Caught On Film, George H. W. Bush And Monsanto Collaborate On GMO Assault


Our government is nothing more than a state sponsored crime syndicate. Those who lead the cabal of power, and those they serve, exist only to perpetuate their own agendas. The common good is never a consideration for them. From wars of aggression, to global geoengineering, to the creation and forced distribution of genetically modified "Frankenfoods", the power structure does whatever they want because they can. How has the cabal been immune to any repercussions for their actions for so long? Because the general population has so far been unwilling to prioritize the protection of their children's future above their own personal pursuit of pleasure. Now that the walls are closing in from every side, denial and delusion regarding the common threats we face are no longer a refuge from reality. Global geoengineering programs have forced us all to live and breath under toxic skies. The complete contamination of our food supply with genetically modified organisms has forced us all to consume what is not fit to eat. The article and 2 minute film clip below capture the collusion between George H. W. Bush and Monsanto that fully kicked off the ongoing GMO nightmare. This is a stellar example of "business as usual" between the criminals that currently run the world. Educate yourself and help to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington


Rare Film Clip Shows George H. W. Bush Plotting With Monsanto To Use US Government To Spread GMO Imperialism

Source: Natural News, article by J.D. Heyes

Supporters of genetically modified or engineered foods want you to believe that the concept is no big deal and that humans have been cross-breeding and “modifying” food for centuries.

In reality, however, GMO seeds and foods created in a lab are far different than the traditional hybrid crop. In fact, the latter has only been in existence for a few decades.

If it weren’t for the intense lobbying of St. Louis-based biotech giant Monsanto, GMOs would likely never have been introduced at all in the United States.

AltHealthWorks reports that in 1986, four executives from Monsanto visited the White House to see then-Vice President George H. W. Bush with the objective of gaining a valuable ally in the most powerful government in the world.

Although President Ronald Reagan still had two years left in his second term, it was already widely believed at that time that Bush the Elder would run for the presidency in 1988.

Betting on a deregulation president

Reagan’s administration was known for many accomplishments: improving the economy, strengthening the military, and dealing decisively with a Soviet Union whose power and influence was waning. However, Reagan was also a deregulator; if there was red tape he could cut in Washington in order to benefit business, industry and the economy in general, he would gladly do it.

Enter Monsanto, a company that wanted to get in on the deregulation bandwagon of the era.

AltHealthWorks reported:

One year later, Bush took the bait and paid a visit to the company’s headquarters for a media event that included personal time with company scientists and reps.

Monsanto’s reps wanted Bush to help them get their dangerously untested GMOs to market, and pleaded with him…to help make it happen.

What Bush said in response gave rise to a culture of blissful ignorance and irresponsibility that allowed Monsanto’s controversial “frankencrops” to spread virtually unopposed ever since.

The company had tens of millions of dollars at stake and a number of regulatory hurdles to overcome as the Department of Agriculture painstakingly went through its regulatory approval process.

In 1987, Monsanto found itself in a difficult position. The company desperately wanted to begin testing their GMO crops in a live environment – a farm in Illinois – but they needed USDA approval in order to move forward.

Initially, Monsanto executives were ready to introduce GMOs slowly. However, the company grew increasingly frustrated by the approval process and instead opted to pursue a more aggressive policy of “eliminating what White House hardliners called ‘bureaucratic hurdles’ like health and environmental safety testing, which were Monsanto’s key problems,” according to narrator and director Marie-Monique Robin in the filmThe World According to Monsanto.

In a clip that appears in the film, Bush is seen meeting with Monsanto scientists and reps as cameras from the media flash and reporters scratch notes. One scientist proceeds to explain the basics of how GMO foods are created.

The seven words that changed it all

“…We take DNA, cut it apart, mix different pieces together and then rejoin them, splice them back together,” he says. “This tube contains DNA that was made from a bacterium…”

That leads Bush to respond with a question: “This will lead you have a stronger plant or a plant that will lead you to…?”

“In this case it resists the herbicide,” the Monsanto rep says. Another rep adds, “We have a fabulous herbicide.”

They were talking about Roundup, the glyphosate-containing product whose main ingredient was recently declared a likely human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

This is followed by seven words that will eventually change the game in favor of Monsanto. The clip shows Bush laughing and saying of Monsanto’s pleas to hasten the regulatory process, “Call me…we’re in the dereg business.” Then he adds, “Maybe we can help.”

With that, the rise of the GMO industry in the U.S. began, and as many have demonstrated, it is growing at the expense of the U.S. consumer.

Towards the end of the clip, Bush’s vice president, Dan Quayle, makes an announcement that describes the real reason that GMOs were fast-tracked in the U.S. even though other countries are banning them.

Source: Natural News, article by J.D. Heyes

15 Responses to Caught On Film, George H. W. Bush And Monsanto Collaborate On GMO Assault

  1. Laurie Post says:

    They should all be tried, confess and be taken out of circulation for life. All their wealth should be seized and used to restore nature.  Dane, where do you consider it's safe to live in the US and in other countries. 
    thank you.

  2. Pure Isolate CBD says:

    You are my breathing in, I possess few blogs and rarely run out from brand :).

  3. At :40 into the video, Mr. Ghoul ("scientist") introduces Mr. Ghoul (illegal ex-president) to the concept of DNA splicing. I'm pretty sure Mr. Ghoul ("scientist") failed to specify some nasty features. >
    Report on animals exposed to GM ingredients in animal feed
    Prepared for the Commerce Commission of New Zealand
    by Professor Jack E. Heinemann PhD
    July 24, 2009
    Food Standards Australia New Zealand
    Final Assessment Report Application A615: Food Derived from Insect-Protected Cotton Line COT67B
    [PDF Size: 331.61K bytes]
    Health Canada's Food Directorate
    Insect Resistant Cotton COT67B Novel Food Decision
    [PDF Size: 246.00K bytes]
    United States (USDA)
    Petition (07-108-01p) for Determination of Nonregulated Status of Lepidopteran-Resistant Event COT67B Cotton
    [PDF Size: 1.32M bytes]
    Petition for the Determination of Nonregulated Status Event COT67B
    [PDF Size: 11.93M bytes]
    Plant Pest Risk Assessment for Syngenta COT67B Cotton
    [PDF Size: 1.78M bytes]
    United States Environmental Protection Agency
    BIOPESTICIDES REGISTRATION ACTION DOCUMENT Bacillus thuringiensis modified Cry1Ab (SYN-IR67B-1) and Vip3Aa19 (SYN-IR102-7) insecticidal proteins and the genetic material necessary for their production in COT102 X COT67B cotton
    [PDF Size: 1.75M bytes]
    United States Food and Drug Administration
    Biotechnology Consultation Note to the File BNF No. 000112
    [PDF Size: 48.22K bytes]
    Why GMOs Can Never be Safe
    ISIS Report 22/07/13
    Authored by: Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
    This report is based on invited lectures delivered in GMOs and Food Safety International Forum 2013, 9-10 July 2013, Yunnan University of Finance Economics, Kunming, Yunnan; and 13 July 2013, Gloria Plaza Hotel Beijing, China.
    The above is just a small sampling of readily available information. We need to arrest "scientists" who destroy Nature, period. These assholes belong in rubber rooms…

    • Barbara says:

      To be fair, these were sold to us as advances in science and engineering that we're going to help us feed the world. I remember those days well. No one (except possibly the Monsanto scientists) had any idea that we were unleashing poison and misery on humanity in the name of profit.

  4. Judith Persin says:

    "As long as we resist the spread of unnecessary regulation"–Dan Quayle !!!!!!

    No concern about the spread of unnecessary diseases and declining health! This is what happens when brain-dead, greedy, power hungry, idiot criminals get into power!  We are ALL paying for this move today!   Our children are really paying with cancer, obesity, and declining health.  Now the GMOs are in the vaccines being forced upon them and soon upon everyone of us.  Did anyone ever think of doing a background check on Monsanto before giving them such freedom to do whatever they want! Now they control most of the seeds in the world and are in charge of our agriculture.  When will all these criminals come to justice.  Never! It appears!  Did it not matter at all to the Bush administration about what happened in Anniston, Alabama? How about the Agent Orange in Vietnam and the health of our soldiers? A gift from Monsanto!  When the Bushes and others learned they could have this much control — can you not see the direct path to 9/11?  A crime door was opened which appears that it will never be closed in our lifetime! 

  5. narcosis says:

    And that really is the reality we all face at this point, the only way these devils running the show will ever stop what they're doing, is when they are put on trial and hung.

    • Ben says:

      But with a dumbed down, cellphone-addicted, propaganda saturated electorate, it's hard to imagine that ever happening.

  6. JACTN says:

    Wonder if they will create GMO foods that can live in METHANE filled atmospheric conditions?

    • Terri says:

      i am sure they have an answer for that as well. wax fruit perhaps? solient green perhaps. to go alone with the silent forest that produces no air or fruit. is basically fake trees. the food is already fake. 

      pretty sick. wish i had been born 150 years ago or so before the airplane was invented. 

  7. Michael says:

    As Dane says, "semantics are important", and indeed they are. What is "genetically modified", if not the textbook definition of "mutated"?  I tried to research the origin of the term GMO. I couldn't find it, but I can't imagine that this term was imposed on us by anyone other than the same "elites" who are spraying us into extinction. "Genetically modified" is simply the politically correct and more refined way of saying "mutated", which the public wouldn't accept. I say its time to drop the "GMO" label and start calling it what it really is……"MO", for "mutated organism".

    • nikki says:

      Modifying/changing genes (genetic sequences) are exactly what they are doing, the term "mutated" would infer an accidental change.  

      The problem doesn't lie within what they are calling it, it lies within the ignorance of the American people in regard to the dangers of changing billions of years worth or R&D on plants/animals, and playing God by trying to manipulate something we already know is safe.   


      It boils down to the fact that people are still purchasing products made by agrochemical/drug/airine/etc companies so they are constantly supported by consumer funding.  I spoke with a woman last week who had done the March Against Monsanto several times… when I asked her why she was drinking Coke – which had their product in it – she said… "it doesn't matter, it's only one Coke".   There ya go. =/

  8. JACTN says:

      We need to take a good look at these statements.  Our days are totally corrupt and GMO is destroying the creation.  All flesh was corrupted in Noah's day and with Monsanto's so are they again. 

    Last three days have had to be the worst spraying since the sping of this year.  I sent Dane several pictures from Monday PM.  Today just continuous spraying, line and grid after line and grid.  Very dark shadows showing up now from the formations above the settling toxic mess that was falling upon us in Southeast Tennessee. 

  9. Terri says:

    And people still power and legitimacy to thugs and bruisers. these people are monsters. they are the mob and still people wave their flag and celebrate their 'independence'.  it is laughable. celebrating what they have never once lived. people in this country are enslaved. period. 

    obama just signed an order to more effectively brainwash the masses. Why bother. They already have their unadulterated adoration. Now they are ordering experiments be done on Americans to ''modify'' behavior to support anything the state tells them to.

  10. Keith Whittington says:

    I am taking a poll. Everyone who thought g h w bush was an honorable man raise your hand. Ok. Now, everyone who thinks he should be hanging by his ankles from a white house balcony.

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