Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 4, 2023, #391


Dane Wigington

"Record Setting Cold Shocks New York City", this breaking New York Post headline is exactly what the climate engineers and their controllers want. The Post report continues with this: "The Big Apple felt more like the North Pole early Saturday Morning". What aren't matrix media sources mentioning in such sensationalized articles? That the completely engineered short duration flash freeze will be almost immediately followed by a rapid and extreme warm up which is scheduled to extend through most of February. Climate intervention operations are fueling weather whiplash scenarios, crushing agricultural production and contaminating the entire biosphere. What will it take to awaken populations to this covert form of warfare? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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37 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 4, 2023, #391

  1. Bessie says:

    I don't know how I found this website but I'm glad I did b/c it explains everything. Unfortunately, family and friends think I've gone off the deep end and avoid me like the plague but I don't care. God bless Dane for posting the truth for us to see and for standing up to power. I sure hope people wake up to this nightmare and demand action from our government before it's too late.

  2. Lance says:

    Yesterday went on another bike ride. Looking SW from my location east of Yuma the spraying started at about 11am. First one line of aerosols appeared, then another, then another. One plane after another sprayed their stuff out behind them from the NW to the SW in lines that were many miles long. Counted 10 aircraft doing this. As the drifted to the ENE over my location they merged together to form a thin cloud layer. All this was done just ahead of a large cloud formation that came up from the SE. Also saw two aerosol trails much like the ones let out behind four fighter aircraft earlier this week. Am beginning to think these aerosol operations are associated with military activities, rather than weather mod or solar management, given what's going on regarding the ongoing war and preparations for war.

  3. Mary Hollowell says:

    When it pays to be nonchalant

    “What amount of people are watching me from the government? Who knows? I don’t care. I think its important to try to communicate in an effective way where even those people, those individuals who are being paid who are trying to monitor everything I do, to even reach out to those individuals and say ‘It’s never too late to turn a corner in your life; it’s never too late to live a life of meaning where you’re actually doing  amazing powerful things in this world’ … If you are watching me, I think if you watch me enough, eventually you’ll start seeing a lot what I talk about, you’ll start looking at the sources, you’ll start doing your own research and you might be sending in a letter of resignation or you might just be at the bureau being like ‘yeah, whatever, he’s chill; he’s not doing anything’ “ – Luke Rudkowski of Luke Uncensored, Feb. 6, 2023

    • Earth Angel says:

      LOVE That!  We should all have that attitude.Thanks Mary for sharing it. I've often wondered what kind of LOSERS have nothing better going on in their OWN lives than to want to spy on and monitor what others are doing? REALLY?!  Imagine lying on your death bed, recounting your life, with nothing better to show for it than snooping on what OTHERS were doing- then realizing you accomplished NOTHING of real value with YOUR OWN life. It's a nice thing to know one went after every dream and challenge in our lives with everything we could give, taking pride and feeling joy in the goals we do attain, the friendships and love shared along the way, and perhaps the others we help or inspire along the journey to each achieving our own dreams in the brief time we are given here. Dane, you give such inspiration in your broadcast to us every week. Thank you.

  4. Joe says:



    Antarctic Ice Hits Record Low For January: Climate Monitor

    February 8, 2023


    The Antarctic Ocean area covered by ice was the lowest on record for January, exposing Earth to even more planet-warming heat, scientists reported Wednesday.

    Last month was also the third warmest January on record in Europe, with temperatures on New Year's Day reaching all-time highs on some parts of the continent, according to European Union's Copernicus climate monitor (C3S).

    Melting sea ice has no discernible impact on sea levels because the ice is already in ocean water.

    But it is problematic because it helps accelerate global warming.


    Antarctic Ice Hits Record Low For January: Climate Monitor | Barron's (


    More people need to get involved in helping Dane pass the word out about this website. 

    Most people sit on the sidelines and will let someone else do the work?.  This is not work — it is very easy to hand out flyers or business cards.

  5. Robert says:

    My phone shows the temperature in my town in eastern Oregon to be 39 degrees,  but when I checked the thermometer outside it was actually 54 degrees. We are being lied to on a scale that is incomprehensible for most people to understand. Those that I've witnessed to say,  "How is it possible for such an operation to go unnoticed and not be exposed"? Total media control of the narrative and the naivety of those that think that our government would never do anything like this is how. They will be hard hit when the wake up call comes, and it's coming soon. Does anyone here feel as if they are in an episode of the " Twilight Zone", I sure do, this is surreal.

    • JR says:

      I've been following this crap the best I can for a good 17 years, people lose reality for what it is & we, you are not going to open up their eyes. To that reality with such a great nation that the doers of such evil it's not happening! This may be the end of this world as we know it, No Mas, to bad for the open eyes and minds because the deniers could not stand up for truth with evil lurking. Not our Country they say, right! Faith in Man is not Good. They will all get their reward no doubt in the long run, from Southwest, NM Peace

  6. Lance says:

    This morning I went for a bike ride. I'm not far from Yuma, AZ. I watched 4 military fighter jets take off from the airbase in Yuma. They turned to the west and formed up in a group formation. As they reached cruising altitude they released some type of aerosol which formed 4 white lines in the sky. Might have been a couple miles long. The white stuff in the lines then fanned out and came together. They formed a feather like "cloud" that fanned out and slowly drifted to the east right over my location. All morning prior to this similar "clouds" drifted in from the west. I have no doubt they are not "normal" or "natural" clouds. They don't have anything to do with solar radiation management either!    

  7. brent papon says:

    " I believe that what u say

    Is the UNdipuate truth

    But I have to have things in my own way

    Too keep Me in my youth

    Hodges Supertramp.

    Again CHECK the whole record.

    It's worth IT

    Just like ALL alive and hear

  8. brent papon says:

    "Ain't got many friends left to talk to

    No where to run when I'm in trouble."

    Your Love

    The Outfield

    I figured a lot of US on this site would dig this.

    Of course it is a love song.

    "some people say the world is full of love songs

    I look around me and say it isn't so."

    Paul Mcartney and Wings.

    Yet another great record.

    I would suggest the entire LP

    Band on the Run

    Peace Kids

  9. brent papon says:


    My water is the same color as the sky.


  10. Earth Angel says:

    Here's a new first for me- I've heard the chirping of frogs in January and February! Never heard it before. Normally frogs would begin to come out in our area by mid-late March. I've even seen a couple of floating frog egg pods in the pond. We've also seen yellow daffodils in full bloom in places around here for at least 2 weeks. Crazy. It used to be the crocus would peek out by perhaps late February, then bloom. Daffodils came just after them, by mid-late March and blooming along with the azealias usually by April in time for Easter. Glad to see VSF posting again. Greetings Friend!

  11. robin says:

    Occupational therapy:  Just an idea- Take Dane's photo fact sheets and add brief written comment(s) on thin strip post-it notes (tiny strip of tape on one end).  Past on brief statements that don't block out photo/info.  For example, "Just a proposal !!?" with interrupted straight line drawn under that phrase ending with a simple tiny sketch of a jet that points to top heading "GLOBAL WEATHER MODIFICATION…..THREATENS……..EARTH."

    Living in the land of lakes and still cold winters, on the reverse side of fact/photo sheet, I direct my post-it note corner with penned arrow to the 'engineered cool downs & snow storms statement' (I highlight this by red marker).'  My post-it note: 'These snow storms mask climate melt down.'

    This therapy builds confidence and commitment, setting up end of work day when I'm in a good mood.  Daring the devil, I switched from truck stops (brother/sisterhood of truckers) to 2 college campuses.  Two good connections left a tired boomer feeling young again!

    If I leave sheet in noticeable spot for onlookers, at least they get a short written wrap that will hopefully spark curiosity.  As Dane mentioned previously,  Antarctic explorer Shackleton faced extreme adversity fearlessly, with self sacrifice & joy.  Cheers to you bold people from a shy guy!  


    • Jonathan says:


      You just released your imprisoned splendor, friend… you are as brave as anyone. I'm doing the same at ECU soon.

      You just have to do it. Put one foot in front of the other. Never feel self-conscious, folks. You are on the right side of eternity and motivated by the highest form of love, which is selflessness, against which no charge can ever be made.

      Fear not.

      Emperor Aurelius would be proud of you, and so am I, Robin.


    • Robin says:

      It is an honor to hear your encouragement Jonathon.  Tomorrow I will step into the University of Minnesota St Paul campus.  Then, onward next week to the Minneapolis campus, where I took classes decades ago.  Gracias amigo- for the boost!

  12. BoomerFred says:

    Here Again, Thinking my hurry to get fed caused me to leave out the Jr. for the son. He has 'spasmodic dysphagia' and works hard to give us his worthwhile doses of knowledge and experience. CHD is our best source of verified honest reporting. We were elated to see Dane on their site. 

    Before I go I must say this. It's unheard of to have an illegal gag order (since fall of 2015) on NWS and NOOA. Minnesota and GEW sued them in 2018. No FOIA responce from NOOA but NWS said " We're cutting staff, they don't have the right to their comments, we have the last word and if you don't like it, you'll be replaced with a supercomputer". Seems CHD would consider joining in the fight and our people need to know of this to get them irate as anything IMHO

    • Marilyn Avila says:

      BoomerFred -Thank you for the info on Dane's interview with another of my heroes, RFK, Jr.  I also go to the Children's Health Defense website for information but somehow missed the interview.   I just watched it -it was a good one.

      Thanks again – another awake "boomer"  

  13. BoomerFred says:

    Greetings Y'all Walking and Talking a Midst the Light and Protection of Truth ahead of it's Time. Welcome back Susan we missed Your Input

    We just came thru the "Four Day" siege we were promised. Lots of Cypress and Oak limbs unable to handle the ice weight, so we all get to 'cut-up a bit'. Interesting 'being owned' by the all hours indoor/outdoor Calico cat who is barely able to go out at all and we trade off the exits and re-entry's involved. Sort of reminds of many years of 12h noc hospital shifts. No kiitty- gate or litter box here (metal doors)  We do OK with Love and Respect

    BTW I suppose some of you do the flashlight up into the night sky 'revealer' Yes ?  My finding is the Led works best to show the flurries filling the beam in terrifying numbers. I report this neat science trick whenever possible to my new friends..

    Just one more thing. Finally CHD (Children Health Defense) Robert F. Kennedy's superb site interviewed our hero Mr. Dane for 57' 25"

    Yea Hoo They needed to meet and talk, and do it again soon,  . 


  14. Chickadee says:

    Here in southern NH it got down to -14 on Friday night.  The winds were whipping and the wind chill was -32 for a couple minutes.  It was hovering around -28 most of the time.  The 11pm local news said Mount Washington set a new record for wind chills down to -109.  Today is Sunday 3:40pm and its 43, no wind.  Tell me again how 'they' are not manipulating the weather.  

  15. Jonathan says:

    Dane, I absolutely agree with you. There are definitely different groups of people involved here. Some of them truly would be more involved if they were physically and emotionally able. And as always, some of them would never get involved because they really are too preoccupied with their personal paradigms.

    I just left my Episcopal Church and had a lovely conversation with the priest, who is a former Franciscan Monk.

    He told me that the world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.

    That may bear repeating. For your audience.

    " The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love."

    ECU distribution soon. Blessings to all in this community. May you be uplifted and your hearts gladdened. Fear not. Fear not. Look the storm in the eye. And remember that everything that you do will echo through eternity. Be encouraged.

    And remember we walk in the footsteps of great people who came before us who also faced trials and tribulations. Let us conduct ourselves in a way that would make them proud of us when we are gathered to them one day in our Source. 




  16. Lance says:

    Heavy aerosol operations carried out yesterday ahead of the storm front that is now over CA moving east. All the toxic "stuff" that was sprayed out yesterday is now moving over Utah, Colorado, northern AZ and NM. It can be seen on the Nighttime Microphysics Images on C.O.D. or on the NASA weather website.   

    • Maddie Love says:

      Yes I had seen it in AZ. They have been spraying hardcore non stop and not one human being sees it. Blows my mind how dumbed down so many are with their toxic food water pharmaceutical drugs and the new pokes. People are losing their Brains now. Have you noticed many are not all there lately?! They have been playing with Haarp in Nevada we see the winds come from that way all the time. Boulder CO runs the show as well. You can drive right by there facility that is heavy only gated up. They play hardcore with the weather as they works with Nevada and more using haarp. It's crazy what's been done is still going on and how we're all being poisoned. You can test the snow and rain. I have to clean heavy metals up after every rain and snow storm. It drops down on my clean patio every time all over my chair and all. I'm gonna send the gov a bill soon for the damage they are causing and for the accidents they have been causing with the synthetic ice. It almost killed me the other day. The snow is synthetic now. It's not real. You can see the reflecting particles in it. Pretty but dangerous. Enough is enough. We need boards put up along the highways in AZ and CO and Nevada so people read and learn themselves the truth. Let's fight harder then we ever have. Let's do this. I'm tired of the corruption done on me my family and my brothers and sisters. We're angry now and will fight so hard to expose this. We will expose like we did breast implants when no one believed us when we were sick. Gov killing us in every way. We're done. They won't handle us now. Us woman coming together will scare them. We have done it once before and we will do it again. 

  17. Jeff says:

    When you see Chemtrails, check, if you can, the approximate flight path(s) of the jets you see spraying to this website: Flight Tracker – Live Flight Tracking – Plane Finder.  So many times I do NOT see the flight path that I can SEE WITH MY OWN EYES on this website.  Why are there so may unregistered, high-flying, chemtrail spraying jet aircraft not showing up on the Flight Tracker website?  I need to weigh the evidence for myself.  This is proof, to me at least, that something nefarious IS going on when Chemtrail-spraying aircraft do NOT show up as being transponding aircraft.

    • Pedro Moreno says:

      That is exactly what happens in Madrid (Spain). I can see the jets over the populated areas of metropolitan Madrid, but these flights are not shown in any of the flight tracking application you indicate, even using Flightradar24 doesn't show these planes. Either the jets are not using the transponder or the flight tracking applications disable certain jets id's for general users. In any case here in Spain the jets flying over populated areas is not allowed by law, but this seems to be no deterrent for the geoengineering practices we are enduring since years ago.

    • Lance says:

      You're not the only one who's noticed this! Yesterday over the part of AZ where I'm staying there were a lot of aerosol trails in the sky visible to the north of my location which drifted from the north to the south that were released from aircraft NOT on flight trackers! Lots of military aircraft too. 

    • ZZ Top says:

      You're not seeing them, because they're not technically there. They're not technically their because they are part of the black budget projects. I refer again to the video where Senator Daniel Inouye spoke about the shadow government during the Iran country hearings and looked right at the camera when he did it.

    • Paul Richardson says:

      Transponders are shut—0ff, leaving no broadcasts.

  18. Gary Morrow says:

    Various mainstream sources are hyping the record cold wind chill on Mount Washington New Hampshire of minus 108F this past Friday. Wind chills are calculated from a combination of actual temperatures and wind speeds Increasingly the weather control freaks are unable to produce record cold actual temperatures, so they produce what cold they can over one of the windiest places on the planet and voila you have a new all time record wind chill for the Lower 48. They also fail to mention that temperatures on Mount Washington and the rest of the Northeast will already be back above normal by Monday 

  19. Jonathan says:

    Thank you Dane for all of your ceaseless work for the greater good. I do think that one of the reasons out of many reasons, there's so many people do not notice what's going on around them, is that they have been beaten down mercilessly from innumerable directions. This would include spiritually, financially, and many other ways. So many people are so scared and so tired of working so hard and not knowing what's going to happen in the future, they're going into survival mode. We're talking, fight or flight. They are focusing like laser beams on day-to-day survival in so many cases, and this may be why some of them do not realize what's going on. In terms of the broader picture. It is not to say that there are not people who just simply are not serious about life. I'm just offering another point of view. Many people that I see on a daily basis are fighting for day-to-day survival.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jonathan, yes, certainly I understand that many are not in a position to do anything other than focus on their own day to day survival. This being said, there are also a great many that are completely caught up in scripted political theater, sports events, their next material aquisition and in general their own peronal pursuit of pleasure. Between all the activities I just mentioned, such individuals are often occupied by trying to marginalize and ridicule anyone that has shown the courage to face and tell the truth. It is these types of individuals that are all too willing to do whatever the matrix asks of them so long as they are compensated in return. Sadly, wider horizon morality isn’t a consideration in their case.

  20. Susan Ferguson says:

    Why Are They Spraying? Answers From An Insider



    • Gary Morrow says:

      Welcome back Susan Thanks for reposting this 

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Welcome back Susan, and thanks for the link; you have been missed!


    • beatriz says:

      Susan, so good to see your posting. This morning, before opening the GAN, i though of you with nostalgia, affection and gratitude for all your comments and links throughout the years. May you be enjoying many blessings from Life.


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, kind friends!
      Here is a quote from Deep Shield:

      The accepted Estimated Casualties (from WHO) is 2 billion over the course of 6 decades. The majority will be either the elderly, or those who are prone to respiratory problems.


      The epidemic of allergy and asthma

      Allergic diseases, such as asthma, rhinitis, eczema and food allergies, are reaching epidemic proportions in both the developed and developing world. Key factors driving these rising trends are increased exposure to sensitizing allergens and reduced stimulation of the immune system during critical periods of development.
      In allergic disease, there is a polarization of T-lymphocyte responses, and enhanced secretion of cytokines involved in regulation of immunoglobulin E, mast cells, basophils and eosinophils, ultimately leading to inflammation and disease. A clear understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of allergic disease and the complex interplay between genetic and environmental factors will undoubtedly create new opportunities for public health and therapeutic interventions.  

  21. Stephen Smith says:

    I live in Houma, Louisiana and we were heavily sprayed Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we had heavy fog. I'm wondering how much of this contamination I walked through and directly breathed in?

    • Milda says:

      Yes. I think the fog would be even more dangerous. The chemicals are pretty close to surface and staying there. They're killing all life on earth 🤬

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