Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 23, 2019, #185



Dane Wigington

An undercurrent of concern is building within the ranks of populations. Though many are not yet willing to fully face reality, the resistance to it is finally beginning to break down on many fronts. In the meantime, power structure desperation continues to accelerate. What will be their next major move on the wider horizon? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The day of climate engineering exposure draws ever nearer as such operations become all but impossible to hide any longer in plain sight. Now more than ever we need to keep our stride in the battle to raise awareness. Share credible data from a credible source, every day counts.

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to thank Conrad Pederson for his efforts to sound the alarm in Cle Elum, Washington. This newspaper ad shown was placed by Conrad in the NKC Tribune on February 21st, 2019.​

This is what the meteorologists call "partly cloudy”. Does this look normal to you? The 24 second clip was captured in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, February 19th, 2019. Video credit: Ruth Young

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  1. Roger Barker says:

    Greeting Dane.

    I truly admire you for what you do for mankind!

    Here is a quote by Edward Teller (1908-2003) who was one of the most well informed human beings of his time.

    " Conflict over weather control is the likely cause of the last war on earth".

  2. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Some fine posts regarding capitalist "environmental planning"  by V. Susan Ferguson.  lol 😉

    I've been following the "over production" phenomena for many years.  I first noticed it in the audio electronics industry in the mid-seventies, when consumer electronics achieved about the same level of utility as a Bic lighter.  This over production and depreciating of value has continued onward and now pervades every facet of industry and commerce.  The Earth has become a vast and filthy junkyard. 


    Published February 17, 2019


    Published on February 17, 2018

    There have dozens of such films and thousands of disturbing pictures over the last 50 years… No one seems to care as long as they have food on the table…

    I have an old (Nixon era) idea… > Pay people to stay home where they can't destroy anything but themselves… Fools still deluded with capitalist dreams and ever increasing production scams would call my plan insane.  I would call it rational survival…

  3. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    [Russia's] State oil company might redirect millions of tons [of OIL] to Arctic coast
    In a sign of support for growing shipping on the Northern Sea Route, Rosneft mulls building of a 600 km long pipeline from its Vankor oil fields to the Kara Sea.
    The Barents Observer / February 28, 2019

    A growing sense of distress has made its way through government offices and leading industrial companies as planners have grappled with the question how to boost shipping on the Northern Sea Route (NSR) to 80 million tons of goods by year 2024. It is the target set by Vladimir Putin and the President has made clear that ministers and business leaders are the ones that are going to make it happen.
    Rosneft [Russia] might now come to the rescue.
    The company makes clear that it might build a pipeline from the Vankor area in north Siberia to the Arctic coast of the Taymyr Peninsula. The pipeline will be about 600 km long and have capacity to carry at least 25 million tons of oil per year, newspaper Kommersant reports.  The end destination of the pipeline would be a new terminal built in the Sever Bay, near the town of Dikson.
    If built, the new infrastructure would provide the shipments needed to fullfil Putin’s 80 million ton target for the Northern Sea Route. It would mean relief both for government and the leading industrial companies in the area. Among them is Rosatom, the state nuclear power company that has got the main responsibility for development of the NSR.
    The Vankor fields include oil reserves of about 500 million tons. Production in the area started in 2009 and production in 2018 amounted to 17,6 million tons, newspaper Vedomosti reported. [Map & full report link below].


  4. Martha says:

    This morning I heard a comment during a local weather report on a Spokane radio station that got my attention. We've had a lot of snow recently. Speaking of this week's weather the script reader said, "We'll get a bit of a break from the snow machine." Snow machine?  "Snow machine" as in manufactured, engineered weather? What? Are they playing games? Well, we know they are but…I wondered if this was supposed to be a veiled hint just in case anyone was paying attention or a slip. It didn't seem like a slip, it came across as intentional. Could they be  telling the truth on purpose but in a joking way that will go over the heads of most? It was strange. Has anyone else noticed anything else like this? 


    • Alan says:

      Hi, Martha:

      To your point, almost daily in our local paper there is verbiage in the weather report that justifies your suspicion.  For example, in today's San Diego Union Tribune Dan Cayan, climate researcher at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, is quoted as saying, "There's been a kind of redeployment of the air masses."  Yes, Dan's choice of words will go over the heads of most, but it hit me right between the eyes.  And, as I say, this kind of thing is now commonplace in our paper.  We consistently see terms like, "will remain in place", "will be directed", "is scheduled", and "will prevail" in our forecasts.  

    • Martha says:

      Alan, interesting indeed. The definition of redeploy is – "to transfer from one area or activity to another" with the implication that someone is intentionally doing it with the likelihood of a specific goal to attain  The other terms you mentioned are equally suspect. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Melissa says:

    Weather Modification Inc.

    Weather modification is big business . Check out the client list and see who one of the biggest clients is! You guessed it United States of America! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Melissa, yes, weather modification is big buisness, you are correct. this being said, it is important to remember that weather modification programs and climate engineering operations are very different. FYI

  6. High Awareness says:

    Today is February 28th and  I have not posted for many months. I live east of Pittsburgh, PA and we just went thru a terrible tri-state windstorm here this past Sunday into Monday. The winds were terrible with gusts up and over 60+ mph but during the event they never let up for 24 plus hours and emergency dispatchers noticed it was continuous destruction of trees and power lines. Old timers made comments to me they had never witnessed a windstorm like this. Many trees already saturated by heavy rainfall (over 59 inches last year) fell downing power lines and disrupting power for days. As of today they still are repairing lines, broken poles and transformers. Today the skies are being sprayed by planes doing SRM from all directions and they finally placed a haze over the skies. They do this always before a weather event of rain or snow. Snow is forecasted tonight 1-3 inches. Our temperatures spike up to 50 and then swing 40 degrees down to lows in the teens and it will last for days before the next warm up. The local TV station weather reporters stick to their script reading and never question the strange swings or SRM planes diminishing the sun- they use terms like partly cloudy or cloudy for the day. I just cannot listen to them any longer but I know they read the canned scripts produced from other companies like Raytheon. Most people have no question to the skies above their heads and go on about life as it is normal.  You can see the changes happening and many trees are dying and growing a fungus on the bark. It will be interesting this year on spring planting as it rains 1-2 inches per event- the ground is saturated and freezes and then thaws for more rain. This area has been affected by landslides as homes were built in areas of cut and fill and the ground cannot hold the soil due to saturation. 

    Thank you Dane for your weekly broadcast. I admire you for never giving up! I know a broadcaster in Cincinnati who also is a curator for a museum for the old Voice of America– a transmitter site built during WWII and opened in 1944 to broadcast into European countries held by the Nazis. It continued broadcasting during the cold war years but closed in 2005 as satellite technology replaced it. Perhaps I can get your weekly show linked up with him as they have a lot of interest in a ham radio club and radio broadcasting. I will make an effort to see if he would be interested and contact you directly.      

    • Lorraine says:

      In my "neck of the wood" (Atlantic Canada), we had a winter storm on Monday and the strong winds howled for three days afterwards.  Roads were closed, prompting delivery trucks to delay delivery of goods into the areas affected by those winds.  

  7. Pete says:

    Hello Dane, quite a few MSM reports appeared today about 'Blood Rain' (their sensationalized title) set to hit UK, and the excuse is the same as a truly strange event in Oct 2017, when the sky was very orange and Sun appeared red, that it's due to storms mixing with Saharan dust.

    We had some forest fires here recently and some unusually hot temperatures for a few days, clearer skies but heavily engineered. I thought they might be trying to give spring a kick start but have noticed the trees have not responded yet and still we have many trees I've seen with dead leaves hanging.

    Be grateful if you'd address this on your news this week with your opinion of what are they up to now.

    Here's a link to one of new reports

  8. Alberto fontanez says:

    Hello my name is Alberto I live in New York city  there hasn't been a lot of HARRP  activity along the northern Atlantic Coast I have been noticing through radar that the storms have been stared coming off of the eastern US into the northern Atlantic into the Greenland North Pole region where it has been melted for quite some time is this the runaway event happening right now and if so how long do we have left before they try something crazy like set off a supervolcano just to cool off the atmosphere they have burn down the forest as you reported to cool down the atmosphere is the polar regions or accelerating in a massive rate wouldn't it be obvious that a super volcano would be next in order to save this planet from certain Extinction the climate Engineers are certainly setting up something that is very drastic


  9. Bella_Fantasia says:

    There is an article about clouds from Quanta Magazine that is being reposted around the Web.  It gives the appearance of being very 'scientific and authoritative' but it seemed full of goggledeegook to me.  Hopefully, Dane might look at it and pry it apart.

    It struck me as very odd that clouds would disappear, especially when each degree of warming of the atmosphere adds so much more moisture to it.  Then there's the psyops effect of getting people to suddenly worry about the lack of clouds, while the jets keep cranking them out without a day off. People will think 'nothing to worry about here since every day is cloudy' and then go about their business as usual. Also odd to me was the distinction made between 'irregularly shaped cloud droplets made of ice' and 'spherical cloud droplets made of supercooled liquid water' (in the Southern Ocean??). . . . . which might be something important. . . . . . but Whaa?

    The title:  A World Without Clouds–Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming

    I had written two comments in reply to others who vaguely referenced SRM and geoengineering.  Both of my comments were Removed.

    If this link works, they can be viewed here:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bella, about the article in question, it is what it doesn’t say that matters most. Climate engineering (and its endless downstream consequences) is completely decimating the planets own cloud making mechanisms. Example, geoengineering operations are the single greatest factor that is destoying the ozone layer. The extreme UV radiation is now likely the single greatest factor killing global plankton populations (already down over 60%). Plankton play a huge role in maring layer formation, and thus planetary cooling. The story is simular with the forests (which also make clouds), climate engineering consequences are at the core of the die off. The planet cannot respond to the damage done from anthropogenic activity while it is being assaulted with the climate engineering insanity. There is much more to the equation but the bottom line is this, if we are to have any chance of extending our stay on this once thriving planet, geoengineering must be exposed and halted.

    • Daniel says:

      Read the article. Posted regarding how convenient it was that the ongoing geoengineering programs were being left out of the equation, etc. Shocker. The comment was deleted. Censorship, censorship, and more censorship. These people are digging their own graves.

    • Dennie says:

      They're all in it for the Almighty Dollar.  YESSS we live in a money culture and YESSS we all have to use it some time or other (and that's one for you, you "purist" Untainted-by-Culture Virgins out there– ever try bartering with insurance execs for your gasoline?  How about your auto or homeowner insurance–?? Oh, yeah…. suuuure you did….).  It always amazes me how many are hopping on board, totally awestruck that this is actually happening to our skies–!!!! Like, why the HELL weren't you looking UP ten years ago?  Where do you actually keep your head, kids???  And what the HELL are WE gonna DO about any of this, and how SOON, because it's waaay past time to take action.  Most don't notice, more don't WANT to notice, fewer actually care about their future and even fewer still care about the future the kids are going to be left by their greedy grandparents and clueless parents to deal with.  NO ONE wants to be reminded of any of this.

  10. Kathy says:

    Dane and Jonathon Landsman

    Excellent interview to pass on


    • Kerry says:

      Good catch!

      How did you find the interview? Trying to figure out search terms to keep up with latest geoengineering news.

  11. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    2018 was the deadliest year for Afghan civilians since the UN started keeping track
    By: Kathy Gannon, The Associated Press

    KABUL, Afghanistan — More civilians were killed in Afghanistan last year than in any of the previous nine years of the increasingly bloody conflict, according to a U.N. report released Sunday, which blamed the spike in deaths on increased suicide bombings by the Islamic State group and stepped up aerial attacks by U.S.-led coalition forces.
    In its annual report, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said 3,804 civilians were killed last year, the highest number since the international organization began tallying figures in 2009. Another 7,189 were wounded.
    The report comes amid efforts to find a peaceful end to the 17-year war, which have accelerated since the appointment in September of U.S. peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, who is to begin another round of talks with the Taliban on Monday in the Gulf state of Qatar, where they maintain a political office.
    U.N. envoy Tadamichi Yamamoto called the spiraling number of civilian casualties "deeply disturbing and wholly unacceptable."

  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    GE chief Culp sells biopharma business for $21.4 billion

    …. The purchase is also the biggest yet for Danaher, which has a history of deal-making, and half of its revenue has come from companies it has acquired in the past seven years.
    The deal will expand Danaher’s presence in the biopharma industry, providing it with access to tools for research and development of drugs. Shares of the medical equipment maker rose more than 9 percent to a record $124.07.
    Danaher expects to add 45 cents to 50 cents per share to its adjusted profit in the first full-year after the deal closes, and does not expect any “significant” anti-trust challenges.
    “These are really complementary businesses when you look across the portfolio of the product line on GE biopharma’s side and our side,” said Danaher’s Chief Executive Officer Thomas Joyce on a call with analysts.
    … biopharma business accounted for 15 percent of GE’s healthcare business revenue in 2018. It makes instruments and software that support the research and development of drugs.
    The sale leaves GE’s healthcare unit with its medical device unit, which makes X-ray, CT scan and MRI machines, and its pharmaceuticals diagnostic unit.

  13. Sandy Patrus says:

    I was sitting at one of the octagon tables with benches waiting for my granddaughter to play in the playground after school today since there were blue skies, ( I don't normally let her play outdoors on the heavy spray days).  Another grandparent was waiting for his grandchild sitting on the bench next to me.  We got into this conversation and he mentioned how nice the weather was today and I said we even had blue skies for once.  We started chit chatting and before long there were lines starting in the sky and I commented on it.  I could tell he knew nothing about what I was talking about so I had to explain to him what was going on above our heads.  He listened, but I could tell he was not comfortable about it and I actually think he did not believe me.  I explained to him about everything that is happening to all forms of life because of what they are spraying on us.  I told him I get all my information from a reputable site and mentioned Dane's site.  When I told him I was so angry that our government was commiting these crimes against humanity, he responded with there were new people coming into office which will be good for the country.  I said I have no faith in politics what so ever and had given up on them all years ago when I realized both parties were corrupt.  He sat there listening to my rant about everything from geoengineering to vaccinations, but did not say a word.  I could sense he was taking it all in and found it a little hard to comprehend all of what I was saying, but was polite enough to sit there and listen.  Finally he stood up and said, "well I think I better get my grandson now, nice talking to you".  I think he really couldn't wait to get away from me, but I bet I got him thinking.

  14. Alan says:

    I’ve been watching Denver’s air quality index over the past few days.  Unhealthy due to particulate matter.  Denver.  In the middle of winter.  Foul air?  I’m positively baffled!  But I’m sure I have a lot of company in the scientific community.  

    • BlueSue says:

      Andy, this is mind boggling when a major UK newspaper is trying to say that the first day of "meteorological" spring (whatever that means) is now March 1 when we know spring actually begins on March 20.  I guess that the warm winter temperatures have to be normalized by moving spring up.  We live in truly frightening times. 

      Britain is burning: Wildfires break out across the country after record-breaking 70F hottest winter's day EVER left fields parched

      Moroccan air brings UK's warmest winter day ever for second consecutive day as London hits 21.2C (70.2F)

      Kew Gardens in West London was Tuesday's hotspot – beating 20.6C (68.5F) yesterday in Trawsgoed, Wales 

      Today will be slightly cooler but still above average, before heavy showers expected to fall on Thursday

      Friday will mark first day of meteorological spring and is expected to be mostly dry before wet weekend

      Wildfires raged throughout the country yesterday in East Sussex, Saddleworth Moor and North Wales 

      Bob Ward, from Grantham Research Institute at LSE, said warmer winters are a result of climate change trend

  15. Robert says:

    I'm curious, if I were to test bottled water would I find alumina in it? We've been having snow here in Oregon for a couple of days and my nasal tract feels irritated lately and I am not hyper sensitive to chemicals. I sure do sense something in the air. Thanks to all of the awakened here.

    • Dennie says:

      Sooooo many people are finally waking up, all with questions we Old Timers found answers to, with proof, long ago… You know, there are always desiccants in the spray mix.  The Plan for the East Pacific is to hijack all the moisture and send it to cool off the east with the ice nucleation chemicals.  Just like the rest of the West, your nasal passages are being dried out, too.  I sprung a nosebleed while waiting in the exam chair at the endodontist's office last Friday– just oozing blood out my nose, with nearly no sensation of this really whatsoever– how embarrassing is that??

  16. DM says:

    So continued 'fog' in TX and the most recent rains created puddles at my farm that were white like skim milk.  The rain falling off my car stains my garage floor in white circles from the drips.  Turtles are mysteriously dying in Ft. Worth on the news yesterday.  Scientists don't know 'why'….I am so sick of this every day surrounded by impending death of all creation….

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi DM, I too have noticed a dramatic drop in turtle sightings here in northern Georgia for several years now. Used to after the spring and summertime rains one would see dozens. Now I am lucky to see 2 or 3 live ones and maybe (sadly) another 1 or 2 hit and killed on the road in an entire season. By the way, its been a monsoon of a season with around 24" of rainfall above normal for 2018 and we're already off to a soaker for 2019. Lake Lanier is already 5 Feet above full pool, the second highest measure since 1964 (I think it was) the weather reporter mentioned this morning on the news. We are sick of the Gulf moisture constantly being pulled up the center of the country and circulated over us to fuel the northern blizzards and snow events. Lord knows our northern and northwestern friends must really be tired out. Yet, because of the dessicant nature of what's being sprayed over us the topsoil of the ground here dries out peculiarly quickly and I've noticed also for several years the soil and deadwood appears bleached to a grayish color similar to driftwood. This is a new phenomenon for deadwood in the southern mountains- normally decays to black or brown colors. The nearest saltwater oceans would be about 4 or 5 hundred miles away. No reason for salt to be in our environment here at all were it not for the aerosol crimes above our heads poisoning everything.

    • Cyndi says:

      I miss the cricket sounds so much in the past few years, I have been buying them at the pet store and let them go in the late summer.  Sad, I know. Selfish? Yes.  But does it help my soul to hear them? Yes. 

      I hope they can make it through the season, but not sure about that.

  17. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Some alternate ideas:  When rules fail within an economic system, it is time to change the rules.  Direct democracy and civilian organizations (Sortitions) wherein members are chosen by lot could provide rational solutions to our failed democracies.  Switzerland's governance is based on direct democracy, and it works extremely well… 

    Excerpted from: Direct democracy – Wikipedia 

    "The pure form of direct democracy exists only in the Swiss cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Glarus.[15] The Swiss Confederation is a semi-direct democracy (representative democracy with strong instruments of direct democracy).[15] The nature of direct democracy in Switzerland is fundamentally complemented by its federal governmental structures (in German also called the Subsidiaritätsprinzip).[4][5][6][7]

    Most western countries have representative systems. [15] Switzerland is a rare example of a country with instruments of direct democracy (at the levels of the municipalities, cantons, and federal state). Citizens have more power than in a representative democracy. On any political level citizens can propose changes to the constitution (popular initiative), or ask for an optional referendum to be held on any law voted by the federal, cantonal parliament and/or municipal legislative body. [16]"

    Please refer to complete text:

    Movements such as Extinction Rebellion and the Yellow Vests need to consider rational long term solutions to our impeding doom.  If there are no serious political positions or offered resolutions, there will be no social or environmental recovery – regardless of the levels of protest.

    Excerpted from Sortition – Wikipedia

    "In governance, sortition (also known as selection by lot, allotment, or demarchy) is the selection of political officials as a random sample from a larger pool of candidates,[1] a system intended to ensure that all competent and interested parties have an equal chance of holding public office. It also minimizes factionalism, since there would be no point making promises to win over key constituencies if one was to be chosen by lot, while elections, by contrast, foster it [2] In ancient Athenian democracy, sortition was the traditional and primary method for appointing political officials, and its use was regarded as a principal characteristic of democracy.[3]

    Today, sortition is commonly used to select prospective jurors in common law-based legal systems and is sometimes used in forming citizen groups with political advisory power (citizens' juries or citizens' assemblies).[4] "

    Complete text:

    Also see:

  18. Andy says:

    While still far from a paradigm shift "ordinary" people are beginning to question the unnatural *weather* current in the UK.

    Temperature records are being broken on an almost daily basis –

    Many folks I encounter are now talking about this most unseasonably warm weather. I have actually experienced previously mule-headed opponents of the notion of the coming drastic climate shift approaching me and asking what my take on it all is. As I have learnt, through past experience, not to overwhelm them with preaching I try to plant seeds of interest – a few *choice* points eg how can it be warmer at the North Pole than it is in Athens? Or, why are so many trees blossoming in FEBRUARY?! (which, being local, is more likely to make an impact on them). Then I encourage them to look into it for themselves, directing them to websites such as this one.

    Folks are starting to awaken, I just fervently hope that many more do so. Quickly.

    Peace to all.



  19. Jeff Z says:

    I've always thought politics is mostly theater.  Or similar to wrestling, fight like hell in front of an audience and then go for drinks after.  Oh sure, there's definitely competition among psychopaths but they certainly have common ground in keeping the masses tamped down.

    Psychological projection…normalcy bias….dunning kruger effect….all things we're up against.  And the people that run things KNOW THEIR HISTORY!  They know patterns, and they know what works on people.  They know how to pull the strings on most folks to make them dance.  The few of us that at least have some pieces of the puzzle in place, are mocked.  I can't tell you how many times I've been declared as Nutso….until 5 years roll by and what I was talking about comes to pass.  Most times people conveniently forget but once in awhile I'll get a , "Hey Jeff, you used to talk about this".  Yeah, nice, but what does it matter now??? 

    I've never known what to do.  Remember, Noah warned everybody too.  And in the end he saved relatively few.  So, save yourselves and your loved ones.  Save your own souls.  Sorry, but we're too deep in the game to do more than pull a Noah.  Which still ain't bad if you think about it.

  20. Paul Vonharnish says:

    How trillions of dollars are gleefully pissed away while homeless people in America live in tent cities and Yemeni civilians get murdered or starve to death.


    Defense Intelligence Agency [Areas of research]


    See any familiar company names?

  21. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Another 740 page reason why no one in Federal or State agencies wants to talk about the "unusual" weather… 


    Weather modification: programs, problems, policy, and potential

    May, 1978


    I watched the latest Greta Thunberg speech with an ill feeling that she's being pimped by organizations that are simply taking advantage of her notoriety.  See here

    I also reviewed the latest YouTube videos by the "Scientist Warning" organization.  Sorry, I'm not impressed.  They keep using IPCC data as part of their discussion, when IPCC data has been proven bogus for decades.  We are 20 years past the commonly used reference of 1.5 C temperature rise.  Current "tipping point" methane releases in Siberia are just the beginning.

    We need major civil actions at all district courts buildings, Federal and States "agencies", common carrier airline operations, and especially all stock exchanges world wide.  The IPCC has been talking through their pockets for over 30 years.  The United Nations is nothing but a gaggle of corporate stooges for trade organizations…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Paul, more input on the 1978 document you posted is in the attached link, important excerpts are highlighted for easier review. FYI

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      I know what you mean Paul, particularly when we see that 10am glass of brandy swigging Juncker sitting behind her(…with his plaster!)  

      But, I still think she is genuine and is prepared to use any means possible to get her message out.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Thanks Dane.  I missed your October 15, 2015 page due to "sudden" circumstances… I was very politically active in 2015 and seems I pissed someone off about September or so… I spent over two years thereafter, as a homeless vagabond living in my car… Freedom and Justice for all > who can afford it <

      Your highlighted excerpts from the document pretty much nail the situation down.  I think your October 15, 2015 page should be front and center on Geoengineering Watch as often as possible… Thanks again Dane.

    • Dee says:

      Why do you think President Trump just sold 110 Boeing planes to Vietnam? $21 bil pkg?

  22. Fred Richards says:

    Greetings All,

    Funny things going on for me in the way the cursor must be on the audio 'placard' or all goes black. Have signed back in several times, and use startpage to search. (used to be ixquick) Noticing more how google pushes it's way into my logistics. When on borrowed library laptops, it isn't willing to search using an 'anonymous' search engine by misspelling what was typed so easy to pick/use them. Bang right to NSA. for analyses, typecasting and presumption without bounds.

    Pleased to read others noticing first hand what is real in present time for them. My sister in Rochester MN is seeing the kind of 'frozen rain, wild winds 'in the wee hours scenario. I found myself sending her, then asking her to simply watch Dane's 17' breathless, parched report of his take on this rude turnaround live, then to get back with me with anything you may think..

    Finally made it up the road a piece to attend and step up to help in the booth at a Santa Barbara Gem Faire event. First half day came with my better half in the newer, smoother 35 mpg road rate and walked right up to Jim Bliss of Gem Faire fame. He calmed my 'natural expectation' and  apprehension about placing myself into the 'hot seat' coolly referred to as GEW's outreach booth. IOW "the booth not selling a thing, yet offering an 'inconvenient' array of facts and credible evidence we are being played for silent suckers when it comes to our environment proper. No Malice intended. Sat/Sun the 13 year old Dakota (15 mpg) was driven the 75 mi rnd trip.Whew, writing is tough

    It was a fascinating time spent being available for people to approach and do his best to manage and handle the breadth and depth of any comment or question they may have in the large booth with, numerous posters and 40" Visio HDTV. Met the curious, reticent and knowledgeable, then took notes to be sure my memory didn't Have To. There has already been contact made to continue the relationships initiated there, unlike much of my experience being public many years freeform working out on ski boots mounted with leaf-springs. I notoriously/naively serially offered my contact nfo and rarely, if ever, heard from them again. Nice Group to Serve


    Kudos Dane and Gem faire for providing me with what revealed itself to clearly be  a level-up group of passers-by prospects to join us in the effort(s) put forth to awaken and arm any with' the grit to step out of  formation.'


    You Sir Dane continue to teach and amaze me with your steady, strong hands- on  leadership !!  Thank you for being such a motivating influence on this elder with some "ADD and Loving It" (See the DVD if you're interested , it's worthwhile,  Luv n' Hugs to Everyone Involved       

    • Kathy says:

      Fred, awesome to read this! YES, this is exactly the description of the  "Level up" GF passer-bys. A far more pleasant crowd to work with. It feels good doesn't it? Professional, yet relaxed as confidence quickly kicks in standing on solid data and facts,. It does not take long to learn how starving people are to know the truth. "The Plunge-in" to the booth itself is the hardest step, once you get there, you don't want to stop or miss one potential mind to reach out to.

  23. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Yes indeed, The Sacking Of The Planet!    Hundreds, up to 600 Dolphins wash ashore Dead along France's Atlantic coast since the beginning of 2019.     On Feb.14 2019, 1000's of dead Cuttlefish mysteriously washed ashore in Bahia Inglesa Chili.  A coastal area that is one of the countries main tourist hotspots. Locals say such an incident has not happened before (This Highlighted) And environmental authorities are investigating & have warned locals not to eat the fish amidst pollution fears. There are concerns that the dead fish could damage the regions fishing industry, a major driver of the local economy. ( They knocked their main economy out in one foul swoop) Bahia Inglesa is a popular summer destination for Chili, with thousands attracted to the area's pristine beaches.  Extreme rainfalls in the Andes claimed several lives & destroyed homes & roads. In the Atacama Desert, normally one of the driest places on earth. A 60m (196ft) Waterfall that had run dry for 10 years, has been reactivated.  Now that's a lot of Rain! Where did that come from? Well, locals have a short memory of this happening in Chili. On Jan.26 2016 a repot states; 10,000 + dead Squid washed ashore, reason unknown in the Province of Arauco Chili. Giant Cuttlefish ( Dosidicus gigas )   Experts have not been able to determine the causes of the" incident " & not it's relation to El Nino is discarded. Without ruling out the possibility of a "pollution event", experts point out that the mass death of squid may have been caused by the high temperature of the Seawater.  Well there's a nugget of truth.  Then you scroll down & find…Iraqi officials are trying to determine what's caused "thousands of tonnes" (How many is that?) of freshwater Carp to wash up dead in the Euphrates River.  Iraqi Fish Farmers reeling from the significant loss of earnings.(Yet again another punch to the economy now in Iraq)  Carp, the Country's national dish, commonly barbecued across restaurants in Baghdad.   This was Nov.5 2018   Yes indeed a countless amount of these massive deaths around the world. Nothing to see even when it takes up miles of shorelines in large tourists areas. Do you just kick a couple of Fish & lay your blanket down & look at your dumb phone & take in a few UVB/UVC rays?   Trump, I want clean air & clean water, & we got it!  Then what is with on all the reports to the contrary? Respiratory issues to the young & old off the charts around the world. Must be that clean air. Sea life crashing around the globe. Up to 90% down. I think the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers & Ponds would have another opinion to your false statements!  Who buys this crap? Yep, I know, uneducated in the real world beings. The Fools of our nations.  Mankind!  Enough of them to keep it going this way & too few Heroes to balance sanity, with madness. I sure hope we tip the scale soon, for what we have left to salvage. It's sure is collapsing quickly. There is an endless amount of these reports happening with every living, breathing, being on the planet. Fish, Birds, Insects, Bees, Bats, Wildlife, Mankind… How much more can this old world take? I have no desire to live under a new world order. Do you? We are heading in that direction at full velocity.   You know decades ago, it just wasn't possible to block kiddy porn, twisted adult porn, cat stomping, bestiality, abuse & rape of Women & Men on camera posted for all the wack jobs to view. Yet this is still out of reach to those in control of what is being shown online. Well,well,well. Then how are they so clearly able to block all of these fact based informative sites, that are  backed with documents, photo's, video's & patents proving there validity, knocked out, removed from public view? Dare not talk about the Real World, including Geo Engineering, Vaccines, Cancer Cures, Monsanto, 5G,  & one big one, Jesus,  Don't mention his name with Love! or a bad word about The Presidenta no matter what he decides! On & On.  It is a Dictatorship!!! Period!     News, without a discussion is a Dictatorship.  Hiding the Facts from the public, is a Dictatorship!  Gagging anyone from telling the Truth is a Dictatorship!    You know you must have sore throats, the noose is tightening around all of your necks. I'd hate to be any of you when the people do wake up.  They're going to be Pissed alright!  They will connect the dots. This thorn in our collective buttocks will be soon removed, It's starting to fester.  That's when action is taken it seems. It has to get real bad. And, we deserve better then this.  Shame on so many of you towing the line helping these fools destroy the planet.  I really thought many of you were Good & Decent. Including the Military's of our Countries.  Admirals, Generals. Navy men protecting the waters around the world. Keeping it safe from harm, only to find that you have caused more harm then most anything else. What a Facade!

  24. David Bach says:

    I Stumbled upon this, and I think it is an interesting summary.

    Conference: Let Us Create a New, More Human Epoch for Mankind

    The Schiller Institute held the first U.S. national conference in over fifteen years on President’s Day weekend, yielding a tremendous success in respects to the quality of presentations and the participation by supporters around the world attending the conference. The conference, now presented in full below, conveys a truthful and optimistic view of the potential for mankind as a whole to overcome the crisis facing the world as the previously reigning, now dying, British Empire fights for its survival against the new world order taking hold in the vision of Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche.



  25. Jeanette s says:

    hi everyone, I happened to come across these YOutube videos by rupert read. I see andrew is not happy with him…perhaps he doesn't have the backup that dane does and you know how the buffoons do they crush the people that they can. He does mention it and out and out talks about he doesn't say yes it is going on outright but he does discuss it and does not seem to think it is a good idea. the link is to one about our civilzation is done so what do we do next. He gives three outcomes and then tells people what they can do now and how they can take care of themselves. which I deem worth watching too.

    Shed A Light: Rupert Read – This civilisation is finished: so what is to be done?

    Rupert Read: "Seeding a civilisation to succeed this one"

    C  I wanted to post these before I watched this one; I do not expect it to disappoint. growing a new civilization/economy/environment is one of my favorite topics. dr. read is from cambridge university. a lot of good info for activism and protecting yourself, incl ecopsycology and mentions Johanna Macy, she has a book that he recommends in dealing with grief. she was also in the documentary "call for Life" on the sixth mass extinction. that is worth watching too.

  26. Hortencia O'Rourke says:

    Here comes the next experiment 60 mph gusts of wind slams NE USA. What a mess this is gonna be.

  27. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    As I do each Saturday morning at 7AM. I listen to Dane's Global Alert News out of Redding KQMS 1400 AM,  so I don't have to wait for the broadcast to be posted. And Dane's broadcast is well worth getting up at 6AM to listen to each week. It is packed each week with hair pulling facts of Man's Madness. At the 7:30 mark, Dane mentions the True Reality of Cowards we are dealing with each & every day. Kathy & Larry Burns ordered & paid for Banners. I heard little of Dane's 48 minutes afterwards. I couldn't get this out of my head.  Kathy, I suspect your excitement that the banners were to be placed soon on Buses caused a phone call to the Wimps at Lamar Advertising.   This is not a small company.  Shame, Shame on them for using such a lame excuse. I pray you will find another avenue Kathy & Larry.  A way will be made for this to happen, some way or another.  We need a public outcry to shame this company for one thing. Question their motives.  And reasoning.      Yesterday afternoon, I listened twice more to the Global Alert News, this time hearing Dane's needed slap in the face to those involved & ignoring reality. Proud to have such a Man always encouraging us to move on & always Believe, We Can Do This. Thank You Dane. Thank You Kathy & Larry Burns. Thank You all at Geoengineering  

    Corporate Head Quarters

    Lamar Advertising Company

    #5321 Corporate Blvd.

    Baton Rouge, LA 70808


    Please Stand Up To Injustices!

    • Kathy says:

      Gail, I will update everyone on this as we are also dealing with getting a billboard up in a perfect location that is supposedly being held for us ( I had planned on all of this at the same time for a 1,2 punch) but there too, they have now put on a "stipulation" if we want them to post this "creative".

      Anyone in the WA state area who wants to help with finding other billboard companies, we would be grateful. I have already dealt with one private company not long ago and that one dropped us as well after meeting together and mass communicating. Money/reputation, is all most choose to protect despite what they know or learn and this one was awake.

      Conrad, awesome to see we have more ground being covered on the east side. Thank-you!

  28. Angelhair says:

    Everyone putting a lot of time, money and energy into exposing this are some of the best people that ever lived and are doing the most important work ever.

  29. The "overlooked" culprit in classic forms of biological mutation and eco-destruction in our common environments is silver iodide.  There are virtually no peer reviewed data available regarding silver iodide effects on water aquifers… Why not?

    Ecological effects of silver iodide and other weather modification agents: A review

    ArticleinWater Resources Research 6(1) · February 1970

    DOI: 10.1029/WR006i001p00088



    "The silver ion is among the most toxic of heavy metal ions, particularly to microorganisms and to fish. The ease with which Ag forms insoluble compounds, however, reduces its importance as an environmental contaminant. Ag is not likely to concentrate to harmful levels through either terrestrial or aquatic food chains. There is some possibility that Ag from cloud seeding will retard growth of algae, fungi, bacteria, and fish in fresh water; additional laboratory investigations are needed. Inhibition of aquatic microorganisms would interfere with the cycle that returns essential nutrients to the water. Ag in air and water should be regularly monitored. Iodine in AgI poses no environmental danger. Organic seeding agents currently being proposed are not likely to be toxic in either the short or the long run, but dispersal of proprietary organic compounds should be prohibited unless their composition is fully revealed." 

    Complete text:


    No such thing as geoengineering… But there are hundreds of "weather control" and "rain making" companies… Here's a biggie: >


    North American Weather Consultants, Inc. 

    8180 South Highland Dr., Suite B-2
    Sandy, Utah 84093
    Telephone:   801-942-9005

    Facsimile:   801-942-9007


    Contacts:  Don Griffith, President or Mark Solak, Vice President


    Erm… Welcome to Western Quebec, where atmospheric "experiments" don't require civilian knowledge or consent…

    An Evaluation of Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding by Aircraft in Western Quebec, Canada, 1960-1963

    Journal of Applied Meteorology – Volume 5



    "The Office of Environment, Health and Safety, UC Berkeley, rates silver iodide as a Class C, non-soluble, inorganic, hazardous chemical that pollutes water and soil.(8)


    "Moreover, a key manufacturer of silver iodide for weather modification, Deepwater Chemicals, warns of potential health effects of silver iodide in their Material Safety Data Sheet as follows:

    Chronic Exposure/Target Organs: Chronic ingestion of iodides may produce “iodism”, which may be manifested by skin rash, running nose, headache and irritation of the mucous membranes. Weakness, anemia, loss of weight and general depression may also occur. Chronic inhalation or ingestion may cause argyria characterized by blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Chronic skin contact may cause permanent discoloration of the skin. (10)" [End quote]

    Complete article:


    SILVER IODIDE – National Library of Medicine HSDB Database


    The small "problem" with widespread Silver Iodide cloud seeding, is that there are no established toxicological markers.  There are hundreds of studies, but each “peer reviewed” study uses its own set of test criteria, thus a reliable cross section of results becomes an intractable problem.  Silver Iodide is not a naturally occurring form of elemental silver, and poses cumulative biological impacts on a variety of exposed life forms… Generally; "approved" test Laboratories do not test for silver iodized particulates in domestic water supplies, soils, or agricultural produce…

    • Cyndi says:

      It's "dark" here in OR at 3 pm. So much cloud cover. I've seen it multiple times on planes covering the entire US and also in all countries. When you do get some sun it is very hot when it hits you. Is it possible that "they" are trying to save us from everything burning up? Maybe 2012 was supposed to be our last year without frying? Idk, but I would rather fry than sit in the dark and fake cold like a mushroom.  Too bad they have to keep the truth from us all. I would have made other plans. 

  30. Dan says:

    Does anybody ever see the sun anymore? Got to see it for a few hours yesterday, first time in well over a month. Today back to total toxic cloud cover. I'm sick of this crap, it's very depressing.

  31. Lorraine says:

    Whenever we hop on a plane to go on vacation or go on a business trip, we contribute to our own slow imminent death.

  32. Troy S - Mercy Mercy Me says:


    I would like to share lyrics to a song written by Marvin Gaye released in 1971. He is no longer with us but his music is still being played on the radio. He cared and was concern about the climate and how it was being abused.

    Woah, ah mercy mercy me
    Ah things ain't what they used to be, no no
    Where did all the blue skies go?
    Poison is the wind that blows
    From the north and south and east

    Woah mercy, mercy me, yeah yeah
    Ah things ain't what they used to be
    Oil wasted on the ocean and upon our seas
    Fish full of mercury
    Oh Jesus yeah mercy, mercy me ah
    Ah things ain't what they used to be, oh no

    Radiation under ground and in the sky
    Animals and birds who live nearby are dying
    Hey mercy, mercy me oh
    Ah things ain't what they used to be
    What about this overcrowded land
    How much more abuse from man can she stand?

  33. Sarah says:

    Interesting.  It has been raining here in Charlotte for over a week now(not at ALL normal).  Yesterday morning when I went out I turned the windshield wipers on and it was all rainbow colored like I had just used chemicals to clean it……which I had not.  After a week of rain it sure seemed odd.

  34. Oonagh says:

    Is it possible to address climate change with 'the new green deal' without the players having any knowlege of or addressing the fact of solar engineering?


    • Denise says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking.  We'll see if any of the candidates have the spine to address it.  If anyone does, they will get my vote!

  35. Dennie says:

    Here's the Pat Tillman story, in a nutshell:

    And what is Dick Cheney's relationship to the massive crime and cover-up known as "9-1-1:"; Dick Cheney today?  The Chinese have a saying, to keep your enemy close…

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Just went to the theatre to see the movie VICE (based on Dick Cheney), and nominated for some Oscars. Dead silence in the theatre. If the movie is fairly accurate, he was the man behind the scenes orchestrating the chaos. One dangerous man. 

  36. Lori Bridgeford says:

    What both Kathy and Larry Burns revealed via WA  bus transit "requirements"  per letter you read Dane , is vital  WARNING to all. Sick censorship spikes !  What a flimsy explanation given as geoengineering as "politically" charged & calling bus banner signage  a  "creative "  advert !  What and when will masses truly  see this DENIAL ploy at it's max!  Every town needs a Kathy & Larry to  fully duke it out on  needed TRUTHING !  Billboards, Farmer's Markets, Bus signs, etc.  Also value the  audio gems from film The Matrix  imparted today. Best description Dane,  re  FACT that contrails CANNOT go vertical,  nor off and on. Deniers cannot awaken to this.

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Speaking of censorship, I'm having tremendous difficulty accessing this Chris Hedges interview with Scott Ritter.

    • Joseph L says:

      Yes the thought police are trying to control the message no matter where you look–This is all disgusting in the world we live in that the truth  cannot be told on so  many issues.  Now if you were advertising Coca Cola which is really bad for your health, you would have no problem getting an advertisement for that.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Or a drugstore promoting the latest "FREE" vaccine. insane assylum.

      also wanted to mention the soil scientist folks are saying they think that humic acid in soils may help deer with wasting disease. check out what is needed to get a healthy eco system in your soil, you will get humic acid when you do a good job and get that peat". do it in just a 4×4 area, the bigger the better that you can water and maintain. should times get better the cool things about soil organisms they love to proliferate with reasonable conditions and you can broadcast some. I have coined the phrase "seeding" which is putting natural things in a sporadic, polka dotted pattern in order to proliferate them quickly. this may help the deer in your area if wasting disease is a problem. tend a plot in the middle of the woods if you do not want them near your house. It is said that humic acid is what is in the envoironment to normally keep this under control. I had read a year ago that humic acid levels are very down below normal.

      greta, she seems like a very nice young lady and I too feel she may be a puppet too. I think she knows it. My issue with all groups tooting her horn is…no 15 year old knows more than I do. I have been in the enviro mmt for 20 years, I am an elder and I am naturally a teacher of the what I coin "the wisdom of the ages". I find it an insult that she is touted more than people at this and life more than she can possibly imagine. this is not about her but once again, class, about the top 1% and their manipulative bs. If they run around saying a 15 year old knows more than we do, or go through the motions as if she does, it kind of makes the elders and experienced sit down and shut up a little more…doesn't it? that is exactly what it is supposed to do. and if you defend yourself and people like you, it appears that YOU have a complex that a 15 yo just may have more skill, knowledge, sense than you do. (alright already!! not so!! HA!) You have to find humor where you can. 🙂 greta is a cute kid and I wish I started then and in a world that was smarter and more supportive. children being activists needs to seriously be put in perspective. I wouldn't trust cortez as far as I could thr*w her. Implant-why aren't our thirty yo waitresses congresswomen? something to think about.

  37. Laura Kozicki says:

    I think Dane may have mentioned on an earlier post that surfactants are being used now in climate engineering causing ice to be more slippery? I've noticed how very slippery the ice has been lately here in Wisconsin. I went outside to take a walk this morning, and when I set my foot on the sidewalk, it was so slippery I turned around and went back in the house. It felt like the ice had been mixed with a bottle of children's soap bubbles. When I drove home from work tonight, the rain was drizzly, the defogger was on full and the wipers were moving pretty fast, but I couldn't get the windshield cleared. It was like the wipers were smearing oily water back and forth and the whole windshield was a smear. It felt like driving partially blind. When I got home, I ran my finger across the wet windshield. It was very slick and slippery, as if there was soap mixed in with the rain. Whatever is/might be being used is likely to cause accidents and injuries. I worry about people walking in this, including my elderly parents.I'm wondering what purpose surfactants would serve in climate engineering and what materials might be used?

    • Melanie Jo Siebert says:

      I have fallen on wet, slippery wood and on ice three times in the last 3 months. I am lucky that I seem to bounce but have done tendon damage to both ankles. It has been sooo treacherous. I too believe that this is serving corporate interests nicely. I think that since we in the Northern Midwest are protected from the other sources of damage such as floods, hurricanes and those crazy fires, this is one way that they can make us PAY and damage us at the same time. I don't put a thing past the f#%@s at the top of this crazy pyramid scheme! 

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Laura, I've wondered if the surfactants being used are in conjunction with the many other ways the lunatics in charge are trying to poison us — GMOs, killer vaccines, all manner of pharmaceuticals, the dangerous 5G rollout — the list seems endless. This is probably part of the depopulation plan of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. It's despicable, but the freaks in the cabal that actually runs things has declared war on its own citizens. I have no doubt this is the case. And it amazes me that people don't seem to be curious enough to investigate what is being done to them, and then rising up against it!

  38. Susan Jones says:

    I can't even open your weekly address.  Am I the only one having this problem?

    • Nina Kethevan says:

      Yes I could not open it today for the first time–but I kept trying and am listening to it now–definitely being tampered with.

    • J. Wagnon says:

      We have TRUTH TRAUMA and need to build up our Spiritual Immune System. Gather up strength and courage in between the shocks of the reality we are facing. Pray. Talk with like minded people and share this information.

  39. tom says:

    Does anyone in the Northeast USA notice that the southern black vultures are moving in on the turkey vulture territory, just wondering if this migration has something to do with all this franken weather we have had lately?

    • Dennie says: website is working fine tonight here in San Rafael, CA, U.S.A.  

      Yes, we now have "repeaters," not reporters.  Perfect.

      We have had reports of manatees up north, why not Southern black vultures?  I have not seen many turkey vultures here in San Rafael, CA during all this toxic geoengineered cold weather.  The hummingbirds are back in my wild abutilon, delighting my newly-arrived-from-Florida tenant, and the blue jays and other small songbirds have been chirping for a few weeks.  I am praying we will not have terrible heat this summer…

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      They have been moving north for quite some time now and there are many articles which pertain to this subject. I believe it is climate related. Here in south Fl. our winter migration of vultures who reside in Ohio for the rest of the year, are not occurring.

    • Robert says:


      Here in Portland, Oregon we have a city  park called Westmoreland that would feature a migrating flock of Widgeon ducks, by the hundreds, every year. Sadly, these beautiful little creatures are not to be seen for at least five years. Also I haven't seen any  Buffleheads,  GreenTeal, Wood Duck, Golden Eye and the Crows seem to dominate the landscape, a sign of imbalance. This is very disheartening.

  40. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    India orders 'staggering' eviction of 1 million indigenous people
    NEW DELHI – India's Supreme Court has ordered its government to evict a million people from their homes – for the good of the country's wildlife.
    The ruling, issued Wednesday, was a startling conclusion to a decade-long case that has pitted the rights of some of India's most vulnerable citizens against the preservation of its forests.
    The court told the government to evict over a million people – mostly members of indigenous tribes – from their homes in public forest land because they had not met the legal criterion to live there.
    With over 700 tribal groups, India is home to over 100 million indigenous people.  While the forest land is legally controlled by the government, people have lived in such areas for centuries.
    A landmark law passed in 2006 gave legal rights over forest land and its produce to tribes and forest-dwelling communities provided they could prove that their families have stayed there for at least three generations.
    The battle for mineral-rich forest land is not new in India. The ruling is the latest flash point in the competing interests of industry, wildlife conservationists and forest communities.
    In the last 30 years, the government has diverted 5,400 square miles of forest land, the size of Connecticut, for industrial projects – many of which were opposed by the indigenous people. Wildlife groups contend that granting "wide-ranging" rights to people on forest land leads to fragmentation of forests at a time when the country's forest cover is shrinking. Critics, however, say that neither accounts for the rights of the indigenous people who rely on the forest for daily needs and for their livelihood.
    Now the court says that those whose claims were rejected must go – by July 27. The number of affected people is estimated to go up to 1.89 million when more states comply with the order.
    Human rights groups and activists were stunned by the ruling. Nicholas Dawes, the acting managing director of Human Rights Watch, wrote that it had "staggering" implications for India's most marginalized.

  41. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Supreme Court Just Struck a Huge, Unanimous Blow Against Policing for Profit
    By Mark Joseph Stern / Feb 20, 2019
    The Supreme Court struck an extraordinary blow for criminal justice reform on Wednesday, placing real limitations on policing for profit across the country. Its unanimous decision for the first time prohibits all 50 states from imposing excessive fines, including the seizure of property, on people accused or convicted of a crime.  Rarely does the court hand down a ruling of such constitutional magnitude—and seldom do all nine justices agree to restrict the power that police and prosecutors exert over individuals. The landmark decision represents a broad agreement on the Supreme Court that law enforcement’s legalized theft has gone too far.
    … allowing states to exploit their residents for huge sums of cash and property.  They did so through civil asset forfeiture, a process that we would call theft in any other context.  Here’s how it works: Prosecutors accuse an individual of a crime, then seize assets that have some tenuous connection to the alleged offense. The individual need not be convicted or even charged with an actual crime, and her assets are seized through a civil proceeding, which lacks the due process safeguards of a criminal trial. Law enforcement can seize money or property, including one’s home, business, or vehicle. It gets to keep the profits, creating a perverse incentive that encourages police abuses. Because the standards are so loose, people with little to no involvement in criminal activity often get caught up in civil asset forfeiture.
    At long last, SCOTUS has put a federal check on states’ multimillion-dollar civil asset forfeiture schemes. People … will have a fighting chance of getting their stuff back when the states seize it for profit. The Supreme Court is unlikely to end policing for profit in one fell swoop. But on Wednesday, it sent a clear message to states like Indiana that the days of largely unregulated abusive forfeiture are over.

  42. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Mexico-US border crossing: By tunnel or by mule: how drugs are moved from Mexico
    … Nogales was one of the first cities in northern Mexico to attract maquiladoras, or US assembly plants. Father Ricardo Reciado, who is involved in outreach work in troubled communities, says hundreds of young men and women have joined the drug trade as recruits. “They use primary and secondary school students to move drugs, as well as little boys from the slums to serve as informants,” he adds.
    A dangerous border
    The Arizona-Sonora border is one of the biggest entry points for drugs into the United States, and the Tucson border patrol is one of the busiest units, with eight stations covering most of Arizona, from New Mexico to Yuma County. Its agents typically seize around half of the marijuana that enters the country along the 350-kilometer border, says Vicente Paco, the spokesman for the Tucson border patrol.
    The gangs operating here not only oversee the drugs trade, but also control the gun and migration routes, Paco says. “Any person who wants to enter the United States illegally has to join organized crime. They have to pay the organizations and if they don’t have money they are used as mules.”
    … The border patrol has also found catapults, staircases and loading ramps near the border.
    Meanwhile, the Sinaloa Cartel has reinforced its presence in Arizona in order to ramp up its shipments of marijuana and heroin, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says. The organization once led by imprisoned drug boss Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, who is now fighting extradition to the United States, poses the greatest threat to Arizona’s communities, controlling an estimated 90% of drugs that cross the border. The Sinaloa cartel also controls arms and money-laundering routes.

  43. David Bach says:

    Holy shit!
    I followed the latest links from Paul V. and Dane and all the others here. I've known for years that it's bad for nature. But what is described there is just madness. War against life itself. 
    I know from Dr. Bertell and others that the military are ruthless and insane. But the extent of destruction I have achieved leaves me completely speechless. For days there has been a lot of spraying here in Germany. The temperatures are insane for this time of year. It is already too dry again and my "permanent cold" or cough is also there again. I could go mad.  At the same time it is warmer at the Arctic Circle than in Athens, so much further south at the Mediterranean Sea. In Greece it has snowed, in Turkey and also in Albania. How can that be? Why does nobody notice that? It is apocalyptic. I am stunned and somehow now I get really scared. Fear of all the zombies out there. I show them the links to the laws, the patents and these crazy weather/geoengineering companies and everything that is publicly accessible. They look at it and 5 min later they stare at the smartphone again. What the hell is wrong with people? Why can't they see? There are psychological explanations for it, but this rock hard truth resistance in the zombie heads makes me speechless.  You can literally hit them with a scoop of truth and they won't forgive a mine. Unbelievable! Well, not all, but most of them. We East Germans "see" a little more than the West Germans citizens. But nevertheless. It cannot be. This is exactly how it happens in various Internet forums. One posts links from primary sources and they are deleted or one is occupied with a lock. Great democracy is that here, great freedom of opinion in our occupation zone. As Adenauer said during his term of office. The government of Germany is the trustee of the Western Allied Powers about the occupation zone, not the population that lives there. What most former German citizens often do not want to be true. The GDR was "taken over" by a trick in 1989. That still has an effect today. With the Aachen Treaty we recently concluded a "friendship treaty" with France with which Germany, after reading the 2+4 Treaty, does not even have a peace treaty. That is grotesque. Moreover, this treaty deals with armament and the undermining of arms export restrictions in crisis areas, thus a breach of our Basic Law, which is not a constitution anyway and therefore not interested. Sick world….
    From day to day I feel more and more like Casandra when she warned the citizens of Troy and insisted on leaving the wooden horse outside the gates. But they banished her and brought the wooden horse into the city. When night fell, the city fell into enemy hands. Oracles are a warning, if you ignore them they will come true. 
    I have known many others of these oracles for over 20 years. Alois Irlmeier, the young man of Prague, a natural inhabitant of North America, or Maria S. The most famous is probably Nostradamus. For a long time I had believed it would not come true, they are only "stories". But this Maria S. and also this Alois Irlmeier predicted Trump long before his presidency, Maria even mentioned his true name years before. A nun here in Germany. There is a book about it. She described things, the conflict in the Middle East, the strengthening of China and Russia and the emerging multipolar world order. The scandals of the Vatican and the apostasy of Western society from any morality, etc. The end does not look good for us in Europe. But also the USA will be hit hard, not by war but by an apocalyptic natural disaster, in the Yellowstone area, so violent that the whole northern continent will tremble. Land masses appear in the sea and elsewhere. A bit like in the film 2012. The Czech Republic and Germany will be devastated by the worst war mankind has ever experienced, almost everyone here will die, we will disappear from the map. Why am I writing this?

    I usually prefer scientific facts to prophecies. However, these are often only the logical interpolation of causes and effects. For a long time I had no idea how these "crazy" predictions could come true. Now, however, some things become clear to me. The gospel of John is the key and also Jesus revealed it to his disciples what will happen if one chooses power and wealth as life goal. And there we are now, it poisons the hearts of those we, or at least most, admire. We want to be like those who rule us. We want to be rich, powerful and without effort instead of working and living in harmony by our own hands. Prosperity through fraud, egoism and criminal acts. Against our nature, the planet, so that also our heart must become stone. That's what sometimes even one or the other film should show us more than clearly. It is often the misunderstood works.
    As a teenager in the early 90s I saw a film by chance. It is called: "they live! we sleep". it came to our cinemas in 1988. Never again after that. Not even on television. Only in a run-down video store around the corner you could borrow it, which we did at that time because it said "horror" on it and all "good" films were out of print. We found the movie bad, absurd and nobody understood it. The commercials were kind of creepy, but the rest wasn't. A colleague at work recently reminded me of this film and I got a recent copy on DVD. When I watched it yesterday after work, my jaw folded to the height of my shoe soles. It's a documentary! When I was 13 years old I didn't understood the film. Now, after all these years… every second of this film appears as a bitter reality! I slowly realize why it was never shown on TV, could hardly be borrowed and why it has an underground rating at IMDB.  It almost seems as if the powerful, rotting as their hearts and minds are, are already using a technology like in this movie.  The majority is already completely blind! They don't even see screaming injustices before their eyes. Where can I fucking get these truth glasses for all these blind people? So that they can finally "see". Maybe one should recommend this film. Because every action in this film, everything that happens in it is meticulously put together. Every dialogue, every action is a firework of truth. Even the environmental problem was already mentioned at that time and one can even understand the statement of one rebel in it as a confirmation of the geoengineering already running at that time. "…they change our atmosphere, the planet and the environment so that it serves them and we become more and more as they are…" was the approximate statement. All rebels pay for their struggle with life, but the rest wake up. So if it has to be, then I will not give up, and if it means my end! Who lets himself be bought by you, the "powerful one", loses his soul. That's it. The truth has no price, it is not for sale!

    Let's stick to the subject of truth. There are also some interesting developments in our country:
    After Mr. Relotius, an award-winning journalist, was fired because he invented his stories and articles instead of researching them, the next regrettable individual case is currently revealed in our truth press;) Wonderful how the big media houses wind their way through it. It smells like the tip of the iceberg, the matrix is crumbling more and more.
    Further more, the news speak of a 5% increase in air traffic per year while in the past months 2 airlines had to file for bankruptcy which were already booked out for one year. All already booked flights are canceled without replacement. Even the money that customers have already paid will not be refunded. They are expropriated. The laws here make this possible. Even colleagues at work have lost many hundreds of Euros without replacement and can do nothing. Your vacation is paid and does not take place. The piquant thing about this is that Air Berlin was the first to go bankrupt. Lufthansa takes over the best aircrafts. Then suddenly, without warning, Air Germania, which had leased some of its aircraft from Air Berlin, also falls. The interesting thing is that the 2nd largest position of used aircraft, civil aircraft, is transferred to an unknown airline. Interestingly, this "airline" is called Hungarian Air Force. The remaining aircrafts are divided among various smaller airlines. In the article this is even mentioned directly, but the diagram shows the 2nd largest customer as "other" airlines.
    So let's summarize: Two fully booked airlines die, all paid flights are canceled, the customers don't get their money back and the airplanes are "given away" to the NATO military (Hungarian Air Force) and shortly after the sky is full of airplanes spraying as if there was no tomorrow. I can't prove anything, but the news even points to a plausible connection.

    Are we preparing for war? Just like the British recently announced to "buy" freighters and ferries for the military. They are to be converted and used as troop transporters. What is going on?
    By the way, the British Royal NAVY converted civilian ships for the military before every great war in history. So what are these crazy NATO crazy people up to? Do they want to use a war to divert attention from the collapse of the biosphere and their responsibility?  Do you need the many airplanes to gain some time for armament and preparation by SRM and weather manipulation? Why do we have 5% more air traffic over Germany from year to year while relatively large airlines go bankrupt? Who should believe that?! The zombies seem to believe it, although they even get ripped off. In a few months we will probably experience it. Will Pence, Rubio, Trump and Co. drop explosive "aid supplies" over Venezuela to end the "hunger" there and bring democracy? Will Brazil and Colombia help them? Is it not so that there are also in Colombia many needy poor people? if Maduro does not let the stuff in because Colombia unilaterally keeps the border closed for 2 years already, one could distribute it also there. I think that would even make more sense. Whatever the game is. The world is on the brink of collapse and it does not open up to me that German allegedly left-wing "social democrats" like Mr Maas and Mr Steinmeier are visiting and supporting arch-conservative, i.e. extremely right-wing groups in Israel and South America? This hypocrisy is sheer madness. I think all this is absolutely dangerous. That is not even Hegelian domination logic, it is simply schizophrenic. So they all show us their true faces and the zombies eat it. German students strike for more climate protection and Merkel says they are controlled by Russia?!  The zombies continue to eat…I am speechless. At some point, however, the matrix is so bent that there is no escape from the "truth glasses" anymore, only it becomes a painful awakening…the more suddenly the worse.
    So let's not despair, the time and every catastrophe that comes to us can mean the addictive "truth glasses" from "they live!" Even if it seems unbearable, we have to keep it up like Dane, Paul and all the good people here.

    Greetings from Thuringia

    • BlueSue says:

      Hello David, I appreciate your posts and hearing the perspective of an awake European ally in this battle to expose nefarious climate control and weather warfare. Yes, it is crazy that it was warmer at the Arctic Circle than in Athens, and likewise it's crazy that we Alaskans have had some warmer winter days than those folks down in California or Texas. As Dane says, there is no natural weather anymore.  I came across that old film "They Live" several years back and was amazed at its underlying truth.  When I traveled to England and northern Europe in the mid-seventies, I was always interested in hearing how we Americans were viewed by the Brits and Europeans and continually hoped that they would realize that many of us were of a far different mindset that those idiots and sinister puppets who "ran" or "led" our country.  I never felt proud to be an American with my country so guilty of so many atrocities across the world.  Never was nor will never be be a flag waver or a pledge of allegiance reciter.  I continue to pray that truth, wisdom, compassion for others and a moral conscience will somehow materialize within those who hold power. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Good post. David.

      Jesus wept. God weeps.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello David Bach:  I read your every post, and notice your insights into what is unfolding in Europe.  All these events were perceived by my grandfather during the late 30's into the early 1950's.  Joseph Matt was descended from the Thuringia region, and was owner and editor of a small bi-weekly newspaper called "Der Wander".

      He was publicly critical of the intrepid United Nations overthrow of sovereign status in European Nations, as well as highly critical of the (well planned) Ecumenical movement that so artfully destroyed the Roman Catholic church.  Nearly all all modern society has been fractured and made schizophrenic by Bilderburg/Rothschild black ops controlled by IMF, World Bank, and Swiss UBS agendas…

      The United Nations is THE Trojan horse that has plodded it's bloody course into every governmental agency on the planet…

    • Laura Kozicki says:

      Dave, you were mentioning prophesy. There seems to be a lot of hints and warnings out there from a lot of different sources. This one from the Bible seems to be describing geoengineering. "The Lord shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven (the sky) shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed." KJV, Deuteronomy 28:24. The passage is being addressed to 'ancient Israel', but may have been intended to be carried out currently during our generation. The question about Israel is, "What populations largely make up the descendants of 'ancient Israel', a large group of people even at that time?" I think Pastor Chuck Baldwin mentioned in an interview with Dane that the nation Israel in the Middle East isn't the Israel that's talked about in the Bible, (when Israel is addressed in the Bible, it isn't directed to the nation in the Middle East and its inhabitants).

  44. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 258th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 23 months. GSM / Hubbly Bubbly / Catch up / Greta'

    Our 2 year Extinction Finale starts when Climate Chaos becomes undeniable. When will they initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic) – probably within 35 months, unless something extraordinary happens.

    In Scotland, we have just had the warmest Feb day for 120 years, despite the fact that we are reaching the so called Grand Solar Minimum (GSM, due 2019 – 2020), which in theory could cause a mini ice age. 

    The solar cycle is about 11 years, and it becomes "grand" when it supposedly coincides with other longer term cycles.

    Could they use the excuse of GSM to facilitate the distraction from and cover-up of the planned nuclear volcanic winter, and lob 180 nukes down volcano cones?

    Over the next two weeks, the Arctic will have huge areas of plus 30ºC anomalies – even reaching temperatures of 0ºC near the north pole.   

    On 15 Feb 2019, the BBC published an article titled 'What are the biggest threats to humanity'

    It waffles on about volcanic eruptions, flu epidemics, war, etc, and then concludes that "Sometimes it is better to protect ourselves by thinking of ways to make humanity more resilient to disasters to come…and this could give us the best way of ensuring that 2019 – and beyond – are safe years"

    It is Feb 2019 and they are talking about disaster resilience to ensure that 2019 is a safe year! What happened to disaster prevention? 

    Added to that, there is this 7 Nov 2018 Rupert Read lecture. He gives a good talk but professes not to know anything about the massive toxic geoengineering operations that are openly conducted in the skies above his and our heads:  

    For God's sake, what hubbly bubbly hopium are they on? The 6 Ps come to mind (Poor Preparation and Planning leads to Piss-Poor Performance)…unfortunately the same can not be said for the criminal geoengineers who have been way ahead of us for decades. We need to catch up.

    Another great Greta Thunberg speech on 21 Feb: 

    The ocean of lies on Venezuela: 

    I hope Global Research manage to keep their site going – they had quite a bit of 'unavailable' last week.

  45. I wrote this poem in 1997.  I had given up on any cherished "dreams" and knew the media had bastardized the psyches of pretty much everyone I had ever known.  Seeing the city of my early life fading in the rear view mirror was not a pretty picture, but it was necessary. The poem is "in honor of the motion picture, television, and news media industries".

    Cauldron Dance 

    Round and round the demons dance

    On cloven hoof and dainty feet

    Twisted word and hungry mouth

    Skin and hair and bone and teeth

    Stir the Cauldron, stir the night

    To stew of death and blackness bent

    Feel the fire, feel the heat

    In this the place of discontent


    Yea, the fire burning bold

    ‘Neath the life of lives untold

    Cast thy spirit to strange winds

    And ne’re do they cease 


    Pray they speak the twisted tale

    Keep thy heart in lonely jail

    Turn ye mind all dusty pale

    And proffer no release 


    Round and round they gad about

    Rend thy life to mournful rout

    Evermore they heap the flame

    And bargain with thy peace 


    Even so, ye pay the price

    Speed thy soul to sad device

    Lent to hell and poor suffice

    By sore elected priests 


    Canst thou perceive the wicked glance

    Whence ye cede thy soul to chance

    Yea they caper; yea, they prance

    And spit upon thine eyes

    5/13/97 PV

  46. Robert says:

    Dane, I believe that this weeks broadcast was one of your best. It's a clarion call for all of us to get the word out as time is not on our side. You have a special talent putting everything in order with your message and it reassures me of what is needed to go forward in this battle, informing the uninformed. I also draw strength and calm going forward knowing that you are leading the charge  Thank you so much. 

  47. Andrew Shaw says:

    Hello Dane: Thank you for all your hard work over so many years. You consistently see through the nonsense and reach an accurate conclusion as to what's really happening with any given event.

    I've been blessed to have traveled the world over many years and sadly, I see destruction of this magnificent planet everywhere I go. While I have deep admiration for your efforts to expose the climate engineers, I can't see how we stop destroying the planet one way or the other.

    The best outcome from my perspective is to properly decommission all nuclear reactors and prepare for the inevitable extinction of humans in the not to distant future.

  48. Angelhair says:

    I took some fliers into my local recruiting office. One of the officers was nice and said he would look it over…the other was rude and glared at me like I should leave.

    If anyone can help me keep Global Alert News on FM radio in Little Rock you can donate to KABF 88.3 at Tell them it is for the Global Alert News/Geoengineering Watch and it is tax deductible. It costs $250 a month to air the shows every Friday at noon. It reaches most of Arkansas but I cannot afford to keep it on by myself.

    Thank you.

    • Robert says:

      Wouldn't it be lovely if we had volunteers handing out flyers at every recruiting station in the U.S. to counter all the bull dung they are selling to prospective inductees? Since the M.I.C. is the most destructive element we have to the planet, along with our inept, bought out congress, it seems only right they should be the focal point of our efforts to get the word out. Great work Angelhair! 

  49. Frank says:

    Power Structure Desperation: Using the Green New Deal as a subject for the ongoing distraction theater. The Green New Deal was born a scant few weeks ago from the mind of the newly-crowned political super-heroine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an answer to the global warming crisis. It may finally be what we have all longed for, but it is being dragged through status-quo politics as a no-go zone, courtesy of the staged incident with some school children and Dianne Feinstein today. The shocking idea is that the power structure chose to cast a spotlight on this forbidden issue for more distraction-fodder. But they are not skipping the chance to make it clear that the idea has no place in mainstream thought.

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