Engineering “1000 Year” Weather Catastrophes, The Reality Of Weather Warfare


Dane Wigington

A "1000 year" flood has just occurred on the East Coast and a "1200 year" drought continues to worsen rapidly on the West Coast. In fact record shattering floods and droughts are rapidly accelerating all around the globe. "Official sources", of course, tell the American public that unprecedented weather events are just "natural" and the vast majority unfortunately accept this lie without so much as a second thought. Though countless anthropogenic (human) activities have done immense damage to the climate system, the ongoing global climate engineering (weather warfare) insanity is the greatest single disrupting factor of all. "100 year" disasters are now occurring every 100 days or less.


Photo credit: Cieliazzurri

The images below should be carefully examined. The flow of moisture from hurricane Joaquin was manipulated between a clockwise spinning high pressure zone to the north of Joaquin and a counterclockwise spinning low pressure zone to the west of Joaquin. There were at least 8 meteorological factors that all had to come together in order to create the fire hose effect that just devastated South Carolina. Even more astounding consideration is that these factors generally remained in place for three consecutive days.


The spinning vortex from Joaquin helped the climate engineers cover the Northeast with heavily aerosolized SRM cloud canopy.

Hurricane Joaquin was essentially a water pump for the geoengineers and the immense moisture from this source was profoundly focused on a specific region, South Carolina.


Does this precipitation map look "natural" to you? The combination of factors required to create such a concentrated flow of moisture over such a distance was completely unprecedented. This image and the scenario it records is nothing short of shocking. Precipitation modeling image credit: James Spann

In a rapidly warming world deluge events would be expected to increase. But it is the intentional manipulation of the climate system that is making some events so concentrated and deadly. 


Record breaking rains inundated South Carolina

Hurricane Joaquin was initially forecasted to make US landfall, in fact, it initially showed many similarities to the initial stages of hurricane "Sandy".  Then, literally overnight, all the "forecasts" changed. Meteorologists stated on the record that hurricane Joaquin was very hard to predict. How can the weather be predicted when the climate is being completely manipulated by multiple global powers? Yet, the geoengineering elephant in the room remains a tabu subject in the meteorological and mainstream media communities. Meteorologists are paid to explain away the completely engineered weather as "natural", they are covering the tracks for the geoengineers. As of October 5, 2015, the path of "Joaquin" was being heavily sprayed with aerosols by jet aircraft as the satellite photos below clearly show. 



Massive aerosol spraying is clearly visible across the North Atlantic (top center of above image) directly in the path of Joaquin.

Joaquin is heading toward (being steered?) the extremely anomalous cold "blob" in the North Atlantic which has scientists "puzzled". Excessive atmospheric moisture is a necessary component of the chemically nucleated short term cool-downs being carried out around the globe. Could the geoengineers have an agenda to direct this major moisture producing storm to this region? Many scientists are already concerned about the effect the "cold blob" is having on the thermohaline circulation (Gulf Stream), could the climate engineers be attempting to actually manipulate this critical ocean current?

On the opposite side of the US the "forecasts" (scheduled weather) for continued record heat, drought, and fires, are still worsening


The map above is a NOAA "departure from normal high temperature graphic. Each color coded band represents 2-3 degrees above "normal" temperatures. If this "forecast" map does not look alarming to you, it should. For the record, private defense industry contractor "Raytheon" does the weather "modeling" for NOAA and NWS (The National Weather Service). Raytheon is involved in the climate engineering industry.

The engineered Western US meltdown continues as the geoengineers attempt to keep the Eastern US cooled down. Though weather "whiplash" of up and down hot and cold events is occurring in the US East, overall cooler temps in the eastern half of the US lower 48 are so anomalous that scientists (who refuse to acknowledge climate engineering) can't figure it out. Even Major University scientists have questioned how the Eastern US can be anomalously cool in a record warm world. How is it possible that the Eastern US has remained cooler overall during the last 3 years? This is in spite of the fact that high temperature records continue to be shattered all over the globe?


The graphic above is an NOAA "departure from normal precipitation" map. Along with the record heat, far below normal rainfall is also forecasted (scheduled) for the already drought devastated California. The contradictions of precipitation reflected in this "forecast" map are a further reflection of the ongoing total manipulation of the climate system.

As 2014 ended the California drought was considered the worse in at least 1200 years and it has gotten much worse since. If all available data is taken into account, the particular case of the California drought must be considered a direct consequence of the ongoing geoengineering/solar radiation management programs. Climate engineering is weather warfare, nothing less. Record shattering rainfall and record shattering drought are rapidly increasing around the globe. The highly toxic fallout from the ongoing jet aircraft aerosol spraying means that climate engineering must also be considered biological warfare. I receive many communications from people around the world asking "where can I move to in order to escape these programs"? Answer, there is no place to hide. We have only one choice, to unite in our efforts to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. Make your voice heard in this most critical battle while there is yet any part of Earth's life support systems left to salvage. 

126 Responses to Engineering “1000 Year” Weather Catastrophes, The Reality Of Weather Warfare

  1. Gina says:

    Greetings from South Africa

    Admittedly I am overwhelmed by the reality and seriousness of the articles I have been reading on your site.  This trivialises all the politcal/economical drama that adorns our screens.  What really worries me is that even in less dire situations (such as genocide and the slaughtering of our farmers), people are too conditioned to take the wool off their eyes so HOW in God's name do you tell a nation squabbling over land claims to wake up? We are experiencing drought and heat waves like I've never encountered in my 42 years n Johannesburg. Water restrictions are imminent and too late, as the incompetency of a corrupt govt. fighting to stay in power can't even maintain power stations… Ignorance and idiocy are the norm among people protesting for free education by burning down schools!!!  Beam me up scotty? Keep up the good fight. I am inspired and motivated to be informed and expose this final nail in the industrialised/militarised coffin of destruction.

  2. Stuart Bockler says:

    We applaud your report, finally a source of the truth. We live on the west coast of Florida off any commercial air traffic. When there is no spraying the clouds are natural and beautiful. Then they start spraying the next day. Like a plaid shirt east and west, north and south. No commercial airline waste fuel likes this. It is a crime against humanity and the planet we call home. Monsanto the killer of the environment, poisoner of the world food source now involved with climate manipulation. It is time to throw the whole lot out. From poisoning our food to feeding us pharmaceuticals that make us dependent and kill us with side affects to many to mention. We would vote for new leaders but they are all on the take. Its time for the world to wake up and band together to put these criminals behind bars and take our planet back. Grow non GMO vegetables and fruit. Cook clean raw unprocessed food and hope for the best. These corrupt corporations and government officials are enslaving the masses and telling us don't worry, we are doing it for your own good. Walk this way, the showers are to your left, breath deeply and don't question. STOP!!!! question everything! !!

    • gail says:

      Amen to that.  There is a state of emergency by the Governor of Calif for the Ponderosa Pine trees in Tuolumne County, CA.; close to Yosemite.    Twain Harte, CA. is loosing 40% of the Ponderosa Pine trees this year, and they anticipate more next year with "global warming" as the reason!  We need to stop the powers that be.  Is there any lawyer out there that can start a class action lawsuit against those that are doing this to our planet….

  3. Charles says:

    Is it truly possible that Methane emissions or eruptions in the Arctic can bring about Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE) event ???

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Charles, the short answer is yes. Where the “Arctic News” site goes off track is in regard to their calls for geoengineering to be done. After 65 years of geoengineering, we can say with certainty the results are catostrophic. Industrialized/militarized society has given us the same results, catostrophic. The greatest leap we could make in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering. If we can accomplish that, we can set about facing the rest of our challenges.

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      To do that you need to vote out the globalists who support a one world system.  They don't care about spraying as long as they get their pensions and bonus cheques.  

      Vote them out and suddenly a lot of our problems will go away.

    • Pat says:

      I'm disgusted with the the non-stop spraying in Sacramento, California area but I truly also feel sorry for what is happening in Alaska.  I enjoy watching a lot of televised shows about buying homes in Alaska, or shows which track different families living in small communities up there.  I've noticed for the last 2 years, they are really complaining about the loss of the normal level of snow, the warmer temperatures, and the increased mud levels up there.  The Alaskan Natives are also very worried about difficulty in hunting and the animals they need for food are dramatically changing their traveling routes farther away from their living areas due to less snow packs.  They also have more difficulty driving their snowmobiles to travel to hunt–due to less snow pack.  It's falling in line with what we keep hearing about with Geoengineering destroying proper rain and snow levels.

  4. Where'sthebeef says:

    After nearly throwing up at the lies of the media this site is my #1 source of info as unlike a certain radio show I won't name that starts with an A.  This site is not “infotainment” which the radio show is with a little truth mixed in. 

  5. Jon Bishop says:

    We all need to start listening, looking, investigating for clues for a number of things to expose and undermine this operation.

    We need to know –

    1. who is preparing the tons of chemical cocktails that are getting released above us and where those manufacturing plants are located.

    2. we need to know how those chemicals are being transported from their manufacturing point to wherever they are stored before being loaded onto the specially equipped aircraft.

    3. If these poisonous chemicals are somehow being integrated into the fuel supplied to and used by all commercial aircraft we need to find out how those additives are being described and who is allowing them to be added to commercial aviation jet fuel.

    4. Considering the greater likelihood that these chemicals are being distributed by a specially equipped fleet of aircraft, we need to know who is operating them and where they are being based, maintained, reloaded, refueled, and operated from.

    5. We also need to consider the possibility that the various elements of these chemical cocktails are being delivered to manufacturing facilities on (or adjacent to) wherever the distribution aircraft are based.  

    Knowledge is power. Once we know more about the manufacturing and distribution system for these aerosol chemical cocktails, then we can begin to take serious measures to expose the participants.

    • Ken B says:

      Jon, you hit the nail on the head. I tried to bring up similar points recently but was not published for whatever reason. The fact that this has to stop is undisputable. The supply chain for the thousands of tons of material must be discovered and brought into the public eye.

      MSM might even cover a story if a publicized claim is made against a manufacturer of the poison. Seems like they would have to cover it. Thanks for sharing your approach.

    • Erica says:

      Hi Mr. Bishop,

      I think they've established that coal ash is being used across the country and being distributed to airforce bases and airports via train. This is a logical assumption since coal ash contains high levels of Al and the other particulates that are being found at higher than normal levels. Also, using coal ash in this way is cost beneficial due to decreased costs in waste disposal. Check it out and let me know what you find. 

      I was pleasantly surprised at how informative, practical and thorough the HARRP report is, as most of my climate news is gleaned from Dane's site. I learned how influential and destructive the HARRP outposts are and how they contribute to global climate engineering. 

      The engineer hosting the YouTube channel provides detailed satellite imagery that can help locate coal plants, their coal ash and some of the routes the chemical cocktail is taking before it is delivered onto us and our worldly neighbors. 

      Good luck with your research and good for you that you're taking action. We've got everything to lose if we simply sit by and wait to see what happens next. 

  6. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Massive chem-trailing all over Northern CA yesterday and today– pain in the large intestine, fast pulse, feeling unable to sleep, tired– what is this doing to my intestines/heart, not to mention my brain– when's it gonna hit?  Some days I'm afraid to exercise outside when it's this bad, but it's better to exercise than not.

    Regarding the Cornell University query as to why it's so cool in the East while the rest of the planet roasts, I think it's amazing how they "explain" this phenomenon: 

    So what is going on here in the East?  While ‘global warming’ is clear in the map of temperature records across the globe, overall ‘climate change’ is more subtle.  Some regions may experience more warming than others and some locations might even experience cooling for a while, while the overall globe warms…

    The question of how climate change is changing the likelihood of these interconnected regional weather contrasts is an extremely active field where more is known every day, but a definite answer on whether this Eastern cold spell is directly related to climate change is not yet known for certain.

    And so it gets explained to us that "overall climate change is more subtle," essentially, and what's causing all the cold in the east is "not yet known for certain." 

    The Takeaway?  We learn that:

    1.) "Climate change" is "subtle.." (like a jet spraying mountains of metal everywhere you look..but only if you bother actually to look),


    2.) The cause is "not yet known for certain."  

    Hmmmm….. How about looking up to see what's causing this? 

    How unsubtle could asking to try that be?

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      Is anyone disgusted that weather forums are biased against people who speak out on chemtrails or anything unusual?
      It's like there is a law that nothing *unusual* is allowed.. Only normal is allowed to be discussed or your a nutcase or worse an evil troll!

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      It's Nov. 30th, 2015 here in Central Oregon, and we've had one temp in a week down to 1 degree F! It doesn't usually get that cold, but it's also stayed in the low double digits now for over a week. We have 2 – 3  feet of snow piled against the walls of this old house. Your temp maps show high temps here for October, but it was COLD for the most part, and no temps were what I'd call high. 

      Also, I've known military pilots all my life, and it would take some major mind-control to get the vast majority of them to do this! They're not stupid, and they understand weather. They'd HAVE to understand the damage they're doing, and that would set up some major inner conflicts, would HAVE TO. They would understand that they're being used to essentially endanger or even kill off their own families! These are people who offer up their lives every day, war or no war. I'm amazed at least some have not banded together and fought the "elites" still above ground! I'm disabled to start with and with chronic nerve pain; this aluminum and the rest isn't helping either, and now it's been decided to remove the meds from all patients like me – to take away our ability to function after years or decades of trying to find help and being thrown out of hospitals and doctor's offices for "drug seeking behavior" (this means saying we're in pain, which is interpreted as "Give me opiates"). So now once again after having a real life back, this time for a few years, shortly I'll be limited to the couch or bed again – IF I choose to survive this abuse yet again. Countless others are also in this position. Well, pain or no at least I can still write, but it does no good that I can see! Everything in America seems to have gone insane! Medicine, police, military, the pilots destroying the weather and climate (so endangering the food supply), a complicit MSM… So how on Earth CAN we fight back??  The planet and we are running out of time!

  7. Marc says:

    Incredible amount of spraying going on over St. Louis, Mo. last couple of weeks. Filthy and disgusting looking skies, totally absurd looking "cloud formations" that don't make any sense and some I don't recall ever seeing exactly like this. Long, in your face, "f**k you" trails, with starts and stops, and at almost any time of day you can find jets leaving short, really bright trails, about 20 jet lengths long. I'm having one of those days, (weeks actually) where the "GAME OVER" sign is flashing on and off in my consciousness. I'm gonna wager that the heartless, robotic, testosterone saturated jerk-offs who comprise our "crowd control" armies, be they police or National Guard or some element of so-called "National Security" (military) would jump for joy at the opportunity to bash some heads if any of us so much as dared to interfere in any way with the physical deployment of the various fleets of geoengineering jets wherever they might be originating. If you wanna die faster, then using "eco-terrorism" tactics to fight geoengineering operations will seal your fate. This basically SUCKS!!! We are all living in fear and hiding from  jack-booted thugs who are ready on a moment's notice to mobilize and kick our asses into the next dimension. Sooooo…….what then? We are running out of time to accomplish anything truly substantive if we "fight with our pens". Those behind this geoengineering rampage are arguably psychopaths and WILL NEVER LISTEN OR RESPOND FAVORABLY TO REASON. We are kidding ourselves if we think these goons can be negotiated with. Frankly, I personally don't see a way out of certain death and suffering for all of us if we continue on with the "raising awareness" approach. And yet, I am not advocating violence either, for not only will that get us all killed, but that, too, will fail. The methane expulsion coupled with the billions of tons of CO2, AND THE INCOMPREHENSIBLY VAST QUANTITES OF NANO-POISONS BEING SPLAYED OUT ACROSS THE PLANET, NOT TO MENTION F-U-K-U-S-H-I-M-A RADIATION, where the hell do my children fit into this horrific apocalypse??? Sorry friends, I'm having a tough time right now. My anger and my feelings of impotence in the face of such monstrously superior evil are getting the better of me. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, stand strong Amigo, we need you in this fight. The undercurrent of growing awareness is much much larger than is yet visible. It will seem impossible to make a breakthrough untill the entire system crumbles at once. The foundation of the powerstructure is fracturing from multiple directions, their walls will fall, wait and see. Will our problems then be over? No, only beginning, but this is our path and to see the murderous criminal cabal collapse will make any journey much more tollerable.

    • penny says:

      No need to apologize for giving voice to what many of us (I assume) are thinking, Marc.  I find comfort in knowing that others are facing reality squarely, and screaming about it.

      The main reason for carrying on, imo, is not because we can win, but because we should never say die (even when it's a literal death we are facing).  Do the right thing.  A woman is no less a woman if she tries and fails, only if she fails to try.  Go out standing, not lying flat on your back.  Etcetera.

      In other words, sheer stubbornness is the impetus.  Mostly on behalf of the 300 species daily going extinct, who never had a chance to voice their opposition. 

      I agree that IF geo-engineering is halted, the struggle will only have just begun.  At that point, Dane will have earned the right to retire, but not people like me, who only recently discovered this insanity, and who haven't yet contributed our share to the struggle.  But honestly, if the ones behind this thought they were losing control, I can't imagine that they wouldn't launch the nukes.  Retirement of a different kind – no worries about the 401K being solvent.

    • Jayel says:

      Marc you say it as it really is, such a pity then there are so few people like you, every word you've  said is true I agree 100% but i think now is the time to take a step back, recharge your batteries and come out again stronger than before, I too clench my fist's in rage every day when I look at the sky and see how they have raped! and pillaged the sky! and every breath i take feels like a fine wire brush scraping my windpipe! make no mistake this is war from the sky's!

  8. L.H. says:

    Granted, they don't need the money. Nor do they "need" taxes. After all, this so called money is merely electronic blips on a computer screen. What they do seem to need is the belief that they control us. With a massive failure to file non-compliance action, you accomplish exposure and you attack their belief that they can control us. What else can we do besides getting into a violent revolution, which I think would actually fit into their plans? They really don't seem to care about simply exposure, and they don't care about protests. They may care about exposure backed up with civil disobedience. I think we as a movement should give them a deadline for the geo-engineering to cease, then back it up with a massive tax protest. If someone can think of a better idea, I am all eyes and ears. Don't bother trying to talk with the politicians – 99% of them are quislings.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      WIth you on all your points L. H.

    • hey says:

      By Executive Order the NSA was create and by same E.O. is accountable to NO ONE.  Since geo engineering, i.e. weather warfare, falls under national security, you know…Title 50, No benevolent politician could stop it even if they wanted to.  Love your efforts but this is warfare, as their patches declare, "Spray and pray."

  9. Tim C says:

    The spraying in Colorado today is something out of a horror film. It is so bad. Many of the trails are dripping. They are whiting out the sky. I think normal contrails would be impossible over a big high pressure dome. My eyes are burning so bad. Hate this stuff.

  10. L.H. says:

    I keep saying we need a massive tax protest. The only thing we can do is refuse to pay taxes to the Federal Reserve crime syndicate. If we all stop paying, there is nothing they can do. No one responds to me. Ever. Read the tax code. Tax on wages is not even there. So stop filing, already!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello L.H., unfortunately the central banks can and are printing endless amounts of funds out of thin air, this has always been the case. So long as the dollar remains the global reserve currency, this will continue to be the case. To stop the spraying, we must fully expose it.

    • Travis says:

      To L.H.
      I will respond to you and tell you I agree with you 100%. Stop paying taxes and also stop paying for "health insurance" this is a scam that produces trillions of dollars they desperately need to fund these secret programs, if we take a stand and stop paying these criminals they cant fund ISIS, or any other terrorism tactic they have. 

  11. JACTN says:

    Just sent you Dane a great image/picture of this morning over Southeast TN.  Image is a line in the sky illuminated by the Moon and planets. Spraying horizon to horizon started well before dawn this morning.  Right now in the late AM. Sky is literally soup. Very intense spraying today.  Everyone is starting to ask questions now at my office they are not wanting to be ignorant.  My efforts are paying off. 

    I just counted outside 20 trails with 4 or 5 planes going right now above looking south north GA and AL.  Lots of EBP free water and antioxidants today!

    Keep spreading the word everyone.  Going out of town for the weekend.  I got my flyers for every Whole Foods I hit and going to put them at a rest area or two as well! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      JACTN, Hello and wow, so great to hear your office is responding, NOT wanting to be ignorant!  Music to my ears!


    • Melanie says:

      People are waking up! I see it happening in my area too. Let's all keep spreading awareness.

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      And they'll label you a conspiracy theorists so fast your head will spin.  Not only that but if you show even the slightest hint of violence they'll accuse you of being a white racists regardless if you even are white or not.  Doesn't matter to them.
      Just spin a few things around and make it look like all Whites are f**kheads in order to discourage any peaceful assemblies. 

  12. Marc says:

    "Organic farming" is/was fastest growing segment of agriculture industry. Gee, where in America is the vast majority of organic grown? CALIFORNIA!!!! This apparently does not fit into Monsanto's plans, among other agendas. Undoubtedly, the droughting of California is designed to cripple the organic market, whereas meanwhile we see fairly regular rains across the midwest, which is the largest swath of GMO producing lands, including soybeans, corn, and wheat. Hello?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bingo Marc!  I've been saying this forever.  As Monsanto mob/bullied most of the country, California became the major hold out, along with Oregon.  Not only that but we are considered food freaks in that we care what is in our food and vote anti-GMOs, again, along with Oregon.  However, there is one large organic farm: Farm Fresh To You, which has had success in spite of drought. But before that, we had many small organic operations, individual ones too such as mine, and many artesanal farms producing goat cheese, for in stance, as well as some old school farms free ranging everything along with organic foods.  I grew up in the midwest, on Kansas side of KC and back then the midwest was the nations food basket, not California.  Have horse, will ride, I loaned myself out to some of these small farms to help in return for picking up missed corn cobs for my horses for winter, and just for the fun of it too.  I watched as combines suckered farmers into purchases they could not afford.  By the time I left, farms were beginning to go under and I even heard that some middle eastern countries had bought them-never found out if true.  No doubt you remember Willie Nelson's efforts to save small farms.  A well run small farm rotates crops as well as fields for animal grazing-a patchwork of beauty that yielded much.  But the new mega combines encouraged farmers to grow one crop and a lot of it.  Big Ag was born along with monocropping.  This practice spelled the end and doom for farms and farmers.  If something, a bug, a virus, weather, did in your one crop, there was nothing left to fall back on.  Enter Monsanto, guaranteeing your one crop would not just produce but mega produce.  Repeat, repeat, and you then had seriously depleted soils requiring more and more fertilizers, now all petrol derived.  Savvy old schoolers know that weeds, many of them, are attracted to depleted soils and actually help the soil regain its potency.  But no one could afford to let fields lie fallow, with no fall back.  So, Monsanto weed killers to the rescue.  People panicked and went for it.  Corn, for instance, takes a lot out of the soil, sucking up one heck of a lot of nutrients.  Corn also takes one heck of a lot of water.  In the old days, you'd let that field lie fallow for a season, grow a cover crop and let it take the rain into the ground and aquifers.  But for huge operations again and again, they had to tap into the aquifers.  That huge sucking sound-in my mind-is all our aquifers going dry.  Monocropping is insane.  It goes against everything we've learned about raising food and animals.  Even with the horses, we had to rotate grazing areas as heavy hooves left barren land to blow in the wind.  Even little chicken feet do.

      My overall point here is that organic growing is about more than the quality of foods we eat.  It is about the land and water and waste as well.  Not to mention diversity.  Diversity is very important and one thing people don't get about Monsanto.  They use but one kind of corn, for in stance.  So, if some plague of sorts hit that one kind, like the Irish potato famine, there would go the world's corn.  Monsanto eschews diversity.  Old schoolers know well the benefits of diversity.

      California did not used to be the bread basket of the nation or the world-as in almonds of which we became the largest source by far.  But almonds have no business being grown here, much less mono cropped, as they require so very much water.  Most of California, especially in the far south, was always a desert.  Water wars have been going on here "forever".  Not to mention everyone and their brother began growing grapes for wine.  Then, TPTB decided fracking would be a great idea-in the midst of growing and in earthquake prone California.  These idiots injected their waste into our aquifers!!!!  And, oopsies, into ones for drinking to boot.  Now they want to off our Delta with two huge tube pipes to carry that water elsewhere-never mind how useful Deltas are, or that we are part of the Pacific Flyway, a major source for migrating birds.  And they are touting a new dam.  These people do not learn from their mistakes!

      Of course Monsanto wants California.  What don't they want?  And there is even more to this picture.  We are the most populated state by far.  It is now OMG DRY.  Migrants are leaving!  Small farms have wells gone dry and there have been suicides right and left in farm country.  Non farmers are leaving.  And, we are a blue state. Techies and the mega wealthy are buying up all prime property.  Our public schools suck and always have.  Most of us are hanging by a thread.  Myself, I grew very little this year.  It is a dust bowl out there.  Monsanto to the rescue?  Not if I can help it!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, yes, Monsanto is a disaster capitalist that is without question a part of the equation, but the overall picture is much bigger, more complicated, and far more dire. The biosphere is imploding now, it is well underway. In the effort to hide the problem as long as possible (and to continue weather warfare around the globe), the power structure has all but carved our fate in stone. Methane is filling the atmosphere at blinding speed, etc, there are many factors to consider. Whatever Monsanto does, if we stay on this course, it won’t matter for long, nothing will.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Organic gardening is alive and would do even better if not for the droughting and high UV levels, but it is definitely out there in the fields and valleys and nooks and backyards and school-yards all over the place here because I actually have looked far and wide and do see it.  Even Safeway out here carries organic produce, because Californians understand the stuff about "body burden" of toxic insectisides, herbicides, and petrochemical "fortified" soils as being bad for the plants, and those who eat them.

      Once Californians understand that their food is NOT organic when it is sprayed with 20 megatons of aluminum oxide, barium, strontium and god-knows-what else, they should be HOPPING MAD and insist that this ends.  That should be a "selling" point, but it is also a double-edge sword.  I had a conversation about this with Rosalind Peterson, actually, who lives not too far from here.  She said that if organic farmers knew about the poisoning, they'd remain mum because they do not want to lose their Certified Organic status. 

    • penny says:

      I can see why organic farmers would keep quiet, but the people who think they are buying organic constitute a far larger percentage of the public, and they should be willing to speak up.  My own mother, Ms. Conventional, doesn't see geo-engineering as a "conspiracy theory".  Most people with whom I discuss it nowadays are willing to admit that it makes more sense than that clouds could naturally be olive-green coloured. 

      Surely the paradigm is shifting, and soon the kooks will be those who refuse to acknowledge the truth written in the skies above them!

  13. Lyle Stevens says:

    I have a mass of webbing that was spewed out by a C130 we gathered the webbing . Tested it studied it under micro magnification , dissolved it , burned it , compared it to several insect silks from spiders to catapillar . This stuff when heated turns jet black and smells of plastic and a metallic odor . Witnessed by 3 observers these c130s were expelling this webbing out of the turbines not from a sprayer . I have micro photos of this material noting the report from the UN concerning this weather steering our country and several other countries are purposely attempting to change weather patterns . In the process they are killing wide swaths of forest as the metals disolve in the soil taken up by trees and the like which clogs up feeder roots . The trees die in the case in the US western costal region huge swaths of forest have been killed . No trees lead to super heating the ground leading to massive fires . I did not want to believe this was taking place it takes real tangible evidence to get me on board to any conspiracy ideals . Unfortunately this is real our gov is causing these events . They attempted to steer the hurricane away from high density city's to end massive insurance claims and they created a monster although they did steer the mass of the hurricane away from the coast they did not intend to cause a massive flood in South Carolina . Playing with weather patterns while also killing millions of people and animals to end loss in insurance claims . If we intend to end this massive destruction from the massive drought in the western us  – to creating a huge flood on the east coast we the people must put down ignorant deception news and start holding them accountable . 

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      Hi Lyle,

      Your account reminds me of a very similar incident that occurred about a year ago in Arizona, the witnesses took photographs of the C130s deploying these fibers in formation at low altitude, so there is no question as to where it comes from (it is most certainly not cattle bandages or spiderwebs, as some would have us believe).

      "Military Planes Caught Dumping Mysterious Fibers: Lab Tests Confirm Metals"

    • Earth Angel says:

      It would be my guess Lyle that they DID intend to flood S.C. Why else  would that huge swath of moisture be steered up into the coast and interior of the land while the majority of the storm spun out to the northeast into the Atlantic? How is that possible? I say it was purposefully done.

    • Lyle,

          Since I have lived in S. Carolina long ago and visit on a occassion. I am familiar with the area that was flooded. I disagree that this was a 1000 year flood. Not your words of course. This was more like a 500 year version if that but, more like a 100 year one.

          The only reason it was labeled a 1000 year one is so the insurance industry can avoid paying to help the people with coverage. Secondly, as I come to learn from a neighbor not affected, that FEMA hopped in and started lending $$ to folks for rebuilding. Without reading the fine print, as in they had to start paying back in about 90 days. Which is impossible for them to do. This storm was engineered and it was obvious from the start.

           But, do not forget that strange snow that hit just southwest of Columbia this past winter.. mind you. Unlike folks around me I'm constantly observing how the weather is being worked on. And how Wall street is making a killing on the gambling of how this engineering is affecting various aspects of life  in those areas. Yes, I'll keep the tin foil hat near by, and the flouride out.

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      First, those "webs" are a synthetic disease called Morgellons". Apparently they thread themselves throughout the body and somehow hook into the nervous system including the brain. They're also self-assembling. There are several sites about them on the Net.

      Here in Oregon the trees, as you mentioned, aren't faring well at all! Aluminum is sensed as a poison by the trees so they shut down their root systems, but it doesn't go away, so they die. Something making it go faster is that the huge amounts of metal plus HAARP have destroyed much of the ozone layer. That had been blocking UV-B, the deadliest for of ultraviolet light, which only made up 5% of the UV striking the surface; now it's 70%! It's also literally cooking the bark off of trees down to the cambium layer.

      You're also dead-on (so to speak) about there being no "organics" due to the aluminum and 50 to 70 other ingredients falling out of the sky. I think that humans may have to go underground to survive soon – or we will fail to survive! That, or perhaps we could build domes and only come out from under them at night, wearing well-shielded and filtered suits of some sort. The monsters in charge are literally destroying the carrying capacity of the Earth and not even waiting for the animals to die off – they're killing those off as well, and that's going at an accelerating rate. 

      I'm 60 now, and the generation who raised me would have been out there hunting down the "elites" and anyone cooperating with them in the destruction of the Earth! The failure to act or even believe in the dangers facing us all now says more than anything to me that we have all been altered – mind controlled, poisoned, SOMETHING. We've been changed, and much for the worse.

  14. Andrew from scotland says:

    This from my 76th email to my contact list, titled 'Joaquim.

    I see that a small, ridiculously resilient, high pressure area (clockwise rotation) is due over the English Channel. Amazingly, this will split the remains of hurricane Joaquin, which is currently zooming across the Atlantic, sending the bulk of the storm north up to Greenland and the Arctic, with the rest going south towards Portugal. This is exactly the same HAARP/SBX tactic that is being used off the west coast of America, sending Pacific westerlies up into Alaska and the Bering Strait.  This is adding considerably to the Californian drought. 

    Presumably the idea is to use all this moisture laden air heading to the Arctic to create cloud, ice and snow.  But it may also lead to more destruction of ozone.


  15. PatSF says:

    Two crazy weather abnormalities The mainstream media is not covering both related to climate change. Two hurricanes one in the Atlantic Hurricane Joaquin approach in Great Britain and one in the pacific  
    Hurricane Oho is racing north-northeast through the central Pacific and its future as a post-tropical remnant into British Columbia and southeast Alaska is arguably its most interesting. Record latitudes for both tropical storms.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Joaquin is going to be split.   Most sent north to Greenland and Arctic, some will go to Portugal area.

    • BaneB says:

      I have been observing these two storms and while no expert by any means in understanding weather dynamics, both storms seem to be out of synch with the term 'natural.'  The Pacific Pineapple Express was interesting because that tropical storm, rather than go west to Hawaii and onward to the west, headed north, and was a wonder to behold as it made a beeline for the Pacific Northwest.  Here in California we had high hopes this very strong low would come in and rain.  Alas, the "ridiculously resilient high pressure ridge" off our shore refused to budge and so we still remain high and very dry.  

  16. steve says:

    The US govt is made up of liars all protecting the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.
    All the problems that you see in the world are invented to protect the bankers who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank and their scam, which is that they print money and then lend it to the US govt and govts around the world, and it all has to be paid back, so really they are printing money for themselves, and this is what is enslaving the people who do work for money.
    The western backed terrorist groups, wars, shootings, ebola, and financial crashes are all manufactured and intentionally caused by the bankers who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, and are entirely meant to steer people away from noticing their banking scam by keeping people distracted, confused, and scared.
    Their banking scam which is that they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, is the one BIGGEST problem in the entire world, and by ending it, all the other problems in the world will end, because it is what is causing all the other problems globally.
    The destruction of other countries by the US is being done so that the governments of those countries wont start printing their own money, rather than borrow it from these scam artists. Depopulation is another way to protect their scam, the less people there are, the less people there are to control, and the less people there are to notice and put a halt to their scam, hence they are poisoning the environment mainly using climate engineering Aluminum nano-particles, to cause reduced IQ, Alzheimer’s and Autism, and also kill bees, trees, wildlife and humans! They are intentionally creating an atmospheric catastrophe, so they can get a One World Government, which is the ultimate protection for their scam.
    Bottom line is that ALL the problems around the world are being invented by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately owned, to distract and divert people away from knowing about thier scam to stop them from putting an end to it, this is also why all wars are started.
    The ONLY way to end their scam, including all the problems they are manufacturing around the world, is for the US govt and govts worldwide to print the money themselves, and stop borrowing from the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank owned by bankers who are, in reality, printing the money for themselves and causing all the problems in the world in order to protect their scam.

  17. Concerned in Cali says:

    The cost alone of these programs must be astronomical . From fueling all the planes and drones to paying the Pilots day after day year after year! Does anyone know the average cost of fueling planes ? Could it be in our wildest dreams that these projects could just run out of money ? Doubtful pilots would take a pay cut if the funding went down the drain for these evil projects . 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cali, the people behind the programs are ultimately the central bankers. They can print anything they need so long as the dollar remains the global reserve currency. 

    • G. Day says:

      Didn't Donal Rumsfeld admit to 2.3 TRIllION dollars going missing only  couple of years ago? (That's only what's admitted to. The tip of the iceberg of the total over the past thirty or so years).

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Some of these planes are commercial, which lends itself to a cheap way to dispose of coal fly ash and further that agenda.  Some are military planes/tankers, and some are rockets, and apparently some are like the weird green blob in the skies the other night over the east of the country, put up there by NASA, they say, to track the winds and what is ionized and what isn't.  The military stole in excess of 50 Billion dollars from starving Indian's land lease monies.  They will take whatever they want from wherever.

      What I still don't get is the end game.  People harp-pun intended-on depopulation agendas, but in the US, we have the least population for our mass.  It makes no sense but perhaps for getting rid of the rift raft? Hard to figure as this is so complex, so large, so many different units working together–toward what end?  Who would intend and force all into omnicide?  Even if all this stopped, how would we ever clean up the mess?  Something is going on we don't know.  More than any other thing, that is what keeps me from sleeping.  And, it makes informing people a hard sell.

      I did sign the petition that showed up here a few issues ago.  It gave the option of a letter which I wrote that included the whole of it.  Also, it suggested that letters get more response than emails so I took that option and paid the nine dollars to voice all this to the Prez and my Senator and Representative.  I hope all do the same.  Not that it will help.  Doom and gloom reigns and rains.  I no longer know if I even wish for rain!  It is hard not to be depressed, hard to have hope, thrilling to see more wake up, but to what avail?  Companions in depression and impotency?

    • Lawrence Beck says:

      What better way to destroy photovoltaic technology and those who want to use it than for the oil industry to provide free fuel to those who spray, the result being what Dane says has destroyed up to 60% of his photovoltaic capacity.  If enough particulates are suspended in the upper atmosphere, solar panels will produce a small fraction of the energy that they should be producing and the industry will fold.  

      You think this might be part of the plan? 

  18. Jon Bishop says:

    Seems like the only people in this country who doubt the validity and effects of this gross airbourne release of posionous chemicals are our elected representatives in DC. I've sent multiple emails to NV Senator Dean Heller encouraging him to check out the dozens of links to chemical testing verifications and videos prepared by experts. All I get back from him is the same stonewalling comment. All the agencies he consulted about this say aircraft contrails don't always disperse the same (or words to that effect).

    What do we have to do to make our government aware that they are virtually and literally killing not only their own constituents but their own famalies by supporting this twofold (environmental posioning and weather manipulation) operation?

    • BaneB says:

      You received the standard retort.  Everyone gets the reply that they (congressperson) have contacted the various federal agencies and the jet spew trails are merely water/ice condensation caused by  'natural processes).  And not to worry because scientists say so.  I continue to text and bury my so called representatives in photos of what is taking place over my area.  This keeps them on notice that they know by way of these images, and cannot pretend otherwise.  Bury them in the visuals, the freakier the image the better.  

  19. Tony Pryslak says:

    I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was witness to an extensive amount of chem spraying on both Friday and Saturday of last week. There were 25-30 trails on each day, extending from Winnipeg to the Sioux Lookout area in Ontario. I am sure that these were used to controll the event you describe

    I follow your blog , but most of my friends are in denial. Keep up the good work

    Tony P

  20. Kristina says:

    Why am I suprised but not so surprised? The I.E I'm southern California has been bombed with chemtrails. The weather here has been unstable, sweltering hot to suddenly pouring down rain within minutes.  

    I would like to spread the awareness as well. How can I find the fliers and help my community wake up?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kristina, thank you for your willingness to help sound the alarm. You can find flyer examples on which you can download for free and print locally. Print shops can print flyers for much less than copy shops if you get enough of them. Flyer link attached.

  21. no bull says:

    People often feel that the chem trailing is nothing to do with them or that they cannot begin to effect a solution.  Here in UK as in rest of the austerity controlled west folk often dont even believe its happening despite the evidence.  Flouride and aluminium oxides seem to be dumbing people down for sure.  How about startjng a global petition using some of your shocking evidence  Dane?  Use social media and partner with Icke, Corbert, and others to gather support and petition the EU, G8, US, Canada and so on.  Thank you for your research and information.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “No Bull”, I am doing my best to tend as many fires in this battle as the hours in a day will allow. It will take all of us to carry the ball up the field, we all need to work together toward the task of raising awareness until we reach critical mass. 

    • BaneB says:

      Heads up!  Hurricane Joaquim is moved out into the northern Atlantic and is now not too far from smashing into England and Europe.  Granted the high winds are diminished some.  But he is full of rain.  Watch how the Europen weather warriors handle this one.  Visible satellite is one view.  Count on lots of chemtrail activity and broken records.  Look up.  Point up.

  22. robert says:

    I would highly recommend adding "silica" to your supplement regime…it has a proven track record of removing aluminum from are bodies, look this up,…as most of you know one of the main components of the geoengineering spray is aluminum and you need to detox this! Daily sauna's vitamin C , and magnesium is also useful…..

  23. BaneB says:

    There is a large low pressure system known as a Pineapple Express bringing moisture into the Pacific Northwest.  It extends almost back to Hawaii.  Already this morning the jets have arrived. Mover my area of Mendocino County the spraying is occurring after a two week lull.  Some of these tankers do large loops.  The weather warriors do not want rain to come in.  But, this front looks pretty strong.  It might be more than they can control.  Of course these psychopaths can diminished the rain and cause less intensity.  Keep a watch on the visible sat. Annimated loop.  It really is quite a show to see if this front can be prevented from sliding into a very very dry California.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Oh great-  I'm sure this rain will be full of toxic radiation particles from fukushima as well as the usual poisons from the spraying. What a treat for the parched northwestern parts  of the North American continent.

  24. Frank says:

    I have been studying weather all my life. What I seen  with Hurricane Joaquin was a pure demonstration of complete weather warfare from the power structure. This storm was never supposed to get into the Bahamas by computer models. It did and rotated for several days destroying property and lives as a major Hurricane. At first all models except one the Euro had Joaquin hitting the US. The power structure saved face and brought back confidence in many people by the European model as all year the models were wrong every time. What I seen happen was a Upper level low pressure system was created over Tennessee and Kentucky around October 1st. That ULL got squeezed by the trough to the west and by Saturday it formed a surface low off the state of South Carolina. As Joaquin started to move north all the moisture from Joaquin was pumped into that low off the South Carolina coast. That low created historical amounts of rain for south Carolina and also created a blocking mechanism for Joaquin to move north east instead of hitting the US. All of this years Atlantic Hurricane season has been orchestrated by weather warfare to show the population that even in a El nino year storms develop. I can only imagine what's in store for many this upcoming winter and spring for the US with El nino to blame. Will California be hit with weather like South Carolina or will they be droughted out further. All professional weather sites are heavily protected by paid shills as is so with all MSM sites. You can't post anything anymore without getting slammed hard or your post will be deleted. We are 10 years without a major Hurricane hitting the US and the ones pulling the strings are good. I thank Dane and many others who work tirelessly to help get the word out. 

  25. J Rizk says:

    Today on Good Morning America…..there was a quick segment where a kid asks the weather person a question. So this video comes on and this kid is pointing up in the sky asking the weather person, "what kind of cloud is that?" It was an obvious spray trail and the weather person says, "well, that's a contrail that's been blown around a little bit and there are a couple of cumulus clouds up there also." She seemed a little taken aback by the question. Ha, Ha!!!

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      Something I'd like to point out – and any meteorologist ought to understand this! – is that a contrail is just very tiny ice particles, water vapor. They CAN'T last more than a handful of lengths of the aircraft, then they melt and are gone. NO vapor trail could last clear across the sky! 

  26. Tim says:

    Has anyone seen this 1959 Disney Movie that explains how they would be able to manipulate the weather and steer hurricanes in the future? Everything in this film is happening today.
    People laugh because its a Disney movie, but Walt Disney was a free mason and deeply involved in these things.
    Also in the very beginning of this movie is says "Science Fact" instead of saying this movie is science fiction.
    Everyone should watch this 1959 video. They even talk about spraying chemicals into the sky and using radio frequencies (HAARP)

    • Charles says:

      Thank you Tim. The Disney propaganda made it look like a good thing. What the forecast succeeded in doing was to lull the masses into thinking
      Joaqin was not going to be such a big deal because it wasn’t going to make landfall, leading to little or no preparedness and greater loss of life.

  27. Hello 

    I am out in suburban Chicago and just started an organic soap business. I have a market this weekend in Utica, IL where I am planning to subtly clue people on on Geoengineering, probably include an information card with their purchases. I will add a link to my website as well. I contacted my  local forestry agency to inspect the dying maple trees along our parkway and still waiting for a response. My hope is to test these trees for aluminum. I'm not sure where to send the samples so if you have a suggestion please contact me. As an advocate for the life on this earth I'm putting myself out there everyday in some way to gently (sometimes quite challenging) wake people up. I took a short break from my blog,, but will work on a post specifically about Geoengineering simply because this is the most immediate threat to life that is displayed, if pointed out to people, almost everyday. All they have to do is look up and with a few basic facts and explanations of what they see, they most likely will give some more thought to it and go to your website for more information. Nobody can say that the air they and their families breathe does not effect them, so that's what my plan is. Peace to all. I thought that maybe if people could add their country/state/town to their name we may have more opportunities to meet up and really make an impact locally.

    peace to all

    Michelle Shipka

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michelle, about lab testing, the most solid tests are of precipitation. Any testing on organic matter is specialized and generally inconclusive. If the toxic heavy metals are in the rain (and they are), then this contamination is in everything else. Lab test results are available in the “tests” section of  Thank you for your efforts in this critical fight Michelle.

  28. Melody Meachum says:

    @ Marc…thanks for the reminder from Jesus in Matthew 16…love that scripture. He had true ESP!

    In the last days the psychopaths will cry out for the rocks to fall on them, but there won't be any relief from their misery. 

  29. Dennis says:

    Here in Central Texas the spraying on October 6th. was as intense as I have ever seen and continued through the entire day. When it was all over I could hardly see the sun. You could just look at the clouds and see the remnants of the spraying on their shape.  What really made my heart hurt was the intense destruction going on in the sky as life went on here on the ground as if every thing was normal. Its hard getting up every morning knowing that this will happen again just like it did the previous day. When I talk about what is going on I am looked on as a crazy person. If I can't convince my wife and family to what is going on then I really have no hope that the general population will ever come to understand and do something about this attack on our planet. From the looks of things soon most of the US will be in drought conditions. Here in Central Texas we have had no rain for a very long period and trees are dying. If I was a farmer depending on rain for my crops, I would have long ago left the farm. God help us as I don't see this ending anytime soon. The track to the reduction to 90 million people left living in the US is well under way. This will eventually kill our food growing system then we can eat canned dog food from China!!

    Frustrated but trying in Central Texas


    • Richard says:

      Hi Dennis, I live in Wimberley and we were heavily chembombed y'day as well and it is continuing today. I am disgusted and you're correct that the masses are clueless even though the evidence is right in their faces. That is a very sad indicator of the bigger picture regarding the dumbed-down lives most are living. It is very distressing and makes it seem impossible to expect improvement in most areas of creeping darkness we face.

      Yesterday went from clear skies to completely overcast and there was not a real cloud ro be seen. The weather forecasters are no longer able to do their job yet none speak out. This wind map has shown a total change in typical air flows for many weeks now – it can only be due to manipulation. Most of the folks that I talk to about this seem disinterest or maybe too scared to consider it.

      I'm gonna walk my dog now….  PEACE,  Richard

  30. Marc says:

    For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his own soul? Or what will he offer in exchange for his soul?"

    The above verse sprang into my mind when I examined the maps Dane has put up here. I will bet you (pun intended) that the sniveling dregs who work the Chicago Mercantile were high-fiving like mad after Joaquin pounded the f**k out of South Carolina. How much money they made from weather derivatives we will never know, but the day of reckoning is fast approaching for the worthless, heartless sub-humans behind all this orchestrated bullshit.  Indeed, what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul? I would argue that for one who would seek to profit from another's suffering and misery has long since lost his humanity, his "soul". Almost impossible to acknowledge that there truly exist those in this world who are so profoundly disconnected from their heart, and their sense of empathy and compassion, that they would design and carry out colossal schemes to enrich themselves out of the suffering and destruction of not only people, but of ecosystems and wildlife and whatever stands between them and their perceived pot of gold. No words to describe my revulsion and pity for those who choose to indulge in such horrific pastimes. Oh man, do I wish I could be there to see the looks on their faces when they FULLY REALIZE that their schemes have backfired on their sorry asses, and there is nowhere left to hide from the self-same pain and suffering they so gleefully served up to their innocent fellow human beings. 

    • Melanie says:

      Karma is a very strong force, they will get theirs.

    • Elena says:

      Thanks for the beautiful quote. It has to be a complete and utter lack of spirituality that would cause someone to engage in such horrible crimes, I always include the climate engineers in my prayers now .

    • Marsha Fulkerson says:

      Marc, " the love of money is the ROOT of all evil". Some have so much money, but it's never enough. So if lives are a matter, they just kill, steal, manipulate, lie, and so on. 

      I pray to the creator Jesus Christ, and helps so much. And he does not enjoy people messing with his architectural work! He will, when all else fails, avenge!!

  31. Deborah D says:

    I am a 58 year old women who grew up during a good time, we got a fairly decent education, could find jobs, our mothers could stay home with us as children, and so much more.

    But, I am now cynical, suspicious, and untrusting, and maybe that's because I was taught the concept of "critical thinking" to question everything, and not believe everything that's being told to you. I learned to do my homework, and that's how I found out about not only how the Federal Reserve in not part of our government, but a private banking cartel, how we are moving so quickly, and are probably now in a Fascist Regime State of Affairs in the U.S. I know, and have researched how our own government is deceptive, and now is poisoning us with Chemtrails laden with toxic chemicals so they can make us and our children sick, and also are in Cahoots with companies like Monsanto to kill off any bee populations that help us survive on this planet. 

    I applaud those who can think… and I do mean think, and can spread this information out to the general populations about Chemtrails, and also about H.A.A.R.P ( High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) located in Gakona, Alaska and elsewhere in the world, that is moving air currents and weather patterns across the country, causing droughts and hurricanes  tornados and floods, that is "terrorism of humanity" and our peaceful way of life.

    Any and all, we need to tell those who don't know and show them every piece of information about this intentional weather warfare that is plaguing us now. If we are to survive at all, we must alert others and maybe we can reverse the immense damage that is already caused.

    Thank you for such a great article.

    • tag says:

      I'm a 61 yr. old female so can relate.  I remember CLEAR BLUE skies and seeing the whole Milky Way laid across the night sky.  My children's generation and especially my grandchildren have NO remembrance of any of this.  They hear the word Organic but don't realize before Monsatan all food was organic.  It was clean and safe to eat, much the same as the air was..once.  Kids today are so dumbed down in school, by lazy parents and by the media, especially hollow wood.  I honesty believe our dictators are just waiting for the "baby boomers" to die off and then their goals can be completed.  We can teach, talk and give facts, live with some morals but most just don't want to hear it.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Deborah D. and tag, I am 68 and I can assure you that Monsanto WAS there back when, way way before GMOs, there was their go-to: Round Up.  Sprayed on everything, and other pesticides and herbicides as well.  In Oklahoma and in KC area there are lots and lots of bugs of all sorts.  It was something I fought with my father a lot about, my earliest memories of him are of following him around in clouds of poison.  In fact I thought for a long long time that my autoimmune disorders were from that exposure, but no.  I was born with them; I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and Lupus and RA and others too!

      Yes, we could and still can at times and places see the stars, but what we couldn't see, smell, taste-was all the nuclear stuff in the air and there was just tons.  And still.  Thinking and doing the work leads one to question one's entire past and "take" on things.  I do not know when petrol derived fertilizers first began being used.  I'd like to know.  Do know that by age 15 or 16 all the creeks and swimming holes began being posted: polluted.

      Dennie M.  Yes, of course what passes for organic these days is all contaminated.  Which makes it hard for me to even get a response out of next door neighbors gone vegan who grow most of what they eat supplemented by Farm Fresh To You.  They claim an ethical stance and believe that cow poop and farts are responsible for everything.  What We know would wreck their world.  And their world has already been wrecked big time, can't take anymore I guess.  Want to believe in fairy dust I guess.  And thanks for turning me on to Bob Nichols and sleepless nights!  By the way, I still grow stuff and organically, but less enthusiastically!

      They are saying some nuke "event" happened in the midwest somewhere recently.  The radioactive readings for Billings, Montana are staggering.  Perhaps that is what the green sky blob was tracking?  The situation in Tokyo is more staggering.  Old people in masks picking up fallen leaves because they are radioactive!  And a radioactive playground in Prague.  Talk about learning to think!  These idiots!  GRR

      I suppose my organically fed, free range chickens' eggs are radioactive too.  Not to mention geo-engineered.  Poor little hens so close to the ground, rolling in it-their preference for getting clean!

  32. rebecca says:

    totally agree and the first thing i thought of when the el faro cargo ship went down..sadly my niece katies  husband and others(32) were aboard this and support for all families..katie is expecting twins, a devastating time for her. i blame gov. and families now questioning this vessel being out their in the first place since no weather anymore is predictable.

  33. Lonnie Harp says:

    Take no prisoners Dane. It's the only way the population will get it.
    Thank you.

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      Those around me simply refuse to listen to any more. "There's nothing I can do about it – I've got a job and family to take care of and I'm sick of hearing about it! You need to get some kind of help somewhere, or get a life!" That's what the responses come down to for the most part. Showing people the truth makes no difference.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ian, no matter how sterile the soil seems on which you are sowing seeds, the seeds of awareness will soon be forced to sprout, wait and see. No one can take our will, never give up. Our efforts matter much more than we can yet know or see.

  34. SD says:

    Been waiting for Dane to cover those historic floods.  The fact that Joaquin did not make landfall ( we knew it wouldn't didn't we) was one part of the story, but the ARTIFICIALLY CREATED low pressure system which sat stationary over land for several days was the real rainmaker.

    Likewise here on the West Coast.  The ARTIFICIALLY CREATED low pressure system which visited CA over the weekend has now moved to AZ.  Some meteorologists are now forecasting the system to drop south into Mexico, then sweep around and RETURN to CA late next week.  Has such a thing ever happened before?  Stay tuned.

  35. Judi Berry says:

    Dane, great job with that post and your explanation of  hurricane Joaquin and also the water spout.   Easy to understand when you presented it like that.   The gamers must done well with their recent wagers on the weather.  I hate to think some are profiting from causing all this damage and grief.

  36. Where'sthebeef says:

    They are spraying heavily again today here in Western Oregon!   When will they stop?

    I hope that Catalytic Converters don't start blowing up when new cars begin to age due to the amounts of aluminum.

  37. JW in Victoria says:

    Whoops, actually my previous comments replied to Toby in Vancouver. I do appreciate all of you who are aware and making yourselves heard in this fight!

  38. Mark Hedges says:

    “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” 
    ― Albert Einstein 

    • Thank you Mark Hedges, for reminding us of this wonderful quote of Albert Einstein's. Humanity surely must broaden its scope of those to whom our compassion and concern flows. We all share this wonderful Planet and we all depend upon nature to remind us to be humble in the face of its beauty and ordered dependability.

  39. russ elder says:

    Wyatt- just want to thank you for the wonderful letter you wrote. I t was written in such a way that the Senator was made a fool of but you remained a gentleman. I to have been writing and getting silly letters in return. Just want to say good job. Thanks.

  40. Jan Francis says:

    Thank you Wyatt.  Well written…  I have had a similar response from a scientist at Battelle Labs.  I'm so tired of being called a nut….conspiracy cook… I live in Eastern Washington State and the trails are unmistakable. Today was a particularly busy day … We now have a haze.
    Jan Francis

  41. Melody Meachum says:

    We all continue to write and/or email politicians and governmental agencies till our fingers fall off, but where does it get us against this STONE wall of silence? Many of you have done a yeomans job of letter/literature/email campaigns for years! You are to be commended, but as we plainly see, Politicians have a ring and rope in their noses!

    As Dane continues to pound the drums for mass awakening, the awakening will occur by us moving around or ahead of politicians/government of all stripes. This is why Dane reaches out to as many independent radio and internet formats as possible. His message cuts through to a wide swath of the population.

    Why not jam as many "friendly" or "not so friendly" web sites as possible over the next several weeks with one of Dane's eye-catching articles or videos (and that's going to be tough with so many to choose from) including a brief post about how this is so crucial to everyone and everything on this planet.

    With every email we send out, reference some kind of tag line about geoengineering, weather modification, etc and reference Geoengineering Watch. It will be worth the extra effort! We are then, in essence, "paying it forward" to the next generation. OUR children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and God's beautiful planet ARE SO WORTH IT!

    On an individual level I know we all have numerous sites that we read from…maybe even post at as well. Cumulatively, we can commit to finding as many sites (and there are sites listed within sites) and jam them with truth and kindness about weather warfare. We can all make even more of a difference in a short amount of time.

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      You got my respect!

    • Melanie says:

      I agree with you Melody, we need to reach more people. Anytime I see a weather related article on Huff Po, WaPo, the Guardian, local paper, etc, I put up links to this site.  There is a CA weather blog that has a lot of weather watchers who are either in total denial, or totally ignorant who post regularly. I have posted here a lot, but have now been banned from posting:

      I put up Dane's flyers near open space areas – so people can look at the pictures, read the info, then look at the sky for confirmation.

      Best to all of you out there, let's keep up the good fight. Awareness is spreading rapidly.

  42. JIMBO says:

    My first post i have been following this destruction for quite awhile and have come to the conclusion we have allot of vermin to wipe off the face of the world now where is judge dread to carry out the  sentence ?  

  43. Ken Maltby says:

    Hello Dane, thanks for another lesson in climate modification. I had began to notice Joaquin creep into my morning satellite photos of North America on September 29th. It was a news story by then, but for the next few days, Joaquin barely moved. I began to question how they could bottle up so much energy? Where is the HAARP located in the eastern half of the continent that pinned these high pressure systems to stall Joaquin's path. Thanks for answering most of the questions in my head, in your article. The NCEP GFS Precipitate map you posted in this article certainly mirrors the satellite map I printed on the morning of October 3rd 2015.
    A spokesperson for Environment Canada was recently heard blubbering incoherently on CBC about the new dual signal technology installed at the local SBX station outside Exeter, Ontario. Since then I have noticed a lot more of the radiated cirrusol clouds in our SWOnt skies, so similar to those I have seen pictured on your website. We are bombarded daily by SRM missions, often at night. One advantage of living out here in the sticks is that we hear the overhead aerosol cans before we see them.
    BTW, what is the chemical concoction they spray that requires sunlight to activate it into morning fog? I awaken to the sound of overhead aerosol cans, and get up to see a clear sky full of stars at 3 am. By the time I leave home for work, TWN (the weather nuts) have posted a fog warning, but the sky is still clear as I walk to work in the dark. As dawn sets in, you notice the ground level haze. Then like a magic trick, when the sun rises, the fog thickens and reduces visibility, often hanging around till 9:30 am. When co-workers arrive I ask if they noticed fog on their drive in, and was it near creek beds. There is no correlation between creek beds (where one might expect fog, if the creeks were not bone dry) and where the fog is located. Many confess that there are swaths of fog, you drive into a swath of fog on high ground, then exit briefly before entering another swath of fog.
    I live small, so my circle of influence is small. However, good questions have lead me to enlighten my co-workers about the sky painters. Why is it no longer "too cold to snow"? Why do we get most of our precipitation during high pressure systems? Why do those long skinny clouds turn into flat wide clouds? Good questions lead them to question, which opens the window for teaching the lessons you have shared with us. Thank you all for helping this student of weather. KMNP.

    • Toby Dent says:

      I live in Vancouver BC where they streak every chance they get. Trees here are dying and it's hard to breathe. I can feel the chemtrails in my eyes and on my skin, yet many people I talk to have no idea what's going on and are stupefied when I tell them and recommend your site. I believe they are culling land, air, water and people. Perhaps Monsanto will be able to get our land for nothing when we're gone. We actually had drought in this rainforest this summer and a record # of wildfires. How possible would it be to get their secret information and stop this deadly assault?

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Ken, it is probably Lithium, a light (UV) sensitive mix, and psychoactive compounds  

  44. STEVE says:

    Just finished printing a whole shit**** of flyers. I own a courier company in Toronto and will have my bike couriers (most are aware) start distributing.
    QUESTION : Does it help to distribute on obvious fake cloud days ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, my most sincere gratitude to you for taking such assertive action to help sound the alarm. Any day is a good day to wake the sleeping masses.

    • JW in Victoria says:

      Same over southern Vancouver island. Yesterday was particularly bad. Literally hundreds of trails through the day. I have seen the exact same thing many times! I agree with so many of you as I have done the research – in short total global takeover

      attempt by evil scumbags!

  45. Gary Arsenault says:

    Amazing research and findings
    Let there be awareness, let’s see if with awareness we can develop a plan of action and change.
    Other than that, with this crazy cabal running the world, it is like I am living in a really strange movie where some diabolical force is out to kill us all

  46. Michael says:

    I TOLD everyone I knew that something was up with that entire storm. Literally NO media coverage.  Could you imagine if a missing malaysian airliner crashed into it? Blatant.
    Keep fighting folks!!

    • rebecca says:

      im sure the el faro cargo ship was def effected by this storm that took 32 ship crew members including my niece's husband keith griffin.

  47. david says:

    why would they target the north east with floods?  I can see why they would target California because its a food source. Is the North East a political target?  

  48. carol freiberg says:

    Nothing natural as long as they keep spraying toxic crap on all of us. Really hard to think we are exposing the truth, and trying to save the planet for people who don't give a shit about the future or their children. Apathy is the surest way to destroy a nation. By the way, we are being sprayed right now in Idaho. Was once a really peaceful and pristine place to live and now it looks like downtown Beijing China 

    • "and trying to save the planet for people who don't give a shit about the future or their children. Apathy is the surest way to destroy a nation."

      Exactly. This is the thought at the very front of my mind after the reactions of friends and family I try to speak to about it. The only two replies I got to a warning letter (mentioning kids/grandkids) I posted online this week in a UK National Daily were both mocking. I think most people find it all so incredulous, asking "Why would they do that, especially as they would be harming themselves and loved ones?" and I have difficulty in answering that one quickly and convincingly – apart from it being done by psychopaths. Still hard to comprehend. Mentioning the land-grab of Agenda 21 would make things worse.

      Tptb obviously rely heavily on that apathy of the dumbed-down, comatose people, distracted with `bread and circuses' in the form of television control, MSM celebrity tittle-tattle, football results, perhaps Fluoride, etc, and are getting away with more and more outrageous things without question. Still, we have a duty to keep trying just like friend Wyatt.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Malcolm, when people ask “why would they do this to themselves”, put the question right back on those that asked it. Ask them “why would there be 60 more nuclear power plants currently under construction when Fukushima may kill us all”? Ask about the 2000 + nuclear detonations carried out on our planet. Ask about the depleted uranium amunition made by the US military that is contaminating our own troops along with every region it is used in. Make the deniers answer your questions and see how well their attempts at denial hold up. With you completely Malcolm, our duty is to stay at our posts and to keep sounding the alarm, no matter what.

  49. Yogi Greg says:

    As we discuss earlier…I had also deduced that the "the Water pipe," which was only 20 miles wide at times, was GEOENGINEERED People, we need to call the WH Comment Line and start telling the Prez to STOP THE CLIMATE ENGINEERING, NOW!!

    • Edward Palys says:

      Call the white house and complain? He won't listen to you nor me as we're not the scientists who he listens to. He's got his mind made up from his bosses, the same ones who are doing all that spraying. The spraying is going on at a vicious pace now and I doubt that anybody can do much to stop it.

    • Felix says:

      ALL as a GROUP could help the legal guys prepare a PLAN of ACTION against those trying to kill us all one way or another !
      Good Luck to US !

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      You've GOT to be kidding! He's working for the same "elites" who are  DOING IT! All you can do with a letter like that is further ID yourself as someone who knows what's going on and is at least trying to stop it. Try to reach the people who don't know about it with evidence and where to find it; that's all I can think of. 

  50. Wyatt Berry says:

    I just received my first ‘official’ position from my Senator regarding geoengineering.   I am now gonna paste my response to her, following her original message to me
    Have no doubt, all of the reps know about this, LaMalfa, Collins, King, Obama/Biden, they ALL know.

    October 6, 2015
    Dear Mr. Berry,
    Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to "geoengineering." I appreciate your taking the time to do so.
    Geoengineering encompasses a number of technologies that have been proposed and developed to combat the warming of Earth's climate, most of which are considered to be at the conceptual and research stages. I have noted your concerns that geoengineering technologies remain experimental and that concerns have been raised that such technologies may pose threats to the environment and public health.
    Protecting our nation's environment and the health of Americans is a priority of mine. Should legislation relating to geoengineering come before the Senate, I will be sure to keep your concerns in mind. Thank you again for contacting me.
    Susan M. Collins

    Dear Senator Collins,
    I wish to express my appreciation for one of your office interns who has finally addressed my concerns regarding the covert ongoing and accelerating aerosol geoengineering programs.  After having sent several dozen letters to all of my Maine representatives during the past year, yours is the first office to actually acknowledge and address this issue in writing.  Furthermore, your intern has made the distinction between ‘chemtrails’ and stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, the semantics are very important when it comes to this ‘controversial’ topic.
    That being said, however, your response falls very short from what I expect of my elected officials.  The brevity of this message stating your ‘position’ contrasts greatly with the responses that you send me regarding my other messages, on subjects such as TPP or GMO.  This tight-lipped nature of your response regarding ‘geoengineering’ suggests to me that you and your underlings have explicit instructions not to lend any credibility to this issue, whatsoever.  This is all very predictable, but I am still very grateful that you have attached your name to this message in the first place; it is a start after all.
    Now, to get to the point, you have completely ignored the substance of my statements that I have made to your office on so many occasions.  I have provided more than adequate circumstantial evidence to inform your office that our atmosphere and skies are being intentionally poisoned on a daily basis.  TENS OF MILLIONS (very likely much more) of citizens around the world are all extremely concerned about the ongoing, classified deployment of stratospheric aerosols, yet in your templated message, you assert that “Geoengineering encompasses a number of technologies… most of which are considered to be at the conceptual and research stages.”  Emphasis on “MOST OF WHICH ARE CONSIDERED TO BE AT THE CONCEPTUAL OR RESEARCH STAGES” … perhaps you can elaborate as to which ones are indeed currently being deployed?  (Also, the word ‘considered’ is very subjective, who is your SOURCE?)
    Honestly, you should not waste the interns’ time promoting your doublespeak; it simply will not work on those like me who can see that we are being irreparably poisoned on a daily basis – but who am I kidding, that is why taxpayer monies employ your staff in the first place to conduct damage control.  Again, you stated, “I have noted your concerns that geoengineering technologies remain experimental.”  If your staff actually read my messages and comprehended them before sending them to the shitcan, then you might be able to avoid the frustration I experience upon reading your baseless claims that “geoengineering technologies remain experimental” WHEN IN FACT THEY ARE IN FULL DEPLOYMENT AND YOU AND YOUR SUBORDINATES ARE BREATHING NANOALUMINIUM AMONG OTHER TOXIC SUBSTANCES EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
    Protecting our nation's environment and the health of Americans is a priority of mine. Should legislation relating to geoengineering come before the Senate, I will be sure to keep your concerns in mind.”  I have told you, again and again, these operations are NOT on the books, they comprise one of the MOST CLASSIFIED programs that exist today.  No one in their right mind would consent to a 20 megaton aluminum metal bath every year; therefore you and your fellow cronies most definitely comprehend the necessity of keeping this crime a secret, hence this hollow and empty ‘response’ from your office.
    There IS a globalist plot; all major players are in on it, Russia/China/USA.  The new war is against the people themselves, and there is no oversight as to how much particulates we are forced to accumulate among our cells and organs.
    You can’t seem to admit that you are a pawn with no real power over the true affairs of this once great country.
    In the future, should you have a change in “heart”, we need ‘high profile’ individuals including but not limited to United States Senators to help us sound the alarm on the most heinous crime ever perpetuated against humanity as a whole.
    Keep up the denial and it will come to haunt you soon enough, believe me.
    Yours truly,
    Wyatt Berry

    • James A. Brown Jr. says:

      Well Said, I don't think I could have done as good a job!

    • marc says:

      Wyatt Berry, awesome, awesome, awesome!!! 

    • Tara says:

      Wow, is all I can say!!  I was so proud when I read the letter you wrote and you are exactly right – one day, they will have to answer for their crimes, if not in this world, it will be to Our Lord himself.
      You are a brave and honest man indeed.

    • Felix says:

      EXCELLENT reply! I too have written to the EPA and received a reply saying nothing! I hope our GEO Eng Watch legal staff nails these lying B…….s . What I don't understand is that THEY are going to suffer just as all the World Citizens are, they don't think of that I guess.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great Wyatt! Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth to these worthless political 'pawns'- as you so aptly put it. Let Ms. Susan Collins put that in her pipe and smoke it for awhile. It really is going to come down to all of 'us' to come together and make changes happen. Sadly, our political hacks are mostly useless, brainless, conscienceless, bought out, sold out, blackmailed, hopeless pieces of worthless human waste. ( Next time I'll tell you how I really feel about it! )

    • tina says:

      Wyatt, they have all been bribed and/or threatened. I would like to see Doug LaMalfa questioned on this,actually all of them. The last tv interview with LaMalfa over the famous gmo labeling (monsanto bs) you could tell damned good and well he knew. Something was really wrong with his body language,especially when he said "it will rain or snow again……someday" He also opened the door for monsanto by backing and helped sponsor the food labeling bill. You do know besides all of these heathens being criminal and complicit in this,they can all be sued as they are all corporations. They are not a legitimate govt. I want them all removed and replaced with "Constitutional Reps" their assets all frozen immediately.

    • Well done Sir. Yes, as I have stated previously, I wrote to my UK Member of Parliament asking for questions to be asked in Westminster about the spraying of our skies and got a flat denial – the Dept of Transport knows nothing of it. Strange that he did not check with the Dept of the Environment, I thought. Perhaps I should re-write him to ask that and follow your example – not take it lying down.

    • Corinne says:

      Awesome letter! It's difficult to comprehend how the globalists (NWO) have such power over those who think they are in leadership positions in this country. They are puppets just like Mr. Obama. May the one and only True Living God have mercy on their souls because I do not see an end in sight. I am so thankful for Dane and all that are taking a stand for this madness and I truly pray that things will change quickly!

    • My heartfelt thanks, Wyatt. Your excellence is so needed and appreciated. We thank God for you.

    • Catherine says:

      Well done Mr. Berry, very well done!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Thank you Wyatt!!! I know that it seems like all the time and effort you put into this fight is getting us nowhere, but it is. We All have a different approach or method and that is a good thing. You keep doing what you are doing and I will keep doing what I am doing. Everyone must find a way to be active in this fight everyday. There are NO days off in this battle. The momentum is growing, people are waking up fast. Never Give Up!!! Thank you again for all of your efforts.

      Steven W. Chamberlain      a.k.a. The Pizza guy

  51. DD says:

    I am so disturbed by this.  This is pure evil!  Our children will have no future if this is not put to a stop!

  52. Joshua Smith says:

    Thank you for all you do ….. Thank you for caring …..

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