that the visible horizon to horizon sprayed trails are only a part of the spraying operations. Much of the spraying is far less obvious but still turns the sky white and/or silvery white.
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Click here to see animated loop of the radar image above. Heavy spraying is most visible in the flow of moisture over Northern California and off the coast
of Southern California. The aerosol spraying is much more visible in the 15 second animated loop as compared to the still image.
The final two images below are from a combination satellite/radar map which shows precipitation and cloud cover. The first image is from May 13th, 2015, the second is from May 15th. The brighter the white of the cloud cover, the more heavily aerosolized it is. There is generally heavy spraying associated with any regions of convection, precipitation, and heavy atmospheric moisture (though there are many other applications of spraying as well). Note how much rainless cloud canopy there is over the US, Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico, this is the result of the relentless climate engineering/weather warfare assault.
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A primary purpose of the constant spraying is to create as much aerosolized cloud cover over the planet as possible. Wherever there is moisture, there is almost always heavy spraying. In addition to "solar radiation management", there are so many more layers to the climate engineering atmospheric aerosol spraying. The geoengineers decide where precipitation will fall and where it won't, where there will be record drought and where there will be record flooding. They decide how toxic our environment will be and with what elements. They decide the level of contamination in every breath we take and the amount of lethal radio frequency signals we will be exposed. More than any other issue, our immediate future depends on exposing and halting climate engineering, make your voice heard in this battle for life. DW


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  1. […] Toxic Spraying And Radio Frequency Bombardment, A Lethal … – The final two images below are from a combination satellite/radar map which shows precipitation and cloud cover. The first image is from May 13th, 2015, the second is … […]

  2. This is the enemy. > Air Pollutants | Air and Radiation | US EPA
    EPA = Fraud, collusion, industrial espionage, treason, genocide, crimes against humanity…
    If you want to stop the poisoning of your planet, you need to physically arrest those who sanction it…

  3. SortingHat says:

    Earlier last week it looked like this weekend would be troughy and showery with steady rain at times and they sprayed which now it's going to be just cloudy and miserable.

    This entire week was once forecasted to be off and on showers leading to a wet week but instead it iturned into a dry slot over Salem Oregon.


    It seems Salem Oregon lately has been the *dry* slot whenever weather events happen.  I wonder if it's because the state government is there.  I wonder if it's Republicans or Democrats that are in charge of the HARRP program or if it's way beyond political parties?

  4. SortingHat says:

    I am unable to type very well because of my constant dizzyness which I am feeling right now.    I just want to point out that I appericiate the hard work this site goes thru.   Unfortunately I think that the Senators and Congress *if they even see this site to begin with* likely assume it's just a nobody Joe The Blogger who knows little about how weather/climate works site. 

    I know better then to assume that but Congress like Corporate Executives read what they are told and only look at *headlines* of news so if the headlins are spun in their favor or against they will react accordingly. 


    Perhaps this site should try some alarmist headlines in a way that will make the US Government look bad who I believe has sold the country.

  5. SortingHat says:

    This trough that's over the west coast was suppose to bring rotating showers and rain and each day the forecast backed off and I've noticed off and on spraying just before they would back down. 

    Who's sponsoring the pay n spray?   George Soros?

    • AZgirl7 says:

      No funding or budget squabbling needed.  Just keystrokes galore of off the books funny money.  We allowed our own enslavement with fake currency when we handed the keys to the kingdom to the Federal Reserve in 1913.   I'm curious as to how they will keep their illegal drug business going in a cashless society.  Maybe they will issue a certain amount of allowance, like special drawing rights coupons for black markets stuff?

  6. Mike says:

    Where is this stuff being manufactured,,,,,,stop that and you stop it all.

  7. Melody Meachum says:

    It's obvious that all resources are at the finger tips of the criminal cabal to control the world. Scenarios are carried out constantly and simultaneously, producing the same end-game result… more money and more control. Both are equally important to their agenda.

     As Dane points out, geoengineering has many facets, all aiding in their end-game plans. It's not just for one purpose or another, but for many purposes. 

    It's not my intent to cause fear-mongering, BUT, we need to be more diligent than ever in this battle over our weather/climate and food. I've included an article from Global Research. UK's enactment of a counter-terrorism bill will have a crushing impact on free speech in the UK.

    Do we believe it can't get any worse here? Think again. What was 9-11 about? Nothing more than a bold terroristic move to enact Dept of Homeland Security and all other gov agencies that followed suit for their "war on terrorism".

    We need to exercise our rights while we have them!

    Article today @ Global Research UK Government Counter-Terrorism Bill Would Criminalize Speech, Political Activity

    The Conservative government in Britain is preparing to enact new legislation that, under the guise of the “war on terror,” will vastly expand police-state powers and essentially criminalize speech and other political activity.

    Presented officially as an anti-terrorism bill, the proposed measures will be targeted at any popular opposition to the government’s policies of aggressive militarism abroad and austerity measures in Britain.

    Following his party’s victory in the May 7 general election, Prime Minister David Cameron announced the proposal at last week’s National Security Council (NSC) meeting. The meeting, chaired by Cameron, brings together leading government officials with the heads of Britain’s security agencies.

    The new bill will include a series of measures targeting groups and individuals deemed by the government to be “extremist.” This term is defined so vaguely as to encompass a wide array of political activity.

    The new bill will create extremist “disruption orders” for individuals and “banning orders” for groups. The targets for these new police powers will be those who have conducted “harmful” behaviour.

    According to the Guardian, the “harmful” behaviour covers activities that pose “a risk of public disorder, a risk of harassment, alarm or distress or creating a ‘threat to the functioning of democracy’.”

    This will be used to criminalise campaigns critical of government policy and protests, which are frequently dispersed by the police on precisely the grounds that they disrupt public order. The language also indicates that the government would have the authority to target those merely planning such activity prior to it taking place.

    Extremist disruption orders will permit the government to take action against individuals considered to have engaged in such harmful behaviour, or whom the government claims have attempted to “radicalise” youth.

    The orders contain bans on individuals broadcasting their views on television, and anyone subject to an order will be compelled to submit any written publication, including social media posts, to the police before it is printed. In addition, the orders will make it illegal for individuals to attend or address public gatherings or protests.

    OffCom, the broadcast regulator, is to be given powers to move against channels judged to be broadcasting “extremist” material. The charity commission will be able to take action against charities that “fund terrorism.”

    Banning orders will allow the government to outlaw “extremist” organisations. If such a move is taken, anyone found to be a member of the organisation will be guilty of a criminal offence. Authorities will also be able to shut down premises used by groups to promote “extremism.”

    Human rights group Privacy International branded the new proposal as an “assault on the rights of ordinary British citizens.”

    Islamist groups will not be the main focus of the new law. As the Guardian ’s home affairs editor wrote in an analysis of the proposal, “the official definition of non-violent extremism is already wide-ranging and, as Big Brother Watch has pointed out, the national extremism database already includes the names of people who have done little more than organise meetings on ENVIRONMENT ISSUES.”

    The requirement that the government apply to the courts to obtain such orders will do little to prevent their abuse. The government has repeatedly invoked national security considerations to present evidence to the courts in secret. It even intended to hold an entire terrorism trial in secret last year before abandoning it at the last minute. The declaration of a national security threat would thus permit government claims about an individual or group to go unchallenged in the courts by an independent lawyer, since the only individuals allowed access to such information are government-appointed legal representatives.

    Together with a sweeping attack on democratic rights and legal norms, the Conservatives’ anti-terror bill will further advance the government’s right-wing agenda of whipping up anti-immigrant sentiment. New powers will be established to deny immigrants entry on the grounds of preaching extremist views.

    Cameron’s proposals make clear that the Conservatives are determined to vastly expand the repressive powers of the state, including by reintroducing the controversial “snooper’s charter” which would grant intelligence agencies the power to conduct mass surveillance and store data from emails and other internet data from social networking sites and messaging services. It will also allow authorities to access encrypted messages.

    Cameron claimed that the UK has been a “‘passively tolerant society’ for too long, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.”

    This extraordinary declaration is a backhanded acknowledgement that those who Cameron intends to target with the new law have committed no crime under the existing legal system.

    “This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach. As the party of one nation, we will govern as one nation and bring our country together. That means actively promoting certain values. Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights regardless of race, gender or sexuality,” Cameron proclaimed.

    Cameron’s reference to “one nation” were especially sinister. It suggests that anyone challenging the political interests of the British ruling class and championing the rights and interests of the working class will be targeted for surveillance and repression.

    The “values” Cameron talks about promoting are precisely those that have been used by successive governments to wage aggressive wars abroad to uphold British imperialist interests, and carry through an assault on social and democratic rights at home.

    These policies have seen British imperialism, alongside American imperialism, aligned with some of the very Islamist forces it now seeks to present as the greatest threat to the country. In the 2011 regime change operation in Libya, Britain participated in the NATO bombing campaign that toppled the Gaddafi regime, while supplying weapons to Islamist groups in the country. Many of these groups had ties to Al Qaida and later moved to Syria with CIA support, where some elements came together to form the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    The assertion that Britain has been “passively tolerant” for too long is a lie. The entire political establishment, including the opposition Labour Party, has been complicit in erecting the framework of a police state in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 and the London bombings in 2005.

    The Labour government under Tony Blair brought forward “anti-terror” measures in 2001 that included wide-ranging police powers to detain suspects for crimes committed under an expanded definition of terrorism. In 2006, a further law allowed the prosecution of those “encouraging” terrorism, which saw individuals put on trial purely for making statements or posting videos online that had no connection to a specific terrorist attack.

    • Excellent!!! You've nailed it pretty well. Corporate capitalism is the economic engine driving all of these political hacks. Get rid of the corporate system, and they all fall down…

  8. horsegirl says:

    Dane, hi,

    We're looking forward to seeing this video when we can.  We live off-grid – just now constructing a home – and we lack electricity, internet and running water.  So we read you by going into town where internet is available and loading articles down.  We then attach a converter to the truck and charge the laptop with gasoline.  If you can believe how backwoods things are for us.  For whatever reason videos load down in part then fail.  Some day when we can afford it we hope for a solar system.  Still we are glad to read text and comments.  You who write are our brethren.

    Last week I called the local radio call-in show to ask people if they know why there is a bizarre haze over the town.  I'm going to do it again and speak of SRM.  Our difficulty is that we live in a "not-see" zone where blue skies prevail.  In two years of living in this area we have seen aircraft leaving trails perhaps five times.  You don't see the hideous geometric outrages people suffer over cities.  However we became connoisseurs of it all during our seven years in Mexico, where we literally fled two towns because of heavy chem-scum genocide campaigns.  Nevertheless I am going to suggest on the radio that listeners simply shine a flashlight upwards after dark and see the Hollywood searchlight effect.  It is unreal, full of miscellaneous particulates, what I might describe as a nanoparticle fog, and strange, larger bits in helix form.  In a pristine rural area with no visible pollution source, yet.  Really distrubing.  There used to be beautiful views of the stars.  Now, almost none are visible.  We think they are fluoridating us – remember fluoride is the active ingredient of Prozac.  The "small town" ten miles away is the US remainder of a significant Mexican city that primarily lies on the Mexican side of the international border.  They appear to be engaging in a dedicated "invisible" spraying campaign, also with SRM.  It may be a little hard to wake people up, however, when they don't see the trails.

    Because of the exceedingly disturbing neurological experiences we've had driving into the Mexican American town, we now try never to visit.  Despite that people-wise, it is our favorite town in the US.  It galls us to see this invisible crisis wreaked upon them, the loveliest people you can imagine.

    I've finally written the article I said I would about life in the "not-see" zone, just now working on edits.  Why are we spared the sight?  It is worrisome, because we live proximate to one of the largest military reservations in the country.  Our best hypothtesis is that they are attempting to keep the enormous military population ignorant of the spraying campaigns.  This is so that when Jade Helm kicks in, if there are actually public outcries about some aspect of the spraying, the militay will be less inclined to be sympathetic to the public.  Write us off as "conspiracy theorists."  Mind you it's mostly poor kids who sign up for the Army, and they probably have had little personal travel.  In fact the people in the Army seem to be under a different protocol of late.  You drive into the small city next to the large base, and now if you see anyone in fatigues they behave as if under orders not to associate with the public.  When we went to the most popular local discount grocer a few days ago, we didn't even see any of the normally ubiquitous fatigues.  The previous visit, at the extremely popular Chipotle store where half the Army seemed to eat lunch, it seemed suddenly the Army personnel stayed carefully apart from the public.  My husband was drafted into the Army in Viet Nam and is sensitive to military behavior. His impression is that the normally chatty kids in fatigues might be under a protocol discouraging fraternization with the public.

    The other thing I've done is to put lyrics to a Chopin mazurka melody with the title "Look Up."  I know a professional songwriter and mean to float this one by him.  He heard me play just the melody and was quite favorably impressed.  Now I'll see if he likes the lyrics, which are pretty simple.  If you know anyone who has a viable career in music you are welcome to put them in touch with me.  As mentioned we're quite low-tech.  I play acoustic guitar.  If we could get help recording something, here we are. 

    Sorry to have seemed to have dropped the ball on you.  It has been very hard to get things done because of both our stressed personal circumstance and the spraying, which goes on unabated despite "blue skies."  We can hear planes.  The light spectrum is extremely diminished here in "sunny" southern Arizona.  Ridiculous.  I have seen brighter rainy days than our "sunny" days of late.  When particle fields are intense, they interfere with mental function.  We've observed this in others besides ourselves and it is scary.  Does anyone else experience our problem, whereby when HAARP patterns are in the sky you get stupid?  Suffer immediate change in disposition and intelligence as soon as they start up the ionosphere suction?  You have to avoid anything doubty or complex, or you will mess up your work.  Then you begin discussing Cheney et al's eternal prospect with whoever is listening at the top of your lungs in language apropos of drunken longshoremen.  The next day you're so ashamed of your stunted if noxious vocabulary you're too ashamed to pray ("do you eat with that mouth too?").  Mastering newly learned activities can be hard.  We despair for not having the cognitive vigor of our earlier lives.  At least I've been playing guitar for 42 years so it is pretty ingrained.  Although metaphor seems more elusive than ever..  We've seen academics coume out of the Mexican American town talking like children.  They sure are busy dumbing us all down. But particularly the Mexican-American community.  I'll spare you the LP version, only that we sincerely suspect they are fluoridating the area.  More mental and physical decrepitude than you can imagine.  Most 50 year old men shuffle in pain as though they were in their ninties.  And NO ONE is pregnant.  No little newborns.  You almost never see a pregnancy anymore.  Not on the Mexican side either.  Very rare.

    Thanks for all you do, Dane.  To the other commenters, you have become family.  We would rather read your thoughts than pursue any entertainment.  It may be like gallows humor but it is the only solace we have. 

    Prayerfully yours – Mark and Kerrie

    • Gwen says:

      I'll try this again… having trouble posting a comment… as usual… it disappears with an "ERROR" page to replace it.

      Hello Mark and Kellie,

      Yes, we here in S. Saskatchewan, Canada are experiencing similar symptoms.  Our town has deteriorated greatly in the last few years.  Trying to have an intelligent conversation is like pulling teeth. Getting incoherent and non-related responses is the norm.  EVERYONE is ill and on at least one prescription, pets included.  The simplest of daily tasks take great effort, and on a good day, they almost get done.

      We feel your grief.  Know you are not alone.  We have been documenting the daily affects just to keep our sanity… as morbid as it may be.  Anyone up for THE largest class action lawsuit in history?  A brilliant, DE-"active denial", moral lawyer is what we need here.

      I hope this post finds you well and we stand with you.

      A side note for all who read this, here is a bit of geo engineering humor.  A neighbor, whom is a teacher, believes the blatant giant X in the sky is the 11 team military squadron, the Snowbirds, practicing for their aerial shows!  (A mention of geo engineering gets the 'ol glaze-eye and a cold shoulder for a few weeks… like clockwork…).  I am truly speechless….

      Much love and strength to all.

    • Gwen says:

      Mark and KERRIE, sorry for the spelling error below.  I have developed a type of dyslexia ever since the cell towers went up.  I sometimes have to look up how to spell the simplest of words and communicating effectively is a bit of a struggle.( Very frustrating for an honors graduate.)  I have been reduced to half the person I once was… my apologies.

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Another very cold day in Berkeley, CA with "overcast" skies-all a dirty white as far as I can see.  Two trees not leafing out: one apple and one very precious golden plum-whose leaflets I can count.  37.  Is it due to the spraying, or to this ridiculous cold?  Not sure which to blame, but spraying would cover all bases.  Weatherman saying our sea temps which were unusually cold are warming, about 55 degrees now.  Course, can't believe anyone anymore.

    Remember that old saying about dinner parties and such-that one should not discuss politics or religion?  Seems some people take that seriously!

    Here is some shocking info via Erin Brokhovich and the two very important bills before congress now: The Frank R. Lautenberg Toxic Substance Act, and what is known as the Dark Act which pertains to Monsanto.  Apparently, there is a genuine effort to reach across the aisle on this one.  The sticking point is a thing called pre-emption.  This was the way it was first written, but all seem to agree it is a deal breaker.  There are 84,000 or more new or newish chemicals in our environment of which only 200 have been studied.  1,000 of them are flagged as highly dangerous potentially, but there are no funds to study them and the issue seems to be who pays.  Each could take up to 7 years.  As someone remarked, EVEN China does not allow formaldehyde!  But we do!  And remember when aerosols such as hairspray were banned?  Not for long and right back at it as there is no oversight what so ever, the EPA is defunct for all practical purposes.  A pre-emption means that neither the states, nor individuals could sue, could demand right to disclosure, know, deal with-zip nada.  This congressional meeting is online under Erin's name and is very very long to read but full of explanations of sorts that make it clear that we won't be able to find out anything.  Haven't been, may never be.  It is estimated that to study the flagged 1,000, it will take 100 years.  We are so screwed the light from screwed won't hit us for a thousand years!-to borrow from Rosanne Barr.  However, if you want to do something, this is the thing to focus on right now.  Senator Boxer is doing a great job on this and is the ranking member of these meetings.  Everyone, please! call all your local, state and Federal reps and demand that these two bills not go through with pre-emption!  Otherwise, we forfeit all our rights.  These highly cancerous and otherwise dangerous chemicals are in everything from the BPA lining cans to pizza boxes to foam as in memory form and many or all foams, your furniture, your couch, you bed, your athletic shoes, even Gortex.  On and on.  If these bills go through with the preemption, we will never know and have no rights to complain or demand redress.  You can just imagine how this affects the spraying issues.  It does explain to me why Dane has so much trouble getting, say, the pricey spectrometer used.  There are no funds.  No one can decide who pays for this.  Our military is too busy gobbling up all our money-even for infrastructure-while losing-misplacing? Trillions.  Thing is, if we pass this without a preemption, we do stand a chance at disclosure and can sue.  We could sue now under a Toxic Tort act, but we'd have to identify the substances at a State or Federal level.  All the talk and threats in the world won't make one bit of a difference until this is stopped.  One of many reasons it includes Monsanto is because of their use not only of Round Up, but now, Glyphosate.  Also, it is like the Irish potato famine waiting to happen in that it turns out, what Monsanto is planting all over the world is ONE kind of whatever.  So, if that one kind, as opposed to diversity, crashes-gets a disease or whatever, there goes the entire food supply for the world!  Not that I eat GMOs-on purpose, but!  Would have thought I'd have thought of this but I did not.  So, if you really want to do something and soon-make these calls!  Demand that these two bills not be passed with a preemption!  Thanks, and have a nice day?!!  R 

  10. Abe says:

    I'm sure this is why we hre having snow and freeze warnings in the upper midwest.

  11. nomad says:

    Hello Dane. I think we agree on almost everything. Great work, guy!

  12.  Signals Intelligence

    U.S. Marine Corps – February 22, 1999

    The production of this document (and others) is why I'm convinced that all military personnel are mentally impaired and grandly delusional. Military persons are an extreme hazard to themselves and everything around them. Such persons have been cognitively affected by their own behavioral conditioning. They are in fact; doing little more than generating thousands of pages of unsubstantiated and nonsensical tactical decisions based on their own mental dissonances and lack of normalized analytical skills. Where's the big picture guys? Anything going on besides your delusional "signals" getting crossed?


    This entire "Signals Intelligence" document is rear cerebellum behavior at it's lowest ebb. There are no positive or redeeming qualities to any of the stated military objectives in this document, period. It is rogue paranoia in a sick party costume, and it's killing your entire planet. 


    Read any factual representation of human history. Hundreds upon hundreds of pages of civilian slaughter by armed mercenary thugs. Should these "practices" be considered social assets??? Question: Has any military power in history ever achieved a lasting peace? Answer: No. Regardless of how much money was poured into the slaughter, more slaughter was planned just around the corner.


    ALL military objectives need to be fully rejected by mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and ALL members of normalized society. There are no positive or redeeming features to these absurd military objectives. These sick puppies need to be totally starved out, offered no safe quarter, and fully excised from society. These are mentally diseased social lepers. Get rid of them and all their sick military puke…


  13. talawanda78 says:

    I've never witnessed such a disgusting display of government lies in all my life, and I'm 65 years old.  The spraying goes on even above the cloud cover, we rarely see the sun in Michigan, and when it does peek out through the clouds they're attacking it.

    We've been inundated with every contemptible line of fire from the air they can think of. And as everywhere else, everything is dying off. This 'must cease'…but they don't care because they see themselves as superior in knowledge.

    I know the Sun itself is extremely, and unreasonably 'hot'..but the continued lies of government won't do anything to fix this.  It's a never ending battle for us to get them out of the skies and tell the truth, but believe me…in the end, where we are the judges, they will pay the price for their actions…a very heavy price. When convicted, they'll never see the light of day again. Can we do this?  Dog gone right we can. The more people that are drawn to this site, the better because with the hits totaling over 16 million…the numbers are growing. (Charges to be filed – With aforethought, willingly and wantonly executing a deliberate aerosol disbursement of known, and very dangerous chemicals, which supposedly would 'cool the planet. fact, have created the opposite scenario, by overheating the Earth, and has reduced the fish, animal and human populations.

    DANE…we need to have someone get a petition going from CARE TO, to stop geo-engineering. And if placed on this site, and with 16 million signatures going to Washington, it should make 'some' type of difference. THEY are the guilty parties, and I will never be convinced that 'we' the people have had much to do with this.  It's manufacturing pollution, on top of everything else. CARBON, (CO) not as much Co2 is at fault here. Let's face facts here. – The more Trees that DIE, the more Co2 in the atmosphere. They've been systematically KILLING ALL LIFE, and it needs to end. 

  14. nottel lingyou YT channel says:

    Should we totally wall paper at least our main room with foil that is the cheapest way to stop EMF ,radio waves and all that wifi and mobile phone masts pollution  ?

    • Hello nottel lingyou YT channel: You can shield some frequencies like "smart" meters, cell tower emissions, and/or wi-fi MESH, using foil-papers or standard aluminum bug screening. The real problem comes down to the impossibility of shielding from low frequency pulses being generated by systems like HAARP. These are extremely long wave lengths, so the only protection would be the use of  "Giron", MuMetal or some other specialized material.

      Here are some examples:  

      Aaronia – Shielding / Screening, Magnetic field shielding, Screening panels, Shielding foil, Shielding fabric, etc.


      Gigahertz Solutions products page:


      Magnetic Field Shielding Materials

    • SortingHat says:

      We live in a newer manufactored home.  Is there any way to put these materials in.   I show Dad this website and he is interested too and we all wish there was something that could be done to stop this.

      We have taken pictures of the clouds you have seen that appear with the halo effect and the mushroom type effect.   I have seen the same kind of chemtrails you described.

    • Pamela says:

      nottel, don't do that, the foil will not create a Faraday cage and may in fact bounce RF's all around the room and concentrate them. I painted one of my rooms with YShield paint, two coats, then a finishing color latex on top. Because I did not address the floor by shielding it, I only got a reduction in RF in the room, not a full shielding. But it's better than nothing. An EMF safety inspector came and measured using various meters, and my shielded room has 15 times less RF in it than the rest of the house. You have to have the room grounded by an electrician, however, but it's not a big deal to have done. Web sites like have much more info on products that shield emfs/rf. You could also purchase a shielding canopy, but it's expensive for what it is. Although it is portable, so that's a plus.

    • Hello Pamela: Not so. The EM reflection issue is an urban legend, and is constantly repeated on pages that don't know squat about electronics or Ohm's Laws.

      With "shielding" of any type: You must ground the shield to a very low impedance (independent) ground, or not bother with grounding at all. Grounding to the ground pin on electrical sockets is a serious mistake, as the entire grid and ground plane is electromagnetically saturated with multiple EM fields. Grounding to this pin completes an RF circuit, rather than preventing exposure. The EM active ground problem is found in municipal water lines as well.

      The Y-shield product is high frequency effective at three coats, with no ground whatsoever. However: It will not protect from ELF or the low frequency pulsed emissions from cellular phone installations, wi-fi, or "smart" meters. It's the low frequency pulsed fields that are making people sick and causing behavioral disorders…

      Plain aluminum screening, or even heavy-duty kitchen foil can be a life saver in terms of shunting high frequency emissions to ground. It is not a blocking mechanism. It is a shunting effect. The human body has a surface impedance at around 500-1500 ohms, and is frequency dependant. The idea is to have the shield grounded to a much lower impedance than the body. Something like 50 ohms impedance over the bandwidth would be about as good as it gets.

      A complete Faraday cage in modern urban environments is next to impossible. A person would have to install MuMetal panels on all exterior plane surfaces. The cost would be tens of thousands, and grounding is still dependant on a low impedance field ground. Hope that helps clarify the issues.

  15. Mozart says:

    Hello all…I too live in New Mexico. Donna is correct for most of the day the clouds appeared like that of a spider web until around mid afternoon when absolute blue sky appeared  

     I want to share what my wife and i witnessed at around 11:00 am this morning: I saw a plane coming across the sky giving off what at first I thought to be a contrail until about mid sky the plane stopped emitting this substance and continued to fly with nothing visible in its trail. I watched the plane for a moment , within minutes I see it make a 180 degree turn and begin emitting this substance again, fly a distance and again the substance was turned off. After watching the discharge substance from the plane we watched it not disappear but rather mushroom in in size and slowly become a pseudo cloud…stunning to watch. 

    One other anomaly we witnessed was that as the afternoon and clouds progressed we witnessed a halo effect around these so called clouds that looked almost like a reflection or reaction of the clouds with the sun…these hallows were a perfect circle around the sun. 

    Our government is out of control

    • Nigel says:

      Here in Santa Fe as the storm clouds were coming in the other day the high altitude jets showed up and started spraying. It was so strange to get snow when it wasn't really cold enough.  Witnessing the wanton destruction of this beautiful living planet by a relatively small group of psychopaths is depressing. 

    • joy says:

      Same BS here in south central Colorado.  Someone actually defended this action saying the pilot must have forgotten something!!  Blinded fools who cannot accept the reality of what they see.

    • SortingHat says:

      Actually the pilot forgot his conscience so in a way he did forget *something* which is his soul. 

  16. BaneB says:

    Mendocino County, California is dying.  The native trees and bushes are looking terrible, unhealthy, and thinning, with ghost like qualities.  The decline is everywhere obvious.  Yet, this disaster does not seem to be polite conversation at dinner parties and the constant round of parties.  Does no one not notice?  Have the majority decided to remain deaf and dumb.  Is the subject matter just too painful and thus to be avoided ?  

    • LRW says:


      I live on the edge of Sonoma County and commute through the coastal side of Mendocino County.  I see it.  I feel like people are completely ignorant to the geoengineering going on almost daily.  There are a few who are aware, but the masses never look up and notice.  It's so frustrating.  My son sees them flying their criss cross pattern above his school a lot.  I don't know how anyone cannot notice the white-out effect that happens after they fly up and down the coast.  Maybe there needs to be a mass mailing with one of's flyers.  How do you bring it into a converstation?

  17. SD says:

    Excellent analysis by Dane.  These weather events described are a CASE STUDY in Weather Engineering 101. The entire meteorological community is out of touch and should be ashamed of themselves.

    Keep posting your observations and comments everyone!

  18. SortingHat says:

    Hoow the fook are weather communities getting away with being *silent* about it?   I wonder if that's why Weather Underground got rid of their old classic version for the new confusing version because how easy it was to gather images and save them? 


    That could also be why Google has been hinting since version 5.01 at discontinuing Google Earth because they don't want someone to get the truth on there for all to see.    Now the Google Earth Pro license is free which is even more of a sign Google is getting ready to stop support. 

  19. Helen Smith says:

    Big storm at 4AM outside of Llano TX: 85% of the lightening was cloud to cloud negative.  This lightening was bright and almost constant but the local radar shows very few of the cloud to ground box's marked red.  The large majority were the cloud to cloud blue box's marked (-) with some marked (+).  If anyone can enlighten me I'd appreciate it if not I'll search around and try to find out the why's of (+) vs. (-).    Thanks Adam from Scot. for the report covering Capt. Cole.  I had my Grand daughter here and the only event I recorded in my journal that day was the fact it was the second Friday the 13th  following the one in Feb. and that Putin was MIA.  And thank you Dane for your watchful eye.  This site and Dutchsinse are the 2 main source's I read.  Guess I better find a reliable source for news since I was one of the many Americans just going about my business last 3-13-15 while some of my fellow earth compadres were hunkerd down.  Having lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis as an 8 year old I can remember how frightened I was when my Dad placed a water sprinkler on our roof as he'd been instructed by the base commander.  Everybody take care today  Helen

  20. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Something else I find interesting about the May 12 th picture. I live in the area where just a few states were free of clouds that day. We had sun on and off that day and I needed to do so much outdoors, way behind in Spring cleanup and have many gardens. The first thing I noticed when I went out was everything, plants, leaves, grass, stepping stones, everything was coated with a thick shiny oily substance with glitter. I went in to get the camera. Every picture I took turned out bright white there was so much reflection. I set my camera on the grill and decided I had to work regardless. I went back an hour or so later and decided my camera needed to be put in the house. My camera was covered with oily spots and so was the grill. I never saw or felt anything falling from the sky but the evidence was there plain as day. I had a long sleeved shirt on and I wear a mask and a hat when I'm out working. I always take a shower as soon as I get done and my clothes go in the washer. How much of this crap is getting on people and being absorbed in their skin just being outdoors? It was raining oily crap without anyone having a clue, it couldn't be seen, unless you were looking at plants like me. Many also have black stuff that looks like oil too. Was this why we had no or little spraying that da?. They must have dumped a mega load on us the day before, (and still falling). This has to stop! I'm getting exhausted talking to people and passing out flyers. I have given many others flyers to hand out. They are also printing flyers. The word has to be getting around big time.

    • nomad says:

        @ SkywatcherGrandma


       I am glad that you mentioned glitter. That is exactly what I thought when I observed the following phenomenon on May 2. This is what I wrote:

      "what I do when I want to look directly towards the sun while simultaneously blocking the sun itself is to stand behind/in the shadow of the satellite dish on the roof. It’s the perfect size for blocking out the sun.

      This time, however, I noticed something I had never seen before, too minute to show up on this photo. Looking at the halo around the satellite dish, the blocked sun, I could see caught in the glare tiny glittery specks milling around, seemingly descending from the sky. And not microscopic sized particles either. They were relatively large. Smaller than glitter or salt grains, but still quite noticeable. It makes me wonder if these glittery specks reflect something that has happened locally, like a truck spill, or is this some kind of chaff dropped from those chemtrail planes? I never thought that the particulates were big enough to see with the naked eye.

      Nope. Damn! This is the stuff! I just went outside to take a second look at the particles in that halo. And the glittery particulates stretched upward into the distance. It’s not coming from some local event. It’s coming from the sky. These are the chems from the chemtrails.

      I will have to check on the presence of particulates this way on a regular basis to determine if what I have just seen is anomalous"

  21. LRW says:

    I see them spraying constantly over the coast of Sea Ranch, Gualala, and Point Arena.  Everyone has the continual complaint of not feeling well, tired all of the time, fibromyalgia symptoms, etc.  I believe the spraying is the cause.  It's undeniable that it's happening; I can just go outside and look up and see it.  My frustration is:  How can we stop it?  So many people in this area are fully aware that we are "being sprayed like pests" on a continual basis.  What can we do to stop it?  I would like some guidance on how to be a big part of bringing this to an end.  It's so heartbreaking that my young child is fully aware that this is happening to us.  He tells me that he sees them flying above his school in their particular criss cross pattern quite a bit.  I do talk to people about it; flyers are up where they're allowed to be…….what else can I/we do.  Any advice is welcome.  I read so many knowledgeable comments on  I have learned so much just reading through your comments.  I really appreciate everyone's perspective.  Thanks

  22. Rod W. says:

    The media tends to only mention the HAARP station in Alaska. However, there is a vast network of HAARP stations set up around the world to provide global weather modification/manipulation. I live in Peru and we have a big one here. Hear that constant ringing in your ears? Yeh, that's from HAARP's bombardment of radio frequencies. Check out this link for a global map of known stations.. https.//

    • Denise says:

      I have developed a horrible ringing in my ears.  It never goes away.  It's almost the only thing I hear.

    • joy says:

      Me too.  A high shrill as if there were a hundred monkeys and only one banana, and a low hum that sounds like a plane sitting in one spot.  Does not stop.  This is done purposefully for our 'benefit' I'm sure.  

    • Delia says:

      This link no longer be found https.//

  23. Karen W says:

    Thanks Dane for the article and pictures.  I would really like to see more of these type of pictures because I don't know what website has the current cloud formation over us.

    Seeing the location of HAARP on the map, one would have to suspect that this is being set up for Jade Helm 15.  Keep us informed Dane!

  24. marco says:

    In addition to the mentioned aerosol spraying and haarp, there is the microwaves that we are subjected to (currently there is an attempt to develop high powered microwaves as a weapon, HPM). and the scalar waves that are targeted anywhere. Radiation from various sources is also a concern. We are being assaulted on all sides.  What is unknown is how much living organisms can continue absorbing these things without detrimental effects.  

    We are already seeing die offs of fish, birds, insects and some are speculating, plants, such as trees.  If the past is taken into account, there will be a continuation of these type of events with unknown possibilities, such as accelerating and increasing dangers.

    As this accelerates, there is a point of no return, similar to a plane on a runway, as it increases speed there comes a point of no return, where the plane is going too fast to stop before the end of the runway.  Hopefully the earth has not reached that point, yet.

    Cannot the geo- engineers see this?  Or do they feel safe in their military cocoon and DUMBs(Deep Underground Military Bases).  It seems unthinkable that their goal is to destroy the earth's environment, but sometimes it sure seems that is the exact goal they are trying to achieve.

    In my opinion it is all about power and control, through manipulation of the environment.  It has long been said, control the food and you will control the people.  This seems a way to control the food supply and ultimately, the people, by manipulating the weather.  Control the weather, control the food supply, and you control the people.  Next step, control the world, or at least a large part of it.

    Subjugation through control. 

    • Sandra M Beebe says:

      TO Whom it may concern

      it concerns us all and I am very concerned for my own health right now..

      for the past week I have been experiencing really bad, achiness, in my lower head and neck regions.. itchy eyes, floating eye vision, sneezing, feeling like crap like the flu type symtpoms…. post nasal drip, extremely exhausted and sleepy…  I never get head aches.. this is really pissing me off.. that who ever is doing this bullshit spryaing, needs to put a stop to it.. How do we do that?  something must be done!!  We are all gonna parish!


  25. andrew from Scotland says:

    My 54th email to my contact list, titled 'Stick and Carrot'.

    1.   26.7ºC recorded near the Canadian Arctic on May 12; currently 43ºC in Spain and Portugal; methane levels peaked 2845 ppb on April 25th; average global CO2 levels over 400ppm for March; the Antarctic Larsen B ice shelf will collapse within a few years; significant melting of underground permafrost between Alaska and Siberia – leading to potentially massive methane releases; serious sea level rise; Jan – April 2015 the earth's hottest since records began; dead zones in our seas; massive fish and plankton die-offs; species extinction rate of @ 300 per day; huge Siberian forest fires; dangerously high UV levels; toxic rain; toxic air…  These are just some of the signs of extinction level events that Geoengineering and atmospheric spraying are rapidly taking us to.   Listen to the whole programme, it gives a huge amount of information.

    Nuclear war is also imminent.

    2.  Kerry's visit with Putin on Tues 12th May was probably 'Stick and Carrot' or 'Good Guy/Bad Guy' diplomacy.

    Consider this scenario: 

    a)  On 1st May, Ukraine leaks that they intend to launch offensive operations on 8/9 May (as if they have ever actually stopped)  and

    b)  On 7th May, a Russian General states that there is a red line beyond which Russia will not be pushed.

    c)   On 12th May, Kerry visits Putin in Russia.  Kerry probably says something "frank" like this: 'We managed to stop Ukraine from attacking you last w/end, but I doubt we can do it again unless you agree to our demands.  Oh, and by the way, we will continue to supply heavy weapons and high tech support to Ukraine, increase sanctions and our military activities in the Black Sea, until you become one of our vassal states.'  

    When asked about Poroshenko's vow to recapture Donetsk Airport, Kerry said he 'hadn't read the exact speech, but he would warn Poroshenko against exciting new hostilities'.  Oh really?…He didn't read about something so critical to "Peace in our Time"? 

    If Putin again disappears from the world stage and again withdraws diplomats from UK and US, you can be sure Obama has again ordered or is considering a pre-emptive nuclear strike.  Around early March, Capt Heather Cole refused to relay presidential nuclear missile launch codes, because, much to Obama's chargrin, the order did not contain a recently updated Permissive Action Link (put in by Chuck Hagel  before he resigned/was forced out of office).   She was promptly arrested as part of Obama's "Loss of Confidence in the commander's ability to lead" purge. Let us hope a few US military officers with common sense have escaped his purge…over 100 have gone so far.

    Remember, you can not launch a pre-emptive nuclear first strike if you tell the public about it first.  

    We must not concentrate only on Ukraine, there are plenty of other hot spots, such as

    Personally, I do not understand why 'diplomats' and 'career politicians' have to create these shenanigans.  It would be so simple to live in peace and harmony.

    3.  Yellow is definitely the natural colour and vibration of spring: marsh marigolds, broom, dandelions, wild primrose, daffodils, gorse… You can always find a gorse bush in flower at any time of the year, hence the beautiful saying "When the gorse is not in bloom, love is out of tune".  

    Daffodils remind me of Wordsworth's lovely poem 'I wandered lonely as a cloud…'  Pity we no longer have Wordsworth's skies.

    4.  To celebrate one year sending out these emails, my next one will be titled "Atmospheric Spraying Q&As".  This might make a draft for a small handout leaflet?

  26. Eeva Koistinen says:

    Here in Finland some trees are getting brown in large areas… is it because of that


    • Earth Angel says:

      Though I am not a scientist Eeva and haven't seen your trees in Finland I would have to say there is a very good chance it is related to the spraying. I have been researching aerosol geoengineering for the past 3 years, ever since all of this suddenly came to my attention. Here in the southeastern USA I have been seeing the trees declining and dying slowly for the past several years and did not know why until I learned of this dangerous and deadly practice. It is as if we are all now living in a bad science fiction picture. Kudos to Dane for yet another enlightening article and for opening so many eyes to this unfolding global disaster. We must all do everything in our power to help stop these crimes. I keep wondering why kill nature when it's all we really have?

    • PLT says:

      Hyvää päivää!  Yes, it probably is the result of spraying, especially the increased UV poisoning that trees (and all living things) suffer now; as is explained in the articles about tree die-off on this website, the ozone layer is being destroyed by the aerosols.  Because the arctic regions are warming so much faster than others, though, the trees here undoubtedly are weakened by not being frozen for long enough each winter, which means that bugs and molds aren't killed off like they should be.  It all ties in together, and when a scientist comes on TV and says, "This is all due to insects," he or she is either wrong or lying.

      Here in Trondheim, there is a row of trees outside my window that have yet to leaf out.  Some have no buds at all, and are clearly dead, while others have been at exactly the same stage of budding for over a month now, so I suspect they, too, are goners.  If you feel about trees like I do, you will understand the profound sadness that this brings. 

  27. linda says:

    thanks for all the info dane, you're the greatest. This pic is from yesterday.  Isn't there a HAARP facility around that area, Baja?

  28. carol freiberg says:

    Not sure how anyone could stand to see the pictures of their mother being poisoned and played with, and experimented on, like she was "their" toy. Mother has fallen and is crying out for our help. Will you help your Mother?

    • Bija says:

      Carol, you have hit the nail on the head!  

      How can anyone stand to see this happening, let alone stand by and do nothing?? This is global omnicide, but it is also very personal. I have lived most of my life in nature, and I can hardly stand to look any longer. I have two mothers who are currently dying: the mother who gave birth to me is wasting away with Alzheimer's and my Earth Mother is wounded beyond recognition while her attackers show no mercy. I am also a mother. My grown children liken me to an ambulance chaser who can't look away from a terrible accident. My granddaughter is unlikely to ever be a mother and is yet too young to understand why we can't play outside on most days and why her breathing is punctuated by wheezing. 

      The SERVICE TO SELF paradigm is obsolete. Everyone must help in whatever way possible. Those who continue to ignore reality or criminally hide these atrocities will pay dearly in the hellishly devised worlds of their own making. While I don't wish this on anyone, we clearly share a world with beings of the lowest consciousness whose choices cannot go unpunished.

      Critical mass, people…it's our only HOPE!

  29. Adam K says:

    Thank you for pointing out that where there is moisture there will be spraying….Makes many things make sense now!

    • JR says:

      Hey Adam, there does not need to be moisture-clouds for SAG spraying. They sure like to destroy our rain clouds no doubt though. Since eyes got opened to this evil crap 13 years ago it's all true.

    • donna ford says:

      Adam your statement is not always true. Here in NM even on low humidity days we get our once blue sky whited out. Today (Sunday) it started out a glorious blue from horizon to horizon, by 9AM it is a total white out. These people that do this are some real sick mothers.

    • nomad says:

      Adam, I agree with you. You didn't say that that was always the case.

      "where there is moisture there will be spraying". Not always but more likely than not. When natural cumulus clouds roll in there is almost always spraying where I live. I have noticed that they spray ahead of approaching weather fronts, as if trying to steer and or expand the approaching clouds. That's the usual protocol.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nomad, in reference to what I stated in the article, I said there “will almost always” be spraying where there is moisture,  we agree on that point.

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