Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 23, 2023, #424


Dane Wigington

"It's time to engineer the sky", so says a new report from Scientific American magazine. Other publications have just stated "solar geoengineering means game over for life on Earth", which doesn't bode well since all available data indicates that geoengineering operations have already been deployed for over 75 years. A new major science study states "the tree of life" (planetary biodiversity) is being decimated. Will populations finally look up from their electrical devices and grasp the fact that life on Earth is in the balance? US federal agencies are planning a "nationwide emergency alert test" for early October, are those in power about to carry out yet more of their agendas and objectives on unsuspecting populations? How close is impact? The new installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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73 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 23, 2023, #424

  1. brent papon says:

    Also ALL of these waves are in flux.

    As u are well aware from the last time u talked or broke bread w someone.

  2. Lance says:

    Some weeks ago was made aware of something that is to happen on Sept. 30th this year. The updates to the Microsoft Services Agreement will take effect on September 30, 2023, the same day that the U.S. government shutdown is supposed to happen, which is now only a partial shutdown because the DOS, DHS, and DOD are now funded to the end of fiscal year 2024? Its not a coincidence. 

    • Lance says:

      Shutdown has been delayed by 45 days. Doesn't have any effect on the DOS/DHS/DOD in any way. On that note, Russia is going to conduct a nuclear strike "exercise" on Oct. 3rd in preparation for a possible nuclear strike in Russia. This is in response to the Oct. 4th test by FEMA of the emergency alert message system in the US scheduled for sometime around 2pm EST. This news was posted on msn earlier today. Whether its true or false I have no way to confirm either way. 

  3. Lance says:

    Am sitting outside here in the long valley of CA in between Yuba City and Sacramento. Long aerosol trails are being let out to the west of my location. One was let out west of here and is moving east. It's spreading out overhead right now. High thin "clouds" moving in from the NW as the cold "storm" coming into the WA/OR/CA approaches. Quite warm today here, 86F. Cold air hitting warm air tends to spawn thunderstorms.  

  4. Lance says:

    Sure a lot of "things" going on (if these news reports are true!). U.S. government shutdown appears imminent. Oct. 4th nationwide "test" of the U.S. emergency alert system on all U.S. networks. Poland military aircraft flies into Belarus airspace causing Belarus fighter jets scramble to intercept. Major winter-like storm to strike the U.S. northwest bringing cold temps, heavy rain, mountain snow and thunderstorms to northern CA. U.S. air travel system will experience major disruptions end of this weekend. Crude oil supplies running low. Southern border of U.S. is being overwhelmed. Musk says he's had enough, "We need a wall!". Entire population of Armenia being forced out of their country. Need I go on?  

  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    My mind keeps playing scenes and images from the movie Soylent Green, with each passing day of this nerve racking heat dome. Even before it was brought up this week by Dane and Lance. And there is another movie from 2014 entitled "Automata" that shows the same super-heated barren wastelands that separate the different internment colonies. The sparse and few rain showers that come with audible loud speaker warnings, are chemical in nature and everyone is in a desperate struggle to survive each passing day filled with climate nightmares, AI robots that are becoming aware of themselves as evolving into sentient beings who have a conscience, and a rogue government that hoards everything for themselves.

    All of which sounds like it could be describing exactly what our current society is becoming. Including the environmental collapse and poisoning of the skies. As both films also have a heat dome theme that permeates in all of the background scenes.

    Were these movies science fiction, or science fact based premonitions? Because the main character tells his AI buddy at the very end of Automata… "I know why the rains stopped." Referring to the NATURAL life giving rains that have been replaced by artificially created chemical rains.

    Both films make you seriously think about the path humanity is choosing to go down right now. And in both movies the population masses are tired, overheated, wore down, helpless and so horribly demoralized by the government and the detrimental effects that technology has had on the environment.

    Almost exactly the way all of us feel in this community that's being subjugated to the worst possible outcome from climate engineering, and the entire geoengineering agenda that it follows to the letter.

    The most recent update to our forecast shows a strong cold front arriving in seven days. Bringing our temperatures down into the seventies, for several day in a row. But, I have seen this too many times before and it never happened.

    So, I reserve to hold back my hopes and expectations of relief. Until I see it for myself and can walk outside again, without literally risking my life to the horrors of heat stroke.

  6. Lance says:

    A news report on msn says that a "Lightning strike" caused a warehouse at the Tashkent International Airport in Uzbekistan to explode cause a huge blast and fireball. If you believe the report the warehouse contained just electric vehicles and batteries. Watched videos of this explosion and there is no way that EV and batteries would cause such a violent explosion. Interesting that "lightning" sparked the explosion though. Fire down from heaven in the sight of men! 

  7. Lance says:

    Imagine imagining anything you want becoming reality. The Musk man is openly talking about this. Imagine artificial intelligence being able to read your mind. He's talking about this too. What happens when you're connected to "it" all the time, day or night? What happens when the thoughts of your subconscious are read by "it" and "it" makes them a reality? "Monster's from the Id, John! Monsters from the subconscious!"

  8. Lance says:

    Cleaning up aluminum will be critical to a low-carbon future (

    Do take note of the fact that this news articled does NOT mention anything about the aluminum released directly into the atmosphere via geoengineering operations! Not surprising!

  9. chris says:

    The sad reality is that most humans seem to prefer the predictability of captivity than chance the uncertainty of a fight for freedom (or health).

    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

    It's an ego thing


  10. Lance says:

    Earthquakes raising fears of an imminent eruption in a volcano in Italy? Major earthquake overdue in Seattle? Bomb cyclone hitting the UK? Suns acting up? Nickola Tesla understood how to access and use the invisible power in the air to cause volcano's to erupt, earthquakes, and manipulate the weather over 100 years ago!   

  11. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I did a little experiment. By staking down an empty plastic gallon water jug onto a patch of dirt (purchased new from a store, just no water inside). I made sure that the paper label was facing up and in direct sunlight all day long.

    I left it there for two weeks and checked on it for the first time yesterday. Man was I shocked!

    The plastic jug had already crumbled into about a hundred small pieces and the paper label was sitting in the middle of the pile. It was completely brown and the edges were black and flaking off, as though it had been placed in a 250 degree dehydrator oven for about twenty minutes or so.

    It actually scares me to know how powerful the sun's heat and radiation have become in recent years. But if you believe the matrix media, the ozone layer is completely healed and we can all rest easy again.

    Tell that to the poor water jug! Or, what's left of it. That can't possibly be good for anything living on this planet. And all I can think about now, are all of those unsuspecting beach goers who sit in the sun to get a dark tan. They must be receiving massive DNA damage throughout their entire body, and not even know how terminal it may become.

    • penny waters says:

      browned off numpties – sitting in the sun – hahaha – mad people

      have been watching for years the road signs coloured red and black, facing the sun, being bleached – and no-one else has noticed

      hahahaha – numpties


      nature/we have certainly been creating

      and now comes the destroying!!

    • Lance says:

      Have noticed how the sun's radiation damages things for a long time, especially in the last 5 years. Right now as I sit here typing this in am sitting next to a deciduous tree, species I don't know. The leaf's on the side of the tree that is exposed to the sun the most are getting roasted! They're curling up from the heat and falling off the limbs! The leaf's on the side of the tree with the least exposure to the sun are full and green. Other deciduous trees of different species here are all showing signs of damage from the increased radiation coming in from the sun. Some are dying or dead, but this could be due to other factors, mainly pollution, which Dane has detailed. Which reminds me, this morning as I rode my non-electric bike around the lake where we're staying a crop duster was spraying "stuff" on the fruit orchards that are around here. What chemical was being sprayed I do not know, but if it was pesticides/insecticides, they are all toxic to varying degrees. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      All of the older road signs here have been slowly fading to a yellowish-brown, over the last five years. The ones that face south and exposed to the most sunlight that is of course.

      The south side of all my trees have crispy brown leaves that virtually turn to dust, when you crumple them in your hands. While the leaves on the other side are yellow and dying from the extreme drought, but remain pliable and feal like weathered latex, or a type of super thin canvas in your hands.

      However, the worst of the sun's radiation and heat can be observed on the south-side facing bark. Or should I say, the lack there of. Over the last five years it has been cooked and stripped from the trees, and forms a pile of dried dark material on the ground. And where the bark is missing, the trees are splitting, cracking and spreading open to expose the inner most part of the trunk to the sun. Killing them from the inside out now.

      Why is it that over the past five years, the sun has been doing the most damage, compared to the fifty years prior? Could that be, because the Ozone Layer has become so thin during the last five years, that the most damaging of ultraviolet rays (UV-C) isn't just breaking down what's being exposed to it, but rather killing everything it comes in contact with? Including humans, animals, mammals, reptiles, birds and insects?

      The evidence for such a hypothesis is everywhere and right out in plain sight, as is all of the climate engineering atrocities. Yet most people can't see what's above them or right in front of them, because they are too busy looking down at their phones and computers, or even watching Monday night football and the latest episode of Yellowstone.

      My friend the professor has an elaborate array of UV meters and he has shown me how much UV-C radiation we are being exposed to daily. Yet no government agency or even civil defense entity is even admitting that humanity is now being exposed to these rays. While most scientists don't even know what effects it may have on all life here on Earth.

      Or, maybe they do and choose to play dumb. Because they know that all of society would avoid the sun if they were informed of such a threat, and that alone would domino into total collapse. Especially since there is no feasible way of repairing the ozone layer in time to save humanity, from the potentially fatal levels of exposure we are now facing. No one would want to labor or recreate in the sun any more and humanity would become nothing but night dwellers. Leading to ultimate chaos, death and destruction beyond imagination. Before the surviving few find shelter below ground and slowly die-off as well. Because there would be nothing left to sustain them, on the above ground wastelands, left behind by the former Mad Max apocalypse.

  12. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I DID NOT cool off here today, like they said it would. No surprise there. The temperature reached 103 degrees and tomorrow it will likely break the 110 mark AGAIN. There have only been four days this month that we did not go over one-hundred degrees. Usually it is the opposite and by the end of the month, we typically begin to see highs only in the 70s.

    But that hasn't happened for the last five years and we may never see any more seventy degree days this year, if this heat dome doesn't freaking' bugger off! It honestly feels like I am no longer living on planet Earth any more. And yes, I know. I am not alone in having that feeling, I'm sure.

  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I am running into more and more folks every day that are fully aware of what's happening in our skies, but are just too fearful of what may happen to them, if they bring the subject of geoengineering up in public. They truly believe that their friends will suddenly begin to avoid them and work colleagues might get them fired. Or worse even. They might be branded as needing psychiatric help and their own family members would try to have them committed.

    The stigma that haunts them forces them to keep it to themselves, and they rarely ever venture out to find others with the same belief that geoengineering is real and totally messing up the world they once knew.

    The subject of UFOs and ghosts once held the same stigma and triggered paranoid reactions, even if others saw them too. So, they all just kept quiet and went along with the dominant peer pressure to avoid the subject, less be called crazy.

    Then a multitude of movies and TV shows or weekly series were produced (including books, periodicals and magazines), and others began to think of you as special or different, if you said that you had encounters with them. Now, both phenomena are considered cool and exciting. But they don't seem to pose a threat to our existence, or fall into the domain of the government and military alone. And therein lies the paradoxical hurdle that we need to overcome. 

    Dane's website and weekly broadcasts are opening doors for us to encourage those who know that the atmosphere is a made to be a battleground, by those who use geoengineering to control all aspects of our lives. We just aren't getting past or through the ones that are still locked to us. No matter how many keys Dane throws our way, they will not work on those doors that people in government and military positions forbid us to enter.

    We need to rethink our strategy and find a way to flood the media and entertainment industry with many more documentaries like "The Dimming". Tons of daily or weekly podcasts on YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and Tick Tock. Try to get a TV series about geoengineering aired by a major network and set up interviews with famous podcast celebrities. We need to speak with influencers like Jake Paul, Joe Rogan and even (yes God forbid) Howard Stern. 

    I don't always agree with their ethics and dislike how they push the bounds of morality. But desperation can drive a person to do things they don't feel comfortable with, and all of that will matter no more. If we are all going to die within the next twenty years.

    If we could just turn Geoengineering into a household name, like UFOs, Ghosts, Multi-Verses, Reincarnation and Bigfoot. Before it comes down to completely empty store shelves, martial law and internment camps. We stand a chance of freeing those who are already awake, and they can help us to wake the masses. Who in turn, can put pressure on those who orchestrate climate engineering programs from within the Military Industrial Complex.

    They would not be able to continue unabated any more. Commanders, pilots, ground crews and government employees would simply walk away from their roles in Geoengineering. Once the public helps them to realize that they are being duped into causing our near term extinction. Simply for continued Fossil Fuel Empire profits, and the Elite's Genocidal Agendas.

    Dane can only do so much and he has surpassed all of my (our) wildest expectations, for someone who is merely human like us. He has written books on the subject and continues to interview important professionals, retired military leaders and science experts. Approached politicians and government agency personnel that are charged with protecting our very lives. Produced very costly documentaries and amassed a wealth of documents, videos and proven climate modification patents. He has even been thrown out of seminars, presentations and symposiums for asking the questions that would expose geoengineering, if allowed to continue.

    Some of us here are being shut down and thrown out as well. But we are still gaining traction and to continue with that momentum, we need to open those locked doors. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and keep a stash of Dane's printed material on hand. Set up your own podcast forum if possible and lobby screenwriters and film producers. Be bold and educate entire communities like the one I live in here. I started with five interested souls and they helped me to spread the word to fifty and now over five-hundred, in surrounding townes and other local annexed communities. They in turn, are spreading the news that Geoengineering is real and a scourge that needs to be wiped out, before that exact scenario happens to all of us. Spreading this message to the small and big cities all around us. 

    Once we have raised enough funds, I plan to have a "Stop Geoengineering" billboard erected on the state highway, before I move on to another state. Then start fresh all over again, while setting up my own podcast channel on YouTube. I also plan to send letters and emails to screenwriters and producers (along with Dane's printed materials), once I have established my channel and gained a substantial number of followers. (shouldn't take long)

    I AM in survival mode here, with this deadly heat dome threatening my very existence, and I only have one option now. Fight Back with everything in my being. I encourage others here to follow in my footsteps, because I know that most of you HAVE walked a mile in my shoes already. Especially Dane and I hope that you aren't washed away by the atmospheric rivers that they keep throwing at you. It never ends, does it? Could you maybe get them to send me some of that rain? Oh, and some cooler air would be nice too. Been so long, I forgot what it feels like.


    • Kathy says:

      Eden lost to insanity, thank-you for your incredible reports. YOU and your situational reports fuel my tank to continue this fight on the front lines. I will never stop fighting! Thank-you for staying strong while in the frying pan. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Thank you Kathy, it is so difficult to find even slivers of optimism, when you already live on Venus. And everyone else still experiences an occasional hint of coolness, wetness and or both. I believe that even the Sahara desert cools down more at night than we do here. The worst part is, watching all of the heavy rain (and cooling) showers circle around us, and or vaporize in minutes if they are coming straight at us. Plus, everyone is done with the hundred-degree days, while we still have most of October to continue baking at a hundred-plus even. According to the NWS that is. Every few days there is a chance of rain that pops up in the forecast, only to be removed and replaced with even hotter daytime highs. Creating an emotional rollercoaster that never ends. Getting our hopes and then squashing them continuously. I honestly believe they are enjoying their idea of torture and our ultimate suffering there of. Why don't they just tell the truth for once and say it's going to be super hot and dry, for the unforeseeable future? I guess there's no fun in that for them.

  14. Lance says:

    Sitting outside in the shade because its too hot out in direct sunlight, even though its only 80F here in the long valley of CA where we're staying north of Sacramento and south of Yuba City. Direct sunshine on the trees whose limbs are facing west near where I'm sitting is causing the leaves to shrivel and fall to the ground. Its not because its FALL!  Sky is blue and is quite clear with a few scatter puffs of clouds. Very little "stuff" in the air to block the radiant heat from sun. Just watched one jet plane flying west of my location spray a long line of some "stuff" stretching from the south to the north. It spread out and has drifted to the east. Did very little to block the sunlight. Micro wave pattern is clearly visible in this "stuff" though. Some military aircraft flying around today. Training I suppose, but the news about what's going on geopolitically and economically indicates this is more than just training because war and rumors of war are everywhere right now.     

  15. Dominic Gervasi says:

    Outside watering the tree wells the past few months and noticed which what used to some white film on the water which could only be surfactants,  Now the increased sprayinng and saturation of the grounds have gone from bad to worse,  Now noticeably large soap bubbles in the tree wells when watering them,  The kind of bubbles that look like they were from a kids spray bubbles bottle no exaggeration,  It seems they have doubled down or more lately with the aerosol spraying,  I showed one of my neighbors who was in complete denial of what they were or what caused them while offering no alternative explanation  The same neighbor who thinks gmo foods and spraying glophosate are a good idea because the power structure says so and they increase food production, 

  16. Lance says:

    Very light trace of tiny drops of rain came down this morning as the tail end of the engineered AR continues to flow northward drifting slowly east here in the long valley of CA a little to the north of Sacramento. Its not a refreshing rain. It doesn't smell like normal rain either. Why? Its not natural. What's in the mist? Toxic micro and nano particulates composed of all kinds of elemental and synthetic "stuff"! They spray this "stuff" into the air all the time. Couple this with the "stuff" created by all the human industrial activities, especially the activities of WAR, and humans, at least as we understand what a human is, will soon be no more. Of course, you can upgrade yourself with the latest scientific and technological advances, all made possible by AI, so you can continue to exist in some trans-human form, or a non-human robotic form, or you can even download your mind to exist in the "aether" and commune with god-like AI, if you so desire. Me? No thanks!

  17. Lance says:

    Read through the comments this morning, as usual. Am well aware of the terminology used by the "media" to describe the "weather". Despite comments claiming that "atmospheric rivers" are "nonsense", there are rivers of water in the atmosphere. Meterologists (scientists who study the weather) have long known about them. The technology to manipulate where these rivers of water go are PATENTED. Its not "nonsense"! Dane has gone over this numerous times. The weather is being used as a weapon, internationally and domestically! Using the weather to cause a "disaster" and then blamng it on "mother nature" is an easy out for those who have the technology to actually cause a "disaster", and PROFIT FROM IT! Then there are those within the religious "establishment" in the "media" who claim these manmade "disasters" are "acts of God", which is certainly possible. But given their connections to those who have the technology to cause a "disaster" it would not be WISE to trust them! Too many deceivers around these "days"! 

  18. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Parks and Wildlife confiscated our deer feeders, water troughs and lean-to's. Then told us that we are required to follow the law, by allowing Nature to take its course (because it is illegal to provide food, water and shelter to wild animals, even if there is a natural disaster). So, we tried to argue the case hat this bizarre heat and drought are obviously a result of climate engineering and not a any type of natural event.

    They responded by saying that their agency does not recognize conspiracy theories and they would charge us with poaching (feeding to attract animals for hunting), if we set everything up again "on public lands".

    But off the record. The ranking officer pulled me aside and said privately, in a low voice: "Listen, I can't admit to the knowledge of climate manipulation in front of the other Rangers. Especially while I am on duty. I can clearly see what is taking place in our skies and on satellite images. Especially these f*cking planes that blow up and incinerate all of the rain clouds here, and what for? I really can't figure that one out. But I purposely said "public lands", because there is nothing they can do, if you place your stuff on private ranch or farm land. But you did not hear any of this from me, and I will deny all of it to my chief down at headquarters. By the way. God bless all of you for at least trying to help in this extreme situation. I have never seen it this hot and dry for this long, and I was born and raised here in Texas. If we don't get some rain and cooler weather soon. This place will become the equivalent of the Trinity Nuclear Test Site, in White Sands New Mexico."

    Then he shook my hand and we parted ways.

    Later this morning we plan to buy anew and set everything up on the ranches and farms that surround this community. The small animal stuff we set up is already on private land that borders public (government owned) land. So, we are fine there and all the wildlife that has taken refuge in our barns, will be encouraged to return to the wild "if this place ever returns to normal again".

    Normal is 81 degrees in the day and 60 at night. Yesterday it was 109 and it is currently 86 at 3:30am. We usually get between 36 and 48 inches of rain annually. So far we have received 2.35 inches over the last nine months, and still no rain is in the extended forecast. Most of Louisiana is in the same dire situation, with virtually no rain over that same period. They have cooled down more than us, but still hot by any standards.

    A strong El Niño has always brought us spurts of cooler and wetter weather in the past. So, again. None of this is Natural. What it is, is NOAA and Raytheon playing God.

    Where are all of those powerful hurricanes that were suppose to make landfall, that they predicted would happen? Have they seriously mucked everything up by making the Atlantic Basin way too hot? Or was it all planned by purposely making false predictions and instead, redirecting the storms up to the northeast coast? Bringing rain and cooler air to the most populated area of America. I think the latter.

    • virginia says:

      Eden:  It is amazing that you are able to remember every single word that the 'ranger who pulled you aside said to you'.  Wish I had that capability to remember so clearly.  Thank you.

    • Jonathan says:

      Eden, thank you and your community for caring for the Creator's precious wildlife. I'm a licensed wildlife rehabilitator but long since gave up on dealing with any wildlife officers. Most of their job is not to help animals at all.

      In fact, sometimes it's quite the opposite. Ask yourself why they are armed.

      At any rate, I came to the same conclusion. That providing water and food for the wild wild animals ideally should be done on private land where they can't say anything. This is what I do and have been doing for years. And we have a somewhat nice if unusual ecosystem here. Different animals of different species come up at different times to eat different foods in different feeding locations and everybody respects everybody else here and doesn't interfere with other animals' food and only eats the food that was left for them. It's a beautiful arrangement made possible by the Creator.

      To everyone— I suggest that the Divine spark of the Creator is in every living thing, not just us. And this is but one reason it is so important that we care for those. Particularly as so many of the precious wildlife does not have a voice but us. The other obvious reason is that all species are interconnected. This is the web of life. Ask any member of any indigenous tribe anywhere in the world, if you can find any to talk to, and they will confirm that.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Virginia, I have focused on memory exercises all my life and eat brain food as often as possible. Non GMO and Organic of course.

      Jonathan, What breaks my heart the most, is when Park Rangers shoot (Euthanize) wild animals that humans have been feeding. Because they say that those animals have now become completely dependent on humans, and would never survive in the wild any more. Yet wildlife rescue organizations catch them, rehabilitate them by feeding them and caring for them. Before releasing them back into the wild, if and when the environment returns to normal again.

      We don't catch or trap them and they return back to their wild habitat on their own, when the conditions become survivable again. I honestly believe they follow an agenda to depopulate, as the resources on Earth dwindle and their policies don't include any rehab efforts. Nature must pay the price for our greed and lack of empathy, because humans are the conquering type and not an enlightened species. And those who try to achieve enlightenment are cast out as freaks of NATURE. How utterly strange and ironic is that?

  19. Dennie says:

    Meanwihile, back at the farm, Sili Valley billionaires have been quietly buying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of critical farm land near the San Francisco Bay Area with intent to make a model "15-minute city" on raw farm land currently needed to grow our food! From today's Forum show on KQED 88.5 fm in the second hour, scholar-rancher Albert Medvitz weighed in with stories of farmers selling out land at top dollar and having to sign a gag order, which California Forever billionaire CEO/founder Jan Sramek categorically denies:

  20. Shelly says:

    Was in Yosemite National Park today.  There were at least 100 planes spraying over the valley all day.  The sky was beautiful this morning, then turned hazy gray.  Never saw it THIS BAD. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      The last time I left comments here on this about a month ago, it was only 65%. Very alarming Lance. This might explain why I lost three friends under 50 to cancer in the last 18 months. Looks like the sixth mass extinction event is definitely in full swing, and that's why I call it the extermination event. Because this one is all on us. Not an asteroid or any other calamity that is out of our control.

  21. Lance says:

    Headline on MSN: Bomb Cyclone Slams Northwest – Storm rapidly intensified and pressure dropped 33 millibars in 24 hours! Didn't see this one coming!

  22. Lance says:

    The "atmospheric river" is flowing rapidly from the S heading up the coastline of northern CA, OR, and WA. Moving slowly inland though. Been high thin high "clouds" coming over since this morning. Watched a large jet aircraft lay down an aerosol trail from as far south as I could see and as far north as I could see. Many miles long! All of it spread out, merged with the high thin "stuff", and moved to the east. Saw other trails of "stuff" move over all morning until about a 1/2 hour ago. Has cleared up, but can see the edge of the "AR" just to the NW of my location. Flood watch was issued on C.O.D. for coastline and slightly inland. Not likely any rain will fall here. Just another day in the insane asylum.

  23. Robert says:

    I watched the latest Russell Brand – Jimmy Dore interview on Rumble and it covered the gambit of deceit and lies the controllers are feeding us, very informative. They talked about the perils of censorship, and that once the masses awaken to the realization that we've been duped a revolution will sweep across the world and the controllers and their agendas will be exposed. What I didn't hear from Brand or Dore was any mention of the elephant in the sky I see daily floating above my head, am I to believe that they don't know? 

    Thanks to Dane & Company, and to all those here willing to face the storm head on, stay strong.

  24. Dottie Derewicz says:

    I am so so frustrated with media left and right. OAN wither interview with a "so called" scientist who says there is no climate crisis. I am like…. What? Even if you don't believe in a natural change in the climate.. you must be smoking something to believe there is nothing unusual going on with the climate. He says the earth is not warming. It is exactly the opposite! So what happened this summer?  Places hotter than ever recorded in history. Now this is what is hurting you and those fighting this. Scientis who must have an investment somewhere to believe this.

  25. Lance says:

    Well, the toxic smoke filled air has thinned out now in the long valley of CA as that the engineered storm system is moving in from the northwest. Just mixing it in with the rest of the toxic polluted air circulating the planet. Aerosol ops continue too. I'm sure you've all seen the tremendous thunderstorm reports out of Oklahoma, right? If not, reports say that baseball and apple size hailstones came crashing down in one area that broke windshields out of many vehicles and caused lots of other damages. Can anyone imagine the damage that will be caused by hailstones much larger, perhaps weighing "a hundred weight"? 

  26. THE WATCHER says:





  27. Lance says:

    Here in the long valley of CA north of Sacramento aerosol spraying has been going on since early this morning as the river of moisture continues to flow into WA, OR, and northern CA. They're desperate. 

  28. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I don't think I have ever heard you laugh in your weekly broadcasts Dane. But I am trying, and you really need to at some point, as it is good for the soul. I know there is nothing to laugh about, when it come to these insane climate engineering crimes against all of humanity, including the smoke filled and vanishing wildernesses. But at least, I hope that you and your family have the most enjoyable and memorable holidays in the coming months. 

    I plan to cook a turkey on my black-top driveway for Thanksgiving, and brew some sun tea in just two minutes time as well. I would roast some marshmallows in the sun for a topping on my pumpkin pie, but they turn black way too fast. So, I'll just do it the old fashioned way and place them above the fire, after my compost heap spontaneously ignites in the shade of my dying oak tree. I can use the sweat that pours from my body, to put out the fire when I am done.

    • brent papon says:

      Your recent comment made me laugh.

      These are dark days.

      A little levity never hurts.

      And I'm pretty sure Dane laughs at some of our comments.

      He has to play it strait.

      He is also pragmatic, honest and forthright.

      It's his nature.

      I also think He laughs with his wife and kids.

      Take care E


  29. Larry DeMarco says:

    I was at at a children's soccer game on Saturday. My grandson was hit in the face with the ball. Dad says, "He didn't see it coming because he wasn't paying attention. DOESN'T that say it all? But unfortunately, we are not playing a children's game, but living the reality of the game of life.

    Just your brief recap of this episode makes my hair stand on end.  I must repeat that anyone who can sleep through all this amazes me. Under some spell or just don't wanna know.  Ironically, when the final shoe comes down, they'll have no idea how or why.

    Despite the fact that our old friend Fauci is probably among the least of our problems these days, he was so "popular" that I didn't want to forget about him.

    Five Million dollars; must be a magic number for drug thieves (not those affiliated with a cartel, but the "honest" ones. Dr.Meryl Nass recently shared  a story about anotherr "drug dealer" who extorted this same amount.; can't recall who because there are so many of these scoundrels operating these days. 

    The Kenneyy Group, CHD, recently reported that the big five was the amount that Fauci and his wife's bank account increased in the shower period of 2019-2020 Or thereabouts. This brought theor "hard earned savings" to approximately twelve million dollars. Fauci's government is roughly the amount of the US President's annual  salary.

    Gee, I was hoping that Fauci woud be spending his retirement in a federal prison making license plates or something else far from healthcare. But instead he managed these big bucks as well as a teaching positing at a prestigious university.

     Go figure. I guess, unlike we are generally told, in the end maybe crime does pay!

  30. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    We are totally obliterating record highs by ten to fifteen degrees almost daily, and yet there is nothing in the news about a heat dome or even so much as a heat wave. But when you look at the satellite images going back for weeks on end. You can clearly see a "Bomb" anti-cyclone spinning around in a clockwise rotation… directly over this part of Texas! (super powerful high pressure ridge)

    And it hasn't budged this entire time. Even when the jet stream brings cold fronts down into the southern plains, they just bounce off of it and flow around it. Bringing cooler air and rain to the rest of the nation, while we just continue to roast on like a spit turning on an open fire.

    We are literally the hottest place on the planet. Hotter than any desert, including Bagdad, Dubai and all of Kuwait. Even Phoenix and Las Vegas are cold in comparison!

  31. Lance says:

    Amazing how those who are so concerned about our "privacy and security" are those who're primarily responsible for doing away with both. Ironic. That said, the "scientific community" involved in the 4IR is turning to artificial intelligence to fight wildfires caused by "climate change". They're putting special satellites in orbit to spot fires and artificial intelligence to "predict" where fires may start. This information is available online so I won't bother listing the source. I don't like the type of cookies they make.  

  32. Lance says:

    The ominous signs pointing to extreme heat and fire in Australia this summer (

    What's left out of their "equations"? How about man's messing around with the world's weather for the last 60 plus years? Could these "signs" by "…lying signs…"?

  33. TERRY says:




    THE TOXIC CHEMICAL HAZE over SMOG CITY ,TEXAS is so thick It Blots out THE SUN,,MOON and STARS.  

    I Went up to the FIRE HOUSE located in SUN CITY,TEXAS to Demand the HAZMAT TEAM test the AIR,WATER and SOIL for  TOXIC SUBSTANCES but they REFUSED!!!!


  34. Jonathan says:

    Soon, very soon, the fence will be rattled to the extent that there will be no one sitting on it. Everybody will be on either one side or the other side.

  35. Stan Sylvester says:

    Vietnam is also affected by extreme weather. It is now going through an "unprecedented" drought. This includes a record high temperature in May. The Thac Ba hydropower plant is in the Yen Bai province. It is at its lowest level in 20 years. It is currently 6 inches below level to function.

    The nearby Chay river is drying up. Dang Thi Phuong who fished for part of her living now says "there is nothing left for me." She says that even the buffaloes she tends to can no longer take a proper bath in the water.

    60 year old fisherman Hoang Van Tien says even if there were fish it is too hot. "I sit on the boat with a hood to cover me, but the heat rises up from the water and burns my skin."

    Dang Thi Phuong and Hoang Van Tien are real people.The least we can do is continue this fight  on in their behalf, to expose the geoengineering, aka weather warfare that threatens their very existence. 



  36. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I think I have finally figured out exactly what the climate engineers have planned for our little Texas community. We are possibly going to be observed and studied, to determine how humans deal with a sudden climate impact, the likes of which no civilization has ever experienced or dealt with in modern times.

    I was racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with a reason why they would continue to bake this region for months on end, and evaporate any rain before it hits the ground. Forcing our temperatures to slowly increase to thirty or more degrees above average, while pumping in more and more gulf moisture to attain the goal of reaching 99% humidity, and keeping it there both day and night.

    I mentioned before in previous broadcast comments that we usually go from the upper eighties or low nineties, to just forty-five degrees or slightly lower… virtually overnight. Sometime in mid to late November on average.

    But this year I believe that they will try to take that scenario beyond the extremes. By forcing us to go from temperatures at or above one-hundred degrees, to the mid to low twenties in less than twenty-four hours. A difference of eighty degrees or more, from one day to the next and little to no warning, of such a traumatizing jolt to the human body and psyche.

    Without letting the rest of the world know it ever happened. 

    Isolating us with spot precision climate altering technologies that will see us continue to be heat dome "hot nuked". Then instantly get chemical ice "cold nuked", under the cover of an arctic front that rushes down into Texas. Leaving the rest of the state to experience sudden drops in temperature, from the eighties to the low forties. Which is not uncommon by any standards. 

    I have a sinking feeling deep down in my gut, that we are being prepped for just such an event, and they are coordinating everything to monitor how we cope with such a climate induced trauma.

    Then after they have gathered enough satellite imagery, drone footage, special ops surveillance and medical treatment records, or even fatality numbers. They will bring us back up to unseasonably warm conditions and act like nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. 

    Giving them some valuable insight, as to just how the masses might react when the Venus syndrome suddenly spirals out of control, and no amount of chemical ice nucleation can slow it or hold it back anymore.

    From super hot to super cold is the quickest way of simulating the human response to such a traumatic shift in climate, here in North America. As the opposite shift in South America recently, from the hundred degree temperatures they created in the mountains, only effected less modernized communities and only achieved about a sixty degree increase. Setting the stage for Raytheon, NOAA and Lockheed to run a phase-2 test, right here in Texas.

    It would be a win-win scenario for them as it is. Because in the meantime, before the Venus Syndrome feedback loop becomes uncontrollable. Just imagine how much of a battlefield advantage an army could gain, by first baking and then freezing their enemies… instantaneously. Or how much easier it becomes to subdue the population masses, when they rise up to take back control of the planet.

    I am so praying that I'm wrong about this ominous feeling. But praying hasn't stopped this relentless heat and it just keeps getting hotter by the day. So, I am now planning for the worst. Because, as Dane pointed out in this week's broadcast. We are talking about defense contractors and an administration that has no conscience, morals or empathy. Just agendas, desires to be in ultimate control and a blinding greed to make billions in profit. At the cost of untold human lives and a dying planet.


    • penny waters says:

      dear e.d.l.i.

      why give "them" such credibility

      it appears to me that most people are "reactionary" rather than being an "observer" and engaging in a co-operative way with others – such a shame

      do any of us really know what we are doing? i feel quite lost at present – everywhere i look seems nonsensical and chaotic – as if all is dissolving

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      That feeling of being lost is shared by all of us who acknowledge the chaos that surrounds us. As we strive to better ourselves and not fall prey to the Matrix Mayhem. And you are right, the climate controllers don't deserve any credit, other than the credit for stealing a perfectly healthy planet full of vibrant life, right out from under our grasp. And turning it into a world of suffering, non-stop wars and the endless torturing of nature. They tout the salvation of geoengineering, but spray it on us and zap us into an oblivion of pure destruction. Because that's what a militarized world does.

  37. david says:

    Its interesting what they are beginning to do by making geoengineering seem like a new technology to the public. I think Its a "lets beat them to the punch" tactic because they know they cant hide it and its connected effects forever.  By going public they can more easily control the narrative about geoengineering and cover up its effects to most of the population and keep them asleep, but not by keeping it a secret and in the "conspiracy theory" realm but instead beat the credible negative exposure of it to the punch and just "expose" it themselves to the masses but on their terms with deception even worse than before it was unknown to most of the population.  

  38. Gary Morrow says:

    Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life and those who find it are few.

    (Matthew Chapter 7 Verses 13 and 14 English Standard Version)

  39. Carol Elliott says:

    I've known about weather Geo modification for years as I'm 80 yrs old and observe the skies for a very long time. 
    These programs with US Patents approved to get Stamped is beyond the scope of grasping! I talk about it to everyone daily! Few are even aware of these atrocities & Crimes against Humanity!

    I would do anything I could to Stop 🛑 those in Power who are behind this Catastrophe upon our Stunningly beautiful Gaia.
    Heartbreaking genocide! God help our Planet 🌎 

    CJ Elliott 

  40. Lance says:

    Weather system coming into the Northwest looks like an "atmospheric river" type storm. Flood watches displayed on C.O.D. for NW CA and SW OR counties tonight. Rain may be a little heavy perhaps.

    • Lance says:

      Just read a weather report and guess what? An "atmospheric river" is coming into the Northwest! Aerosol operations ongoing over the top of the front as it moves inland. But, hey, its a secret!

  41. Lance says:

    Watched the movie Solent Green when it first came out years ago. Used to think Heston was a good guy, but found out later he was no hero. Is it just a matter of chance how so many science fiction movies and TV programs made years ago have come true? Same for the many technologies shown in them long ago that are now a reality. Its as if some evil spirit hiding in the minds of the human creators of these "science" fiction stories was working in them. Hmmm? 

    • penny waters says:

      i remember when i was about 13 (60yrs ago hahahaha) my dad worked for the copyright agency (british library) and so he saw all books published in britain – early 1960's

      there was a spate of science fiction books – people in science and others, with imagination – there was a huge interest in science and space and loads of knowledge in society that changed people into thinking we are like gods, just like old kings liked to think of themselves – chosen by god to rule (hahahaha – what fools these mortals be!!)

      i remember a short story about how people lived – not seeing anyone else but communicating through the tv – hahahaha – modern day computers!! – but the funny thing – 2 people were in contact and they decided to meet up – and when they did they found the smell of the other person so revolting that they decided not to do that again

      but is that a surprise – not the smell hahahaha, but that all sections of community/human society would think along the same lines – and now the knowledge gets more quickly dispersed – shame our brains and emotions cannot keep up with it hahahaha

      love to all the wideawake people

  42. Lance says:

    Current Climate: Business Leaders Highlight Innovations At Forbes Sustainability Leaders Summit (

    Here's their "solution" to the climate "problem" Dane! They're just going to "innovate" their way out of the mess using "god-like" AI!

  43. Lance says:

    Regarding sea level rise, report on msn today about sea water flowing UP into the Mississippi River threatening New Orleans water supply! Here it comes just as Dane has said!

  44. John Michael vanOs says:

    Great Good Job Dane Thank YOU

  45. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Brain Tumors in Children Linked to All Classes of Pesticides: Review

    Pesticide exposure, even at home, can cause central nervous system tumors and other cancers in children ages 0-14, according to a review of the scientific literature. Researchers said their findings show the need for policies and education to curb pesticide use and promote organic agriculture.

  46. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Study Says Metals Mining Exposed Millions Of People To Toxic Waste

    The beginning of the supply chain of the transition to green energy is not green at all, or rather, it is green with potentially dangerous concentrations of toxic waste.
    That’s the conclusion of a new study by the University of Lincoln, UK, which showed on Friday that metal mining has had an extensive impact of contamination on rivers and floodplains across the world, with an estimated 23 million people believed to be affected by potentially dangerous concentrations of toxic waste.  

    The authors of the study, published in the journal Science on Friday, used hydrologic models to assess river system contamination from mines and failed tailings dams and determined the floodplains, people, and livestock that could be affected.

    The study modelled contamination from all known active and inactive metal mining sites, including tailings storage facilities that are used to store mine waste. The authors looked at potentially harmful contaminants such as lead, zinc, copper, and arsenic. The results of the modelling in the study showed widespread reach of the contamination, which is estimated to have affected around 479,200 kilometers (297,760 miles) of river channels and encompassing 164,000 square kilometers (63,320 square miles) of floodplains globally.

    More than 23.4 million people live on these affected floodplains, supporting 5.72 million livestock and encompassing over 65,000 square kilometers (25,000 square miles) of irrigated land.

    Commenting on the study, Professor Mark Macklin, who led the multi-disciplinary, international team behind the research, said,
    “We expect that this will make it easier to mitigate the environmental effects of historical and present mining and, most importantly, help to minimise the impacts of future mining development on communities, while also protecting food and water security.”

    Earlier this year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a first-ever annual Critical Minerals Market Review that the market has doubled in recent years, but warned that limited sustainability in production and processing is one of the key challenges for the industry ahead, alongside limited source diversification.

    • penny waters says:

      i had to object to a solar installation recently – uni of lincoln – magic people but there was no mention of the radioactive "waste" that is often left behind alongside so much of the earth, after extraction of rock that has within it such astounding stuff made in earth upheavels

      china has machines that can destroy mountains – stand a person next to the machine and you can't see them – a bit like the people you can't see whose land they have nicked – don't ya love the people "in charge" – hahahaha – they are nuts

  47. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Will "Poor Man's Cocaine" Fuel The Next US Drug Crisis? | ZeroHedge

    OPIOID CRISIS continues to rage across the U.S., but there are some positive, if modest, signs that it may be slowing. Overdose deaths due to opioids are flattening in many places and dropping in others, awareness of the dangers of opioid abuse continues to increase, and more than $50 billion in opioid settlement funds are finally making their way to state and local governments after years of delay. There is still much work to be done, but all public health emergencies eventually subside. Then what?

    First, it’s important to realize that synthetic opioids like fentanyl will never fully disappear from the drug supply.
    They are too potent, too addictive, and perhaps most importantly, too lucrative. Opioids, like Covid-19, are here to stay, consistently circulating in the community but at more manageable levels.
    More alarming is what may take its place. Since 2010, overdoses involving both stimulants and fentanyl have increased 50-fold. Experts suggest this dramatic rise in polysubstance use represents a “fourth wave” in the opioid crisis, but what if it is really the start of a new wave of an emerging stimulant crisis?

    Substance abuse tends to move in cycles. Periods with high rates of depressant drug use (like opioids) are almost always followed by ones with high rates of stimulant drug use (like methamphetamine and cocaine), and vice versa. The heroin crisis of the 1960s and 1970s was followed by the crack epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s, which gave way to the current opioid epidemic.

    As the think tank scholar Charles Fain Lehman quipped, “As with fashion, so with drugs — whatever the last generation did, the next generation tends to abhor.” The difference now is the primacy of synthetic drugs — that is, illicit substances created in a lab that are designed to mimic the effects of naturally occurring drugs.

    Today, anyone with a few thousand dollars and internet access can find instructions to build their own little drug empire. Look no further than “Breaking Bad,” the hit television series in which a high school chemistry teacher starts cooking high-quality methamphetamine out of an RV to help provide for his family. “Breaking Bad” is of course a work of fiction, but in the age of synthetic drugs, the plotline is not that far-fetched.

    Back in the real world, methamphetamine has already become a significant threat. From 2015 to 2019, overdose deaths attributed to methamphetamine nearly tripled, according to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a staggering increase driven primarily by its combination with fentanyl. And yet, even with methamphetamine’s use on the rise, it still trails America’s favorite illicit stimulant drug — cocaine — by a significant margin. In the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than twice as many adults aged 18 or older reported using cocaine over methamphetamine in their lifetime.

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