Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 1, 2021, #299


Dane Wigington

The whole of the human race continues to free-fall into completely uncharted territory, societally and environmentally. Even now a shockingly large percentage of the population is clinging to the power structure's propaganda narrative that their lives will “return to normal” if everyone would simply accept all official protocols without questioning anything. It would seem reasonable to remember and consider that those who are directing the entire CV-19 scenario are the same individuals that have long since been calling for a large reduction in global populations. Above it all, geoengineering operations continue to cause climate chaos along with contaminating every breath we take. What will be our near term destination if the current course of the human race is not completely corrected? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

33 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 1, 2021, #299

  1. Dennie says:

    Does everyone know that Bill and Melinda are splitting?  What did Melinda have to say? Check it out:  Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein:

  2. Susan says:


    Thank you very much for continuing to broadcast these reports for as long as "they'll" let you! I look forward each week to hearing a voice of courage and sanity in this sea of deception.

    Here in northeast Washington state it dawned clear with hazy blue skies. Since there are currently no wildfires burning the forest down, a sensible person might ask why the sky looks like that of a polluted big city in the 60's, when we are hundreds of miles from any city. But no one asks.

    As I drove to my substitute job at school today I could see the planes striping the sky. By noon it was murky white from one horizon to the next. There are bands of dark gray lowering in elevation like a curtain.

    This kind of sky always reminds me of a scene in the old movie, "The Ten Commandments" where 10 plagues are being visited upon Egypt because Pharaoh won't let Moses' people go free.  A mysterious "night mist" descends  on the city…creeping along the streets and killing all of the firstborn children, including Pharaoh's only son. Every time I see one of those trails being laid by an airplane I think of this "death mist," for surely it is killing all life on earth!

    But if I point it out and ask a question to whomever is standing nearby, they look at me like I have two heads, and I can see a little "dialog bubble" appear above their heads in which they are thinking, "Conspiracy theory!" Honestly, how duped can people be? Very, apparently.

    This heavy spraying has been the scheduled weekly weather for months now. There is a "50%" chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow (no, make that 20, no, now make that 10), so ahead of that we get heavy spraying and little, if any, rain actually arrives. The landscape is so dry from water-poor "snow" this winter that the ground crackles when you walk on it, even though it should be wet in spring. There are so many fallen trees in the forest…just like the video Dane posted. We are in for a hellacious summer.

    On a brighter note, are we all riveted by the divorce of the would-be king, Lord Gates? I know there is not a snowball's chance in hell that Melinda could have had an awakening of consciousness and conscience, but one can fantasize! What if she turned away from The Dark Side and became a whistle blower?

    Many thanks to all who post here and who keep the fires of awareness glowing and growing. Never give up!

    • Roy says:

      Who ever would she trust with what she knows..I'm certain with his wealth she wouldn't go to the bathroom without him knowing.  And surely she's been chipped with a bug and explosive device instantly putting an end to any disclosure on her part   I admit it sounds like conspiracy talk but to witness what we have witnessed in the past year I rule out nothing 

  3. Raymond says:

    Thankfully I was able to get my supervisor to trigger a Tornado Warning/Large Hail Advisory through the Emergency Alert Broadcast System, for folks north and east of me yesterday. Where many vehicles were moved to cover and spared being smashed by some hailstones that were pushing 4 inches in size!

    My house on the lake was spared too from the tornadoes in Granbury and an elementary school was only slightly damaged. Both were about 100 yards from the path of destruction. But two more tornadoes were spotted between Dallas and Fort Worth yesterday. And all of this happened on a day that was originally forecasted with a Zero percent chance of rain.

    Just proves that you can never take for granted, any weather forecast and tornadoes accompanied by large hail… can and will occur suddenly out of the blue, anywhere in Texas.

    That just adds to my reasons for wanting to leave this state in my rearview mirror. ASAP!

  4. Raymond says:

    Here we go again!

    Just like last Spring we are already Summer Hot and severe storms popping up when the forecast says zero % chance of rain. Only after the fact, when it's already been raining for 15 minutes, does the forecast suddenly change from zero to 90% chance of rain. As a trained weather (storm) spotter, this lackadaisical approach by the NWS and NOAA is really making it hard to keep on top of issuing watches and warnings. Especially when my radar loop images are also 30 to 45 minutes behind real time activity!

    Usually the predicted (scheduled) weather is something to set your clock by and only during the stormy season lately, has that become an exception to the rule. Personally I believe it's because they have something to hide… like experiments into the artificial creation of large hail and multi vortex tornadoes. Both of which have been ripping paths of destruction here in Texas now, for about three years.

    Matter of fact… right this very moment, a neighbor of my other home on Lake Granbury (currently for sale) just called me to say that he is watching a tornado, with two smaller tornadoes trailing behind it… slowly moving through that neighborhood about 1/2 mile away! My gut is in knots right now, praying for his family's safety and that my house doesn't get destroyed!

    Back in 2002 I filmed a massive hailstorm right here in this town and it was like a scene right out of an Armageddon movie. Hail the size of cantelopes were crashing through the roof and turning vehicles into swiss cheese. Shattering all windows and punching holes through carports with 1/2" metal roofs. Every structure in this neighborhood was declared as a total loss or 70-90% loss by Insurance companies. But the mega hailstones only fell in a short 1/4 mile long path on this side of town and I measured two stones between 6 and eight inches. With holes in carports and skylights measuring over 10 inches! All on video and photographically documented.

    I suppose I could have officially registered those hailstones with Guinness as world records, or at least Texas records. Because history repeated itself again here in Texas just a few days ago:

    'Gargantuan' hailstone measuring more than six inches across sets Texas record – The Washington Time

    Oh My God! Talk about deja vu. There are hailstones between the size of golf balls and softballs, falling from the dark storm clouds RIGHT NOW!

    Sorry, gotta' go and report this to my storm spotter supervisor!

  5. Rad says:

    clean your skies

  6. Juli says:

    "COVID." written backwords is "DIVOC."

    • Raymond says:


      All I can say is…..WOW!

      I constantly bring up my code, signal and hidden message finding skills that I learned at an Army Intelligence school many years ago… and DIVOC is a perfect example of how the government hides subliminal messages right out in plain sight!

      Good job and keep up your fine efforts of reading between the lines. It's definitely a lost skill and art, with the comatose sheeple in society. 

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Juli and Raymond, using the alphabet with Covid 19, 1 is the first letter which is A and the 9th letter is I, put them together and you have AI.

    • A Friend says:

      thank you for that information. I shared it. 



  7. Bell says:


    Very impressive to hear your broadcast is spreading out wider across the country.  I am sure there are many more people/listeners who will be impressed by your info and drive for awakening citizens to realities of  what passes for accurate journalism and where we are headed environmentally.

    Am reminded of the desert opal mining areas, people have been living in really amazing underground homes for many many years.

    Is that part of the surviving humans in coming years?

    Maybe that is a solution for some areas as the sun becomes more unbearably hot.  It is already so much hotter than usual.  Then the 'funny' clouds return it to 'normal' or so people assume.

    I can see how convincing it will look for the new ideas of cloud seeding to the uninitiated.  We are conditioned to listen and believe, your efforts are really vitally needed, although very hard to digest.

    I feel like I am living in two different worlds. Life as usual, but the reality now is that nothing is normal, and never will be again. Sad for the earth, its critters, clueless humanity, forgotten how to think for themselves – TV, authorities, fear mongers never ending sprouting this and that.

    Now the Pied Piper with a different title, about to lead humanity over the cliff…………under the name of 'saving' life.

    Having spent so much of my life in the  ream of health, now I see it in a different light.

    Life has become truly upside down . 

    I will sit in the sun, listen to your amazing efforts, spread the word when possible and appreciate life , listen to new awakenings in humanity, find hope in as much as possible. Who knows maybe this is the age of Aquarius, new beginnings, leading to 1,000 years of peace. I read that somewhere in my very early years.

    Sounds good (smile)

  8. Aaron Coomer says:

    Dane, I know why you do what you do! Thanks for your steadfast commitment exposing all the assaults on our once thriving planet. Southwest Ohio has been under constant assault all year. When I think it can’t get much worse it does. Very few here care. Praying for Change soon!

  9. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- reporting in from Massachusetts.  Daily spraying is keeping the temperatures low, 50s; w/o spraying temps would easily be in the 870s/80s…   Constant media attention on Covid and the vaccines…keeps driving the mandatory vaccine idea, and many are doing so without  question…. they are Vaccine Non-Hesitant.  The media reports no ill-effects of it….I see the pathway to mandatory vaccines rapidly unfolding…the government will not impose it, but will let  companies and other organization make it mandatory…the government will not stop them, thus granting approval…..

    • David Meisel says:

      Down in RHODE ISLAND,  same here. Dane speaks truth. Prepping should be done, again in my case. Government is out of control.

  10. Stan Sylvester says:

    The supposed spiritual leadership of today that ignored Dane is not much different from centuries ago:

    Micah 3:11

    "Its heads judge for a reward and a bribe and its priests teach for hire and its prophets divine for money, yet they lean on the Lord and  say, Is not Lord among us? No evil can come upon us."

    Centuries ago a few shekels was all that was needed for the spiritual leadership to tow the official narrative. Today the heads of the denominations told the sheeple that they should follow their government Covid guidelines. It's just a job to most of these ecumenical giants. They are not directed by a  passion for the truth. Indeed, the 501c3 has replaced the shekels. One rare exception is Pastor Chuck Baldwin. 

    People wonder where God is while all this is going on. He hasn't gone anywhere. Satan has bribed the sociopaths  of society that are in positions that affect millions. Sociopaths gravitate to positions of religion and politics. It opens doors for them to control many people.  


  11. Carol says:


    Thank you very much for the hard work you do to keep us informed, and couldn't imagine how exhausting this is for you.  Bless you,   for the time being I am advertising your website on my car. :).   Thank you supporters for posting your comments and information.  It's May, should not be cold, alot of people don't know why the weather changes daily,   I saw online a bad storm had hit a part of China, ( video ) never saw lighting that bad, hum I wonder.   And the huge hail that hit Texas, I listened to your podcast,   I am seeing the prices rise in all products and gas.



  12. Jonathan O'Quinn says:


    When Dane talks about the engineered Cooling of some of the dispersed chemicals coming down from above he's not kidding. The spring planting season in my part of North Carolina has been delayed approximately one month because of a naturally cold temperatures. I've never seen anything like it. I have already lost a lot of my fruit crops already from freezing temperatures that should never have occurred at this time of the year. Most of my garden Still Remains unplanted because it's too darn cold at night to do anything yet. This is unprecedented.

    Keep up the good work Dane.

  13. Raymond says:

    I read three separate reports last night about a federal investigation into a series of mysterious incidents involving a possible directed energy weapon attack in Washington DC. Where aids suddenly got seriously ill, when they walked across the White House lawn. Experiencing a painful humming noise leading to an instant migraine that caused their temples to throb. And nausea so bad that they couldn't stop vomiting. I even copied the article links and planned to include one with this comment reply post. But all three headline links simply open up to to a blank page now and they have all been mysteriously removed from my news feed board. Just hours after being published and posted.

    Of course I'm not surprised at all about the swift censorship of these news reports. Because I have been told that only "huge" truck and plane mounted microwave energy beam weapons exist within our army and that they would never be deployed on innocent civilian populations. The government also tells me that the newest 5G microwave towers have been proven, not to have any serious or long term ill effects on residents living in close proximity.

    Yet I can't find one single such peer reviewed study paper findings, or research testing documents and results of the possible harmful effects of 5G microwave transmissions, anywhere in government files, records and archives. Including within all of academia (that receive government funding and grants) here in America and around the world. But several independent tests have been conducted and research literature on 5G side effects to humans is readily available from institutions that have no government agendas to follow or conflict of interest with the telecommunications industry. And they all report that just one small 5G transceiver on any tower, or even the roof mounted dish equipment on homes, have been proven to effect the overall health of humans, animals, mammals and insect populations around the world.

    So why is the government trying to convince that every time I go to the veterans hospital and wait in my car for my appointment (because waiting rooms are closed due to the pandemic) and sit under three massive cell phone towers in the parking lot. That the sudden onset of throbbing in my temples, loud humming noises, migraine headaches and horrible nausea… are all just figments of my imagination?

    White House aids and embassy staff in other countries are taken seriously, when they claim to experience the exact same symptoms. But everyone else are merely hypochondriacs!?

    Have you seen how many 5G cell towers surround the Capital? It looks like a huge HAARP array facility… yet their health issues must be caused by Russians, Cubans, Chinese or North Koreans! Hey, don't forget about the Taliban and ISIS. Maybe even Martians. But definitely not cell towers or the internet dishes on the roof of the White House!


  14. A Friend says:

    Everybody please consider looking up the covid-19 consumer protection act passed in December. It makes it illegal for healthcare practitioners to give nutritional advice that would contradict the official CDC narrative. A chiropractor just got arrested for doing this. $44,000 charge per count.

    I saw a lady who had taken the procedure, yesterday at my dojo…. She's aging rapidly now, very frail looking.

    Dr. Yeadon is saying such folk will have a generous life expectancy of 3 years or less.

    Prepare for a massive loss of human life and a subsequent breakdown in societal infrastructure. 

    Prepare for many pets and children to be orphaned.

    WEF just said another pathogen is coming.

    Stock up on essential supplies.

    Share GEOgineering information and other information as you can.

    Do all you can until the end and do not quit.



  15. Raymond says:

    Just to let you know Dane. I have sent emails to all of my fellow digital artists (about 150) in the cyber art world community, every customer who purchased collectibles and jewelry from my web stores, every fellow amateur Astronomer and star gazer I know, each and every customer who's classic muscle car I've restored, all of my karate students and fellow weight lifters… and all of my cousins and friends since childhood. With a short essay about why I believe that climate engineering and solar geoengineering has been taking place in our skies, for a very long time. Why I believe that these operations are inadvertently sickening and killing more people every year, than from the flu or other viruses and car accidents combined.

    Why we should all contact our elected officials and demand that they allow for openness and accountability, in the government's handling and funding of all geoengineering programs, including the civilian commercial aviation industry.

    Attached to each email was and is the geoengineering watch website address and homepage link. Hundreds of plane trail photos from around the world and hundreds that I've taken in the last ten years (including those of military tankers making repeated perfect circles and checkerboard patterns in the sky… and images of planes turning the aerosol trails on and off, while other planes at the same altitude and in the same part of the sky, are leaving no lingering trails whatsoever). Along with a link to the "High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie" page on this website.

    And ever since you finished The Dimming expose' documentary, I have sent a link to that video as well.

    Unfortunately most of the recipients won't even reply to my emails any more and only a handful wrote to say thank you, for sharing all of the geoengineering information and that they found your website and documentary to be very interesting and quite mind blowing. But none have asked to know more or how they can help to stop the climate engineering insanity.

    Almost as though, I was able to actually get through to about a dozen individuals and spark their curiosity and interest. But only for a few short fleeting moments, hours or days. Then it was right back to business as usual and burying their head, into their daily monotonous daily grind. Refusing to look up at the elephant in the sky any more and going back to their "techno-official narrative media" addictions that allows them to escape the reality of a dying planet.

    What I refer to as the Titanic-Poseidon syndrome and a forced disconnect from the true nature and fate of our world. Because they only allow their minds to absorb the "feel-good, everything will be alright" lies, by the power structure's army of hypnotists. Working for the caretakers of Earth's Insane Asylum.

    I feel like I'm walking around on a planet that's inhabited by nothing but drug addicts, schizophrenics, human-sheep-cattle hybrid mutants and mindless zombies. All of which are being systematically herded to a moon sized slaughterhouse named Omnicide Or Bust! Yet, in their mentally induced hypnotic state of mind. They believe it's called "The Golden Age of Humanity". 

    We are closer to a Nuclear War of Assured Mutual Destruction than during the Cuban Missile Crisis and yet society is only obsessed with the latest new smart phone technology and how bad cops are crystallizing racial tensions in America.

    I can't help but wonder if all intelligent life in our universe has been and will be cursed to follow in the footsteps of humanity, and mindlessly watch as history continuously repeats itself? With each and every civilization being unable to suppress the greed and lust of its elites, who herd their societies to a similar Omnicidal Inevitability. And that's why the Astrophysicists have yet to conclusively locate the existence of intelligent life on other worlds. Because they have already traveled down to the end of the same road that we find ourselves on right now.

    I know that there can always be exceptions to the rule and if there are any enlightened beings out there, who managed to create a Utopian society? I would hide my existence from humanity too if I were them and only watch us from a distance, or from the shadows. Because if people like Bill Gates ever discovered that they exist. They would pillage, plunder and loot their resources as well. Then use wars and pandemics to conquer their species, while terraforming their world to grow even more GMO crops! Because it's all about wealth and power, no matter which worlds out there harbor life as we know it.

    • Bell says:

      Raymond,  I totally get it.  When I first saw those funny clouds, by accident really, I was so mad when finding out what they were.  All my life I wanted to learn to fly, and wished I could have done so – fly up and ram one of them……… dreaming of course  (smile)

      We are conditioned from day one  of life or even in the womb to follow directions from parents etc for safety.  it seems, bravery comes later when we grow up and see  so much we would like to change for the better – wicked things happen often.

      eg I recognised evil  very early in life, tried to warn a friend but no  good……….    her early life had a lot of sadness and loss, surely causing her to shut down certain faculties of perception .  We all have to learn in our own way, at our own pace – same for you contacts. 

      If some of them could detox  those metals out of their bodies – maybe their brains could function clearly , see reality as it truly is and channel their energies in a positive direction. Or not – too much at stake, social connections, family children. Conditioning.  And who really has strong feelings/instincts to guide them out of trouble………….not that many. It is not something that is taught and encouraged as a rule,as we grow up.

      But then not everyone has courage and clarity….you and .others on here  are  the exceptions….blinkers are gone for you,   Also for Dane, the man with so much courage, amazes me, which is why I do pass it on when I can.but some family dont want to know…

        Like to be a fly on the wall when reality hits certain ?humans , not worth naming actually. Creatures of the darkness.

        Unless we get that sky rock, it will drag on for some years yet, life will become unlivable……..miles too late for anyone to wake up and be useful.  As we judge the future by past experience. it seems simply unconceivable…………now where do I get some wipe out drug to put on the shelf??????

      You can only do so much – look after No.1, find some peace in whatever nature is left in your new life, you can only do your best.

      After life in your ghastly sounding  town is in the past, you will be able to feel free to be yourself, still fight the good fight to alert all who will listen.

      We all walk our own path in this short existence on earth.


      All the best –


    • A Friend says:

      I hear you brother. Most of my family will have nothing to do with me at this point. This is on my side of the family and my wife's side of the family. I am apparently seen as a nut job by them.

    • penny waters says:

      is there any room for survival my friend

      that is astounding what you do for the people you care about

      i am so different

      you have been a part of society and worked for the good of society

      but i sussed a long time ago  (about 50 yrs ago, am 71 now – so have few expectations)  that most people aren't quite awake, so in many ways i don't engage too much cos it is like bleeding my energy for nothing

      you were a soldier and saw the human race at its worst – at what men have to engage with now the population has become so huge that we are living on borrowed time

      who says anyone can survive

      we have the wobble that is the north and south pole – although we have to fix the poles (our limited scientific intelligence cannot cope with movement but has to measure from fixed points)

      those magnetic pole places, although always moving a little has now started to move around in a bigger more erratic way

      taking oil out of the crust will leave big holes filled with water – don't know what happens when gas is removed  – but it will all alter the balancing effect in the crust – so doesn't surprise me that our world is wobbling more – producing erratic poles

      you can take a horse to water but can't make it drink!!! you can talk to people who understand your language but it doesn't mean they get it!!!! i talk to many people about plants but as soon as they open their mouths i know i will be disappointed

      also, in lots of ways we (us humans)have a much bigger idea of ourselves that we really deserve – we are just complicated animals – selfish, with little real consciousness

      do not fret yourself it makes for cluttered destructive energy 

      stay away from people who are a trial

      go to nature for your soul – it struggles through regardless of what we sling at it

      too much blackness in the human soul – try to move back from it – emotionally

      i know that men's emotions are very deep – they have to be 'cos they might have to kill someone to keep the family safe – or kill and cut up an animal for food etc

      makes no natural sense that men's emotions would be close to the surface – but they hurt just as much as us women's even though we appear to make more of 'em and many women do seem to indulge them too much

      tis the biggest learn for humans i think – to deal with ones own emotions – they tie me up in knots – which is why i spend as little time as pos. amongst silly people

      take good care of yourself dear good man

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Significant Jump This Week in Reported Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccine • Children's Health Defense

    VAERS data released today showed 118,902 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 3,544 deaths and 12,619 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, 2021.

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Thank you Susan.  Do you have a link to this Vaers information that comes out every Friday, listing the deaths and serious injuries totals ?   Or do I have to join The Defender or National Vaccine Information Center?  or some other place, to be notified the info is available.  I can't find any info for Friday, April 30th.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    A Record 34% Of All Household Income In The US Now Comes From The Government | ZeroHedge
    Following today's release of the latest Personal Income and Spending data, Wall Street was predictably focused on the changes in these two key series, which showed a modest jump in personal spending, which however was dwarfed by a record surge in personal income, to be expected in the month when Biden's latest $1.9 trillion stimmy hit.

    But while the change in the headline data was notable, what was far more remarkable was data showing just how increasingly more reliant on the US government the population has become.

    We are referring, of course, to Personal Current Transfer payments which are essentially government sourced income such as unemployment benefits, welfare checks, and so on. In March, this number exploded to a mind-blowing $8.1 trillion annualized, which was not only double the $4.1 trillion from February, but was also $5 trillion above the pre-Covid trend where transfer receipts were approximately $3.2 trillion.

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Blighted San Francisco Diagnoses Its "Perilous Trifecta" …And Bungles The Cure | ZeroHedge


    The city has become a web of contradictions. There are thousands of new millionaires, and, by the latest estimates, 18,000 people in and out of homelessness. The headquarters of Uber, Twitter, and Square are blocks away from the open-air drug markets of the Tenderloin, Mid-Market, and SoMa. Wealthy families attending an art opening at the Civic Center have to cross through the tent encampments that line the sidewalks.
    Residents, property owners, and small businesses—who pay an enormous premium to live and work in San Francisco—have begun to erupt in frustration. Citizens tell pollsters that homelessness is the city’s most pressing issue and business owners tell pollsters that "conditions on [the] streets have progressively deteriorated.”

    As part of its medical system, San Francisco currently spends more than $255 million per year on mental health and substance abuse programs, many of which cater to the city’s homeless. In a recent audit of the behavioral health system, the city’s budget and legislative analyst found that 70% of all psychiatric emergency visits involved a homeless individual and that 66% of all visitors had co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. In total, the top 5% of “super-users,” totaling 2,239 adults, the majority of whom fall into the perilous trifecta, accounted for 52% of total systemwide service use. Doctors at San Francisco General see the same set of patients so frequently that they have developed an entire vocabulary to describe the population that circles in and out of their doors.
    The jail system is next. According to the San Francisco County Jail, the homeless account for 40% of all inmates — despite being less than 1% of the city’s overall population, and even after San Francisco decriminalized many quality-of-life crimes associated with homelessness. Again, the perilous trifecta looms large. Inmates with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders are more likely to be homeless and more likely to be charged with a violent crime compared to the general jail population. The pithy observation about deinstitutionalization is largely true: The people who might have once lived in the state mental hospital have simply been transferred to the county jail.

    The nexus between homelessness, addiction, and crime is clear: According to city and federal data, virtually all of the unsheltered homeless are unemployed, while at the same time, those with serious addictions spend an average of $1,256 to $1,834 a month on methamphetamine and heroin. With no legitimate source of income, many addicts support their habit through a “hustle,” which can include fraud, prostitution, car break-ins, burglaries of residences and business, and other forms of theft.
    Boudin’s plan to decriminalize such property offenses – the mirror opposite of the low-tolerance “broken windows” approach adopted in the late 1980s as crime rates began historic declines – has contributed to the sense that he is not holding criminals accountable. In 2019, the city had an incredible 25,667 “smash-and-grabs,” as thieves sought valuables and other property from cars to sell on the black market. The following year, rather than attempt to prevent or even disincentivize this crime, Boudin has proposed a $1.5 million fund to pay for auto glass repair, arguing that it “will help put money into San Francisco jobs and San Francisco businesses.” In literal terms, Boudin is subsidizing broken windows, under the notion that it can be transformed into a job-creation program.
    … a dark reality, but perhaps a warning of what’s to come.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Congratulations Nancy! (Pelosi).. what a stellar record you have to show for your home district in northern California. I've always questioned why the people there kept sending you back to office for decades; but with progress and improvements to your community in S.F. such as these it's NO WONDER! Kudos to your pal Gavin also for a job well done. What a relief it is to know you're running the show in the D.C. house, working hard to bring this kind of progress to US ALL around the nation. I'm sure we can rest better now.  

    • penny waters says:

      dear susan

      how predicable – no surprise 

      becoming homeless makes one 'anti-social'

      the thing is – human society is anti people cos the only ones that survive are the soulless and greedy

      having been close to having nothing (physical life endangered and having no stuff to call my own, including a roof)

      you have to be there before you really feel the sense of isolation

      isolated from your fellow human creatures in human society

      do i think we deserve to continue – why do i have my doubts

      there are so many good people in the world that deserve so much better

      but why did it used to say on headstones 'rest in peace'

      is life hell for humans? whoever they are?


    • Bell says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thank you for all the diligence to information gathering and posting..

      I would rather not read the infuriating , however present,  world wide decent into ?? more crap than humans can deal with. But here we are, live it or 'jump off a bridge' are there any other choices lol?

      How do we retain our serenity, inner peace and assurance that life will continue on this great planet?  It is instinctive somehow.  I do listen to some who are convinced it will work out eventually, but of course staying away from 'the destroyer' who some are begging for, the mind boggles'

      Over time you have alerted me to a  mystery of a personal experience that confirmed my intuitive guess work.

      The outcome is in the lap of the gods.

      You mentioned yonks ago about living in NZ………….now  seems it is a good place to be in – 'the bug wise' anyway. Decent Govt for now.

      All the best to you.



  19. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Keep up the good works. I have been promoting The Dimming on Twitter…When I search twitter by #contrails, I get many people posting pictures of the jet trails in the sky…and I reply to them with this website and mention of the The Dimming…getting a lot of good responses; nothing negative…   How many views of The Dimming have there been?..  Keep up the great work-Paul

    • Buanobas says:

      Maine is experiencing a complete alteration of weather patterns and a very noticeable die-back of trees and animals ( i.e. Birds, frogs,etc.).

      Dane , u r a harbinger whose voice is echoing to a tuned out populace.

      If there is an afterlife to our imminent self-destruction may your words and feeds be rewarded.

      God bless you

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