Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 12, 2022, #344


Dane Wigington

The walls are closing in by the day while most remain distracted, divided, polarized and completely asleep at the wheel. The climate engineers continue to dry and fry the US West while portions of the country further east are yet again being pounded with another weather whiplash flash freeze. Crops are being decimated, infrastructure is being damaged, the web of life is imploding and still the majority turn two blind eyes to the climate intervention operations in our skies. The human race has been very poor stewards of the planet, climate engineering is the most devastating example. Will power structures utilize global conflict as a premise to play their final cards? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

29 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 12, 2022, #344

  1. penny waters says:

    where and how is susan ferguson

    haven't seen her posts for a long time

    hope you are okay out there susan – i loved reading the stuff you would find out about the corruption in the world

    have just found some myself

    when i was young all the utilities were owned by the people – water, gas, electric, and our health system – set up by our governments for the people

    our health system has become corrupted, not least by health tourists – people would come from abroad – knowing they were ill and walk into a hospital and get health care on demand – the first to do it, i was told by a nurse who worked at the london hospital were the cypriots – only just a few years ago was this stopped by government legislation 

    and now the dentists and doctors who come from abroad – firstly they train here, practice on us and then when they have become proficient then move into the private sector

    and as many come from both from the old colonies and elsewhere most are the middle and upper classes from other countries and have an arrogant attitude to us ordinary people

    has been bad enough with our arrogant middle and upper classes, but we knew them and had our ways of dealing with them but now – their attitude is offensive and as the ordinary people become poorer they become more offensive

    and thieving is commonplace

    i have known for a little while that the water that comes out of my tap is from a hong kong chinese billionaires company that occupies our local reservoir

    i found out today that my electric is supplied by a chinese company that covers the south east and london

    so profits from us keep the rich chinese with their snouts in the trough

    when we, the people, owned our utilities, there was no profit, people who worked in them were proud to work for the people

    many of the people in my family worked for various utilities  

    my dad worked for the copyright agency, an agency that all publishers of written material had to send 4 copies of what was written and sold, to my dads office where they would be distributed to the main libraries, oxford, cambridge, edinburgh and dublin

    although the country wide organisations were large it felt like a family – cos everyone knew the people next to them so we were all connected – if something happened in lands end (farthest tip into the atlantic) – give it a coupla days and it would be known in john 'o' groats (farthest tip of scotland) and maybe in to the islands

    now the island is full of people who do not know each other – and most of the english people are drunk most of the time, or stoned with misery – not able to face the truth

    humans need boundaries to keep themselves on track and to keep ourselves safe when we get confused and need help

    i fear that we are lost – never to come back from this relentless greed that seems to dig into the soul of people – not just here in england but everywhere – the relentless greed of power and money

    power corrupts

    and as my wise ol' mum used to say – chaos reigns – and we all get wet

    we have nowhere to run to away from the madness of humans

    wish i believed, as a child, in something that could make it all right – why do i have to be alive at such a terrible time

    any good answers gratefully received

    (and not the ritual of religion told by men in dresses please)

    where has the goodness and honesty gone? the tears roll down my cheeks

    • EmEm says:

      Penny, I am crying as I read your post….angry tears, sad tears, feelings of hopelessness that I have never felt before.  I write emails to government officials who don't care and have no accountability….I pray for humanity every night…..for us, and for future generations.  Thank you to Dane for all the great work he is doing with his team.  I share these videos on all different platforms and email groups….there is an awakening happening.  I just hope it isn't too late. Blessings

  2. L. Pritt says:

    Today 3-15-22  The spraying today is one of the worst I have seen here in So. central PA.  They seem to be ratcheting up on the spraying.  Are they getting more desperate with their timetable to depopulation?  Seems like it. Best wishes to all and their families.

  3. Judy Jasinski says:

    Chemtrailing going on everyday almost all day now in New Jersey! The sky is loaded I have never seen this in my life and it is horrific! I myself have had allergies but now my skin around my nose is inflamed scalding and a site I have never gone through all my life!  Sad🤧😪

  4. Marilyn Avila says:

    If not for this website,  I would probably go absolutely crazy over the apathy of humans.  The last few days in So. California have been getting sprayed heavily.  Someone on our local "nextdoor" website posted a video asking what this was.  Of course I put in my response,  directing anyone to this website and to view "The Dimming".   I would say only about 5% of the 100+ responses to the original post recognized the horror that is being done to us and the planet.   It is very discouraging to see how blind and rude people are.  Every excuse in the book except the truth, along with mocking and ridicule.  So disgusting.  May the Great Spirit give Dane and all of us the strength to forge ahead in this battle, even when it feels hopeless.  Thanks to you all.

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Marilyn:  A neighbor/friend/student started the North Bay Climate Change discussion group on our S.F. Bay Area neighborhood's  I frequently post information from there as well as links to films such as Planet of the Humans and, when I get time to watch, The Dimming.  Slowly, our group is beginning to grow.  I have not had one person, who would otherwise scream "conspiracy theorists," show up there to try to trash, dis or argue about the changes that those of us who've been paying attention have noticed.  I'm hoping that people will begin to come up with plans to survive and help one another as long as possible, and spread the news.

  5. Dave Hunt says:


    The radio talk show was great! Are you going to post it on GEW for others to listen to? I'm sure many who couldn't listen to the live show would like to listen to it here as there was great information that everyone should hear. I'm graetful for all you do,

    Dave Hunt NE Iowa

  6. Lance says:

    Extreme aerosol particulate releases W of S. CA heading for San Diego area!  Look on Nighttime Microphysics Imagery GOES West right now! 

  7. Jonathan says:

    On the subject of responsibility…

    As we learn more, we become more responsible for what we do with that knowledge. We here are some of the better informed people within our particular spheres of influence. I encourage each of you to DO something, and often, to reach out to others with information.



    • Stan Sylvester says:

      Here's a suggestion. Look for newspapers in your city or state that are privately owned. Some still exist. They are not part of the mainstream media. Take out an email subscription if you don't want delivery. I've had over a dozen letters to the editors published in different cities in TN. This may work for you. You will personally benefit as it forces you to develop writing, communication and fact checking skills. 

    • Dennie says:

      @Jonathan:  Not knowing is the excuse so many use for their willful blindness… when you're informed, it implies you have some kind of responsibility toward your knowledge, as most here do know 😉

  8. Lance says:

    Started raining lightly last night around 12 here in South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas.  Rained lightly off and on.  Supposed to stop about noon and be partly cloudy.  Heavy aerosol spraying going on over N CA and NW of San Francisco out over the Pacific Ocean on the backside of the front that came through.  All particulate trails visible on COD Nighttime Microphysics Images on GOES West if you care to look.  Lots of these types of trails visible over Nashville, TN, early yesterday according to other reports that included an image of them.  Surreal.    

  9. Peter Myyry says:

    Hello Dane:  Thanks for the great work that you do.  I thank God for you in my daily prayers.  Keep up the great work.  

    Take care,

    Peter Myyry

  10. Lance says:

    West of Lake Tahoe in the last couple of hours very long aerosol trails spewed out that drifted east over the area.  Another long aerosol trail of particulates was spewed out not long ago and its now become a white band of clouds stretching north/south moving east.  Clearly visible on the Nighttime Microphysics Imagery for Lake Tahoe on GOES-West.  More aerosol trails can be seen drifting in from the Pacific that are approaching the SF Bay area on the same imagery.  Defensive or offensive nanoparticulates?    

  11. Gord Komanac says:

    This past Saturday, March 12th, I saw extra heavy spraying in Calgary, AB. The trails were very wide in some spots, wider than normal. Not sure what that means but the temperature was quite warm that day then Sunday was much cooler. Also on Saturday the winds were very strong. It was impossible to not notice the skies as the trails were in all directions and it would have been a blue sky if not for the engineered clouds. I'd also like to mention that every Saturday there is a freedom rally and march in Calgary with thousands of people in attendance. Maybe the controllers want to poison them while they're out marching for freedom.

  12. sea says:

    Dane thank you for the additional efforts (not sure when you find the time) for your LIVE QandA on Saturday – 8 AM-9AM

    Santa Cruz radio Station KSCO, I put the station into my search and included LIVE STREAM and was able to listen in.

    Thank you for all of those folks that called in and asked such important questions .

    The caller that was a previous Air Force pilot and his knowledge of what has been going on was invaluable!

    I look forward to listening this Saturday- Dane you are a person like no other, we appreciate ALL that you do.

     Thank you for your endurance, your family's endurance and God watching over you to keep you safe while you work at what needs to be done…diggin in the dirt – the dirt no one wants to dig in.


  13. Lance says:

    Aerosol trails over northern end of Lake Tahoe drifting from the NW to the NE.  Nanoparticulate aerosols are clearly visible on the GOES images this afternoon over the US west coast.  Unknown if they are non-replicating or self-replicating.  Yeah, that's right, there are such things!               

  14. Jaime says:

    Hi Dane, again great presentation. I first was introduced to GeoEngineering about 2008. I farm in NW MN. I was then certified organic farming for 15 years and it was getting harder and harder as the rain falls were getting bigger and bigger. But something changed I could now see the planes spraying the skies and our precipitation began to wain. Now 15 years later we can hardly get a drop of rain. We had our worst crop ever 2021. We had less then 2" of rain for the growing season. We had 1/4 crop Wheat. 1/6th crop of soybeans. 1/5th crop of corn. Last spring it was 80 degrees April 1st and 6" snow a couple days later. They allowed us or missed stopping about 12" rain last fall so we have some good moisture to start with this spring. Fertilizer is about 3 times as much as it was a year ago. I am not looking forward to this growing season at all this year!

    We have had our nastiest winter ever this year. Large snows then 20 below zero to snow every other day not much just enough to blow and make snow banks. I now have to use my  bulldozer now to push the snow like substance away from roads. A heavy quick snow came down a couple days ago. I got sick so fast I had to seek shelter inside. I have a very hard time breathing outside and nobody denies it when I ask them if they do. About a month ago I awoke in the night and found it very difficult to breath. I was breathing as deep as I could but felt I was suffocating no oxygen. It was the first time I got scared with this unfolding apocalypse. If that was  a canary in the coal mine of things to come,  I would rather drown, or be hit with meteorite. 

    Has any body else following the Antarctic I was hoping to see the new British survey conducted in Feb 22 at Thwaites Glacier but was canceled because to much ice flowing out and could get only about 80 miles close to it on another glacier. There have been a lot of large earthquakes down there South Sandwich islands. I wonder if it helped to destabilize the ice shelve. One of the scientist shrugged his shoulders and said well I guess this be comes the pacific ocean now and will just have to deal with it.

    I feel close to you in your speaking. I used own and operate a tree nursery to plant trees for the farmers and wind breaks. I have a large woods with trails in it, wild life spots, food plots, ponds and river. We came from the "Canada, Upstate New York Iroquois Nation". We were French, Native Americans  over 100 years ago. My Grand parents use to play with the local natives that lived on the property they purchased here. They had rock damns in the water shed to trap fish to eat. I have found many Indian rocks used for hammers  over the years.

    Your a very special person, and I listen several times a week the presentation given.

    God Bless you.


  15. patrick mcgowan says:

    Again we thank you Dane Wigington for your courage and cont insight on geo eng,,. Last night at 10;30pm awaken to very loud Rain /Slush/Snow hitting and STICKING to window. Window completely covered with ice !!!!  This was in bend Oregon , went out to review ?? side of home covered in ice ???   what the hell,  To Bad So Many Don't SEE ?

  16. Robin Christensen says:

    Heard your first radio talk back hour.  Awesome!  Will spread the spot fires of awareness- small groups to ignite, then it starts to roar!  Mayday Mayday will be our group's May Day alarm sounding/event

  17. Rich says:

    Thursday and especially Friday in RI the skies were filled with streams of geoengineering operations prior to the predicted (scheduled) "Bomb Cyclone Event". If I even mention it people scoff, but I can't resist trying. The worst byproducts of it is the damage torrential rains and freeze/ fry creations are wreaking on the roads, yet no one cares.

  18. Kriseigh Ross says:

    This is horrifying information & it's sinking in completely.. While I am out there spreading the word, is there any information on how to also lessen some of the damage this has on me and my family's health?  I have also found that more people are willing to listen if hope is offered with the information.. right now I am starting to feel really scared, what can i do TODAY to start detoxing this crap, and protecting ourselves? Any idea? Best regards friends.. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kriseigh, thank you for standing with us in this all important battle. In regard to your question of staying healthy in our increasingly toxic world, the attached link will offer input.

  19. penny waters says:

    we all live amongst the blind

    old saying "none so blind, as those who do not want to see"

    and we all stand in the middle of them

    the frustration of life – taught to be fair as children, we grow up and see that there is little fairness in the human world

    us poor pensioners in england – the other parts of the united kingdom all have assemblies (the english do not have an assembly we only have the british government) that are smaller and therefore should have a better idea of ordinary people's needs but us english – we get it in the neck – while my pension has gone up this year by about a £1 ukranian refugees are being housed by government in ordinary peoples houses if they volunteer and those volunteers are being given £350 a month by the government – such conditions for corruption!!

    nobody seems to care about the ordinary english and whilst we have people living in terrible conditions – just go to the big developments outside london where they housed ordinary families after the war and see the condition of those people now – few doctors and few dentists – we look like a "developing country" (always an intriguing expression for me as a poor person

    and the mawkish sentimentality over the ukranian war whilst our armament industries are coining it, all we hear about is the terrible state of the ukraine – which is undeniable

    all around me i see people who walk by the homeless and rootless giving money and clothes for the ukraine and yet we are at the other end of europe – with all those other countries between us – all much wealthier than us, with more space

    the british still like to show off about what wonderful benevolent people they are – the upper classes and the aristocracy (viking extraction, not celtic or saxon which make up the working people of uk) 

    one example of a homeless boy i spoke to – his mum and dad split up and he went to live with his grandad – when his grandad died he was flung out of the social housing they were living in!!! what a disgusting country i live in

    london has become a hideout for the wealthy and their money

    charity begins at home

    all great men are bad – i have been trying to deposit photos i took of women in the womens movement (just in case we survive hahahaha – live in hope die in despair – old saying) but have found any womens records contain lies – taken over by the left – the womens movement was not left or right – it was a movement of women trying to find out what women were for apart from having babies – apolitical – although all the women who have become famous have written such lies – all great women are bad (wonder where their background comes from)

    even read a report by an old "friend" of mine where she was writing of the great vietnam demonstration in london against the vietnam war which ended in the square where the american embassy was

    she wrote about how the police were extremely violent – yet what i saw on the demonstration were some men, as they marched, shouting and screaming and getting angrier and angrier – and then i saw the initiators of the violence come from the marchers not the police 

    that was when i decided the left was not for me – never liked the others anyway!!

    tried the pacifists – seem a little ignorant of real life

    tried the green party – nutters who have no clue and think they know about the environment from inside an office

    they are rewilding scotland with the wildcat with no real clue about the effect that will have – such a devastatingly destructive creature released into an environment already degraded of all creatures

    numpties, fools and idiots – how did we get to such a position of arrogance – took us thousands of years of alienation from our environment to come to this point

    heaven help us – and the heavens – 30% of the ozone left – if that?

    airplanes sound very strange in the skies – when they can't manage to get off the planet – maybe then they will worry?!!

    on tv was a tiny advert from the government about how we are running out of water – a tiny advert that if you blinked you missed it

    feeling a little ragged and so disappointed in humans

    but i did stroke a hedgehog – think she was pregnant – will we still be here for me to see the babes strolling along behind her?

    so to all the people in the know – i salute you one and all 

    much love

  20. Cathy says:

    Thanks Dane – I appreciate your knowledge, your passion and your righteous anger. I've learned so much from reading your articles and listening to your broadcasts over the past five years.  I share this information with others constantly, as well as other information about what is really going on, but only a small number of people I speak to believe what I tell them. I'm sure there will be many people who will dumbly deny the truth right to the (fiery) end. I'm thankful that I am in the minority group of people on the planet who can discern real truth and have the courage to share it with others. Those of us who are aware of what's truly going on must do everything we can to awaken others to the truth and prepare for the perilous times ahead – physically, mentally/emotionally and most of all, spiritually.

  21. Priscilla Fox says:

    I've tried to wake some of my family. They won't listen to anyone. They believe whatever is on MSM. I have put enough in one's head to make her so scared, I guess, she doesn't want to speak to me but that's been about the so-called dis-ease.

    I'm doing the best I can to use as little natural gas, water and electricity. My utility bills are less than anyone else who owns a small house in my area. I no longer drive.

    I know my end time is near so I have not prepared for anything. The monsters who have used us all these years don't need anything living  any longer. Oh, if only I were able to have a few minutes with each of them……..

    Thank you for what you are doing.

    • Lynn Phillips says:

      Priscilla, maybe there is hope. Last year I could hardly speak to my family either. Any talk of weather control, the risks of the injections, or massive deception and coercion tactics were labeled conspiracy theories. 

      My son's girlfriend (the mother of my granddaughter) has finally realized how the EPA and FDA have turned a blind eye to harmful toxins and carcinogenic substances like glyphosate and others in the environment and food supply. She is just now starting to wonder what else they may be hiding and how many other federal agencies are corrupt liars. 

      I still try to choose my words wisely, because the young ones don't want to believe there is no hope. This alone is reason enough to fight. We have destroyed their future, yet they still have hope.

      I pray daily for a miracle. God bless you and everyone whose eyes are open.

  22. Lori M. Bridgeford says:

    Much needed NEW   radio Q and A today Dane @ , as  this "Coming Collapse"  launched on KSCO (Santa Cruz,  CA)  Thanks for arranging this  added option for a LIVE opportunity to speak with you. The fmr NASA  engineer contact  (Ray)  was crucial to set the horrifying intensity of what left of  our remaining ozone  layer.  Sobering update.  Worse than imagined. If indeed we are at about 30% of ozone layer  remaining  – we are  all out of luck -Game over  much sooner . Covering crops is not so feasible -food crisis now closer.  This harsh projection  impacts  next  priorities  once again as we continue to witness the sky being chem – shredded. Will call KSCO  office and thank them for having you on air to take the many callers to grasp the dire point we face , while corporate media keeps propaganda going 24/7.  This site /Global Alert News is my main  solace. So few in my life truly grasp ALL  this  awful unfolding ruin. There is NO where to run, or hide, or stall. We must speak up and keep risking rejection. With you . 

  23. dana norris says:

    Dane you are not the only one frustrated I have followed you for a decade and a half have told passer bys on the street to look up and just notice something is'nt right been at  it a long time you give me strength to continue to tell people to look up thank you so much keep up your much appreciated work

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