Common Core And NASA, Partners In The Crime Of Poisoning The Perceptions Of Our Children


Dane Wigington

There are members of society that are so totally despicable that words cannot fully describe them. The criminal behavior of countless agencies and organizations is a reflection of the epidemic moral depravity that runs through their ranks. So many have long since sold their honor for a paycheck and a pension. Our will and our morality is all that any of us truly owns, the rest can be taken. If these sacred values are sold or sacrificed, there is nothing left to stand on as the gathering storm gains momentum. Those who have sold out are willing to do or say anything, including the attempt to completely poison the perspectives of our children for a profit.


A little girl takes a photo of the toxic skies above Lhasa, Tibet. Source:

We who are awake and aware must make every effort to expose the people and agencies that are engaging in the mental corruption and conditioning of our children. In the short 5 minute video below, deplorable material from Common Core and NASA is addressed, and the documents in question are shown.

Inexcusable transgressions like those just outlined in the video cannot be overlooked. The public email contacts of responsible parties should be posted and displayed everywhere possible. Such people must be placed on notice that we, the populations of the world, are NOT OK with their behavior. They should also be put on notice that at some point in the near future the public will likely hold them legally and morally accountable as accomplices in the climate engineering assault by helping to cover the tracks of the perpetrators. In the meantime, protecting and properly educating our children is up to us. Do we inform them about what is occurring above their heads? Yes. Do we make clear to them that we are fighting for their future? Yes. Do we do everything in our power to provide them hope and the chance to be a child without an excessive burden? Yes. My own children's voices are in a video addressing the ongoing climate engineering insanity. They have hope for a future because they know we are fully committed to them. Our children need to know that our lives belong to them. We must all work together toward sounding the alarm, there is not a day to spare.

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  1. Free Energy Technologies says:

    unrighteous schools I can say so many bad things about school hardly any good things the list is going to be big so I am not going to post it right now I want everyone to know that I know that things are really bad it's like this everywhere there is nowhere to hide from the wicked unrighteous if there is such a place I want to know so I get away for at least a while until I can get myself together to continue facing these problems since I am living in chronic depression for I just let the cat out of the bag my whole life.

  2. ellie says:

    Thank you, Dane, for all you do to provide the truth amidst all the b.s.

    For a very revealing history lesson about the social programming children and all of US are under via public education and other tentacles of what Cara calls The Predator, I recommend reading: Dangerous Imagination: Silent Assimilation by Cara St Louis.

    UNPLUG. Take Back Your Mind. Imagination is Power. Eat organic. Drink filtered water. Turn off your cell phones and TVs. Seek the truth. Say NO to the old paradigm. Say YES to BEING a human being.


  3. Gibber says:

    To be honest I really think that the majority of people don't mind being dumbed down, only because most people don't even realize it is happening. The fluoride in the water sure keeps everyone in check. Along with the Chemtrail Activity it is a perfect mix to do the intended job that it is doing.

    Everyone just going around doing their normal day activities and being oblivious to everything that is going on. They think it is just Peachy Keen.

    Like being on a Trance.

    A Zombie like Trance.

    It just couldn't be any nicer or sweet then that!

    Now could it?

  4. JR says:

    Man it's super bad right now 11/16/15 at 2:53 p.m. We are about to literally blow away here, crap I'm holding on to my personal thing about me from within, prayer you know. Over 60 miles per hour, bad and not normal. I think we are most assuredly being picked on down here, HAARP, SAG-SRM, ETC. To Marc from the Southwest, N.M., yeah we are or will be in drought with these lowlifes killing off all our rain or snow clouds. These people are possessed no doubt with all their evil. I will lay all these burderns at our Lord's feet. That's who I serve always…..Have to go get in closet, later…..

    • Shelley Ross says:

      I know what you mean. The other day at work the skies were so saturated I thought surely the people everywhere were going to mutate before my eyes. Surreal, but the surreal-ness of it all is that no one is noticing.

      Well, one co-worker finally did, I think. I didn't say, "Look up," though we were standing outside. I brought up that I had been researching climate engineering for up to 3 years when she said they were jet-trails. I retorted that condensation evaporates. She said, "Whoah." I said, "Yeah, whoah."

      This is a very smart woman. Also a little older. Therefore, like children, more susceptible to the 'elements' in the air. 

      I can't help but wonder if the diets of those who are aware of these things have somehow made our bodies process out the toxins so our minds and emotions can reject our unnatural surroundings. Maybe it's the more health conscious from childhood. It's certainly not religion, even tho the Lord says He will make known to His people what is to come. Unless this awareness is part of His prophecy to pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

      But the Lord is good, He is always good, and this whole scenario is biblical.

      In the end, we win.

  5. Debbie Johnson says:

    What a eye opening video. I thought I was the only one that noticed the continued rudeness, lack of empathy, dismissive, opportunistic behavior amongst people these days. I live in the South and the South is known for it's polite manners. In fact the town I moved to many years ago was a different town than today.

    Something shifted and I cannot put my finger on it. When I first came here people would talk to you and give you eye contact. The only ones who do that now are the ones who want your money in the retail establishment and even then, they're sullen and dismissive. Especially women! 

    Middle aged women are looking down at their smartphone constantly. I see it in Walmart and other grocery stores. Someone could literally walk up to them, snatch their purse and they'd never know it as they were absorbed on FB. My own family and friends communicate and live on FB. It's maddening.

    I had a man tell me a few months ago when he was out of town he saw on his FB page his mother died. Can you believe this crap? No one called him! He was so upset he cried all the way home in his car. He said he almost had an accident he was so upset.

    I gave up trying to talk to them about chemtrails. They don't want to hear it and they roll their eyes or change the subject when I talk about it. One friend I showed IN THE SKY REAL TIME when they were spraying. Oh that's just jets she said.

    JETS! It's jets alright, killer jets! I wanted to scream. 

    And don't get me started on smart meters/wifi/chemtrail toxicity. l only have a few people around me who get it. The rest simply do not care. 

    I left the toxic cities and live as a natural life as I can. I take herbal remedies and am on NO Rx drugs. We juice and eat one raw meal a day. I also do the serenity prayer quite often.

  6. "Free" public education (industrial training) is the 10th plank listed in the Communist Manifesto. Americans are suckers for all things free…
    Communist Manifesto 10 Planks
    "Common core" = Rotten to the core… Kiss your kids goodbye. They are now properties of the State…

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    First, thank you to ts gordon for Gwen, and thank you to BaneB. for NEXRAD.  I knew Horsegirl was right, but for the life of me could not pull those names up!  I spent a week studying Raytheon.  Still trying to recover.  Really it does seem as if they began this whole school thing.  They took defense stuff, like the computer/internet and spread it to the public, they did the same with microwaves, all things electric.  Remember the big push to get a computer to every child and in the class room?  Their plan.  Same for social media.  And they cherry pick kids too, ones with math skills.  They have two programs: Math Moves U, and Math Counts!  Last night I heard an advertisement by Chevron, wanting to teach school kids the joys of petroleum!

    Thanks also to Susan F. for the comments on the TPP.  Some of us have been fighting this one for years.  In fact years ago, an older female Senator from the East, started a petition about it which I signed, and she also mentioned the complete lack of media coverage.  So I wrote to her and said that oh so many of us are noticing the total lack of substance in MSM these days and we'd like to know why.  In no time her petition disappeared.  Hope she didn't.  The TPP is a disaster trying to happen. I know that many here feel that voting or participating in politics is useless, but on line social activism works.  Not equally well all over, but well enough that we've accomplished much.

    • horsegirl says:

      Thank you Rachel for the validation.

      We're both reeling too, feeling like Alice tumbling down the rabbit's hole. How you can know something, perceive and even watch something yet not quite grasp it.  Like a child.  If we had not lived seven years in Mexico and literally fled spraying campaigns one after another, if we had not driven and traveled so much seeing just where in Mexico we might not find the spray campaigns, if we had not moved to this peculiar little rincon by the Mexican border where we never see planes spray yet see their dirty sock colored heresies of clouds… all these postulations upon whichour point of view is predicated.  Knowing very well the behemoth haboob hanging over Douglas, Arizona/Agua Prieta, Sonora day in day out, same place same time same station every single day despite spotless turqoise skies around it at times – a filthy haboob that never moves a quarter of an inch despite us being in a HAARP path and seeing 90 mph winds… all of which adds up to a certainty that something is pinning these particle fields into place.  

      Now we raise the heads out of the rabbit  hole a little to realize that the land-based luciferian network is an integral part of our nightmare. That in a way the planes are a diversion.  The dog and pony show that keeps our eyes off the puppeteer's web of weather deceit right down the block on terra firma.  They don't want us to get that part – the land-based crack in the lie of their phony control of the heavens.  You get into their horrid scheme of thought.  Realizing the destruction of natural clouds is no mere collateral damage.  It's intentional.  They are conceited enough to believe their idea of clouds is superior.  They have been fixing to usurp clouds, modify and utilize them for ages.  Probably on the blood-soaked stinking communiques somewhere deep in their evil files, the agenda of stealing clouds.  Too perverse an ideation to grasp without becoming aware of how they're rubbing it in our collective nose, now cheerfully talking up the triumph over natural clouds to children like they bigged up Polk's smallpox vaccine to our parents.  A ravenous subhuman cancer upon humanity's face that actually works openly to destroy natural clouds and replace them with their gimmickry.  The sodden realization that this is their perverse notion of utopia.  

      Probably the reason they want to confiscate guns even.  Or what's it to them if we all shoot each other?  Would that not be expedient?  They don't feel outgunned by the public what with all their tasers, lasers, gasses and unknown electromagnetic hokum.  They are probably afraid that at some point their earth-bound luciferian spiderweb may become controversial.  They go to great lengths with air shows to make us feel helpless while meanwhile buying billions of rounds to protect what keeps that toxic particulate in place.

  8. horsegirl says:

    Is there something inherently problematic with the scenario of ground-based operations [e.g. GWEN towers, NeXRAD, etc.] working in tandem with aerial geoengineering projects?  That is, a situation where dispersed particle fields are controlled from the ground?  Is there any discussion of this issue on the information pages here?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello horsegirl, your concerns are very valid, the attached link contains some of our articles addressing the dire dangers of radio frequency exposure.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Horsegirl, I spent a number of days researching everything I could find on Raytheon.  I can now see how and when the spraying started as we see it now, via huge bucks from defense, a contract in 2000 for 10 years with a provision of one year extensions, not to exceed 5 years which means by the end of this year.  They did have a plan via Utah State U to build a thing called STORM, a kind of satellite, whose purpose was to read the clouds by colors-optimately 1,800 colors!, which they do now but much smaller number of colors, in order to follow chemicals emplaced.  But the funding dried up.  Some stuff has gone to affiliates, some gone begging.  Program ending sort of but for switching to less expensive techniques!  This May answer your question.  My head is still reeling!

  9. 510mlc says:

    So often in public here in the Bay Area, I am met with people who are disrespectful, clueless, or downright aggressive. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like 10 years ago, society would not have tolerated the blatant disregard for others that is happening now. I truly believe that chemtrails, contaminants in what is being ingested and absorbed (water, food, prescriptions, vaccines), and media exposure have really made most people completely lose their humanity. If they cannot even care about one person that they are pushing out of their way in the grocery store, how are they going to care about these bigger issues? It's completely terrifying. Those of us who are still sane are stuck trying to make sense of it all and get us out of this situation. I really fear for our future.

    • Al C says:

      I feel the same way, 510mlc……………………..Without getting too esoteric or metaphysical, it almost seems like our existence has been hijacked along with our perceptions.

                      According to quantum physics, we really all are one consciousness…………….Unfortunately, there are many more questions than there are answers.

                    The one thing that is a given here in this 3D insane asylum is that "the bottom line is the bottom line" and the folks who think they have the power are destroying everything in their wake and don't care what the consequences are.

                         As long as Joe 6-pack has his sports, SUV with all the rest of the trappings, the majority of us unfortunately remain in the consensus trance.

                         Dane, thank you once again for your outstanding work and courage to shine a light on these pieces of fecal matter, especially NASA(Never A Straight Answer).

                     Then again, it is us also.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      510mic, Hi, I live in the Bay Area too.  Have you noticed how very very crowded now?  How much money involved now?  Just when you think prices and living could not get higher, it does.  Even in Berkeley where now there are huge buildings going up everywhere, precious little sun can get through and we are getting so much less as it is.  Everyone is rushing.  I think many who have money, paid big time for where they are and drive a fancy this or that, plus tech everything-I think such people feel as if they have paid so much they have a right to mow down whatever or whomever is in their path.  Since main stream media sucks so much, everyone gets their news from devices, news that may or may not be true.  Even adults spend half their life on social media.  FB.

      I'm a bit lucky in that on my street, just one block of, we are all kinda tight, and there are a number of kind and caring people.  But that does not mean they are aware or want to be.  Seems like the worse things get, the more closed down people get, down and inwards.  Me, me, me. Mine, mine, mine.  There is something about a city, a crowded city that makes people so much more isolated.  And critical of others.

      Some of us on this block are doing our best to unify the block at least, others so quick to judge and act out.  "Under pressure."

    • Larwence says:

      You are 100% correct!!! Not too many years ago there would be millions of us protesting in the capitals of most major cities just over the pollution the planes are leaving in the skies.
      Thank you again Dane for this website and all of your hard work in this effort to wake people up.

    • Sick and Tired says:

      Leuren Morets website and YouTube channel has a good series of discussions about "gang-stalking" and electronic mind control in the bay area – but we don't need any professional opinions to realize what we are being sprayed with kills brain cells, makes us sick and tired and dazed, and prevents us from rallying in the way we should be to save our planet. The majority of people are not taking action not because they don't care, but because they can't feel anymore – and they don't even realize it.

  10. Preparing for war?

    …something very unusual going on off the coast of Galveston, where more than 39 crude oil tankers w/ combined cargo capacity of 28.4 million bbls wait near Galveston (Galveston is area where tankers can anchor before taking cargoes to refineries at Houston and other nearby plants), vessel tracking data compiled by Bloomberg show, which compares w/ 30 vessels, 21 million bbls of capacity in May. Vessels wait avg of 5 days, compared w/ 3 days May.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, When I read this all I could think of were storms and what could go wrong.  Like an oil spill from here to China!  Holy!

      I do think, especially given all my recent research, that some do want war and want it badly, doesn't matter who or where.  War makes money for many, especially those who are not making it now on oil.  Not only does war make money, it inspires inventions.  The lawnmower was one after WW2, idea for from tanks.  Only problem for those with this mindset is a serious lack of a legitimate enemy!  That "empty" missile seen glowing blue streaking across our southern skies recently, they said it normally! would carry nuclear war heads.  Yikes.  Think they said 13 per.  WTF?!  All these weapons with nowhere to go.

    • gingercake5 says:

      Susan, I have heard that the oil tankers in the Gulf are stuck because the ports are not willing to buy the oil for the right price. When the tankers left *wherever* the price was X, but by the time they reached the Gulf, the price had fallen to X-$10. The tanker captains are not willing to sell for the lower price.

      Don't think low gas prices are a good thing. It is one of the most important commodities in the world, and it has fallen by 50-60%. Don't let anyone tell you that our economy is doing well.

  11. They think they're creating some 'specialist' scientifically engineered paradise for a few? No, as Dane's article points out, it's just about America's No1 obsession(s) MONEY & POWER. And at the end of the day when all the dellusions of Global supremacy start to fade, YET AGAIN, this is the default position to take. Big Bad America pointing the finger(s) at Russia. Just like the 1970's – 1990's. Fake!

    And if that's what's being ended here, America's Institutionalized Industrial-scale fakery then good. It has to come to an end.

    As for the Geo-engineering the latest fad in Corporate would be World Domination Enterprises Hegemony, here in EUROPE, coming from the Atlantic are Storms 'Abigaille' and the remnants of Hurricane 'Kate'. Surely this might reflect the EXPANDING effect of High Tech CALIFORNIAN-based Weather Modification forcing rain eastwards; not only to the East Coast but actually, perhaps, then on out into & across the Atlantic.

    Well done!

      The UK MET OFFICE predicts for the next 48-hrs, SEVERE disruption with up to 200mm that’s EIGHT inches of rain condurrently, (meaning at once, here).
      Result of remnants of Hurricane KATE. This is early in the year, for a severe storm, I think.
      My suspicions or insinuations that two storms on each others tails could be a result of Geo-engineering ‘fallout’.
      There’s going to be a lot of flooding all down the West coast of the UK during next 48-hrs.
      Serious chaos is definitely about to hit my British Isles.

  12. Marc says:

    Seems the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket. When it has become so absolutely crystal clear that our own government is filthy rotten to the core in every one of it's many agencies, including NASA, it is becoming damn near impossible to find a compass reading in the midst of this sea of bullshit. My last post, on the Ozone Lie, included my rant on the recent announcement by NASA predicting 20-40 years of "megadrought" in the Southwest US and the central plains. Their alleged high-tech study laughably (and predictably) omits any mention of massive worldwide aerosolization of the atmosphere as a factor which might help to explain such an apocalyptic prediction. These guys suck. They truly f**king suck. And now with the current report from Dane, they suck even more. I believe it was Jonathan LeTourneau who posted a link a month or two back, to a NASA webpage dated way back in 2005, which detailed a, are you ready for this?, "COUNT A CONTRAIL A-THON" to be disseminated online to schools, whereby children are encouraged to go outside and count how many contrails they can find and assemble reports to post online back to NASA. I posted a blistering response on that one. Maybe some of you caught it. I'm sorry, folks, but I cannot for the life of me comprehend what kind of evil motherf**ker would be capable of devising such an exercise targeted straight at our beloved children. If I could get my hands on the actual bastard who came up with this idea, I promise you he would repent. And this common core crap is not to be believed, either. It's just doesn't compute, on some level. It just doesn't make sense that the assaults on decency and integrity and health and hope could possibly be this well coordinated. As Dane says all the time, the walls are truly closing in on all of us. BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!!! Fight, fight, fight!!!! I reject this insidious bullshit!!! I'll be goddamned if any of us have to put up with this crap. Anybody out there feel as I do? Sorry, folks, I don't mean to be so foul-mouthed and gnarly, but I can't tolerate this kind of evil, especially when it involves children. I have always had a particular revulsion for those who would harm innocent children, having raised two of my own. They are beyond precious to me. Some days I find I must resort to prayer and meditation, because I find the magnitude of the evil loosed upon our world so overwhelming that I simply just have to sit down and talk to God. I cannot witness the forces of Evil all by myself, and stay in one piece. Posting here also helps me deal with the imflammation that geoengineering and the geoengineering Machine causes within my mind and body. So, if I get too graphic or foul-mouthed, I apologize. But it's the way I need to feel my way through all this. Thanks, friends. Love ya'll.

    • Earth Angel says:

      No need to apologize for righteous indignation Marc.  I'm sure many of us echo your sentiments. I know I do.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Of course there are plenty of us who feel the same. The fascists are making a play to rule the world.

    • Keith, thank you for the link to Chris Hedges:
      “The TPP creates a web of corporate laws that will dominate the global economy… It is a global corporate coup d’état. Corporations will become more powerful than countries. Corporations will force democratic systems to serve their interests. Civil courts around the world will be replaced with corporate courts or so-called trade tribunals.  The agreement is the product of six years of work by global capitalists from banks, insurance companies, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto and other corporations.  It was written by them [the corporations], it is for them and it will serve them… It will hurt domestic businesses and small businesses. The buy-American provisions will disappear. Local communities will not be allowed to build buy-local campaigns. The thrust of the agreement is the privatization and commodification of everything. … under the trade agreement only the top 10 percent of U.S. workers would see their wages increase. … real wages of middle-income U.S. workers (from the 35th percentile to the 80th percentile) would decline under the TPP. NAFTA, contributing to a decline in manufacturing jobs (now only 9 percent of the economy), has forced workers into lower-paying service jobs and resulted in a decline in real wages of between 12 and 17 percent. The TPP would only accelerate this process…an accelerated race to the bottom."


    • cinny says:

      Hi Mrc

      I know exactly how you feel.  It is so difficult to even comprehend how another human being can be so heartless, so soulless.  How Ted Turner, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Prince Philip, etc can get away with what they say and print, without being labeled insane or a terrorist, and allowed to conspire against mankind.  The sane, critical thinkers are labeled conspiracy theorists or domestic terrorists.. Whistleblowers are silenced or suicided.  Everything that mankind instinctively knows is right, has been labeled as wrong because we do not conform to "their" agenda.  Everything has been slowly and methodically flipped to a Luciferian "realm" more so than we have every seen.  I speak the true and only One Creator most of my waking day.  I keep coming to the same conclusion, this is a spiritual war.  To create conflict and chaos, that will make us question our faith in the One True Creator of all creation.  From my ealiest childhood memories, I just knew in my heart, the Creator did not cause the great flood and that "god" in old testament that was so angry, vengeful, and jealous, what not my "god"  My father who was a strict Catholic,(watched him with his rosary beads, "chanting" over and over again) just did not seem right…it was ritual instead of spiritual.  When I would question him about something he took from the context of the "bible", I instinctively reacted/replied, how he knew what was "written" (and that is a key word) by men is true?  How do you know this is the true word of God?  After going thru the "so called first communion" thing, I was to continue my catechism (try researching the true root and meaning) in after school classes at our school.  I instinctively rejected what was being "taught" and got on the school bus home after regular classes.  

      I do not want to infringe on anyone's religious practices, just want to bring forth my experience and now this whole common core and geoengineering.  Total indoctrination.  In my opinion, the "churches" (which never existed in the time of Jesus) and afterschool catechism (give a hint cate schism) did not work, especially during the 70's.  It is no coincidence that the Federal Dept of Education was enacted 10/17/1979.  You can look it all up.  We have to keep doing the research, especially now.  There is so much to back up the childhood experiences now…I was not just a defiant, non-conforming child for no reason, I just would not accept, what I knew in my heart and soul to be wrong, there was truth to it all, "they" just tried to obscure it will "their" teachings.  As I type this, the sun is struggling to break thru yet another day of ice nucleated "clouds".  There is a much larger picture to this so called geoengineering , that is beyond global warming or climate change.  Remember, the word "climate" is not definitively restricted to weather, but that is what "they" are manipulating us to believe.  IMHO, it really has to do with our collective conscious that is going outside of "their" paradigm.  Climate was derived from the Greek word Klima which meant inclination.  See we have been so dumbed down and never educated in truth, because "they" wanted us to stay in darkness  We all need to break down these so called words, to their root meaning…hope you all will join me.  No coindence that there was a break in the clouds. 





      a person's natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way; a disposition or propensity.

      "John was a scientist by training and inclination"


      tendencypropensityproclivityleaningpredispositiondisposition,predilectiondesirewishimpulsebentbias; More





      a slope or slant.

      "changes in inclination of the line on the graph"

    • bija says:

      Marc…I am one who is with you and share your anger and resentment.  I used to be slow to anger and watched my language. But no more! What is truly obscene is what these rotten scumbags are inflicting on all of us, especially our children and grandchildren! There are so many spheres of evil , all designed to maximize pain and death. This sickness is the ultimate obscenity!!! As I write this, I sit with my granchild and watch the planes emit bursts of toxic fake clouds over our heads – the destruction of what started as a beautiful day. I often don't know how to live with this reality. Wihout our justified anger we would be lost and part of the unawakened or uncaring who live  another kind of obscene life. Keep your  messages of indignation coming, Marc, you speak for so many of us by articulating what we also experience, helping us feel less alone!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I feel you.  Big time.  Fighting the anger and depression of all this is key to sanity.  A couple? of weeks ago, you were angry and said a great deal and well.  I too felt so bummed.  So, I went out to my yard, where my plum tree, a beloved friend, has produced One plum, and my four chickens, hens, four different kinds, all molting-not a pretty sight!  Still they are fun.  While hanging out with them, I saw one of our hummingbirds fly from ginger blossom to blossom.  So beautiful, like a little fairy.  Ants are back!  That is something.  I think I even saw an aphid, which actually made me happy.  A butterfly went to one of the gingers.  The skies were layers of ugly, ugly upon ugly.  But, while looking at them, I saw a huge flock of birds way way up high, flying  together to somewhere, disappearing in the clouds.  Then came the weirdest sunset ever complete with mauve clouds.  Mauve!  My least favorite color and one I'd never seen in cloud form before.  After sunset, against the light of next door window, I saw a big bug fly by.  I felt buoyed by these few things, perhaps near the last of being.  They were not paying attention to the skies, rather just doing what they do.  What I do is love nature and observe.  So I've decided to watch everything I can if all is going to die along with us, these moments are special, more special than ever before.  I'm going to cherish every single moment, every single butterfly, even every ant.  I'm going to forever remember the smell of Hawaiian ginger, the beauty of the things in my yard even if they are suffering, they may be the last and some still feed me and provide medicine.  I'll let the toxic skies fall on me as it does on them.  We are in it together and I'm their voice.  My native blood has been angry my whole life.  I've been active on behalf of earth my whole life.  We natives have many hundreds of years of anger.  But it is no way to live and will kill you faster than these clouds.  Make no mistake, I Will fight against geo engineering with my last dying breath, I'll loathe all the harm done to this precious world one way and another.  But I will keep alive the gratitude I feel for this precious world, memories too, and a sense of wonder/shock at these crimes, but I Will be the peace and grace I'd rather see.  I won't let evil win me.  I will not allow hate in my heart.

  13. Larry says:

    Just when I was beginning to think there was hope it's only getting far worse. This common core crap I'm positive is the deranged work of George Soros operating behind the scene to undermine America at the core … The kids!  I as well as most if not all the public is clueless to this new strategy. I have never herd of this but it's not surprising. As far as the Indigo blue aerosol operations go Dane's last interview with deep shield pretty much explained it all. I'm not surprised he was killed and made to look as a suicide. He revealed the whole mindset as to why they think they must spray us like bugs. Deep shield was obviously a scientist working on the inside and as all the other scientists he to has a limited view of the overall picture. This is what I believe is really going on. It is true the planet is warming and it is also true that most of the world is polluting the air and oceans BUT left alone with NATURAL WEATHER PATTERNS as in rain ,wind ,lightning etc. the earth will heal itself thru natural scrubbing and filtering thru mother natures own way .even with the all the crap released thru progress and consumption it would heal. BUT what these dumb ass narrow focused compartmentalized scientists don't seem to be aware of is the intense use of the ionosphere heaters by Russia since the early 70's and our Navy's interest in constant testing of the heaters better known as HAARP. These devises have been blowing holes in the ozone layer for well over Four decades and in turn lets 200% more solar rays thru . The byproduct of this is more solar heat and less ice and this is exactly why the Russians began using the ionosphere heaters in the first place. TO MELT THE ICE and create a warm water port. The only problem is the ozone is shredded .then we have our military playing God with the same devise only they are practicing for war and weather control as a weapon and they are not going to stop..!!! This info is all out there if one looks and it leads to one conclusion …if they don't have a worldwide ban on the use of these microwave heaters then it is over. All this spraying is designed to slow down the heat but it's killing everything in the process. And let's not forget the money trail . Various companies, agency's and science labs are getting rich from the fear of global warming . And since the left hand is clueless as to what the right hand is doing the science follows the money agendas and we and the planet are doomed unless this whole VICIOUS CYCLE IS STOPPED! The idiots like bill gates who donates hundreds of millions  and the United Nations that believes that spraying is the only way to save the planet have been duped by military propaganda trying to cover their asses for destroying the ozone layer and the big business's that are profiting by supplying the chemicals and dozens of paid off . The greenhouse gasses do hold the heat in but I for one do not believe that any gas including the dreaded methane is NOT what I have been feeling when the sun is on my face and body. The gas will hold the heat in just like a green house but the lack of the protective ozone layer will let us and every living thing FRY LIKE A ANT UNDER A MAGNIFYING GLASS. We all can feel the difference in the Suns rays and this is what we need to focus on . EXPOSING AND BANNING THE IONOSPHERE HEATERS once and for all and allow the earth to heal or its FKN OVER!!!

  14. Daphne says:

    WOW!!!  You covered it!!!! 

  15. Bob says:

    Northern Vermont is forecast to receive snow possibly on Saturday with forecasted Temps of 37 to 44 degrees F.  Unreal why people see this and it just plain doesn't register as being absurd and impossible unless man has a manipulative hand in it somehow.  And we are going into a Next Generation of Science Standards!!!  Egad.

  16. horsegirl says:

    I have excellent reason after years of experience observing geoengineering in Mexico to believe that ground-based operations (various towers) are working in tandem with aerial spraying.  Can anyone comment on that?  Is there a source of information for this question?

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      …I mean really…if you look at the big picture, with the lack of reasoning and so forth, unrealistic purposefulness etc……it all looks more like an alien invasion…sounds unbelievable of course with our very fragile sensibilities and the measurement of everything on somewhat of a religeous scale….we use good and evil to generalize so much its rediculous…. most of our logic and reasoning fall into those categories…when in fact these in reality are like an isolated opinion simply due to developed belief systems connected to existence on our personal home world…and of course that which is related to our best interests….our opinions are soulfully ours….This is our little world here….We believe it is our entitlement….The resources we have on this planet are likely very valuable and we may be viewed as disposable in relation to that…..may-be there are those looking out for us….but that possibility is not looking very well at this time-regardless of what we might believe…..The amount of pervasive data that we are drowned in is phenomenal and has bearing on all of our discernment……There is much controversy on the subject of mind control and if applied could very well be used in what we would define as destructive in our opinion…..and in fact could precipitate these kind of activities at a hierarchy level….if their were those intending to orchestrate an end game…..We hear a lot of things….but we know what we are seeing and that is not a good thing…..Sounds unreal but coming to grips with all of these circumstances is just as hard to fathom…..just something I have mulled over for some months now….You can bet that every single aspect on the internet is completely observed by those you likely assume as well….whatever……The most important facts still stand tall…..All of this….in our opinion-mindless shit…needs to stop right now….period
      A higher spectrum…we may be more naive than we can possibly imagine.perhaps

    • ts gordon says:

      For years they deployed a series of towers called the GWEN network which works (or worked) according to patterns that look like a mercator projection, except turned on an angle, with the VLF-carrier source being projected from the huge antenna field in Alaska. TWO such towers are in Arkansas, one especially noteworthy one sits at the northernmost tip of North Carolina, and you will frequently see a smll cloud hover above it as it is activated.  

    • BaneB says:

      In a word….NEXRAD!  Begun in the early 90's there are over 160 blanketing the entire US.  Power:  each 748,000 pulsed watts.  Vertical and horizontal.  Range:  diameter about 500 miles; radius about 248 miles.  360 degree sweep, or in one direction.  The range overlap one another two and three times depending on where the microwave sweep intersects.  There are a number of researchers, as well as videos of them acting upon the weather.  This nation is covered over in a microwave fog.

  17. Frank says:

    This morning I awoke and stepped outside to the smell of heavy sulfur smell. This is the 2nd day of sunshine after a prolonged event of many weeks of overcast skies and rain. The spraying started around noon today here in SE TN and now there heavy spraying. We have rain and T storms tonight into tomorrow. The area of severe storms forecasted for the Midwest tonight should be of significant interest. 

    • ts gordon says:

      Gale force winds took over NW Arkansas last evening, but barely even a breeze here in Little Rock. This is odd, since the Sat. visuals were such that we saw this all too familiar line extending from Baja to Nova Scotia suddenly form a swirling pattern over Southern Illinois. 

  18. Hurricane winds in Alaska? Totally weird!
    Dangerous conditions develop over the Aleutian Islands and the Gulf of Alaska / November 11, 2015
    A storm force low pressure system formed in the Bering Sea on November 8, 2015. The strength of the low brought up the sea surface for almost 9.14 meters (30 feet) as its central pressure was estimated at 958 hPa, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).
    The low was rapidly intensifying over the last couple of days on its course across the Aleutian Islands into the Gulf of Alaska, and very dangerous marine conditions were developing across the Gulf.
    Following the rapid cyclogenesis, the low pressure system has produced hurricane force winds reaching about 136.8 km/h (85 mph) locally and up to 14 m (45 feet) high waves by November 11.

  19. Dennie Mehocich says:

    "They" just CANNOT keep up the LIE about "contrails," not when we have real information about what's showing up in the water, snow pack, soils testing, and information about the altitude at which condensation can actually form. 

    I wish someone would come up with a video game that takes actual maps of where the spray jets are doing their dirty work, then plug the "coordinates" into a video game where the winner is the one who shoots the most down. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yea Dennie- Great idea!..Now THAT would be a video game this non-technocrat could really enjoy! We were sprayed quite heavily today over northern central Georgia, ahead of the front with the cold air they are bringing in. It has been unusually warm for this time of year; however the past 2 weeks overcast with chilly rain and winds. We are only scheduled to have some brief rain again now (after 2 beautiful warm and sunny days), then the cold coming in from the northwest. A couple of hours after the spraying you could feel the temps dropping, and the car's outdoor thermometer fell almost 10 degrees from 76F to 67F in about 2 1/2 hrs. Whenever they spray it seems to either usher in rain or cold within about 48 hrs. The next couple of night we are predicted to have lows in the 30's. Very unnatural weather patterns for this area and time of year. The meteorologists are stammering to say the least!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      …hmmm.. I wonder if I could make some badly-needed $$$$$ on making such a video game up.. couldn't be any worse than quite a bit of the stuff that's already out there.  This could be a whole new cottage industry for me.  I have a lot of personal infrastructure here that needs replacing/upgrading and I'm "just" a music teacher– gotta figure out a way to weather the economic collapse here… I'm off to talk to a programmer RIGHT NOW!

  20. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 84th email to my contact list, titled "Night Time Lows".
    1.  Night time low temperatures are rising twice as fast as day time high temperatures.  Despite the artificially produced endothermic cloudy days and clear nights, last Sunday and Monday nights (Nov 8 & 9) we had day time temps of @12ºC and night time temps of @ 14ºC.  Both nights had winds gusting 40 – 45mph. These gusts are one of the classic results of HAARP activity.
    Old HAARP could only be used in the day, since it uses the ionospheric D layer (70 – 90 km high).  Maybe there is a new HAARP, or we now have an artificial night time D layer, or it is something to do with the mega amounts of methane in the atmosphere.
    Tomorrow night (Thurs), my part of Scotland is scheduled for more gusty 45 mph winds.  Fri and Sat night temps are forecast to be at or above the day temps. 
    2.  Project Shield (aka Cloud Shield).  The two links below will take you to an interesting Q & A email exchange (2003) about atmospheric spraying.  One of the questions was: What about the reports of sickness after spraying?  Answer:  …It is estimated that 2 billion (people) worldwide will be affected to some degree by the spraying. Without spraying we have a 90% + chance of becoming extinct as a species within the next 20 years.
    That may sound alarming, but it is a disgraceful understatement.  As with ILFN from industrial wind turbines, absolutely everyone and all life forms are adversely affected.  It is just a matter of when and how.  When your immune system is damaged, weak or overloaded, you are susceptible to all ailments, any one of which could cause serious ill health.
    3.  This article states "…the recent total Arctic Sea melt last Summer ( 2014 )".
    NASA Worldview satellite photos do not show this, but I have seen them do too many photo changes and alterations to have any faith in that website. 
    If the article is correct, then we are now within 5 years of experiencing major human migrations and extinctions in the Northern Hemisphere.
    4.  The White Knight's Prayer:   "I expect to pass this way but once; therefore any good deed that I can do, or any act of kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now;  let me not defer nor neglect it, for I may not pass this way again." 
    (Similar poems also attributed to Quakers William Penn 1644-1718 and Stephen Grellet 1733-1855).

  21. Frank says:

    The lies continue daily as MSM portrays business as usual. All they can talk about is the presidential election and which puppet is on top of there polls. As the economy crashes and inflation spirals out of control we all are pawns of this insane madness. The stock market stays artificially manipulated to aid the lies of a healthy economy. It's Official: The Baltic Dry Index Has Crashed To Its Lowest November Level In History. With Christmas coming they will make more lies how great we all are doing.

    • Sick and Tired says:

      And let us now forget that the economy will crash and it will be quite literally planned and timed. The banking cartel (the United Nations) could give a rats ass about any one of us, all they want is to rape every nation of its wealth and they will do that by every dirty underhanded plot you can and cannot imagine.

  22. This video should be spread worldwide before it's censored:

    I published my comment on this topic earlier. Thanks for watching!

    • Karl S. — That was shocking indeed. We are being lied to about what is occurring in Europe no doubt. The demons are ruling our planet. I sent the link to friends. Have you ever read the book called "The Camp of the Saints"? The author was visionary. The book provides razor insights in the darkest corners of the human heart. WIKI: The Camp of the Saints (Le Camp des Saints) is a 1973 French apocalyptic novel by Jean Raspail. The novel depicts a setting wherein Third World mass immigration to France and the West leads to the destruction of Western civilization. Almost forty years after publication the book returned to the bestseller list in 2011. The title is a reference to the Book of Revelation (Rev 20:9).

    • @ Susan Ferguson
      Very good comparison! I didn't read the book yet, but I bought a contemporary French/German book based on your story:
      Unterwerfung:  January 16, 2015
      by Michel Houellebecq,204,203,200_.jpg
      It means "submission".

    • BaneB says:

      I watched this video the other day and was bowled over and shocked!  One hears very little about how this insanity was created.  I would suggest the entire bungled mess created by (PNAC, A Clean Break, the Yinon Plan) has its epicenter in the 9-11 con job.  Europe went along with the Iraq attack and the rest of the destructions of  those other battered nations in the region.  The reality is Russia has become the good guy in the eyes of the watching world populations.  How could it be otherwise?  What a switch in the geopolitical global reality.  And a very very dangerous reiality it is and can become!  Clearly a precipice has been reach.  Hold your breath not only to avoid breathing in the crap spewed by our national control freaks, but we could become in a nano second the Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18.  The whirlwind swirls in the sands of Mesopotamia.  

    • Marc says:

      Thanks Karl. Holy Mother of God!!! Graphic portents of what's coming to the rest of the world, especially after sea level rise drives millions from coastal cities. Game over, friends.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Worse than animals.. Our governments and the satanic cabal of international banksters and oligarcks have done this to us all. Someone has had to organize and fund these mass migrations. These frenzied people( if they can be called people) should storm THEIR castles and compounds- not riot on innocent peaceful people who have had nothing to do with creating their hatred, anger and misery.. I wish they would.

  23. JACTN says:

    So now the heat in the Ocean's are exponentially rising.  Yet leading to more feedback loops. 

    Go hug your mom, dad, and son's and daughters.  Tell everyone you know.  Common core is pure evil.

    One or two more people away from the dam breaking!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      My cousin's daughter is a teacher in Fort Lupton, CO.  She was complaining like Hell about Common Core.  'Fraid she was right.

  24. cinny says:

    repeat day after day..hear in southern NJ..again awoke at 4 AM in a sweat, the outside temp was 68 degrees.  I felt the ELF's/RF's kick in at about 5:15 AM, and the ice nucleated "clouds" came in, the temps dropped to 60 within an hour as I heard the heat kick on.  The "clouds" were moving north to east AND west to east, yet were at the same level in the lower atmosphere, so their movements had nothing to do with any wind currents.   The skies tried to clear around 8 AM, when another batch came in, and is just hanging in position, barely any movement, despite the a breeze out of the north.  The temps are now between 50-55 degrees and the air is very damp and cold, just like before a snow.  Every time, the skies begins to lighten, from the heat of the sun, another batch of very low dark grey clouds, darken the skies.  The pressure in my ears is unbelievable.
    I am so disgusted with my so called "brothers and sisters" that have be conned into believing  to sacrifice mankind for their own selfish interest ie:paycheck and pension.  Their selfish motivation astounds me!  That they fall for this Luciferian trick of giving value to a piece of paper, that is ridden with nothing but occult symbols.  That they keep getting "played",  This is now going on for ions, when people sacrificed their own babies, to appease some so called "god" to spare their own physical lives, never realizing they sold their souls  
    It is the same ole, same ole, over and over again..mankind falling for the same evil tricks/deceptions, over and over again.  When if you narrow it all down, it always comes to the same, regardless of method or means, blood sacrifice.  Those in the know, (k)now it, the game being played here, is a game of SELF preservation.  Why is David Rockefeller still alive after 6 heart transplants?  Do you think Dorian Gray is just merely fiction?  Have you seen the images of David rockefeller, "pope" ratzinger, George HW Bush, etc???
    nuff said

  25. Keith Whittington says:

    The american schools teach children how to abuse and be abused. It is conditioning. Lernin aint got nuddin ta do whitit. The kids know that the most important thing is to be cool, but hope it isnt on the test. If anyone hasnt heard of Charlotte Iserbyt, then Melody did you a favor by inserting her name into the conversation. Parents can not imagine having to home school their kids. Not only do they not have the time, but they dont remember any of the bs they were taught, but know that it was bs. For some, school was the last time they read a book.**** Anyway, first thing this morning streaks were already spreading across the sky and I counted seven planes spewing in twenty minutes. The lines went every which way. A couple did the start and stop thing. So, I waited for the nine o clockers and explained the mornings observations. They believe me, as I have been schooling them for quite some time, but the truth is: they do not give a shit. Todays quote* Trapped on a planet of pain and perpetrators that you call Earth and I call hells equator.* MF

  26. Dr. Amato says:

    This goes to prove the controllers have a long term plan for mankind. Enslavement, domination and control. It starts in childhood. Individualism is the enemy of the state. No cost is too great to collectivize the planet into the "hive mind" mentality, that's exactly what we're witnessing. Your kids will never know the freedoms we came to know, then lost.

    Love your kids and teach them to access the essence of their inner person – their souls. Present them with the truths we came to learn as children. They too will one day be able to sort truth from fiction, lies and deceit from reality..

  27. Thanks for the powerful calls to action and a means to keep at it.  I have downloaded and printed flyers for distribution.  I teach teachers, and I keep talking about geoengineering in my college classes.

  28. Jane says:

    By the Way the Plane that went down from ExecFlight, and killed nine aboard. If you try to look up information on them. You will note that a lot of information has been taken off the Web. It makes me wonder what this Corporation was into. 

    Could it be Geoengineering?

    • Dennis says:


      I was actually looking up info on this same plane just two days before it crashed. I get constant attention from small planes, but usually cannot get a tail number. This one showed up and I researched who owns it and what they are all about. I was still in the process when it crashed.

      The parent company owns hundreds of other LLC's and had filed paperwork to change the name of the corporate owner. Anyway as stated I am still going through the PDF and then trying to find any connection to weather mod. or gov't connections.

      I will post when I find something.

  29. Jane says:

    Today is Remembrance Day. It is also they day that the people who have been doing this for years use this day to try to instill this into your minds each and every year. I call it Reminding people over and over again of Tragic Events of the past. I personally do not want to have a reminder of these events that killed so many. It is a different War now. 

    Now I see all the people standing out in the Rain around here while listening to the Planes and Jets overhead spraying the Skies and people foolishly not wearing hats, just soaking up the Toxins on their Heads.

    Oh what a wonderful Day.

  30. jill Phillips says:

    ALL PARENTS should watch this video and read the comments.Quite a few interesting points arise:

    a) NASA NOW FREELY ADMITS TO CHILDREN (of all people the most observant, open and fair-minded) THAT MOST 'CLOUDS' ARE MAN-MADE.
     It's a totally brilliant move on their part because – if they do know the truth, nobody else dare raise the subject – let alone with children. It's therefore left to well-prepared (gagged) teachers to inform the children who will, in turn, inform their parents and the world will live happily ever after – in cloud cuckoo land.

     Many 'science' projects are suggested for them – like competing to count the most 'contrails' (sic) etc. etc.  But there's a pea in the comfy bed of NASA's princess. The projects do actually throw up the possibility of discussion. Since parents aren't gagged, this would, to me, present the possibility of preparing a properly informed discussion/debate in advance of any discussion with children  – with a well-funded speakerrepresenting NASA's 'point of view' and a (no doubt unpaid) speaker (possibly recommended by, which has 20,000,000 followers) invited to argue the truth of the case.  
    It's the most delicate – and the very most important action in which – courtesy of the pea in NASA's bed,many of us could play an essential role.
    So – wherever you are in the world, don't automatically dismiss NASA's disgusting 'educational' material but rather, sign up for it – and  see how you feel it could/should be used to break further open the safe in which more of their criminal secrets are still held.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jill, Not a bad observation and suggestion.  All my kids hate school.  My daughter and her husband skated past it, around it.  Grandson number one refused it, schools refuse to deal with grandson number two as he could be The poster boy for ADHD and must be homeschooled, though following school's curriculum.  All of these are acutely awake and aware.  No trouble getting them to notice what is not normal!  And, because of grandson #2, they spend a lot of time camping, a lot of time outdoors.  In nature, such as it is.  Suddenly, I feel much better about all the school they've collectively missed and am wondering if that is why they are so aware-aware, but not afraid!  And the ADHD boy is just brilliant.  He can and does do anything!  And, what an imagination he has!  He writes papers on healing the world.  He is 11.  

  31. Aussie lookn up says:

    Here's what I found in Australia- similar feel to it. Very distressing, this is not ok!

    • Michel B says:

      This is the mental grooming of the Look Down Generation. And it will be easy. They have been tsunamied with every distracting trivia, had nothing but a totally non-dissenting MSM to learn them about the world, have forgotten to read books for pleasure and have been enculturalised into a shallow techno 15 seconds of fame on social media. Narcissism is at an all time high and critical abilities at an all time low.

      This Look Down Generation includes the current middle-agers as well, as they have happily absorbed and now live on their smart phones. Anything controversial to them is 'weird' and thus dismissed. Any absurdity can be learned by the human brain. Any lie can be held as a truth.

      That site you provided a link for is obviously a preparation to make geoengineering acceptable. This grooming period is a necessary corridor of lies to make it acceptable. Slowly, slowly is their way. Slowly but surely. Though, I'm glad David Attenborough is critical of the idea of geoengineering, even though he must know it is going on. At least he is criticising it. Also look up 'Cool Australia'. It is another 'education based' initiative to start herding the sheep and the cattle into the corral.

    • David says:

      Here is a recent Weather Headline from NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.  Holt states Federal Forecasters are warning about a big change to come this winter, wild extremes are expected with El Nino being the strongest on record.   NOAA:  U.S. Could See Wild Extremes With El Nino Coming This Winter. Last Winter's Record Snowfall Could Be Replaced With Historic Warmth And Where There Was Extreme Drought, Epic Flooding Could Be On The Way. With NOAA saying this, it has been stated that the recent Flash Floods in Southern California, were not related to El Nino. This scenario is somwhat contradicting to me. The manipulating of the Jet Stream, caused by Climate Engineers (GeoEngineering) was a contributing factor in the recent Southern California Flash Floods. This seems to be a cover up by the media to deny the ongoing assault of GeoEngineering.


    • Melody Meachum says:

      Michael…excellent word choice "look down" generation. Add to that an insulated, pampered and self-absorbed generation which makes for a very difficult challenge in waking people up before it's too late!

  32. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….Thank You Dane….

  33. Kate Willens says:

    I believe that most people in these agencies don't know what's going on, and that it's only the top layer that knows, and even then. Further, as you realize, people are forced to keep their mouths shut, or their lives would be at stake, or their jobs.  Fascism is here in Amerika.  I think the people at the top, the cabal, must have lost their humanity altogether, dealing as they are with forces of evil writ large.  St. Paul said it so well, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  Ephesians 6:12      As always, thank you Dane for standing up in such a strong way.  

    • penny says:

      Unfortunately, this problem is of such gravity, and should be so obvious, that anyone working in these agencies should feel morally obligated to research and learn the truth about what is going on.  Not to do so, is to behave exactly like Adolf Eichmann and his compatriots during the Nazi years in Germany.  Anyone who keeps quiet due to fear of the repercussions is irrational at best: everyone and everything is being killed by these programs, and they are worried about it happening to them a year or two sooner than to everyone?  That is beyond comprehension!  For one thing, being killed by the spraying and global warming is going to be ugly, painful, drawn out… not at all worth spending a bit more time as a criminally coward accomplice in the destruction of a once-beautiful planet.

      I deplore calls for violent vengeance but there is such a thing as culpability when one is willfully ignorant; and anyone who can write a 'test question' about the last real snowball in America is culpable and needs to be treated as such.  Should they be shunned? Thrown in jail? Made to work in a hospital treating asthma, dementia and cancer patients, with no pay, would be my suggestion.

  34. Nnikki says:

    It is really up to the parents to teach their children the truths about the world we live in. Schools only teach what the cabal propaganda dictates them to teach. Schools teach children to respect & revere nasa, govt, president, etc. Historical events, science, politics,etc, is so often inacurate, made so deliberately, because the real truth would reflect in a negative way towards the perceptions the cabal wants to instigate. Even if teachers know better, they are restrained from deviating from the designated program. The problem is, most parents trust that what is being taught is adequate & rarely even question whether or not it may be less then the truth. Many have little time, because of hectic lifestyles, ( our orchestrated society) to really oversee just what their kids are learning. The biggest factor, of course, continues to be, that the parents themselves are in denial of accepting anything other then what they themselves know, or have been taught. Look what happens to so many on this site who attempt to bring awareness to others. We are stonewall ed time & time again. How can kids possibly learn truth when their own parents & authority figures cant/won't accept it? The deniers teach their kids to deny! Our only hope is to keep trying to educate where & when we get the opportunity. Hails to Dane & all supporters of this crucial & continuous endeaver. We must persevere!!!

  35. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you, J. Lee, for expertise and excellent research.  I'm not just reading, but absorbing them like a sponge.

    From the Business Side article, did I understand this correctly?  6 years olds will be asked to write emotionally about an issue defending the status quo as baby cheerleaders?

    "Additionally, 6 year-olds are being asked to “respond with emotional wording when they write a call to action that they feel strongly about a problem that they want to do what is being asked of them” (ELA CC 1st grade primer, State of Utah, “Voices;"

    Whatever it means, it sounds beyond creepy.  No room for rebels or activists.  Besides, children aren't even being taught how to write with pencils, or so it seems.  It's all about "keyboarding" a OT friend tells me, much to her complete distress.

  36. Ed Bee says:

    I just read an article by Charlotte Libov/Newsmax Health titled "These 5 Things Combat Age-Related Memory Loss". Point number 4 says to "Banish heavy metals". Aluminum is associated with Alzheimer's disease, so avoid using aluminum foil and any food wrapped in it, and also avoid dietary aluminum by reading labels carefully and avoiding ingredients with the word aluminum anywhere in them. Great advice, but totally avoids the aluminum being sprayed on us and contaminating every aspect of our lives. I too have noticed old movies and programs with "dubbed-in" chemtrail skies, making them seem like they have been that way always. We still need to work and pray hard for truth to prevail.

  37. The Globalist Corporate Totalitarian State devouring our planet through the tentacles of the Vampire Squid by debt-confiscation 'transference' of wealth to the 1%, is said to adopt a form of socialism using the massive data-collecting super-computer technology that Snowdon warned us about. It’s not a world I want to live in, nor would I want my children to live under such rigid inane conformity that only serves tyranny. Who are these people advocating this entrainment and enslavement? Are they human? The age of Aquarius is beginning to resemble the lower levels of hell. Common Core, which I had never heard of, appears to be some very scary kind of Orwellian brainwashing:

    "Orwellian standards, end runs around local school boards, and ruination of states’ rights are all part of the Obama administration’s dangerous Common Core initiative to strip our land of freedom.  …Three huge stoppers Common Core is throwing up in front of our school children … include: 1. Dumbing down of all levels of America’s public school system;  2.  Taking away the rights of states to individually design, administer, and control their own schools;  3. Setting up a 400 point “Data Mining” paradigm that will encode for the federal government a tracking system for each child.  Such data will include parental income, babysitters, bus stops, and even political affiliations of Democrat or Republican/family voting patterns!"

    "The Common Core State Standards Initiative is widely denounced for imposing confusing, unhelpful experimental teaching methods. Following these methods, some have created problems that lack essential information or make no sense whatsoever. Some 45 states and the District of Columbia have so far adopted Common Core standards, leaving students all around the United States to puzzle over mysterious logic and language devised in accordance with Common Core’s new methods. Here are eleven Common Core–compliant problems that have caused parents, students, and even teachers to scratch their heads or respond in outrage…"

    "The Obama administration’s overreach on the issue has brought important questions about federal power and local control into the debate. Regardless of the nature of Common Core, conservatives can be well-justified in opposing it because they see it as encouraging central control of education."

    • This is insane, insane world. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote a piece called ‘The Punishment Society’:
      “… punishment has become a primary feature of American, indeed Western, society. …Whistleblowers are punished—despite their protection under federal law—for revealing crimes of the US government. And children are punished for being children. But not by their parents. Police can slam children around and seriously injure them. But parents must not lay a hand on a child. If a child gets spanked, as everyone in my generation was, in comes the Child Protective Services Gestapo. The child is seized, put into ‘protective custody’, and the parents are arrested. The CPS Gestapo receives a federal bonus for every child that they seize, and they want the money.
      “About all parents can do today is to restrict TV or video game playing time. Even this is dicey, because the kids are taught at school to report abusive behavior of parents. For many kids being told what to do by parents is abusive behavior. Kids have learned that they can pay back parents for disciplining them by reporting the parents to teachers or by themselves calling CPS. Kids who retaliate in this socially approved manner do not realize that they run a high risk of ruining the lives of their parents as well as their own by ending up in foster care where the risk of sexual abuse is present.  … Schools are no longer places of learning. They are places of punishment. Kids are punished for the most absurd reasons. Nothing more than behaving as a child brings on punishment. As Henry Giroux has written, schools have become places of control, repression, and punishment. 17,000 American public schools have a police presence. All common sense has long departed. Five and six year-olds who get into a shoving match are arrested and carried off in handcuffs.”


    • Ken Hall says:

      Susan, My kid's school went to Common Core in the fall of 2011 in RI. So, I moved my family to Bosnia to escape it. We did. Then, I began looking up in recent months, and today, for the second day in a row, 5+ jets chemtrialed all day long above us here in the Tuzla area. As I type this, the trails extend for a hundred miles+ in all directions. They did this yesterday, too. SO, we jumped out of one frying pan in RI, and now have moved into a deeper fire, coming from individuals who are getting paid a lot of money to fly those aircraft. They must all be child-less people.

    • Ken Hall — So sad. If I had children now I would be completely crazy angry desperate. Yes, there is no where left to go. No escape now, they are destroying the planet and poisoning us from our skies. I moved to New Zealand for seven years trying to escape. So many problems there — and the Prime Minister John Key is an ex-currency trader from Merrill Lynch! The Vampire Squid has its tentacles everywhere.  Here's a website on NZ that will give you a more real picture of the gangs, violence and poverty in beautiful 'pure' NZ:

    • Jeff Clarke says:

      Agreed, and if I may I would add that even liberals can be well justified in opposing this over reaching, oppressive, tyrannical rule, as those who are old enough to remember the 80's and 90's, are likely familiar with our resisting, protesting and Act-Out campaigns against the Silence that equaled death in defiance of the majority rule of the then brainwashed public (with their widely-held, dogmatic teachings then popular amongst the Christian-Right-Wing, church going, conservatives).  Out-shouted, under-funded and minority in number, our pleas for government intervention on behalf of our interests funding AIDS patient care and big pharmaceutical research for treatments were often flatly rejected.  That was not part of Reaganomics.  So as we all know this left-right paradigm is a false, selective tool abused by those in power to maintain control.  We've been there.  And yet again somehow we're still there.  Today we're attacked for being right-wing extremists for being second amendment advocates (by liberals who don't understand what's behind the big picture agenda), we're conspiracy theorists and paranoids for resisting vaccinations, and we're threatened to take our Flu Shots and submit our titers or go home without pay and to isolation.  It's getting so hard to fit in for just about anybody these days.  Labels don't help us.  Both Conservatives and  Liberals can be Calvinists.  We can both want the Rule of Law and refuse to fight against each other in these made up games of fabricated illusion.  God I hope we do.  We need each other.  This isn't something anybody should have to go through or do alone.

  38. Sick and Tired says:

    The insanity of those at the controls cannot be quantified.

    As the WHO makes its plans for every poor person in the world to be electronically data based, few can connect the dots that The Rockefeller Foundation funded the Eugenics Survey of Vermont

    (Pg 16)

    And the Dean of Religion at Middlebury College, a Rockefeller, is brainwashing our kids to join his collective freak show: (Start at 12:30 in)

    And the Rockefellers are resettling people into their no-drive stack and pack prisons they own:

    And the COPOUT21 Paris Meetings are being portrayed by our hijacked media like the savior of society, while the minions of brainwashed youth with their peace signs and their glitter painted faces are beating the UN drum of insanity. They…are terminally clueless.

    And their Global Investment Facility will ensure who will be profiting off land grabs for what is left of this miserable existence we all have remaining here on this polluted Earth. They have come to pick the corpse clean.

  39. Kerry Mackenzie says:

    Is it possible for Dane- or any of us- to find the emails, phone numbers of the people involved in the NASA-DofEd chemtrail normalization?
    I think if we collectively flood the phone lines we can make our disapproval heard.
    If anyone does that research please post the results.  I will work on it.

  40. Bella_Fantasia says:

    We can only hope the little Tibetan girl was taking the picture above because she saw it as highly unusual or strange.  We had a nearly identical picture posted in our Alaskan newspaper a few years ago in Summer saying this was a ring of ice crystals around the Sun.  Pure garbage.  We clearly have our work cut out for us pushing back on all the propaganda.  But these deliberate lies aimed at the youngest are despicable.

    In the 1960's my father worked for a NASA contractor on Project Mercury.  When I was about 16 he told me the government was trying to control the weather, and I've never known him to lie to me.  I imagine he read that 1966 document, knowing him to have been an avid reader.

    I was never a strong student of science, but still I know with certainty the NASA cloud stamps from 2004 are ridiculous and pure fiction.  I post them often, but find way too many adults mentally lame, so I'm really concerned about the young people.  We can't give up trying to teach the truth.  Sometimes it feels like swimming against the Gulf stream current.  And even that isn't strong enough sometimes to resist the manipulation!

    Thank you Dane, Cori Gunnells, Leslie Blackmon Powell and especially her perceptive son (such quick thinking to take a picture) for reminding us that sometimes the truth goes a long way and rings a bight bell.

    Love and Perseverance to all to All Here taking the Road Less Traveled.

  41. Dan says:

    We need to remind people here in America that WE ARE THE BOSSES. The Constitution of the United States begins with WE THE PEOPLE. Not we the federal government, not we the giant powerful corporations. not we the new world order. WE THE PEOPLE. We can win this fight.

    • Michael Arden Yows says:


    • Stuart McDermott says:

      We the people of the whole planet you mean….we are all fighting against this as we are all being sprayed. Time to unite as a race….forget uk/usa etc etc…we are all in this together.

  42. Chad says:

    Seems when I post facebook not too many people look up, because they are scared! Then I tell few who respond they don't want to see it other things to do, I try to inform without upsetting them, that what's happening is going to alleviate all that. Nothing else will matter if you can't live and survive! They just don't get it!!! God bless us all! We all need it! Amen in the name of Jesus Christ!


    • Katie says:


      Thank you for your post.  I think you bring up a very important point.  Instead of — or concomitantly — focusing on what "they" are doing to "me/us", it is at least equally important to ask oneself, "What am I doing (unwittingly?) to aid and abet this paradigm of insanity, what am I doing for my "paycheck and pension", what am I doing in my own sphere of influence to "go along to get along" — and how can I do better?

      Juggernaut it is; actions are interrelated.

      Thank you again, MS.

  43. MS says:

    I am an educator from California.  I went back to get my degree after my first career option fizzled.  I am now at a crossroads in my life and career because I am not sure I can reconcile living in a career that supports the unethical dumbing down of our children.  I desperately want to fight for the cause and speak out against Geoengineering and Common Core.  Do I quit my career now, after going $40,000 more into debt to get a masters in teaching?  The education system is now irrevocably broken by NCLB and Common Core.  Our children are not acquiring the critical thinking skills necessary to combat the atrocities being inflicted upon them.  Watching the NASA clip and seeing the Common Core tests makes me sick to my stomach.  I do not want to be a part of the system, but feel trapped because the public education system is the only means of supporting myself at the moment.  I am at a crossroads of wanting to live a life of truth and service to my fellow human, and being trapped by a system that I have no ability to fight against.  I feel helpless and trapped.  If I were to speak out against Common Core I may as well kiss my teaching career goodbye.  Teachers now are taught to toe the line and never say anything controversial.  The teacher's union certainly wouldn't have my back.  I am scared for my future.  I am scared for OUR future. 

    I also know that I won't be able to live a lie either.  I took a vow of poverty and debt to become a teacher and now wonder if I made the wrong decision.  Truthful, honest educating is what I want to do.  So where do I go from here?  Where do WE go from here?  

    • MS2 says:

      'Don't believe for one second that you can't figure out a way to triumph over this situation!  Start researching private schools, progressive schools, homeschooling organizations, parochial schools, private tutoring, teaching overseas, etc.  And after gathering all the information regarding all of the options, you may even consider advertising yourself as a private tutor, possibly substituting for parents when they need a break from homeschool (heck, that one could be *huge* – you might even start a company providing 'respite care for homeschooling moms' who are sick, need a vacation, time-off, or simply a break for a few weeks).

      Don't fall for the ole "if you don't do it the programmed way, there is no way at all".  You CAN overcome the obstacles…and in this case, it seems to me simply ditching their 'programmed pathway' is where to start 🙂

      Truth & Solidarity!

    • Katie says:


      Thank you for your post.  I think you bring up a very important point.  Instead of — or concomitantly — focusing on what "they" are doing to "me/us", it is at least equally important to ask oneself, "What am I doing (unwittingly?) to aid and abet this paradigm of insanity, what am I doing for my "paycheck and pension", what am I doing in my own sphere of influence to "go along to get along" — and how can I do better?

      Juggernaut it is; actions are interrelated.

      Thank you again, MS.

  44. Mala Na Colove says:

    The “Common Core” to hijack education and keep your child just plain DUMB

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I guess I don't know enough about common core.  Our kids were dumbed down already.  California schools have always sucked.  Was the supposed reason my parents didn't move us here.  And I am 68.  I could not believe how stupid the grade schools were here when my kid was in school-she escaped as soon as she could and the girl/woman is smart.  Everytime I interact with a 25 year old who can't do simple math, or spell, I ask if he/she went to public school here.  Yes is always the answer.  How dumb can dumb get?  My own schools, like most, claimed to be great, yet so much I didn't get to take, wasn't taught, or, could not be a part of because I was a girl.  Books saved me.  I read every library, every book mobile.  Unfortunately, my offspring are not "into" books much, if at all.  I know some who got to go to pricey private schools and even they had to take extra pricey courses at Cal while in high school, just to get into college or University.  I'm not at all sure our public schools or even private schools were that great to begin with.  Who teaches critical thinking?  Why do some of us care and others do not?  An ex close friend-offed in part owing to geoengineering-did go to the most best of private schools, as well as Princeton, Oxford, UCB, finally gaining a doctorate, but he is an idiot who cannot think for himself.  I wonder what it is that motivates some of us to learn as much as possible while others could not care less?  What opens minds and what closes them?  I once thought I knew, but no longer.  One thing I really love about this site of Dane's is the encouragement to do the work.  I've learned far more than I ever did through schools.  I'd say nature is the best teacher, but, they stole nature. 

  45. talawanda78 says:

    We should expect this from the forever and always 'geo-engineering deniers.'  I sense it's correct to label the 'deniers' as they have labeled us. It's our turn.

    Would you like to know how really desperate they are, to hide their dirty deeds?  I've been watching 'old 50's movies' on purpose. They've used their 'digital enhancements' to create washed out, blue skies.'  They're SO damn paranoid, they've had to digitally remaster those movies.  I'm 66 years old, and I remember how those skies looked in their deepest, darkest blue. They were made on location…every one, back in the day. Not in front of a green screen, as todays modern junk.

    Glenn Ford at his finest, with Jack Lemon as a co-star…out in the wild west, herding cattle…with white-washed skies, and streaky cloud cover, and their faces literally showing 'direct sunlight' that there's no mistaking…how LAME. How utterly foolish to try to get people to believe this crap. And they'll have to kill 'we elders' to get us to stop talking….or speaking the truth.

    ALSO, I came across something tonight that everyone needs to see, which is part of the reason everything is going down the way it is. We all know that this planet is in a tyraid…but it's getting worse as time moves forward…but 'these are the issues they do not want you to know about. I only wish I could afford to join this site; but since the government stole $150 Billion from our Social Security money to play their war-games, we don't get an increase this year. I'll have to squeeze that nickel till the buffalo poops. BUT, this piece of article is more important. The volcano's within the Ring of Fire are being very active.

  46. Dee says:

    How do we go about making our voices heard in this fight?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dee, the attached link should be helpful for your question, thanks for marching with us in this fight.


  47. Robo Sapien says:

    You know I torrent every single movie and show, everything is free. I have noticed every old movie in 1080 p has chemtrails added. This is how every person under 20 gets their entertainment and movies. Its free and its ubiquitous. Every child is being conditioned through the torrent network to accept chemtrails has historically always present. This I believe is the reason why torrents are free and remain so. I have downloaded nearly every movie ever made (I am not kidding I have a library of nearly 30,000 movies and tv shows all of it free) i believe they distribute the re digitized chemtrail movies throught the torrenting community and this conditions children as no one under 20 pays for movies, tv shows, and music.

    • Stuart McDermott says:

      It's not just the movie's, it's being put into everything. I bought a book on recommendation from a friend called WEATHER by Maria Costantino and on the contents page of this book about the weather they have a background picture of an aircraft spraying and as you go through the book there are more background pictures of aircraft spraying. We are also responsible for educating our children though and must make them aware of this fact.

  48. Wyatt Berry says:


    this video is very powerful

  49. Karen W says:

    Dane, I can't thank you enough for your committed hard work in getting this "evil" practice out in the open.  I'm just afraid we will have to have a massive "red flag" happen before people look up and cry out!
    However you are not falling on deaf ears!

  50. Melody Meachum says:


    To a large degree, "the despicable" ones already have our children due to ongoing damage during their formative years. Direct and intentional "dumbing down" creates shallow or missing critical thinking skills along with junk science, fuzzy math and false history. Once home from school, they get additional dosing of "television or electronic device programming".

    I watched an excellent report about Common Core back in July on Caravan to Midnight (GOD BLESS JOHN B WELLS). This particular episode #338 featured Charlotte Iserbyt, former policy advisor for Dept of Education and Michael Snyder, educator from Texas. Both true experts about the real and present dangers of Common Core.

  51. Cori Gunnells says:


    Thank you for taking the time to make a special video featuring this glaring example that shows how our children are being indoctrinated via Common Core, to accept (and prove by testing) the propaganda about geoengineering and weather modification. 

    I want to thank and acknowledge Leslie Blackmon Powell for contacting me and sending this example. It was her very bright, awake and knowledgeable son, Jesse, who took a photo of his test while at school, and sent it to her. She is proud of him, as I am, and feels our children need to be awake to this, as their futures are what we all work toward protecting. 

    I hope everyone will follow your lead, and contact the appropriate authorities involved (Common Core, school personnel/teaching staff, and NASA) and let them know we aren't going to stand for this. The government does need to "get it right." They need to stop playing God with our weather and natural climate systems. 


  52. Johnny says:

    Great article.  Thanks for raising awareness!

  53. Tim C says:

    Our kids only know a toxic sky, not one that we knew with real clouds or real blue sky. These fish spine clouds and cotton candy clouds are so bizarro that I don't understand how the general public isn't beating down the doors demanding answers.

    • BaneB says:

      Your description of the freak clouds is right on. Fish spine clouds float around here all the time posing as cirrus clouds.  Cotton candy is a perfect description, too of the smeary crap.  

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Often posting the grid of NASA Cloud stamps from 2004, with all the bizarre and telling phony names, doesn't even register with many adults, like I'd hoped it would.  Such egregious propaganda against the children!  They won't have a chance unless we show them, Tim C.

      I've saved a clear, large image on my computer which shows the ridiculous invented names clearly. and I ask people to recall the cloud names they learned in childhood and compare them.  Sometimes this is such an exasperating learning curve.  I was never cut out to be a "special needs" teacher for adults, but I keep trying.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Here's a better image of the cloud stamps than the one I posted in my earlier reply to you Tim C.  The UCAR article is not reliable, however.

  54. jan becker says:

    Thanks, Dane!  This is the perfect example to explain how geo-engineering has continued for 60 years:  force-feed the children of each generation with lies, then keep 'em busy with useless work and mindless distractions until the day they die.  This is going on my FB page today.

    • David says:

      Children being taught to count Contrails, is Common Core. It should be that children are told that Chemtrails are dangerous to their health and to the planet. The children should be taught to report the atmospheric spraying of toxic chemicals, when they observe them. The combination of SAG- Stratospheric Aerosol GeoEngineering, SRM- Solar Radiation Management and Pollution in China, has been causing Crop Production Failure (Food), China calls it 'Nuclear Winter', the necessary incoming sunlight for healthy productive plants, is being blocked out by particulate debris (aerosols). These plants are unable to photosynthesize, to produce a good crop yeild, therefore causing a shortage in food supply and rise in food prices. This will eventually be the case in the United States and eventually the entire planet, then What?

    • Lori Bridgeford says:

      This is a most intense report.  Highest regard to student  KNOWING  to take a picture of what exposed to on "test". Thanks also to chain of evidence, Jesse's parent, then Cori, then Dane.  Was  hearing  when a therapist with foster children "let's not stress " our youth with homework –(NO BOOKS to go home -keep this away from parents trying to work a  needed second job -distracted on survival) . Parents not  typically  welcome on campus which is now more looking like a prison. (Local grade school has a solid fence now-used to be chain linked.) Blocked from the sex offending  perps maybe / and skip PTA and some  local school board meetings.  Common Core has elements of both Hitler Nazi "Brown shirts", and Mao Zedong Cultural revolution" Red shirts " (armed youth 10-12 yr.olds / MIND -controlled against as in kill  parent/teachers). Sound familiar ?  History (Constitution)  is  being diluted, and soon removed. Chaos plus  trance = death. Homeland security with offers monetary tips and Bill Gates in 2013 gave $200 mill to encourage Common Core.  Few states , school boards /districts were familiar with this –very sneaky.Education has become a production line ! A minimal level of skill, and next to no critical thinking. This is about data mining from students about the family. Stay low wage-like a bot or cog. Beaten down to submission and conformity .  Teachers are in deep  debt for their education and need to work –NOT knowing of all involved in  "standards"  developed. Seems we  also have confidentiality/non disclosure agreements in education/ Common Core -not to mention 3 wks. ago  with Weather Service and NOAA insisting  complete silence  –it is pervasive and part of the ongoing  attack/ assault both indoor (classroom)  and outdoor (geo-engineering toxic / heavy metal sprayings )  24/7 global exposures. Schools and their  Boards  will be easier to access/ confront asap  ; than NASA -which is limited to average citizen. Watch "Building the Machine" -Common Core  on you tube ( 39:08) Apply political pressure  to school boards, city council, board of supervisors, etc. where ever you reside. Home schooling is not the ideal  for 100% of  our youth. Send this vital  site message from Dane, before NASA adds yet another  weird cloud image as normal. Still stunned there is a "contrail" counting game.  What about the  toxic/ forced vaccines with no  accountability for any damages ? All signs we must stand up. Speak up. Forward this post to all–time is thinning OUT !  

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